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  1. What is the best items to equip so that the assasins will cast ultima on ramza?

    User Info: larvachunks911

    larvachunks911 - 9 years ago

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  1. From Celia and Lede (the assassins), I find making sure they can't Charm or Stop you (Ramza) being the big thing. Charm is a ranged skill, and if I recall, their Stop-inflicting skill is also ranged. They can one-hit kill with the Dead-inflicting skill, but it's a melee attack, so they have to get close.

    Preventing Charm and Stop while keeping them at a distance tends to convince them to cast Ultima.

    That's assuming you want them to actually target Ramza. A female unit with a Black Costume and Angel ring is immune to the 3 statuses the Assassins can inflict (aforementioned Dead, Charm, and Stop.)

    Keeping Ramza out of the Assassins' reach while keeping the female within their range will get them to caste Ultima on the female unit (assuming they can't get into a melee attack position). When one of the Assassins starts casting Ultima, just move Ramza/the Female unit next to one another while Ultima charges. I find this easier than babysitting Ramza and trying to keep his butt alive and well while fending off the other enemies during the Limberry Gate fight. (Easiest place to try to get Ultima in my opinion. You can try during the fight on Riovanes' Castle Roof supposedly, but you have to Protect Rafa while fending off Elmdor and the Assassins. I've robbed the assassins then, but Ultima's too much of a pain to learn when having to babysit 2 chars...Inside Limberry is a pain since you have to contend with Elmdor. There's also the Ultima Demons in a later fight, but by then I always have Ultima from the Limberry fights, so I never bother...)

    User Info: Stahn_D_Aileron

    Stahn_D_Aileron - 9 years ago 0 0

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  1. Ramza can't learn Ultima until Chapter 4, so you can't learn it at the Riovanes battle.

    User Info: aces4839

    aces4839 - 9 years ago 0 2
  2. I found it easier t o give Ramza the 108 Gems accessory to prevent Elmdor from using blood suck on him since you can not control Ramza nor learn Ultima while under the effects of Blood suck.

    If your game works like mine did (and your using Orlandu) Elmdor will mainly focus on him using Blood Suck on him over and over and in turn Orlando will do the same to him. Just be sure to have Orlandu equipped with the Excalibur for the haste and if your at a decent lvl he should be the very first one to go, this way you can have him move up far enough to be able to hit all three of the enemies with a well place Lightning Stab and put both assassins in the critical condition but leaving Elmdor with about 100-150 hp (which is what u want because if he dies or is put in the critical state the battle ends). After that both assassins and Elmdor will probably focus their attacks on Orlandu for awhile which means your other characters are safe from the assassins ?Shadow Watch? (i can't remember the exact name). Keep Orlandu healed with X-potions when needed (assuming u have them and can use them and a couple of Holy Waters encase someone else is infected by Blood Suck) and wait for either Celia or Lede to attack Orlandu with Ultima.

    When they do, thats your que to move Ramza beside Orlandu so that he gets hit with it too (be sure that Ramza is in his Squire job and he has enough hp to survive the attack which hits for about 150hp-200hp give or take, or he will not learn it).

    My team at that time consisted of Ramza, Orlandu, Beowulf, a Lancer, and a Red Chocobo all in the mid 30's encase that helps any.

    User Info: lancebe47

    lancebe47 - 9 years ago 0 0

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