How to "Break an Ice Rod?"

  1. I only recently started playing this game, and I must say I love the challenge. The only problem is that I needed a bit of help with the Boss Liquid Flame on the Fire Ship, and the guide said a good way to help was to "Break an Ice Rod," and of course I have no clue what that means. Is there a specific class I need to be? Specific job level? Any information you have will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.

    Oh, and also, last time I tried to beat this boss, I used four monks at lv 20, two who use Red Magic LV 2 and two who use Summons at LV 2 (for Shiva.) I increased the battle speed, so that may be why I didn't win, but if you can help me by suggesting anything with that, it'd be appreciated too.

    User Info: Fungeek376

    Fungeek376 - 10 years ago
  2. Well ok, I'll give that a shot then. You see at first I thought it meant just equipping the item and using it, but that did close to nothing compared to the damage my monks were doing. Also, I managed to get to the point where you find the airship, so I can get as many Ice Rods as I need to try this with. Thanks for the help.

    User Info: Fungeek376

    Fungeek376 - 10 years ago

Accepted Answer

  1. If I'm not mistaken, by breaking it, it refeers to using the Ice Rod as an Item (by means of choosing item command) on the enemy. It will cast a Ice Spell (dont remember the level of the spell) on the enemy, but it will break.

    User Info: Zenobius

    Zenobius - 10 years ago 1   0

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