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Quest Mode Guide by Dan GC

Version: 0.4 | Updated: 05/24/1999

       |     ////\\\\     |
       |    /////\\\\\    |
       |   ///|\\//|\\\   |
       |  /|/ |//\\| \|\  |
       | / |\ |\\//| /| \ |
       |/  | \|//\\|/ |  \|  /¯¯\          /¯¯\  /¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
           | /|\\//|\ |      |¯¯|          |¯¯|  |    ___________/
           |/ |//\\| \|      |  |          |  |  |   /
           |\ |\\//| /|      |  |          |  |  |   |
           | \|//\\|/ |      |  |          |  |  |   \_______
           | /|\\//|\ |      |/¯\__________/¯\|  |           \
           |/ |//\\| \|      |                |  |            |
           |\ |\\//| /|      |\_/¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\_/|  |    _______/
            \\|//\\|//       |  |          |  |  |   /
             \|\\//|/        |  |          |  |  |   |
              \//\\/         |  |          |  |  |   \
               \\//          |__|          |__|  |    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯\
                \/           \__/          \__/  \_______________/
  |¯¯¯¯¯|  /¯¯¯\   |¯¯¯¯¯\  |¯¯¯¯¯|     /\     |¯| /¯/ |  ___| |¯\  |¯|
  | |¯¯¯  / /¯\ \  | |¯¯/ | | |¯¯¯     /  \    | |/ /  | |__   |  \ | |
  |  ¯¯| | |   | | |  ¯¯ /  |  ¯¯¯|   / /\ \   |   |   |  __|  |   \| |
  | |¯¯   \ \_/ /  | |¯\ \   ¯¯¯| |  /  ¯¯  \  | |\ \  | |___  | |\   |
  |_|      \___/   |_|  \_\ |¯¯¯  | /_/¯¯¯¯\_\ |_| \_\ |_____| |_| \__|
                             ¯¯¯¯¯           _____
     |¯¯¯¯¯\   |¯|   |¯| |¯\  |¯|   /¯¯¯¯\  |  ___|  /¯¯¯\   |¯\  |¯|
     | |¯¯\ \  | |   | | |  \ | |  / /¯¯¯¯  | |__   / /¯\ \  |  \ | |
     | |   | | | |   | | |   \| | | | |¯¯¯| |  __| | |   | | |   \| |
     | |__/ /  |  \_/  | | |\   |  \ \ ¯| | | |___  \ \_/ /  | |\   |
     |_____/    \_____/  |_| \__|   \ ¯¯ /  |_____|  \___/   |_| \__|
EHRGEIZ "God Bless the Ring" - Quest Mode Guide Version 0.4
            EZ                 The Forsaken Dungeon
                               'Normal Mode'
By Dan (not "Saikoryu" Dan) GC <lbdangc@aol.com>
for PSX

Last updated: 05/24/99 11:16 AM PT
First Edition: 05/20/99 07:23 PM PT
Document Info: 123 K (123, 456 Bytes)
               Designed for at least IE 3 or NN 3 at 640x480
               Resolution and Courier New font enabled
               123, 456 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.)

 Ehrgeiz was...
Created by: Dream Factory
Licensed by: Squaresoft
Published by: Square EA
Released: May 6, 1999 in US

  If you can help me with anything: moves, techniques, etc., or if you
just have questions, comments, etc., E-mail them to <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
One more thing, don't E-mail with questions that are already in this
FAQ section, otherwise, I'll discard them or tell you to check the FAQ.
Table of Contents
1.  Updates
2.  Introduction to the Quest Mode
    1. Legend
    2. Controls
    3. Screen
    4. Menu
        - Statistics
        - Items
        - Equipment
        - Pushing SELECT
           A. Check Stats
           B. Save Game
           C. Quit Game
    5. The Village
    6. Plot/Storyline of The Forsaken Dungeon
    7. Character Profiles
        - Koji Masuda
        - Clair Andrews
3.  Items
4.  Food
     - Vitamins
     - Protein
     - Carbohydrates
     - Lipids
     - Minerals
5.  Materia
6.  Weapons
     - Gloves
     - Rods/Staffs
     - Daggers/Knives
     - Special Daggers/Swords
     - Swords
     - Two-handed Swords
     - Spears
     - Two-handed Spears
     - Axes
     - Two-handed Axes
7.  Armor
     - Body
     - Shields
     - Helmets
8.  Guardians
9.  Move List
10. Dungeon
     - Information
     - Each Floor
11. Strategy, Hints, and Tips
12. Secrets
13. Shopkeepers' Conversations
     - Hotel
     - Grocery Shop
     - Merchant's Shop
     - Restaurant
     - Blacksmith
     - Magic Shop
14. Recipe Books (and Basic Tips)
     - Basic Tips
     - Recipe Book 1
     - Recipe Book 2
     - Recipe Book 3
     - Recipe Book 4
     - Recipe Book 5
     - The Final Recipe Book
15. Endings
16. Frequently Asked Questions
17. Special Thanks
18. Author Information

Copyright Disclaimer:

Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

  This FAQ is for private and personal use only. If reproduced, it must
be my electronic means, and if placed on a Web Page or Site, may be
altered as long as this Disclaimer and the above Copyright Notice
fully appears. This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
book, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way without
FULL AUTHORIZATION from myself and any cohorts I may have.
  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Dan GC <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
Any Copyrights and Trademarks not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are
acknowledged. Always give credit where it is due.
   Ehrgeiz, Squaresoft, and Dream Factory are Registered Trademarks and
Copyright (c) to Square Co., Ltd. Any other things are Copyright to
their rightful owners.

  Alright, EGM, GamePro, and any other magazines, you plagiarize, and
plagiarizers, many people know that, you may get sued. If I find out
anything from any of my FAQs in a magazine, Strategy Guide, whatever,
I'm suing. It clearly states not to copy anything without my FULL
AUTHORIZATION if it's not on a Web Page with the above Copyright
Disclaimer. To the plaigarizers, if you plagiarizers and send in a FAQ
to GameFAQs, I'll tell CJayC and your FAQs will be thrown away.

  The only thing allowed would be to print this document for personal or
private usage. Okay, if you have WordPad, save this document somewhere,
open WordPad, go to Page Setup or something like that, then change the
margins to: Left: 1"; Right: 0.5"; Bottom: 0.3"; Top: 0.3". This will
prevent some paper usage, also, you should change the font, if you can
tolerate it, and make major changes. But if not, oh well. Oh yea, and
take out unnecessary things, like this section here, the disclaimer, the
beginning, Author Information, the section just below this place,
updates, etc. Just a few tips for you non-plagiarizing people.

This FAQ can be found at:
GameFAQs                              www.gamefaqs.com
Dan GC's Ehrgeiz Page                 i.am/dan_gc
                 Available much later in the future
Part 1: Updates
Version 0.4 5/24/99:
  Since I'm done with everything except for the "Shopkeepers'
Conversations," what could it have been I updated?
(Pssst...it's the "Shopkeepers' Conversations" section for you people
who were unable to figure out such an easy and hinted-at question)

Version 0.3 5/23/99:
  Added a lot of stuff (equipment, story, etc.)

Version 0.2 5/21/99:
  Finished "Strategy, Hints, and Tips" section; added "Secrets" section

Version 0.1 5/20/99:
  First edition
Part 2: Introduction to the Quest Mode
  This FAQ is only for the 'Normal Mode' of 'The Forsaken Dungeon'. I
know the Hard Mode is different, I just don't know HOW different. I'll
make a separate FAQ on the HARD MODE of The Forsaken Dungeon.
        2.1: Legend
   []     Square
    O     Circle
   /\     Triangle
    X     X
D-Pad     Directional Pad
  DRB     Durability
   Wp     Weapon
   Ar     Armor
   Sh     Shield
   Hm     Helmet
   BM     Basic Magic
   UM     Ultra Magic
        2.2: Controls

   UL  U  UR     Up-Left     Up        Up-Right 
     \ | /
  L -- N -- R    Left        Neutral   Right
     / | \
   DL  D  DR     Down-Left   Down      Down-Right
Action Controls (can't change):
  (Action: Talk, Open, Pick Up Items)


                    X     Accept
                START     Cancel
                   /\     Cancel
D-Pad/Analog/Joystick     Scroll Through Items
               SELECT     Extra Menu:
                            Check Stats
                            Save Game
                            Quit Game

                   L2     Scroll Left Through Equipped Items
                   R2     Scroll Right Through Equipped Items
                   /\     Use Selected Equipped Item
                   L1     Jump
                    X     Action
                   []     Action
                    O     Action
                START     Menu
               SELECT     Pause
D-Pad/Analog/Joystick     Run

                   L2     Scroll Left Through Equipped Items
                   R2     Scroll Right Through Equipped Items
                   /\     Use Selected Equipped Item
                   L1     Jump
                   R1     Guard
                    X     Action
                   []     Attack
                    O      Magic
     Hold O & release     Ultra Magic
                START     Menu
               SELECT     Pause
D-Pad/Analog/Joystick     Run
        2.3: Screen
                                                             |\_ |
                                                             |__\| -(8)
                                                             |\_ |
                                                             |__\| -(9)
                                ___(3)__                     |\_ |
                               /   /\   \                    |__\| -(10)
 (1)                          /   /  \   \      (4)  (5)      ___
  |                          /   |    |   \      |    |      |\_ |
  |                         |    |    |    |     |    |      |  \| -(11)
 _______________________   ___  ___  ___  ___                 ¯¯¯
|_______________________| |   ||   ||   ||   |  /¯¯\ /¯¯\
|¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |   ||   ||   ||   |  \__/ \__/ (¯## |\#
 ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯   ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯  ¯¯¯
  |                                                        |    |
  |                                                        |    |
 (2)                                                      (6)  (7)

1.  HP Gauge
2.  Hunger Gauge
3.  Items in Satchel
4.  Materia set as Basic Magic
5.  Materia set as Ultra Magic
6.  Number of Magic Stones
7.  Dungeon Floor
8.  Weapon Near-Breaking Point Warning
9.  Armor Near-Breaking Point Warning
10. Shield Near-Breaking Point Warning
11. Helmet Near-Breaking Point Warning
        2.4: Menu
  When you access the menu by pushing START, there are different
sections you can see. Here's something very similar to the menu layout:
|Por-   |Character       |                                             |
|trait  |Name            |                                             |
|of cha-|  Total Gil     |                                             |
|racter |                |                                             |
|_______|    Current Base|                                             |
|Level             #     |                                             |
|Experience        #     |                                             |
|MAX HP            #    #|                                             |
|Attack            #    #|                                             |
|Defense           #    #|                                             |
|Magic Attack      #    #|                                             |
|Magic Defense     #    #|                                             |
|Dexterity         #    #|_____________________________________________|
|Speed             #    #|   Wp      Ar      Sh      Hm      BM      UM|
|Consum. Rate      #    #| Icon    Icon    Icon    Icon   Mate-   Mate-|
|EXP Gain Rate     #    #|  DRB     DRB     DRB     DRB     ria     ria|
|Name of Highlighted item                                              |
|Description of Highlighted item                                       |
| _______________________                                              |
||_______________________| |¯¯¯||¯¯¯||¯¯¯||¯¯¯|  /¯¯\ /¯¯\             |
||¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯| |___||___||___||___|  \__/ \__/ (¯## |\#    |
| ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯                                              |
         - Statistics
  The statistics are at the most-left area on the Menu (see above):

Statistics Type       It is the...
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯       ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
          Level       Character's Current Level
     EXP Points       Total Experience Points Obtained
         MAX HP       Maximum Hit Points (damage that can be sustained)
         Attack       Physical Attack Power
        Defense       Defensive Resistance of Physical Attacks
   Magic Attack       Magic Attack Power
  Magic Defense       Defensive Resistance of Magical Attacks
      Dexterity       Accuracy and Skill of Physical Attacks
          Speed       Speed of Running and Recovery from attacks
   Consum. Rate       Rate of Hunger
  EXP Gain Rate       Rate of Receiving Experience Points

**Note: The higher the dexterity, the longer it takes for the weapon to
        lose its durability; also, the Recovery of attacks refers to
        both recovery of attacking and being hit; the higher the number
        for the Consumption Rate, the longer it takes for the character
        to become hungry

  The numbers in yellow are the character's base stats while the ones in
blue are the stats after equipping weapons and armor.
         - Items
  After accessing the menu, you'll see various items and equipment. You
can hold up to 30 items. Each item takes up one slot. The only
exceptions are Gil and Magic Stones. Up to 100 Gil can be held in one
slot, while up to 50 Magic Stones can be held in one slot.
  When you choose an unequipped 'Item' or 'Food', you'll see the

Place in Satchel

  Those mean:
Use: Use Item
Place in Satchel: Equip Item
Drop: Drop Item
Cancel: Cancel
  When you choose an equipped 'Item' or 'Food', you'll see the

Remove from Satchel

  Those mean:
Use: Use Item
Remove from Satchel: Unequip Item
Cancel: Cancel
  When you choose an unequipped 'Food' when in front of an Altar, you'll
see the following:

Place in Satchel

  Those mean:
Use: Use Food
Place in Satchel: Equip Food
Offer: Offer Food
Drop: Drop Food
Cancel: Cancel
  After you choose to 'Offer' 'Food' or equipment when in front of an
Altar, you'll see a list of Guardians (including Evil ones):

  When you choose 'Coins', 'Magic Stones', or 'Phoenix Down', you'll see
the following:


  Those mean:
Drop: Drop Item
Cancel: Cancel
         - Equipment
  When you choose an unequipped equipment, you'll see the following:

View Stats

  Those mean:
Equip: Equip the Equipment
View Stats: View Statistics of Equipment
Drop: Drop Equipment
Cancel: Cancel
  When you choose an equipped equipment, you'll see the following:

View Stats

  Those mean:
Unequip: Unequip the Equipment
View Stats: View Statistics of Equipment
Cancel: Cancel
  When you choose an unequipped equipment when in front of an Altar,
you'll see the following:

View Stats

  Those mean:
Equip: Equip the Equipment
View Stats: View Statistics of Equipment
Drop: Drop Equipment
Offer: Offer Equipment
Cancel: Cancel
         - Pushing SELECT
  When the Menu is open and you push SELECT, you'll see the following:

Check Stats
Save Game
Quit Game

  Those mean:
Check Stats: See Nutrition Statistics of current character
Save Game: Save
Quit Game: Quit
           A. Check Stats
  When you choose to 'Check Stats', you'll see something similar to the

Vitamins ----|---- Carbohydrates
            / \
           /   \
   Minerals     Lipids
Different Nutrition Types affect different statistics:

Nutrition Type     Affects...
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
       Protein     Attack
      Vitamins     Magic Attack
 Carbohydrates     Defense
      Minerals     Dexterity
        Lipids     Speed
Different Food Types contain different Nutrition Types:

Food Type(s)       Nutrition Type
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
          Meat     Protein
    Vegetables     Vitamins
     Mushrooms     Carbohydrates
         Jelly     Minerals
Poultry & Fish     Lipids
           B. Save Game
  You can 'Save' anywhere you want, as long as you can access the menu.
But it takes Gil to 'Save' your current game. The save data takes up two
blocks of memory. Since you can save anywhere you want, you have to pay
a certain amount of Gil to save. The fee is ten times the level of the
character with the highest level. (For example, you are currently using
Koji and he is at Level 13; you have Clair at level 14, the fee for
saving is 140 Gil because you multiply the level of the character with
the highest level by 10; 14 x 10 = 140; so, you can just tack on a "0"
at the end of the level to know how much Gil it is going to take.)
           C. Quit Game
  You just quit the current game and returned to the menu that says
"Press START Button." This can come in handy because after you 'Save'
and make a major mistake that can't be helped, you can 'Quit' and do
all that stuff over. Or you 'Save' and check out what stuff to buy
and sell, then 'Quit' and 'Load Game' to do what you want to.

        2.5: The Town
  The town serves as a base on your mission to find the mysterious
source of power that can grant any wish. It will be very helpful to
you. "Gil," like in Final Fantasy VII, is the monetary type (the
currency used) in this dimension. You need to save up a huge amount of
Gil. Anyway, only Save the game when you need to, like when you have to
leave your house, eat, or whatever, and I mean, YOU, not the game's,
don't mix up the two. The store owners give you helpful tips on your
  Anyway, the town is a small place, and only has six accessible
places, and the owner of each place usually gives you helpful
information when you 'Talk' to them. Here are the six places:
Location: Most Bottom Place (Base)

  You can deposit your Gil at the front desk. In the guest rooms, which
is upstairs, you can exchange characters. This is the only way to
restore your HP and Hunger Gauge without cost or usage of items.
 Grocery Shop:
Location: From Hotel, go up the stairs and go left

  As the name implies, it is a shop where food is sold. But you are
also allowed to sell food. Eating food is a vital part of your mission,
if you plan on exploring the Dungeon.
 Merchant's Shop:
Location: From Hotel, go up the stairs and up-up-right

  This is the only place where you can buy and sell weapons and armor.
When buying weapons and armor, they are random, although they will be
around your level. If you find very rare weapons and armor, even if they
are useless, you can sell them here for a lot of Gil.
Location: From Hotel, go up the second flight of stairs and go left

  You can gain helpful information on the quest if you talk and exchange
information with the sommelier of the Restaurant. You can get 'Recipe
Books' in the Dungeon and bring it back here to get Beer, also, the
Recipe Books have important information. After getting 'Recipe Book 2',
read the 'Wine Trade' part in it, then you can play the 'Wine Trade'.
The Wine Trade is a stock market game where you buy and sell shares of
certain types of wine/beer. Like in real life, you should buy low and
sell high, but it might take a while. After a while, you'll lose 5 Gil
per share for the maintenance fee.
  In my opinion, the Wine Trade game is a waste of money. You usually
don't gain a lot, and you can get more money by just fighting in the
Dungeon and selling items.
Location: To the right of the Restaurant

  This is where you repair damaged weapons and armor. The repair cost is
5 Gil for every one Durability being repaired. You can also combine
equipment [the transferring of Guardian(s) to one equipment from
another]. The Blacksmith doesn't accept money, so you'll have to use
something he likes, which are alcoholic beverages.
  The 'Primary' equipment is the equipment you want to keep, or rather,
the equipment the Guardian(s) will be transferred to. The 'Second'ary
equipment is the weapon with the Guardian(s) going to be transferred to
the 'Primary' equipment. After combining equipment, the 'Second'ary
weapon will be lost forever and the 'Primary' equipment's Durability
will be restored automatically.
  So, if you need to restore the Durability of a certain equipment you
want to/will use, and you are going to transfer (a) Guardian(s) to that
weapon, just 'Combine' that equipment with another and the Durability
of that equipment will be restored, it'll save you money.
 Magic Shop:
Location: The Highest Store

  This is the Magic Shop. You can only buy Magic Stones here. The owner
of the Magic Shop also tells you information about each Materia.
        2.6: Plot/Storyline of Quest Mode
  50 years ago, a mysterious weapon constructed from an unknown
material was discovered in the remains of an ancient German castle. The
blade of the sword was broken, and a mysterious stone was set in its
handle. That mysterious stone was a "Materia." The weapon came to be
known as "Ehrgeiz" and became the name and symbol of a tournament, which
would decide the world's greatest fighter. The sword was presented to
the champion as a trophy.
  Meanwhile, a secret excavation of a Middle Eastern desert ruin was
ordered by a particular organization called "Red Scorpion". It was
rumored the ruins contained the secret of immortality. As a front, Red
Scorpion claimed to be an international organization established to
protect international archaeological treasures and ruins. In reality,
it is a weapons manufacturer collaborating to develop bio-weapons. They
hope to rediscover and use the technology founded by hyper-ancient
  After months of excavating, Red Scorpion located the ancient ruins.
They located the final door to the ancient ruins but it couldn't be
opened. A special key was needed...Does the key still exist? If so,
where is it? The strongest theory points to a mysterious stone set in
the Ehrgeiz sword. On the same day the door was discovered, the Ehrgeiz
stone radiated an eerie glow and brilliance. Legend says those who come
in contact with the stone will be overwhelmed with a burning desire to
answer a mysterious calling.
  Koji Masuda, the defending and consecutive three-time champion is the 
current holder of the EHRGEIZ. Like a magnet, the sword navigates Koji
to the Middle East and eventually the ancient ruin. The Red Guardians
are not at all pleased by this intrusion onto their secret finding, one
of the Red Guardians is Sasuke. Disregarding the call of the sword, Koji
has no choice but to flee the Middle East. If caught, he would surely be
  Koji realized the danger of the tournament and the sword. It's far
more than a mere symbol of fighting experience. Understanding the sword
brought danger to his life, Koji reluctantly decided to withdraw from the
tournament and relinquish his right to the sword. In a letter to his
daughter Yoko Kishibojin, Koji asked her to succeed his will and use her
martial arts skills to regain the sword.
  The ambitious, hoping to finally unveil the mystery of the ancient
ruings, are set on obtaining Ehrgeiz in the championship tournament.
Anticipation rises as the aircraft informing the public about The
Ehrgeiz Championship Tuornament flies around the world. The exhilaration
of the participants slowly began to puse through the air.
  After the Ehrgeiz Tournament Championship, Koji returned to The
Ehrgeiz Tournament Headquarters, his daughter, Yoko, told him that in a
certain place where a hyper-ancient culture once lived in the Middle
East, there was an unimaginably source of power hidden in an ancient
ruin. And she wanted him to get it.
  Therefore, Koji Masuda and his assistant, Clair Andrews, made their
way towards the ancient ruins which have been said to hold the secret to
immortality, and grant anyone their wish(es). Before arriving, Koji and
Clair found a sealed staircase. Koji deciphered and unlocked the seal
knowing the ruin was just a decoy to hide whatever it is being hidden.
He and Clair jumped down the staircase, saw an unsealed flight of
stairs, and went through them. They kept moving on and arrived
unconsciously at an unknown town in another dimension with an ancient
ruin nearby. It is said this ancient culture once possessed a huge
source of mysterious energy. This angered God and He then sent this very
town to another dimension, all of its treasures hidden in the dangerous
and mystic dungeon, along with long forgotten memories of the past.

  **Extra: For some reason, it seems many people who participated in The
Ehrgeiz Tournament and people in Final Fantasy VII have already been to
The Forsaken Dungeon. Their wish(es) was/were granted and they just left
and went back to wherever they did. This explains why there are so many
weapons from FFVII and Ehrgeiz available in the Dungeon. :artxE**
  When you choose 'Normal Mode' to play Quest Mode, the following

 Koji: Far before the beginning of recorded history, in an age that's
       said to be the beginning of everything, a civilization far more
       advanced than we could ever imagine inhabited this land. However,
       there are only a few scholars in the world who believe this.
Clair: You must be one of those scholars then, professor.
 Koji: Actually, this idea is not even accepted as theory.
Clair: Hmm... What kind of civilization was it, anyway?
 Koji: They searched for the realm of the gods and possessed the
       technology to reach it. There are no concrete records to prove
       it, but there is an ancient weapon that was found about 50 years
       ago in an old German castle that seems to have some kind of
       connection to the civilization. The former lord of the castle got
       a hold of this item through a transaction with a local merchant.
       There was a stone embedded in the weapon, which was made of an
       unidentifiable substance... It was a material not found anywhere
       else in this world. That stone is probably the key to answering
       the mystery of immortality.
Clair: The mystery of immortality?
 Koji: I have no accurate understanding of what that refers to. But,
       I have firm belief that there is somehing there.
Clair: But if that's really the secret of immortality, isn't it the
       ultimate treasure that rulers everywhere have sought after since
       ancient times? It'll be sensational if we find it!
 Koji: Definitely.
Clair: Wow. This is the ultimate dream of any archaeologist! I'm getting
       excited already!
  After the above happens, Koji and Clair will appear in an ancient ruin
[Naseem's (Doza's) stage] and the following conversation will commence:

Clair: It's in great condition. For a ruin, I think it's relatively
       new... From the looks of it, it's probably from around 1000 B.C.
       But the one we're looking for is supposed to be far older than
       any known ancient civilization, right?
 Koji: This is more of a decoy. It would be more precise to say that is
       something that protects the ultra-ancient artifact. I'm pretty
       sure the artifact we're after is lying dormant down here.
  After you jump down the hole, Clair will say the following:

Clair: Oh, professor! There are stairs over there! C'mon, let's go down!

  In the BRAND New Quest Mode, you play the quest of Koji and Clair in
the finding of the mysterious power in the dungeon. Can you find the
        2.8: Character Profiles
  These are the character profiles of the people you use in The Forsaken
Dungeon. I made some adjustments to them but kept the basic concept.
        - Koji Masuda
       Name     Koji Masuda
        Age     39
Nationality     Japanese
     Gender     Male
 Occupation     Martial Artist, Archaeologist

  Koji is the father of Yoko Kishibojin (Yo-Yo Yoko), but divorced his
wife. Since his daughter was left under custody of his ex-wife, he could
concentrate on his excavation and exploration work, and became three-
time consecutive reigning champion of The Ehrgeiz Championship
Tournament. He is also an archaeologist seeking to uncover the truth
behind the mysteries surrounding the ancient ruins, along with his
assistant, Clair Andrews.
        - Clair Andrews
       Name     Clair Andrews
        Age     20
Nationality     English
     Gender     Female
 Occupation     Archaeology Student of Koji Masuda

  A prodigy who entered the university at the tender age of 16. Ever
since she was 12, Clair has been a world-class champion at both golf and
and net ball. She is an archaeology student of Koji Masuda. Although she
is independent, she is still considered naive. When Koji began his
journey, she abruptly invited herself to be his assitant.
Part 3: Move List
  Each weapon has specified attacks, but attacks for all weapons are
executed in the same manner, but they may have different moves. You can
do a move when you have gloves on, but if you executed the same
commands and had a different weapon equipped, it would be a different
move but executed in the same manner. All of the attacks with weapons
are from characters in Ehrgeiz (arcade mode).

Input                        Description
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
[], [], []                   Triple Attack (Hell Quake Slash, Triple
                             Slash, Kinen Slash, or Triple Black Knock)

When running, [], [], []     Triple Attack (Hell Quake Slash, Triple
                             Slash, Kinen Slash, or Sky Air Triple
                             Joint Kick)

Jump, []                     Flip/Head Split Cut (if Glove equipped:
                             Flip; if another weapon equipped: Head
                             Split Cut)

Hold [] and release          Special Attack (Maha Punch, Dancing Joy
                             Cross-Slash, or Cloud's Victory Pose then
                             to slash)

While holding Guard, Jump    Guard Attack (knocks nearby enemies away)
Part 4: Strategy, Hints, and Tips
  This mode is really difficult to beat, you just need to think smart.
Here's basics you should know before playing in this mode:
 Restoring HP:
  You should always carry at least three of four 'Potion's, 'Hi-
Potion's, or even 'X-Potion's just in case you are low on HP. Also,
you should always have at least one of any of those potions equipped,
depending on how much MAX HP you have. If you find a Fairy and you are
low on HP, don't feel afraid to use the Fairy to restore your HP.
 Hunger and Staying Fit:
  You should always carry at least six 'Food's. They don't need to be
the same or different, you just need some good 'Food' that calms down
your Hunger a lot. Saying that, you should always equip at least one
'Food'. If you see your Nutritional Stats are really unbalanced, after
getting out of the Dungeon, go to the Grocery Shop and buy the
food you need to re-balance your stats. Here's a list showing a good
food, for each of the Stats, available at the Grocery Shop:

Nutritional Stat     Food Name
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
         Protein     Meat
        Vitamins     Pumpkin
   Carbohydrates     Mushroom
          Lipids     Fish
        Minerals     Ice Cream
 Escaping the Dungeon:
  When you are in the very difficult, deep floors, it'll be pretty hard
to escape the Dungeon. In this case, you can just keep running through
rooms, don't fight enemies, and keep going to the floor you need to go
to to leave the Dungeon. Either that or just use a 'Dragon Wing'. You
get 'Dragon Wing's from any enemy, except bosses, but in the deeper
floors, it seems to be very hard to get one. When you are in a deep
floor, you should have a 'Dragon Wing' equipped just in case you are
stuck by a Shutter Trap, your equipment is breaking, you're low on HP,
or very hungry with nothing to help you get rid of those problems. Then
you could use the 'Dragon Wing' to escape the Dungeon and fix everything
up and go back in the Dungeon.
 Using Both Characters:
  You should have shifts for both characters, just in case one character
dies and the other one has to save the dead one. You can level up one
character to a pretty high level, then buy a weapon for the other person
to use. That way, the other person will have a strong weapon to kill
enemies quickly, thus, leveling up in faster and easier to be done.
  **NOTE: If you are still going to use the same character and you just
happen to be in the village, you should switch characters twice so you
will end up with the same character you were using with full HP and
fullness (no Hunger). :ETON**
 Dropping Items:
  According to Enpingy's Quest Mode Guide, if you drop over 70 items,
items will start disappearing. The disappearing of items starts from the
first item you dropped, then continues on from there. You will need to
drop items, if you don't have anymore room left, from time to time to
pick up items dropped by monsters. You should also drop weapons and
other equipment that you won't use for the character you're using, but
you will use the dropped equipment for the other character. You should
also drop items to pick up something and use it, then pick up the item
you dropped.
 Saving Gil:
  It's actually very easy to save a lot of Gil, and you'll need it to
buy food, equipment, Magic Stones, repair equipment, etc. You don't
really need to buy Magic Stones unless you like to cast Magic a lot.
Otherwise, you'll find enough Magic Stones in the Dungeon so you'll
never have to buy them.
  When in the Dungeon, enemies will drop food, Gil, equipment, etc.
that you can sell. You don't really need to save the food, that is, if
you're Nutritionally Balanced, you can just sell the food you picked up
for more Gil. When you find useless equipment, just sell them when you
return to the town. The same goes for needless items.
  Wearing the correct equipment is necessary. You should always have at
least two good weapons for one character when in the Dungeon. This is
because weapons become less Durable, so you'll have to use another
weapon, otherwise, the original weapon will break soon. You don't need
to have more than one shield, armor, or helmet, you just need an armor,
shield, and/or helmet with a lot of defense, but doesn't slow you down
too much. But if you want/need to equip one type of defensive equipment,
then by all means, go ahead, just choose one with a lot of defense and
possibly increases a lot of other stats. To achieve that, you should
just get a good equipment and put a lot of Guardians on it.
  You will also need to use the right weapon, too. Depending on what
situation you're in should determine what you will use.
  To defeat one enemy, multiple enemies, enemies who have a special
counter attack because they are attacked, nearly-invincible enemies, or
enemies who aren't stunned in one hit, you'll need advanced tactics
(most of these strategies are strategies without Guarding, so if you
want a Guarding strategy, put them in yourself):
 Normal One-on-One Fight:
  A One-on-One fight with a normal enemy is easy. Since all normal
enemies are temporarily stunned when hit, they won't have enough time
to counter, so keep on attacking. Just keep on attacking. You could also
do a special physical attack to hit your enemy multiple times and do a
lot of damage.
  It doesn't matter what weapon you use when you're in a Normal One-on-
One Fight, you just need one that won't break easily. You just keep on
attacking them.
 Normal Multiple Enemies Fight:
  Normal Multiple Enemies Fights are harder than a One-on-One fight with
a normal enemy. This has different situations. But basically, you need
to either Guard, Jump, or Run a lot. It's basically the same thing as
a Normal One-on-One fight, but the only difference is there are more
than one enemy. So, you just have to beat on one guy until it dies. But
during the time you are attacking one guy, its "friends" might attack
you from behind to help it. In that situation, either Run, Guard, or
even do a 'Guard Attack'. Then start beating on one guy.
  If all guys happen to be next to each other and trying to attack you,
you can Jump to the side and push [] to do a flip and hit one guy and
start moving again. Or, just do a Guard Attack to knock them all back.
  When you are being attacked by an enemy that can hit you one after
another (kind of like a combo), hold R1 and keep pushing L1 in order to
do a Guard Attack and knock back all nearby enemies. Sure, you'll become
Hungry, but it's better than losing a lot of your HP.
  You can also do Dancing Joy, swords, axes, spears, and rods do this,
to hit all enemies.
 Enemies who Counter Attack:
  The Special Counter Attack Enemies are just enemies who have an
"auto" attack they do when they are hit once. That auto-attack usually
lasts pretty long and they can't be broken out of it unless they are
killed. So, in order to kill these guys, you should have a long range
weapon that can do the "true" Dancing Joy (hold [] and release), spin
around with weapon multiple times. So, stay as far away as you can but
close enough to hit the enemy, hold [] (you'll hit the enemy once by
just pushing []), and release [] and get very close to your enemy to
give the max. damage that attack can do. When the Dancing Joy is just
about finished, move away from the enemy to prevent being attacked.
  You could just block their attacks and do a flip after it.
 Nearly-Invincible Enemies:
  These aren't really invincible enemies, they are just almost immune to
physical attacks and they lose little power from them. Some of them also
block most physical attacks, so if you don't have any Magic Stones and
Materia equipped, you're a dead man/woman. Instead of wasting the
Durability of your weapons, just use magic to kill them all.
 Non-One Hit Stun Enemies:
  Actually, there are only bosses that don't get stunned in one hit. A
stun is seen when the enemy becomes partially transparent for a short
while after being hit. There is more than one way to beat them.
  You can get an axe, rod, spear, etc. that does the true Dancing Joy,
and keep doing that to the enemy and they'll keep getting stunned.
Eventually, they'll die.
  You can also block all of their attacks, then when they're open, do a
flip (Jump, []) to make them lose quite a lot of power. Then block once
again, then do a flip. Just keep doing that process until they die.
Part 5: Dungeon
         - Information
  The layout of each of the floors are random, as well as scattered
items. But no matter what layout you got for the Dungeon, the most
important things are still there. There are 21 floors total.
  Some floors contain Recipe Books; on most floors that do not have a
Recipe Book, you can find an alcoholic beverage.
  There are three different entrances to the Dungeon:
 First Entrance:
Location: From Magic Shop, keep going up the flight of stairs until you
          get to an entrance

  This first entrance is to the first floor.
 Second Entrance:
Location: From Magic Shop, go left to go down the flight of stairs and
          keep following the road until you get to an entrance

  This entrance is to the seventh floor.
 Third Entrance:
Location: From Merchant's Shop, keep going right and jump into the well

  This entrance is to the 13th floor.
  There are things you find periodically:
  On every floor is a Fairy. Fairies restore your HP, but they can only
restore you HP to a certain limit. If they are used too much, they
disappear and you can't get them back.
  Usually, on every second floor, there is an Altar, or rather, every
even numbered floor has an Altar. One Altar contains one Guardian.
Altars are used to pray to Guardians. If you pray to the wrong Guardian
at an Altar, the current Guardian of that Altar leaves and another
Guardian moves in. 
  Usually, on every third floor, there is a boss, or rather, every floor
that is a multiple of three has a boss. The only exception is the first
floor, there's a boss there holding the Recipe Book. Bosses hold items
(Armor, Weapons, Recipe Books, etc.) and after you defeat them, keep
going up and there is a Materia.
  You need to know some layouts:
 Basic Layout:
  All Dungeon floors have an entrance to the next floor and an exit to
go to the previous floor. The only exceptions are the floors with exits
to get out of the Dungeon. Those floors have an entrance to the next
floor, an exit out of the Dungeon, as well as an exit to the previous
floor, except for the first floor.
  There are also secret rooms. All(?) secret rooms are found in long,
narrow hallways. The hallways you can find them in are hallways that
do not have dead ends and have fire torches on the wall. You place a
bomb between two torches and there should be a wall.
 Map Layout:
  On the map, you'll see white lines: each segment is a room. If you see
a yellow blinking dot: that is the entrance to the next floor. If you
see a purple blinking dot: that is the exit to the previous floor. The
red blinking dot is you.
         - Each Floor
  All floors have specific things that will always be there:
 Floor One:
- Exit out of the Dungeon
- Recipe Book (boss holding it)
- 'Thunder' Materia
- 'Dungeon Grass' room
 Floor Two:
- Altar
- 'Strawberry' room
 Floor Three:
- Recipe Book
- Recipe Book (boss holding it)
- 'Freeze' Materia
- 'Shiitake Mushroom' room
 Floor Four:
- Altar
 Floor Five:
- Recipe Book
- 'Pumpkin' room
 Floor Six:
- Altar
- Recipe Book (boss holding it)
- 'Quake' Materia
- 'Red Mushroom' room
 Floor Seven:
- Exit out of the Dungeon
 Floor Eight:
- Altar
 Floor Nine:
- Mythril Armor (boss holding it)
- 'Trine' Materia
- 'Dungeon Grass' room: only three 'Dungeon Grass'es
 Floor 10:
- Altar
- Jail Cells: doesn't appear on map; each open cell contains one Dungeon
              Grass and one other item
 Floor 11:
- Grate-covered Spike Pit room: two items
- Jail Cells: doesn't appear on map; each open cell contains one item
 Floor 12:
- Altar
- Silver Armor (boss holding it)
- 'Meteor' Materia
- 'Pumpkin' room
 Floor 13:
- Giant Octupus boss
- Fountain Room: two identical items
- Exit out of the Dungeon
 Floor 14:
- Altar
 Floor 15:
- nothing special
 Floor 16:
- Altar
- Shrine Room: 'Flare' Materia and two identical items
 Floor 17:
- Shrine Room: 'Ultima' Materia and two identical items
- 'Dungeon Grass' room
 Floor 18:
- Altar
- Diamond Armor (boss holding it)
- 'Holy' Materia
 Floor 19:
- nothing special
 Floor 20:
- Altar
 Floor 21:
- Grey Dragon boss
- Red Dragon boss
- Phoenix boss
Part 6: Items
  There are different items you can find on your mission. They are all
useful, but it depends on how you use it.

Item Name        Description
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
        Beer     Great after work.
        Bomb     Deteonates 3 seconds after use.
       Coins     Needed to buy and sell items.
 Dragon Wing     Escape through dimensional distortion!
   Hi-Potion     Restores 128 HP.
Magic Stones     Needed to use magic.
Phoenix Down     Sparkling gold feather from the immortal Phoenix.
      Potion     Restores 64 HP.
 Recipe Book     Pierre's Belongings.
    Red Wine     The blacksmith likes it.
        Sake     Drinkers will love it.
  White Wine     The blacksmith likes it.
    X-Potion     Restores full HP.

   You cannot get the Phoenix Down normally. There is only one Phoenix
Down during the whole quest.
Part 7: Food
  When in the dungeon, your energy will slowly decrease. When you run
out of energy, your HP will then start decreasing. To replenish your
energy, you must eat food. You must stay in Balance, so if you're not in
Balance, then your stats will be unbalanced and you will probably be
weaker in some areas than you usually would. Different types of food do
different things to your statistics. If you don't have full HP and your
energy decreases, your HP restores at the same rate of energy
        - Vitamins
Food Name
Dungeon Grass
Tomato Juice
        - Protein
Food Name
Alligator Meat
Bear Meat
Chewy Meat
Left Bear Paw
Lizard Tail
Tiger Meat
        - Carbohydrates
Food Name
Green Mushroom
Matsutake Mushroom
Purple Mushroom
Red Mushroom
Shiitake Mushroom
Yellow Mushroom
        - Lipids
Food Name
Dodo Meat
Dog Food
Dragon Meat
Moa Meat
Penguin Meat
        - Minerals
Food Name
Blue Jelly
Fish Eyeball
Green Jelly
Ice Cream
Pink Jelly
Slime Jelly
Yellow Jelly
  Here's a list, in alphabetical order, of ALL of the foods:

Food Name             Nutritional Stat
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Alligator Meat        Protein
Banana                Vitamins
Bear Meat             Protein
Blue Jelly            Minerals
Bone                  Minerals
Chewy Meat            Protein
Clams                 Lipids
Dodo Meat             Lipids
Dog Food              Lipids
Dragon Meat           Lipids
Dungeon Grass         Vitamins
Fish                  Lipids
Fish Eyeball          Minerals
Garlic                Vitamins
Green Jelly           Minerals
Green Mushroom        Carbohydrates
Ice Cream             Minerals
Left Bear Paw         Protein
Lizard Tail           Protein
Matsutake Mushroom    Carbohydrates
Meat                  Protein
Moa Meat              Lipids
Mushroom              Carbohydrates
Octupus               Lipids
Onion                 Vitamins
Penguin Meat          Lipids
Pink Jelly            Minerals
Pumpkin               Vitamins
Purple Mushroom       Carbohydrates
Red Mushroom          Carbohydrates
Salt                  Minerals
Shiitake Mushroom     Carbohydrates
Slime Jelly           Minerals
Spinach               Vitamins
Strawberry            Vitamins
Tiger Meat            Protein
Tomato Juice          Vitamins
Truffle               Carbohydrates
Watermelon            Vitamins
Yellow Jelly          Minerals
Yellow Mushroom       Carbohydrates
Part 8: Materia
  Each Materia has their own attacks, they also have different names for
their attacks. The Basic Magic attacks differ from the Ultra Magic
attacks. All Basic Magic spells are single and when used, they move in
the direction your caracter is facing when the Basic Magic is shot
(except for Flare, that spell is different). The Ultra Magic spells are
much different.
  Basic Magic spells consume one Magic Stone; Ultra Magic Spells consume
three Magic Stones. If you equip a Rod/Staff, it takes much less time to
do an Ultra Magic spell and Ultra Magic spells only consume two Magic

Materia    Basic Magic                 Ultra Magic
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯    ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯              ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
   Fire    Fireball                    Homing Fireball(s) (number of
                                       fireballs is the same as the
                                       number of enemies)

    Ice    Ice Ball                    Ice Entrapment (ice falls down
                                       slowly and can hit all enemies)

Thunder    Lightning Stream            Ricochet Lightning (goes through
           (passes through enemies)    enemies and bounces off walls)

 Freeze    Big Ice Ball                Freezer (freezes all enemies)
           (freezes enemy)

  Quake    Earthquake                  Huge Earthquake (the whole room
           (Earthquake passes goes     shakes and hits all enemies)
           along the same line un-
           til contact is made)

  Trine    Lightning Trap              Lightning Bolt(s) (lightning
           (trap disappears when       bolts hit all enemies)
           activated four times)

 Meteor    Meteor (breaks apart        Meteor Shower (meteors rain down
           upon impact, can hit        at random slowly)
           surrounding enemies)

  Flare    Ring of Fire (the ring      Fire Body (user's body encased in
           of fire surrounds the       fire and hits enemies upon
           character using it,         contact with the body; same thing
           enemies hit by it fall,     as Basic Magic if enemies hit by
           and are temporarily         fire
           stunned until the real      
           hit takes effect)           

 Ultima    Dimensional Portal          Big Dimensional Portal (portal
           (only one enemy can be      opens in the middle of the room
           sucked in, but really       and all enemies are sucked in;
           big enemies can't be        really big enemies can't be
           sucked in)                  sucked in)

   Holy    Confuse (breaks apart       Confuse Rain (confuse stars rain
           upon impact, can Confuse    down slowly and can hit all
           surrounding enemies;        enemies)
           can't Confuse some          
Part 9: Guardians
  There are Guardians and Evil Guardians. All Guardians, except Gaea,
raise the stats they are protecting on equipment. Gaea raises all stats
but decreases Max HP. Evil Guardians double the 'Protect'ed stats but
decrease all other stats.
  When a Guardian is 'Protect'ing an equipment at x1, the stats
'Protect'ed by that Guardian is +1; if the Guardian is at x2, the stats
would be +2; etc. The same goes for Guardians who decrease stats. The
maximum a Guardian can be at is x6. All Guardians can protect one
equipment, you just need to combine the equipment to do so.
  Every even number floor in the Dungeon, you can find an Altar. Only
one Guardian is present at an Altar at one time. Altars are used to pray
to Guardians. If you pray to the wrong Guardian at an Altar, the current
Guardian of that Altar leaves and another Guardian moves in. 

Guardian     Raises...
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Gaea         All stats, but decreases MAX HP
Zeus         MAX HP, Defense
Poseidon     Attack, Dexterity
Hades        Magic Attack, Speed
Ares         Attack, Defense
Athena       Attack, Magic Attack
Apollo       Defense, Magic Defense
Artemis      Magic Attack, Magic Defense
Hermes       Speed, Dexterity
Bacchus      MAX HP, Dexterity
  All Evil Guardians double the stats they are 'Protect'ing, but
decrease all other stats.

Evil Guardian     Doubles...
¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯
Daimon            Attack, Defense
Charon            Magic Attack, Magic Defense
Mammon            MAX HP, Consum. Rate
Part 10: Weapons
  There are an array of weapons. The 10 categories of weapons fit into
the following: gloves/knuckles, daggers/knives, special daggers/swords,
swords, two-handed swords, katanas, spears, two-handed spears, axes, and
two-handed axes. Different types of weapons differ in strength. Many
weapons need both hands, thus, you will have to sacrifice your shield.
  When fighting, your weapons will lose their Durability, or power, the
more and more damaged they become, the less and less durable they
become. They must be 'Repair'ed at the Blacksmith (or 'Combine'd). The
cost for 'Repair' is 5 Gil per one Durability repair. (For example, if
you had a weapon with four Durability, you had two left, and you wanted
it 'Repair'ed, the Blacksmith would repair it for 10 Gil.)
  There are certain types of weapons that have above very good stats but
may be cursed, which causes Magic and Guarding void, or basically, can't
  There are weapons specifically for certain characters. Only Koji equip
Two-handed Swords, Katanas, Two-Handed Spears, and Two-Handed Axes.
While only Clair can equip Special Daggers/Swords and Rods/Staffs.
  According to the game, Koji CAN equip some Rods/Staffs, but I haven't
been able to find any, I know there are some. I'll still list all of
the Rods/Staffs under "Rods/Staffs" instead of making another section
for the Rods/Staffs Koji can equip.
  I haven't put down the Statistics of each weapon because, frankly, it
takes too much work (and time), and, people can always look at the
weapon stats themselves when/if they get it. I put the weapons in
alphabetical order.
  All of these weapons appeared at one point or another in the Final
Fantasy series, but some of them are Ehrgeiz-exclusive (arcade
version) and Quest Mode-exclusive. Since almost all of these weapons
appeared in Final Fantasy Tactics, that means they appeared in Final
Fantasy through Final Fantasy VII. If it doesn't say something about
weapons being used by a specific character in FFVII, it means those
weapons appeared in FFT and other Final Fantasy games, except for
"Special Daggers/Swords." For the two-handed swords, katanas, and
two-handed spears, they also appeared in FFT (and other FF games).

         - Gloves/Knuckles
  Most of these weapons were used by Tifa from Final Fantasy VII.

Bronze Knuckle
Crystal Knuckle
Diamond Knuckle
Dragon Claw
Glass Fist
Golden Knuckle
Grand Glove
Iron Knuckle
Kaiser Knuckle
Leather Knuckle
Master Fist
Metal Knuckle
Motor Drive
Mythril Knuckle
Platinum Knuckle
Power Soul
Premium Heart
Prince Doza
Silver Knuckle
Tiger Fang
         - Rods/Staffs (only Clair can equip most)
  Most of these weapons were used by Aeris (Aerith) from Final Fantasy

Aurora Rod
Bronze Rod
Crystal Rod
Diamond Rod
Fairy Tail
Full Metal Staff
Glass Rod
Golden Rod
Guard Stick
Heal Rod
Iron Rod
Mythril Rod
Platinum Rod
Princess Guard
Prism Staff
Sage's Rod
Silver Rod
Small Rod
Striking Staff
Swallow Tail
Wizard Staff
Wizer Staff
         - Daggers/Knives
Antenie Dagger
Army Knife
Assassin Dagger
Berserk Knife
Butter Knife
Hunting Knife
Kidney Knife
Mugger's Knife
Rondel Dagger
Survival Knife
         - Special Daggers/Swords (only Clair can equip)
Andrews Dagger
Facts of Life
         - Swords
Blood Sword
Broad Sword
Bronze Sword
Crystal Sword
Diamond Sword
Enhanced Sword
Glass Sword
Golden Sword
Gradius Sword
Great Sword
Hard Breaker
Hero Blade
Hunger Sword
Iron Sword
Long Sword
Mythril Sword
Platinum Sword
Rune Blade
Silver Sword
Short Sword
         - Two-Handed Swords (only Koji can equip)
  Four of the Two-Handed Swords are Cloud's from Final Fantasy VII.

Berserk Sword
Buster Sword
Two-Handed Sword
Ultima Weapon
         - Katanas (only Koji can equip)
  Three of the Katanas are Cloud's from Final Fantasy VII.

Heaven's Cloud
Sasuke's Katana
         - Spears
Bronze Spear
Diamond Spear
Dragoon Lance
Glass Spear
Golden Spear
Long Spear
         - Two-Handed (Cid's) Spears (only Koji can equip)
  All of these weapons were used by Cid from Final Fantasy VII.

Crystal Spear
Holy Lance
Mythril Spear
Platinum Spear
Silver Spear
Slash Lance
Spirit Lance
Venus Gospel
         - Axes
Battle Axe
Broad Axe
Bronze Axe
Glass Axe
Golden Axe
Hand Axe
Mast Axe
         - Two-Handed Axes (only Koji can equip)
Beast Axe
Construction Tool
Crescent Axe
Crystal Axe
Diamond Axe
Giant Axe
Great Axe
Horseman's Axe
Hunger Axe
Iron Axe
Mythril Axe
Ogre Killer
Platinum Axe
Power Axe
Silver Axe
Part 11: Armor
  There are a vast amount of different types of armor that are helpful,
but can also decrease your stats greatly, depending on what armor you
have equipped. In this section, all of the types of armor I know of will
be listed.

         - [Body] Armor
Admantite Armor
Blade Armor
Blessed Armor
Bronze Armor
Chain Mail
Crystal Armor
Diamond Armor
Dragon Rider Armor
Full Plate
Glass Armor
Golden Armor
Hard Leather
Heavy Armor
Hero Armor
Hungry Armor
Iron Armor
Leather Armor
Mythril Armor
Platinum Armor
Ring Mail
Sasuke's Armor
Scale Armor
Silver Armor
Tournament Armor
         - Shields
  'Imperial Shield' is supposed to be 'Imperial Guard', but it appears
as 'Imperial Shield' in the game.

Aegis Shield
Bronze Shield
Cross Shield
Crystal Shield
Diamond Shield
Dragon Shield
Leather Shield
Fully Belly Shield
Glass Shield
Golden Shield
Heater Shield
Hero Shield
Hungry Shield
Imperial Shield
Iron Shield
Kite Shield
Magic Shield
Mythril Shield
Platinum Shield
Round Shield
Sage's Shield
Silver Shield
Small Shield
Square Shield
Tower Shield
Toy Shield
         - Helmets
Bronze Helmet
Cross Helmet
Crystal Helmet
Diamond Helmet
Full Belly Helmet
Glass Helmet
Golden Helmet
Hero Helmet
Hungry Helmet
Iron Helmet
Kettle Hate
Leather Helmet
Mythril Helmet
Sasuke's Helmet
Silver Helmet
Part 12: Recipe Books (and Basic Tips)
  Each 'Recipe Book' contains very helpful information. There are only
five 'Recipe Book's total. You can only read 'Recipe Book's via the
sommelier of the Restaurant. He also tells you Basic Tips you should
  When you get a Recipe Book, the sommelier says...

  Oh, is that a recipe book? Indeed, it's Pierre's memento! Thank you
so much for finding it. In exchange for your help, I'd like to offer
you the town's special brew. I shall also tell you all the hints
written in the recipe book.
          - Basic Tips:
Dungeon survival tips
  The dungeon contains many monsters. In order to proceed, you must
defeat them. Hence, I will show you the basics of dungeon survival.
Basic physical attacks
  A basic attack can be done by pressing the [] button. You can slash
or punch if you have a weapon equipped. Rapidly hitting the button will
let out combos, while holding the button and then releasing it will
allow a special attack. However, if you get hit while storing up your
special attack, it will cancel your storing. Hence, timing is crucial.
Oh yes, yes, it is useless unless you have a weapon equipped, though.
Magical Attacks
  Oh, is that Materia you have there? Then you can use magic. First,
you'll have to press the START button to enter the status menu, then
equip the Materia as Basic Magic or Ultra Magic. You can use magic by
pressing the O button, but that only uses Basic Magic. Holding down the
button and then releasing allows you to use Ultra Magic. For example, if
you equip the Fire Materia as Basic Magic and Ice Materia as Ultra
Magic, pressing the O button launches a basic fire spell and holding it
down and then releasing unleases a powerful blizzard. Exchanging the two
Materia allows you to launch a normal blizzard spell and a power fire
spell. Similar to the physical attacks, if you get hit while charging up
for the Ultra Magic, it will be canceled. Please take care when and
were you use magic. It also seems to me that you're not a magician.
Therefore, to cast magic, you'll have to use 'Magic Stones', which store
magic energy. A Basic Magic spell uses 1 magic stone and Ultra Magic
uses 3.
Guard and Jump
  To guard against a monster's attack, press the R1 button. Normally,
you'd use your right index finger to press it. If you go without
guarding for too long, you'll soon find yourself dead. So please be
careful. Also, you can jump to avoid physical and magical attacks. Use
the L1 button for that. That will be pressed by your left index finger.
If you press the [] button while jumping with the L1 button, you'll do
a special jump attack. You should try it out sometime. There is one
other thing. If you guard with the R1 button and press the L1 button
to jump, you can use a "Guard Attack" to knock back nearby enemies.
It won't do any damage to them but it can be effective if you're
surrounded by enemies. However, this move will make you hungry very
  Oviously, if you get injured or tired, your Hit Points will decrease.
Your present Hit Points are shown in the lower left as a green gauge.
When that drops to 0, you're history. You can just sit still and let
your Hit Points recover slowly, but keep in midn that monsters could
appear at any moment. I recommend that you recover quickly with the
potions. There are also some highly effective potions like 'Hi-Potion'
and 'X-Potion'.
  As long as you're alive, you'll always get hungry, even when doing
nothing. Therefore, in a dungeon where you're fighting monsters, the
rate at which you get hungry is astonishing. Because of that, one must
frequently consume food. The pink gauge on your lower left screen
represents your hunger level. when that falls to 0, you begin to lose
Hit Points. It's like shaving off your life. When you defeat monsters,
they might become meat or leave behind vegetables or other food. Avoid
starving by eating these items.
Your Satchel
  In order to use items while in the dungeon, press the START button.
This will display the menu screen. However, you cannot view the menu
during combat, since you do not have enough time to search through your
items while fighting monsters. Therefore, it is recommended that you
place certain items in yoru satchel for emergencies. The satchel can
hold items such as potions and food. A maximum of 4 items may be placed
in the satchel. You can move the selector on the satchel by pressing the
L2 and R2 buttons. Pressing the /\ button uses the selected item.
Potions placed in the satchel are automatically used when your Hit
Points reach 0, but this is less effective than using potions yourelf.
Therefore, it is always better to drink the potion yourself whenever
possible. Also, equipment, Materia, or magic stones cannot be placed
in the satchel.
Equipment Durability
  Weapons and armor do not always remain as good as new. As you continue
to use them, they eventually break. Each weapon and armor has its own
durability value. Its durability is also affected by the user's skill.
As you gain experience and your level increases, your skill increases
accordingly, thus allowing your weapons or armor to last longer. You
can always take your weapons/armor to the blacksmith's when their
durability gets close to 0. This is especially important with rare
items. You will be alerted if your weapon/armor is close to breaking.
this alert shows up on the right side of the screen. So that you do not
break your weapons during a heated battle, it is important to keep spare
weapons and to change as soon as the need arises.
Status Menu
  After pressing the START button to enter the menu, a window appears on
the left displaying your status. The basic stats indicate your abilities
without taking into accouny the items you have equipped. The current
stats indicate your abilities with all the items equipped. Normally,
equipped weapons will raise your attack power and equipping armor will
raie your defense. However, equipping heavy items can reduce your speed
and in turn increase your rate of hunger. In contrast, some equipment
have special abilities that can enhance the rate at which you gain
experience, increase your speed, or raise your magical attack or
  If you wish to interrupt your adventure and you want to take a break
for the day, you can go ahead and save anywhere you want, regardless of
whether you're in the dungeon or not. Press the START button to enter
the status menu and then press the SELECT button. The option 'Save data'
will appear. Just follow the instructions to save. Just remember that
you need money to save and the amount will vary depending on you and
your partner's levels. The higher the level, the more expensive it will
get. So please think ahead before you decide to save.
          - Recipe Book 1:
Your Physical Condition
  According to the recipe book...you need to be healthy to make a
living. Your stats increase as you gain experience, but the way your
stats develop is influenced by your diet. If you only consume meat, your
attack power increases, but your magical powers do not. Eating just
vegetables may raise your magical effectiveness, but your attack power
will not go up, etc. You can look at your physical condition by pressing
the START button to enter the menu, then pressing the SELECT button.
Food nutrition is divided into 5 major groups: protein, vitamins,
carbohydrates, lipids, and minerals. When your level increases, the
amount you gain in various stats such as attack, magical attack,
defense, speed, and dexterity are influenced by the 5 major nutrition
grups. It is best to see what you lack and eat accordingly to supplement
those deficiencies.
  Accordign to the recipe book, there are fairies in the dungeon.
Hovering around beautiful fountains, they heal travellers... Not only
do they restore your HP, they offer other benefits.
You and Your Partner
  You have a companion with you, don't you? Teamwork is essential when
seaching through the dungeon. According tot he recipe book... only one
person may enter the dungeon at any one time. So, when you are fatigued,
you should return to the hotel immediately, instead of trying to search
out the dungeon on your own, it will be necessary to search through the
dungeon in shifts. No matter how much experience you have, if your
partner's experience is 0, there'll be no other choice but to start over
in the event something happens to you. It would be wiser to return back
and inform your partner about what you've found in the dungeon and
change shifts. Then have your partner adventure a little further using
the information you gave him/her. In turn, your partner can return and
tell you what he/she found. You'll definitely regret it if you try to
run through it all by yourself. Moreover, if something happens to one of
you, the other will have to go and help. Therefore, it is important to
keep your partner's experience level in mind as you proceed.
Shutter Traps
  The recipe book says...ever been caught in a trap in the dungeon? On
the dungeon floor, there are triggers that go off when stepped on. These
triggers cause the shutters to fall. The shutters will not open until
you defeat all of the enemies in the room. On top of that, bolts of
lightning will rain down and create more and more monsters. Therefore,
it is imperative that you defeat them as fast as possible. The monsters
that come down from the lightning are invincible for a limited time
after their appearance. If you want to survive, you should either evade
or defend. I'm sure Pierre was caught in one of those and... No! I must
think positively.
          - Recipe Book 2:
Buying and Selling Weapons and Armor
  According to the recipe book...the weapons and armor found in the
dungeon aren't just for equipping. You can sell them at the merchant's
shop. You can use the money obtained from that to buy new weapons,
armor, potions, and food to take with you to the dungeon. However, the
merchant is only interested in rare and unusual items. If you have only
common goods, he'll just buy them at low prices. In contrast, if it is
rare, even if it happens to be useless, he may buy it at a fairly high
Equippable Weapons
  According to the recipe book...there are things that are suited to
one individual and things that just aren't. Even though you may be able
to equip a particular weapon, your partner may not be able to equip it.
In contrast, weapons you cannot equip may be equipped on your partner.
So, even if you can't equip it, it might be wise to take it back for
your partner to use instead of throwing it away.
Dragon Wing
  Let's say you want to escape the dungeon. In that case, use a 'Dragon
Wing'. This town is a junction where dimensions meet. You can use the
distortions of the dimensions to instantaneously warp from the dungeon
back to the town. According to the recipe book...that is what Dragon
Wings are used for. Defeated monsters may sometimes drop this item. As
the name implies, this item is literally a wing of a dragon. This wing
produces a ripple in the time-space continuum. A black smoke appears and
you'll find yourself being sucked in...before you know it, you're back
here in town. The black smoke remains until you return to the dungeon.
This allows you to take care of business in town adn then return to the
dungeon through the very same black smoke. To return to the dungeon once
again, just approach the black smoke. You will warp back into the part
of the dungeon you just left. Also, as long as you have one Dragon Wing,
you will not find another one, so don't be too miserly about using it.
Game Over
  This may be obvious, but if you go and try to help your partner and
you die also, there is no way to save you both. Unfortunately, I am far
weaker than you are and I do not carry any Materia, so I cannot come and
rescue you. If I had what it takes, I would have gone and saved Pierre
a long time ago.
Wine Trading
  For special customers, we give them the opportunity to trade wines.
You can make a profit by keeping an eye on the price of wine. The price
of wine fluctuates so buy low and sell high. Our selling price is always
10 Gil higher than its value in our buying price. Additionally, a 5 Gil
maintenance fee will be assessed for each bottle of wine in your
inventory at periodic intervals. So do not wait too long to trade.
Hence, timing is the key to trading. The value of red wines will
flucuate differently as compared to white wines. If you are not
completely familiar with the trading system, it would be in your best
interest to stay away from the red wines. Furthermore, the wine you have
bought during the wine trading mode will be automatically liquidated
when you leave the trading mode. As a result, you may not take the wines
home. Oops, I almost forgot. The button controls for this mode are as
follows: [] button to buy wine, O button to sell wine. When you are
tired of battling, please stop by and try it.
          - Recipe Book 3:
Staying on the Same Floor
  The recipe book says...continuously fighting weak enemies on the same
floor is not recommended. The news of your presence spreads among the
monsters and the probability of monsters appearing steadily increases.
If you stick around on one floor for too long, the whole place will fill
up with monsters. To avoid that, you must either move ahead to the next
floor or retreat back to the previous floor. Otherwise, the place will
become very hostile. Please be careful.
Altars (Part 1)
  By the way, are you of a particular faith? Even if you don't have a
faith, it is best to pray whenever you encounter an altar. The recipe
book says that...there are cases when weapons and armor are protected by
guardians. There are a total of 13 guardians. Each of them have their
own special abilities and if you equip an item with guardians upon it,
certain abilities will be enhanced. If you provide an offering of an
item to an altar and pray to the guardians of your faith, that
guardian's special abilities will increase. Please note that your own
personal stats will not increase, but instead, the stats of the weapon
or armor that has the guardian's protection increases. As a result,
you'll gain no benefits unless you have the weapon or armor equipped.
Altars (Part 2)
  The recipe book says... There are 13 guardians that bestow protection
upon weapons and armor. 9 of these guardians raise 2 types of abilities.
Gaea, the goddess that gave birth to the earth, and the last 3 [, which
are evil] guardians are a little different. The equipment protected by
Gaea will actually decrease your MAX HP, but raise the rest of your
stats. The 3 evil guardians will double their 2 specialized stats, but
decrease all other stats. Additionally, prayint to Gaea or the 3 evil
guardians not only raises stats but can affect them negatively even
more. It is up to you to choose which guardian to pray to, but remember
doing so also has an effect on the protected weapons and armor you have
yet to receive.
Altars (Part 3)
  According to the recipe book...you can offer any item when you pray.
It is not the item that matters to the guardian, but the act itself.
Therefore, the more you pray, the more effective it can be. However, you
don't know whether the guardian of your faith resides in that particular
altar. It's basically all change. If you happen to pray to the altar
with the wrong guardian residing in it, none of your equipment's stats
increase, but instead the probability of encountering monsters
decreases. Either way it goes, it's always in your best interest to pray
frequently. Additionally, the residing guardian in the altar changes
each time you attempt to pray, so keep praying until the right guardian
comes to reside in that altar.
          - Recipe Book 4:
Combining Guardian Protection
  The recipe book says...if you obtain 2 or more weapons or armor with
guardian protection, you may combine them. You can have more than one
guardian's protection on a single weapon or armor at one time. First,
decide what weapon or armor to use as a base or primary equipment. That
primary weapon or armor keeps its form after combining. The secondary
weapon or armor you later combine with the base will be lost. Therefore,
it is best to use weapons/armor with high attack, defense, or durability
as the primary equipment. If you combine two items that have the same
guardian protection, the protection goes up in level. It has the same
effect as praying to the guardian at the altar. My explanation may not
be enough, but you don't have to worry. You can just go ahead and try to
combine your equipment. You'll be notified how the stats will change
before you decide to proceed with the combination process. Oh yea, I
forgot to tell you that you can combine equipment at the blacksmith's.
But I've heard rumors that he will not do it for money. He'll probably
do it for you if you give him something he likes.
Max HP and Stomach Size
  According to the recipe book...if you drink a potion while you're
still healthy and your HP gauge is at max., it will increase your Max
HP and your stomach size will even go up.
Rods and Staves
  The recipe book says...rods are comparatively weak weapons and are not
very capable of attacking multiple monsters at once. However, using them
while casting magic is highly effective. First of all, when casting
Ultra Magic, you only use 2 magic stones instead of 3 and the time it
takes to charge for an Ultra Magic is reduced [greatly] when you have
one equipped. Unfortunately, the handles of these rods are narrow so it
limits the wielders to females...
Banking System
  It is dangerous to carry around large sums of money. Also, you only
have so much space in your inventory. Up to 100 Gil takes up 1 space in
your inventory. It may get to the point where you are not able to carry
anymore money, even when you sell items to the shops. To avoid such a
problem, cashless shopping is employed in this town. You can deposit
money at the hotel where it is automatically withdrawn for purchase. For
a town out in this dimension, it is quite advanced, isn't it?
          - Recipe Book 5:
About Rare items
  According to the recipe book...there are some extremely rare items.
The owner of the merchant's shop is an enthusiast of antiques. He
handles many relatively unique items in his shop and the rarer ones tend
to demand a higher price. As a result, he will only buy common items at
low prices no matter how useful or effective they may be. The items he
carries may range from very useful ones that have multiple effects to
utterly useless ones. Regardless, those items that have origins in
ancient times are extremely valuable pieces created through unique
traditional methods.
Nutritional Hints
  According to the recipe book...as a rule of thumb: meat is attack
power; vegetables are magic; mushrooms are defense; poultry and fish
are speed; and jelly is dexterity. Eating lots of everything doesn't
necessarily mean you'll raise all of your stats. It's all a matter of
balance. Those who favor meat become more powerful, those who favor
greens become more intellectual, those who favor mushrooms become
more defensive, those who favor poulty and fish become more speedy, and
those who favor poultry and/or fish become more dexterous.
  So, have you decided which guardian to follow? It is perfectly
acceptable to have multiple guardians. You can even change later. I
wouldn't say it would be good taste, but you do have the freedom to
choose evil guardians if you so desire. According to the recipe book...
all guardians affect 8 stats: MAX HP, attack, defense, magic attack,
magic defense, speed, dexterity, and comsumption rate. The stats each
guardian enhances are as follows:

Zeus->MAX HP, defense;
Poseidon->attack, dexterity;
Hades->magic attack, speed;
Ares->attack, defense;
Athena->attack, magic attack;
Apollo->defense, magic defense;
Artemis->magic attack, magic defense;
Hermes->speed, dexterity;
Bacchus->MAX HP, dexterity;
Gaea->everything except MAX HP;
Daimon->attack, defense;
Charon->magic attack, magic defense;
Mammon->MAX HP, consumption rate.

  Successfully praying to the appropriate guardian raises its level.
Note that any equipment with Gaea decreases your MAX HP when the user
successfully prays to Gaea while raising all other stats. Also, praying
to the evil guardians raises the protected equipment by double the
amount of its corresponding stats, but decreases all its other stats.
          - The Final Recipe Book:
Master Your Own Style
  I'm sure you're quite confused by the numerous mehtods you can use to
raise the stats on your weapons, armor, and yourself. I have just the
advice for someone like you. According to the recipe book...the first
thing you ought to do is decide what type of combat style you wish to
employ when adventuring through the dungeon. You can either decide to
wield a sword to slice, an axe to gash, a spear to pierce your way
through, or use knuckles for a finishing move with finesse, or zap them
using magic...if it's a sword, power is the key. The axe will increase
your rate of hunger, the spear can be long and can decrease speed, and
knuckle ten to have low durability. If you want to use magic, you'll
have to raise your magic attack. This can be difficult since equipment
tends not to increase magic attacks very much. Therefore, you must take
into account their drawbacks and compare them with your style, your
diet, etc., and then decide what type of fighting style you employ most
effectively. Of coure, having a low defense and magical defense is not
a good idea. Also, developing an unbalanced character can have serious
repercussions later in the adventure. Keep it balanced and establish
what style of fighting is best for you. Well, this is all just advice
and there are no real right and wrong answers. Just try different styles
and do what works for you.
  According to the recipe book...Materia are made by the power of
nature. These Materia are clusters of elements of nature such as fire,
ice, and lightning that have been molded together into gem-like forms.
It's been said that, long ago, there used to be large quantities of
them. But the making of Materia was considered to be usurping of the
power of nature and the usage of these immense powers was blasphemy
against the guardians. This was one of the factors that angered the
guardians. The people in this world were once loved and protected by the
guardians, but the artificially made Materia became numerous to the
point that it almost violated a portion of the guardians' powers. The
angry guardians then split the world into multiple dimensions,
scattering the Materia and their corresponding weapons into many
dimensions. After all that, this village was left stranded in the time
dimension as a place where multiple dimensions cross each other. The
manufacturing methods for making Materia-equipped weapons and armor have
been passed down in this village, but the technology to form Materia has
been lost. But then again, if we were to make Materia, we wuld yet again
incur the wrath of the guardians. Materia found in the village and the
dungeon is a very precious item that carries the memories of the
Ancients. Adventurers that have wandered into this village enter the
dungeon to seek Materia. Yes, only a handful come out of that dungeon
alive. I must say that you are very fortunate to possess such Materia.
Part 13: Secrets
  There aren't many secrets in the Quest Mode, but there are some.
Secret Rooms:
  Secret rooms are rooms that are needed to use a 'Bomb' to blow up the
wall to get to the secret room. All(?) secret rooms are found in long,
narrow hallways with the runways that are horizontal (you have to run
from the left to the right to go to the next room and vice versa). The
hallways you can find them in are hallways that do not have dead ends
and have two fire torches on the wall. You place a bomb between the two
torches and there will always be a wall.
  The rooms with access to secret rooms look something similar to the

|               /\                                    /\               |
|              /  \                                  /  \              |
|             |    |                                |    |             |
|              \__/                                  \__/              |
|             _|  |_                                _|  |_             |
|             \|__|/                                \|__|/             |
|                                                                      |
|                                                                      |
|                                                                      |

  What you're looking for is a room like that: torches to the north, the
room is horizontal, and there is no where else to go except left and
  You place a 'Bomb' between both torches and a new hallway will appear
leading to a secret room. In the secret rooms are bosses, regular bad
guys, etc. There are always items in the secret rooms. You may find
very rare items in secret rooms, and they sell for high prices.
The Final Recipe Book:
  There is no specified place to get this, but there is only one place
where you can get this. It is beind held by a Purple Bear, a boss, and
the only way to fight this bear is in a secret room.
Easy [Late] Level Up:
  After your partner dies after that character beats the Red Dragon
boss on the 21st floor, you can use the other character, the one you
would be using, to beat up your dead partner. One his is equal to one
death. But since the body stays there, you won't level up until you
go to a room that is enemy-less.
Part 14: Shopkeepers' Conversations
  When you talk to the owners of shops, they usually give you tell you
helpful information and some owners have more than one thing to say, but
you would have to talk to them again. Usually, every time you enter a
new floor on the dungeon, if you were to go back to town, the shop-
keepers would say something different [and keep saying the same
thing(s)] until you go the next floor. But there's only a certain amount
of things the shopkeepers say, so at a certain point, they will say no
more. I'm just putting what the shopkeepers say, not what floor you must
reach then they say that.
         - Hotel
  When you first arrive at the village, you'll be in the Hotel. When
you go downstairs, the manager will talk to you:

  Oh, you've awakened. How do you feel?
  You and your companion were found unconscious on the outskirts of
town. I took the liberty of bringing you to this hotel.
  It's been several years since we've had visitors. I guess you too are
here for our "Forsaken Dungeon?" If you're here for the dungeon, please
use these. They're items left behind by the previous guests...a dagger,
a leather shield, Fire and Ice Materia, and some magic stones.
  They're not much, but they're far better than nothing. Please don't
forget to equip them.
  Now, allow me to explain to you the fundamentals of dungeon survival.
  A basic attack is done by pressing the [] button. You can punch or
slash if you have a weapon equipped. Rapidly hitting the button does
combos while holding the button then releasing performs a special
attack. However, if you get hit while charging up your special attack,
your attack is canceled. Hence, timing is crucial. Oh yes, yes, this is
useless unless you have a weapon equipped.
  I'll now explain the use of magic. First, you'll have to hit the START
button to enter the status menu, then equip the Materia as Basic Magic
or Ultra Magic. You can use magic by pressing the O button, but that
will only use the Basic Magic (the one you've equipped as Basic Magic}.
Holding the O button down then releasing it, will allow you to use the
Ultra Magic (the one you've equipped as Ultra Magic.)
  For example, if you have the Fire Materia equipped as Basic Magic and
you equip an Ice Materia as Ultra Magic, pressing the O button will
launch a basic fire spell and holding it down then releasing will
unlease a powerful blizzard. Exchanging the Two Materia will allow you
to launch a normal blizzard and a powerful fire.
  Similar to the physical attack, if you get hit while storing up for
the Ultra Magic, it will be canceled. Please take caution when and
where you use magic. Also, it seems to me that you're not a magician.
Therefore, you'll have to use "magic stones," which store magic, to
use magic. A spell will use up 1 magic stone for 1 Basic Magic and 3 for
1 Ultra Magic.
  To avoid a monster's attack, press the R1 button. Normally, you'd use
your right index finger to press it. If you go without guarding for too
long, you'll soon find yourself dead...so please be careful. Also, you
can jump to avoid physical and magical attacks. Use the L1 button for
that. That will be pressed by your left index finger. If you press the
L1 button and the [] button together, you'll jump and do a special
attack. You should try it out sometime.
  There is one other thing, if you guard with the R1 button and press
the L1 button to jump, you can use a "Guard Attack" to knock back
nearby enemies. It won't do any damage to them, but it can be effective
if you're surrounded by enemies. However, this move will make you hungry
very fast. So be careful.
  Oh, also about the /\ button, if you wish to use items during combat,
it is best to place it in your satchel. Items placed in your satchel
will be displayed on the bottom of the screen. You can move the selector
on the satchel using the L2 and R2 buttons and pressing the /\ button
will use the selected item. Using this function is extremely useful so
please make good use of it.
  Next, pressing the START button and then pressing the SELECT button
will give you the option to check your physical condition or to save.
Saving will cost you money and the amount required to save will increase
as your level goes up. Please make a note of it.
  And finally, the dungeon has multiple entrances. Of all the entrances,
I recommend first entering through the one near the top of the mountain.
The power of hte monsters can vary greatly depending on where you enter
so if you care for your own safety, always enter through the one at the
top of the mountain.
  For more detailed information, please talk to the restaurant's
sommelier. Do take care.
  In this town you'll find this hotel, the merchant's shop, the
blacksmith's, the grocery shop, and a restaurant at your disposal.
Actually, the restaurant is currently closed. I hear the chef is
missing... Oh, but you should still visit the restaurant anyway, though.
The sommelier there is quite knowledgable, so it would be a good idea to
go visit him before entering the dungeon.
  No one knows the exact layout of the dungeon. No one has made it to
its deepest parts and returned alive. I've heard the blacksmith was
able to go down fairly deep. But that was a long time ago...
  While you were gone, I have had the opportunity to talk to your
acquaintance. So, I've heard much about your world.
  This hotel has had many guests. We've had a guest with spiky blonde
hair, carrying a big sword. We've also had a man with long silver hair
stop by. They all seem to have come from various dimensions, and, in
turn, have journeyed off to other dimensions.
  People of some dimensions know about our existence, while others do
not. It seems the people of your dimension have no idea about us... When
you return home, let them know us. Then maybe this town will become
  I heard that you are an archaeologist. If that's the case, you must be
very interested in the town's dungeon. I certainly hope you will find
something nice there.
         - Grocery Shop
  When you talk to the grocery shop owner when you are Level 1-5, she'll
say the following:

  You're that traveler aren't you? You sort of... look like my late...
  Eating is a fundamental of living. You have to eat.
  Are you thinking about a balanced diet when you eat? If you want to
add strength, meat is the way to go. Mushrooms will give you a sturdy
body. Vegetables and fruit are the key to becomeing adept at magic. If
you want to check on the condition of your body, press the SELECT button
at the status menu and then choose "Check Stats." The type of nutrition
you're getting is displayed in a pentagon-shaped graph. You should check
it frequently.
  You gain more speed by eating poultry and fish. Jellies contain many
minerals and enhance dexterity.
  Are the other dimensions that much better? I've always lived in this
town and have been perfectly happy with it. Except for one thing... If
only my runaway daughter would just come back home...
  I feel so bad for Mr. Sommeleeay at C'est Bon de Tres Bien. He was
such good friends with Pierre.
         - Merchant's Shop
  You're from another dimension, aren't you? This is a small town, so
word gets around fast. I hear they found you unconscious on the
outskirts of town.
  Potions are a must if you're going into the dungeon. You should carry
as many as you can. Don't forget to place them in your satchel too.
  I love rare and unusual items, if you find any interesting things in
the dungeon, come to me with them. Depending on what it is, I can give
you a good deal.
  They say the dungeon has hidden rooms. It seems they are most
frequently found on the other side of the walls of long hallways. If
you want to break through the walls you need...bombs!
  Weapons and armor made of glass have enormous attack or defensive
powers. However, they are not so durable and tend to break easily. If
you want to use equipmetn made of glass, made sure you boost your
dexterity first.
  It's been said that if you equip items used by a sage, your rate of
learning will go up, if that's the case, then I'm sure your level can
go up faster too.
  There are all kinds of equipment with peculiar effects: weapons and
armor that make you get hungry really fast when they are equipped;
weapons and armor that reduce your mobility, and so on. I hear there
are lots of such equipment.
         - Restaurant
  Welcome to the restaurant C'est Bon de Tres Bien. I am Sommeleeay, the
sommelier of this restaurant. I deeply appreciate your patronage.
Unfortunately, the restaurant is presently closed... To tell you the
truth, the owner and chef of the restaurant, Pierre, has been missing
since he entered the dungeon... Pierre has always gone down to the
dungeon to get supplies. He's been doing this for quite some time, so I
wasn't too worried. But, it has been a month since his disappearance.
You can't keep a restaurant going without a chef. So, unhappily, I must
keep the restaurant closed. Are you headed for the dungeon? Then please,
find my chef. But... I understand he's been missing since last month. So
I've all but given up hope. But at least, I'd like to ask you to bring
back Pierre's belongings. Pierre always went into the dungeon with his
recipe book. Not only did it contain recipes, there are hints about the
dungeon written in there. If you can bring that back, I'll reward you
with the town's famous brew and those hints in the book. Please, I'm
depending on you.
  I'm counting on you for the recipe books.
  I've heard that even humans have innate magic potential. But actually,
possessing magical powers is very difficult, if not impossiblle. Why,
one would have to draw out the magic that is sealed within the magic
stones themselves! The magic shop's owner is a good example. No matter
how much he wants to be a mage, and no matter how much time he puts into
it, a human will only ever be a human. You cannot cast magic without
Materia or magic stones. Oh yes, yes, if you want to acquire magic
stones here, it would be best to go to the magic shop. But keep in mind
that the owner is quite an eccentric man.
  Do you think about your partner whenever you're advancing through the
dungeon? Wouldn't it be a good idea to leave behind excess potions,
food, weapons, armor, and Materia for a time when something may happen
to you in the dungeon and you need help? Wouldn't it be best to leave
such items in a safe area, with no monsters, such as in the town, the
dungeon entrance or on a floor near the entrance to the next level for
your partner?
  Weapons and armor with protection from the guardians were created
before the "Time of the Wrath of the Guardians." In other words, they
are ancient and valuable items. Since the "Wrath," weapons and armor
lost their natural ability to gain guardian protection. Even now, the
guardians are displeased, and praying will no longer instill new
guardian protection, nor will it raise the abilities of people. Praying
will only raise the abilities of weapons and armor that already have
guardian protection. That is why that dungeon has been given the name
"The Forsaken Dungeon." However, through an age-old technique, the
guardian protections themselves can be transplanted to another weapon or
armor that has no guardian protection, which will give it special
qualities. The only person capable of such a task is Kuma, the
  On rare occassions, you'll encounter used weapons or armor. These
items were the belongings of previous adventurers. Such items have been
broken in and can perform critical hits more easily. The drawback is
that their durability has been worn down. It would be best to take
these items back for repair, these items are as good as any other
  The reason why I trade wine is to raise money to maintain this
restaurant. It is not for my personal profit. I want to keep this place
as clean as possible so that Pierre can return at any time...
         - Blacksmith
Kuma: Hey, young one. You've come here to raid the dungeon? Just be
      careful out there. I'm Kuma, the blacksmith. I'm the most elderly
      'round here, so you'd better give me some respect.
 Tak: You're a new face. Come to treasure hunt too? Lookin' at both of
      us, what do you think? Do we look like twins? Actually, we're not
      twins but grandfather and grandson. Who's the grandson? That's me.
      Yeah, my gramps has sure been livin' a long time...
Kuma: I'm a tried and true blacksmith. Been doin' this for a hundred
      years. What? I don't look it? You haven't been 'round much, have
 Tak: Fix all your valuable equipment before they break! That's the iron
Kuma: There are various types of weapons: swords, axes, spears, rods,
      and knuckles. Each one requires a different fighting style. Just
      use what suits you.
 Tak: If the name of a weapon ends with Used, Ace, King, Impact, or
      Perfect, it means it has a higher chance of a critical hit or
      that you do more damage when you make a critical hit. Did you
      know that?
Kuma: My wife and son passed away a long time ago. I now live with my
      grandson. That grandson of mine is 60 years younger than I am,
      but he doesn't show much vigor. Why is that?
 Tak: I hear that dungeon has more than just ancient Materia and
      weapons. My gramps once entered the dungeon long ago, when he was
      around 50 or so. Since then, he's been like the way he is now...
      he doesn't age or die. Sometimes, I think he's immortal.
Kuma: You may not believe it, but I'm going to be 112 this year. Since
      my 50's, I feel like I haven't aged a bit. To tell you the truth,
      it feels as if I've become younger. Is it because of my drinking?
      I guess drinking's the key to my health.
Kuma: I like all kinds of drinks. I'm happier when I get a drink than
      when I get money.
Kuma: I'm the only one in this town who can forge the age-old weapons.
      You see, you can put the Materia in this hole here. But, as far
      as I know, it's only ornamental.
Kuma: Hey, all the dungeon boys and girls are sayin', "You can't go
      adventurin' without Kuma, the blacksmith!" You can't fight with a
      broken weapon, ya know.
Kuma: Combining is a very sacred technique which is used to transplant
      guardian protection between weapons and armor. Only someone as
      skilled as I will ever have the ability to do it.
 Tak: Gramps says he doesn't remember hardly anything about the dungeon.
      He doesn't remember what he encountered, what he saw, or even what
      he did. I wonder what's in that forsaken dungeon.
Kuma: Lately, I haven't been drinking much. Oh, I wish I could drink a
      bathtub full of drinks.
Kuma: My dream is to consume drinks from all across the dimensions. The
      drink I want the most now is called Walt's Brew. Ever heard of it?
      I think it comes from the same dimension you're from. It's made in
      some place called California. So how about it? When you go back
      there, why not bring me one of those?
Kuma: What if my wish came true and I got to try all the drinks that
      exist...then what else would be left in life...? I sometimes think
      about that. I could just have the same drink everyday, it would
      still be good. Well, I'm sure new drinks will be made every decade
      or so. The dimensions are a vast place. But then, my wish will
      never be fulfilled...it kinda' feels futile now, doesn't it?
 Tak: My gramps has been so energetic that he hasn't let me handle any
      of the work. Because of that, I'm still an apprentice at this
      age... He won't even show me the technique of combining. <sigh>
         - Magic Shop
  I research magic on a daily basis. My research is well beyond your
capability of comprehension.
  You're going to take the magic stones with you to the dungeon,
correct? Do you know the proper way of using magic? Materia can be used
as either Basic or Ultra Magic.
  Fire allows you to launch fireballs. Basic Magic doesn't have much
range so you'll have to get close to the monsters. But when cast as
Ultra Magic, you'll launch as many fireballs as there are monsters and
the fireballs will have homing ability for better accuracy.
  Materia is very precious. You could say that no two are the same. If
you find one in the dungeon, you should pick it up no matter what.
  Ice uses cold elements against your foes. When cast as Basic Magic,
it's merely the icy version of fire. But as Ultra Magic, it'll freeze
the feet of the monsters to stop their movement. Also, monsters that
cannot move have reduced defense. Isn't that cool?
  There are enemies that are immune to magic. Also, there are enemies
that are only affected by magic. Of course there are cases when one
magic won't work while another will. You'll just have to learn what
works through experience.
  When I say Thunder, I'm talking about electricity. As Basic Magic, the
spell will pierce through the monsters. If you're good, you'll be able
to pierce through multiple enemies at once. As Ultra Magic, you should
unlease it while facing a wall. The spell will ricochet off and hit the
monsters in the room.
  I'm training to become a mage. I don't want to rely on magic stones or
Materia to use magic. I have yet to succeed at it though...
  Freeze will allow you to freeze the monsters. Until they get attacked,
they stay frozen. Heh heh heh...they're so stupid...
  I'm a vegetarian. In order to raise your magic abilities, you should
never eat meat. The key is to just get as many vitamins as possible.
  The spell Quake is essentially an earthquake. As Basic Magic, it opens
up a chasm in the ground and anything in the path of the chasm will
receive damage. The Ultra Magic version will bring an earthquake to the
entire room and do damage to all the enemies. However, flying monsters
are not affected. You do know why, right?
  If you're going to choose a guardian, it's best to choose an evil one.
I'll be willing to throw all my other stats out the door, as long as my
magic stats go up. That's why I continue to make offerings to Charon.
Part 15: Endings
                         NOTICE TO ALL READERS
  The following contains !SPOILERS! so read on if you dare. If you are
not at the very end of the dungeon or haven't beaten the game at least
once already, turn back now! Or spoil yourself if you want. You do what
you want. Besides, it's not very amazing as it is, so you can choose to
read it if you want.

  There are a total of four endings. Koji has two endings, and Clair has
two endings. The endings depend on whether or not you use the Phoenix
Down on your forever unconscious (if a Phoenix Down isn't used) partner.
The endings are only in text, so there aren't any FMVs. Dream Factory
could have put in FMVs for the endings, but guess what? After everything
was put in, the CD was almost used all the way. There were barely any
MBs left, so don't get mad at Dream Factory (or what most people would
think, Squaresoft, or Square) just 'cause there aren't FMVs for the
Quest Mode endings. Besides, most people would know Dream Factory would
have made the endings in FMV if they could, but they were unable to.
  For each character, Ending One is the ending if you 'Use' the Phoenix
Down at the end, while Ending Two is the ending if you 'Do not use' the
Phoenix Down at the end.
  When you reach the 21st floor, you will first fight a Grey Dragon,
after you defeat it, the next boss is a Red Dragon (looks similar to
Red Scorpion except this freak has wings), after defeating it, the
character you are using dies. Your partner will have to go down to
the same floor and go on ahead. You will then fight a Phoenix, after
defeating it, you will get a Phoenix Down. Go back to the room with
your partner and go up to the downed character. A text box will pop
up giving you two choices.
 Koji Ending One:
  Clair miraculously comes back to life. The loss of the Phoenix has
taken away the only remaining link to immortality throughout the
  This marks the end of the challenge against the guardians and seals
away its mystery and ambition into the eternity of time.
 Koji Ending Two:
  The golden feather was taken back to the research lab in the hands of
Koji. Koji compiled the occurrences in a jounral, made his announcement,
and stood in the spotlight. However, the proof to his argument, the
entrance to the dimensional junction, could not be found.
  His research was soon forgotten. The only thing left behind was the
faint pain in his heart.
 Clair Ending One:
  Koji miraculously comes back to life. The loss of the Phoenix has
taken away the only remaining link to immortality throughout the
  This marks the end of the challenge against the guardians and seals
away its mystery and ambition into the eternity of time.
 Clair Ending Two:
  Clair took the feather and placed it in a vase. It dazzles in the
light and made everything seem like a dream. For her, knowin the truth
behind the ruin, behind immortality, in her own heart was good enough.
  Clair, learning the truth and knowing she has touched upon something
no other scientist will, quits her research and goes off to find a new
Part 16: Frequently Asked Questions
Part 17: Special Thanks
Derek <notonl8ly@aol.com>:
  Told me you can and how to get Sasuke's equipment (Katana, Helmet, and
Armor); what the rooms should look like that lead to secret rooms

Dream Factory:
  Making Ehrgeiz

  Licensing the game

  Owning part of Dream Factory

Square EA:
  Publishing Ehrgeiz in US

Cheow Enping <enpingy@yahoo.com (Enpingy)>:
  Making the first Quest Mode FAQ for Ehrgeiz, "Plot/Storyline,"
"Materia," and "Move List" are all of the things I got from it

My other FAQs:
Part 18: Author Information
Name:     Dan GC
E-mail:   LB Dan GC@aol.com
Web page: None
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ICQ:      None

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Don't plagiarize! It's bad! And always give credit where it is due!

  I think Dream Factory could've made Quest Mode better, but it's
already good as it is, but more stuff could have been made. For Ehrgeiz
2, if there is a Quest Mode, they should make it like the real game, and
almost everyone would have separate stories, they could use a DVD to put
all that info on one disc; also, some people could be partners, or even
more than just one or two persons, they could make it just like Tobal
No. 1 and 2 except make it even better.
Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

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