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This ain't no Saturday matinee, baby. This is the late night show of high-intensity action thrillers. In the dual role of lab-grown femme fatale and weapons-specialist-turned-taxi-driver, it's up to you to gather the five elements before... Bada boom... The end.

"...taking the Nightmare Creatures engine one step further with expansive inside and outside environments...plenty of shooting action and more in-depth puzzle solving."

Twice the Fighting Action
Blow them away with deadly weapons as Korben. Pound on enemies as martial arts expert Leeloo. Kick butt as both to complete global goals.

High-Intensity Gameplay
Fight, shoot, solve puzzles and battle enemies who lure, assail and spy. Teleport to secret areas. Discover key cards and hidden power-ups.

Futuristic 3-D Universe
Explore 23 mind-blowing levels in exotic worlds inspired by the movie, including 23rd century New York, a hedonistic pleasure dome and a hi-tech spacecraft.

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