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Mini-FAQ by Phanatik

Updated: 11/17/1997

From: Anatik <phanatik@hotmail.com>
Date: Mon, 17 Nov 1997 10:15:29 -0800
Reply-To: phanatik@hotmail.com
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sony


This is my very first faq, so please bear with me. Part of it is based
on Sherwin Tam's faq and the Playstation manual (not much help from the
latter), but I felt I had something more to add, like general tactics
and combos, especially the extended combo no.2 - see COMBOS. This cool
game is based on streetfighting games of the eighties, like Double
Dragon, Streets of Rage and Final Fight (1990?) Anyway, it's good to see
something else than another average " 3-D 1-on-1 and may the best man
win"- title. Ok, it's doesn't have 100 moves and combos  like Tekken 2,
but I'm fully satisfied with the "street" style and simplicity it
offers, combined with great gameplay, cool sounds and even cooler



Basically, all characters fight the same way (like the characters in
Mortal Kombat), even if their techniques are slightly different from
each other. But the characters  are  of course different in strength,
stamina and speed, so character selection alone represents a difficulty
choice (i.e. 3 diff. x 4 fighters=12 difficulty levels): Smasher is pure
force, no speed, Hawk is the average streetfighter type with a good
mixture of all skills, Mace is his feminine counterpart (a little bit
more ineffective, but faster), and Alana is for the hardened player, who
can't get enough of getting his butt kicked. Try her on the HARD level,
and you'll have loads of fun :o)


Default layout:

Directions (D): 	Move.
Triangle (T):		Back-fist (punch behind you) OR grab.
Square (S): 		Kick OR throw away an object you are carrying.
Circle (O): 		Jump.
Cross (X): 		Punch OR pick up objects.
L1: 			Zoom camera out (so you see if any baddies are approaching).
Move + R1: 		Run. Very useful. You should run almost all the time. If
you just walk, it may be too boring or too hazardous, if you are trying
to get away.
Move + T:		Grab. One of the most important moves, and worth practicing.
Works if you walk to an enemy and grab him at close range.

After grabbing an enemy:
T or S or X:		Throws or kick or punch combinations. 

While holding any object: 
S:			Throw object.

While holding bars, baseball bats, knives, bottles, etc.:
X, X, X:		Hit combo. Weapons discard automatically after some time.

Heavy objects:
X:			Throw object.

Pistol, bazooka, shotgun:
X: 			Fire.

While running (Direction + R1):
S: 			Aerial attack (flying kick, etc.)
X:			Low attack (Slide or roll)


X, X, X:		Punch combo.
S, S:			Kick combo
T, T, T:		Backfists, makes you turn around.
S + X:			Scuff kick.
S + O:			Jump and kick. 
X + O:			360-degree attack. Good when you are in serious trouble, but
takes energy. To be used only in emergencies.

EXTENDED COMBO 1 (that is, "extended" for Fighting Force):

T, T, T, S, S, Direction + R1 + X.

Stand with your back to the enemy. When he is approaching, then backfist
combo, (you turn around automatically), kick combo (he FALLS) and a
ground slide.


Hawk combo:T, T, T, S, S, Direction + T, S (keep hitting), Direction +
R1 + X.
Mace combo:T, T, T, S, S, Direction + T, X (keep hitting), Direction +
R1 + X.

Again: facing away, he approaches, backfist combo (you turn around),
kick combo, (he BLOCKS this time), you grab him and apply kick or punch
combo, (he falls), and a ground slide. 
HAWK: when you grab, hit S repeatedly. You will apply groin/stomach
kicks, and won't stop until the enemy dies. ESSENTIAL move, simply the
best, works with bosses too, but requires a bit practice.
MACE, when you grab, hit X. You will slapthe enemy's face, and that
drains energy, even though it's not that effective as Hawk's.
No enemies will interfer, if you grab one of them. They'll just stand up
close and watch but they, however, will beat the hell out of you, if you
don't do it right and do it accurate.


The ground slide is very useful. With the slide you can apply more
damage to enemies on the ground, you can escape from tight situations,
and you can deal with bosses.

Never fight bosses face to face. Run, jump, slide, turn back and do
the                      extended combo, anything else than walking
towards him and punching like a maniac. Never fight anyone face to face,
BTW. You will always lose some energy.	
Never ever get caught between 2 gangsters. Run away or do the 360-move.

Kick or punch enemies on the ground. As long as nobody else approaches,
you can drain the gangster's energy with this, and it's effective.

Weapons can be thrown forward in the level, and saved for later use.
Knives, bottles, bars and especially guns - who says you have to use
them now?  

Objects are placed in the game to be destroyed. WOODEN BOXES contain
energy powerups. The 1st and 3rd CAR contain a bazooka and a shotgun.
COLA MACHINES contain energy powerups. Everything that moves or shakes
when hit can be destroyed, and you also get a Destruction Bonus, so what
are you waiting for? Dead gangsters too leave sometimes energy powerups.

When facing the Cryo soldiers, you can actually run to the first one and
kill him while the water is pouring out.

If you have any comments, cheats, etc. please email me at

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