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Next-Gen 3D Goodness. 03/28/02 ARoski
This is the second best fighting game up-to-date (Soul Calibur is #1)! 03/28/02 Dan GC
A Completely Mediocre Game in Every Category. 11/30/06 Delition_Hikari
A must for everyone who like to master a fighting game. 03/28/02 FGump
A perfect arcade port with so much more! 07/16/01 Larcen Tyler
More than just a simple fighting game... 03/28/02 Layzie Liu
Ehrgeiz, the king of fighting games imo. 05/16/02 Lord ZhouYu
What's up with Sqaure and all these German names? Whatever it is, it's good 06/14/03 Maxim2735
Cloud vs. Sephiroth ........ Round 2!!! 12/28/01 Mike Truitt
Probably one of the games most worth buying at the moment 03/28/02 Morph
Wicked Fighting Engine for the PSX 08/19/00 PContaminator
Possibly the greatest fighting game of all time... 03/28/02 Phoenix
An awesome 2-in-1 game... 03/28/02 RavenWing
Ehrgeiz: God Bless the Arcade Port 04/23/00 Rick
A fighting game that has a little more punch. 03/28/02 SJplusAH
Innovative And Different 03/28/02 T J
The exact halfbreed of a game made by Square and Namco 03/28/02 T-K
God bless this ring ineed. 08/10/09 Tenshi No Shi
A great fighter that even includes FF7 Characters! Whats to lose? 09/27/02 The Dark Dragon
Fast Action and 3D Fun 12/16/01 The Great Db
Surprisingly a game related with squaresoft is actually a decent fighter 06/13/03 wanderer35
Ever wanted to be free in a fighting game? Then consider it done... 03/28/02 WZafran
That's pronounced...umm... 07/06/02 xFallenAngelx

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