What is the best party formation?

  1. I've played through this game countless times but I've always used the same 4-member party formation.
    It's always worked and I've never struggled, but I'm about to start a new file and felt like having a change?

    My normal party is Zidane, Garnet, Vivi & Steiner.
    I prefer Garnet over Eiko and I only have Vivi because I'm just a sucker for black magic

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    Chocobo_loco_90 - 10 years ago

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  1. A party a friend and I use is Zidane/Steiner/Amarant/Quina. We've finished the game twice and it was really easy.
    Just steal from EVERY boss until you get the boat. Quinas forks are insanely overpowered at the beginning of the game. Learn Level 5 death and do a bit of training - Auto Life/Regen/Haste -> you win. Every time. We killed Ozma second time in only a few minutes - we just protected against dark (or whatever it was) and won easily. Quina just uses White Wind, Mighty Guard sometimes and Auto Life again when someone dies and everything dies very easily. Amarant can help heal if you need.

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  1. It doesnt matter wich character you use. All have his strenght and weekness
    But you like Vivi and Garnet?
    How about to replace Steiner with Amarant?

    Amarant can heal the MP of your mages with chakra and he can revive fallen members with "Revive".
    With "Aura" he can put regen and auto life on a character (In trance even the entire party)
    not to mention his high speed and strenght stat.

    But no mater wich one you use, you can play the game with everyone without a problem (but I think you should take a healer with you though)

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  2. Well, if you want to be balanced, just make sure you have someone for dishing out the physical pain, (Zidane, Freya, Steiner, Amarant), some one who can heal (Garnet, Eiko, Quina, Amarant), and then round it up with whoever.

    Personally, I don't think Vivi is all that usefull past Gulug Mountain. His strongest attack is Doomsday, and the only way to keep your characters from dying is by making sure they absorb darkness, which you usually have to downgrade to the Egoist's armlet to do. Plus, it's useless against enemies who are immune to/absorb darkness. Meteor, on the other hand, only seems to work half of the time for me, and does random damage based on Vivi's spirit stat I think...

    I usually train up all my characters, although my perferred party is Zidane (Because I have to), Freya (Because she is a usefull tank, and can avoid damage with jump, along with having a few good abilities), Eiko/Garnet (Usually Eiko, because I don't summon that often, and she has a greater range of white magic, with the exception of a couple of spells, such as 'Scan'), and Quina (Her physical attacks seem to do random damage, and her spirit stat isn't the best, but she can adapt pretty well to most situations.).

    Although, for the last battle against Necron, I have Garnet, Freya, Amarant, and Eiko. 2 and a half healers and a tank. Yup.

    But I guess I usually play off of who my favorites are...It just makes it funner. :D

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  3. I use the same party, but its sometimes good to swap amarant with steiner when the going gets tough.
    Steiner is good for sweeping through enimies but has low defense and is rather slow.
    Amarant is'nt as powerful but is quick and has good healing abilities, so its better to use him in the long runs.

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  4. I would have:

    Zidane (Main Character)
    Garnet (Healer/summoning)
    Steiner (brute strength)
    Quina/Viva (party support/black magic)

    although I always train all my characters when i play, its been a while at this stage

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  5. I'm the same way but i believe that is the best party formation as you have one healer/summoner, two good attackers and one to use offensive magic.

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  6. I personally use Zidane, Garnet/Amarant, Freya, and Quina. Zidane, Freya and Quina with their super attacks that deal 9999 damage 100% of the time, if properly trained, that makes the game really easy. And Garnet for her white magery and her Ark summon or Amarant for his cool effects that he can do.

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  7. here is a list of parties I use. Note that I will use Dagger to refer Princess garnet Til Alexandros here

    ~Balanced Party~
    -Zidane (Steal, Item user)
    -Dagger (Healer, Summoner)
    -Steiner (Main Attacker)
    -Quina (Support)
    Good = got the whole package (attack, healer, support, fast attack) and could last in a long fight
    Bad = Not really good at anything (offense, defense, etc)

    ~Offensive Party~
    -Zidane (Steal) (w/ Thievery)
    -Steiner (Main Attacker) (w/ Shock or Climhazzard)
    -Garnet (Healer) (Odin summon w/ Odin's Sword equipped)
    -Freya (Semi-attacker) (Jump, Dragon Crest when needed)
    Good = Ensures easy win over some tough enemies like Ozma and possibly Necron
    Bad = Drains MP real quick and only one healer

    ~Defensive Party~
    -Zidane (Steal-Main Attacker)
    -Dagger (Healer) (Status remover)
    -Eiko (Healer) (Full-Life and Phoenix)
    -Quina (Support) (Angel's Snack, Bad Breath, Lvl3 Def-Less, Mighty Guard)
    Good = Last really long in a tough fight
    Bad = also drains MP real quick and have only 1 attacker

    ~Magic Party~
    -Zidane (Steal-Phys attacker)
    -Vivi (Magic attacker) (Reflect 2x and Auto Reflect equipped, cast magic on self)
    -Steiner (Sword Magic)
    -Amarant or Freya (Chakra or White Draw)
    Good = At fights against enemies w/ specific elemental weakness
    Bad = has no healer (except if you use Amarant instead of Freya, equip "Healer")

    ~My Favorite Party~ (note that all char equips Auto Haste and Auto regen)
    -Zidane (Steal, atk when needed) (Item user) (Thievery when damage is 9999)
    -Dagger (healer, summon against elemental enemies) (equip "Half MP" and "Odin's Sword")
    -Eiko (2nd healer) (Equip "Healer)
    -Freya (main attacker) (Lancer, Jump, and Dragon's Crest)
    Good = There are two attackers and two healers, so ensures victory on bosses in Disc 2, 3, and some on 4
    Bad = It's my personal party, and may not suit everyone

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    chaosr1d3r (Expert) - 10 years ago 1   3

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