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    Ultima Learning FAQ by Archmage Zorlock

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/29/02 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    ~~~~~~FINAL FANTASY TACTICS~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~How to Learn Ultima~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~Version 1.2~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
    ~~~~~~Copyright 09/04/01, Archmage Zorlock~~~~~~~~~~~~
    --Version History
    --Pre-battle Preparations
    --Who to Bring into Battle
    --Placement of Characters
    --The Battle Begins
    --The Battle Ends
    --Other Ultimas...?
    --Plat's Leveling Trick
    --Questions and Comments
    --Frequently Asked Questions
    --Thanks to...
    --My Email
    --My Website
    Version 1.0 (09/04/01)
    --First version
    Version 1.1 (09/10/01)
    --Corrected possible times to learn Ultima
    --Added "Other Ultimas...?" section
    Version 1.2 (08/19/02)
    --Added Frequently Asked Questions section
    --Minor changes
    The following is a method I came up with for having Ramza learn the 
    Ultima spell. It provides step by step (a.k.a. every single turn) 
    instructions on how to do so. Now, I know some people out there are 
    saying, "Step by step instructions? That sucks all the fun out of the 
    game!" I agree. But there are also some people who simply can’t figure 
    it out and are getting quite frustrated with the whole thing. This 
    method is for those people. This is my first FAQ, so I hope it goes 
    over well.
    Before I get into that, though, let’s get all those disclaimers taken 
    care of. This method was created by me. All the information contained 
    in this strategy, as far as the strategy itself goes, originated in my 
    head. If I state information that did NOT originate in my head, credit 
    will be given to whoever DID come up with it. I did not steal work from 
    others; hence, I will not tolerate others stealing work from me. This 
    information is intended for personal use and may not be sold in any 
    form for profit. If you wish to post part or all of this information 
    elsewhere, such as on your own site, you may do so as long as credit is 
    given to me. If I discover this information elsewhere without proper 
    credit given to me, I will ask that it be removed with all possible 
    haste. If this is not done, I will be forced to call upon various 
    spirits of the cyberspace underworld to remove it for you. After doing 
    so they will proceed to destroy you...err...never mind that last part...
    Anyway, now that that’s out of the way, I’ll explain how to go about 
    learning Ultima. Here's some basic info:
    --The only characters who can learn this type of Ultima (Yes, there's more 
      than one type. See the section titled "Other Ultimas...?" for more info.) 
      is Ramza and Alma.
    --The only way to learn it is to be hit by it and survive.
    --The only creatures who cast it are (I think) The Assassins and Ultima 
    The Ultima Demons rarely ever cast Ultima, usually preferring to stick 
    with more powerful spells like Dark Holy and Nano Flare. For this reason, 
    I choose to learn it from the Assassins. There are only three times the 
    Assassins will cast Ultima: either Battle 42, "At the Gate of Limberry 
    Castle," or Battle 43, "Inside of Limberry Castle." They also sometimes 
    cast it in your first battle with them, on the roof of Riovanes, but rarely. 
    This method covers Battle 42, reason being that I prefer to devote all 
    my time in Battle 43 to stealing Elmdor’s Genji Equipment, but that’s 
    another FAQ entirely, one which I may or may not decide to submit.
    Before you enter Battle 42, be sure to have the following criteria met:
    --Your battle party should be around level 50. Too low may result in 
      your characters being too slow, thus screwing up the whole plan. Too 
      high may result in the exact opposite, with your characters being too 
      fast, but this isn’t as bad as being too slow.
    --You must have, at the very least, one Black Costume and one N-Kai 
      Armlet for Ramza. Enough for all your characters is better, but if 
      you’re strapped for cash or you enter the battle before you had a 
      chance to buy enough for everyone, it shouldn’t affect the flow of 
      battle I lay out TOO much. Just make sure you have one of each for 
      Ramza. Their importance is explained later on.
    That said, I’ll discuss who should be brought into battle. Ramza is a 
    given, since he must participate in every storyline battle, but even if 
    he didn’t, he’s the only one who can learn Ultima, so you’d have to 
    bring him anyway...
    I’ll move on now...
    Orlandu is good to bring, since, being basically the strongest playable 
    character in the game, he’ll be considered the greatest threat by the 
    enemy and will likely draw most of the attacks.
    The rest of the party isn’t extremely important, but for the sake of 
    this method, I always bring an ordinary Ninja of either gender. If, by 
    some truly horrible fluke, Orlandu cannot kill an enemy with his attack, 
    the Ninja can usually rush in and finish the job.
    Agrias is always in the party, as well. She mainly serves as battle 
    fodder in this fight.
    Mustadio serves the same purpose as Agrias, drawing enemy fire and 
    maybe taking out an Apanda.
    Note that all the "special" characters (Ramza, Orlandu, Agrias, and 
    Mustadio) should be set at their respective original job classifications. 
    The Ninja...well, if you can’t figure out what job s/he should be set as, 
    you shouldn’t be reading this.
    As mentioned above, the only vital equipment is the Black Costume and 
    N-Kai Armlet for Ramza, but I always give them to everyone except Agrias, 
    who can equip a Barrette. The reason for these pieces of equipment is 
    to protect against the various status effects caused by Celia and Lede. 
    The Black Costumes will prevent being stopped by Shadow Stitch, while the 
    N-Kai Armlets prevent Charm from the Allure technique. In the case of 
    Agrias, a Barret will prevent both of these status ailments and then 
    some. If you don’t have a Barret, just give her a Black Costume and 
    N-Kai Armlet like the others. So, that said, here’s the setup of 
    RH--Any weapon
    LH--Any shield
    Head--Any helmet
    Body--Black Costume
    Accessory--N-Kai Armlet
    RH--Excalibur (the speed is necessary)
    LH--Any shield
    Head--Any helmet
    Body--Black Costume
    Accessory--N-Kai Armlet
    RH--Any weapon
    LH--Any shield
    Body--Any armor (unless no Barret)
    Accessory--Any (unless no Barret)
    RH--Any weapon
    Head--Any hat
    Body--Black Costume
    Accessory--N-Kai Armlet
    RH--Any weapon
    LH--Any weapon
    Head--Any hat
    Body--Black Costume
    Accessory--N-Kai Armlet
    The abilities aren’t as important as the equipment, so you can basically 
    set it up however you want. The only important thing is for Ramza to 
    have Teleport or Ignore Height. The reason is given later on. For the 
    other characters, Move+1 or higher is suggested as the movement ability. 
    Here’s the setup for abilities:
    Movement--Teleport (or Ignore Height)
    Primary--All Swordskill
    Primary--Holy Sword
    Support--Concentrate is suggested, but not necessary
    Place Ramza anywhere, because he'll be moved to a predestined starting 
    spot at the battle's beginning. Place Orlandu in the most bottom-right 
    corner of the available positions. The Ninja goes next to Orlandu. 
    Mustadio behind Orlandu. Agrias next to Mustadio, behind the Ninja.
    Here’s where the "step by step" part comes into play.
    Orlandu should move first. Send him up the cliff toward the nearest 
    Apanda and use a sword spell, most likely Lightning Stab.
    Now Celia should move. She can't cast Shadow Stitch on Ramza because of 
    the Black Costume he has on, nor can she use Allure because of the 
    N-Kai Armlet. This forces her to cast her only other long-distance 
    attack, Ultima. She charges up for it and moves to her left onto the 
    over-hanging ledge.
    Lede cannot do anything her first turn. She most often moves toward 
    your other four characters.
    When the Ninja's turn comes up, send him/her up near Orlandu. If the 
    Lightning Stab failed to kill the Apanda, finish it by throwing a 
    shuriken or something at it.
    Agrias and Mustadio (or whomever you replaced them with) can do 
    whatever you want them to. They play no vital role.
    When Ramza's turn comes up, teleport up to where Celia moved, making 
    sure to get right next to her. Attack her, and it should knock her HP 
    down quite a bit, due to her spell charging. MAKE SURE YOU DON‘T KILL 
    HER, THOUGH! Don't knock her to critical status either. The battle ends 
    if you do either one.
    You shouldn’t have to worry too much about the Apandas. The only one 
    who may cause a problem is the one nearest to Ramza. Sometimes it casts 
    one of its Bio spells on him, but most likely the spell won’t go off 
    before the battle ends.
    When the other characters' turns come up, just concentrate on the Apandas.
    Celia should cast Ultima sometime soon, hitting Ramza and herself. A 
    text box will open, asking if you wish to learn Ultima. You can answer 
    that one for yourself, I think. The Ultima cast by Celia shouldn’t 
    damage Ramza much, but it should be enough to either kill Celia or 
    weaken her to critical. Either way, the battle is over, and Ramza now 
    knows Ultima.
    That’s all there is to it. All in all, the battle takes about 5 minutes. 
    Now, concerning the next battle, I may or may not decide to submit my 
    strategy for stealing Elmdor’s Genji Equipment. It depends on whether or 
    not this Ultima Guide goes over well. But even if it doesn’t, I think my 
    Genji Guide is better developed than this, so I may submit it anyway.
    As I mentioned above, yes, there is more than one Ultima spell. The one 
    Ramza can learn is the smallest type, being only the size of low/mid-level 
    elemental (Fire, Ice, and Bolt) spells. The next largest is the size of 
    low-level summon spells (or high-level elemental spells, whichever you 
    prefer), and is still titled Ultima. Altima the Holy Angel is the only 
    creature who casts this. The largest type is the size of high-level summon 
    spells and is titled All-Ultima. Altima the Arch Angel is the only creature 
    who casts this ultimate Ultima.
    So, is it possible to learn these bigger (and better) Ultima spells? 
    I've not confirmed it myself, but several sources indicate that Alma (not 
    Ramza) can learn the 2nd level Ultima that is cast by Altima the Holy 
    Angel. How does she learn it? The same way Ramza learns his Ultima: get 
    hit by it and survive. As to the 3rd level Ultima, All-Ultima, I've neither 
    seen nor heard any evidence that any character, be it Ramza, Alma, or 
    otherwise, can learn it. Still, two Ultimas are better than one, even if 
    only Alma, whom you can't control, can use it, and only in the last battle.
    It's important to remember that the learning of these higher-level Ultimas 
    has not been tested, at least not by me. The existence of them is true 
    and undeniable, however.
    As a final note, if anyone reading this has, in fact, learned one or both 
    of the higher-level Ultimas, please email me at the address listed at the 
    end of this guide.
    Update: It seems that Alma can learn the same Ultima as Ramza. The only way 
    it can be done is to cast it on her yourself, though, unless you feel like 
    waiting around for one of the Ultima Demons to cast it.
    This is something I just thought I'd throw in. It's a special trick on 
    leveling up, discovered by my friend Platdragn, which he kindly allowed 
    me to place here in my guide. So, without further ado, I present "Plat's 
    Leveling Trick!"
    It has come to my attention that each job class in FFT has certain set 
    gains for each level.  That is to say, a Squire will gain a certain 
    amount of HP, whereas a Wizard will gain a different amount, as will a 
    Knight, and so on.
    While this amount may seem insubstantial, when you notice that each 
    character can gain up to 98 levels in a normal case, the difference 
    can really add up.  So how is one to take advantage of this?
    Remember those little Degenerator traps on certain levels?  You can use 
    those to your advantage by leveling down as a class with a bad gain, 
    then back up as a class with a good gain on the stat you want to 
    increase.  For example, if you wanted to raise your MP, you could level 
    down as a job that's bad with that stat, like a Lancer, then back up as 
    a class good with the stat, like a Summoner.
    Now first of all, it's important to note that a class's actual stats 
    when you change from one class to another is NOT an actual gain, but 
    can be an indication of what classes will gain good stats.
    But to make it easier on everyone, here's what classes gain what best 
    (and, for your knowledge, what classes gain what worst).
    [  | 1st | 2nd | 3rd | 4th | 5th | 6th | 7th | 8th | 9th | 10th | 11th | 12th ]
    [HP| Mime| Monk| Knig| Squi| Chem| Summ| Calc| Bard|     |      |      |      ]
    [  |     |     | Prie| Arch| Wiza|     |     | Danc|     |      |      |      ]
    [  |     |     | Geom| Thie| Time|     |     |     |     |      |      |      ]
    [  |     |     | Lanc| Medi| Orac|     |     |     |     |      |      |      ]
    [  |     |     |     |     | Samu|     |     |     |     |      |      |      ]
    [  |     |     |     |     | Ninj|     |     |     |     |      |      |      ]
    [MP| Summ| Wiza| Prie| Geom| Monk| Samu| Squi| Chem| Medi| Bard | Mime |      ]
    [  |     |     | Time|     | Ninj|     | Knig| Arch|     | Danc |      |      ]
    [  |     |     | Orac|     |     |     | Lanc| Thie|     |      |      |      ]
    [  |     |     | Calc|     |     |     |     |     |     |      |      |      ]
    [PA| Mime| Knig| Ninj| Arch| Monk| Prie| Medi| Squi| Time| Summ | Chem | Bard ]
    [  |     | Lanc|     | Geom|     | Thie|     | Wiza|     | Calc |      |      ]
    [  |     |     |     | Samu|     | Danc|     | Orac|     |      |      |      ]
    [MA| Mime | (All other classes tie for 2nd)                                   ]
    [SP| Ninj | Thie | (All other classes tie for 3rd)                            ]
    Thus, you can see that Bard is pretty much the best class to level down 
    as considering it ranks as last in all stats with the exception of MP.  
    Dancer, on the other hand, ranks as sixth in PA, meaning that males are 
    much more effective to level down as.  All of the special classes, such 
    as Agrias's Holy Knight class and Mustadio's Engineer class, have 
    astoundingly unremarkable stat gains with the exception of Reis's 
    Dragoner class (which you'll probably want to level up as).  
    Dragoner gets a little more HP than Mimes, about as much MP as a Priest, 
    about as much PA as a Knight, an MA boost equal to a Mime, and a Speed 
    boost equal to a Thief.  It's probably better to level Reis up as her 
    Dragoner class, which can wreak some serious havoc with the inherent 
    Two Swords ability, anyway.  All other classes (especially Ramza, who 
    gets a penalty to MA gain over all other classes!) should stay as 
    generic jobs.
    Ways you can lower your characters' levels include: Degenerator traps 
    (Favoham Plains is my favorite place to do this), or by using Monster 
    Skill on an invited Mindflare, which will let it use Level Blast.  For 
    both to come around faster, it's suggested you set Guts as Ramza's 
    secondary to use Yell and raise the speed on whatever target you wish.  
    Having Time Magic as a secondary to haste a target is a good idea, too.
    Here's an example of what this can mean for your characters.  
    Leveling Ramza down as a Bard and back up as a Ninja netted him 143 HP, 
    40 MP, 7 PA, and 2 Speed.  Therefore, you can see that this can pump up 
    your characters immensely, even if it is a bit time-consuming.
    Enjoy, everyone.  And for those of you who actually use cheapo Orlandu, 
    you can make him even more cheap.
    There you have it. I don't exactly agree with that part about Orlandu 
    being cheap, but that's not important. Note that he didn't give the exact 
    values that are gained for each level in each stat by each class, but the 
    order of best to worst should be enough. Also note that the chart may 
    extend beyond the window length. It goes out to rank 12, just so you know.
    If you have any questions regarding this or any other part of the game, 
    or if you just want to tell me what you thought of this guide, feel free 
    to write me at the address listed at the end of this FAQ. Please note, 
    however, that it may be a while before you get a response, since I’ll be 
    pretty busy keeping up with college stuff. I would suggest checking the 
    other FAQs first. Also note that I will not respond to the following types 
    of mail:
    --Hate mail
    --Rude comments about my guide
    --Stupid questions that have nothing to do with my guide or even FFT
    --Questions that are answered in the FAQ section
    I WILL accept the following types of mail:
    --Questions about my guide
    --Questions about the game
    --Nice comments about my guide
    --Polite suggestions on how to improve my guide
    Remember, it may be a while before you get a response. Try 
    to put something in the subject line that has to do with my guide or 
    FFT in general. I’m less likely to think it’s junk mail and delete it 
    that way. Also, take a look at the FAQ section to see if your question
    is answered there. I'd rather not answer a question that's already answered 
    in the FAQ.
    Q: Are there other places to learn Ultima besides from the Assassins?
    A: Yes. Ultima Demons also cast it, but it almost never happens. If you 
       want to try to get it from them, they're present inside Limberry, in 
       the Chapel of Murond, and in the final battle at the Graveyard of 
       Airships. I don't recommend it, though.
    Q: Ramza got hit by Ultima, but the text box didn't appear! What happened?
    A: Did you make sure Ramza was a Squire? He can't learn it unless he's a 
       Squire. If he IS a Squire, and the box didn't appear, then it might be 
       because of a status effect. "Stop", for example, will prevent Ramza 
       from learning it. If it's neither of those, I dunno. Sometimes Gameshark 
       codes interfere with various aspects of the game, so don't use a GS 
       if you're trying to learn Ultima.
    ~THANKS TO...~
    --Squaresoft, for creating such a fantastic game that keeps me busy for 
      hours on end.
    --Janus, for giving me the answer I wanted when I asked him whether or 
      not I should submit this guide.
    --Plat, for allowing me to place his handy dandy leveling trick in this 
    --My mom, for giving me the money to buy the game.
    --Everyone who writes in with good questions. These are what bring the 
      Frequently Asked Questions section to life.
    --You, for taking your time to read this guide.
    ~MY EMAIL~
    Copyright 09/04/01, Archmage Zorlock

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