Why is this game boring to me? :D

  1. Why cant i simply bring myself to play ff4. Everyone were talking that its a good game but when i startted playing it it was simply boring for me. I dont know why is that... Maby because i started ff with ff7 and 9 and now i simply dont want to play for example ff6,4, So ask why is it like that! And what story is in ff4 about what is it?

    User Info: zenezene

    zenezene - 8 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. During development this game's dialogue and content was cut down to a mere quarter of what was originally intended, and since then, it's never been expanded on outside of sequels, as the creators of the game felt the trimming was necessary to keep an even, smooth pace for the storyline.

    It's more of a retro, old school game...and it takes some getting used to at first. It's not unlike going back to play the original Super Mario Bros. after Super Mario Galaxy...since the introduction you got to the FF game series was when Squaresoft had access to better technology. I started with Final Fantasy VII, and I love it. (...and frankly, anyone who wants to judge me on that needs to see while retro is awesome, being a "purist" or "true fan" means they're going to have a hard time finding people who give a damn. Good games can happen no matter what software you're working with.)

    Let me put it to you this way...the game has a slow start...really, it does...but it gets better as it goes along, as you get more characters in the party that cause Cecil to blossom with wonderful character development. Sure, it doesn't have that post apocalyptic, rock feel to it...but it really doesn't need that. It's a good solid game on its own, with many similarities to the original games (harmony between science and natural order). Final Fantasy VII broke away as much as it could from that theme as it showed that in excess, science was detrimental to the natural order...and it could lead to the doom of everyone. Maybe it's that overlying theme on top of a storyline that does it for you, as it's done it for me.

    Final Fantasy IV is a much more basic game (as this was still in the days when Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy were market rivals), as it came from a much more basic time...and there's a beauty to it...you just might have to force yourself through it a bit more than you originally wanted to get to the storyline hooks...but hey, if you could get through the part where Tifa and Cloud leave your party in VII, I'm sure you can at least get to the part where Rydia gets to be amazing (when she rejoins the party after the encounter with Leviathan).

    All in all...it's gonna take some work for you, but I suggest get the handheld version of it, so you can take it with you for those times where you're bored and need something to hack away at the time with great music, and you can also play "Who does this character remind me of?" if it really gets down to it. Though...imagining Yang as Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist really made me sad when he left the party.

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Other Answers

  1. I started with Final Fantasy VII as well.
    I feel the same way that you do about FFIV, about FFVIII.
    I don't know why but I just can't play it...
    Each FF game has its own style, its own "aura" (feeling) that it gives off.
    FFVII happens to be one of the most common auras that people enjoy.
    FFIV is just different, that is all.

    The second part of your question.
    FFIV is about the leader (Cecil) of Baron's (the most powerful "country" in the world) airship-based military (known as the Red Wings). Things keep getting weirder in Baron (mainly the requests of the King), and Cecil starts to question the king's motives (for ordering the capture of other countries crystals). The crystals are INCREDIBLY powerful, that is all I am going to say about that. Cecil gets seperated from Baron when he inadvertantly destroys a summoners' village. He then must find out why the king is doing all that he is doing, and eventually, who is this Golbez, that replaced him and is killing innocent people. That is the jist of it.

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  2. Why can't you enjoy FFIV?

    Because you're a fake fan who only enjoys the late games in the series. You might enjoy 13 and 14.

    Or, go play Halo. Us REAL fans will play the classics that your fake villains were based off of. We'll represent.

    User Info: Anime85

    Anime85 - 8 years ago 2 3
  3. you were able to play ff7 without getting migrain every 10 minutes yet aren't able to play ff4?
    Now THAT is something I can't imagine.

    I would agree with Sharklover, however what zenezene posted sounds like he didn't even TRY to start up the game. And it's hard to not like the aura of the game if you didn't even try for at least 30 mins. So it sounds more like zenezene just wants to experience the same game over and over, or games that are at least 95% similar. Which is fine really but you really shouldn't try something else if that is the case. Your mindset will MAKE the game suck.

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  4. Zenezene simply doesn't have a life. Hehehe, as they might say. This is a Q&A portion for game-related topics, not about one's feelings. If you don't want to play it, or rather doesn't feel like it, DON'T PLAY IT! Don't be so dumb as to ask others to persuade you, stimulate you or even entice you to play this. It's simple idiocy. If you're one of those who are looking for nice graphics and all, go look for other games. Are you drugged? If you don't think it's a nice game we'll not waste our time to enlighten you on that.

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  5. Because your stupid and cant tell a good game from a bad game....
    Hope this helps....

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