PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

  1. From ChandooG (12/22/2003; 131KB) 3 saves, first save inside Lindblum disk 1 just before the festival of Hunk , 2nd at Brumecia, 3rd save change to disk 2, almost all stats maxed out with best weapons and max gil, and level 99
  2. From IBender (12/08/2000; 19KB) At the first save moogle in the game with 99 of all items, all key items, ultimate card deck, Vivi has 9999 hp, 999 mp, all abilities learned and equipped, level 99, all stats at max. Don't change Vivi's equipment or his stats will go back to normal.
  3. From Karrde712 (11/25/2000; 131KB) Description: Game saved at the changeover of Disk 1 to disk 2.
  4. From MarcJohnGanaden (12/15/2010; 131KB) Excalibur II Run,All Miss Able Items Looted,All Characters Level 1,And This File Running For Perfection!
  5. From kof2000 (11/23/2000; 131KB) Final boss, second ending.
  6. From kof2000 (11/23/2000; 131KB) First ending, final boss
  7. From Odin (11/17/2000; 131KB) First save point in game with 99 of every item
  8. From Karrde712 (11/25/2000; 131KB) Game saved at the changeover of Disk 2 to disk 3.
  9. From InternalFlame (04/06/2004; 131KB) In the crystal world. Many of dragons killed, Freya can deal 9999 damage.
  10. From KADFC (11/05/2003; 131KB) KADFC Version: (99:55 Light Blue Timer) Level 50 at Dali on Disc 1. Steiner is higher than the rest due to Level Up. No Cheat Device Used.
  11. From KADFC (11/05/2003; 131KB) KADFC Version: Example of Max Stats, Not fully Pefect, 6666666 Gils. No Cheat Device Used
  12. From CocaColaCat (06/20/2002; 19KB) Last save point, best equips, all abilities learned, high levels
  13. From XtraT (05/19/2008; 131KB) Legit Excalibar II run, Lich is killed just go up the ladders to pick up the sword. Lowest levels for maximum stats possible, all missable items looted (aka perfect E2PG file). 10h43m
  14. From Exdeath (01/06/2004; 19KB) Level 50, 99 of every item, most abilities mastered, at very end of the game
  15. From FF Master Brazil (05/30/2002; 131KB) Save with Excalibur II without Game Shark use, with the chance of catching all the items and cards in the disk 4.
  16. From Space Ace (11/27/2000; 131KB) Saved before battle at end of disc 1.
  17. From Space Ace (11/27/2000; 131KB) Saved before battle at end of disc 2.
  18. From Space Ace (11/27/2000; 131KB) Saved before battle at end of disc 3.
  19. From Space Ace (11/27/2000; 131KB) Saved before battle at end of disc 4.
  20. From ChandooG (02/11/2004; 131KB) Saves from the end of all four disks with good stats and max amount of gil, at later saves all treasures found and ozma defeated
  21. From ChandooG (07/02/2005; 131KB) This is my Excalibur II save file, from where the save is, check the pillar to the right to get the famed Excalibur II sword for Steiner. ENJOY

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

  1. From Asch The Hated (11/17/2007; 4KB) 1-Start at Crystal World for the final fight against Trance Kuja and Necron. The ending will be a complete one with Save the Queen and Hammer in "Items".
  2. From Fatcattrainer (01/16/2010; 1KB) First Save with Vivi with ALL ITEMS!!!
  3. From SilvosForever (01/15/2008; 1KB) First Steiner save point. All items/cards in Alexandria found. Jump-Rope Key Item obtained, and all 100 nobles impressed.
  4. From Fohle (09/29/2011; 2KB) MarcJohnGanaden's Excalibur II Run save converted to PS3 Virtual Memory
  5. From dided21 (04/28/2008; 3KB) Saved right before final boss, all characters at LV 99 with ultimate weapons and all abilities learned
  6. From Tzepish (08/02/2010; 1KB) Very beginning of the game (before the 1st save point - very first room of the game) with all items, max gil, and all upgraded cards.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

  1. From Xenthius (10/28/2000; 131KB) A level 67 party with most abilities learned. Just a short way from the final boss.

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Europe)

  1. From GSusic (03/18/2001; 128KB) (German Version): All Charkters at Lv.99, All ultimate Wearons, Armors, Bestias (Eidolons), Abilities, Cards, All Side-Quests cleared, at the last Save-Point in Kristallwelt
  2. From AstroBlue (11/12/2002; 131KB) Saved in the Crystal World/Disc 4. All Characters at around Level 68 w/all Abilities learnt. All 100 Tetra Master Cards, and an inventory of 250+ items obtained. Thievery, Dragon's Crest & Frog Drop cause 9999 HP damage. Beach Revitalisation enabled.
  3. From lazaro999 (07/22/2006; 131KB) Spanish Savegame with Disc3, Disc4 at begin and saves at the End of the game.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (Europe)

  1. From fallout86 (11/25/2019; 3KB) FF9 Pal german version, CD4, everything done and learned, except Tetramaster
  2. From mantez (06/03/2010; 1KB) First save with Vivi with All items and max gil
  3. From Zeronic007 (10/04/2012; 1KB) First Steiner save point. All 100 nobles impressed. Most items/card's and Gil in Alexandira Found.
  4. From R_O_B_Sentry (10/19/2020; 9KB) Four files. File 1, All items DISC 1. File 2, Nolrich Heights after beating ICE CAVE DISC 1. File 3, Saved before Mt Gulug, Lv.46 party DISC 3. File 4, Gold Chocobo, All cards, Lv.99, OZMA is alive

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