Faith and Brave?

  1. How does brave and faith affect your units?

    User Info: Painkiller0730

    Painkiller0730 - 11 years ago

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  1. Brave most commonly affects activation rate for reaction abilities, and the higher it is the better. Barehanded and some weapon attacks (like knightswords) also factor in Brave. There is only one reason to keep brave low and that's for Move-Find Item, which gets rare items from underneath traps -- the success of that is (100-Brave)% success so the lower it is, the better. However, in most circumstances it should be as high as possible, as there are characters who join later with crappy brave and can be used for Move-Finding items.

    Faith relates to magical things, and affects damage one takes/receives and the success rate of spells. Basically, if you want to create a murder machine mage, you'll want it as high as possible. If you wanted to make someone who scoffs at magic, you'd obviously want to make it low.

    Additionally, these two stats relate to the unit forcefully leaving the party (i.e. forever). If one's permabrave is lower than 6 at battle's end, or permafaith's higher than 93, they automatically leave due to cowardice and pacifism, respectfully. Of course, the inverses don't apply -- if you wanted to make someone with really high brave and horrible faith, that would be A-OK. [You should read the Battle Mechanics Guide for the what's what on skills and how they use these stats in their formulae.]

    User Info: Shotgunnova

    Shotgunnova (Expert / FAQ Author) - 11 years ago 8   2

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