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How do I get all the Move Find Items on Riovanes Rooftop? Enemy/Boss 1 3 weeks ago
Embrassing iknow but-? Main Quest 1 5 months ago
Does "Elemental" and "Dragon" depend on Brave or Faith? Build 1 6 months ago
How long do you have to wait for a Lancer to execute the jump ability? Build 3 6 months ago
Does the "Draw Out" ability depend on brave or faith? Build 1 6 months ago
Is Meliadoul good in the PS1 version? Main Quest 2 6 months ago
What does "Ref." mean? Tech Support 2 2 years ago
Secondary JP on other characters? Main Quest 1 2 years ago
Codes for Speed Up/Normal? Tech Support 1 2 years ago
Will we ever get this game on the ps store? General 1 2 years ago

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