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    Brave/Faith FAQ by Astrologist Olan 19

    Version: 1.0 | Updated: 12/10/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    	     ~~~~~~~~~~~Brave and Faith Summary~~~~~~~~~~~~
    	     ~             Version 1.0                    ~
    	     ~ By Ben Mashiro, AKA Astrologist Olan 19    ~
                 ~   	Final Fantasy Tactics             ~
                 ~      E-mail: thesushichef@hotmail.com      ~
    ~Table O' Contents~
    I. Introduction
    II. Brave
      a. Effects of alteration in battle
      b. Maximum and minimum ratings out of battle
      c. Actual effects
      d. Ways to alter
    III. Faith
      a. Effects of alteration in battle
      b. Ways to cause "Faith"
      c. Ways to cause "Innocent"
      d. Maximum and minimum ratings out of battle
      e. Actual effects
      f. Ways to alter
    IV. Miscellaneous
      a. Battles that raise/lower Brave/Faith
      b. Character quotes: Brave gets too low/Faith gets too high
      c. Thank you's
      d. Legal mess
    I.	Introduction
    Brave and Faith... perhaps the most annoying statistics in Final Fantasy
    Tactics. These measure the damage and percentages of certain attacks, as well
    as have their own effects; each with their own amount of endless questions.
    The rating while in battle is the one used by the game, not your base, or
    "after battle", stats. So, if you were affected by the Mediator's skill
    "Preach", and you had 50 Faith to begin with, the number applied would be 54.
    This goes on to saying that your "base" Brave and Faith are only for aesthetic
    reasons; meaning they don't mean anything in battle IF (and only IF) you raise
    or lower them (besides giving the first alteration the amount it has to either
    add to or subtract from). I know, it's something so clear and obvious, but I
    had to include it.
    If you happen to alter your Brave/Faith by four points in a battle, your base
    will go up by one. In general, your Brave and Faith tend to be more efficient
    when at higher numbers, meaning that you'd probably prefer 70 Faith over 50
    Faith. The only reasons for lowering them are covered in their specific
    Although the whole Brave and Faith system seems easy to understand, try to
    think again; a majority of the questions here [at the FFT main board] are about
    Brave and Faith (mixed in with the "Ramza can be a Dark Knight" and "FFT 2"
    topics ^_^). It really is a great system, albeit hard to understand.
    II.	~Brave~
    Brave is the statistic that measures the bravery of the unit (duh...). This
    statistic is a bit easier to understand than the Faith rating, so let's go over
    it in detail, as to not forget anything.
    a.	Effects of alteration in battle
    Brave's highest and lowest points in battle are 100 and 0, respectively. Now,
    when below 10, a certain status kicks in, called "Chicken". When under this
    status, you lose control over the unit (if you had control over it to begin
    with), and it stays away from all battle. However, every turn, the unit
    recovers one point of Brave. You can let this run through on itself, or you can
    help out by raising Brave; either way, when it reaches 10, Chicken status will
    cancel itself. Chicken status also increases damage recieved by attacks.
    b.	Maximum and minimum ratings out of battle
    The maximum permanent Brave is 97, while the minimum permanent Brave is 6. If
    the unit's rating gets below 6 Brave, it will leave the party (after the battle
    in which you lowered Brave to that level) in fear of battle. Don't let this
    c.	Actual effects
    Brave is the unit that measures three things. They are:
    -Chance of using a "reaction" ability (except Abandon and Weapon Guard; covered
    -Chance of finding an item with "Move-Find Item" movement ability... the one
    reason for low Brave
    -Damage of some weapon attacks (how many? Covered later)
    -Damage of Witch Hunt and Wiznaibus (Dance command set)
    And detailed explainations of the above:
    -With most every reaction ability, the current Brave rating of the unit is
    equal to the percentage of the ability activating when provoked; for example,
    say you had 75 Brave, and had "Counter" set as a reaction ability. Now, if a
    Chocobo performed "Choco Attack" on you, there would be a 75% chance of
    countering it with your own physical attack.
    "Abandon" and "Weapon Guard" are the two exceptions to this rule, as they are
    passive; the only "blocking" reaction ability that depends on Brave is the
    Samurai's skill, Blade Grasp. This turns your Brave into you evasion rate
    (however, it seems to have its own evasion it affects, not C_Eva, S_Eva, or
    A_Eva; for more info, check the Battle Mechanics Guide)
    -This is where it gets tricky. It seems that your Brave, when using the
    Move-Find Item ability, measures the percentage of NOT getting the more rare
    item hidden beneath a normal item, like in the Deep Dungeon. So, this would be
    the only legitimate reason to have low Brave (or if you tend to use Weapon
    Guard or Abandon); for example, say you had 25 Brave and were in the Deep
    Dungeon equipped with Move-Find Item. The percentage of finding a Phoenix Down
    would be 25%, and the chance of finding a "rare" item would be 75%.
    -Brave affects the damage you cause with certain weapon attacks. The higher the
    brave, the more damage. I'll list the weapons that use Brave below, as well as
    include their equations (with regards to the Battle Mechanics Guide):
    -bare hands	[PA * (Br / 100)] * PA   (without Martial Arts)
    -Knight swords	[Br/100 * PA] * WpnPwr
    -katana		[Br/100 * PA] * WpnPwr
    Example: Let's say that your character has 70 Brave, 10 PA, and is holding an
    Excalibur. Since Excalibur is a Knight sword, substitute the known factors into
    the respective variables: (70/100*10)*21, or 147 damage.
    -The equation for both Witch Hunt and Wiznaibus is [(1+Br/100)*PA], with MP and
    HP damage respectively. Let's have an example; say the caster has 70 Brave and
    10 PA, and the targets have neutral astrological affinity. The resulting damage
    would be [(1+70/100)*10], or 17 damage.
    d.	Ways to alter
    Praise (Talk Skill) +4 Brave
    Threaten (Talk Skill) -20 Brave
    Foxbird (Yin Yang Magic) -30 Brave
    Cheer Up (Guts) +5 Brave
    Scream (Guts) +10 Brave
    Chicken (Magic Sword) -50 Brave
    Look of Fright (Ahriman skillset) -10 Brave
    Brave Up (Dancer Reaction Ability) +3 Brave when hit with a physical attack
    III.	~Faith~
    Faith is the statistic that measures the spirituality and belief of the unit.
    This stat is a bit harder to understand than Brave, so we'll go through it with
    even more detail than previous.
    a.	Effects of alteration in battle
    Faith's highest and lowest points in battle are 100 and 0, respectively. There
    is no special status effect that takes place when Faith reaches a certain
    value, but there are status effects that alter the used value of it; "Faith"
    and "Innocent".
    When under "Faith" status, you are assumed to be at 100 Faith by the game. This
    means that you'll generally have better use with magic, and also be affected
    "more" by enemy magic/status magic (of either side). So, basically, this offers
    a way to have 100 Faith IN BATTLE ONLY and not have the unit leave afterward.
    b.	Ways to cause "Faith":
    -Pray Faith (Yin Yang Magic)
    -Faith (Magic Sword)
    -Holding a "Faith Rod" or being hit by one (weapon)
    c.	Ways to cause "Innocent":
    -Doubt Faith (Yin Yang Magic)
    -Innocent (Magic Sword)
    -Being hit by "Gokuu Rod" (weapon)
    d.	Maximum and minimum ratings out of battle
    The maximum permanent Faith is 94, and the minimum permanent Faith is 3. If you
    raise the unit's Faith over 94, it will leave the party (after the battle in
    which you raised it) to live a religious way of life. Don't let this happen!
    Use "Faith" status instead.
    e.	Actual effects
    Faith is the unit that measures three things. These are:
    -Effects of damage causing magic attacks
    -Effects of status causing magic attacks
    -Damage of magic guns
    -Why should I have low faith?
    And detailed explanations of the above:
    -The formula for damage-causing magic attacks is [Q * MA * (CFa/100) *
    (TFa/100)], with Q being the numerical value of the spell used internally in
    the game. Now, you can tell from this that with higher Faith, the more damage
    you will cause/take. Let's do an example: say the caster have 75 Faith and 10
    MA, and the target has 60 Faith. If you wanted to cast the spell, "Fire 2" (Q
    Value 18), then just enter the variables into the equation: [18 * 10 * (75/100)
    * (60/100)], or 81 damage. This is assuming the target has neutral astrological
    affinity and no damage multipliers for the spell.
    -The formula for status-causing magic attacks is [CFa/100 * TFa/100 * (MA + Y)]
    * (evasion factor), with Y being the numerical value for the spell used
    internally by the game. Like above, you can tell that higher Faith would have
    more success causing the certain status effect. I think this one needs an
    example: let's say that the caster has 81 Faith and 15 MA, and the target has
    55 Faith and 5% Magic Evasion. If you wanted to cast the Oracle spell "Blind",
    substitute your variables and you'll get [81/100 * 55/100 * (15 +200 )]*5, or
    78% chance (rounded up). This is also assuming that the target has neutral
    astrological affinity for the caster.
    -The magic guns' (Blaze, Glacier, and Blast Guns) spells depend on your Faith,
    just like the normal spells. Just substitute in the spell equation for the
    spells that might be cast.
    -The reasons for low faith are simple; you take less damage from magic attacks.
    This works against your favor in some situations when faith-based magic can
    help you out (i.e. White Magic, Time Magic). This was pretty obvious in the
    part with damage equations, but I wanted to include it just to be sure ^_^
    f.	Ways to alter
    Preach (Talk Skill) +4 Faith
    Solution (Talk Skill) -20 Faith
    Face Up (Bard reaction ability) +3 Faith when hit with a magic attack
    IV.	Miscellaneous
    This section is for anything not added in the previous sections. Anything can
    be included in here, as well as "thank you's" and the like.
    a.	Story Battles that raise/lower Brave/Faith
    1st: Algus at Mandalia Plains. Choose to "Destroy the Death Corps" and each
    party member (in battle) will gain 10 Brave, 2 permanent.
    2nd: At Fort Zeakden, Algus gains Brave boost as the battle (and conversation)
    goes on.
    b.	Character quotes: Brave gets too low/Faith gets too high
    "That's strange... I feel uneasy about fighting"
    "It's not that my head hurts ... I just lost interest in fighting."
    "I... I'm afraid. I'm afraid of dying!"
    "Can I sit the next one out, please?"
    "I... I saw him. The enemy I killed... he was staring at me."
    "I saw blood again... I'll have a hard time falling asleep tonight..."
    "People always confuse things. Is God the only one that can stop it?"
    "Is the Lord the only one we can depend on?"
    "A world without conflict seems ... impossible for humans."
    "I can't trust people lately. The Lord is the only one I believe in..."
    "Changing the world alone seems arrogant to me..."
    c.	Thank you's
    All right, I want to thank the entire FFT main board, for their support in this
    FAQ; notably Ex Soldier Cloud, R y a n, Sword Seraph, E Mouse, and Illumina
    Zero for information, and Crystal Knight Mog and Ryu1 for support.
    Thanks to the Battle Mechanics Guide for the equations for spells. ALL RIGHTS
    GO TO THEIR TEAM. Thanks!
    I want to thank God, even though I'm having serious difficulty dealing with
    religion at this time. May He help me though it.
    Thanks to my friends, near and far, my parents, and Japan (for giving me an
    ethnicity... ^_^' AND SUSHI! )
    And thanks to Squaresoft for making such a strange and wonderful game.
    d.	Legal Mess
    Final Fantasy Tactics is a game lisenced by Squaresoft, Inc. and has all the
    rights to this game. Please do not copy this information and claim it as your
    own, you should have written consent from me, first. Once again, my e-mail is
    thesushichef@hotmail.com. Also, all damage formulae go to the Battle Mechanics
    This document Copyright 2001 Ben Mashiro.
    Questions? Comments? Chain mail? Contact me!
    ~JAA, ATO DE!

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