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    Speed Walkthrough by babo07052

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    "No…seriously…I'm a Bard"
    01 INTRO
    01 INTRO
    First off, if this is your first time playing FFT, let me begin by 
    saying that to fully appreciate this masterpiece of a game you should 
    play through it at a leisurely pace soaking in all the wonder.  So why 
    a speed walkthrough?  Two reasons: 1) Enjoy the greatest game ever in a 
    "reasonable" amount of time, and 2) The simple challenge of it.  With 
    the following walkthrough you'll be able to enjoy this great game in 
    under 11 hours.
    Since you'll be playing for speed, you'll want to groom a batch of 
    fighters.  The men start off with higher strength stats and therefore 
    make for stronger fighters.  The exception to this rule is if you've 
    got a female with low faith (under 50) and high brave (over 70), in 
    which case you may want to consider having her in your party.
    For the sake of time efficiency, you'll fight only the battles you have 
    to.  This means 53 battles.  So how do you avoid random confrontations?  
    Simply save before you pass over a possible random encounter.  If you 
    happen to encounter the battle, just press SAVE, SELECT, R1, R2, L1, L2 
    for a quick reset.
    The only job classes you'll be gaining exp. in will be the squire 
    (lv.2), archer (lv.3), thief (lv.4), knight (lv.2), monk (lv.3), 
    geomancer (lv.2), and chemist (earn 400 JP).  You'll need the chemist 
    job class for it's auto-potion reaction ability.  The first six will 
    lead you into the ninja job class, where you'll be throughout the 
    second half of the game.
    Jam that "O" button to forgo all dialogue.
    Be aggressive but not careless when fighting.  If the enemy is out of 
    range, WAIT.  Don't waste the turn powering up or trying to gain JP.  
    Furthermore, focus your attacks on one enemy unit before proceeding to 
    If a fighter gets knocked out, leave him be and focus on what you have 
    to do.  But be sure to quickly finish off any and all enemies, as you 
    don't want him turning into a crystal.
    No random encounters means that you'll be at a level disadvantage 
    (sometimes huge) when you face your opponents.  Even with your 
    opponents pumped up stats, they'll be begging you for mercy…hopefully.
    I've included the job classes everyone (by everyone, I mean Ramza and 
    the three generics) should be in before the battle.  After the tutorial 
    Battle 01 - Magic City Gariland
    Enemies - Chemist, Squires x4
    Job - Squire/Chemist
    Select the two male squires and the male chemist.  Just use your male 
    members (haha, I kill me) to defeat everyone.  If you're going to 
    attack the chemist, make sure you off him before he gets a chance to 
    use a potion.  After the battle, remove all items from every character 
    you haven't used and change Ramza and the three generic male fighters 
    to the CHEMIST job class.  Pick up 15 or so potions.  Go to OPTIONS and 
    set the message display icon to fastest.  
    Battle 02 - Mandalia Plains
    Enemies - Red Panther, Squires x4, Thief
    Job - Chemist
    Choose save Algus to receive a little brave bonus.  Even with everyone 
    as chemists, this shouldn't be too tough.  At Igros Castle, sell off 
    ALL weapons (except daggers) and any extra armor.  Pick up three boots 
    and four crossbows.  If you can, have your chemists learn black magic 
    (bolt & ice) and assign it to their secondary abilities.  Remove the 
    boots from Algus and put them on Delita.
    Battle 03 - Sweegy Woods
    Enemies - Black Goblin, Bomb x2, Goblin x2, Red Panther
    Job - Chemist
    Pretty straight forward here.  Before the next battle assign as many 
    chemists to the ARCHER class (leave black magic as their secondary 
    ability) and pick up the necessary number of cross bows.
    Battle 04 - Slums of Dorter
    Enemies - Archer x3, Knight, Wizard x2
    Job – Archer/Chemist
    Have everyone, with the exception of Ramza (have him 'wait' for two 
    turns), climb on top of the building nearest you.  Don't worry about 
    the enemy archer perched high atop the building as Delita will chase 
    him down.  With the range of your crossbows and spells, you shouldn't 
    have too much difficulty here.  Pick up a couple potions after this 
    fight (so that you have ~15 in your inventory).  Equip Delita with the 
    Iron Sword.
    Battle 05 - Cellar of the Sand Mouse
    Enemies - Archer, Knight x3, Monk x2
    Job - Archer/Chemist
    The archer has the ability to heal via potion so keep that in mind as 
    you attack.  If you're lucky, Algus will plug up the entrance and the 
    enemy forces will gather up near it.  This battle will be a bit tough 
    as you'll probably have one or two ko'd fighters when it's all said and 
    done.  Afterwards, pick up 4 red hoods, 4 leather vests, and 4 long 
    Battle 06 - Thieves' Fort
    Enemies - Miluda, Priest x2, Thief x3
    Job - Archer
    This battle is your first real challenge (Miluda will be 3 or 4 levels 
    higher than anyone on your squad).  Take advantage of the fact that 
    you'll only have to defeat Miluda to complete this battle.  If she 
    shows herself, have as many people attack her.  Otherwise, eliminate 
    whoever you can (preferably one or more of the priests).  Consider 
    yourself extremely talented and lucky if you can get away with having 
    only one of your fighters ko'd.  After this battle, remove all of 
    Algus' armor and weapons (you're gonna need all the gil you can get 
    your hands on).  If Delita has enough JP, have him learn the MOVE+1 
    ability.  Equip Delita with the best robe in your inventory and sell of 
    the other.  Head back to Igros castle.
    Battle 07 - Lenalia Plateau
    Enemies - Miluda, Knight x2, Wizard x2, Time Mage
    Job - Archer
    You'll be allowed to add 5 people in this fight so select the chemist 
    as she can provide some healing if necessary.  You're rematch with 
    Miluda will be the exactly the same as the original encounter.  All you 
    need to do is defeat Miluda for victory.  I recommend trying to 
    eliminate one (if possible both) of the wizards on your first go 
    'round.  Afterwards, have everyone converge on Miluda.  Have Delita 
    learn CURE and assign WHITE MAGIC as his secondary ability.
    Battle 08 - Windmill Shed
    Enemies - Knight, Monk x2, Weigraf, Yellow Chocobo 
    Job - Archer
    This can be a tough fight if you're really unlucky.  Make sure and line 
    up all your archers in the back row.  Have Delita learn CURE and assign 
    white magic as his secondary ability.  At the onset of the battle 
    Delita should move one or two squares away from the party.  This will 
    lure Weigraf down.  From here on out it's a crap shoot.  If you're 
    lucky enough to connect with your arrows, this'll be a short fight.  
    Afterwards, a couple of your archers may have fulfilled the JP 
    requirements mentioned earlier.  If so, teach them concentrate.  Remove 
    Delita's weapon and all his equipment (we need the money man!).
    Battle 09 - Fort Zeakden
    Enemies - Algus, Knight x3, Wizards x2
    Job - Archer
    This isn't too tough a fight but can get really annoying because of 
    Algus' auto-potion ability. Try to get your archers to the highest 
    point possible.  Eliminate the wizards first before focusing on Algus.
    After the battle, everyone should have enough JP to learn the 
    CONCENTRATE support ability which you'll be using for the remainder of 
    the game.
    Chapter one is over.  Your time should read anywhere from 2:15 – 2:30 
    (best time: 1:50).  Ramza should be ~lv.5.
    Battle 10 - Dorter Trade City
    Enemies - Archer x2, Thief x2, Wizard x2
    Job - Chemist
    With Gafgarion and Agrias as guests, you can switch on over to the 
    chemist job class and work on getting the reaction ability AUTO-POTION.  
    After the battle, remove all the equipment from the non-fighting units.  
    DO NOT SELL OF THE ITEMS JUST YET.  Pick up 4 head gears, 5 spiked 
    shoes (one for Agrias), and make sure you have ~15 potions in stock.  
    If any chemists have earned enough JP to learn the AUTO-POTION reaction 
    ability, change one to the knight job class and all others to thief.  
    Otherwise, keep them as chemists.
    Battle 11 - Araguay Woods
    Enemies - Black Goblin, Goblin x5
    Job - Knight/Thief/Chemist
    Opting to save the chocobo may result in a brave bonus, but I'm not too 
    sure.  From here on out, you're ALWAYS going to have at least one 
    knight in your party until everyone becomes a lv.2 knight.  Before the 
    next fight, remove all of Gafgarion's equipment and change his job 
    class to that of a chemist.
    Battle 12 - Zirekile Falls
    Enemies - Gafgarion, Knight x5
    Job - Knight/Thief/Chemist
    Delita can hold his own against the three knight's on the other side of 
    the bridge, so don't worry about him.  He will on rare occasion come 
    over to your side.  Either way this battle is going to be one of the 
    easier ones.  If at all possible, try to have any remaining chemists 
    earn the required amount of JP (for auto-potion) here if they haven't 
    done so already.  After this battle your first knight should be at 
    lv.2, in which case you should change his job class to that of thief.  
    Everybody else should now be converted to the knight class.
    Battle 13 - Zaland Fort City
    Enemies - Archer x2, Knight x2, Wizard x2
    Job - Knight/Thief
    Select "I don't want to get involved" for a small brave bonus.  Line up 
    your archers all in the front row.  If Mustadio decides to go to his 
    left, he'll be with you for most, if not all, of the battle.  If he 
    goes to the right, he'll most likely be killed after the enemies first 
    turn.  Whatever the case may be, this try to eliminate the wizards 
    first.  After the fight, pick up enough hi-potions so you've got ~15 in 
    your inventory.  Pick up 3 adaman vests.  All fighters who have the 
    AUTO-POTION reaction ability should be changed to archers for the next 
    battle.  Everyone else should be changed into knights.  Make sure the 
    only potions in your inventory are hi-potions.
    Battle 14 - Bariaus Hill
    Enemies - Archer x2, Knight x2, Summoner x2 
    Job - Archers/Knight 
    Two words.  Summon…er.  They can cast Ifrit, Shiva, and Ramuh, all of 
    which can put a real hurtin' on your party (Ramuh will kill Ramza 
    immediately).  To make matters worse, they're positioned in areas that 
    are not easily accessible.  If you're really unlucky, the summoners 
    will be equipped with boots (this seems to be a random occurrence), 
    which will increase their range.  All this makes for the hardest battle 
    in the first two chapters.  Try and eliminate one archer your first 
    turn.  Then ELIMINATE the summoner nearest Mustadio your second time 
    around.  Consider yourself a miracle worker if you can finish this 
    battle with only one or two ko'd party members.  After the battle, 
    remove all of Agrias' and Ovelia's equipment.  Keep you hi-potion 
    inventory to ~15 and potion inventory ~5.  Pick up 4 defense rings (for 
    later) and make sure you have at least 4 daggers in your inventory (you 
    can sell them off and upgrade to the platina daggers if you like).  
    Sell of all unnecessary items.  Switch over to the thief class (or 
    chemist, if anyone hasn't learned AUTO-POTION yet).
    Battle 15 - Zigolis Swamp
    Enemies - Bone Snatch, Ghoul x2, Skeleton x2, Flotiball or Morbol
    Job - Thief/Chemist
    After the previous two battles, this is a welcomed relief.  Take this 
    opportunity to earn some vital exp. for the thief class and if 
    necessary complete the JP requirements for the chemist class.  Everyone 
    in your party should have enough JP to learn the MOVE+1 movement 
    ability (squire) after this fight.  Sell off any potions you have 
    remaining in your inventory.
    Battle 16 - Slums in Goug
    Enemies - Thief x2, Archer x2, Summoner x2
    Job – Thief
    You'll be allowed to have an extra party member.  I recommend putting 
    in the chocobo you helped earlier to aid in any healing.  Don't worry 
    about Mustadio.  Your enemy priority should be summoner-archer-thief.  
    Get as close to the summoners as you can in your first turn and just 
    wait.  It's a bit tricky, but you should be able to win this battle 
    with just the thieves (assuming, of course, your AUTO-POTION clicks in 
    when it's supposed too).  At Warjilis Trade City, you can pick up 4 
    green berets if you want, but you should be all right with your current 
    armor.  Equip Mustadio with the Romanda Gun, Triangle Hat, any 
    available armor and your extra pair of spike shoes.  Be sure to teach 
    him any abilities if he's got the JP for it.  Sell off all unused items 
    except for swords, daggers, shields, and the 4 defense rings.  Keep 
    your hi-potion stock to ~25.  If you've managed to train a lv.4 thief 
    and earn 520 JP (for MOVE +2), begin training in the monk job class.  
    Otherwise, keep your party members in the thief class.
    Battle 17 - Bariaus Valley
    Enemies - Archer x2, Knights x2, Wizards x2
    Job - Monk/Thief
    Keep Mustadio and Ramza in the first group.  Your priority here should 
    be the wizards.  All in all, this battle should be fairly easy.  After 
    this fight, head back to Warjilis and pick up 4 brigadines.  All your 
    thieves should be at lv. 4 with 520 JP (MOVE+2).  Regardless of whether 
    or not they have fulfilled these requirements, switch everyone over to 
    the monk class.
    Battle 18 - Golgorand Execution Site
    Enemies - Archer x2, Gafgarion, Knight x3, Time Mage x2
    Job – Monk
    Leave Agrias out of this battle.  Keep Mustadio in Ramza's party.  A 
    cheap little trick here is to reload the game until Gafgarion's HP is 
    under 200 (his hp fluctuates from ~175 – 260).  Gafgarion and the two 
    knights on the ground should be your initial targets.  This battle 
    shouldn't be that difficult.  The next two battles will happen in 
    succession, so prepare your self accordingly.
    Battle 19 - At the Gate of Lionel Castle
    Enemies - Archer x2, Gafgarion, Knight x3, Summoner
    Job - Geomancer/Monk
    Close quarters here so you'd better have Agrias in your party.  Place 
    all your members on the right side of the map so that you can eliminate 
    the archer and knight closest to you in two turns.  If you're lucky, 
    Agrias will STOP the summoner with her stasis sword attack and buy you 
    all the time you need.  Whichever class you currently have Ramza in, 
    your first priority should be to open the gate so that the others can 
    assist him in defeating Gafgarion.  This will probably take anywhere 
    from 2-3 turns.  In the meantime, kill off as many enemy units as 
    possible.  After Ramza opens the gate, have Ramza exit the building and 
    lure Gafgarion to the outside.  By the time Gafgarion reaches your 
    troops, there should only be one or two enemy units left for you to 
    deal with.  If you catch a couple breaks, this fight can be really 
    easy.  Either way, you shouldn't have too many problems here.  After 
    this battle, equip your original 4 with the defense rings you picked up 
    earlier.  Any members who haven't met the requirements for the thief 
    class should be changed into that job before the next fight.  
    Battle 20 - Inside Lionel Castle
    Enemy – Queklain (~400 HP)
    Job - Ninja/Geomancer/Thief
    Those defense rings you picked up earlier will negate Queklain's 
    nightmare attack.  Keep Mustadio in the upper left corner of the grid.  
    Queklain will ALWAYS come down and cast nightmare on him.  Doing so 
    will allow you to surround him and simply pummel him into the ground. 
    Not much strategy here, just good ol' fashion brute force.
    This long chapter has finally come to an end.  Your time should read 
    anywhere from 5:15 – 5:30 (best time 4:40).  Ramza should be ~lv.12.
    By the beginning of this chapter, your fighters should have met the 
    prerequisites for all classes listed earlier except for geomancer. 
    Before proceeding any further, pick up 4 twisted headbands (put a green 
    beret on Mustadio if you haven't already done so) and sell off any 
    remaining headgear.  Pick up about 20 of each elemental ball and ~20 x-
    potions.  Make sure and keep your hi-potion inventory to ~5.  Sell of 
    all remaining weapons except for shields and swords.  DO NOT sell any 
    of your defense rings.  RE-equip everyone with the spiked shoes.
    Battle 21 - Goland Coal City
    Enemies - Chemist x2, Mediator, Thief x3, 
    Job - Ninja/Geomancer
    Olan is one bad mamma jamma.  Galaxy Stop is all kinds'a nice.  It's a 
    shame he's not a playable character.  Just imagine the havoc he could 
    wreak.  After this fight, begin training all those capable of the ninja 
    job class.  Have Mustadio learn all his snipe ablitites and MOVE+1 
    before changing his job class to chemist.
    Battle 22 - Back Gate of Lesalia Castle
    Enemies - Knight x3, Monk x2, Zalmo
    Job - Ninja/Geomancer
    All you need to do here is knock down Zalmo to critical status.  With 
    your ninjas Zalmo should fall in two rounds.  I'd advise AGAINST 
    picking up any weapons for your ninjas just yet.  For the time being 
    their bare hands will suffice.
    Battle 23 - Underground Book Storage Second Floor
    Enemies - Chemist, Lancer x3, Time Mage x2
    Job - Ninja (for the remainder of the game)
    Your enemy priority list should be lancers-chemist-time mage.  You 
    shouldn't have any problems as this battle is pretty straightforward.
    Battle 24 - Underground Book Storage Third Floor
    Enemies - Archer x2, Izlude, Knight x2, Summoner
    Select your four ninjas and Mustadio.  This is one of the easiest 
    battles of the game.  Just send everyone over to Izlude (you should 
    have no problem reaching him) and show him the power of your balls.  
    The battle will be over as soon as he hits critical status.
    Battle 25 - Underground Book Storage First Floor
    Enemies - Archer x2, Knight x2, Wiegraf, Wizard x1
    Select your four ninjas and Agrias.  This is almost as easy as the 
    previous battle.  After Wiegraf's initial attack, hit him with 
    everything you've got (if he counters he'll most likely kill you 
    because of the disparity in levels, but don't worry about it).  Once 
    he's put in critical status, or killed, the battle will be over.  At 
    Dorter Trade City pick up 8 short edges, 4 power suits, and 5 germinas 
    boots (equip the extra one on Mustard boy), ~10 magic shuriken, and ~5 
    hi-potions.  It's going to cost you a tad over 110,000 gil so sell off 
    any unnecessary items if you're a bit short (you should have over 
    100,000 gil at this point).
    Battle 26 - Grog Hill
    Enemies - Archer, Chemist x2, Squire x2, Thief
    Mustard boy is going to be joining you in this one.  Nothing out of the 
    ordinary here.  The female thief usually leaves herself exposed so 
    finish her off first.  You may want to eliminate the chemists next.  
    After this battle, equip Mustadio with the mythril gun.  Equip Agrias 
    with Mustadio's germinas boots.
    Battle 27 - Yardow Fort City
    Enemies - Malak, Ninja x3, Summoner x2
    After a string of easy fights, you're in for a doozey.  The summoners 
    and ninjas should be your top priority.  First off, line up all four 
    ninjas and Agrias in the left side of the grid.  During your first 
    turn, you should be able to kill the summoner on the right side.  Send 
    two ninjas (two generics) to the highest point on the overpass.  From 
    here, one will be able to throw a water ball at the summoner on the 
    right hand side, while the other won't.  Just have him wait.  Next send 
    Ramza and your other ninja to the TOP of the right side wall and throw 
    water balls at the summoner.  This should be enough to kill her.  When 
    it's Agrias' turn, have her go under the overpass and use her stasis 
    sword.  Just continue with your attacks until no one's left standing.  
    You'll probably have one or two ko'd members at the end of this fight 
    (depending on the kinds of weapons the ninjas are equipped with).  
    After this battle, remove all of Rafa's equipment and pick up 1 black 
    Battle 28 - Yuguo Woods
    Enemies – Ghoul, Gust, Revnant, Time Mage x2, Wizard x2
    Have Mustadio in your party.  With the ninjas range of movement and 
    Mustard boy's seal evil, this battle should pose no real problems.
    Battle 29 - Gate of Riovanes Castle
    Enemies - Archer x3, Knight x3, Malak
    Nothing difficult here.  Have Mustard Boy in your party.  IGNORE Malak 
    and just knock off the knights and archers.  After this battle, equip 
    Ramza with the black hood you just purchased. 
    Battle 30 - Inside Riovanes Castle
    Enemies I - Wiegraf
    Enemies II - Archaic Demon x3, Velius
    Oh mama!  This battle is arguably the hardest of the game.  Wiegraf's 
    lightning stab does ~150-170 worth of damage and Ramza's hp (assuming 
    you've got on the black hood and power sleeve) should be somewhere in 
    the neighborhood of 190.  What does this mean?  Well, if your AUTO-
    POTION doesn't go off, you'll have to reset.  Once you inflict ~270hp 
    damage to Wiegraf, he'll change into Velius (~1000 hp).  Ignore the 
    three archaic demons and focus on Velius.  With your group of ninjas 
    now assisting you, you'll be able to take him out before he even gets 
    one attack in.
    Battle 31 - Roof of Riovanes Castle
    Enemies - Celia, Elmdor, Lede
    Celia and Lede are the reincarnation of every girl you've ever scorned, 
    lied to, rejected, etc.  Not only can they freeze you in your tracks 
    (stop bracelet) but they also possess an instant killer (shadow 
    stitch).  When you add in Elmdor's draw out abilities, you may begin to 
    lose control of your bodily functions.  Luckily, you only have to send 
    one of the three into critical status.  In fact, with your ninjas this 
    should be one of the easier battles in the game (assuming of course, 
    Celia and Lede are nice enough to leave Rafa alive).  The general trend 
    here seems to be the following: Elmdor uses his muramasa draw out 
    ability to do ~90 hp worth of damage to Rafa.  One of the assasins 
    follows this by either hitting Rafa with STOP BRACELET or casting some 
    sort of status spell.  The other assassin will make her way over to 
    Ramza and kill him.  Bring your ninjas over to the assassin that just 
    killed Ramza and inflict enough damage to force the trio to teleport 
    We've come to the conclusion of chapter 3.  Your time should read 
    anywhere from 7:15 – 7:30 (best time 6:20).  Ramza should be ~lv.17.
    Remove Malak's and Rafa's equipment.  Equip your platoon with any black 
    hoods and holy miters in your inventory.  Pick up ~20 yagyu darkness'.  
    Make sure your x-potion inventory is ~20.
    Battle 32 - Doguola Pass
    Enemies – Archer, Knight, Lancer x2, Wizard x2, 
    With the mobility of Mustadio and your ninjas, this should be fairly 
    easy.  Take out the wizard on the upslope first by throwing things at 
    him.  Afterwards dispose of the wizard on the lower terrain.  Eliminate 
    the remaining enemies using your own discretion.
    Battle 33 - Bervenia Free City
    Enemies - Archer x2, Meliadoul, Summoner x2
    All you need to do is put Meliadoul in critical condition for a quick 
    victory.  Once again, have your party consist of Mustard boy and your 
    four ninjas.  Place your initial party to the left side of the grid 
    (three ninjas) and place your second team to the back right of the 
    grid.  At the start of the battle, the female ninja will move first.  
    Now, if you're really lucky Meliadoul will come down in front of the 
    ninja.  If she does this, you'll be able to win this battle in the 
    first round.  If, however, she stays right behind the ninja you'll have 
    to dispose of the ninja first to clear up a pathway to throw things at 
    Meliadoul.  You'll most likely send her into critical status during 
    your turn (by which time someone in your group will be without any 
    armor thanks to her STARBUST PUNCH).  Either way, this battle shouldn't 
    cause you any problems. 
    Battle 34 - Finath River
    Enemies - Random Chocobo x5, Random Chocobo or Uribo
    This battle is a joke.  A really, really, really bad joke.
    Battle 35 - Church Outside the Town
    Enemies - Oracle x2, Knight x3, Zalmo
    Looks like Zalmo's back for some more punishment.  Delita's gonna be 
    helping you with this one.  Have Agrias (she won't be much help but her 
    stasis sword attack may prove usefull during this battle) and your four 
    ninjas for this one.  Remember, all you have to do here is kill Zalmo 
    so focus your attacks on him from the get go.  The only thing this 
    battle is going to test is your patience.
    Battle 36 - Bed Desert
    Enemies - Archer x2, Balk, Knight x2, Wizard
    Another unbelievably easy battle.  Just ignore the fact that your 
    entire party is poisoned at the onset.  Balk will usually begin the 
    battle by attacking Mustadio.  After he does so, just hit him with the 
    ninjas to send him to critical status and a fast victory.
    Battle 37A - South Wall of Bethla Garrison
    Enemies - Archer x2, Knight x3, Ninja, Thief 
    This is the easier of the two options.  Your party should be Mustadio 
    and your four ninjas.  Place two ninjas on the right side of the grid 
    and two on the left.  Put Mustard boy in the middle.  I recommend 
    taking out the ninja, thief, and archers before the knights.  Be wary 
    of the knights as one hit from their sword will do serious damage to 
    your personal.  Attack them from a distance and close in on them when 
    you knock their hp to less than 150.
    Battle 38A - In Front of Bethla Garrison's Sluice
    Enemies - Archer x2, Knight x4, Wizard x2
    Line up your first team on the back of the grid (include Mustadio).  
    Line your second team at the front of the grid.  The two knights 
    standing on the switches can't move so you've only got six enemies who 
    can attack you.  Not much strategy.  Simply kill whoever is in your way 
    as you ascend the terrain.  After disposing of the two knights 
    stationed on the panels, have Ramza go over to each one.  After this 
    battle you'll have the untouchable Orlandu.  On your way to Germinas 
    Peak, pick up 4 flash hats, 4 black costumes, and five 108 gems.  Keep 
    your x-potion stock to ~20 and your yagyu darkness to ~20.  Remove 
    Agrias' equipment and sell of any unnessary items if you find yourself 
    short on money. 
    Battle 39 - Germinas Peak
    Enemies - Archer x3, Ninja, Thief x2
    I can't help but wonder what my team would be like if I had Orlandu AND 
    Battle 40 - Poeskas Lake
    Enemies - Archer x2, Oracle, Revnant x2, Summoner
    Did I mention how strong Orlandu is?
    Battle 41 - At the Gate of Limberry Castle
    Enemies - Apanda x4, Celia, Lede
    Contrary to popular belief, you don't need angel rings here (in fact, 
    you don't even need the black costumes).  This battle is surprisingly 
    easy if you know what you're doing.  Much like the other boss battles, 
    knocking either Celia or Lede into critical status will win you the 
    battle.  An easy strategy here is to load everyone up on the right side 
    of the grid.  At the start of the battle have Orlandu eliminate the 
    Apanda closest to you.  Next have Ramza come towards the other party 
    members.  This will cause one of the assasins to come towards Ramza and 
    use either shadow stitch or charm.  Whatever she does, don't worry 
    about it.  Take your three ninjas and ascend the column in front of 
    you.  Have each ninja use a yagyu darkness.  You should do ~300hp 
    damage resulting in an easy, quick victory.
    Battle 42 - Inside of Limberry Castle
    Enemies - Celia, Elmdor, Lede
    Another surprisingly easy battle.  Line up all four of your ninjas in 
    the front row and Orlandu in the back.  Orlandu will get the first 
    turn, but just have him wait.  Elmdor will follow by teleporting right 
    in the middle of the two rows and use his muramasa draw out skill which 
    will inflict ~170hp damage.  If more than one person is inflicted with 
    confusion, reset (this seldom happens however).  Celia and Lede will 
    then take their turn and cast spells on two of your party members.  
    When it's your turn to attack do so with three of the ninjas (two of 
    them should be the ones who've had spells cast on them by the 
    assassins).  Your first attempt will always miss, but the second will 
    always connect.  Follow this with an attack from Orlandu.  When the 
    assassins finally cast their spell it'll kill those two party members, 
    but it'll also take care of Elmdor.  Before you engage in the next 
    battle, equip three of you ninjas and Orlandu with the defense ring.
    Battle 43 - Underground Cemetery of Limberry Castle
    Enemies - Bone Snatch, Knight x2, Living Bone, Skeleton, Zalera
    Another battle with a lot of bark but not much bite.  Zalera is 
    Elmdor's zodiac form.  All you need to do to win this battle is defeat 
    Zalera.  Meliadoul will help the party from the back.  Just let her 
    deal with the undead.  Converge all your troops on Zalera.  Because 
    you're wearing the defense rings, Zalera will almost always forgo his 
    nightmare spell and cast flare, which will do ~160hp damage.  After he 
    casts his spell, begin your assault on Zalera.  This battle shouldn't 
    last longer than 2 rounds.  On your way to Igros castle pick up 8 spell 
    edges, 5 thief hats, and as many bracers as you can get your hands on.  
    Sell off EVERYTHING except for your 108 gems.
    Battle 44 - Inside of Igros Castle
    Enemies I - Dycedarg, Knight x5
    Enemies II - Adramelk
    Your team for the last ten battles will consist of the 4 ninjas and 
    Orlandu.  Once again, the only requirement for victory is defeating 
    Dycedarg, so do your best to get your fighters on the top floor.  Have 
    everyone move as close to the stairway your first turn and just wait 
    (don't bunch them together).  Dycedarg will usually counter with stasis 
    sword or lightning stab.  During your next turn, have Orlandu use his 
    swordskill, have Ramza and the ninjas head towards the stairway, 
    eliminating any knights that are in the way.  Have Orlandu follow you 
    towards the staircase his next turn.  You'll eventually get your entire 
    team within striking distance of Dycedarg.  When he transforms into 
    Adramelk (~1400-1700hp), just beat him into the ground.  If you do it 
    right, he won't even get an attack off.  After the battle, pick up some 
    more bracers (remember to keep your 108 Gems).
    Battle 45 - St. Murond Temple
    Enemies - Geomancer x2, Mediator x2, Priest, Summoner
    Have Ramza and two ninjas in your first party and Orlandu and the other 
    ninja in the second.  Have Orlandu open by killing the two mediators.  
    From there, just slash and burn as you see fit.  This won't last longer 
    than two rounds.
    Battle 46 - Hall of St. Murond Temple
    Enemies - Kletian, Rofel, Vormav
    One could argue that this battle is the easiest in the game.  Defeating 
    ANY of the three will win this battle.  Have Orlandu attack either 
    Kletian or Rofel.  Then follow with an attack from Ramza.  Doesn't get 
    much easier than that.  Equip everyone with the 108 Gems before the 
    next fight. 
    Battle 47 - Chapel of St. Murond Temple
    Enemies - Archaic Demon x2, Ultima Demon, Zalbag 
    Do this right and the demons will just stand there picking their noses.  
    Have Orlandu hit Zalbag with any armor breaking sword skill.  Then 
    attack with your 4 ninjas.  Then finish him off with Orlandu.  
    Afterwards, sell off your 108 Gems and pick up some more bracers.
    Battle 48 - Underground Book Storage Fourth Floor
    Enemies – Archer, Knight x3, Monk x2, 
    Battle 49 - Underground Book Storage Fifth Floor
    Enemies - Rofel, Summoner x2, Time Mage, Wizard x2
    This battle requires some strategy.  Line up three ninjas in the front 
    row, LEFT side of the grid.  Line up one ninja (your weakest fighter) 
    on the front row, right edge.  Line up Orlandu anywhere in the back 
    except for the right corner.  Just have everyone wait their first turn.  
    The enemy wizard will cast a spell buy just ignore him.  Rofel will go 
    after the ninja on the front row, right side (hopefully with a cheesy 
    little spell and not one of her sword ability).  You should now be able 
    to get to eliminate Rofel before the enemy gets another chance to 
    Battle 50 - Murond Death City
    Enemies - Kletian, Ninja x2, Samurai x2, Time Mage x2
    Kleitan must have a death wish standing in the middle of the field like 
    that.  Have your three strongest fighters in the first group (ie. 
    Orlandu, Ramza, and your best generic).  Orlandu will get the first 
    attack and should deplete Kletian's hp to the low hundreds.  Next, the 
    two enemy ninjas, the time mage, and Ramza will get a turn.  Just 
    finish off Kletian with Ramza.
    Battle 51 - Lost Sacred Precincts
    Enemies - Balk, Chemist, Dark Behemoth, Hydra, Hyudra, Tiamat 
    This is going to be the toughest fight of the 4th chapter.  Have three 
    ninjas in your first team.  At the onset of the battle, Balk will 
    USUALLY step forward and attack Ramza.  Next have Orlandu move as close 
    to Balk as he can and wait (unless you've managed to learn Holy 
    Explosion).  Have the remaining ninjas attack Balk (one ninja should be 
    able to get next to him and shave off 200+ hp with his spell edges).  
    The chemist will follow by using an x-potion on Balk (if you're really 
    lucky, he'll only use a regular potion).  After some of the monsters fo 
    their thing, you'll get a shot in with Orlandu.  Make it count!  Thenm 
    have your ninjas attack Balk aggressively until he goes down.  You'll 
    in all likelihood have at least one ko'd fighter at the end of this 
    Battle 52 - Graveyard of Airships
    Enemy - Hashalum
    Easy battle here.  After you attack with Orlandu, Hashalum (~1300hp) 
    will cast a spell on your group of ninjas.  Just have all 4 of the 
    ninjas attack (three of them should be able to attack using their spell 
    edges).  Unfortunately for him, he'll die before he gets to cast his 
    summon.  Your time before the final battle should read anywhere from 
    10:30 – 10:45 (best time 8:50).
    Battle 53 - Graveyard of Airships
    Enemies I – Altima I, Ultima Demon x4
    Enemy II – Altima II
    Altima is a real lightweight (~1300 hp).  Ignore the demons and just 
    attack her.  As in the Hashalum battle, you should be able to surround 
    Altima with three of your ninjas and defeat her during your first wave 
    of attacks.  Once you defeat Altima, you'll face her second form (~3300 
    hp).  Before Altima II gets an attack in, you should be able to shave 
    off ~2000 hp.  Knocking off the remaining 1300hp shouldn't be too hard 
    (it'll be really easy if she decides to stay put and attack someone in 
    your party). 
    Congratulations!  You've finished this masterpiece in under 11 hours.
    I've been told that there have been people who've finished this game in 
    7 hours WITHOUT a gameshark.  I have, however, been unable to verify 
    these times.
    Here are the general stats for my team right before the last fight:
    CLASS: Ninja
    LV: 28-29 
    HP: 266-274
    MP: 20-22
    WEAPONS: Spell Edge (2)
    HEAD ARMOR: Thief Hat
    BODY ARMOR: Black Costume
    ACCESSORY: Bracer
    ABILITY: Throw
    ABILITY: none
    SUPPORT ABILITY: Concentrate
    Generic Male figher
    CLASS: Ninja
    LV: 23-26
    HP: 258-270
    WEAPONS: Spell Edge (2)
    HEAD ARMOR: Thief Hat
    BODY ARMOR: Black Costume
    ACCESSORY: Bracer
    ABILITY: Throw
    ABILITY: none
    SUPPORT ABILITY: Concentrate
    CLASS: Holy Swordsman
    LV: 30-31
    HP: 384-388
    MP: 56-60
    WEAPONS: Excalibur
    SHIELD: Crystal
    HEAD ARMOR: Thief Hat
    BODY ARMOR: Crystal Mail
    ACCESSORY: Bracer
    ABILITY: All Swordskill
    ABILITY: none
    SUPPORT ABILITY: Equip Change/Defend
    My fastest completion time has been just under 9 hours.  Most of games 
    take anywhere from 9:15 – 9:45.  The following is a list of the time it 
    takes me to complete each chapter:
    CHAPTER I: 1:50 – 2:00
    CHAPTER II: 2:50 – 3:10
    CHAPTER III: 1:40 – 1:50
    CHAPTER IV: 2:30 – 2:45
    The CHAPTER II length is quite bothersome (only 11 battles in the 
    chapter, yet it's the longest of the game) but I can't see any way 
    around it.  If anyone has any helpful tips/suggestions or questions 
    regarding this walkthrough, please feel free to email me at 
    Special thanks to my alpha reader/script consultant/left foot 
    man/tissue buddy thefool for reminding me how great this game is and 
    for his helpful tips on efficient nose picking.
    FFT is the © of Squaresoft. This walkthrough was written for public 
    consumption and digestion.  I am a quasi-professional writer and will 
    pursue any scoundrel who attempts to use any part of this walkthrough 
    for financial gain.  Actually, the truth of the matter is I'm a lazy 
    SOB and I'll drink ostrich urine (mmm…ostrich urine) before pursuing 
    any legal action. But I'm asking you politely to play nice, okay? If 
    you wish to post this walkthrough on your site just email me at 
    babo07052@hotmail.com and simply let me know.
    © babo07052

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