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    Game Script by Shotgunnova

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    Guide:  FF9 Full Game Script
    By:     Shotgunnova (P. Summers)
    From:   02-24-06 -to- 4-02-06
    Email:  shotgunnova (at) gmail (dot) com
    -Eyes on FF
    -Super Cheats
    02-24-06             +Started guide, founding point, etc.
    03-08-06             +Disc 1 'stuff' completed
    03-17-06             +Disc 2 'stuff' completed
    03-31-06             +Disc 3 'stuff' completed
    04-02-06             +Disc 4 'stuff' completed
    04-08-06             +Notation update
                         +Notation modifications
                         +Search mode revisions
    04-23-06             +Updated permissions list
    06-07-06             +Updated ATE Script Listing
    08-09-06             +Added 3 Missing ATEs
    09-19-06             +Corrected a few grammatical errors
                         +Added disclaimer at closing of the
    09-22-06             +Updated permissions
    03-05-07             +Updated Desert Palace dialogue
    +Hippaul Race Quotes (his leveled ones)
    +Mogster Location Hints (Early on in Disc 1 & 2)
    +Valia Pira bloodstone detection quotes
    +Party caution quotes (see: DP07)
    +Card game quotes (I might do these later on, actually)
    +Ragtimer quotes
    +Moguo quotes
    +Template-type quote (for moogles, etcetera)
    (PF) =    Pointer finger. Substituted in place of a picture.
    {  /  } = Options in the weird brackets mean no dialogue
              is said by picking either option, so I'm not
              going to list them like usual. One usually sees
              these when talking to shopkeepers and moogles.
              An example would look like "{Yes/No}".
    (note)    Means there's a song note symbol in the dialogue.
              Shown only when someone's singing, of course.
    ([])      My attempt at portraying the Square button.
    (/\)      My attempt at portraying the Triangle button.
    (><)      My attempt at the X button, but only because I
              thought they would all look better as 4-character
              symbols (for semblance). I'll probably end up
              changing this...
    (O)       Denotes the O button. 
    Normal dialogue is single-spaced to show that there is more
    than one different speaker, like this example:
    Zidane: "Hey!"
    Eiko: "What's crackin'?"
    In other places, dialogue will be compacted without that
    single-spaced portion, which denotes that it's either text
    said in unison, like this similar example:
    Zidane: "Hey!"
    Eiko: "What's crackin'?"
    Steiner: "You startled me!"
    In addition to that context, NPC dialogue may have compact
    dialogue to show that the speaker says something new after
    the initial talk, like this example:
    Soldier: "Sure is hot out here!"
    Soldier: "I wish it'd rain..."
    There are few times when it's hard to tell which 'tense' is
    being used, so the reader can probably figure it out. ;)
    01. Alexandria             --->             AL01
    02. Alexandria Castle      --->             AL02 
    03. Evil Forest            --->             EF01
    04. North Gate             --->             NG01
    05. Ice Cavern             --->             IC01
    06. Village of Dali        --->             DL01
    07. Cargo Ship             --->             CS01
    08. Lindblum               --->             LB01
    09. Festival of the Hunt   --->             FH01
    10. Qu's Marsh             --->             QU01
    11. Chocobo's Forest       --->             CF01
    12. Gizamaluke's Grotto    --->             GZ01
    13. Grand Citadel S. Gate  --->             SG01
    14. North Gate             --->             NG02
    15. Burmecia               --->             BR01
    16. Grand Citadel S. Gate  --->             SG02
    17. Dark City Treno        --->             TR01
    18. Cleyra                 --->             CL01
    19. Red Rose               --->             RR01
    20. Alexandria Castle      --->             AL03 
    21. Pinnacle Rocks         --->             PR01
    22. Lindblum               --->             LB02
    23. Qu's Marsh             --->             QU02
    24. Fossil Roo             --->             FR01
    25. Conde Petie            --->             CP01
    26. Black Mage Village     --->             BM01
    27. Conde Petie            --->             CP02
    28. Conde Petie Mtn. Path  --->             CM01
    29. Madain Sari            --->             MS01
    30. Iifa Tree              --->             IT01
    31. Madain Sari            --->             MS02
    32. Iifa Tree              --->             IT02
    33. Al. Castle & The Town  --->             AC03
    34. Dark City Treno        --->             TR02
    35. Al. Castle & The Town  --->             AC04
    36. Lindblum               --->             LB03
    37. Black Mage Village     --->             BM02
    38. Desert Palace          --->             DP01
    39. Oeilvert               --->             OV01
    40. Desert Palace          --->             DP02
    41. Mount Gulug            --->             MG01
    42. Lindblum               --->             LB04
    43. Ipsen's Castle         --->             IC01
    44. The Four Shrines       --->             FS01
    45. Shimmering Island      --->             SI01
    46. Bran Bal               --->             BB01
    47. Black Mage Village     --->             BM03
    48. Memoria                --->             MM01
    49. Memoria Aftermath      --->             MM02
    50. Mognet Letters         --->             LT01
    51. Points of Interest     --->             PO01
    52. ATE Script Listing     --->             AT01
    53. NPC Dialogue Index     --->             NP01
    01. Alexandria (AL01)
    [As the game starts, the player sees a boy with a tail walk
    into a dark room on a ship, looking around.]
    ??????: "Sure is dark... Guess nobody's here yet..."
    [The boy with a tail lights the candle in the room's center.
    Someone yells from behind a door immediately, and the player
    can name the character. Zidane is the default.]
    Voice: "Who's there!?"
    Zidane: "It's me, Zidane!"
    [Three guys run out: one with red hair, one with a bandanna,
    and one carrying a hammer. The former speaks.]
    Blank: "Hey, Zidane! You sure are late!"
    Zidane: "Sorry. So, where's the boss?"
    [The man with the hammer speaks.]
    Cinna: "Ain't here yet."
    [Just then, a guy with a dragon's head jumps down from the
    stairway and attacks the party. They attack it and the dragon
    head eventually pops off, revealing a bearded guy.
    Bearded Guy: "UGHUUA! Oh, my head! Go easy, you guys!"
    [Everyone's tired from the battle. The Bearded Man is addressed
    as Baku.]
    Blank: "Whew!"
    Cinna: "Whew!"
    Marcus: "Whew!"
    Zidane: "Whew!"
    Baku: "Hey, fools! You're lookin' a lot better! Gwahahaha!
          Alright! Let's start this meeting already!"
    [They all hurry into the room next door.]
    Baku: "Here's the plan! Tantalus, the infamous band of daring thieves
          (that's us) is headin' to the Kingdom of Alexandria... Our
          mission: to kidnap the heir to the throne, Princess Garnet!"
    Cinna: "I'll take it from here, so listen up! Our ship's about to
           dock at Alexandria... And when it does, we're gonna put on
           our costumes... ...and perform 'I want to Be Your Canary,'
           the most popular play in Alexandria! Break a leg, Marcus!
           'Cause you're playin' the lead!"
    [The man with the bandanna stands up.]
    Marcus: "Leave the actin' to me! Of course, the real kidnappers'll
            be Blank and Zidane!"
    Blank: "I'll distract the audience from backstage with these little
           buggers. I can't stand oglops... But I'll manage, so don't
           worry about me. And that'll be your cue, Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Okay!"
            R1 --> That's when I kidnap Queen Brahne, right?
            R2 --> That's when I kidnap Princess Garnet, right?
            R1 (Baku): "You bet! You're gonna kidnap the fat-ass,
                       butt-ugly Queen Br--... What...what'm I
            R2: "You bet! You're gonna kidnap the most babe-ilicious
                beauty in all of Alexandria, Princess Garnet!"
    [The view changes to the town below. A boy in a large hat looks
    up as the ship the Tantalus crew is in flies overhead. The ship
    docks near the castle, and then the view fixes back to the boy
    with a hat. As the crowd runs off, he drops his ticket, and a
    little girl comes over to him.]
    Girl: "Are you awright? Here! You dwopped your ticket. Bye-bye!"
    [The boy runs along, but a rat kid bumps into him.]
    Rat Kid: "Owww! Why you--get outta my way!!!
    [The boy in the hat runs further into town. There, a penguin-like
    man welcomes some nobles on the street.]
    Herald: "Honorable nobles of Treno... Castle Alexandria is this way!"
    [The herald leads the nobles away and the boy in the hat heads to
    the ticketbooth located in the main square.]
    Ticketmaster: "Can I help you, son?"
    Pointy-Hat Boy: "Uh... Umm..."
                    R1 --> Show Ticket
                    R2 --> What's showing today?
                     R2a --> What kind of troupe is Tantalus?
                     R2b --> What's 'I Want to Be Your Canary' about?
                    R3 --> Tell me about Alexandria!
                     R3a --> Who's Queen Brahne?
                     R3b --> Tell me about Queen Brahne!
                     R3c --> Who's Princess Garnet?
                     R3d --> Tell me about Princess Garnet!
                     R3e --> Is Princess Garnet really that pretty?
                    R4 --> Leave
                    R1 (Ticketmaster) "What's this? There's something odd about
                                      this ticket... Why, it's another fake!
                                      I've seen so many today."
                       Pointy-hat Boy: "Nooooo!"
                       Ticketmaster: "Now, now. Don't cry. I know how you must
                                     feel. Here, I'll give you these. Do try to
                                     cheer up now, hmm?" [He gives Vivi some
                                     cards.] Talk to Alleyway Jack to learn more
                                     about Cards. Good luck, lad!"
                    R2 (Ticketmaster): "This year's performance is the
                                       masterpiece 'I Want to Be Your
                                       Canary.' The Tantalus Company is
                    R2a (Ticketmaster): "They're star performers in Lindblum,
                                        the regency to the west, with
                                        accompaniment by Lav Layderce!"
                    R2b (Ticketmaster): "This play is a tale of romance between
                                        a noble and a peasant! You really must
                                        see it!"
                    R3 (Ticketmaster): "The Kingdom of Alexandria is a fine
                                       country, ruled by Queen Brahne."
                    R3a (Ticketmaster): "Did you know Queen Brahne has a
                                        beautiful daughter, Princess Garnet?"
                    R3b (Ticketmaster): "Unfortunately, I've heard strange
                                        things about Queen Brahne recently."
                    R3c (Ticketmaster): "Today is Princess Garnet's sixteenth
                                        birthday, you know!"
                    R3d (Ticketmaster): "Her Highness is a beautiful princess,
                                        and everyone in Alexandria loves her!"
                    R3e (Ticketmaster): "Why, she's the most beautiful princess
                                        in the history of Alexandria!"
                    R4: [The Pointy-hat boy leaves.]
    [After finding out his ticket's a fake, the Pointy-hat Boy walks into
    the alley near the square. He trips and faceplants, making Dante the
    Signmaker mess up.]
    Dante the Signmaker: "Blast it! Hey! You made me miss, you little klutz!
                         Whew. That should do it. Well, it's been a long day."
    [Dante walks off but the rat kid from before comes over.]
    Rat Kid: "Hey, you! Shrimp! You're the one with the phony ticket, ain'tcha?
             I saw the guy tell you it was a fake!"
             R1 --> Y-Yeah, it's fake
             R2 --> N-No, it's not fake
             R3 --> Are you Alleyway Jack?
             R1: "I'll let you see the show if you become my slave! Well,
                 whaddya say?"
                 R4 --> Alright
                 R5 --> N-No, I don't want to
             R2: "Liar! I'll let you see the show if you become my slave!
                 Well, whaddya say?"
                 R4 --> Alright
                 R5 --> N-No, I don't want to
             R3: "Do I look like that loser!? But I'll let you see the
                 show if you become my slave! Well, whaddya say?"
                 R4 --> Alright
                 R5 --> N-No, I don't want to
             R4: [See below.]
             R5: "Okay... Later!" [He runs off.]
    [After picking R4:]
    Rat Kid: "Awesome! Now for your first assignment! You go stand over
             there and see if anyone's comin'! All clear?"
             R1 --> Yeah, it's clear
             R2 --> I think someone's coming
             R1: "Awesome! Engage according to mission parameters!"
             R2: "You 'think'!? I wanna know!!! [He repeats his
                 original question.]
    [The Rat Kid steals Dante's ladder and runs towards the church.]
    Rat Kid: "Over here! Don't fall behind! Into the steeple!"
    [They run into the steeple.]
    Rat Kid: "Now we're gonna climb up this tower! It's very dangerous.
             You go first."
    [The Pointy-Hat Boy goes up to the ladder, and a moogle falls on him.]
    Pointy-Hat Boy: "Oww!"
    Rat Kid: "Ahahaha! What the heck was that!?"
    Moogle: "Sorry 'bout that, kupo!"
    Rat Kid: "That's Kupo. He's a moogle."
    Kupo: "Kupo!"
    Rat Kid: "And this is slave number one! Try to get along, okay?"
    Kupo: "Kupo! Pleased to meet you! I sorry. I enter you in Moogle
          Diary! If you want to save game onto MEMORY CARD, just ask us
          moogles, kupo! And you can regain health if you have a Tent,
          kupo! You understand?"
          R1 --> I understand
          R2 --> Once more...
          R1: "Glad I can help, kupo!"
          R2: [Kupo repeats, starting at "If you want to..."]
    Rat Kid: "Alright, time for some upward mobility!"
    [He takes Dante's ladder and climbs up the steeple's ladder.]
    Rat Kid: "Okay, come on up, slave!"
    [Just then, a moogle in clothes walks into the church.]
    Stiltzkin: "Kupo...? You here?"
    Kupo: "Kupo! Stiltzkin! Why that getup? You leaving, kupo?"
    Stiltzkin: "Yeah, and this time I might be away for a long time."
    Kupo: "I'll miss you, kupo."
    Stiltzkin: "Now, don't you worry. I'll write."
    Kupo: "Okay, kupo!"
    Stiltzkin: "Well, I'm off. Take care! Oh, and say hi to Mosh in the
               castle for me."
    [Stiltzkin leaves.]
    Pointy-Hat Boy: "Was that a friend of yours?"
    Kupo: "Yes, kupo. A very special one, kupo!!!"
    Rat Kid: "Hey, slave! I thought I ordered you up here!!!"
    [The Pointy-Hat Boy climbs up.]
    Rat Kid: "Alright, the play's gonna start if we don't hurry!"
    [They start running across the rooftops. The Pointy-Hat Boy stops
    a rickety plank stretched across some eaves.]
    Rat Kid: "Come on! Get over here! Lemme guess... You're afraid of
             heights, aren't you? It's okay! Just pretend you're on
             the ground! Come on, already! We're runnin' outta time!"
    [Pointy-Hat Boy crosses and comes to another plank.]
    Rat Kid: "Not again... Don't worry! It won't fall!"
    [Pointy-Hat Boy crosses, barely, just as it falls.]
    Rat Kid: "Hahaha... I guess it fell. No point in worrying now, right?"
    [They continue.]
    Rat Kid: "Oh yeah, I almost forgot! I don't even know your name!"
    [The player can name the Pointy-Hat Boy, default 'Vivi'.]
    Rat Kid: "So your name's Vivi, huh? Kinda funny name... My name's
             Puck! Pleased to meetcha!"
    [They head to the castle wall.]
    Puck: "Whew... We finally made it! After this wall, well be inside
          the castle! C'mon, let's go!"
    [They head inside, using the ladder as a walkway and an FMV starts
    where the band strikes up and the play raises up, with a lot of jazz
    and fanfare. Baku, dressed in regalia, walks onto the stage.]
    Baku: "Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight's performance is a story that
          takes place long, long ago. Our heroine, Princess Cornelia, is
          torn from her lover, Marcus. She attempts to flee the castle,
          only to be captured by her father, King Leo. When our story
          begins, Marcus, having heard of this, crosses swords with the
          king. And now, Your Royal Majesty, Queen Brahne, Your Highness,
          Princess Garnet... ...noble ladies and lords, and our rooftop
          viewers, Tantalus proudly presents 'I Want to Be Your Canary'!"
    [Baku bows, and the scene changes to backstage. Cinna, Blank and
    Zidane ready their entrance.]
    Blank: "Bereft of father! Bereft of mother! Marcus! Thou has lost
           even thy love!"
    Cinna: "Fortune hath escap'd thee! For what end shalt thou live?"
    Zidane: "For the sake of our friend... Let us bury our steel in the
            heart of the wretched King Leo!"
    Blank: "Aye!"
    Cinna: "Aye!"
    [The three run out onto the stage, where Marcus, Baku, and two others
    are readying to square off.]
    Blank: "We shall back thee, kinsman!"
    Marcus: "Pray, sheathe thy swords! This villain is mine alone!"
    Cinna: "Nay, kinsman! For I, too, have lost a brother to this fiend!"
    King Leo: "What ho? Out, vermin! Away! Thou darest bare thy sword
              before the king!? All who stand in my way will be crush'd!"
    Zidane: "Treaherous Leo, my kinsman's suffering shall not be in vain!
            For I shall instruct thee in his incomparable pain!"
    [The stage battle starts, and King Leo's defeated. He runs to the
    stairway afterwards.]
    King Leo: "Arrg... Grr... Thou hast not seen the last of me, Marcus!"
    Zidane: "Come back!"
    [Blank stops him.]
    Zidane: "Out of the way, Blank!"
    Blank: "Consider this, Zidane! If Prince Schnieder were to marry
           Princess Cornelia, peace would reign over both their kingdoms!"
    Zidane: "'Tis foolishness! If all were so easy, why, none would suffer
            in this world!"
    [Zidane and Blank start their fake sword battle.]
    Zidane: "Aha!"
    Blank: "Mph!"
    Zidane: "Aha!"
    Zidane: "Aha!"
    [They head down to the viewing area to fight.]
    Blank: "En garde!"
    Zidane: "Expect no quarter from me!"
    Narrative: To follow Blank's lead, enter the correct commands from
               the following choices:
                       Up             (/\)
                  Left    Right  ([])      (O)
                      Down            (><)
    [They fight a bit.]
    Blank: "We shall finish this later!"
    Zidane: "Come back here!"
    02. Alexandria Castle (AC01)
    [They run into the castle, and the crowd thinks its part of the act.
    Inside, Zidane and Blank beat up two guards and take their clothes
    behind a blacked-out screen.]
    Voice: "Argh!"
    Voice: "Ungh!"
    Voice: "Ooof!"
    Voice: "Unghaa!"
    Blank: "Hehehe! Finished changing, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, but this helmet... It kinda smells..."
    Blank: "What are you talkin' about!? My helmet totally reeks! My
           armor's way too big... And my back's real itchy... The boots
           are wet... My gloves are all slimy... There's cookie crumbs in
           my pockets..."
    Zidane: "Okay, I get the picture... You still have the package, right?"
    Blank: "Don't worry! I won't screw up!"
    Zidane: "Alright! First, I'll go pour some sleep potion into Princess
            Garnet's teacup!"
    Blank: "And I've got a special something for the lovely queen!"
    [Blank goes over to the beaten-up guards.]
    Blank: "Hehehe. They're sleeping so soundly!"
    [They both leave the room.]
    Blank: "According to recon... ...the royal seats should be right
           above these stairs!"
    Zidane: "Got it!"
    [They hear the crowd roar.]
    Blank: "Uh-oh! The scene where Marcus sneaks into Cornelia's chamber
           is about to start! Let's get this over with before the finale,
    [They go up the stairs, and a hooded girl runs out.]
    Zidane: (Hmm? She sure is dressed funny...)
    Hooded Girl: "Umm... Would you please let me pass?"
    Zidane: "Hmm..."
            R1 --> Let her pass
            R2 --> Examine her face
            R1: "Wait. Hold on a sec! Haven't we met before?"
                Hooded Girl: "No, I do not know you..."
                Zidane: "Hmm... Maybe you're right... I'd never let
                        someone as pretty as you get away. Say, you
                Blank: "Hey, what's goin' on, Zidane?"
                Hooded Girl: "I... I must go!"
                [The girl runs by both men.]
                Blank: "Who the heck was that!?"
                Zidane: "Get up, Blank! That was Princess Garnet!"
                Blank: "Are you serious!?"
            R2: "Let's see..."
                Hooded Girl: "Is there something on my face?"
                Zidane: "Oh, no. You see... I just thought you were the
                        one I'd been waiting for all this time."
                Hooded Girl: "Excuse me? You were waiting for me?"
                Zidane: "Yeah! I've dreamt of meeting you here ever since
                        I was born!"
                Hooded Girl: "Do you mock me?"
                Zidane: "No, of course not..."
                Hooded Girl: "Then, I shall take my leave of you!"
                Zidane: "Just a sec! Haven't we met before?"
                Hooded Girl: "No, I do not know you..."
                Zidane: "Hmm... Maybe you're right... I'd never let
                        someone as pretty as you get away. Say, you
                Blank: "Hey, what's goin' on, Zidane?"
                Hooded Girl: "I... I must go!"
                [The girl runs by both men.]
                Blank: "Who the heck was that!?"
                Zidane: "Get up, Blank! That was Princess Garnet!"
                Blank: "Are you serious!?"
    [They run after the princess and the view changes to a large stairway
    where two jesters run up to each other.]
    Zorn: "We are in trouble!"
    Thorn: "Trouble we are in!"
    Zorn: "This is terrible!"
    Thorn: "Our heads, Queen Brahne will have!"
    Zorn: "We must hurry!"
    Thorn: "Hurry, we must!"
    [They run up the stairs.]
    Zorn: "We are in trouble!"
    Thorn: "Trouble we are in!"
    [They head into the screen Blank and Zidane were in a second ago.]
    Thorn: "The right way, that is not!"
    Zorn: "I know it is not the right way!"
    Thorn: "Really, do you?"
    Zorn: "I really do!"
    Thorn: "Wonder, I sometimes do."
    Zorn: "N-Now is not the time to wonder!"
    Thorn: "Hurry to Queen Brahne, must we!"
    Zorn: "We must hurry to Queen Brahne!"
    [They go up the stairs and stop again.]
    Zorn: "That is not the right way!"
    Thorn: "N-Not the right way, I know!"
    Zorn: "Do you really?"
    Thorn: "Know I really do!!!"
    Zorn: "I really wonder sometimes."
    Thorn: "Th-The time to wonder, now is not!"
    Zorn: "We must hurry and tell Her Majesty!"
    Thorn: "Hurry to see Her Majesty, we must!"
    [They head to Brahne's seat.]
    Zorn: "Your Majesty!"
    Thorn: "See the queen, we must!"
    Captain of the Knights of Pluto: "Her Majesty is busy! Come back later!"
    [A girl with a sword at her side walks over.]
    Beatrix: "Is it an emergency?"
    Thorn: "An emergency, it is!"
    Zorn: "A veritable emergency of terrible urgency!"
    Beatrix: "Very well. I'll see what I can do."
    Thorn: "Very grateful, we'll be!"
    Zorn: "We'll be very grateful!"
    Captain of the Knights of Pluto: "Grrr! Curse that Beatrix! Always
                                     trying to one-up me!"
    Beatrix: "So, what exactly is the problem?"
    Zorn: "Her Royal Highness..."
    Thorn: "Princess Garnet..."
    Zorn: "...is in danger!"
    Thorn: "...is in danger!"
    Beatrix: "I see. Wait right here."
    [Beatrix walks to Brahne's seat.]
    Queen Brahne: "No interruptions! Can't you see I'm watching the show!?"
    Beatrix: "Your Majesty, I'm afraid Princess Garnet has--"
    Queen Brahne: "Ah, yes... She did leave her seat awhile ago."
    Beatrix: "Your Majesty, it seems that Princess Garnet has run off with
             the Royal Pendant."
    Queen Brahne: "Well, of all the... What could she be thinking!?
                  General Beatrix!"
    Beatrix: "Your Majesty!"
    Queen Brahne: "And, Captain...uh..."
    [You can name the Knights of Pluto captain. Default: Steiner.]
    Queen Brahne: "Captain Steiner!"
    Steiner: "Yes, Your Majesty!"
    Queen Brahne: "Go find Garnet!"
    Steiner: "Yes, my queen!"
    Beatrix: "At once, Your Majesty!"
    [Steiner walks to the screen where Zidane and company were before.]
    Steiner: "Knights of Pluto! ASSEMBLE!!! Huh? Where is everybody!?"
    [The two guards who were stripped of their uniform run out.]
    Blutzen, Pluto Knight II: "Captain, sir!"
    Kohel, Pluto Knight III: "All present and accounted for, sir!"
    Steiner: "What are you talking about!? There's only two of you! Where
             are the other six!? Why, you useless good-for-nothings! I
             bring orders from the queen! Get dressed and go find Princess
    [Steiner runs outside, and the crowd roars.]
    Steiner: "What!? The play seems to be a hit! But if we fail to find
             the princess before the curtain falls, Her Majesty will be
             most displeased... And we will be the laughingstock of
             Beatrix and her retinue! I must hurry!"
    [Steiner climbs the West Tower stairs.]
    Steiner: "Whew... Fatigue rears its ugly head. No! I must persevere!
             The princess must be found! Wait! Over there! It's Princess
             Garnet! Being hounded by brigands! Fear not, Princess! Your
             knight is coming!"
    [Zidane is chasing the hooded princess around on the opposite tower.
    FMV. Garnet gets on a ledge, takes a banner, and swings down to the
    Prima Vista. Zidane and Steiner follow, except Zidane reaches his
    mark and Steiner crashes off into one of the ship's wooden towers.]
    Zidane: "Huh? Where'd the princess go? Woo! Owww..."
    [Garnet jumps down, disrupting the band in the process, and flees.
    Zidane follows her into the next room, where she runs into Ruby and
    looks for a way out.]
    Ruby: "Whoa! Whut in tarnation!? Hold yer horses, there! Whut kinda
          cattle you chasin', darlin'? You should at least say yer sorry!"
    Hooded Girl: "Please pardon me. I was in a hurry, you see..."
    Ruby: "And here I am, fixin' to get ready fer my big entrance!
    [Zidane runs in.]
    Ruby: "Hey, Zidane! Did you see the way she hit me!? This cowgirl's
          wilder than a buckin' bronco!"
    Zidane: "Just let me talk to her, Ruby!"
    Ruby: "Come again, pardner!? Did you hear what I was sayin'!?"
    [Garnet leaves in the commotion.]
    Zidane: "Hey! Ruby! We'll talk later!"
    [He follows her into the next room.]
    Zidane: "Whew... Well, it looks like you've finally made up your mind."
            (Wow. We really had to improvise. But hey, we got her!)
    Hooded Girl: "Do you... do you work on this theater ship?"
    Zidane: (Aww... So she figured it out, huh?)
    Hooded Girl: "As you have no doubt suspected... ...the truth is that...
                 I am actually... Princess Garnet Til Alexandros, heir to
                 the throne of Alexandria. I have a favor I wish to ask of
                 you... I wish to be kidnapped...right away."
    Zidane: "H-Huh!? I don't... I mean..."
    [Steiner makes a racket somewhere.]
    Steiner: "Princess! Where are you!?"
    Garnet: "Please... They've come for me!"
    Zidane: "Aha... So that's what's going on... Alright! Leave them to me!"
    Garnet: "Thank you. You have my gratitude."
    Zidane: "Alright then, Your Highness! I shall hereby do my best to
            kidnap you!"
    [Cinna runs in.]
    Garnet: "Ahh!"
    Cinna: "What are you two doin'? Come on, this way!"
    Zidane: "Don't worry, Princess. It's my friend Cinna!"
    Garnet: "Oh, really? I am sorry. You startled me."
    Zidane: "Well, with a face like his, I'd be pretty shocked, too!"
    Cinna: "Man, that hurts! I wash up every morning, you know!"
    [Steiner calls out again.]
    Steiner: "Princess!?"
    Cinna: "This way!"
    Zidane: "Alright, we'll follow you!
    [They run into the meeting room and shut the door.]
    Steiner: "Princess?"
    [Steiner runs in.]
    Steiner: "Princess... Princess! Princess...? PRINCESS!!!? Princess?"
    [A Pluto Knight runs in.]
    Steiner: "Where have you been!?"
    Knight of Pluto: "Sir! I'm sorry, sir!"
    Steiner: "Princess!"
    [Inside the meeting room:]
    Zidane: "Hey, Cinna! This is a dead end!"
    Cinna: "Hehehe. I thought this might happen... Open! Sesame!"
    [The table falls over and a passageway down appears.]
    Cinna: "So I set up this escape hatch!"
    Steiner: "Princess!"
    Cinna: "Come on! Jump inside!"
    [They all jump in before Steiner can find them.]
    Steiner: "The princess must be down there!"
    Pluto Knight: "I-I'll go first, sir!"
    [The knight (Blank) jumps in and intentionally gets stuck.]
    Steiner: "Hey!!! What do you think you're doing!?"
    Pluto Knight: "Captain, sir! I'm stuck, sir!"
    Steiner: "Grrrr! Blast it!!!"
    [Steiner runs out.]
    Pluto Knight: "Hehehe. He bought it!"
    [Down below, the three escapees jump down on the engine.]
    Zidane: "Wow, you're really athletic, Princess. I think I'm falling
            for you!"
    Garnet: "This is nothing. I have been training to escape the castle,
            after all."
    Zidane: "What a waste. If only you weren't a princess..."
    Garnet: "We have no time for idle banter. Come, let us move on!"
    [They go into the adjacent room, where Steiner enters via a pole.]
    Steiner: "Aha! Princess! I, Steiner, shall come to your rescue!"
    [Blank runs in.]
    Pluto Knight: "You needn't worry, Your Highness!"
    Steiner: "Good work! This will be remembered as the Pluto Knights'
             finest hour!"
    Pluto Knight: "Hehehe! Just relax, Princess. We'll get you outta here!"
    Steiner: "WHAT!!!? You're not one of my knights!"
    Zidane: "You can just..."
    Cinna: "...leave the princess..."
    Zidane: "...to us!"
    Cinna: "...to us!"
    Blank: "...to us!"
    [The battle starts.]
    Steiner: "Villains! How dare you trick the princess!
    [The party knocks Steiner's block off.]
    Steiner: "I'll never give up!"
    [Steiner uses a sword technique on Blank, knocking the shoddy Pluto
    armor off. A bunch of oglops roam free.]
    Steiner: "N-NO!!! I hate oglops!!! I hate oglops!"
    Blank: "Oglops are the worst!"
    Cinna: "Get these oglops offa me!"
    Zidane: "Now's our chance! Come on!"
    [Zidane and Garnet flee into the next room. Up above, the play is
    continuing smoothly. King Leo appears.]
    King Leo: "Tonight, I shall finally see my daughter Princess Cornelia
              betroth'd to Prince Schneider! And then Prince Schnieder and
              his kingdom will be mine! Gwahahahaha!"
    [The two lackeys from before restrain Marcus.]
    Zenero: "Your Majesty!"
    Benero: "We have caught an intruder!"
    King Leo: "Why, my poor Marcus! Hark, lad. No matter how much thou
              dost treasure Cornelia... ...no matter how deeply she might
              believe she doth love thee... ...never shall I see her marry
              a peasant such as thee! When yon bell strikes three... Under
              the axe thou shall be!"
    [Below, Zidane and Garnet run into the room where the actors are
    elevated onto the stage.]
    Garnet: "What now? We cannot go any further!"
    Zidane: "Hmmm..."
    [Cinna runs in.]
    Cinna: "Zidane! Get on Number Two!"
    Zidane: "Okay! Princess Garnet, this way!"
    [At that moment, Steiner runs in...]
    Steiner: "Stop!
    [...and punches Cinna in the face...]
    Cinna: "Yow!"
    [...and gets on one of the machines himself. King Leo is still saying
    his speech above, when Garnet, Zidane, and Steiner appear.]
    King Leo: "Furthermore! (P-Princess Garnet!?)
    Zidane: (Guys! Just improvise!)
    Steiner: "Ho? What's all this?"
    [Marcus breaks free and goes to Garnet.]
    Marcus: "Cornelia!"
    Garnet: (Um...)
    Zidane: "(Marcus is Cornelia's lover!)"
    Garnet: "Oh, Marcus!"
    Zidane: "(Yeah, you're doing great!)"
    Garnet: "(Ahaha. I have studied drama, you know.)"
    Baku: "(Okay, guys. Let's keep going. Brahne's still watchin', after
    Garnet: "Oh, Marcus! I missed you so! I wish never to leave thy side.
            Prithee, lead me from this place!"
    Zidane: "See, King Leo? Thou shouldst give them thy blessing!"
    King Leo: "Never! Never leave his side, thou sayest? Foolish banter!
              I'll not allow it! Cornelia shall marry none other than this
              man--Prince Schnieder! Is that not so, Prince Schnieder?"
    Steiner: "M-Marry the princess? Me!?"
    King Leo: "Aye! And this traitorous crew, I will put to death!
    [Zidane and Marcus "beat up" Benero and Zenero.]
    Benero: "Ooof!"
    Zenero: "Oww!"
    Benero: "Too many of them!"
    Zenero: "Run away!"
    King Leo: "Pray, sweet daughter, come home to the castle with me."
    Garnet: "Nay, Father! I shan't return!"
    King Leo: "Cornelia... Trouble me no more. This wedding is for thine
              own welfare. Be mindful of that."
    Marcus: "Not if I can help it!!! Now is my moment of vengeance! For
            my parents, and for my love, Cornelia... I shall cut thee
    [Garnet runs in front of the blade and "gets stuck."]
    Garnet: "Ngh!"
    Marcus: "No... Cornelia!!!"
    Garnet: "Mar...cus, forgive me. I still love my father..."
    Steiner: "Princess!"
    King Leo: "Cornelia!"
    Garnet: "Prithee, forgive my selfishness, Father, and spare my sweet
    [Garnet 'dies'.]
    Marcus: "What have I done!? Am I never to hear her loving voice again!?
            Am I cursed never again to feel her soft touch!? O, cruel fate!
            Thou hast robbed me of all I treasure!"
    Zidane: "Marcus!"
    [Marcus "stabs" himself.]
    Marcus: "Ngah!"
    [Up in her box:]
    Brahne: "Oh, my! This year's show is splendid! Waaaaaaa! Why did she
            have to die!? Why!?" (Now, where could Garnet be?) "Boo-hoo-
    [Down at the spectators seats:]
    Puck: "Wow, what a show!"
    Vivi: "Yeah, so sad..."
    Puck: "I'm glad we climbed all the way over here. How 'bout you, huh?
          Uh-oh! Look out!"
    [Two Pluto Knights run after them.]
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Stop, you!"
    Weimar, Pluto Knight VII: "Come back, trespassers!"
    [Vivi trips.]
    Puck: "Fool! I'm outta here!"
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Fury!!!"
    Weimar, Pluto Knight VII: "Come back here!"
    [They chase Vivi onto the stage during the dramatic mourning scene.]
    King Leo: "Forgive me!!!"
    Steiner: "Princess!!!"
    Vivi: "Leave me alone!"
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Stop!"
    Weimar, Pluto Knight VII: "Come back here!"
    Vivi: "Don't come any closer!"
    [Vivi uses some fire magic, but it hits Garnet.]
    Garnet: "Ow! That's hot!"
    [She throws off her hood and everyone can see who it really is.]
    Baku: "Zidane! It's time!"
    Zidane: "Princess Garnet! Let's get outta here!"
    Steiner: "What... What is going on!?"
    Garnet: "Steiner! Don't follow me anymore!"
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Captain, sir! We await your orders, sir!"
    Steiner: "Hmmm... Well... Umm... Errr... Princess! I'm afraid I cannot
    Garnet: "Stubborn as always, aren't you?"
    Zidane: "Come on, Princess. Let's ditch Sir Rustalot and get outta here!"
    Steiner: "Princess, wait!"
    [Zidane goes over to Vivi.]
    Zidane: "Hey, kid... You okay!?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah. I just trippd, that's all..."
    Steiner: "Princess, I cannot allow you to go! Seize them at once!"
    [The party fights the two Pluto Knights and Steiner and beat 'em.
    Inside the ship, at the helm:]
    Cinna: "Stabilizers configured!"
    Baku: "Good!"
    Blank: "Engine room is ready to go!"
    Baku: "Alright! We're movin' out!"
    Cinna: "Roger that!"
    Blank: "It's about time!"
    [FMV. The Prima Vista attempts to take off, and the Queen orders the
    soldiers to fire harpoons onto the deck to detain it. One of the
    cannons shoots a gigantic Bomb monsters as well, which attacks the
    party, coming up from behind Steiner (in-battle).]
    Zidane: "Hey, look behind you!"
    Steiner: "I'll not fall for such an old trick!"
    Garnet: "Please, Steiner! Behind you!"
    Steiner: "Surrender at once!"
    Vivi: "It's a bomb!"
    Marcus: "It's gonna blow!"
    Steiner: "I'll not fall for such an old trick!"
    [The bomb grows and grows until Steiner finally sees it. Unfortunately,
    it's too late and it blows up. The ship still sails, though, albeit
    barely, and it heads out of town. Brahne snaps her fan, frustrated. In
    the cockpit:]
    Cinna: "We're gonna crash!!!"
    [FMV. The Prima Vista sails through the mist clouds and crashes in
    a forest below, lighting up the sky. Back in Alexandria, the queen
    sits in her throne.]
    Queen Brahne: "Garnet... I never imagined you would do such a thing.
                  Perhaps you're not such a helpless little girl anymore...
                  Zorn! Thorn! Is our little experiment ready?"
    Zorn: "Yes, Your Majesty. It is combat-ready!"
    Thorn: "Easily terminate Princess Garnet, it can, Your Majesty."
    Queen Brahne: "I need her alive! Bring her back at once!"
    [Back down at the forest, Zidane walks to a cliff and surveys the
    wreckage to the theater ship, which isn't looking quite as merry.]
    03. Evil Forest (EF01)
    [In the cockpit:]
    Baku: "Oww... My back's killin' me. Are you alright?"
    Cinna: "Yeah, but the Prima Vista's wasted."
    Baku: "Just our luck to crash into this forest... It's gonna get
    Cinna: "What do you mean, 'interesting,' Boss? I hear no one's ever
           made it outta here alive."
    Blank: "Boss! There's fire everywhere! It's outta control!"
    Baku: "Quit yer whinin' and get it under control! And get the wounded
          outta here!"
    Blank: "Alright!"
    [Blank leaves.]
    Baku: "Get our goods outta here, too: weapons, items, anything we can
          use! There's no way we can survive if all our stuff is toast."
    Cinna: "I'm on it!"
    [Awhile later, Cinna lies outside on the ground. Boxes and some of
    the wounded lie there, too.]
    Cinna: "Phew... I'm beat... Hurry up and put out the fire! I can't
           carry 'em all by myself! What the hell are they doin'!? The
           whole ship's gonna burn up!"
    Zenero: "They're lookin' for Garnet... Can't find her anywhere. Maybe
            she fell off... Got squashed under the ship."
    Cinna: "This is great. First we kidnap her, then we kill her. We'll
           hang for sure."
    [Zidane finds his way down and runs over.]
    Cinna: "Zidane, I'm surprised you made it! I can't believe you jumped
           off! You're nuts, you know that?"
    Zidane: "I didn't jump off. I got thrown out from the impact. So, is
            everyone okay?"
    Cinna: "Yeah. We've all got the devil's luck. But if we don't find
           Princess Garnet, we're all dead meat."
    [A moogle flies down and the words ATE appear on the screen.]
    Moogle: "ATE, kupo! Active Time Event is a system that lets you see
            other events that are happening at the same time elsewhere,
            kupo! Press the SELECT button when you see the icon flashing
            below. You can press the button anytime while the icon is
            flashing. Try pressing [SELECT], kupo!"
    [The player sees 'The Forest Keeper' ATE, heading into the forest at
    Benero's urging. He finds Vivi on his rear, staring in fear.]
    Vivi: "Sh-She's in trouble..."
    Zidane: "...What the hell is that?"
    [Zidane runs to Steiner's aid, finding a large plant with Garnet
    encaged inside of it.]
    Steiner: "Release the princess at once!!!"
    Zidane: "Yeah, like it's gonna actually listen to you. Come on!"
    [The party wounds the Prison Cage, but it flees with Garnet.]
    Steiner: "Princess? PRINCESS!!!"
    Zidane: "What the heck? Where did they go?"
    Vivi: "She's gone... I was too scared to cast any spells... That
          monster's probably gonna eat her..."
    Steiner: "How could I let this happen!?"
    Zidane: "Don't worry. She's not dead yet. That monster was only a
            minion. He's probably gonna take her to his master."
    Steiner: "That means the princess might still be-- Come! We must go
             find her at once!"
    Vivi: "WHOA!!!"
    [Another Prison Cage swings down and gets Vivi.]
    Steiner: "!!!"
    Zidane: "!!!"
    [The second fight begins and they rescue Vivi.]
    Vivi: "Phew... Th-Thanks..."
    Zidane: "Are you alright?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah... I think so."
    [The Prison Cage rises up...]
    Vivi: "!!!"
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Steiner: "!!!"
    [...and sprays a noxious-looking gas at the three. Zidane jumps over
    the spray, though. Vivi goes down.]
    Steiner: "UGH! P-Prin...cess..."
    [Later on, Vivi is resting in a bed on the Prima Vista. Blank stands
    there and appears to have been taking care of him.]
    Blank: "You guys are lucky. If it weren't for Zidane, you'd both be
           dead. Some of the monsters in this forest reproduce by planting
           seeds in other animals. And when the seeds sprout, it's hasta
           la vista: you become beef jerky."
    Vivi: "Um... A-Am I gonna die?"
    Blank: "No. You're gonna be fine. Here, drink this. It'll remove all
           the seeds from your body."
    Vivi: "Ugh...eeyuck..."
    [Elsewhere, a drowsy Steiner is being led to a room by Zenero.]
    Steiner: "Princess... I'm coming right now..."
    [He runs into Benero.]
    Steiner: "...Stand aside!"
    Benero: "Room behind you. Go."
    Steiner: "The princess...is in grave danger! Do you intend to ABANDON
    Benero: "You're in no condition."
    Zenero: "Don't worry about the princess. The boss'll think of something."
    [They turn him around...]
    Steiner: "Hey! Stop!"
    [...and push him into a room.]
    Zenero: "Get some rest."
    Benero: "Yeah, and take that medicine I gave you."
    [In the room:]
    Steiner: "Dammit... I can't just stand here... The princess's life
             rests in my hands. What cantheir boss possibly accomplish!?
             This medicine... It smells terrible. And the color... This
             is obviously poison! <Huff-huff-heave-heave.> Ugh... I can't
             take it anymore... God help me!"
    [He chugs the medicine.]
    Steiner: "Hey... Not bad."
    [Up in the cockpit, Baku and Zidane are speaking.]
    Baku: "Forget it. Monsters born from the Mist are crawlin' everywhere."
    Zidane: "So what? There's nothing out there we can't handle."
    Baku: "Yeah, but what are we gonna do about the wounded?"
    Zidane: "We can take 'em with us."
    Baku: "How are we gonna carry all of them? Trust me. We go out now,
          and we'll all get wasted. My boys come before the princess, you
          know. It's too bad..."
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Baku: "We're gonna stay put 'til everyone recovers. You better not
          set one foot outside this ship. You got that!?"
    Zidane: "I can't believe you're abandoning her! You're nothing but a
            big coward!"
    [Zidane storms off, and goes down to Vivi's room.]
    Vivi: "Oh... Th-Thank you for helping me."
    Zidane: "Ah, don't mention it. Besides, it was your black magic that
            saved the day. You know, you've got some major power for such
            a little guy."
    Vivi: "......"
    Zidane: "What's wrong...? Are you peeved at me because I called you
            little? Hey, you're a great mage with great powers, alright?
            To hell with looks. It's what inside that counts."
    Vivi: "I'm sorry. When that monster caught her, I couldn't do anything..."
    Zidane: "Hey, don't worry about the princess. I'll get her back. I
    Vivi: "Thank you, Mr. Zidane."
    Zidane: "Whoa, that's the first time anyone's called me 'Mr.' Just
            call me Zidane, alright?"
    Vivi: "Okay...Zidane."
    [Zidane walks out of the room.]
    Zidane: "Geez... He was pretty down... Maybe I shouldn't have made
            that promise. I don't even know if I'll be able to find her..."
    [Zidane thinks back to when he first met the princess on the stairway
    when she was making her escape.]
    Zidane: "She was cute... Then again, maybe I only thought so because
            she's a princess. Hmm...... No... She was definitely cute."
    [The flashback ends.]
    Zidane: "Man, I can't stop thinking about her... What am I gonna do...?"
            R1 --> Go look for her
            R2 --> Forget her
            R1: "Yeah! What's there to think about!? She's cute...and she's
                in trouble. That's all that matters." [The Blank scene that
                takes place afterwards starts immediately with this option.]
            R2: "...The boss is right. The guys come first."
                [Zidane walks up to the empty cockpit.]
                Zidane: "Geez. I don't know what to do..."
                [Another flashback, to when she asks him to kidnap her.]
                Zidane: "I don't know why I was chasing her so hard. I
                        didn't really care about our plan at that point.
                        And it wasn't just because she's such a doll.
                        ......... I can't explain it. I'm just drawn to
                        her so strongly..."
                [Flashback ends.]
                Zidane: "This is crazy. I don't even know her. What am
                        I gonna do...? Yeah! What's there to think about!?
                        She's cute...and she's in trouble. That's all that
    Blank: "...There you are. Why do you look so serious? Uh-oh... What
           are you up to this time?"
    Zidane: "I'm gonna take that knight and the black mage and find the
    Blank: "You're crazy! Man, you don't even know what's out there.
           Besides, there's no way the boss'll allow that."
    Zidane: "I know..."
    Blank: "Sheez... Why do you always gotta play hero? The boss is gonna
           kill you. Well, what are you waiting for? Go talk to the boss."
    [Zidane finds Baku in the meeting room.]
    Baku: "AH! AAAH! AAACHOOO!!! Took you long enough... I fell asleep,
          darn it. So, you're leaving, eh?"
    Zidane: "Yeah... I promised Garnet I'd kidnap her."
    Baku: "Gwahaha! I didn't ask you why! I can't blame you, though.
          She's damn beautiful. I guess that's reason enough! Well, I
          hope you're ready! 'Cause I'm gonna bust you up for breakin'
          the rules."
    Zidane: "...Alright."
    Baku: "Okay, get your butt over to the cargo room. We got more room
    [They go to the cargo room.]
    Baku: "You ready!?"
          R1 --> Anytime!
          R2 --> Hold on
          R1: "I ain't holdin' back." [The fight starts.]
          R2: "Hurry up!"
    [Zidane wins the battle.]
    Baku: "I'll be damned... Bravo!"
    [He gut-punches Zidane.]
    Baku: "Go find your princess! Gwahahahaha..."
    [He leaves.]
    Zidane: "Damn, that hurt! He pulled his punches 'til that last one."
    [Zidane goes to Steiner's room. He's sleeping with Cinna's doll.]
    Steiner: "............"
    Zidane: "Come on. You're too old to be playing with a doll."
    Steiner: "Silence! A scoundrel like you could never understand! I'm
             just overwhelmed with concern for the princess! If only you
             rogues hadn't kidnapped her... This is all your fault! If
             anything should happen to the princess, I will have your
    Zidane: "Take it easy. Geez... I'm gonna go look for her now. I'll
            let you come with me if you promise to be good. What do you
            say, Rusty?"
    Steiner: "RR...RUSTY!!!? I am Adelbert Steiner, Captain of the Knights
             of Pluto, and I will never work with you conniving thieves!"
    Zidane: "Captain? I figured you were a private, what with that cheap,
            rusty armor... Look, this has nothing to do with Tantalus.
            It's something I decided to do on my own. I just wanna save
    Steiner: "Hmph...! You had better not be lying! Because if you are, I
             won't hesistate to kill you!"
    Zidane: "Yeah, yeah. I'm counting on you, Rusty."
    Steiner: "Make no mistake. I'm only going with you to rescue the
             princess! I'll deal with you personally when this is over!"
    Zidane: "...Whatever."
    Steiner: "It may be difficult with just the two of us. We should seek
             Master Vivi's help as well."
    Zidane: "Why are you calling him 'Master'?"
    Steiner: "You fool. That black mage has unimaginable powers... I don't
             want to get him involved, but alas, it can't be helped. We
             need Master Vivi's help to rescue the princess."
    Zidane: "Alright, let's go talk to Vivi."
    [They go to see Vivi.]
    Zidane: "Well, Vivi, we're ready to go look for the princess."
    Vivi: "Really!? That's great! Be careful, okay?"
    Zidane: "Actually, we want you to come with us, too."
    Vivi: "Huh!? B-But I can't do anything."
    Steiner: "Hardly, Master Vivi. Your magic was highly effective against
             that monster. In all honesty, I hold your power in greater
             esteem than I do this scoundrel's."
    Vivi: "B-But...I'm scared. I couldn't even move last time."
    Steiner: "Please, Master Vivi. For the sake of Princess Garnet and all
             of Alexandria, I humbly request your assistance!"
    Zidane: "Come on! You're a black mage, for crying out loud! Show us
            what you've got! Alright, let's get going."
    Vivi: "...Okay. I'll...try my best."
    Steiner: "Thank you, Master Vivi."
    [Zidane leaves.]
    Steiner: "Master Vivi..."
    Vivi: "Yeah?"
    Steiner: "It's about your black magic. I wish to try an experiment.
             (I was wondering if...)" <Whisper, whisper...>
    Vivi: "Magic sword...? Okay. I'll give it a try."
    [The party goes to leave, but Blank stops Zidane at the exit.]
    Blank: "Sheez...you really dig her, huh?"
    Zidane: "I can't sit around knowing a girl's in trouble. Goes against
            my nature."
    Blank: "Whatever. You're full of crap."
    Zidane: "Ohhh.... I get it. You're jealous that I'm gonna get me a
            sweetie pie."
    Blank: "Pshhh... She's not even my type. I came down here to give you
    Zidane: "You're always thinking about me...but I won't need a love
            potion to reel this one in."
    Blank: "Why don't you get your mind off girls for a second? This is
           the medicine I gave to that black mage and the knight. It's
           sort of like a seed remover."
    Zidane: "Cool. This'll really come in handy."
    Blank: "Why am I always helping you...?"
    [He gives Blank's Medicine to Zidane.]
    Blank: "Oh yeah. Here's a little tip from the boss."
           Don't forget to set your abilities. Leaving the band is your
           business, but you better keep training! Learning more abilities
           is gonna make you even stronger.
           Good luck,
    Zidane: "Hey, Blank, how do you set abilities again?"
    Blank: "Man, how can you forget? It's so basic. Open the Menu, select
           Ability, select Equip, and choose the abilities you wanna set."
    Zidane: "Thanks, Blank. I'll see you when I see you."
    Blank: "How about never?"
    [Zidane and company head into the forest, eventually coming to a
    Zidane: "Hmm... No sign of any monsters here. A spring..."
    [An ATE, 'Do As I Say, Not As I Do' plays. The party heads on and
    eventually comes to a cavern where a giant plant and an unconscious
    Garnet are.]
    Vivi: "There she is!"
    Zidane: "So this is the master."
    Steiner: "Princess!!! You stay out of this! Alexandria would be
             disgraced if a mere bandit should rescue the princess."
    Zidane: "You think you can handle him on your own?"
    Steiner: "......"
    Zidane: "Let's get him, Vivi!"
    [The battle starts, and Blank arrives during it. They defeat the
    creature together. Steiner cradles the princess afterwards.]
    Steiner: "Princess!!! Please get a hold of yourself!"
    Blank: "Zidane, give her the stuff."
    Garnet: <Hack-hack...>
    Steiner: "Princess, please try to drink all of it."
    Vivi: "Is she gonna be okay?"
    [The ground rumbles.]
    Blank: "Oh, man! What now!?"
    [The place where the Plant Brain sat collapses, and spiders come out.]
    Blank: "Sheez! We're gonna be surrounded!"
    Zidane: "Let's get out of here!"
    Blank: "GO! What are you waitin' for!?"
    [They continue on, battling a few spiders as they make their getaway.
    Zidane turns around for a moment.]
    Blank: "What are you doin'!?"
    Zidane: "Something's wrong..."
    Blank: "What?"
    Zidane: "The entire forest is coming after us. Blank... Take care of
    Blank: (What did he mean by that?)
    [They start running again. FMV: legions of spiders chase the fellows
    and the forest starts to petrify itself in an effort to stop them.
    A spider attacks Zidane, but he moves out of the way and it catches
    Blank. Zidane takes a map that Blank threw at him and runs to the
    exit, dodging spiny plant tentacles, and makes it out. The forest
    entrance closes and the player sees that Blank was petrified along
    with the forest. Afterwards, Zidane searches for a way in.]
    Zidane: "Dammit!!! That idiot! Blank..."
    [The party makes camp as dusk hits, and they gather around a campfire
    on the outskirts of the forest.]
    Vivi: "I hope she gets well soon..."
    Steiner: "This is all his fault! Have you nothing to say, you filth!?"
    Garnet: "...Oh..."
    Steiner: "P-Princess!!!"
    Garnet: "...Steiner? ...How did I survive...? You brought me here?"
    Steiner: "It is my sworn duty to protect you at any cost."
    Zidane: "What are you talking about? It was Vivi's magic and my dagger
            that got you out of there, Princess."
    Garnet: "I thank you both."
    Steiner: "That monkey deserves no praise! None of this would've
             happened if you and your band hadn't abducted the princess!
             And how dare you claim to have rescued her!? When we get back
             to Alexandria, I will--"
    Garnet: "Steiner... I left the castle of my own will."
    Zidane: "What a coincidence, eh? We went to snatch her, and she wanted
            to be snatched."
    Steiner: "Impossible!"
    Garnet: "It's true."
    Zidane: "So what do you say, Rusty? Friends? Come on, let's enjoy this
            camping trip while it lasts."
    Steiner: "Camping--you imbecile! Surely even you must know something
             about the Mist! The vicious monsters it spawns! The
             abnormalities it stirs in the mind and body! Princess, we
             must leave this dangerous place at once."
    Zidane: "You've got to be kidding. She hasn't even fully recovered yet."
    Steiner: "Silence! Who asked for your opinion!?"
    Zidane: "Alright, tell me... How do you plan to get out of here? We're
            standing in a valley surrounded by tall cliffs. And last I
            heard, North Gate and South Gate were sealed off."
    Steiner: "........."
    Zidane: "Yeah. That's what I thought."
    Steiner: "Grrrrr..."
    Zidane: "The princess can barely walk right now. You went through this.
            You should know. I think we should rest here for now."
    Steiner: "I will never follow your--"
    Zidane: "Steiner!!! State your sworn duty!"
    Steiner: "What else!? To protect Princess Garnet Til Alexandros!
             ...Very well. Until the princess recovers, I will guard this
             place with my life."
    Zidane: "Sounds good to me. Vivi, let's get some rest."
    [The next morning, Zidane inspects the forest entrance again. The
    princess walks over.]
    Zidane: "How are you feeling?"
    Garnet: "Good...thanks to that medicine you gave me. Could this be...?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, I was surprised, too. After we beat that big plant-guy,
            the forest got completely petrified."
    Garnet: "Vivi told me that we were able to escape because of your
    Zidane: "...His name is Blank."
    Garnet: "We must go help him."
    Zidane: "We can't do anything for him right now."
    Garnet: "But...I can't--"
    Zidane: "We'll come back for him. I'm sure there's a way to cure him.
            Let's get going. According to the map that Blank gave me,
            there's a cavern to the south of us. Maybe we can get above
            the mist through that cavern. Are you alright? Everything's
            gonna be fine. Trust me."
    [At the campsite, a moogle comes out of the forest.]
    Vivi: "Look! There's something coming!"
    Monty: "Wait! Kupo! I'm impressed, kupo! First time I've seen anyone
           escape from Evil Forest. You all must be strong, kupo! But
           don't get cocky, kupo. Lots of stronger monsters ahead. Before
           you go out to the world, Mogster will teach you a few things."
    [An ATE plays ("Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 1) and afterwards:]
    Monty: "I have a gift for you, kupo. Take this flute. With this flute,
           you can call us anywhere in the world, kupo. Press ([]) to play
           it. Happy trails! Kupo!"
    Garnet: "Thank you."
    Monty: "Kupopo!"
    Vivi: "Bye."
    Monty: "Kupoo!"
    [Zidane slaps Steiner on the back and walks off with the rest of the
    party. Steiner looks around unwittingly.]
    Steiner: "!!! What the... Who goes there!?"
    Monty: "Your friends already left, kupo."
    Steiner: "Princess, wait!"
    [On the world map:]
    - Normal Navigation -
    (><)            :Enter buildings
                     Ride a vehicle
    ([])            :Call moogle
    [SELECT]        :Toggle navigation map
    [L1][R1]        :Camera control
    [L2]            :Lock/unlock camera rotation
    [R2]            :Switch perspective
    04. North Gate (NG01)
    [On the world map, after leaving Evil Forest, a large gate is at the
    end of the valley. It's not a necessary stop, however. When the party
    gets there, they see banners flying and smoke plumes on the other
    Garnet: "Where are we?"
    Zidane: "I think this is the North Gate. It's beneath the Mist. It
            lies between Alexandria and Burmecia. I think it's called...
            Melda Arch or something? Fresh footprints... And there's smoke
    Steiner: "That flag...! That is Alexandria's war banner! How dare they
             commit crimes in the name of Alexandria! I should like to
             arrest and punish them if the circumstances were different!"
    Garnet: "......"
    Zidane: "Let's get outta here. The cavern lies to the left of this
            arch. We'll follow the ledge!
    05. Ice Cavern (IC01)
    [The party walks up to the mouth of the frigid place from the world
    map. Cold mist pours out constantly.]
    Zidane: "This must be the cavern..."
    Vivi: "U-Um..."
    Zidane: "What's up, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Have you ever heard of the Ice Cavern?"
    Zidane: "Sure... Is this the place?"
    Vivi: "I think so... It's supposed to be near Evil Forest."
    Garnet: "...I've heard of it. It's supposed to be a beautiful place,
            covered in ice."
    Vivi: "My grandpa told me about this place. He said the cavern takes
          travelers to the top of the Mist."
    Steiner: "Bravo! Master Vivi's grandfather must be quite a scholar!
             We must thank him upon escaping the Mist!"
    Vivi: "My grandpa used to teach me lots of things, but he passed
    Steiner: "Oh... Forgive my indiscretion."
    Vivi: "Don't worry about it."
    Zidane: "Well...why don't we go inside?"
    [They all walk in. There are plants frozen in bloom near the ledges.]
    Garnet: "Oh...! What a beautiful place! Seeing the actual cavern is
            so much better than reading about it! Oh, how pretty... I
            wonder what kind of flower this is?"
    Steiner: "Princess! Please, don't touch anything!"
    Zidane: "Can we get moving? I'm freezin' here.
    [On the side of the path ahead is a weird wall.]
    Zidane: "Huh? What's this...? What a strange wall... There's gotta
            be something behind it. Hey, Vivi!"
    Vivi: "Y-Yes?"
    Zidane: "Can you break this wall down with your magic?"
    Vivi: "I...I'm coming.
    [Vivi melts the wall, revealing a treasure chest.]
    Zidane: "Whoa! I knew it! See? There might be other walls like this...
            I'm counting on you, Vivi!"
    Vivi: "S-Sure!"
    [They come to another wall soon.]
    Zidane: "Huh? What's this...?"
    [Vivi destroys it.]
    Zidane: "Whoa!
    [A stump near by gets the same treatment.]
    Zidane: "Whoa!
    [After a few more walls the party comes to forked path, and a long
    ledge by taking the right way. Vivi straggles in the weird mist.]
    Zidane: "Vivi, hurry up, or you'll be left behind!"
    Vivi: "I...I'm coming."
    Garnet: "Oh no!"
    [Vivi falls over a ledge and collapses. Steiner walks over...]
    Steiner: "Master Vivi! Are you okay?"
    [...and collapses, too.]
    Zidane: "Yo, Rusty! You're...not alright, are you? What happened to
            you guys? Hey, Rusty! Move it or lose it! Get up! ...It's no
    [Garnet collapses when Zidane isn't looking.]
    Zidane: "Oh no! Garnet! Not you, too? Garnet? She's out cold...
            Shoot... I'm falling asleep..."
    [Zidane collapses, too, but wakes up later, hearing something.]
    Zidane: "What's that sound...? It came from over there... Is
            somebody there...?
    [Zidane walks to the bottom of a frozen waterfall.]
    Voice: "Why didn't you fall asleep?"
    [Zidane looks up to see a black mage-type thing.]
    Black Waltz No. 1: "You should be dead by now..."
    Zidane: "Are you the one causing this blizzard?"
    Black Waltz No. 1: "Hee-hee-hee... That's right!"
    [Zidane fights the Black Waltz and its summoned Sealion, defeating
    them. After-battle, a voice yells:]
    Voice: "You defeated No. 1, but No. 2 and No. 3 will reclaim the
    Zidane: "Wh-Who's there? Oh, whatever... I've gotta go back and
            check on them!"
    [Zidane leaves and the player can see that Zorn and Thorn were up
    near the exit, watching the entire course of events. Back where the
    rest of the sleeping party was, everyone's waking up now that the
    strange blizzard's stopped.]
    Garnet: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Hey, there. Everybody okay?"
    Steiner: "You! What just happened?"
    Zidane: "It was no big deal."
    Steiner: "You're hiding something!"
    Zidane: "Hey, nothing happened. You heard me."
    Steiner: "You...didn't touch the princess, did you?"
    Zidane: "Just what are you accusing me of?"
    Garnet: "Steiner, he said nothing happened. Why are you being so rude?"
    Steiner: "...My apologies, Princess."
    Garnet: "Well, I'm glad everyone is safe. Shall we move on? Zidane?
            Is something bothering you?"
    Zidane: "No... It's nothing."
    [The party heads up to the exit and emerges into the mountain air.]
    Garnet: "We made it through the Mist! Oh, the sun feels great!"
    Zidane: "Look, there's a village. I think I've been there before..."
    Garnet: "It sounds like you've been everywhere before, Zidane. The
            only other worlds I've visited are in books. You may have been
            to that village. Let's go visit."
    Zidane: "Wait. Hold it. You're a princess! You can't just go rushing
            in there. People are looking for you. You need a new identity."
    Steiner: "Insolent fool! The princess need not sneak around! Besides,
             we're heading back to the castle. You leave her alone. And
             you will address her as 'Princess' from now on, you silly
    [Steiner pushes Zidane and he drops his dagger.]
    Zidane: "Dammit, Rusty! Why don't you just shut up? Who do you think
            you are? I don't take orders from a stuck-up jerk like you!"
    Vivi: "You guys!"
    Garnet: "Stop it, you two! ...Steiner, I do not intend to return to
            the castle. And I do see Zidane's point. I need a new name...
            Zidane... What is this called?"
    Zidane: "That? That's a dagger. All knives of that length are called
            daggers. Short swords are a bit longer. The big sword you hold
            with both hands is called a broadsword. And..."
    Garnet: "Oh, okay... I understand now. So this is called a 'dagger'..."
    Steiner: "Princess! It's a weapon! Please be careful."
    Garnet: "I've decided! From now on, my name is..."
    [Garnet's name now becomes Dagger. The player can choose it to his/her
    fitting, though.]
    Garnet: "I will be called Dagger from now on. What do you think,
    Zidane: "Is that okay with you?"
            R1 --> Yes
            R2 --> No
            R1: "Great, Dagger. Now, let's work on your speech... Try to
                sound more casual. Like me."
                Garnet: "I shall try."
                Zidane: "No, no, no..." (What would Vivi say...?)
                Vivi: "?"
                Zidane: "Just say... 'Alrighty.'"
                Garnet: "A-Alrighty!"
                Zidane: "You're getting the hang of it! Well... Let's
            R2 (Garnet): "I'll pick a different name. Let's see..."
               [Her name can be chosen again.]
               Garnet: "I will be called ______ from now on. Is that better?"
    [The party walks down the slope and arrives at the world map.]
    05. South Gate (SG01)
    [Up on the plateau, opposite from the village, is a gate.]
    Guard: "Huh? What do you want?"
           R1 --> I want to pass through
           R2 --> I want to take a break
           R3 --> I want to talk
           R4 --> Nothing
           R1: "You gotta have a Gate Pass to pass through here. There's
               no work here right now. Try again when they need construction
           R2: "The shopgirl at Vega won't be here for a while."
               R5 --> I can wait.
               R6 --> Maybe some other time.
           R3: "South Gate is the border of Alexandria and Lindblum. We
               check every airship and person crossing the border. We're
               doing the best we can to keep the two nations safe. Have
               you ever been on an airship?"
           R4: [Dialogue cancelled.]
           R5: "Then wait right there."
           R6: [Dialogue cancelled.]
    [After selecting R5, a girl comes down the path a few minutes later.]
    Part-time Worker Mary: "Hello! I'm Mary. I work at Vega, an item shop.
                           Sorry to keep you waiting. How can I help you?"
                           R1 --> I want to rest
                           R2 --> I want to shop
                           R3 --> Nothing
                           R1: "It's 100 Gil to rest here." {Rest/Don't Rest}
                           R2: [She shows her wares.]
                           R3: [Dialogue cancelled.]
    06. Village of Dali (DL01)
    [The party walks into the quaint village.]
    Vivi: "Gee whiz, a windmill!"
    Zidane: "Vivi, the inn is this way!"
    Vivi: "Aw, do we have to? ...But I wanna go see the windmill."
    Zidane: "I know. But let's get some rest first. We also need to decide
            what to do next."
    [They walk into the inn. Two little boys emerge once they're gone.]
    Boy in Blue: "Did you see that?"
    Boy in Brown: "I sure did!"
    [Inside the inn, they find a man snoozing at the front desk.]
    Zidane: "Sleeping on the job?"
    Innkeeper Hal: "Oh, I'm sorr...y. ......"
    [He stares in Vivi and Garnet's direction.]
    Zidane: "Hey, I know she's cute, but it's rude of you to stare."
    Innkeeper Hal: "Oh, I-I wasn't looking at the young lady. I was
                   just... The room is right over there. Make yourselves
                   at home."
    Dagger: "Um...Zidane? Where will I be staying?"
    Zidane: "In the same room. Where else?"
    Dagger: "But, Zidane... I mustn't..."
    Zidane: "I understand how you feel, but these country inns don't have
            private rooms. Get inside, everyone."
    [They all walk into the four-bed room.]
    Zidane: "Tell me one thing before we go to sleep. Why did you wanna
            leave the castle, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "If the theater ship hadn't crashed..."
    Zidane: "It would've arrived at the neighboring regency of Lindblum.
            You were gonna leave Alexandria!? I see. If you hadn't been
            caught, you would've reached Lindblum by now. But now... We'll
            have to cross South Gate on foot. Border crossing, huh?"
    Dagger: "Zidane, please listen. There is a reason I must leave this
            kingdom. I cannot tell you why... But...please..."
    Zidane: "I understand... I'll get you to Lindblum somehow."
    Steiner: "I've heard enough! Princess, you cannot trust the words of
             a thief! He may expose you to even more danger, like he did
             in Evil Forest! I beg of you, Princess. Please return with me
             to the castle."
    Zidane: "I know I screwed up in Evil Forest. But there's no doubt in
            my mind now. I'll protect Dagger with my life!"
    Steiner: "Don't be ridiculous! It is I who protect the princess, now
             and forever!"
    Zidane: "Then tell me. How do you intend to take her back to the castle?"
    Steiner: "I-I will think of a way..."
    Vivi: "Zzz... Zzz..."
    Steiner: "Master Vivi..."
    Zidane: "He was tired. But you had to go on a tirade."
    Steiner: "What!?"
    Zidane: "Let's go to sleep."
    [Everyone takes a nap. Later on, a girl sings.]
    Zidane: "What a...beautiful voice... Who's singing...? I've never
            heard a song like that before... ...Was that Dagger singing?
            Oh, everyone's up already. I wonder where they went?"
    [Vivi goes into town and sees Vivi by the windmill.]
    Vivi: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Hey, Vivi. What's up?"
    Vivi: "N-Nothing, I was just thinking."
    Zidane: "Ah, I see."
    Vivi: "?"
    Zidane: "You met a girl!"
    Vivi: "No, no! Nothing like that!"
    Zidane: "What? Don't tell me you don't like girls!"
    Vivi: "I never really thought about stuff like...that."
    Zidane: "I'm always thinking about girls. I'm popular with ALL the
            ladies in Lindblum. Come to me if you have any girl trouble,
    Vivi: "S-Sure. Thanks."
    Zidane: "Okay, then. We need to decide what to do. I'm gonna go look
            for Dagger and Rusty. Would you mind heading back to the inn?"
    Vivi: "Sure, I'll head back."
    Zidane: "So, what were you staring at?"
    Vivi: "Nothing. But I keep hearing a sound like 'kweh.'"
    Zidane: "That's the sound chocobos make..."
    Vivi: "......"
    Zidane: "......"
    Zidane: "I'll see you back at the inn!"
    Vivi: "Okay!"
    [Zidane leaves.]
    Vivi: "What are chocobos...? Chocobo!?"
    [A man snatches up Vivi and runs off.]
    Vivi: "Aaah!"
    [Zidane stops on his way back to the inn.]
    Zidane: "Huh? Forget Steiner. I wonder where Dagger is."
    [He finds her staring at merchandise in the equipment shop.]
    Zidane: "Dagger..." (What's she looking at?)"
    [It takes a moment before she notices him over her shoulder.]
    Dagger: "Zidane!?"
    Zidane: "You got a fever or something? Your face is all red."
    Dagger: "I-It's nothing. I'm fine."
    Zidane: "You're acting strange..."
    Dagger: "What?"
    Zidane: "I get it!!! You changed the way you talk!"
            R1 --> You're doing great!
            R2 --> You still sound funny, though
            R1 (Dagger): "Thanks!"
            R2 (Dagger): "I just started! I'll master it soon enough!"
    [Dagger waits a moment.]
    Dagger: "I did fine in the play, didn't I?"
    Zidane: "Oh yeah, I thought..."
            R1 --> You were Ruby!
            R2 --> You sure know how to fake it!
            R1 (Dagger): "I'm a big fan of Lord Avon's plays. I have--
                         I mean, I've seen all of them. 'I Want to Be
                         Your Canary' is one of my favorites!"
               Zidane: "Oh yeah?"
               Dagger: "Is Ruby the young lady with the strange accent?"
               Zidane: "Uh, yeah."
               Dagger: "Should I talk more like her?"
               Zidane: "What? No, no. She's really finicky about her
                       speech. She always laughs at us whenever we try
                       to mimic her. So you should just be yourself,
               Dagger: "I understa...Alrighty!"
               Dagger: "Tee hee."
               Zidane: "Ha ha..."
            R2 (Dagger): "Fake!? How insensitive! I love Lord Avon's
                         plays. I've seen all of them. 'I Want to Be Your
                         Canary' is one of my favorites. I even have all
                         the lines memorized! I shall...I'll learn soon
               Zidane: "Geez, you don't have to get so mad. I'm sorry.
                       We need to decide what to do from here. Will you
                       go back to the inn?"
    Dagger: "What about you?"
    Zidane: "I'll head back soon."
    Zidane: "I'm gonna look for Vivi and Steiner." [Said if you haven't
            talked to Vivi yet.]
    Dagger: "Alrighty. I'll catch you later."
    Zidane: (Good! You sound just like a normal village girl.
            Crossing the border might not be so tough after all...)
    [Dagger bows to Eve before leaving.]
    Dagger: "Thanks. I had fun!"
    Shopkeeper Eve: "Bye!"
    [Zidane looks around for Steiner.]
    Zidane: "I'll just let Steiner be and go back to the inn.
    [Zidane heads back.]
    Zidane: "Did you wait long? I asked Vivi to head back. He should be
            back soon. How do you like this village? Pretty different from
            the castle, I bet."
    Dagger: "Yes. The kids are very energetic, and there are so many
            things to see. I've never walked around so freely in my life!
            But... Where are all the adults?"
    Zidane: "Yeah... I used to see them tending the farm next to the
    Dagger: "But that farm is tiny."
    Zidane: "Yeah. There's something strange going on... We'll leave once
            Vivi gets back."
    Dagger: "But... What about Steiner?"
    Zidane: "I have a good plan for crossing South Gate. It's gonna be
            easy! They're not looking for the rest of us, so we'll just
            hide you! Forget about Rusty. Leave everything to me!"
    [The ATE 'Queen Brahne's Steiner' plays. Afterwards, Dagger is
    listening to Zidane tell a story.]
    Zidane: "...As it turns out, it didn't matter that we snuck into their
            mansion. But the Kings were hiding something in their mansion...
            What's wrong? Am I boring you?"
    Dagger: "Oh, no. Your story is very interesting. But I'm concerned
            about Vivi. Why isn't he back yet?"
    Zidane: "You're right. He is late. I'm not worried about Steiner, but
            Vivi, I'm not so sure about. Let's go look for him."
    [They go out into the square.]
    Zidane: "Wait a minute... Last time I saw Vivi, he was standing over
    [They go closer.]
    Zidane: "Did I hear a chocobo? Vivi said he heard a chocobo here."
    Voice: <Sniff... Sniff...>
    Zidane: "Is someone crying...?"
    Voice: <Sniff... Sniff...>
    [Zidane looks at a little pipe by the windmill shed.]
    Zidane: "It's coming from the hole... Vivi...?"
    Vivi: "...Zidane?"
    Zidane: "Vivi! Where are you? Are you underground? Can you move?"
    Vivi: "They told me to stay here..."
    Zidane: "Are you hurt?"
    Vivi: "No."
    Zidane: "Don't worry, we'll get you out. We'll hurry, so stay where
            you are, okay?"
    Vivi: "...Okay."
    Zidane: "What's going on in this village...? There's gotta be a way
            into the underground somewhere. Let's look for one."
    Dagger: "Okay!"
    Zidane: "It seems like such a quiet village..."
    [In the windmill, Yaff is no longer present. Zidane cracks open a
    hatch the guard'd previously rested on.]
    Zidane: "Heh, isn't this obvious? There's a cool breeze..."
            R1 --> Go down
            R2 --> Don't go down
            R1: [Zidane and Dagger go down.]
            R2: [Hatch is closed, unentered.]
    [Inside, the party runs down a path to where some light in a little
    hut streams out.]
    Zidane: "This isn't... ...just a regular storage facility."
    Dagger: "What's going on?"
    Zidane: "(Shhh!)"
    [Inside the little hut, two men talk.]
    Man: "Why is it moving? Is it true that the mayor's brother found it?"
    Young Man: "I guess they reconciled. His brother's one of us now."
    Man: "...Wasn't he on the old lady's side before?"
    Young Man: "Oh, about abandoning the farm? He probably only said that
               because he was fighting with the mayor. Who cares? We need
               more workers anyway. Hey, let's put this in a box."
    Man: "I guess the guys at the castle will take care of it."
    Zidane: (The castle...!?)
    Young Man: "Yup. We're only in charge of production."
    Garnet: "!"
    Man: "Gotcha."
    Garnet: (The pattern on this barrel...)
    Young Man: "Come along, now."
    [The two men come out of the hut with--]
    Zidane: "(Vivi!)"
    Young Man: "Hurry up!"
    Zidane: "That bastard!"
    Garnet: "(Zidane! Wait!)"
    Zidane: "(Geez! Hey!)"
    [Garnet drags Zidane back into the previous screen. Vivi walks with
    the men.]
    Vivi: "......"
    [In the other hallway:]
    Zidane: "What is it!?"
    Dagger: "Did you see the large barrel next to the shed? I've seen the
            exact same pattern on some of the barrels at the castle. This
            place must have some kind of connection with Alexandria
            Castle. I must know what it is! So please... I beg of you,
            don't cause any trouble just yet."
    Zidane: "...Alright. But I will start trouble if Vivi is in danger.
    Dagger: "Sure."
    Zidane: "Alright, let's go. They went further inside."
    [The two enter and come into a large room.]
    Zidane: "What the heck is that?"
    Garnet: "Zidane!"
    [He runs to a gigantic machine that's in use.]
    Zidane: "What is it?"
    Dagger: "Someone's crying..."
    Voice: <Sniff... Sniff...>
    Zidane: "...... ...Vivi?"
    [A voice comes from a box nearby.]
    Vivi: "Zidane!?"
    Zidane: "It IS you! I'll get you out! Why would they stuff you in a box?"
    Dagger: "How could they...?"
    Vivi: "U-Um..."
    Zidane: "We'll talk later! Hooold on! ...It's open!"
    [Vivi's freed.]
    Zidane: "What happened?"
    Vivi: "After you left, some men kidnapped me and brought me here. They
          told me to stay put. I was so scared... I didn't know what to
          do. They asked me, 'Why were you outside?' and then they said,
          'The cargo ship isn't even here yet.' I didn't know what they
          were talking about, so I didn't say anything, and then they said,
          'Let's put it in with today's shipment.'"
    Dagger: "And they put you in that box?"
    Vivi: "...Yeah."
    Zidane: "Well, I'm glad you're safe. Listen, Vivi. You gotta do
            something next time. You should try-- screaming back or
    Vivi: "Screaming...?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, like...'Get off me, you scumbag!'"
    Garnet: (Scumbag?)
    Zidane: "Like that! It surprises your attacker and empowers you!"
    Vivi: "Huh... I see."
    Zidane: "I need to ask you a favor, Vivi. We want to check out what's
            ahead. I know you might not be thrilled with the idea, but..."
    Vivi: "...Zidane, I wanna know more, too. Look... What is that thing?"
    [The gigantic machine spits out a weird ball, which travels along
    down the assembly line.]
    Zidane: "Alright, we'll all go together!"
    [They head past the 'egg' conveyor belt, and Zidane takes a peek
    at what's happening in the darkness.]
    Zidane: "I can almost see inside... ...but I can't see anything. I
            just hear some noise. Are the eggs...hatching?"
    [They run into the next room.]
    Vivi: "Ahhh! What is this!?"
    [Large-scale version of Vivi-like black mages are coming out of the
    end of the 'egg' machine, and they ride lifeless on hooks that head
    towards a last machine.]
    Zidane: "They're... Some parts are different, but... (...They look
            like Vivi.)"
    Vivi: "Wh-What is this...? Are they...dolls?"
    [Zidane looks behind him.]
    Zidane: "!" (Someone's coming!) "Vivi! Dagger!"
    Dagger: "Why...? Is my mother behind this...?
    Zidane: "This is the only way!"
    Vivi: "Wh-Whoa!"
    Dagger: "Ahhh! What are you doing, Zidane!?"
    [Zidane picks up Garnet and takes Vivi's hand and runs away, taking
    refuge inside the last machine."
    Dagger: "Ahhh! ...Murf...! !!! ...!!!"
    Zidane: "Sorry! But stay quiet!"
    [A man walks to where the three just were.]
    Young Man: "Hey! Did you say something?"
    Worker: "Nope. Not me."
    Young Man: "Okay. Never mind. It's almost time. Hurry it up, will ya?"
    Worker: "I hear ya!"
    [A box drops in through the top of the machine.]
    Zidane: "Whoa!"
    Dagger: "Zidane!?"
    [A boxed-in Zidane travels the length of the conveyor belt and is
    stuck into a large barrel. Two more boxes come to collect on Vivi and
    Dagger, too.]
    Vivi: "Ahhhhhh!"
    Dagger: "Vivi!"
    [Meanwhile, at the mountain nearby, Steiner is talking to Morrid.]
    Steiner: "Pardon me! I must escort a person of high rank to the
             castle! When will the cargo ship arrive?"
    Morrid: "Hmm... Looks good. You're in my way."
    [Morrid goes down the stairs.]
    Steiner: "I shall persevere!"
    [Steiner follows him down to his hut.]
    Morrid: "The smell off coffee relaxes me. How about a cup?"
    Steiner: "Oh, thank you."
    [Steiner thinks a moment.]
    Steiner: "I am not here to drink coffee! Tell me when the cargo ship
             will arrive, or else the Alexandrian royal family will
             appropriate this property!"
    Morrid: "And then what?"
    Steiner: "I order you to tell me when the cargo ship will arrive!
             Tell meeeee!!!"
    Morrid: "You're not a very creative interrogator."
    Steiner: "I am just trying to do what is right!"
    Morrid: "Who decides right and wrong? You?"
    Steiner: "Anyone can tell right from wrong."
    Morrid: "Ha ha ha... Still as green as a pickle."
    Steiner: "When will the cargo ship arrive!?"
    Morrid: "It's already here. They should be loading it now."
    Steiner: "Why couldn't you tell me sooner!? Thank you!"
    [Steiner runs out of the mountain and towards the cargo ship.]
    Steiner: "Ah! It is indeed the cargo ship! Now I can take the princess
             back to the castle! Now I must think of a way to get her on
             the ship... Wha!? There is something coming out of the ground!"
    [At the loading dock, a flap in the ground lets the chocobo pull one
    of the barrels out.]
    Man: "I wonder what they're gonna use them for? We've been making lots
         of 'em since they set up the factory six months ago."
    Young Man: "Who cares? This is a piece of cake compared to farming.
               Better money, too. ...... H-Hey! Is that scary guy in armor
               running towards US!?"
    Young Man 2: "...... Let's get outta here!"
    [The men flee, and Steiner runs over to a barrel.]
    Steiner: "This barrel... What could be inside!? What could they
             possibly be shipping out from this village? What the--"
    [The barrel moves.]
    Steiner: "Did I just see that barrel move? Let's see..."
             R1 --> Poke it with a sword
             R2 --> Observe it some more
             R1: "Hyah!" [He stabs.]
                 Voice: "OW! OOOWWWWWWCH!!!"
                 [Zidane skyrockets out.]
                 Zidane: "What did you do that for!?"
                 Steiner: "You!!!"
                 Zidane: "You almost stabbed Dagger!"
                 Steiner: "The princess!?"
                 [Zidane jumps off onto Steiner's head.]
                 Steiner: "Ouch!"
             R2: "I've seen this pattern somewhere before... Ah!"
                 [The barrel moves again.]
                 Steiner: "It's moving!"
                 Zidane: "Alright, give it another push!"
                 Steiner: "Aaargh! The barrel spoke! Gragh!"
                 [The barrel tips over onto Steiner.]
    [Soon, everyone's piled out and Steiner's in a huff.]
    Steiner: "Princess, what in the world is going on!? You scoundrel!
             Is this your doing!?"
    Dagger: "Steiner, please!"
    Steiner: "Yes, Your Highness..."
    Dagger: "Zidane, I don't know what to say to Vivi. I never knew
            anything suspicious was going on at the castle..."
    Zidane: "We still don't know for sure. Let's stay by Vivi's side."
    Steiner: (This is not the time to panic... I must get the princess
             onboard the cargo ship somehow. Then we can head back to
             Alexandria Castle.)
    Zidane: "Yo, Rusty, do you know where this airship's going?"
    Steiner: "...... ...L-Lindblum. Yes, to Lindblum."
    Zidane: "That's convenient! Did you ask someone?"
    Steiner: "Th-The old man in the shack told me! So it must be true!"
    Zidane: "You're acting strange..."
    Steiner: "Something is headed this way!"
    [A large winged monster, like Black Waltz No. 1, flies over.]
    Creature: "Princess Garnet, the queen is waiting for you at the castle!"
    Zidane: "You were all sent by the castle!?"
    Steiner: "What? What are you talking about!?"
    Zidane: "You were all unconscious from the blizzard. He said he was a
            Black Waltz!"
    Creature: "Are you the one who defeated No. 1? I am Black Waltz No. 2!
              My power, magic, and speed make me far superior to No. 1!
              Resistance is futile! Come, Princess. The queen awaits!"
    Dagger: "No! I will not return to the castle."
    Black Waltz No. 2: "Come with me, or you'll regret it!"
    Steiner: "Wait! I, Steiner, shall escort the princess back to the
    Black Waltz No. 2: "Kee hee hee! You think I care? I won't let you
                       stand in the way of my mission!"
    [The battle begins and they defeat No. 2]
    Dagger: "Black Waltz No. 2... Did my mother really send him to
            capture me...?"
    Steiner: "It can't be! There is no reason to trust the words of
             some bandit. He was just another criminal, scheming to use
             the princess for some evil deed."
    Dagger: "Have I not been careful enough?"
    Steiner: "Your noble upbringing cannot be disguised so easily."
    Zidane: "That's not true at all. You haven't been watching. Dagger
            is trying really hard. You're the one with the problem!
            Walking around, yelling 'Princess!' everywhere... About the
            border crossing..."
    Dagger: "Yes?"
    Zidane: "Why don't we hitch a ride on this airship?"
    Steiner: "!"
    Dagger: "Sure, Lindblum should not be terribly far by airship! I
            mean...'won't be too far.' But why don't we get some rest
            before we go?"
            R1 --> Rest at the inn
            R2 --> Depart now
            R1 (Zidane): "Okay. Let's head back to the village. Vivi,
                         you'll be safe with me." [They head back to
                         the village, etc.]
            R2: [See below.]
    [After picking R2:]
    Zidane: "Wait here while I ask the people inside if we can hitch a ride."
    Steiner: "I-I shall go ask them!"
    Zidane: "Oh, really. How come?"
    Steiner: "I-It is not for your benefit. I am only doing this for the
    [He runs off.]
    Dagger: "Steiner... He was so adamant about going back to the castle
            before... ...... An airship full of barrels like the ones I
            saw at the castle... Steiner was against going... Zidane, is
            this ship really headed for Lindlum?"
    Zidane: "No. It'll probably take us straight to Alexandria Castle."
    Dagger: "But why...? Didn't you just say we should get on the ship?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, I know. Trust me!"
    Vivi: "...Zidane."
    Zidane: "What is it, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Those dolls they were making underground... Did you think they
          look like me?"
          R1 --> Yes
          R2 --> Not really
          R1 (Zidane): "Maybe a little... But they're just dolls, Vivi."
          R2 (Zidane): "Not really. They're just dolls, Vivi."
    [The cargo ship's propellers start up.]
    Zidane: "It's moving. What the heck is Steiner up to? Alright, we
            have to get on, Dagger."
    Dagger: "On a ship that's not going to Lindblum!?"
    Zidane: "I don't have time to explain. This way!"
    [They run to the ladder at the back-end of the ship; Vivi ascends.]
    Zidane: "Hurry up! You have nothing to worry about. Hurry, before
            she takes off!"
    Dagger: "But..."
    Zidane: "I'll take you to Lindblum. I promise!"
    Dagger: "Fine, I'll get on!"
    Zidane: "It's taking off!"
    [The two get on the ladder and Zidane touches Dagger's back-end.]
    Dagger: "Aaah!"
    Zidane: "Ooo, soft..."
    [FMV. The "piece of junk" cargo ship takes off on the grassy plains,
    heads up towards the Observatory Mountain, and veers off.]
    07. Cargo Ship (CS01)
    [Everyone makes it safely aboard.]
    Zidane: "Come on, it's not like I did it on purpose."
    Dagger: "Please, enough."
    Zidane: "There's that royal tone in your voice again. ...Are you
            okay, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Feels like I'm going to get sucked into the sky..."
    Dagger: "Let's go inside, Vivi."
    [She lets Vivi in.]
    Dagger: "I trust you, Zidane."
    [...and slams the door in his face.]
    Zidane: "I get the feeling she doesn't quite trust me yet... Maybe
            she'll reward me with a kiss or two if I try hard enough."
    [She runs back out.]
    Zidane: (Wow, already!?)
    Garnet: "Zidane...!"
    Zidane: "What is it? Something wrong?"
    Dagger: "It's Vivi..."
    Zidane: "Vivi?"
    [They go inside, finding Vivi talking to some of the factory-made
    black mages with no response. Apparently, they're the crew of the
    Vivi: "U-Um..."
    Zidane: "...! Wow, they're alive, and they're moving around!"
    Vivi: "U-Um..."
    Zidane: "So, the mages built in the village bring back the new ones?"
    Dagger: "Oh, Vivi..."
    Zidane: "Vivi! Vivi!!!"
    Vivi: "U-Um..."
    [The black mage crewman walks off.]
    Zidane: "Were you able to talk to any of them?"
    Vivi: "No... It's like... ...they don't even... ...see me at all...
          I tried... ...again and again... ...but... ...they won't even
          turn around."
    Zidane: "Vivi."
    [Vivi doesn't look at him; Zidane turns to Dagger.]
    Zidane: "I need to go upstairs for a little bit. I gotta turn the
            ship around before it reaches the castle."
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Keep an eye on Vivi, okay?
    [Zidane goes up to the deck, and peeks in.]
    Zidane: "......"
    [Steiner is lying on his knees.]
    Steiner: "How could I let this happen...? What am I to do...? I never
             expected things to go so badly... I cannot believe the ship
             took off without the princess! What will I say to Queen
    Zidane: "What the heck were you doing? You almost took off without us!"
    Steiner: "That is because...this ship's crew... ! Why, you! Where is
             the princess!?"
    Zidane: "In the engine room."
    Steiner: "She is on the ship!? All is well, now. The ship is returning
             to the castle. You will be hanged for the kidnapping of a
             member of the royal family! Enjoy your freedom while you can."
    [Zidane goes into the cockpit. Steiner gazes out across the skyscape
    and reflects on his accomplishment.]
    Steiner: "At last! Queen Brahne is sure to be pleased. However...the
             princess would have been left behind without the thief's
             aid. I shall petition for a life sentence on his behalf. Yes,
             that would be the honorable thing! But that was because the
             crew wouldn't listen! I must run a background check on them.
             Ah, yes. It is my duty as a knight! Wh-What the--"
    [FMV. Zidane steers the ship off its course to Alexandria, and hangs
    a direct course away from it. Somewhere in the mountains, a third
    Black Waltz watches the cargo ship flitter on by. In the cockpit, the
    monkey-tailed hero happily steers the ship.]
    Black Mage Crewmember: "......"
    [Steiner runs in.]
    Black Mage Crewmember: "......"
    Steiner: "Y-Y-Y"
    Zidane: "What's wrong? Something stuck in your throat?"
    Steiner: "Y-You insolent fool! Turn the ship around!"
    [He tries to punch Zidane, but he jumps out of the way with ease.]
    Steiner: "Graaagh!!!""
    [He tries to uppercut Zidane again, but he jumps to an overhanging
    pipe, using his tail to grapple.]
    Steiner: "I will have your head for that!"
    Zidane: "Hey, I think we upset them."
    [A bunch of Black Mage crewmembers walk swarm onto the deck.]
    Steiner: "But they didn't respond to anything until now... You're the
             one who started this trouble! I apologize! Please wait while
             I take this fool into custody and turn the ship around.
             Wh-What's wrong!?"
    [The crewmembers start to leave. On the deck, Dagger and Vivi are
    climbing up. Just then, the third Black Waltz descends onto the deck.]
    Vivi: "No...!"
    Dagger: "Vivi! Are you okay!?"
    Black Waltz No. 3: "So, No. 2 was defeated by a small child! You are
                       no match against my power! Kwahahaha! Princess,
                       stay there while I eliminate this child!"
    [The crewmembers swarm towards the Black Waltz.]
    Black Waltz No. 3: "Are you protecting him? ...Nonsense. You are no
                       different from mindless dolls! What can you do? Get
                       out of my way! Do you dare to fight a Black Waltz?
                       I said, get out of my way!"
    [FMV. An explosion rips the black mages back and around the deck, as
    Vivi watches on in painful silence. Barrels drop out of the sky, and
    shatter, dropping more black mages off through the clouds. The Black
    Waltz crackles with energy. In the cockpit:]
    Steiner: "Wh-What cruelty!"
    Vivi: "...Aaahhh!"
    [Vivi runs to fight.]
    Steiner: "Master Vivi, I shall assist you!"
    [Steiner follows suit.]
    Zidane: "Hey, you guys! Dagger!"
    Dagger: "Y-Yes?"
    Zidane: "We'll take care of the Black Waltz. You steer the ship.
            Things are gonna get even more dangerous from here on. It's
            not too late to turn back. You can go back to the castle or
            cross South Gate into Lindblum. It's your choice! I'll be with
            you either way! But try not to crash the ship!"
    [Zidane runs to fight, too.]
    Dagger: "Be careful, Zidane!"
    Zidane: "I'll be fine!"
    [Vivi is confronting the Black Waltz, meanwhile.]
    Vivi: "Why...? Why would you do such a thing!? Weren't they your
    Black Waltz No. 3: "You fool. Do I look like some lowly black mage
    Steiner: "Even if they weren't your allies, what you did was
    Black Waltz No. 3: "Kwahahaha! Worry not about them: many more are
                       being produced even now!"
    Zidane: "What are you?"
    Black Waltz No. 3: "Ah, the princess's bodyguards have gathered! How
                       very convenient!"
    Zidane: "Answer me!"
    Black Waltz No. 3: "It wouldn't do you any good if I answered, since
                       you're all going to die! Kwahahaha! I will eliminate
                       any who stand in my way!"
    [The battle starts, but it's over pretty soon.]
    Black Waltz No. 3: "You... You scum...! I exist only to kill!"
    [The Black Waltz flies off.]
    Steiner: "Just how many Black Waltzes do we have to fight!? This is
             becoming ridiculous!"
    Zidane: "I think that was the last one."
    Steiner: "How do you know!? Are you...!?"
    Zidane: "He said 'Waltz,' right? Don't you think No. 3 would be the
            last one?"
    Steiner: "?"
    Zidane: (I can see South Gate... She's gonna go for it!)"
    [Somewhere else, in a ship, Zorn and Thorn watched the fight.]
    Zorn: "Did you see that?"
    Thorn: "That I did see!"
    Zorn: "Our enhanced black mages!"
    Thorn: "Our black mage enhancements!"
    Zorn: "All defeated!"
    Thorn: "Betrayed us, Steiner did! It is all his fault!"
    Zorn: "Huh?"
    Thorn: "Unstable, the ship becomes! Don't let go of the steering wheel!"
    Zorn: "No. 3 is coming back!"
    Thorn: "True is it!? Hurray!"
    Zorn: "But something is wrong... It's broken!!!"
    Thorn: "Made its magic too powerful, we did!"
    Zorn: "There's nothing we can do now!"
    Thorn: "Depart shall we!"
    Zorn: "We shall depart!"
    Thorn: "Run away!"
    Zorn: "Run away!"
    [The two jokers jump out of the ship. Black Waltz No. 3 sits down
    in the captain's seat.]
    Black Waltz No. 3: "I exist only to kill! I exist only to kill! I
                       exist only to kill! I exist only to kill...!"
    [Back at the cargo ship's cockpit:]
    Zidane: "Do you see South Gate?"
    Dagger: "Yes!"
    Zidane: "South Gate is a huge gate built exclusively for airships,
            but... ...maneuvering through it could be tricky. Do you want
            me to do it, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "I want to do it on my own..."
    Zidane: "Alright... We don't have clearance. They might close the
            gate on us. It should be okay, though. Security was totally
            lax when I came through here on the theater ship. It'll be
            fine, Captain Dagger!"
    Dagger: "Roger!"
    Zidane: "...It's old, but the engine's got power."
    [Steiner bursts in.]
    Steiner: "We must turn back!!! Princess! Please turn the ship around!
             The Black Waltz is heading straight toward us on an airship!
             He might crash into us!"
    Zidane: "Dagger, Rusty's right! It's headed straight for us! Punch it!
            Go through South Gate!"
    Steiner: "Don't be ridiculous! What if the gate closes on us!?"
    Zidane: "There's no way we can outmaneuver him in this cargo ship!
            We'll slide in before the gate closes and shut him out! That's
            our only chance! Rusty! Turn the power up to max with that
            lever over there! Dagger, stay on course no matter what!"
    Dagger: "Okay!"
    Zidane: "I know we can make it!"
    [FMV. The cargo ship heads for South Gate with the smaller airship
    of the Black Waltz heading in. When it gets close, Vivi blasts it with
    some fire magic, knocking it off course a bit. Vivi blasts it again
    when they zoom through the gate, catching it on fire. It explodes as
    they make it out, into Lindblum territory. In the cockpit, Zidane
    looks over the engine.]
    Zidane: "I think we pushed it a little too hard. Why so silent,
            people? We made it! Come on, cheer up!"
    Dagger: "South Gate was badly damaged... It was my fault, wasn't
    Zidane: "Don't worry about it! They'll fix it up in no time."
    Steiner: "You idiot! The cargo ship was wrecked, we lost all the
             cargo, and South Gate was destroyed! I can't believe I played
             a part in this debacle!"
    Dagger: "Steiner."
    Steiner: "Yes, Princess!"
    Dagger: "I didn't mean to get you involved... But you saved us. I
            thank you."
    Steiner: "Such kind words! I am not worthy! Well, now I've made up
             my mind! I vow to protect you, Princess, until we return to
             the castle!"
    Zidane: "How do you feel about that, Dagger? He'll follow you to the
            end of the world."
    Dagger: "It's okay, Zidane. Hey, I can see the main gate of Lindblum!"
    Steiner: "That's Lindblum Castle!? How gigantic...!"
    Dagger: "The city of Lindblum is inside the castle.)
    Zidane: (I guess Dagger and I will go our separate ways once we reach
    Steiner: "I see..."
    Zidane: (Just when we were beginning to get close...)
    Vivi: "...Zidane. Those...black mages and I... Are we...the same...?"
    Zidane: "......"
    Garnet: "......"
    Steiner: "I don't understand, Master Vivi. Just what seemed to be the
    Vivi: "...I don't know."
    Steiner: "Master Vivi, why would those mages be the same as you? And
             why would it matter if they were...?"
    Zidane: "Rusty's right!"
    Steiner: "?"
    Zidane: "You're an individual, no matter what happens, Vivi!"
    Vivi: "R-Right!"
    Zidane: "Let's go check out the deck, Vivi! You've gotta see Lindblum
            from above! It's the best! Look, the Falcon's Gate is right
            in front of us!
    Vivi: "Why?"
    [FMV. The cargo ship goes through Lindblum's Falcon's Gate and into
    the town.]
    08. Lindblum (LB01)
    [The ship docks in the Grand Castle portion.]
    Vivi: "Wow! This castle is huge! It's even bigger than Alexandria
    Zidane: "Yeah. They don't call it Lindblum Grand Castle to nothing."
    Steiner: "An indoor airship dock! This is truly amazing...! Even Her
             Majesty's Red Rose would easily fit in here."
    Zidane: "...Dagger, you don't look too impressed. Have you been here
    Dagger: "Yes, I came here a few times when I was little... I haven't
            been here since my father passed away."
    Zidane: "Here comes the welcome committee."
    [Three Lindblum guards approach.]
    Elite Guard: "That's a really old airship."
    Dagger: "Greetings. I am Princess Garnet Til Alexandros. I humbly
            request an audience with Regent Cid."
    Elite Guard: "You must be kidding! No member of the royal family, let
                 alone a princess, would ever ride in such a shabby
                 airship. And look at the company you're keeping."
    Steiner: "How dare you accuse the princess of lying!? The princess was
             forced to come here under extreme circumstances!"
    Elite Guard: "Then show me some kind of proof of your royal heritage."
    Dagger: "Very well..."
    [She shows her pendant to the guard.]
    Elite Guard: "This pendant... Is it a Falcon Claw!? ...No. The shape
                 is a little different. Call Minister Artania!"
    [A guard leaves and Steiner turns to Zidane.]
    Steiner: "If you weren't such a filthy-looking oaf, they would not
             be suspicious of us!"
    Zidane: "Hey, I'm not the idiot with the loud voice, and the dirty,
            rusty armor."
    Steiner: "WHAT!!!?"
    [The minister appears.]
    Minister Artania: "What is going on?"
    Elite Guard: "Sir, we have unknown visitors who wish to see the regent.
                 And one of them is carrying a pendant that looks like a
                 Falcon Claw."
    Minister Artania: "! You are dismissed. I'll talk care of this."
    Elite Guard: "Yes, sir!"
    [The guards leave.]
    Dagger: "Uncle Artania!"
    Minister Artania: "It's good to see you, Princess. Please follow me.
                      The regent is waiting."
    Dagger: "?"
    [They get on an elevator.]
    Minister Artania: "Lindblum Castle has three levels, all connected by
                      this lift. From the base level, which lies below the
                      Mist, you can take a trolley to the harbor and the
                      back gate. Ships hardly arrive at the harbor anymore
                      since travel by air has become so popular. The Mist
                      poses great danger, so we've sealed off everything.
                      Just above the Base Level is the Mid Level. You can
                      ride the air cab from the Mid Level to go to town.
                      The Upper Level contains the royal chambers and
                      conference room. Access to that level is restricted,
                      because the regent himself resides there."
    Zidane: "Hey, Dagger, what's Regent Cid like? I lived in Lindblum for
            a while, but I've never met him."
    Dagger: "Regent Cid is very wise. He always thinks ahead. He may seem
            a bit odd at times, but he is very dependable. He and my father
            were best friends... ...I wonder if he will listen to what I
            have to say..."
    Zidane: "Don't wory. We're not leaving until he does."
    Minister Artania: "We will arrive at the Upper Level shortly."
    [The party goes into the throne room.]
    Minister Artania: "Sire, Princess Garnet of Alexandria wishes to see
    Steiner: "Princess, is something wrong?"
    Dagger: "The regent isn't here, and I don't know who... Take a look
            at the throne."
    Steiner: "? What in the world...?"
    [A creature peeks from behind the throne.]
    Creature: <Gwok-gwok.> <Gwok-gwok!> "Greetings!"
    Steiner: "!!! OG...!!! OGLOP!!!"
    [He punches the advancing oglop into the throne's back."
    Minister Artania: "Sire!"
    [The creature appears to be the regent.]
    Regent Cid: "What!?"
    Steiner: "!?"
    Dagger: "Wh...!?"
    Zidane: "Dagger, what's wrong? Why aren't you talking to-- GEEZ!
            That's an oglop!"
    Vivi: "Wow... Even the oglops are big in Lindblum."
    Steiner: "What is the meaning of this!? How dare you greet the princess
             like this!? Get that repulsive bug off the throne immediately,
             and call the regent!"
    Minister Artania: "Please, settle down! You ARE before the regent!"
    Steiner: "What!? Enough of your nonsense!"
    Dagger: "Steiner, stand down. I remember that moustache. Is that
            really you, Uncle Cid?"
    Regent Cid: "Yes. Greetings, all <gwok>. I am Cid Fabool, Regent of
                Lindblum. I knew it was you--I recognized your pendant's
                description; it's so much like my 'Falcon Claw.' I'm
                delighted to see you again, Garnet. You have truly <gwok>
                become a fine lady. I, on the other hand..."
    Minister Artania: "Allow me to explain. About six months ago, someone
                      snuck into the castle and attacked the regent in his
                      sleep. Unfortunately, we were too late... The regent
                      had been transformed into an oglop, and his wife,
                      Lady Hilda, was abducted."
    Dagger: "My goodness..."
    Zidane: "Whoever pulled this off had to be highly skilled, like me."
    Steiner: "Hmph! I bet it was you!"
    Regent Cid: "That's not possible."
    Zidane: "How can you be so sure? Do you know who we are?"
    Regent Cid: "Of course. I may be a bug <gwok>, but I am still the
                ruler of Lindblum."
    Dagger: "Uncle Cid, I appreciate you seeing me on such short notice.
            I desperately need to speak to you about my mother."
    Regent Cid: "That's what I figured. But I'm sure it can wait 'til
                tomorrow. Why don't you all get some rest for today?"
    Dagger: "Thank you."
    Minister Artania: "It is time for lunch. Please follow me."
    [The rest of the party goes to eat; Zidane hits the town by himself
    to find some dining. He stops by a cafe.]
    Zidane: "I can't stand the food at the castle. It's way too high-class
            for my tastes. How can anyone get full on that stuff? The
            cheap food here is a lot better. Today's special is... Soup du
            Silence. Not bad."
    [He heads inside.]
    Zidane: "Yo, Pops. I'll have the stupid special."
    Bobo: "Who said that!? Zidane... I figured it was you."
    Zidane: "How've you been?"
    Bobo: "Alright, I guess... Have a seat. Your soup'll be ready in a
    [A waitress stands by Zidane.]
    Lilian: "Do you mind? You're standing in everyone's way."
    Zidane: "Wow... Hey."
    Lilian: "Yeah? Do you want a drink?"
    Zidane: "How about you and me go for a cruise on an airship?"
    Lilian: "Really!? An airship!?"
    Zidane: "Sounds like you've never been on one. You know, Lindblum is
            quite a sight from high above."
    [A woman in red at the bar speaks.]
    Woman at the Counter: "Hey, monkey-tail, you're disturbing the other
    Zidane: "What the--you've got a tail, too, rat-face!"
    Woman at the Counter: "Rat-face...After I finish my drink, I'm gonna
                          kick your butt."
    Bobo: "Hey, Zidane, take it outside."
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Woman at the Counter: "Long time, Zidane."
    Zidane: "Hey! What's up!? Wait a minute..."
    Woman at the Counter: "You forgot my name?"
    Zidane: "No, I remember. You're Helga, right?"
    Woman at the Counter: "Wrong."
    Zidane: "...Christine?"
    Woman at the Counter: "No!"
    Zidane: "...Oh yeah! You used to live next door to me. How's it
            going...Ratchel? Man, you've really gotten...big."
    Woman at the Counter: "You nasty little--"
    Zidane: "Come on. I'm just kiddin'. You know I never forget a pretty
            girl's name."
    [The player can name the woman in red. Default: Freya.]
    Zidane: "So, how've you been, Freya?"
    Freya: "...Same old Zidane."
    Zidane: "How long has it been?"
    Freya: "About 3 years."
    Zidane: "Hey, did you ever find out anything about your boyfriend?"
    Freya: "No..."
    Zidane: "So... What brings you to Lindblum?"
    Freya: "The Festival of the Hunt. What else? It's a good opportunity
           to test my skills."
    Zidane: "Oh... Well, I'm sure you'll find him someday."
    Freya: "Aren't you participating?"
    Zidane: "...Nah. I think I'll pass."
    Freya: "Lazy bum."
    Zidane: "...Are you ever gonna go back?"
    Freya: "I have no reason to return to Burmecia. There is nothing
           there for me anymore."
    [The view changes to the Lindblum throne room, where the regent and
    the princess are talking alone.]
    Regent Cid: "So, how is the queen? Is she still as vibrant as ever?"
    Dagger: "Yes, but... Since Father died, Mother has been acting rather
    Regent Cid: "I'm not surprised <gwok-gwok>. They loved each other so
    Dagger: "We haven't spoken much lately. Also, a suspicious man has
            been prowling around the castle. I don't know what's going
            on anymore... I fear that she might be planning something
            terrible. I've brough this matter to everybody's attention,
            but no one has taken me seriously. They all think I'm
            distraught over losing Father..."
    Regent Cid: "I understand why you are so eager. I'm happy that you
                came to me for help."
    Dagger: "At this point, I think you're the only person Mother will
            listen to... When I heard that Lindblum's theater ship was
            coming to Alexandria, I decided to sneak on board and come
            here no matter what. I just never expected the crew to kidnap
    Regent Cid: "It was me... I was the one who ordered Tantalus to kidnap you."
    Dagger: "!?"
    Regent Cid: "I once promised your father <gwok>, that should anything
                happen, I would protect you. We've known about the
                disturbances in Alexandria for some time. But had we acted
                directly, it would've started a war. So, I asked Baku for
                help. He and I go way back. The play was the perfect cover
                to enter Alexandria and get you out. No one would suspect
                Lindblum was behind it. We were <gwok> forced to take
                action, because we knew Alexandria would never seek our
                help. I'm relieved we were able to get you here."
    Dagger: "At the Village of Dali, we saw numerous black mages. They
            looked like golems, controlled by some powerful magic. On top
            of that, they were being created under Alexandria's supervision.
            I don't know how they're related to Vivi, but if Mother is
            planning to use them for war..."
    Regent Cid: "We won't let that happen. Even if she were to command an
                army of black mages, she won't make a move as long as we
                have our airship fleet. Don't worry <gwok-gwok>. Everything
                will be fine."
    Dagger: "I'm so sorry, Uncle."
    Regent Cid: "Now, now, come on. Don't be so formal. I'm helping you
                because I am your Uncle Cid, not because I am the regent
                of Lindblum."
    Dagger: "Thank you so much."
    [The two go to an empty airship hangar.]
    Dagger: "What is this place...?"
    Regent Cid: "The heart and soul of Lindblum: our airship dock. This
                is Dock No. 1, where we conduct our research <gwok>."
    Dagger: "But...where are the airships?"
    Regent Cid: "Lonely, isn't it...? We had a new airship model in here
                about 6 months ago. It was our latest creation; it didn't
                require Mist to fly."
    Dagger: "The man who attacked you--was he the one who ran off with it?"
    Regent Cid: "Good guess, but no... Actually... I met a lovely lady at
                the pub..."
    Dagger: "...Um?"
    Regent Cid: "When Hilda found out about my little affair, she used her
                magic and turned me into an oglop. Then she stormed off in
                the new airship, which I named Hilda Garde. Pretty ironic,
                eh? ...... She hasn't been back since <gwok>. I've been
                working on Hilda Garde 2, but it hasn't been going too
                well. My mind just isn't the same as an oglop. I'm
                hopeless... But that doesn't mean I can't help you. I'll
                do my best for Alexandria."
    Dagger: "Thank you... But with South Gate badly damaged, I don't know
            how we can get to Alexandria..."
    Regent Cid: "Don't worry. South Gate is being repaired as we speak.
                Once the repairs are finished, we'll go to Alexandria."
    Dagger: "Yes. I'm sure Mother will finally open her eyes to the truth."
    Regent Cid: "......"
    Dagger: "Uncle, is something wrong?"
    Regent Cid: "Huh? No, I was just thinking...about how the theater ship
                crashed. Baku sure has good men working under him..."
    [The scene ends. The next day, Zidane wakes up in the hotel and Vivi
    comes into his room after a bit.]
    Vivi: "Good morning."
    Zidane: "You're up early."
    Vivi: "Lindblum is a really busy place. I've never seen this many
          people before. I wonder where people go when the wanna be
    Zidane: "Lindblum has always been like this. People come here from all
            over the world. Some of them come here to become airship
            engineers, sculptors, actors..."
    Vivi: "Wow..."
    Zidane: "I don't even remember why I came here my first time. Before
            I knew it, I was living here with my Tantalus brothers."
    Vivi: "Do they still live here?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. Our hideout is in the Theater District. I'm gonna go
            there right now. Do you wanna come along?"
    Vivi: "Um, that's okay. I'm gonna go look around town."
    Zidane: "Okay. Then I'll give you a little tour."
    Vivi: "...No, that's okay. I can go by myself."
    Zidane: "Ohhh...okay... Go find yourself a cute girl, alright?"
    [The third "Teach me, Mogster!" ATE plays and after sitting through
    another ATE (Vivi's Shopping) later, Zidane heads to the hideout in
    the Theater District. It's empty, though...]
    Zidane: "I figured there wouldn't be anybody here... It looks like no
            one's been here for a while. What to do, what to do...?"
    [The bell starts to ring.]
    Zidane: "Geez. It's that late already... I wonder what Dagger's doing."
    [An ATE "What can I do?" plays. Two kids run in after its over.]
    Bunce: "There he is!"
    Lucella: "I told you he'd be here."
    Bunce: "Why didn't you tell us that you were back? We're in Tantalus,
           too, you know."
    Zidane: "What?"
    Lucella: "Yeah. Uncle Baku said if we find some treasure, we can be
             in Tantalus, too."
    Bunce: "Yeah. Check this out."
    Zidane: "Wow, those are trick sparrow's wings! That sure is some
            treasure you found, alright!"
    Lucella: "Yay!"
    Bunce: "Yipee! So, did the plan work?"
    Zidane: "...Yeah. Princess Garnet is at the castle."
    Lucella: "Really!? Wow... So, what's she like? Is she cute?"
    Bunce: "Did you ask her out yet?"
    Zidane: "No... I think she's pretty busy. Plus, she's a princess and
            I'm a...you know, so...I don't know."
    Lucella: "I bet she misses you."
    Bunce: "Yeah. You should go see her."
    Lucella: "Good luck!"
    Bunce: "See ya!"
    [They leave.]
    Zidane: "I wonder if she got to talk to Cid... Maybe I should go see her..."
    [Zidane heads to the Grand Castle, finding Steiner in the guest room.]
    Zidane: "What are you doing here?"
    Steiner: "You! What have you done with the princess!? Where is she!?"
    Zidane: "Whoa, take it easy. I just got here."
    Steiner: "The princess is gone! She was supposed to stay in this room."
    Zidane: "Maybe she went for a little walk."
    Steiner: "How can you be so calm!? This is a very serious matter!
             Have you forgotten all the danger she faced just to get
             here!? What if something terrible happens to her!? What am I
             doing here!? I must go find her! Out of my way!"
    [Steiner runs out with Zidane following soon after.]
    Zidane: "I wonder where she went..."
    [He walks a little further, hearing a familiar song being sung.]
    Zidane: "That song... I've heard it somewhere before. That sweet
            voice... It's Dagger. She's upstairs."
    [Zidane is rebuffed as he goes to the elevator, though:]
    Soldier: "Sorry. Only authorized personnel can use the lift."
    Zidane: "Man, I've gotta get past this guy somehow. Maybe if I
            disguise myself as a guard, he'll let me through."
    [Zidane finds a sleeping guard upstairs.]
    Zidane: "Hey, wake up!"
    Sleepy Soldier: "...Huh?"
    Zidane: "I just saw a suspicious character wandering around!"
    Sleepy Soldier: "WHAT!? Wh-Where!?"
    Zidane: "Upstairs. Follow me."
    [The guard follows and starts to head away.]
    Zidane: "No! In here!"
    Sleepy Soldier: "Huh!?"
    [The two run into the guest room.]
    Sleepy Soldier: "Alright, you bastard! Show yourself! Hey what are
                    you doing!?"
    [Zidane emerges in the guard's clothes.]
    Zidane: "That was easy. I should be able to get on the lift now."
    [Zidane goes up to the rooftop and finds Dagger. FMV: Zidane sees
    Dagger singing next to some pigeons, and she sees him from across
    the way.]
    Zidane: "Nice song."
    Dagger: "How did you get up here? This is a restricted area."
    Zidane: "Come on, I do this for a living."
    Dagger: "...Oh yeah. You're a member of Tantalus. It must've been
            easy for you. ......"
    Zidane: "...? Whew... What a view... Hey! There's a telescope! Let's
            go check it out. Come on."
    [They go up to the telescope.]
    Zidane: "Hmmm..."
    [Zidane can look around at the sights:
    Aerbs Mountains ----> "Those are the mountains that surround
                          Burmecia. I guess the best way to get there is
                          through the cavern at the base."
    Marshland ----> "There's probably a lot of weird things living there.
                    Maybe I should check it out sometime.
    South Gate ----> "Oh, there's South Gate. I wonder if they've started
                     repairing it... It'll probably take a while to fix
    Ceebell River ----> "That river flows right by South Gate. You can
                        get to the gate by walking along the river."
    ??? Forest ----> "Hey, there's a chocobo. Maybe I can catch a chocobo
                     in that forest."
    Aerbs Mountains ----> "Alexandria is beyond those mountains. I bet
                          they're looking for us."
    [Once Zidane's found all the locations:]
    Dagger: "Let me see." [She looks.]
    Zidane: "How's the view?"
    Dagger: (...I've made so much trouble for everyone... Uncle Cid knew
            everything... That's why he asked Tantalus to get me out of
            Alexandria. No matter how hard I try, I'm always one step
            behind in everything... I'm so helpless...)
    Zidane: "...What's wrong?"
    Dagger: "Zidane... Why did you help me come here--to Lindblum? ...Is
            it because your boss ordered you to?"
    Zidane: "I just wanted to help you. That's all. The boss didn't agree
            with me... ...so I ended up leaving the band."
    Dagger: "Really!? I'm sorry."
    Zidane: "Don't worry about it. It isn't the first time I've left."
    Dagger: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "Yeah?"
    Dagger: "Oh...um... How were you planning to abduct me?"
    Zidane: "We were gonna put you to sleep with sleeping weed, then
            kidnap you. It's mostly used for kids, but a big dose can
            knock out an adult just as easily."
    Dagger: "I guess you didn't need it, since I came along on my own.
            Hey... Would you mind giving me some? I've had a hard time
            sleeping lately."
    Zidane: "Um, I don't think that's a good idea. You might get
            addicted. Maybe all you need is some company, eh?"
    Dagger: "Oh, please. Do you think I'm that naive?"
    Zidane: "Heh, heh. Can't blame me for trying."
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "U-Um... Th-That song... Were you singing it in the Village
            of Dali?"
    Dagger: "...Yes. So, you were up that night."
    Zidane: "What is that song, anyway?"
    Dagger: "...I don't know. I can't even remember where I learned it.
            I sing it whenever I feel sad or lonely... For some reason,
            it comforts me and reminds me that I'm not alone."
    Zidane: "I guess it's a mystical song... Let me hear it again."
    [She starts singing, and the view changes to Steiner, who's now
    looking at armor in Dragoos' shop (the same armor, I might add, that
    Zidane calls "cheesy" crap).]
    Steiner: "Hmm... I never expected to find such fine armor in a place
             like this."
    Customer: "Yes, I'll buy that one, too. Who knows when that Brahne
              will start another war..."
    Steiner: "WHAT!? The queen would never start a war! You dare speak
             ill of the queen!?"
    Customer: "Who the hell are you?"
    Steiner: "I'm a......an armor collector!"
    Customer: "Oh. Well, in that case, can you recommend some good armor?"
    Steiner: "I...I must go!"
    [Steiner leaves and the view changes to a street in the Business
    District, where a little hippo kid is playing with figurines.]
    Phillipo: "GO, Knights of Pluto! Yeah!!!"
    Poncho: "What are those things? They look so stupid. I'm gonna take
            Cid's airships and destroy them."
    Phillipo: "HEY, cut it out! YOU BROKE MY KNIGHT! I'm gonna go tell
              your mom!!!"
    Poncho: "No, come on!!!"
    [The two kids run off just as Vivi walks by.]
    Vivi: "'Royal Action Figures'...? Those black mages were like toys...
          being controlled by someone..."
    [The view changes to Freya, who's leaping around in the Theater
    District. She stops on the Tantalus hideout's roof.]
    Freya: "The sky looks ominous... Something's about to happen. Sir
           Fratley, where are you...? I need you..."
    [The view changes again to the empty airship hangar. The oglop regent
    stands at a drawing board.]
    Regent Cid: "Okay! It should work now."
    Engineer Zebolt: "Sire, it's no good."
    Regent Cid: "What!?"
    Engineer Zebolt: "We can't stabilize the engine system. It can't run
                     for more than 10 minutes."
    Regent Cid: "Darn it... My mind hasn't been the same since I became
                an oglop..."
    [The view changes back to Zidane and Dagger.]
    Zidane: "Hey, Dagger. So when do you wanna go on that airship cruise?"
    Dagger: "What are you talking about?"
    Zidane: "...!? (What am I thinking!? I asked the girl at the...)
            Never mind."
    Dagger: "Well...it sounds like you've asked the wrong girl."
    Zidane: "Wait. I-I can explain."
    Dagger: "Why bother? Go have a wonderful time."
    Zidane: "Oh, man... Okay, how about this? If I get first place in
            tomorrow's hunting festival, you and me'll go out on a date!"
    Dagger: "How does that have anything to do with me?"
    Zidane: "Come on. Pleaaase."
    Dagger: "...Fine."
    Zidane: "Okay, it's a date!"
    [Zidane runs off.]
    Dagger: "......"
    [Somewhere, preparations for the Festival are in full swing, and a
    large cage shakes full of monsters in one of the residential areas.]
    Officer: "It may be tradition, but this is a dreadful festival. So
             many lives lost each year, especially because of him..."
    Captain: "Hardly. The festival is a test of manhood. I tingle with
             excitement every year."
    Soldier: "This is the last carraige. All the preparations for the
             Festival of the Hunt are complete."
    Officer: "Very good. Now we wait for the signal."
    Captain: "Yes, sir."
    [The carriage opens and a flock of Fangs runs out.]
    Officer: "Whoa!"
    [The Soldier & Officer flee. A fang licks its chops at the Captain.]
    Captain: "......"
    [The view changes to another area.]
    Soldier: "The fangs have been freed."
    Officer: "What!? We haven't even received the minister's authorization!"
    Soldier: "We believe that they're going to release 'him' any minute."
    Officer: "Alright, release the mus before they let him loose. Hurry!"
    [The two run off as the squirrel-like mus scamper out. The view goes
    to a large cage with a walkway over it somewhere.]
    Voice: "All is ready!"
    Soldier: "Alright. Standby!"
    Breeder: "This year's specimen is perfect. Nothing can stop him! Ha
             ha ha! What power!"
    Soldier: "Hey, make him stop! It's too early to let him loose!"
    Breeder: "How? I have no control over him."
    Soldier: "Dammit! Open the gate at once! The gate's gonna fall apart!"
    Breeder: "GO, ZAGHNOL!"
    [The gigantic swine stampedes into the city. Up in the Grand Castle's
    guest room, Vivi, Steiner, and Dagger all stand around. Freya is there
    as well.]
    Vivi: (Where's Zidane...?)
    Steiner: "Please, Princess. You might actually enjoy it."
    Dagger: "Okay..."
    Freya: (I wonder if Zidane has improved his skills...)
    [Zidane enters.]
    Zidane: "Hey, guys. Sorry I'm late."
    Elite Guard: "Alright, let's begin."
    Narrative: = Festival of the Hunt =
               Hunters, on your mark! Ferocious beasts swarm about the
               castle town! The bigger the catch, the higher the score!
               The time limit is 12 minutes. Use air cabs to go to other
               districts. Once you lose in a battle, you will be forced to
               retire. The winner will be crowned Master Hunter and
               receive the hunter's reward. Who will come out on top!?
    Elite Guard: "What do you wish for your hunter's reward?"
    Zidane: "I'll go with Gil all the way!"
    Freya: "I'll take an Add-on."
    Elite Guard: "And you, Mr. Vivi?"
    Vivi: "WHAT!? I never signed up!"
    Zidane: "I thought you would do pretty well, so I signed you up. Don't
            worry. With your black magic, it'll be a piece of cake."
    Vivi: "I...I don't know..."
    Freya: "That was very inconsiderate of you, Zidane."
    Zidane: "Oh! (How about this? If you win, I'll fix you up for a date
            with Dagger.)"
    Vivi: "Me and the princess!?"
    Zidane: "(SHHH! Keep it down!)"
    Steiner: "What was that!? You just mentioned the princess. What evil
             deeds are you plotting now!?"
    Zidane: "It's nothing, right, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah."
    Elite Guard: "So, what would you like for your reward?"
    Vivi: "Oh, um... I'll take a Card."
    Elite Guard: "Okay. Gil, an Add-on, and...a Card. The festival will
                 begin shortly. You all have different starting points.
                 Hunter Zidane will start in the Theater District, Hunter
                 Freya will start in the Industrial District, and Hunter
                 Vivi will start in the Business District."
    [Everyone but Zidane and the guard leaves.]
    Elite Guard: "Your starting point is the Theater District. You'll
                 need to take an air cab to get there.
    09. Festival of the Hunt (09)
    NOTE: This dialogue is separated so there isn't one big block of
          all-Lindblum stuff. No one wants a wall of text, right? ;p
    [Steiner and Garnet take their spectator's view on the bridge above
    where the Zaghnol was kept caged up.]
    Steiner: "Such rudeness! Princess, they are treating you like a
    Dagger: "Oh, hush. We get a great view from here."
    Steiner: "Hmm, you're right. I can see the entire town. Princess,
             look! Master Vivi is also participating!"
    Dagger: "I can't believe it. He seemed to reluctant earlier."
    Dagger: "COME ON, VIVI!!! YOU CAN DO IT!"
    Steiner: "No! Master Vivi!
    Dagger: "Look out! Oh, gosh! I can't watch anymore!"
             DEFENSE! ATTACK! You can't lose to that monkey Zidane! YES!
             YOU! YES! GO!"
    [The view changes to Zidane, arriving in the Theater District. As he
    fights, different participants and their scores are given, in this
    ______ leads with ___ points!
    [The participants (as far as I know) consist of:]
    -The Strange Gourmand
    [When the contest ends, narrative says:]
    The time is up! The winner is..._____! ___ points!
    [Afterwards, there is a ceremony at the GC Throne room.]
    Regent Cid: "That was marvelous! All of you!"
    Minister Artania: "____ points! Congratulations!"
    Regent Cid: "We grand you the 'Master Hunter' and your reward."
    [They give the winner the reward. If Freya wins:]
    Zidane: "My hat's off to you, Freya. I don't know how you racked up
            so many points."
    Freya: "The fruits of my training, I suppose.
    [If Vivi wins:]
    Steiner: "Well done, Master Vivi!"
    Vivi: "Thanks... I can't believe I won."
    [If Zidane wins:]
    Vivi: "Congratulations, Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Thanks!"
    [No matter who wins, the following happens:]
    Voice: "Regent..."
    [A rat soldier enters, wounded.]
    Burmecian Soldier: "Please forgive my intrusion... I bring urgent
                       news... from our king."
    Regent Cid: "The king of Burmecia?"
    Minister Artania: "(Sire, you must not let him see you like this!)"
    Regent Cid: "(Take a good look at him. An injury has blinded him.)
    Burmecian Soldier: "Our kingdom is being attacked by some unknown
                       force! We are severely outmatched! Please send
                       reinforcements immediately!"
    Regent Cid: "!!!"
    Burmecian Soldier: "The enemy looks like an army of mages wearing...
                       steeple-crowned hats."
    Regent Cid: "The king and I are old friends. We will send reinforcements
                to Burmecia immediately."
    Burmecian Soldier: "Thank you, Regent! The kind...and all of Burmecia
                       will be most grateful! I must...return now... ...Ugh."
    Regent Cid: "Take him to the infirmary!"
    Freya: "It's too late. He's gone... It's a miracle he even made it
           this far. I can't believe this is happening..."
    Minister Artania: "This is a problem... Because of the Festival, there
                      are hardly any men left in the castle. It will take
                      time to mobilize."
    Regent Cid: "We have no choice... Call back the 4th aerial division
                patrolling the border."
    Minister Artania: "But if we recall the 4th, we will lose our eyes
                      over Alexandria."
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok-gwok> Burmecia is our ally. We must help them."
    Freya: "Steple-crowned hats... They might be black mages, like Vivi."
    Vivi: "It can't be..."
    Dagger: "Could it be Mother...!?"
    Freya: "I must go now. I cannot sit and wait for the reinforcements."
    Zidane: "I'm coming with you."
    Freya: "No. This doesn't concern you."
    Zidane: "What's this, I'm a stranger all of a sudden!? I'm not gonna
            sit back and watch your home get destroyed, alright?"
    Freya: "...Thank you, Zidane."
    Vivi: "Um, c-can I come, too? I wanna find out who they really are."
    Zidane: "Sure."
    Dagger: "Alright then. Let's go to Burmecia."
    Steiner: "Princess! This is a foreign matter! It has nothing to do
             with us!"
    Regent Cid: "Steiner is right. We don't know if Alexandria is involved."
    Dagger: "But if black mages are involved... Zidane, you know what I'm
            talking about."
    Zidane: "......"
    Dagger: "If Mother is behind this, I'll make her stop! I promise!"
    Zidane: "...I think you should stay here."
    Dagger: "What!?"
    Zidane: "We don't know what to expect there."
    Dagger: "I've already faced great danger coming here! What's the
    Zidane: "Dagger, this is war. A lot of people are gonna die."
    Dagger: "I know that!"
    Zidane: "...How did you feel when you saw that Burmecian soldier die,
            just now?"
    Dagger: "...I felt sad, of course."
    Zidane: "Just sad? Weren't you scared, too? Obviously, you haven't
            realized how dangerous this is gonna be... You could get
            killed. This is no time to be convincing your mother of
    Dagger: "But..."
    Regent Cid: "Now's not the time to argue."
    Freya: "He's right. We must head to Burmecia at once. Will you open
           the Dragon's Gate?"
    Regent Cid: "Of course. If you're going by foot, leaving from that
                gate is the best way. Let us eat while we <gwok> wait for
                the gate to open."
    [The party goes down to the dining hall later, finding a lavish meal.]
    Vivi: "Yay! I'm so hungry!"
    Regent Cid: "The Festival of the Hunt feast is one of our oldest
                traditions. It began well over five centuries ago. It is
                customary to eat everything with your hands, so go on,
                before it gets cold."
    Dagger: "Thank you, Uncle."
    [Everyone starts eating except Dagger and Freya.]
    Vivi: "Mmmm! It's so good!"
    Freya: "......"
    Zidane: "Let's just eat. We can't do anything until the gate opens."
    Freya: "...You're right."
    Zidane: "Hey, not bad!"
    Steiner: "This is wonderful! Princess, how is everything? Why aren't
             you eating?"
    Garnet: "Oh... I'm sorry. You're right. Everything is so delicious."
    Steiner: "Indeed, it is. Especially this beef. It is superb!"
    Vivi: "Oh, I'm so full. I'm getting sleepy now..."
    [Cid, Freya and Vivi all fall over in a deep sleep.]
    Steiner: "What the--THE FOOD IS POISONED!"
    Zidane: "Dagger...?"
    [Zidane falls over, too.]
    Steiner: "How could I be so careless!!! Ugh... I'm starting to feel
             sick... F-Forgive me, Princess. I should have tasted it for
    Dagger: "That's impossible. There shouldn't be any in your dish."
    Steiner: "What...? Now that you mention it, I feel just fine. !!!
             How did you know!? Princess! You didn't!"
    Dagger: "It's not poison. It's just a medicinal herb Zidane gave me.
            Believe me, this was not what I had planned. Steiner, I have
            to make my own decisions... I had no choice. Uncle Cid would
            never let me leave the castle."
    Steiner: "That is because he is concerned about you!"
    Dagger: "I understand that, but--"
    Steiner: "No, you don't understand...! War is a terrible thing! You
             must never experience it like I have. I'm sorry, Princess. I
             cannot follow any orders that might put your life in danger."
    Dagger: "...What if Alexandria is behind the attack on Burmecia? It
            could lead to war between the three great nations. Many
            innocent people will die... As the princess of Alexandria,
            there must be something I can do. I have to help Mother... I
            don't want to see anything happen to her..."
    Steiner: "...... ...Very well. Princess, I will follow you wherever
             you choose."
    Dagger: "Thank you. Let's go before everyone wakes up. I'm sorry,
            Zidane. Come on."
    [Dagger and Steiner leave. In his sleep, Zidane asks:]
    Zidane: "Dagger... Where are you going...?"
    [Later on, the groggy party wakes up.]
    Freya: "It must've been some sort of sleeping medicine."
    Zidane: "It was sleeping weed."
    Regent Cid: "We've been had..."
    Zidane: "I gave her some because she said she was having problems
    Freya: "I'm impressed. There's more to her than meets the eye."
    Zidane: "Damn, what the heck is she thinking!? Maybe she's heading
            to Burmecia."
    Regent Cid: "Then you might still be able to catch up with her."
    Zidane: "Vivi, wake up! We're going to Burmecia!"
    Freya: "Let's head for Gizamaluke's Grotto. Once we pass through the
           grotto, we will be in Burmecia."
    Regent Cid: "You can leave from the Dragon's Gate located on the
                Base Level."
    [The party goes down the elevator and leaves through Serpent's Gate.]
    10. Qu's Marsh (QU01)
    [The party wanders into the marsh and finds a strange creature by
    the pond, looking for frogs. Zidane catches one for it.]
    Qu: "You got frog! Frogs very good! Mmmm!"
    Zidane: "Who the heck are you?"
    Qu: "Me?"
    [You can name the strange Qu. Default: Quina]
    Zidane: "Quina, do you want this frog?"
    Quina: "Yes, yes! Yes, yes!"
    Zidane: "...Alright. Here."
    Quina: "Yaaay! Mine, mine!"
    [Just then, a man in a chef's hat walks over.]
    Quale: "You pathetic, Quina. Can't even feed yourself."
    [They all go back to Quale's house, deep in the marsh.]
    Quale: "Can't master art of eating just chasing frogs, Quina."
    Quina: "But, Master, frogs very good! Frogs here best! Better than
    Quale: "Quina, you in darkness. Need some light. World big place.
           Many many foods. Alexandria just one kingdom. You need go out
           more, eat other food."
    Quina: "Go out into world...? Sound scary. Are there yummier frogs
    Quale: "Of course! Many good frogs! All Qus love frogs the best.
           Eating frogs is key to growth. Qu marshes exist all over the
           world. Go eat frogs in other marshes. I promise, you get much
           learning. Traveler, please show Quina the world. Anywhere with
           good food."
    Zidane: "You want me to take him with us?"
            R1 --> Why not
            R2 --> Forget it
            R1 (Quina): "Will I find yummier frogs outside?"
               Zidane: "There is plenty of stuff in the world that
                       tastes better than frogs."
               Quina: "Really really!? Okay, I go with you!"
               Quale: "......"
               Zidane: "......"
            R2 (Quina): "It okay, Master. I stay, eat frogs here."
               Quale: "Lazy fool... Traveler, if you change your mind,
                      take Quina with you."
               Zidane: "...I'll think about it."
    [After meeting Quale in his house, the party leaves. Vivi turns
    back around.]
    Vivi: "......"
    Zidane: "What's up, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Um... That man looks exactly like my grandpa."
    Zidane: "Your grandfather? Who, that Quale guy?"
    Vivi: "Yeah... Maybe he knows my grandpa. I'm gonna go talk to him,
    [They both walk back inside.]
    Quale: What wrong? Something on my face?"
    Vivi: "Um... Do you know a man named Quan?"
    Quale: "! ...I not know that bigot!"
    Vivi: "Grandpa Quan was a bit strange, but... How do you know him?"
    Quale: "I-I no can answer."
    Vivi: "Grandpa Quan looks exactly like you, Mr. Quale..."
    Quale: "Of course. We from same tribe."
    Vivi: "......"
    Zidane: "You really don't know him?"
    Quale: "No! I not know this Quan!"
    Zidane: "Honestly...? That's too bad... Let's go, Vivi."
    Vivi: "Okay..."
    [With their newly-found party member, they leave the marsh.]
    11. Chocobo's Forest (CF01)
    [The party stumbles into the forest in the King Ed Plains, finding
    a moogle riding on a chocobo.]
    Moogle: "Kupooo!!! I'm Mene, master of this forest! This chocobo is
            my friend, kupo. His name is Choco."
    Choco: "Kweeeh!"
    Mene: "And this is..."
    [The words "Chocobo's Forest" come on the screen.]
    Zidane: "Hey, did a cute girl with long hair come by here?"
    Mene: "No. But ugly girl came by here."
    Zidane: "Oh... I guess she didn't come this way. Maybe she's heading
            toward Burmecia after all... I'd better get movin'."
    Mene: "You in a hurry, kupo?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, sort of."
    Mene: "Then take Choco. You won't run into monsters if you ride
          Choco. Choco, come here."
    Zidane: "It's okay. Don't force him..."
    Mene: "No. If Choco hates, Choco runs away. Choco, come on! Kupo!!!"
    Choco: "Kweeeh!!!"
    [Choco runs out of the forest.]
    Mene: "Fine. I'll just get to the point, kupo. These are Gysahl
          Greens! You can call Choco outside the forest with these. Find
          chocobo footprints near the forest, kupo. Use Gysahl Greens
          there, and Choco will come. Choco likes you, kupo. You call, and
          he'll come! Please train Choco! Make him strong! Come back to
          this forest after you call him in the world. I'll tell you a big
          secret, kupo."
    [Zidane catches Choco outside and brings him back.]
    Mene: "Choco! How are you, kupo?"
    Choco: "Kweeeh!!!"
    12. Gizamaluke's Grotto (GZ01)
    [They find two dead soldiers at the cavern entrance.]
    Freya: "No...! Come on! Get up! Dammit! Say something!"
    Zidane: "Oh, man..."
    Freya: "The black mages! Who are they!?"
    Vivi: "U-Um..."
    Zidane: "It's okay. You didn't do anything."
    Freya: "Vivi, aren't they your-- !!! The king might be in danger!
           Come on!"
    Zidane: "I sure hope Dagger didn't come here... Let's go."
    [Inside, they find a soldier still clinging to life.]
    Zidane: "Hey, are you alright!?"
    Burmecian Soldier: "...Black mages... Couldn't do anything."
    Zidane: "We're here to help. We're on our way to Burmecia."
    Burmecian Soldier: "Ugh... I'm done for. Take this bell, and... go
                       to Burmecia... The black mages... took our
                       bells... The king's in...palace... Please
    [The soldier dies.]
    Zidane: "Hey!!! I'll protect him. Don't worry."
    [He takes the bell and rings it by the door.]
    Narrative: The bell in your hand and the door bell are ringing!
               The bell in your hand shattered..."
    [In the next room, black mages are still attacking soldiers.]
    Black Mage 1: "KILL!"
    Black Mage 2: "KILL!"
    Black Mage 3: "KILL!"
    Black Mage 1: "KILL!"
    [The first mage shoots fire at a guard.]
    Burmecian Soldier: "ARGH!"
    [Zorn and Thorn walk out onto a ledge over where Zidane and co. are
    Zorn: "Who is that?"
    Thorn: "That, I don't know."
    Zorn: "I know I have seen him somewhere before."
    Thorn: "Somewhere before? I have not seen him. I know."
    Zorn: "I guess it is not important. Let's kill him."
    Thorn: "Yes, kill him, shall we?"
    [They sic two mages on the party, but they get defeated.]
    Thorn: "HEEE! Savage monsters, they are!"
    Zorn: "Run away!"
    [The party runs into another black mage...]
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    [...and they easily defeat it, getting a bell as spoils. Using it
    to get into the next room, they find an odd sight. A female moogle
    stands next to a broken bell, yelling at something inside of it.]
    Moogle: "Darling! Can you hear me!? Darling!!! Please say something!"
    Zidane: "I didn't expect to see a moogle here. What's wrong?"
    Mogmi: "My husband! He's inside the bell! He's trapped! Kupo!!!"
    Freya: "You poor thing..."
    Mogmi: "We just held our wedding here. Then some scary clowns attacked
           us! I was so scared! Kupopo!!!"
    Zidane: "That bell's huge. I don't know if we can lift it."
    Freya: "Hmm..."
    Mogmi: "No, please!!! Huh?"
    [She sniffs around Vivi.]
    Mogmi: "<Sniff sniff!> <Sniff sniff!> <Sniff sniff!> <Sniff sniff!>"
    Vivi: "H-Hello. Um..."
    Mogmi: "Oh! Oh!!! Wait... Yeah! It's you!!! I know you! I know you!!
           I know you!!! Um, um, um, um, um, um, um! Hey, hey, hey!!! You
           have Kupo Nut!"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah... I got one in Lindblum."
    Mogmi: "Really!? Really!? Really!? Really!? C-Can I have it?"
           R1 --> Yes
           R2 --> No
           R1: [See below.]
           R2: "Pleaaase!!! Kupooo!!!
    [At R1, Vivi gives her the Nut.]
    Mogmi: "Kupooo!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Darling! Darling!
           I have yummy Kupo Nut!"
    [A moogle lifts the gigantic bell and topples it off of him.]
    Moogle: "Kupooo!"
    Mogmi: "Darling!!!"
    Moogle: "Kupooo! I love Kupo Nuts!"
    [He runs off.]
    Mogmi: "Darling! Where are you going!? U-Um, thank you! Darling!!!"
    [She runs off after her husband.]
    Zidane: "What a crazy couple...
    [The little bell underneath the large one doesn't open the way to
    the exit, so the party uses it to find the other moogles again.]
    Moguta: "I love Kupo Nuts! Do you like Kupo Nuts?"
            R1 --> Yes
            R2 --> Not really
            R1: "I like you."
            R2: "I hate you." [He repeats his question.]
    [After picking R1 (you have to), when you leave, Moguta'll stop you.]
    Moguta: "Kupo! Wait! Kupo!"
    [He spins a statue nearby, takes something, and spins it back.]
    Moguta: "Kupo! Take this, kupo!"
    [Zidane gets the Holy Bell.]
    Moguta: "Give me Kupo Nuts again, okay, kupo? I'm kupo for Kupo Nuts!"
    [Using the Holy Bell, the party enters the last room of the cavern. A
    Burmecian Soldier, still alive, is slumped near the water.]
    Freya: "Are you alright!?"
    Burmecian Soldier: "Freya... Please be careful... Master Gizamaluke
                       has gone mad. He's being controlled by some strange
    [Just then, a large snake falls into the water and it attacks. They
    defeat Master Gizamaluke.]
    Freya: "What happened to Master Gizamaluke...? We must hurry! His
           Majesty is in danger!
    [The view changes to Steiner at the Grand Citadel South Gate.]
    13. Grand Citadel South Gate (SG01)
    [Steiner approaches the gate with a bag tied to a stick slung over
    his shoulder. This is a different South Gate than the one by Dali,
    by the way -- it's, I guess, past the gate to the Bohden Arch near
    Chocobo's Forest.]
    Steiner: (Once we cross this gate, we are in Alexandrian territory!)
    [He walks up to two guards.]
    Short Guard: "Hold it right there."
    Tall Guard: "What's the purpose of your visit?"
    Steiner: "I heard workers were needed to fix South Gate. I brought
             my belongings so that I might live and work here."
    Tall Guard: "That's great! They've been working on the gate non-stop
                since the accident, but it's still broken."
    Short Guard: "I need to check your bag. Rules and regulations, you
    Steiner: "......"
    [Steiner sets his...large bag down.]
    Short Guard: "Would you step back?"
    Tall Guard: "There, that's good. Sorry, just doing our job. So...
                Where are you from?"
    Steiner: (Blast, I must do something!)
    Tall Guard: "The police are searching for a girl and a middle-aged
                man. Did you see a pair like that on your way here?"
    Short Guard: "This knot is really tight..."
    Tall Guard: "The girl supposedly looks exactly like Princess Garnet,
                the most beautiful princess ever to grace Alexandria
    Short Guard: "I got it now."
    Tall Guard: "But you know how Queen Brahne looks. It's hard to believe
                she'd have such a beautiful daughter."
    Short Guard: "Ungh!? WHAT IS THIS!? Wh-What is that!? What are
                 those...those... ...rotten things! Are they poison!?"
    Steiner: "Rotten? I'm not carrying anything that's rotting..."
    Tall Guard: "Oh, it's your least favorite food... ...the Lindblum
                delicacy, gysahl pickles. I can't believe how many you
                brought with you!"
    Steiner: "They are my favorite! I cannot start my day without them."
    Tall Guard: "Yeah, sure. People who like 'em all say that. You can
                go now."
    Steiner: "Thank you. Good day."
    [Steiner walks through the gate. There are a few people around, and
    he whispers to the contents of the bag:]
    Steiner: (We're inside the gate! Princess, you've done it again. I
             must find a spot where I won't be seen... That alley looks
             acceptable. But a girl and a man are in the way.)
    [Steiner talks to the jobless man and the worker around. He talks
    to a man inspecting a pile of machinery afterwards:]
    Earnest Young Man: "Let's see... I need two of Model #3... Oh, you
                       brought your things with you. Are you here to
                       R1 --> Answer
                       R2 --> Remain silent
                       R1: "I-Indeed."
                       R2: [Garnet kicks him through the bag.]
                           Steiner: "I-Indeed."
    Earnest Young Man: "Welcome! I'm also new here. I've been working
                       here for five months as the chief engineer of
                       Bohden Gate. But he's the only one working under
                       me. I'll be going back to the castle next month,
                       when my contract expires. I'll be joining a team
                       of engineers who are developing a new engine that
                       runs without Mist. The world outside the Mist
                       Continent is uncharted territory, but there's no
                       need to worry about our safety if we can explore
                       it on an airship. Regent Cid is an advocate of
                       technological advancement. Oh, sorry. I talked
                       your ear off."
    Steiner: "There's something I must tell you."
    Chief Engineer: "...The gate to the bottom of the Mist has been
                    left broken!? Did he think he could get away with
                    that!? Excuse me!"
    [The man runs off after learning of his worker's incompetance.]
    Steiner: (Now I just need to get rid of that girl...)
    [If you talked to the girl first, he'll say:]
    Steiner: (That just leaves the young man over there...)
    [Steiner runs over to the girl.]
    Part-time Worker Mary: "I can't believe he went out of business... I
                           didn't know, because I was on the other side of
                           the moutain."
                           R1 --> Console her
                           R2 --> Don't console her
                           R1 (Steiner): "What good is it to bemoan what
                                         has already happened?"
                               [Garnet kicks him]
                               Steiner: "Wh-What I meant to say was that...
                                        Now that we are here, there must be
                                        things we can do to help the ones
                                        we love."
                               Part-time Worker Mary: "You're right. I
                                                      gotta encourage him.
                           R2: [Garnet kicks him; dialogue cancelled.]
    [After Mary goes to talk to Jeff:]
    Steiner: (The coast is clear.)
    [Steiner heads into the alley, but--]
    Short Guard: "Hey, hold on! Rules and regulations, you know. Would
                 you come over here? Stop right there! Don't make a move
                 until I tell you! Now, turn toward me slowly... Don't
                 make a false move. Phew... You need a Gate Pass to reach
                 the South Gate summit. I'm leaving it right there. Pick
                 it up after I leave. I'd come closer, but you're carrying
                 those stinky pickles! See? I'm leaving it right here!"
    [Steiner picks up the pass after the guard leaves and hits the alley.]
    Steiner: "Ahem... 'Tis foolishness! If all were so easy, why, none
             would suffer in this world'"
    Dagger: "Steiner...? Is it okay for me to come out?"
    Steiner: "Yes!"
    Dagger: "Thank you. I will come out now. Please keep an eye out."
    Steiner: "Yes!"
    Dagger: <Rustle rustle...> <Rustle rustle...> "Oh, finally! Some
            fresh air! What a horrible smell... It gave me a terrible
            headache." (Maybe I'll get changed while he's on lookout.)
    Steiner: "Let's see..."
             R1 --> Continue looking
             R2 --> Go over to the other side
             R1: "Uh-huh...
             R2: [Steiner runs to the other side, past Dagger.]
                 Dagger: (Ahh!) "(Don't look this way...)"
    [Dagger comes out from behind the crate.]
    Dagger: "You can turn around now, Steiner."
    Steiner: "Princess...!"
    Dagger: "Steiner!"
    Steiner: "Yes...? Oh, um, yes, Miss Dagger."
    Dagger: "You have to call me Dagger until we reach Treno. Don't
            salute me, either."
    Steiner: "Yes, until we reach Treno and find a way back to the castle,
             I will be careful."
    Dagger: "Okay, let's go."
    [They head to the cable car screen.]
    Dagger: "Wow...! That cable car will take us to the summit. We're
            almost there, Steiner. Alexandria is just beyond the summit,
            right? I managed it without Zidane's help...!"
    Steiner: "You never needed him to begin with, Princess."
    Dagger: "......"
    [They board the Berkmea cable car and sit down.]
    Dagger: "Let's sit here."
    Conductor: "Please wait while I prepare for departure."
    Part-time Worker Mary: "Wait! Wait for me! <Pant, pant...> I made it!
                           Thank you for your kind words earlier."
    Steiner: "No, I thank you."
    Part-time Worker Mary: "?"
    Conductor: "Now departing!
    [The cable car takes off.]
    Garnet: "Phew... I feel more relaxed now."
    Steiner: "That is understandable. Our journey from Lindblum was very
             tough. But... ...it was your white magic that helped me
             through the battles against all those monsters... ...your
             fortitude that got us past the obnoxious moogles in Chocobo's
             Forest... ...and, finally, your idea to use gysahl pickles to
             get past the South Gate guards! I am thoroughly impressed by
             your intelligence and courage, Princess!"
    Dagger: "Steiner, you can't call me that."
    Steiner: "My apologies. I'm just not used to..."
    Dagger: "It's okay. I made lots of mistakes when Zidane taught me how
            to talk like this."
    Steiner: "That peasant had no manners whatsoever! Although...he did
             have some wit for a bumpkin, but... The way he spoke to you
             was simply unacceptable! I say good riddance."
    [The view changes back to the party in Gizamaluke's Grotto, talking
    with the wounded soldier nearby.]
    Freya: "Can you stand up?"
    Burmecian Soldier: "Don't worry... about me... Please... protect
    Freya: "I will protect Burmecia. You have my word."
    [They all run out of the exit.]
    14. North Gate (NG02)
    [On the right cliff wall from the exit is another arch the party
    can visit.]
    Freya: "The smell of fire... And blood! There must have been a huge
           battle on the other side of that gate..."
    Quina: "Something smell bad. I get bad feeling! Flower smell good!
           You smell flower!"
    Freya: "Quina does whatever s/he feels like doing. I must learn from
           his ways."
    Zidane: "I don't think it's intentional, Freya."
    Freya: "No, if I had done as I pleased, I would've been..."
    Quina: "Zidane, this flower taste good!"
    Zidane: "See what I mean?"
    Freya: "But still... Let's go! Burmecia is just ahead!"
    15. Burmecia, Realm of Eternal Rain (BR01)
    [The party runs to the gate of the dreary, rain-splattered city,
    finding it broken and battered.]
    Zidane: "So...this is Freya's home... What are you doing? Get over
    Freya: "It's been five years... I've been away for so long. Not a
           night went by when I didn't dream about home. I can't believe
           I'm here... I am no longer the selfish child I was five years
           ago. The time has come for me to serve my kingdom as a
           Burmecian dragon knight once again!"
    Zidane: "I'll do what I can to help!"
    Vivi: "Me, too!"
    Quina: "I help, too!"
    Zidane: "Let's go."
    [They all run off, but Freya lingers.]
    Freya: "What can I do for my kingdom? This is not the time."
    [She runs off to meet the others. Soon, they come to a residential
    screen, and Zorn and Thorn appear on two balconies, looking down at
    Zorn: "It is them again!"
    Thorn: "Most persistant, they are!"
    Zorn: "Black mages!"
    Thorn: "Black mages!"
    [Two Black Mages appear.]
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    [Zidane and company trounce them, however.]
    Zorn: "The general will punish you for this!"
    Thorn: "Yes! Very scary, it is, when the general gets mad!"
    [Zidane runs upstairs in an effort to find the two, but fails. He
    finds a soldier, though, who directs him to a bell hidden under a
    bed. They use it to progress towards the castle.]
    Freya: "Zidane... Burmecia's royal palace is beyond these steps. It
           must be in ruins, just like everything else. I can't bear to
           see it like that..."
    Zidane: "I understand, but we can't go back now. We have to find out
            who's behind this."
    Vivi: "...I wanna find out who those guys were...and why I look like
    Zidane: "Look, Vivi's scared, too. But we have to face reality."
    Vivi: "Come on, Freya. It'll be okay..."
    Freya: "Vivi... Do you really know what you're doing? The answer you
           seek may forever change your life for the worse."
    Vivi: "Um...... Y-Yeah... But... But I have to... I have to find out
          who I am... I'm scared... What if I'm not even human...?"
    Freya: "Vivi..."
    Quina: "What you talking about? I not human, but you definitely human!"
    Zidane: "Someone's coming!"
    [A soldier with woman and child run down the stairs, stopping.]
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Who are you!? Are you in league with the
                           black mages!?"
    Zidane: "No!"
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "You're lying! There's a black mage right
                           behind you!"
    Vivi: "No! I didn't do anything! I would never hurt anyone!"
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Lies!"
    Freya: "He's telling the truth!"
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "...Freya!?"
    Freya: "It's good to see you, Dan."
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Damn, I haven't seen you in years. Where've
                           you been!? Actually, this isn't the best time
                           to talk! We've gotta get out of here fast.
                           There are black mages swarming all over the
                           place. What are you waiting for!?"
    Freya: "Where is the king?"
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "I don't know. I didn't see him in the palace.
                           Well, I'm going. I have my own family to worry
                           about. Freya, forget about the king and get out
                           of here! We're no match for those black mages!"
    [Dan runs off.]
    Freya: "I will protect my home and my king at any cost. Let's go to
           the palace.
    [The party walks up to the steps of the ransacked and broken palace.]
    Zidane: "Geez, this is terrible... Freya, I'm sorry, but from the
            looks of this, I don't think the king made it. ......"
            R1 --> Talk to her
            R2 --> Leave her alone
            R3 --> I wonder if Dagger's alright
            R1: "I don't know what to tell you... We can only hope that
                the king and the others escaped."
                Freya: "......"
            R2: [See below.]
            R3: "I don't think Dagger came here... I wonder where she
    [After picking R2:]
    Zidane: "Vivi, let's go see what's over there."
    Freya: "!!!"
    Zidane: "Freya!"
    [Freya jumps up high and lands on a statue above.]
    Freya: "There's someone inside the palace! What are you waiting for?
           Get up here."
    [She runs inside.]
    Zidane: "You make it sound so easy... I guess I'll start here. Come
    Vivi: "Um...okay."
    [Vivi jumps up and faceplants, like usual.]
    Zidane: "Oh, man. I'm gonna go on ahead. Try to find a way up here.
            I'll meet you up top."
    Quina: "I meet you after I eat food inside palace!"
    [Zidane jumps up and runs in after Frey. He finds her hiding behind a
    statue, watching some people down below in the palace.]
    Zidane: "Who is that?"
    Freya: "I knew she was behind all this."
    Zidane: "What do you mean, you knew?"
    Freya: "I decided to return to Burmecia because I heard rumors that
           Brahne had set her sights on our kingdom."
    Zidane: "Then that girl standing next to her must be Beatrix,
            Alexandria's general."
    Freya: "That's Beatrix? The cold-blooded knight who shows no mercy.
    [Freya has a flashback with a man.]
    Freya: "Beatrix?"
    Man: "Yes... Beatrix. I hear there are many fierce warriors out in
         the world--some even more powerful than even I... ...Beatrix of
         Alexandria, in particular. They say her swordsmanship is the best
         in the land."
    Freya: "Sir Fratley, do you still insist on going on your journey?"
    Sir Fratley: "Yes... Please understand, Freya. Right now, Burmecia is
                 at peace, while other nations are slowly but surely
                 gaining power. I don't know if my spear alone is enough
                 to protect Burmecia... ...which is precisely why I must
                 go out into the world."
    Freya: "Sir Fratley...I don't think I can live on my own--not without
    Sir Fratley: "Freya, you're going to be fine. Trust your strength...
                 and have faith in your destiny. Once I complete my journey
                 around the world, I will return to Burmecia."
    Freya: "Then promise me, one more time, that you will return."
    Sir Fratley: "I promise."
    [Fratley walks away, and the screen blacks out.]
    Freya: "Fratley... You never came back... You've left me with nothing
           except rumors of your death. I couldn't believe it! I still
           won't believe it! Never. Not until I witness proof of your
           death with my own eyes. And I will travel forever across the
           world forever if I must..."
    [The flashback ends and Zidane looks over.]
    Zidane: "Are you alright?"
    Freya: "Yes. I was just thinking...about the past..."
    Zidane: "...You still can't get over him, huh? Who is that?"
    [Just then, someone in white walks towards Beatrix and Brahne.
    Freya and Zidane listen in.]
    Mystery Man: "I find this rain quite pleasant... I feel as though
                 the raindrops are blessing our victory..."
    Brahne: "This is a great victory for us. Kuja, your black mages made
            this conquest so simple. My only concern now is finding the
            king of Burmecia. We must take care of him once and for all,
            and prevent these rats from ever rising up again. Beatrix,
            what's taking so long!?"
    Beatrix: "I don't know, Your Majesty. I've ordered Zorn and Thorn
             to search the preimeter, but there's been no word so far. I
             will join them and lead the search right away."
    Kuja: "You're wasting your time."
    Beatrix: "What?"
    Kuja: "Rats often look for new homes when they sense an earthquake.
          They probably moved to the sandy tree house by now... So, you
          see, it's too late. The king has already turned tail and fled."
    Brahne: "Sandy tree house... Surely, you can't mean Cleyra!? It'll be
            quite difficult if they escaped to Cleyra."
    Beatrix: "Cleyra... Unless we can get through that sandstorm, it will
             be impossible to attack them."
    Brahne: "Sneaky, little rats! Kuja, what do you think? Surely, with
            your powers, there must be something you can do."
    Kuja: "Of course, Your Majesty. I will present you a marvelous display
          of my power. I am certain that you will be most pleased. I was
          wondering if you would gather your troops near Cleyra. I'm
          certain those filthy rats will retaliate in full force, and my
          black mages may not be enough."
    [Up at the statue:]
    Zidane: "Sounds like we got trouble."
    Freya: "That sinister man... Who is he?"
    Zidane: "Beats me... I've never seen him before. Well, it sounds like
            they're going to Cleyra. I've always wondered why people call
            it the 'City of Illusion.'"
    Freya: "I don't know, either. Cleyra has remained in isolation for
           hundreds of years. If my poeple escaped to there, they'll be
           safe, at least for a while."
    Zidane: "What's the place like?"
    Freya: "The people of Cleyra are originally from Burmecia. Long ago,
           they severed ties with Burmecia over a trivial conflict. Now
           the kingdom is at peace, shielded by a large sandstorm."
    Zidane: "Look, there's someone else coming!"
    [A Burmecian soldier runs over to Beatrix.]
    Freya: "What is he thinking!?"
    Zidane: "Geez, he's gonna get killed!"
    [Zidane and Freya jump down and run towards him.]
    Burmecian Soldier: "Burmecia will never fall! Prepare to die!!!"
    Beatrix: "You wish to fight me, Beatrix of Alexandria?"
    Burmecian Soldier: "B-Beatrix!?"
    Beatrix: "I commend your courage, but I will show you no mercy."
    [Zidane and Freya arrive.]
    Zidane: "Hold it!"
    Freya: "You'll have to deal with us, first! We'll take care of this.
           Go find the king. Protect him with your life."
    Burmecian Soldier: "...Thank you, Freya."
    Beatrix: "Ha ha ha. I've never been so humiliated in my life. I once
             killed a hundred knights single-handedly... To me, you two
             are nothing more than insects."
    [Vivi and Quina run over, and the battle begins, but Beatrix stands
    strong until the end.]
    Beatrix: "You're no match for me!"
    [She uses Stock Break on the party, reducing them all to critical
    health (1 HP). The battle then ends.]
    Beatrix: "Ignorant fools."
    [The party members lie on the ground, huffin' and puffin'.]
    Beatrix: "How ridiculously weak... Isn't there anyone who is worthy
             of facing me?"
    Brahne: "Come, Beatrix. We must prepare to attack Cleyra."
    Beatrix: "Yes, Your Majesty."
    [The two leave.]
    Kuja: "Now what do we have here...? Another filthy rat, and... Hmm...
          This boy could become a problem..."
    [FMV. Kuja looks over the wounded members of the party before riding
    away on a silver dragon. The finish of the sequence concludes the
    first disc.]
        ######  # ###### #####      ####       ###### #### # ######
        ##    # # #      #             #       ##     # ## # ##    #
        ##    # # ###### #             #       #####  # ## # ##    #
        ##    # #      # #             #       ##     # ## # ##    #
        ######  # ###### #####     #######     ###### # #### ######
    16. Grand Citadel South Gate (SG02)
    [The disc opens on the two gate guards Steiner encountered before.]
    Tall Guard: "There's been a lot of trouble lately."
    Short Guard: "Oh, you mean about Burmecia? I heard they were attacked
                 by an army of soldiers wearing pointy hats. I wanna go
                 fight on the frontline. Instead, I'm rotting away in this
                 stinkin' place."
    Tall Guard: "Really? I don't like wars. Why would someone start a
                war...? That guy who passed through here with the huge
                bag... Did he look suspicious to you?"
    Short Guard: "No... I don't think so."
    Tall Guard: "But weren't you the one who thought he was suspicious?"
    Short Guard: "You know me! I'm always like that. I'm telling you,
                 people who eat pickles are nice people. I envy him.
                 Gysahl pickles are the only picles I can't eat."
    Tall Guard: "You're really confusing, you know that?"
    Short Guard: "I know... Why do you think I ended up here?"
    [On the cable car, Steiner walks back to where Dagger is sitting.]
    Steiner: "The conductor said we'll be arriving at the Summit Station
             soon. Prin... Ahem... Miss Dagger? She's sleeping... (The
             princess believes what she heard about Queen Brahne. Queen
             Brahne would never start a war... It's all a misunderstanding.
             She will see that when she talks to the queen. ...I need not
             concern myself with such matters. My only mission is to
             protect the princess.)
    Conductor: "Summit Station! Summit Station!"
    [Everyone walks off.]
    Dagger: "Thank you very much."
    Conductor: "Take care. You'll have to wait awhile until the car to
               Alexandria arrives."
    Dagger: "How long will it be?"
    Conductor: "It arrives when this car reaches Bohden Station, so...
               ...about as long as you spent in the car. Why don't you
               wait in the rest area up ahead?"
    Dagger: "Okay. What's wrong, Steiner?"
    Steiner: "P-Princess..."
    Dagger: "Hey, what did I say about--"
    Steiner: "It's Alexandria! We're finally home!"
    Dagger: "Really...?"
    [They go to see the view on the other side of the station.]
    Dagger: "We're home...! But I still can't see the castle."
    Steiner: "Princess, Alexandria may only mean the castle to you,
    Dagger: "Hey, are you making fun of me for being naive?"
    Steiner: "N-No, I'm not..."
    Dagger: "It's okay. Let's go."
    [They enter the rest stop area.]
    Dagger: "This must be the rest area."
    Steiner: "Let us gather information while we wait for the car to
    [Dagger talks around and hears a familiar voice down at the station.
    She goes down there and finds Cinna and Marcus talking.]
    Dagger: "That's..."
    Cinna: "I missed my ride! What am I gonna do now!?"
    Marcus: "How the heck should I know...? You were the one who wanted
            to watch the scenery while eating South Gate Bundt Cake."
    Cinna: "I'm gonna be late returning to Lindblum..."
    Marcus: "There's nothing we can do. I won't tell the boss."
    Cinna: "Thanks, buddy! Let's eat another bundt cake!
    Marcus: "Geez..."
    [Marcus and Cinna walk inside; Dagger follows 'em in. Steiner finds
    them both first, though.]
    Steiner: "Scoundrels!"
    Dagger: "???"
    Steiner: "Are you here to kidnap the princess again!?"
    Cinna: "Who's the big tin man?"
    Steiner: "WHAT!? How dare you!"
    Marcus: "He's the captain of the Knights of Pluto."
    Cinna: "Oh yeah! You're one bad actor."
    Steiner: "Grrr...! Have you no respect?"
    [Dagger goes over to Steiner.]
    Steiner: "Princess...!"
    Dagger: "Steiner! That's enough!"
    Steiner: "Wh-Wha...!?"
    Dagger: "Can't I even talk to my friends?"
    Steiner: "Freinds!? But they're..."
    Dagger: "Adelbert Steiner!"
    Steiner: "Yes, Prin--ma'am!"
    Cinna: "He's bein' scolded."
    Marcus: "How embarrassing."
    [They hear a sound outside.]
    Attendant: "The cable car to Alexandria has arrived!"
    Cinna: "It's here!"
    Marcus: "But you're goin' to Lindblum."
    Cinna: "I-I know that! But you're going to Alexandria!"
    Marcus: "Yeah, I'm heading to Treno."
    Cinna: "I'll see you off."
    [They walk to the station.]
    Dagger: "Marcus is going to Treno, too? Let's go, Steiner. Steiner?
            Are you mad at me?"
    Steiner: "No, ma'am! I'm coming along."
    [They go to the station, where Cinna's seeing Marcus off.]
    Cinna: "Good luck!"
    Marcus: "Yeah. I'll save our bro!"
    Dagger: "...Bro?"
    [Dagger and Steiner climb onto the car.]
    Conductor: "Now departing."
    Garnet: "Why are you going to Treno, Marcus?"
    Marcus: "To save our brother."
    Dagger: "Who?"
    Marcus: "There's only man I call 'Bro.' That's Blank. We've been
            gathering info to cure his petrification. We finally learned
            about an item called Supersoft that cures all forms of
    Dagger: "What about Cinna?"
    Marcus: "Cinna's going back to the Tantalus hideout in Lindblum to
            tell the others."
    Dagger: "I see..."
    Marcus: "It's my turn for questions."
    Dagger: "Yes?"
    Marcus: "Where's Zidane?"
    Dagger: "We separated in Lindblum."
    Marcus: "Got rid of him as soon as he got you to Lindblum, huh?"
    Dagger: "How could you say that!? It's only because Zidane kept
            treating me like a child! ...I don't care about him."
    Marcus: "Fine. Then I don't know anything."
    Dagger: "......"
    [Dagger talks to him again.]
    Dagger: "Say, Marcus... Um, is there any way I can help?"
    Marcus: "Help with what?"
    Dagger: "Well... I was partially responsible for what happened, so..."
    Marcus: "No, thanks. We'll be fine on our own."
    Dagger: "But wouldn't it be better if--"
    [The cable car shakes.]
    Steiner: "Wh-What was that!?"
    Conductor: "It might be engine trouble! Please remain in your seats
               while I check. Ahhhhhh! It's a demon! A demon in a pointy
    Dagger: "A pointy hat!?"
    Marcus: "What's wrong!?"
    [They all pile out and see none other than Black Waltz No. 3.]
    Marcus: "What's going on!? !!!"
    Black Waltz No. 3: "Mission...retrieve...princess...alive..."
    Dagger: "Isn't that the one we saw on the cargo ship?"
    Steiner: "Monster! I'll finish you off this time!"
    Dagger: "Wait, Steiner! Tell me something! Why do you want to capture me?"
    Steiner: "Princess, it's too dangerous! Please stand back!"
    Black Waltz No. 3: "Mission...retrieve...princess...alive..."
    Marcus: "It's no use! It doesn't understand!"
    Dagger: "But--"
    Black Waltz No. 3: "Eliminate...all!"
    [The party kills the Black Waltz once and for all.]
    Dagger: "Why...? Why...? What did he want with me?""
    Steiner: "Princess..."
    Marcus: "Burmecia was attacked by an army of black mage soldiers..."
    Dagger: "...I know."
    Marcus: "Those mages wiped out the people of Burmecia..."
    Dagger: "......"
    Steiner: "Who would do such a thing?"
    Marcus: "Are you serious!? How ignorant can you be!?"
    Steiner: "What do you mean!?"
    Dagger: "Stop it, Steiner... I know who did it."
    Steiner: "Princess?"
    Dagger: "We're almost in Alexandria... I must go to the castle and
            see my mother... She'll listen to me."
    [Back on the moving cable car, Dagger sits down next to Marcus.]
    Dagger: "I think we're almost there."
    Marcus: "So, you already heard about the attack on Burmecia."
    Dagger: "Of course. I'm not like Steiner."
    Marcus: "You've changed."
    Dagger: "Me? You mean the way I talk?"
    Marcus: "Not just that."
    Dagger: "Well... A lot has happened. Oh, speaking of which...!"
    Marcus: "Yeah?"
    Dagger: "I've been through tons of battles. I'm a seasoned pro, now!"
    Marcus: "What are you talking about?"
    Dagger: "You need to find Supersoft and save Blank, right?"
    Marcus: "You're gonna come along, even if I refuse, right?"
    Dagger: "Of course I am! This is so exciting! I've always wanted to
            see the marvelous architecture of Treno. I can hardly wait!"
    Marcus: (On second thought, maybe she hasn't changed that much.)
    [The Berkmea car cruises to a stop in Alexandria territory and the
    four passengers pile out.]
    Conductor: "Take care! The road splits up ahead. Go right to reach
               Treno, and left to reach Dali."
    [The party hangs a right and goes through the gate. On the world map,
    they soon arrive at the city of Treno, under an eternal veil of night.]
    17. Dark City Treno (TR01)
    [The party walks in through the front gate.]
    Steiner: "Princess, this is Treno, the City of Nobles."
    Dagger: "We need to find out which noble has the Supersoft."
    Marcus: "There aren't many nobles living here. The nights are long.
            It's a great place for thieves."
    Steiner: "People like you turned this city into a slum!"
    Marcus: "...Let's steal the Supersoft and get this over with."
    Steiner: "Steal!? How dare you! Do you think I'd let you commit a
             crime before my very eyes!?"
    Marcus: "How else would we get the Supersoft?"
    Steiner: "Quiet! I will not allow such disgraceful behavior!"
    Marcus: "I never asked you to come along. Quit complaining."
    [Dagger walks off.]
    Steiner: "Don't you talk back to me! First of all--"
    Marcus: "...Uh-oh."
    Steiner: "Do not interrupt me while I'm talking!"
    Marcus: "Look behind you."
    Steiner: "What!? Princess, I urge you not to...!!! P-Princess!?
             No... Not again... Never have I dealt with such hardship in
             my 18 years of service. This is all because of you and your
             scoundrel friends...!"
    [...but Marcus has already left, too.]
    Steiner: "Gone... An Alexandrian knight must not let such a frivolous
             matter get to him! I must find the princess!"
    [Steiner goes to the auction house.]
    Steiner: "Princess! Thank goodness I found you. I was worried."
    Dagger: "How can I find the Supersoft if I have to keep listening to
            your complaints?"
    Steiner: "Such harsh words..."
    Dagger: "I don't think it's here, anyway. Where's Marcus?"
    Steiner: "I do not know..."
    Dagger: "Maybe Marcus found it already. Are you coming? I'm going,
            with or without you."
    Steiner: "I-I shall follow you, Princess."
    [Steiner runs out; Garnet gazes back up at the empty balcony.]
    Dagger: "...I've seen him before..."
    [Dagger and Steiner find Marcus in the downstairs of the bar.]
    Marcus: "We're ready to retrieve the Supersoft."
    Dagger: "Good! At last, we can save Blank! When do we leave?"
    Marcus: "We can leave right away. So you're coming along, huh? Are
            you ready?"
            R1 --> Ready
            R2 --> Not yet
            R1: [See below.]
            R2 (Dagger): "I still need time to get ready. Is that alright?"
               Marcus: "Sure... But make it quick."
    [After picking R1:]
    Dagger: "Let's go."
    Steiner: "Princess! Princess! Please wait!"
    Marcus: "Boss's waiting at the dock."
    Dagger: "Boss? You mean..."
    Marcus: "Yup, there's only one man we call 'Boss.'"
    [They start walking to the dock.]
    Steiner: "Princess! Please wait! It may be a trap! You cannot trust
             criminals! Think of the consequences! You are a princess!
             If the queen hears about this... Princess!"
    Baku: "Princess, do you know that breakin' and enterin' is a crime?"
    Dagger: "I need to make sure you don't steal anything else."
    Marcus: "Let's go."
    Steiner: "Dammit! I am coming along. It is my duty to protect the
             princess from bad influences!"
    Marcus: "Do whatever you want..."
    Baku: "Always talkin' about yer duty. Ain't you got any thoughts of
          yer own?"
    Steiner: "Don't you talk back to me! I am escorting the princess--"
    Baku: "I thought you might've changed after travelin with Zidane,
          but... ...you ain't changed. Do you even know why you're here?"
    Steiner: "Wh-What do you mean!?"
    Dagger: "Let's just go, okay?"
    [The view changes to the auction house, where Kuja and the auctioneer
    are standing in an empty parlor.]
    Auctioneer: "How was Burmecia?"
    Kuja: "Not bad... Better if I didn't have to see those vermin and
          the ugly elephant-lady. They offend my senses."
    Auctioneer: "You must be tired."
    Kuja: "It's not over yet. The rest of the vermind must be done away
    Auctioneer: "Will you be heading to Cleyra, then?"
    Kuja: "Yes; I trust you will deliver them?"
    Auctioneer: "Certainly. I shall prepare now..."
    Kuja: "By the way, did you see a pretty lady in the crowd today?"
    Auctioneer: "A pretty lady? Shall I arrange a meeting?"
    Kuja: "There's no need. The canary I've been after... She flew into
          my cage of her own free will."
    Auctioneer: "?"
    Kuja: "Never would I have imagined running into you in a place like
          this. It must be fate. But you cannot rest your wings yet...
          Fly home to your mother, little canary. I, too, will welcome
          you home with open arms."
    [Back at the dock, the ship's already rolling through the water under
    the many arches of Treno's underbelly. Dagger and Steiner reflect,
    but I'll add in the parentheses myself (just so one knows).]
    Steiner: (What in the world am I doing...? I'm assisting thieves in
             committing a crime... No... I must be patient. Protect the
             princess. Escort her back to the castle. Focus on your
             duties... Trust the queen. She would never commit an atrocity.
             There must be a good reason. No thoughts of my own? Nonsense.
             How can I, a lowly knight, undrestand the queen's thinking? I
             need not worry about the ramblings of a criminal. Just think
             about escorting the princess home. I'll probably never see him
             again... He was the culprit... He pulled the princess and me
             into his intrigues.)
    [On the other side of the ship, Dagger's also gazing out at the water.]
    Dagger: (It was your fault, Zidane. If you hadn't treated me like a
            child... ...I wouldn't be here hunting after Supersoft to save
            one of your friends. Why am I doing this...? Because Blank
            saved me? Yes, he saved me. He saved my life... The least I can
            do is return the favor... But I never thought about things like
            this before...)
    [The party arrives at a building and looks around the empty place. It
    is the synth shop, actually.]
    Steiner: "How are we to find Supersoft in this mountain of boxes?"
    Marcus: "Just find it."
    Dagger: "?"
    Marcus: (Someone's coming!)
    [A short man in glasses walks down the stairs nearby.]
    Scholarly Man: "Oh, I can't believe I ran out of ink on a night like
                   this. I must find more ink and go back to the observatory..."
    Marcus: (Should I take care of him?)
    Dagger: (......! Wait!)
    Steiner: (Princess! No!)
    [Dagger runs out into the open.]
    Scholarly Man: "Hmm?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Scholarly Man: "Y-You're...!"
    Dagger: "I've missed you, Doctor Tot."
    Tot: "P-Princess! Princess Garnet!"
    Steiner: "Doctor Tot?"
    Marcus: "You know him?"
    Steiner: "Doctor Tot is the highly respected scholar who tutored the
    Tot: "Ah, Master Steiner. You must be quiet or you'll wake the shopkeeper.
         But, Princess, what on earth are you doing here?"
    Dagger: "It's a long story. We're looking for Supersoft right now."
    Steiner: "There is a proper reason for this! We are not here to steal,
             or commit any form of crime--"
    Voice: "Somebody down there?"
    Dagger: "!"
    Marcus: "!"
    Steiner: "!"
    Tot: "Run along! I will give you Supersoft later. Go left from the
         Treno entrance, and continue until you find a large tower. The
         tower is my home, but I shall unlock it and await your arrival."
    Dagger: "Alright. Let's go back! Thank you, Doctor Tot. I'll see you later!"
    [The three run off just as the Shopkeeper comes down.]
    Shopkeeper: "Oh, it's you, Doctor Tot."
    Tot: "Ah, great timing. I ran out of ink."
    Shopkeeper: "You should've called me. I'll get yelled at if the
                inventory's wrong!"
    [The shopkeeper walks back upstairs.]
    Tot: "Princess..."
    [Back at the bar, Baku and the others are walking upstairs, too.]
    Baku: "So, this Tootsie's gonna give us Supersoft?"
    Marcus: "It's Tot."
    Baku: "ACHOO!!! Whatever. I can't believe Tantalus is at the mercy
          of some old man. Hmph. I guess we gotta keep babysittin' the
    [Steiner and Dagger walk up the stairs, too.]
    Marcus: "Still?"
    Baku: "He ain't gonna give you the Supersoft unless you're with the
          princess. That's the deal, Princess. I'm askin' you to take
          Marcus to this Toot."
    Marcus: "...It's Tot."
    Dagger: "I was going to, anyway."
    Baku: "Well, go get some rest before you go. I'm sure Ted needs time
          to prepare."
    Marcus: "...It's Tot."
    [Later on, the party goes to the tower, and Dagger stops.]
    Dagger: "Oh..."
    [She sees Tot looking at the moon before disappearing up.]
    Dagger: "Doctor Tot..."
    [Dagger goes up.]
    Tot: "Princess! Thank you for coming. Welcome to my humble abode."
    Dagger: "This is your home?"
    Tot: "I traveled quite far in search of a sponsor for my research
         after I departed Alexandria. I finally found one here in Treno.
         You have grown into a fine young woman. I am pleased to see you
    Steiner: "Doctor Tot! You look quite well."
    Tot: "Ah, Master Steiner! Are you escorting the princess?"
    Steiner: "Yes, sir! I deeply regret my earlier actions."
    Tot: "Still a straight arrow, aren't you? I'm sure you had your
         reasons, but I won't ask why. The Supersoft is in the box right
         there. Please take it."
    Marcus: "Don't mind if I do!"
    [Marcus gets the Supersoft.]
    Steiner: "Have you no manners? Thank the good doctor!"
    Marcus: "It's quite alright, Master Steiner..."
    [Garnet looks up at the large globe in his room.]
    Dagger: "Master Tot, is this Gaia?"
    Tot: "Yes, it's a globe of our planet, Gaia."
    Dagger: "I remember your lessons."
    Tot: "You remember the ramblings of an old fool..."
    [A flashback of Tot in the Alexandrian library takes place.]
    Tot: "Two phrases are commonly found in documents more than 500 years
         old... One is 'jewel.' The other is 'summoner tribe.' But 500
         years ago, the phrases mysteriously vanished from history... The
         archaeologist Frederick Ash theorized that 'jewel' refers to the
         pendant passed down to the ruler of Alexandria. But the pendant...
         It is much too small to be referring to the same 'jewel.' Other
         research suggests a relationship betwen 'eidolons' and 'magic
    Garnet: "Doctor Tot!"
    [Dagger as a little girl runs down the stairs.]
    Tot: "Ah, Princess!"
    Garnet: "Were you reading big books again?"
    Tot: "Ha ha ha... I've already read every book in this library. But
         I think better when I'm surrounded by old books."
    Garnet: "Really? I don't like books."
    Tot: "You are a person of dignity. It is imperative that you study hard."
    Garnet: "I know, I know... Oh, but I was quite taken by that book you
            gave me. What was it called? It was..."
    Tot: "Was it 'I Want to Be Your Canary,' by Lord Avon?"
    Garnet: "Oh yes, that's the one! So there is a book I like after all."
    Tot: "My, my..."
    Garnet: "What's this, Doctor Tot?"
    Tot: "That is a globe of Gaia. It's a model of our planet."
    Garnet: "A Gaia globe? I never knew our castle was shaped like a
    Tot: "Ha ha ha... We live on the surface, Princess."
    Garnet: "?"
    [Tot starts talking to himself again.]
    Tot: "Ah, yes, the stars! They inspired the theories relating stones
         and eidolons. That is why... Oh! I'm sorry, I was lost in thought
    Garnet: "It's okay. Where is my room on this globe?"
    Tot: "Oh, your room is much too small to point out on this globe..."
    Garnet: "What about the castle?"
    Tot: "That, I can do..."
    Garnet: "Oh, and Uncle Cid's castle?"
    [The flashback ends and Garnet and Tot have moved up inside the giant
    globe in Tot's room via a ladder.]
    Dagger: "How long has it been? Eight years?"
    Tot: "Time passes quickly. But I haven't changed. I continue to
         collect and research these items."
    Dagger: "Where did you find this globe?"
    Tot: "It's an antique. It's broken, as you can see, but I use it as
         an observation deck. Ironic, isn't it? Looking up at the stars
         from inside a globe."
    Dagger: "It sure is..."
    Tot: "I don't mean to meddle in your affairs, but... I am on your
         side, now and forever. Please tell me if there is anything I can
    Dagger: "Doctor Tot..."
    [Dagger tells him the story of their happenings, and Tot paces the
    room in pensive thought.]
    Tot: "I see... So the queen's forces have already grown quite
         powerful... Okay, then. It may be dangerous, but I shall see to
         it that you reach Alexandria."
    Dagger: "How?"
    Tot: "I had an old transportation device remodeled in the case of
         such an emergency. This way, please."
    [He opens a hatch in the floor.]
    Steiner: "Ah! We can finally return to Alexandria!"
    Marcus: "I'm coming with you."
    Steiner: "What!? Why!?"
    Marcus: "I can reach Blank more easily from Alexandria."
    Dagger: "Yes, come with us, Marcus. Okay, Steiner?"
    Steiner: "Grrr..."
    Dagger: "Let's go save Blank! And restore my mother to her former self!"
    [Dagger, Tot, and the others climb down the hatch.]
    18. Gargan Roo (GR01)
    [They all climb down inside.]
    Tot: "This is Gargan Roo, an ancient travel route between Treno and
    Marcus: "Why was this thing built under a tower?"
    Tot: "Actually, Gargan Roo was in use long before the invention of
         airships! The tower was on top of a disused tunnel."
    Dagger: "But it looks fairly new."
    Tot: "I convinced Mr. Bishop to keep this place intact. I haven't
         used it since it was remodeled, mind you. We must first activate
         the tunnel-connection sequence and call the gargant inside.
         Let's see... Where was the sequence trigger?"
    Steiner: "So all we have to do is find the sequence trigger. Princess,
             let us find it!"
    [In the adjacent room, there's a lever.]
    Narrative: Pull the lever? {Yes/No}
    [Dagger pulls it and runs back into the next room, heading into the
    other adjacent room. There's a long handle near the passage side.]
    Tot: "Ah, this is it! This is where we call the gargant inside."
    Dagger: "What do you mean?"
    Tot: "Gargant Roo Treno station is shaped like a circle. When you
         pull on that lever, gargant circles around the station
    Dagger: "I don't understand what you're saying..."
    Tot: "Better to show than tell. Princess, will you pull on that lever
         over there?
    [Dagger pulls the lever and something comes down the tunnel.]
    Dagger: "Wh-What is it!?"
    [A giant spider-like thing with a carriage crawls on a rail above.]
    Dagger: "What's that!?"
    Tot: "Ah, perfect timing! That is the gargant, a giant insect that
         pulls this trolley! Next, we must hail the gargant."
    [Dagger runs into the next screen and goes to an object on the wall.]
    Tot: "Yes, that's the one! The gargant should stop when you pull on
         the lever."
    [Dagger pulls it, and a food tray stops the gargant.]
    Tot: "Please hurry. It'll resume once it's finished eating."
    Dagger: "Are you sure it won't keep going around in circles?"
    Tot: "It won't. I will reverse the connection sequence and let the
         gargant out of the station. Please look after the princess,
         Master Steiner."
    [Marcus and Dagger get on.]
    Steiner: "Of course!"
    Tot: "The princess is bright, but she is still young and naive. I am
         concerned about her safety. Please make your own decision on the
         matter at hand and protect her."
    Steiner: "I am but a humble knight. I cannot exceed my authority..."
    Tot: "Is that an honest answer? You may endanger the princess if you
         keep telling yourself that."
    Steiner: "...I shall take note of your counsel."
    [Steiner gets on.]
    Tot: "fare you well, Princess!"
    Dagger: "Take care, Doctor Tot!"
    [The gargant leaves.]
    Tot: "I must hurry!"
    [He runs to the lever.]
    Tot: "I just pull the lever..."
    [The gargant goes out of sight.]
    Tot: "Be safe, Princess..."
    [Down the tunnel, on the gargant:]
    Marcus: "Finally!"
    Dagger: "We can reach Alexandria now..."
    Marcus: "You can't even see Treno anymore."
    Dagger: "I wonder how long it's going to take? I never dreamed of
            going home in a vehicle like this."
    Steiner: "Doctor Tot remains a unique charact--"
    Marcus: "!"
    Steiner: "!"
    [The gargant stops.]
    Steiner: "Wh-What's wrong?"
    Dagger: "It's hesitating. !!!
    [Dagger jumps out.]
    Steiner: "Princess!"
    [A large snake-type monster is coiled in the passage, and they run
    to fight it.]
    Dagger: "Could this be the reason?"
    [The party fights the monster and chases it away. They get back in
    the gargant's carriage and continue to Alexandria, coming to a station
    like the one in Treno.]
    Marcus: "We're finally here."
    Dagger: "I think the gargant is tired, too."
    Steiner: "I never knew such a place existed in Alexandria..."
    Marcus: "Where are we?"
    Dagger: "Let's keep moving!"
    [They walk into the next room.]
    Marcus: "Is this really Alexandria?"
    Steiner: "Well, it must be!"
    Marcus: "How do we get out?"
    Steiner: "Hmm... Well... This way! Princess, let us make haste."
    Dagger: "Wait, Steiner! I know this place. Doctor Tot told me about
            this place. My ancestors built this place to keep enemies from
            invading. Doctor Tot also said..."
    Steiner: "Princess! We can hear your stories later! The stale air
             cannot be good for us!"
    Marcus: "And we gotta save Blank!"
    Dagger: "Right. We need to hurry. Let's go Steiner."
    [Dagger and Marcus walk to where Steiner had walked to, and a gate
    rises up, blocking their path. Steiner looks at Marcus.]
    Steiner: "You! What kind of trick is this!?"
    Marcus: "I didn't do anything! Don't blame me."
    Steiner: "You really didn't do anything!?"
    Marcus: "You don't believe me!?"
    [A gate rises up behind them, trapping them in a small space.]
    Marcus: "Look, we missed our chance to escape."
    Steiner: "Graaagh!"
    [Zorn walks out on one side and looks down at them.]
    Zorn: "They fell for it!"
    [Thorn walks on the other side.]
    Thorn: "Fell for it, they did!"
    Steiner: "Zorn! Thorn! I am Steiner, Captain of the Knights of Pluto!
             I have returned! Let us out at once!"
    Thorn: "Too bad, it is."
    Zorn: "You're all under arrest."
    Dagger: "Zorn! Thorn! I've returned to Alexandria to speak with my
            mother. Take me to my mother!"
    Zorn: "Yes, we will take you to Queen Brahne, whether you like it or not."
    Thorn: "'Capture Princess Garnet,' Queen Brahne said. Ordered us, she did."
    Dagger: "What!?"
    Steiner: "Lies!"
    Marcus: "What's going on!?"
    [The screen blacks out, and control switches over to Zidane's party
    which is still in Burmecia.]
    Zidane: "Can you stand, Freya?"
    Freya: "It is nothing."
    Zidane: "Take it easy, okay? How 'bout you, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah, I'm alright..."
    Zidane: "So what now, people? They said they were going to Cleyra."
    Freya: "We have no choice! We must go to Cleyra, too!"
    Zidane: "I knew you'd say that! You coming, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Um... Do you think we'll learn more about those black mages
          if we go to Cleyra?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, I'd say we'll learn a lot about them as long as we
            follow Brahne and that Kuja guy."
    Vivi: "Then I'm with you!"
    Quina: "Cleyra...? Sound yummy. I go with you!"
    Vivi: "O-Oh, and what about the princess?"
    Zidane: "Dagger? I'd never forget about her! She might not be here
            in Burmecia, but I know we'll find her soon. Well, let's move
    Freya: "Some say it lies in the desert west of Burmecia, but I know
           not whether we can enter the town itself."
    Zidane: "Brighten up a little! We'll figure it out when we get there!"
    [The screen blacks out.]
    Zidane: (Oh, dagger! Where could you be!?)
    [On the world map, the party goes to the whirlwind's base.]
    18. Cleyra (CL01)
    [The party walks up at the bottom of the trunk, braving the intense
    sand being blown into their faces.]
    Freya: "The tempest subsides... By the gods!"
    Vivi: "C'mon, let's go while we can!"
    Freya: "Indeed. Let us press on."
    Quina: "Must hurry. Must find yummy-yummies!"
    [The party climbs up the tree trunk with great effort, and finally
    reaches Cleyra's settlement. Some veiled rat-people are at the
    Forest Oracle Kildea: "Might you be Lady Freya?"
    Freya: "Indeed, I am."
    Sand Oracle Safrea: "We have awaited your coming, my lady."
    Freya: "How did you come to know my identity?"
    Forest Oracle Kildea: "The king of Burmecia has requested that we
                          guide you to him."
    Freya: "Long live the king! Take me to him immediately!"
    Sand Oracle Safrea: "At once, my lady."
    Freya: "Zidane, I shall go to see the king. Why not take this chance
           to rest?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, good idea."
    Sand Oracle Safrea: "This way, my lady."
    [The two walk off.]
    Forest Oracle Kildea: "Allow me to be your guide and show you our town."
                          R1 --> Yes, please
                          R2 --> No thanks
                          R1: "Please walk this way, sirs."
                              Quina: "I go find yummy-yummies by myself!"
                          R2: "I see... I am sorry that I cannot be of any
                              Zidane: "Kinda strange place, don't ya think?
                                      Hey, Vivi and Quina, let's just poke
                                      around the town a little, okay?"
                              Vivi: "Uh...okay. Let's."
                              Quina: "I go search for tasty munchies!"
    [Zidane walks around town and, after receiving a message from a guard
    at the cathedral that Freya wanted them to wait at the inn, he heads
    back. However, before he can reach it, Burmecian Soldier Dan runs up
    the stairs, yelling.]
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Help!!!"
    [The night oracle comes out of the inn.]
    Night Oracle Donnegan: "What is the matter?"
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Th-The antlion's mauling a kid!"
    Night Oracle Donnegan: "The antlion!? It is usually so docile...
                           How could--"
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "We gotta teach that beast a lesson!"
    Night Oracle Donnegan: "This calls for immediate action. I shall
                           inform the high priest at once."
    [Donnegan walks away slowly.]
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Hey, buddy, wh-where ya going? These Cleyrans
                           are all so damn lazy! You there! Gimme a hand
                           if you think you're good enough!"
    [At the antlion pit, Vivi and Quina are already there. The antlion is
    a large frightening-looking monster with a large pair of pincers.]
    Zidane: "So that's the antlion!"
    [The Rat Kid from Alexandria is there, dangling off a sharp claw.]
    Puck: "Aaaa! Help me!!!"
    Vivi: "NO!!!"
    Zidane: "Hang in there, champ! We're gonna save you!
    [Freya arrives.]
    Freya: "Is the child alright, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, he's fine."
    Puck: "Like hell, I'm fine!!"
    Freya: "That voice! Might it be Prince Puck!?"
    Puck: "Freya! Where you been!?"
    Antlion: "Urgurrrra!"
    Puck: "Aaaaaaa!"
    [The antlion throws puck at Freya and Zidane.]
    Puck: "Oww! That hurt, ya stupid jerk!"
    Zidane: "Here it comes!"
    [The antlion attacks but is repelled by the party. It sinks, wounded,
    into the sandpit and disappears from sight.]
    Freya: "Are you alright, Your Highness?"
    Puck: "Hey, Freya! Whassup?"
    Freya: "But how can this be? I heard that Your Highness disappeared
           upon leaving Burmecia..."
    Puck: "Uh...yeah!"
    Freya: "Well, let us go at once to the catheral to inform His Majesty!"
    Puck: "My old man, huh? Nah, I don't want to see him! Just tell him I
          said hi, okay? Later!"
    Freya: "But, Your Highness!!!"
    [Puck runs off the runs back to say:]
    Puck: "Take care, Vivi!"
    [...then runs off.]
    Quina: "He so rude. Vivi much nicer."
    Vivi: "He's the first friend I ever had. I've gotta tell him something!"
    [Vivi runs off and the screen blacks out. Up in the cathedral, the
    party members talk with the king of Burmecia.]
    King of Burmecia: "I see. So you saw Puck, eh?"
    Freya: "As mischievous as ever, Your Majesty."
    King of Burmecia: "I haven't seen him in ages."
    Freya: "I heard his Highness left Burmecia one month after me. That
           makes it three years."
    King of Burmecia: "And yet both you and Puck decided to return to me
                      in this time of danger. I am grateful!"
    Cleyran High Priest: "Freya, we shall conduct an ancient ceremony to
                         strengthen the sandstorm. Surely, no enemy of
                         ours would attack with the powerful sandstorm
                         protecting Cleyra. And with the help of a dragon
                         knight like you, the storm should grow even more
    Freya: "Ah, the ceremony from the time when Burmecia and Cleyra were
           one. I understand. Zidane, I met with utter failure when trying
           to defend Burmecia... And I will not allow Brahne to exert her
           will upon us any longer!"
    Zidane: "You've changed, Freya. I didn't think you were so strong when
            I first met you."
    Freya: "I could not bring peace to Burmecia and thus fulfill Sir
           Fratley's wish. But now, all I can do is protect this beautiful
    Zidane: "Yeah, protecting Cleyra is the best thing you can do for
    Freya: "Doing so will help me."
    [Zidane walks aside and lets Freya stand with the maidens dancing.
    The harp player flicks the strings and they begin to the strengthening
    dance. Towards the end, though, the strings break.]
    Moon Maiden Claire: "The strings have snapped... A terrible omen, this
    [FMV. The sandstorm surrounding Cleyra melts away, revealing the
    gigantic tree for all to see. A terrible omen, indeed.]
    Zidane: "I can't believe the sandstorm disappeared. What happened...?"
    Freya: "I don't know..."
    Cleyran High Priest: "I have never witnessed anything like this since
                         we settled here. On the harp, there is a magic
                         stone. Since ancient times we have used the magic
                         stone to control the sandstorm."
    King of Burmecia: "Perhaps someone is trying to invade Cleyra."
    Cleyran High Priest: "I fear you may be right, my lord."
    King of Burmecia: "I only hope our enemies don't come up the trunk..."
    [The view changes and focuses back to somewhere in Alexandria, where
    Steiner and Marcus are locked in a suspended cage, watched by guards.]
    Steiner: "How dare they imprison us like this! Those wretched court
             jesters! Zorn and Thorn will never get away with this!"
    Marcus: "I can't believe I got dragged into this."
    Steiner: "No one asked you to meddle in our affairs!"
    Marcus: "It's pretty sad, gettin' backstabbed by your own queen."
    Steiner: "This is all some kind of mistake! I know the queen! She
             would never betray me!"
    Marcus: "Wishful thinking! Who knows what she's gonna do to the
    Steiner: "...... I must save the princess at all costs!"
    [Elsewhere, the princess sits alone in her room.]
    Dagger: "I wonder if Mother will even listen to me... Why did she
            attack Burmecia? And why did she arrest us like this? I must
            be sincere with her. She hasn't been herself lately...
            Actually, she's been acting rather strange since my birthday
            last year. The same day that tall man visited us... Maybe he
            had something to do with it... Come to think of it, that was
            when things began to change. Doctor Tot left Alexandria shortly
            afterwards, too. What happened that day?"
    [Zorn and Thorn run into the room.]
    Zorn: "Queen Brahne summons you!"
    Thorn: "Come with us!"
    Dagger: "What!? How dare you speak to me like that!?"
    Zorn: "Quiet!"
    Thorn: "With us, you are coming, and that is that!"
    Dagger: (What was that phrase...? Oh yeah.) "Get off me, you scumbag!"
    Zorn: "What was that? I do not understand."
    Thorn: "Understand what said, I do not, either."
    Zorn: "Enough! Now come with us!"
    Thorn: "Enough! Now come with us!"
    [Zorn and Thorn take Dagger to the Queen's room.]
    Zorn: "Hurry up!"
    Thorn: "For so long, the queen has waited."
    [Dagger enters and bows.]
    Dagger: "Mother..."
    Brahne: "Darling, there you are. Where were you? I've been worried
            sick. Here, come closer."
    Dagger: "Mother, there is something I need to ask you."
    Brahne: "What is it, darling? I will tell you anything you wish to know."
    Dagger: "Did you... Is it true that you are responsible for the
            destruction of Burmecia?"
    Brahne: "Oh... Well, no wonder you look so concerned. That is far from
            the truth, Garnet. You see, those Burmecian rats have been
            planning to destroy Alexandria for some time. I couldn't just
            wait for them to attack and destroy our precious kingdom. So,
            I had no choice but to take the initiative."
    Dagger: "Mother, is that really the truth?"
    Brahne: "Of course. I wouldn never lie to you."
            R1 --> Believe her
            R2 --> Don't believe her.
            R1 (Dagger): "Alright... I'm sorry, Mother."
                Brahne: "It's okay, darling. I'm just happy you understand."
            R2 (Dagger): "I don't believe you!"
               Brahne: "Oh, darling, what's wrong? Why wouldn't you believe
                       your own mother?"
    [Kuja enters.]
    Kuja: "May I play a part in this act?"
    Dagger: "Act?"
    Kuja: "Yes, an act from a beautiful play... There is a knight on a
          white horse.. ...and a beautiful princess. It is a tale of tragic
          love. Overcome by grief, the princess must sleep for a hundred
    Dagger: "You... I've seen you before..."
    Kuja: "It appears we were destined to meet again. My sweet angel, come
          to me. I will take you to a world of dreams."
    [Kuja waves his hand and magic puts Dagger to sleep.]
    Kuja: "She is beautiful, even in sleep."
    Brahne: "Hmph, impudent little girl. Zorn, Thorn! Prepare to extract
            the eidolons from Garnet."
    [Sometime after, deep in the castle bowels, Zorn and Thorn hover over
    a sleeping Garnet, lying on a raised platform.]
    Zorn: "A belated happy birthday, Princess. Hee-hee-heee!"
    Thorn: "Sixteen years old, the princess has become. Draw the eidolons
           from her, finally, we can."
    Zorn: "Eidolons of eternal life!"
    Thorn: "Eidolons of eternal power!"
    Zorn: "Depart after a 16 year sleep!"
    Thorn: "Depart after a 16 year wait!"
    Zorn: "Let there be light!"
    Thorn: "Let there be life!"
    Zorn: "The time has come!"
    Thorn: "The time is now!"
    Zorn: "Come forth!"
    Thorn: "Odin, warrior of the dark!"
    [Garnet levitates as magic is extracted from her, in the form of the
    eidolon Odin. The screen fades out and back into Cleyra, where Zidane
    walks to the observatory where Freya gazes out.]
    Zidane: "What are you doing here?"
    Freya: "Tell me. Why do you think the sandstorm disappeared?"
    Zidane: "I don't know. I was surprised that there even was a sandstorm."
    Freya: "Did you know the sandstorm was here for a thousand years...?
           And in all that time, it never disappeared, not even once.
           Perhaps Brahne is behind all this."
    Zidane: "......"
            R1 --> No doubt; Brahne is behind this
            R2 --> What about that guy that was with Brahne?
            R3 --> Right now, my mind's only on Dagger
            R1: "It's gotta be Brahne."
                Freya: "I thought you might feel the same way."
            R2: "Actually, I'm more concerned about who that guy with
                Brahne in Burmecia was."
                Freya: "That man... I wonder who he was..."
            R3: "Who cares? Dagger's the only thing on my mind right now."
                Freya: "That girl... She's Brahne's daughter."
                Zidane: "Yeah. So what?"
    [After picking whatever option:]
    Freya: "...... Zidane, I'm going to head down to find out why the
           sandstorm disappeared."
    Zidane: "Hey, I was thinking the same thing! Let's go together. I'm
            gonna find Vivi and Quina. I'll meet you at the town entrance."
    [Freya goes down to the entrance after awhile.]
    Zidane: "Hey, what took you so long? Alright, let's get going."
    Vivi: "I couldn't find Puck... I wonder if he went down the trunk?"
    Quina: "This city have very yummy sand! This city delicious."
    Freya: "I failed Burmecia...but I won't fail Cleyra, no matter what."
    [The party heads down into the lower tunnels and encounter some fairly
    familiar troops.]
    Zidane: "Alexandrian soldiers!"
    [The party defeats groups of soldiers en route to the bridge. When
    they arrive, Freya stops the group.]
    Freya: "A moment, Zidane. Those Alexadrian soldiers back there...
           Weren't they too few in number to constitute a determined
    Zidane: "Well..."
            R1 --> Yeah, I thought so, too
            R2 --> Let's wipe 'em out!
            R1: "Yeah, I thought so, too."
                Voice: "Bingo!"
            R2: "Let's wipe 'em out!
                Voice: "Moron!"
    [Puck runs into Vivi.]
    Puck: "Ow! Freya! The town's in trouble! Ya gotta come back, please!"
    Freya: "No! My fears were true! At once, my lord!"
    Puck: "C'mon, you deadweights! Hustle!"
    Zidane: "You heard him! Let's go!"
    [They run back the way they came, just missing Beatrix' appearance.]
    Beatrix: "Ha! They fell for it!"
    [In town, mages are teleporting in and attacking the citizenry.]
    Burmecian Soldier Dan: "How dare you show up here! Ungah!"
    [A mage kills Dan, and two more mages take out some oracles.]
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    [Meanwhile, at the entrance, Mopli, Sharon, and Shannon are running
    down to get away from the violence just as the party arrives.]
    Mopli: "Kupo!
    Flower Maiden Sharon: "Please save us!!!"
    Water Maiden Shannon: "The town is full of demons!"
    Zidane: "Are there really that many!?"
    Flower Maiden Sharon: "They just keep coming!"
    [One teleports in just then.]
    Flower Maiden Sharon: "Aaa!"
    Water Maiden Shannon: "Aaa!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    [They slay the black mage.]
    Flower Maiden Sharon: "Aaa!"
    Water Maiden Shannon: "Aaa!"
    [Some soldiers have breached the town gates.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Foolish Cleyrans, your time has come!"
    Zidane: "Over here! I'm the one you want!"
    [He slays the three soldiers.]
    Zidane: "This must be the main attack force..."
    [Two mages warp in.]
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    [Zidane schools 'em.]
    Zidane: "Ha! They got nothin' on me! But the town's in trouble!"
    [Zidane runs up and finds two clerics.]
    Zidane: "Enemies are on their way up! How about your side?"
    Tree Oracle Wylan: "The Burmecians are fighting back, but the demons
                       keep coming..."
    Sand Oracle Safrea: "We fled, unable to resist any longer..."
    Zidane: "Damn those Alexandrians!
    Sand Oracle Safrea: "What are we to do...?"
    Tree Oracle Wylan: "What are we to do...?"
    Zidane: "We're out of time!"
            R1 --> Let's head up!
            R2 --> Let's head right!
            R1: "Let's head up!"
                [A black mage warps in...]
                Black Mage: "KILL!"
                [...and kills Wylan and Safrea.]
                Zidane: "Not again!"
                [Zidane fights and slays the mage.]
                Zidane: "They're after the king and the high priest!"
            R2: "Let's head to the right!"
                [They all go into the right screen.]
    [Zidane heads right into the inn front area. Jack, Adam, and Learie
    are running down the stairs towards him.]
    Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Excuse me... Have you seen my husband?"
    Zidane: "No, I sure haven't..."
    Burmecian Kid: "Daddy's gone!"
    Burmecian Kid: "Waaaah!"
    Zidane: "It's too dangerous here!"
            R1 --> Let's go left!
            R2 --> Climb the stairs to the right!
            R1: "Let's go left!"
                [Zidane slays the mages/soldiers.]
                Zidane: "We gotta be fast, or we'll lose them all!"
                [Zidane follows them into the next screen, safely.]
            R2: "Climb the stairs on the right!"
                [A black mage teleports in...]
                Black Mage: "KILL!"
                Zidane: "We can't go that way! Here, let's try this way!"
                [The black mages close in.]
                Zidane: "Bring it on!"
                Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Was my husband...killed by these
                Zidane: "Come on! Let's get outta here!!!"
                Burmecian Refugee Learie: "You did kill him, didn't you!?
                Zidane: "Look out!"
                Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Aaah!"
                [...screams Learie as she's firebomb'd by the mages.]
                Zidane: "Dammit! You bastards!
                [He kills the mages.]
                Zidane: "How the heck am I supposed to save these people!?"
    [Zidane runs to the windmill area.]
    Burmecian Kid Jack: "Hurry, tell us!
    Burmecian Kid Adam: "Which way now!?"
    Zidane: "Let's see..."
            R1 --> Up the stairs!
            R2 --> Cross the bridge to the right!
            R3 --> Down the stairs to the left!
            R1: "Up the stairs!"
                [A mage comes down and says its signature line.]
                Zidane: "I'll hold them off! You guys run ahead, now!"
                Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Please, see my children to safety..."
                Zidane: "You're out of your mind!"
                Burmecian Refuge Learie: "For him!" [She races at the mage.]
                [The mage kills Learie.]
                Zidane: "You heartless bastards! [He slays the mages.]
                Zidane: "Don't worry! I'll protect your children!"
                [Zidane runs to the right.]
            R2: "Cross the bridge!"
                [The civilians escape, but soldiers advance.]
                Zidane: "Persistant bastards!"
                [Zidane kills 'em.]
                Zidane: "We can't hold them off forever!"
            R3: "Down the stairs!"
                [Alexandrian soldiers run up.]
                Zidane: "Nothing'll happen to Cleyra as long as I'm here!"
                [He defeats the soldiers.]
                Zidane: "This area's too dangerous! Let's get out of here!"
                [They head to the right bridge.]
    [In the next area:]
    Burmecian Kid: "Are we safe now?"
    Burmecian Kid: "No more monsters?"
    Zidane: "Hmm..."
            R1 --> Yeah, they won't come back
            R2 --> We're not safe yet
            R1: "Yeah, they won't come back."
                Burmecian Kid: "Alright!"
                Burmecian Kid: "Yeah!"
                Flower Maiden Sharon: "Have we really seen the last of them?"
            R2: "We're not safe yet... So stay alert for more!"
                Burmecian Kid: "Waaa!!!"
                Burmecian Kid: "No!"
                Flower Maiden Sharon: "I knew it wasn't over yet."
    Zidane: "Huh? What are you guys still doing here?"
    Water Maiden Shannon: "We like this place very much."
    Flower Maiden Sharon: "Even though we have lost the soul-
                          soothing view of the sandstorm..."
    Zidane: "Yeah, I think it's pretty, too. This whole town is pretty.
            And everyone here is so nice. That's why I wanna protect you!
            C'mon, let's head to the cathedral. We can make our stand there!"
    [They all run to the cathedral's front.]
    Zidane: "So, these are the only survivors..."
    Flower Maiden Sharon: "Where is the high priest?"
    Water Maiden Shannon: "Where is the king?"
    Burmecian Kid: "Where's dad?"
    Burmecian Kid: "Waaa!"
    Zidane: "I hope they're all safe inside the cathedral... Alright,
            everyone inside!"
    [They start to head in, but a black mage comes down.]
    Zidane: "They're back!"
    Water Maiden Shannon: "Yeeow!"
    Zidane: "Over there!"
    [A mage lands in front of Shannon. Sharon runs, but a mage blocks her
    way out, too.]
    Zidane: "Dammit! We're surrounded!
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Zidane: "Dammit! I can't save 'em all!"
    Voice: "Minions of evil, you have gone too far!"
    [Someone stands atop the cathedral's spire, with a dragon lance.]
    Stranger: "My spear will purge the land of you! You shall fall like
              leaves in the wind under the force of my blade!"
    [The man jumps around and cuts down the black mages.]
    Stranger: "Now, run!"
    Zidane: "Dunno who you are, but I owe you one!"
    [Inside the cathedral, Freya talks with the Stranger.]
    Freya: "Sir Fratley, I... I have missed you so much... I began my
           search for you immediately after you left Burmecia. Where have
           you been all these years...? To what corners of the world have
           you traveled? My dear Fratley... I climbed the highest mountains
           only to hear rumors of your victories... I searched the deepest
           valleys only to find your footsteps. But I never found you. And
           in the end, I heard something... Something unbearable!"
    Fratley: "Freya, you say? I believe this is the first time we have met..."
    Freya: "What...did you just say?"
    Fratley: "I'm sorry, but I cannot remember you for the life of me..."
    Freya: "Y-You jest! You cannot have forgotten me! It's me, Freya!
           Freya of Burmecia!!"
    Fratley: "I am sorry..."
    Freya: "No..."
    Zidane: "Wait a minute! You can't be serious! It's Freya, your lost
            love! How could you forget her!? Well, say something!!!"
    Freya: "That is enough, Zidane..."
    Zidane: "What!!!? You've been searching for this guy for years, and
            now he's right here!"
    King of Burmecia: "Fratley! Do you remember me, the King of Burmecia?"
    Fratley: "Not at all, I'm afraid."
    King of Burmecia: "Impossible! Have you forgotten everything that has
                      passed!? Then let me ask you this: What brought you
                      back to Burmecia? Is it not because you learned of
                      the crisis in Cleyra, whose people are our brothers?"
    Fratley: "As a matter of fact..."
    Voice: "As a matter of fact, I'll tell ya!"
    [Puck runs in.]
    Zidane: "Puck!"
    Freya: "Prince Puck!"
    Fratley: "Lord Puck!"
    King of Burmecia: "Puck!"
    Puck: "I found Fratley during my travels around the world! And you
          guessed it, he didn't know who I was! Or even who he was! But
          when Burmecia was attacked and he heard that Cleyra was in
          danger... His faint memories as a dragon knight called him back
    Fratley: "Dragon knight... Yes, I was once called that... But now,
             that is all I can remember..."
    Freya: "Fratley..."
    Fratley: "I must go."
    [Fratley disappears in a single bound.]
    Zidane: "Freya, aren't you gonna follow him?"
    Freya: "No... I am happy simply knowing Sir Fratley still lives."
    Puck: "I'm sorry, Freya. I knew you weren't ready to see him, but
          with Cleyra under attack and all..."
    Freya: "I need no such courtesy, Your Highness."
    Puck: "Uh...well, I'm gonna go after Fratley! Later!"
    [Puck runs off.]
    King of Burmecia: "Wait, Puck! I haven't seen you in ages!"
    Vivi: "Wh-What? That was Puck? So what happened? What's the matter,
          Freya? Are you crying?"
    Freya: "Ahahaha... What irony. To find the man about whom I have
           dreamt endlessly... ...only to discover that he cannot even
           remember who I am! Come, Zidane! The enemy's hand has not been
           stilled!" We must regroup!"
    Zidane: "Freya..."
    Voice: "Eeeeek!"
    [Everyone turns around to see Beatrix' sword pointed at the high priest.]
    Cleyran High Priest: "Eeeeek! Have mercy!"
    Beatrix: "Hmph! Pathetic rodents! You fail to grasp the true power
             of this jewel!"
    [Beatrix cuts it loose and takes it.]
    Cleyran High Priest: "Our magic stone!"
    Beatrix: "Now that I have this jewel, I am through with your city!
    Zidane: "Wait!"
    Freya: "Halt, villain!"
    [Beatrix runs through the lobby and out to the cathedral front; the
    party follows in kind.]
    Zidane: "Think you can get away?"
    Beatrix: "Get away? Hahaha. You're a bigger fool than I imagined...
             Have you forgotten how badly I beat you back in Burmecia?"
    Freya: "So, you are more of a fool for not finishing what you started!"
    Vivi: "You're gonna pay!"
    Quina: "I find no tasties in this town, so we cook you for breakfast!"
    Beatrix: "Then allow me to shatter your delusions of grandeur."
    [The party fights Beatrix, but once again...]
    Beatrix: "No more games."
    [She uses Stock Break to put everyone in critical condition.]
    Beatrix: "I shall leave with the jewel now."
    [The battle ends.]
    Zidane: "She's t-too powerful!"
    Beatrix: "Black mages, our work here is done. Commence withdrawal
    [A black mage jumps into a teleport sphere, along with Beatrix, and
    it soars away into the sky.]
    Zidane: "Hey, they disappeared! What now, Freya?"
    Freya: "Good question... Zidane! Look out behind you!"
    [A black mage has wandered up, but it only jumps into a teleport
    Zidane: "There! I'm gonna follow 'em! Everyone follow me!"
    [Zidane jumps into the sphere before it dissipates, and he zooms
    off into the horizon, too.]
    Vivi: "Zidane! He's gone!"
    Freya: "I highly doubt I will return to this place... Besides, this
           may be your last chance to find the truth abou who you are...
           Come, Vivi! Show us your courage!"
    [Freya jumps into the next teleport sphere.]
    Vivi: "Oh no... Freya's gone, too!"
    [Vivi jumps into the next teleport sphere and leaves.]
    Quina: "I no like heights..."
    [Quina hightails it out of there. Meanwhile, up on an airship looming
    over Cleyra somewhere, Brahne sits on the front deck.]
    Brahne: "It's time... Without her summoning powers, Garnet is helpless.
            With this Dark Matter, I now hold the power to summon an
            eidolon. Now, I'll find out if Kuja's claims are true. Odin,
            come to me!!!"
    [FMV. The frightening eidolon Odin appears on his horse Sleipner and
    throws his lance into the tree-town below, literally ripping it apart.
    Odin fades away afterwards. Meanwhile, Freya, Vivi, and Zidane have
    landed on the same ship.]
    19. Red Rose (RR01)
    Zidane: "Geez... Did you see that!?"
    Vivi: "Cleyra...Puck...Quina... They're all gone..."
    Zidane: "Dammit! Oh yeah! What happened to Beatrix!? I'll bet she's
            on this ship!
    [Zidane runs to the stairs and beckons the others. Freya stays put.]
    Vivi: "Freya... I think Zidane's calling for us."
    Freya: "Please... Leave me alone..."
    [Zidane runs over.]
    Zidane: "We have to get behind the stairs! Someone's coming!"
    [Freya manages to get out of sight with the others. Beatrix emerges
    from one of the rooms and sees a soldier.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Welcome back, General!"
    Beatrix: "How is Her Majesty?"
    Alexandrian Soldier: "She has eagerly awaited your return. I am certain
                         she will shower you with praise for our victory.
                         Your supremacy is without question now. Steiner
                         and his Knights of Pluto are nothing compared to
    Beatrix: "That is enough!"
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Forgive me, General."
    Beatrix: "Tell Her Majesty that I will report to her shortly."
    [The guard salutes and walks off.]
    Beatrix: "That was ridiculous... My troops alone would've been more
             than enough to take Cleyra. Why does the queen insist on
             using black mages and eidolons? I didn't train all these
             years so that I could take a backseat to anyone..."
    [A soldier (the same?) comes near Beatrix and turns back to the door.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "This way! Hurry up! You three, et on the telepod
                         and go to Alexandria immediately!"
    [Beatrix watches three black mages walk away with the soldier.]
    Beatrix: "...There's no difference between them and me. We're all just
             blindly following orders. My heart and my will mean nothing...
             Maybe Steiner was right..."
    [Beatrix walks away.]
    Zidane: "Did you hear that? Looks like Brahne's onboard this ship."
    [The party runs to a cabin door, and Zidane looks in.]
    Freya: "Can you see anything?"
    Zidane: "...... It's too dark. I can't see anything."
    Voice: "Beatrix!"
    Vivi: "That's her!"
    Freya: "That's her!"
    Zidane: "That's her!"
    [Inside the cabin, Beatrix walks to Brahne.]
    Brahne: "Did you get the item!?"
    Beatrix: "Is this it, Your Majesty?"
    [Brahne takes it from her hand.]
    Brahne: "Yes! This is it! Hahaha! With this, I can finally... ...No.
            I need one more! I must get the last jewel!"
    [Beatrix speaks under her breath.]
    Beatrix: "Not even a word of gratitude..."
    Brahne: "Beatrix! Go find the last jewel!"
    Beatrix: "...Yes, Your Majesty. By the way, how is the princess doing?"
    Brahne: "Garnet... We have drawn all the eidolons from her. She is no
            longer of any use to me."
    Beatrix: "What do you mean, Your Majesty?"
    Brahne: "Garnet has committed a crime. She will be executed for
            stealing the jewel."
    Beatrix: "What?"
    Brahne: "Don't make me repeat myself! When we get back to Alexandria,
            I'll have Garnet beheaded! Now, go! Find the last jewel!"
    Beatrix: "Your Majesty..."
    Brahne: "Hahahahaha!"
    [Outside the door:]
    Zidane: "Dagger!!!"
    Freya: "Calm down! Fighting them now would be senseless. They still
           have Garnet in custody."
    Zidane: "So what are you saying!? We should just stand here!? We've
            got to get to Alexandria before Brahne! That's the only way!
            The only question is how..."
    Vivi: "Zidane, follow me!"
    Freya: "Vivi! Where are you going!?
    [Zidane chases after Freya and Vivi back to the pod deck.]
    Vivi: "Remember how that soldier was talking about using these pods
          to go to Alexandria?"
    Zidane: "Oh yeah..."
            R1 --> Alright, let's try using the pods
            R2 --> Let me think it over
            R1: "Alright, let's try it."
                [They all jump in the pods.]
                Zidane: "Well, here goes nothing! Dagger! I'm coming!"
                [The pods fly out towards Alexandria.]
            R2: [Nothing is done yet.]
    [After R1, the view changes to Steiner and Marcus inside their
    little cage in the Alexandrian castle depths.]
    Steiner: "The time has come to escape!"
    Marcus: "How?"
    Steiner: "...I don't know! But we must do something!"
    Marcus: "Wait, I have an idea. Press (d-left) or (d-right) to shift
            your center of gravity!"
    [Steiner tries it.]
    Marcus: "There you go."
    [The two build up a momentum so that the cage hits a railing and
    breaks, letting the two of them out.]
    Steiner: "Princess, I'm coming!
    [The party runs by/defeats the guards around and emerges from a
    secret staircase in the castle floor.]
    Steiner: "Princess!"
    Marcus: "I'm outta here. I'm goin' to Evil Forest to save my bro."
    Steiner: "You heartless cur! Huh? What was that!?"
    [Zidane, Freya, and Vivi warp in to that exact location after Marcus
    has left.]
    Steiner: "You!!! Wh-What are you doing here!?"
    Zidane: "Steiner! Is this Alexandria!?"
    Steiner: "What!? I have no time for your silly questions! I must
             escape this wretched dungeon of Alexandria and rescue the
    Zidane: "Enough said! Let's go!"
    [The three run off.]
    Steiner: "Why is everyone leaving me behind!?"
    [The three run back.]
    Zidane: "Hurry up, Rusty! Dagger's life is in danger!"
    Steiner: "What are you talking about!? Enough with your nonsense!!!"
    Vivi: "It's true. We were just on the Red Rose, and we overheard
          Brahne talking. She said that once she returns to Alexandria,
          she is going to have Dagger executed."
    Steiner: "...Is this really true?"
    Zidane: "Yeah!!! We've got 30 minutes before Brahne arrives! Let's go!"
    [The party runs out of the dungeon area and sees Marcus.]
    Zidane: "Marcus!?"
    Marcus: "Watch out. I'm closin' the gate."
    [He drops a portcullis before any guards can get at them.]
    Zidane: "What are you doing here?"
    Marcus: "It's a long story. I'm gonna go to Evil Forest and help
    Zidane: "Good luck! We're gonna go find Dagger!"
    20. Alexandria Castle (AC02)
    [Marcus runs off. Zidane searches the castle and they finally make
    their way up to the queen's room.]
    Zidane: "Where could she be...?"
    [Zidane goes to a candle.]
    Zidane: "What a weird-looking candle..."
            R1 --> Try to move it
            R2 --> Leave it alone
            R1: [The fireplace pulls back to reveal a stairway.]
            R2: [No action taken.]
    [Zidane takes the staircase down to the room where Zorn and Thorn
    were extracing the eidolons from Garnet.]
    Zidane: "!!!?"
    [Zorn and Thorn run all the way over.]
    Zorn: "What are you doing here!?"
    Thorn: "So meddlesome, you are! Mercy no more!"
    [The party whips Zorn and Thorn like the pitiful jesters they are.]
    Zorn: "Damn you! We will get you for this!"
    Thorn: "Matters not to us. Finished with Garnet, we are."
    Zorn: "You are too late!"
    Thorn: "You are too late!"
    [The party finds the unconscious/sleeping dagger where she had the
    eidolons extracted from her.]
    Zidane: "Dagger, it's me! Dagger!!! ......"
    Vivi: "Oh, no..."
    Steiner: "P-PRINCESS!!! NOOOOO!!! Princess, please forgive me!!! I
             don't deserve to be a knight! I don't deserve to live!"
    Freya: "Her heart's still beating."
    Zidane: "Yeah. I know... Let's get her out of here. Dagger, you're
            gonna be alright."
    [The ATE 'Friendship' plays; afterwards, Zidane picks up Garnet and
    runs back to the queen's chamber.]
    Freya: "I don't think anyone followed us."
    Steiner: "My queen... Why have you done this...!? I have devoted my
             whole life to serving you and the princess...! Why did you
             harm the princess!!!? Why!!!?"
    Zidane: "Steiner..."
    Vivi: "Zidane. Do you think she'll ever wake up?"
    Zidane: "Of course. She's asleep because she's tired. That's all. I
            wanna let Dagger rest a little. Do you guys mind? Thanks."
    [He lies Dagger down on the parlor couch.]
    Zidane: "If only I had gotten here sooner... I'm sorry..."
    Steiner: "What happened to you? You are not your usual self. Go on...
             Blame my incompetence! Tell me it is my fault!"
    Zidane: "No! I can't... I...don't know what I feel right now... I
            can't even shed a tear..."
    Steiner: "......""
    [Zorn and Thorn run in...]
    Zorn: "There they are! There is no escape!"
    Thorn: "There they are! There is no escape!"
    [...followed by Beatrix.]
    Beatrix: "Welcome back, Steiner. Where have you been all this time?
             Don't tell me you have been enjoying the company of these
    Steiner: "What the hell!? The only scoundrels around here are you and
             your fat queen!"
    Beatrix: "Fools like you will never learn."
    [Beatrix fights...]
    Beatrix: "I'll kill all enemies of Alexandria!"
    [...and pummels the party with Climhazzard (HP-->1).]
    Beatrix: "Never step into this land again."
    [The battle ends.]
    Beatrix: "Your pathetic powers are useless against me."
    Zidane: "...Hey, wait a minute... You're the general of this kingdom.
            As the general of Alexandria, what is your sworn duty!? Isn't
            it to protect Dagger--your Princess Garnet? I'm sure you know
            who's sitting over there."
    Beatrix: "It can't be... Princess... ...So, it was true. The queen
             really did mean to kill her..."
    Steiner: "WHAT!? No! The queen would never do such a thing!"
    Beatrix: "Steiner, it is time for you to accept the truth. ...My
             heart is set. All this time, I have been mistaken..."
    Zidane: "I hate to say it, but the lady's right, Rusty. You'd better
            learn to accept it."
    Beatrix: "...Citizens of Burmecia, please forgive me."
    Freya: "It is too late to seek forgiveness! ...But you can still
           save Dagger."
    Zidane: "Freya..."
    Freya: "I tell you this because I acknowledge your powers. Help your
    Beatrix: "I don't know if I can... ...but I will give it a try. I
             hope this will work."
    [Beatrix tries a spell remover.]
    Thorn: "Irrevocable is the spell we have cast!
    [Beatrix tries it again.]
    Zorn: "It is useless!"
    [Third time's the charm, and Dagger wakes up.]
    Dagger: "...Oh..."
    Beatrix: "Princess, are you alright?"
    Dagger: "...Ohh, my head... What happened...?"
    Zidane: "Dagger!
    Vivi: "Yay!"
    Steiner: "Princess!"
    Dagger: "You're all here."
    Voice: "What is all this ruckus!?"
    [Brahne enters the chamber.]
    Zorn: "The princess has awakened, Your Majesty!"
    Thorn: "Kidnapping the princess, they are, Your Majesty!"
    Brahne: "...... Have you extracted all the eidolons from her?"
    Zorn: "We have, Your Majesty!"
    Thorn: "We have, Your Majesty!"
    Brahne: "Then what are you waiting for? Take Garnet and throw her in
    Zorn: "Yes, Your Majesty!"
    Thorn: "Yes, Your Majesty!"
    Beatrix: "I won't allow that."
    Brahne: "Oh? Are you defying me as well?"
    Beatrix: "Your Majesty, it is my duty to protect the princess. I beg
             you, reconsider. Please do not harm the princess anymore. All
             of you, leave here at once!"
    Freya: "I'm staying! Zidane, go. Now!"
    Brahne: "You two are joining forces? How amusing... Get rid of them."
    Dagger: "Mother!"
    [Brahne stops for a moment and then walks out anyway.]
    Zidane: "Freya! Be careful!"
    Freya: "Don't worry.
    Zidane: "Come on. Let's go!"
    [Dagger, Vivi, and Zidane run down into the stairwell behind the
    fireplace. Steiner waits a moment, and runs after them.]
    Steiner: "Wait!
    [Freya and Beatrix stand against Zorn and Thorn, who sic a giant
    tongue-wagging dog at 'em.]
    Zorn: "Bandersnatch, bite their heads off!"
    Thorn: "Bandersnatch, bite their heads off!"
    [Freya and Beatrix slay the Bandersnatch. In the stairwell, Zidane
    takes Garnet and Vivi down until they find three black mages coming
    up the stairs.]
    Zidane: "Black mages! Dammit!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    Black Mage: "KILL!"
    [The party runs down the stairs even further, then Zidane stops.]
    Zidane: "Where's Steiner?"
    [Steiner is literally walking after them.]
    Zidane: "Hey! Hurry up!"
    Steiner: "What am I doing here...?"
    Zidane: "What's the matter?"
    Steiner: "Beatrix served the queen all these years, and now she is
             turning against her... Freya lost her comrades, yet she
             insists on protecting the princess... The queen will never
             forgive them. She will kill them both... Zidane, I have a
    Zidane: "What? Why are you goin' formal all of a sudden?"
    Steiner: "I want you to escort the princess out of Alexandria and
             take her to Doctor Tot. I'm sure Doctor Tot can come up with
             a plan to help us and our kingdom."
    Zidane: "Piece of cake. I'm an escape artist."
    Vivi: "Don't worry, Steiner. We'll get her out there."
    Steiner: "Zidane, Master Vivi, I'm counting on you."
    [Steiner runs back towards Freya nad Beatrix.]
    Steiner: "Princess, I bid you farewell!"
    [...and he's gone.]
    Dagger: "Steiner... Everybody is fighting for me..."
    Zidane: "That's right. They're all fighting for you...and for
            Alexandria... They're moving forward, giving everything they
            got! So we have to move on, just like they are. We can't
            stop now! Come on!"
    Dagger: "But..."
    [A bandersnatch jumps down near Garnet.]
    Zidane: "Damn! We've got company!"
    [They pound the pooch.]
    Zidane: "Alright, let's go.
    [Up in the spiral stairway, Beatrix and Freya are fighting a pair of
    Freya: "What do you think!?"
    Beatrix: "It's not going to be easy..."
    [They lay the two to rest.]
    Freya: "They're toughter than I expected..."
    Beatrix: "We're not out of danger yet."
    [Steiner runs up the stairway.]
    Steiner: "Beatrix! Freya!"
    Beatrix: "Steiner! What are you doing here!?"
    Steiner: "I am Captain Adelbert Steiner of Alexandria. Grant me the
             honor of assisting you brave knights!"
    Freya: "Enough with your babble! Fight!"
    [The three kick the dogs around, then the view changes back to Zidane.
    They head down towards the Alexandrian gargant station, but they run
    into the familiar box-in trap again.]
    Zidane: "What the hell!?"
    Zorn: "They fell for it again!"
    Thorn: "Really stupid, they are!"
    Zidane; "You bastards!"
    Thorn: "Bastards, we may be, but clever are we."
    Zorn: "Hee-hee-heee."
    [Marcus sneaks up behind Thorn and punches his lights out.]
    Marcus: "Hey, what's up!?"
    [Blank kicks Zorn unconscious.]
    Blank: "Zidane, are you alright!?"
    Zidane: "Blank!"
    [A mini-flashback finds Marcus in Evil Forest, leading Blank on.]
    Marcus: "Bro, over here!"
    Blank: "Hold up. My body still feels kinda stiff."
    Marcus: "We've gotta hurry! Zidane and Dagger are in trouble!"
    Blank: "Who's Dagger? Zidane's new girl?"
    Marcus: "What? YOu don't know?"
    Blank: "Know what? What are you talking about?"
    Marcus: "Just keep running!"
    Blank: "Sheez..."
    [End flashback.]
    Blank: "We came here straight from Evil Forest."
    Zidane: "Man, I love you guys!"
    [Marcus lowers one of the gates.]
    Marcus: "Zidane, you can ride the gargant downstairs."
    Dagger: "Blank... Marcus..."
    Blank: "Get out of here! We'll take care of this! There's more bad
           guys coming!"
    Zidane: "I owe you guys big-time! Let's get outta here!"
    [They run to the station.]
    Zidane: "So this is Gargan Roo... Dagger? Are you alright?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Forget I asked. I'm sure you have a lot on your mind..."
    Vivi: "There's something coming!"
    Zidane: "Is this a gargant!? It's huge!"
    Vivi: "...We're riding this thing?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, let's get going. We have no time to waste. Dagger!"
    Dagger: "I...I don't know what to do anymore..."
    Zidane: "Oh, come on! Why do you think everyone stayed behind!? Yeah,
            they're fighting for you, but also, they know, deep down
            inside, that they have to fight! Beatrix, Freya, Marcus,
            Blank, even Steiner... Sometimes, you can't think everything
            out. You have to listen to your heart."
    [Dagger nods and gets on.]
    Zidane: "Alright..."
    [The gargant carries the three towards Treno.]
    Vivi: "Where are we going?"
    Zidane; "We're going to Treno. We'll stay there for the time being
            and try to figure out our next move."
    Dagger: "......"
    [The gargant halts.]
    Vivi: "Y-Yikes!"
    Dagger: "That's--"
    ]They jump off and see another big snake-thing in the passage.]
    Zidane: "Is this what the gargant is scared of?"
    Dagger: "I think this one's different form the one I ran into! Be careful!"
    [They fight and defeat the monster, climbing into the ride afterwards.]
    Vivi: "Umph!"
    Zidane: "It's moving again... But why is it going so slowly? Hey,
            hurry up!"
    Dagger: "Don't yell at it. The poor thing must be scared to death."
    Vivi: "But it's..."
    [It speeds up.]
    Zidane: "See? It can go faster. Good job!"
    Dagger: "!!! No, Zidane! Look!"
    [The monster they had just defeated is chasing after them.]
    Zidane: "Dammit, it's chasing us!"
    Dagger: "We'll pass Treno if we don't stop soon!"
    [They pass the Treno Station with the snake monster on their tail,
    Vivi: "I think we just passed Treno..."
    Zidane: "Dammit! We can't jump off at this speed."
    Dagger: "! Zidane, look!"
    Zidane: "Huh? What's the... Shoot!!!"
    [The Gargant races and crashes out the other end of the tunnel,
    wherever that is. In the white screen:]
    Dagger: "M-Mother..."
    [Cut to the Alexandria Castle throne room.]
    Zorn: "Your Majesty!"
    [Zorn and Thorn run in, but a guard blocks their way.]
    Thorn: "In my way, you are. Step back, underling!"
    Zorn: "Let us through!"
    Alexandrian Soldier: "I have strict orders from the queen not to let
                         either of you through. I shall make any inquiries
                         on your behalf."
    [Zorn and Thorn race to the other side, and are stiff-armed again.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "State your business."
    Zorn: "The queen's guests have arrived."
    Thorn: "Let them come in, shall we?"
    Alexandrian Soldier: "I shall inquire. Stay here."
    [She goes to the queen.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Your Majesty... ...Yes, Your Majesty."
    [The guard goes back to the jesters.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Let the guests through. You two are dismissed."
    Zorn: "What does that mean?"
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Queen Brahne is quite upset with you two for
                         letting the princess escape with the pendant. You
                         should go now."
    Thorn: "Whatever to do are we!?"
    Zorn: "We cannot live without the queen's backing! We must first
          tell the guests to come in!"
    [The two run out.]
    Queen Brahne: "Phew..."
    Voice: "What a view."
    [A woman with an axe walks into the room, and is stopped by a guard.]
    Boisterous Woman: "Who are you? Out of my way! The queen summoned me."
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Restrain yourself before the queen."
    [A man with a large mop of red hair walks in, too, and pushes past
    the guard on the other side of the throne.]
    Boisterous Woman: "Do you understand who you're talking to? I'm Lani,
                      the best and most beautiful bounty hunter in the
    [Lani walks past the guard.]
    Lani: "It's a pleasure to meet you, Your Majesty. I hear things aren't
          going too well."
    Queen Brahne: "Have you no manners? This is what I get for hiring a
    Lani: "I'm sure you didn't hire me for my manners, Your Majesty."
    Queen Brahne: "Hmph. You have two objectives. The first is to retrieve
                  the pendant, a national treasure, from Princess Garnet.
                  The other is to assassinate the black mage traveling with
    Red-headed Man: "...What is that?"
    Queen Brahne: "A soulless golem. A defect is running free."
    Lani: "I don't know what happened between you and the princess, but
          what should I do if I meet with resistance?"
    Queen Brahne: "Hmph. Just get the pendant back from that wretched girl!"
    Lani: "Wonderful. My axe is pleased to hear that. It won't take long.
          Good day, Your Majesty."
    [Lani takes her leave.]
    Red-headed Man: "Is it true that a boy with a tail is traveling with
                    the princess?"
    Queen Brahne: "Yes, that accursed monkey! I shall give you an extra
                  reward if you take care of him."
    Red-headed Man: "...I was right. I'll take care of your request after
                    I finish him."
    [The red-headed man jumps off the balcony and disappears. A guard runs
    in and comes to Brahne's throne.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Reporting! The Alexandrian fleet has returned to
                         home waters! Please prepare to depart on the Red
    Queen Brahne: "Ah, finally! We leave immediately! Bwahahahaha!"
    21. Pinnacle Rocks (PR01)
    Dagger: "Mother... Ugh... Uh... I... Vivi... We made it?"
    [Dagger looks over at Vivi, whose sitting on some gargant wreckage.]
    Dagger: "Where are we...?"
    Vivi: "We're at Pinnacle Rocks. It's supposed to be near Lindblum Castle..."
    Dagger: "Pinnacle Rocks...? Lindblum...? The gargant took us this far? !
            Where's Freya? Steiner? And Beatrix? And...Zidane?"
    Vivi: "He went to check the area."
    Zidane: "Dagger, you're awake!"
    [Zidane jumps down.]
    Zidane: "Do you feel okay?"
    Dagger: "Where is everyone, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "I don't know... We're really far from Alexandria. Hey, don't
            worry. The Tantalus guys are with them, too. It's almost
            nightfall. They're probably in Treno by now."
    Dagger: "Do you think we can borrow an airship in Lindblum? Treno is
            only steps away if we can reach South Gate."
    Zidane: "Yeah..."
    [A floating old man appears before them.]
    Zidane: "Are you our enemy?"
    Old Man: "That is up to you... My name is Ramuh."
    Dagger: "I've heard your name somewhere... ! I've seen your name in
            a book I read about summoning magic... You must be Ramuh, the
            Thunder God."
    Ramuh: "...Do you know that your summon magic destroyed Cleyra? An
           eidolon follows its summoner's orders... It responded to the
           orders of a woman filled with greed this time..."
    Dagger: "No... Mother...! I can't believe it... I was confined while
            Cleyra was destroyed..."
    Zidane: "It wasn't your fault, Dagger. They knew. That's why they
            stayed behind."
    Dagger: "Everyone..."
    Ramuh: "True, you were not the one who caused the destruction. But I
           must ask you... What will you do now?"
    Dagger: "If I were more powerful... If I could use summon magic... I
            beg of you, please help me!"
    Ramuh: "And cause more destruction?"
    Dagger: "No... I was afraid of my summon magic, but not anymore!"
    [The figure of the old man changes into a brilliantly dressed man with
    a large staff.]
    Ramuh: "...Many years have passed since I last served a master... I
           must test you to see whether you are truly fit to be my master.
           I will hide five manifestations of myself in this forest. Each
           one will carry a piece of the 'Hero's Story.' Collect all 5
           pieces and tell me the story. If you put together the story to
           my satisfaction, I shall become your eidolon."
    [Ramuh disappears.]
    Dagger: "I'm sorry. I know we must hurry..."
    Zidane: "It's okay, Dagger."
    Vivi: "I'll help you, too."
    Dagger: "Thanks, you two."
    [They find all five pieces and head to the exit.]
    Ramuh: "So you found all 5... Let's hear the story. However, the
           story comprises 4 parts. One of them doesn't belong. Be sure
           to choose only 4."
           R1 --> Start
           R2 --> Cancel
           R1: [See below.]
           R2: "Then I shall wait..."
    [After picking R1:]
    Ramuh: "Choose the 4 pieces carefully."
    [The correct order goes like so: Beginning, Cooperation, Silence, and
    then one of the two endings.]
    Ramuh: "Let's recite your story..."
    [He recites it (see PR01 for options) and then asks:]
    Ramuh: "Are you satisfied with your choices?"
           R1 --> Yes
           R2 --> Listen again
           R3 --> Do over
           R1: [See below.]
           R2: "Let's recite your story..." [He recites it.]
           R3: "Do you want to begin?"
               R4 --> Yes
               R5 --> No
           R4: [You do the entire procedure over again.]
           R5: "Then I shall wait..."
    [After picking R1:]
    Ramuh: "Let me ask you one thing... How come you chose 'Hero' for
           the conclusion?"
    Dagger: "People follow a person who keeps on track. That's why I think
            a hero who acts in a straightforward manner is remembered for
    [If you picked 'Human' as the end piece:]
    Ramuh: "Let me ask you one thing... How come you chose 'Human' for
           the conclusion?"
    Dagger: "People pass down stories of other people to whom they feel
            an affinity. The people in the story had flaws, as we all do.
            That is why they became heroes in the people's mind."
    Ramuh: "...I want to know what you think, in your own words."
    Dagger: "Me...? I am away from my country, but I haven't forgotten
            about my people..."
    Ramuh: "...Your soul is very tense right now. Maybe you'll begin to
           relax once I become your eidolon..."
    Dagger: "Thank you!"
    Ramuh: "There are many paths. Remember that you alone choose the path
           on which you walk."
    [Ramuh disappears and Dagger gets a Peridot.]
    Dagger: (Maybe now...) "Let's go to Lindblum!"
    Zidane: "...Hey, old man! You're gone already?"
    Vivi: "What's wrong?"
    Zidane: "I wanted to know why he made Dagger play such a silly game.
            Heroic? Human? Those are just things people say after the
            fact. Why try to give meaning to what the main character of
            the story chose?"
    Vivi: "...I think the old man would've become her eidolon either way.
          That's the impression I got."
    Dagger: "Zidane! Vivi! Let's go!"
    [Dagger runs away again and Ramuh's voice rings out:]
    Voice: "You're exactly right... It's not what the people say afterward...
           What's important is being true to oneself. She may not have realized
           it, but when she wished to learn how to use summon magic... The
           summon power returned to her. Summon magic can e used for good or
           evil. She is still young, but there is room for growth... So I chose
           her as my master. I'll be watching over her... I hope you two will
           also protect her."
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah!"
    Zidane: "Of course!"
    [The two run after Dagger.]
    Dagger: "Look! It's Lindblum Castle! I don't think we can turn back
            once we jump off. What do you want to do?"
            R1 --> Jump off now
            R2 --> Jump off later
            R1: [They jump off; see below.]
            R2: [They can run back into the forest.]
    [When they jump down:]
    Dagger: "Zidane. I want to use summon magic to protect everyone..."
    Zidane: "I know you can do it, Dagger!"
    Vivi: "Zidane! Look...!"
    [Zidane looks up.]
    Zidane: "...Is that the Red Rose!?"
    [FMV. The Red Rose fleet bombards Lindblum from the outside while
    black mages destroy the industrial district from the inside. It's a
    complete takeover.]
    Zidane: "Those lights must be telepods! They're sending black mages
            directly inside the castle! In Cleyra, they used summon magic
    Dagger: "No...! Mother... Mother!"
    Zidane: "Dagger!"
    [They all start running out of the Pinnacle Rocks, but Vivi trips and
    the other two run together. FMV. Dagger and Zidane run through the
    plains as a gigantic eidolon starts to suck in all the loose stuff
    in Lindblum. Guards and soldiers and mages alike are swept up into its
    mouth. Dagger collapses in disgust at her mother's doing. The eidolon
    disappears almost as soon as its gone, and the Red Rose starts to dock
    in the city... Afterwards, the party walks into the desolate Hunter's
    22. Lindblum (LB02)
    Zidane: "It's so quiet..."
    Dagger: "Mother... I can't believe you attacked Lindblum!"
    Zidane: "Careful, they might still be around. Vivi, you stay here
            and hide."
    Vivi: "No way! It's dangerous here!"
    Zidane: "There are Alexandrian soldiers everywhere. You should stay
            out of their sight."
    Vivi: "...Okay."
    Zidane: "Don't fret. We'll be right back."
    Dagger: "I'm sorry, Vivi."
    Vivi: "It's okay... Just make it quick."
    [The two wander through Lindblum and come to the Business District's
    fountain plaza. Artania is there.]
    Officer: "The Industrial District is gone, and the Business and
             Theater Districts are also in ruins."
    Minister Artania: "Allocate soldiers to the reconstruction. We must
                      get the citizens' lives back on track."
    Officer: "Yes, sir."
    Dagger: "Uncle Artania!"
    Minister Artania: "Princess Garnet! Master Zidane! Glad to see you're
                      both safe!"
    Dagger: "Where is Uncle Cid...? Is the regent safe?"
    Minister Artania: "Yes, Princess. The castle was spared. Regent Cid
                      is alive."
    Dagger: "Thank goodness..."
    Minister Artania: "I will take you both to see him."
    [Artania leads them to Cid.]
    Artania: "Princess Garnet is back!"
    Dagger: "Uncle Cid!"
    Regent Cid: "Garnet! I thought Brahne had imprisoned you!"
    Dagger: "Zidane rescued me."
    Regent Cid: "Thank you, Zidane. <Gwok!>"
    Dagger: "But Freya, Steiner, and Beatrix were left behind. I..."
    Regent Cid: "Ah, the renowned General Beatrix. I don't think you have
                anything to worry about."
    Zidane: "I don't think so either, Dagger. We wound up in Pinnacle
            Rocks instead of Treno, but... ...they'll be fine on their
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok-gwok!> Pinnacle...? Did you ride the gargant?"
    Zidane: "How did you know?"
    Regent Cid: "It's my job to know the land surrounding my country.
                However... I sometimes lack foresight. Brahne was after
                the <gwok> eidolons. That much, I knew. But I underestimated
                the power of the eidolons. Maybe I deserve to be cursed with
                this body."
    Zidane: "I'm glad you surrendered. Cleyra resisted and perished."
    Dagger: (What should I say...? What can I do...?)
    Voice: "Hey, we got a live one here! Watch out! It might attack!
           Hey, this one's much smaller than the others."
    Voice: "Ouch! Let me go! I'm not one of them!
    Voice: "Then why are you dressed like a black mage!?"
    Zidane: "!"
    Dagger: "!"
    Zidane: "That must be..."
    [Vivi's led by two guards to the others.]
    Soldier: "We took an Alexandrian soldier into custody!"
    Vivi: "I just said--"
    Soldier: "Should we turn it over to Alexandria?"
    Dagger: "Uncle Cid..."
    Minister Artania: "Let him go. Master Vivi is not an Alexandrian
                      soldier. It's only a disguise to deceive the enemy."
    Soldier: "I-I see! My apologies."
    Vivi: "......"
    Regent Cid: "I've acquired more information about Queen Brahne <gwok>.
                A weapons dealer named Kuja is behind the recent string of
                attacks. Kuja has been supplying Brahne with highly advanced
                magic weapons."
    Dagger: "Supplying my mother...with weapons?"
    Regent Cid: "Yes. The black mage soldiers are among these weapons.
                According to eye witnesses in Treno, Kuja appeared from
                the northern sky on a silver dragon."
    Zidane: (That's the guy I saw in Burmecia!)
    Minister Artania: "That he came from the north suggests he's from the
                      Outer Continent."
    Dagger: "The Outer...Continent?"
    Zidane: "There are many unexplored continents in the world. The Outer
            Continent is an unexplored continent located to the north of
            our Mist Continent."
    Regent Cid: "I believe Kuja is the only one supplying <gwok> Brahne
                with weapons."
    Dagger: "The man I saw at the castle must have been Kuja. He must be
            the one who is corrupting my mother!"
    Zidane: "If we defeat Kuja...!"
    Dagger: "If we eliminate Kuja..."
    Regent Cid: "You both catch on quickly. Defeat Kuja, and Brahne loses
                her weapon supply. That will be our cue for a counterattack."
    Minister Artania: "Challenging Brahne now will only resist in more
    Zidane: "So we crush the source of the evil!"
    Minister Artania: "Yes. Kuja will find other clients, even if we
                      defeat Brahne."
    Dagger: "I make no excuses for my mother's behavior, but I shan't
            forgive Kuja for taking advantage of her! But first, we must
            rescue Steiner and the others..."
    Regent Cid: "I'm afraid I can't spare any soldiers. They must remain
                to protect our citizens."
    Zidane: "Hey, Dagger. I'm telling you, they'll be fine. The best
            dragon knight in Burmecia, the female general of Alexandria,
            and Rusty... How could they lose? Besides, you have me to
            protect you!"
    Dagger: "Then I'll look for Kuja."
    Vivi: "I wanna go, too... There's no place for me here..."
    Zidane: "Alright! Let's go kick Kuja's butt! Will you lend us the
            fastest ship in Lindblum?"
    Regent Cid: "Airships can only fly where there is Mist, and the Mist
                only exists on this continent. <Gwok.> That means you
                can't cross the ocean on an airship."
    Zidane: "What about the new airship that can fly without Mist?"
    Regent Cid: "It's not ready yet <gwok>. Besides, it's under Brahne's
                control. Brahne gave us two conditions for our surrender.
                One was the surrender of the new airship. The other was to
                hand over <gwok> the Falcon Claw."
    Zidane: "The airship, I can understand, but what does she want with a
            piece of stone?"
    Regent Cid: "I have no idea..."
    Zidane: "Alright. We'll take a boat."
    Regent Cid: "That's not an option, either. The harbor was also seized."
    Zidane: "Ahhhhhh!!! What do you want us to do!? Swim!?"
    Regent Cid: "There is a way. There's an old excavation site near a
                swamp located north from the castle. Monsters not native
                to our continent are rumored to appear in the excavation
                site. The cave, which was found during excavation, is
                rumored to lead to another continent."
    Dagger: "Will this cave lead us to the Outer Continent?"
    Zidane: "Doesn't sound too reliable... Are you sure?"
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok> I'm not sure..."
    Zidane: "I guess we'll find out. Not knowing is half of the fun, huh?"
    Regent Cid: "Please protect Princess Garnet. We'll prepare the
                counterattack in the meantime. It's not much, but use it
                to prepare for your journey."
    [He gives the party 3000 Gil.]
    Vivi: "I-I'll wait here. Zidane, will you get my stuff, too?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. That's probably a good idea."
    [Zidane and Garnet go down to the business district's shop square.]
    Man: "Listen, Lindblum is Alexandrian territory now. You won't be able
         to come back for a while. Prepare yourself well. Let me know when
         you're ready."
    [Zidane shops around and comes back.]
    Man: "Are you ready?"
         R1 --> Ready
         R2 --> Need more time
         R1: "Follow me. The regent is waiting on the Base Level."
         R2: "Let me know when you're ready."
    [An ATE 'Brahne's Fleet Arrives' plays by picking R1. After, some
    soldiers are shown in the Grand Castle's fountain hallway.]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "I wonder where we are going next? I don't know
                         of any kingdom that poses a threat to our
    Alexandrian Soldier: "I'm sure Queen Brahne has a plan. There's no
                         need for us to worry about such matters. Come now,
                         we need your help. Some Lindblum soldiers have
                         locked themselves up in the guest room."
    [They walk upstairs, and Zidane walks in the room. He beckons Dagger
    to the elevator and they make a run for it while they can. On the way
    Zidane: "I wonder what Brahne is going to do..."
    Dagger: "Zidane... Do we really have to go to the Outer Continent...?"
    Zidane: "Hey, what's up with you? You said you wanted to go."
    Dagger: "What if... What if something happens to you or Vivi...? I
            might not be okay on my own."
    Zidane: "Are you worried about me?"
    Dagger: "What? Well, I mean, um... A princess needs her elite guards,
            you know...? I'd be stranded without you guys!"
    Zidane: "Are you trying to flatter me by calling me your elite guard?
            Sorry, I was only kidding. You'll be fine with me. What about
            you, Dagger? We don't know anything about the Outer Continent."
    Dagger: "I've made up my mind. I don't want my mother to commit any
            more atrocities."
    Zidane: "Alright, then. I'll protect both you and Vivi!"
    Dagger: "Thank you..."
    [They finally reach the bottom. Vivi's there.]
    Vivi: "Zidane! I'm so glad you're here!"
    Dagger: "Vivi, where's Uncle Cid?"
    Vivi: "U-Um... He said, 'Gwok-gwok. Wait here,' and went away
    Zidane: "Where could he be...?"
    Vivi: "!"
    [Regent Cid runs down the rail track to them.]
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok!> I did it! I stopped a trolley between here and
                the Serpent's Gate! <Gwok-gwok!> That'll show them not to
                fool around in my castle! Now, go. <Gwok-gwok.> The
                excavation site is like a maze. Be careful not to get
                lost. And... Take this with you!"
    Zidane: "It's a rag."
    Regent Cid: "You big dope! It's not just a rag! <Gwok!> That is a
                national treasure of Lindblum! That is an ancient map of
                the entire world!"
    Zidane: "Wow. Thanks!"
    Regent Cid: "Now, go, before they find you! Zidane, Vivi. Please
                protect Princess Garnet."
    Vivi: "Okay."
    Dagger: "Uncle Cid..."
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok!> Don't worry about me. I'm stronger than I look!
                Now, go! They'll squeeze all the oglop oil out of my body
                if we're caught!"
    Zidane: "Let's go, Dagger."
    [They get on the trolley and depart, while the ATE '<Gwok-gwok!> How
    Infuriating!' plays. Afterwards, the party sets out and heads to Qu's
    23. Qu's Marsh (QU02)
    [Zidane finds Quina near the pond.]
    Zidane: "Quina! You're safe!"
    Quina: "Long time no see, Zidane. Much trouble, coming back from
           Cleyra alone."
    Zidane: "Do you know a way to the Outer Continent? I heard there was
            an entrance somewhere around here..."
    Quina: "Outer Continent... Maybe I find more delicious frogs. Sound
           interesting. I help you, and I eat more frogs. I come with
    [On the path to the right of Quale's house, Quina starts to run
    off on her own.]
    Zidane: "Quina! Where are you going!?"
    Quina: "I smell! I smell frogs!"
    Zidane: "No, we have to look for the entrance to the Outer Continent!"
    Quina: "I smell frogs this way!"
    Zidane: "Hey, Quina! Hold on! Darn it..."
    [Quina comes out of the brush near a railing.]
    Quina: "A-HA! Frogs!!! Hold!"
    [S/he chases a frog into a cement opening, then runs back.]
    Quina: "They run away again..."
    Zidane: "Wait a minute, Quina. Check it out. This entrance... This
            must be the entrance to the excavation site!"
    Quina: "First time I see this. Zidane, we going inside?"
    Zidane: "Of course we will. It might lead to the Outer Continent.
            Let's go!"
    [They enter, coming to Fossil Roo.]
    24. Fossil Roo (FR01)
    [Zidane walks into the tunnel, past a suspicious door. Once he's
    walked a ways, the ground shakes...]
    Zidane: "Wh-What the--"
    [...and a large creature on wheels starts chasing him.]
    Zidane: "You've gotta be kidding!"
    [The Armodulluhan chases the party through a passageway of swinging
    guillotine blades, and they all stumble out the other side when the
    monster falls into a pit.]
    Vivi: "Yikes!"
    Garnet: "Aah!"
    [They both get up.]
    Garnet: "Sorry, Vivi. Are you okay?"
    Vivi: "Yeah... Look out!"
    [Zidane and Quina run into each other.]
    Quina: "Aiya!"
    Zidane: "Outta my way!"
    [The party regroups.]
    Zidane: "That was a close call."
    Lani: "Geez... That didn't do much good."
    Zidane: "Who's there!?"
    [Lani walks up the stairway into sight.]
    Lani: "I've been looking for you, Princess Garnet."
    Zidane: "H-Have we met?"
    Dagger: "(Quit flirting with her!)"
    Zidane: "(Yes, ma'am...)"
    Lani: "I'm Lani. I'm under order by the queen to find you, Princess."
    Dagger: "My mother? What does my mother want with me? I am not
            returning to Alexandria."
    Lani: "I've got bad news for you, Princess. It's not you I'm after."
    Dagger: "What do you mean?"
    Lani: "The pendant. Does this sound familiar?"
    Dagger: "!"
    Lani: "Let's have it back. It belongs to Queen Brahne."
    Dagger: "......"
    Lani: "Listen carefully, Princess. You escaped unscathed from the
          monster, but you're not gonna be so lucky with me. Hand over
          the pendant right this minute."
    Zidane: "Are you the one who set that monster loose?"
    Lani: "Retrieving the pendant far outweights the safety of the
    Zidane: "...What do you mean by that?"
    Lani: "I meant exactly what I said. My orders don't include Princess
          Garnet's safe return."
    Dagger: "What...? My mother would never order that."
    Lani: "That's enough! Give me the pendant! You're trying my patience!"
    Zidane: "Hmph. What if we refuse?"
    Lani: "Stubborn fools! Have it your way!"
    [The battle starts, but they beat Lani after awhile.]
    Lani: "What a drag. I'll let you guys go for now!"
    [She runs off the way the party entered; they head the opposite way.
    Zidane sees a wild gargant on an overhead track.]
    Zidane: "An untamed gargant, huh? Maybe I can ride it."
    [Zidane picks a flower and rides it into a room down the way. After
    flipping a multitude of switches, the party finds the exit.]
    Zidane: "This light... There's no mist here."
    [He runs out and finds a large turtle-shaped town spanning across
    a ravine. They enter.]
    25. Conde Petie (CP01)
    Vivi: "We came all this way and there's still no Mist at all..."
    Zidane: "Yeah, and what a weird-shaped...village? What is that thing?"
    Dagger: "Maybe it's a temple of some kind."
    Quina: "Is very delicious shape. Inside might have fine cuisine!"
    [Quina runs into the entrance.]
    Zidane: "Geez... All s/he ever thinks about is food."
    Dagger: "Well, all you ever think about is girls..."
    [Dagger starts walking off, too.]
    Zidane: "Uh, that's right! My mind is filled with thoughts of...you!"
    Vivi: "..."
    Zidane: "..."
    [Vivi runs off.]
    Zidane: "Maybe I'm trying too hard..."
    [Zidane arrives at the entrance, and a goblin-like guy is there.]
    Goblin?: "Rally-ho!"
    Goblin?: "Rally-ho!"
    Goblin?: "Rally-ho!"
    Zidane: "Wh-What's up with these little guys?"
    Dagger: "Wr-Wraly-ho...?"
    Vivi: "Rh-Rhallie-who...?"
    Goblin?: "Rally-ho!"
    Goblin?: "Rally-ho!"
    [Dagger and Vivi get to enter, and walk off.]
    Zidane: "Hey, hold up..."
    Goblin?: "Rally-ho!"
    Zidane: "Oh, come on..."
    Villager: "Rally-ho's oor sacred greetin'!"
    Villager: "If ye dinnae say Rally-Ho, then ye cannae enter Conde
              Petie, hametoon o' the dwarves!"
    Zidane: "Now, wait just a minute here..."
    Villager: "Rally-ho!"
    Villager: "Rally-ho!"
    Zidane: "... ...Rally-ho..."
    Dwarf: "Rally-ho! Ye can pass!"
    Villager: "Rally-ho!"
    [Zidane walks around and talks to Vivi in the upper shrine (CP05) and
    then watches the ATE 'Hungry Bryan' to cue the events up. He heads
    down into the grocery and sees a Black Mage there.]
    Zidane: "Hm?"
    Wendy Grocer: "Plenty thanks. Yir goods are always welcome here."
    Black Mage: "..."
    Zidane: "Hey..."
    Black Mage: "!!!"
    Vivi: "What the--"
    Black Mage: "..."
    [The black mage runs off.]
    Vivi: "W-Wait!"
    Zidane: "Hang on, Vivi!"
    [They chase the mage to the exit.]
    Vivi: "Come back!"
    Zidane: "Vivi!"
    [Dagger runs over.]
    Dagger: "Zidane, what's going on?"
    Zidane: "I have no idea... But we gotta catch up with Vivi!"
    [They find Vivi at the exit.]
    Zidane: "Vivi, where's the black mage?"
    Vivi: "He ran away."
    Zidane: "Huh. Where the heck did he come from? Has Brahne found us?"
    Harold Pathknower: "Do ye ken the Pyntie-Hats?"
    Vivi: "Huh? Did you just say Pointy-Hats!?"
    Harold Pathknower: "Nay, Ah said Pyntie-Hats! They often come from
                       the Soothern Forest tae trade wi' us."
    Zidane: "They!? You mean there's lots of them? And...they live near here?"
    Harold Pathknower: "Aye! But ye gots tae go all the way aroon' yon cliff
                       an' then go east tae find the Sootheast Forest! They
                       live sae deep in the forest, that even owls dinnae
                       live there!"
    Zidane: "What's that supposed to mean?"
    Vivi: "Zidane, I want to go to the Southeast Forest and find them!"
    Zidane: "Yeah, me too."
    Dagger: "I think it's a good idea. We might find some clues."
    Quina: "If possible to try new food, anywhere fine."
    Zidane: "Alright, let's head to the Southeast Forest."
    [The party runs to the forest in question and enters the deepest part.]
    26. Black Mage Village (BM01)
    [The party follows the mage in but loses sight of him.]
    Zidane: "I think they live 'so deep in the forest tha owls don't
            even live there.'"
    [Using a sign as their guide, they follow the mage into the village
    which was hidden behind an illusion of dead trees. The party runs to
    the entrance.]
    Black Mage: "!"
    Black Mage: "Ahh! H-H-Humans..."
    Black Mage: "? What's wrong?"
    [He turns around.]
    Black Mage: "!"
    Black Mage: "HUmans! Run!!!"
    [They scatter like the wind.]
    Vivi: "W-Wait... Did you see them!?"
    Zidane: "Y-Yeah..."
    Vivi: "They were talking! There ARE others like me!"
    [Vivi runs off.]
    Dagger: "Why would anyone build a village in the middle of a dying
    Zidane: "Beats me..."
    Dagger: "Where's Vivi?"
    Zidane: "He went that way...but I... Hey!"
    [Dagger runs off on her own, too.]
    Quina: "A village! Village always have good food. I go find!"
    [Quina bolts.]
    Zidane: "Geez, you people..."
    [Zidane heads towards the cemetery to the left of the synth shop, and
    the ATE 'Different Language' plays (if not viewed). Afterwards, Vivi
    flees past him.]
    Zidane: "! Hey, Vivi! What's up with him...?"
    [Zidane finds him in the inn.]
    Zidane: "...Vivi? What's wrong?"
    Vivi: "Huh? Oh, Zidane... It's... It's nothing."
    Zidane: "Did something bad happen? All the black mages seem pretty nice."
    Vivi: "Nothing happened..."
    [Quina enters the inn.]
    Quina: "Grr... I hungry! This village people eat terrible food."
    [Dagger enters.]
    Dagger: "Oh, Vivi. You're back. Where were you? You look very..."
    Zidane: "You got tired, right, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah..."
    Dagger: "I don't blame you. We've been walking around non-stop. We
            should call it a day."
    Quina: "I go to forest and look for food."
    Dagger: "What about you, Zidane?"
            R1 --> Rest
            R2 --> Not yet
            R1 (Zidane): "Yeah, we'll call it a day."
            R2 (Zidane): "I'm not tired yet."
    [After choosing to rest, the party lazes around 'til nightfall. Vivi
    talks with a mage, then walks out on his own; Garnet sees him.]
    Dagger: "Zidane... Vivi just walked out."
    Zidane: "Maybe he's letting us have a little romantic quiet time."
    Dagger: "I'm serious!"
    Zidane: "...I wouldn't worry too much."
    Dagger: "But..."
    Zidane: "He's trying to figure something out for himself."
    Dagger: "......"
    [Zidane and Dagger's following words show up as Vivi walks alone in
    the still of the night.]
    Zidane: "Think about it... Vivi's never met black mages like himself
    Dagger: "But what if they're being mean to him, or saying nasty things?"
    Zidane: "Do you really think the people of this village gathered to
            do something like that?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Maybe... Just maybe, he'll find what he's looking for."
    Dagger: "...Find what?"
    Zidane: "A place to call home."
    Dagger: "Home?"
    Zidane: "Yeah... A place where he belongs..."
    [The screen shows Zidane and Dagger lying on some bunk beds.]
    Dagger: "Hey, Zidane... When you said home..."
    Zidane: "What's the matter? Can't fall asleep? How about a bedtime
            story? Let's see... Once upon a time..."
    Dagger: "There you go again, teasing me..."
    Zidane: "Once upon a time... ...there was a man. There was a man who
            didn't know where he came from..."
    Dagger: "...Zidane?"
    Zidane: "This man had longed to find his birthplace ever since he was
            a small child. His birthplace. A place he only remembered in
            his dreams..."
    Dagger: "Why...?"
    Zidane: "He wanted to know more about himself, maybe. About his place,
            the house where he was born... One day, the man left the home
            of his adoptive father and went on a quest to find the answer.
            His only clue was the blue light he saw in his dreams..."
    Dagger: "A blue light?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. He thought it might be a memory of his birthplace. An
            ocean, maybe...?"
    Dagger: "Did he find it?"
    Zidane: "Hey, you're jumping ahead. A lot of things happened along the
            way. Alright, we can skip ahead... No, he never found it. How
            could he? His only clue was a colored light. So he went back
            to the home of his adoptive father... What do you think his
            father did when he came home?"
    Dagger: "...Welcomed him home?"
    Zidane: "No way! The father raised his fist and beat the son he had
            worked so hard to raise..." <Wham!> <Pow!> <Whack!> <Bam!>
    Dagger: "Why?"
    Zidane: "I don't know... But you know what surprised him even more?
            The father smiled, after beating up his son! Can you believe
            that? He just gave his son a beating. But this is what the man
            thought when he saw his father smile... This is my home. This
            is the place I call home. The man is still searching for his
            birthplace. But he already has a home. Maybe... ...it's the
            same for Vivi. He's looking for a place to call home."
    Dagger: "I wonder if Vivi will stay in the village?"
    Zidane: "Who knows... That's for him to decide."
    [At the cemetery, Vivi finds Mr. 288.]
    Black Mage No. 288: "Hello. Nice to see you again."
    Vivi: "Um... I wanted to ask you something."
    Black Mage No. 288: "What is it?"
    Vivi: "I was wondering how many people have...stopped...moving."
    Black Mage No. 288: "You're very kind to use our words. But you already
                        know what it means to live...and to die. You're
                        asking about our friends who have 'died,' not
    Vivi: "Um..."
    Black Mage No. 288: "Several of our friends stopped functioning
                        recently... I think our life span is limited...
                        I've suspected this ever since the first one came
                        to a stop. It varies a little, but most of us stop
                        moving one year after production."
    Vivi: "No..."
    Black Mage No. 288: "I haven't told anyone else about this. If I did,
                        they'd feel the same way I do."
    Vivi: "What do you feel?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "I don't know... Fear? I don't want to stop. And
                        maybe I want to run away from it all. But living
                        in the village with everyone fills me with joy.
                        The joy of living with them far outweighs the fear
                        of death. Isn't it the same with you? Traveling
                        with your friends gives your life meaning."
    Vivi: "I..."
    [The next morning, Zidane walks to the town gates and finds Dagger
    conversing with a mage.]
    Dagger: "Really?"
    Black Mage No. 144: "Yeah, I think that's what you're looking for."
    Dagger: "Thank you!"
    Zidane: "What's up, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Zidane! Someone saw a silver dragon in the northwest part of
            this continent. The people of Conde Petie said there was a
            place called Sanctuary, where entrance is restricted..."
    Black Mage No. 144: "I think this 'Kuja' said something about a secret
                        being hidden on this continent."
    Zidane: "You heard him say that?"
    Black Mage No. 144: "Yeah. Something about the source of the Mist..."
    Dagger: "Maybe we can find our more if we go there. And maybe save my
    Zidane: "Right..."
    Dagger: "Oh, where's Vivi? If Vivi's says he's staying behind..."
    [Vivi runs to everyone.]
    Vivi: "Wait for me!"
    Dagger: "Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Everyone in the village asked me to see the outside world and
          tell them all about it."
    Dagger: "I see..."
    Zidane: "Oh, man! I thought Dagger and I'd get to spend some quality
            time together."
    Quina: "What you say?"
    [Quina runs into town.]
    Quina: "You no can leave me here. I starve."
    Zidane: "Oh yeah, I forgot about you..."
    Dagger: "Let's go, everyone! To Conde Petie! And to the Sanctuary,
            that lies beyond!"
    [The party rolls back to Conde Petie.]
    27. Conde Petie (CP02)
    [The party stops before the entrance.]
    Zidane: "So the Sanctuary is on the other side of that valley..."
    Vivi: "But the exit leading there from the upper floor is guarded by
          a dwarf who won't let us through."
    Quina: "Twin dwarfes block way out from shop on right side. No can
           get through."
    Zidane: "Hmm... Well, let's just try to go as far as we can."
    [The party tries to leave town and gets stiff-armed by Shanis or the
    two watchmen by the shop. They tell Zidane to seek out 'His Holiness';
    they find the person in question in a corridor.]
    Zidane: "Hey, mister... Are you the holy guy?"
    David Heavenguard: "Aye. Ah'm Father David."
    Zidane: "What are you doing, hanging around this hallway?"
    David Heavenguard: "Well...a priest has much tae worry aboot, ye see?"
    Zidane: "Yeah...whatever. Look, we wanna get past this village."
    David Heavenguard: "Hmph! Tradition states that only those who undergo
                       the ceremony kin approach the Sanctuary."
    Zidane: "So, what the heck is that ceremony about, anyway?"
    [Dagger walks into the hallway.]
    David Heavenguard: "Well, after a man an' a woman are blessed in holy
                       union, they leave oan holy pilgrimage tae the
    Zidane: "So...basically it's a wedding...and a honeymoon, right?"
    David Heavenguard: "Ah dinnae ken yir words, lad, but methinks ye
    Dagger: "So we can go to the Sanctuary if we undergo that ceremony,
    Zidane: "Oh, hey, Dagger! So yeah, that's the deal. Whaddya think?
            We can go if we get hitched. But there's no way we'd
    Dagger: "Let's do it."
    Zidane: "What!?"
    David Heavenguard: "Sae ye wantae be joined, eh? The ceremony's only
                       fer dwarves, see... ...But we have sae few young
                       folk nowadays. We're doon tae ninety-nine couples.
                       Ah was worryin' aboot that very thin'... But where's
                       the harm? Now we can have oor hundredth ceremony!"
    Zidane: "... Uhh... Dagger? Wh-What's going on?"
    [Later on, Dagger and Zidane stand on the Kirkboat and face the altar
    where David Heavenguard stands preaching.]
    David Heavenguard: "Speerits o' the moontain, Speerits o' the wood..."
    Zidane: (Uh... Now, how did I get into this?)
    David Heavenguard: "Watch ower this man an' woman as they begin their
    Zidane: (We gotta do this ceremony to get past this village... And
            only a guy and girl can have the ceremony...)
    [Flashback to a few moments before the ceremony:]
    Zidane: "Now hold on a sec, Dagger! Don't you get it? This is marriage,
    Dagger: "No kidding... But we have to do it to go on, right?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, but... But that's not reason enough!"
    Dagger: "Oh, come on."
    [Flashback: end.]
    Zidane: (What is she thinking? She's supposed to get angry and say no way!)
    David Heavenguard: "...In sickness an' in health..."
    Zidane: (Of course we're just trying to get past this village...)
    David Heavenguard: "...Have the strength to carry ye through the trials..."
    Zidane: (Could it be that she...likes me?)
    David Heavenguard: "...An' the wisdom tae follow the path..."
    Zidane: (Gotta admit, I was pretty deep that night in the black mage
            village. Maybe that's when she fell for me? I'm such a stud!)
    David Heavenguard: "May the blessin's o' heaven be upon this man an'
    Zidane: "Dagger! Now we're man and wife! Time for the kiss..."
    [Zidane lunges and misses as Dagger walks away.]
    Zidane: "Playing hard to get, eh?"
    [Afterwards, near the gatekeeper's station:]
    Shanis Gatekeeper: "Happy fit! Now ye need anoonce yer joinin' tae
                       the twins at the other gate!"
    Zidane: "What!? You mean there's more?"
    Shanis Gatekeeper: "We have tae follow tradition, lad!"
    Zidane: "Ah, well... Time for us newlyweds to make the rounds, Dagger."
    Dagger: "Remember, we're only married while we're here."
    Zidane: "Bliss is so fleeting."
    Vivi: "Zidane... What are we supposed to do?"
    Zidane: "Hey! You guys tryin' to ruin our honeymoon?"
    Quina: "But you no can just leave us here!"
    Zidane: "Don't worry. I'll figure something out. Hmm, let's see..."
            R1 --> First, let's go see the twins
            R2 --> Why don't you guys get married, too?
            R1: "I think we should all go see the twins first."
                {They go to see the watchmen; see below.]
            R2: "Why don't you guys get married, too?"
                Vivi: "What!?"
                Zidane: "Yeah, that's it! In the meantime, Dagger and I
                        can go announce our marriage."
                Vivi: "..."
                Quina: "..."
                [The ATE 'Nuptial Joy' is automatically cued.]
    [The party goes to see the watchmen regardless of the option.]
    Zidane: "Hi, guys! We're the newlyweds, Zidane and Dagger."
    Richard Watchman: "Rally-ho! Happy fit! Off tae the Sanctuary then,
                      are ye?"
    Dagger: "That's right. Will you let us through now?"
    Matthew Watchman: "Rally-ho! O' coorse! Safe journey tae both o' ye!"
    Zidane: "Let us be off, my darling!"
    Voice: "Thief!"
    Dagger: "Huh?
    [A little girl with purple hair runs by.]
    Girl: "Mog, hurry!"
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    [They run off.]
    Watchman: "Stop, thief!"
    Watchman: "Stop, thief!"
    Dagger: "Wh-What's going on?"
    Zidane: "I dunno. Let's go take a look."
    [They find the watchmen near the town's edge.]
    Richard Watchman: "They got away..."
    Matthew Watchman: "Feuch! An' we cannae go any farther..."
    Zidane: "Does anyone live out here?"
    Richard Watchman: "O' course no! It's forbidden!"
    Matthew Watchman: "Och! Yon two thieves are always snitchin' food!"
    Zidane: "Oh yeah?"
    Richard Watchman: "Weel, Ah'd best go report the theft.
    [The watchmen leave; Vivi and Quina walk over.]
    Dagger: "Oh, hi, guys..."
    [If Vivi/Quina didn't have a wedding, the scene'll be:]
    Zidane: "Hey, you guys snuck through during the commotion?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah..."
    Dagger: "I guess we didn't have to go through with that ceremony,
            after all."
    Zidane: "What!? But it's the stuff memories are made out of!"
    Dagger: "And we'll forget it all once we leave. Come, it's time to
            press on."
    Zidane: "Yes, dearest..."
    [If they did get married, the scene'll be:]
    Zidane: "So you've had your ceremony, right?"
    Vivi: "Y-Yeah..."
    Quina: "They have nerve to steal food right in front of me."
    Zidane: "Okay, time to press on."
    28. Conde Petie Mountain Path (CM01)
    [The party walks onto the mountain path and stops soon.]
    Zidane: "Hey..."
    [The little girl from before is suspended in the air, her shirt
    caught on a branch.]
    Mog: "Kupopo!!!"
    Little Girl: "Hurry, Mog! Before we get caught!"
    Mog: "Kupo."
    Little Girl: "What's wrong, Mog?"
    Mog: "K-Kupo!!!"
    [Mog flies off.]
    Little Girl: "W-Wait!!! Don't leave me here!!! Sigh... Stuck on a
                 branch... Betrayed by my own trusted moogle... Is this
                 how I meet my end? Mog... I'm gonna haunt you if I die
                 here! Oh, am I hallucinating? That person has no horn.
                 He has a tail, though. Huh!? AHHH!!! Help!!! Don't eat
                 me! I won't taste good! It's true! I taste awful!!!"
    Zidane: "You heard her, Quina."
    Quina: "I see. Too bad. But moogle that ran away a very strange color.
           I go find and eat it."
    Little Girl: "No, don't!"
    [Quina jumps over the little girl and knocks her loose.]
    Little Girl: "Ahhh!"
    Zidane: "Gotcha...!"
    [Quina runs off.]
    Little Girl: "...... Th-Thanks..."
    Dagger: "Are you okay?"
    Little Girl: "Yeah..."
    Dagger: "You're not hurt?"
    Little Girl: "I told you I'm okay! I'm not a child, like that kid in blue!"
    Vivi: "But... You don't look any older than me."
    Little Girl: "Are you kidding!? And I do have a name, you know!"
    [Default: Eiko]
    Eiko: "The name's Eiko! Shouldn't you introduce yourself before
          addressing a lady?"
    Vivi: "You introduced yourself first..."
    Eiko: "You got a problem!?"
    Vivi: "......"
    Dagger: "I'm Dagger, and this is Vivi."
    Eiko: "Yeah? What about you?"
    Zidane: "Me? I'm Zidane."
    Eiko: "Zidane. Alright."
    Zidane: "So, Miss Eiko, why did you steal from the village?"
    Eiko: "I was hungry..."
    Zidane: "Ha ha ha... You sound just like Quina. Hey, did s/he really
            go chasing after that moogle?"
    Eiko: "Oh no... S/he's gonna eat Mog!"
    Dagger: "I don't think Quina would eat a moogle. Do you live nearby, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Yeah, beyond this path. I'm sure Mog went home..."
    Dagger: "Why don't we take her home?"
    Zidane: "Yes, yes... Anything for my lovely wife."
    Eiko: "You two are married!?"
    Zidane: "Yep, we're newlyweds."
    Dagger: "No, no. We're just friends."
    Zidane: "Well, I guess that's better than nothing..."
    Eiko: "I wanna be your friend, too!"
    Zidane: "Alright, then, let's go to our new friend's house."
    [The party starts walking and Zidane stops when he sees a gigantic
    tree in the distance, roots stretching everywhere.]
    Zidane: "What's that...?"
    [FMV. Zoomed-in picture of the tree.]
    Zidane: "Is that the Sanctuary?"
    [In the next screen, the ground shakes.]
    Zidane: "What the...!?"
    [The party engages the giant Hilgilgars in battle and gives it a
    giant beating.]
    Eiko: "That big monster just shows up from time to time. I usually
          just run away."
    Zidane: "But you're a pretty good fighter, Eiko."
    Eiko: "Tee-hee. Thanks. Hey, that's not the way to my house! That's
          the way to the Iifa Tree! This way to my place!"
    Vivi: "I was only looking at the mountains..."
    Zidane: "The Iifa Tree? I thought it was called Sanctuary."
    Eiko: "Huh? Oh, that's what the dwarves call it. Everyone else
          calls it the Iifa Tree."
    Dagger: "The Iifa Tree...?"
    Eiko: "Let's go!"
    [The party goes to the world map and heads to the ruins on the beach
    of the peninsula.]
    29. Madain Sari, Village of the Lost Summoners (MS01)
    [They walk into the broken-down town.]
    Eiko: "Zidane! This is my home: Madain Sari, the village of summoners!"
    Zidane: "The village of the summoners...? You live here...?" (It's
            a pile of rubble.) "Dagger?"
    Dagger: "What happened here...? This place is in ruins.
    [Three moogles appear, all saying their "Kupo!"s.]
    Eiko: "Mocha! Moco! Chimomo!"
    [Two more poke up in some junk.]
    Eiko: "Momatose! Morrison! Where's Mog? No... Mog got eaten!? MOG!"
    [The little mog peeks out and flies over to Eiko.]
    Mog: "Kup! Kupo... Kupo?"
    Eiko: "No, I'm not mad. But don't ever leave me behind again, okay?"
    Mog: "Kupo! Kupo!"
    Eiko: "Good! Zidane! Follow me!"
    [The cloud of moogles hails Eiko into town, and the rest follow. At
    the square (or what's left of it), Eiko talks to her fluffy friends.]
    Eiko: "Get to work, you guys!"
    Moogle: "Kupo! Yes, ma'am.
    Eiko: "Mog, you stay here with me."
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    Eiko: "Okay, come on!
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    [Mog jumps inside Eiko's clothing.]
    Zidane: "Did that moogle just go inside your dress?"
    Eiko: "Yup! Mog always stays with me."
    [Mog jumps out again.]
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    [...then jumps right back in.]
    Eiko: "Zidane, come sit over here!"
    Zidane: "H-Hey!"
    Eiko: "Tell me more about yourself! Tell me!"
    Zidane: "Sure. I wanna know more about you, too, Eiko."
    Eiko: "Really!?"
    Zidane: "For instance, this eidolon..."
    Eiko: "Where are you from? How old are you? What do you do? Where
          are you going?"
    Zidane: "No, what I wanna know is..."
    Eiko: "What kind of foods do you like? What kind of eidolons do you
          like? What type of moogles do you like? What type of girls do
          you like?
    [The party converses for awhile.]
    Eiko: "I never met anyone like you before..."
    Zidane: "Dagger? What's wrong? You look dazed."
    Dagger: "Oh, it's nothing."
    Zidane: "Do you have a fever?"
    Dagger: "Ahhh!"
    Zidane: "You're fine. Hey, are you jealous?"
    Dagger: "Why would I be jealous?"
    Eiko: "Are you and Dagger really just friends? Seems like...you guys
          are...something more."
    Zidane: "Well... Yeah, we're more than friends."
    Eiko: "So? What are you guys?"
    Zidane: "We're a team."
    Eiko: "A team...?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. Vivi's also part of the team. Hey... Where did he go?"
    Eiko: "Is it sort of like me and the moogles?"
    Zidane: "Something like that."
    [A moogle runs over.]
    Mocha: "All clean! Kupo!"
    Eiko: "Thanks, Mocha! I'll be right there! I'm gonna start cooking!
          You have to come and eat at my place later, okay?"
    [She runs off.]
    Zidane: "There's still stuff I want to ask her. Let's accept her
    Dagger: "Okay..."
    [Eiko runs back over.]
    Eiko: "I'll call you when the food's ready. Don't go to far!"
    [She runs off again. Zidane finds Vivi near the seaside balcony.]
    Zidane: "...Vivi? What's up? Is something wrong?"
    Vivi: "Oh, it's nothing. I was just thinking..."
    Zidane: "...Well, ry not to think too much. Get some rest."
    Vivi: "Okay. Thanks, Zidane."
    [Vivi talks to Morrison by the kitchen entrance.]
    Morrison: "Thank you for waiting. Lady Eiko says the food will be
              ready soon. I'll take you to the Eidolon Wall in the
              meantime. Please follow me."
    [He follows Morrison to the Eidolon Wall.]
    Moco: "!"
    [Moco flies away when Morrison talks to him.]
    Morrison: "Moco was very proud of his role as the Eidolon Wall guard.
              Eiko's decision to show the Eidolon Wall to outsiders upset
              him. But we moogles love Eiko. He'll understand, in time."
    Zidane: "Why does the wall need protection?"
    Morrison: "The Eidolon Wall has been protected by Eiko's summoner
              tribe for generations."
    Zidane: "...Summoner tribe? I'm gonna go get Dagger. She can use
            summon magic."
    Morrison: "Is that true?"
    [Zidane finds Dagger by the town entrance.]
    Zidane: "Hey, Dagger. Come with me. I'll show you something big!
            Summon-magic stuff."
    Dagger: "Summon magic?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, it's called the Eidolon Wall!"
    [They both go back to the Wall.]
    Morrison: "Please come in. The Eidolon Wall is this way."
    [The three go inside. The Wall is actually a circular structure with
    a large incense pile burning in the middle. Paintins are everywhere.]
    Morrison: "The Eidolon Wall is a collection of paintings. The summoner
              tribe painted all their eidolons they found during their
    Dagger: "These eidolons all exist?"
    Morrison: "Kupo. This is a holy place for the summoner tribe. Lady
              Eiko comes here everyday to pray and burn incense for her
    Dagger: "What's this one...? There's Atomos. That's Bahamut."
    [Dagger stoops down.]
    Zidane: "What's wrong, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "I..."
    Zidane: "You'll get it back."
    Dagger: "...... I want to look at the murals some more."
    Zidane: "...Okay."
    [Zidane goes back to the kitchen.]
    Mog: "Kupopo!
    [The feast is set on the table. Zidane says one of these lines,
    which are rather indictative of your meal's worth.]
    Zidane: "Wow, this looks great!"
    Zidane: "Ah, so you finished."
    Mog: "Kupopopo!"
    Eiko: "Welcome, Zidane! Have a seat."
    Zidane: "You made a lot!"
    Zidane: "This food's gonna be gone so fast!"
    [If Eiko had Quina's help, she'll say:]
    Eiko: "What's his name? Quina? S/he helped me."
    Zidane: "S/he helped you without eating all the food? Amazing."
    Eiko: "Vivi, too!"
    Vivi: "Hehehe."
    Zidane: "Let's eat!"
    [If she had no help from Quina, she'll say:]
    Eiko: "I cooked it all for you, Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Let's eat!"
    [Everyone starts eating.]
    Eiko: "How is it?"
    [Zidane will say one of these lines:]
    Zidane: "Wow, this stew tastes amazing! You should start a restaurant.
            The fish is just right. Hey, Eiko, where are all the other
            summoners? Are they hiding underground or something?"
    Zidane: "The stew tastes...interesting. The fish tastes better than
            it looks, but it doesn't have much meat on it. Hey, Eiko,
            where are all the other summoners? Are they hiding underground
            or something?"
    Eiko: "Underground? Yeah. They're all underground, sleeping the
          eternal sleep."
    Zidane: "What...?"
    Eiko: "I'm the last survivor of my tribe. I've been living with
          moogles ever since my grandpa died last year."
    Dagger: "I'm sorry..."
    Eiko: "Oh, don't worry about me. I'm really happy here."
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Eiko: "Ten years ago, which is four years before I was born... A
          natural disaster struck the village. Even the survivors
          suffered a great deal. But my mom and dad fell in love and had
          a family. Not that I remember what they look like, because they
          died when I was very young."
    Zidane: "I see..."
    Eiko: "I'm like a beautiful young heroine in turmoil, don't you think?"
    Zidane: "Huh?"
    Eiko: "You know why I'm here in this village? It was to meet you,
          Zidane, my beautiful shooting star..."
    Dagger: "That's a line from Lord Avon's play 'Wishing Upon A Star.'"
    Eiko: "How did you know!? Darn it!"
    Zidane: (How does Eiko know about that play? This place is far from
            the Mist Continent.)
    [Vivi can interrupt Eiko starting at her shooting star line (and
    consequently skipping the above dialogue) if she added an oglop
    into the stew. Like so:]
    Vivi: "Whoa!!! Ahhh!!!"
    Eiko: "What is it? interrupt me!"
    Vivi: "There's something in here with feelers..."
    Zidane: "...An oglop?"
    Eiko: "Don't you know that oglops are a Conde Petie delicacy?"
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Vivi: "......"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "L-Let's eat the fish. That should be okay."
    [They finish their meal.]
    Dagger: "Thank you."
    Vivi: "Thanks, Eiko!"
    Zidane: "That was really good!"
    Eiko: "See? Don't you wanna eat my food everyday?"
    Zidane: "Maybe. Hey, there's some other stuff I wanna ask you."
    Eiko: "Maybe!? That's soooo rude of you!!! Zidane, help me clear the
          table! Bring the pot over to the kitchen!"
    [Zidane gets the pot; meanwhile, Eiko is thinking to herself.]
    Eiko: "So it wasn't just Dagger... Zidane is really slow, too! Those
          two are going nowhere fast. Well, this is good news for me!"
    [Zidane comes in.]
    Zidane: "Is there something on my face?"
    Eiko: "Thanks, Zidane. Could you leave it there?"
    Zidane: "Hey, Eiko, do you know anything about the Iifa Tree?"
    Eiko: "What about the Iifa Tree?"
    Zidane: "We want to go there."
    Eiko: "It's sealed with an eidolon. You can't get in."
    Zidane: "Sealed? Did you seal it, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Well..." (So he's sharp about certain things.) "It all happened
          before I was born, but they sealed an eidolon that we failed to
          summon in the Iifa Tree. It's our custom to seal a failed
          eidolon where we summon it."
    Zidane: "An eidolon you failed to summon...?"
    [Zidane tries to leave the dining room, but Momatose barges in.]
    Momatose: "You should get some sleep before you go!" {Sleep/Don't Sleep}
    [In the middle of the night, Zidane finds Vivi by the balcony.]
    Zidane: "Vivi... You better get some sleep before we leave tomorrow."
    Vivi: "I tried to stop worrying about things, but I just can't. I
          know you told me not to think too much, but..."
    Zidane: "That's because we're different, Vivi. You don't have to do
            everything my way, you know?"
    Vivi: "I want to stop... I don't wanna feel like this anymore. What
          if I keep feeling like this?"
    Zidane: "Vivi... Well...in the end, it boils down to two simple
            choices. Either you do or you don't. You'd think with all the
            problems in this world, there'd be more answers. It's not
            fair... ...but that's the way things are. The choice is yours."
    Vivi: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "I just wanna protect the people I'm with. Doesn't matter if I
            can or not. It's what I believe in."
    [Eiko is sitting on the kitchen steps and can hear them, but not see
    them on the other side of the building.]
    Eiko: "I knew it! I was right! Zidane is the man for me! He's right.
          Either you do, or you don't. My choice is clear! I wanna go with
    Zidane: "You wanna know a trick to get your mid off things?"
    Eiko: "Okay."
    Zidane: "This is an age-old ritual between male friends!"
    Eiko: "Uh-huh."
    Zidane: "Come over here, Vivi. Let's go together. Doesn't it feel
            nice to let yourself go under the stars?"
    Eiko: "......"
    Noise: <Tinkle.> <Tinkle tinkle.> <Tinkle tinkle tinkle tinkle.>
           <Tinkle tinkle.>
    [Eiko runs inside. The next morning, the party gathers at the city
    entrance, ready for departure.]
    Dagger: "Zidane, I want to come back here. When I first saw the
            Eidolon Wall, I was scared... But when I went inside and saw
            the murals, they calmed me. I want to see more."
    Zidane: "Sure. We'll come back after we check out the Iifa Tree."
    Dagger: "Thank you..."
    Zidane: "We gotta come back and get Quina, anyway. We can't just
            leave him here."
    Dagger: "Are you coming back here for Eiko?"
    [A glob of purple hair listens to the conversation at this point.]
    Zidane: "Eiko is only six years old. She acts tough, but I think she's
    Vivi: "I haven't seen her today."
    Zidane: "You're right."
    [Two moogles appear.]
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    [Two more poke up right by Eiko, giving her position away.]
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Zidane: "Eiko!"
    Eiko: "Tee hee. You can't break the seal of the Iifa Tree without
          calling an eidolon."
    Zidane: "You're coming with us?"
    Eiko: "Don't you want me to?"
    Zidane: "Of course I want you to come along!"
    Eiko: "That's what I thought. Okay, I'll join your team for a while!
          Vivi, Dagger, let's have fun! The Iifa Tree is beyond the Conde
          Petie Mountain Path! Let's go!"
    [Eiko runs out of town, jumping over Vivi and knocking him over.]
    Dagger: "Why are you so nice to everyone, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "Huh? What do you mean by that?"
    Dagger: "Forget I asked...
    [She leaves.]
    Vivi: "I think she was mad..."
    Zidane: "You think so, too?"
    [Morrison flitters down.]
    Morrison: "Please look after Lady Eiko. Come see us if there is any
    Zidane: "Sure thing! Vivi, have you figured out a solution to your
    Vivi: "Not really. But I'm moving on."
    Zidane: "Good!"
    30. Iifa, the Ancient Tree of Life (IT01)
    [The party walks to a promontory near the tree roots.]
    Dagger: "There's Mist here...!"
    Zidane: "So this place really must be the source of the Mist."
    [Vivi trips.]
    Eiko: "You okay?"
    Vivi: "...I-I'm fine."
    [Zidane is repelled by a barrier as he advances.]
    Zidane: "Whoa! What was that?"
    Eiko: "That was the seal. It shouldn't hurt you, but are you alright?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, it didn't hurt. Hmm..."
            R1 --> Poke again
            R2 --> Body slam
            R3 --> Ask Eiko
            R1: [Zidane pokes it.]
            R2: [Zidane kicks recklessly.] "Graaagh!"
                [He's repelled still (of course).]
                Zidane: "Only you can break the seal? No wonder the
                        dwarves of Conde Petie call this place a
                [R3 segways after this.]
            R3: "Did you say they used the power of an eidolon to seal
                this place? Amazing. How do you break it?"
                Eiko: "I'm going to ask the eidolon to come back. The
                      summoner's horn allows us to communicate with
                      eidolons and wild animals. I'll break the seal now.
                      Watch! Boom boom boom! Boom boom boom! By the light
                      of our spirits! I call upon thee! Answer my call!
                      Wherever your soul may be!"
    [The seal crackles in a few places and disappears. A Ruby remains.]
    Eiko: "Finished! We can go inside now."
    Zidane: "Thanks!"
    Vivi: "Was that the spell to break the seal?"
    Eiko: "Nope. All I do is focus my thoughts into my horn."
    Vivi: "Then why were you...?"
    Eiko: "That was just for show! The spell is actually much longer, but
          the eidolon asked me to hurry it up."
    Dagger: (I didn't hear anything...)
    Zidane: "Alright. Let's go!"
    [The party runs over the roots 'til they find a weird platform with
    a circular indentation in the middle.]
    Zidane: "What's this...? Looks old. I wonder who built it?"
    Eiko: "This way! Hey, are you alright?"
    Vivi: "A-Aren't you guys scared of heights...?"
    Eiko: "Gosh, you look so helpless. Why don't you stay here and let
          us handle the rest?"
    Vivi: "No, I'm going with you guys! I have to."
    Eiko: "Then don't leave my side, okay?"
    Vivi: "O-Okay. Thanks."
    Zidane: "Eiko, do you know anything about this place?"
    Eiko: "Nope. This is my first time inside the Iifa Tree."
    Zidane: "This place looks ancient..."
    [Zidane taps on the indentation part, making it glow.]
    Eiko: "!"
    Vivi: "!"
    Dagger: "!"
    Zidane: "!"
    Zidane: "What the..."
            R1 --> Touch it again
            R2 --> Try standing on it
            R3 --> Ask Eiko
            R1: [He touches it again and it glows for a moment.]
            R2: "Alright, then!"
                Dagger: "Zidane..."
                Zidane: "I'll be fine. Don't worry!"
            R3: "What do you think, Eiko?"
                Eiko: "Maybe...try standing on it?"
                [Option R2 plays, then.]
    [Zidane gets on the indentation and it starts to move down; he makes
    sure to jump back up before he leaves everyone behind.]
    Zidane: "......"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Here it comes again. It works. I'm gonna see where it takes
            me. I'll call you guys over if everything is alright."
    Eiko: "I'm coming with you!"
    Dagger: "Me, too."
    Vivi: "M-Me, too."
    Zidane: "Okay, we'll all go.
    [Everyone hops on the elevator and heads down, eventually coming to
    a large pillar with briars wrapped around it. An unearthly green glow
    comes from all over.]
    Zidane: "Everything up there looks withered. This place looks totally
            different. It's so bright I can't see the bottom... I guess we
            should try to get to the bottom of this!"
    Eiko: "Hey, Zidane. I found something here."
    [She looks at a large leaf-shaped object connected to the pillar.]
    Zidane: "Hmm... Maybe it'll move like the last one..."
    Eiko: "It didn't move when I got on..."
    Zidane: "You got on it!? Well..."
    Eiko: "Why don't we all try getting on?"
    [They all get on the 'leaf' and it glows.]
    Zidane: "When I got on, I felt it respond. I guess we're in luck!"
    [The leaf starts to head down the pillar, encircling it. There's no
    backdraft or breeze knocking anyone around, though.]
    Zidane: "Whoa... It sure freaked me out at first, but there's no
            wind or anything... I guess that glowing powder is stopping
            the wind somehow. You okay, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Yes... I wonder where we're going?"
    Zidane: "Yeah...me, too."
    Eiko: "Maybe Mog can tell us something!"
    [Eiko lets Mog out.]
    Eiko: "What do you feel, here inside the Iifa Tree?"
    Mog: "Kupo... ...Kupo? KUPO! POPO!"
    Eiko: "Really?"
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    Eiko: "Alright... Thanks!"
    Mog: "Kupopo!"
    [Mog goes back inside the dress.]
    Zidane: "Well? What's the word?"
    Eiko: "Um, Mog senses a lot of life beneath us. Moogles are faeries,
          so they sense life everywhere, but Mog says there's a whole lot
    Dagger: "I wonder if agents of Kuja are down there..."
    Zidane: "But what's the connection between Kuja and the Mist?"
    Eiko: "!? Incoming!"
    [The party defeats some zombies that had attacked.]
    Eiko: "There are so many strange monsters here in the Iifa Tree!"
    Dagger: "Could the Mist be causing it?"
    Zidane: "Beats me... The Evil Forest and Gargan Roo had unique
            monsters, too."
    Eiko: "But if the Mist comes from this tree, how come it only appears
          on Zidane's continent?"
    Zidane: "I guess there has to be something that channels the Mist."
    Dagger: "Yes, but the question is, why?"
    Vivi: "......"
    Dagger: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "Hmm? What's the matter? ...Vivi? What's wrong, Vivi? You've
            been lost in thought for a while."
    Vivi: "Oh, Zidane... I've been thinking about the Mist. Do you
          remember the...factory we saw in Dali?"
    Dagger: "Yes, the factory where black mages were being made?"
    Eiko: "Huh? Black mages?"
    Dagger: "They look a lot like Vivi."
    Zidane: "Dagger!"
    Dagger: "Oh! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to..."
    Vivi: "It's okay. I'm not upset anymore...about being made and everything."
    Zidane: "Vivi..."
    Vivi: "Anyway, that factory had a lot of Mist inside, right?"
    Zidane: "Oh, yeah... There was a huge machine filled with Mist."
    Dagger: "That's right. And there were those strange eggs we saw."
    Vivi: "There's gotta be a connection between the Mist, Kuja, and...
          the black mages."
    Dagger: "......"
    Eiko: "I'm so confused. !? Another one's headed this way!"
    [The party fends off a Dracozombie.]
    Zidane: "Hey, I can finally see the bottom."
    Eiko: "It's so deep!"
    Zidane: "I don't know what's down there...but we'll soon find out!"
    [The leaf platform lands at the bottom.]
    Eiko: "Come with me! Are you gonna make a helpless little girl like
          me go all by herself!?"
    Zidane: "Wait! There might be some monsters lurking there!"
    [Vivi and Eiko go down anyway.]
    Dagger: "Say, Zidane... Mog said he sensed life down here. Do you
            sense anything?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, but you sense it, too, don't you? We don't even need
            Mog to tell us there's life down here."
    Dagger: "You're right. I can tell there's something down here.
    [Zidane goes down and looks over one of the platform's bows:]
    Zidane: "Is it moving...? Just my imagination. So much for Kuja.
             None of his lackeys are here, either. Or maybe we have to
             go down there? I definitely sense something down there."
    Eiko: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "What's up?"
    Eiko: "M-Mog's saying... Something coming from above!"
    Zidane: "From above!? Dagger, come here! Now!"
    [Dagger heads down but the platform rumbles and she falls over.]
    Dagger: "Aaaa!"
    Zidane: "Dagger!!!"
    [He runs up to her.]
    Zidane: "Are you alright!?"
    Dagger: "I'm sorry! I was just startled. Is something wrong?"
    Eiko: "Over there!"
    Zidane: "It's them! We'd better go, too! Can you stand?"
    Dagger: "Yes, let's go."
    [They run back down to Vivi and Eiko.]
    Eiko: "Look! The wall is moving!"
    Vivi: "You're right... It's like it's alive!"
    Zidane: "Eiko! Vivi!"
    Eiko: "Zidane! The wall's shaking faster!"
    Zidane: "It's here!"
    [A large mass of something drops past.]
    Dagger: "What was that!?"
    [The mass pulls itself up and looks at the party. It speaks directly
    into their minds, too.]
    ?????: So, it wasn't Kuja.
    Vivi: "Huh? What's going on? I can hear a voice inside my head!"
    Zidane: "You just said Kuja! Where is he!?"
    ?????: I do not know.
    Dagger: "What are you doing here!?"
    Zidane: "Are you the one who makes the Mist!?"
    ?????: It is not produced... Mist is a by-product of the refining
           process. It is discharged through the roots.
    Vivi: "Discharged?"
    Dagger: "So it's sent to other continents through the roots, right?"
    Zidane: "But why!? Why would you do that!?"
    ?????: I contaminate the other continents with Mist to stimulate the
           fighting instinct. This, in turn, leads to war among the leaders
           of nations, and then to the fall of civilization. Kuja merely
           puts the by-product to a different use.
    Vivi: "A different use!? What is Kuja trying to do!?"
    ?????: I cannot lie. Kuja used the waste product to make weapons.
           Weapons...like yourself.
    Vivi: "!?"
    Eiko: "He's really ticking me off! Can I kill him?"
    Zidane: "Wait, Eiko! What kind of weapons did Kuja make?"
    ?????: Kuja called them black mages, dark spawn of the Mist.
    Zidane: "!?"
    Dagger: "So the factory in Dali was really..."
    ?????: Defeat me, and no more Mist will flow. And then no more weapons
           like this puppet will be made. Answer me, puppet. Do you deny
           your very birth?
    Zidane: "Why, you--"
    Vivi: "...... No more!"
    Dagger: "Vivi?"
    Vivi: "I won't let you make any more instruments of murder!"
    Eiko: "Way to go, Vivi! I know it must be hard for you. We can knock
          off this rat now, right?"
    Zidane: "Alright! Let's bust him up! Who knows, it might even lure
            Kuja here!"
    ?????: I have seen the end of my thousand-year life, and it is not now.
           You cannot stop me. It is futile to even try.
    [They give it a shot anyway and knock Soulcage's undead block off.
    The bowels of the Iifa Tree shake afterwards.]
    Zidane: "Uh oh! Let's get outta here!"
    [FMV. Outside, the Mist from the roots blows away in the wind and
    stops being produced. On the Mist Continent, the sky over Evil Forest
    is de-Misted and sunshine finally shines through...everywhere, the
    mist evaporates, actually. The party regroups at the Iifa Tree gate.]
    Eiko: "Wow, the air's so clean! The Iifa Tree looks so pretty now.
          Will this clear up your Mist Continent?"
    Zidane: "I think so. Now, let's see if Kuja shows up. ...Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Zidane... Did I do the right thing? It said that black mages
          are made from the Mist, right? When I thought about how other
          black mages were being made for war... I didn't want that to
          happen, no matter what. Now, there'll be no more new black
          mages. I think they'll all hate me."
    Eiko: "No way! Listen to me. You should never lie to yourself. After
          all, your brothers wouldn't want you to do that."
    Vivi: "Do you really think so? Do you think...they'll understand?"
    Eiko: "Of course! They're your brothers. It'll be alright. Huh? What
          is it, Mog?"
    [Just then, Moco runs to the party.]
    Eiko: "Moco!?"
    Moco: "Eiko!"
    Eiko: "What's the matter? Why did you come all this way? No way!
          Okay, I'll be right back!"
    Moco: "Alright, I'll go on ahead and tell the others."
    [Moco leaves.]
    Eiko: "You guys are going ot wait hre for Kuja, right? I gotta go back
          to the village!"
    Zidane: "Wait, Eiko! What's up?"
    Eiko: "Someone stole something precious from the village!"
    Dagger: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "We'll go with you, Eiko!"
    Eiko: "Thanks, but what about Kuja!?"
    Zidane: "Madain Sari isn't that far. He can wait."
    31. Madain Sari (MS02)
    [The party walks into Madain Sari.]
    Eiko: "I'm home! I'M HOME!!!"
    [The moogles all run to her.]
    Eiko: "Moco told me the news. Are you alright?"
    Morrison: "Come now! Talk later, kupo!"
    Moogle: "Kupo!"
    Morrison: "Kupo!!!"
    [Eiko runs off after the moogles.]
    Zidane: "H-Hey, Eiko! We'd better follow her!"
    [They find her in a room below the kitchen.]
    Zidane: "What's going on, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "It's... It's... The precious stone that has been passed down
          in this village for generations is gone! My grandparents said...
          They said that we should take care of it because it's a symbol
          of the summoners' heritage."
    Zidane: "Well...how about crying for a change? It'll help."
    Eiko: "I'm not gonna cry! I'm a grown-up now, and crying won't help
          one bit!"
    Zidane: "Alright. How about we start looking for clues?"
    Dagger: "I'll help, too."
    Eiko: <Hiccup.> "Is it..." <Hiccup.> "Is it my fault?" <Hiccup.> "Is
          it 'cause I broke my promise and opened the Iifa Tree's seal?"
          <Hiccup.> "Everyone...everyone was watching over the stone."
    Zidane: "Eiko? It just happened that way! It wasn't your fault."
    Eiko: <Hiccup.>
    Zidane: "Besides, we're the ones who made you open the seal! You
            understand, right? The real villain is the one who stole it.
            So, let's look for some clues and get that stone back, okay?"
    Eiko: <Hiccup.> "Okay! I wasn't going to cry, you know! After all,
          I'm a grown-up!"
    Zidane: "We know, Eiko. But if you feel like crying, just cry."
    Eiko: "I'm gonna go pray to my grandparents! I'll be right back."
    [Eiko leaves.]
    Zidane: "If you need to, you can cry, too, Dagger. My shoulder's
            always available."
    Dagger: "Yeah, thanks. What about you, Zidane? What do you do when
            you need to cry?"
    Zidane: "Oh, I get really clingy when I'm sad!"
    Dagger: "Cut it out!"
    Zidane: "Hey, I was serious."
    [Someone screams.]
    Dagger: "!!!"
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Dagger: "I heard a scream. It sounded like Eiko!"
    Zidane: "Dammit! The thief was still here!"
    [Vivi runs in.]
    Vivi: "Zidane, I saw her! It's that girl from Fossil Roo! She took
          Eiko... They went to the Eidolon Wall!"
    Zidane: "Let's go!"
    [They run to the Eidolon Wall.]
    Morrison: "Look what happened to Eiko... The ancestors will be
              displeased. Tell us if there's anything we can do for you,
    Zidane: "Hmm..."
            R1 --> Peek inside
            R2 --> Heal us
            R3 --> Hold on a sec
            R1: [Inside, Lani holds a flailing Eiko by the back of her dress.]
                Eiko: "This is no way to treat a lady!"
                Lani: "What's this ornament thing on your back? It makes
                      you so easy to pick up."
                Eiko: "My grandpa gave it to me! Get your grubby hands off
                      of it!"
                Lani: "Oh, shut up. Just be still until he gets here."
            R2 (Narrative): HP and MP Restored! Status effects removed!
            R3 (Morrison): "Tell us if there's anything we can do for
                           you, kupo!" [Zidane can walk around again.]
    [After peeking inside:]
    Moco: "I found a treasure, Kupo!"
    Chimomo: "Use it for Eiko, kupo!"
    [Zidane gets an Exploda and Elixir.]
    Morrison: "Tell us if there's anything we can do for you, kupo!"
    Zidane: "Hmm..."
            R1 --> Where's Mog?
            R2 --> Heal us
            R3 --> Hold on a sec
            R1: "Was Mog captured, too?"
                Morrison: Nope, Mog is right here behind me."
                Mog: "Kupo..."
                Zidane: "Mog, I need your help to save Eiko."
                Mog: "Ku-Kupo..."
                Zidane: "I got an idea. It's alright. You won't be in any
                Mog: "Ku...po..."
                Morrison: "It's no use. Mog has always been a coward."
                Zidane: "Yeah... Well, we gotta do something."
    Zidane: "Hmm..."
            R1 --> Go save her
            R2 --> Heal us
            R3 --> Hold on a sec
    [By picking R1 (the other options are the same as listed above):]
    Zidane: "Alright, let's go!"
    [The party goes into the Eidolon Wall. Eiko is no longer moving.]
    Lani: "Well, so there's my good sir knight."
    Zidane: "What have you done to Eiko!?
    Lani: "She was too rambunctious, so I put her to sleep with a sleeping
    Zidane: "Sleeping weed, eh? Then she's probably sleeping well."
    Dagger: "If it's my pendant you're after, then leave the others out of it!"
    Lani: "No can do. This is way too convenient to pass up! Hand over your
          pendant, and I'll hand over the girl, capice? What happened to the
          pendant that you always have on!?"
    Zidane: "I have it."
    Lani: "Oh, you really are a good knight. Now, cough it up already!"
    Zidane: "First, tell me something. Was it you who stole the village stone?"
    Lani: "Queen Brahne is after the royal pendant. I found another jewel just
          like it in this village! I'm glad I came all this way looking for it!
          Now, hand it over!"
    Zidane: (If only Eiko was conscious...)
    Lani: "Hold on! You're plotting something, aren't you? Stay right there!"
    Zidane: "Grr!"
    Lani: "You, black mage!"
    Vivi: "Huh? M-Me?"
    Lani: "Bring me the pendant! Remember, do as I say if you value this brat's
    Vivi: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "Do it, Vivi."
    Vivi: "O-Okay..."
    [Vivi takes the jewel to Lani.]
    Lani: "Hahaha..."
    Voice: "Hold it!"
    [The red-haired man appears and jumps down at Lani, who drops Eiko
    into Zidane's arms.]
    Lani: "Aaa!!!"
    Zidane: "I dunno who you are, but thanks!"
    Red-haired Man: "......"
    Eiko: <Yawn.>
    Zidane: "Yo, can you stand?"
    Eiko: "Huh? What's going on? !!!  Where's that old hag?"
    Lani: "Oh, that's it! Who are you calling a hag!?"
    Eiko: "You!"
    Zidane: "So, the tables turn! Now, hand over the jewel you stole!"
    Lani: "What are you tryin' to do, Red!? I thought you're supposed to
          be the number one bandit!"
    Dagger: "I've seen him before... He's the one with wanted posters all
            over Treno!"
    Red-haired Man: "I'm not here to help. I just want it to be fair."
    Lani: "What are you talking about?"
    Red-haired Man: "Leave the jewel and get out of here."
    Lani: "What!? We're partners on this job!"
    Red-haired Man: "I don't work with hostage-taking scumbags. Now, get lost.
                    Or...would you rather fight me?"
    Lani: "Mark my words! I'll collect the bounty on YOU someday!"
    [Lani jumps onto a pillar and runs away.]
    Red-haired Man: "Now, fight me!"
    Zidane: "Just a second here. What's going on?"
    Red-haired Man: "I told you. I'm not here to help. I just want to
                    level the playing field."
    Zidane: "Fair enough. Let's do it."
    Dagger: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "It's okay. I was just looking for more ways to impress you!"
    [Zidane defeats 'Scarlet Hair'.]
    Red-haired Man: "I...lost? Go on. Finish me!"
    Zidane: "Can you stand?"
    Red-haired Man: "......"
    Zidane: "Give back what you stole."
    Red-haired Man: "......"
    [He does the honorable thing and returns the stolen jewel.]
    Zidane: "Eiko, I got it back!"
    Red-haired Man: "Now, finish me!"
    Zidane: "You wanna die that bad? I just spared your life."
    Red-haired Man: "So you want to banish me, then?"
    Zidane: "You can go if ya want. I won't follow you."
    Red-haired Man: "Aha! Trying to trick me, eh?"
    Zidane: "Trick you?"
    Red-haired Man: "I tried to kill you. Why are you letting me go?"
    Zidane: "The fight's over, and we're both still alive. Good enough,
            right? We got back what was stolen from us, after all."
    Red-haired Man: "Listen to you. I lost to some spineless thief."
    Zidane: "The sly eagle doesn't kill at whim."
    Red-haired Man: "......"
    [The man jumps on a pillar and then disappears over the wall.]
    Zidane: "Keep that in a safe place."
    Eiko: "I will! Thanks, Zidane!"
    [She starts to leave and turns to Vivi.]
    Eiko: "Well!? You're not going to leave me alone after what just
          happened, are you!?"
    Vivi: "Huh?"
    Eiko: "I'm going!"
    [Vivi follows her.]
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Shall we?"
    [They find Eiko and Vivi in the room 'neath the kitchen, again.]
    Vivi: "She's been quiet the whole time."
    Eiko: "Zidane, let me ask you something. My grandfather told me not to
          leave the village until my sixteenth birthday... But I want to go
          with you guys! I really do! Do you think it's okay if I leave the
          R1 --> Yes
          R2 --> No
          R1 (Zidane): "                       'Eiko, come with us.
                       Forget what your grandpa said.'"
             Eiko: "......"
          R2 (Zidane): "You want me to stop you? Fine. 'Stay here 'til
                       you're sixteen. Keep the promise you made to your
             Eiko: "......"
    Zidane: "It doesn't matter what I say. You've already made up your
    Eiko: "......"
    Zidane: "Don't you have something to say to her, Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Huh?"
    Eiko: "......"
    Vivi: "Remember what you taught me at the Iifa Tree? You said I
          shouldn't ever lie to myself. I'll try to be more honest with
          my own feelings... You should, too, Eiko..."
    Eiko: "Hmmm... I forgot my own advice, Vivi! Thanks! I'll wear the
          jewel as an earring. It'll be okay then, right, Zidane?"
    [Receive: Memory Earring]
    Dagger: "Eiko? I think Mog wants to talk to you."
    [Mog comes in.]
    Mog: "Ku-Kupo."
    Eiko: "......"
    Mog: "Kuuupoh!"
    Eiko: "What? You think I'm mad at you? I'm furious! You went off
          without me again! You promised me you wouldn't! What would you
          do if you went off and got into trouble!?"
    Mog: "Kupo..."
    Eiko: "Oh, well. Thank goodness we're both alright."
    Vivi: "You're always nice to Mog, aren't you, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Well, yeah. We're best friends, after all! We were born on the
          same day, and we have always been together! This is our friendship
          ribbon! Mog gave it to me! Mog, do you have the ribbon I gave you?"
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    Eiko: "This is the one I gave to Mog! It's too big for her now, but
          once we're both sophisticated ladies, we'll wear them together!"
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    Eiko: "Maybe then, Zidane, you'll dance with me? Zidane?"
    Zidane: "I didn't know Mog was a girl..."
    [Zidane walks out of the room.]
    Zidane: "I wonder where Dagger went...?"
    [Zidane finds a "?" up on the balcony.]
    Zidane: "I can hear a song... Dagger...? From down there? Dagger,
            you there?"
    [Zidane goes down to the dock somehow. Dagger's sitting in a boat.]
    Dagger: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "It's okay. Keep singing. 'Cause it's our song, right? I'm
            surprised you found this place. You got the talent to be a
            bandit! How 'bout you and me team up? We'll call ourselves
            'The Betrothed.'"
    Dagger: "My talent's up to snuff, but that name isn't."
    Zidane: "Hehehe. You're really something these days."
    Dagger: "If I am, I must've gotten it from you."
    Zidane: "Naw... It's all because you made the effort to learn."
    Dagger: "No, it's because you stuck with me. Without you, I couldn't
            have made it to Lindblum, much less seen a whole new continent.
            Everything I tried to do on my own was a total failure. I couldn't
            stop my mother... At times I almost lost hope... You helped me so
            much... Not just you, either."
    Zidane: "Yeah... Vivi and Eiko helped out at the Iifa Tree. Quina was real
            helpful when we left the continent. Freya, Steiner...and even
            Beatrix, who I thought was our enemy."
    Dagger: "I haven't forgotten... I want to believe everyone is alright, but
            sometimes I just can't. I hope I can live up to the hopes of
            everyone who has helped me."
    Zidane: "You don't have to feel so responsible, Dagger."
    Dagger: "But I do!"
    Zidane: "Nobody wants you to feel that way. They didn't do it all for you,
            either. Each was following his own path."
    Dagger: "His own...path? Well, what about you?"
    Zidane: "Huh?"
    Dagger: "Why did you come with me?"
    Zidane: "Hey, that's Ipsen's line."
    Dagger: "Ipsen? Who's that?"
    Zidane: "Ipsen is a character from a play, but he's a real-life adventurer.
            I think the play is based on his adventures. It kind of goes like
            this... Ipsen and his good friend Colin worked at a tavern in Treno.
            One day Ipsen got a letter. The letter was so wet from rain that
            most of the writing was illegible. The only part he could read said
            'Come back home.' Nowadays, we have airships and stuff, but back
            then, it was really hard to travel. He didn't know why he had to go
            back, but he got some time off, gathered his things, and set out on
            his journey home. He walked a thousand leagues through the Mist.
            Sometimes he was attacked by vicious monsters, but he made it,
            because his friend Colin was by his side. And then, after much time
            on the road... He had to ask Colin something. 'Why did you come with
    Dagger: "And? What was Colin's answer?"
    Zidane: "'Only because I wanted to go with you.'"
    [The boat carries the two out to sea, slowly.]
    Dagger: "Zidane... I... ..."
    Zidane: "Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Can't you... Can't you hear the song?"
    Zidane: "Huh!? Yeah... It's that song!"
    Dagger: "How come... Who's singing it!? !!! The sun makes the Eidolon
            Wall look like it's on fire! I've seen this somewhere before..."
    Zidane: "What? Where?"
    [FMV. Garnet watches the Eidolon Wall and has a flashback of the past
    when a large eye in the sky loomed over the flaming village. In a tiny
    boat at sea, a toddler Garnet (!?) and her mother (?) were thrashed
    around by the sea, away from Madain Sari. Zidane catches Dagger as she
    Zidane: "Dagger! Dagger!? Wake up!"
    [Later on, Dagger, Eiko, Mog, and Zidane sit around the kitchen table.]
    Zidane: "Where's Vivi?"
    Eiko: "He's sleeping. I don't wanna wake him up."
    Zidane: "Well?"
    Dagger: "I have no memory of my early childhood. I never really thought
            about it. Besides, nobody ever told me. I was raised in
            Alexandria...but only from the age of six or so."
    Zidane: "Six!? So where you were you till then?"
    Dagger: "Until then... Until I turned six... I must have been here,
            in Madain Sari. I still can't remember everything. Some things
            are like they're shrouded in fog. But I do remember one thing...
            About ten years ago, an unbelievably huge hurricane hit this
            village. That's as far as I remember. That day, I...I was with
            my true mother on a little boat, far from the village. There's
            a cove behind Eiko's house, right? The boat I was on was just
            like the one there. It all came back to me when I heard that
            song on the boat."
    Zidane: "That song is from Madain Sari. That's why nobody else knows it."
    [The party walks to the Eidolon Wall.]
    Eiko: "How did you get to Alexandria? How come you got to be a princess?
          How come you don't have a summoner's horn?"
    Dagger: "I don't know. But maybe Doctor Tot can tell me. About the lady
            who protected me from the storm as the boat lurched about in the
            waves... My biological mother, who died on that boat."
    Zidane: (The woman she thought was her mother was someone else, and her
            true mother was already dead... Dagger has lost two mothers...)
    Dagger: "I used to pray every day here, at the Eidolon Wall."
    Eiko: "You, too?
    Dagger: "You pray here, too, Eiko? I'm so happy I remembered."
    Eiko: "Dagger! Welcome home!"
    Dagger: "So glad to be back."
    Eiko: "Ahaha."
    Dagger: "What?"
    Eiko: "I just realized that I'm not alone anymore! Yep, I made up
          my mind! Zidane, Dagger, I'm going with you! I'll be breaking
          my promise to my grandpa, but I wanna go! Besides, grandpa
          always told me to be honest with myself!"
    Dagger: "I don't know what the future holds... But I want to finish
            what I came here for."
    Zidane: "So do I! Let's all go together!"
    Eiko: "Come on, Dagger, let's go pray together!"
    Dagger: "Alright!
    [The next day, at the town gates:]
    Dagger: (I still don't know what I should do... By the time we defeat
            Kuja and return to Alexandria...)
    Eiko: "Grandpa, I'll be back soon!"
    Vivi: "Oh, you're coming with us!?"
    Eiko: "Hey! Why the long face!?"
    Vivi: "Oh, nothing... My face is always like this."
    Eiko: "Mog's coming, too! Mog!!!"
    [Mog flies over. The other five moogles pop out, giving their "Kupo!"s
    as they see fit.]
    Morrison: "Lady Eiko! Now, don't forget that you'll always have a home
              in Madain Sari. Don't let our memory become a burden. You
              must always be light-hearted and free. Thoughts of the Eidolon
              Wall will always lift your heart."
    [Eiko nods and Mog jumps into her dress. Just then, the red-haired
    man who fought Zidane walks over.]
    Zidane: "What now? You want some more, eh?"
    Red-headed Man: "The victor lives, the defeated die. You know the rules.
                    Your actions yesterday were incomprehensible to me. Tell
                    me! Why didn't you kill me!?"
    Zidane: "Well, that's a tough question... Are you really that unhappy that
            I let you live?"
    Red-headed Man: "I'd rather die as a warrior than live as a beggar."
    Zidane: "Then come with me."
    Dagger: "Zidane!?"
    Vivi: "What!?"
    Red-headed Man: "What are you after?"
    Zidane: "Follow me and maybe you'll understand. Besides, you're pretty
            good in a fight. We could use someone like you. We're hunting
            a man down."
    Red-headed Man: (Hmph. His only constant is his unpredictability...)
    Zidane: "Huh? You say something'?"
    Red-headed Man: "Very well. I'll find out what makes you so strong."
    Zidane: "What's your name?"
    Red-headed Man: "Call me what you will."
    Zidane: "Hmm... Lani called you 'Red,' right?"
    [His default name is 'Amarant'.]
    Red-headed Man: "Some call me the Flaming Amarant."
    Zidane: "Fine. We'll call you Amarant. The more the merrier. Let's
            decide our marching order."
    [Zidane picks the party.]
    Zidane: "Alright. We'll do fine. Just follow me! Next stop, the Iifa
    32. Iifa Tree (IT02)
    [The party walks to where they broke the seal.]
    Zidane: "There's still a little Mist, but at least there's no more
            coming out. That must mean Kuja isn't here yet."
    Amarant: "And what happened to the Mist?"
    Eiko: "We beat the beast that breathes it. So much for the Mist
    Amarant: "No more Mist...?" (They must possess incredible powers to
             accomplish such a feat.)"
    Dagger: "Zidane, there's a silver dragon!"
    Zidane: "It's him! He flew from the ruins of Burmecia riding a
            silver dragon! It's Kuja alright! And he's riding that
    [Up in the air, Kuja stands atop his dragon.]
    Kuja: "Oh, how I've longed for this day. ...the day I might finally
          cast away this mask to reveal my true self. Now it no longer
          matters if the Iifa Tree is liberated! It means nothing to me!
          Mwahaha... The tree is so beautiful! Its beauty becomes the
          great mother tree that lives among the stars! Silver Dragon, let
          us watch the drama unfold from the trunk of Iifa. No one shall
          interrupt us there."
    [Back down below...]
    Zidane: "Who do I wanna take with me to fight Kuja...?"
            R1 --> Change party members
            R2 --> Go to menu
            R3 --> Keep current members
            R1: [Zidane can change party members.]
            R2: [The menu opens.]
            R3: [The process is completed; Zidane can run in, now.]
    [The party starts running along the roots.]
    Zidane: "We'll pass the trunk if we go any farther. Kuja went down
            that trunk."
    Eiko: "Say, Zidane... How are we gonna get up there?"
    Zidane: "Can't we climb there?"
    Eiko: "Not me!"
    Vivi: "M-Me neither."
    Dagger: "I don't think I can, either."
    Zidane: "We came all this way... Now what?"
    Amarant: "What's the problem? You should just go by yourself!"
    Zidane: "We gotta go face Kuja together."
    Amarant: "How did this wimp end up beating me?"
    [He starts walking by the others.]
    Vivi: "Whoa!"
    Dagger: "Hey!"
    Eiko: "You almost knocked me down!"
    Zidane: "Hey, Amarant! Watch where you're walking!"
    Amarant: "'He who hesitates is lost.' You'd best remember that."
    Zidane: "Well, I prefer 'My way or the highway.'"
    Amarant: "Whatever. Like you actually have a plan."
    Eiko: "Oh yeah, smarty-pants!? Don't forget you're the one who lost
          to Zidane."
    Amarant: "Shut up, brat."
    Zidane: "A plan, huh? That's right, Amarant! You owe me one, rememer?
            It's payback time!"
    Amarant: "Shoot."
    Zidane: "There's some gargant grass around here, so a gargant can't
            be far. I want you to catch one for me. Then we can all get
            on and ride it to the top."
    Amarant: "Why should I do that when I can just take the kids up myself?"
    Zidane: "Huh...?"
    Amarant: "How'd I ever let this dimwit beat me?"
    Eiko: "H-Hey!"
    Vivi: "Whoa!"
    [Amarant puts the two kids under his arms and jumps off the root,
    heading for the trunk.]
    Zidane: "He sure has spirit. Alright, Dagger... I'll just carry you
    Dagger: "Huh? Hey! Zidane! Wait just a--"
    [Up on the trunk, Kuja and his dragon stand.]
    Kuja: "The weak lose their freedom to the strong. Such is the way of
          the strong. And it is the providence of nature that only the
          strong survive. That is why I needed strength. I learned of power
          that would daunt even him...over ten years ago. Such a long time...
          Now my forces are ready to strike! Ahh... The suspense is terrible!
          So they've come this far, have they? Perfect. I'll warm up to them
          until the elephant-lady shows up."
    [The party regroups up on the trunk.]
    Zidane: "Thanks, Amarant!"
    Amarant: "Now we're even. Show me what you guys can do."
    Dagger: "There's Kuja!"
    Zidane: "Yeah. Get ready, guys!"
            R1 --> Organize party
            R2 --> Menu
            R3 --> Finished
            R1: [Party select screen opens.]
            R2: [Menu opens.]
            R3: [See below.]
    [After R3:]
    Vivi: "Kuja... Maker of black mages..."
    Eiko: "Any enemy of Zidane is an enemy of mine!"
    Zidane: "Okay, let's go!"
    [The party sprints to a root near Kuja.]
    Dagger: "You are Kuja, correct? My name is... ...Princess Garnet Til
            Alexandros. I wish to ask you something. Was it really you who
            persuaded my mother to start the war--"
    Kuja: "The war that threw the entire Mist Continent into chaos?"
    Vivi: "And you made everyone...the black mages...into instruments of war!?"
    Kuja: "Oh, dear... The princess has such a bloodthirsty little puppet.
          I don't have the power to do such a thing. I just gave them a little
          recipe. Begin with broth of Mist, and fermented souls, and boil...
          Then, pour genuine black magic into a mixing bowl and heat to--"
    Zidane: "Stop it!"
    Kuja: "I'm not done telling how to make soulless toys out of the dregs
          of souls!"
    Zidane: "Dregs of souls? You mean Mist!?"
    Kuja: "First, you don't want to listen, now you start asking questions?
          Oh, brother... But you're not ready yet!"
    Dagger: "Why, you-- don't you feel anything!? Taking the lives of so
    Kuja: "Spare me the lecture. Lives come and go all the time. What's the
          big deal? Speaking of warmongers, why... what about that mother of
          yours, Princess? She said she won't feel alive until she has
          everything! It breaks my heart to see such greed! The war was my
          fault? No, no! Your mother wanted it! All I did was give her a little
    Dagger: "Liar! My mother was sweet and kind. You changed her!"
    Kuja: "Mwahaha... So the curtain rises! Perfect, my canary. Let me show
          you the truth about your mother! First Act: The End of Ugly Desire.
          It's showtime!"
    [FMV. Brahne's fleet gathers near the Iifa Tree.]
    Brahne: "Bwahahaha! Kuja! So you finally decided to show your girly
            face here! You're all that stands between me and total domination!
            Gehehe! But I haven't forgotten all you've done for me! In return,
            I will show you the ultimate power! Attention, all hands! Order the
            black mages to focus all their magical energies into a single spell!
            Lay suppressing fire upon Kuja until the casting is finished! Fire!
            Fire at will!!!"
    [On one of other boats:]
    Senior Officer: "Orders from Her Majesty! Black mages, focus all your
                    magical energies into a single spell!"
    [Back on the trunk, the party sees the fleet gathering around Iifa.]
    Dagger: "I...I can't believe it!"
    Kuja: "Your mother isn't satisfied with just one continent! Her ugliness
          and stupidity are truly impressive. Ahh... everything is proceeding
          as I have foreseen."
    Zidane: "What are you talking about!?"
    Kuja: "You're just the opening number. Time for the real show."
    Zidane: "We won't let you get away!"
    Kuja: "The Mist may be created no more, but it still lurks in the caves
          and forests, right?"
    Zidane: "Huh!?"
    Kuja: "I can make monsters with magic! Come forth, spawn of the mist!"
    [Kuja sics two Mistodons on the party. When the party defeats them,
    they find Kuja's flown the coop.]
    Amarant: "So, two of your enemies are dukin' it out? Why not leave 'em,
             and finish off the winner? My money's on Kuja."
    [Kuja rides in the air on the dragon once more.]
    Kuja: "Hahaha! Foolish Brahne! Your cannons are useless against the
          spawn of the Mist! Mwahaha... but even a fool like you knows that
          there is only one path you can take, right? Stupid elephant-lady!
          Why do you hesitate? Very well... I'll make the first move. I'll
          give you a clean target. You can't miss! Silver Dragon, descend!"
    [Back on the trunk:]
    Zidane: "Amarant's right. Let's split before we get dragged in."
    Dagger: "No... I can't... I can't let anything happen to my mother."
    Zidane: "Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Zidane, I... I have to save her!"
    Zidane: "Uhh, Dagger? She extracted eidolons from you and started a war!"
    Dagger: "I still don't want her to die!"
    Zidane: "But she didn't care one bit whether you lived or died! You don't
            have to call her mother anymore!"
    Dagger: "She's my only mother! I don't care if you don't understand!
            Eiko, you said that there was an eidolon imprisoned near here,
    Eiko: "Uh, yeah."
    Dagger: "Please! Tell me where!"
    Eiko: "It's a long way down. You see the place with lots of roots?
          That's it."
    Dagger: "There. I see it."
    [Dagger bolts.]
    Eiko: "Dagger, don't go alone!"
    [The party's attacked by another Mistodon, but they slice it up good.]
    Amarant: "Hehe... This is turning into quite a show."
    Eiko: "Anyone can get emotional at a time like this! Give her a break!
          Zidane, let's go. Dagger's in danger all by herself."
    Zidane: "Yeah... Let's go after her."
    [The party runs down a lower root; Dagger stands at an old shrine,
    shaped like a serpent.]
    Dagger: "I sense the eidolon's power! Now... Now I can save my mother!"
            (Please help me...)
    [The statue lights up and two gigantic wings appear on its back. But,
    only an Aquamarine falls into Dagger's hand.]
    Dagger: "...No! I can't save my mother with this eidolon!"
    [The party arrives.]
    Eiko: "Dagger! What's wrong? Can't you free it?"
    Dagger: "No, I have it. I sense it's a great eidolon. But...but..."
    Eiko: "I don't believe it! This is the legendary sea serpent, Leviathan!"
    Vivi: "Leviathan!?"
    Eiko: "An eidolon who wipes out its enemies with a huge wave! I"m sorry,
    Dagger: "No, it's not your fault. But my mother's still in danger!"
    [On one of the boats with the mages:]
    Cannoneer: "Isn't Her Majesty ready yet!? All remaining ammunition was
               spent on that last wave of monsters! The next wave will chew
               us up unless we pull out now!"
    Senior Officer: "That is not your decision! Get back to your post, soldier!"
    [On Brahne's ship:]
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Your Majesty, the black mages have completed their
    Brahne: "That insolent whelp! Now I can finish him off! Come! Draconic
            Seedling! Bahamut, King of Dragons!"
    [FMV. Brahne summons Bahamut, which quickly shoots massive fireballs
    at Kuja, destroying part of the seaboard in no time at all. Kuja flees
    with ease, and the dragon only succeeds in making him bleed a little.]
    Amarant: "I've heard the stories, but I never thought summoning could
             be so powerful." (If Zidane is after their power, I'd better
             watch out...)
    Dagger: "Now... Now we can win! And Mother won't have to die! Eiko,
            don't you think... What's wrong?"
    Eiko: "Mog... She's terrified!"
    Dagger: "How come? Don't you know? That's the last eidolon, Bahamut,
            the Dragon King! He'll win for sure!"
    [Up in the air:]
    Kuja: "Blood... Hahahaha... Excellent, Bahamut! Power, mobility...
          You truly are the best! You even hurt me...a little. And you,
          Brahne... Your tragic role in this drama now comes to an end!
          I'm sure you'll enjoy the second act from your soul's hellish
          prison, since the stage will be your former home! The final act
          will take us away from Gaia, and I will kill my nemesis...with
          my own hand! Hahaha! Everything is going according to plan."
    [FMV. Kuja makes the clouds part and the giant eye in the sky appears.
    Bahamut starts to go mad, and the black mages start to mess up. Bahamut
    stands in front of Brahne's ship and blows a fireball,exploding it.
    The other ships, too, suffer the same fate, and Bahamut flies out of
    the area in a disappearing act. Kuja rides the clouds out of there as
    well. Later on, Vivi narrates the party's finding at the beach in the
    Vivi: I don't know why Bahamut attacked the one who summoned him. But
          we found Queen Brahne on the beach, next to her escape pod. She
          could hardly move. And I thought she'd come to a stop any second.
          I hate Kuja a lot. But I hate Brahne a lot, too... ...so much that
          I wanted this to happen to her. I should be happy, but... Once I
          saw Dagger start to cry, I didn't know how I should feel. I kind of
          wanted to cry, too...
    [Away from the others, Dagger kneels near her mother, who's lying on
    her back.]
    Brahne: "I...I...can hear...my daughter's voice."
    Dagger: "Yes, Mother! I'm here! Right here...
    Brahne: "I...I am empty now... Free... Free...of that...terrible...
    Dagger: "Mother..."
    Brahne: "I haven't...felt this way...since I saw that play...with
            you...and your father. I led...Alexandria...down...the path...
            of ruin... The people...will be...happier...with you...on the
    [Brahne dies. Vivi's words restart.]
    Vivi: We went back to Alexandria on Queen Brahne's escape pod. We also
          brought... Dagger's mother with us..."
    [Somewhere in Alexandria, Tot walks into a gazebo-type area with a
    shrine in the middle.]
    Tot: "This way, Princess."
    [Dagger, Steiner, and Beatrix appear.]
    Dagger: "Steiner, Beatrix... How horrible that her life had to end
            this way. I still can't believe all that has happend..."
    Beatrix: "Princess, it was my..."
    Steiner: "No! It was my fault!"
    Dagger: "Thank you, both of you... I must now carry the burden of
            ruling Alexandria alone. Will both of you please help me during
            this, my time of need?"
    Beatrix: "Certainly!"
    Steiner: "Yes, Princess!"
    Dagger: "Thank you."
    [Dagger walks to Tot, holding a wreath.]
    Tot: "Princess, here is a wreath of roses, your mother's favorite.
         The townspeople sent it as an offering for the queen's grave.
         True, Queen Brahne had been acting quite erratic before her
         death... ...but the people are still very fond of her, as you
         can see."
    [Dagger puts it next to the memorial; Dagger and Beatrix salute it.]
    Dagger: "Mother... I shall become a great queen!"
    [FMV. Dagger walks down the memorial's steps to the lakeside overlooking
    the castle. She gazes at the reflection and castle, then turns around with
    a determination in her eyes.]
        ######  # ###### #####      #####      ###### #### # ######
        ##    # # #      #               #     ##     # ## # ##    #
        ##    # # ###### #          #####      #####  # ## # ##    #
        ##    # #      # #         #           ##     # ## # ##    #
        ######  # ###### #####     #######     ###### # #### ######
    33. Alexandria Castle (AL03)
    [Tot, Dagger, and her two guards arrive at the castle via a gondola.]
    Tot: "Princess, we have arrived at the castle."
    Beatrix: "She won't be a princess for much longer, Doctor Tot."
    Tot: "Ha ha ha... Indeed. I shall have to call you 'Queen Garnet'
         after the coronation. I must make preparations for the crowning
         of our new queen. General Beatrix, Master Steiner, will you help
         her? Princess, please watch your step."
    [Dagger gets off the boat.]
    Dagger: "Doctor Tot..."
    Tot: "Princess... I know how hard this must be. But I will be by your
         side. Please take the throne with full confidence."
    [Everyone leaves except Steiner, who rowed the boat.]
    Steiner: "Three more days until the crowning of a new queen... What a day!"
    [In the pub, the Tantalus gang (sans Baku) is reunited with Ruby.]
    Ruby: "We ain't seen each other in ages! Why the sour puss, partner?"
    Marcus: "What happened?"
    Blank: "Maybe that Dagger chick dumped him."
    Zidane: "......"
    Cinna: "Bingo..."
    Ruby: "This ain't like you at all, Zidane!"
    Cinna: "H-Hey, Ruby! I heard you started a mini-theater."
    Ruby: "That's right, darlin'! My plays are a hit!"
    Blank: "Cool! Let's go watch!"
    Marcus: "Yeah!"
    Ruby: "Alright, cowboys! Zidane... You ain't comin', are ya? That's
          awright, darlin'. Come on over whenever you want. Let's go,
    [Everyone but Zidane clears out of the bar, onto the street.]
    Ruby: "This way, everyone!"
    [Blank runs by Vivi and knocks him down.]
    Blank: "Oops! Sorry... Huh!? Hey, Vivi!"
    Vivi: "Hello..."
    Blank: "I haven't seen ya since you left Alexandria Castle. How are ya?"
    Vivi: "Well, a lot of things happened, but I'm doing fine. How about
          you? What have you been doing since we left the castle?"
    Blank: "Me? Let's see... Oh yeah, it's been crazy since you guys
           escaped! Rusty, that rat chick, Freya, and... ...what's her
           face, that girl general of Alexandria..."
    Voice: "Beatrix."
    [Marcus walks over.]
    Blank: "Yeah, the three of them got totally worked! Marcus and I had
           to carry 'em out on our backs! M-Marcus!?"
    Marcus: "We gotta get goin' before Ruby gets mad at us again."
    Blank: "Oh yeah, she hates it when we're late... Sorry, Vivi. I'll
           see you later!"
    [Vivi walks around town and finds Blank and company outside the
    theater. A few scenes where he talks to them and takes the brunt of
    Ruby's anger plays (see: AL26 for all dialogue). Afterwards, a scene
    with Dagger in her room plays.]
    Dagger: "Steiner?"
    Steiner: "Yes, Princess!"
    Dagger: "Um... I'd like to find Zidane and talk to him..."
    Steiner: "Princess, you have more important matters at hand! You live
             in a different world now!"
    [Just then, Tot walks in.]
    Tot: "O-Oh. What's happening here? Princess, it is time for you to
         get changed. General Beatrix, will you help her?"
    Beatrix: "Yes, sir!"
    Tot: "Oh, there is something I must give you, Princess. Those stones
         contain your power, which Queen Brahne forcibly... Well, that is
         all in the past..."
    [He walks to the door.]
    Tot: "Master Steiner...? Master Steiner, do you intend to stay here
         and watch?"
    Steiner: "N-No, I am not... E-Excuse me!"
    [The men leave.]
    Dagger: "Beatrix... I'd like to see Zidane... Please?"
    Beatrix: "Now may not be a good time."
    Dagger: "Even you agree with Steiner."
    Beatrix: "Your Highness..."
    Dagger: "I know... It's okay."
    [Down near the guardhouse hallway, Eiko skips along.]
    Eiko: "With Dagger out of the picture, now's my chance to win
          Zidane's heart! First, I'll write him a love letter. I'm gonna
          make it the most romantic letter ever written!"
    [On the walkway above, Tot talks to himself like normal.]
    Tot: "Becoming a queen may place quite a burden on Princess Garnet...
         But she must persevere. The people of Alexandria are watching."
    [Tot heads down the stairs and Eiko sees him.]
    Eiko: "He looks pretty smart! Hey, you look like the bookish type!"
    Tot: "Ha ha ha... What gives you that impression?"
    Eiko: "You really want me to explain?"
    Tot: "Oh, yes. I'm very curious."
    Eiko: "Where should I start...? First, your beard! Second, your
          nerdy hat! Third, your thick eyeglasses! All signs of a nerdy
    Tot: "Ha ha... You don't hold back, do you?"
    Eiko: "Hey, are you a writer?"
    Tot: "Well, yes. I did make my living as a writer for a while."
    Eiko: "Will you help me write a letter?"
    Tot: "A letter? Gladly, if you think I can be of assistance."
    Eiko: "Okay, then. Follow me."
    [Eiko walks away.]
    Tot: "That girl has a horn... That horn... I had completely forgotten
         about it until now... I'd never been as surprised as I was that
         day. A ship drifted ashore after a storm... Inside the ship were
         a woman and a baby girl... The woman was dead, but the girl was
         still breathing... Imagine my surprise as I looked into the
         girl's face! Because the girl... ...looked exactly like Princess
         Garnet, who had just passed away. With one exception... She had a
         horn! A human with a horn... Wher did she come from? The king
         ordered the girl's horn removed. The girl cried out in pain...
         He and his wife, Queen Brahne, decided to raise he girl as
         Princess Garnet... But that girl who spoke to me... Could she be
         related to Princess Garnet...?"
    [Eiko comes back over.]
    Eiko: "Hey, will you hurry up?"
    Tot: "Oh, excuse me."
    [Back in Garnet's room:]
    Beatrix: "Princess, you look splendid."
    [Garnet's in her royal gown, now.]
    Dagger: "Thank you... By the way... There is something I must tell
            you, Beatrix."
    Beatrix: "Yes, Princess?"
    Dagger: "I am not my mother's... I mean, Queen Brahne is not my real
    Beatrix: "Princess Garnet... Doctor Tot has already informed us.
             However... My alliegance to you remains the same, if not
    Dagger: "Beatrix... Thank you..."
    [Inside the guardhouse:]
    Eiko: "It's finished! Zidane will fall in love with me the instant he
          reads this letter! Thanks, Mister!"
    Tot: "Ha ha... It was my pleasure, my lady."
    Eiko: "Oh, I forgot to tell you. My name is Eiko! I'm from Madain
          Sari! I hope to see you again! Buh-Bye!"
    [Eiko runs out with her letter.]
    Tot: "From Madain Sari...? Madain Sari is the village of the summoners...
         But I thought it was only a legend. What could this mean...?"
    [Eiko runs into the balcony screen.]
    Eiko: "Oh, I can't wait to hand this letter to Zidane! Where did he
          go, anyway?"
    [Eiko starts running along a balcony side, but Baku inadvertantly
    belly-bumps her off.]
    Eiko: "Aaaah!"
    [She gets stuck on a jutting piece of architecture and dangles.]
    Eiko: "AHHH!!! HELP!!!"
    Baku: "Hey, are you okay?"
    Eiko: "C-C-Can't breathe...!!!"
    Baku: "Sorry! I didn't see ya jump out. But yer too high up! I can't
          getcha down! Gwahahaha!"
    Eiko: "Stop laughing, you poop! Oh, shoot. My letter..."
    [The letter she dropped flitters down to Baku.]
    Eiko: "Hey, if you can't get me down... ...deliver that letter to
          Zidane! Alright!?"
    Baku: "To Zidane? Yeah, no problem. Gwahahaha!"
    [Baku walks off with the letter.]
    Eiko: "What am I supposed to do now!?"
    [Baku walks out to the castle gondola dock.]
    Baku: "Hey, the boat ain't here!"
    [Steiner and two Pluto Knights run by.]
    Steiner: "Castle patrol, completed! Huh? Why, if it isn't Baku, the
             leader of Tantalus!"
    Baku: "Who just called my name? Oh, it's you."
    Laudo, Pluto Knight IV: "Should we capture him?"
    Steiner: "No, he saved my life. You may go. I will handle this."
    Laudo, Pluto Knight IV: "Yes, sir!"
    Other Pluto Knight: "Yes, sir!"
    [The knights run off.]
    Baku: "Ain't such a knucklehead anymore, huh?"
    Steiner: "Silence! This is no place for thieves! You must leave, now."
    Baku: "So that's how it is, huh? Do I gotta remind you that one of my
          boys saved your kingdom? But I bet you ain't got no ears for
          listenin' to a lowlife like me."
    Steiner: "Are you talking about Zidane? Yes, he did protect the
             princess and her kingdom... But that doesn't change the fact
             that you are all thieves! I cannot let your kind roam around
             the castle!"
    Baku: "No appreciation whatsoever, eh? Well, I ain't got any reason to
          stay here, anyway. Hey, you know where Zidane might be?"
    Steiner: "He hasn't visited the castle since we returned. Maybe he
             can teach you a thing or two about proper manners!
    Baku: "Okay, I get yer point! I've had enough of your self-righteousness!
    [Baku drops the letter in his momentary furor. The boat approaches.]
    Baku: "Gwahahaha! Perfect timing! Take me into town!"
    [Steiner clenches his fists and runs off. Beatrix walks into the
    screen and down to where Baku and Steiner were shouting.]
    Beatrix: "Ah, so it was Steiner... I thought I heard him yelling.
             Sigh... Alexandria is at peace again... Yet my heart is full
             of sorrow. Why...? Hmm? Steiner must've dropped this. Let's
    [She reads the letter, which says: 'When the night sky wears the moon
    as its pendant, I shall await you at the dock.']
    Beatrix: "Wh-What is this letter!? Did Steiner... ...write me a love
             letter? Steiner..."
    [The scene shifts to Zidane, still moping around the Morning Star Bar.]
    Zidane: "Dagger... Are you all cozy on your throne already!? No! No,
            no, no! I can't start my day without Dagger! Her smile! Her
            voice! Her voice is like a beautiful song... And her song makes
            me soar high into the sky! But now..."
    Voice: "You can still fly high, darlin'!"
    [Ruby and the Tantalus brothers run in.]
    Ruby: "Zidane, you can do it!"
    Cinna: "She's right!"
    Blank: "Why are you still moping? This isn't like you at all!"
    Marcus: "Yeah!"
    Zidane: "Stop it! You don't understand how I feel! Whoa!"
    [As Zidane headed for the exit, Baku belly-bumped in him back in.]
    Baku: "Long time no see, Zidane! What happened? You look pathetic."
    Zidane: "Boss! Let me join Tantalus again! We can steal treasure
            together, just like old times!"
    Baku: "Treasure, eh? There ain't much treasure lyin' around this
          world, boy. Besides... A Tantalus always gets what he sets his
          eyes on! That's our number one rule, remember!? Now, you don't.
          You got no right to join us. You understand what I'm sayin'? If
          you can't even capture a canary, you ain't got what it takes to
          join Tantalus!"
    Zidane: "Boss..."
    [Vivi walks in.]
    Vivi: "Hey, Zidane, can we go see Dagger?"
    Baku: "Gwahahaha! Why can't you be more honest, like this little guy?"
    [Baku, Ruby, and the Tantalus boys all walk out.]
    Vivi: "Can we? Can we? Please?"
    Zidane: "Alright. Let's cheer her on before she becomes a queen!"
    Vivi: "Yeah!"
    [Zidane and Vivi head toward the town gondola dock. Freya is there,
    talking to herself.]
    Freya: "That Zidane... Doesn't even stop by to say hello!"
    [Amarant walks by and the two start at each other in passing.]
    Freya: "What are you staring at?"
    Amarant: "...Are you really that tough?"
    [They get in battle stances.]
    Freya: "Try me!"
    Amarant: "I don't go looking for trouble, but I'll fight back if
             trouble finds me. Why don't you apologize, and maybe I'll
             forgive you."
    Freya: "Ha!"
    [The two guards at the dock see the fight starting to heat up.]
    Alexandrian Guard: "!"
    Alexandrian Guard: "!"
    Alexandrian Guard: "Stop right now or I will charge both of you with
                       disorderly conduct!"
    [Zidane and Vivi finally arrive.]
    Zidane: "Hey! What's going on here?"
    Freya: "Zidane! I'd love to stop and talk, but I'm busy right now."
    Amarant: "Is she...a friend of yours? Then tell her who I am. Tell
             her I'm the Flaming Amarant."
    Zidane: "Sorry, Amarant. She's just a little worked up about something."
            [He goes over to the nearest guard.] "Sorry, babe. They're my
            friends." [He goes over to the nearest guard.] "Will you let
            them go for my sake?"
    Alexandrian Soldier: "S-Sure... Princess Garnet asked us to give special
                         treatment to you, Master Vivi, and Miss Freya."
    Zidane: (Dagger...) "I-I see. Thanks! Hey, Freya... Stop being so mad,
    Freya: "Do you know why I'm really mad? It's because of you! Where have
           you been!? Dagger is about to become queen, and you're off
           wandering about! Have you found out anything more about Kuja!?
           Well? Answer me!"
    Zidane: "Um... Well, I tried to find more info, but..."
    Freya: "Look, if Kuja was responsible for taking Dagger's eidolons...
           ...and killing Brahne, who was working with him... Don't you
           think he'd come after Dagger again!?"
    Zidane: "I know... But what can I do? I couldn't even talk to her,
            remember? I don't even know if I can protect her... Besides,
            she's gonna be queen. She'll have all the guards she'll need.
            She won't need me."
    Vivi: "But Zidane... I think Dagger wants to see you. So... Let's go
          see her!"
    Zidane: "Yeah... But we'll leave as soon as we're done."
    Amarant: "Zidane... You're not gettin' away from me. You still owe
             me a rematch."
    Zidane: "Suit yourself."
    [The gondola arrives and they take it to the castle. As they arrive
    at the main hallway, Steiner walks out carrying Eiko by her angel-
    -wing ornament.]
    Eiko: "Aaahhh! Leggo!!!"
    [He throws her on her bottom.]
    Eiko: "Ouch! This is no way to treat a lady!?"
    Steiner: "Quit screaming, or I'll throw you into the dungeon!"
    Eiko: "GAAAHHH!"
    Zidane: "What happened, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Zidane! Oh, it was horrible! He called me a liar and a loudmouth
          and a brat!!!"
    Amarant: "...He's right."
    Eiko: "What did you just say!? Do you want to repeat that!?"
    Amarant: "Man, I hate kids..."
    Freya: "Calm down a little. What's your name?"
    Eiko: "Me? I'm Eiko! Eiko from Madain Sari!"
    Freya: "Madain Sari? Why, I've never heard of it.
    Eiko: "Don't you know anything? Madain Sari is a--"
    Steiner: "Silence! What are you all doing here!? This is a royal
             castle! You do not belong here!"
    Vivi: "Hello, Master Steiner."
    Steiner: "Master Vivi! A pleasure to see you again."
    Vivi: "We came here to see Dagger."
    Steiner: "The princess? Hmm... If that is Master Vivi's wish, I shall
             arrange a meeting."
    [He takes them up to the hallway near the guardhouse.]
    Steiner: "You all wait right there! Princess, we are ready."
    [A dressed-up Dagger comes out with Beatrix.]
    Garnet: "Thank you for coming, everyone."
    Eiko: "She looks beautiful..."
    Vivi: "Wow... You look beautiful!"
    Freya: "Splendid! Zidane? Have you nothing to say?"
    Zidane: "...No.
    Steiner: "Princess, we must go now."
    Garnet: (Zidane...) "...Alright."
    Eiko: "Dagger, wait!"
    [She runs up the stairs.]
    Eiko: "Dagger! Is this the last time we're ever gonna see each other?"
    Garnet: "Oh, no. Of course not. I won't be able to wander around the
            world with you anymore... ...but I'll never forget our journey
    Eiko: "Dagger... I wanted us to remain good rivals forever."
    Garnet: "Rivals? Eiko, you say funny things sometimes. Oh, there are
            some things I wanted to give you. Let's trade the jewels as
            a symbol of our friendship. Two of my jewels..."
    Eiko: "Two of my jewels..."
    Garnet: "Goodbye, Eiko."
    [Beatrix, Steiner, and Garnet leave.]
    Vivi: "Why didn't you say anything to her, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "I don't know... I tried..."
    Freya: "And?"
    Zidane: "I couldn't say anything! I had a whole speech ready for her.
            But it would have been a lie! How could I lie to her!? 'Good
            luck, Dagger! I'll be watching you from afar. Come find me if
            you need someone to talk to.' It's a big fat lie! That's not
            how I feel at all! That's not how I feel...at all."
    [Later on, when night hits the castle, Eiko hangs around near the
    empty gondola dock.]
    Eiko: "So, there's only room for Dagger in Zidane's heart... I wish I
          hadn't written that stupid letter. Zidane looked so sad... Isn't
          there anything I can do for him? Aaahhhhhh! Zidane!!! I hate
          you!!! You insensitive fool!!! You don't even know how I feel...
          I feel bad about ditching him, but I really don't feel like
          seeing him tonight. I gotta hide before he shows up! Shoot!
          Someone's coming! Could it be Zidane!?"
    [Eiko finds a hiding place; Blank and Marcus sneak around.]
    Marcus: "There's no one here, Bro."
    Blank: "I guess I'm early..."
    Marcus: "...Maybe. I wonder who wrote you that love letter?"
    Blank: "Well... Just read the letter. I bet she's beautiful!"
    Marcus: "Really? Are you sure you didn't write it yourself? I mean,
            you caught the letter falling from the floor above you, right?"
    Blank: "I'm telling you, she was too shy to hand me the letter herself!
           And if you don't think I'm a ladies' man, you're wrong. Chicks
           are intimidated by good-looking guys. That's why..."
    Marcus: "Someone coming!"
    Blank: "Marcus! Don't interrupt me while I'm talking!"
    Marcus: "Let's hide, Bro!"
    Blank: "Alright, alright..."
    [The two run to hide and Blank drops the letter in the hustle.
    Steiner appears and looks around.]
    Steiner: "I must tighten up security around the castle from now on!
             Dusk to dawn, rain to shine, I must patrol the castle! Right,
             clear! Left, clear! Huh? It's a piece of paper... This looks
             like a letter. Let's see..."
    Letter: When the night sky wears the moon as its pendant, I shall
            await you at the dock.
    Steiner: "M-M-My goodness! Th-This is a love letter! Who wrote it to
             whom!? Hmm... No address or addressee... Did someone drop it
             here, knowing that I would pass by? Who could it have been...?"
    [Beatrix walks by.]
    Beatrix: "Steiner..."
    Steiner: "Beatrix... Was it you...?"
    [Eiko watches from her hiding place.]
    Eiko: <Thump thump...> (A-Are they in love?)
    [Blank and Marcus watch, too.]
    Marcus: "(B-Bro...)"
    Blank: "(Shh! Quiet!)"
    Beatrix: "Steiner..."
    Steiner: "Beatrix..."
    Eiko: (Ooo! What's gonna happen?)
    Marcus: "(M-My nose is bleeding...)"
    Blank: "(Then stick your thump up it!)"
    [The three hiding move to a better position to watch. Beatrix and
    Steiner move in for the kiss, but--]
    Voice: "AAA-CHOO! AAA-CHOO!"
    [Baku walks into view; Beatrix ducks out of sight.]
    Blank: "Boss!?"
    Eiko: "Oh, you totally ruined the scene!"
    [Eiko walks off and the scene ends. The next day, the party hangs
    around the Morning Start Bar.]
    Freya: "That Zidane... Where did he go?"
    Amarant: "Who knows..."
    Vivi: "I'll go look for him..."
    [Eiko knocks him over as he runs out and she walks in.]
    Eiko: "Ahh! Hey, watch it! I'm NOT in a good mood right now! Stay
          out of my way!"
    [Tot walks in.]
    Tot: "Excuse me. Have you seen a young lady named Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Oh! It's the nerdy guy!"
    Tot: "Ha ha ha... You're as energetic as ever."
    Eiko: "Yup! I'm always energetic! (But I'm really hurting on the
          inside from being rejected by Zidane...)"
    Tot: "Did you say something?"
    Eiko: "No, I didn't! Didn't you come here to talk to me about something?"
    Tot: "Oh, yes. I almost forgot... Your village... What was the name...?"
    Eiko: "Madain Sari."
    Tot: "Yes, I wanted to ask you a few questions about Madain Sari."
    Eiko: "Sure, I'll tell you everything I know. You helped me out. But
          why don't we go to your place? We can relax there."
    Tot: "To my home? My home is located in Treno. It's a bit far from
    Eiko: "Treno? Sounds like a cool place! I'm really interested in
          sightseeing! I wanna go there."
    Voice: "I'm coming with you!"
    [Zidane walks in.]
    Zidane: "There's a card game tournament going on in Treno right now.
            I wanna participate."
    Vivi: "A card game tournament? That sounds fun. I wanna go, too..."
    Freya: "I'd like to go, as well."
    Amarant: "Treno, huh...?"
    Tot: "Ha ha ha... Quite a party this is becoming. It would be my
         pleasure. We shall all go to Treno."
    [They all go down to the Alexandria gargant station.]
    Zidane: "There's still Mist here..."
    Eiko: "Kinds looks like the Iifa Tree before we got rid of the Mist."
    Vivi: "I don't think the Mist is as dense as it was before."
    Tot: "Yes, I heard that you all stopped the Mist... The Mist permeated
         through the roots. That is probably why it still lingers here."
    [The gargant comes around.]
    Freya: "...This is a gargant?"
    Tot: "Yes. Shall we?"
    [The ATE 'Clowns on a Dark Night' plays. When it finishes, the party
    has already arrived in Tot's abode.]
    34. Dark City Treno (TR02)
    Amarant: "I never know about this secret passage..."
    Tot: "I apologize for the lack of space."
    Amarant: "It's fine..."
    Zidane: "Hey, Amarant, have you been here before?"
    Amarant: "...What about you?"
    Zidane: "Me? I've been to every place where there are beautiful women!"
    Amarant: "......"
    Eiko: "Can we talk about Madain Sari later? I wanna go sightseeing."
    Tot: "Oh, of course. There's no hurry.
    Eiko: "What are you staring at? Let's go!"
    Vivi: "Wh-Who? Me?"
    Eiko: "Yes, you! This is my first time in Treno. Show me around."
    [The two go off.]
    Freya: "Then I shall go, as well. I'll take this chance to relax."
    [She leaves.]
    Zidane: "What about you, Amarant?"
    Amarant: "......"
    [He walks off.]
    Zidane: "...I don't understand him."
    Tot: "You know, today is the last day for the card game tournament
    Zidane: "Well, then I better go register."
    Tot: "I'm a skilled card player. Let me know if you need assistance."
    Zidane: "Hey, I'm not so out of practice that I'd need your help."
    Tot: "I see. Good luck."
    [Zidane goes down to the stadium.]
    Card Seller: "Registration for the card tournament is still open. You
                 must win two games before you can challenge the champion.
                 Fantastic prizes await the contestant who defeats the
    Zidane: "What's the champion like?"
    Card Seller: "Lo and behold...!"
    Zidane: "Is he that amazing?"
    Card Seller: "Oh, yes, very much so..."
    Zidane: "Just tell me what he's like!"
    Card Seller: "Well..." <Whisper whisper...>
    Zidane: "Wh-What!? She's a cutie in a sailor's uniform!? Wow, I'd
            love to challenge her!"
    Card Seller: "See? Now, go ahead and register!"
    Zidane: "Sure, I'll register. Anything to meet this girl!"
    Card Seller: "You're registered now. Please enter through the gate.
                 The game will begin automatically."
    [Zidane goes in to play. The contestants are announced in this
    Card Game Tourament
        _____ Round
    Opponent: ___________
    [Zidane can play:]
    R1 - Attic Man Wake
    R2 - Cardona Bishop
    R3 - Sailor Erin
    [After entering to play the last round, Erin (the girl Zidane can
    talk to in Lindblum Castle) and Regent Cid come alone.]
    Erin: "This way, Regent!"
    Regent Cid: "Yes, I know... But remember my condition..."
    Erin: "Please, Regent! You must behave like a champion! Let's
    Boy: "It's the champion!"
    Father: "Yeah, here she comes...
    Erin: "I'm the champion, Erin! I'd like to enter the tournament, please!"
    Card Seller: "Ah, we've been waiting for you! Please go inside."
    Erin: "Thanks. Hey..."
    Boy: "Ewww, Dad, it's an oglop!"
    Father: "Shoo! Shoo! Go away you filthy oglop!"
    Regent Cid: "......"
    Erin: "Um... I'm sorry, but this oglop is my..."
    Boy: "It's the champion's pet?"
    Father: "I-I'm sorry!"
    Erin: "It's okay..."
    [The two start walking inside the arena.]
    Regent Cid: "Since when am I your pet!? <Gwok!>"
    Erin: "Well, you ARE an oglop right now, after all..."
    Regent Cid: "Silence! <Gwok!> I'm the champion! <Gwok-gwok...> No
                one understands..."
    [They enter.]
    Father: "I heard the champion is a master of winning games with
            oglop cards... Her name is... 'Erin the Oglop Master'..."
    [After the game:]
    Card Game Usher: "Congratulations, you're the winner!"
    Zidane: "Wow, I didn't know you were the champ, Erin."
    Erin: "Long time no see, Mr. Zidane!"
    Regent Cid: "Don't be ridiculous! I'm the champion!"
    Zidane: "Hey, Regent Cid. Still an oglop, I see."
    Regent Cid: "And you still haven't learn any manners..."
    Zidane: "Cut me some slack, will ya? What are you doing here, anyway?"
    Regent Cid: "Mainly participating in the tournament, but there was
                something I wanted to test."
    Zidane: "What are you testing?"
    Erin: "Our new airship, Hilda Garde 2!"
    Zidane: "The one that can fly without Mist?"
    Regent Cid: "Correct. We can't go very fast yet, but we made it to Treno."
    Zidane: "Why now?"
    Regent Cid: "I have a funny feeling there'll be more trouble on the
    Zidane: "Don't you worry. I'm sure our almighty Queen Garnet will take
            care of everything."
    [Eiko and Mog run over.]
    Eiko: "Oh no! This is horrible!!!"
    Zidane: "What's up, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Oh, it's horrible! A moogle from Treno just told me--"
    Regent Cid: "What's wrong? <Gwok!>"
    Eiko: "It's Alexandria! Something horrible is happening!"
    35. Alexandria Castle & The Town (AC05)
    [A scene happens in the vacant entrance plaza to Alexandria. Someone
    stands behind a statue and speaks.]
    Voice: "Peace is but a shadow of death
           Desperate to forget its painful past...
           Though we hope for promising years
           After shedding a thousand tears,
           Yesterday's sorrow constantly nears.
           An while the moon still shines blue,
           By dawn, it will turn to scarlet hue."
    [Kuja walks out from behind the statue.]
    Kuja: "What an auspicious day for Alexandria. Garnet's ascension to
          the throne has brought hope and peace to this kingdom. The
          people are overjoyed; they believe a wonderful future is ahead
          of them. ...But the celebration isn't over yet. It's time to
          really light things up! Your former master is here, Bahamut.
          Play a requiem for her and all of Alexandria!"
    [FMV. Bahamut rips through the clouds and starts blowing fireballs at
    the houses nearby. Garnet sees the destruction happening and Bahamut
    floats in the fire. Afterwards, a boy runs by the Morning Star Bar.]
    Boy: "This way! Hurry!"
    Girl: "I don't wanna die!"
    [The local villagers all start heading towards the town entrance. Up
    at the throne room, Beatrix runs to Dagger.]
    Beatrix: "Your Highness!"
    Dagger: "That's Bahamut, isn't it...? Beatrix, please gather the
    Beatrix: "Yes, Your Highness! Our soldiers have already assembled and
             await your orders."
    [At the main stairway, Steiner yells at his ramshackle crew.]
    Steiner: "HURRY UP, YOU FOOLS! This is an emergency! Get your act
             together before the princess arrives! Line up!!!"
    [Dagger and Beatrix walks to the balcony.]
    Beatrix: "Your Highness, as you can see, we are ready to act at any
             time. Please give your orders."
    Narrative: Your orders?
               R1 --> Gather information
               R2 --> Protect the townspeople
               R3 --> Contact Lindblum and request reinforcements
               R4 --> Begin preparations to fire the cannons
    [Zidane picks one of the options, then pairs it with these groups
    of Pluto Knights:]
    -Weimar & Haagen
    -Breireicht & Laudo
    -Blutzen & Kohel
    -Dojebon & Mullenkedheim
    [After they're picked and run off, Beatrix will say, from worst
    to best:]
    Beatrix: "Trust your powers, Your Highness. I know you will succeed..."
    Beatrix: "Well done, Your Highness."
    Beatrix: "You were splendid, Your Highness."
    [Receive: Hi-Potion , Elixir, or Angel Earrings, respectfully.]
    Steiner: "Beatrix, let's go!"
    [They run off to fight.]
    Dagger: "...Everyone's gone. I don't know what to do... Mother...I
            need your help."
    [A strange energy flows around her pendant(s) and she collapses. In
    the town, Beatrix and Steiner arrive to find Mistodons wreaking havoc
    in the square.]
    Steiner: "This is it, Beatrix."
    Beatrix: "I will give my all for Alexandria!"
    Steiner: "Well said! Let us march on to victory!
    [They slay the nearest monster and run into the next screen.]
    Steiner: "Beware, Beatrix! The enemy is close!"
    [A mistodon jumps off a roof and attacks...and dies. They head to
    the bar front and find another.]
    Steiner: "You wish to fight us!? You despicable beast!"
    [Another attacks from behind in a pincer.]
    Beatrix: "For Her Highness!"
    Steiner: "For the princess!"
    [They slay them both together, finding another one soon.]
    Steiner: "Prepare to die!"
    [They kill it.]
    Steiner: "Beatrix, are you alright?"
    Beatrix: "I'm fine. What about you? You're wounded!"
    Steiner: "It's just a scratch."
    [A monster attacks.]
    Steiner: "Persistent bastards!"
    [They kill it like the rest.]
    Beatrix: "This is futile! Let us return to the castle!"
    Steiner: "No! I cannot face the princess until we destroy all these
             beasts. On my honor, I vow to protect the princess, the
             citizens of Alexandria, and... Beatrix! I...I shall protect
    Beatrix: "Steiner..."
    [A Mistodon nears.]
    Steiner: "Watch out!
    [They make it go the way of the Mist.]
    Steiner: "...This might be it for us!"
    Beatrix: "I have no regrets!"
    Steiner: "Beatrix...there is something I must tell you!"
    Beatrix: "What is it?"
    Steiner: "I..."
    Beatrix: "Save your valediction, Steiner. We'll live to see another day."
    [They defeat the monsters, and the view switches to Garnet, who is
    just coming back into consciousness on the stair.]
    Dagger: "...? I hear music... Where is it coming from...? Is it
            coming from upstairs...?"
    [She runs upstairs to the castle roof. FMV. The castle builds itself
    up around the large sword in the center, and a stairway platform rises
    up for access. At the top:]
    Dagger: "What is this place...? I can still hear the music. Where is
            it coming from...? ...What am I doing here...? Mother...
            Zidane... No... I can't depend on them anymore! As the queen
            of Alexandria, I must protect my kingdom."
    [Up in the sky, the party heads to Alexandria on the Hilda Garde 2.]
    Freya: "The ship is rocking pretty bad."
    Regent Cid: "It can't be helped. I designed this ship as an oglop,
                after all. So, I have no <gwok> idea what could happen."
    Zidane: "Sounds like it might crash at any minute."
    Regent Cid: "Perhaps... But I think we can at least make it to
    Zidane: "Oh, man... I guess we'd better cross our fingers."
    Vivi: "Zidane... ...I'm starting to feel sick..."
    Amarant: "It's probably from the flight. Go inside and get some rest.
             Try to stay in the middle of the ship. You'll feel less
    Regent Cid: "Go on, Vivi."
    Vivi: "Okay... Thanks..."
    [Vivi sees Eiko's pendant start to gather energy.]
    Vivi: "Eiko?"
    Eiko: "What?"
    Vivi: "I saw something sparkle."
    Eiko: "Huh?"
    [The burst of energy from the pendant knocks most everybody down.]
    Eiko: "Dagger...?"
    Zidane: "Dagger!? Eiko, what's going on?"
    Eiko: "I thought I just heard Dagger's voice."
    [The ship rocks furiously again.]
    Zidane: "What? Geez, something's wrong with this ship..."
    Eiko: "This light... Maybe it's the holy judgment!"
    Zidane: "Holy judgment? Hey, what are you doing!?"
    [Eiko stands on the ship's jutting bow.]
    Eiko: "The summoner is being called... Alexander's judgment has come!"
    [She jumps off the ship's bow. FMV. Eiko flies through the air and
    heads straight for Dagger. Both pendants glow and Eiko lands safely
    as a bright light comes from the palace.]
    Dagger: "Eiko! How--why are you here!?"
    Eiko: "I heard your voice on the airship."
    Dagger: "No wonder... I felt your presence, too, and all of a sudden,
            I was covered in light. It's happening again!"
    [Both pendants start to gather energy again.]
    Eiko: "Dagger, this is the light of destiny."
    Dagger: "The light of destiny?"
    Eiko: "A summoner's light of destiny, brought on by the hidden powers
          of the 4 jewels. This light appears when a holy eidolon calls
          for its summoner. Come on, Dagger! As summoners, we have to
          fulfill our destiny!"
    Dagger: "But... I don't know what to do."
    Eiko: "It's okay. I'll show you. First, we have to put our hands
    Dagger: "Like this?"
    Eiko: "Uh-huh. Now pray in your heart."
    Narrative?: O holy guardian, hear our prayers. Darkness overshadows us
                once again. O holy guardian, hear our prayers. Deliver us
                out of darkness into light."
    [The girls start to glow. FMV. A bright pillar of light shines on the
    castle as two large angel's wings wrap around the castle entire. The
    dragon king shoots fireballs at it, but Alexander shrugs them off with
    ease. He then sends streams of light after Bahamut, which entangles
    and disappears him(!?). Kuja stands in the square, watching.]
    Kuja: "It's so beautiful... Alexander...the legendary eidolon... So,
          you wish to defend the castle with your brilliant wings...? How
          admirable... Your powers even transcend Bahamut's... Alexander,
          I've been waiting for you. I've called a magic carriage for you.
          I'm sure you'll like it. Invincible, come forth! You're mine,
    [FMV. The giant eye in the sky opens up above Alexander. In the pilot
    seat, an unfamiliar man stands back turned.]
    Man: "You have gone too far, Kuja. I granted you the freedom to do as
         you wish in Gaia for one purpose alone. Now that you have lost
         sight of your mission, I will no longer tolerate your actions.
         You have not the slightest idea whom you are defying. I will show
         you soon enough. You too, Zidane..."
    [The man gathers energy and the eye starts to glow. Below, Kuja stares
    up, mystified.]
    Kuja: "!!!? What happened to the Invincible!? Enslave Alexander, as
          you enslaved Bahamut! !!! Could it be...Garland!? Impossible!
          Why would he come to Gaia!? If it is indeed Garland, he must
          know my plan! But why has he assumed control of the Invincible...?
          !!!? No! He can't be..."
    [In the castle, the party finally arrives.]
    Regent Cid: "Phew... That was quite a trip..."
    Amarant: "You little bug. We could've been killed."
    Freya: "Amarant's right. It was a mistake to come here on that airship."
    Regent Cid: "Well, we had to get here somehow."
    Zidane: "Come on, guys. We made it here in one piece. That's all that
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok-gwok!> That's right!"
    Vivi: "I'm never gonna ride on an airship again... Never ever..."
    Regent Cid: "Sorry, Vivi."
    [A Pluto Knight runs in.]
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Captain!!! Where is Her Highness!?"
    Zidane: "I don't know. We're looking for her, too."
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Shoot! I must find the captain!"
    [Haagen runs off.]
    Zidane: "Alright, let's go find Dagger."
    Vivi: "We have to find Eiko, too."
    Zidane: "They're probably together."
    [They go up the same way Dagger took, to the roof.]
    Vivi: "Gee... What is this?"
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok!> So, this is the secret of Alexandria Castle..."
    Freya: "Are Dagger and Eiko up there?"
    Regent Cid: "Maybe. Let's go see."
    [Zidane runs up.]
    Regent Cid: "<GWOK!> What are you doing!?"
    Zidane: "There's no point in us all going. I'll take it from here."
    Vivi: "Wh-Why? I wanna go with you. I wanna help Dagger and Eiko, too."
    Zidane: "Kuja might destroy this castle at any minute. Get out of here
            while you can. Go on, Vivi. Don't worry about me. Someday,
            you'll probably do the same thing for someone who's really
            important to you. Dagger is more important to me than anything
    Amarant: "Man, you make me sick. I'm outta here. Next time you wanna
             play hero, don't even bother calling me. Later..."
    [Amarant bails.]
    Freya: "I guess here's no way to stop you. But remember, this is not
           just your war, so don't even think about fighting Kuja now. As
           soon as you find Dagger, leave."
    Zidane: "Alright."
    Freya: "Come on, Vivi. Let's go."
    Vivi: "Freya. Wait."
    Regent Cid: "Let him go, Vivi. He'll be alright."
    [Freya and Regent Cid leave.]
    Zidane: "Sorry I can't take you with me. But I have to go with my
            instincts on this one. I don't know what else to say..."
    Vivi: "Okay, Zidane... Good luck."
    [Vivi leaves; Zidane heads up. The castle shakes as he runs, though.]
    Zidane: "Whooooa! What the heck was that!? GEEZ!"
    [It starts shaking again. FMV. The Invincible's "eye" shoots a large
    beam down at Alexander, disintegrating it. A piece of the castle falls
    and Dagger almost becomes squashed tomatoes...but Zidane jumps with a
    banner cord in hand and rescues her, earning a warm hug from his trouble.
    Eiko scowls, naturally. Back up where it's safe:]
    Zidane: "Dagger... I'm sorry... I don't know why I wasn't honest with
    Eiko: "Zidane... We really made a big mess, didn't we?"
    [A tremor shakes the castle again.]
    Zidane: "We'll talk later! Let's get out of here!
    [FMV. The Invincible fires a beam and the castle starts to explode,
    with a devastating shockwave ripping through all sections of the
    town... Up in the Invincible, Garland watches.]
    Garland: "More souls have returned... In microscopic proportions, the
             process still continues after thousands of years. Eventually,
             these circulating souls will no longer belong to Gaia. They
             must never be circulated back... Kuja did well. If only he
             had lasted longer... I never imagined he would choose to end
             his remaining days on Gaia... Perhaps, this was his fate, set
             in ages past. I, too, cannot escape my fate; someday, I must
             face your counterpart..."
    [He walks away. When the screen comes back into view, it's Lindblum.]
    36. Lindblum (LB03)
    [Artania and the Regent walk through the Business District.]
    Minister Artania: "As you can see, the reconstruction is moving right
    Regent Cid: "Good. We've started building airship No. 3. It's going
                well, too <gwok>. Many engineers from the Industrial
                District have volunteered. Our people are so strong. I
                never realized it until now..."
    Minister Artania: "They have faith in you, Regent. That is why they
                      can be strong. They are proud to be citizens of
    Regent Cid: "......"
    Voice: "AAH...ACHOOO!!!"
    Regent Cid: "Baku?"
    [Baku and Blank walk over.]
    Baku: "Hey, Regent. What's goin' on?"
    Regent Cid: "I'm tired from working day and night on a new airship...
                Hey, why don't you come by the research center and give us
                a hand sometime?"
    Baku: "......"
    Blank: "......"
    Baku: "You talkin' to both of us?"
    Regent Cid: "Heh, heh, heh. I'm just kidding. We already have enough
                people <gwok> working on it."
    Baku: "Oh... Do you know how Zidane's doing?"
    Regent Cid: "He's fine. In fact, he's probably awake now."
    Baku: "Blank, go to the castle and see how he's doing."
    Regent Cid: "Oh, and tell him to come to my room."
    [Blank shrugs and walks off. In the castle guest room, Zidane wakes.]
    Zidane: "Dagger... Eiko... ...How did I get here?
    Blank: "Zidane."
    Zidane: "!?"
    [Blank runs in.]
    Blank: "So, how are you feelin'?"
    Zidane: "Okay, I guess... By the way..."
            R1 --> Where's Dagger?
            R2 --> How did I get here?
            R1: "Do you know where Dagger is?"
                Blank: "No, I haven't seen her. Maybe she's upstairs by
                       the telescope."
                Zidane: "Oh yeah!"
                Blank: "Man, isn't there anything on his mind besides
            R2: "So what happened after that? How did I get here?"
                Blank: "Slow down. Geez... Things were so chaotic; it took
                       forever to find you guys. No one really got hurt
                       except you. I heard you pulled some crazy stunt."
                Zidane: "Yeah... Eiko and Dagger were in trouble, so..."
                Blank: "Always showing off. You got hurt pretty bad
                       because of that. After we found you guys, we stole
                       a ship by the port and escaped."
                Zidane: "Wow. I don't remember any of that."
                Blank: "I didn't think so. You know, you slept three days
                Zidane: "Really!?"
                Blank: "By the way, Cid said he wanted to talk to you in
                       the royal chamber."
                Zidane: "Oh. Okay. I wonder what he wants..."
    [Zidane runs off. If you asked where Garnet was, you can go up and see
    Garnet near the rooftop telescope:]
    Zidane: "Well, look who's here. Man, we went through some crazy stuff,
            huh? I honesty didn't think I was gonna make it this time. But
            as you can see, I'm alright now."
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Dagger... Is something wrong?"
    [Dagger shakes her head.]
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Ohhh, okay. You're so happy to see me, you don't know what to
            say. I didn't know you loved me so much." (Did I do something
            wrong...?) "Alright, what did I do wrong?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: (...Maybe she's just tired. A lot has happened since Brahne's
            death... ...I'd better cheer her up.) "Hey, remember that
            promise we made before the festival? You still owe me a date.
            Come on. Let's go."
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: (...I think she's starting to get annoyed. Maybe I should
            leave her alone.) "I guess you have a lot on your mind right
            now. Sorry to bother you. I'll see you later."
    [Zidane runs off.]
    Dagger: (Zidane... You're so sweet. Thank you.)
    [If you asked Blank where Garnet was and saw her up at the telescope,
    you can see the ATE 'My Bad' and Blank will be in the elevator hall,
    and will say when you come back down:]
    Blank: "About time. Yo!"
    Zidane: "What, are you following me or something?"
    Blank: "Hey, I don't have time to play around, like you. I forgot to
           tell you something earlier."
    Zidane: "Yeah, what?"
    Blank: "Sheez... What's with you?"
    Zidane: "?"
    Blank: "Ohhh... You had a fight with her, huh?"
    Zidane: "Shut up! None of your damn business!"
    Blank: "Heh-heh-heh. Take it easy. Cid said he wants to see you. He's
           in the royal chamber."
    Zidane: "What does he want?"
    Blank: "I don't know."
    [He leaves. Zidane heads for the royal chamber.]
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok!> At last, the hero has awakened."
    Zidane: "I heard you wanted to see me. What's up?"
    Regent Cid: "After reviewing the attack on Alexandria, we discovered
                some interesting facts... ...facts, I think, you all
                should know <gwok>."
    Minister Artania: "The others are waiting in the conference room. We
                      can begin the meeting at any time."
    Regent Cid: "Alright, let's begin."
    Minister Artania: "Please, follow me."
    [The two walk into the downstairs dining room; the throne plummets
    on mechanic arms down, too.]
    Freya: "!!!"
    Steiner: "!!!"
    Vivi: "!!!"
    Eiko: "!!!"
    Regent Cid: "Is that everyone?"
    Steiner: "We are still missing the princess."
    Zidane: "...She's probably upstairs, by the telescope."
    Eiko: "I'll go get her."
    Zidane: "Wait! ...Oh well."
    Regent Cid: "Let's begin. Where should I start...?"
    [The ATE 'Self-reproach' plays. Afterwards...]
    Steiner: "...The town is now in shambles. Many innocent lives were
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok> ...I can imagine."
    Minister Artania: "Her Highness is probably beyond despair."
    Steiner: "I have never witnessed such tragedy. There was nothing we
             could do. We fought with everything we had, but to no avail.
             Beatrix and I were prepared to give our lives. ...I don't
             know what happened to her."
    Minister Artania: "We have spent much time and effort rebuilding
                      Lindblum. But I believe it will take much longer
                      for our people to overcome their losses. Those who
                      survived have a long, tough road ahead of them."
    Freya: "Burmecia, Cleyra, Lindblum and now Alexandria... Kuja has
           vanquished all four nations. What is he trying to accomplish?"
    Zidane: "Who knows!? Let's just go get him!"
    Amarant: "It's not that easy. Kuja's powers are beyond ours. How do
             you plan to fight him?"
    Zidane: "......"
    Regent Cid: "Kuja is a man of many mysteries, indeed. I still can't
                believe what I saw when we were evacuating from Alexandria."
    Zidane: "What!? What did you see?"
    Regent Cid: "I saw him escape on my stolen airship, Hilda Garde 1
                <gwok>. There were black mages onboard, too."
    Vivi: "!!!"
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Regent Cid: "They weren't any old black mages! They were talking
    Vivi: "NO!"
    Zidane: "No way... Are you sure about this?"
    Regent Cid: "There's no doubt."
    Vivi: "WHY!? Why are they with Kuja...?"
    [The ATE 'Deep Anger' plays. Afterwards...]
    Zidane: "...So basically, your wife got mad at you and used her magic
            to turn you into an oglop."
    Regent Cid: "Sad sotry, isn't it? My lecherous character has led to
                my undoing."
    Steiner: "But how did Kuja get a hold of Lady Hilda's airship?"
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok!> That's what I'd like to know. He probably
                commandeered it to further his mad schemes, whatever they
                may be. In any case, I must get Hilda and her airship back
                somehow <gwok>!"
    Freya: "What a shame, for a ruler to end up like this... But we can't
           ignore this situation. Kuja must be stopped!"
    Steiner: "Indeed! We must deal with him before it is too late!"
    Zidane: "It's easier said than done. We don't know where he is. We
            don't even have an airship to look for him."
    Regent Cid: "He's right. No. 2 is still <gwok> out of commission. And
                I doubt I can oversee the construction of a new airship in
                my current form. If only I were <gwok> a man again...
                Artania, is there anything that can be done?"
    Minister Artania: "I have spoken to Doctor Tot regarding this matter
                      and asked him to join us. He should be here any
    Steiner: "That's wonderful! I'm certain Doctor Tot will be most helpful!"
    [Tot walks in.]
    Tot: "I'm sorry I'm late."
    Minister Artania: "Please forgive me for calling you on such short
                      notice, Doctor. Thank you very much for giving up
                      your precious time to come here."
    Tot: "Please, Minister. You need not be so formal. I heard what happened
         in Alexandria. I am so relieved to see you all again. Hmm? Where is
         the princess? Eiko is missing, too. !!!? Are they alright!?"
    Zidane: "Don't worry, Doc. They're alright. Eiko's out looking for Dagger
            right now."
    Tot: "Oh, I see. Well, that's a relief."
    Regent Cid: "So, Doctor Tot, I was wondering--"
    [Eiko runs in.]
    Eiko: "HEY, GUYS!"
    Zidane: "Geez, what's up?"
    Tot: "Ho-ho-ho. I see you are as energetic as ever."
    Eiko: "It's Dagger. She's..."
    Zidane: "What!? What's wrong!?"
    Eiko: "...I think she's lost her voice. She can't talk anymore."
    Tot: "!!!?"
    Vivi: "!!!"
    Zidane: "What!?"
    Steiner: "WHAT!!!?"
    Eiko: "Just come with me! She's in the guest room."
    Zidane: "Wait! Hold on!"
    [Eiko runs off.]
    Zidane: "I'll be back in a minute! Come on, Doc!"
    Steiner: "I'm coming, too!"
    Regent Cid: "Let's postpone this meeting."
    Minister Artania: "I agree, sire... We will resume this meeting later."
    Regent Cid: "Zidane, report back to me after you find out more about
                her condition."
    [They go to the guest room.]
    Tot: "Please wait! <Huff-Huff-Heave-Heave.>"
    Eiko: "She's sitting on her bed."
    Zidane: "...Dagger?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Tot: "Princess?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Steiner: "Princess, what is the matter...?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "This is a bad joke. Doctor, isn't there anything you can do?"
    Tot: "What tragedy... The princess has indeed lost her voice. After
         all that she has gone through--the death of her mother, the
         destruction of her beloved kingdom... She has suffered so much
    Steiner: "P-Princess..."
    Eiko: "Dagger..."
    Zidane: "So that's it!? There's no hope!?"
    Tot: "I believe this is only temporary. But it may be months, even
         years before she can speak again... ...until she can overcome her
    Zidane: "So, all we can do is wait."
    Tot: "I'm afraid so... This is no ordinary illness. We must keep her
         heart at peace. That is all I can think of."
    Zidane: "......"
    Steiner: "Princess, please forgive me!!!"
    Zidane: "...Eiko, can you look after her for awhile?"
    Eiko: "...Sure. What are you gonna do?"
    Zidane: "Find Kuja and beat the crap out of him! Doc, I need an airship
            to find Kuja. Tell me how to turn Cid back into a human! That's
            the only way!"
    Tot: "Now, now. Calm down... Let's go see the regent."
    Zidane: "Come on, Rusty. Get up."
    Steiner: "Princess, <sniffle-sniffle!> Please... Say something!
    Zidane: "You're gonna have to baby-sit him, too..."
    [Zidane goes up to the royal chamber, where Tot inspects the regent.]
    Tot: "......"
    Regent Cid: "So... <gwok> is there any hope for me?"
    Tot: "...I'm sorry, sire. We must find the person who cast the spell
         to reverse the effect."
    Zidane: "Dammit..."
    Tot: "...Actually, there may be another way. Long ago, I read a book
         on metamorphosis that discussed methods to reverse the effect."
    Regent Cid: "Is this true!?"
    Tot: "Yes. However, I don't know if it is a reliable source. The book
         had a rather comical tone."
    Regent Cid: "Is there a chance that I could die from it?"
    Tot: "I doubt it would be lethal, sire. We will simply mix three
         ingredients and apply the formula to your body."
    Zidane: "Let's just try it."
    Regent Cid: "<Gwok!> That's easy for you to say."
    Zidane: "What are the three ingredients?"
    Tot: "Unusual Potion, Beautiful Potion, and Strange Potion. They must
         be mixed in a 5:2:3 ratio."
    Minister Artania: "Oh... Magicians of early times often used those
                      potions. They were all fairly common in the old
    Tot: "Yes. I expected the ingredients to such a powerful cure to be
         more exotic, too. But as you mentioned, they are no longer
         popular, so I do not know if we can find them."
    Zidane: "...I think Cinna has the Unusual Potion. I'll take care of
            this. I'm gonna go downtown and look for the ingredients."
    Regent Cid: "I'm counting on you <gwok>."
    [Zidane wanders around and finds the Beautiful Potion in the Business
    District and the Strange Potion in an artist's studio. He wanders down
    to the hideout to find Cinna.]
    Zidane: "I thought you'd all be here."
    Marcus: "Zidane! Are you alright!?"
    Cinna: "I heard you got injured pretty bad!"
    Zenero: "You can walk. That's a good sign."
    Zidane: "Yeah, looks like I'll live."
    Marcus: "Have you talked to Blank?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, I saw him at the castle."
    Cinna: "So what are you doing here? Just stopping by to say hi?"
    Zidane: "Actually, I came here for a favor. Do you happen to have the
            Unusual Potion?"
    Cinna: "Yeah."
    Zidane: "Nice! Can I borrow it?"
    Cinna: "Yeah, sure. Hold on."
    [Cinna goes inside.]
    Marcus: "So, Zidane, are you ever going to rejoin us?"
    Zidane: "I don't know... I'm gonna think about it after things settle
    Zenero: "It's boring without you."
    [Cinna returns.]
    Cinna: "Here you go." [Receive: Unusual Potion]
    [If that's the last potion he has to find:]
    Zidane: (That's all of 'em. Finally, I can get back to the castle and
            see Cid.)
    Cinna: "What are you gonna use it for?"
    Zidane: "To turn Cid back into a human."
    Marcus: "???"
    Cinna: "???"
    Zenero: "???"
    Zidane: "Thanks a lot!"
    [Zidane runs back to the royal chamber.]
    Zidane: "Hey, I got 'em! I mixed the 3 potions in this bottle, like
            you told me to."
    Tot: "Excellent. Let's test it right away. Sire, are you ready?"
    Regent: "...Oh, what the hell. Go ahead."
    Zidane: "This better work."
    Tot: "Alright. Here we go."
    [Tot pours the potion on the regent and he begins to change into
    many different forms.]
    Zidane: "Whoa!"
    Regent Cid: "Did it work!? ...Hmmm? Something's wrong <ribbit>."
    Zidane: "...Ribbit?"
    Tot: "...... It didn't work."
    Minister Artania: "Good gracious! The regent has become a frog!"
    Zidane: "Oh, man... Now we'll never get a new airship."
    Regent Cid: "That's it <ribbit>!!! No more potions, no more medicine!
                We're gonna go find Hilda! Gather everyone in the conference
                room! <Ribbit!>"
    Zidane: "Geez. This sucks..."
    [Everyone is soon gathered in the meeting room.]
    Minister Artania: "Thank you for coming. The regent has an important
    Steiner: "!!!? Now he's a frog!"
    Regent Cid: "I wanted to <ribbit> become a man again, but this is all
                I got. We all know that Kuja holds the key to our fate
                <ribbit>. We must find him at any cost!"
    Steiner: "But we don't have an airship!"
    Regent Cid: "We can use that <ribbit> ship we stole in Alexandria.
                Artania, order Zebolt to service that ship immediately."
    Minister Artania: "Yes, sire."
    Zidane: "So, where exactly are we going?"
    [Artania leaves.]
    Regent Cid: "<Ribbit>... I'm still working on that."
    Vivi: "...Um, you said earlier that there were black mages on Kuja's
          airship. So if we go to the Black Mage Village, maybe we can
          learn something."
    Regent Cid: "Hmmm..."
    Vivi: "...I still can't believe it. Why were they on Kuja's ship!? WHY!?"
    Zidane: "Well, I'm with Vivi. I think we should go to the Black Mage
    Steiner: "Yes. Brilliant idea, Master Vivi. Princess...will you be
             going as well?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Eiko: "Of course she will!"
    Zidane: "I don't know if that's a good idea."
    Dagger: "......"
    Eiko: "Don't worry. I'll take care of her."
    Regent Cid: "Alright then! <Ribbit!> Let's go to the Black Mage Village!
                We'll all meet onboard the ship at the harbor in the Base
    [Zidane gets on the ship docked at Serpent's Gate.]
    Zidane: "Man... I hope this thing can get us there."
    Voice: "Finally, I found you!"
    Zidane: "?"
    [Quina's on the ship.]
    Zidane: "Quina! What are you doing here?"
    Quina: "Where you go, Zidane!? I travel everywhere, look all over for you!"
    Blank: "Who's this? Your new girlfriend? Heh-heh-heh."
    Quina: "I so tired. From Madain Sari, I climb mountains, cross ocean,
           fight monsters..."
    Zidane: "Wow. You've been through one hell of a trip. So, Blank, you're
            coming, too?"
    Blank: "Yeah, I was asked to."
    Zidane: "By whom?"
    Blank: "The boss, of course. But it wasn't his idea."
    Regent Cid: "It was mine <ribbit>."
    Quina: "!?"
    Regent Cid: "We need at least one person to look after the ship when
                we reach our destination."
    Blank: "Plus, I still owe you guys one, so I volunteered."
    Quina: "F-Frog..."
    Zidane: "...You don't owe us anything."
    Regent Cid: "Okay, anchors aweigh!"
    Quina: "Is talking..."
    Zidane: "Hey. Quina loves frogs, so you'd better watch out."
    Quina: "Maybe I eat it...?"
    Regent Cid: "I'm not worried. I've had more enemies as an oglop.
                <Ribbit!> Oh, by the way, if you ever want to change your
                party members, talk to me."
    Blank: "Okay, where are we off to?"
    Zidane: "We're going to the Black Mage Village on the Outer Continent."
    Blank: "Alright. Press [SELECT] whenever you wanna verify your location!"
    [On the world map, the controls are presented:]
    -Blue Narciss Controls-
    (><)        :Forward
    (/\)        :Return to the deck
    ([])        :Reverse
    (O)         :Disembark
    [SELECT]    :Switch navigation map
    [L1][R1]    :Camera control
    [L2]        :Align camera
    [R2]        :Switch perspective
    37. Black Mage Village (BM02)
    [The party runs in.]
    Vivi: "...Looks like nobody's here."
    Zidane: "Where did they go?"
    Vivi: "I'm gonna go look around."
    [Zidane finds Vivi talking to the last (?) black mage in the village,
    at the cemetery. It's Mr. 288, of course.]
    Vivi: "Where is everyone!?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "They went away with Kuja... Two other guys stayed
                        behind. They're probably at the chocobo shack."
    Vivi: "Why!? Why did they go with him!?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "They learned about our lifespan... We can only
                        live for a given amount of time. Kuja said he knew
                        how to extend our life spans, so everyone followed
    Vivi: "He's lying! I bet he's lying! Look what he's done to us. He's
          been using us, treating us like puppets."
    Black Mage No. 288: "...Maybe we are just puppets, created to serve
    Vivi: "!"
    Zidane: "Come on. That's nonsense."
    Vivi: "...Where did they go?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "...I can't tell you that. I can't betray them."
    Vivi: "Then why didn't you go with them?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "......"
    Vivi: "You said the two other guys are in the chocobo shack, right?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "......"
    [Vivi runs off.]
    Zidane: "Vivi!"
    [Zidane finds him at the stable door.]
    Vivi: "Hello. Is anyone there?"
    Zidane: "Vivi..."
    Vivi: "Please! Open the door!"
    [A 'kweh' is heard.]
    Zidane: "?"
    [The door opens.]
    Black Mage: "It's born!!!"
    Vivi: "!?"
    Black Mage: "Oh..."
    Vivi: "Wait!"
    [Inside, the mages look at a baby chocobo.]
    Black Mage No. 111: "Finally..."
    Black Mage No. 33: "Finally..."
    Black Mage No. 111: "Hurray!!!"
    Black Mage No. 33: "Hurray!!!"
    Black Mage No. 111: "I still can't believe it..."
    Black Mage No. 33: "Yeah..."
    Vivi: "I don't understand. Why are you here?"
    Black Mage No. 33: "We're here to look after the chocobo."
    Black Mage No. 111: "At first, we were gonna go with everyone, but
                        someone had to stay behind to look after the
                        chocobo egg, so we stayed."
    Black Mage No. 33; "We kept the egg nice and warm by ptuting a lot of
                       hay over it."
    Black Mage No. 111: "I can't wait to show him to everyone."
    Black Mage No. 33: "They're gonna be so happy."
    Black Mage No. 111: "We have to come up with a name."
    Black Mage No. 33: "Hey... What's happening to me? I feel strange..."
    Black Mage No. 111: "M-Me, too..."
    Vivi: "......"
    [Vivi walks outside and finds Mr. 288 standing at the gate.]
    Vivi: "...You stayed behind because you were worried about the chocobo egg."
    Black Mage No. 288: "...I don't know. I wanted to follow Kuja because I was
                        so scared of dying. But I couldn't... I felt like I was
                        leaving something important behind."
    Vivi: "...... I wanna ask you something."
    Black Mage No. 288: "What is it?"
    Vivi: "A-Am I gonna stop pretty soon, too?"
    Zidane: "!"
    Black Mage No. 288: "I don't know... Kuja said the prototype built
                        before us would last longer."
    Vivi: "But...I am gonna stop eventually."
    Black Mage No. 288: "......"
    Vivi: "...I was really confused when my grandpa died. He told me,
          'Vivi, no need be sad.' So I told myself, I can't be sad. That's
          why I felt confused again when I heard that everyone was stopping
          around him. I don't know what to do or what to feel... But when I
          saw Dagger crying when her mom died, I wasn't confused anymore. I
          was sad... If I were just a puppet, I never would have felt that
          way. Mr. 288...we aren't puppets. I know we aren't. ...I hate him.
          I hate Kuja!!! He's turning everyone into puppets just to kill
          people!!! If it weren't for him, I know everyone would understand
          someday. It's not fair..."
    Zidane: "Vivi..."
    Black Mage No. 288: "...Kuja's secret palace is on the eastern side
                        of this continent."
    Zidane: "!"
    Black Mage No. 288: "It's buried under quicksand. You'll need a ship
                        to get there."
    Vivi: "Thanks..."
    Black Mage No. 288: "I hope we can become strong like you someday..."
    [He walks away. Dagger walks alone in town.]
    Dagger: (Vivi has so much on his mind... Unlike me, he's fighting so
            hard... ...I thought I would change after I met Zidane.
            ...Once I acceded tothe throne, I knew I had to change. But
            nothing has changed...! I'm so helpless...)
    [Eiko walks by.]
    Eiko: "Wow... Dagger, were you listening, too? That crybaby sure has
          come a long way, don't you think?"
    Dagger: "......"
    Eiko: "Dagger? Are you alright? ...Don't worry too much. Vivi has his
          own way of dealing with things, and you have yours. Come on,
          cheer up! We'll beat up Kuja, and you'll get your voice back in
          no time."
    Dagger: "......"
    [Zidane walks over.]
    Eiko: "Zidane."
    Zidane: "Is something wrong? Okay. Let's get going."
    Vivi: "Mr. 288 said Kuja's palace is buried under quicksand, right?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. We're taking the ship to the eastern side of the
            continent to get there."
    [The party heads to the eastern desert and drops down into the
    northernmost quicksand pit, disappearing instantly...]
    38. Desert Palace (DP01)
    [On the blacked-out screen:]
    Kuja: "Huhaha... I knew you'd come. Everything is going according to
    [Zidane wakes up in a circular room with the regent.]
    Regent Cid: "Zidane! <Ribbit>, wake up!"
    Zidane: "U-Ungh... Cid... Where the heck are we?"
    Regent Cid: "Good question <ribbit>! I wish I knew!"
    Zidane: "After I fell into the quicksand, everything went dark...
            That's all I can remember."
    Regent Cid: "Me, too <ribbit>! When I woke up, <ribbit> I was in
                this room."
    Zidane: "Oh yeah! Where is everyone?"
    Regent Cid: "I don't know <ribbit>. I hope they're alright."
    [Kuja's voice rings out.]
    Kuja: "So you're finally awake..."
    Zidane: "That voice...it's Kuja!"
    Kuja: "I'm so happy to see you again."
    Zidane: "You rat bastard! Where're my friends?"
    Kuja: "My, my... Aren't we feisty today? No need to worry about them.
          They're in rooms not unlike yours. Oh, yes... I should probably
          enlighten you as to your current situation."
    [The floor spirals out a little, revealing a lava-pool bottom.]
    Zidane: "Yikes!"
    Kuja: "I'm sure that even your feeble mind can grasp what would happen
          if you were to take that plunge. Ahahahahahahaha!"
    Zidane: "Kuja! You're dead!!!"
    Kuja: "Oh, dear. Was it something I said? Either way, now that you're
          aware of your predicament, I'd like you to do a tiny little favor
          for me. I'll let your friends live if you say yes."
    Zidane: "Dammit..."
            R1 --> I have no choice
            R2 --> Never!
            R2: "Never!"
                Kuja: "You still don't get it, do you? Do you still refuse?"
                [The floor spirals in a little more.]
                Zidane: "Yikes! ...... Dammit, I don't have a choice!"
    Kuja: "Very good. You've chosen wisely. First, step outside."
    [Zidane and the regent get the heck out of the lava room.]
    Zidane: "Hey, Cid. I need you to look after the others."
    Regent Cid: "Fine <ribbit>! I won't let you down! And you <ribbit>!
                You come back safe!"
    Zidane: "Yeah, I will. See ya."
    [Zidane walks down the hall and sees the branching paths blocked by mages.]
    Zidane: "Not these guys again..."
    Black Mage: "......"
    Black Mage: "......"
    Kuja: "Stand between the two black mages."
    [The black mages warp Zidane off. He appears in a room somewhere.]
    Kuja: "Welcome to my humble abode."
    Zidane: "Just cut to the chase and tell me what the hell you want!"
    Kuja: "My, we're upset, aren't we? Well, this is your errand... I
          want you to go somewhere and bring something back for me."
    Zidane: "So tell me what it is already, you demon!"
    Kuja: "I'd watch my mouth if I were you. Surely, you haven't forgotten
          that I hold your friends' lives in my hands."
    Zidane: "Grr!"
    Kuja: "I'm going to send you to a place called Oeilvert."
    Zidane: "Where's that?"
    Kuja: "Oeilvert is south of the Seaways Canyon on the Forgotten
          Continent. It really isn't my kind of place."
    Zidane: "What do you mean by that?"
    Kuja: "You see, there's an anti-magic barrier around the place. And I
          want to send you because you're too stupid to use magic. Once
          there, I want you to retrieve the Gulug Stone for me. What do
          you say? Isn't it a simple task? I'll even send you on my luxury
          cruise ship, so you won't have to worry about transportation.
          Perhaps it's too much for you. I'd better send you with three of
          your friends just to be safe. Besides, nobody likes to fight
          against himself."
    Zidane: "???"
    Kuja: "Heheh, nevermind. Speak their names when you've chosen your
    [Zidane selects his party.]
    Zidane: "I want _____, _____, and ______."
    Kuja: "Fine. I shall summon them. ________... ________... and
          ______... Step through the door."
    [The three chosen party members walk out.]
    Kuja: "Proceed to the center of the platform."
    Black Mage: "......"
    Black Mage: "......"
    [They teleport the party members to Kuja's room.]
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Kuja: "Spare me the emotional reunion scene, please. Now, go stand
          with your friends."
    Zidane: "You'd better keep your promise, Kuja!"
    Kuja: "Of course. You needn't worry one bit."
    [The four teleport out.]
    Kuja: "Khehehe... What a bunch of idiots."
    [Zidane's party warps to the hangar shown in the "Deep Anger' ATE. He
    goes around the bend and sees the ship.]
    Zidane: "Whoa! That must be the Hilda Garde 1!"
    [Zidane's party gets on and it takes off on the world map, airborne
    faster than greased lightning. As it soars over the waves, Zidane
    makes his way to the cockpit to find some black mages.]
    Zidane: "Hey, can we really trust Kuja?"
    Black Mage: "......"
    Zidane: "Hey, can we really trust Kuja?"
    Black Mage 2: "......"
    Zidane: "Hey! Say something!"
    Black Mage 2: "......"
    [Zorn walks into the screen.]
    Zorn: "They will not answer to you."
    [Thorn appears.]
    Thorn: "Respond to our orders only, they do."
    Zidane: "Why, y-you backstabbing bozos!"
    Zorn: "Those are slanderous words!"
    Thorn: "Worse lies, I have never heard."
    Zorn: "You needn't concern yourself with such things."
    Thorn: "Or an end to your friends' lives, we shall bring."
    Zidane: "Dammit!"
    Zorn: "The black mages were originally designed just to oppress."
    Thorn: "But a strong sense of self, the Black Waltzes came to possess.
           Always obey us, these mages do, because a strong ego, they have
    Zorn: "These mass-produced ones are to break once we're through with
          their lot."
    Thorn: "Other purpose than war they have not!"
    Zorn: "They have grown attached to life, yet they'll soon disappear!"
    Thorn: "Hilarious! Nothing but toys are they here!"
    Zidane: "I don't think you guys are any different."
    Thorn: "What!?"
    Zorn: "Rubbish!"
    Zidane: "You say that the black mages have no souls, but you guys are
            pawns, just like them! Am I right, or what?"
    Zorn: "You won't be talking so big once we're done with you!"
    Thorn: "Regret those words, you will!"
    Zidane: "Well, let's just take it easy until we arrive. Drive safe,
    [On the world map, the majestic HG1 flies over the Shimmering Island
    and lands on the Forgotten Continent, where it lands. Zidane's crew
    is kicked out. Down the Seaways Canyon, the party stumbles upon their
    destination: Oeilvert.]
    39. Oeilvert (OV01)
    [The party walks up to the spooky place's gigantic locked gate.]
    Zidane: "This must be the entrance. Mph! Open up! No way I can open
            a door this big!
    Party Member #1: "!!!"
    Party Member #2: "!!!"
    Party Member #3: "!!!"
    [The door opens by itself.]
    Zidane: "!!! ...... I dunno what's going on, but I guess we gotta go
            inside. It's an honor to be here, hehe."
    [The party walks in and Zidane touches some orb, making it light up.
    In the next room, a planet hologram surprises everyone.]
    Zidane: "Is this...a planet?"
    Steiner: "Was that writing that just appeared?"
    Zidane: "...Mother...Terra...?"
    Party Member #1: "!!!"
    Party Member #2: "!!!"
    Party Member #3: "!!!"
    Zidane: "Aww...I can't make it out..."
    Freya: "Zidane, can you really read it?"
    Zidane: "It's not that I can read it... It's more like the words are
            talking to me. I don't even know why..."
    [The party moves on and comes to a room with four pods. Zidane starts
    to figure out the order and gets the first to work.]
    Zidane: "Aha, it worked! Ancient...ship... Oldest...in history... I
            knew you just had to do it in the right order!"
    [Zidane goes to the next one.]
    Zidane: "The ship...for war... Shipbuilding...technology...primitive..."
    [He goes to the next and reads.]
    Zidane: "Battleship...Invincible...prototype... Prototype...failure..."
    [At the last one:]
    Zidane: "The first...battleship...Invincible... Improved version...
            currently...in use..."
    [Zidane goes back to the globe that didn't glow in the Grand Hall.]
    Zidane: "Huh? It's gone. Whoa! Beginning...of the city... ...? Huh?
            Now it's gone again. Whoa! At first...the city...flourished...
            Soon...began to decline... At its peak...cities...all over...
            Terra... Then...the decline...began... So what the heck is all
    [Zidane heads back to the room with the planet and finds a door able
    to be opened. Inside is a room with many stone faces carved into wall
    Zidane: "What is this place?"
    Steiner: "Wh-What a disturbing room!"
    [One of the faces lights up.]
    Voice: "%/\[]oo#+x..."
    Freya: "Friend or foe!?"
    Zidane: "Wait! It's saying something..."
    Voice: "Visitors... Climb atop the stone..."
    Quina: "I hear it say!"
    Zidane: "Huh. I guess it's speaking directly into our minds. Well,
            let's go!"
    [They climb onto the stone and it rises up.]
    Voice: "Visitors, listen well... This is the record of our civilization...
           The seeds' decline was not our fault... All vegetation and...
           vessels...died out... The decay of our Terra...triggered it all...
           In order to stop the decay, many methods were considered...
           Ultimately, the best minds of Terra's civilization gathered... Then,
           a final resuscitation was attempted on the mother continent...
           Unfortunately, it ended in failure... It was later discovered to have
           been the catalyst... Subjects were selected... After four tremendous
           sacrifices, eternal prosperity seemed within reach... Flora and fauna
           were revived, but...is still in stasis. Final results...are still
           pending... In order that our glorious history not die with us, we
           were constructed..."
    [The faces quit lighting up and the stone descends.]
    Steiner: "Zidane, what could this possibly be!?"
    Zidane: "I wanna know, too...but our friends are in danger! So let's
            save them first!"
    [Zidane runs into the room with the moogle (Stiltzkin is now gone) and
    stops when a display starts to light up before him.]
    Zidane: "? Hmm... It looks different than before. It looks like that
            other planet."
    [Another planet appears beside the other hologram.]
    Zidane: "Wh-What's this? Another planet?"
    [The two planets merge into one.]
    Zidane: "What the heck could this mean?"
    [In the next room, a plate takes them to the bottom of a long tunnel.
    Zidane goes up to a tombstone and a stone drops down from above.]
    Zidane: "!!! So this is what Kuja was harping about. Time to head back.
            Whoa! ...? Something's coming!"
    [The party squares off with Ark and defeats it, taking the Gulug
    Zidane: "We gotta get back to the others!"
    [The view switches back to Desert Palace again.]
    40. Desert Palace (DP02)
    Eiko: "Why am I trapped in here!? Hey! Someone lemme out! This is no
          way to treat a lady! Aww... I hope Zidane and the others are
          alright... I'm sure they'll come back for me."
    [Kuja's voice rings.]
    Kuja: "So, how do you like the special suites I reserved for each of you?
          By the way, Zidane is out running an errand for me in return for
          your safety. But I hate keeping promises... And I so love deceit.
          So, I thought I would give you a special death to remember me by.
          My palace is home to a magnificent hourglass. As its sands fall,
          the floors of your rooms slowly open. Well? Isn't it a fabulous
          idea? Your lives will be spared if the hourglass is reset. If
          Zidane comes back in time, that is. Oops, just ten more minutes.
          Better start praying. Farewell... My sweet, lovable morons.
    Eiko: "What!? Somebody help me!"
    [Outside, Cid listens to Kuja speak.]
    Kuja: "Farewell... My sweet, lovable morons. Ahahahahahahaha!"
    Regent Cid: "That bastard Kuja! That does it <ribbit>! If I don't
                save them, no one will!"
    [Two black mages walk by.]
    Black Mage No. 69: "Say... I reset the hourglass and locked it because
                       I was ordered to. What we're doing is wrong, isn't
    Black Mage No. 12: "Wait. Isn't that better than to stop functioning?"
    Black Mage No. 69: "......"
    Black Mage No. 12: "C-Come on, let's go back."
    Black Mage No. 69: "Turning off that trap again? I still don't
                       understand how you do it."
    Black Mage No. 12: "You basically have to turn them all on. You're
                       just thinking too hard. Let's go."
    [Regent Cid watches them walk off, then enters the room they left.]
    Regent Cid: "That must be the key they were talking about <ribbit>!"
    Narrative: Get the key! Press the (O) button to go forward.
    [Cid gets the key and does the minigame (see DP03 for full details)
    and gets up to the hourglass.]
    Regent Cid: "Just have to turn this upside-down <ribbit>! <Ribbit!>
                Now, everyone should be alright <ribbit>!"
    [In the cells, the party that was left behind walks out.]
    Eiko: "I thought I was a goner! Thank goodness we made it!"
    Regent Cid: "Aha! You all made it <ribbit>!"
    Eiko: "!? Huh? You saved us?"
    Regent Cid: "And it wasn't easy, mind you... But we've no time to
                celebrate <ribbit>! I heard from two black mages that
                there's some kind of trap up ahead. They said you basically
                just have to turn them all on, whatever that means <ribbit>.
                Let's hurry!"
    Eiko: "That's right! We can't just rely on Zidane! We have to work
          together until Zidane gets back! We can do it if we stick
    [The party runs through the palace corridors, lighting candles and
    removing bloodstones. At the last candle:]
    Voice: Intruder alert. Defense system activated. Initializing automatic
           countermeasures. Transferring from observation to attack mode."
    Eiko: "Huh? That's not Kuja's voice! Who's there!? Come out and show
    [A battle begins with Valia Pira, and ends with its destruction. The
    party lights the last candle, and hops on the new teleportation pad.]
    Narrative: Meanwhile...
    [Zidane is just arriving back in the place on the Hilda Garde 1.]
    Zidane: "Finally made it back. Well, no rest for the wicked! I gotta
            get movin'!
    [The party gets on a teleport pad and ends up somewhere unfamiliar.]
    Zidane: "What the... Where are we now? Did I take a wrong turn?"
    [Kuja's voice rings out.]
    Kuja: "Welcome back... I'm inside the room past the stairs. But I want
          you to come alone, Zidane. Alone."
    Steiner: "It is surely a trap! Proceed with caution!"
    Zidane: "Yeah, tell me about it. I'll be okay! You guys just wait here."
    [The door opens for Zidane in the next screen.]
    Kuja: "Come inside..."
    [Kuja's there.]
    Kuja: "I'm so happy to see you again, Zidane."
    Zidane: "My friends better be alright!"
    Kuja: "Oh my! Blunt as always, I see... Take a look in there."
    [In the hole in the floor, four "party members" lie unconscious.]
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Kuja: "No need to worry. They just needed some rest, that's all. Now,
          give me the Gulug Stone..."
    [Outside, in the teleportation room, the three party members pace the
    Steiner: "...... I wonder how the others are doing... Why, if something
             happened to the princess, I don't know what I would do!"
    Freya: "!!!"
    Steiner: "!!!"
    [The rest of the party members come in on a teleportation device.]
    Eiko: "Huh? Where's Zidane?"
    Steiner: "He went alone to Kuja's chamber. But how did you escape?"
    Regent Cid: "Actually..."
    Eiko: "There's no time! We gotta go stop Zidane!
    [Everyone races into the room, with Eiko bringing up the tail-end. The
    door closes as she tries to enter, though, and she runs into it.]
    Eiko: "Aaa! What the heck!?"
    [Zorn and Thorn sneak up behind her... Inside Kuja's Room:]
    Kuja: "Now, give me the Gulug Stone..."
    Zidane: "You bastard! You're the worst scum alive!"
    Kuja: "<Yawn> I grow weary of your tantrums. Well, will you hand it
          over or not?"
    Vivi: "Don't give it to him, Zidane!"
    [The party runs in.]
    Zidane: "Huh!? So, who's inside this cage?"
    Kuja: "Oh dear, I wasn't expecting this. That's right, the ones inside
          are fake! But don't think you've won yet."
    Zidane: "What do you mean by that?"
    Kuja: "Hehehe..."
    [Eiko yells from the hall.]
    Eiko: "Aaa! Leave me alone!"
    Zidane: "Eiko!"
    [Regent Cid yells, too.]
    Regent Cid: "<Rrrrribbit!> I'll protect you!"
    [One of the jesters says:]
    Jester: "What a freak! This frog can speak!"
    Jester 2: "Frog that goes squish, you'll make a fine dish!"
    Regent Cid: "...Ungph!... ...... ...<R-Ribbit>..."
    Zidane: "Aw, man... Hey!!"
    [Kuja uses his magicks to take the Gulug Stone from across the room.]
    Kuja: "I wanted to finish you off after getting the Gulug Stone and
          killing all your friends... Instead, I'll just take the girl.
          I hope we meet again."
    [Kuja teleports out of the room.]
    Zidane: "Arrg! It won't respond."
    Freya: "He plans to flee in the Hilda Garde!"
    Zidane: "Let's get him!"
    [Zidane selects his party and runs after Kuja, finding the hangar
    empty. He runs to the path previously blocked by a black mage.]
    Zidane: "Dammit! He got away!"
    Regent Cid: "We can still follow him in the Blue Narciss!"
    Zidane: "Great minds think alike! Let's go, people!"
    [The Hilda Garde cruises to the Lost Continent, with the Blue Narciss
    hanging out of sight in its wake. Onboard:]
    Blank: "He headed toward some weird-looking structure."
    Freya: "Is there anything beyond there?"
    Zidane: "What the hell is Kuja up to...? Why did he take Eiko?"
    Regent Cid: "His motives are unclear <ribbit>... That girl can summon
                eidolons, too <ribbit>?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. That's it! He's probably after her for the same reason
            he was after Dagger!"
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Don't worry, Dagger... We're not gonna let him have his way.
            Kuja's got a lot to answer for."
    41. Mount Gulug (MG01)
    [The party runs into Esto Gaza, which is at the foot of the mountain.
    The town, which was fairly full before, is now deserted for the most
    Bishop: "What do you beggars want? You are in a holy place. Keep the
            noise down. Hmph! Just like all the other pointy-hats! No
            manners at all."
    Zidane: "Hey, mister, what did you just say? Have you seen some guys
            that look like my friend here?"
    Bishop: "How dare you address me so! I am the priest of Esto Gaza, the
            holy place in which you stand. Mind your tongue, child. Are
            you in league with that brazen crew?"
    Zidane: "Tell me where they went! Was there a little girl with them?
            My friend's life is in danger! Tell me what you know, now!"
    Bishop: "All life is equal. The living will return to the stars.
            Through the Path of Souls of the Shimmering Island."
    Zidane: "What are you talking about? Didn't the black mages have a
            girl with them?"
    Steiner: "How dare a man of the cloth turn a blind eye to evil!"
    Bishop: "I just watched them. Besides, they didn't do anything wrong.
            They barged in, hundreds of them! So, that was the dreaded
            black mage army... They headed straight for Mount Gulug without
            even looking at me."
    Zidane: "Mount Gulug?"
    Bishop: "An enormous volcano that went extinct in the days of old.
            Legend has it that a race of great moles once lived within the
            caverns. But that was a very long time ago. No mortal has entered
            those depths ever since the entrance was mysteriously sealed. They
            passed through here and went straight for Mount Gulug."
    Zidane: "And? What about the girl?"
    41. Mount Gulug (MG01)
    [The party descends into the depths, and eventually finds a path
    that overlooks a would-be extraction ceremony about to take place.]
    Vivi: "Zidane, it's Eiko! Kuja and the black mages are there, too!"
    Zidane: "Eiko! That must be the extraction spell!"
    [Down below, Zorn and Thorn start up their chant.]
    Zorn: "Eidolon of eternal life!"
    Thorn: "Eidolon of infinite powers!"
    Zorn: "Arise from they eternal slumber!"
    Thorn: "Depart after thy endless wait!"
    Zorn: "Let there be light!"
    Thorn: "Let there be life!"
    Zorn: "The time has come!"
    Thorn: "The time is now!"
    [Up above, Dagger runs in and sees the scene.]
    Dagger: "!!! ..."
    Zidane: "Wait, Dagger!"
    Dagger: "!!!"
    Zidane: "We all know how you feel, Dagger, so leave this to us...
    Dagger: "..."
    Zidane "C'mon, let's do it!
    [The party runs off and Dagger just watches. Back below, Zorn and
    Thorn look at Eiko.]
    Zorn: "That was odd."
    Thorn: "Odd, that was."
    Zorn: "We failed again!"
    Thorn: "Again we have failed!"
    Zorn: "Did you make some mistake?"
    Thorn: "Make mistake, I did not! Yours, the mistake must be!"
    Zorn: "I made no mistake at all!"
    Thorn: "The truth, do you speak?"
    Zorn: "Of course, I speak the truth!"
    Kuja: "Will you two just shut up!?"
    Zorn: "I-It's his fault!"
    Thorn: "H-His fault, it is!"
    Zorn: "The one who messed up is you!"
    Thorn: "You're the one who messed up!"
    Kuja: "I said shut up! I don't want to hear excuses! I sense power
          from within her. Continue the extraction!"
    Zorn: "Continuing further will endanger the subject's life!"
    Thorn: "Only at the age of sixteen can eidolons be extracted!"
    Kuja: "You two just don't get it! I need an eidolon more powerful than
          Alexander! An eidolon with the power to bury Garland! His powers
          are so incredible; I cannot even come close. I must destroy him
          before Terra's plan is activated, or my soul will no longer be
          my own! Who cares if she lives? I want that eidolon!"
    [Zorn and Thorn watch Kuja walk away, then approach Eiko. Mog hops
    out and knocks 'em back.]
    Mog: "Kupo!"
    Zorn: "Where did that come from?"
    Thorn: "You, get out of our way!
    [The moogle persists.]
    Zorn: "Master!"
    Thorn: "Master!"
    Mog: "Kupo...!"
    Kuja: "Well!?"
    Zorn: "Her pet moogle is interfering with the extraction process!"
    Thorn: "Certain are we that it caused the failure!"
    Kuja: "Kill the runt! We're running out of time!"
    Mog: "Kupo...!"
    Eiko: "Mog... No, Mog. Hide behind me... Mog? What is it?"
    [Mog starts to float.]
    Mog: "Eiko, thank you for everything."
    Eiko: "Mog, what are you saying?"
    Mog: "Don't worry, kupo. I will always be with you, kupo."
    [A bright light ensues. From the passageway, Zidane hears Eiko yelling.]
    Eiko: "Mog!"
    Zidane: "This way!? Whoa!"
    [The light stops Zidane from entering. Eiko watches Mog start to glow.]
    Eiko: "Mog!"
    Zorn: "We will put you to death!"
    Thorn: "Put you to death, we will!"
    [Zorn and Thorn attack Eiko and the Trance (!?) Mog.]
    Mog: "Eiko! Use Terra Homing, kupo!"
    Eiko: "Okay!"
    [Eiko blows Zorn and Thorn away with her most powerful (and new) summon.]
    Mog: "I wanted to be by your side, Eiko...so I became Mog. Don't worry.
         I'll always watch over you, kupo."
    [Mog disappears and Zidane runs over to Zorn and Thorn's silent bodies.]
    Zidane: "!!! Eiko, are you okay?"
    Eiko: "I'm alright. Mog saved me... I never knew that Mog was an eidolon.
          She always looked after me...disguised as a moogle. Even though...
          even though she was weak... She fought her best to protect me."
    Zidane: "So that's what happened..."
    [Eiko looks up and catches Mog's ribbon.]
    Eiko: "Mog's ribbon... Mog..." [Receive: Ribbon]
    Zidane: "It's alright, Eiko. Mog'll always watch over you."
    Eiko: "You're right..."
    [Kuja walks into the screen.]
    Kuja: "How can that--That moogle went into a Trance!?"
    Zidane: "Kuja!"
    Kuja: "So...an eruption of anger against one's surroundings induces a
          complete Trance! It's not the will to live, nor is it the desire
          to protect another!"
    Zidane: "Man, you're really goin' off! Hello!?"
    Kuja: "That means...I simply need a powerful soul, even if that soul
          is not my own! No, wait... And it can be found there! Hahahaha!!"
    Zidane: "Kuja! What are you plotting?"
    Kuja: "I am done with you!"
    Vivi: "W-Wait a minute!"
    Zidane: "Vivi! Look out!"
    Kuja: "Don't worry, I hear these twins put on quite a good show. Of
          course, they're really not twins at all..."
    [Kuja leaves.]
    Vivi: "Wait! What about the black mages?"
    [Vivi runs off.]
    Zidane: "No, Vivi! It's too dangerous!"
    [Zidane attempts to run after, but Zorn and Thorn's lifeless bodies
    thump the ground and startle him.]
    Zidane: "Whoa!"
    Eiko: "Zidane, something's wrong."
    Zidane: "I thought we defeated them!"
    [The two rise up and mesh, becoming Meltigemini; the party defeats
    them anyway. Vivi walks over with some mages afterwards.]
    Zidane: "Vivi, where's Kuja? Did he get away!? Vivi?"
    Vivi: "Everyone knew he was lying...but they still followed him. He
          said that our life spans can't be extended, and that we were
          fools for believing him."
    Zidane: "What!? Kuja said that?"
    Black Mage No. 78: "I-I'm so sorry...for all I've done..."
    Zidane: "You guys don't have to apologize. Where are the others?"
    Vivi: "They were so shocked to hear it, they're all sitting down over
          there. Zidane! What am I supposed to tell them!?"
    Zidane: "Vivi... Hey, Vivi, where're you going?"
    Vivi: "All I can do...is just sit with them."
    [Vivi leaves with the mages.]
    Zidane: "That bastard! When I get my hands on him--"
    Woman: "Pardon me, but is someone there?"
    [Zidane runs into a room where a woman is.]
    Woman: "Who might you be? Where has that...Kuja gone?"
    Zidane: "Oh, him. He split, lady."
    Woman: "What? You chased him away? I know not who you are, but you
           have my sincere gratitude."
    Dagger: "..."
    Woman: "Could this be...Princess Garnet? Why is it! It is you!"
    Dagger: "..."
    Woman: "Oh, how long has it been! I haven't seen Your Highness for
           ages! Why, look how you've grown... So, whatever brought you
           to this dreadful place?"
    Zidane: "Who is this lady? What's a friend of yours doing here, anyway?"
    [The frog regent runs in.]
    Regent Cid: "Oh! My darling <ribbit> Hilda! I finally found you
    Hilda: "I do not remember ever marrying a toad."
    Regent Cid: "I-It's me <ribbit>! Cid!"
    Hilda: "Of course, that mustache... It really is you!"
    Regent Cid: "Hilda, come back to the castle <ribbit> and return me to
                my former self <ribbit>!"
    Hilda: "Dreadfully sorry, my sugar cup, but I surrendered your favorite
           airship to a man named Kuja."
    Regent Cid: "Forget about it <ribbit>! As long as you're alright <ribbit>!"
    Hilda: "Oh, my sweet froggy-woggy!"
    Eiko: "So, uhh... You know Kuja? I'm gonna make him pay! Please tell me
          all about him!"
    Hilda: "Very well, my dear. I shall tell you everything once we reach
    42. Lindblum (LB04)
    [The party goes back to Lindblum, and the regent and Hilda talk in
    private in the royal chamber.]
    Regent Cid: "<Ribbit!> Kuja didn't touch you, did he?"
    Hilda: "His soul was filled with hate, but he was polite to me. He
           just talked an awful lot."
    Regent Cid: "What about? <Ribbit!>"
    Hilda: "Well, he divulged his master plan to me. I didn't even have
           to ask. It was tiresome. But what he spoke of... It was truly a
           scene from a nightmare."
    Regent Cid: "What did he say?"
    Hilda: "That he was not of this world. He said his aim was to use this
           world to acquire an even more destructive power... The taking
           of Hilda Garde 1 was a part of this process."
    Regent Cid: "We must tell Zidane about this! <Ribbit!> You have
                valuable information!"
    Hilda: "Which lead me to believe that my abduction wasn't a part of his
           plan. He was a hopeless narcissist, but... But at least he wasn't
           a skirt-chaser, like you."
    Regent Cid: "...Ugh! You just hit me where it hurts most. <Ribbit!> I'm
                sorry about that! That's why I risked my life to rescue you!"
    Hilda: "Oh, really? Are you sure you weren't there to take back Hilda
           Garde 1?"
    Regent Cid: "I'm not lying! <Ribbit!> I apologize! So please turn me
                back! <Ribbit!> I'm sick of being an oglop or a frog! I'll
                never cheat on you again! <Ribbit!> I promise!"
    Hilda: "...Can your words be trusted?"
    Regent Cid: "I don't lie! <Ribbit!> I swear on my father's name!"
    Hilda: "Alright. I'll turn you back. But it's going to be much worse
           if you ever cheat on me again!"
    Regent Cid: "I...I understand. Now turn me back!"
    Hilda: "Maybe I'll turn you into a hedgehog pie."
    Regent Cid: "Erk... P-Please, no! <Ribbit!> Now turn me back!"
    Hilda: "Alright, alright."
    [She gives him a kiss and the Regent is back to his old mustache'd
    Regent Cid: "Finally... Ribbit! I'm human again! Gwok! Now I can
                concentrate on building Hilda Garde 3! ......"
    Hilda: "......"
    Regent Cid: "...D-Darn it! I must stop that."
    Hilda: "Dear...
    Regent Cid: "I'm sorry about everything, Hilda."
    [Cue the embrace!]
    Dagger: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "Hmm...? Dagger?"
    Voice: Mr. Zidane...
    [A guard wakes Zidane up from a Dagger dream.]
    Zidane: "Why are you calling me 'Mister' Zidane...?"
    Soldier: "Mr. Zidane! Please get up!"
    Zidane: "! Oh, it was just a dream... What's up?"
    Soldier: "Lady Hilda is calling a meeting. Please go to the conference
    Zidane: "Okay. I just wish I could've dreamt a bit longer..."
    Soldier: "Huh?"
    Zidane: "Oh, it's nothing. Don't worry about it.
    [Zidane walks to the conference room upstairs. Everyone is there
    except Dagger. Zidane looks at the mustached man on the throne.]
    Zidane: "Who's that guy?"
    Freya: "...It's Regent Cid."
    Zidane: "WHAAAT!?"
    Regent Cid: "...Still hasn't got any manners. Ribb-- ...... Ahem!
                Still haven't learned your manners!"
    Zidane: "You can stop the frog-talk now."
    Regent Cid: "S-Silence! Ribbit!"
    Zidane: "...Oh well."
    Regent Cid: "Ugh... I didn't gather you all to talk about that."
    Hilda: "I called for this meeting to tell you about what I learned
           while in Kuja's captivity."
    Regent Cid: "It may provide a hint about where he may be. Listen
    Steiner: "...I don't see the princess. I shall look for her."
    [Steiner retreats.]
    Regent Cid: "I will begin constructing Hilda Garde 3. The Blue Narciss
                will be used for its construction. Now, Hilda will tell you
                the rest. Hilda?"
    Zidane: "So? What did Kuja discuss with you?"
    [Cid leaves.]
    Hilda: "Some parts of the story may be hard to believe, but please hear
           me out. ...Kuja plans to use this world as a means of acquiring
           an even greater power."
    Zidane: "Greater power? What would he do with it?"
    Hilda: "I don't know... He indicated that he wasn't of this world."
    Quina: "!!!"
    Vivi: "!!!"
    Eiko: "!!!"
    Freya: "!!!"
    Amarant: "!!!"
    Zidane: "What?"
    Hilda: "We call our world Gaia. But he called his birthplace Terra."
    Freya: "Terra, huh...?"
    [The ATE 'Team' plays.]
    Hilda: "This Terra seems to be connected with a place called the
           Shimmering Island."
    Zidane: "I don't know where Kuja went, but maybe we can find him if
            we go there..."
    Hilda: "...Unfortunately, you can't get directly to Terra from the
           Shimmering Island."
    Amarant: "Of course you can't. Everyone would've discovered this
             'other world' by now if it were that easy."
    Zidane: "So, what do we do?"
    Hilda: "...I'll tell you. The gateway that connects the two worlds is
           sealed, but Kuja said there is a place where the seal can be
    Zidane: "Where's that?"
    Hilda: "He said it's an old castle located in the northern area of the
           Forgotten Continent. An explorer left a record of his trip to
           this particular castle on the Forgotten Continent. If I remember
           correctly, he wrote that the cliffs were too steep to explore.
           Other than that, very little is known about the Forgotten
           Continent... Well, since this castle doesn't have a name, let's
           call it Ipsen's Castle."
    Zidane: "Ipsen's Castle, huh...? Yeah, we don't know anything about
            the world beyond our continent."
    [The ATE 'Recovery' plays.]
    Hilda: "...That's all I heard. You may find a clue if you go to Ipsen's
    Eiko: "Did you ask Kuja about all of this?"
    Hilda: "These are things he discussed voluntarily. He became very
           impassioned as he spoke... And he volunteered information without
           even my asking. He probably thought telling me his plans wouldn't
           affect his grand scheme."
    Amarant: "He's right. His power is great, but we're at a disadvantage."
    Vivi: "But I can't forgive Kuja! He toyed with my friends' lives!"
    Zidane: "Now we know where we need to go. The problem is getting there.
            I guess we'll have to wait until Cid finishes building Hilda Garde
    [Steiner runs in.]
    Steiner: "Zidane! I bring troubling news!"
    Zidane: "What? What now?"
    Steiner: "I cannot find the princess! I've looked all over Lindblum!
             The members of Tantalus aided me in my search, but..."
    Zidane: "She's not in Lindblum? ...Then there's only one place."
    Steiner: "Do you know where she is?"
    Zidane: "I think so... You guys wait here in Lindblum. I'll be right
    [Zidane runs off to...Alexandria!? Members of Tantalus are also there,
    running around the streets.]
    Cinna: "Ahhh! Where are you guys going!?"
    Zenero: "We're gonna look for Dagger!"
    Benero: "Is there anyone else we need to look for?"
    Cinna: "No! But we looked there already! Go someplace where we haven't
           already looked!"
    [Cinna runs off.]
    Zenero: "Cinna's so demanding..."
    Benero: "True, true..."
    [They follow him. By the mini-theater, Blank and Marcus see Ruby.]
    Blank: "Hey, Ruby!"
    Ruby: "Blank! Marcus! How y'all doin'?"
    Blank: "We're doing alright. How's show business, Ruby?"
    Ruby: "Well, the money ain't no good, but I'm havin' fun. I like it."
    Blank: "That's great! Our hideout in Lindblum got completely destroyed.
           It's gonna take a miracle to fix the place."
    Marcus: "Bro, we better..."
    Blank: "Oh! Sorry! We came to Alexandria for a reason. Have you seen
    Ruby: "Dagger...? Naw, I ain't seen her. What about her? You fixin'
          to kidnap her again?"
    Marcus: "No, we're just looking for her this time."
    Ruby: "I was only kiddin', Marcus. I'll ask the patrons to be on the
    Blank: "Thanks, Ruby!"
    [They run off.]
    Ruby: "I wonder if Zidane is here with these good ol' boys...?"
    [At the castle, Zidane sits by the empty gondola dock.]
    Zidane: "This is strange... I was sure that she'd be back in Alexandria...
            Where else can I look?"
    [Baku appears.]
    Baku: "Hey, Zidane! I've been lookin' for ya!"
    Zidane: "Boss! Have you found Dagger?"
    Baku: "Nah... Can't find her anywhere! I didn't find Dagger, but... I
          think I saw that chick..."
    Zidane: "That chick?"
    Baku: "Yeah, you know, that chick! I'm gonna check again."
    Zidane: "Hey, wait! Who is she? What are you talking about!?"
    [Zidane follows Baku down to the harbor.]
    Zidane: "Where are you going, Boss? Is she here?"
    Baku: "She was standin' over there just a second ago..."
    Zidane: "Over there...? !"
    [Beatrix walks into sight on a pier below.]
    Zidane: "Is that who I think it is?"
    [Zidane runs down there, but Beatrix isn't there anymore.]
    Zidane: "Hey!"
    [He runs to a different place and sees her back in the same spot.]
    Zidane: "Ah, over there!"
    [He runs down there and she's gone...]
    Zidane: "Where did she go...?"
    [Beatrix walks up by Baku.]
    Baku: "Still alive, eh?"
    Beatrix: "You are...Baku?"
    Baku: "Yup, I'm the man who abducted yer princess!"
    Beatrix: "Let us forget about that. It happened a long time ago..."
    Baku: "You got a big heart, unlike that knucklehead, Steiner. No wonder
          the women are runnin' the show here. Gwahahaha!"
    [Zidane runs up.]
    Zidane: "Boss! You must've seen Beatrix! Hey!"
    [They all talk by the gondola dock later.]
    Beatrix: "As you can see, Alexandria was completely destroyed...
             Steiner and I did our best to protect Alexandria... ...but
             our efforts were in vain."
    Zidane: "Steiner was worried about you. Why haven't you contacted him?
            Dagger's still in shock. She's been mute ever since the attack."
    Beatrix: "She is...? Then it is better for her not to return to this
             city for a while... It won't do her any good to see Alexandria
             like this..."
    Zidane: "Well, here's the thing... We can't find her. I thought she'd
            be back here, but I can't find her anywhere."
    Alexandria: "She is back in Alexandria? But she's nowhere to be found...?
                Have you looked in the resting place?"
    Zidane: "'Resting place'?"
    Beatrix: "Yes, if she is back in Alexandria, I am certain that she will
             be there. ...There are a couple of favors I'd like to ask you...
             If you see Princess Garnet, please tell her not to worry about
             Alexandria... She must take care of herself first."
    Zidane: "Sure. What else?"
    Beatrix: "I'd like you to give something to her." [Receive: Garnet]
             "Maybe it will help the princess get through this time of
    [Zidane walks up the stairs to the resting place later on, and finds
    Dagger standing in front of her mother's memorial.]
    Zidane: "I've been looking for you, Dagger."
    Dagger: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "You can talk again!?"
    Dagger: "I... I've been thinking since...the disaster. I've been thinking
            that I have to become a queen and bring back peace to Alexandria.
            That's why I came back here, but... Can I stay with you guys for
            a while longer?"
    Zidane: "Can I ask why?"
    Dagger: "When my mother was still alive... My primary concern was how
            to talk and look like a princess. Those were the only things
            on my mind... That didn't change when my mother died and I was
            about to become a queen... I only thought about how to look and
            act like a queen. I don't think the people will accept me as
            their queen the way I am right now."
    Zidane: "I don't know about that."
    Dagger: "I have no right to rule over this country..."
    Zidane: "Hmm... Oh, I almost forgot! Beatrix wanted me to give this
            to you."
    [He tosses it to Dagger.]
    Dagger: "Is this...a garnet?"
    Zidane: "That's right... Isn't it pretty?"
    Dagger: "It's beautiful..."
    Zidane: "That gem used to be just another ordinary stone... The stone
            made a wish... 'I want to shine!' The stone traveled from person
            to person, in keeping with its wish... And now, it's shining in
            your hand, Dagger. If you're willing to make an effort... You'll
            shine, too, someday! The day will come when Alexandria needs you!
            There's no rush. The important thing is to have the desire."
    Dagger: "Thanks... I have to apologize for using you guys as an excuse
            to run away from my responsibilities..."
    Zidane: "Hey, what's important is that you honestly want to stay with us..."
    Dagger: "Zidane...? Can I borrow that knife again...?"
    Zidane: "Which one?"
    Dagger: "The one that helped me make my last big decision..."
    [She snatches it from him and tosses up in the air like pro.]
    Dagger: "I'm borrowing this! Zidane... Remember the way I was...for me."
    [Dagger runs down the steps, leaving Zidane behind. FMV. Dagger uses
    the knife to cut her hair short, kinda like a right of passage into
    womanhood. In Lindblum, the Hilda Garde 3 lifts off from the dock and
    flies out into the sky successfully. Dagger and Zidane get onboard
    Eiko: "Wh-Wh-Wh-What happened!? What happened to your hair!?"
    Steiner: "P-P-Princess!!! What have you done!?"
    Eiko: "I know! Zidane broke your heart, didn't he!? How dare he--"
    Steiner: "I-I-Is that true!?"
    Zidane: "Whoa, hold on. Don't jump to conclusions!"
    Dagger: "Zidane's right, Eiko."
    Steiner: "!?"
    Eiko: "Dagger! You can talk again?"
    Dagger: "Yes... I'm sorry I made you all worry."
    Eiko: "It's okay, but your hair... It was so beautiful."
    Dagger: "Short hair doesn't suit me?"
    Eiko: "Oh, no. You look great!"
    Dagger: "Thanks, Eiko."
    Zidane: "It's still too early to celebrate... Erin! You know our
    Erin: "Yes, Ipsen's Castle on the Forgotten Continent!"
    Zidane: "That's right. We'll go there to find out how to enter Terra
            through the 'Shimmering Island.'"
    Dagger: "I'm sure we'll find out more about what's going on once we
            reach Terra."
    Zidane: "Yeah... And hopefully, we'll learn about what Kuja wants to
    Erin: "The location of Ipsen's Castle has been marked on a map based
          on Lady Hilda's information. Please check by pressing [SELECT]
          after we depart! You can also press (><) on the bright spots on
          the map, and the ship will take you to those locations automatically.
          You can check how to maneuver the hsip automatically by pressing (/\)
          while the large map is open!"
    [A sailor walks up.]
    Crew Member: "Excuse me! Please let me know if you'd like to switch
                 out your party members! I shall assist you in any way
                 that I can during your journey."
    Zidane: "You don't have to be so formal. Let's just relax and enjoy
            our flight."
    [On the world map, the navigation screen opens:]
    -Airship Navigation-
    (><)       : Forward
    (/\)       : To the deck
    ([])       : Reverse
    (O)        : Disembark
    [SELECT]   : Switch navigation map
    [L1][R1]   : Camera control
    [L2]       : Align camera
    [The party heads to the castle in question, on the continent far away.]
    43. Ipsen's Castle (IC01)
    [The party walks to the old castle which, strangely, is built like a
    mirror image of itself across a horizontal axis -- in other words, the
    bottom looks like the top...]
    Zidane: "Is this the old castle Hilda told us about? What a strange-
            -looking place... Like it's upside-down or something...
            Alright, I'll take 3 of you with me. The rest of you secure
            this spot."
    Amarant: "...Hey, Zidane."
    Zidane: "...? What's up, Amarant?"
    Amarant: "I work alone. Always have, always will. I don't know why you
             bother carryin' dead weight all the time."
    Zidane: "What's your point?"
    Amarant: "I'm sayin' working alone beats working in a team any day,
             and I'm gonna prove it. Hilda said there's some key here to
             break the seal, am I right?"
    Zidane: "Yeah."
    Amarant: "Let's see who finds it first. I'll be going by myself, of
    Steiner: "Amarant! You selfish, ignorant fool!"
    Zidane: "Calm down, Rusty."
    Steiner: "B-But...!"
    Zidane: (What should I do?)
            R1 --> Let him go
            R2 --> Don't let him go
            R1: "...Okay. I don't know what you're thinking, but if
                that's what you want, it's okay by me."
                Amarant: "Well, aren't you an agreeable fellow?"
            R2: "...Sorry, I can't let you do that."
                Amarant: "That's too bad. I'm going anyway."
                Zidane: "......"
    Amarant: "Well, see you later."
    [Amarant leaves.]
    Freya: "...Are you sure about this, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "What can I do? I can't change the way he thinks. Let's get
            going, everyone! We'll beat Amarant at his own game!"
    [Zidane forms his party and sets inside. They finally get to the
    mural room, but Amarant has beat them to the punch.]
    Zidane: "!"
    Amarant: "You're late, Zidane, and I'm the winner. See how much you
             lose by working with others?"
    Zidane: "...Have you figured out how to break the seal?"
    Amarant: "Take a look at that wall. Maybe you can figure it out. But
             it's no longer my concern."
    Zidane: "What do you mean?"
    Amarant: "I proved myself right. I don't need to follow you around
             anymore. We may be enemies next time we meet... See ya."
    [Amarant walks out.]
    Eiko: "Ugh! Who does he think he is!?"
    Zidane: "...It's his way. We can't change him."
    [Zidane goes up to the mural and finds four mirrors on it.]
    Zidane: "Let's see... ...? There's something written on it. 'My power
            is protected underwater, surrounded by the earth.'" [Receive:
            Water Mirror]
    [Zidane goes to the next one.]
    Zidane: "Let's see... ...This one, too. 'My power is protected high
            atop a fiery mountain.'" [Receive: Fire Mirror]
    [Zidane goes to the next one.]
    Zidane: "Let's see... And this one... 'My power is protected behind
            a tornado.'" [Receive: Wind Mirror]
    [Zidane goes to the next one.]
    Zidane: "Let's see... That means... This one, too. 'My power is
            protected under the shaking ground.'" [Receive: Earth Mirror]
    [Zidane runs back to his party.]
    Zidane: "Well, looks like we got what we came for. Let's go."
    Freya: "Were those writings in a language only you can read?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, they were the same as the ones I saw at Oeilvert...
            Like Hilda said, those things on the wall must have something
            to do with the seal. Let's think about that later. We need to
            get out."
    Voice: "M-Mirror... Return...to me..."
    Zidane: "Who's there?"
    [A large clawed monster appears.]
    Monster: "Energy flow...interrupted... Energy to...Terra... You dare
             get in the way of Terra's master plan...?"
    Zidane: "Wh-What is this!?"
    Monster: "My name...is Taharka. Return...my mirrors..."
    Zidane: "You should say please when you ask for things."
    Taharka: "Fool! You'll regret this..."
    [Taharka attacks but, for a guardian, is repelled like an insect.]
    Taharka: "One is all, all is one... You'll never break the seal..."
    [Taharka's dying body disappears. The party heads back to the court
    with the moogle. Eiko almost steps in a trapdoor.]
    Eiko: "Ahhh!"
    Zidane: "Hey! Are you okay?"
    Eiko: "O-Of course I'm okay!"
    Freya: "How clever. We must have activated a trap when we reached the top."
    Zidane: "Well, I'm glad you're okay. Let's go. They're waiting for us
    [They run back to the outside screen.]
    Zidane: "Hey, sorry to keep you all waiting."
    Dagger: "You win, Zidane. You came out first!"
    Zidane: "What? What happened to Amarant? He was waiting for us at the
            top and left as soon as we got there! I thought he took off!
            Is he still inside...? You guys wait here. I'm gonna go look
            for him."
    [Zidane heads inside and soon hears a--]
    Voice: "Uh..."
    Zidane: "Who's there!?"
    Voice: "Uh..."
    Zidane: "Who's there?"
    [Amarant is lying on his back near a drop-off.]
    Amarant: "Zidane...? Why did you come back...?"
    Zidane: "Amarant? What happened to you?"
    Amarant: "Answer my question... I told you we might be enemies next
             time we met... Or did you come back to mock me?"
    Zidane: "You say some strange things. The guys outside told me that
            you hadn't come out yet. That's why I came here looking for
    Amarant: "We don't have anything to do with each other anymore... You
             don't have anything to gain from this. Or do you? I don't
             understand you. I don't understand the way you think..."
    Zidane: "Who cares about what I have to gain? You need help right now."
    Amarant: "You don't care...? You're willing to put yourself at risk
             to save me?"
    Zidane: "Come on. We've helped each other many times since we joined
            forces. You're a part of the team. That's all that matters. I
            don't know why I'm doing this, but I can't just walk away. It
            goes against my nature."
    Amarant: "And that's what being part of the team means...?"
    Zidane: "Isn't it? Come on, that's enough talk. Let's get outta here!"
    [They head back to the entrance.]
    Zidane: "Listen up, everyone. Let's sort out what we found in the
            castle. On top of this castle is a mural, a map of the world.
            There were 4 mirrors on the mural. The writing on the mirrors
            was in the language only I can read. 'My power is protected
            under the shaking ground.' 'My power is protected behind a
            tornado.' 'My power is protected high atop a fiery mountain.'
            'My power is protected underwater, surrounded by the earth.'
            I'm sure the mirrors are pointing us to the locations that
            help us break the seal. What the monster said before he perished
            was a clue about the seal... 'One is all. All is one.' Meaning,
            there is a connection between these 4 seals..."
    [The party gets back on the Hilda Garde.]
    Dagger: "So, what do we do? Are we going to take each location one by one?"
    Zidane: "'One is all, all are one'... We're going to conquer all 4
            locations at once."
    Eiko: "We're not going together like we always do?"
    Zidane: "No. I'm going to drop off two of us in each location."
    Eiko: "I see... Hey, I'll go with Dagger!"
    Zidane: "What? Why...?"
    Eiko: "It's called 'ladies first,' Zidane! And we girls have things
          to talk about!"
    Zidane: "Uh-huh. Is that okay with you, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Sure, but... Where are we going first?"
    Zidane: "Well... The nearest location would be..."
    Crew Member: "One of the locations you mentioned is just south of us!"
    Zidane: "Oh, you were listening to us?"
    Crew Member: "I've been a sailor for a long time! I'm confident in my
                 sense of direction. 'My power is protected underwater,
                 surrounded by the earth.' The location must have something
                 to dowith water; why not go there first?"
    Zidane: "Alright... Thanks for your help."
    Crew Member: "Please don't hesistate to ask me if you forget your
                 destination! And please remember to equip yourselves
                 properly while we are onboard!"
    Zidane: "You can relax, buddy. You're beginning to sound like someone I
    Steiner: "?"
    Zidane: "Alright, Erin! Let's go!"
    Erin: "Yes, sir! Now departing!"
    [The party flies south to the nearest shrine, that of water.]
    44. The Four Shrines
    [Zidane, Eiko, and Dagger drop down onto the temple in the whirlpool.]
    Zidane: "Are you gonna be okay by yourselves?"
    Dagger: "You're the one who suggested we split up."
    Eiko: "What? Don't you trust me and Dagger?"
    Zidane: "It's not that I don't trust you..."
    Eiko: "Hmph! You just wanted to pair up with Dagger!"
    Dagger: "You better get going. We need to take all points simultaneously."
    Zidane: "You're right..."
    Dagger: "Where are you going next, and who are you going to drop off?"
    Zidane: "'My power is protected atop a fiery mountain.' I think I'll
            ask Freya and Amarant to take that location."
    Eiko: "Alright, now, get going! Don't make us ladies wait!"
    Zidane: "I'll be back to get you guys soon!"
    [Zidane leaves.]
    Eiko: "Well, now that the men are gone, we can do all the girl talk we
    Dagger: "...Girl talk?"
    [Zidane's team flies to the volcano on the Lost Continent, and the
    two to depart meet with Zidane in the engine room.]
    Crew Member: "We're going to overheat!"
    Zidane: "Just a little closer!"
    Freya: "Zidane! The heat is going to kill the engine if we get any closer!"
    Zidane: "Okay... When we get closer to the volcano, you two head to the
            shrine's entrance."
    Amarant: "...Why do I have to go with her?"
    Zidane: "Oh, sorry. Did you want to go with Eiko?"
    Amarant: "......"
    Zidane: "Good luck!"
    [The two depart.]
    Zidane: "Alright, the next destination is...'protected behind a tornado.'
            Pairing up Steiner and Quina seems like a bad idea... I think I'll
            ask Vivi to babysit Steiner."
    [The party flies to the Wind Shrine on the Forgotten Continent.]
    Vivi: "W-Wow, the wind is strong..."
    Zidane: "It's the wind shrine, so it's protected by strong gusts...
            Be careful not to get blown away!"
    Steiner: "There is no need to worry! Master Vivi, just follow me."
    Vivi: "O-Okay..."
    [Vivi stands behind the armor-heavy Steiner.]
    Steiner: "See? There is nothing to fear!"
    Vivi: "Really?"
    [Vivi steps out from behind the lee side of Steiner and almost blows
    off of the ship. Steiner runs to him.]
    Steiner: "Master Vivi!"
    Zidane: "You're okay because you're wearing armor."
    Steiner: "Let us move forward, Master Vivi!"
    [They leave.]
    Zidane: "Are they gonna be okay...? But I'm with Quina. I should worry
            more about myself. We should check our equipment and see what
            blue magic Quina can use... 'My power is protected under the
            shaking ground,' huh...?"
    [Zidane and Quina go down to the Earth Shrine, near the Kiera Desert.]
    Zidane: "Let's get going..."
    Quina: "Ah, Zidane. You want go with me!"
    Zidane: "Well... I sort of got stuck with the leftovers..."
    Quina: "You no have to explain! I so happy."
    Zidane: "Huh?"
    Quina: "There old saying in my tribe... 'Leftovers good!'"
    Zidane: "...Let's hope we find good things in this cave."
    Quina: "Is probably full of good food!"
    [They walk in a ways.]
    Quina: "Is no one here... Is empty."
    Zidane: "Yeah... Huh?"
    Quina: "What wrong?"
    Zidane: "Did the ground just shake...?"
    [The floor panels start moving up to trap the party, but they jump
    over them. The view switches to Eiko and Dagger.]
    Eiko: "This place is creepy..."
    Dagger: "It's too quiet..."
    Eiko: "They probably got scared of us and ran away!"
    Dagger: "I hope so..."
    Eiko: "Aaargh! I hate it when you fret like that! That's why I always
          worry about you!"
    Dagger: "Wh-What are you talking about?"
    Eiko: "Oh, nothing. I just have a lot of things on my mind..."
    Dagger: "...... !? Look out!"
    [Dagger dive-tackles Eiko so she doesn't get crushed by a large chunk
    of ice. The view switches back to Zidane and the Qu.]
    Quina: "Aiyaaa! We almost flat like pancake!"
    Zidane: "I hope there aren't too many more of those. Dagger... Please
            be safe..."
    [View switch to Eiko/Dagger, again.]
    Eiko: "W-What the--"
    Dagger: "It's a trap! Be careful..."
    Eiko: "Aaah!"
    [She dodges another one.]
    Dagger: "Let's go, Eiko!"
    [The view changes back to the Earth Shrine party.]
    Quina: "Aha! Is place to put mirror."
    [Zidane approaches the indentation.]
    Zidane: "I'll place the mirror right here..."
    Voice: "I've been waiting for you..."
    Zidane: "!?"
    [The view switches to the Fire Shrine party.]
    Freya: "That was too easy... It must have been disappointing for you."
    Amarant: "......"
    Freya: "Now, I'll place the mirror here..."
    Amarant: "!? Freya, stand back!"
    [A large monster pops up where she was just standing.]
    Freya: "!?"
    Fire Guard: "It's just as Kuja said... He said I should expect intruders."
    [At the Earth Shrine party, a large skull-faced monster descends.]
    Zidane: "Are you under Kuja's command!?"
    Quina: "He not good person! Why you work for him?"
    Earth Guard: "No... We are the guardians of Terra..."
    Zidane: "Guardians of Terra...?"
    [At the fire shrine:]
    Fire Guard: "Yes, we are the guardians of Terra. Filled with the power
                of Terra itself..."
    Freya: "What is Terra!?"
    Fire Guard: "We did not become guardians to chat with mortals... We
                derive pleasure from ending your worthless lives..."
    Amarant: "Just to prove how powerful you are..."
    Fire Guard: "So you understand. But will that knowledge help you?"
    Amarant: "Foolish."
    Fire Guard: "What?"
    Amarant: "Picking fights with strangers in a place like this... I used
             to know someone like that. He was a loser... He refused to
             find beneficial ways to use his power. Instead, he'd seek out
             people to fight..."
    Freya: "Amarant..."
    Fire Guard: "What...are you talking about?"
    Frea: "We'll show you what he means!"
    Fire Guard: "Interesting...but you'll regret this!"
    [In the Wind Shrine, Vivi and Steiner are fleeing from a dragon boss.]
    Vivi: "Ahhh!!!"
    Steiner: "Grahhh!!!"
    Wind Guard: "Finished already? Such weaklings."
    Steiner: "You...!"
    Vivi: "He's too fast! I can't target him with my magic. We can't take
          him on with just the two of us..."
    Steiner: "Master Vivi! A true man never gives up in a fight!"
    Vivi: "But..."
    Steiner: "We can defeat this monster if we work together!"
    Wind Guard: "So? Which one of you will perish first?"
    Steiner: "Silence! I shall vanquish you!"
    Vivi: "What!?"
    Steiner: "...Master Vivi, I shall attempt to hold him down. You attack
             him with your magic while I hold him down!"
    Vivi: "But...what if I miss the target...?"
    Steiner: "I trust you, Vivi."
    Vivi: "...Okay."
    Steiner: "AAAAAAAAARGH!!!"
    [The two lunge into the fray; meanwhile, Zidane and Quina speak to the
    skull-faced freak.]
    Earth Guard: "Kuja told us there'd be eight rats..."
    Zidane: "Sorry, it's just the two of us. Did you have a feast prepared?"
    Quina: "You no worry! We eat everything."
    Earth Guard: "Ah, so you're attempting to conquer all 4 shrines at
                 once... How futile."
    Zidane: "We'll see about that!"
    Quina: "Must try eating before we give up!"
    Earth Guard: "What will you lower life-forms do on Terra?"
    Zidane: "We won't know until we get there!"
    Quina: "Must eat to find out what taste good! Is my lesson from
           traveling around world."
    Earth Guard: "Good... I shall show you the true meaning of fear!"
    [The party kills the Earth Guard. Zidane places the mirror.]
    Zidane: "All done!"
    Quina: "I wonder if everything okay?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, I'm pretty sure they're waiting for us by now."
    Quina: "Right! We go back to airship now."
    [They leave the shrine. The view switches to Eiko and Garnet.]
    Eiko: "Fresh air! Finally! Zidane is unbelievable... Asking us ladies
          to fight a monster like that... Oh my gosh!!!"
    Dagger: "What's wrong, Eiko?"
    Eiko: "Oh, I completely forgot! And we're all alone, too!"
    Dagger: "Wh-What is it?"
    Eiko: "There's a question I need to ask you! I've been waiting for a
          chance to ask you for longest time! Give me an honest answer,
    Dagger: "Well, you have to ask the question before I can answer..."
    Eiko: "...Do you love...Zidane...?"
    Dagger: "Wh-What? Why...?"
    Eiko: "You have to answer me! Do you love him or not? Hey, it's the
          airship! Zidane's back!"
    Dagger: "......"
    Eiko: "Did you just say something, Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Let's go, Eiko!"
    Eiko: "H-Hey, wait! That's not fair!"
    [Everyone is on the airship now.]
    Zidane: "Well, now that we've got everyone, we can head to Shimmering
            Island... Hey, Amarant. I didn't know you were here."
    Amarant: "So we'll go to Shimmering Island, then to Terra?"
    Zidane: "Yeah. It's near Esto Gaza. It won't take long."
    Amarant: "...... Tell me something... What motivates you to do this?"
    Zidane: "What motivates me...?"
            R1 --> I do everything for Dagger
            R2 --> To find out what Kuja is after
            R3 --> I don't know
            R1: "I do everything for Dagger! Why would I be doing this if
                not for her?"
                Amarant: "...Too embarrassed to answer the question seriously?"
                Zidane: "But I AM serious! It's true, man. What's the deal?
                        Why so serious all of a sudden?"
                Amarant: "I don't understand you..."
                Zidane: "There's no fun in figuring things out right away!"
            R2: "I want to find out what Kuja is after. I also want to know
                more about the planet Terra..."
                Amarant: "Can't resist the urge to step into an unknown
                         world, huh...?"
                Zidane: "What, you think I'm going there just to satisfy
                        my curiosity?"
                Amarant: "Am I wrong?"
                Zidane: "No, I guess you're right."
            R3: "I really don't know."
                Amarant: "You don't even know why you do the things you do?"
                Zidane: "I didn't say that. Maybe I do it because I don't
                        know what motivates me. To understand something is
                        interesting, but what's already understood is boring.
                        I'm sure we'll understand something when we go to
                        Shimmering Island and go to Terra."
    [Zidane leaves.]
    Amarant: "I'm beginning to understand why he won and I lost... I lost
             against his way of thinking..."
    [The party heads to the Shimmering Island.]
    45. Shimmering Island (SI01)
    [The party rides the Hilda Garde above the island.]
    Crew Member: "Master Zidane! I'm showing abnormal readings!"
    Erin: "It feels like the ship's getting sucked in!"
    Steiner: "Zidane! It might be dangerous to keep going!"
    Eiko: "Are we gonna bust in on the airship!?"
    Zidane: "All we know is that this is the entrance..."
    Dagger: "I heard the people of Esto Gaza call it the 'Spirit Road'..."
    Zidane: "The path that leads the souls to Terra..."
    Dagger: "Maybe it's a teleportation gate, like the one in Kuja's
    Erin: "Mister Zidane! We're going to get sucked in! What shall I do!?"
    Eiko: "What now, Zidane? We may not be able to turn back!"
    Zidane: "Alright, then..."
            R1 --> Keep moving forward!
            R2 --> Let's pull back for now!
            R1: "Keep moving forward! We're going out on the deck!"
                Eiko: "What do you mean?"
                Zidane: "If Dagger is right, we can jump into the teleporter!"
                Dagger: "From this height!?"
                Zidane: "We'll be fine! Considering all that we've been
                        through, this is nothing!"
            R2: "Let's pull back! We need to get equipped before we go."
    [After seeing R1, an FMV plays. The Hilda Garde rides into the soul's
    gate and the party floats off the deck into the gate. It's kinda
    reminiscent of some 2001: A Space Odyssey scenes, actually... After
    that, they end up in a strange place...]
    Zidane: "Could this be...Terra? What's this light? Could it be... !?"
    [The man in black last scene on the Invincible (Garland) appears near
    where Zidane stands.]
    Old Man: "So you finally came. The time has come at last... The one
             who folds time is here."
    Zidane: "Who the heck are you!?"
    Old Man: "Ask my name, will you? Then let us ask... What is your name?"
    Zidane: "Me!? My name is--"
    Old Man: "What is your name?"
    Zidane: "Hey, what's your problem!? I'm trying to tell you my name."
    Old Man: "So you believe a given name has meaning... Boy, you have
             been bewitched by the light of the blue moon."
    Zidane: "What do you know? You must be from Terra."
    Garland: "You know nothing, and that is all. Come and see for yourself...
             See what Terra is, and what you are..."
    Zidane: "H-Hey, hang on!"
    [Garland disappears.]
    Zidane: "He's gone..."
    Voice: "Zidane!"
    [Dagger appears.]
    Zidane: "Dagger! Are you alright?"
    Dagger: "Yes. Everyone's fine. Come, let's hurry..."
    [Zidane picks his party and sets down the road. He spies a girl.]
    Zidane: "!? Hey...!"
    [She flees; he follows. In the next screen he finds her...]
    Zidane: "!? Hey, wait up!"
    [...but she runs off again. In the next screen:]
    Zidane: "...? What's your problem...?"
    [He gives chase again.]
    Zidane: "Where'd she go?"
    [He finds her after climbing down some webs.]
    Zidane: "Who are you?"
    Mysterious Girl: "You don't remember anything, do you?"
    Zidane: "!?"
    Mysterious Girl: "Follow me, and you will understand us. ...and
                     maybe your own heritage as well."
    [She runs off.]
    Zidane: "Hey, wait! Hold on a sec!
    [Zidane runs ahead, and the girl beckons him to go on and see Terra
    for himself. The party walks up some steps.]
    Zidane: "What the heck...? What is this place?"
    Dagger: "It looks so artificial. So different than before."
    Zidane: "Yeah... But it doesn't seem very lively."
    Mysterious Girl: "Welcome home."
    Zidane: "!?"
    Mysterious Girl: "This is where you belong. The place to which you
                     shall offer yourself... ...is here."
    Zidane: "Hold on a second! What the heck are you talking about!?
            Wh-What the--"
    [FMV. The Invincible rises up near the two. Dagger stares up at the
    hideous eye that destroyed Alexandria and Madain Sari and faints.]
    Zidane: "Dagger! Wake up! Dagger! Dammit! What the heck is going on!?"
    [On a blacked-out screen, the mysterious girl says:]
    Mysterious Girl: "You are completely oblivious. Just like a newborn
                     child. You don't know why you were given life, or
                     for what purpose you exist... You simply shout to
                     emphasize your life...your own existence. You are
                     completely oblivious."
    [The screen opens again and Zidane runs up the steps.]
    Zidane: "We gotta find a place for her to rest!"
    Steiner: "Zidane! Leave the princess to me. You must go reconnoiter
             at once!"
    Zidane: "Yeah, you're right. There's gotta be some place around here...
            Watch over her, Steiner! I'll be right back!
    46. Bran Bal (BB01)
    [Zidane runs into town and sees a lot of monkey-tailed people like him.]
    Zidane "!? Wh-What's going on? Everyone has a tail...and their hair is
           just like mine!"
    [Zidane goes into an inn nearby.]
    Zidane: "This looks like a good place for Dagger to get some rest.
            But...what's up with everyone here? They're all so...stiff. I
            dunno why...but I have a bad feeling about this place. Well,
            first things first. I gotta bring Dagger back here!"
    [Meanwhile, Eiko is running around town, talking to monkey-tails who are
    ignoring her.]
    Eiko: "'Scuse me... Do you have any medicine...? ... Hello... Is there
          a place I can buy some medicine around here?"
    Person: "..."
    Eiko: "Hello!? I'm asking if you have any medicine! Ngaaa! How come
          this place is full of weirdos? Everyone has a tail like Zidane...
          Aww, if I could only find some Pimo-pimo herbs, I could make some
          wake-up powder for her... But is this my lucky day? No! Huh!?"
    [Eiko looks at the girl who led Zidane into Terra.]
    Eiko: "Found ya! You're that girl, right? It's your fault Dagger
          collapsed, you know... Oh, never mind. Say! Do you have any
          medicine at all?"
    Girl: "She will soon awaken."
    Eiko: "How do you know?"
    Girl: "Where is your man?"
    Eiko: "M-My man? MY man!? Are you talking about Zidane!? Even I never
          called him that! But too bad for you! He and Dagger are super
          hot for each other! You don't have a chance with him."
    Girl: "Tell him I am waiting in the underground laboratory."
    [She walks away.]
    Eiko: "Oh, the nerve! What makes you think I'd tell him that!? Hey,
          where do you think you're going!? What a bimbo! Uh-oh! I don't
          have time for this!"
    [She runs into the inn. Meanwhile, the party's already inside, waiting
    on Dagger to wake up.]
    Zidane: "Dagger..."
    Steiner: "Princess... Why must you suffer more...?
    Zidane: "Dammit!"
    Freya: "What is the matter, Zidane? You haven't been yourself at all."
    Zidane: "What the heck do you mean, I haven't been myself...?"
    Freya: "..."
    Zidane: "I'm sorry... I don't even know what's wrong with me. I
            just...I just can't concentrate with this blue light..."
    Dagger: "Ah... Uhhh..."
    Steiner: "Princess! You have awoken!"
    Freya: "What made you lose consciousness so suddenly?"
    Dagger: "I remembered."
    Zidane: "Remembered what?"
    Dagger: "It wasn't a storm that destroyed Madain Sari. It was...it was
            the eye on that airship that destroyed Madain Sari. You
            remember, don't you? The eye was also there when Alexandria
            was leveled."
    Freya: "Yes, there was a large eye in the sky above from which light
    Zidane: "Now that you mention it... It was there when Bahamut went
            wild at the Iifa Tree."
    Dagger: "Yes... It was there in the sky. It must be the same airship."
    Steiner: "WHAT!? Then that must be the ship that slew Her Majesty..."
    Zidane: "Rusty!"
    Steiner: "Oh... I-I'm sorry, Princess!"
    Dagger: "Don't worry about it! I've already come to terms with that.
            That ship took everything from me... It took away my parents,
            my homeland, Alexandria...everything."
    Freya: "How terrible..."
    [Eiko runs in.]
    Eiko: "Dagger! Are you alright?"
    Dagger: "Yes, I'm fine..."
    Eiko: "No, you're not! You're still pale! You gotta rest! Hmm? How
          come everyone looks so pale? What's wrong?"
    Freya: "No need to be concerned. A strange place such as this is cause
           enough for exhaustion."
    Eiko: "Oh... Hey! Where are you going, Zidane? Oh, that's right! That
          weird girl! The girl that led us here said something strange
          again! She said she was waiting for you in some underground
          laboratory! What a pervert!"
    [Zidane walks off.]
    Eiko: "Zidane?"
    [Zidane goes down to the laboratory.]
    Zidane "..."
    [He sees people similar to him in test tube stasis.]
    Zidane: "Oh, so that's what's going on... Geez, I should've guessed...
            So, that is what you wanted to show me?"
    Girl: "Yes. I am glad you understand."
    Zidane: "I don't wanna understand! Sorry, but I'm not like that. I
            mean all these guys with tails, who look just like me...
            They're a bunch of zombies."
    Girl: "They are my peers. We are Genomes. We live in this village."
    Zidane: "Genomes? Is that what they're called?"
    Girl: "Not just them, but you and me, too. It is the name of the seed
          given to all of us. Its name is Genome."
    Zidane: "Talk about a let-down. Who would've guessed that the home
            I've yearned for would be a dump like this. No wonder I never
            found it. It's not even on Gaia!"
    Girl: "Why are you not happy? You have returned to the place of your
    Zidane: "Happy? You guys can process that emotion? Look at 'em! Look
            at all their blank faces!"
    Girl: "What can we do? After all, we are made that way. And we are
          built to watch over each other and work together as soulless
    Zidane: "What's it all for!? Get to the point already! How come I grew
            up on Gaia if I was born here!? I'm alive! I have a soul! Why
            is everyone here so..."
    Girl: "Because you are...special."
    Zidane: "What!?"
    Girl: "We are mere vessels. You have been given a greater purpose. The
          will of Garland is absolute..."
    Zidane: "Garland? Who's that?"
    [Zidane follows her up to the meeting room.]
    Girl: "Garland watches over this planet. His mission is to restore the
          people of Terra."
    Zidane: "R-Restore the people of Terra? You mean people besides these
            guys here?"
    Girl: "They are merely vessels. So am I, and so are you. But the true
          people of Terra have been asleep for ages, waiting for their
          time to come. When the time is right, the light of this planet
          will change from blue to red, and Gaia will become Terra."
    Zidane: "Wait a sec! So the people of Terra are out to take over Gaia!?"
    Girl: "What else can there be? Terra has always absorbed new planets
          to survive. And when the time comes, the souls of the people of
          Terra will occupy the Genomes. Such is the restoration of the
          people of Terra."
    Zidane: "Why do they have to be so tedious!? Why don't they just wipe
            us out with magic like they did Alexandria!?"
    Girl: "Once, Garland tried to use a more forceful method, but failed."
    Zidane: "Then he should just quit and leave Gaia alone!"
    Girl: "Because of his failure, he was forced to wait a long time.
          ...To wait until Gaia's civilizations gained tremendous power:
          The power to use eidolons."
    Zidane: "So that's why you attacked the summoner's village and
            destroyed Alexandria."
    Girl: "Planets have a cycle of souls. Souls are born from the planet,
          and then return to it. Garland planned to gain control of that
          very cycle... ...and you were supposed to help him achieve that."
    Zidane: "What!?"
    Girl: "Garland is waiting for you. Come..."
    [She walks off.]
    Zidane: "What do you think you're doing!? I don't care about all this
            Terra and Gaia stuff!"
    [The view changes to Eiko inside the inn.]
    Eiko: "Zidane isn't back yet. And with Dagger not feeling well... I
          wonder where he is."
    Dagger: "Eiko..."
    Eiko: "No, Dagger! You can't get up yet!"
    Dagger: "I'm alright. Listen, I want to ask you a favor."
    Eiko: "Oh? Just tell me, and I'll get right on it!"
    Dagger: "I want you to go find Zidane."
    Eiko: "Huh? Oh, sure. Okay. Oh, I get it! You're getting jealous!"
    Dagger: "No, I'm not... I just have a feeling something terrible is
            going to happen."
    Eiko: "Alright! I'll go get him. So you just stay here and rest!"
    [Eiko runs around town and goes to the hilltop past the green aura,
    finding the 'Girl' with Zidane.]
    Eiko: "Now, you listen to me! Where did you take Zidane?"
    Girl: "He went on his own to see Garland."
    Eiko: "Garland!? Oooo, THAT's a sinister name! But Zidane wouldn't
          just leave us hanging!"
    Girl: "He went... Yes, he went to find out the reason for his existence."
    Eiko: "Liar! That's a terrible lie!"
    Girl: "'I am an enemy of the people of Gaia,' he said as he walked
          through the gate to Pandemonium."
    Eiko: "! We-We gotta tell the others!"
    [Eiko runs off.]
    Girl: "Heaven grant the wandering souls eternal repose..."
    [At the gate to Pandemonium, Zidane appears.]
    Zidane: "So, this must be Garland's haunted mansion... Talk about bad
            taste in interior decorating. Alright... Time to teach this
            tyrant a thing or two..."
    [Zidane enters the 'haunted mansion.']
    Voice: "So, we meet again."
    Zidane: "!?"
    [Garland appears.]
    Zidane: "Who are you!?"
    Old Man: "Twelve years ago, I lost one of my most prized Genomes. I
             created him and sent him to Gaia to disrupt the cycle of
             souls there. You are that Genome... I am glad you have returned."
    Zidane: "Shut up! Nobody tells me what to do! And I didn't come here
            to answer to you! Lemme guess... You must be Garland!"
    Garland: "And what if I am?"
    Zidane: "Then you're goin' down! But first, you're gonna tell me
            everything! Like, why did I grow up on Gaia, and why do you
            want to destroy it!?"
    Garland: "I have no intention of destroying Gaia. I only wish to make
             Gaia into Terra."
    Zidane: "What did you just say!?"
    Garland: "Of course, not everything went as planned. You growing up on
             Gaia, for example. There is another one built as you were. He
             may be the one who threw a wrench into my gears."
    Zidane: "He!? Who the heck are you talking about!?"
    Garland: "Someone you know quite well. Follow me... The time when the
             aura of Gaia will turn to the crimson glow of Terra has not
             yet come. I may need your help anyway."
    [Zidane follows him into the next screen.]
    Zidane: "Stop! Now, tell me everything!"
    Garland: "I constructed the Genomes to be vessels for the souls of the
             people of Terra when they awaken. But 24 years ago, I gave
             life to a Genome that was very much like you. His will was too
             strong to make him into a proper vessel, and I even considered
             discarding him. But then I thought that I should put his
             strength to use. I sent that Genome as my servant, to disrupt
             the cycle of souls on Gaia."
    Zidane: "Yeah, so tell me who he is already."
    Garland: "Do you not yet know? You and he are so very much alike."
    Zidane: "Alike? I've never met anyone like me..."
    Garland: "You judge only be appearances. I mean someone with a soul
             similar to yours. The one I sent to Gaia might also be called
             your brother... And his name is Kuja."
    Zidane: "Kuja!? He's a Genome!? Impossible! He doesn't even have a
    Garland: "He is only hiding it. He denies his own identity. He rejects
             the meaning of his own existence and tries to assert his own
             individuality. Don't you see the resemblance?"
    Zidane: "Shut up! I'm not like him at all!"
    Garland: "He said the same thing when speaking about the other Genomes:
             'I'm not like these guys.'"
    [In the next screen:]
    Garland: "His ambition was unbecoming of a Genome, but it was perfect
             for the mission I gave him. To bring war and chaos to Gaia...
             That was what I sent him to do. To induce an unnaturally
             chaotic flow."
    Zidane: "So then, why--"
    Garland: "The disruption of the flow of souls is best brought about
             by war. And what he did for me far exceeded my greatest
    Zidane: "What about me!? How did I end up on Gaia?"
    Garland: "When you received the gift of life in Bran Bal, Kuja could
             not bear it. He could not bear to see a Genome with more
             power than his own; he felt threatened. Kuja discarded you.
             He dropped you onto Gaia, the world he would destroy."
    Zidane: "So I was to be slave, just like Kuja, to start a war on Gaia?"
    Garland: "That is correct. I did not expect Kuja to abandon you, but I
             believed it was his nature. And to him, bringing war to Gaia
             would prove his victory over you. Perhaps it is because of
             his desire to justify his existence that he let you live as
    Zidane: "So, that is why the blood of thousands had to be spilled?"
    Garland: "Are you referring to Kuja's ambition? Or to our plan to
             disrupt the cycle of souls?"
    Zidane: "Both! And what exactly do you gain by disrupting that cycle
            of souls, or whatever..."
    Garland: "We must sort the souls. I want to disrupt Gaia's cycle and
             drain its souls, filling the void with the souls of Terra. To
             speed the cycle of souls is to speed the work as a whole. Thus,
             war... And in time... Gaia's souls are gone, and Gaia becomes
    Zidane: "But...how!?"
    Garland: "You saw it with your own eyes. You saw the Iifa Tree and
             the Mist it emits. The role of the Iifa Tree is that of Soul
             Divider. The Mist you see comprises the stagnant souls of
    Zidane: "Oh yeah? But we stopped the Mist! So much for that!"
    Garland: "All you saw was the back of the tree... Even now, the Iifa
             Tree blocks the flow of Gaia's souls, while it lets those of
             Terra flow freely. Come and see for yourself. See the true
             form of this planet."
    [In the next screen, Zidane sees a picture of Gaia starting to redden.]
    Zidane: "What is this?"
    Garland: "Think of it as an observatory. A place to measure the radiance
             of Gaia and Terra."
    Zidane: "What are you talking about? And what is this weird light?"
    Garland: "That is the center of the planet. The end and the beginning
             of the cycle of souls. The light remains Gaia's for now, but
             when the blue changes to crimson, all will belong to Terra,
             and its restoration will be complete. That is why I wrapped
             up the light in the Iifa Tree, to prevent the cycle of the
             judgment of souls on Gaia from inside the planet. Such is the
             Iifa Tree's true purpose, its true form. All you saw was its
             material form. The flow of Gaia's souls cannot be changed by
             stopping the disposal of the Mist."
    Zidane: "So...Kuja is just an angel of death who sends souls to the
            Tree of Iifa."
    Garland: "Yes, my angel of death. But only until you came of age."
    Zidane: "What do you mean!?"
    Garland: "His soul is not eternal... I was going to create you next,
             after all."
    Zidane: "You mean you won't need Kuja's soul once I grow stronger than
    Garland: "Precisely... Soon, that time will come."
    Zidane: "..."
    Garland: "Well...now you should be fully aware of the meaning of your
             existence... !?"
    [Zidane has jumped towards Garland's position, and is advancing to
    him by way of the stairs.]
    Zidane: "Yeah, I'm aware of all the laughter, all the tears I've shared
            with the people I grew up with on Gaia."
    Garland: "Forget all that. You are destined to live among the stars
             for all eternity. You have the power, the position, and the
             motive to do it."
    Zidane: "I wouldn't want that kind of power...if I only had a place to
            call home... My brothers in Tantalus, Vivi, Freya, Amarant,
            Quina, Steiner, Eiko, and...Dagger... My home is with them in
            Gaia! If you say I have a motive, then it's to punish all of
            you who brought pain to my friends! I'll destroy Terra! That's
            reason enough for my birth here as a Genome!"
    Garland: "Regrettable... I thought your soul would be perfect for a
             new angel of death..."
    Zidane: "I AM the new angel of death! Yours!!!"
    Garland: "Don't you know what it means to meet your maker?"
    Zidane: "Shut up! I've heard enough of your crap! I'm taking you out,
            right here, right now!"
    Garland: "Foolishness..."
    [Garland speaks, but only in Zidane's head (?):]
    Voice: The body becomes a vessel, which greets a new soul...
    [Zidane holds his head.]
    Zidane: "What's happening!?"
    [He collapses.]
    Garland: "He's too good to make into a regular Genome... But I have
             no choice."
    [Elsewhere in Terra, Kuja walks by a cliff.]
    Kuja: "Ungh... ...... I can't believe I actually returned to this
          place, but... Soon... Soon, the power will be mine alone.
          Mhwahahah... Just you wait, Garland! And you too, Zidane! I'll
          exact sweet revenge upon you both for insulting me! I'll make
          the people of both Gaia and Terra know who rules over all of
          them! Ha-Haha... Ahahahahahaha..."
    [Below, the Invincible starts to activate. Somewhere else, Zidane sits
    in a chair all alone in a dark room, in a subsconscious identity fight.
    A blacked-out screen denotes the nature.]
    Zidane: "Who am I? I don't know anything. I cannot think at all."
    Voice: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Yeah... I was called that once. Many people called me that."
    Eiko: "You always have to show off, don't you?"
    Zidane: "Yeah, maybe I do."
    Steiner: "Why, you worthless mendicant!"
    Zidane: "Yep... Sounds about right."
    Freya: "How very becoming of you."
    Zidane: "Becoming of me...?"
    Vivi: "I really learned a lot by traveling with you, Zidane."
    Zidane: "Yeah, right. I have nothing to teach..."
    Quina: "You teach me many things more important than tasty munchies."
    Zidane: "No! I don't know anything!"
    Amarant: "You call that friendship?"
    Zidane: "Friendship... Friendship...?"
    Dagger: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "I don't know...who I am..."
    Dagger: "You were always there for me, Zidane..."
    Zidane: "I'm so... tired..."
    Dagger: "How come you're always so...?"
    Zidane: "I... I am...an...empty...vessel..."
    Voice: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Who?"
    Voice: "Wake up, Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Who...?"
    Voice: "Come on, Zidane, wake up!
    [The blacked-out screen fades and Eiko and Vivi are by Zidane.]
    Zidane: "Ow..."
    Vivi: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Vivi... Eiko..."
    Eiko: "Thank goodness, you're alive! We thought you were dead!"
    Zidane: "Oh... I..."
    Vivi: "We were so worried! Why did you come here all by yourself?"
    Zidane: "What...are you doing here?"
    Vivi: "Huh? We came to save you, of course..."
    Eiko: "And it wasn't easy! You went off all alone!"
    [Zidane starts to walk past them.]
    Zidane: "Leave me alone..."
    Eiko: "Huh?"
    Zidane: "This has nothing to do with you."
    Vivi: "Oh, come on!"
    Eiko: "There he goes, being the tough guy... Look, Zidane... It's not
          just about you."
    Vivi: "Come on, Zidane... Don't be like that. Let's--"
    Zidane: "Shut up! Just shut up, you stupid brat!"
    [Zidane walks through the door, but a portcullis prevents the other
    two from following after.]
    Vivi: "Zidane!?"
    Eiko: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "..."
    Eiko: "Zidane, wait up!"
    Vivi: "You need rest, Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Will you little twits just shut up! There are some things
            kids can't understand."
    [Zidane is attacked by an Amdusias, but defeats it. Amarant and Freya
    arrive mid-battle.]
    Freya: "How foolish of you to go alone."
    Zidane: "..."
    Amarant: "Damn hypocrite. Always talking about friendship, when you're
             nothing but a selfish loner."
    Zidane: "I can take care of myself."
    Freya: "Come back, Zidane!"
    Amarant: "..."
    [Zidane walks into the next room.]
    Zidane: "!?"
    [Steiner's blown back by something.]
    Steiner: "Ngwah!"
    [Quina is, too.]
    Quina: "Aiya!"
    Steiner: "I will not be defeated so easily!"
    Quina: "Now I mad! I cook you good!"
    Zidane: "Steiner...Quina... What are you doing..."
    Steiner: "Have at thee!!!"
    Quina: "Taste this!!!"
    [The battle begins against an Abadon, which gets defeated, too. Zidane
    fights with them halfway through.]
    Steiner: "Hmph! What an unworthy opponent!"
    Quina: "Zidane, you no can leave us! I still want you take me place
           have lots good food!"
    Steiner: "And I have not yet concluded whether or not you are the
             right man for Her Highness, mind you!"
    Zidane: "Just...leave me alone. I don't want to trouble you anymore."
    Quina: "..."
    Steiner: "..."
    [In the next room:]
    Zidane: "You're all a bunch of babysitting bastards! But trust me, I
            know that I'm the worst bastard here."
    [A Shell Dragon attacks, but is defeated with some help from Garnet.]
    Zidane: "Dagger..."
    Dagger: "You try to do everything yourself, don't you?"
    Zidane: "Try to understand... I don't want to cause trouble to anyone."
    Dagger: "Aren't we your friends!?"
    Zidane: "I want to think so! That's why I always... Look, I'm not from
            Gaia! I was just a hairbreadth from becoming the destroyer of
            Alexandria! I can't accept your friendship so easily!"
    Dagger: "You've always protected us. But you still don't understand
            that we looked out for you, too! We watched your back while
            you watched ours. And we believed in you the same way you
            believed in us! Just like you protected us... We want to
            protect you."
    Zidane: "Dagger..."
    [The party starts to come in.]
    Quina: "You say it! My master tell me, somebody give you tasties, you
           give them tasties, too. Is good manners! I still not cook you
           succulent frog yet, Zidane."
    Zidane: "Quina..."
    Steiner: "Chivalry requires a knight to look after his comrades-in-arms.
             I will not abandon you! And I shall follow you to kingdom come
             if I must. You remember that!"
    Zidane: "Steiner... Ha... What am I gonna do with you guys?"
    Steiner: "The feeling is mutual!"
    Dagger: "Alright, let's go! Wait... Where are the four others?"
    Zidane: "You don't think...they've been trapped?"
    Quina: "Is possible..."
    Steiner: "You should not have left them!"
    Dagger: "That's right! I mean, really..."
    Zidane: "Aww... I'm sorry. Let's head back... Together, this time!"
    [The party walks back to that first room.]
    Freya: "!?"
    Vivi: "Zidane!"
    Eiko: "Zidane! Why did you leave us!?"
    Zidane: "I'm sorry... You were right... I need everyone's help."
    Vivi: "Don't leave us again, okay?"
    Zidane: "Never..."
    Freya: "So, you've had a change of heart."
    Amarant: "What a busy guy, coming and going all the time..."
    Zidane: "Yeah, but not anymore. We have to stop Garland..."
    Eiko: "Oh yeah, that's right! A moogle followed me all the way from
          Bran Bal!"
    Moorock: "Just tell me if you need to rest, kupo!"
    Zidane: "Alright! Now we can work our way out of this depressing castle!"
    Vivi: "'Cause we're all together now!"
    [The party regroups and sets off to the elevator. The ATE 'The Elevator'
    may or may not play during this. Eventually, the party will be asked--]
    Narrative: Go up one floor? {Y/N}
    [The party soon passes by a moogle who yells at them when they try
    to exit the area:]
    Mozme: "Danger ahead, kupo! Do you still want to go on, kupo?" {Y/N}
    [The party enters the next area and finds Garland.]
    Garland: "There's the observatory... You told me you'd become my angel
             of death... But think for a moment... Isn't life death itself?
             It must kill other life-forms to survive... Sometimes it even
             kills those with whom it shares blood... To live is to give
             life meaning, yet one must take others' lives to survive... A
             mature civilization becomes aware of this paradox... Terra's
             souls will sleep until they forget such nonsense. They will
             begin a new life in a new dimension. It's a world in which
             life and death become one... That is the dimension in which
             we are meant to live, as beings that transcend life and death!
             Zidane... I'll ask you one more time. Who are you!?"
    Zidane: "You're a sad man, Garland... We know more than you... We're
            not perfect, but we have friends who help us. That is reason
            enough for us to live!"
    [The three other party members give their say:]
    Eiko: "We live to protect the ones we love!"
    Quina: "I exist to eat, but also exist to live!"
    Amarant: "Blind pursuit of power is a meaningless vice."
    Vivi: "It took us a long time, but we've all found our way."
    Freya: "We live not to forget our past, but to learn from it!"
    Steiner: "I may not know who I really am, but that is my question
             alone to answer!"
    Dagger: "We may be weak, but that's what makes us work together and
            help one another!"
    Garland: "...Then show me! Lecture me again when you are on the verge
             of death!"
    [A Silver Dragon drops down and attacks, but gets smoked soon after.]
    Zidane: "Garland, tell me... What is it that you want to accomplish?"
    Garland: "The restoration of Terra! Isn't it obvious!?"
    Zidane: "No! That's what the people of Terra want. Why aren't you
            asleep with the rest of them?"
    Garland: "I was created to oversee Terra... I exist to wait for a time
             when this world is without life or death... I am the absolute
             controller of this planet!"
    [Garland attacks, but is rebuffed.]
    Garland: "You fight well..."
    Zidane: "Give it up, Garland!"
    [A weird red aura appears around Garland.]
    Garland: "!?"
    Zidane: "What the--"
    [FMV. The Invincible flies overhead, its red eye above Garland. You
    can guess who's piloting the thing...]
    Kuja: "Hahahahaha! This is too easy! The Invincible is mine! Now, I
          have the power to control all souls! Garland gave me everything
          without a fight. The old fool was too busy dealing with him.
          Now, only death awaits him. Poor Garland... Bitten by his own
          dog... This is no accident. Fate has chosen me to become the new
          ruler of Terra! Time for me to put on the finishing touches."
    [Kuja comes down from the ship to where Garland and Zidane are.]
    Kuja: "I must say... I truly love you all. You not only broke the seal
          to Terra, but did me the favor of defeating Garland! Zidane...
          You are truly an extraordinary Genome, deserving of my love!"
    Zidane: "What are you doing here, Kuja!?"
    Kuja: "That's not a very nice way to greet your brother."
    Zidane: "Shut up! You're not brother of mine!"
    Kuja: "Oh, such ferocity... Master Garland, he intends to fight Terra."
    Garland: "Kuja... What are you scheming?"
    Kuja: "Scheming? Me? Watch me as I defeat these enemies of Terra! Come
          on, now! You may sleep alongside the souls of Terra. For all
    [The party finally gets the chance to whoop up on Kuja...but...he
    goes into a Trance and knocks everyone out with a swift Ultima to the
    Kuja: "Yes! This is the power I've longed for!!! The mighty power of
          souls! They assault any threat that tries to destroy them!"
    Zidane: "Wh-What do you mean...?"
    Kuja: "It's Trance! You know how it works. But a normal Trance won't
          be enough to defeat you... You're all as resilient as oglops.
          Even tiny moogles possess the power of Trance... When I saw that
          in Gulug Volcano, I came up with a plan. It was easy. I just
          needed to borrow the power from wretched souls that can't die...
          Where did I acquire it? It was the Invincible, or should I say,
          that large eyeball in the sky? The ship sucked up the souls of
          Madain Sari, the Iifa Tree, Alexandria, to feed upon them...
          When it fought Bahamut at the Iifa Tree, the Invicible drew in a
          powerful spirit... Can you guess to whom it belonged?"
    Zidane: "!?"
    Kuja: "Queen Brahne's soul! The soul of your mother! The souls trapped
          inside the Invincible welcomed me with open arms. They were fed
          up with being your prisoners, Garland. So, Master Garland. You
          are no longer needed. And after you've worked so hard... I shall
          rule Terra and Gaia with my unconditional love from now on..."
    Garland: "What will you do with such...power?"
    Kuja: "Master Garland... You, of all people, should accept defeat
    [Kuja kicks him in the stomach.]
    Garland: "Gragh!"
    Kuja: "How sad... Any last words?"
    Garland: "Your power is...meaningless."
    Kuja: "..."
    [Kuja kicks him off the platform, into the darkness below.]
    Garland: "GRAAAHHHHHH!!!"
    Kuja: "Now, it's your turn... Should I kill you quickly to show my
          appreciation for all you've done? Or should I kill you slowly
          and painfully to show you my love... Oh, I've got a great idea!
          How's this? I'll make you pillars for my castle! You'll all
          decorate my castle as a symbol of my eternal kingdom... How do
          you like that?"
    Zidane: "No... Never!"
    Voice: "You could never build an eternal kingdom..."
    Kuja: "That voice... Garland!? Did you leave something behind?"
    Voice: "Do you think a defect like you could last forever...?"
    Kuja: "...What? What do you mean!?"
    Voice: "I built you to last only until the worthy Genome, Zidane, grew.
           It was too dangerous to let you last any longer than that."
    Kuja: "What are you saying...?"
    Voice: "There's a limit to your life... You'll be dead soon... Even as
           I die, you'll have died without ever leaving your mark on the
    Kuja: "... H-Ha ha ha... What an interesting lie. You're telling me
          that my life will end soon? Ha ha ha... Nice try, Garland, but
          I won't fall for your silly tricks... Garland? ... Garland!?
          Answer me!"
    Voice: "You were created to destroy. You are a mortal..."
    Kuja: "A mortal...? ...I'm finished? I don't believe you! Why would I
          believe such a silly story! You're telling me that I'll die soon,
          now that I'm more powerful than anyone? I'm gonna...die!? Lose my
          soul...? Ha... HAHAHAHAHAHA! What comedy! Zidane, isn't it
          hilarious!? I'll die just like the black mages I so despise! I
          single-handedly brought chaos unto Gaia, but in the end, I'm
          nothing but a worthless doll!"
    Zidane: "Kuja... ...Kuja?"
    Kuja: "...I won't let it happen. I won't... I won't let this world
          exist without me!"
    [FMV. Kuja rises up into the air and starts firing his Ultima attack
    all over the place, destroying the landscape with ease. Zidane's party
    escapes in Kuja's madness.]
    Zidane: "Kuja... I can't believe him...!"
    Freya: "Zidane! We must escape before the tower collapses!"
    Zidane: "But how...? We need to carry the injured out, too."
    Freya: "We must seize that ship Kuja mentioned, the Invincible! It's
           docked at the bottom of the tower."
    Zidane: "Oh yeah... But... Alright, you guys head for the ship!"
    Freya: "!?"
    Zidane: "I'm gonna rescue the Genomes! They're victims. I just can't
            abandon them!"
    Dagger: "I'm coming with you!"
    Zidane: "Dagger!?"
    Dagger: "I don't want you to leave us again. So, I'll keep watch over you!"
    Zidane: "...Okay. We should be able to go back through the warp gate
            on the other tower! Dagger and I will head back to Bran Bal.
            You guys come get us on the Invincible!"
    [Zidane and Dagger head off, coming to a room.]
    Dagger: "Looks like a teleporter leading to the upper levels... It
            might take us back to Bran Bal."
    [An eyeball on the wall blinks at Zidane.]
    Zidane: "Ahhh!"
    Dagger: "What's wrong?"
    Zidane: "B-Behind you..."
    Dagger: "They're just eyes. It's okay. Let's go."
    Zidane: "Just eyes...? How very bold of you... U-Um... Dagger?"
    Dagger: "Yes?"
    Zidane: "Um... About what happened earlier..."
    Dagger: "What is it, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "Oh, geez... I feel like I'm being watched."
    Dagger: "Just say it! We need to hurry."
    Zidane: "Um... You came to my rescue, right? And... Uh... What you
            said to me... It made me really happy..."
    Dagger: "Zidane..."
    Zidane: "How can I say this...? Um... Thanks..."
    [The rest of the party exits via the elevator system.]
    Eiko: "Hurry! Hurry! This dinky old tower is gonna collapse any minute!"
    Quina: "...I no find good food on Terra. Maybe I eat eyeball over
    Freya: "Quina, hurry up, or you'll be left behind!"
    Quina: "I happy we leave. No good food anywhere..."
    [Meanwhile, Dagger and Zidane come through the green hilltop gate.]
    Zidane: "I think we're still okay."
    Dagger: "Let's evacuate the Genomes!"
    [They run through the green gate into town.]
    Dagger: "Zidane, let's split up!"
    Zidane: "Yeah! I'll go this way! We'll split up when the Invincible
    [Dagger and Zidane start talking to the nearest Genomes. Simultaneously,
    the party has just entered inside the Invincible.]
    Eiko: "My gosh... This ship is enormous!"
    Steiner: "Judging from our current position, I believe the bridge is
             that way!"
    Freya: "Hold it! Where is Quina!?"
    Eiko: "Aaargh! Is s/he late again!?"
    [Quina teleports up on some device.]
    Quina: "Ho ho ho! I arrive! I warp inside from bottom of ship!"
    Vivi: "Why were you underneath the ship in the first place...?"
    Freya: "Save it for later! We must get the ship moving!"
    [They all run to the bridge. Zidane goes down into the laboratory and
    finds the girl that had led him around before.]
    Zidane: "What are you still doing here!? We need to evacuate."
    Girl: "What's the point? They're only empty vessels..."
    Zidane: "Stop talking like that! Do you really believe what you just
    Girl: "...Unlike the rest of them, Garland gave me a soul, that I
          might replace you and Kuja. But Garland is dead. Terra will soon
          be destroyed. What's the point?"
    Zidane: "I asked myself the same question..."
    Girl: "Did you find an answer?"
    Zidane: "No... But maybe the point is to just try. It's gonna be
            hard...but I've got my friends. It isn't so bad."
    Girl: "..."
    Zidane: "Hey, what's your name?"
    Girl: "Huh?"
    Zidane: "Garland gave you a name, didn't he?"
    Girl: "My name is...Mikoto."
    Zidane: "Mikoto, huh? That's a nice name... A lot of people are gonna
            call you that from now on. You have to find the answer yourself.
            It'll be hard, but you can do it. Let's go to the new world,
            Mikoto! There, you can find your answer..."
    [Meanwhile, Freya and Dagger meet up.]
    Freya: "Dagger! Where is Zidane!?"
    Dagger: "He'll be here any minute! He's looking for the last Genome..."
    Zidane: "Sorry to keep you guys waiting!"
    Dagger: "Zidane!"
    Zidane: "Sorry I'm late. But now we got everyone."
    Freya: "Everyone on board, now! We must leave immediately!"
    [They rush onboard. FMV: The Invincible rises up out of Terra amidst
    a downpour of flaming debris. The ship emerges out of the planet and
    back onto Gaia. Back on the ship:]
    Zidane: "We made it..."
    Freya: "Yes, we managed to escape from Terra, but..."
    Zidane: "What's wrong, Freya?"
    Freya: "Well, I was talking to Amarant about it earlier..."
    Amarant: "You don't think this is the end, do you?"
    Zidane: "...Are you talking about Kuja?"
    Amarant: "Do you really think he perished with Terra?"
    Freya: "Even with his power, it's hard to believe that he'd have
           escaped unscathed..."
    Amarant: "What do you think, Zidane? What will Kuja do next?"
    Zidane: "...He'll probably try to destroy Gaia..."
    Freya: "But how?"
    Zidane: "There was one thing Garland said... Something about a tree
            that serves as a gateway of souls between Gaia and Terra..."
    Amarant: "That must be..."
    Zidane: "Yeah... It's the Iifa Tree."
    [Steiner emerges from the bridge.]
    Steiner: "Everyone! You must come look! Come with me!"
    Zidane: "What's up, Steiner? Can't you just tell us?"
    Steiner: "It would be faster to come see it on the bridge!"
    [Everyone runs to the bridge and sees a hazy view of...clouds?]
    Zidane: "What's up? They're just clouds."
    Dagger: "It's not a normal cloud..."
    Zidane: "What...? Let's lower our altitude and see."
    Steiner: "Don't you see? Our altitude is not very high. And this is
             all we can see!"
    Zidane: "Then what could it be..."
    Vivi: "It's Mist... It's what black mages are made out of, and what
          used to cover the Mist Continent..."
    Dagger: "The Mist...has covered all of Gaia..."
    Zidane: "Why...? How...? Kuja... What are you planning now!?"
    [Fade to black.]
        ######  # ###### #####     ######      ###### #### # ######
        ##    # # #      #               #     ##     # ## # ##    #
        ##    # # ###### #          #####      #####  # ## # ##    #
        ##    # #      # #               #     ##     # ## # ##    #
        ######  # ###### #####     ######      ###### # #### ######
    47. Black Mage Village (BM03)
    [The disc opens at the cemetary. Vivi runs to Mr. 288.]
    Vivi: "Thanks! They were uneasy at first, but I think they'll get
          along fine."
    Black Mage No. 288: "There's no need to thank me. You've done us all
                        a great service."
    Vivi: "It wasn't a big deal... Well, anyway, everything's gonna be
    [Vivi runs off just as Zidane walks in.]
    Zidane: "Are you sure it's okay for them to stay here?"
    Black Mage No. 288: "Of course it is. So, this was Vivi's idea?"
    Zidane: "Yeah... He wanted the Genomes to start their new lives here."
    Black Mage No. 288: "We're similar in many ways... Maybe we can
                        understand them better, and they might open up to
    Zidane: "Right... He also said... If you guys can get along with the
            Genomes, maybe humans and black mages can live alongside each
            other someday..."
    Black Mage No. 288: "Like you and Vivi..."
    Zidane: "I don't even know if I truly understood him until recently."
    Black Mage No. 288: "We'll take good care of them. Your friends are
                        our friends."
    Zidane: "Thanks..."
    [In the stable, Eiko and a genome look at the baby chocobo with its
    Genome: "Is this a monster?"
    Black Mage No. 33: "He's a chocobo, not a monster. He's called Bobby
    Eiko: "Oh, you gave him a name!"
    Black Mage No. 33: "Yeah. Bobby Corwen. Isn't it a great name?"
    Eiko: "Sounds great! Bobby Corwen, huh?"
    [The chocobo moves towards the Genome.]
    Genome: "!?"
    Black Mage No. 33: "I think Bobby Corwen likes you, too."
    Genome: "It won't bite?"
    Eiko: "Oh, come on! He's just a little baby chocobo."
    Genome: "!?"
    [The chocobo chases the Genome off.]
    Black Mage No. 33: "Bobby Corwen! No! Come back here! Wow. I think
                       Bobby Corwen really likes our new friend."
    Eiko: "Can't you just call him by his first name...?"
    [Quina and a Genome look around the mages' item shop.]
    Genome: "Why do you display these items?"
    Black Mage No. 163: "Why...? For the customers, I think..."
    Genome: "What are customers?"
    Black Mage No. 163: "Well, they bring money, and they hand the money
                        over to the shop, and then..."
    Genome: "What is money?"
    Black Mage No. 163: "Money is, uh..."
    Quina: "Why you care about small things? World very simple place.
           World only have two things: Things you can eat and things you
           no can eat."
    Black Mage No. 163: "......"
    [Outside, Amarant listens to a mage and a Genome converse by the pond.]
    Genome: "Does the water here ever stay still?"
    Black Mage No. 87: "...? Water flows, doesn't it?"
    Genome: "The water of Bran Bal was always still..."
    Black Mage No. 87: "Hey, did you know that time flows, just like water?"
    Genome: "So, water and time both flow in Gaia...?"
    [Freya walks by.]
    Amarant: "......"
    Freya: "Looks like they're off to a good start."
    Amarant: "Hmph... It's like watching kids play."
    Freya: "It's not their fault... They've only just begun to live their
    Amarant: "...Can lost time be recovered?"
    Freya: "I don't know... But there's only one thing we can do."
    Amarant: "Of course."
    Freya: "We must protect them from anyone who tries to take their time
           away from them!"
    [Dagger and Steiner stand by some villagers at the entrance.]
    Steiner: "Princess, is this what you really wish?"
    Dagger: "Hmm? What are you talking about?"
    Steiner: "Kuja must have done something in the Iifa Tree to cover
             the world in Mist... Do you not think it wise to consult
             Regent Cid before the final battle?"
    Dagger: "Kuja probably plans on destroying Gaia. If we go to Lindblum
            now and tell the regent about it, it might cause a panic. I'm
            sure everyone is apprehensive about the reappearance of the
            Mist... I need Uncle Cid to protect Lindblum right now."
    Steiner: "Indeed. We must defeat the enemy on our own..."
    Dagger: "Even if we go back to Lindblum to get equipped, please don't
            tell Uncle Cid about our plans."
    [Zidane walks over.]
    Zidane: "Are we ready...?"
    Dagger: "Yes. Let's go."
    Voice: "You haven't got a chance."
    [Mikoto walks over.]
    Mikoto: "You saw Kuja's power. He destroyed a world by himself... You
            don't even have a million in one chance of defeating him...
            You'll all die."
    Dagger: "......"
    Black Mage No. 24: "Wow! This girl knows lots of difficult words!"
    Zidane: "Doesn't she? She's a bit cynical, but take good care of her,
            will ya? Her name is Mikoto. She's kind of like my little
    Mikoto: "Wha--"
    Zidane: "Mikoto! Listen to your big brother and make some friends!"
    Mikoto: "H-How silly!"
    Zidane: "We might be desperate insects to Kuja, but I'll show you how
            powerful we can be."
    Steiner: "'Even a fly lives for a day'!"
    Dagger: "I don't think that's what Zidane meant..."
    Zidane: "Let's go to the Iifa Tree! We won't let Kuja have his way!"
    [The party heads to the weird ball of light atop the Iifa Tree.]
    48. Memoria (MM01)
    [FMV. Leagues of silver dragons blow out of the ball atop the Tree...]
    Zidane: "They're coming! !?"
    [...but cannonfire from Lindblum's Viltgances and such start blowing
    them out of the sky like clay pigeons. Onboard the Hilda Garde 3:]
    Regent Cid: "All ships, make a path for the Invincible!"
    Baku: "Can't let you guys steal the show for yourselves!"
    [On the Invincible:]
    Zidane: "!"
    Dagger: "Uncle Cid!? Why...? How did he know to show up here?"
    Zidane: "Probably because of Baku... He loves big showdowns! Now,
            let's lose those dragons!"
    [FMV. The Invincible heads through the dragons into the ball of light,
    with more dragons on its tail. The Red Rose divides the two, though,
    and the dragons start bashing into the frame, unable to stop in time.]
    Kohel, Pluto Knight III: "General Beatrix! Our ship is going to burst!"
    Beatrix: "Do not fret! Your captain is about to enter Valhalla! You
             are a Pluto Knight! Now, act like one!"
    Blutzen, Pluto Knight II: "...We all know you came along because you
                              were worried sick about Captain Steiner..."
    Beatrix: "Did you say something!?"
    [The Invincible crew watches the appearance of the Red Rose.]
    Steiner: "Red Rose!? Could it be...Beatrix!?"
    Zidane: "Quite a woman, you fell in love with!"
    Steiner: "You're one to talk!"
    Dagger: "Wait a minute, Steiner! What did you mean by that!?"
    Zidane: "...Alright! Let's bust through!"
    [FMV. The Invincible pierces the ball of light and a blinding light
    encases the area. The party fights a Nova Dragon and beats the living
    daylights out of it. In the ship's teleportation room:]
    Zidane: "Are you sure this will work, Quina?"
    Quina: "Is no problem! I warp in from outside before."
    Zidane: "I guess this is the only exit, anyway..."
    Quina: "We find same magic field outside when we come back. I warp
           in when I step into magic field outside."
    Zidane: "Alright... I guess it's no use worrying."
    [Everyone teleports out, landing on steps up to a castle.]
    Zidane: "...What is this place? !?"
    Vivi: "What's wrong, Zidane?"
    Zidane: "Did someone just call my name?"
    Dagger: "No."
    Zidane: "That's weird..."
    Freya: "Maybe you're just hearing things."
    Zidane: "I don't think so. !!!? You hear that!?"
    Steiner: "...I hear nothing."
    Voice: "...Zidane, can you hear me?"
    Zidane: "Garland!?"
    Voice: "...I am speaking only to you."
    Zidane: "Garland, what is this place?"
    Voice: "Memoria... A place of memories."
    Zidane: "Memories...?"
    Voice: "Yes, your memories brought forth this place... Here, you shall
           witness the truth. You have no choice. Now, go..."
    Zidane: "What are you talking about!? Damn...!"
    Eiko: "...Zidane, what's going on?"
    Zidane: "You all heard me talking, right? ...Looks like I was the
            only one who heard him. I was just talking to Garland. He told
            me that our memories created this place. I don't know what the
            hell he's talking about... I guess we'll just have to move
    [The party heads in and eventually is attacked by the snakish thing
    that guarded the Fire Shrine: Maliris.]
    Maliris: "We meet again... I am one of the Chaos guardians. Kneel
             before my power!"
    [The party wails on Maliris.]
    Maliris: "It's over... Take this!"
    [Maliris uses Raining Swords and then dies. The party continues on
    until they come to a view of a castle.]
    Eiko: "Isn't this...Alexandria?"
    Dagger: "What is Alexandria Castle doing here?"
    Eiko: "!!!"
    Dagger: "!!!"
    Zidane: "!!!"
    [Pictures of Bahamut, Alexander, and the Invincible's eye flash by,
    and the picture of the castle turns to the current ruined state.]
    Eiko: "!!!"
    Dagger: "!!!"
    Zidane: "!!!"
    Quina: "What!? What you talk about!? I not see anything!"
    Zidane: "Of course you can't see anything. You weren't with us at the
            time, so it's not in your memory."
    [Garland's voice talks.]
    Garland: "In his bid to defy me, Kuja tried to acquire Alexander...
             An incident, 10 years ago, started everything..."
    [The party continues on into a raining screen.]
    Zidane: "A storm..."
    [Zidane runs along a bridge and looks down at a girl in a boat.]
    Zidane: "!? Hey! What are you doing!? You shouldn't go anywhere!
            There's a storm. Watch out! You're gonna get washed away!
            Dagger! I just saw a little girl in a ship, and-- Huh!? ...I
            guess it was my imagination. Yeah, it had to be. What I just
            saw definitely isn't one of my memories."
    Dagger: (What's going on? That was my memory. Why was Zidane able to
            see it?) "Zidane."
    Zidane: "Yeah, what's up?"
    Dagger: "...You didn't imagine anything."
    Zidane: "Wait, you saw it, too...!? That means that little girl was
            you. But...why was I able to see something from your memory?"
    Dagger: "I don't know..."
    Zidane: "Hey, Garland! What's going on!? Garland, can you hear me!?"
    Voice: "I feared Gaia's eidolons more than anything... However, I
           decided to deal with them before they became a major problem."
    [The party runs into the next screen, where steps lead up into the
    Invincible's eye...or, rather, an image of it.]
    Zidane: "What is that thing...?"
    Dagger: "That eye... It's the same eye I saw on the night of the storm
            at sea."
    Voice: "...Zidane, can you hear me? ...Zidane. What you just saw was
           from your memory, and not Garnet's."
    Zidane: "What!? I don't remember ever being in a storm at sea."
    Voice: "You still don't understand... You will find out soon enough..."
    Zidane: "What do you mean? Can other people's memories become a part
            of my own? Garland!!!"
    Voice: "Once you accept everything, the answer will appear before you.
           A tremendous force was summoned to Gaia during the age of war...
           However, the Gaians were not ready to harness so great a power...
           They were terrified and broke the jewel into four pieces...and
           they prayed never to see it again."
    [The party heads up the stairs and is attacked by Tiamat, which was
    the guardian at the Wind Shrine.]
    Tiamat: "So you have defeated Maliris... For Tiamat, there is only
    [Well...not really. Tiamat gets smoked. The party heads on again,
    coming to a winding path that shows two planets merging.]
    Zidane: "What is this...? Two moons colliding...? No. They look more
            like planets. Why does this look so familiar...?"
    Voice: "That is a picture of Gaia being assimilated by Terra. Five
           thousand years ago, Terra, already an old planet, sought to
           assimilate Gaia. Terra needed to merge with a younger planet
           to survive. However, there was already life on Gaia. And so,
           the story began..."
    Zidane: "Oh yeah. I saw this in Oeilvert."
    Voice: "Life on Terra was coming to an end... We had no choice but to
           proceed with the fusion, which tragically destroyed Terra's
           native civilizations. Terra was too old to assimilate everything.
           Thus, I created the Iifa Tree to regulate the flow of souls back
           to Terra."
    [The party continues ahead, going into a marine-life screen. Quina
    swims around.]
    Quina: "Wow! We in ocean now! Fish everywhere! Yum, yum!"
    Zidane: "...What are you doing?"
    Quina: "Swimming after fish. Zidane, you help catch fish, too. Ugh...
           What this? Hard to breathe now. UGHHH! CAN'T BREATHE!!!"
    Zidane: "That's because you think we're inside an ocean. I can breathe
    Quina: "We not in ocean? You right! I breathe okay now! Fish all
           gone. I sad..."
    [In the next screen:]
    Zidane: "So, Gaia used to be just one big ocean..."
    Eiko: "How do you know?"
    Zidane: "...I don't know. For some reason, it's in my memory. I
            wasn't even born at the time. It doesn't make any sense...
            And I was born on Terra, not Gaia, so how can it be in my
    Vivi: "...It's in my memory, too. Gaia used to be covered with water."
    Freya: "I'm getting a similar feeling as well."
    Zidane: (...Maybe that means all existence can be traced back to a
            single source. I don't understand...)
    [The party is attacked by Kraken soon after.]
    Kraken: "I am the 'Water Chaos' Kraken... Your presence is forbidden!"
    [The party fries Kraken and moves on, coming to a room with a large
    burning planet as the backdrop.]
    Zidane: "Geez... That's one big fireball."
    Steiner: "Could it be a moon...?"
    Voice: "This is the birth of Gaia."
    Zidane: "That's Gaia...?"
    Voice: "Over 5,000 years ago..."
    Zidane: "What's above that ladder?"
    Voice: "See for yourself. Terra reached the peak of its prosperity at
           this time. The people believed that their future was secure.
           Ultimately, that very hubris led to Terra's demise. Thus, I was
           created to deal with our plights..."
    [The party climbs the ladder and come into a room, where Lich attacks.]
    Lich: "I, the 'Earth Chaos' Lich, commend your feat. But your life
          ends now."
    [Zidane walks to the edge of the platform after killing Lich and
    almost falls off into space.]
    Zidane: "WHOOOA! There's nothing... Is this it? Is there nothing else?"
    Voice: "This is space."
    Zidane: "Space?"
    Voice: "Your journey is not yet over. Do not fear. Step forward, and
           you will be closer to the truth. Go, Zidane..."
    Zidane: "That's easy for you to say..."
    [Zidane walks off and ends up in a shining light.]
    Voice: "You have entered a new realm. There are no more worlds. There
           is no more space... Follow your memory, your original memory,
           and march forth..."
    Zidane: "Garland, what exactly is our memory!?"
    Voice: "........."
    Zidane: "Why can I remember other people's experiences and events
            that happened before my time?"
    Voice: "........."
    Zidane: "Garland, please! Tell me!"
    Voice: "...Do not limit memory to just one individual's experiences
           from birth. That is only the surface. Every life born into this
           world, whether natural or artificial, requires a parent. And
           that parent also requires a parent. Life is connected, one to
           another... If you trace the root of all life, there exists one
           source. The same can be said for memory. All life constitutes
           an intelligence that holds memory beyond experience. Memory is
           not isolated within individuals. It is an accumulation of
           generations of memories that continues to evolve. You can say
           that memory and evolution go hand in hand. But most life-forms
           do not understand the true nature of memories... ...which
           explains why most memories never cross paths."
    Zidane: "...So, what am I gonna find by tracing back our roots?"
    Voice: "...A presence that presides over all life and memories. The
    Zidane: "Crystal..."
    Voice: "You are on your own now. Zidane...take care of Kuja. ...and
           protect the crystal. Farewell..."
    Zidane: "Garland, wait! Garland!!!"
    Voice: "Even if I were created to serve one purpose alone, I do not
           regret being born to this world."
    [Zidane ends up in a large crystal world in space.]
    Zidane: "Is this the crystal that Garland was talking about...?
            ...It's time for us to find out the truth."
    [The party navigates the world and finds Kuja standing by a crystal.]
    Zidane: "!!! Kuja!"
    Kuja: "Nice of you to come. I'm surprised you beat the 4 Chaoses that
          I created from the crystal's memory. But...you're too late. Take
          a good look. Isn't it beautiful? It's the original crystal...
          This is where it all began... The birthplace of all things...
          Once I destroy it, everything will be gone. Gaia, Terra, the
          universe, everything... Your lives and memories, too, of course.
    Zidane: "Shut up!!! The only thing that's gonna be gone is you! I'll
            take you out right now!"
    Kuja: "Hmph. You honestly think you can beat me? Even if you do, Gaia's
          already doomed. Its assimilation by Terra has begun, and the Iifa
          Tree will incite a cataclysmic destruction of Gaia. It's all over
          for you and your friends. See. I win, either way."
    Zidane: "It doesn't matter! Even if Gaia is assimilated, the planet
            will remain, and we'll start over to make a new home. Kuja,
            you're nothing but a coward! If you're gonna die, leave us out
            of it!"
    Kuja: "Why should the world exist without me? That wouldn't be fair.
          If I die, we all die! Zidane, you will be my first sacrifice."
    [A surprise attack by Deathguise occurs, but they kill that, too.]
    Kuja: "How did they beat Deathguise...? Do you really think you can
          beat me?"
    [The party runs to Kuja.]
    Kuja: "I can't believe you beat Deathguise... Well...my time is almost
          up. Time to die, everyone!"
    [The party beats Trance Kuja, too.]
    Kuja: "Ugh... I'm gonna die anyway... I won't have to be afraid anymore...
          But I'm not gonna die alone. You're all coming with me!"
    [Kuja uses his Ultima Trance and knocks everyone out. The party wakes
    up on some unfamiliar terrain.]
    Zidane: "U-Ugh... What happened to the crystal...? ...Where is this?"
    Voice: "You stand before the final dimension, and I am the darkness
           of eternity..."
    Zidane: "Wh-Who are you!?"
    Voice: "All life bears death from birth. Life fears death, but lives
           only to die. It starts with anxiety. Anxiety becomes fear. Fear
           leads to anger...anger leads to hate...hate leads to suffering...
           The only cure for this fear is total destruction. Kuja was a
           victim of his own fear. He concluded he could only save himself
           by destroying the origin of all things--the crystal."
    Zidane: "What the heck are you talking about? Why are you telling me
            all this?"
    Voice: "...Now, the theory is undeniable. Kuja's actions prove it. All
           things live to perish. At last, life has uncovered this truth.
           Now, it is time to end this world."
    Zidane: "Wh-What do you mean by that?"
    Voice: "I exist for one purpose... To return everything back to the
           zero world, where there is no life and no crystal to give life.
           In a world of nothing, fear does not exist. This is the world
           that all life desires."
    Zidane: "Who the hell do you think you are!? You're not ending anything!
            Never, not as long as we have the will to live!"
    Voice: "Foolish creature... Your fears have already deluded you. One
           day, you will choose destruction over existence, as Kuja did.
           When he sought to destroy the crystal, the purpose of life ended.
           Now, come... Enter the zero world that you desire."
    Zidane: "No! We'll destroy you and prove you wrong! And through our
            memories, future generations will see that we can overcome any
            fear! ...We can't give up now. ...We have to fight together.
            Even if we lose, it doesn't matter... Our memories will live
            on inside others. So, even if we are born to die, I'm not
            afraid. I'm gonna live!"
    [The party is then chosen, and the remaining characters will say
    their goodbyes (even Zidane can be replaced):]
    Amarant: "...Don't screw up."
    Eiko: "Promise me you'll win!"
    Dagger: "Please accept my powers..."
    Freya: "I leave everything in your hands."
    Steiner: "Though I am unworthy, accept my powers."
    Vivi: "I'm sorry I couldn't do anything. Good luck."
    Quina: "Come back after you kill bad guy. I prepare big meal for everyone."
    Zidane: "We've come too far to lose. If we put our powers together, I know
            we can win."
    [Once the unused party members disappear:]
    Zidane: "We've come too far to lose now. Let's just wrap this up
            and go home...all of us."
    Freya: "You don't stand a chance against us! We shall prevail!"
    [They battle with the entity (Necron), and they lay a humanity-sized
    smackdown on it.]
    Necron: "Why defy your fate?"
    [The party members teleport out of the Hill of Despair.]
    Necron: "Is the will to live that powerful...?"
    [Necron starts to go kaboom, crumbling.]
    Necron: "This is not the end. I am eternal... ...as long as there is
            life and death..."
    49. Memoria Aftermath (MM02)
    [FMV. Over the top of the Iifa Tree, Memoria disappears and the roots
    rise up and start to retract and shake. The party teleports to the
    Zidane: "Are you alright?"
    Dagger: "Yeah...but look at what's happening."
    Zidane: "So, what Kuja said was true... The Iifa Tree is beginning its
            violent reaction."
    Dagger: "What's gonna happen?"
    Zidane: "I don't know, but it doesn't look good..."
    [Above, the crew of the Red Rose looks on.]
    Beatrix: "...I doubt anyone could've survived that explosion..."
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Nooo..."
    Pluto Knight: "Captain..."
    Mikoto: "...They are still alive."
    Beatrix: "What!? Where are they?"
    Mikoto: "...Over there."
    Beatrix: "The Hilda Garde is probably closer... You. The tall one."
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Sir! Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII, ma'am!"
    Beatrix: "I didn't ask for your name. Contact the Hilda Garde right away."
    Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Yes, sir, ma'am, sir!"
    [Haagen runs away. On the Hilda Garde, Cid watches the Iifa Tree, too.]
    Regent Cid: "Please be alive..."
    Erin: "Sire! We're receiving a transmission from the Red Rose!"
    Regent Cid: "Punch it up on the main line!"
    Voice: "This is the Red Rose."
    Regent Cid: "You're not General Beatrix. Who are you?"
    Voice: "My name is Mikoto. Everyone is alive. You are very close to them."
    Regent Cid: "What!!!? How do you know?"
    Mikoto: "I can hear him..."
    Regent Cid: "Who? Prepare to land immediately!"
    [FMV. The Hilda Garde goes down to pick everyone up.]
    Zidane: "That's the Hilda Garde 3... Looks like Cid came to rescue us.
    Regent Cid: "Thank heavens, you're all safe! Come quickly! We don't
                have much time!"
    [Everyone starts to leave, with Dagger and Zidane acting as the
    caboose. Zidane stops when he hears someone talk--]
    Voice: "...Farewell, Zidane..."
    Zidane: "Ah, dammit..."
    Dagger: "What's wrong?"
    Zidane: "...Why don't you go on ahead? I'll catch up with you all later.
            I have to take care of something..."
    Dagger: "What...!?"
    Zidane: "...He's still alive."
    Dagger: "He can't be..."
    [Steiner runs over.]
    Steiner: "Zidane! What are you doing!?"
    [Everyone runs back over, actually.]
    Zidane: "Steiner... Take care of Dagger."
    Steiner: "What!? Wh-What do you mean by that!?"
    Zidane: "...Kuja's still alive. I can't just leave him."
    Steiner: "This is ludicrous. Just because you two are from the same
             planet doesn't mean--"
    Zidane: "No, that's not the reason."
    Eiko: "Come on, Zidane! Why are you doing this!?"
    Zidane: "Because... Because I might've done the same thing if I were
            in his shoes. I probably would've fought against you guys and
            wreaked havoc in Gaia like he did... I know it sounds crazy...
            ...but I know, deep down inside, I have to do this."
    Quina: "You not crazy, Zidane. But you go help Kuja not good idea. Is
           too dangerous."
    Zidane: "...I can't just leave him. There's no way I could live with
            myself. I'm going."
    Steiner: "You're making a big mistake!"
    Zidane: "Maybe... But we all have to make big decisions in life sometimes.
            For me, now's that time. I have to face up to it, just like Vivi
            did when he confronted his fears to find out about himself. That
            was a big decision for Vivi."
    Vivi: "I don't know about that... I don't think it was really a big deal."
    Zidane: "That's what you think, but I might not be doing this if it
            weren't for you. You've definitely taught me to take life more
    Freya: "Well, you're obviously not going to change your mind, so I'm
           coming with you."
    Steiner: "The principle of knighthood requires that one assist his
             comrade in times of need. I shall accompany you as well!"
    Zidane: "Whoa, wait a minute. Like I said, it's my moment, so don't
            butt in. You guys'll have your own someday. Besides, you guys
            have more important things to worry about, like Burmecia and
    Freya: "For once in your life, why can't you be honest!?"
    Zidane: "Sorry, but I can't--"
    Amarant: "'I can't just walk away. It goes against my nature.'"
    Zidane: "!?"
    Amarant: "You're a real simpleton. Forget it, guys. There's no stopping
             this fool."
    Regent Cid: "What are you still doing out here!? Get onboard right now!"
    Amarant: "Come on. Let's just leave him and get outta here."
    [Amarant bolts.]
    Zidane: "...That guy will never change. Alright, you heard the man!
            Get out of here before it's too late!"
    Eiko: "Zidane, I love you! You'd better come back!!!"
    [Eiko runs off, frustrated.]
    Quina: "Zidane, I need eat more different food. I still hungry!!! You
           need come back, take me more places, show me more food!"
    [Quina leaves.]
    Freya: "I still can't believe you're doing this. You've changed, Zidane.
           'Til we meet again."
    [Freya follows after Quina.]
    Vivi: "Zidane, you've taught me another big lesson in life. Thanks..."
    [Vivi hurries off.]
    Dagger: "Zidane..."
    Steiner: "Princess... We must go."
    Dagger: "......"
    Zidane: "Dagger--I mean, Your Highness. The abduction is over. I can't
            take you any further. ...I'm sorry for being so selfish."
    Dagger: "No... You're not being selfish. ...You've done so much for
            us. If it weren't for you, I probably would've led a meaningless
            life. With you, I was able to see so much of the world and meet
            so many people. We faced many hardships, too...but...I think I
            finally know what's important. I'm so fortunate to have met you.
            I'll never forget our trip together. Thank you, Zidane. ......
            ...... Promise me one thing... Please come back."
    [FMV. The Hilda Garde carries everyone off but Zidane.]
    Zidane: "Kuja! Can you hear me!? I'm coming to get you!"
    Voice: "You still have time... Forget about me and go."
    Zidane: "Just shut up, and stay where you are!"
    Kuja: "...I don't understand you."
    Zidane: "Okay, here goes nothing."
    [FMV. Zidane runs across the Iifa's flailing roots and heads into the
    center of the tree. He rides one root all the way down and has to
    start dodging more roots. He falls into a hole and lands past Kuja...
    way past, falling down onto his stomach.]
    Zidane: "U...Ugh... ...? Phew... Still alive... I guess that was
            pretty crazy."
    [He runs up some roots to Kuja.]
    Zidane: "Hey! Are you alright?"
    Kuja: "Zidane...? What are you doing here? I thought I told you to go..."
    Zidane: "Wouldn't you do the same for me if you knew I was dying?"
    Kuja: "......"
    Zidane: "......Never mind."
    Kuja: "Your comrades were able to escape?"
    Zidane: "Yeah... I knew you had something to do with it."
    Kuja: "...I'm glad they made it."
    Zidane: "Yeah, well...it's our turn to get movin'."
    Kuja: "...... ...I don't deserve to live after all that I've done. I'm
          useless to this world."
    Zidane: "No one's useless... You helped us escape, remember?"
    Kuja: "...... After you guys beat me, I had nothing left...nothing
          more to lose. Then, I finally realized what it means to live...
          I guess I was too late."
    [Kuja's head rolls to the side.]
    Zidane: "!!!? Hey! Don't you go dying on me, alright!? !!!?"
    [FMV. Tree roots drop down from the ceiling and attack (!?) the spot
    where Zidane and Kuja are, with unknown results. Then, later, Mikoto
    is shown walking out of the tree, alone.]
    Mikoto: "Kuja... What you did was wrong... But you gave us all one
            thing... Hope... We were all created for the wrong reason, but
            you alone defied our fate. We do not want to forget this. We
            want your memory to live on forever... ...to remind us that we
            were not created for the wrong reason--that our life has
    Narrative: Some time later..."
     I've received a few e-mails on the blacked-out parts that follow this
     announcement. Some seem to think that it's pure Vivi narrative, some
     think that it's Vivi's narrative with Mikoto in it. Personally, I 
     believe that it's each character who's played a role giving a summary
     of what they learned from Zidane. The only thing I can see that would
     make me think differently is that Quina's quote is said correctly, and
     not in broken Qu speak. Vivi's disappearance from the scenes implies
     his death to some, but I never bought it. Sorry. This disclaimer is to
     tell you to believe what you want to believe, I guess.
    [The view is back in Alexandria, at the front of the Morning Star Bar.]
    Vivi?: "So, this is Alexandria..."
    [Puck runs by and runs into him.]
    Puck: "Pick up the pace, will ya!? I don't believe it! Vivi!"
    Vivi?: "Vivi? How do you know that name!?"
    Puck: "What are you talking about? It's me, Puck! How could you forget
    Vivi?: "Puck...?"
    Puck: "You know, Puck!"
    Vivi?: "Th-The Prince of Burmecia!?"
    Puck: "Oh, come on! What's wrong with you? If you're not Vivi, then
          who are you!?"
    Vivi?: "I'm...Vivi's son!"
    [A whole bunch of more li'l Vivi's walk into the screen.]
    Puck: "Yeeeeow! Look at all the Vivis!
    [On a blacked-out screen:]
    Vivi: "I always talked about you, Zidane. How you were a special
          person to us, because you taught us all how important life is."
    [In Burmecia, Sir Fratley and Freya stand in the fountain plaza. It's
    still destroyed, though.]
    Sir Fratley: "Freya, you're leaving soon, are you not?"
    Freya: "Yes. I can hardly wait to see everyone."
    Sir Fratley: "Alexandria... I went there many years ago. How long will
                 it take to rebuilt Burmecia...?"
    Freya: "I don't care, as long as I am with you."
    Sir Fratley: "...I love you, Freya."
    Freya: (...Yet he still doesn't remember our past.) "I just want to
           cherish our time right now."
    [On a blacked-out screen:]
    Freya: "You taught me that life doesn't last forever. That's why we
           have to help each other and live life to the fullest."
    [In Garnet's room in Alexandria, Beatrix walks in.]
    Beatrix: "It's time to say goodbye to this room... Save the Queen, you
             have served me well... My duty is finished here. Farewell,
    [On a blacked-out screen, Beatrix (?) talks:]
    Beatrix: "Even if you say goodbye, you'll always be in our hearts. So,
             I know we're not alone anymore."
    [At South Gate, on a broken bridge to Treno, Amarant walks.]
    Amarant: "...Hey."
    [Lani is there, too.]
    Lani: "Why are you going to Alexandria?"
    Amarant: "You're not going?"
    [He walks off.]
    Lani: "I-I never said that! H-Hey,wait!"
    [On a blacked-out screen:]
    Amarant: "Why I was born... How I want to live... Thanks for giving
             me time to think."
    [In Alexandria Castle's kitchen, Quina walks around.]
    Quina: "Good food not only delicious! Good food made with heart! This
           very important when cooking for friends!"
    [On a blacked-out screen, Quina's words (with conjunctions!?) appear:]
    Quina: "To keep doing what you set your heart on... It's a very hard
           thing to do. We were all so courageous..."
    [In the Lindblum Castle lift, Hilda, Cid, and Eiko are riding down.]
    Eiko: "Hurry! Hurry! We gotta get there before the play begins!"
    Regent Cid: "Ha ha... There's no need to hurry. The theater ship is
                no match for my new ship. My new Hilda Garde is the fastest
                ship ever!"
    Eiko: "Do I have to remind you? You said the same thing about the
          theater ship! ...Ahem! That's what you said, Father!"
    Regent Cid: "Eiko... What did you just call me?"
    [The lift stops and Eiko runs out.]
    Hilda: "Darling, she called you 'Father'..."
    Eiko: "Father! Mother! Hurry!"
    Regent Cid: "S-Say it again, Eiko!"
    [On a blacked-out screen:]
    Eiko: "What to do when I felt lonely... That was the only thing you
          couldn't teach me. But we need to figure out the answer for
    [At Alexandria Castle, a sword-less Beatrix is leaving.]
    Voice: "Beatrix!"
    [Steiner is standing in the shadows, waiting for her.]
    Steiner: "Where are you going?"
    Beatrix: "Please don't ask. My mind is already set."
    Steiner: "Wait! Listen to me! <Thump-Thump...Thump-Thump...> I, uh...
             I-I never wish to lose you again!!!"
    Beatrix: "Steiner..."
    Steiner: "Let us protect the queen together!
    [Beatrix runs to Steiner and the screen blacks out.]
    Steiner: "I'm so happy I met everyone... I wish we could've gone on
             more adventures. But I guess we all have to say goodbye
    [In the theater ship meeting room, the Tantalus gang meets up.]
    Baku: "Alright, you scumbags! We're almost there!"
    Blank: "Been a long time since we saw Alexandria."
    Marcus: "Let's give 'em a show they won't forget!"
    Ruby: "Yeehaw!"
    Cinna: "Break a leg, people!"
    [On a blacked-out screen, someone (Zidane?) speaks:]
    Zidane: Everyone... Thank you... Farewell. My memories will be part of
            the sky..."
    [At the throne, Queen Garnet sits. Steiner walks in...and so does
    Queen Garnet: "The theater ship will arrive any minute. It's been so
                  long... I can't wait to see everyone. But... It'll never
                  be the same... I have to let go of the past... I have to
                  move on, just like he taught me."
    [The play begins. It's 'I Want to be Your Canary', of course.]
    Baku: "Ladies and Gentlemen! Tonight's performance is a story that
          takes place long, long ago. Our heroine, Princess Cornelia, is
          torn from her lover, Marcus. She attempts to flee the castle,
          only to be captured by her father, King Leo. Tonight's story
          begins when Marcus and Cornelia decide to run away together. And
          now, Your Royal Majesty, Queen Garnet, Lord Steiner, Lady Beatrix...
          ...noble ladies and lords, and our rooftop viewers, Tantalus proudly
          presents 'I Want to Be Your Canary'!
    [Baku leaves and Cornelia (Ruby) runs out, finding a hooded man at
    the bottom of the ship's stage stairway.]
    Cornelia: "Marcus? Sweet Marcus, I fear I love thee more than I should!"
    Marcus: "Princess... Wilt thou be happy, married to a lowly peasant
            such as I?"
    Cornelia: "Prithee, call me 'princess' no more! Marcus, wilt thou
              truly cherish me, the king's only daughter? Or is such a
              desire too dear to wish for!? After our nuptials, shall I
              become no more than a puppet? A mindless puppet, never to
              laugh, never to cry? I wish to live my life under the sky.
              At times I shall laugh, at other times cry. For no life is
              more insincere than that lived as a masquerade."
    Marcus: "So much consideration thou hast given it! But worry not! Cast
            away thy trappings of royalty, and I shall swaddle thee in a
            gown of pure love! Never again will I pare from thee! Pray, my
            love, make me thy canary to keep forever in the cage of thy
            bosom! Let us embark on the first ship tomorrow, before dawn
            can tell of our elopement!"
    Cornelia: "All my fortunes at thy foot, I lay, and I shall follow thee
              throughout the world!"
    Marcus: "No cloud, no squall shall hinder us!"
    [Marcus leaves the stage.]
    Cornelia: "O, love is the sweetest joy and the wildest woe. All I wish
              is to be by my sweet Marcus's side."
    [Blank peeks at the scene (in-character) from behind a stairwell.]
    Blank: "Fie! It shall be war again unless this marriage is stopped.
           Ne'er will I let their plan come to fruition." [He walks out
           from his hiding spot.] "Good day to ye, Highness."
    Cornelia: "Good day..."
    Blank: "Wist thee with Marcus?"
    Cornelia: "Marcus!? What news dost thou bring?"
    Blank: "This!"
    [He punches her in the stomach...]
    Cornelia: "Ugh!"
    [...and picks her up. Later on in the act, King Leo emerges.]
    King Leo: "Where is she!? Where has mine only daughter gone!?"
    [Blank walks into view.]
    King Leo: "Blank, good man! Hast thou seen Cornelia?"
    Blank: "Worry not, Majesty. I shall make sure Cornelia marries Prince
           Schneider. Be thou at ease."
    King Leo: "At ease, sayest thou? How can I rest, not knowing she is
              safe? Could it be...thou hast betrayed me?"
    Blank: "Be my troth, sir. I betrayed none other than poor Marcus!"
    King Leo: "Thou had the gall to betray thy dearest friend. Wouldst
              thou not betray me as swiftly?"
    Blank: "Stay thy hand, I merely..."
    [King Leo cuts Blank down.]
    Blank: "I merely sought a lasting peace between the two kingdoms!"
    [Benero and Zenero run out.]
    Zenero: "The traitor is dead!"
    Benero: "O, cruel fate!"
    King Leo: "You two... Quickly, find Cornelia and bring her before me!"
    Benero: "Yes, Your Majesty."
    Zenero: "Yes, Your Majesty."
    [They leave.]
    King Leo: "Wretched daughter! How dare she disobey her father's wishes!"
    [The next day (in the scene), Marcus stands alone.]
    Marcus: "The time for our departure is long past. Where is Cornelia?"
    [Cinna walks out.]
    Cinna: "Marcus, the ship soon embarks! Board ye this boat alone, and
           peace could come to both kingdoms, as Blank so said. Speak,
    Marcus: "She told me that she could not live without me."
    [Dawn breaks in the background.]
    Marcus: "So, the sun is our enemy, too. The eastern sky grows bright.
            Will we not spread our wings, as yonder birds in joyous flight?"
    Cinna: "Hark, Marcus! They cannot wait any longer! The ship departs!"
    [Cinna leaves.]
    Marcus: "Could she have betrayed me? Nay, ne'er would my love speak
            false. I must have faith! She shall appear if I only believe!
            As the sun lends me no ear, I pray instead to the twin moons!
            I beseech thee, wondrous moonlight, grant me my only wish!"
    [Marcus casts off his cloak...and it's Zidane!]
    Zidane: "Bring my beloved Dagger to me!"
    [FMV. Dagger runs down the stairs to the stage. In the process, she
    drops her pendant. She looks at it, but doesn't pick it up. She runs
    to the stage and jumps into Zidane's arms. She starts punching him and
    then stops as they embrace. Everyone claps, including the little Vivis
    and Eiko, Freya, Fratley...Steiner and Beatrix raise the Save the Queen
    to the sky... On a blacked-out screen:]
    Dagger: "How did you survive...?"
    Zidane: "I didn't have a choice. I had to live. I wanted to come home
           to you. So... I sang your song. Our song."
    [FMV. The screen pulls out of a rebuilt Alexandria...and all is well.]
        ######  # ###### #####      #     #     ###### #### # ######
        ##    # # #      #          #     #     ##     # ## # ##    #
        ##    # # ###### #          #######     #####  # ## # ##    #
        ##    # #      # #                #     ##     # ## # ##    #
        ######  # ###### #####            #     ###### # #### ######
    And that's all folks! ;)
    50. Mognet Letters (LT01)
    LOCATION              LETTER NAME                        CTRL+F THIS:
    Prima Vista           How Ya Doin'                               PV15
    Evil Forest           Prince on a White Horse                    EF04
    Evil Forest           Stiltzkin on Ice                           EF04
    Village of Dali       Trapped in Ice!                            DL02
    Lindblum              Stiltzkin Visited Me!                      LB05
    Lindblum              Opening a Mini-Theater                     LB06
    Lindblum              Shelter From the Rain                      LB60
    Gizamaluke's Grotto   It Was So Exciting!                        GZ04
    Burmecia              Map of the Entire World in his Bag?        BR07
    Summit Station        Mary's Unrequited Love                     SG07
    Dark City Treno       Vube Desert                                TR03
    Cleyra Tree Trunk     No More Pointy Hats!                       CL01
    Cleyra Settlement     Tantalus                                   CL06
    Cleyra Settlement     I Have a Bad Feeling                       CL21
    Red Rose Airship      In Danger                                  RR01
    Alexandria Castle     Rumor About Princess Garnet                AC23
    Pinnacle Rocks        Escaping Evil Forest                       PR01
    Pinnacle Rocks        This Might Be the End                      PR01
    Lindblum              Eidolon Odin's Power                       LB63
    Lindblum              Narcissus From Lindblum                    LB63
    Lindblum              Missing! Kupo!                             LB73
    Fossil Roo            Very Bored, Kupo!                          FR03
    Black Mage Village    To Conde Petie                             BM08
    Conde Petie Mt. Path  Rally-Kupo!                                CM01
    Iifa Tree             Sad Eyes                                   IT01
    Iifa Tree             Blessing or Curse?                         IT04
    Alexandria            The Most Important Thing In Life           AL28
    Alexandria            My Vagabond Life                           AL36
    Lindblum              Alexandria Destroyed                       AL90
    Oeilvert              Very Mad! Kupo!                            OV02
    Desert Palace         Stiltzkin, On the Move                     DP05
    Esto Gaza             Favor                                      EG04
    Mount Gulug           Problem                                    MG01
    Ipsen's Castle        Where Is Mognet Central?                   IC01
    Pandemonium           My First Mognet                            TE19
    Burmecia              Something Missing                          BR08
    Black Mage Village    That Special Something                     BM35
    Ipsen's Castle        Rare Item                                  IP04
    Qu's Marsh #1         Where Is That Item!?                       QU13
    Daguerreo             It's That Thing                            DG08
    Alexandria            Superslick                                 AL48
    51. Points of Interest (PO01)
    PV01) M.S. Prima Vista, Theater Ship (plaque)
    AL01) Heroine Statue (statue)
    AL02) Morning Star Bar (sign)
    AL03) Doug's Item Shop (sign)
    AL04) The Three Heroic Knights of Pluto (statue)
    AL05) Recruiting New Knights of Pluto Members (sign)
    AL06) Coming soon: Mini-Theater (sign)
    AL07) Rooftops for the Masses! (sign)
    AC01) Knights of Pluto Register (sign)
    AC02) Village of Dali, Alexandria (book in library)
    AC03) Ice Cavern, Alexandria (book in library)
    OM01) Instructions (sign in Morrid's shack)
    DL01) Dali Inn's Breakfast Service! (menu)
    DL02) *Menu* (pub menu)
    DL03) *Menu* (pub menu)
    DL04) Dali Inn Library (books)
    DL05) - Useful Information - (Eq. shop sign)
    LB01) Statue of Cid Fabool I
    LB02) Sign at the aircab station's exit (sign)
    LB03) The Blessing of Water (fountain)
    LB04) =Comments/Suggestions= (B. District hotel sign)
    LB05) =Bobo Bird Statue= (B. District hotel statue)
    LB06) =Milla's Oil Shop= (B. District sign, near Grandma Pickle)
    LB07) =Polom's Action Figures= (B. District sign)
    LB08) =Ivan's Fish Shack= (sign in B. District)
    LB09) =Card Collector No. 7= (In Card Freak Gon's house)
    LB10) =Pepe's Milk Shop= (B. District sign)
    LB11) =Moucha's Coffee= (B. District sign)
    LB12) =Kupo Nut= (B. District sign)
    LB13) =Relocation Notice= (Ind. District shop sign)
    LB14) =Cid VIII= (Ind. District statue)
    LB15) =Today's Special= (Ind. District sign)
    LB16) =Airship Engineer Daily Report= (Doom pub sign)
    LB17) =Air Cabs Servicing 4 Districts = (Thr. District sign)
    LB18) =Lindblum Exhibit= (Thr. District sign.)
    LB19) =Fuegert Memorial Theater= (lamppost?)
    LB20) =Lucky Color & Co.=
    LB21) =Provisional Air Cab Schedule= (Bus. District station sign)
    LB22) =Attention All engineers= (Ind. District station sign)
    LB23) =Fuegert Memorial Theater= (Thr. District plaque)
    LB24) =SOLD OUT= (Thr. District sign)
    LB25) =Favorite Shield of Cid V= (GC dining room plaque)
    LB26) =Favorite Armor of Cid VI= (GC dining room plaque)
    LB27) =Favorite Bow of Cid VII= (GC dining room plaque)
    SG01) Item Shop VEGA (shop sign)
    SG02) Sign on a forked path near Alex.-side of South Gate
    SG03) Sign on a forked path near Alex.-side of South Gate
    SG04) Large commemoration sign on Alex.-side of South Gate
    DL06) - Hobby Info -
    LB28) =Customer Opinion=
    LB29) =Card Collector Vol. 8=
    LB30) =New Air Cab Management=
    FR01) Warning (Fossil Roo sign)
    AL08) = Lindblum Fund =
    DL07) - Hobby Info -
    SG05) Item Shop VEGA & ALTAIR
    LB31) = Important Notice =
    LB32) = Comments/Suggestions =
    LB33) = Card Collector No. 9 =
    LB34) = Milla's Oil Shop =
    LB35) = Alice's Item Shop =
    LB36) = Air Cabs Servicing 4 Districts =
    IC01) Sign in Ipsen's castle in first room
    DL08) - Useful Information - (Dali shop sign)
    DL09) Bunch of books (in Dali mayor's house)
    PV01) Class: Luxury liner with theater
          Tonnage: 8235 tonnes
          Guest Capacity: 288
          Propulsion: Veil energy
          Shipwright: Zebolt Shipyards
          Port of Registry: Lindblum
    AL01) This statue was built to commemorate General Madelene, who fought
          in the 9th Lindblum War, in 1389. At the tender age of 13,
          General Madelene fought against the Lindblum army with only 9
          soldiers under her command. She died in 1401, well before her
    AL02) Today's half-price special: Our original cocktail, Her <3
    AL03) Potions, Antidotes, Phoenix Downs
          Doug's Item Shop has them all!
    AL04) This statue was built to commemorate the three knights who
          fought bravely in the 15th Lindblum War, in 1601.
    AL05) We are always looking for recruits for the Knights of Pluto
          in Alexandria Castle! Come, all you brave young men! Let us
          protect the queen, and our beautiful country, together!
                                            Captain, Knights of Pluto
    AL06) Under construction
    AL07) No nobility? No ticket? No problem! Enjoy the show from the
          rooftops! Assemble here by the steeple at sundown! Together,
          the people will prevail!
                                          Proletariat Patrons Movement
    AC01) I. Captain Steiner
          II. Blutzen
          III. Kohel
          IV. Laudo
          V. Dojebon
          VI. Breireicht
          VII. Weimar
          VIII. Haagen
          IX. Mullenkedheim
    AC02) A farming village near the Lindblum border.
    AC03) A natural cavern overrun with everlasting ice.
    OM01) Shipping is to occur once every two days. No shipment on the
          day of the sabbath. The ship will arrive in the morning if the
          Mist is light, and in the afternoon if the Mist is heavy.
          In case of emergency, change the flag on the observatory to
    DL01) A delicious breakfast for 20 Gil!
          -Cold water, fresh from the well
          -Fresh scrambled eggs
          -Vegetables, fresh from the farm
          *  This is a sample menu. *
    DL02) 1. Pickles: 8 Gil
          2. Vegetable stir-fry: Out of stock
          3. Pumpkin salad: Out of stock
          4. Dried potatoes: 4 Gil
          5. Kabobs: 10 Gil
          6. Lindblum pickles: 8 Gil
          Cash only
          *We sell medicine
    DL03) 1. Black ale: 5 Gil
          2. White ale: 8 Gil
          3. Red wine: 7 Gil
          4. White wine: 9 Gil
          5. Water: 1 Gil
          6. Gysahl liqueur: 11 Gil
          No underage drinking allowed!
          Cash only
          *We sell medicine
    DL04) *For your reading pleasure*
          How to Save One Million Gil
          Earn Money the Easy Way
          Makin' Crazy Money! Vol. 2
          Zidane: "These books suck."
    DL05) Think before equipping your new weapon and armor! Check to see
          if you are about to learn a new ability. It's up to you whether
          you equip the new item right away or wait until you've learned
          the abilities, but if you are short on money, please remember
          that we also buy items!
          - Product Information -
          Press [SELECT] to see detailed information on our products. For
          example, you'll see that our famous Mage Masher has an added
          silence attack. You need an 'Add Status' ability to use added
          status effects.
          - Hobby Info -
          Do you play cards? My theory is that the first number written
          on the card represents the card's attack power. The third and
          fourth numbers are probably defense power. I still don't know
          what the second character means. Please press ([]) to play a
          game with me.
                                 by Eve Subboard
    LB01) By Laurent, Court Artisan
          To Commemorate the Birth of Cid I
    LB02) For descending passengers only. Please do not board.
                                            Air Cab Management
    LB03) By Maulissio, Court Artisan
          Celebrating 20 Years of Rule under Cid IX
          Zidane: "Hmmm... Looks like there's no place to insert the medal."
    LB04) The room was terrible. Also, that thing crying "Kupo-Kupo" kept
          me up all night. Throw him out ASAP, or I'm never coming back.
    LB05) Bobo Birds are symbals of good fortune, according to an Olgan
          myth. The founder of this inn bought the statue, and it has been
          passed down for generations.
    LB06) Now carrying oglop oil, one of the most popular medicines in the
          market. Mountain oglop oil also in stock.
    LB07) Get your royal family acction figures today! Brahne figures now
          in stock!
    LB08) Fresh fish sold everyday.
    LB09) Feature Article: Regarding Rare Cards
          Rare cards are priceless! The cards you're
          carrying could become rare cards...
                                Fabool Publications
    LB10) Offering farm-fresh milk delivered from Lindblum Plateau.
          Excellent in stews.
    LB11) We serve top-grade coffee! 10% of our coffee beans are from
          the coffee-rich heights of Nolrich!
    LB12) Moogle's favorite food!
          ~SOLD OUT~
    LB13) The store has moved to Falgar Plaza, in the Business District.
                              Shopkeeper Dragoos
    LB14) Developed the first Mist-powered airship in 1762. Led the
          airship armada in 1771 and brought peace to the continent.
          Died 1780. In honor of my father. Cid IX
    LB15) Dark Stew (one of our classics!)
                    The Doom Pub
    LB16) Hilda Garde 2 construction postponed! The prototype steam engine
          on board Hilda Garde 2 is inoperative. The engine problem stems
          from errors during the manufacturing period.
    LB17) Business District <> Theater District
          Industrial District <> Lindblum Castle
          Working to make your travels convenient!
                                       Air Cab Management
    LB18) The 50th Annual Lindblum Exhibit
          This year's winner gets to
          paint on the church walls.
    LB19) Downstairs
    LB20) We deliver lucky <3 to you everyday!
    LB21) For the next 3 days, air cabs will operate on the Festival of
          the Hunt schedule.
                                Air Cab Management
    LB22) For the safety of the passengers, do not carry any equipment
          into the air cab.
                                Air Cab Management
    LB23) We proudly present 'Moogle Wannabe 2': performed by Zalwicks
          Company, the company that gave a stellar rendition of 'I Wish
          I Were a Chocobo.'
          Lowell Bridges plays Ubobo
    LB24) Lowell Bridges
          'Moogle Wannabe 2' Sold Out!
    LB25) Crafted by Fabrizzio, Court Blacksmith
    LB26) Crafted by Gabriel, Court Blacksmith
    LB27) Crafted by Andrea, Court Bowyer
    SG01) Working hard to provide you with the best selection of items!
    SG02) (up arrow) To Dali
          Do not vandalize the farm!
    SG03) To Treno -->
          Use caution when traveling at night
    SG04) No amount of hardship can tear our two countries apart.
          11th Regent of Lindblum, Cid VIII
          The Berkmea cable cars were built to commemorate the 20th
          anniversary of friendship between Lindblum and Alexandria.
    DL06) - Hobby Info #1 -
          Do you enjoy card games? I think I know what the second mark on
          the card means! If your card's mark is P, the battle will be:
                               Your card's [4]PO1
                            the opponent's 3M[2]9
          The green numbers go against each other.
          - Hobby Info #2 -
          If your card's second mark is the letter M, your battle will
                            Your own card's [2]M36
                            Opponent's card 1M0[5]
          The green numbers go against each other. Press ([]) to play
          a game with me. By: Eve Subboard
    LB28) I came here on vacation. I can't believe a war broke out! It's
          too dangerous to walk outside. What am I gonna do? Give me back
          my money! -Dylan
    LB29) Exclusive: Selecting effective cards! Do you know how to pick
          out strong cards? Our own Regent Cid reveals the secret of
          selecting the strongest cards!
                                          Fabool Publications
    LB30) Staring tomorrow, Alexandria will be running the air cabs.
          Those who wish to ride an air cab must pay 200 Gil per trip.
                                          New Air Cab Management
    FR01) You will be shut out once you flip this switch and go outside.
          Treasure Hunters Association
    AL08) We are collecting donations to rebuild Lindblum. Your 1 Gil
          donation helps the people of Lindblum return to their daily
                      Lindblum Aid Association
    DL07) There is a card game tournament in Treno!
          This is how cards are labeled:
          Strong EDCBA9876543210 Weak
          Weak cards evolve into stronger cards by winning games.
          Press ([]) to play a game with me.
          by: Eve Subboard
    SG05) Buy a souvenir to remember your ride on the cable car!
    LB31) Service to the Industrial District has been suspended. We
          apologize for the residents of the Industrial District for the
          disturbances caused by the reconstruction work. Thank you for
          your cooperation.
                           Air Cab Management
    LB32) I've already been here a few times, and I like this inn. The
          location is good, because it's right in front of the air cab
          station, and it's nice having a moogle around. I just wish it
          were cheaper.
    LB33) Feature Article: Conquer the Card Stadium
          If you are a collector, you have to visit the Card Stadium in
                          Fabool Publications
    LB34) We're Closed
    LB35) Due to reconstruction, all of the store's items have been moved
          to Dragoos's weapon shop. Please make your purchase there.
    LB36) Business District<>Theater District
          Industrial District<>Lindblum Castle
          Air cab service has been suspended due to the reconstruction
          of the Industrial District. We apologize for the inconvenience.
          Working to make your travels convenient!
          Air Cab Management
    IC01) Do not be restricted by your knowledge and experience. This
          place turns logic upside down. What's big is small, what's strong
          is weak, and heaven is earth.
    DL08) I'm going on a trip with my mother! Mary and Jeff will take care
          of your shopping needs in the meantime. Selected from below to
          read past bulletins:
          R1 --> 1st bulletin
          R2 --> 2nd bulletin
          R3 --> 3rd bulletin
          R4 --> Cancel
          R1 --> [See: DL05]
          R2 --> [See: DL06]
          R3 --> [See: DL07]
          R4 --> [Reading cancelled.]
          [After reading it:]
          Please don't look for me and my mother while we're away! It's
          a very private trip!
    DL09) Positive Thinking
          Learning Through Hardship
          Makin' Crazy Money! Vol. 1
          Zidane: "The mayor's books, huh? I wonder what he's up to these days."
    52. ATE Script Listing (AT01)
    Ctrl+F ATE name to find for easy referencing (I'll get around to numbering
    them all once I make sure I've got all of them in the right order!)
    ATE SCRIPT / LISTING                      AVAILABLE HOW/WHEN:
    01. The Forest Keeper               -->   Mandatory
    02. Time to Escape                  -->   After Zidane/Baku spat
    03. Girl Who Was Left Behind        -->   After Zidane/Baku spat
    04. My Little Baby                  -->   View 'Time to Escape'
    05. Orchestra in the Forest         -->   2 screens into E. Forest
    06. Do As I Say, Not As I Do        -->   Mandatory
    07. "Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 1   -->   Mandatory
    08. "Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 2   -->   Thaw moogle in Ice Cavern
    09. Vivi, Confused                  -->   After Zidane wakes, Dali inn
    10. Dagger Tries                    -->   After Zidane wakes, Dali inn
    11. Cat's Eye                       -->   Leave Dali Inn in storyline
    12. Dagger Tries Harder             -->   View ATE 10; walk out of t. square
    13. Cat's Eye 2                     -->   Speak with Vivi by windmill
    14. Queen Brahne's Steiner          -->   Mandatory
    15. "Teach me, Mogster!" (My first  -->   Mandatory
        synthesis lesson)
    16. Small-Town Knight in a Big City -->   After nap in BD hotel; main street
    17. Vivi's Shopping                 -->   Mandatory
    18. Steam Engine                    -->   First time in Theater District
    19. What can I do?                  -->   Mandatory
    20. Baku and His Crew               -->   After visiting Tantalus hideout
    21. Treno Tradition                 -->   Available at Treno, 1st Time
    22. Ambition                        -->   Available at Treno, 1st Time
    22. Pursuit                         -->   Treno, walk lft, don't watch 21/22
    23. Meeting Place                   -->   I forget...^^
    24. Unexpected Visitor              -->   Treno, walk into screen w/ drunk
    25. Crime and Punishment            -->   Treno, Tot Tower as Garnet; before
                                              entering Gargan Roo, leave the tower
    26. Don't Hate Me                   -->   Cleyra 1st time, walk to pond
    27. No Yummy-Yummies!               -->   Cleyra 1st time, walk to pond
    28. I-I Haven't Hurt Anyone         -->   Cleyra 1st time, walk to obsrvtry
    29. There A Mushroom!               -->   Cleyra 1st time, walk to obsrvtry
    30. Friendship                      -->   Mandatory
    31. The Third Jewel                 -->   Lindblum, head to marketplace area
                                              after Cid gives you 3000 Gil.
    32. Brahne's Fleet Arrives          -->   Mandatory
    33. <Gwok-gwok!> How Infuriating!   -->   Mandatory
    34. Vivi and the Couple             -->   Conde Petie entrance, 1st time in
    35. Quina Accused                   -->   Conde Petie entrance, 1st time in
    36. Quina Can't Communicate         -->   View ATE 33, then screen refresh
    37. Dagger and William              -->   Conde Petie, visit upper shrine
    38. Hungry Bryan                    -->   Vivi in upper shrine = trigger
    39. Life On the Run                 -->   Enter B. Mage Village, 1st time
    40. Gourmand's Nose                 -->   Enter B. Mage Village, 1st time
    41. Everyday Life                   -->   Enter B. Mage Village, 1st time
    42. Different Language              -->   Mandatory, if not viewed.
    43. Visitor, Not Invader            -->   B.M. Village, head to stables
    44. Life Cycle                      -->   B.M. Village, head to stables
    45. Nuptial Joy                     -->   Zidane suggest Vivi/Quina marry
                                              after his marriage ceremony;
    46. Vivi's Feelings                 -->   Madain Sari, 1st time free mvmnt.
    47. Dagger's Feelings               -->   Talk to Vivi, 1st time in M. Sari
    48. Eiko's Feelings                 -->   Mandatory
    49. Eiko's Kitchen                  -->   MS Square, follow Morrison 2 EWall
    50. Eiko's Kitchen 2                -->   Leave Eidolon Wall for 1st time
    51. It's So Big!                    -->   D3 Alex., Vivi POV, walk thru twn
    52. Long Time No See!               -->   D3 Alex., Vivi POV, walk twrds sq.
    53. To Fly High                     -->   D3 Alex., Vivi POV, Town square
    54. Artemecion                      -->   D3 Alex., Vivi POV, Town square
    55. I Forgot!                       -->   D3 Alex., Zid. POV, Leave the bar
    56. Clowns on a Dark Night          -->   Mandatory
    57. Eiko Talks Life                 -->   D3 Treno, 1st control of Zidane
    58. How He Ended Up Here            -->   D3 Treno, 1st time in Tot's Tower
    59. Hippo's Prize                   -->   D3 Treno, head out of Tot's Tower
    60. Memories By The Water           -->   D3 Treno, head out of Tot's Tower
    61. City People                     -->   D3 Treno, head into stadium scrn.
    62. Home Sweet Home                 -->   Watch ATE 57 - Choose to go home.
    63. Good Old Days                   -->   D3 Treno, after 1st card tour. win
    64. Lessons of Life                 -->   Watch ATE 60, refresh screen
    65. Hallucination                   -->   Win round 2 of Treno card tourney
    66. Premonition                     -->   Win round 2 of Treno card tourney
    67. Something Washed Ashore         -->   D3 Lindblum, leave guestroom
    68. My Bad                          -->   D3 Lindblum, ask Blank where Garnt
                                              is, go see her, and it plays after
                                              you're done.
    69. Self-reproach                   -->   Mandatory
    70. Deep Anger                      -->   Mandatory
    71. My Hammer                       -->   When you go to find 3 old potions
    72. The Rally                       -->   Mandatory, if u saved Burm. couple
    73. No Free Lunch                   -->   Find Quina in Lindblum marketplace
    74. Give Me My Money                -->   Watch ATE #73; go there w/ >100gil
    75. Team                            -->   Mandatory
    76. Recovery                        -->   Mandatory
    77. Place to Call Home              -->   1st Eiko POV in Bran Bal
    78. Where the Heart Is              -->   1st Eiko POV in Bran Bal, exit inn
    79. Came into this World            -->   1st Eiko POV in ", walk around
    80. The Truth                       -->   1st Eiko POV in ", meeting room
    81. The Elevator                    -->   Back and forth in Pand. elev. room
    | The Forest Keeper \________________________________________________
     [In Evil Forest somewhere, Vivi and Garnet are running.]
     Vivi: "WHOOOA!"
     [Vivi trips.]
     Garnet: "Are you alright?"
     Vivi: "I-Is it still coming? Watch out!"
     [A shadow hangs over Garnet's head.]
    | Time to Escape \__________________________________________________
     [In the room, Steiner stands around.]
     Steiner: "Hmm... The structure is in poor condition. Perhaps I
              could break out by ramming into the wall. ............
              FIRE! FIRE!!! LET ME OUT!!! UGH! <Huff-Huff.> I'm still
              not feeling well..."
     [He sits on the stool, and finds he's sat on something. He reaches
     for whatever it is.]
     Steiner: "What's this? What an ugly doll... 'Princess Garnet, age
              15'!? H-How dare they write the princess's name on such a
              ragged doll!? Besides, the princess is not 15! She's 16!
    | My Little Baby \__________________________________________________
     [Outside, Cinna searches the salvaged crates and boxes.]
     Cinna: "It should be here somewhere. Huh...? Damn! Where is it!?
            What happened to my Garnet doll!? Man. How am I supposed to
            sleep now...? Geez... Poor little doll... The fire probably
            caught it."
    | Girl Who Was Left Behind \________________________________________
     [In Alexandria, at the Morning Star Bar, Ruby stands around, and
     it's probably just after the Prima Vista's passed out of town.]
     Ruby: "Where'd everbuddy go? And whut am I supposed to do now?
    | Orchestra in the Forest \_________________________________________
     [The orchestra is playing a rousing tune in the cargo room.]
     Conductor: "Okay, let's really liven up this place!"
     Violinist: "Yeah, let our music do the fighting against those
     Cymbalist: "This oughta boost morale."
     Drummer: "This is great!"
     Trumpeter: "Brrum, brrrum, brrrruuum!"
     [Baku walks downstairs.]
     Baku: "Hey, not bad! I'm gonna go take a look around. Stay on your
           toes. We'll be leaving soon."
     Conductor: "Alright!"
     Trumpeter: "Brrruuuum!"
     Cymbalist: "Okay, Boss!"
     Violinist: "Okay, Boss!"
     Drummer: "Okay, Boss!"
    | Do As I Say, Not As I Do \________________________________________
     [Baku and Blank are walking in the Prima Vista.]
     Blank: "Are you sure about this?"
     Baku: "Yeah, don't worry. We'll be outta here soon, too. Here,
           take this map. It's gonna be a long trip back to Lindblum..."
     Blank: "Alright. I'll see you later."
     Baku: "I'm countin' on you!"
    | "Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 1 \___________________________________
     [In a swamp area somewhere, two moogles sit by the waterline.]
     Moggy: "Hey, Bro. What are you gonna teach me today?"
     Mogster: "Lots of neat stuff. You're gonna love this lecture. What
              do you want to go over?"
              R1 --> Help Menu
              R2 --> Battles
              R3 --> Abilities
              R4 --> Trance
              R5 --> Icon that appears over the head
              R6 --> Save Moogles
              R7 --> Nothing
              R1: "When you see (PF) in the menu, press [SELECT], and
                  I'll come help you anytime. After you're done with my
                  help, press [SELECT] so I can leave. I'm usually
                  pretty busy, so try not to keep me too long."
              R2: "First, I'll go over the battle controls."
                  - Basic Battle Controls 1 -
                 (><)   Confirm.
                  (O)   Cancel.
                 (/\)   Cycle to the next ready character when the ATB
                        Gauge is full.
                 ([])   Hold down to clear menu.
                 - Basic Battle Controls 2 -
                 [L1][R1]   Select single/multiple targets.
                 [L2]       Turn the target window on/off.
                 [START]    Pause.
                 [SELECT]   Turn on/off help.
                 "Next, I'll talk about ATB. ATB stands for Active Time
                 Battle. Time during battle is managed by the ATB
                 System. There are 2 ATB modes: Active and Wait. You
                 can select them in the Config Menu."
                 - ATB Mode -
                 Active      Always real-time
                             (time never stops during battle).
                 Wait        Time stops when you are selecting magic
                             and items.
                 "If you're a beginner, I think you should choose Wait.
                 Active is for more advanced players. Now, let's go
                 over damage points. Numbers and details pop up during
                 battle whenever your HP and MP change. Numbers appear
                 in 2 different colors."
                 - Damage Points -
                 9999     HP change;
                          White numbers indicate damage.
                          Green numbers indicate HP recovery.
                 9999MP   MP change;
                          White numbers indicate loss.
                          Green numbers indicate MP recovery.
                 - Damage Details -
                 Miss      When the attack misses.
                 Critical  When you deal greater damage than usual.
                 Death     When you get KO'd.
                 Guard     When status attacks and elemental attacks
                           have no effect.
                 "Finally, I'll give you some tips regarding Order. The
                 Order option involves not only the lineup but also the
                 battle position. There are 2 battle positions: front
                 row and back row.
                 - Front Row and Back Row -
                 Front Row   You can deal big damage with Attack, but
                             you can also receive big damage.
                 Back Row    You can only deal small damage with Attack,
                             but you receive less damage from attacks.
                 "You can change this setting with the Order option.
                 You can also switch between the front and back row
                 during battle, by selecting Change. If you use magic
                 or long-range weapons, you can deal just as much
                 damage from the back row as you can from the front
                 row. In tough battles, adjusting battle positions
                 appropriately might save your life. Okay, I think I've
                 covered enough battle stuff."
             R3: "Abilities are special powers that characters possess.
                 Using them wisely is the key to victory. There are
                 tons of different abilities, but generally, they fall
                 into 2 categories."
                 - Types of Abilities -
                 <A> Action Abilities:
                       Magic and special moves you can use in battle;
                       consume MP.
                 <S> Support Abilities:
                       Special abilities that support you in battle
                       (must equip magic stones to use them).
                 "You need MP to use magic and special moves. Maximum
                 MP increases as you level up. Support abilities must
                 be equipped with magic stones to be functional. Like
                 MP, the maximum number of these stones increases as
                 you level up. The Main Menu shows 2 numbers for magic
                 stones: the remaining number and the maximum number."
                 - Magic Stones -
                 Rem. No. (Decreases as you Equip Support Abilities.)
             ( )99/99
                   Max. No. (Increases as you level up.)
                 "To set magic stones on support abilities, select
                 Ability in the Main Menu and select Equip. There are
                 round slots next to each support ability. The ability
                 is equipped if a magic stone appears inside the slot.
                 The menu shows which support abilities have been
                 - Ability Status -
                 < >s       Ability Name; Not Equipped.
                 <.>s       Ability Name; Equipped.
                 "Now I'll tell you how to learn abilities. In general,
                 you have to equip items to learn abilities. Most items
                 hold special powers that help draw out your inborn
                 abilities. You could say the items work to free your
                 latent abilities. Select Equip in the Main Menu to
                 check which abilities you can learn from items. The
                 abilities you cannot learn are grayed out.
                 -Which Abilities Can Be Learned? -
                 <.>a  Ability Name; Ability that can be learned.
                 <.>s  Ability Name; Ability that can be learned.
                 < >a  Ability Name; Ability that cannot be learned.
                 < >s  Ability Name; Ability that cannot be learned.
                 "Abilities can be used as soon as you equip the item.
                 However, they cannot be used once you remove the item.
                 To use abilities without equipping items, you must
                 learn them by gaining enough AP for each ability. You
                 can gain AP through battle."
                 - AP Gauge -
                 <.>a Ability Name [3stars]
                 <.>s Ability Name [3stars]
                        The character has gained enough AP to use the
                        ability without equipping the item.
                 <.>a Ability Name [50/100]
                 <.>s Ability Name [50/100]
                        The character must equip the item to use the
                        ability until more AP is gained.
                 "Press (><) in the Status Menu to view all the learned
                 abilities. On a final note, each ability requires
                 different amounts of AP to learn."
             R4: "When Trance occurs, the character transforms. Your
                 powers increase while you're under Trance. In addition
                 to greater attack power, you receive new battle
                 commands. It's really amazing how much you can change.
                 Here are some facts about Trance:"
                 - About Trance -
                 1. The Trance Gauge increases as you take hits from
                    the enemy.
                 2. The Trance Gauge does not increase if you get hit
                    by other party members.
                 3. If you get afflicted by Zombie, the Trance Gauge
                    goes down completely.
                 4. When the Trance Gauge fills completely, it's party
                 - Conditions that Stop/Prevent Trance -
                 1. End of a battle; Trance Gauge goes back down to
                 2. During battle; Trance Gauge decreases to zero as
                    you take actions during battle.
                 "You could say that the origin of Trance comes from
                 hostility. The hostile energy of the enemy's attacks
                 attacks induces Trance. That's why being attacked by
                 your allies can't cause Trance. Also, I heard that
                 there is an ability that helps you achieve Trance
                 faster. By the way, the Trance Gauge appears both in
                 battle and in the Status Menu, which is under the Main
                 Menu. Unfortunately, not everyone can achieve Trance.
                 I guess it's only for the chosen ones. Or maybe it's
                 just a myth. I've never seen anyone achieve it."
             R5: "During your adventure, you'll run into a lot of
                 suspicious-looking things. That's when a Field Icon
                 might pop up over your head. Press (><) when you see
                 the icon, and something will happen. Field Icons pop
                 up a lot, so stay alert. Also, there are some areas
                 where you might not be able to see where you are.
                 Whenever that happens, pop out the HERE Icon. Press
                 [SELECT] to call the HERE Icon. You can pop out the
                 HERE Icon anytime by pressing [SELECT]. Also, you can
                 turn on/off the icon in the Config Menu."
             R6: "You can find our buddies everywhere in this world.
                 Talk to them whenever you have any problems. Here are
                 some of the things they can handle."
                 - Save Moogle's Functions -
                 Save     Saves your game.
                 Tent     Uses the Tent item to restore everyone's HP
                          and MP; also removes some status effects.
                 Mognet   Exchange letters with other people.
                 "That's about it. Unfortunately, you won't be able to
                 Save or use a Tent in some places. If you press ([])
                 in the World Map, Moguo will come help you. Try not to
                 overdo it. He might get mad if you call him too many
             R7 (Moggy): "Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot."
                Mogster: "Yeah, I know..."
    | "Teach me, Mogster!" Lesson 2 \___________________________________
     [The two moogles from before make a repeat.]
     Moggy: "Hey, Bro. What are you gonna teach me today?"
     Mogster: "Lots of neat stuff. I'm gonna give another interesting
              lecture today!"
              R1 --> Help Menu
              R2 --> Battles
              R3 --> Abilities
              R4 --> Trance
              R5 --> Icon that appears over the head
              R6 --> Save Moogles
              R7 --> Status Effects
              R8 --> Elemental Properties
              R9 --> Card Game
             R10 --> Nothing
              R1: [Explained in Lesson 1]
              R2: [Explained in Lesson 1]
              R3: [Explained in Lesson 1]
              R4: [Explained in Lesson 1]
              R5: [Explained in Lesson 1]
              R5: [Explained in Lesson 1]
              R7: "Status refers to a character's condition. There are
                  good status effects and bad status effects, so pay
                  attention! We'll go over the bad status effects
                  first. The following status effects go away when the
                  battle is over.
                  - Bad Status Effects 1 -
                  Confuse   You lose control of your character.
                  Berserk   Although strength increases, the
                            character can only attack.
                  Stop      The character cannot move.
                  Poison    HP gradually decrease.
                  Sleep     The character falls asleep and cannot move.
                  Slow      The ATB Gauge fills up slowly.
                  - Bad Status Effects 2 -
                  Heat      The terrible burns cause KO if the
                            character takes any action.
                  Freeze    The character becomes frozen and gets KO'd
                            if physically attacked.
                  Mini      The character shrinks, which reduces Battle
                            Power and Defense.
                  "Now I'll discuss VERY bad status effects that won't
                  go away after the battle is over. These effects are
                  displayed in the Main Menu."
                  - Very Bad Status Effects 1 -
                  Petrify   The character becomes petrified and cannot
                  Venom     HP and MP gradually decrease, and the
                            character cannot move.
                  Virus     The character cannot gain EXP or AP after
                            battle because growth is stunted.
                  Silence   The character cannot use magic.
                  - Very Bad Status Effects 2 -
                  Darkness  The character's vision is impaired, and
                            physical attack accuracy decreases.
                  Trouble   The damage one character receives transfers
                            to other characters as well.
                  Zombie    Healing items and magic cause damage to the
                  "Alright, enough of the bad stuff. Let's talk about
                  the good status effects."
                  - Good Status Effects 1 -
                  Auto-Life  The character revives from KO,
                             automatically, once during battle.
                  Regen      HP are gradually restored.
                  Haste      ATB Gauge fills up faster.
                  Float      The character floats and does not receive
                             Earth damage.
                  - Good Status Effects 2 -
                  Shell      The damage from magic attacks decreases.
                  Protect    The damage from physical attacks decreases.
                  Vanish     The character vanishes and cannot be hit
                             by physical attacks; the character
                             reappears if hit by magic.
                  Reflect    Magic is reflected back at the caster.
                             (Some magic cannot be reflected.)
                  "In addition to these, there are status effects known
                  as Doom and Gradual Petrify. Remember this! If all
                  your party members incur KO, Stop, Petrify, or Venom
                  during battle, it's Game Over! Also, you won't
                  receive EXP or AP if you're still under KO, Petrify,
                  Virus, or Zombie when the battle ends."
              R8: "There are a total of 8 Elemental Properties: Fire,
                  Ice, Thunder, Earth, Water, Wind, Holy, and Shadow.
                  Applying these Elemental Properties to your attacks
                  and defense makes battles a lot easier. But your
                  enemies can take advantage of them as well, so watch
                  out. To apply them, you have to understand their
                  - Elemental Properties -
                  Fire     Effective against ice and undead monsters.
                  Ice      Effective against insects, large enemies,
                           and fire and dragon-type monsters.
                  Thunder  Effective against enemies near water.
                  Earth    Ineffective against flying monsters.
                  Water    Effective against fire monsters.
                  Wind     Effective against flying monsters.
                  Holy     Effective against shadow monsters.
                  Shadow   Effective against holy monsters.
                  "There is also a Non-elemental Property, which is not
                  affected by any elemental property. Did all that sink
                  in? It's easy, once you get the hang of it.
              R9: "The official name of the card game is Tetra Master.
                  Many people all over the world pay Tetra Master. The
                  only way to find out who plays is by challenging
                  them. Tetra Master players never back down from a
                  challenge. To challenge people, walk up to them and
                  press ([]). If you challenge a person who isn't a
                  player, he or she will probably just talk to you.
                  Okay, here are some basic rules.
                  - Tetra Master Rules 1 -
                  Select 5 cards in your possession to play.
                  - Tetra Master Rules 2 -
                  1. Put down a card by your opponent's card.
                  2. If the arrow on your card points to your opponent's
                     card, you can win his/her card.
                  - Tetra Master Rules 3 -
                  If the arrow on your card faces the arrow on your
                  opponent's card, a card battle begins.
                  "If your card wins the card battle, you win the
                  opponent's card. If your card loses the card battle,
                  the opponent wins your card."
                  - Tetra Master Rules 4 -
                  If you have to battle 2 or more cards, you can choose
                  the opponent's card that you want to battle.
                  - Tetra Master Rules 5 -
                  The game ends once all the cards are played, and the
                  person with the most cards is the winner.
                  - Tetra Master Rules 6 -
                  The winner gets to take the loser's card(s).
                  "Tetra Master has other rules, but I won't get into
                  them now. Just give it a try and figure them out for
             R10 (Moggy): "Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot."
                 Mogster: "Yeah, I know..."
    | Vivi, Confused \__________________________________________________
     [Vivi walks into the village and sees some little kids.]
     Boy in Blue: "!"
     [The boy in brown speaks.]
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "Ouch...! What's going on? Hey, you're...!"
     [They run away from him.]
     Vivi: "......" (Are they...avoiding me?) "......"
    | Dagger Tries \____________________________________________________
     [Dagger wanders the village and finds a pumpkin patch.]
     Dagger: "I wonder... I wonder if the castle is okay? That was
             quite a ruckus... Mother went too far. She didn't have to
             fire at the ship, even if she did it to rescue me... I
             wonder how many people were hurt? I hope the damage wasn't
             too severe. Some people could've died... Like in Evil
     [An old woman walks into the patch.]
     Old Lady: "You're in my way, kiddo."
     Dagger: (Kiddo?) "Oh, my apologies... I mean, I'm sorry."
     Old Lady: "Kids these days!"
     [The old woman stoops by the plants.]
     Dagger: "What are you doing?"
     Old Lady: "Can't you see what I'm doing? I'm killing the bugs on
               the crops."
     Dagger: "You're...killing the bugs?"
     Old Lady: "Yeah, that's what I'm doing! Bugs are just like
               monsters! They destroy our crops if you leave them be!"
     Dagger: (Crops?)
     Old Lady: "There's one!"
     [Dagger catches the oglop.]
     Dagger: "Oh, an oglop! Oglops eat vegetables?"
     Old Lady: "You're a strange one. Most girls hate oglops."
     Dagger: "Is that so? It's just that I haven't seen too many of
             them..." (Wait. Zidane told me to try and blend in...
             Maybe I should act like I don't like oglops. 1, 2, 3.)
    | Cat's Eye \_______________________________________________________
     [The cat on top of the fireplace jumps onto Hal's desk.]
     Innkeeper Hal: "Oh, it's you... What should I do? I don't wanna
                    give in to my brother, but everyone else's makin'
                    money 'cept me... ...... Hey, wasn't that customer
                    traveling with...? I won't have to give in if I tell
                    him about them!"
    | Dagger Tries Harder \_____________________________________________
     [Dagger goes to the equipment shop.]
     Dagger: (I must speak with this girl and learn how common folk
     Shopkeeper Eve: "Welcome!
     Dagger: "Um, yes, can we talk for a bit?"
     Shopkeeper Eve: "Talk?"
     Dagger: "What should I say...?"
             R1 --> I'm from the country
             R2 --> Show me what you're selling
             R1: "Um..."
             R2: "Um..."
     [Pasty Yacha runs in.]
     Pasty Yacha: "Eve!!!"
     Shopkeeper Eve: "Yacha! Can't you see I'm with a customer?"
     Pasty Yacha: "But I just heard something awesome!"
     Dagger: (Awesome?)
     Shopkeeper Eve: "Can't you see I'm working?"
     Dagger: "Um, please... I mean, don't mind me." (Here's a chance to
             listen in on some conversation.)
     Pasty Yacha: "Thanks, lady! I was gonna say..."
    | Cat's Eye 2 \_____________________________________________________
     Innkeeper Hal: "Hee hee hee...! Oh, the look on his face! He sent
                    someone to pick it up right away! All I need to do
                    now is keep quiet until the guests leave... Gotta
                    pretend I'm asleep! Hee hee hee...!"
    | Queen Brahne's Steiner \__________________________________________
     [Steiner is in the back of the pub.]
     Steiner: "Firewood stacking duties are complete! I await your
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "It's my job to clean the bar. Why are you
                            doing all this?"
     Steiner: "S-Sorry. Well, now that you have time, would you
              introduce me to some adults, like your father?"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "My father won't be back until nightfall.
                            All the other men are also working. They
                            don't come here during the day."
     Steiner: "Pubs are supposed to be a prime source of information...
              Ahem! I need not ask an adult. Let me ask you a question!
              I need to know what transportation method people use in
              this village. I cannot tell you the reason, but there is
              someone I must escort to the castle."
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "Are you from Alexandria Castle?"
     Steiner: "Indeed! I command the queen's Knights of Pluto! I am
              Adelbert Steiner, Captain of the Knights of Pluto!"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "Knights of Pluto...? Oh. Well, if you're
                            from the castle, I guess it's okay to tell
                            you... Please go to the observatory on top
                            of a mountain on the outskirts of the
                            village. An old man named Morrid lives
                            there. He takes care of the cargo ship."
     Steiner: "Cargo ship!? So, that piece of junk flies to this
              village! Thank you!"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "Wait!"
     Steiner: "Yes?"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "Thank you for cleaning."
     Steiner: "Nay, it is I who should thank you for your assistance. I
              must make haste!"
    | Teach me, Mogster! (My first synthesis lesson) \__________________
     [The two moogles from before make a repeat.]
     Moggy: "Hey, Bro. What are you gonna teach me today?"
     Mogster: "Lots of neat stuff. Today, I'm gonna talk about the
              Synthesis Shop."
              R1 --> Help Menu
              R2 --> Battles
              R3 --> Abilities
              R4 --> Trance
              R5 --> Icon that appears over the head
              R6 --> Save Moogles
              R7 --> Status Effects
              R8 --> Elemental Properties
              R9 --> Card Game
             R10 --> Synthesis Shops
             R11 --> Nothing
              R1: [See the first Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R2: [See the first Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R3: [See the first Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R4: [See the first Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R5: [See the first Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R6: [See the first Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R7: [See the second Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R8: [See the second Mogster lesson for transcript.]
              R9: [See the second Mogster lesson for transcript.]
             R10: "In addition to regular shops where you can buy and
                  sell items, there are synthesis shops, where you can
                  synthesize items to create new items. All you need
                  are 2 items to serve as the base and a few Gil to
                  cover labor. The items you need and the amount of
                  money you pay vary for each synthesized item. Here
                  are some examples."
                  - Synthesis Example -
                  The Ogre
                  (Required Item 1)  Mage Masher
                  (Required Item 2)  Mage Masher
                  (Cost)             700 Gil
                  Desert Boots
                  (Required Item 1)  Leather Hat
                  (Required Item 2)  Leather Shirt
                  (Cost)             300 Gil
                  "If you haven't been to a synthesis shop yet, go
                  check out the one in Lindblum. Oh, speaking of
                  synthesis, I'll tell you a big secret. Long ago, I
                  heard rumors there's a Legendary Synthesis who can
                  create the best items. But I don't know where he
                  lives or what he looks like..."
             R11 (Moggy): "Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot."
                 Mogster: "Yeah, I know..."
    | Small-Town Knight in a Big City \_________________________________
     [Steiner walks through the Business District.]
     Steiner: "What a huge town! I'm completely lost."
     [Steiner sees a red mage approaching.]
     Steiner: "Pardon me..."
     Female Red Mage: "Geez... You're dressed awful funny."
     Steiner: "...I am Captain Adelbert Steiner of Alexandria, and I
              humble request your assistance to get back to the castle."
     Female Red Mage: "Ha-ha-ha! That's a new one! Nice try, but I
                      don't date bums. You should really scrape all
                      that rust off. It's disgusting."
     [She leaves.]
     Steiner: "Wha...?"
     [He sees an old woman at a food cart staring at him.]
     Steiner: "Huh?"
     Grandma Pickle: "Do you always strike out that badly? I think you
                     need a new line. A little shine wouldn't hurt,
     Steiner: "What are these things?"
     Grandma Pickle: "They're called gysahl pickles. They're one of
                     Lindblum's delicacies. Do you wanna try one?"
     Steiner: "...It smells terrible!"
     Grandma Pickle: "The worse the smell, the better they taste."
     Steiner: "I guess I'll try one. !!! UGHUAAA!!! <HACK-HACK!>"
     Grandma Pickle: "Oh, my. Even the locals don't eat them in one
     Steiner: "Phew... But you're right. They are good."
    | Vivi's Shopping \_________________________________________________
     [Vivi heads into the item shop.]
     Vivi: "Wow, this nut smells really good. I think I'll buy one...
           This place has a lot of unusual things. Is this food? It
           looks good. It looks like the sesame buns Grandpa used to
     [He looks at a sign.]
     Sign:            = Alice's Item Shop =
              Festival of the Hunt Sale ends today!
     Vivi: "Wow, there's gonna be a festival! Hi. I wanna buy this."
     Alice: "Oh, are you friends with the moogles?"
     Vivi: "Huh?"
     Alice: "That item is called a Kupo Nut. Kupo Nuts are moogles'
            favorite food."
     Vivi: "Oh. I didn't know that."
     Alice: "I think that's the last one... Go ahead, honey. It's on
     Vivi: "Really!? Thank you!" [He gets the Kupo Nut.] "Um, what is
           this Festival of the Hunt like?"
     Alice: "Well, we let a bunch of animals loose and..."
     Vivi: (Oh, there's gonna be a lot of animals.) "It sounds like fun!
           Thank you!"
     [Vivi runs out.]
     Alice: "What's so fun about fighting savage beasts...? Wait a
            minute! Did I say 'animals' again!?"
    | Steam Engine \____________________________________________________
     [Steiner walks along a long pathway.]
     Steiner: "I'm lost again... Where is the princess? The town is
              big, the castle is big, why does everything have to be so
              big!? Pardon me. Can you tell me where I am?"
     Grandpa: "What, you're lost? Gee... You're a soldier, for cryin'
              out loud. This is the bridge that connects the castle and
              the airship docks. That big building in front of us
              houses the docks."
     Steiner: "Wh-What is that large airship!?"
     Grandpa: "Amazing, isn't it? It's the Hilda Garde 2. Since it is
              equipped with a steam engine, developed by the regent
              himself, it can fly without Mist."
     Steiner: "Impossible. How can it fly without being powered by
     Grandpa: "What cave did you just crawl out of!? This is the age of
              steam power! The source of steam power is water. It's
              much safer than Mist. Heh-heh-heh! A bright future awaits
              us all!"
     [The old man walks away, and Steiner stares dumbfounded upwards.]
    | What can I do? \__________________________________________________
     [Up in the Grand Castle's guest room:]
     Dagger: "...A bell's ringing... A performance in the Theater
             District must've just ended."
     Elite Guard: "Is there anything you need, Your Highness?"
     Dagger: "No, thank you. I'm thinking of going outside and having a
             look around."
     Elite Guard: "I'm sorry, Your Highness, but we cannot grant this
                  request. Right now, there are many people coming to
                  Lindblum for the Festival of the Hunt. Therefore,
                  things are quite chaotic in town, making security
                  rather difficult. Also, very few people know of your
                  presence here. It's for your own safety. Please
     Dagger: "Okay, I understand..."
     [The guard walks away.]
     Dagger: "...I can't stand sitting around like this. I didn't come
             here to be protected. I just want to help Mother..."
    | Baku and His Crew \_______________________________________________
     [Baku, Cinna, and Marcus walk into a watery area with some ruins.]
     Baku: "A-CHOO!"
     [Cinna drinks from the spring.]
     Cinna: "Phew, that tasted good! I can't believe we found a way out
            of Evil Forest before it got petrified!"
     Marcus: "...It's all thanks to our bro, who pointed out the river
             before he took the map to Zidane. What do we do now, Boss?
             We gotta save our brother..."
     Baku: "Yer right. But first, we'll let the guys outside drink some
           water from the lake. Cinna, bring them over. Hey, about
           Blank... I think it's better that Evil Forest stays
     [Cinna runs off.]
     Marcus: "Are you serious!?"
     Baku: "Don't get me wrong. I ain't sayin' this out of concern for
           our safety."
     Marcus: "Then...why?"
     Baku: "I'm sure he wouldn't wanna be saved if it it meant Evil
           Forest was gonna be restored, too..."
     [Cinna returns, without any of the wounded.]
     Marcus: "...You're right."
     Baku: "We gotta start lookin'. There's gotta be another way to
           cure his petrification somehow. We ain't too late. We gotta
           do what we can."
     Marcus: "I gotcha, Boss!" [He runs off.]
     Baku: "...... Hey, Cinna... What are you doing over there?"
     Cinna: "This springwater might make some good coffee! I'll get the
     Baku: "Do I gotta remind you what happens to members who don't
           listen to their boss?"
     Cinna: "N-NO! Please, not that! I'll bring everyone over right
    | Treno Tradition \_________________________________________________
     [Dagger walks alone. A policeman chasing someone passes by.]
     Policeman: "Come back here!"
     Dagger: "Was that a pickpocket? I should be careful."
     [A man walks by Dagger and walks off. Dagger has a chance to catch
     him in the act of robbing her, though. If she messes up:]
     Dagger: "Hey...! My money's gone!
     Narrative: Dagger lost 1000 Gil.
     [If she catches him:]
     Dagger: "Hey! Where's my money!? P-Pickpocket!" [She chases him.]
     Narrative: Dagger lost 500 Gil.
    | Ambition \________________________________________________________
     [In a screen, two little kids stand in the slums.]
     Natalie: "Listen carefully, Mario. This city used to be called
              'the City of Nobles.' It's a lie!"
     Mario: "The nobles pushed us around, right, Sis!?"
     Natalie: "That's right. They hogged all the waterfront property
              and forced us up into the hills."
     Mario: "They exploited us to make their money, right, Sis!?"
     [Marcus walks by, taking a moment to listen.]
     Natalie: "Right. But we can't just sit here and complain, or we'll
              end up spending the rest of our lives in this miserable
     Mario: "Power to the people! Right, Sis!?"
     Natalie: "That's right! Power to the people! We'll never go hungry
              once we become nobles! Follow me, Mario!"
     [Natalie and Mario strut off.]
     Marcus: "...... What's this world coming to...?"
     [Marcus walks into a building.]
    | Pursuit \_________________________________________________________
     [The four-armed man who robbed Dagger walks along happily.]
     Four-armed Man: "Heh heh heh... That was too easy! Huh...!? Dang
     [He runs off when Dagger runs down the stairs after him.]
     Dagger: "Which way did he go...? I can't believe I was
     [Dagger runs off in the wrong direction.]
     Four-armed Man: "Wow, I couldn't see her very well in the dark
                     before. She's a real cutie. Good girls shouldn't
                     be walking around alone at night. It's time for me
                     to get ready and move on to a new city..."
    | Confusion \_______________________________________________________
     [Dagger walks along.]
     Dagger: "This is not a very nice city... Better find Supersoft
             fast and get back to Alexandria."
     Drunk: <Burp...>
     Dagger: "......"
     Drunk: <Burp...>
     Dagger: "Ah... Um... Maybe not this way. Yeah, I won't find
             Supersoft over there."
     Drunk: <Hiccup!>
     [Dagger walks in the direction away from the drunk, seeing a man
     standing near the waterfront.]
     Dagger: "Oh... Excuse me, have you heard of a thing called
     Old Man: "Huh? My wife? She died 3 years ago."
     Dagger: "No, I'm looking for an item that cures all
     Old Man: "Oh, really? I'm doing fine, thanks for asking. I may be
              old, but I'm still healthy."
     Dagger: "...... Um, thank you...very much."
     Old Man: "You're still young! Don't give up! Good luck!"
     [Dagger walks away.]
    | Meeting Place \___________________________________________________
     [Marcus walks into a building.]
     Marcus: "Hey, there. Is everything okay?"
     Barkeep: "What the heck are you talkin' about...? Hey, it's you!
              Where have you been, Marcus?"
     Marcus: "You know, around."
     Barkeep: "Heh heh heh... The man's waitin' for you.
     [Marcus goes downstairs to find Baku.]
     Baku: "ACHOO!!! Yer late."
     Marcus: "A lot happened. I'm kinda tired."
     Baku: "No excuses. You're ready to go."
     Marcus: "You found it? You found the Supersoft?"
     Baku: "Yeah, in a noble's mansion. You'll go by boat and break in
     Marcus: "Leave it to me! I'm the one who'll save our bro!"
     Baku: "Yeah, it's just that you've got two liabilities comin'
    | Unexpected Visitor \______________________________________________
     [Dagger walks into the auctionhouse.]
     Bidder: "800 Gil!"
     Bidder 2: "1100 Gil!"
     Dagger: "Oh... This must be the auction house."
     Bidder 3: "1300 Gil!"
     Dagger: "Maybe I can find the Supersoft here..."
     Bidder 4: "1400 Gil!"
     Bidder 1: "Hmm..."
     Dagger: "Hmm?"
     Bidder 3: "1600 Gil!"
     [Dagger looks up to a balcony and sees a man watching the auction
     as well. She doesn't know it's Kuja, for obvious reasons.]
     Bidder 2: "1800 Gil!"
    | Crime and Punishment \____________________________________________
     [Cinna is reclining on a bench at the South Gate railway station]
     Cinna: "...... I... I missed it again... How many times have I missed
            it? It's morning now... But it isn't my fault! It's the South
            Gate Bundt Cake! It's so delicious...I just can't stop! When
            will the next car to Lindblum arrive...?"
     [A car pulls into the station with a steamy hiss.]
     Cinna: That sound... That's a car coming back from Alexandria. I'm
            gonna wait right here this time!"
     Voice: "What the heck are ya doin'!?"
     Cinna: "I'm waiting for a cable car."
     Voice: "So this is where you were wastin' time!!!"
     Cinna: "I wasn't wasting time. I was eating South Gate Bundt Cake...
            Why are you talking to..."
     [He sees it's his boss, Baku.]
     Cinna: "ME!?"
     Baku: "I knew somethin' was up, 'cause Marcus wouldn't give me a
           straight answer. So, this is where you were. Ignorin' your
           boss's orders and eatin' South Gate Bundt Cake..."
     Cinna: "F-Forgive me! I didn't mean to slack off."
     Baku: "It's punishment time!"
     Cinna: "ME!?"
     Baku: "Take my Super Tornado Tantalus Punch!!!"
     Cinna: "P-Please, not that... Please... NOOOOOO!!!"
     [He flees into the waiting area.]
     Baku: "Take it like a man!"
     [Cinna can be heard getting walloped off-screen.]
     Cinna: "ME!? Graaaaaagh!!! NOOOOOO!!!"
    | Don't Hate Me \___________________________________________________
     [Vivi walks through Cleyra.]
     Rat Child: "Look!"
     Rat Child 2: "Pointy-headed devil!"
     Burmecian Refugee Learie: "D-Don't come any closer!"
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "You demon! Leave my family alone!"
    | No Yummy-Yummies! \_______________________________________________
     [Quina stands near the observatory.]
     Quina: "This town... ...got NO yummy-yummies anywhere!"
     [Two oracles walk by. Quina lumbers and corners them.]
     Quina: "You no can make famous Alexandria dish, Queensmeal?"
     Oracle: "Aaaa!"
     Oracle: "Aaaa!"
     Quina: "You no have famous South Gate Bundt Cake?"
     Oracle: "Aaaa!"
     Oracle: "Aaaa!"
    | I-I Haven't Hurt Anyone \_________________________________________
     [Dan chases Vivi into the inn.]
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "You bastard! You killed my father!"
     Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Bastard!"
     Burmecian Kid Jack: "Bastard!"
     Burmecian Kid Adam: "Bastard!"
     Night Oracle Donnegan: "Well, well. A bit touchy today, aren't we?
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "He's one of the demons that sacked
     Vivi: "I-I haven't hurt anyone."
    | There A Mushroom! \_______________________________________________
     [Quina walks to the pond.]
     Quina: "Mushroom!!! I never seen this kind mushroom before! I hope
            it edible."
     [Quina looks around and starts eating.]
    | Friendship \______________________________________________________
     [Marcus runs through Evil Forest to find Blank.]
     Marcus: "Phew... I'm bushed from all that running... I can't stop.
             Hold on, Bro. I'm coming. !!! Come on. Get up."
    | The Third Jewel \_________________________________________________
     [Soldiers come down from Cid's throne room, meeting another.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "We started loading the supplies."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "It took long enough, didn't it?"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, the Lindblum soldiers won't obey our
     Alexandrian Soldier: "We must finish up before Queen Brahne
                          becomes upset. Send all available personnel
                          to the harbor to assist in supplying the
                          fleet. Staying here is pointless now that we
                          have the Falcon Claw."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, ma'am!"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, ma'am!"
    | Brahne's Fleet Arrives \__________________________________________
     [Lindblum soldiers stand on a ship's deck, near some barrels.]
     Lindblum Soldier: "Why are they loading food instead of valuables
                       onto the ship? I wonder if they're gonna take
                       them all back to Alexandria?"
     Lindblum Soldier: "...Maybe they're going on a very long trip."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Stop that chatter and keep loading the ship!
     Lindblum Soldier: "Damn them! They think they can walk all over
     Lindblum Soldier: "We gotta stall more. Let's keep working."
     Lindblum Soldier: "Alexandria rules this continent now. Where else
                       can they go and conquer? What do they really
     Lindblum Soldier: "I don't know... But you know how greedy Brahne
    | <Gwok-gwok!> How Infuriating! \___________________________________
     [At the Serpent's Gate station:]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "My, my... They have an oglop for a regent
                          and buffoons for soldiers. Why do they take
                          so long to load supplies? Hmm...? You two, I
                          did not give you permission to rest. I
                          understand that things are moving slow, but...
                          Keep in mind that the next mission is about
                          to begin."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "...The machine over there stopped, and the
                          trolley stopped coming. Right?"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, it made this strange 'gwok-gwok'
     Alexandrian Soldier: "I wanted to go shopping before we left the
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Any word from the lookout?"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "No, ma'am. Nothing..."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "This must be Regent Cid's doing. He's hiding
     [The officer jumps to the track with two other recruits.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Come with us, you two. Find the regent!"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, ma'am!"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, ma'am!"
     [They all start running down the track.]
    | Vivi and the Couple \_____________________________________________
     Vivi: "Hmm... The people here sure are different."
     [Two people run into the hallway.]
     Woman: "Come hither, ya!"
     Vivi: "Aaa! I'm sorr--"
     Margaret Miller: "An' just where do ya think ye're goin'!? Ye're
                      always loiterin' aroon'!"
     Granin Miller: "Wheesht! Would ye stop hecklin' me fer once!"
     Margaret Miller: "Away wi' ye!"
     Vivi: "Um, pardon me, but..."
     Margaret Miller: "Where would ye be wi'oot me!?"
     Granin Miller: "Y-Ye dinnae have tae get sae angry..."
     Margaret Miller: "If ye ddnae want tae hear ma complainin', ye'd
                      get back tae work!"
     Granin Miller: "Al-Alright, woman, alright..."
     [Granin walks out.]
     Margaret Miller: "Lazy, no-good husband o' mine... Hm? Mercy me!
                      Are nae ye a wee one... Runnin' errands here, are
     Vivi: "Um, pardon me, but..."
     Margaret Miller: "Well, give ma regards tae the others!"
     [Margaret leaves, too.]
     Vivi: "Gee-whiz... The people here aren't afraid of me..."
    | Quina Accused \___________________________________________________
     [Quina walks into the shop area.]
     Clerk: "Rally-ho!"
     Quina: "Rally-ho yourself. This village have tasty munchies?"
     Wendy Grocer: "Aye, that we do! Conde Petie is hame tae the most
                   delicious nuts an' berries in the world! Ah ken
                   that's why folk're always stealin'oor food!"
     Quina: "How rude! Thieves very bad people."
     Wendy Grocer: "Aye! That's right!"
     Quina: "Mmmm, lots of yummy-looking food here..."
     Wendy Grocer: "Ah'll let ye have that pumpkin bomb there fer 1000
     Quina: "Huh? Why you need Gil to eat food?"
     Wendy Grocer: "If ye dinnae pay fer somethin', ye're stealin'!
                   Och! So ye're the thief, are ye no!?"
     Quina: "N-Not me! I only gourmand!"
     Wendy Grocer: "Ye cannae fool me, thief!"
     [Quina starts running away.]
     Quina: "No, I not thief!"
    | Quina Can't Communicate \_________________________________________
     [Quina walks out of the grocery and finds dwarves talking.]
     Richard Watchman: "Ah dinnae ken what else we kin do, lads..."
     Quina: "Oh, recipe exchange time, yes?"
     Matthew Watchman: "Nay! That thief's been snitchin' oor food
     Quina: "I...I not thief."
     Richard Watchman: "Nobody said ye were a thief!"
     Matthew Watchman: "Or are ye hidin' somethin'?"
     Quina: "I-I no have nothing to hide. (These people so difficult.)
     [Quina leaves.]
     Richard Watchman: "Alright, lads! We have tae keep oor eyes open
                       if we're gonna catch oor thief!"
     Matthew Watchman: "But we're always lookin' out fer thieves, are
                       we no?
     [Hiding near a desk, a head of purple hair and a moogle bobble
     pokes up for the player to see before they start to move away.]
    | Dagger and William \______________________________________________
     [Dagger walks into the inn near the four dwarves sitting together.]
     Dagger: "Excuse me..."
     Walter Teamaker: "Soon, Ah'm gonna have tae find a wife fer ma wee
     Barbara Gibgab: "No lassie wants yir William fer a man. Well,
                     what's wrong wi' this ootsider lass right here?"
     Dagger: "Um, hi. I was wondering--"
     Walter Teamaker: "Hmmm... Aye, she's a bonnie lass, at that."
     Dagger: "Have any of you seen--"
     Helen Birdkeeper: "But she's awful small tae send tae the
                       Sanctuary, din ye ken?"
     Jinkus Emptybottle: "Look at her! She's a mickle bigger'n ye, Ah
     Dagger: "I'm not marrying anybody! Hmm... Sanctuary..."
    | Hungry Bryan \____________________________________________________
     Bryan Rootrunner: "Sis! Ah'm hungert!"
     Darcy Skywatcher: "But ye just ate a boiled owl, did ye no?"
     Bryan Rootrunner: "Ah did, but it didnae satisfy me voracious
                       appetite! Ah have tae eat somethin' wi' more
                       punch, likesay... Eh?"
     Darcy Skywatcher: "Rally-ho!"
     Bryan Rootrunner: "It's Mister Pyntie-Het! Rally-ho! What have ye
                       tae sell today!?"
     [A man in a large hat comes to visit, but the screen blacks out
     before the player can get a good look at 'im.]
    | Life on the Run \_________________________________________________
     [A mage runs towards his friends at breakneck speed.]
     Black Mage: "The humans are here!"
     Black Mage: "!"
     Black Mage: "!"
     [They all run off or lock themselves indoors. Vivi looks around
     and runs off after one. Dagger appears.]
     Dagger: "Vivi! What's going on...? !? ......?"
    | Gourmand's Nose \_________________________________________________
     [Quina approaches the stable front, and a black mage sees him/her.]
     Black Mage: "!"
     [The mage steels away inside.]
     Quina: "Why you run away? I not do anything... What you hiding? !
            Ooo!!! Is aroma... Is delicious aroma!"
     [Quina barges inside.]
    | Everyday Life \___________________________________________________
     [A mage in a shop is talking.]
     Black Mage No. 163: "According to the book I picked up last
                         week... ...the customer says 'Give me the
                         usual' when he wants to buy something special.
                         What would I do if a customer asked for 'the
                         usual'...? Being a shopkeeper is really hard!"
     [A mage outside yells: "The humans are here!"]
     Black Mage No. 163: "What are humans...? I forgot... Are they a
                         type of food? Huh!? A human? Um... ...... I
                         forgot what to say..."
    | Different Language \______________________________________________
     [Vivi finds two black mages near a memorial.]
     Black Mage: "!"
     Black Mage No. 288: "Is he the one who came here with that group
                         of humans? He's alright. Look into his eyes.
                         He's aware, just like us."
     Vivi: "Th-Thanks... Um... What are you all doing here?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "We escaped together from Alexandria and the
                         cargo ships."
     Vivi: "This far!?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "That's right. We wanted to live in a world
                         where there were no humans. To do that, we had
                         to cross the ocean."
     Vivi: "I see... So... Um, what's this?"
     Black Mage No. 56: "This is a...uh... What's the word...?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "It's a cemetery."
     Black Mage No. 56: "Right. A cemetery."
     Vivi: "A cemetery...? So... Underneath the ground--"
     Black Mage No. 288: "Yes, our friends are buried under there..."
     Vivi: "But...why?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "That's because..."
     Black Mage No. 56: "I...I came here with Mr. 36. We escaped
                        together. We had so many things to learn. It
                        was really scary at first, but we helped each
                        other. Then one day, Mr. 36 stopped moving. He
                        just stopped... Wouldn't move or say anything.
                        My friend who knows lots of things told me this
                        was what 'death' was, and we had to bury him.
                        Mr. 36 is buried under the ground now. But I
                        don't understand why. He's going to come out
                        again one day, right? When he does, I'm going
                        to wash him off in the pond."
     Vivi: "Wh-What's he talking about...?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "......"
     Vivi: "Was it a disease? Or was he hurt?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "......"
     Vivi: "Tell me! Why?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "That's because..."
    | Visitor, Not Invader \____________________________________________
     [Dagger walks into a shop with two black mages.]
     Black Mage: "!"
     Black Mage: "!"
     Dagger: "Um... Excuse me..."
     Black Mage: "Why are you here!?"
     Black Mage: "This is our village!"
     Black Mage: "Yeah!"
     Black Mage: "You forced the little guy to guide you here, didn't
                 you!? That's all you humans ever think about: using
     Dagger: "You mean about Vivi? That's not true! It's just that I
             was surprised to see black mages other than Vivi who could
             talk, so... Besides, I'm here to stop the person who is
             sending you off to fight!"
     Black Mage No. 32: "A-Are you telling the truth?"
     Black Mage No. 192: "Lies! All humans are liars! You're lying!"
     Dagger: "But it's true! I can't just sit here and watch while
             terrible things are happening!"
     Black Mage No. 32: "......"
     Black Mage No. 192: "......"
    | Life Cycle \______________________________________________________
     [Quina runs into the stables.]
     Quina: "A-ha! I know you hide food!"
     Black Mage No. 111: "Get out!"
     Black Mage No. 33: "This egg is ours!"
     Quina: "Is chocobo egg! Chocobo egg super-delicious! We share and
            eat it!"
     Black Mage No. 111: "We're not gonna eat it!"
     Black Mage No. 33: "A chocobo mother left it for us before she
                        stopped moving!"
     Black Mage No. 111: "That's right! We're gonna raise it for her!"
     Quina: "You crazy. You never raise animal before."
     Black Mage No. 33: "Shut up! We can so do it!"
     Quina: "I not believe you. You eat egg behind my back!"
     Black Mage No. 33: "No way!"
     Black Mage No. 111: "No way!"
    | Nuptial Joy \_____________________________________________________
     [Vvi and Quina stand on the Kirkboat in front of the priest.]
     Vivi: "..."
     David Heavenguard: "...Have the strength to cairry ye through the
     Quina: "..."
     David Heavenguard: "...An' the wisdom tae follow the path..."
     Vivi: "..."
     David Heavenguard: "May the blessin's o' heaven be upon this man
                        an' woman!"
     Quina: "... I...so happy..."
     Vivi: "... M-Me, too..."
     [Somewhere, a voice yells out:]
     Voice: "Thief!"
    | Vivi's Feelings \_________________________________________________
     [Vivi stands alone, looking out to sea.]
     Vivi: "Mr. 288 told me that I understand what it means to live and
           to die... But it's only because I thought stopping was
           different from dying... I don't think I really understand
           what it means to live and to die. Where do we come from...?
           Do we go back there when we die...? If that's what it means
           to live... I wonder where I came from...? Where will I end
           up when I die...? Why am I shaking...? What is this that I'm
    | Dagger's Feelings \_______________________________________________
     [Dagger walks alone by the village entrance.]
     Dagger: "A village of summoners... I read about them in a book
             once... A tribe that possessed the power to call forth
             eidolons... Eidolons... Knowing that I had eidolons inside
             me didn't bring me any joy. Mother imprisoned me...used
             the eidolons she stole from me as tools of war. I thought
             I would kill my eidolons if Kuja was going to use them for
             war... But now they're gone... I feel like I've lost a
             piece of myself... Why am I thinking all this now...? It
             must be the location. This place feels so familiar to me
    | Eiko's Feelings \_________________________________________________
     [Eiko runs into the kitchen.]
     Eiko: "Thanks for cleaning! You guys did a great job! A clean
           house worthy of hosting my hero, Zidane! But here's where
           the real challenge begins! I don't think Zidane and Dagger
           are dating, yet. Dagger has been slow to catch on to
           Zidane's moves. That means there's plenty of time for me to
           get between them! I'm gonna cook lots of yummy food and show
           Zidane what a good homemaker I am!"
     Mocha: "Kupo! It might work if you cooked good food."
     Momatose: "But Eiko screws up a lot when she cooks. We don't have
               much food in stock right now..."
     Eiko: "I know! That's why I can't screw up. You're all gonna help
     Mocha: "NO!"
     Chimomo: "Kupopo..."
     Momatose: "Kupo... I'm sleepy!"
     Eiko: "You're all gonna help! I'm gonna cook my specialty: rock-
           -fisted potato stew!"
     Momatose: "Kupo. Yeah, that's delicious."
     Mocha: "But the last one you made tasted so bad, I thought my
            pompom would fall off..."
     Chimomo: "Just stew?"
     Eiko: "Yeah, I think I need another dish. What do you guys think?"
     Chimomo: "Kupo. How about some fish? Fresh fish tastes great
     Eiko: "...... That sounds good! Okay, our menu is rock-fisted
           potato stew and barbecued fish! Let's see... Who should do
           the fishing? {Chimomo/Mocha/Momatose}
     [Eiko makes her choice.]
     Eiko: "Go, _______!
     Chosen Moogle: "Kupo!"
     Eiko: "Who should dig up potatoes?" {Options = unchosen moogles}
     [Eiko makes her choices.]
     Eiko: "Go, ______!"
     Chosen Moogle: "Kupo!"
     Eiko: "______, you help me in the kitchen."
     Remaining Moogle: "Kupo!"
     Eiko: "Did I make the right decisions?"
           R1 --> Start cooking
           R2 --> Start over
           R1: "Let's start!"
           R2: "Let's see..." [The process starts over, from when Eiko
               picks who'll go fishing, etc.]
     [After picking R1, the moogles scatter to do their duties.]
     Eiko: "Grandpa... I don't wanna be alone anymore. Help me do this
    | Eiko's Kitchen \__________________________________________________
     [Eiko and her helper (I chose Chimomo) stand in the kitchen.]
     Eiko: "How many people do I need to cook for? There's me and
           Zidane. There's that quiet boy, Vivi... I guess I should
           cook for Dagger, too. And all you guys: Mog, Moco, Mocha,
           Chimomo, Momatose, and Morrison! Will you put water on for
           all the people I listed? I'll get the ingredients."
     Moogle: "Kupo!"
     [The moogle goes to the waterfall near the kitchen.]
     Moogle: "Um... How many people do I need to account for, kupo?"
     [The player selects the number.]
     Moogle: "___ people! Kupo!" {Pour Water / Think Again}
     [If you put in too much water, the moogle with the kettle'll say:]
     Moogle: "Water spilled over! Kupo?" [You'll have to try again.]
     [When you're done:]
     Eiko: "Potato, potato (note) Pumpkin bomb (note) Lots and lots of
           nuts (note) Should I put in that oglop I found on the Conde
           Petie Mountain Path?" {Yes/No}
     [Eiko turns to her helper.]
     Eiko: "Thanks! Let's start! Get the water goin' (note) A good
           shake o' salt (note) Potato, potato (note) Pumpkin bomb
           (note) Another shake o' salt! (note) Lots and lots of nuts
           (note) An oglop for seasoning (note)"
     [The oglop line is left out if you didn't put it in. Anyway, the
     moogle fishing will yell, then (I chose Momatose):]
     Moogle: "I caught one! Kupo! It's heavy... Kupo!"
     Eiko: "Are you okay!?"
           R1 --> Tell him to let it go
           R2 --> Let (Moogle helping cook) cook, and lend a hand
           R1: "______! Let go of that one and catch another one!"
               Moogle: "Kupo!"
           R2: "Keep stirring, _______. Don't let it burn! ...This is
               big! We'll pull it together on 3, okay? 1! 2! 3!"
               [The party pulls up Quina.]
               Both: "AAAAAAHHH!!!"
     [If you didn't pull up Quina, just then, Eiko will look at her
     food. If you put in not enough water, she'll say:]
     Eiko: "That's strange. Smells like it's burning."
    | Eiko's Kitchen 2 \________________________________________________
     [Quina, Eiko, and her three moogles stand in the kitchen.]
     Quina: "Your bait not so good."
     Eiko: "Pale... White hair... Strange clothes... Zidane told me
           about you! You're Kuja!"
     Quina: "Zidane look for man named Kuja. I called Quina."
     Eiko: "...OH! You chased Mog on the Conde Petie Mountain Path! I'm
           Eiko! (Mog, don't ever come out while s/he's around.)"
     Mog: "(Kupo!)"
     Quina: "Smell good."
     Eiko: "Don't eat anything!"
     Quina: "The heat too low."
     Eiko: "You can cook!?"
     Quina: "Is my destiny to pursue way of gourmand!"
     Eiko: "Th-This must be a helper from above!"
           R1 --> Ask Quina for advice
           R2 --> Don't ask
           R1 (Quina): "Hrm... I know how many people live in this
                       village. Is Zidane's group, the moogles, and me
                       make 11 people. You make food for ___ people
                       now. Is too much water... This heat only strong
                       enough to make food for 9 people. Was not
                       possible to make enough for everyone."
              Eiko: "NOOOOOO!"
              Quina: "I teach you very important lesson in cooking.
                     'Always make more than you need.' Maybe more
                     people show up. Maybe your guests very hungry. You
                     correct to make food for more than 10 people! This
                     your own ingredient for stew?"
              Eiko: "Mocha went to dig up some rock-fisted potatoes."
              Quina: "Is problem now with heat. How we get more heat?
                     Hmm... Ah! I know! I know black mage. I ask him to
                     make fire."
         R2 (Quina): "I know how many people live in this village. Is
                     Zidane's group, the moogles, and me make 11
                     people. You make food for ____ people now.
                     Is too much water... This heat only strong
                     enough to make food for 9 people. Was not
                     possible to make enough for everyone."
            Eiko: "NOOOOOO!"
            Quina: "We come up with another plan. We catch more fish!!!
            Eiko: "That's strange... It's usually boiling by now. I
                  need to turn up the heat... But this stove isn't
                  gonna get any hotter."
            Moogle: "Kupopo..."
            Eiko: "Let's keep cooking the stew. I hope we catch a lot
                  of delicious fish..."
    | It's So Big! \____________________________________________________
     [Eiko walks up to the entrance to the castle hall.]
     Eiko: "Oh my! What a gigantic house! I gotta see the inside!"
     [Some cooks walk by.]
     Cook: "We cook good food!"
     Eiko: "Hey!" <Sniff sniff...> "Something smells delicious!"
     Eggmeister: "You hungry?"
     [Eiko nods.]
     Eggmeister: "You VERY hungry?"
     [Eiko nods again.]
     Dishmeister: "You UNBEARABLY hungry?"
     All: "Too bad!"
     [They run into the castle.]
    | Long Time No See! \_______________________________________________
     [In the weapon shop, Zenero and Benero greet their brother, Genero]
     Benero: "Been a long time!"
     Zenero: "Been a long time!"
     Genero: "Been a while!"
     Zenero: "Where have you been?"
     Benero: "We were worried!"
     Genero: "Sorry, I've been training!"
     Benero: "Training!?"
     Zenero: "Training!?"
     Genero: "Yeah, training!"
     Zenero: "Training for what?"
     Benero: "Tell us!"
     Genero: "I was..."
    | To Fly High \_____________________________________________________
     [Marcus and Blank stand outside the mini-theater.]
     Blank: "Zidane's done himself in this time."
     Marcus: "Yeah..."
     Blank: "But think about it... He's never been in a serious
            relationship before. He probably doesn't even know what to
            do with himself right now..."
     Marcus: "Come on, he's in love with a queen. Did he think it'd
             work out?"
     Blank: "I'm sure he thought about that a lot. That's why he's in
     Marcus: "He looked so depressed..."
     Blank: "Yeah... But this is something he needs to deal with
            head-on. This is gonna make him stronger. You'll see."
    | Artemecion \______________________________________________________
     [A purple moogle jumps down the church tower and finds Stiltzkin
     and Kupo talking to themselves.]
     Artemecion: "Sorry to keep you guys waiting! Hey, Stiltzkin! Long
                 time no see!"
     Stiltzkin: "Hey, Artemecion. Why does your coat look so shiny?
                Well, it's none of my business. Listen, have you been
                delivering mail properly?"
     Artemecion: "O-Of course, I have!"
     Stiltzkin: "Are you sure you delivered all my mail to my friends?"
     Artemecion: "Of course I did! You sent out 6."
     Stiltzkin: "That's right!"
    | I Forgot! \_______________________________________________________
     [Baku stands around the mini-theater.]
     Baku: "Darn, I forgot to give Zidane that letter! Huh? Huh? Huh?
           Gwahahaha! I lost it!"
    | Clowns on a Dark Night \__________________________________________
     [As Alexandria hits dusk, Zorn & Thorn run into town.]
     Zorn: "No one is here!"
     Thorn: "Is no one here, really?"
     Zorn: "Yes!"
     Thorn: "Sure, you are about that?"
     Zorn: "That is enough!"
     Thorn: "Now, we do what?"
     Zorn: "We are going to ask Princess Garnet if we can return to the
     Thorn: "Return to the castle? Can we really!?"
     Zorn: "I will not know until--!!! We must hide!"
     [Marcus and Blank appear; Zorn and Thorn hide behind a statue.]
     Blank: "Looks like no one's here."
     Marcus: "Yeah."
     Blank: "I guess this is about the only thing we can do for
            Zidane... ...keep up the night watch and preserve
            Alexandria's peace."
     Marcus: "Yeah, I think so, too."
     Blank: "What a peaceful night. It's almost scary... Okay, let's
            finish our rounds."
     Marcus: "Alright."
     [They run off.]
     Zorn: "That was close."
     Thorn: "Now what?"
     Zorn: "We cannot stay as long as those meddlers are here! We must
           leave Alexandria!"
     [The two clowns run out of town.]
    | Eiko Talks Life \_________________________________________________
     [Eiko and Vivi walk out of Tot's tower.]
     Vivi: "Um... Why didn't you..."
     Eiko: "Why didn't I invite Zidane?"
     Vivi: "Y-Yeah."
     Eiko: "Those two are thick like bricks. They don't realize how
           they feel about one another until they're apart."
     Vivi: "...What do you mean?"
     Eiko: "Aaargh! You big dope! Okay, listen carefully. Zidane really
           likes Dagger. But Zidane wants to act cool, so they
           misunderstand each other and end up fighting. Now do you
     Vivi: "...Not really."
     Eiko: "Zidane wouldn't stop acting cool in front of me, either.
           It's so hopeless... Hey, what's that? Is that the card
     [She runs off.]
     Vivi: "H-Hey, wait...! ...She's gone."
     Passerby: "Hey! You're..."
     Vivi: "Huh...?"
    | How He Ended Up Here \____________________________________________
     [Vivi and the 'Passerby' from the above ATE walk together.]
     Marco: "I never expected to run into you again."
     Vivi: "Um, thank you very much for your help to the airship."
     Marco: "Hey, no worries. My master is a good man. Anyone else
            would've refused. You should thank my master. He's the one
            who agreed to take you to Alexandria for free."
     Vivi: "Yeah..."
     Marco: "So, how was the play? Did you like it?"
     Vivi: "Y-Yeah."
     Marco: "Wasn't there an accident during the show? Were you okay?"
     Vivi: "Oh, um... Well, yeah, I was okay."
     Marco: "Good! Well, I gotta get back to work. Hey, don't you live
            near Treno?"
     Vivi: "Yes, I do..."
     Marco: "Your family must be worried. Go home soon! See ya!"
     [Marco leaves.]
     Vivi: "...But Grandpa's gone. Hmm..."
           R1 --> Stop by at home
           R2 --> Stay in Treno
           R1: "Well, since I'm so close to home, I might as well stop
               by." [He leaves.]
           R2: "I wanna see more of Treno." [He stays.]
    | Hippo's Prize \___________________________________________________
     [Natalie and Mario survey the east slums.]
     Natalie: "Trapped in the slums... Living only to earn tomorrow's
              wages... The working class can't find meaning in life...
              If that's how they want to live their lives, so be it...
              But I'm not going to spend my life here in the slums!
              What I want is power! Power enough to rule the masses! Do
              you understand, Mario?"
     [Mario's talking to a hippo kid.]
     Natalie: "......"
     Hippo: "Check it out! I got the Namingway Card the other day."
     Mario: "That's awesome, Hippo! You can take anyone on with the
            Namingway Card!"
     Hippo: "OH, but you're a much better player than me, Mario."
     Natalie: "Mario! You can't become a ruler if you waste your time
              playing games!"
     Mario: "But Sis, you said that the card game is a tool of the
            nobles to show off their economic power..."
     Natalie: "That's right. Since it's a barometer of social status,
              it can also be a way to improve one's status. ! Yes!
              That's a great idea! Hippo! Is Mario a skilled card
     Hippo: "Mario is the best player in our neighborhood."
     Mario: "Tee hee."
     Natalie: "Good! Now, I need to ask you a favor. If you agre, I'll
              make you our top servant when we become nobles!"
     [Vivi walks by.]
     Hippo: "U-Um... Okay, if it's for you, Natalie."
     Natalie: "Listen carefully..."
     Vivi: "...... Wow, everybody's thinking hard about how to live his
           or her life... I gotta try harder..."
    | Memories By The Water \___________________________________________
     [Amarant walks to the waterfront near Queen Stella's house.]
     Amarant: "Nothing's changed..."
     [A four-armed man walks out of the mansion nearby.]
     Four-armed Man: "Dammit! That bird lady didn't fall for it! Gotta
                     find my next scam..."
     [Amarant bumps into him as they pass.]
     Four-armed Man: "Damn! Ain't you gonna apologize for that?"
     Amarant: "......"
     Four-armed Man: "Hey, I'm talkin' to you! Don't you know who I
     Amarant: "...No."
     Four-armed Man: "What!? I'm the infamous... Huh? I've seen you
                     somewhere before... ! Y-You're...the Flaming
     Bystander: "!"
     Bystander: "!"
     Four-armed Man: "I-I'm sorry!!!"
     [He runs past Eiko, who's walking by.]
     Eiko: "What happened, Amarant? That guy was totally frightened!
           Oh, I know! You were being a bully, weren't you?"
     Amarant: "......"
     Eiko: "My grandpa always told me that bullies are actually
     Amarant: "Just leave me alone... ......"
     [The four-armed man watches from a distance.]
     Four-armed Man: "Hee hee... So he's traveling with a kid... I
                     never knew the Flaming Amarant had a soft spot for
                     kids! Well now, excuse me!"
     [Eiko sees him say the last sentence and watches him leave.]
     Eiko: "...So weird. Amarant? Where are you going?"
     [Amarant just walks off.]
     Eiko: "...So weird."
    | City People \_____________________________________________________
     [The focus is the nobles in the lower part of the synth balcony.]
     Nobleman: "I purchased a life-sized griffon statue the other
     Young Nobleman: "How wonderful! I bet it's gorgeous."
     Nobleman: "Indeed, it is. I had to add a room to my mansion for it!
     Noblewoman: "Oh, my..."
     Nobleman: "Everything costs so much!"
     Young Nobleman: "I was also thinking about buying a behemoth
                     statue for our mansion."
     Nobleman: "Everything costs so much!"
     Nobleman: "Ha ha ha..."
     Noblewoman: "Tee hee hee..."
     Young Nobleman: "Ha ha ha..."
     [Eiko had been listening to their talk. The four-armed man stalks
     her and stays out of sight behind a pillar.]
     Eiko: "Hmm... I guess city people have their problems, too. I
           thought they would be more carefree."
     Mog: "Kupopo!"
     Eiko: "?"
     Four-armed Man: "!"
     Mog: "Kupo!"
     Eiko: "Hey... What are you doing?"
     Four-armed Man: "H-Hello, little girl..."
     Eiko: "Oh, you're the one who was being pushed around by Amarant."
     Four-armed Man: "Ha ha ha... D-Don't be silly!"
     Eiko: "So? What can I do for you, Mr. Wimpy?"
     Four-armed Man: "...Alright. Hey, are you new here?"
     Eiko: "Uh-huh. I'm sightseeing."
     Four-armed Man: "Hey, why don't I show you around?""
     Eiko: "No thanks. I'm fine by myself."
     Four-armed Man: "W-Wait!" (Dammit, why do I gotta deal with this
                     brat? I just need to nab her and get even with
                     Amarant... That bounty on his head is mine for
                     the taking!)
     Eiko: "I'm leaving."
     Four-armed Man: "W-Wait! I'll take you out to dinner."
     Eiko: "Dinner?"
     Four-armed Man: "That's right! What would you like to eat? Treno
                     gelato, seaweed pasta... The choice is yours."
     [Quina (!?) walks out of the synth shop just then.]
     Quina: "You say you have delicious food?"
     Four-armed Man: "Yeah, lots of delicious... Huh!?"
     Eiko: "Hey, Quina."
     Quina: "You say you have lots of delicious food?"
     Four-armed Man: "Wha-- Who the heck are you!?"
     Quina: "I want delicious food."
     Four-armed Man: "Wh-Why do I gotta... A-Are you part of Amarant's
                     posse?" (Maybe Amarant hired...him? ...to protect
                     the girl...?) Ahhh! I'm sorry!!!"
     [He sprints off; Quina follows in kind.]
     Quina: "You give delicious food!!!"
     Eiko: "...SO weird."
     Mog: "Kupopo!"
     Eiko: "Hey, he dropped something." [Receive: Chimera Armlet]
    | Home Sweet Home \_________________________________________________
    [Vivi walks around the dusty Quan's Dwelling, into the dining room.]
    Vivi: "This place hasn't changed... This is where I fell... I was
          starring at something down there. Grandpa helped me... I
          haven't liked heights ever since. Wow... Dusty... I guess
          that's natural. It's been a long time since I left..."
    [He looks at the utensils on the table.]
    Vivi: "Grandpa didn't eat anything towards the end... His cooking
          tools are badly damaged now. Oh yeah, he said something
          like... 'Vivi! I learn art of fulfilment without eating food!'
          ...... You know, Quina looks so much like my Grandpa."
    | Good Old Days \___________________________________________________
     [Amarant stands at the auction front; Freya sees him as she exits.]
     Freya: "Oh, it's you, Amarant. What are you doing? Looking at the
     Amarant: "I thought you'd be the quiet type..."
     Freya: "Sorry. Maybe I've changed. It's probably his influence."
     Amarant: "Zidane, huh...? So... Did you find what you were looking
     Freya: "Well, I've been investigating Kuja... Some people seem to
            think that King, the owner of this mansion, is Kuja. True,
            I found people who witnessed Kuja on this property. But
            there is no proof that Kuja is Lord King."
     Amarant: "Hmph."
     Freya: "...What do you know?"
     Amarant: "Nothing, really..."
     Freya: "Maybe I can find out the truth from the mansion's
     Amarant: "Don't hold your breath."
     Freya: "So, what's your story? You seem to know your way around.
            Are you also here for a reason?"
     Amarant: "Who, me? I'm only an unemployed security guard."
     Freya: "Security guard?"
     Amarant: "It was painfully dull...until the day he showed up."
     Freya: "?"
     Amarant: "...I've said too much."
     Freya: "Hey, wait!"
     Amarant: "What, you're interested in hearing about my past?"
     Freya: "Your past, huh...?"
            R1 --> Of course I'm interested
            R2 --> I won't force it out of you
            R2: "No, I won't force it out of you."
                Amarant: "......" [He leaves, ATE ends.]
            R1: "Of course I'm interested."
                Amarant: "......"
                [The ATE ends.]
    | Lessons of Life \_________________________________________________
     [Amarant and Freya stand by the auctionhouse, looking at the lake.]
     Amarant: "This was where he and I met for the first time..."
     Freya: "Who is 'he'?"
     Amarant: "...Zidane."
     Freya: "I thought the two of you just met!"
     Amarant: "I don't think he remembers. I was working as a security
              guard at this mansion... I was looking for a fight... It
              didn't matter who, as long as he was strong..."
     [Flashback time.]
     Voice: "THIEF!!!"
     [A young(er) Zidane runs out of a door.]
     Zidane: "That was too easy! Wh-who are you?"
     [...he says when Amarant blocks his exit.]
     Amarant: "You look like a worthy opponent..."
     Zidane: "Hmph. So you're the King family's infamous new security
             guard, huh?"
     Amarant: "What if I am? Hasn't got me any action yet. Come on,
              fight me."
     Zidane: "Hmph. So you're just a thug."
     Amarant: "What did you call me!?"
     Zidane: "My favorite kind! I'll knock you out in one minute, flat!
     Amarant: "Don't disappoint me."
     Voice: "Where did that thief go!?"
     [Two guards run out.]
     Zidane: "Hee hee... Here they come."
     Amarant: "I won't let them interfere... Come on!"
     Zidane: "Don't be silly. The game's over!"
     Amarant: "What!?
     [Zidane runs to the guards.]
     Amarant: "!?"
     Zidane: "H-Help! He came out of that door as I was passing by! I
             was staring at him 'cause I thought he might be a burglar,
             then he started pummeling me!"
     Guard: "But he's a guard for this mansion..."
     Zidane: "That's why he's suspicious! Just look at him!"
     Guard 2: "W-We always had our suspicions, but..."
     Zidane: "I'm gonna call the police! You guys hold him off until
             they get here!"
     [Zidane starts to run away, but drops a piece of advice en route.]
     Zidane: "(I'll tell you one thing... The truly mighty ones don't
             flaunt their power. How can I describe it to you? The sly
             eagle hides its claws.)"
     Amarant: "Hmph..."
     Zidane: "(I'm outta here! Buh-bye!)"
     [Zidane bolts.]
     Guard: "W-We've got you now!"
     Amarant: "...Yeah, right."
     Guard 2: "H-Hey!"
     Guard: "Don't run away!"
     [Amarant doesn't run; he strolls away. The flashback ends.]
     Freya: "S-So, you..."
     Amarant: "I became a wanted man..."
     Freya: "Ha... Ha ha ha...!"
     Amarant: "What's so funny?"
     Freya: "Sorry. I just didn't expect you to fall for such a
            childish trick..."
     Amarant: "...It's no concern of yours."
     Freya: "I'm sorry. I see, so that's what happened."
     Amarant: "Don't get me wrong. I don't hold a grudge against him.
              But I need to understand him... He doesn't flaunt his
              power. He only cares about being with his friends..."
     Freya: "You were destined to meet each other again. 'Two men
            walking on the same path are destined to confront each
            other one day.' That's what a man told me some time ago...
            Honesty is a virtue. That's if you can manage to stay
     [Freya walks away.]
    | Hallucination \___________________________________________________
     [Quina walks near the waterfront.]
     Quina: "H-Hungry... I try travel to eat many foods from different
            cities... But why you need Gil to eat anything!? I cannot
            eat without Gil... Ah, light on water look like food... Is
            just illusion... But maybe real! I go jump in! No... I
            drown if I jump... But...I hungry... HUNGRYYY!!!"
     [Quina jumps in; an old man watches where s/he splashed.]
     Old Man: "Suicide, eh? I've seen many people commit suicide
              because of gambling debts... What a shame... Rest in
    | Premonition \_____________________________________________________
     [Eiko runs up the stairs into Tot's tower.]
     Eiko: "I'm back!"
     Tot: "Welcome back! How did you like Treno?"
     Eiko: "Hmm... It was okay."
     Tot: "Do you prefer your own village?"
     Eiko: "Yeah... But it's fun to meet different people. I've only
           had my moogles 'til now."
     Tot: "Just the moogles...? What about the others?"
     Eiko: "They're gone... I'm all alone now."
     Tot: "I see... So you are the sole survivor of the summoner
     Eiko: "Why does everyone wanna know about my horn and the
     Tot: "Oh, I'm a researcher of sorts... I'm just curious."
     Eiko: "I see... Oh yeah, you were Dagger's teacher, right?"
     Tot: "Well, yes."
     Eiko: "Teach me how to become a graceful princess like her!"
     Tot: "Ha ha... The princess used to be a rambustious girl, just
          like you."
     Eiko: "Do you think I can be like her when I grow up?"
     Tot: "Oh, of course..."
     Eiko: "I'm glad to hear that! You see, Dagger gave me her 'mark
           of the princess'!"
     Tot: "The mark of the princess...?"
     Eiko: "Yeah! Dagger gave me one of hers. Now she's got two and
           I've got two."
     Tot: "Do you mean...the legendary crystals!?"
     Eiko: "Yeah. That's what Dagger called them, too."
     Tot: "I-I see... So the crystal was divided. One piece remained in
          Alexandria, while the others were sent to Cleyra, Lindblum
          and... The summoner tribe took the last piece to Madain
          Sari... But why did they have to split the crystal? What
          happened 500 years ago to prompt such an action...? ......
          Ah! Excuse me. I'm sorry. I get lost in my thoughts
          sometimes. Miss Eiko?"
     Eiko: "...Mog is calling me... Mog wanted to talk to a moogle she
           met in Treno, so I left her there, but something's wrong! I
           have a bad feeling about this... I've gotta go get Mog!"
     [Eiko runs out.]
    | Something Washed Ashore \_________________________________________
     [At Serpent's Gate, two guards look at something lying motionless.]
     Soldier: "Man... He doesn't look good."
     Idle Soldier: "Yeah... Whatever it is, I think it's dead."
     Elite Guard: "Hey, you're supposed to be on duty."
     Idle Soldier: "!!! C-Captain! I-I'm sorry, sir, but we found this
                   weird thing by the shore."
     Elite Guard: "Step aside. I used to be a sea dog, so I know a
                  thing or two about these things. ...... ...It's dead.
                  Go find a doctor right away."
     Soldier: "!!!"
     Idle Soldier: "!!!"
     [The thing rises up behind the Elite Guard. It's Quina. The two
     soldiers beat it out of there.]
     Elite Guard: "I'll be damned. The got their butts movin' in a
                  hurry. It's about time I started getting some respect
                  around here. ...... AAAAH!"
     [The Elite Guard hightails it out of there when he sees Quina.]
     Quina: "...... ...Where is this? Oh... I so hungry..."
    | My Bad \__________________________________________________________
     [Blank walks in the top-level hallway.]
     Blank: "Damn... I forgot to tell him to go to Cid's room. He's
            still probably upstairs, yappin' away. Damn..."
    | Self-reproach \___________________________________________________
     [Dagger stands by the telescope.]
     Dagger: (...... Alexandria is gone... I still can't believe
             it... So many people were killed. The survivors are
             homeless and destitute. How could this have happened...?
             Maybe I shouldn't have listened to Eiko and summoned
             Alexander... No. It's not her fault. It's my fault! I
             never should have run away from home! I got everyone
             involved in this: Zidane, Vivi, Steiner...everyone... Had
             I stayed with Mother, maybe I could've stopped her.
             ...It's all my fault. ...... I shouldn't have assumed the
             throne... I thought I could make amends, but... ...I've
             only brought misery to everyone. ...What am I going to do
             now? ......)
    | Deep Anger \______________________________________________________
     [Kuja walks off the Hilda Garde I in some indoor hangar.]
     Kuja: "That blast almost destroyed our ship... For a second, I
           thought I was... ...Hahahahaha! What am I thinking! What can
           that old fool do to me!? He can't kill me! Nothing can!
           ...Besides, he's too late. The wheels are already in motion.
           I won't let him interfere."
     [Kuja walks off with some mages; Zorn and Thorn run over to him.]
     Zorn: "What happened?"
     Thorn: "Terrible injuries, you have suffered."
     Kuja: "Shut up! ...If I can't have Alexander, so be it. I'll find
           another eidolon soon enough. Hey, you!"
     Black Mage: "I am Mr. 234."
     Kuja: "Shut up! I didn't ask for your number! Are the preparations
     Black Mage: "Yes."
     Kuja: "It's about time. Hahaha... Zidane, your role in my play is
           far from over. I'm gonna go rest now. Get back to work."
    | My Hammer \_______________________________________________________
     [In the theater district, the Tantalus crew repairs the hideout.]
     Benero: "It's gettin' hot. WHOAAAA!!! Damn. I hate heights."
     Marcus: "Hey, I need a hammer."
     Cinna: "Let's see... Hold on. I'm gonna have to go find one."
     Marcus: "Just let me borrow yours."
     Cinna: "What!? No way! Nobody uses my hammer but me!"
     Marcus: "Oh, come on."
     Cinna: "No! No one touches my hammer but me!"
     Marcus: "Fine... But I still need something to drive in these
     Cinna: "Okay. I'll try to find something."
    | The Rally \_______________________________________________________
     [Freya finds two Burmecian soldiers in the castle sitting area.]
     Burmecian Soldier Doyle: "Freya!"
     Burmecian Soldier Gray: "I'm so happy to see you!"
     Freya: "Likewise! I'm glad you all made it here."
     Burmecian Soldier Doyle: "Yes, it was a long trip, but somehow, we
                              found our way here."
     Burmecian Soldier Gray: "I only wish Dan and the others were here,
                             too... We've lost so many friends..."
     Freya: "...Indeed."
     Burmecian Soldier Gray: "We can't get down now. We have to go on,
                             for their sake and ours."
     Burmecian Soldier Doyle: "So, Freya, what are you going to do now?
     Freya: "I'm going after Kuja with Zidane and the rest of the party
            And you?"
     Burmecian Soldier Doyle: "We're going to regroup and embark on the
                              reconstruction of Burmecia. Many of our
                              comrades are still scattered all over the
     Burmecian Soldier Gray: "Actually, we were hoping you would join
     Freya: "Oh... Then I will see you all, as soon as I complete my
            objective. Please take care of things 'til then."
     Burmecian Soldier Gray: "Will do."
     Burmecian Soldier Doyle: "Good luck to you, too."
     Freya: "Thank you." (I wish Sir Fratley were with us...)
    | No Free Lunch \___________________________________________________
    [Quina is in the Business District marketplace.]
    Grandma Pickle: "Fresh gysahl pickles! They're delicious!"
    Quina: "I lost already. This town too big. What all this
    Grandma Pickle: "Fresh gysahl pickles! They're delicious!"
    Quina: "Delicious!? You have delicious food!?"
    Grandma Pickle: "Yeah. These pickles taste great."
    Quina: "What!? This is food!?"
    Grandma Pickle: "You've never seen a pickle before?"
    Quina: "No, first time. I still need eat many different food and
           get much learning. My master tell me so."
    Grandma Pickle: "In that case, you should try one. I think you'll
                    like it."
    Quina: "Okay! I Eat!"
    [S/he starts to munch on the pickles.]
    | Give Me My Money \________________________________________________
    [Baku walks by Grandma Pickle's Business District stand.]
    Baku: "AAH...ACHOOO!!!"
    Grandma Pickle: "Well, if it isn't Baku."
    Baku: "Grandma, good to see you're still alive."
    Grandma Pickle: "Hey, I stand in front of these smelly pickles
                    everyday. It'll take a lot more than that to end my
    Baku: "Gwahaha! You'll live to be a hundred."
    Grandma Pickle: "Oh yeah. I've been meaning to talk to you."
    Baku: "What is it?"
    Grandma Pickle: "One of your boys, Zidane, told me to collect the
                    money he owes me from you. His friend ate one of my
                    pickles without paying."
    Baku: "WHAT!? Why do I gotta pay!?"
    Grandma Pickle: "He said you'd take care of it. That'll be 100 Gil."
    Baku: "I'm gonna wring his neck!"
    [Baku goes on the warpath.]
    | Team \____________________________________________________________
     [Baku and his men gather 'round the hideout front.]
     Baku: "How are the repairs comin'?"
     Cinna: "They're going really slow."
     Marcus: "We can't rush 'em, or everything will probably fall apart
     Zenero: "We're not gettin' anywhere."
     Benero: "I've been up here forever. I wanna switch places with
     Baku: "I guess the damage is a lot worse than we expected."
     [Steiner rounds the bend.]
     Baku: "Huh...?"
     Steiner: "She's not here, either... Where could she be...?"
     Baku: "Yo!"
     Steiner: "!!!? Oh, it's only you. Why are you all gathered here?
              Are you scheming another abduction or something?"
     Blank: "Hey, watch your mouth."
     Cinna: "We were just discussing ways to restore this district."
     Zenero: "Yeah."
     Marcus: "Old timer, you've got us all wrong."
     Benero: "Yeah."
     Baku: "We're just tryin' to rebuild our home. That's all. What are
           you doin' here? From the looks on your face, it seems like
           you got problems. What's troublin' you? Maybe we can help."
     Steiner: "Err... Can I really trust you?"
     Baku: "Yeah..."
     Steiner: "...The princess is missing. She is not in the castle, so
              I figured she would be in town."
     Baku: "Why don't you go back to the castle before you get lost?"
     Steiner: "What!?"
     Baku: "We'll find her. This is like our backyard. Alright, you
           heard me. Get movin'!"
     [The Tantalus boys run off.]
     Steiner: "You...have my gratitude."
     Baku: "Hey, no prob."
    | Recovery \________________________________________________________
     [The regent walks into the ship-manufacturing docks.]
     Regent Cid: "How is the ship coming along?"
     Engineer Zebolt: "Regent! You're human again!"
     Regent Cid: "Yes. Now we can concentrate on building the ship."
     Engineer: "Judging by our experience with Hilda 2, we are almost
               finished with the engine. We're having problems with the
               construction of the hull, though."
     Regent Cid: "Yes... I'm thinking about sing parts of the Blue
                 Narciss for the body."
     Engineer: "How come?"
     Regent Cid: "I realized that the Blue Narciss was a well-built
                 ship when I rode in it. There are other reasons, but
                 we must hurry. I already have a completed blueprint in
                 my head. Do as I tell you and it will be completed in
                 no time. Let's get ready!"
     Engineer Zebolt: "Roger!"
    | Place to Call Home \______________________________________________
     [Quina runs into the meeting room.]
     Quina: "Aiya! What big stone! Why you all watch stone? Is stone
            edible? Or is for barbeque? No answer... I think I lick it.
            You no answer, so you no mind, right? Hmmm... Is very
            salty. Oh? Who that? What you doing here, Zidane?"
     Zidane: "Huh? Oh... Hi, Quina."
     Quina: "You stand here say nothing, then you just like other
            dummy-dummies. No can tell difference! They say someone
            always has double somewhere. There so many of you here! The
            world strange place, no?"
     Zidane: "Yeah, I guess..."
     Quina: "Zidane, what matter? You no seem yourself."
     Zidane: "Hmm? Oh, it's nothing. I'm always myself. Besides, it's
             not just me. You look just like your master, too."
     Quina: "Of course! Master Quale of Qu Clan! We same!"
     Zidane: "Yeah? I guess everybody looks the same to someone from
             another race."
     Quina: "Hmm... Maybe you right. What he say? Same...race?"
     [Quina turns around, but Zidane's already walked off by himself.]
    | Where the Heart Is \______________________________________________
     [Vivi walks around town, trying to talk to the Genomes.]
     Vivi: "Excuse me..."
     Genome: "..."
     Vivi: "So, umm... What do you guys do here?"
     Genome: "..."
     Vivi: "Hmm... Oh, yeah... This blue light sure is pretty, isn't
     Genome: "..."
     [Zidane walks up behind Vivi.]
     Vivi: "You like it, too, right? You're all looking at the blue
     Genome: "The light is unpleasant to us..."
     Vivi: "Oh...really..." (Huh? It's that girl...) "Hmm? Hey,
           Zidane... What are you up to?"
     Zidane: "What do you mean? What are you doing, Vivi?"
     Vivi: "I'm trying to talk with the natives. This boy here seems to
           be my age and everything..."
     Zidane: "You're wasting your time. They won't give you a decent
     Vivi: "Oh... But I think I can get through to them."
     Zidane: "Huh. I'm surprised you feel that way."
     Vivi: "I don't know why, but... I...I feel like we're similar."
     Zidane: "Similar? What do you mean? I know they're similar like
             me, but..."
     Vivi: "No, no... Not like that. They're a lot like the black mages
           we saw on the cargo ship, and in Cleyra. Of course, we don't
           look alike at all. But I can see one thing. Their minds
           aren't hollow. I think that their minds are just out to
           lunch for a little while..."
     Zidane: "Hmm... Not hollow, huh?"
     Vivi: "Hey... Where are you going, Zidane?"
     [Zidane walks off.]
     Vivi: "Zidane?"
    | Came into this World \____________________________________________
     [Zidane walks with the mysterious girl to the town's gate.]
     Girl: "This way..."
     [She disappears into the green aura that blocked Zidane before.]
     Voice: "Hey, Zidane!"
     [Amarant walks by.]
     Zidane: "What do you want?"
     Amarant: "What? That's no way to say hello. What the hell is this
              place? I thought we'd find some mean mothers down here,
              but they're all a bunch of wimps."
     Zidane: "No challenge, huh?"
     Amarant: "Yeah, I guess not."
     Zidane: "Hey, Amarant... Can I ask you something?"
     Amarant: "No."
     Zidane: "Do you...have any parents or family?"
     Amarant: "What a stupid question."
     Zidane: "Sorry. I was just curious."
     Amarant: "I don't remember any loving parents. My first memory is
              of the face of a guy I had to fight. I only found meaning
              in life through combat."
     Zidane: "Funny how you put that in past tense. All due to my
             wonderful influence."
     Amarant: "Pshhh. What do you want me to do? Thank you?"
     Zidane: "Please! You're gonna make me sick!"
     Amarant: "How about you?"
     Zidane: "What? You mean my parents? ...I don't have parents."
    | The Truth \_______________________________________________________
     [Zidane walks with the girl on the path past the green aura-gate.]
     Zidane: "Hey! Where are you taking me?"
     Girl: "I told you. You are going to see Garland."
     Zidane: "Yeah, of course. But this way is a dead end."
     Girl: "There is a way. See? You may find him through the portal.
           He awaits where the souls sleep. The floating castle, where
           souls bide their time until their restoration... Pandemonium
           Will you not say farewell to your friends?"
     Zidane: "I don't care what I am... I was born here, wasn't I? If
             so, then I am an enemy to the people of Gaia."
     Girl: "You learn quickly."
     Zidane: "Make no mistake. I won't join your side. I just... If we
             are actually relatives, then... Then I want to take care
             of this little family matter myself."
     [He walks into the gate.]
    | The Elevator \____________________________________________________
     [No dialogue; the party just changes the elevator. This ATE is
     active only in the elevator room, but it doesn't go away after one
     use like the others.]
     [After selecting the number the elevator turns:]
     Narrative: Return control to Zidane? {Y/N}
    53. NPC Dialogue Index (NP01)
    Ctrl+F the four-digit number (i.e. AL01) for easy access.
    AL01 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Dialogue near the statue
    AL02 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Dialogue in the nearby house
    AL03 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, the street where Vivi starts at
    AL04 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, the street near the pub
    AL05 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, the Morning Star Bar
    AL06 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, screen with the two clocks
    AL07 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Doug's shop
    AL08 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, main square
    AL09 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, the main square hotel; convo
    AL10 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Synthesis Shop & Weapon Shop
    AL11 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Alleyway to left of square
    AL12 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Street near the Church
    AL13 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Ilia's house
    AL14 -- Disc 1, Alexandria, Church
    AC01 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Room with beaten-up guards
    AC02 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Room near royal stairs
    AC03 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Room with beaten-up guards; Stnr
    AC04 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Room with royal stairs; Stnr POV
    AC05 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Queen Brahne's seat
    AC06 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Balcony near the large stairway
    AC07 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Left dining room
    AC08 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Kitchen
    AC09 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Right dining room
    AC10 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Left downstairs library
    AC11 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Right downstairs library
    AC12 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Courtyard
    AC13 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Screen right of courtyard
    AC14 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Screen left of courtyard
    AC15 -- Disc 1, Alexandria Castle, Long stairway in the West Tower
    PV01 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Orchestra's section
    PV02 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, The room Ruby's found in
    PV03 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, The Engine Room
    PV04 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Second Steiner fight
    PV05 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside ship
    EF01 -- Disc 1, Evil Forest, First Prison Cage Fight
    EF02 -- Disc 1, Evil Forest, Second Prison Cage Fight
    PV06 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Cockpit
    PV07 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Room outside where Vivi rests
    PV08 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Hallway outside where Steiner's kept
    PV09 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Main room where Zidane lit the candle
    PV10 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside ship
    PV11 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Vivi's Room, post-talk with Zidane
    PV12 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside of Vivi's room
    PV13 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Cargo room, post-talk with Baku
    PV14 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Cargo room, after fighting Baku
    PV15 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside ship
    PV16 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside Vivi's room
    PV17 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Cockpit
    PV18 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Cargo room
    PV19 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Room before Exit, after Blank's Med.
    PV20 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside ship
    PV21 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Cargo room, after viewing ATE #05
    PV22 -- Disc 1, Prima Vista, Outside of Vivi's room, post-ATE #05
    EF03 -- Disc 1, Evil Forest, Waterfall on a side-path
    EF04 -- Disc 1, Evil Forest, Forest spring
    EF05 -- Disc 1, Evil Forest, Plant Brain battle
    NG01 -- Disc 1, North Gate, Melda Arch
    IC01 -- Disc 1, Ice Cavern, Moogle Room
    SG01 -- Disc 1, South Gate, Gate
    OM01 -- Disc 1, Observatory Mountain, Morrid's Shack
    DL01 -- Disc 1, Dali, The inn's rented room
    DL02 -- Disc 1, Dali, The main room of the inn
    DL03 -- Disc 1, Dali, Village square
    DL04 -- Disc 1, Dali, Pumpkin patch
    DL05 -- Disc 1, Dali, windmill interior
    DL06 -- Disc 1, Dali, Mayor's House
    DL07 -- Disc 1, Dali, Equipment shop
    DL08 -- Disc 1, Dali, Village Square
    DL09 -- Disc 1, Dali, the inn's rented room
    DL10 -- Disc 1, Dali, Pumpkin patch
    DL11 -- Disc 1, Dali, Inn main room
    DL12 -- Disc 1, Dali, Village square
    DL13 -- Disc 1, Dali, Mayor's house
    DL14 -- Disc 1, Dali, Town square
    DL15 -- Disc 1, Dali, Underground hut
    DL16 -- Disc 1, Dali, Underground Storage area with the moogle
    DL17 -- Disc 1, Dali, Room with the large 'egg' machine
    DL18 -- Disc 1, Dali, Second half of the 'egg' machine
    OM02 -- Disc 1, Observatory Mountain, when Steiner speaks to Morrid
    DL19 -- Disc 1, Dali, Black Waltz No. 2 fight
    CS01 -- Disc 1, Cargo Ship, Belowdeck
    CS02 -- Disc 1, Cargo Ship, Top Deck
    CS03 -- Disc 1, Cargo Ship, Cockpit, pre-Black Waltz fight
    LB01 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Airship Dock
    LB02 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Air Cab Station
    LB03 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway w/ fountain
    LB04 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway
    LB05 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Guest room upstairs
    LB06 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Hotel room
    LB07 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Hotel downstairs
    LB08 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Main Street by hotel
    LB09 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Main square
    LB10 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Residence on main square
    LB11 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Street near the church
    LB12 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Church
    LB13 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Fountain square
    LB14 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Item shop
    LB15 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Weapon shop
    LB16 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Synthesis shop
    LB17 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Air cab station
    LB18 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Air cab station
    LB19 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Statue square
    LB20 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Pub front
    LB21 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, The Doom Pub
    LB22 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Engineer's residence
    LB23 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Air cab station
    LB24 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Airship dock
    LB25 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway with the fountain
    LB26 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway
    LB27 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Air cab station
    LB28 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Street near the station
    LB29 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Michael's house
    LB30 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Tantalus hideout's street
    LB31 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, The memorial theater
    LB32 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway
    LB33 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Guest room
    LB34 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway
    LB35 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway with a fountain
    LB36 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway near 'vator
    LB37 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Machinery room
    LB38 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Lindblum castle rooftop
    LB39 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway
    LB40 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway with a fountain
    LB41 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Airship dock
    LB42 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Air cab station
    FH01 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Air cab station
    FH02 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Street near station
    FH03 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Street near Tant. hideout
    FH04 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Air cab station
    FH05 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Street near Doom Pub
    FH06 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Air cab station
    FH07 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Hunter's Gate
    FH08 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Church's street
    FH09 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Fountain square
    LB43 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Dining room
    LB44 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Corridor outside banquet hall
    LB45 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hall near elevator (top level)
    LB46 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Machine room
    LB47 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Castle rooftop
    LB48 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway w/ fountain
    LB49 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upstairs hallway
    LB50 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Airship Dock + Air Cab Station
    LB51 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, AC Station + Statue Plaza
    LB52 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Ind. District, Pub Street/Doom Pub/Residence
    LB53 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, AC Station/Street/Residence
    LB54 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Thr. District, Tantalus Street/Theater
    LB55 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, AC Station/Street/H. Gate
    LB56 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Hotel/Main Square/Residence
    LB57 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Church St./Church/Fntn. Plaza
    LB58 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Bus. District, Item/Weapon/Synth shops
    LB59 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Serpent's Gate Station/Harbor
    LB60 -- Disc 1, Lindblum Grand Castle, Dragon's Gate
    QU01 -- Disc 1, Qu's Marsh, Second screen in by the plank
    QU02 -- Disc 1, Qu's Marsh, The pond
    QU03 -- Disc 1, Qu's Marsh, Quale's house
    CF01 -- Disc 1, Chocobo's Forest
    GZ01 -- Disc 1, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Entrance
    GZ02 -- Disc 1, Gizamaluke's Grotto, First bell door
    GZ03 -- Disc 1, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Large cavern
    GZ04 -- Disc 1, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogles' room
    SG02 -- Disc 1, Grand Citadel S. Gate, Entrance
    SG03 -- Disc 1, Grand Citadel S. Gate, Bohden Gate
    SG04 -- Disc 1, Grand Citadel S. Gate, Bohden Station
    SG05 -- Disc 1, Grand Citadel S. Gate, Berkmea Cable Car
    WM01 -- Disc 1, World Map, Whirling Sandstorm / Healing Shore Cgrph.
    BR01 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, Street near the balconies
    BR02 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, Residence w/ the balconies
    BR03 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, Bedroom within the balconies
    BR04 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, After the stairs where you meet Dan
    BR05 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, Inside F1 of house after the stairs
    BR06 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, Armory
    BR07 -- Disc 1, Burmecia, Moogle shelter
    SG06 -- Disc 2, South Gate Summit Station, Arriving platform area
    SG07 -- Disc 2, South Gate Summit Station, Rest stop area
    SG08 -- Disc 2, South Gate Summit Station, Arriving platform area
    SG09 -- Disc 2, South Gate, Berkmea Cable Car #2
    SG10 -- Disc 2, South Gate, Alexandria Station
    SG11 -- Disc 2, South Gate, Gate to Village of Dali
    OM03 -- Disc 2, Observatory Mountain, visiting as Garnet
    IC02 -- Disc 2, Ice Cavern, Path to exit
    DL20 -- Disc 2, Dali, Main street
    DL21 -- Disc 2, Dali, The inn
    DL22 -- Disc 2, Dali, Equipment shop
    DL23 -- Disc 2, Dali, Windmill interior
    DL24 -- Disc 2, Dali, Mayor's house
    DL25 -- Disc 2, Dali, Pumpkin Patch
    DL26 -- Disc 2, Dali, Village pub
    QD01 -- Disc 2, Quan's Dwelling, Dining Room + Balcony (Dagger POV)
    TR01 -- Disc 2, Treno, City gates
    TR02 -- Disc 2, Treno, East Slums
    TR03 -- Disc 2, Treno, Treno Pub
    TR04 -- Disc 2, Treno, Waterline near equipment shop
    TR05 -- Disc 2, Treno, Card stadium front
    TR06 -- Disc 2, Treno, Cafe Carta
    TR07 -- Disc 2, Treno, Synthesis shop hallway
    TR08 -- Disc 2, Treno, Synthesis shop
    TR09 -- Disc 2, Treno, Queen Stella's House, front
    TR10 -- Disc 2, Treno, Queen Stella's House, interior
    TR11 -- Disc 2, Treno, Pathway left of city gates
    TR12 -- Disc 2, Treno, Equipment Shop
    TR13 -- Disc 2, Treno, Auction House front
    TR14 -- Disc 2, Treno, Auction House
    TR15 -- Disc 2, Treno, Dock under the pub
    TR16 -- Disc 2, Treno, Pathway left of city gates, after meeting Tot
    TR17 -- Disc 2, Treno, Tot's House
    GR01 -- Disc 2, Gargant Roo, Everywhere (it's a mini-dungeon)
    GZ05 -- Disc 2, Gizamaluke's Grotto (all)
    QM04 -- Disc 2, Qu's Marsh (all)
    LB61 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Grand Castle, Dragon's Gate
    CF02 -- Disc 2, Chocobo's Forest (all)
    CL01 -- Disc 2, Cleyra's Trunk (all)
    CL02 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Kildea's tour
    CL03 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Town entrance
    CL04 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Water pond
    CL05 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Inn front
    CL06 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cleyran Inn
    CL07 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Observatory outlook
    CL08 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Windmill area
    CL09 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral front
    CL10 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Sandpit
    CL11 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral lobby
    CL12 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Inn front
    CL13 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral lobby
    CL14 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Town entrance
    CL15 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral front, Freya POV
    CL16 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral lobby, Freya POV
    CL17 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral Harp Room, Freya POV
    CL18 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Windmill area, Freya POV
    CL19 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Water pond, Freya POV
    CL20 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Observatory outlook, Freya POV
    CL21 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cleyran Inn, Freya POV
    CL22 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Sandpit
    CL23 -- Disc 2, Cleyra Settlement, Cathedral lobby
    RR01 -- Disc 2, Red Rose Airship, Hallway w/ moogle
    AC16 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Locked dungeon entrance
    AC17 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, West Tower wing
    AC18 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Right library
    AC19 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Left library
    AC20 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Kitchen
    AC21 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Guardhouse
    AC22 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Garnet's room
    AC23 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Eidolon extraction room
    PR01 -- Disc 2, Alexandria Castle, Pinnacle Rocks (all)
    LB62 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Main street
    LB63 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Main street inn
    LB64 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Marketplace
    LB65 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Air cab station
    LB66 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Fountain plaza (after seeing Cid)
    LB67 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Marketplace
    LB68 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Main street
    LB69 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Bus. District, Air cab station
    LB70 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Thr. District, Air cab station
    LB71 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Thr. District, Main street
    LB72 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Thr. District, Tantalus' street
    LB73 -- Disc 2, Lindblum Grand Castle, Dragon's Gate
    GZ06 -- Disc 2, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogle's room
    QM05 -- Disc 2, Qu's Marsh, Quale's house
    FR01 -- Disc 2, Fossil Roo, The entrance
    FR02 -- Disc 2, Fossil Roo, Speech in the fight w/ Lani
    FR03 -- Disc 2, Fossil Roo, First excavation site
    FR04 -- Disc 2, Fossil Roo, Second excavation site
    FR05 -- Disc 2, Fossil Roo, Third excavation site
    CP00 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Ramp to village
    CP01 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, The entrance
    CP02 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Shop corridor
    CP03 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Corridor near inn
    CP04 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Inn
    CP05 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Upper shrine
    CP06 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Grocery
    CP07 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Weapons shop
    CP08 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Entrance (after meeting black mage)
    CP09 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Upper shrine (after meeting black mage)
    QU06 -- Disc 2, Qu's Marsh #2 (all)
    BM01 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Chocobo stable front
    BM02 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Chocobo stable
    BM03 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Weapons store
    BM04 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Item store
    BM05 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Hotel
    BM06 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Synthesis shop
    BM07 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Cemetery
    BM08 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Stable front
    BM09 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Chocobo stable
    BM10 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Town entrance
    BM11 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Weapon shop
    BM12 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Hotel
    BM13 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Item store
    BM14 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Pond between Synth/Item shops
    BM15 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Rooftop access via Synth shop
    BM16 -- Disc 2, Black Mage Village, Cemetery
    QU07 -- Disc 2, Qu's Marsh #2 (all)
    CP10 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Entrance
    CP11 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Upper Shrine
    CP12 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie, Weapon store
    CM01 -- Disc 2, Conde Petie Mt. Path (all)
    MS01 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari (hodgepodge of quotations)
    MS02 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari (quotations after Eiko's dinner)
    MS03 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari (all), after leaving for Iifa Tree
    QU08 -- Disc 2, Qu's Marsh (all)
    IT01 -- Disc 2, Iifa Tree, Pathway on the roots
    IT02 -- Disc 2, Iifa Tree, Elevator leaf inside tree
    IT03 -- Disc 2, Iifa Tree, Bottom of the tree
    MS04 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari (all)
    MS05 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari, fight with Scarlet Hair
    MS06 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari (all)
    MS07 -- Disc 2, Madain Sari (all), after leaving for Iifa Tree
    IT04 -- Disc 2, Iifa Tree, Pathway on the roots (near moogle)
    AL15 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Town entrance
    Al16 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Ilia's grandma's house
    AL17 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Street near Ilia's grandma's house
    AL18 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Bar front
    AL19 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Morning Star Bar
    AL20 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Road with two clocks near item shop
    AL21 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Doug's Item Shop
    AL22 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Town square
    AL23 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Square hotel
    AL24 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Equipment and Synthesis shops
    AL25 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Town gondola dock
    AL26 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Mini-theater's alley
    AL27 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Church street
    AL28 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Church inside
    AL29 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Ilia's house
    AC24 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Guardhouse
    AC25 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Hallway outside guardhouse
    AL30 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Morning Star Bar (Zidane POV)
    AL31 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Town Entrance (Zidane POV)
    AL32 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Weapons Shop
    AL33 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Town hotel
    AL34 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Left alley/mini-theater front
    AL35 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Mini-theater interior
    AL36 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Church
    AL37 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Ilia's House
    TR18 -- Disc 3, Treno, Tot's Residence
    TR19 -- Disc 3, Treno, Path by Tot's tower
    TR20 -- Disc 3, Treno, Treno entrance
    TR21 -- Disc 3, Treno, Eastern slums
    TR22 -- Disc 3, Treno, Slum hotel
    TR23 -- Disc 3, Treno, Cafe Carta
    TR24 -- Disc 3, Treno, Synthesis building
    TR25 -- Disc 3, Treno, Queen Stella's mansion (front)
    TR26 -- Disc 3, Treno, Card Stadium front
    TR27 -- Disc 3, Treno, Waterfront near Equip. shop
    TR28 -- Disc 3, Treno, Auctionhouse Front
    SG13 -- Disc 3, South Gate (Treno-side)
    SG14 -- Disc 3, South Gate, Berkmea station (Alexandria-side)
    SG15 -- Disc 3, South Gate, Guardhouse
    OM04 -- Disc 3, Observatory Mountain (all)
    DL27 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, Main street
    DL28 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, Town pub
    DL29 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, Town inn
    DL30 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, Equipment shop
    DL31 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, Windmill
    DL32 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, Mayor's residence
    QD02 -- Disc 3, Quan's Dwelling (all; if you had Vivi visit home)
    AC30 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Main stairway to balconies
    AL38 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Fighting in town (Beatrix/Steiner POV)
    AC31 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle (all), Dagger POV
    AC32 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Right library
    AC33 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Left library
    AC34 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Kitchen
    AC35 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Guardhouse
    LB74 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Guest room
    LB75 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Upper hallway
    LB76 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway with fountain
    LB77 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Airship dock
    LB78 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Dragon's Gate
    LB79 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Serpent's Gate
    LB80 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Top-level elevator hallway
    LB81 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Mechanical room
    LB82 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Castle rooftops
    LB83 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Hallway 2 Royal Chamber
    LB84 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Meeting room
    LB85 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Air Cab Station
    LB86 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Bridge to factory
    LB87 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Airship-creation Hangar
    LB88 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Bus. District, Air cab station
    LB89 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Bus. District, Main street
    LB90 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Bus. District, Main street inn
    LB91 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Bus. District, Marketplace
    LB92 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Bus. District, Fountain plaza
    LB93 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Thr. District, Main street
    LB94 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Thr. District, Tantalus' Path
    LB95 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Thr. District, Main street (after using potions)
    LB96 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle, Serpent's Gate
    WM02 -- Disc 3, World Map, Blue Narciss Interior
    EG01 -- Disc 3, Esto Gaza, Stairway & Terrace
    EG02 -- Disc 3, Esto Gaza, Lobby and Equipment Shop
    EG03 -- Disc 3, Esto Gaza, Outdoors watching area
    MS08 -- Disc 3, Madain Sari (all)
    QU09 -- Disc 3, Qu's Marsh, Quale's house
    CF03 -- Disc 3, Chocobo's Forest
    GZ07 -- Disc 3, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogle room
    AC36 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Harbor
    AC37 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, West tower hallway
    AC38 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, West tower entrance
    AC39 -- Disc 3, Alexandria Castle, Castle gondola dock
    AL39 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Town gondola dock
    AL40 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Main square
    AL41 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Square hotel
    AL42 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Left alley + mini-theater
    AL43 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Church Street + The Church
    AL44 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Main Street south of square
    AL45 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Main Street more south from AL44
    CL01 -- Disc 3, Chocobo's Lagoon (all)
    WM03 -- Disc 3, World Map, Dawn Lagoon chocograph
    SG16 -- Disc 3, South Gate, Treno Arch (inaccessible 'til Mtn Choco)
    IC03 -- Disc 3, South Gate, Ice Cavern entrance (near Evil Forest)
    DL33 -- Disc 3, Village of Dali, (all)
    SG17 -- Disc 3, Bohden Gate/Station (all)
    TR29 -- Disc 3, Treno (all), new dialogue
    MC01 -- Disc 3, Mognet Central (all)
    QD03 -- Disc 3, Quan's Dwelling, Chocobo-diving scene
    QU10 -- Disc 3, Qu's Marsh #2
    BM17 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village (all)
    WM04 -- Disc 3, World Map, Blue Narciss interior
    DP01 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace, Right after 1st lava room
    DP02 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace, Hangar before Zidane's party disembarks
    WM05 -- Disc 3, World Map, "Talking" to the Hilda Garde 1
    QU11 -- Disc 3, Qu's Marsh #3 (all)
    OV01 -- Disc 3, Oeilvert, Outside path
    OV02 -- Disc 3, Oeilvert, Star display room
    OV03 -- Disc 3, Oeilvert, Grand Hall
    OV04 -- Disc 3, Oeilvert, Room w/ four interactive pods
    DP03 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace, The hourglass room (Cid POV)
    DP04 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace, The hourglass room
    DP05 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace (all)
    DP06 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace, Valia Pira fight
    DP07 -- Disc 3, Desert Palace, Teleportation room
    GZ08 -- Disc 3, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogles' room
    WM06 -- Disc 3, World Map, Blue Narciss interior
    EG04 -- Disc 3, Esto Gaza (all)
    MG01 -- Disc 3, Mount Gulug (all)
    MG02 -- Disc 3, Mount Gulug, Meltigemini fight
    LB97 -- Disc 3, Lindblum Grand Castle (all new dialogue)
    WM07 -- Disc 3, World Map, Hilda Garde 3 Interior
    QU12 -- Disc 3, Qu's Marsh #1,
    GZ09 -- Disc 3, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogles' room
    DG01 -- Disc 3, Daguerreo, Entrance hall
    DG02 -- Disc 3, Daguerreo, Right library
    DG03 -- Disc 3, Daguerreo, Left library
    DG04 -- Disc 3, Daguerreo, Third floor
    DG05 -- Disc 3, Daguerreo, Second floor
    DG06 -- Disc 3, Daguerreo, Weapons shop
    EG05 -- Disc 3, Esto Gaza (all; new dialogue)
    AL45 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Hotel
    AL46 -- Disc 3, Alexandria, Church
    BM18 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Entrance
    BM19 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Weapon shop
    BM20 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Chocobo shack an' front
    BM21 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Village inn
    BM22 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Village item shop
    BM23 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Near the pond
    BM24 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Synthesis shop
    BM25 -- Disc 3, Black Mage Village, Cemetary
    IP01 -- Disc 3, Ipsen's Castle, Moogle court
    IP02 -- Disc 3, Ipsen's Castle, Elevator room
    IP03 -- Disc 3, Ipsen's Castle, Finding Amarant (stuff)
    WM08 -- Disc 3, World Map, Hilda Garde 3 Interior
    GZ10 -- Disc 3, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogles' room
    ES01 -- Disc 3, Earth Shrine (all)
    TE01 -- Disc 3, Terra, Bridge
    TE02 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Town entrance
    TE03 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Left of gate
    TE04 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Right of gate
    TE05 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Storage area
    TE06 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Meeting area
    TE07 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Underground laboratory
    TE08 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Town inn
    TE09 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Right of gate (Eiko POV)
    TE10 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Meeting hall (Eiko POV)
    TE11 -- Disc 3, Bran Bal, Town entrance (Eiko POV)
    TE12 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Entrance (Zid POV)
    TE13 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Amdusias mandatory battle
    TE14 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Abadon mandatory battle
    TE15 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Shell Dragon mandatory battle
    TE16 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Moogle room
    TE17 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Bridge dialogue
    TE18 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Elevator room
    TE19 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Upstairs maze (w/ moogle)
    TE20 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Garland battle
    TE21 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Kuja battle
    TE22 -- Disc 3, Pandemonium, Escape
    WM09 -- Disc 4, World Map, Invincible Interior
    GZ11 -- Disc 4, Gizamaluke's Grotto, Moogle room
    BM26 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Town entrance
    BM27 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Weapon shop
    BM28 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Chocobo stable
    BM29 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Inn and inn front
    BM30 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Item shop
    BM31 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, By the pond
    BM32 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Synthesis shop
    BM33 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Synth rooftops
    BM34 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Cemetary
    MS09 -- Disc 4, Madain Sari, Village entire
    MS10 -- Disc 4, Madain Sari, Eidolon Wall (notes)
    DG07 -- Disc 4, Daguerreo, New Dialogue
    AL47 -- Disc 4, Alexandria, New Dialogue
    TR30 -- Disc 4, Treno, New dialogue
    DL34 -- Disc 4, Village of Dali, New dialogue
    LB98 -- Disc 4, Lindblum Grand Castle, New Dialogue
    LB99 -- Disc 4, Lindblum Bus. District, New dialogue
    LB100 -- Disc 4, Lindblum Thr. District, New dialogue
    BR08 -- Disc 4, Burmecia, Moogle room (letter quest)
    BM35 -- Disc 4, Black Mage Village, Chocobo stables (letter quest)
    IP04 -- Disc 4, Ipsen's Castle, Moogle court (letter quest)
    QU13 -- Disc 4, Qu's Marsh #1, Excavation site (letter quest)
    DG08 -- Disc 4, Daguerreo, Moogle room (letter quest)
    AL48 -- Disc 4, Alexandria, Church (letter quest)
    MC01 -- Disc 4, Mognet Central, (letter quest)
    QD04 -- Disc 4, Quan's Dwelling, Special Vivi/Quina scene
    CF04 -- Disc 4, Chocobo's Lagoon (all)
    WM10 -- Disc 4, World Map, Mist Ocean chocograph
    CP01 -- Disc 4, Chocobo's Paradise, Entrance
    CP02 -- Disc 4, Chocobo's Paradise, Upper platform
    MM01 -- Disc 4, Memoria (all)
    MM02 -- Disc 4, Crystal World (all)
     ____________________________________________/AL01 -- The Town Gate |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Kids shouldn't leave the city by themselves,
                          you know."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "This gate leads outside."
     Fish Man: "Commoners like us have to watch the play from the
               rooftops, far away from the stage."
     Nikolai: "Nobles always come to Alexandria to see the annual
     Noble Lady: "Oh, these street urchins are simply dreadful!
     Noble Lord: "Why, you're no city child... and you aren't a noble
                 child, either..."
     Unnamed Boy: "I saw the nobles first!"
     Unnamed Girl: "I saw the nobles first!"
     _________________________________________________/AL02 -- House #1 |
     Old Woman: "Whew, I'm almost done..."
     Old Man: "Darlin', I'm home!"
     Old Woman: "I'm not done with Ilia's dress yet. Come back later."
     Old Man: "Rahaha. Every year, it's always the same. You're
              spoilin' them grandkids, I say!"
     [Old Man leaves.]
     Old Woman: "Is that you, Ilia? Your new dress is almost done..."
     _________________________________________________/AL03 -- Street #1||
     Man: "Well, that's it for today. Time to get ready to see the
     Unnamed Boy: "Yay!"
     Unnamed Boy: "Nobles are in the square!"
     Unnamed Boy: "Wow! Nobles!"
     Unnamed Girl: "Theodore, wait for me!"
     _________________________________________________/AL04 -- Bar Front|
     Hippaul: "Wow... Nobles are so spiffy!"
     Unnamed Boy: "The nobles're in the square!"
     Unnamed Girl: "Wanna come with us to see the nobles?"
     __________________________________________/AL05 -- Morning Star Bar|
     Ashley: "We'll sure be busy tonight. But it'll also be the last
             time we'll be so busy."
     Maggie: "I gotta get back to work!"
     Maggie: "When I become manager, the first thing I'll do is fix
             these stairs."
     Male Red Mage: "I don't know why I'm so depressed... I have a
                    ticket to see a great show. I should be happy.
     [After Dante quits working on his sign:]
     Dante the Signmaker: "I got another job to do. Save it for later,
     _________________________________________________/AL06 -- Street #2|
     Mick: "Wow... How'd you get a ticket for the show? You better head
           straight for the ticket booth in the square. You have to get
           your ticket stamped there before you can enter the castle."
     Unnamed Boy: "Hurry up if ya wanna see the nobles!"
     Unnamed Girl: "Theodore, wait!"
     _________________________________________________/AL07 -- Item Shop|
     Doug: "Good afternoon!"
     _______________________________________________/AL08 -- Main Square|
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Only noblemen and ticketholders may pass
                          through this gate."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "If you have a ticket, get it stamped at the
                          ticket booth in the center of the square."
     Florist: "Flowers for sale! A perfect gift for the one you love!"
     Hippaul: "Gwahaha, I hid my three precious cards in a safe place."
     Honorable Lady: "The blossoms in Alexandria are quite splendid,
                     don't you think?"
     Honorable Lord: "Do you like flowers, too?"
     Unnamed Jump-roping Girl: "You wanna try?"
     Unnamed Jump-roping Girl: "Come play with us again!"
     _________________________________________/AL09 -- Main Square Hotel|
     Red Mage: "Whaddya mean, there's no vacancies!!!?
     Fish Man: "Yes, you see... Really quite sorry."
     Red Mage: "What!? I don't believe this!!! I have a reservation,
               dammit!!! Geeez!!"
     [The red mage leaves.]
     Vivi: (Yikes! City people are so scary.)
     Fish Man: "Sorry, no vacancies today."
     Hippo Woman: "Busy busy busy! Pardon me, sir. Out of the way,
     __________________________________/AL10 -- Synthesis & Weapon Shops|
     Synthesist's Wife: "Married for 30 years, worked our rear ends
                        off, and finally we can afford a ticket to the
                        show. I'm so happy..."
     Synthesist: "I'm taking my wife to the theater tonight, so we
                 shall close soon."
     Shopkeeper: "I keep telling my son we'll go out of business, but
                 he never comes home."
     Ryan: "Hmm... Which sword to buy... I wish I had a little more
     ______________________________________/AL11 -- Alleyway near Square|
    Dante the Signmaker: "Can't you see I'm workin'!? Don't interrupt!"
     [After Dante leaves during the storyline:]
    Pointy-Hat Boy: "Umm... Excuse me, but is your name Alleyway Jack?"
    Alleyway Jack: "Huh? How did you know my name? If you know who I
                   am, you probably wanna challenge me to a card game,
                   huh? What? You don't know how to play? And you want
                   me to teach you? Well... Why not? I finished one job
                   already. Follow me, kid!"
     [They go to the Morning Star Bar.]
    Alleyway Jack: "We'll start with the basics. You need 5 cards to
                   play the card game. To play a game, approach someone
                   and press ([]). Some people may not be interested;
                   in that case, move on to someone else. Do you
                   understand now?"
                   R1 --> How do you play the card game?
                   R2 --> How does the card game proceed?
                    R2a --> What's a card battle?
                    R2b --> What's a combo?
                    R2c --> What's a perfect?
                    R2d --> What's a collector's level?
                    R2e --> Can we try a game?
                   R3 --> I think I understand
                   R1: [He repeats what he first said in the bar.]
                   R2: "Let's talk about how to actually play the game.
                       You take turns placing your cards on a 4x4 grid
                       with your opponent. Sometimes your opponent's
                       card flips. That's because of the yellow arrows
                       on the corners and the sides of the cards. If
                       your arrow is facing in the direction of your
                       opponent's card, that card becomes yours. But if
                       your opponent's card has an arrow facing yours,
                       a card battle begins.
                   R2a: "When several arrows face each other, multiple
                        card battles may occur. You can choose where to
                        begin the card battle when that happens. Where
                        you choose to begin the battle affects how the
                        rest of the battles play out. Let's see... You
                        can also use combos."
                   R2b: "Okay, I'll teach you the technical stuff now!
                        You gotta be careful during a card battle. If
                        your card wins against the opponent's card, all
                        the cards facing that card's arrows are yours.
                        That's called a combo. It's a double-edged
                        sword, because the same thing happens to you if
                        your card loses against your opponent's card!
                        Try to play a perfect game!
                   R2c: "What is a perfect game, you ask? You get one
                        of your opponent's cards when you win. If you
                        flip over all of your opponent's cards and play
                        a perfect game, you can take all of them! Reach
                        for the highest collector's levels!"
                   R2d: "Let me tell you about collector's levels!
                        Check your menu and go to the section entitled
                        Card. You can check your collector's level
                        there. You can level up as you collect more
                        cards. Even I don't know what the highest
                        collector's level is."
                   R2e: "Let's play!" [They play a game.]
                   R3: "This is the only town where I'm called Alleyway
                       Jack. I go by other names elsewhere. They're
                       also just aliases, of course. You wanna know my
                       real name? I'll tell you when you get better."
                       Pointy-Hat Boy: "Thank you."
     _____________________________________________/AL12 -- Church Street|
     Ilia: "Twy not to dwop your ticket, okay?"
     Boatman: "Hey, kid, don't even think about trying to sneak into
              the castle by boat. I tried that last year. But them
              guards, they caught me lickety-split! Gwahaha!"
     Retired Boatman: "Them new-fangled misht-powered shipsh float
                      through the air, but true shipsh are shupposhed
                      to float on water, right, shunny?"
     Tom: "My kitten, Mittens, ran away... Tell me if you see him,
          R1 --> Yes
          R2 --> No
          R1: "Thanks!"
          R2: "Oh... You're mean."
     ______________________________________________/AL13 -- Ilia's House|
     Ilia: "Oh, hello again!"
     ___________________________________________________/AL14 -- Church |
     [Before the moogle falls:]
     Rat Kid: "Move it, slave!"
     [After the moogle falls:]
     Kupo: "Time to make a record already, kupo? Can I help you, kupo?"
           R1 --> Save
           R2 --> Tent
           R3 --> Mognet
           R1: "Save, kupo?" {Save/Don't Save}
           R2: "Rest inside a tent, kupo?" {Rest/Don't Rest}
           R3: "Kupo! I'll tell you about Mognet! Mognet is a mail
               delivery system between moogles! We can send and receive
               letters to and from moogles in other locations! Kupo!
               But delivery has been very sporadic lately! So I want
               you to help us deliver mail! Kupo! Will you help us?"
               R4 --> Sure
               R5 --> No way
               R6 --> Explain Mognet once again
           R4: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
               letter to Monty!"
               R7 --> Okay
               R8 --> No way
           R5: "I'm begging you! Please help us! Kupo!" [He reiterates]
           R6: [He repeats from "Mognet is a mail..."]
           R7: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives you the letter.]
           R8: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give you the letter.]
     _______________________________________________/AC01 -- Guard Room |
     Beaten-up Guard: "Muh-Mommy..."
     Beaten-up Guard: "Ca-Captain..."
     _____________________________________________/AL02 -- Royal Stairs |
     Blank: "Hurry!"
     [If Zidane tries to go anywhere except up the stairs:]
     Blank: "Look out! Someone's coming! Hide, Zidane!" [They hide.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Anything to report?"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "No, ma'am! Nothing to report!"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Very well. Continue your patrol."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Yes, ma'am! At once, ma'am!"
     ___________________________________/AC03 -- Guard Room -- Stnr POV |
     Blutzen, Pluto Knight II: "...So I guess they really did."
     Kohel, Pluto Knight III: "Whoa, really? You always have the latest
     Steiner: "Hey! I thought I told you to look for the princess! What
              are you doing here!?
     Blutzen, Pluto Knight II: "Oh, Captain! It looks like Weimer got
                               together with Barbara at the pub!"
     Steiner: "Why do I have to hear this!? I told you nitwits to go
              search for the princess!"
     Blutzen, Pluto Knight II: "Y-Yes, sir!"
     Kohel, Pluto Knight II: "At once, sir!"
     [If Steiner re-enters, a moogle will be in the room.]
     Mosh: "Can I help you, kupo?"
           R1 --> Save
           R2 --> Tent
           R3 --> Mognet
           R4 --> Cancel
           R3 --> "I want mail! Kupo!"
     _________________________________/AC04 -- Royal Stairs -- Stnr POV |
    Alexandrian Soldier: "Captain Steiner, guarding the queen's chamber
                         is Squad Beatrix's duty, hehehe."
    Alexandrian Soldier: "I see the Knights of Pluto are as hopeless as
     _________________________________/AC05 -- Queen's Seat -- Stnr POV |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "We members of Squad Beatrix are charged with
                          protecting Her Majesty."
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as other soldier.]
     Queen Brahne: "Here, take this... And go find my daughter!"
     Queen Brahne: "Still no sign of Garnet?"
     __________________________/AC06 -- Balcony near Stairs -- Stnr POV |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "They report that someone wearing a white hood
                         passed through this hall, sir."
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as above.]
     Dojebon, Pluto Knight V: "Yes, sir! I'm looking, sir!"
     _____________________________/AC07 -- Left Dining Room -- Stnr POV |
     Dishmeister: "So many fine dishes."
     ______________________________________/AC08 -- Kitchen -- Stnr POV |
     Ovenmeister: "Heat upon heat!"
     Eggmeister: "Fried to perfection!"
     Onionmeister: "Whew! I'm gonna cry!"
     Dishmeister: "So many fine dishes."
     Head Chef: "Must hurry!!!" [Says this without any stimulus.]
     Head Chef: "Now is the time you show skill, boys!"
     ____________________________/AC09 -- Right Dining Room -- Stnr POV |
     Mullenkedheim, Pluto Knight IX: "Awww... I'm so hungry!"
     Steiner: "Wimps like you are the reason nobody relies on men in
              Alexandria! Bite the bullet, you worthless grub!!!"
     Mullenkedheim, Pluto Knight IX: "Whatever, Captain. I'm so
     _________________________________/AC10 -- Left Library -- Stnr POV |
     Scholar: "The princess? No, she hasn't visited today."
     Scholar: "Oh, I do wonder how the princess's royal tutor, Doctor
              Tot, is doing.
     Scholar: "You know, this globe of Gaia was presented by the late
              king in celebration of the birth of Princess Garnet."
     Scholar: "Now, where is that script for 'I Want to Be Your Canary'
              that Princess Garnet asked for?"
     Laudo, Pluto Knight IV: "You see, I never wanted to be in the
                             military. I just wanted to write fantasy
                             novels... Captain, please! Let me quit the
                             Knights of Pluto!!!"
                             R1 --> You can leave
                             R2 --> You can't leave
                             R1 (Steiner): "I really want to let you
                                           go... But now's not the
                                           time!!! Go find Princess
                                Laudo: "Waaahhh!" [He runs out.]
                             R2 (Steiner): "Nitwit! You just joined us!
                                           Now, go find the princess,
                                Laudo: "Waaahhh!" [He runs out.]
     [Steiner can find Laudo hiding behind a bookshelf upon re-entry.]
     Laudo, Pluto Knight IV: "Oh! You found me!" [He runs out.]
     ________________________________/AC11 -- Right Library -- Stnr POV |
     Scholar: "We haven't seen the princess today."
     Scholar: "Her Majesty ordered some texts about eidolons, but we've
              got a lot of books here, you know."
     ____________________________________/AC12 -- Courtyard -- Stnr POV |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Are you Steiner of the Pluto Knights!? A-An
                          honor, sir! I am a new recruit here!
     Alexandrian Soldier: "No sign of the princess, but I spotted two
                          Pluto Knights run through here, sir!"
     Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "Sitting here watching the water always
                                brings peace to my soul. Care to have a
                                seat, Captain?"
     Steiner: "Now is not the time! By order of Her Majesty, we must go
              search for Princess Garnet!"
     Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "What!?!?!? This calls for immediate
                                action!!! Fair princess, be not
                                afraid!!! Haagen is on the trail! Feel
                                my fury!!!"
     Haagen, Pluto Knight VIII: "For Alexandria, I will sacrifice
                                myself to rescue Her Royal Highness!!!"
     _________________________________/AC13 -- R. Courtyard -- Stnr POV |
     Knight of Pluto: "Nobody has come this way either, sir!"
     (P.S. -- This is Blank, which is he's no title given to him. ;)
     _________________________________/AC07 -- L. Courtyard -- Stnr POV |
     Weimar, Pluto Knight VII: "Hey, let's go to Treno. Just the two of
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Hmmm... Let me think about it."
     Steiner: "You there! Stop that immediately! Go search for Princess
     Weimar, Pluto Knight VII: "Yes, sir! At once, sir!" [He runs off.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "The Pluto Knights always ask me out. I don't
                          know what to do anymore."
     ________________________________/AC07 -- Long Stairway -- Stnr POV |
     Breireicht, Pluto Knight VI: "I'm so tired. Oh! Captain Steiner,
                                  do you climb this tower for exercise,
     Steiner: "No! No! No! I'm searching for Princess Garnet! Is the
              princess at the top of this tower or not!?"
     Breireicht, Pluto Knight VI: "I want to reach the top, but at my
                                  age, I get so short of breath.
     Breireicht, Pluto Knight VI: "By the way, Captain, have we all
                                  received the order?"
     Steiner: "Of course! All knights will obey!!! Hm? Was there an
              extra one...?"
     Breireicht, Pluto Knight VI: "Ah! So you've given orders to the
                                  double super-sleuths, Blutzen and
                                  Kohel! And also... Ah! So you've
                                  given orders to our most
                                  inspirational writer, Laudo! And
                                  also... Ah! So you've given orders to
                                  the most famous artillerist in the
                                  realm, Dojebon! And also... Ah! So
                                  you've given orders to the only man
                                  who can name all the girls in town,
                                  Weimar! And also... Ah! So you've
                                  given orders to the knight with the
                                  knack for navigating the neighborhood
                                  Haagen! And also... Ah! So you've
                                  given orders to the winner of last
                                  year's cannonball race, Mullenkedheim!
                                  That's my captain!" [Get: Elixir]
     ______________________________________/PV01 -- Orchestra's Section |
     Cymbalist: "Don't interrupt!"
     Conductor: "Hey, Zidane, what are you doing here?"
     Trumpeter: "Well, I say! Wasn't she a pretty one!"
     Violinist: "Do you have a request? Waltz, polka, anything?"
     Drummer: "You can feel my drum reverberating in your gut, can't
     _____________________________________________/PV02 -- Ruby's Room  |
     Ruby: "So who's that damsel, huh?"
     ______________________________________________/PV03 -- Engine Room |
     [If Zidane turns the engine crank to the left:]
     Cinna: "Hey! If you reduce the engine's power, you'll crash the
            ship! Turn the wheel back to the right!"
     [If Zidane turns the engine crank to the right:]
     Cinna: "Hey! If you rev it up to high, you'll ruin the engine!
            Turn the wheel back to the left!"
     Garnet: "What should we do now?"
     Garnet: "We should withdraw into this room here!"
     Cinna: "Let's get the play over with and get the hell outta here!"
     _____________________________________/PV04 -- Second Steiner Fight |
     Weimar: "Captain! Let's get out of here!"
     [When Haagen's defeated:]
     Haagen: "My fury ends here..."
     [When Weimar's defeated:]
     Weimar: "I'm gonna be late for my date!"
     [When the second knight runs away:]
     Steiner: "H-Hey! Come back here!"
     [If someone uses SFX on Steiner:]
     Steiner: "Silly stage magic!"
     Steiner: "I told you it wouldn't work!"
     [Once Steiner's defeated:]
     Steiner: "Bah! Only a flesh wound!"
     __________________________________________________/PV05 -- Outside |
     Cymbalist: "Whew. I'm so glad my cymbals survived the crash."
     Conductor: "Zzzz...Zzzz..."
     Trumpeter: "Yo! Get off of me!"
     Cinna: "This has gotta be the worst situation we've ever been in."
     Zenero: "Garnet's missing. Blank's already searching inside. You
             search for her outside."
     Mosco: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "I want mail, kupo!"
     ___________________________________/EF01 -- First Prison Cage Fight|
     [When the battle starts, Zidane glows red.]
     Narrative: Trance!
     Steiner: "Wh-What is that light!?"
     Zidane: "I don't know. Somehow, it raises my power."
     Steiner: "Could it really be Trance...!? I've heard of it before!
              Trance is induced by a surge of emotion."
     Zidane: "Alright, let's take him!"
     [If you attack when Garnet's HP is low, Zidane'll say:]
     Zidane: "Yo, this is no time to be attacking!"
     __________________________________/EF01 -- Second Prison Cage Fight|
     Vivi: "Let me go! Help me!"
     [Vivi casts Fire on its captor.]
     Narrative: Magic seems effective.
     [Vivi casts it again next turn.]
     Narrative: Nice!
     __________________________________________________/PV06 -- Cockpit |
     Baku: "I got nothin' else to say. If you don't agree with me,
           you're free to leave the band anytime."
     ______________________________________/PV07 -- Outside Vivi's Room |
     Cymbalist: "Plants that attack people... I guess they don't call
                it Evil Forest for nothin'."
     Blank: "I gave that black mage some medicine. He'll be alright.
            Why don't you go see him? I think he wants to thank you."
     [Once you re-enter the screen, Blank will say:]
     Blank: "What's wrong? Why are you so fidgety? Sit back and relax.
            We ain't goin' anywhere for a while."
     ___________________________________/PV08 -- Outside Steiner's Room |
     Marcus: "We locked that old knight up in the instrument storage
             room. He fusses a little from time to time, but he hasn't
             been all that bad."
     _______________________________________________/PV09 -- Cargo Room |
     Drummer: "Am I gonna die here...?"
     Violinist: "Did you hear that? Something's crying..."
     __________________________________________________/PV10 -- Outside |
     Zenero: "Been quiet so far."
     Benero: "Nothin's comin' in on our watch."
     Cinna: "Look around you. At this point, we'll be lucky if we can
            even defend ourselves.
     Mosco: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "I want mail! Kupo!"
     ______________________________________________/PV11 -- Vivi's Room |
     Vivi: "......"
     ______________________________________/PV12 -- Outside Vivi's Room |
     Cymbalist: "Plants that attack people... I guess they don't call
                it Evil Forest for nothin'."
     Blank: "Well, what are you waiting for? Go talk to the boss."
     _______________________________________________/PV13 -- Cargo Room |
     Drummer: "I don't think you guys should be fighting."
     Violinist: "Hey, what's going on here?"
     _______________________________________________/PV14 -- Cargo Room |
     Blank: "Way to go, Zidane. I unlocked the door to storage, so
            you're free to go talk to that knight."
     Violinist: "I can't believe you're leaving. You're crazy."
     Drummer: "I'm surprised you beat him. You're a lot tougher than
              you look."
     __________________________________________________/PV15 -- Outside |
     Zenero: "Come back whenever you need rest."
     Benero: "You'll always be welcome."
     Cinna: "Rules are rules, so I've gotta charge you since you're no
            longer in Tantalus. Sorry. What do you need?" [He sells
            stuff to Zidane.]
     Mosco: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "There's a letter for Zidane!"
                   From Ruby to Zidane
                   Zidane! Are you alright? I'm doin' good! I met an
                   interesting stranger in Alexandria today! I'll tell
                   you more soon.
                   p.s. Tell the boys in Tantalus I said "Hi!"
                   Mosco: "Ruby sounds like a nice girl, kupo!"
     ______________________________________/PV16 -- Outside Vivi's Room |
     Cymbalist: "Getting out of this forest is gonna be tough, but
                getting back above the mist is gonna be even tougher...
                It's a long way to Lindblum..."
     Marcus: "I heard you beat the boss. You sure are something. I
             don't know why the boss was laughing afterwards... Maybe
             you hit him too hard."
     __________________________________________________/PV17 -- Cockpit |
     Baku: "Evil Forest ain't gonna be no walk in the park. Better keep
           yer eyes peeled. I'm countin' on you to find the princess!"
     _______________________________________________/PV18 -- Cargo Room |
     Violinist: "I don't know if you're brave or just stupid."
     Drummer: "I'm surprised you beat him. You're a lot tougher than
              you look."
     _________________________________________/PV19 -- Prima Vista Exit |
     Blank: "You chickened out already?"
     __________________________________________________/PV20 -- Outside |
     Zenero: "Come back whenever you need rest."
     Benero: "You'll always be welcome."
     Cinna: "What do you need?" [He sells items.]
     Mosco: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "What do you want to do? Kupo?"
                   R5 --> Read Mail
                   R6 --> Cancel
            R5 --> "Which letter do you want to read?"
                   R6 --> How Ya Doin'?
                   R7 --> Cancel
            R6 --> [Zidane reads Ruby's letter.]
            R7 --> "I want mail! Kupo!"
     _______________________________________________/PV21 -- Cargo Room |
     Drummer: "Sounds good, eh?"
     Trumpeter: "Brrum, brrrum, brrrruum!"
     Cymbalist: "Playing the cymbals isn't as easy as it looks."
     Violinist: "I love playing marches! They're so enlivening!"
     Conductor: [You can't speak with him for some reason.]
     ______________________________________/PV22 -- Outside Vivi's Room |
     Marcus: "Blank's with the boss."
     ________________________________________________/EF03 -- Riverbank |
     [Zidane can find a waterfall in Evil Forest, on a side-path.]
     Zidane: "I wonder where this river goes..."
     ____________________________________________/EF04 -- Forest Spring |
     Monty: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "What do you want to do? Kupo?"
                   R5 --> Give Monty a letter
                   R6 --> Cancel
            R5 --> "A letter from Kupo? Thanks for the delivery! Kupo!"
                   From Kupo to Monty
                   I think Queen Brahne is up to something... but I
                   suspect Princess Garnet even more! Kupo! She might
                   leave home soon... with a prince on a white horse...
                   Maybe it's just my imagination.
                   Monty: "Hmm? Princess Garnet? Didn't she just...?
                          Oh, never mind. Kupo."
            R6 --> "I want mail! Kupo!"
     [If you talk to Monty again:]
     Monty: "I just received a letter from Stiltzkin! Let's read it
            together! Kupo!"
            From Stiltzkin to Monty
            I'm in a very cold place right now. It's really strange. It
            wasn't like this last time I came here... But I guess this
            is why I travel: to encounter the unexpected. Anyway, I'm
            gonna get outta here before I get trapped in ice!"
            Monty: "A cold place... Oh, I must know where he is! Kupo!
                   There must be something strange going on."
     _______________________________________/EF04 -- Plant Brain Battle |
     [Blank arrives mid-battle.]
     Blank: "Whew, I made it just in time. Step aside. I'll take care
            of this."
     _____________________________________/EF04 -- N. Gate - Melda Arch |
     [Zidane inspects the door.]
     Zidane: "......"
             R1 --> Listen close
             R2 --> Don't do anything
             R1: (I can hear people...and something that sounds like
                 metal grinding.) "Maybe I can..."
                 R3 --> Call out to someone inside
                 R4 --> Leave
             R2: [Cancels actions.]
             R3: "Anybody there?"
                 Woman's Voice: "...Y-Yes?"
                 Zidane: "Th-That voice...!" (It's a chick! What a
                         sexy, husky voice!) "What are you doing in a
                         place like this?"
                 Woman's Voice: "...I sell medicine."
                 Zidane: "Wow... It must be tough. If you'd like, I can
                         help... (Wait a minute... I'm with Princess
                         Garnet! ...That's too bad.)
                         R5 --> Buy some medicine from her
                         R6 --> Don't do anything
             R4: [Cancels actions.]
             R5: "Do you mind selling me some of your medicine?"
                 Woman's Voice: "...Sure." [She only sells potions.]
             R6: [Cancels actions.]
     ______________________________________________/IC01 -- Moogle Room |
     [A frozen moogle is in one of the rooms.]
     Zidane: "Huh? What's this...?
     [Vivi melts it.]
     Zidane: "Whoa!"
     Moogle: "Hot! Hot! Hot! You bastards!!! Oh, I can move again.
             Thanks, kupo!
     [The ATE "'Teach me, Mogster!' Lesson 2' cues. Afterwards, if
     Zidane talks to him (Mois) again:]
     Mois: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "Hey, you gotta deliver a letter to Gumo for me!
                   R5 --> Sure
                   R6 --> No Way
            R5 --> "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives the letter.]
            R6 --> "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give the letter.]
     ___________________________________________/IC02 -- B. Waltz Fight |
     [The battle starts and Black Waltz No. 1 chants:]
     Black Waltz No. 1: "Ice Giant, Sealion... Come before me!"
     [A giant monster forms out of ice.]
     Black Waltz No. 1: "Go, Sealion!
     [Once Black Waltz No. 1 is killed:]
     Black Waltz No. 1: "Ugh...! Sealion, kill him for me!"
     ________________________________________/OM01 -- O. Mountain Shack |
     Morrid: "Ah, my coffee smells delicious!
     [If Zidane inspects a ship model in the house:]
     Zidane: "Didn't this model go on sale to commemorate the building
             of the fifth theater ship?"
     Morrid: "I bought it at an auction in Treno. I have money to spend
             these days. What I really wanted was some rare coffee."
     Zidane: "My friend used to have one, too, but I bet he lost it in
             the incident..."
     Morrid: "I'll give it to you if you get me some rare coffee."
     Zidane: "Really!?"
     Morrid: "I don't lie. Let's see... I want to try Burman, Kirman,
             and Moccha coffee. If you find all of them, bring them
             back to me."
     [If Zidane observes the model again.]
     Zidane: "What a neat model. They only make stuff like this in
     _________________________________________________/DL01 -- Inn Room |
     [Zidane inspects a sitting table.]
     Zidane: "Hey, this must be 'color fortunes'! It was a big fad in
             Lindblum a few years back."
     Narrative: Color Fortunes / 10 Gil per Divination
                R1 --> Try
                R2 --> Don't try
                R1: "10 Gil, huh?"
                    [Zidane reads his fortune, and gets one of these:]
                    Good Omen
                    A nice day to relax and put your mind at ease.
                    Lost things will be returned to you, and you will
                    eat foods that are gentle to your body.
                    A good day to spend indoors or out!
                    Good Omen
                    A good day filled with many of life's simple
                    A nice breeze will greet you as you step out. You
                    will make new friends and replace a lost item with
                    a new one.
                    Be yourself and let good fortune come to you.
                    Good Omen
                    Today will be a day filled with deja vu.
                    You will see familiar sights and eat foods that you
                    tasted long ago. You may even find a long-lost
                    Take a moment to recall good memories.
                    Your lucky color for today is "red"!
                    Very Good Omen
                    An auspicious day for you to go out and have fun!
                    You'll find lots of money and lost items. You'll
                    also eat lots of yummy food, and meet interesting
                    Go out and share your luck with the ones you love!
                    Bad Omen
                    There are good days, and there are bad days.
                    You may be prone to injury or sickness today. Be
                    careful of losing items and meeting strangers.
                    You are better off staying home today.
     [After each fortune's read, this ad is said, too:]
                    Your lucky color for today is "_________"!
                    Want to buy a gem in your lucky color? We have all
                    colors! <3 <3 <3 <3 Come visit our store in
                    Lindblum's Theater District! We're located near the
                    air cab terminal. Look for the big clock!
                    Zidane: "Have I heard of this store before...?"
                R2: [Dialogue cancelled.]
     ____________________________________________/DL02 -- Inn Main Room |
     Innkeeper Hal: "Zzz..."
     Gumo: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3 --> "What do you want to do? Kupo?"
                   R5 --> Give Gumo a letter
                   R6 --> Cancel
            R5: "A letter from Mois? Hmm... I don't like Mois, but I'll
                read it anyway. Kupo."
                From Mois to Gumo
                Yo! Man, I got totally iced up by some dude with wings
                on his back! Stiltzkin passed me by without doin'
                anything! Is he rude or what? Of course, I couldn't say
                nothin', 'cause I was trapped inside the ice!
                "He always sounds so gruff. But I'm glad to hear
                Stiltzkin is traveling. I can't wait to hear from him!
            R6: "I want mail! Kupo!"
     ___________________________________________/DL03 -- Village Square |
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "I wonder if he's one of them?"
     Pasty Yacha: "He's definitely one of 'em."
     [Zidane can look into an inn window by the well.]
     Zidane: "I think I can see inside..."
             R1 --> Look inside
             R2 --> Don't do anything
             R1: "No one's back yet..."
             R2: [Doesn't look in.]
     ______________________________________________/DL03 -- Village Pub |
     Bratty Marin: "I saw it moving for the first time..."
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "I'm sorry, we're not open yet. Or do you
                            need medicine?"
                            R1 --> Yes
                            R2 --> No
                            R1: [She sells items.]
                            R2: [Dialogue cancelled.]
     [Zidane can have a few mini-conversations by talking to Slai.]
     Zidane: "Did you see a girl with long hair come in?"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "Nope."
     Zidane: "Can I ask you something? What are those strange patterns
             just outside the village?"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "I'm sorry... I'm really busy right now."
     Zidane: "Do you want me to help?"
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "Is that some sort of trend?"
     Zidane: "Trend? What are you talking about?"
     Dutiful Daugster Slai: "There's already a man helping me."
     [If Zidane tries to go behind the counter:]
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "You can't come inside!"
     ____________________________________________/DL04 -- Pumpkin Patch |
     Old Lady: "A girl? I saw her go back to the village."
     _________________________________________________/DL05 -- Windmill |
     Yaff: "I don't think we need a guard... Oh, forget what I just
     [Zidane inspects a locked door.]
     Zidane: "I'm gonna need the key to open this up... It says Mayor's
             Key here."
     [Zidane climbs up the windmill ladder and looks around.]
     Zidane: "I can't get near the treasure box while the windmill is
     ____________________________________________/DL06 -- Mayor's House |
     Mayor Kapu: "I'm the mayor of this village. Who are you? I'm busy.
                 Please leave.
     ___________________________________________/DL07 -- Equipment Shop |
     Shopkeeper Eve: "Welcome!" [She sells items.]
     ___________________________________________/DL08 -- Village Square |
     Bratty Marin: "I love chocobos! Here, listen carefully... Did you
                   hear that?"
     Pasty Yacha: "We don't have to work the farm because of them."
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "I wonder if it can run and stuff."
     _________________________________________________/DL09 -- Inn Room |
     [Once Garnet's sent back to the inn, Zidane can look in the window
     and see what she's doing. She's practicing her speech.]
     Dagger: "And instead of 'I apologize,' it's just 'I'm sorry.' I
             appreciate... No, I should just say 'thanks.'
     [If Zidane talks to Garnet in the room before talking to Vivi:]
     Dagger: "Vivi and Steiner aren't back yet."
     Zidane: "I'll go get Vivi."
     ____________________________________________/DL10 -- Pumpkin Patch |
     Old Lady: "Kids these days!"
     ____________________________________________/DL11 -- Inn Main Room |
     Innkeeper Hal: "E-Excuse me! I was just daydreaming. Your friend
                    is waiting."
     [After the ATE 'Queen Brahne's Steiner':]
     Innkeeper Hal: "E-Excuse me! I was just daydreaming. It's 100 Gil
                    per night. Will you be staying?"
                    R1 --> Yes
                    R2 --> No
                    R1: [They stay and rest up.]
                    R2: [Hal goes back to sleep.]
     Gumo: [Says same thing.]
     ___________________________________________/DL12 -- Village Square |
     Zidane: "Did you see a little boy with a tall hat?"
     [The kid he asked will reply (one-time-only):]
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "A boy...? I didn't see him..."
     Pasty Yacha: "A boy? I don't know what you're talking about!"
     Bratty Marin: "A...boy? I didn't see any boy!"
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "I wonder if it runs and stuff."
     Pasty Yacha: "We don't have to work the farm because of them."
     Bratty Marin: "The only boys I know are the ones running over
     ____________________________________________/DL13 -- Mayor's House |
     [Zidane and Garnet walk in.]
     Garnet: "Ahh! Why did you stop, Zidane?"
     Mayor Kapu: "I'm the mayor of this village. Who are you? I'm busy.
                 Please leave."
     Zidane: "(I don't wanna cause any trouble before we find Vivi.
             Let's go.)"
     Dagger: "(Okay.)"
     ___________________________________________/DL14 -- Village Square |
     [After inspecting a "?" by where Vivi stands:]
     Vivi: <Sniff... Sniff...>
     Zidane: (We'll get you out...)
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "I wonder if it runs and stuff."
     Pasty Yacha: "We don't have to work the farm because of them."
     Bratty Marin: "I love chocobos! Here, listen carefully... Did you
                   hear that?"
     Bratty Marin: "Chocobo, choco choco chocobo(note)"
     [Zidane can look in the well after talking to the hidden Vivi.]
     Zidane: "A well would lead underground, but I can't fit through
             this thing... There's gotta be a way in somewhere!
     __________________________________________/DL15 -- Underground Hut |
     [Zidane can inspect one of the barrels.]
     Zidane: "What do they use this barrel for, anyway? It is kind of
             weird, now that I think about it..."
     [Zidane can look at the chocobo pen.]
     Zidane: "So, this is why I heard a chocobo up there..."
     _____________________________________________/DL16 -- Storage Area |
     [Zidane can inspect a long box.]
     Zidane: "What's this? It's shaped like a coffin."
     Kumop: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
                letter to Mogki!"
                R5 --> Okay
                R6 --> No way
            R5: "Thanks, kupo!" [Letter is received.]
            R6: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [Letter isn't received.]
     _____________________________________________/DL17 -- Machine Room |
     [Zidane can inspect a box by the water.]
     Zidane: "...It's empty."
     [Zidane can watch the machine spit out balls of...something.]
     Zidane: "Is that...an egg? Is this machine...making eggs? This
             isn't a Mist engine, but there's Mist coming out of it..."
     [Zidane can inspect a door with stuff coming out from under it.]
     Zidane: "Is this...smoke? No... This... This is Mist! Let's
             R1 --> Open
             R2 --> Don't open
             R1: [Zidane opens the door and is attacked by 2 Ghosts.]
                 Zidane: "...Mist monsters, huh?"
             R2: [Zidane doesn't open the door.]
     [In the room behind the door, Zidane can inspect a large machine
     that is sucking Mist into the other room's contraption.]
     Zidane: "So many machines... What are they doing here? Looks like
             it's sending Mist to the machine outside... What are those
             eggs made of...?
     __________________________________________/DL18 -- Machine Room II |
     [Zidane can watch a chocobo powering a conveyor belt.]
     Zidane: "A chocobo and...gysahl greens? The chocobo is powering
             the conveyor belt... Why don't they just use a machine to
             do it...?"
     [Zidane can watch the 'eggs' disappear into a dark tunnel.]
     Zidane: "Here's another strange machine... It looks kinda like the
             Mist engine on the theater ship."
     _____________________________________________/OM02 -- Morrid's Hut |
     Morrid: "I love coffee."
     [Steiner can inspect the theater model.]
     Steiner: "It's a model of a theater ship... Come to think of it,
              isn't Tantalus a popular theater troupe in Lindblum? They
              don't look like anything but common criminals.
     __________________________________/DL19 -- Black Waltz No. 2 Fight |
     Black Waltz No. 2: "Princess, stay there while I kill the others!
                        I won't let you get in my way!
     [If Vivi uses Fire/Blizzard/Thunder on the boss, it will say...]
     Black Waltz No. 2: "Kwahahaha! This is how you use ______!"
     [...and use Fire, Thunder, or Blizzard on the entire party.]
     [Sometimes the Black Waltz will say:]
     Black Waltz No. 2: "My mission is to take back the princess!
     [When defeated:]
     Black Waltz No. 2: "Wh-Why...!?"
     _________________________________________________/DL20 -- Windmill |
     [Zidane can inspect the hatch to the underground.]
     Zidane: "Let's leave it alone..."
     ____________________________________________/DL21 -- Inn Main Room |
     Zidane: "He's out cold..."
     Innkeeper Hal: "Oh, I'm sorr...y. ...Hmm?" (I thought they
                    captured it already.)
     Zidane: "Hey, I know she's cute, but it's rude of you to stare."
     Innkeeper Hal: "Oh, no, I wasn't staring at the young lady...
                    Th-The room is through that door..." (...Stay calm!)
     Zidane: "...?"
     [They spend the night automatically. The next day:]
     Kumop: [Same old.]
     Innkeeper Hal: [Same old.]
     ____________________________________________/CS01 -- The Belowdeck |
     Dagger: "Who is behind all of this...?"
     Vivi: "......"
     Black Mage Crewmember: "......"
     [Zidane can inspect an engine.]
     Zidane: "What an old engine... Lindblum is the only place that
             sells Mist engines. They must be using the same engine
             they bought years ago. That's the thing... Alexandria is
             not technologically advanced, but the stuff we saw in the
             Village of Dali was so..."
     [Zidane can inspect a treasure chest.]
     Zidane: "...... It looks like a treasure chest, but it's actually
             part of the ship."
     [Zidane can look out a window.]
     Zidane: "We'll be flying over Evil Forest soon... Did the boss and
             the others escape safely...? I'm sure the boss would tell
             me that it's none of my business!"
     _____________________________________________/CS02 -- The Top Deck |
     Steiner: "I will not let you near the princess!"
     [Zidane can look into the cockpit from the deck, at the driver.]
     Zidane: "It's like he doesn't even see me..."
     ______________________________________________/CS03 -- The Cockpit |
     Dagger: "I..."
     ______________________________________________/LB01 -- GC Air Dock |
     Aviator: "Wow, check this baby out! She's a classic! They used
              this ship's engine as the basis for all other airships.
              Nothing compares to this baby. You can't call yourself a
              true airman until you've ridden a wooden barge like this
     Soldier: "The last regent, Cid VIII, was a great ruler. He
              developed the Mist-powered engine and helped modernize
     Soldier: "Behind me is the air cab station."
     ___________________________________________/LB02 -- GC Cab Station |
     [A man runs down the station's stairs and talks to a guard.]
     Engineer Zebolt: "Hey, where can I find the...you know..."
     Attendant: "It's in the main dock, sir!"
     Engineer Zebolt: "Oh, okay. Thanks."
     [Zebolt runs by Zidane.]
     Attendant: "Dr. Zebolt hardly ever leaves the Airship Research
                Center. That cargo ship must be carrying something
                mighty special."
     ___________________________________/LB03 -- GC Hallway w/ Fountain |
     Umaeda: "I'm takin' the day off. You look a bit tense. Why don't
             you relax a bit and listen to my story? Come on, you'll
             love it. This is your only chance to hear it. Okay, here
             it goes. When I was 27... ...... zzzZZ...zzzZZ..."
     Umaeda: "zzzZZ...zzzZZ..."
     Soldier: "Welcome to Lindblum!"
     Soldier: "Welcome to Lindblum!"
     ______________________________________/LB04 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Soldier: "This is a restricted area."
     [Zidane finds a girl standing near a ledge.]
     Zidane: "You're an airman, right? Seems like a lot of girls are
             joining the crew these days."
     Female Crew Member: "Oh, hello..."
     Zidane: "So what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be at the
             airship docks or something?"
     Female Crew Member: "...I passed the flight test for the new model.
                         I was really looking forward to flying No. 1,
                         but it's gone now... Who knows when they'll
                         finish No. 2, with the regent's current
     Zidane: "Don't worry. You'll get your chance someday, and you'll
             be the first pilot ever to fly the new model. By the way,
             what's your name?"
     Female Crew Member: "Thank you! I feel much better now."
     Zidane: "Good. I'm Zidane and you're..."
     Female Crew Member: "My name is Erin."
     Zidane: "Hey, that's a really nice name. Erin, I'm gonna go get
             something to eat now. Do you wanna--"
     Female Crew Member: "I have to get back now. Goodbye."
     [She runs off, to Zidane's dismay.]
     ____________________________________________/LB05 -- GC Guest Room |
     Mogki: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "What do you want to do? Kupo?"
                R5 --> Give Mogki a letter
                R6 --> Cancel
            R5: "It's a letter from Kumop, kupokupo! Thank you very
                much! Kupokupo!"
                From Kumop to Mogki
                Stiltzkin visited me! Kupo! He said he found a place
                that seemed interesting, and then he left. I wish he
                stayed longer, kupo. Were did he go, anyway? Let me
                know when you find out! Kupo!
                "Stilzkin! Stiltzkin! Stiltzkin! Kupokupo! I wonder if
                he stopped in Lindblum!"
            R6: "I want mail! Kupo!"
     [Talk to Mogki again and:]
     Mogki: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
            letter to Atla!"
            R1 --> Okay
            R2 --> No way
            R1: "Thanks, kupo!" [Letter is received.]
            R2: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [Letter isn't received.]
     ____________________________________________/LB06 -- BD Hotel Room |
     Moodon: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "There's a letter for Zidane!"
                 From Ruby to Zidane
                 Ain't y'all comin' back to Alexandria! I'm so lonely!
                 Just kiddin'. I'm openin' a li'l theater in an alley
                 here. (A bartender pal o' mine is quittin' the saloon
                 and gettin' into showbiz. He asked me to help.)
                 Moodon: "Your friend is starting a mini-theater?
                         Sounds like fun, kupo!"
             R4: "I want mail! Kupo!"
     ______________________________________________/LB07 -- BD Hotel 1F |
     Innkeeper: "Our rate is 100 Gil per night. Will you be staying
                with us?"
                R1 --> Yes
                R2 --> No
                R1: [Zidane stays.]
                R2: [Zidane doesn't stay.]
     ______________________________________________/LB08 -- BD Main St. |
     Marsha: "Papa's airship fighter is so cool. When I grow up, I'm
             gonna fly with Papa."
     Elena: "Papa should be back soon."
     Marsha: "I can't wait."
     [If you re-enter, Marsha's Papa will be talking to them.]
     Marsha: "Hey, Papa. Where did you fly today?"
     Dolf: "Just over the border."
     Elena: "Really? How was South Gate?"
     Dolf: "It was bad. I think it'll take a while to repair it."
     Dolf: "The great thing about the festival is you get to take time
           off with your family.
     Elena: "I made a traditional Festival of the Hunt dish. I don't
            know if it's good, but I made plenty of it!"
     Marsha: "Hey, don't you think my papa's cool? He rides in an
             airship called the Viltgance."
     Locke: "Air cabs are amazing. Back in the old days, we had to walk
            all the way to the Theater District. I don't think I could
            ever walk that far anymore. I'd probably croak if I did."
     Soldier: "This year's festival is gonna be awesome."
     Soldier: "Who do you think's gonna win? I'm puttin' my money on
     Soldier: "Yeah, he's good, but I heard a female dragon knight's
              participating this year."
     Soldier: "I bet you two cheeseburgers Ivan's gonna win!"
     Soldier: "Okay, you're on!""
     [If you talk to the same two soldiers again:]
     Soldier: "You're entering the festival? Man, you're so lucky.
              Soldiers aren't allowed to participate."
     Soldier: "Are you ready for the festival? If you need to buy
              anything, you'd better take care of it now. All the shops
              are closed during the event."
     Silly Old Man: "Go away! I'm trying to remember what I have to do!"
     Silly Old Man: "Oh yeah! I have to go take a dump."
     _________________________________________/LB08 -- BD Hunter's Gate |
     Male Red Mage: "Guess how long it takes to walk from here to the
                    exit? Thirty minutes! Man, I can't stand these
                    walls! If only I had an airship..."
     Young Lady: "Did you come to Lindblum to shop? There are so many
                 more shops here than there are in my hometown."
     Village Sculptor: "Wow... How did they carve stone like this?"
     Soldier: "This is the Hunter's Gate. You can enter Lindblum by
              foot here or through the Dragon's Gate. Normally, we keep
              the Dragon's Gate closed because it's under the Mist,
              where a bunch of monsters lurk."
     Soldier: "That guy always acts like such a know-it-all. I don't
              know why he became a soldier. He should've been a tour
              guide instead."
     ___________________________________________/LB09 -- BD Main Square |
     Tiny Chef: "I'm the head chef at Lindblum Castle. I demand the
                finest ingredients for all of my dishes."
     Grandma Pickle: "Darn. They're not selling at all. Gysahl pickles
                     are good, but they smell really bad."
     Female Red Mage: "I just came here to watch the festival, but I
                      guess they'll expect some souvenirs. What a
                      bummer. I hate buying gifts... I was thinking of
                      buying some oglop oil, but it's so disgusting."
     Wimpy Guy: "I'm getting sick. The air is so bad here <hack-hack>.
                It smells like I'm in a big oil refinery.
     _____________________________________________/LB10 -- BD Residence |
     Card Freak Gon: "The card game is deep."
     ____________________________________________/LB11 -- BD Church St. |
     Tiffany: "I hate the Festival of the Hunt! My father gets injured
              every year.
     Unnamed Dog: "ARF!"
     Lady with an Apron: "This church has been here for a long time.
                         It's been here since before the city was even
                         built, when this entire area was a forest. I
                         don't know why, but this church began the
                         Festival of the Hunt tradition.
     ________________________________________________/LB12 -- BD Church |
     Old Man with a Cane: "Are you participating in the festival? I
                          heard this year's contestants are all tough,
                          so I don't think you have much of a chance.
                          Ivan or Belna will probably win again this
     Unnamed Old Woman: "zzzZ...zzzZ..."
     Yaup: "Wake up, Grandma! I swear! She sleeps everywhere."
     Roch: "The founder of Lindblum, Cid I, was the winner of the first
           festival. Cid I built this church to pass on the traidition
           of the festival."
     Priest Theodore: "The Festival of the Hunt is neither a joke nor a
                      traditional pastime. It is a way of life. It
                      draws on your deepest strength and redefines
                      courage. Be aware."
     Chet: "Originally, the people of Lindblum were hunters. The
           tradition of the festival began around that time."
     _______________________________________/LB13 -- BD Fountain Square |
     Priscilla: "Hey, did you hear? A theater ship blew up and crashed
                in Alexandria. There's been a lot of commotion in
                Alexandria lately."
     Uzu: "I trained like crazy for this year's festival. I'm gonna win
          for sure."
     Grandma Potpourri: "Would you like to buy a flower pot? You can
                        use it as cookware, too. I'm carrying a lot of
                        nice pots right now.
     _____________________________________________/LB14 -- BD Item Shop |
     Alice: "I think you're gonna need some medicine if you're gonna
            participate in the festival." [She sells items.]
     Hanna: "We don't have many items in stock today, because South
            Gate is under repair."
     ___________________________________________/LB15 -- BD Weapon Shop |
     Dragoos: "If you wanna come out on top in the festival, you should
              definitely buy some weapons here." [He sells weapons.]
     Heather: "Rio, I'm bored. Let's go to another store. Come on!"
     Rio: "In a minute."
     Heather: "Geez..."
     Rio: "Man, looking at all this stuff makes me wanna become a
     [Zidane can inspect a suit of armor.]
     Zidane: "What a cheesy suit of armor... Who would buy this crap?"
     [Zidane can inspect a wall of swords.]
     Zidane: "I remember a guy with spiky hair who carried something
             like this."
     ____________________________________________/LB16 -- BD Synth Shop |
     [Zidane walks in on a conversation when he first arrives.]
     Torres: "The fire's too strong! How many times do I have to tell
             you? A few degrees can make the difference between a good
             weapon and a bad one. Use a lower flame!"
     Wayne: "Stop nagging! We've got a customer!"
     Torres: "When is he gonna get it through his head...?
     Torres: "He has potential, but he doesn't work hard enough."
     Wayne: "My dad means well, but he gets on my nerves sometimes. I
            think the bottom line is he doesn't want me to take over
            the shop."
     [If you talk to Wayne at the counter:]
     Wayne: "How's it goin'? Do you want me to make you something for
            the festival?" [You can synth items, then.]
     [Zidane can look in the furnace used for synthing.]
     Narrative: This fire's so hot, it could probably melt steel
     _______________________________________/LB17 -- BD Air Cab Station |
     Old Margaret: "Transportation sure has come a long way. When I was
                   young, we used to ride chocobos. They were much
                   slower than these air cabs. It used to take at least
                   an hour to get to the Theater District."
     Attendant: "Good day."
     [Zidane can inspect the air cab.]
     -Lindblum Castle Air Cab/Business District-
      R1 --> Fly to the [Theater District]
      R2 --> Fly to the [Industrial District]
      R3 --> Fly to [Lindblum Castle]
      R4 --> Don't ride
     NOTE: No dialogue is said for the self-explanitory options.
     _______________________________________/LB18 -- ID Air Cab Station |
     Attendant: "Good day."
     Nimitz: "Making those air cabs required a lot of effort. I nearly
             lost my arm in the construction."
     [Zidane can inspect the air cab.]
     -Lindblum Castle Air Cab/Industrial District-
      R1 --> Fly to the [Business District]
      R2 --> Fly to the [Theater District]
      R3 --> Fly to [Lindblum Castle]
      R4 --> Don't ride
     NOTE: No dialogue is said for the self-explanitory options.
     _________________________________________/LB19 -- ID Statue Square |
     Hunk: "The regent built this statue when Cid VIII passed away."
     Gus: "This is amazing... You can't find architecture like this
          anymore. This regency is so advanced."
     Jacob: "Most engineers are weird. Why is that?"
     Marolo: "What do you think?"
             R1 --> In the front
             R2 --> In the back
             R1: "NO! Putting it in the back is more effective! Putting
                 the engine in the front provides more stability, but
                 less power!"
             R2: "That's right! You're a smart guy! Nobody believes
                 what I say! Putting the engine in the back results in
                 more power!"
     ______________________________________/LB20 -- ID Restaurant Front |
     Widget: "Cid VIII, who developed the first Mist-powered engine,
             had a pet cat. Since then, a lot of engineers went out to
             get cats. I have my own, too. Her name is Gypsy."
     Barry: "UGH!!! What the heck was in that dish!?"
     Rupta: "Guess what? When I grow up, I'm gonna be an airship
            engineer! I'm gonna build a really big airship, so I can go
            everywhere with all of my friends!
     __________________________________________/LB21 -- ID The Doom Pub |
     Rosco: "Ahhh~, nothing like an icy cold root beer after a hard
            day's work."
     Lilian: "Oh, I'm sorry. We're all out of dark stew."
     Shig: "Grandma's been busy sellin' her pickles lately, and she
           hasn't given me any attention... Sometimes, I think she
           loves her pickles more than she loves me."
     Cujo: "<BELCH!>"
     Bobo: "Hey, Zidane. Good timing. I just came up with a new dish
           that I want you to try."
     Zidane: "Uhhh, no thanks. I'm full right now."
     Bobo: "Oh yeah? That's too bad."
     _____________________________________________/LB22 -- ID Residence |
     Ludruff: "You know what this is? You're not gonna believe it. It's
              a steam engine. It's still a prototype. The house gets
              hot as hell while this baby's running. That's the only
              problem. I'm getting thin from sweating so much."
     _______________________________________/LB23 -- GC Air Cab Station |
     Attendant: "The upstairs platform is for disembarking only."
     [Zidane can inspect the air cab.]
     -Lindblum Castle Air Cab/Industrial District-
      R1 --> Fly to the [Business District]
      R2 --> Fly to the [Theater District]
      R3 --> Fly to [Lindblum Castle]
      R4 --> Don't ride
     NOTE: No dialogue is said for the self-explanitory options.
     ______________________________________________/LB24 -- GC Air Dock |
     Same as LB01 -- GC Air Dock.
     ___________________________________/LB25 -- GC Hallway w/ Fountain |
     Newbie Soldier: "Uhhh...the airship d-dock and...the air c-c-cab
                     terminal beyond here are s-secure......S-SIR!"
     Soldier: "Did you hear about that airship? The one that came in
              from Alexandria?"
     Soldier: "Yeah! I heard there was a really cute girl onboard."
     [If Zidane tries to take the elevator:]
     Soldier: "Sorry. Only authorized personnel can use the lift."
     ______________________________________/LB26 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Elite Guard: "You are not permitted to enter the guest room."
     Soldier: "This is a restricted area."
     _______________________________________/LB27 -- TD Air Cab Station |
     Marian: "Air cabs are convenient, but I wish they looked more
             stylish. It looks so mundane, just like everything else in
             this town."
     Attendant: "Welcome to the Theater District! Just so you know, air
                cabs run nonstop, around the clock. Good day."
     [Zidane can inspect the air cab.]
     -Lindblum Castle Air Cab/Industrial District-
      R1 --> Fly to the [Business District]
      R2 --> Fly to the [Industrial District]
      R3 --> Fly to [Lindblum Castle]
      R4 --> Don't ride
     NOTE: No dialogue is said for the self-explanitory options.
     __________________________________/LB28 --  TD Street near Station |
     Thomas: "My wife is a crazy Lowell fan. I tell you, she acts like
             a child when she talks about him. Heh, heh, heh..."
     Rita: "I'm just a big fan, that's all. But my husband gets so
           jealous." <Thump-Thump, Thump-Thump...>
     Tim: "The card game is really popular right now, especially in the
          Theater District. Almost everyone here plays.
     Pigeon Lover: "I like to come here and feed the pigeons."
     [If Zidane goes to the fence near the pigeons:]
     Narrative: Pigeon turd alert!
     _______________________________________/LB29 -- TD Michael's House |
     Aspiring Artist Michael: "I'm looking forward to the festival. I'm
                              gonna use the festival as the theme for
                              my next painting."
     [After seeing the Lowell performance, Lowell will be there.]
     Lowell: "You were at the theater! Oh, please! Don't tell anyone
             about this! Please! I'll give you this!" [He gives Zidane
             an Autograph key item.] "Thanks as always, Michael."
     Aspiring Artist Michael: "Geez. I can't finish my painting with
                              you bothering me everyday!"
     Lowell: "Come on. Forget about the painting. Let's work together.
             You can express your artistic talents on stage, too."
     Aspiring Artist Michael: "Don't ever compare your acting with my
                              art! If you're done with your business,
                              get out of here."
     [If Zidane talks to 'em again:]
     Lowell: "Fine... What a waste of talent..."
     Aspiring Artist Michael: "I wouldn't get involved with him if I
                              were you."
     ________________________________________/LB30 -- TD Tantalus' Path |
     Member No. 28: "She's late! What's Marissa doing!? Oh, hell! [She
                    runs off down the street.]
     Member No. 36: "You're gonna go see Lowell, too?"
                    R1 --> Yes
                    R2 --> No
                    R1: "You know, I'm not surprised. Even if I were a
                        guy, I'd still be in his fan club. He's so
                    R2: "Yeah, I don't think he'd wanna see you,
     [After seeing the Lowell performance:]
     Member No. 29: "We were supposed to meet here. Where is she...?"
     Member No. 56: "A big moogle just walked by, heading towards the
                    station. He looked kinda dizzy."
     _________________________________________/LB31 -- TD Mmrl. Theater |
     Fan Club Chairman: "Stop pushing! He, who are you!?"
     Zidane: "Who am I!? I'm Sir Zidane of Tantalus, the greatest
             bandit in the world!"
     Fan Club Chairman: "...Have you ever heard of him?"
     Member No. 12: "No~!"
     Member No. 44: "No~!"
     Member No. 3: "No~!"
     Fan Club Chairman: "Go away! Stop bothering us!"
     Zidane: "Ouch..."
     Fan Club Chairman: "Hurry up!"
     Member No. 44: "Where's Lowell?"
     Member No. 12: "How much longer do we have to wait!?"
     Staff: "Please. He'll be here in a minute."
     [Lowell appears, and the girls all start screaming things like:]
     "LOWELL <3"
     Lowell: "Hi, everyone."
     [The girls go wild again, saying things like:]
     "Hold my hand!"
     "I LOVE YOU <3"
     "Kiss me <3"
     Zidane: "What's so special about him?"
     Lowell: "Thanks. I love you guys. See you all again!"
     [The girls start repeating their previous flurry of compliments
     and Lowell leaves; a guy in a moogle suit comes to greet the girls
     a moment later. Of course, it's Lowell dressed up.]
     Moogle: (Ouch! Damn. I can't see a thing.) "Thank you for coming
             to see 'Moogle Wannabe 2'...k-kupo."
     Fan Club Chairman: "We don't care about you and your stupid show!
                        We came to see Lowell!"
     [The girls wait around for Lowell some more, and the dressed-up
     moogle passes through them to near where Zidane stands.]
     Moogle: "Phew."
     Zidane: "Hey...you're--"
     Moogle Man: "NO, I'M NOT! YEOWWW!!!"
     [The 'moogle man' runs off.]
     Zidane: "Poor guy... It's tough being popular. I should know."
     Member No. 3: "Oh, I'm sooo in love with him <3"
     Member No. 44: "I still haven't given him my cookies..."
     Member No. 12: "I'm dying to see him again <3"
     Fan Club Chairman: "Do you think he'll come out again?"
     ______________________________________/LB32 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Guard: "Zzzz...Zzzz..."
     Soldier: "This is a restricted area."
     ____________________________________________/LB33 -- GC Guest Room |
     Naked Soldier: "Please, let me out! I'm afraid of the dark!
     Zidane: "Shut up! I'll let you out soon. Don't worry."
     ______________________________________/LB34 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Soldier: "Good day, sir!"
     ___________________________________/LB35 -- GC Hallway w/ Fountain |
     Soldier: "Good day, sir!"
     Newbie Soldier: "S-SIR! Uhhh...a-all is well, sir!"
     Soldier: "Good day, sir!"
     Soldier: "Good day, sir!"
     Soldier: "Good day, sir! The lift is running fine, as always."
     [If Zidane tries to leave in the guard's uniform:]
     Zidane: "What the heck am I thinking? Dagger's upstairs."
     ___________________________________/LB36 -- GC Hallway near Elvtr. |
     Soldier: "......"
     [If Zidane tries to run past the guard into the other path, a
     guard will yell at the other guard:]
     Elite Guard: "You! What do you think you're doing!!!? Wake up! How
                  dare you sleep on duty!?"
     Zidane: "Whew... That was close."
     [If Zidane approaches:]
     Zidane: "If I get any closer, they'll be able to see me."
     ________________________________________/LB37 -- GC Machinery Room |
     Worker: "What? A girl? Oh yeah. I saw her go upstairs just a while
     ________________________________________/LB38 -- GC Castle Rooftop |
     Soldier: "That song is very peculiar..."
     ______________________________________/LB39 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Soldier: "I wish you good luck in the festival."
     ______________________________________/LB40 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Soldier: "You'd better hurry if you're gonna participate in the
              festival. Go to your starting point."
     Newbie Soldier: "Uhhh...the airship d-dock and...the air c-c-cab
                     terminal beyond here are s-secure......S-SIR! I
                     wish I could watch the festival, too..."
     __________________________________________/LB41 -- GC Airship Dock |
     Soldier: "Behind me is the air cab station."
     NOTE: The Aviator and other soldier are now gone from the area.
     _______________________________________/LB42 -- GC Air Cab Station |
     [When Zidane gets there, the attendant says automatically:]
     Attendant: "The air cab bound for the Theater District is now
     Attendant: "Please board immediately."
     NOTE: There is no option to use the cab to go anywhere else, and
           no dialogue is said, either.
     _______________________________________/FH01 -- TD Air Cab Station |
     Attendant: "Good hunting!"
     [If Vivi's in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Vivi's leading right now. For such a little guy, he's
                one heckuva magic user. He looks a little scared out
                there, but he's steadily increasing his score. Good
     [If Freya's in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Freya's leading right now. She's a dragon knight from
                Burmecia. Now, she can fight! Hell, I saw some monsters
                run away from her. Good hunting!"
     [If Zidane's in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Hey, you're in the lead right now! I think you're
                gonna win! Good hunting!"
     [If Belna's in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Belna's on top right now. He's Lindblum Castle's head
                chef. He's out there with his knife, chopping away.
                Good hunting!"
     [If The Strange Gourmand is in the lead:]
     Attendant: "The Strange Gourmand is on top right now. He's a
                self-styled gourmand who eats anything that moves. The
                judges can't keep track of his score because he's
                eating everything he catches. Good hunting!"
     [If Genero's in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Genero's in the lead right now. He's the youngest of
                three brothers. He's using scissors to fight the
                beasts. My, how original! Good hunting!"
     [If Ivan's in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Ivan's in the lead right now. He's a fisherman who
                works off the coast of Lindblum. He's hunting with a
                fishing rod. He claims that he can catch anything with
                it. Good hunting!"
     [If Lani is in the lead:]
     Attendant: "Lani's leading right now. She's a beauty, they call
                her the 'Hunter of Love.' I don't know what that means,
                but I'd sure like to be hunted by her. Good hunting!"
     ___________________________________/FH02 -- TD Street near Station |
     [A man cries out (repeatedly), being chased by a Mu.]
     Pigeon Lover: "GREAT SCOTT!"
     Pigeon Lover: "Heeelp!"
     [After rescuing him:]
     Pigeon Lover: "Where did these wild beasts come from!? I almost
                   got devoured by one."
     [If Zidane tries to get in Michael's house:]
     Zidane: "It's locked."
     ______________________________________/FH03 -- TD Tantalus' Street |
     [If Zidane tries to enter the Tantalus hideout during the Hunt:]
     Zidane: "This is no time to relax..."
     _______________________________________/FH04 -- ID Air Cab Station |
     Attendant: [See FH01 for players' mini-profiles.]
     _______________________________________/FH05 -- ID Street near Pub |
     [If Zidane tries to enter the Doom Pub:]
     Zidane: "I've got better things to do than hang out at the pub. !"
     [He's attacked by a Mu after trying to enter.]
     _______________________________________/FH06 -- BD Air Cab Station
     Attendant: [See FH01 for players' mini-profiles.]
     _________________________________________/FH07 -- BD Hunter's Gate |
     Judge: "You'll be disqualified if you leave during the
     [If Zidane tries to leave Hunter's Gate:]
     Zidane: "I can't get myself disqualified. Not with my dream date
             with Dagger at stake."
     _________________________________________/FH08 -- BD Church Street |
     Tiffany: "Help!"
     [Once she's rescued:]
     Tiffany: "Thank you!"
     _______________________________________/FH09 -- BD Fountain Square |
     [If Zidane goes to the square before the Zaghnol's there:]
     Bunce: "Man, why can't I participate?"
     Lucella: "Good luck, Zidane!"
     [If Zidane tries to enter the weapon or synth shops:]
     Zidane: "Forget it. This is no time to be shopping."
     [If Zidane goes to fight the Zaghnol in the last minutes:]
     Bunce: "Zidane!"
     Lucella: "HELP!"
     Zidane: "Hey, big boy! Turn around! Damn, you're ugly!"
     Freya: "Allow me to help."
     Zidane: "Okay, but I get to finish him! I've got a date with
             Dagger on the line!"
     Freya: "...You're ridiculous. Fine. As you wish."
     [They fight the Zaghnol. Afterwards:]
     Freya: "That monster might've been the clincher."
     Lucella: "Gee! Your friend is strong, Zidane! She's so cool."
     Bunce: "Man, I could've beaten that monster on my own! Just
     __________________________________________/LB43 -- GC Banquet Hall |
     Regent Cid: "You can leave from the Dragon's Gate, located on the
                 Base Level <gwok>. Then head for Gizamaluke's Grotto,
                 as Freya said, to go to Burmecia."
     ______________________________________/LB44 -- GC Adjacent Hallway |
     Soldier: "The conference room is right down the hall."
     Soldier: "The royal chamber is upstairs."
     Elite Guard: "You are not permitted to enter the royal chamber."
     Elite Guard: [Same as other E. Guard.]
     _______________________________________/LB45 -- GC Elevator's Hall |
     Soldier: "The royal chamer and the converence room are down the
     __________________________________________/LB46 -- GC Machine Room |
     Worker: "Hold on one sec. My job's pretty simple, but the lift
             wouldn't operate without me. You've gotta take pride in
             whatver you do, know what I'm sayin'?"
     Worker: "Hold on one sec. Darn it. I can't find the screw."
     ________________________________________/LB47 -- GC Castle Rooftop |
     Soldier: "It might look like we're fooling around, but this is
              still one of our posts."
     ___________________________________/LB47 -- GC Hallway w/ Fountain |
     Soldier: "Who are you? I'm surpised you're allowed to be in here."
     Newbie Soldier: "Uhhh...the airship d-dock and...the air c-c-cab
                     terminal beyond here are s-secure......S-SIR!"
     Soldier: "Did you hear about that airship? The one that came in
              from Alexandria?"
     Soldier: "Yeah! I heard there was a really cute girl onboard."
     ______________________________________/LB48 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Soldier: "This is a restricted area."
     ______________________________________/LB49 -- GC Upstairs Hallway |
     Mogki: [Same old.]
     _____________________________/LB50 -- GC Airship Dock + AC Station |
     Soldier: "The last regent, Cid VIII, was a great ruler. He
              developed the Mist-powered engine and helped modernize
     Soldier: "Behind me is the air cab station."
     [At the air cab station:]
     Attendant: "The upstairs platform is for disembarking only."
     Attendant: "Just so you know, air cabs run nonstop, around the
     _____________________________/LB51 -- ID AC Station + Statue Plaza |
     Attendant: "Good day."
     Nimitz: [Same old.]
     [At the plaza:]
     Gus: "This is amazing... I've never seen anything like that.
          Monsters stampeding all over town... I can't wait to tell my
          kids back home."
     Jacob: [Same old.]
     Marolo: [Same old.]
     _____________________/LB52 -- ID Pub Street + The Doom Pub + House |
     Baraki: "A lot of stuff gets damaged during the festival, what
             with the monsters running around and all. It's such a pain
             repairing everything afterwards."
     Rupta: [Same old.]
     Widget: [Is no longer here.]
     [Inside the Doom Pub:]
     Rosco: "You were awesome! You kicked some major butt!"
     Cujo: [Same old.]
     Shig: [Same old.]
     Bobo: [Same old.]
     Lilian: [Same old.]
     __________/LB53 -- TD AC Station + Station Street + Michael's House |
     Marian: [Same old.]
     Attendant: [Same old.]
     [On the street:]
     Tim: [Same old.]
     Thomas: "This Festival of the Hunt is really interesting. I heard
             there are traditional Festival of the Hunt dishes. Do you
             know where they serve them?"
     Rita: "Oh, there are so many brave, powerful men here for the
           Festival! <Thump-Thump, Thump-Thump...>"
     Pigeon Lover: "It finally ended, eh? I never liked the festival.
                   It's too violent."
     [In Michael's House:]
     Lowell: "Fine... What a waste of talent..."
     Aspiring Artist Michael: "The festival was great, huh!? I was
                              cheering so hard, I completely forgot
                              about the painting."
     ________________________________/LB54 -- TD Tantalus St. + Theater |
     Member No. 29: [Same old.]
     Member No. 56: [Same old.]
     [At the theater:]
     Member No. 3: [Same old.]
     Member No. 12: [Same old.]
     Member No. 44: [Same old.]
     Fan Club Chairman: [Same old.]
     _______________/LB55 -- BD AC Station + The Street + Hunter's Gate |
     Attendant: "Good day."
     Old Margaret: [Same old.]
     [On the street:]
     Locke: "I wish I were young again. I pulled some crazy stunts in
            my early days. My buddies and I used to go to this forest
            northeast of here all the time and catch wild chocobos. And
            we raced through the plains, like the wind, with the girls
            cheering us on. Those were the happiest days of my life. I
            wonder if there are chocobos still living in that forest..."
     Marsha: "Papa's gone. I wonder when he'll be back..."
     Elena: "He said it was some sort of emergency. I hope he'll be
     Silly Old Man: [Same old.]
     [At Hunter's Gate:]
     Soldier: [Same old.]
     Soldier: [Same old.]
     Village Sculptor: [Same old.]
     Young Lady: [Same old.]
     Male Red Mage: [Same old.]
     _______________________/LB56 -- BD Hotel + Main Square + Residence |
     Innkeeper: [Same old.]
     Moodon: [Same old.]
     [At the main square:]
     Tiny Chef: "I didn't put in any sleeping medicine. It wasn't me."
     Grandma Pickle: "I was counting on having more sales, what with
                     all the people coming to the festival. I've only
                     had one customer so far. Only one."
     Female Red Mage: [Same old.]
     Wimpy Guy: [Same old.]
     [At the house in the square:]
     Card Freak Gon: [Same old.]
     _______________/LB57 -- BD Church Street + Church + Fountain Plaza |
     Tiffany: "His name is Koo. Isn't he adorable?"
     Lady with an Apron: [Same old.]
     [Inside the church:]
     Old Man with a Cane: "Even Ivan and Belna couldn't beat Zaghnol."
     Priest Theodore: "Those who are awarded the 'Master Hunter' title
                      must live up to the honor."
     Yaup: [Same old.]
     Roch: [Same old.]
     Chet: [Same old.]
     Unnamed Woman: [Same old.]
     [At the fountain plaza:]
     Uzu: "Master Hunter Zidane! Sir, if you need anything, please let
          me know. (Dannit!)"
     Grandma Potpourri: "I don't make much selling pots, but I enjoy
                        it. How about you? Are you enjoying what you're
     Narrative: "......"
                R1 --> Yeah, I'm havin' fun
                R2 --> No, this game sucks
                R1 (Grandma Potpourri): "That's what I thought."
                R2 (Grandma Potpourri): "Maybe you should buy another
     Pricilla: [Same old.]
     __________________/LB58 -- BD Item Shop + Weapon Shop + Synth Shop |
     Hanna: [Same old.]
     Alice: [No dialogue; right to buy/sell screen.]
     [At the Weapons shop:]
     Rio: [Same old.]
     Heather: [Same old, including the conversation w/ Rio.]
     Dragoos: [No dialogue; right to buy/sell screen.]
     [At the synthesis shop:]
     Soldier: "This synthesis shop is great! Get a load of this hammer!
              I had them make it out of a frying pan."
     Wayne: [Same old, from behind the counter; from front of counter.]
     Torres: [Isn't here any longer.]
     _______________________/LB59 -- GC Serpent's Gate Station + Harbor |
     Soldier: "The harbor is up ahead. It hasn't been used since the
              Mist appeared. It's not a good idea to go out. The Mist
              is bad for you."
     [At the harbor:]
     Soldier: "I heard the harbor used to be a pretty busy place. Since
              we have airships running on the Mist, I guess we don't
              need normal ships anymore."
     Soldier: "<Hack-Hack!> I'm dying to get back to the castle! I
              think it's a waste of time to watch over this place."
     _________________________________________/LB60 -- GC Dragon's Gate |
     Soldier: "If you're going to Burmecia, go through Gizamaluke's
              Grotto in the northern mountains. The best way to get
              to the grotto is by following the roots popping out of
              the ground, which extend all the way to the grotto."
     Merchant: "You're all gonna travel through the Mist? Care to buy
               anything before you set out?"
     Zidane: "Do I need anything...?"
             R1 --> Yes, I do
             R2 --> Forget it
             R1: [Buy sell screen opens.]
             R2: [Dialogue cancelled.]
     Moonte: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "I got a letter from Stiltzkin! Do you know Stiltzkin,
                 From Stiltzkin to Moonte
                 I left Lindblum and headed north. I walked through the
                 Mist and Gizamaluke and reached Burmecia for the very
                 first time. It's raining, as expected. I'm going to
                 look for shelter now...
                 Moonte: "He went to Burmecia? It might be dangerous
                         there! Kupo!"
     ______________________________________________/QU01 -- Plank's End |
     Moggy: "Gosh, Bro. You sure know a lot."
     Mogster: "You want to learn from me, too?"
              R1 --> Yeah, teach me some stuff
              R2 --> I just need directions
              R3 --> No, I already know everything
              R1: "What do you wanna go over?" [Mogster can go over
                  the tutorial options again.]
              R2: "Hey, if you wanna go to Burmecia, it's further
                  north. Press [SELECT] on the world map, and use the
                  map to confirm your direction. Remember, you have to
                  go through Gizamaluke's Grotto at the base of the
                  mountain to get to Burmecia."
              R3: [Dialogue is cancelled.]
     _________________________________________________/QU02 -- The Pond |
     [If you talk to Quina without catching a frog:]
     Person: "Hungry..."
     Person: "Frogs..."
     [If you talked to Quale and didn't take Quina with, s/he'll be
     back at the pond.]
     Quina: "Zidane, I hungry. I want different food. Okay if I follow
     Zidane: "You still want to come along?"
             R1 --> Alright, let's go
             R2 --> No, you'll just hog all our food
             R1 (Quina): "Okay! We go!" [S/he joins up permanently.]
             R2 (Quina): "I hoped Zidane help me. I very disappointed."
     ____________________________________________/QU03 -- Quale's House |
     [If you talk to Quale before you catch a frog for Quina:]
     Qu Clan Member: "We Qus big frog eaters. Frogs give much energy."
     [After Quina joins up:]
     Quale: "Quina... S/he still needs much learning. Please help him."
     _________________________________________/CF01 -- Chocobo's Forest |
     [After Choco leaves:]
     Mene: "Find chocobo footprints near forest and use Gysahl Greens.
           Easy to find them from above."
     Mene: "Did you know, kupo? Once chocobo chooses its master, it
           follows him forever."
     Mene: "Choco ran away from his last master. That guy was mean.
           Choco didn't like him, kupo..."
     Mene: "I helped Choco escape. Now, we're living together, kupo."
     Mene: "Choco likes you, kupo. You call, and he'll come! Please
           train Choco! Make him strong!"
     [After bringing Choco back.]
     Choco: "Kweh!"
            R1 --> Learn how to navigate on Choco
            R2 --> Cancel
            R1: - Chocobo Navigation -
                (><)      :Enter Chocobo's Forest
                           When you meet certain requirements...
                (/\)      :Open menu
                ([])      :Look for treasures
                (O)       :Dismount
                [SELECT]  :Switch navigation map
                [L1][R1]  :Camera control
                [L2]      :Lock/unlock camera rotation
                [R2]      :Switch perspective
            R2: [Cancels 'conversation' with Choco.]
     Mene: "What do you want, kupo?"
           R1 --> What's the big secret?
           R2 --> I want Gysahl Greens
           R3 --> Nothing
           R1: "Welcome back, kupo! I knew you'd get the hang with
               Choco! Kupo! Here's the thing, kupo. Choco has the
               ability to seek out treasures and items hidden
               underground. But I can't ride chocobos. Will you help
               me, kupo? 60 gil per game, and you keep all the items
               Choco digs up! Wanna pay me 60 gil?"
               R4 --> Pay
               R5 --> Don't pay
           R2: [Zidane can buy Gysahl Greens, 80gil/per]
           R3: [Cancels dialogue.]
           R4: "Good call, kupo! I'll let you use Choco's ability for
               60 gil per minute!"
               R6 --> Try now
               R7 --> Try later
           R5: "Ask me again if you feel like trying later, kupo."
           R6: "Okay! Let's give it a try, kupo!" [The game starts.]
           R7: "Ask me again if you feel like trying later, kupo."
     NOTE: After viewing the 'big secret' option and playing the game
           once R1 changes to 'Play Chocobo Hot & Cold,' which looks
           like this:
     Mene: "It's 60 gil per game, kupo!" (Current Funds: _ _ _ _ _)
           R1 --> Play
           R2 --> Don't play
     [If you play the game and dig up four treasures:]
     Mene: "Kupo! That's amazing! I'll give you bonus time after 4
           discoveries! I'll double the points from here! I'll give you
           10 extra seconds! Good luck, kupo!"
     [When you dig up a 'Stone With Patterns':]
     Zidane: "What's this Stone with Patterns?"
     Mene: "Can I see? Kupo? ...There's a picture of some location on
           the stone, kupo. This place must have tons of treasures...
           Why don't you go out of the forest and look for this place?
           Kupo? It's free of charge, of course. Go outside and press
           (/\) while you're riding on Choco to choose which stone you
           want to find, kupo. You can dig with ([]). I've got an idea,
           kupo! Let's call this stone 'Chocograph' from now on."
     Zidane: "...Chocograph?"
     Mene: "I think Choco's been searching for something all his life.
           There must be tons of treasures, kupo! You might find some
           cards, so you should leave some room in your card inventory,
     NOTE: Finding a Chocograph lets Choco have a new option in-forest,
           where you can view the ones you have so far. Minor thing.
     __________________________________________/GZ01 -- Broken Entrance
     Dead Guard: "......"
     Dead Guard: "......"
     __________________________________________/GZ02 -- First Bell Door |
     Burmecian Soldier: "......"
     ___________________________________________/GZ03 -- Four-door Room |
     [If you open the rightmost door of the three clustered together,
     you can talk to a soldier on the path.]
     Burmecian Soldier: "Take this bell..."
     Burmecian Soldier: "PLease...protect Burmecia..."
     ____________________________________________/GZ04 -- Moogle's Room |
     [After saying you like Kupo Nuts:]
     Moguta: "I want more Kupo Nuts!"
     Mogmi: "Thanks again! Now we can go on our honeymoon! Can I help
            you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R3: "There's a letter from Moodon! It's probably a letter
                of congratulations on our marriage! Let's read it!
                From Moodon to Mogmi
                This year's Festival of the Hunt was sooo exciting!
                Kupo! The highest score was _ _ _ points! A guy named
                _______ won the title! Last year's winner, Belna, only
                got 96 points! Oh, it was so much fun!!!
                Mogmi: "It wasn't a congratulation letter, but it was
                       fun to read! Kupo!"
     [If you start climbing up the vine in the room:]
     Moguta: "It's dangerous outside! Kupo!"
     ____________________________________________/SG02 -- Entrance Gate |
     [If Steiner tries to leave:]
     Steiner: (I must act natural!)
     ______________________________________________/SG03 -- Bohden Gate |
     Carpenter Hans: "Things are strange around here. There are rumors
                     of ghosts... How did South Gate get destroyed,
     Carpenter Hans: "And is it true that the castle welcomed the old
                     airship even after it caused that accident?"
     Carpenter Hans: "I wonder what's really going on..."
     Jobless Jeff: "Sigh... I declared bankruptcy and sold my shop. It
                   was called Altair. We sold magic items. It's just a
                   regular shop now."
     Jobless Jeff: "I should've taken all my magic items with me when I
                   gave it up."
     Worker: "This gate breaks down a lot, 'cause the hinges don't fit
             very well. This road leads to the bottom of the Mist. No
             one uses it. There's no need to fix it, really. So, I just
             polish up the gate and make it look all nice.  That takes
             care of it for a couple months. Hee hee."
     Steiner: (You were the reason we couldn't come in through this
              R1 --> Kill
              R2 --> Don't kill
              R1: [Garnet kicks Steiner through the bag.]
                  Steiner: (I almost lost control of myself!)
              R2: (I must tolerate him for the sake of the princess!)
     [After talking to the chief engineer:]
     Chief Engineer: "I know I'm young and inexperienced, but I'm eager
                     to learn!"
     [After talking to the worker:]
     Worker: "Rub-rub! Rubba-dub!"
     [After the chief runs to the worker:]
     Worker: "Scrubba-dub! Scrubba-dub-dub!"
     [After getting Mary to talk to Jeff:]
     Part-time Worker Mary: "...I really liked your store. It had a
                            nice atmosphere, a lot of sunlight, and a
                            nice sign. But what made the store really
                            special for me was... The real reason I
                            went to your store was..."
     Jobless Jeff: "Who is this girl?"
     Part-time Worker Mary: "This is my first time talking to him! I
                            wish I'd done it sooner."
     [If Steiner tries to climb a ladder with the bag:]
     Steiner: "I cannot climb like this."
     [If Steiner tries to exit the screen back to the guards' post:]
     Steiner: (I must act natural!)
     [If Steiner tries to enter the alley before removing the two:]
     Steiner: (I must get rid of them before I go into the alley.)
     [If you disobey the Short Guard when he calls for Steiner:]
     Short Guard: "Come over here."
     ___________________________________________/SG04 -- Bohden Station |
     Construction Worker: "South Gate is a big place. It's a mountain,
                          actually. You can check the board over there
                          to see where you are."
     Construction Worker: "Berkmea... It's a work of art."
     Item Seller: "Come get your goods!" [Repeats this phrase.]
     Item Seller: "Welcome, welcome." [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
     Grimo: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
                letter to Nazna!"
                R4 --> Yes
                R5 --> No way
           R4: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives you the letter.]
           R5: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give you the letter.]
     Conductor: "Will you be boarding Berkmea?"
                R1 --> Board
                R2 --> Don't board
                R1: "May I see your Gate Pass?"
                    Dagger: "Okay!"
                    Conductor: "Yup, that's the one. We can depart
                               right now if you want."
                               R3 --> Depart
                               R4 --> Not yet
                R2: "We won't be departing for a bit. Take your time."
                R3: "Alright, then. Please go inside. We'll be
                    departing shortly." [Garnet boards.]
                R4: "We will be departing shortly. Please come back
     [If Dagger tries to go back to the previous screens:]
     Dagger: "I shouldn't go back..."
     [If Dagger looks at the bulletin board nearby, Steiner explains
     the map of the area to her.]
     Steiner: "...M-Miss Dagger. The gate we just crossed is called
              Bohden Gate. And we are here, at Bohden Station, still
              inside Lindblum. South Gate itself is inside Lindblum
              territory, but... ...the cable car will take us over the
              Aerbs Mountains into Alexandria. And this is Treno Gate,
              which is where we are heading. Treno, the City of Nobles,
              should not be too far from there."
     [If Dagger looks at the board again:]
     Narrative: Listen to the itinerary? {Yes/No}{Same as above}
                No --> Current location: Bohden Station
     ___________________________________________/SG05 -- Berkmea Car #1 |
     Conductor: "The car's empty as you can see. Sit wherever you
     _____________________________________________/WM01 -- World Map #1 |
     [If you try to enter a place with a large sandstorm before going
     to Burmecia:]
     Narrative: The sandstorm is too fierce!
     [It's possible to go to the Chocobo's Dream World by finding the
     Healing Shore chocograph treasure near the sandstorm place:]
     Fat Chocobo: "Those who come here seek companions and a home...
                  Choco... You seek a quiet life with other chocobos.
                  ...Am I right?"
     Choco: "Kweeeh!"
     Fat Chocobo: "Wanderer... We await your return... Choco, you now
                  have the ability to cross rivers! You can only get to
                  the lagoon from a beach. The road is long, but you
                  have taken the first step..."
     ___________________________________________________/BR01 -- Street |
     Dead Man: "......"
     Dead Woman: "......"
     ________________________________________________/BR02 -- Residence |
     Dead Man: "......"
     Dead Woman: "......"
     ________________________________________________/BR03 -- Residence |
     Burmecian Soldier: "Ugh... Get the bell...by the bed, and...go to
                        the palace... Protect the king, please..."
     Burmecian Soldier: "......"
     _________________________________________/BR04 -- After the Stairs |
     Dead Man: "......"
     Dead Woman: "......"
     ________________________________________/BR05 -- House near Castle |
     [The party finds a winded soldier and a woman in the house's 1F.]
     Wei: "Come on, dear! We have to go now!"
     Kal: "I can't move anymore. Go on without me..."
     Wei: "No! I can't do that! Remember that promise we made to each
          other in front of Master Gizamaluke?"
     Kal: "How could I forget... But my only wish now is for you and
          our child to survive. Please bear a healthy child, darling.
          Raise him to be strong."
     Wei: "Oh, Kal!"
     Zidane: "It's too dangerous to stay here. You have to escape to
             Lindblum. I'm sure Regent Cid would protect you."
     Wei: "But my husband... He was hurt by those black mages. He can't
          move. How can we possibly escape to Lindblum!?"
     Zidane: "LOOK OUT!"
     [Zidane moves Kal out from underneath a statue, before it falls.]
     Zidane: "Whew, that was close!"
     Kal: "Geez... Thanks."
     Wei: "Thank you."
     [A Burmecian soldier runs in.]
     Gray: "Wei! Kal! Are you alright!?"
     Kal: "Yeah, we survived, somehow. Can you give me a hand?"
     Gray: "Sure."
     Kal: "Thanks again, pal. Maybe I'll see you again in Lindblum. By
          then, my kids'll be born. You definitely have to come and see
     Zidane: "Yeah, I'm looking forward to it. Take care."
     [The three Burmecians flee.]
     ___________________________________________________/BR06 -- Armory |
     [The party walks into an armory.]
     Freya: "Is there anything here we can use? This spear... It's
            pretty light and easy to use."
     Zidane: "Alright, let's go beat up some black mages!"
     [He looks at Vivi.]
     Zidane: "Come on. You know I didn't mean you."
     Vivi: "I know... But... Never mind..."
     Zidane: "Vivi...
     ___________________________________________/BR07 -- Moogle Shelter |
     [When you walk in, Stiltzkin walks in soon after.]
     Stiltzkin: "Well, look who we have here. Hey, buddy. Do you want
                to buy something?"
     Stiltzkin: "Here's what I got: Soft, Hi-Potion, Ether. Do you
                wanna buy 'em for 333 gil?"
                R1 --> Okay
                R2 --> Forget it
                R1: "Thanks. This'll keep me goin for another week or
                R2: [Dialogue cancelled; he'll ask again next time...]
     [After buying:]
     Stiltzkin: "I can't stand all this rain."
     Atla: "Can I help you, kupo?"
           R1 --> Save
           R2 --> Tent
           R3 --> Mognet
           R4 --> Mogshop
           R5 --> Cancel
           R3: "Thanks for delivering the letter from Mogki! Kupo!"
               From Mogki to Atla
               I heard that Stiltzkin is headed in your direction. Kupo!
               I''ve never met him. Tell me what he's like if you meet
               him. Kupo! Check and see if he travels with a map of the
               entire world and with rare items, like the rumor says!
               Atla: "Stiltzkin is my hero! I'll give this to you in
                     exchange for the delivery!" [Receive: Kupo Nut] "I
                     have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you deliver a
                     letter to Monev!"
                     R6 --> Okay
                     R7 --> No way
          R4: [Can buy/sell items and such from the moogle! =o]
          R6: "Thanks, kupo!" [Letter is given.]
          R7: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [Letter isn't given to Zidane.]
     ___________________________________________/SG06 -- Summit Station |
     Conductor: "This car is going back to Lindblum territory."
     Part-time Worker Mary: "I'm more comfortable out here. The rest
                            area is full of rowdy men. I wanted to stay
                            by his side, but I have to work, too."
     Cable Car Enthusiast: "Welcome to Summit Station! Do you know how
                           the cable cars work?"
                           R1 --> Yes
                           R2 --> No
                           R1: "Good! Why not go to the rest area?"
                           R2: "The Berkmea cable cars were built 8
                               years ago. They are a symbol of the
                               friendship between Lindblum and
                               Alexandria! They are powered by Mist
                               engines, invented in Lindblum. The cars
                               work by pulling on each other. When one
                               car is at the bottom of the mountain,
                               the other is at the top."
     ___________________________________________/SG07 -- Rest Stop Area |
     Steiner: "I am mapping out a plan for the rest of our journey!"
     Shopkeeper: "Get your supplies here before you cross the border."
                 [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
     Worker: "South Gate serves as a gate to airships, as well as cable
             car travelers. But the gate's broken right now; the
             airships can't pass through."
     Worker: "I can't believe I'm stuck here, working in the middle of
     Chef: "Hey there, welcome!"
           R1 --> How's business?
           R2 --> Do you sell anything special?
           R1: "Business is good! It's always busy here."
           R2: "Ah, yes! You gotta try our famous bundt cake! The
               perfect gift for the family! Take one home today for
               your loved ones! It's the world-famous South Gate Bundt
     Nazna: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "A letter from Grimo? Kupo! Thanks for the delivery!"
                From Grimo to Nazna
                I feel so sad when I see Mary, the part-time worker.
                Have you ever fallen in love? I've never fallen in love
                before, kupo. If watching someone else in love is so
                difficult, I wonder how difficult it is to actually fall
                in love myself?
                Nazna: "I'm never gonna fall in love! It's just not
                       worth it..."
     [Talk to Nazna again, and:]
     Nazna: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
            letter to Mochos!"
            R5 --> Sure
            R6 --> No Way
            R5 --> "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives the letter.]
            R6 --> "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give the letter.]
     Attendant: "The car to Alexandria will be arriving shortly."
     Dagger: "What was that?"
     Attendant: "The car to Lindblum just departed."
     Voice: "I missed my ride!"
     Dagger: "...? That voice sounds familiar."
     [Dagger can look at a map on the wall.]
     Narrative: Current Location: Summit Station
     [After Marcus and Cinna arrive, Dagger can talk to them. Depending
     on which one she talks to first, the convo will be:]
     Dagger: "You're Marcus, right? What are you doing here?"
     Marcus: "Princess!? What are YOU doing here?"
     Cinna: "Hey, check it out! It's the princess."
     Marcus: "When we escaped from Evil Forest..."
     Steiner: "Princess! You shouldn't waste your breath on criminals!"
     Dagger: "You must be Cinna. What are you doing here?"
     Cinna: "Hey, check it out! It's the princess."
     Marcus: "Princess!? What are YOU doing here?"
     Cinna: "When we escaped from Evil Forest..."
     Steiner: "Princess! You shouldn't waste your breath on criminals!"
     [If you talk to Marcus or Cinna (who says the same thing as
     Marcus) again, the last two lines repeat.]
     [Once the cable car to Alexandria arrives:]
     Attendant: "Cable car to Alexandria, now at Summit Station!"
     ___________________________________________/SG08 -- Summit Station |
     [Once the car to Alexandria's arrived, and Dagger talks to Cinna:]
     Dagger: "Say, why is Marcus heading to Treno?"
     Cinna: "Are you going to Treno, too? Marcus's got a deal in Treno."
     Dagger: "A deal...?"
     Conductor: "We'll be departing for Alexandria shortly."
     Cinna: "You'd better get on the car."
     [On subsequent conversations, Cinna repeats his last line.]
     Steiner: "Princess, let us go inside."
     ___________________________________________/SG09 -- Berkmea Car #2 |
     Part-time Worker Mary: "I'm gonna work hard and help him open
                            another shop."
     Steiner: "I shall not meddle in your affairs!"
     _______________________________________/SG10 -- Alexandria Station |
     Conductor: "This car is returning to the summit. You can't go
     Part-time Worker Mary: "Welcome!" [Buy/sell screen opens.]
     [Dagger can look at a map.]
     Narrative: Current Location: Alexandria Station
     ______________________________________________/SG11 -- Gate 2 Dali |
     Guard: "The Village of Dali is beyond this gate. You gotta go to
            the other gate if you wanna get to Treno."
     Guard: "What, you wanna pass through here?"
            R1 --> Yes
            R2 --> No
            R1: "You got a Gate Pass? ...I guess you do. I'll open it
            R2: [Dialogue cancelled.]
     [After the guard opens the gate:]
     Guard: "Will you get outta here? I wanna close the gate."
     [If Dagger is coming into the gate from the other side:]
     Guard: "Huh? What do you want?"
            R1 --> I want to pass through
            R2 --> I want to talk
            R3 --> Nothing
            R1: "You gotta have a Gate Pass to pass through here. You
                got a Gate Pass? ...I guess you do. I'll open it now."
            R2: "The airship gate is still broken. But the construction
                workers are gathering, so it should be fixed soon."
            R3: [Dialogue cancelled.]
     ___________________________________________/OM03 -- Shack & Mtntop |
     Morrid: "I love coffee."
     [If Dagger looks at the theater ship model:]
     Dagger: "Uncle Cid hired Tantalus out of concern for my safety...
             That means the Tantalus troupe is also a group of
             bandits... I wonder if they're always stealing where they
     [If Dagger goes up the top of the mountain and inspects:]
     Dagger: "Ah, now I know what they use this place for. They use it
             as a beacon for the cargo ship."
     Dagger: "I should've observed more carefully before..."
     ________________________________________________/IC02 -- Exit Path |
     [If Dagger tries to re-enter the Ice Cavern:]
     Dali Villager: "Don't go inside the cavern! The ice is melting
                    inside. It might come crashing down."
     ____________________________________________/DL20 -- Dali Main St. |
     Pasty Yacha: "Tee hee! We're gonna be rich! Thanks, Queen Brahne!"
     Bratty Marin: "Our chocobo works really hard! I wish they'd let
                   him out in the sun sometimes, though..."
     Bratty Marin: "Do you know that chocobos remain loyal to one
                   master? I feel kind of sad for our chocobo..."
     [When Dagger first arrives back in Dali:]
     Dagger: "Feels like it's been forever since I last visited..."
     _________________________________________________/DL21 -- Dali Inn |
     Gumo: [Same old.]
     [In the inn's bedroom:]
     Snot-nosed Gudo: "I'm sitting in for my dad. It's 100 Gil per
                      R1 --> Stay
                      R2 --> Don't stay
                      R1: [They stay; no dialogue spoken.]
                      R2: [Dialogue cancelled]
     [If Dagger looks at the color fortunes machine:]
     Dagger: "This must be... This must be 'color fortunes.' I've never
             seen the real thing before."
     [If Dagger looks at the books in the room:]
     Dagger: "Crazy money? What does that mean?"
     ________________________________________________/DL22 -- Dali Shop |
     Shopkeeper Eve: "Hey, thanks for coming back to visit me! I
                     updated the 'Useful Info' bulletin board! Check it
                     out! Welcome!" [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
     [For updated Useful Info board, look up DL06.]
     _________________________________________________/DL23 -- Windmill |
     Yaff: "! Hey, you're a cutie. Wanna go with me to an observatory
           nearby? The view is wonderful. That's what I want to say,
           but I can't leave my post. Somebody snuck in during my
           shift. The mayor was furious."
     Dagger: (He sounds just like... I've changed... I used to feel so
             embarrassed when he would talk to me like that. I'm not
             embarrassed at all anymore...)
     Yaff: "Everything beyond this point is off-limits."
     ____________________________________________/DL24 -- Mayor's House |
     Mayor Kapu: "I'm the mayor of this village. Who are you? I'm busy.
                 Get out."
     Dagger: "Sorry."
     [If Dagger enters again:]
     Mayor Kapu: "Stop bothering me! I'm busy. Get out."
     Dagger: "Sorry."
     ____________________________________________/DL25 -- Pumpkin Patch |
     Old Lady: "Haven't you been here before...? You're a strange girl.
               There's nothing to see here. Wasn't so a year ago. It
               was a beautiful farm. Now the farm has been destroyed,
               and everyone's holed up underground. Don't you think
               Queen Brahne's policy changes are a bit drastic?"
               R1 --> Yes
               R2 --> No
               R1 (Dagger): "Yes, I do, ma'am. I'll do my best to get
                            you back your farm."
               R2 (Dagger): "No... Well, I will get to the bottom of
                            this, I promise you. I'll do my best to get
                            you back your farm."
     Old Lady: "...You really are very strange, you know that?"
     [After talking:]
     Old Lady: "I want to go back to the days when we all tended the
     [If Dagger goes to corner of the crop field and uses the "?":]
     Dagger: "It's only been a few days since I piloted the cargo ship
             and crossed South Gate..."
     _________________________________________________/DL26 -- Dali Pub |
     Dutiful Daughter Slai: "I'm sorry, we're not open during the day.
                            Or do you need medicine?" {Yes/No}
     _____________________________________________/SG12 -- Gate 2 Treno |
     [Dagger arrives at the gate.]
     Guard: "Hey, we gotta lower the gate first. Show me your Gate
            Pass. Yup, this is it! Hey, will you lower the gate? Be
            careful out there."
     Guard: "Treno is only a short walk from this gate."
     ____________________________________/QD01 -- Dining Room + Balcony |
     [Dagger can inspect a wall:]
     Dagger: "Hmm? There's writing on the wall. Someone measured height
             here... Let's see... 'Six months since I adopted Vivi.
             Still too small to eat'? ?"
     [Out on the balcony:]
     Dagger: "The clock has stopped... It must've stopped recently...
             Oh, it stopped the week before I left Alexandria."
     [Dagger can look over the balcony:]
     Dagger: "There's something at the bottom of the ledge, in the
             ocean... Looks like foam..."
     _____________________________________/TR01 -- City Gates (Stnr POV)|
     Guard: "......"
     Guard: "......"
     Thug: "Heh, what are you doing here, Sir Knight?"
     Nobleman: "How do you like the scenery? Isn't it beautiful?"
     Noblewoman: "It looks splendid... But isn't it dangerous around
     Nobleman: "I-I'll protect you!"
     Nobleman: "P-Please don't interrupt our date."
     [If Steiner goes over to the fountain:]
     Narrative: There is a 10 Gil coin in the water.
                R1 --> Throw in 10 Gil
                R2 --> Don't do anything
                R1: You feel happier...
                R2: [Steiner penny-pinches and doesn't contribute.]
     [Once Steiner finds Garnet:]
     Thug: "Heh heh heh... Girls shouldn't be walking alone at night."
     _____________________________________/TR02 -- East Slums (Stnr POV)|
     Shopkeeper: "We've got a wide selection! Take your time and see!"
                 [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
     Thug: "There's gotta be an easier way to make a quick buck...?"
     Carpenter: "Our houses need repair constantly. Not like the
                nobles' houses."
     Natalie: "Take a good look around, Mario. We're gonna get out of
              this slum someday and live in a mansion on the waterfront!
     Mario: "We're gonna become nobles! Right, Sis?"
     Mario: "We're gonna become nobles someday!"
     Natalie: "Mario! Don't tell strangers about our big plan!"
     ______________________________________/TR03 -- Treno Pub (Stnr POV)|
     Barkeep: "It costs 100 Gil to rest here."
              R1 --> Sure, let me rest
              R2 --> Never mind
              R1: "Use whichever bed you want." [Rest ensues.]
              R2: "Then buzz off."
     Thug: "This guy stole a ton of money from some noble's mansion in
           Treno. He's my hero. I wanna be famous like him."
     Waitress: "A bearded man with glasses and some guy went down the
               staircase. But I can't let you through without my boss's
               permission. Sorry."
     [Steiner can look at a wanted poster downstairs.]
     Sign: WANTED!
           10,000 Gil reward to whoever catches him!
     ______________________________________/TR04 -- Waterline (Stnr POV)|
     Drunk: "Nobles are livin' a life of luxury by the sea...while I'm
            drunk, livin' on the streets... ...Life stinks!"
     Old Man: "I used to gamble up a storm at the Card Stadium when I
              was young."
     [Steiner can scare a moogle out of hiding in a doorway, with a dog
     chasing after him over and over:]
     Moogle: "Kupo!"
     Mogrich: "W-We're really good friends! Can I help you, kupo?"
              R1 --> Save
              R2 --> Tent
              R3 --> Mognet
              R4 --> Cancel
              R3: "There's a letter from Stiltzkin! Let's ready it
                  together! Kupo!"
                  From Stiltzkin to Mogrich
                  There's trouble in this rainy city. The guys I saw
                  there were heading towards Vube Desert, west of
                  Burmecia... They'll only find sandstorms. What could
                  they possibly want? I'm gonna follow them and see..."
                  Mogrich: "Vube Desert is so far away! Stiltzkin is
                           amazing! Kupo!"
     _____________________________________/TR05 -- Card Arena (Stnr POV)|
     Card Seller: "Cards for sale! Buy some before you enter the
                  stadium! It's 100 Gil per card."
                  R1 --> Goblin Card
                  R2 --> Flan Card
                  R3 --> Skeleton Card
                  R4 --> Fang Card
                  R5 --> I don't want any
     NOTE: No dialogue on any of the above (^) options.
     Father: "I'm gonna win today and get you a new card!"
     Son: "Dad, don't. Mom doesn't like it when you gamble."
     Card Game Usher: "This card game stadium is a gathering place for
                      nobles! What do you need to know about the card
                      game rules?"
                      R1 --> What do you need to play the card game?
                      R1a--> How do you play the card game?
                      R1b--> What is a combo?
                      R2 --> Cancel
                      R1: "You need 5 cards to play the card game!
                          Approach someone and press ([])! Some people
                          may refuse, though! The Card Stadium is a
                          special place! You can play against many
                          different players once you enter the stadium!"
                      R1a:"You play on a 4x4 grid! You place cards,
                          alternating with your opponent! Sometime's
                          your opponent's card will flip over! Check
                          the yellow arrows on the edge of the cards!
                          When the arrow points to your opponent's
                          card, and it flips over, that card is yours!
                          Watch out, though: if your opponent's card
                          has an arrow pointing at your arrow, there
                          will be a card battle! The number that
                          appears on the card is the card's power! The
                          number decreases during battle, and the card
                          with the higher number remaining wins! When
                          several arrows point at each other, multiple
                          card battles occur! In that case, you can
                          choose where to begin the chain of card
                          battles! Plan carefully: how one battle ends
                          will affect the subsequent battles! You can
                          also utilize combo techniques!"
                      R1b:"What is a combo, you ask? When you flip an
                          opponent's card, you can also flip over the
                          cards where your opponent's arrows are
                          pointing! But if your card loses the battle,
                          your own cards can work against you to flip
                          over more of your cards! That's the power of
                          combos! Get a perfect score using combos!"
                      R1c:"When you win a card game, you'll receive one
                          card from your opponent... ...but if you flip
                          over all of your opponent's cards and score a
                          perfect game, you receive all of your
                          opponent's cards! Try to get the highest
                          collector's level!"
                      R1d:"Open 'Card' from the menu to check your
                          collector's level! Your level increases as
                          you collect more cards! Your title also goes
                          up as you gain levels! The name of the highest
                          title is unknown, because no one has ever
                          reached it!"
                      R1e:"It's a big secret! Figure it out for
                      R2: [Cancels dialogue.]
     _____________________________________/TR06 -- Cafe Carta (Stnr POV)|
     Adventurer: "Treno shops sell items from all over. It's an
                 excellent place to prepare for a journey. I hate to
                 get my usual..."
     Nobleman: "What do you want? I have nothing to say to the likes of
     Young Nobleman: "How do you like it here? Isn't it nice?"
     Noblewoman: "It's beautiful. I'll come back with someone else."
     [Steiner can look at a sign on a vacant table:]
     Sign: Cafe Carta
           Members Only
     _____________________________________/TR07 -- Synth Hlwy (Stnr POV)|
     [After viewing Treno Tradition, the 4-armed guy is there.]
     Four-armed Man: "What do you want?"
     Steiner: "Have you seen a beautiful young princess... I mean, a
              girl around here?"
     Four-armed Man: "Nah, I didn't see any cute girl with long hair..."
     Steiner: "What!? What did you say!?"
     Four-armed Man: "Nothing! I didn't say anything! I never said I
                     stole any money from her..."
     Steiner: "!"
     Four-armed Man: "! I-I bought a Power Belt with her money. I'll
                     give it to you! Forgive me!"
     Steiner: "Come back here!"
     [The thief runs off.]
     Steiner: "Coward..."
     [Steiner can listen in to a conversation downstairs by the railing]
     Nobleman: The main attraction of tonight's auction is Reflect
               Ring, supposedly."
     Young Nobelman: "Interesting..."
     Noblewoman: "But if that's true, there's no chance in the world I
                 could ever afford to buy it."
     Nobleman: "You never know. If other people spend money buying
               other items, it could be cheaper. The man who always
               sits in the front row is there to buy the main
               attraction. You can try recommending other items to him,
     _____________________________________/TR08 -- Synth Shop (Stnr POV)|
     Scholar: "Bishop, the master of this mansion, likes to fund
              scholastic research. He also runs a synthesis shop and
              rents out a nearby tower to a researcher. Rich people do
              strange things."
     Clerk: "Welcome!" [Synth shop opens up.]
     __________________________/TR09 -- Queen's House - Front (Stnr POV)|
     Female Adventurer: "You brought Stellazzio for Queen Stella? It
                        better not be a fake. That bird lady can tell
                        right away."
     Criminal: "She didn't fall for my cheap imitation Stellazzio!"
     ___________________________/TR10 -- Queen Stella's House (Stnr POV)|
     Queen Stella: "I am collecting star-shaped coins called
                   Stellazzio. Oh, you have the _______. Give it to me
                   in return for a reward. Will you give me your
                   R1 --> Yes
                   R2 --> No
                   R1: "Oh, you are most kind! Now give it to me!" [She
                       gets the Stellazzio.] "<Quack! Quack! Quack!>
                       You may take the reward from my servant!"
                   R2: "You're cheap."
     [If you don't have any Stellazzio on you:]
     Queen Stella: "I am only interested in collecting Stellazzio."
     Servant: "Please bring the Stellazzio to the queen when you find
              them. The queen will reward you with a gift when you do."
     Servant: "We have received ___ Stellazzio from you."
     ___________________________________/TR11 -- Left Walkway (Stnr POV)|
     Guard: "Where did he go...?"
     Girl: "This tower is always closed. Something fishy's going on!"
     [If Steiner tries to enter the door to the tower:]
     Narrative: It's locked.
     _________________________________/TR12 -- Equipment Shop (Stnr POV)|
     Old Woman: "What can I do for you?"
                R1 --> Buy/Sell
                R2 --> What's that monster down there?
                R2a--> I want to fight that monster
                R3 --> Nothing
                R1: [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
                R2: "The master of the Knight family, who owns this
                    building, keeps that monster as a pet. He likes to
                    see people challenge it and get beat up."
                R2a:"Are you sure? I can't guarantee your safety. Go
                    stand in the middle of the cage."
                R3: [Dialogue cancelled.]
     [If Steiner beats the monster:]
     Old Woman: "Wow, I can't believe it... Here's your prize." [He
                gets a Tonberry Card.]
     __________________________________/TR13 -- Auction Front (Stnr POV)|
     Noblewoman: "Why did you have to pay 5,000 Gil to buy a piece of
                 junk like that!?"
     Nobleman: "I-It's not junk!"
     Nobleman: "Come on, don't be mad..."
     Noblewoman: "I'm taking it out of your allowance!"
     Guard: "This is the King family auction site!"
     ____________________________________________/TR14 -- Auction House |
     [The format for the auction goes like this:]
     Auctioneer: "Today's items are... A rare item, ______! A rare
                 item, ______! A rare item, ______!  The acclaimed
                 ______! First... A rare item, _____! Starting at ____
     [Bids are given in this format: "______ Gil!" Then:]
     Auctioneer: I just heard ______ Gil! _____ Gil! Anymore? Sold for
                 ____ Gil! Our next item is... A rare item, _______!
                 Starting at ______ Gil!"
     [The same format happens until the last item, which goes like:]
     Auctioneer: "Our next item is... The acclaimed ______! Starting
                 at _____ Gil!"
     [After the last item is sold:]
     Auctioneer: "We will take a short break."
     NOTE: Some of the adjectives like "rare" and "acclaimed" change
           depending on which item it is.
     ___________________________________________/TR15 -- Dock Under Pub |
     [When Garnet goes to see Baku, she can talk to Steiner, who is
     chasing her down.]
     Steiner: "Will you please hear my counsel and turn back?"
              R1 --> No way
              R2 --> Okay
              R1: "Princess!" [He repeats his question.]
              R2: "Oh, I'm so glad! Thank you, Princess! [The scene
                  plays out again like she told Marcus she needed more
                  time to get ready.]
     ____________________________________________/TR16 -- Right Walkway |
     Guard: "There are so many criminals here nowadays."
     Girl: "I saw him! I saw an old man wearing glasses walking out of
           this tower! This is big..."
     ______________________________________________/TR17 -- Tot's House |
     Marcus: "Now I can save my bro!"
     Steiner: "I can't believe I must travel with a lowly criminal!"
     {If Dagger tries to leave:]
     Dagger: "I want to talk with Doctor Tot some more."
     _______________________________________________/GR01 -- Gargan Roo
     Mochos: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "Thanks for delivering the letter from Nazna! Kupo!"
                 From Nazna to Mochos
                 Grimo, in South Gate's Bohden Station, sent me a
                 letter saying he feels sad when he sees Mary in
                 love... ...but I think he feels that way becaus Grimo
                 himself is in love. Kupo... Am I right?
                 Mochos: "Hmm. I also know that Nazna is in love with
     [Before you find the tunnel-connection sequence trigger:]
     Tot: "Let's see... Where was that sequence trigger?"
     [After you find the lever:]
     Tot: "Please pull on that lever over there."
     [After the Gargant is summoned:]
     Tot: "Where was the lever?"
     ______________________________________/GZ05 -- Gizamaluke's Grotto |
     Moguta: "You have Kupo Nut! Can I have it, kupo?"
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No
             R1: "Thanks, kupo! Take this!" [Receive: Phoenix Pinion]
             R2: "Sad, kupo..."
     [After giving him the Kupo Nut you got in Burmecia:]
     Moguta: "I want more Kupo Nuts!"
     [In the large room:]
     Burmecian Soldier: "Please...protect Burmecia..."
     [In the room with the dead soldier:]
     Narrative: R1 --> Check the soldier's body
                R2 --> Offer a silent prayer
                R1 (Zidane): (Sorry about that.) [Receive: Gizam. Bell]
                R2: [Cancels action.]
     [At the front gates (Lindblum-side):]
     Guard: "......"
     Guard: "......"
     _______________________________________________/QM04 -- Qu's Marsh |
     Quale: "Quina...S/he still need much learning. Please help him."
     Moggy: [Same thing.]
     Mogster: "You want to learn from me, too?"
              R1 --> Yeah, teach me some stuff
              R2 --> I just need directions
              R3 --> No, I already know everything
              R2 --> "You wanna go to Cleyra? Well, what are you doin'
                     back here? Cleyra is west of Burmecia! Press
                     [SELECT] on the world map and check where you're
     ___________________________________________/LB61 -- Dragon's Gate  |
     Soldier: "Lindblum is on high alert. We've stopped all trolleys
              and closed off all entrances to the castle."
     Merchant: [Same old.]
     Moonte: [Same old.]
     ________________________________________/CF02 -- Chocobo's Forest  |
     [If you've done the Healing Shore chocograph treasure already:]
     Mene: "Who is that chocobo, kupo!? Where is Choco!?"
     Zidane: "I'm not sure what happened, but he is definitely Choco."
     Mene: "...You're right, kupo. But why...? Oh!!! Legend was true,
           kupo! I'll tell you a secret. I'm looking for paradise on
           earth! Only chosen chocobos can evolve and lead their
           masters to that paradise, kupo! Let's evolve Choco so that
           we can go to paradise! Kupo!"
     [The rest of the stuff plays out the same. If you find 8 items:]
     Mene: "Wow, that's amazing that you found so many, kupo! But you
           need to stop! I'll go out of business if you keep going,
           kupo! I'll give you a special bonus if you just quit now!"
     [If you ask Mene about his "Exchange points" option, first time:]
     Mene: "This is a service I offer, kupo! I'll give you a point for
           each item you find. Exchange points for items when you save
           up enough!"
     [If Zidane digs up a Chocograph Piece:]
     Zidane: "What's this Chocograph Piece?"
     Mene: "Can I see, kupo? It's a fragment of a Chocograph, kupo.
           There's something carved on the back. It's faded, kupo...
           I'll put it in Key under your Item Menu. Take a look, kupo.
           I think you're supposed to collect the pieces until you
           complete one Chocograph! Kupo!"
     [After you dig up a lot of chocographs:]
     Mene: "Choco says he can't find any more Chocographs here for
     ___________________________________________/CL01 -- Cleyra's Trunk |
     [At some interval, Zidane can put his hand into a hole:]
     Zidane: "Now what?"
             R1 --> Examine hole
             R2 --> Put hand into hole
             R3 --> Do nothing
             R1: "So dark, I can't see a thing."
             R2: "Uh-oh! Sand's coming!"
             R3: [No actions taken.]
     Monev: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "Thanks for delivering a letter from Atla!"
                From Atla to Monev
                Kupo! Strange people came into town and destroyed the
                entire place! What the heck is going on? Kupo! I don't
                wanna see any more pointy hats! Monev should be careful
                too! Mabe you should move somewhere..."
                Monev: "Things are terrible in Burmecia! Kupo! Are we
                       gonna be okay here? Kupo? I'll give you this in
                       exchange for the delivery!" [Receive: Kupo Nut]
     [If Zidane strays from the path in the tunnels, he can find a
     coiled lever:]
     Zidane: "Now what?"
             R1 --> Pull lever
             R2 --> Do nothing
             R1: [Sand stops flowing one way, and goes the other.]
             R2: [No actions are taken.]
     ____________________________________________/CL02 -- Kildea's Tour |
     [Forest Oracle Kildea takes the party on a Cleyra tour, showing
     them the waterwheel and a small pond first.]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "This is our source of water. I shall
                           elaborate later on how we have water up so
                           high here. Now for our next stop."
     [She shows them an inn/square.]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "And this is the liveliest part of our town.
                           But there's no market today, so the usual
                           crowd is gone... Let's move on."
     [She shows them the windmill 'complex' up further.]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "This windmill brings the blessings of water
                           to our humble town. It uses the power of the
                           sandstorm to pump water up from the ground.
                           Come. Next, I shall show you the observatory.
     [She shows them a lookout point.]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "The observatory is where the citizenry
                           comes to relax. Here, we observe our
                           protector, the sandstorm, and here, we pray
                           to it. Next is the cathedral, the last stop
                           on our tour."
     [Up at the cathedral:]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "The High Priest, who brings peace to our
                           souls, resides in the cathedral. The king of
                           Burmecia and Lady Freya are meeting inside
                           this building. It also houses a harp whose
                           magic stone powers the sandstorm. Let us
                           make our way back."
     [They walk back to the entrance.]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "And that concludes the tour."
     Zidane: "Thanks a lot!"
     ____________________________________________/CL03 -- Town Entrance |
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "I haven't been a guide in ages."
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "Behind me lies the lair of antlion, a foul
                           beast. It has been quite tame recently, but
                           I do not recommend provoking it."
     [By not taking the tour, Kildea will say before the antlion line:]
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "I am sorry that I cannot be of service."
     Vivi: "M-Maybe I should ask her to show me around again."
     [If you don't take the tour, Quina will stand around, too.]
     Quina: "I sense good tastes here in this tree-town!"
     _______________________________________________/CL04 -- Water Pond |
     Burmecian Soldier Gidd: "Only a tiny fraction of us made it here
                             to Cleyra... Dammit!"
     Burmecian Soldier Din: "I hope everyone who stayed in Burmecia is
                            doing okay..."
     Moon Maiden Claire: "The sandstorm that protects our town is
                         powered by magic. To keep the storm in motion,
                         we perform a sacred dance to the melody of a
                         harp adorned with a magic stone."
     ________________________________________________/CL05 -- Inn Front |
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Hey, I remember meeting you in Burmecia!
                            If there's anything I can do, just ask me!"
                            [Weapon buy/sell screen opens up.]
     Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Will we ever seen Burmecia again...?"
     Burmecian Kid Jack: "It's my first time away from home!"
     Burmecian Kid Adam: "I can't stand the sandstorm! It's too loud!"
     [After viewing the two Vivi ATEs:]
     Burmecian Kid Adam: "I don't think that kid was one of the
                         pointy-hat demons anymore."
     Burmecian Kid Jack: "I don't think that kid was a pointy-hat
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Come to think of it, that Vivi kid didn't
                            mean us any harm! I guess we got carried
     [Dan says after that:]
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Hi. What can I get ya?" [Equip. shop opens]
     _______________________________________________/CL06 -- Cleyra Inn |
     Night Oracle Donnegan: "We have rooms for 100 Gil. Would you like
                            to stay?" {Yes/No}
     Mopli: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "There's a letter for Zidane!"
                From Ruby to Zidane
                I decided to start a small theater, but I ain't had any
                luck finding actors... Do you know any good actors who
                are looking for work? Man, how I wish y'all were here!
                Come to think of it, you Tantalus guys look like a
                bunch of outlaws! Just kidding.
                Mopli: "Kupo! Is she looking for actors? I want to
                       become an actor..."
     [After viewing the ATE 'I-I Haven't Hurt Anyone':]
     Vivi: "I've never done anything bad..."
     ______________________________________________/CL07 -- Observatory |
     Flower Maiden Sharon: "Are you a friend of that strange,
                           apron-clad individual?"
     Water Maiden Shannon: "I wonder where s/he learned to speak so
     ____________________________________________/CL08 -- Windmill Area |
     Sand Oracle Safrea: "Cleyra has not seen visitors for hundreds of
     Star Maiden Nina: "I have a few items, actually..." [Item buy/sell
                       screen opens.]
     __________________________________________/CL09 -- Cathedral Front |
     Burmecian Soldier Gary: "Cleyran people are kinda stiff, but
                             they're nice once you get to know 'em!"
     Burmecian Refugee Lorena: "We're so happy the Cleyrans decided to
                               take us in!"
     Sun Oracle Florin: "In days of old, the folk of Cleyra and
                        Burmecia lived under the same sky. But Cleyrans
                        fled to this tree to avoid conflict with the
                        Burmecians, who began to value the arts of
     Wind Maiden Eileen: "Burmecian are like us Cleyrans, in that both
                         societies value dance. Our tradition, however,
                         is older. Thus, our dances evoke greater power
                         than those of Burmecia."
     __________________________________________/CL10 -- Cleyran Sandpit |
     [After viewing the two Quina ATEs:]
     Quina: "I so hungry now! Even spiral here start to look like ice
     [Quina jumps in the sandpit.]
     Zidane: "What are you doing, Quina!?"
     Quina: "So dizzzzzzzzy!"
     Zidane: "Sometimes you're so annoying!"
     [Zidane jumps in after Quina, and they both fall down through the
     screen with the bridge that leads into the Cleyra tunnels.]
     Quina: "Fall down far!"
     [They land in a screen already landed in, near a treasure box.]
     Quina: "Too scary! But good thing we exercise!"
     Zidane: "Hey, a treasure chest! It's about time we got a lucky
     Quina: "But I bet there no yummy-yummies... Or they rotten anyway!"
     [The treasure chest has a Silk Robe, and they have to walk all the
     way back up to Cleyra from there.]
     Zidane: "What now?" {Jump Down/Stay here}
     __________________________________________/CL11 -- Cathedral Lobby |
     Tree Oracle Wylan: "I have a message for Master Zidane from Lady
                        Freya. I was told to convey the following...
                        'Zidane! This may take some time, so please
                        wait at the inn!'"
     Sky Oracle Mylan: "I am afraid I cannot let you pass."
     _________________________________________/CL12 -- Cleyra Inn Front |
     [You can talk to the Night Oracle before he leaves the area:]
     Night Oracle Donnegan: "I shall go inform the high priest."
     __________________________________________/CL13 -- Cathedral Lobby |
     Tree Oracle Wylan: "What!? The antlion has attacked!?"
     Sky Oracle Mylan: "A child was mauled!?"
     __________________________________________/CL14 -- Cleyra Entrance |
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "A kid's being attacked by an antlion!"
     ______________________________/CL15 -- Cathedral Front - Freya POV |
     Sun Oracle Florin: "This could be the end of Cleyra."
     Wind Maiden Eileen: "The disappearance of the sandstorm heralds
                         the coming of invaders."
     ______________________________/CL16 -- Cathedral Lobby - Freya POV |
     Burmecian Refugee Lorena: "I wonder why they couldn't just restart
                               the sandstorm?"
     Burmecian Soldier Gary: "I knew they would come!"
     Tree Oracle Wylan: "Could a magical force powerful enough to break
                        the harp's strings be aimed at us?"
     Sky Oracle Mylan: "This is the act of someone with unspeakable
     _____________________________/CL17 -- Cthdrl Harp Room - Freya POV |
     Moon Maiden Claire: "The strings...breaking? How forboding!"
     King to Burmecia: "Have you seen Puck?"
     Cleyran High Priest: "This stone has protected Cleyra since the
                          days of old. I hereby bestow it upon you, in
                          hopes that you may learn to use it. [Freya
                          gets an Emerald.]
     Cleyran High Priest: "I fear that an attack is coming."
     ________________________________/CL18 -- Windmill Area - Freya POV
     Sand Oracle Safrea: "I regret this happening on your stay in
     Star Maiden Nina: "I still have some merchandise..." [Buy/sell
                       screen opens]
     ___________________________________/CL19 -- Water Pond - Freya POV |
     Forest Oracle Kildea: "With the weakened winds, even this windmill
                           may come to a stop..."
     Burmecian Soldier Gidd: "If it's war they want, then it's war
                             they'll get!"
     Burmecian Soldier Din: "I have a bad feeling about this..."
     __________________________________/CL20 -- Observatory - Freya POV |
     Flower Maiden Sharon: "The view has completely changed..."
     Water Maiden Shannon: "A view devoid of sand... This troubles me."
     __________________________________/CL21 -- Cleyran Inn - Freya POV |
     Night Oracle Donnegan: "You may rest here. You need pay me
                            nothing." {Thanks!/No Thanks!}
     Burmecian Refugee Learie: "No matter what happens, I must protect
                               my children."
     Burmecian Kid Adam: "At least it's a lot quieter..."
     Burmecian Kid Jack: "I'm worried! I'm so worried!"
     Burmecian Soldier Dan: "Just speak up if you need anything from
                            me!" [Equipment shop opens up.]
     Stiltzkin: "How about a three-piece combo of Hi-Potion, Ether, and
                Phoenix Pinion for 444 Gil?"
                R1 --> Sure!
                R2 --> No thanks
                R1: "Thanks to you, kid, I can continue my journey!"
                R2: [No dialogue spoken]
     [After buying:]
     Stiltzkin: "This place is so dirty, you know! I can't stand it!"
     Mopli: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "There's a letter from Monev! Kupo! Let's read it
                From Monev to Mopli
                People are climbing up to Cleyra since the sandstorm
                disappeared... Kupo. I have a bad feeling about this.
                What's going to happen!? Will Cleyra end up like
                Burmecia? Isn't there anyone who can help us? Kupo!"
                Mopli: "That sounds awful! Kupo!! I'm gonna pack and
                       leave with Stiltzkin!"
     __________________________________________/CL21 -- Cleyran Sandpit |
     Stiltzkin: "Wh-What the...? What just happened!?"
     Mopli: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
                letter to Serino!"
                R5 --> Okay
                R6 --> No way
            R5: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives the letter]
            R6: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give the letter]
     [Instead of saying, "I want mail, kupo!", Mopli will say:]
     Mopli: "Oh, no..."
     __________________________________________/CL22 -- Cathedral Lobby |
    [Depending on who survives, they'll appear in the lobby.]
     Burmecian Kid Jack: "Here, this is for you!" [Receive: Nymph Card]
     Burmecian Kid Jack: "What's happening!?"
     Tree Oracle Wylan: "I hope you find this useful..."[Receive:Ether]
     Tree Oracle Wylan: "Who just ran by...?"
     Sand Oracle Safrea: "I hope this is of use to you..."[+P. Pinion]
     Sand Oracle Safrea: "Who just ran by...?"
     Burmecian Kid Adam: "Here, this is for you!" [Receive: Zuu Card]
     Burmecian Kid Adam: "What's happening!?"
     Flower Maiden Sharon: "Please, take this." [Receive: Remedy]
     Flower Maiden Sharon: "We're done for!"
     Water Maiden Shannon: "I hope you can use this." [Receive: P. Down]
     Water Maiden Shannon: "We're done for!"
     Burmecian Refugee Learie: "Protect them with this." [+Elixir]
     Burmecian Refugee Learie: "I just want to save the children..."
     Mopli: [Same old + "Oh, no..." instead of "I want mail, kupo!"]
     _________________________________________/RR01 -- Red Rose Walkway |
     Serino: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "A letter from Mopli? How unusual! Kupo! Let's read it
                 From Mopli to Serino
                 By the time this letter reaches Serino, Cleyra may be
                 destroyed... Stiltzkin kept saying, "I've been through
                 stuff like this before. We'll be fine" But what if we
                 won't be okay this time!? Kupo!!!"
                 Serino: "Kupo! So, that's what the big sound was... I
                         wonder if Mopli and Stitzkin are okay?"
     [Talk to Serino again, and...]
     Serino: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
             letter to Moodon!"
             R1 --> Okay
             R2 --> No way
             R1: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives you the letter.]
             R2: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give you the letter.]
     _________________________________________________/RR02 -- Pod Deck |
     Freya: "It seems like Vivi has a plan."
     _________________________________________/AC16 -- Dungeon Entrance |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Open this gate at once!"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "You won't get away with this!"
     ______________________________________/AC17 -- West Tower Entrance |
     Briereicht, Pluto Knight VI: "The Red Rose? No, it hasn't arrived
     Weimar, Pluto Knight VII: "What!? The princess's life is in danger!
                               Get out of here. You're kidding. I think
                               Zorn and Thorn were arguing in the
                               queen's chamber earlier."
     ___________________________________/AC18 -- Castle Library - Right |
    Scholar: "It may have something to do with the secret in the
             queen's chamber."
    Scholar: "I found an old reference material that talked about a
             purple flame, but I don't know if it has any significance.
    Kohel, Pluto Knight III: "What? The princess is back in Alexandria?
    Blutzen, Pluto Knight II: "You're looking for the princess? Maybe
                              she's in her room, although she could be
                              in the queen's chamber."
     ____________________________________/AC19 -- Castle Library - Left |
     Scholar: "The queen is trying to collect the jewels?"
     Scholar: "The jewels you speak of are actually not a whole jewel,
              but shards of a single jewel."
     Scholar: "It seems that the jewel was divided into several pieces.
     Scholar: "Alexandria, Lindblum, and Cleyra each recieved a piece
              of the jewel for safekeeping."
     Laudo, Pluto Knight IV: "I read an old book the other day. It said
                             the purple flame in the queen's chamber
                             holds some secret."
     [Zidane can find a "?" and "talk" to it.]
     Narrative: I hear someone talking.
                R1 --> Try to listen
                R2 --> Ignore it
                R1: Challenge me, if you dare.
                    R3 --> Challenge
                    R4 --> Forget it
                R2: [Actions are cancelled.]
                R3: [The fight against Tantarian ensues.]
                R4: Save your energy...
     [If you beat Tantarian:]
     Narrative: You are worthy...
     __________________________________________________/AC20 -- Kitchen |
     Dishmeister: "The princess's favorite dish is peach pudding."
     Ovenmeister: "The queen's favorite dish is deep-fried bat."
     Onionmeister: "The queen's room is on the 3rd floor."
     Eggmeister: "Look at how perfectly I fried this egg. Isn't it
     _______________________________________________/AC21 -- Guardhouse |
     Dojebon, Pluto Knight V: "I'm changing right now!"
     ____________________________________________/AC22 -- Garnet's Room |
     Mullenkedheim, Pluto Knight IX: "The queen's chamber? Go out of
                                     this room and turn right."
     __________________________________________/AC23 -- Extraction Room |
     Mosh: "Can I help you, kupo?"
           R1 --> Save
           R2 --> Tent
           R3 --> Mognet
           R4 --> Cancel
           R3: "Kupo! I just received a letter from Kupo! Let's read it
               From Kupo to Mosh
               Kupo! What's goign on in Alexandria!? Soldiers are
               everywhere! I heard a rumor that Princess Garnet
               returned to Alexandria! Princess Garnet left the castle,
               I guess she still believes in Queen Brahne!"
               Mosh: "What could Princess Garnet and Queen Brahne be
                     thinking? Kupo! I don't understand how the royal
                     family thinks..."
     NOTE: The last sentence in Kupo's letter changes depending on if
           Garnet said she believed the queen or not. The one where she
           has faith is already listed; the one where she's skeptical
           will read:
           "I guess Princess Garnet left the castle because she
           suspected Queen Brahne!"
     [On your way back down (after Steiner leaves to assist Beatrix),
     you can check in on Mosh again.]
     Mosh: "Can I help you, kupo?"
           R1 --> Save
           R2 --> Tent
           R3 --> Mognet
           R4 --> Cancel
           R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
               letter to Monty!"
               R5 --> Okay
               R6 --> No way
               R5: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives you the letter.]
               R6: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [You don't get the letter.]
     ___________________________________________/PR01 -- Pinnacle Rocks |
     Monty: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "Thanks for delivering this letter from Mosh! Kupo!"
                From Mosh to Monty
                Monty! Were you able to escape Evil Forest? Kupo! I
                think this continent is headed for some serious
                disaster! It might be too late by the time we realize
                Monty: "Escaping the petrified Evil Forest was quite a
                       task! Kupo! I escaped by following some
                       suspicious-looking people."
     [You can find a Ramuh manifestation at the crash site:]
     Ramuh: "Historian's explanation:
            Although Joseph's death was not reported to his daughter,
            the manner of his death speaks for itself. This is the
            story of a true hero. That's 'Hero.' You have __ to go."
     [You can find a manifestation in the screen with Monty, to the NW]
     Ramuh: "Once upon a time, 33 small countries fought together
            against an empire. One day, a rebel troop visited a man
            named Joseph, who lived with his daughter. Owing a debt to
            the troops, he gladly accepted their plea for help. They
            headed for a cavern in the snow field. That's 'Beginning.'
            You have __ to go."
     [You can find a manifestation in the same screen as Monty, half-
     -hidden in the water.]
     Ramuh: "Historian's explanation:
            The fact that they didn't report Joseph's death to his
            daughter is indicative of their guilt for failing to
            protect him. In the end, heroes are also human. That's
            'Human.' You have __ to go."
     [You can find a manifestation in a screen left of where Monty is.]
     Ramuh: "With Joseph's help, the troop defeated the adamantoise in
            the snow field cavern and acquired the Goddess Bell they
            needed to enter the empire's castle. That's 'Cooperation.'
            You have __ to go."
     [You can find a manifestation behind the screen with 'Cooperation']
     Ramuh: "On their way home, they fell into a trap set by a traitor.
            Joseph gave his life to save the troop. The troop left
            without telling Joseph's daughter, Nelly, about the
            tragedy. That's 'Silence,' the last piece."
     [If you go back to Monty after receiving the Peridot:]
     Monty: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Cancel
            R3: "Kupo! This letter is tattered... It's from...Stiltzkin,
                kupo. I'm scared. Read along with me?"
                From Stiltzkin to Monty
                       might be...
                                  the end of me...
                Monty: "What's wrong!? Kupo! What happened to
     ___________________________________________/LB62 -- BD Main Street |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "The people of this country still don't
                          understand. Regent Cid lost the war. Why
                          don't they face the truth?"
     Marsha: "Mommy... Daddy... Where are you? Please don't leave me
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Are you going to resist us?"
                          R1 --> Yes, to the death!
                          R2 --> No, wouldn't dream of it
                          R1: "Oh, really? I admire your courage. Armed
                              with the black mage army and the eidolons,
                              Queen Brahne is invincible! Resistance
                              will only bring death."
                          R2: "That's good. Yes, leave everything to
                              Queen Brahne. Armed with a black mage
                              army and the eidolons, Queen Brahne is
                              invincible! Resistance will only bring
     [Zidane can happen upon a conversation, where villagers stand over
     a black mage that's wounded.]
     Old Man: "Finish it off!"
     Engineer: "Should I crush its head? How about its chest?"
     Zidane: "Stop it! He's a living creature!"
     Young Man: "What did you just say!?"
     Zidane: "Brahne programmed them to kill, but they're just like
             anybody else!"
     Young Man: "Lies! They may look human, but that's where the
                similarity ends! They destroy everything...like
                wrecking balls destroy buildings. They don't even know
                we're made of flesh and blood!"
     Old Man: "If it's human, make it understand the suffering it
              caused! Make it understand that it killed my only son!
              Otherwise... My son's death has no meaning!"
     Young Man: "They didn't even flinch, even when one of their own
                got killed. They made monsters seem docile!"
     Engineer: "I don't care if it lives. My friend was burned alive by
     ___________________________________________________/LB63 -- BD Inn |
     Innkeeper: It's 100 Gil per night. Do you wanna stay here?"
     Moodon: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "Ah, it's a letter from the flying moogle, Serino!
                 Thanks for delivering the letter, kupo!"
                 From Serino to Moodon
                 I rode an airship called the Red Rose, but I saw
                 something horrible... Kupo. The eidolon Odin's power
                 is terrifying. It destroyed Cleyra completely. There's
                 not even a trace of the city left now..."
                 Moodon: "Brahne's Red Rose destroyed Cleyra!? Brahne
                         is scary, kupo!"
     [Talk to Moodon again, and...]
     Moodon: "There's a letter for Zidane!"
     From Ruby to Zidane
     Oh, I'm havin' a terrible time finding actors! I'm willing to take
     anyone who can read at this point! What was his name? That
     narcissist from Lindblum? I'd even take him! Get him over to my
     mini-theater! We need to get some business!
     Moodon: "Does she mean Lowell? He's a narcissist, alright, kupo!"
     [Ask yet again and...]
     Moodon: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
             letter to Moonte!"
             R1 --> Okay
             R2 --> No way
             R1: "Thanks, kupo!" [You get the letter.]
             R2: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [You don't get the letter.]
     ___________________________________________/LB64 -- BD Marketplace |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Rejoice, for you are now a part of the
                          Alexandrian Empire!"
     Alexandrian Soldier: "I can't believe we wiped this place out in
                          just one night... The black mage soldiers and
                          eidolons are not of this earth. It's as if we
                          opened Pandora's Box..."
     Maron: "An airship fell out of the sky and almost hit me! Thank
            goodness it was only a small cargo ship!"
     Old Margaret: "Hmm? Is someone there? Black mages blinded me. What
                   a terrible loss. I won't ever see my newborn
                   grandson's face again."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Do you know a rebel group called Vigilantes?
     Zidane: "Oh..."
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No
             R1: "If their leader is a man named Justin... Please tell
                 him this. Please tell him to stop what he is doing.
                 Tell him Nicole said so."
             R2: "If you do, you must report it to me right away!"
     [In the Card Freak's house:]
     Card Freak Gon: "War is so primitive. Why couldn't they play a
                     card game to settle their differences?"
     [By the overturned pickle cart:]
     Narrative: There are pickles scattered everywhere. It smells awful
                around here.
     _______________________________________/LB65 -- BD Air Cab Station |
     Attendant: "All the air cabs in service got shot down by the black
                mages. It hurts me even to think about it. What did our
                customers ever do to them?"
     _______________________________________/LB66 -- BD Fountain Square |
     Alice: "Sorry, my shop got destroyed, and I don't have much to
            sell..." [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
     [In the weapons shop:]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "I was thinking about buying a new sword! But
                          everything is so expensive here. I wonder if
                          he'd give me a discount?"
     Dragoos: "(I raised the price 'cause I don't wanna sell them
              anything. But I'll give you a major discount!)" [Buy/sell
              screen opens up.]
     [In the synth shop, if you talk to Wayne behind the counter:]
     Wayne: "A black mage was attacking my dad by the time I got
            here... He escaped with his life, but he burned his hands
            in the fire. He said he won't be able to do any more
            synthesis work... ...so I asked my dad to train me. I'm
            gonna become a great synthesis worker like him! I'll work
     [Zidane can look in the furnace:]
     Narrative: The flame looks so cold... It's as though it's weeping.
     ___________________________________________/LB67 -- BD Marketplace |
     Seth: "Darn it, I lost everything in the attack. Where's the
           combat ship armada when you need it?"
     Lindblum Officer: "It's a shame that we don't have enough power to
                       fight Brahne. Cleyra resisted, and her eidolon
                       destroyed it... I heard that you can't even
                       enter Cleyra. The regent told us to live today
                       and fight tomorrow. I'm going to heed him and
                       wait for the day when we rise against Brahne."
     Maron: [No longer in this screen.]
     Card Freak Gon: [Same as in LB64.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as in LB64.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as in LB64.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as in LB64.]
     ___________________________________________/LB68 -- BD Main Street |
     Justin: "H-Hey! Don't talk to me! You'll blow my cover! I'm the
             leader of the Vigilantes! Is that so? That's what Nicole
             thinks... But this is my cause. I can't turn away from it.
             This is what I believe in, no matter how much pain it may
             bring. I won't stop... I'm gonna fight for my cause! Even
             if I have to fight Nicole!
     Engineer Gabin: "I can't believe the Industrial District got wiped
                     out. That means I'll never taste the boss' awesome
                     soup ever again..."
     Old Man: "I wonder what the regent is going to do. Is he going to
              let them roam free forever?"
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as in LB62.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: [Same as in LB62.]
     ____________________________________________/LB69 -- BD AC Station |
     Attendant: "The Industrial District was destroyed by the eidolons'
     ____________________________________________/LB70 -- TD AC Station |
     Alicia: "Please! My husband is there. Please take us to the
             Industrial District!"
     Molly: "What's wrong with Mommy? Why is she crying?"
     Attendant: "I'm sorry. We can't fly the air cab to the Industrial
     ___________________________________________/LB71 -- TD Main Street |
     Devon: "KILL! KILL! KILL! Those voices are stuck in my head! Black
            mages killed my friends."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Owning an airship fleet no longer determines
                          who wins a war. Black mage soldiers and
                          eidolons are the ultimate weapons of mass
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Queen Brahne plans on building an opera
                          house in the Theater District."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Don't underestimate me because I'm a woman.
                          Obey us."
     Pigeon Lover: "Look at the sky. It's such a sad color. Lindblum's
                   blue sky died with our freedom..."
     [In Michael's house:]
     Struggling Artist Michael: "Wh-What's she gonna do with my
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Hmm... This is a nice painting. Such a sad
                          picture, but it possesses strength."
     Struggling Artist Michael: "Yeah? You think so?"
     ______________________________________/LB72 -- TD Tantalus' Street |
     Alexandrian Soldier: "There was no need to take things this far.
                          I pledged my loyalty to Queen Brahne in order
                          to protect Alexandria. Not to kill people."
     Lindblum Officer: "This is where I witnessed the Industrial
                       District disappear. I bet everyone's dead. The
                       eidolon swallowed everything."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Oh, I can't believe I'm standing next to Mr.
                          Lowell...! I'm so happy <3"
     Lowell: "Even a big star like me can't make a living without a
             theater. Hey pal, do you know any other theaters I can
             work at?"
     Zidane: "Yeah, this girl named Ruby runs a small theater in
     Lowell: "Oh, buddy, is that right? I'm too big of a star for a
             sleepy town like Alexandria, but that's okay. I'll share
             my talent with those uncultured people."
     [Lowell runs off, with the starstruck soldier chasing after him.]
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Oh, don't go!"
     Zidane: "Ruby and Lowell, huh? What a strange pairing of actors."
     [Inside the Tantalus hideout:]
     Lucella: "Ahh!"
     Bunce: "Whoa!"
     Bunce: "Oh, it's you, Zidane! I almost peed my pants! We've been
            protecting the Tantalus hideout while you were gone! You
            can leave us here. Go take care of the bad guys."
     Lucella: "I thought you were one of them people with pointy hats!
              Is Uncle Baku coming home soon? It wouldn't be so scary
              if he was around..."
     [Zidane can almost fall off where the theater steps used to be.]
     Zidane: "Whoa! Wow, that was dangerous!"
     _________________________________________/LB73 -- GC Dragon's Gate |
     Moonte: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "A letter from Moodon? Thanks, kupo!"
                 From Moodon to Moonte
                 Oh, it's terrible! Kupo! Mogki, from the castle, is
                 missing! Did the Alexandrian soldiers kidnap him? Or
                 did the black mages eat him? Kupo! I'm so worried!!!
                 Moonte: "Wh-Wh-What's going on!? Kupo!?"
     Merchant: "Huh? You're going to the excavation site? It's directly
               north of here. You'll see a pond shaped like a gourd.
               You might encounter some strange monsters. Hey, do you
               wanna buy something?"
     Zidane: "Yeah, maybe some items..." {Buy/Don't Buy}
     ______________________________________/GZ06 -- Gizamaluke's Grotto |
     Mogmi: [Same old.]
     Moguta: "You have Kupo Nut! Can I have it, kupo?"
             R1 --> Yes
             R2 --> No
             R1: "Thanks, kupo! Take this!" [Receive: Elixir]
             R2: "Sad, kupo..."
     _______________________________________________/QM05 -- Qu's Marsh |
     Mogster: "You want to learn from me, too?"
              R1 --> Yeah, teach me some stuff
              R2 --> I just need directions
              R3 --> No, I already know everything
              R2: "Wow! You're finally taking the big leap to the Outer
                  Continent, eh? The entrance to the passage that
                  connects to the Outer Continent is somewhere in this
                  swamp. Why don't you go talk to one of the Qu guys?
                  All they do is eat, but they might know something."
     Moggy: [Same old.]
     [Zidane can talk to Quale.]
     Zidane: "Do you know any excavation sites in this area?"
     Quale: "Excavation site? Hmm... Maybe I hear about it... Maybe
            not... Maybe."
     Zidane: "What do you mean, 'Maybe'!?"
     Quale: "I only hear about excavation site around this area. This
            marsh road covered in brush. Maybe there road to excavation
            site hidden somewhere. Quina might know."
     Zidane: "Hidden in brush, huh? Well, thanks anyway."
     _______________________________________________/FR01 -- Fossil Roo
     [Zidane can look behind a door near the entrance.]
     Zidane: "? Is there something inside? It's too dark to see."
     _______________________________________________/FR02 -- Lani Fight |
     [Lani will say the following lines during the fight:]
     "Give me the pendant and surrender!"
     "Had enough yet?"
     "What do you think you're doing!?"
     "Why aren't you giving up?"
     [When you defeat her:]
     Lani: "You're pretty good."
     _______________________________________/FR03 -- Excavation Room #1 |
     Mogki: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Mogshop
            R5 --> Cancel
            R3: "I got a letter from Kuppo! I don't even know who Kuppo
                is. Kupo. Let's read it together!"
                From Kuppo to Mogki
                I'm bored, kupo! I'm so bored, I'm going to hide away!
                Try finding me in this cavern! Hint: I'm behind a
                Mogki: "What a carefree moogle! Kupo! I fled from
                       Lindblum with my life..."
     Stiltzkin: "That was some trouble I ran into in Cleyra... I was
                hurt so bad I couldn't even move, but now that I've
                recovered I'm back on track."
     Stiltzkin: "You wanna buy a set of Phoenix Pinion, Remedy, and
                Ether for 555 Gil?"
                R1 --> Yes
                R2 --> No
                R1: "Thanks to you, I can continue my journey."
     [After buying:]
     Stiltzkin: "What the heck is this place!? It's like a maze!"
     Treasure Hunter: "Are you here for the treasure, too?"
     Zidane: "Treasure? What are you talking about?"
     Treasure Hunter: "You don't know? This excavation site has tons of
                      treasure and rare fossils. You're not here to
                      steal them?"
     Zidane: "No, we're not treasure hunting. Does this tunnel connect
             to the Outer Continent?"
     Treasure Hunter: "The Outer Continent? You're trying to go outside?
                      Huh... This tunnel's like a web. I don't even
                      know how far it travels. You'll need to go that
                      way, but it's quite a trip. The only way to go
                      further is to hitch a ride on the gargant. But
                      it'll lead you to a dead end if you let it go
                      wherever it wants. So you navigate the gargant
                      with that switch over there."
     Zidane: "What's the relationship between the switch and the
     Treasure Hunter: "The switch changes which fountain the water
                      water comes from. Gargants hate water. You can
                      block off the sections you don't want to go to by
                      activating the fountain with that switch. That
                      over there is the No. 2 switch. You'll need to
                      trigger it to go over to the other side."
     Zidane: "I see... How do I get there?"
     Treasure Hunter: "Do I have to tell you everything...? You can get
                      there on a gargant, but... ...you'll need to
                      trigger the No. 1 switch to do it."
     Zidane: "I see. Thanks for the info."
     Treasure Hunter: "The northern side leads to a dead end. There's
                      open road to the southwest. If you're going
                      southwest, follow the numbers on the switching
                      system. No. 1 is at the deep end of the north
                      side. Oh, and the treasure here is all mine. You
                      can't take it."
     _______________________________________/FR04 -- Excavation Room #2 |
     Treasure Hunter: "Hey, you made it this far already? You wanna buy
                      something? [Buy/sell screen opens up]
     Treasure Hunter: "Come visit me again."
     _______________________________________/FR05 -- Excavation Room #3 |
     Treasure Hunter: "Wow, I can't believe you made it this far
                      without getting hurt. This is my territory. Go
                      dig somewhere else. I'll let you excavate here in
                      exchange for a potion."
     Zidane: "For a potion, huh?"
             R1 --> Sure!
             R2 --> No way
             R1: "Thanks, buddy!" [Zidane can excavate stuff.]
             R2: "Hmph. Your loss."
     [While excavating, Zidane can find a weird wall to hammer at.]
     Voice: "Ku... Kupo... KUPO!" [The wall collapses and a moogle is
            [thrown out.]
     Kuppo: "Can I help you, kupo?"
            R1 --> Save
            R2 --> Tent
            R3 --> Mognet
            R4 --> Mogshop
            R5 --> Cancel
            R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
                letter to Kupo!"
                R6 --> Okay
                R7 --> No way
            R6: "Thanks, kupo!" [You get the letter.]
            R7: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [You don't get the letter.]
     Treasure Hunter: "Are you quitting already?"
     Zidane: "Are you sure there's anything here?"
             R1 --> I've had enough
             R2 --> I'll dig a little more
             R1: [You quit digging.]
             R2: [You keep digging.]
     ____________________________________________/CP00 -- Entrance Ramp |
     [Zidane can look at a large snake-like sign at the path's mouth.]
     Zidane: "It sure is a funky shape. Like it's made of roots grown
             over the stone... Or stones pushed in between the roots...
             I wonder how they made the roof... Somebody really had to
             make an effort to try and live there."
     _________________________________________/CP01 -- Village Entrance |
     Harold Pathknower: "Ye have tae raise yir hand up an' open yir
                        mooth wide when ye say Rally-Ho!"
     Jenny Greeter: "Welcome tae oor toon!"
     Zidane: "We came to this continent looking for someone..."
     Jenny Greeter: "We dinnae get many ootsiders here!"
     Jenny Greeter: "We dinnae get many ootsiders here!"
     [There's a "?" behind Jenny. If you pick it...]
     Jenny Greeter: "Aha! Don't think I didnae see that! Ah ken ye're
                    checkin' me oot! It isnae ma fault Ah'm so comely,
                    ye lech!"
     _________________________________________/CP02 -- Corridor by Shop |
     Darcy Skywatcher: "Oh, an ootsider!"
     Zidane: "How come you built your village on this spot?"
     Darcy Skywatcher: "'Cause we feel the mountains, the woods, an'
                       the sun here mair than anywhere else! See, Conde
                       Petie is suroonded by the mountains, nearhaun
                       the woods, an' blessed by the sun!"
     Bryan Rootrunner: "Conde Petie is hame tae a heap o' good food!
                       What's yir favorite?"
                       R1 --> Boiled owl
                       R2 --> Seasoned oglop
                       R3 --> Fried rootbeans
                       R1: "Hmm... Tha's no bad..."
                       R2: "Aye, that's great! But ye have tae go tae
                           the Mountain Path fer that!"
                       R3: "Hmm... Tha's no bad..."
     [After picking an option with Bryan:]
     Bryan Rootrunner: "If Ah could spend ma life doin' nothin' but
                       eatin', Ah'd die a happy man!"
     _____________________________________/CP03 -- Corridor by Entrance |
     Robert Dogherder: "Wh-What's an ootsider doin' here!?"
     Zidane: "Hi. Have you seen a strange-looking guy here? He goes by
             the name of Kuja..."
     Robert Dogherder: "...Ye're strange-lookin'..."
     Zidane: "No... You see, uh, he loks really sinister, and uh..."
     Robert Dogherder: "...Ye're sinister-lookin'..."
     Zidane: "..."
     Robert Dogherder: "Someday, Ah want tae travel the warld together
                       wi' ma duggy!"
     __________________________________________/CP04 -- Conde Petie Inn |
     Jinkus Emptybottle: "Good drink is precious, ken, so Ah always sip
                         it slowly."
     Barbara Gibgab: "Ah'm happy just tae be sittin' here, sippin' ma
                     tea an' gabbin' the time away."
     Walter Teamaker: "Soon, Ah'm gonna have tae find a wife fer ma wee
     Helen Birdkeeper: "We owe oor thanks tae the blessin's o' the sun
                       and the heavens!"
     Granin Miller: "Ye dinnae expect me tae work on such a fine day as
                    this, do ye?"
     Margaret Miller: "Ye kin stay the night fer 100 Gil!"
                      R1 --> Yes
                      R2 --> No
                      R1: "The bed may be small, but she'll do ye good
                          enough." [The party sleeps.]
                      R2: "Ye're welcome back whenever ye like!" [She
                          also says this after you've slept in the inn.]
     [If you inspect the "?" in the right fountain in the inn:]
     Helen Birdkeeper: "Ah hear tell there's a foontain in the sooth
                       that kin restore yir body an' yir soul!"
     Jinkus Emptybottle: "Water is precious, nae doubt. But we
                         shouldnae put oor hopes in sich faerie tales."
     Zidane: "..."
     [If you inspect the left fountain in the same manner:]
     Barbara Gibgab: "Ah heard there's a spring in the sooth where, if
                     ye throw a coin in, it'll make ye happy forever!"
     Walter Teamaker: "Well, nou... That's as nay be. But we wouldnae
                      throw coin oor money so glibly now, would we?"
     Zidane: "..."
     _____________________________________________/CP05 -- Upper Shrine |
     Geoffrey Treefeller: "Someday, Ah wantae be joined tae Betsy oan
                          top o' the Kirkboat. An' afterward we'll go
                          tae the Sanctuary tae enscribe oor names
     Betsy Lightcatcher: "Here, a man an' a woman are joined by the
                         blessin' o' the sun. O' course, we're a wee
                         bit young tae receive the blessin' just yet."
     Shanis Gatekeeper: "Ah cannae let ye pass, laddie!"
     Derek Stonehammer: "So many wee bairns runnin' aboot the city."
     Kelley Fingerwaver: "This is where we give thanks tae the sun an'
                         the heavens!"
     [Zidane can find Vivi near Derek and Kelley.]
     Zidane: "What's the matter, Vivi?"
     Vivi: "Um... These two people--"
     Derek Stonehammer: "That hen ye cooked fer me was awful good, it
                        was! What way did ye cook it? Did ye frizzle it
                        wi' some o' yer mejick?"
     Kelley Fingerwaver: "The berries ye traded me were astoondin', too!
                         But likesay, what's a wee lad like ye doin'
                         here the day?"
     Zidane: "Hey, Vivi... Do you know these people?"
     Vivi: "How could I? I've never been here before."
     Zidane: "Yeah, I didn't think so."
     Vivi: "I'll try talking to some other people."
     [If Zidane inspects a podium near the Kirkboat:]
     Zidane: "What's this? Some kind of roster or something..."
     Sign: The current number of couples who, having received the
           blessings of the sun and the heavens through the authority
           of Father David, have visited the sanctuary.
    NOTE: The number changes to 100 normally, but goes to 101 if you
          have Vivi and Quina tie the knot, too.
     __________________________________________________/CP06 -- Grocery |
     Zidane: "Tell me something. How come there's no Mist here?"
     John Fruitbringer: "What's that ye say? Mist? What's it taste
     John Fruitbringer: "Jenny's a bonnie lass, is she no?"
     Jenny Grocer: "Rally-ho! What kin Ah do fer ye?"
     Mogmatt: "Can I help you, kupo?"
              R1 --> Save
              R2 --> Tent
              R3 --> Mognet
              R4 --> Cancel
              R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you deliver a
                  letter to Suzuna!"
                 R5 --> Okay
                 R6 --> No way
           R5: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives you the letter.]
           R6: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give you the letter.]
     ______________________________________________/CP07 -- Weapon Shop |
     Thomas Goldpiler: "Rally-ho! Ye'll be needin' a good weapon fer
                       the road, will ye no?"
     [After you stop by:]
     Thomas Goldpiler: "Heist ye back! Ah kin sell ye what ye'l be
     Matthew Watchman: "Ah cannae let ye pass!"
     Richard Watchman: "Ye're no allowed tae pass, laddie!"
     _________________________________________________/CP08 -- Entrance |
     Harold Pathknower: "The Sootheast Forest o' the Pyntie-Hets spae
                        far, but ye'll have tae go aroon' the cliff
                        first, an' thenhead tae the east! They live sae
                        deep in the forest, that even owls dinnae live
     Jenny Greeter: "Welcome tae oor town!"
     Zidane: "We came to this continent looking for someone..."
     Jenny Greeter: "We dinnae get many ootsiders here! Oh, except the
                    Pyntie-Hets. They come out from the Sootheast
                    Forest all the time!"
     _____________________________________________/CP09 -- Upper Shrine |
     Geoffrey Treefeller: [Same as CP05.]
     Betsy Lightcatcher: [Same as CP05.]
     Shanis Gatekeeper: [Same as CP05.]
     Kelley Fingerwaver: [Same as CP05.]
     Derek Stonehammer: "That's the Kirkboat, the symbol o' Conde Petie!
     Zidane: "What's a boat doing up there?"
     Derek Stonehammer: "Boat? Ah dinnae ken what ye're talkin' aboot.
                        What's a boat?"
     ________________________________________/QM06 -- Second Qu's Marsh |
     Moggy: [Same old.]
     Mogster: "You want to learn from me, too?"
              R1 --> Yeah, teach me some stuff
              R2 --> I just need directions
              R3 --> No, I already know everything
              R3: "You're looking for a forest with black mages? That's
                  gonna be a little tough to find. To the south of this
                  swamp, there's a huge forest surrounded by mountain
                  ranges. It's called Magdalene Forest. Once you get
                  there, open the menu to check if you're in the right
                  forest. If you go deep in the forest, you'll
                  eventually run into a place that you can go inside.
                  What was that again? 'A forest so thick that even
                  owls can't live there.' Sounds like you might get
                  lost. But those mages are pretty clumsy, so I'm sure
                  there'll be signposts or something you can follow."
     _____________________________________________/BM01 -- Stable Front |
     Mogryo: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "I have a favor to ask, kupo! I want you to deliver a
                 letter to Mocchi!"
                 R5 --> Okay
                 R6 --> No way
           R5: "Thanks, kupo!" [He gives you the letter.]
           R6: "I'm so sad, kupo..." [He doesn't give you the letter.]
     ___________________________________________/BM02 -- Chocobo Stable |
     Black Mage No. 111: "Is s/he with you? Can you take him somewhere
     [After viewing the 'Life Cycle' ATE:]
     Quina: "Zidane! You want eat, too? Chocobo egg very delicious!"
     Black Mage No. 33: "We're never gonna give it to you!"
     ____________________________________________/BM03 -- Weapons Store
     Black Mage No. 239: "Welcome... Huh? U-Um... C-Can I help you?"
                         [Weapons buy/sell reluctantly opens.]
     _______________________________________________/BM04 -- Item Store |
     Black Mage No. 163: "Um, I guess shopkeepers say 'Welcome' when a
                         customer approaches the counter."
     [If you go to the counter:]
     Black Mage No. 163: "Um, welcome! Can I help you?" {Buy/Sell /
     ________________________________________________/BM05 -- BMV Hotel |
     Black Mage: "......"
     Black Mage No. 234: "Th-This is an inn, but we're not ready to
                         check you in."
     ___________________________________________/BM06 -- Synthesis Shop |
     Black Mage No. 192: "Welcome to the Black Cat Synthesis Shop!"
                         [Synth buy/sell screen opens.]
     [If Zidane walks in after the 'Visitor, Not Invader' ATE:]
     Dagger: "Oh, Zidane..."
     Zidane: "What's up, Dagger?"
     Dagger: "I was telling them why we're here."
     Zidane: "Why are we here?"
     Dagger: "Zidane!"
     Zidane: "It's just a joke! Geez, don't get so mad."
     Dagger: "Can't you see I'm trying to make them understand?"
     Black Mage No. 32: "What's a 'joke'? Is it scary?"
     Zidane: "It's something funny! Right, Dagger?"
     Black Mage No. 192: "You don't seem so bad."
     Black Mage No. 32: "'Cause you're here to fight the bad guys!"
     Zidane: "That's right!"
     Dagger: "You're unbelievable, you know that? Hey, where's Vivi?"
     Zidane: "I don't know where he went..."
     Dagger: "That worries me... I'm going to look for him!"
     [Dagger leaves.]
     Zidane: "H-Hey, Dagger! Not again..."
     _________________________________________________/BM07 -- Cemetery |
     Black Mage No. 56: "I wonder what it's like down there? Is it warm
                        or cold?"
     Zidane: "Hey, how come you guys can all talk?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "We became aware one day, each under different
     Zidane: "Became aware? How?"
     Black Mage No. 288: "Do you remember being born?"
     Zidane: "No, not really."
     Black Mage No. 288: "It was the same with me. I just woke up one
                         day... ...and there was a human body lying
                         next to me. His body was covered in blood. It
                         scared me... I didn't know what it meant. I
                         ran as fast as I could. When I looked around,
                         I was far away from the front line. There were
                         many others like me, and we decided to escape
                         together. We heard about this village after
                         roaming around for a while. That's how I ended
                         up here."
     Zidane: "I see..."
     Black Mage No. 288: "Many of our friends stopped moving recently.
                         The ones that were produced earlier stopped
                         first... Maybe our life span is limited..."
     _____________________________________________/BM08 -- Stable Front |
     Black Mage No. 55: "We built this shack to accommodate our baby
                        chocobo. Pretty nice, don't you think?"
     Mogryo: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "It's a letter from Stiltzkin! Let's read it together!
                 From Stiltzkin to Mogryo
                 I'm becoming familiar with the geography of the Outer
                 Continent. My next destination is Conde Petie. They
                 exchange a special greeting with each other before
                 entering the village... What was it? I think it was
                 Mogryo: "It's actually "Rally-Kupo!" Kupo! Stiltzkin
                         is so funny!"
     ___________________________________________/BM09 -- Chocobo Stable |
     Black Mage No. 33: "I wonder when it'll hatch? I keep it warm
     Black Mage No. 111: "I'm thinking of a name for it..."
     ____________________________________________/BM10 -- Town Entrance |
     Black Mage No. 24: "I don't like the sun, because it makes me hot.
                        But the light is pretty, isn't it? Especially
                        through the leaves."
     ____________________________________________/BM11 -- Weapons Store |
     Black Mage No. 239: "U-Um... C-Can I help you?" [Buy/sell screen
     Black Mage No. 78: "This is supposed to be a weapon shop. What's
                        a weapon, anyway?"
     ________________________________________________/BM12 -- BMV Hotel |
     Black Mage No. 123: "This thing plays 'music.' Is it true that
                         music makes people happy and want to dance?
                         Tell me, what is 'music'?"
     Black Mage No. 234: "W-Will you be staying overnight?"
                         R1 --> Yes
                         R2 --> No
                         R1: "M-Make yourselves at home."
                         R2: "Please come visit us again."
     [After staying:]
     Black Mage No. 234: "B-Bye bye."
     [If you inspect a "?" near the phonograph:]
     Sign: "A Walk in a Forest" by Black Mage No. 234
     Sign: "Our Village" by Black Mage No. 123
     _______________________________________________/BM13 -- Item Store |
     Black Mage No. 163: "Um, I guess shopkeepers say 'Welcome' when a
                         customer approaches the counter."
     [If you go to the counter:]
     Black Mage No. 163: "Um, welcome! Can I help you?"
                         R1 --> Buy/Sell
                         R2 --> Give me the usual
                         R3 --> Nothing
                         R1: [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
                         R2: "Th-The usual? Um..." [He walks out from
                             behind the counter and digs on a shelf.]
                         R3: [Actions cancelled.]
     [After picking R2:]
     Black Mage No 163: "Where did I put it...?"
     NOTE: Zidane can get a Black Belt up the ladder behind the counter
           so take the time to get one!
     ________________________________________________/BM14 -- Town Pond |
     Black Mage No. 44: "I've been gaining weight lately... I wonder if
                        I'm overeating?"
     Black Mage No. 199: "We've each been gaining distinctive
                         personality traits since we arrived in this
                         village. Mr. 44, for instance, got bigger. The
                         others are also starting to look and act
                         differently. Mr. 288 told us that this is
                         called individuality. He's really smart."
     [No. 199 can also say on the second go-'round:]
     Black Mage No. 199: "But I think Mr. 44 is gaining weight because
                         he likes to eat!"
     _________________________________________________/BM15 -- Rooftops |
     [Zidane can find a "?" over top of two black mages near the pond.]
     Zidane: "Huh? I can hear someone talking..."
     Voice: "Why does Mr. 192 call his synthesis shop 'Black Cat'? His
            cat isn't black."
     Voice: "Mr. 32 wanted to call it the 'Black Mage and Cat's
            Synthesis Shop,' but Mr. 192 thought the name was too long.
     Voice: "Oh, I get it now! 'Black Cat Synthesis Shop' is much
            easier to say and remember! Wow, Mr. 192 is really smart!"
     Zidane: "......"
     _________________________________________________/BM16 -- Cemetery |
     Black Mage No. 56: [Same as BM07.]
     Black Mage No. 288: [Same as BM07.]
     [After talking with 288:]
     Black Mage No. 288: "Please take good care of him. We'll be
                         waiting to hear his stories."
     ________________________________________/QM07 -- Second Qu's Marsh |
     Moggy: [Same old.]
     Mogster: "You want to learn from me, too?"
              R1 --> Yeah, teach me some stuff
              R2 --> I just need directions
              R3 --> No, I already know everything
              R2: "You're trying to get to the 'Sanctuary'? Well,
                  that's what the dwarves call it. I know you get there
                  by going through the Conde Petie Mountain Path,
                  but... The dwarves know that place pretty well, so
                  you might wanna ask one of them."
     _____________________________________/CP10 -- Conde Petie Entrance |
     Harold Pathknower: "Did ye meet the Pyntie-Hets?"
     Jenny Greeter: "A long tyme ago, a man once tried tae head oot
                    east o' here. But he hadnae undergone the ceremony,
                    so he couldnae pass through."
     _____________________________________________/CP11 -- Upper Shrine |
     [If Zidane talks to Shanis Gatekeeper before the watchmen:]
     Zidane: "Say, I wanna get through here."
     Shanis Gatekeeper: "Bletheration! Only those who've received the
                        ceremony kin pass!"
     Zidane: "What the heck is that ceremony?"
     Shanis Gatekeeper: "Speak tae His Holiness!"
     Zidane: "And where is 'His Holiness'?"
     Shanis Gatekeeper: "Ah dinnae ken where he is!"
     Shanis Gatekeeper: "Speak tae His Holiness! Ah dinnae ken where he
     ______________________________________________/CP12 -- Weapon Shop |
     [If Zidane talks to the watchmen before Shanis Gatekeeper:]
     Zidane: "Say, I want to get through here."
     Richard Watchman: "Never! Only those who've received the ceremony
                       kin pass!"
     Zidane: "What the heck is that ceremony?"
     Matthew Watchman: "Speak tae His Holiness!"
     Zidane: "And where is 'His Holiness'?"
     Richard: "Ah dinnae ken where he is!
     Matthew Watchman: "Speak tae His Holiness!"
     Richard Watchman: "Ah dinnae ken where he!"
     ____________________________________________/CM01 -- Mountain Path |
     Suzuna: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "Thanks for delivering mail from Mogmatt! Mogmatt just
                 moved to a new village! I was worried about him! Kupo!
                 From Mogmatt to Suzuna
                 It's been six months since I started living in Conde
                 Petie... The food here is great, and the people are
                 very nice. Kupo. But... But... The only thing I can't
                 get used to is the "Rally-ho!" I keep saying "Rally-
                 Suzuna: "Village life sounds hard. Kupo. I'll give you
                         this in exchange for delivery! [Receive: Kupo
     Stiltzkin: "You wanna buy a set of Magic Tag, Tent, and Ether for
                666 Gil?"
                R1 --> Yes
                R2 --> No
                R1: "Thanks, buddy. With this money, I can continue my
                R2: [Dialogue cancelled]
     [After buying:]
     Stiltzkin: "Conde Petie sure is a beautiful place!"
     [Around the Mountain Path, you can find stones set inside a
     few pedestals. They come in Red, Blue, Green, and Yellow.]
     Narrative: ________ Stone is set on the stone.
                R1 --> Take it out
                R2 --> Leave it alone
                R1: [You get the stone as a Key Item.]
                R2: [You don't do anything.]
     [You can find a receptacle for the stones near Suzuna.]
     Narrative: There's a hole.
                R1 --> Put Red Stone in
                R2 --> Put Blue Stone in
                R3 --> Put Yellow Stone in
                R4 --> Put Green Stone in
                R5 --> Leave it alone
     NOTE: R1 - R4 uses up Key Items; afterwards: 'Put in ____ Stone.'
           notification. R5 has no dialogue.
     [After putting in all four stones:]
     Zidane: "Hmm? Something came out from the back...: [Get: Moonstone]
     ______________________________________________/MS01 -- Madain Sari |
     Dagger: "I'm a little tired."
     [After talking to Vivi:]
     Vivi: "I'm gonna stay here and think about it some more."
     [If you try to enter the kitchen area:]
     Morrison: "Kupo. Please wait. Lady Eiko says it'll be a while
               before she is done cooking. I will call you when it is
     [After viewing ATE 'Eiko's Feelings':]
     Dagger: "I feel so anxious..."
     [If you try to go down the path to the right of the fountain:]
     Moco: "This is a restricted area!"
     Zidane: "Restricted? What's that, then?"
     Moco: "Kupo!?"
     [Quina walks on a high wall.]
     Quina: "Zidane, this place only rocks and sand. I eat star sand
            once, but sand here not food. Water look clean."
     [Quina jumps into the water stream.]
     Moco: "Squee...!!!"
     Zidane: "Hey, don't take it so hard. S/he is a special case."
     Moco: "Restricted...access, kupo."
     [If Zidane walks back from the restricted area to the square:]
     Zidane: "Geez... What a dump. It must've been like this for at
             least ten years. What can Eiko possibly feed us?" [The
             ATE 'Eiko's Feelings' plays.]
     [After Morrison says he'll take you to the Eidolon Wall, you can
     try to enter the kitchen:]
     Mog: "KUPOOO! Kupo kupo kupo!" [Last three kupos repeated on any
          further attempts to get in kitchen.]
     [If you talk to Morrison after you say you'll go get Dagger:]
     Morrison: "I'll be waiting."
     [After Dagger is taken to the Eidolon Wall:]
     Dagger: "I don't know most of these eidolons."
     Morrison: "The summoner tribe honors nature. They named this world
               Gaia. They considered the eidolons guardians of this
               planet. They attempted to become one with nature through
               their summon night research. The tribe migrated to this
               location 500 years ago. But now..."
     [After Eiko asks Zidane to clear the table:]
     Dagger: "There are so many old books here. I think this one is
             Lord Avon's 'Wishing Upon a Star.' Can you believe this?
             This is a first edition! I've only ever seen one at the
             castle library! Why does she own books that are more than
             500 years old...?"
     Dagger: "I don't think there are any books on summoning."
     [In the kitchen:]
     Moogle: "This person keeps telling me to catch more fish... Kupo."
     Quina: "Zidane, I make great discovery! These fish different from
            Mist Continent fish!"
     Quina: "Catch another one!"
     [After Eiko tells you the Iifa Tree is sealed:]
     Zidane: "Eiko, will you break the seal for us?"
     Eiko: "Wh-What!? No way!"
     Zidane: "It's not like we're gonna do anything bad... Well, I'm
             sure we can handle it on our own."
     Eiko: "No way! Are you crazy!?"
     Zidane: "...You won't do it?"
     Eiko: "...No."
     [In the dining room, there is a "?":]
     Narrative: There's something written on the wall. Eiko, 3 years
                old. Mog, 3 years old. Same age!
     ______________________________/MS02 -- Madain Sari -- After Dinner |
     Vivi: "I wonder how Eiko stays so energetic..."
     Moco: "Eiko and her people protected the Eidolon Wall for
           generations. We moogles also help Eiko protect the wall.
           Don't mess it up!"
     Zidane: "Where are all the other people of her tribe?"
     Moco: "...I can't tell you."
     Moco: "Don't mess it up!"
    Morrison: "It's not much, but I found some goods for your journey.
              I hate to say it, but our village could use some capital.
              I'll have to charge you for this. Is that alright?"
              R1 --> Trade
              R2 --> Cancel
              R1: "So..."
              R2: [Dialogue cancelled]
     [If you told Momatose you didn't want to rest yet:]
     Momatose: "Why don't you get some rest? It'll be good for you.
               Kupo!" {Rest/Don't Rest}
     _______________________________________/MS03 -- Madain Sari Entire |
    Morrison: "It's not much, but I found some goods for your journey.
              I hate to say it, but our village could use some capital.
              I'll have to charge you for this. Is that alright?"
              R1 --> Trade
              R2 --> Cancel
              R1: "So..." [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
              R2: "I see. I'm sorry I can't help."
     Moco: "Don't mess it up!"
     Momatose: "Why don't you get some rest? It'll be good for you.
               Kupo!" {Rest/Don't Rest}
     Quina: "Catch another one!"
     ________________________________________/QU08 -- Second Qu's Marsh |
     Moggy: [Same old.]
     [If you ask Mogster for directions (Option 2):]
     Mogster: "You can't become a great adventurer if you rely on
              others too much. Whenever you get lost in the world,
              press [SELECT], and you'll see a large navigation map.
              The map will show the places you've visited and also
              indicate your destination with a white dot."
     ________________________________________/IT01 -- Iifa Tree Pathway |
     Mocchi: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "A letter from Mogryo? Thanks! Kupo!"
                 From Mogryo to Mocchi
                 A kid named Vivi came to the Black Mage Village. His
                 eyes were so sad... Like he had the weight of the
                 world on his shoulders, kupo. I wanted to say "Good
                 luck!" to him, but I couldn't... Kupo. I'm on your
                 side, Vivi!
                 Mocchi: "Sad eyes? Weight of the world? Is that very
                         heavy? Kupo?"
     ____________________________________________/IT02 -- Leaf Platform
     Dagger: "I wonder what's the matter with Vivi..."
     Eiko: "Is something wrong with Vivi?"
     ___________________________________________/IT03 -- Bottom of Tree |
     Dagger: "What could this be? It could be a plant, but it also
             looks like a machine."
     Zidane: "Machine? What do you mean, 'machine'?"
     Dagger: "Well, it sure doesn't look like any normal tree."
     Zidane: "Yeah. It's weird enough that the inside of a tree looks
             like this."
     Dagger: "It looks like it's been here for ages. A hundred, two
             hundred years or more..."
     Vivi: "You can see some sparkling water down below. It's really
           pretty. Maybe the Mist comes from that water down there? So,
           if the Iifa Tree is the source of the Mist..."
     Vivi: "What could that sparkle be?"
     Eiko: "Mog is a little scared. So, that sparkling water is a
           living thing? It's so pretty. Hey, Zidane! Come watch it
           with me."
           R1 --> Alright
           R2 --> No thanks
           R1: "Really!? Okay, come here!"
               Zidane: "But... I can see it fine from here."
               Eiko: "No! It has to be romantic! Hehehe..."
               Zidane: "Eiko, you're not watching the sparkle, are you?
               Eiko: "I was watching the sparkle reflected in your
                     eyes, Zidane."
               Zidane: (Is this what I've been putting Dagger through?
                       Hmmm... I'd better go easy on her from now on.)
           R2: "Aww! I'm hurt."
     [After the rumbling happens on the platform:]
     Eiko: "What's coming!?"
     Vivi: "Dagger!"
     _______________________________________/MS04 -- Madain Sari Entire
     [When all the moogles are gathered in the kitchen:]
     Mog: "Kupo..."
     Moco: "I can't believe it! I'm so angry with myself, kupo!"
     Chimomo: "I was fishing all day, so I fell asleep..."
     Morrison: "Oh...this is terrible... Someone stole the village's
               most precious stone."
     Mocha: "I saw someone with a weapon shaped like a big axe, kupo!"
     [After Eiko's kidnapped by Lani, and the moogles gather near the
     Eidolon Wall:]
     Momatose: "What should I do, kupo!? What should I do, kupo!? What
               should I do, kupo!?"
     Moco: "Another hornless human... She better not be in league with
     Chimomo: "Save Eiko, kupo!"
     _______________________________________/MS05 -- Scarlet Hair Fight |
     [Scarlet Hair will say a few things during battle w/ Zidane:]
     "Here I go!"
     "You're too slow!"
     "Can't you predict when I'll attack?"
     _______________________________________/MS06 -- Madain Sari Entire |
     Moco: "You're pretty good. Thanks for rescuing her."
     Momatose: "Thanks for saving Eiko, kupo! Why don't you get some
               rest? It'll be good for you. Kupo!" {Rest/Don't Rest}
     Chimomo: "Mog's trying to apologize to Eiko... But I guess she
              can't find the right words."
     Mog: "Kupo..."
     [After Eiko and Mog make up in the room 'neath the stairs:]
     Vivi: "Do you think I need to stay here...?"
     Eiko: "I'm thinking about something. We'll go pray at the Eidolon
           Wall later. And then we'll eat."
     Chimomo: "They were born on the same day, but Eiko came out first.
              Maybe that's why Eiko has always been the big sister."
     Chimomo: "Quina was fishing here. But all of a sudden, s/he said,
              'They no here!' And then, 'They leave me!' S/he said 'I
              swim home!' and jumped in the ocean, kupo."
     Momatose: [Same as above, sans the "Thanks..." part.]
     Moco: "You're pretty good. Thanks for rescuing her."
     Moco: "I wonder if Eiko is leaving..."
    Morrison: "It's not much, but I found some goods for your journey.
              I hate to say it, but our village could use some capital.
              I'll have to charge you for this. Is that alright?"
              R1 --> Trade
              R2 --> Cancel
              R1: "So..."
              R2: [Dialogue cancelled]
     _______________________________________/MS07 -- Madain Sari Entire |
     Morrison: "Welcome."
               R1 --> Trade
               R2 --> Switch party members
               R3 --> Cancel
               R1: "So..." [Buy/sell screen opens up.]
               R2: [Party switch-out screen opens up.]
               R3: [Nothin' is done.]
     Moco: "I-I knew you could protect Eiko! Kupo!"
     Momatose: "Thanks for saving Eiko, kupo! Why don't you get some
               rest? It'll be good for you. Kupo!" {Rest/Don't Rest}
     Chimomo: "They were born on the same day, but Eiko came out first.
              Maybe that's why Eiko has always been the big sister."
     Chimomo: "Quina was fishing here. But all of a sudden, s/he said,
              'They no here!' And then, 'They leave me!' S/he said 'I
              swim home!' and jumped in the ocean, kupo."
     ________________________________________/IT04 -- Iifa Tree Pathway |
     Mocchi: "Can I help you, kupo?"
             R1 --> Save
             R2 --> Tent
             R3 --> Mognet
             R4 --> Cancel
             R3: "There's a letter from Stiltzkin, but I don't
                 understand what he's saying."
                 From Stiltzkin to Mocchi
                 The Mist is gone. Is this a blessing? Or a curse?
                 Mocchi: "Kupo. I don't understand... Can't we all be
                         happy now that the Mist is gone?"
     ____________________________________________/AL15 -- Town Entrance
     Nikolai: "She's late... I wonder if she ditched me?"
     Girl: "Do you think Princess Garnet is in love?"
     Boy: "I wonder if the boy and girl standing over there are lovers?
     Michelle: "He said to meet me here, but he's late."
     Alexandrian Soldier: "Walking out of town by yourself is dangerous
     Alexandrian Soldier: "This gate leads outside."
     __________________________________________/AL16 -- Grandma's House |
     Old Woman: "Ilia's dress isn't finished yet..."
     __________________________________________/AL17 -- Street by House |
     Boy: "I wanted to become a soldier when I grew up, but if this is
          what I have to put up with..."
     Boy: "This little queen is a bit demanding..."
     Girl: "I'm the queen! My orders are absolute! Hey, what does
           absolute mean?"
     Man: "Isn't the new queen a little young? Personally, I think
          General Beatrix would make a better queen."
     Unnamed Running Boy: "Yeah!"
     Hippolady: "My son plays too many card games. He needs to exercise
                Do you mind racing against Hippaul?"
                R1 --> I don't mind
                R2 -->