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Brave/Faith FAQ by Astrologist Olan 19

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/10/01

	     ~~~~~~~~~~~Brave and Faith Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~
	     ~             Version 1.0                    ~
	     ~ By Ben Mashiro, AKA Astrologist Olan 19    ~
             ~   	Final Fantasy Tactics             ~
             ~      E-mail: thesushichef@hotmail.com      ~

~Table O' Contents~
I. Introduction
II. Brave
  a. Effects of alteration in battle
  b. Maximum and minimum ratings out of battle
  c. Actual effects
  d. Ways to alter
III. Faith
  a. Effects of alteration in battle
  b. Ways to cause "Faith"
  c. Ways to cause "Innocent"
  d. Maximum and minimum ratings out of battle
  e. Actual effects
  f. Ways to alter
IV. Miscellaneous
  a. Battles that raise/lower Brave/Faith
  b. Character quotes: Brave gets too low/Faith gets too high
  c. Thank you's
  d. Legal mess

I.	Introduction
Brave and Faith... perhaps the most annoying statistics in Final Fantasy
Tactics. These measure the damage and percentages of certain attacks, as well
as have their own effects; each with their own amount of endless questions.

The rating while in battle is the one used by the game, not your base, or
"after battle", stats. So, if you were affected by the Mediator's skill
"Preach", and you had 50 Faith to begin with, the number applied would be 54.
This goes on to saying that your "base" Brave and Faith are only for aesthetic
reasons; meaning they don't mean anything in battle IF (and only IF) you raise
or lower them (besides giving the first alteration the amount it has to either
add to or subtract from). I know, it's something so clear and obvious, but I
had to include it.

If you happen to alter your Brave/Faith by four points in a battle, your base
will go up by one. In general, your Brave and Faith tend to be more efficient
when at higher numbers, meaning that you'd probably prefer 70 Faith over 50
Faith. The only reasons for lowering them are covered in their specific

Although the whole Brave and Faith system seems easy to understand, try to
think again; a majority of the questions here [at the FFT main board] are about
Brave and Faith (mixed in with the "Ramza can be a Dark Knight" and "FFT 2"
topics ^_^). It really is a great system, albeit hard to understand.