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    Hidden Special Characters FAQ by Sword Seraph

    Version: 1.03 | Updated: 01/03/03 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    FFFFFF  II  NNN    NN       AAA       LL
    FF      II  NN N   NN      AA AA      LL
    FFFF    II  NN  N  NN     AA   AA     LL
    FF      II  NN   N NN    AAAAAAAAA    LL
    FF      II  NN    NNN   AA       AA   LL
    FF      II  NN     NN  AA         AA  LLLLLLL
    FFFFFF       AAA       NNN    NN  TTTTTT     AAA       SSSSS  YY    YY
    FF          AA AA      NN N   NN    TT      AA AA      SS      YY  YY
    FFFF       AA   AA     NN  N  NN    TT     AA   AA     SSSSS     YY
    FF        AAAAAAAAA    NN   N NN    TT    AAAAAAAAA       SS     YY
    FF       AA       AA   NN    NNN    TT   AA       AA      SS     YY
    FF      AA         AA  NN     NN    TT  AA         AA  SSSSS     YY
      TT                           TT
      TT                           TT
      TT      AA AA      CC        TT    II  CC      SS
      TT     AA   AA     CC        TT    II  CC      SSSSS
      TT    AAAAAAAAA    CC        TT    II  CC         SS
      TT   AA       AA   CC        TT    II  CC         SS
      TT  AA         AA  CCCCCC    TT    II  CCCCCC  SSSSS
      \/                           \/
          Written by Sword Seraph (imperium314@yahoo.com) (c) 2002
          All damage formulas are (c) Aerostar (aerostar@fftactics.net) 2002,
                                 used with permission
    My bad attempt at ASCII art. =(
    [The Game]                Final Fantasy Tactics
    [The System]              PlayStation
    [The Genre]               Strategy RPG
    [The Version]             v. 1.03
    [The Author]              Peter Chickris (Sword Seraph)
    [Last Updated]            Friday, January 3, 2003
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    As for AeroStar's damage formulas, he gave me permission to use them.
    If you want to use them, please e-mail him, not me.
    ____________________/On To The Info!\_____________________________________
    {Table of Contents   }
    1. FAQ Information  \
         1.1 About      \
         1.2 Updates    /
    2. The Hidden Special Characters of FFT (general information/bios)    \
         2.1 Worker 8                                                     \
         2.2 Beowulf Kadmas                                               /
         2.3 Reis Dular                                                   \
         2.4 Cloud Strife                                                 /
         2.5 Byblos                                                       \
    3. Obtaining the Hidden Special Characters of FFT (in 17 easy steps)  \
         3.1 Obtaining Yon Specials!                                      \
    4. The Hidden Specials' Skillsets    \
         4.1 Notes on How to Read        \
         4.2 Common Abbreviations        /
         4.3 Worker 8                    \
         4.4 Beowulf Kadmas              /
         4.5 Reis Dular                  \
         4.6 Cloud Strife                /
         4.7 Byblos                      \
    5. Setups                       \
         5.1 Noes on How to Read    \
         5.2 Beowulf Kadmas         /
         5.3 Reis Dular             \
         5.4 Cloud Strife           /
    ________________________________\___                                    \
    6. Miscellaneous                    /
         5.1 Frequently Asked Questions /
         5.2 Version History            \
         5.3 Thank You!                 /
    ____________________/ 1. FAQ Information\_________________________________
    -1.1 About-
    Ah yes, Final Fantasy Tactics.  It's possibly the jewel in Squaresoft's
    crown of games.  It's the jewel that fell between the cracks and has
    recently been recovered and re-mounted.
    Now, I've looked through most of these guides, and to my horror,
    none of them goes truly in-depth on getting all of the hidden
    special characters!
    They touch on it, of course, but none does _THAT_ great a job.
    So here I am, and I present to you a complete, tested FAQ of how to
    get all of the hidden special characters.  I've gotten some new
    information from board members as to the authenticity of this and
    I even learned some new things.
    I'm basically making this guide for 2 reasons:
    1) No other guide goes as in-depth on getting the hidden characters.
    2) Maybe, just MAYBE it will quell the number of "How do I get _____?"
    topics on the FFT message board.  I do my best to keep a topic about
    it on the board, but, it does get purged every once in awhile.
    This is just a (hopefully) permanent source for this information.
    I've also decided to include the abilities these characters can use,
    and their damage formulas (thanks to AeroStar for letting me use this
    Of course, there are _MASSIVE SPOILERS_ in this guide.  If you want to
    figure this stuff out for yourself, TURN BACK NOW.
    -1.2 Updates-
    Sunday, March 17, 2002: Made minor changes addressing slight errors in
    Monday, November 4, 2002: Made several setups to be posted soon, updated
    e-mail addy.
    Friday, January 3, 2002: More setups, finally had some time to do this.
    Will send update today or tomorrow. Setup section is FAR from complete,
    but I've at least started. =)
    ____________________/2. The Hidden Special Characters of FFT\_____________
    I'm going to give you a short biography on each of the 5 characters.
    Background information 'n' such.  Quite a bit of it I got from the Record
    and the rest I pieced together from in-game scenes.
    -2.1 Worker 8-
    Class: Steel Giant
    Sex: N/A
    Zodiac Sign: Gemini
    Skillset: Work
    Class Bonuses: Inherent Innocent, Counter, Any Weather, Any Ground,
                   Defense UP, cannot enter water
    Class Equips: none (monster)
    Worker 8 is a relic from Saint Ajora's time when airships flew in the
    sky and humanoid robots helped man.  Steel Giants were demolition
    androids used to raze buildings and lift heavy objects.  Worker 8's
    power comes from the Aquarius Zodiac Stone.  In its unpowered state,
    Worker 8 resembles a large metal ball.  This ball was unearthed from
    beneath Goug Machine City by Besrodio Bunanza and subsequently powered
    up by the Aquarius Zodiac Stone found in the mines beneath Goland Coal
    City.  Worker 8 acknowledges Ramza as its master and follows his commands
    without question.  As a robot, Worker 8 has no belief in God.  Thus,
    Faith-based magic does not work on him (as Faith is belief in God.)
    -2.2 Beowulf Kadmas-
    Class: Temple Knight
    Sex: Male
    Zodiac Sign: Libra
    Skillset: Magic Sword
    Class Bonuses: Inherent Equip Knight Sword
    Class Equips: Swords, Knight Swords, Armor, all non-female accessories
    Beowulf was a Temple Knight working for the Glabados Church.  Note the
    "was."  He fell in love with a woman named Reis Dular.  Unfortunately, a
    Glabados priest, Buremonda, also had feelings for Reis.  But Reis had
    eyes only for Beowulf.  Consumed with rage, Buremonda attempted to cast a
    spell on Beowulf.  At the last second, Reis blocked the spell for Beowulf
    and she was transformed into the Holy Dragon.  Reis ran off, and Beowulf
    left the Temple Knights to find her and hopefully find a way to return
    her to her human form.  Beowulf meets Ramza and co. in the bar at Lesalia
    Castle.  They decide to investigate the rumors of monsters in the coal
    mines together, since the description of one of the monsters bears a
    striking resemblance to a Holy Dragon...
    -2.3 Reis Dular-
    Class: Holy Dragon/Dragoner
    Sex: Female
    Zodiac Sign: Pisces
    Skillset: Breath/Dragon
    Class Bonuses: Inherent Two Swords, Train, Monster Skill (as Dragoner)
    Class Equips: none (Holy Dragon)
                  Bags, Ribbons, Perfumes, Armlets (as Dragoner)
    Reis was employed by the Glabados Church.  She fell in love with Beowulf
    Kadmas, a Temple Knight.  She was also the object of lust for a Glabados
    Priest named Buremonda.  Buremonda attempted to curse Beowulf for his
    love for Reis but Reis intercepted the spell and turned into a Holy
    Dragon.  She then fled the Church and, one way or another, wound up
    beneath Goland Coal City, where an Archaic Demon and his Plague lackeys
    attacked her.  Ramza and Beowulf rescued her, and defeating the Demon
    yielded the Aquarius Zodiac Stone.  After defeating Worker 7 *NEW at
    Nelveska Temple, Reis was able to return to her human form using the
    Cancer Zodiac Stone.  She and Beowulf decided to stay with Ramza in his
    quest to defeat the Lucavi.
    -4.4 Cloud Strife-
    Class: SOLDIER
    Sex: Male
    Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
    Skillset: Limit
    Class Bonuses: Can equip Ribbons even though he is male
    Class Equips: Swords, Hats, Ribbons, Clothes, all non-female accessories
    Yes, it is Cloud from Final Fantasy VII.  After retrieving the Cancer
    Zodiac Stone, Ramza inserted it into another machine excavated from
    Goug: the Celestial Globe.  The energy of the stone reached across
    time and space and pulled Cloud from his home world to Ivalice.
    Nobody knows if this is the real Cloud or one of his memory clones from
    within the Lifestream.  After being summoned, Cloud runs off to defeat
    Sephiroth.  Ramza and co. find him at Zarghidas Trade City, protecting
    a flower girl named Aeris from a gang of brigands.  After slaying the
    villains, Cloud joins the party in an attempt to find a way home.
    Unlike all the other characters (excluding Agrias and Mustadio), Cloud
    starts at Level 1 instead of at the level of the highest party member.
    -4.5 Byblos (name varies in the game)-
    Class: Byblos
    Sex: N/A
    Zodiac Sign: varies
    Skillset: Byblos
    Class Bonuses: Inherent Counter, Secret Hunt, and Ignore Height, cannot
                   enter water
    Class Equips: none (monster)
    Not much is known about the enigmatic Byblos.  This one seems to be the
    last of its kind and does not reproduce.  The Byblos appears on the final
    level of Deep Dungeon, END, during the fight with Elidibs, possessor
    of the 13th Zodiac Stone, Serpentarius (the Sign of Neutrality.)  Elidibs
    senses the energy released by the Zodiac Stones that Ramza is carrying, and
    he wants them, so he attacks.  Byblos shows up to lend the team a helping
    hand...err...claw. After the battle, the Byblos joins your team (if he
    survives and is not crystallized/chestized.) He has sharp claws, a long
    skinny tail, stands on two feet, and closely resembles an Apanda.
    ____________________/3. Getting the Hidden Characters in 17 Easy Steps\___
    -3.1 Getting Yon Specials!-
    Here are the steps to get ALL the special hidden characters (Worker 8,
    Beowulf, Reis, Cloud, and Byblos.)
    The biggest requirement: MUSTADIO MUST BE IN THE PARTY
    The reason: Many of these events center around excavations at Goug Machine
    City that Besrodio does.  If Mustadio is gone, his father (Besrodio) won't
    help you.
    If he isn't in the party, start a new game or start at an old save.  Or
    use a GameShark/FFTEdit/FFTastic to get him in the party.
    Also, whenever you head for the Goug area from the north, I suggest you
    save before crossing Bariaus Hill.  I would hate to see people working
    on this quest for an hour or two only to be wiped out by the powerful
    enemies in the Bariaus Hill Super Monster Battle.
    1) Anytime in Chapter 4, head to Goug Machine City and view the "Steel
    Ball" Scene.  Besrodio comments that the Steel ball is unpowered.  It has
    an Aquarius sign etched into its surface.
    2) See the rumor at Goland Coal City's bar about monsters underground, and
    you return to the World Map.
    3) Meet Beowulf at Lesalia Castle's bar.  He's interested in exploring the
    coal mines, and Ramza decides to go with him.  Once you return to the
    world map, Goland Coal City has turned into a red dot, signifying a story
    batle.  What you'll face, however, is a battle series, so prepare
    4) Go underground Goland and fight the Underground Colliery Battles.
    Eventually, you will have to save Reis (the purple dragon) from the
    Archaic Demon and Plagues.  You get the Aquarius Zodiac Stone.
    Beowulf and Reis (the Holy Dragon) join up.  It's not the "true" Reis.
    5) Go back to Goug and re-energize the Steel Ball using Aquarius.
    Worker 8 joins the party, and Ramza issues his first command to a Steel
    Giant, with hilarious results.  Continue the game until you can get to
    Zeltennia Castle.
    6) Unlock Nelveska Temple area at Zeltennia through rumor at bar.  Despite
    the red dot, there's no battle here yet (as noticed if you go to the dot,
    nothing happens.)  Just continue the game.
    7) Buy Aeris' flower at Zarghidas Trade City (plot event, there's only
    1 chance to do so, it is on the way to Limberry Castle to fight Elmdor.
    (It's just 1 gil! Buy it!)
    8) Return to Goug Machine City.  Besrodio has unearthed a new toy.  This
    strange device has a Cancer sign inscribed on it and is called a
    "Celestial Globe."
    9) Go back to Nelveska Temple.  The battle will now occur, the only
    battle there ever.  Fight Worker 7 *NEW (don't forget the 4 great items!)
    After the battle, you win the Cancer Zodiac Stone (Worker 7 *NEW's power
    10) Try to leave and Reis regains her humanity by Cancer's power.  A
    touching reunion between lovers ensues (don't worry, nothing
    11) Take the Cancer stone to Goug and summon Cloud from the Celestial
    Globe--he runs off (nothing you can do.)
    12) Continue the main quest until you reach the battles at Igros Castle.
    Defeat the Zodiac Demon Adramelk within the castle and the next leg of the
    journey will open up.
    13) Return to Zarghidas Trade City, view the scene, and save Cloud
    from the thieves.  Cloud joins up.  Retrieve his Materia Blade (the
    very top of Bervenia Volcano (Move-Find with low Brave) in order to use
    his Limits.
    14) Play until you defeat Vampiric Zalbag at Murond Holy Place.
    15) Go to Warjilis Trade City and view the rumor about a Deep Dungeon.
    16) Play the Deep Dungeon (don't miss the awesome items on every
    17) Defeat Elidibs at END (learn Zodiac for your Summoner, it's now or
    never) and recruit the uber-Apanda, Byblos.
    THAT'S IT!  You should now have Worker 8, Beowulf, Reis (human,)
    Cloud, and Byblos in your party.  Congrats!
    If you want info on their powers, then read on...
    ____________________/4. The Hidden Specials' Skillsets\___________________
    Here are the skillsets for the hidden special characters, including
    damage formulas (THANK YOU AEROSTAR!)
    First, the basics of how to read this.
    -4.1 How to Read the Charts-
    Attack Name: The name of the skill, as listed in the Skillset.
    MP Cost: The amount of MP expended using the ability.
    Ctr.: "Clockticks til resolution" (how long before attack is executed)
    ***Range: The RANGE of an attack is the number of squares, counted in a
    straight line, that the attack has the potential to target (not counting
    the caster himself).  It is represented on the screen when an attack is
    selected by red, glowing panels.
    Usually, Range is independent of vertical height, but for some skills
    (e.g., TALK SKILL), it can be limited by height difference.  If this is
    so, it will be noted in the handbook with a "vX" after the range number,
    where X is the vertical tolerance of the attack in height units.  For
    instance, the range of 'Threaten' is 3v2.  - The EFFECT AREA of an attack
    determines which panels will actually be hit by the attack.  It is
    determined by counting the number of squares an attack can hit from the
    center to one corner of the effect area.  Effect area is usually
    restricted by vertical height.  Height restrictions will be noted in
    the guide with "vX" appended on to the effect number, with X being the
    vertical tolerance of the attack in height units.  For instance, the
    effect area of 'Haste 2' is 2v3.
    A combination of range and effect area is used to determine the attack's
    firing range.  We represent this in the guide as two numbers, the first
    being the range and the second the effect area.  For instance, a spell
    with firing range {5/1} means it has a range of 5 and an effect area of
    1. If there is an effect area greater than one, it can make the attack
    go further than the range.
    * signifies multiplication
    / signifies division
    [X] means to truncate X -- that is, convert X to a decimal and then drop
    all decimal places, regardless of what numbers they contain. For
    instance, [3.001] = 3; [3.999] = 3; [0.556] = 0; [-0.872] = 0;
    [-7.25] = -7. Note that this differs from the greatest integer (floor)
    function in its treatment of negative numbers: [-9.1] = -9 while
    floor(-9.1) = -10. FFT uses truncation, not floor.
    RU{X}, the round-up function, means to truncate X and add 1 to the
    absolute value of X, while maintaining X's sign. That is,
    RU{X} = [X] + |X|/X. This means that if X is positive, RU{X} = [X] + 1,
    but if X is negative, RU{X} = [X] - 1.
    max{x,y} = (x if x > y) or (y if y > x)
    min{x,y} = (x if x < y) or (y if y < x)
    (x..y) means that the game generates a random integer between x and y,
    {NOTE: Magic that depends on faith and causes a special effect -- such as
    a status abnormality, a reduction in stats, or a reduction in HP by a set
    percentage -- is governed by this equation:
    success % = [CFa/100 * TFa/100 * (MA + Y)] * (evasion factor)}
    where Y is a percentage multiplier peculiar to the spell
    CFa is the caster's faith
    TFa is the target's faith
    Evasion factor = (1 - (target's M.SEV)) * (1 - (target's M.AEV)).
    JP cost: How much JP is required to learn the ability
    Effect: The formula for calculating the damage/effect done by the
    The % sign represents the % chance for the attack to hit.
    -4.2 Common Abbreviations-
    PA = Physical Attack Power stat (number beside sword icon on status
    MA = Magical Attack Power stat (number beside rod icon on status
    Sp = Speed stat
    Br = Brave stat
    Fa = Faith stat
    C_MaxHP = caster's Max HP
    T_MaxHP = target's max HP
    C_CurrentHP = caster's current HP
    T_CurrentHP = target's current HP
    C_CurrentMP = caster's current MP
    T_CurrentMP = target's current MP
    CFa = caster's Faith
    TFa = target's Faith
    Status changes:
    BS : Blood Suck
    con: Confusion
    DA : Don't Act
    DM : Don't Move
    drk: Darkness
    fai: Faith
    frg: Frog
    has: Haste
    oil: Oil
    pet: Petrify
    poi: Poison
    pro: Protect
    ref: Reflect
    rer: Reraise
    rgn: Regen
    shl: Shell
    sil: Silence
    sle: Sleep
    slw: Slow
    stp: Stop
    zrk: Berserk
    'support status' means: haste, protect, shell, float, regen, reraise,
    and transparent
    Add: (status) = causes this status ailment
    [100%] = attack ignores evasion percentages and never misses (unless
    target is somehow protected from its effect -- for instance, equipped
    with an accessory that prevents the status that the attack inflicts)
    -4.3 Worker 8-
    Job Command: Work*
    Attack Name          Range          JP Cost          Effect
    Destroy              1v2/1             0          Damage: 10 * PA [100%]
                                                    to caster: [(10 * PA) / 8]
    Compress             1v2/1             0          Damage: 12 * PA [100%]
                                                    to caster: [(12 * PA) / 6]
    Dispose              8/1               0          Damage: 10 * PA [100%]
                                                    to caster: [(10 * PA) / 4]
    Crush                1v0/1             0          Damage: 16 * PA [100%]
                                                    to caster: [(16 * PA] / 4]
    * Backlash from the attack also does some damage to the caster, as noted
    -4.4 Beowulf Kadmas-
    Job Command: Magic Sword*
    Y : constant used in determining the success rate of the spell (number in
    the {}.
    For any spells of this type that cause damage, the damage is unaffected by
    Protect, Shell, Magic Attack UP and Magic Defend UP, but the success
    rate _is_ affected.
    Attack Name      MP Cost    Range        JP Cost          Effect
    Blind                6      4/1            50          Add: Darkness,
    Aspel                2      4/1            0           Drain RU{T_MaxHP /
                                                           4} {200}
    Drain                12     4/1            180         Drain RU{T_MaxMP /
                                                           4} {200}
    Faith                10     4/1            200         Add: Faith, {200}
    Innocent             10     4/1            200         Add: Innocent,
    Zombie               14     4/1            150         Add: Undead, {190}
    Silence              16     4/1            90          Add: Silence, {200}
    Berserk              16     4/1            200         Add: Berserk, {180}
    Chicken              12     4/1            500         Target's Brave -50,
    Confuse              14     4/1            200         Add: Confusion,
    Despair              20     4/1            300         Cancel: support
                                                           status, fai, ref
    Don't Act            14     4/1            50          Add: Don't Act,
    Sleep                20     4/1            170         Add: Sleep, {190}
    Break                24     4/1            300         Add: Petrify, {180}
    Shock                20     8/1            600         Damage: [C_MaxHP -
    * Must be equipped with a Sword/Knight Sword to use any Magic Sword
    -4.5 Reis Dular-
    Job Command: Breath (Holy Dragon form)
    Attack Name          Range          JP Cost          Effect
    Fire Bracelet        2 (4dir)/1       0           Damage: MA * 5
                                                      (Fire elemental)
    Ice Bracelet         2 (4dir)/1       0           Damage: MA * 5
                                                      (Ice elemental)
    Thnder Brcelet       2 (4dir)/1       0           Damage: MA * 5
                                                      (Lightning elemental)
    Job Command: Dragon (Dragoner form)
    Attack Name          Range          JP Cost          Effect
    Ice Bracelet*        2(4dir)/1        0           Damage: MA * 12
                                                      (Ice elemental)
    Fire Bracelet*       2(4dir)/1        0           Damage: MA * 12
                                                      (Fire elemental)
    Thndr Brcelet*       2(4dir)/1        0           Damage: MA * 12
                                                      (Lightning elemental)
    Dragon Tame          2v2/1e           300         Add: Invite on dragon/
    Dragon Care          2v2/1            300         'Wish' effect on
                                                      dragon/hydra; cancel
                                                      drk, con, sil, oil, zrk,
                                                      frg, poi, stp, sle, DM,
    Dragon PowerUp       2v2/1            400         Sp +2, PA +2, MA +2,
                                                      Br +5 to dragon/hydra
    Dragon LevelUp       2v2/1            400         Add: Quick on dragon/
    Holy Bracelet        4/3v3            900         Damage: [(MA + 20) / 2]
                                                      * MA (Holy, random
                                                      targets, random number
                                                      of strikes between 1 and
                                                      4, inclusive)
    * Note that these are different versions of Ice Bracelet, Fire Bracelet,
    and Thunder Bracelet than the dragons use. Dragoner versions are
    stronger, with a MA multiplier of 12 instead of 5.
    -4.6 Cloud Strife-
    Job Command: Limit*
    Attack Name    ctr.    Range        JP Cost          Effect
    Braver          3      2/1            150         Damage: 12 * MA
    Cross-slash     4      2/2v0          200         Damage: 22 * MA
    Blade Beam      5      2/1            250         Damage: (C_MaxHP -
    Climhazzard     7      2/1            450         Damage: (T_MaxHP -
    Meteorain       10     3/3v0          560         Damage: 26 * MA
    Finish Touch    5      3/2v0          670         Add: Dead, Petrify,
                                                      Stop [100%]**
    Omnislash       15     3/3v0          900         Damage: 40 * MA
    Cherry Blossom  20     3/3v0          1200        Damage: 60 * MA
    * A 'Materia Blade' must be equipped to use any of these skills!
    * All Limits have a 100% success rate and ignore evade percentages
    ** One of these three status ailments will be added at random
    -4.7 Byblos-
    Job Command: Byblos
    Attack Name          Range          JP Cost          Effect
    Energy               4/1              0           Heals target by
                                                      RU{C_MaxHP * .40}**
    Parasite             4/1              0           Add: pet, drk, con, sil,
                                                      oil, frg, poi, sle [25%
                                                      chance for each]
    Shock                5v3/1            0           Damage:   (C_MaxHP -
                                                      C_CurrentHP) [100%]
    Difference           5v3/1            0           Damage: (T_CurrentMP)
    ** Caster loses [half] the HP healed
    ---------->I would like to make a note that ALL of these formulas came
    from AeroStar's Battle Mechanics Guide (AKA the FFT Bible.)  Thanks
    for letting me use them! For more formulas, feel free to consult the
    ____________________/5. Setups\___________________________________________
    -5.1 Notes on How To Read-
    I made setups currently for Beowulf, Reis, and Cloud in avariety of job
    classes. I obviously did not include Worker 8 and Byblos as they are not
    customizable in normal gamepley (i.e. without GameShark, FFTEdit, FFTastic,
    or other editors.)
    Feel free to submit setups THAT ARE PROVEN IN BATTLE TO BE GOOD. I may
    include setups for all Specials at a later date.
    Setups will alwyas be given in the following format:
    Suggested Brave/Faith
    Primary Ability
    Secondary Ability
    Reaction Ability
    Support Ability
    Movement Ability
    Equip in Left Hand
    Equip in Right Hand
    Body Gear
    ((Short description on the use of the setup))
    All of the abbreviations listed in [4.3] are the same.
    -5.2 Beowulf Kadmus-
    Temple Knight
    Brave 97, Faith 94
    Magic Sword
    Time Magic
    Blade Grasp
    Short Charge
    Escutcheon II
    Grand Helm
    Robe of Lords
    Magic Gauntlet
    This setup takes full advantage of Beowulf's high MA and Faith. Both his
    magic abilities rely on the high Faith, and the MA boosts from Robe of
    Lords and Magic Gauntlet allow Magic Sword and Time Magic statuses to hit
    with close to 100% accuracy. Also, Meteor will do incredible damage. Short
    Charge is really for Time Magic, as Magic Sword is inherently non-charged.
    Excalibur gives auto-Haste, Robe of Lords gives Protect and Shell, and
    the Escutcheon II + Blade Grasp makes assault from all sides a waste of a
    turn. The only possible problem is that magic will be incredibly effective
    on Beowulf, but the Shell effect should help with that. Basically a strong
    mage and possible frontline fighter.
    -5.3 Reis Dular-
    Brave 97, Faith 94
    Math Skill (all magic known)
    Counter Magic
    Equip Sword
    Move +2/Teleport
    Rune Blade
    Rune Blade
    This is one of the mage Reis setups. Reis can really do anything. She has
    naturally high PA, MA, HP...she's an all-around badass. Math Skill hits
    everything, Dragon of course to convert enemy units or beef up allied
    dragons. Counter Magic is nice since any spell can be countered. 2 Rune
    Blades give +4 MA and more decent physical punch. Ribbon + Chantage
    essentially makes her invincible to status and immortal.
    Brave 97 Faith 03
    Punch Art
    Martial Arts
    Move +2
    (bare fist)
    (bare fist)
    Dragoner Reis has innately high PA, MA, HP. She lacks speed, but the Haste
    from Setiemson can help out with that...and starting Transparent. Punch Art +
    Martial Arts is a killer, especially on Reis. The high Brave enhances the
    bare fist damage even more. Counter basically ensures anything in her range
    that attacks her will get a chunk of HP taken out of it. Her naturally high
    HP makes killing her difficult, and she has Chakra just in case. Ribbon, of
    course, for status immunity. Basically a frontline Reis.
    -5.4 Cloud Strife-
    Brave 94, Faith 60
    Draw Out
    Blade Grasp
    Short Charge
    Move +3
    Rune Blade
    Rubber Costume
    Genji Gauntlet
    Short Charge makes Limit come off at a reasonable time, and Ribbon
    prevents all negative statuses. The Materia Blade is crappy for
    attacking but necessary for Limit, so meh. Rubber Costume is
    almost exclusively for the HP boost. Draw Out to give positive
    statuses to self (Masamune and Kiyomori come to mind,) and for instant
    damage. Blade Grasp basically to evade the inevitable attacks. The
    low-ish Faith makes healing slightly tricky but prevents too much damage
    from enemy mages.
    Brave 97, Faith 80
    Draw Out
    Two Swords
    Rune Blade
    Rune Blade
    Flash Hat
    Wizard Robe
    Genji Gauntlet
    A classic hybrid unit. Elemental allows long range strikes, and Draw Out
    is incredibly versatile. The dual Rune Blades, Flash Hat, Wizard Robe, and
    Genji Gauntlet really boost MA (by 9!), which affects both Elemental and Draw
    In addition, the Gauntlet enhances PA by 2, which affects Elemental. Cloud
    in this form can take the front, strike from long range, or hit in an area
    around him. Teleport gets him right where he needs to be, and Auto-Potion
    helps heal before a Murasame is necessary. Faith allows for magical healing.
    Incredibly versatile.
    ____________________/6. Miscellaneous\____________________________________
    -5.1 Frequently Asked Questions-
    1. Q: How come Reis' Dragon Tame/Care/LevelUp/PowerUp always has a 0%
    success rate when I target one of my characters with it?
       A: It only works on Dragon-type and Hydra-type monsters.
    2. Q: What's the best way to level up Cloud?
       A: If you have extremely high level allies, let him pound on them
          and he'll gain a level every few turns.  Cast Haste and/or Yell on
          him to speed up the process.  It's possible to level him from level
          1 to 70 in just one battle, since he does so little damage to them
          at low levels.
    3. Q: How can you POSSIBLY say someone what starts as Level 1 can be
          useful?  I don't want to level him all the way up!
       A: OK, fine.  Cloud IS one of the strongest warriors in the game,
          though, if you put enough work into him.  SOLDIER Job has nice
    4. Q: If Beowulf's attacks are Swordskills, how come Faith is in the
       A: They're basically just spells with no charge time, and have the same
          formulas and damage rules as all other spells.  They only have the
          added requirement of needing a Sword/Knight Sword equipped to cast.
    5. Q: What is this Super Monster Battle at Bariaus Hill you mentioned?
       A: It's a rare battle in which you face one Dragon, one Blue Dragon,
    one Red Dragon, one Behemoth, one King Behemoth, one Dark Behemoth, one
    Hyudra, one Hydra, and one Chocobo of a random color.  The enemies are
    usually quite a bit higher levelled than you are.  That's why I suggest
    you save, they can wipe unprepared parties out easily.  If you have human
    Reis, she can Invite 5 of the enemies to your side with Dragon Tame and
    turn the tide quickly.  You also have a few Guests of the types listed
    above to help you out.  Just always remember to save before going south
    through the hill and you'll be fine.
    6. Q: Why can't Cloud perform his Limits after I learn them?
       A: He MUST be equipped with a Materia Blade to use Limit.  The one
    Materia Blade you can find is located on top of Bervenia Volcano, just
    south of Riovanes Castle.  Bervenia Volcano appears at the start of
    Chapter 4.  Get your Move-Finder in a class with good Jump and Speed stats
    (like Ninja or Thief) and tack on a pair of Germinas Boots for the extra
    boost. Once at Bervenia Volcano, you should notice the peak is extremely
    high up. The very top peak is your goal where the Materia Blade awaits.
    7. Q: How do I get to the next Deep Dungeon level? I beat the battle but
    there's no new level?!
       A: You have to find the exit, which appears randomly on one of five
    possible squares. Once you find the exit and beat the battle, the next
    level opens up. I know what you're thinking..."Where are the exit squares?"
    Check out the "Deep Dungeon Exits FAQ." It never failed me.
    8. Q: What are some good setups for these characters?
       A: I've put a couple in, but that section is nowhere near complete.
    I'll be adding more at a later date.  Ask on the board for now.
    -5.2 Version History-
    Version 1.1 (Sunday, March 10, 2002): Yes, I DID write this entire thing
    in one day.  No, I didn't have anything better to do.  Well, I did...but
    this won out once I started it.  I'm contemplating adding decent set-ups
    for these characters and such at a later date, and maybe adding the other
    Special Characters at some point.  Hmm...
    (Friday, March 15, 2002): Made a couple changes, re-sent the guide.
    It actually got posted this time.  =P
    Version 1.2 (Monday, April 1, 2002): FFT is the worst.  Game.  EVAR.
    April Fool's! =P  Sending updated Guide, and I plan to work on setups
    in the near future.
    Version 1.3 (Friday, January 3, 2003): Wow, I've been neglectful. Added
    a FEW setups. Many more to follow. Sorry for the wait. =)
    -5.3 Thank You!-
    I would like to take this time to thank:
    AeroStar, for letting me use his Battle Mechanics Guide formulas...this
    is what?  The 5th or so time I've thanked him in the guide?  Well he
    deserves it, he's one of the TRUE FFT Legends.  Also to everyone else
    who worked on the BMG, I know AeroStar wasn't the only one.
    CJayC for posting my FAQ even though the FFT FAQ page is pretty damn full.
    Ex Soldier Cloud for pointing out that you can get Dragoner Reis before
    beating Adramelk.  Well, I _THINK_ it was ESC... O_o
    Mooglelicious, MunkiBleedsGreen, Lew Uber Alles, and the rest of my
    friends on the Final Fantasy Tactics Social Board for not letting me
    become a 100% bitter vet. 95% is enough.
    Philsov and superaielman, for pointing out flaws right after the FAQ was
    put up.  Woo for revisions.
    nova314 for keeping me sane on long nights with humor and innuendo.
    Square Electronics (for making this game!  Yay!)
    Everyone who posts (intelligently) at the Final Fantasy Tactics Main
    Board (http://cgi.gamefaqs.com/boards/gentopic.asp?board=20051).  I made
    this for you guys, especially those who don't know this stuff.  If anyone
    sees an error in the FAQ, or if you discover something new, please e-mail me.
    I'll update the guide and I'll be sure to give you credit.
    This guide is (c) 2002 Peter Chickris (AKA Sword Seraph or
    This guide has been posted at: GameFAQs.com.  If you find it anywhere else,
    please e-mail me so I can find out and sue whoever posted it for all
    they're worth.  >=)
    Final Fantasy, Final Fantasy Tactics, and Squaresoft are all trademarks
    of Square Electronic Arts, L.L.C.
    [End Transmission]

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