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Quest Mode Guide by CEnping

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 01/18/1999

Ehrgeiz (Japanese) for Playstation
Ehrgeiz Quest mode Guide Version 1.2
By Cheow Enping <enpingy@yahoo.com>
Last updated: 18-1-98


1.  Story and Character Information
2.  Controls
3.  Menu
4.  The Village
5.  Food
6.  Weapons and Armour
7.  Fighting
8.  Magic
9.  The Dungeon
10. Guardians
11. Completing the Quest
12. Tips

Ehrgeiz is a game created by Squaresoft and Dreamfactory. It was originally 
released in the arcade with the help of Namco. Now, Ehrgeiz has been released on 
the Playstation and the Quest mode is one of the few new RPG elements added.

This RPG mode has some of the best graphics I've ever seen. The graphics are 
excellent (look at the sunlight coming in from the dungeon windows and the 
plants in the water) and the music is great (note that there is singing in the 
background music in the deeper dungeon floors). The story isn't impressive 
enough though, because one would definitely demand something better from 

Ehrgeiz, Squaresoft and Dreamfactory are registered trademarks of their 
respective companies.

1. Story and Character Information

50 years ago, after the discovery of EHRGEIZ in an ancient German castle, the 
mysterious materia became the prize in the EHRGEIZ tournament. Koji Masuda, 
being the three-time Ehrgeiz champion, used this mysterious materia and found an 
old excavation site. He then found out that he had stumbled upon Red Scorpion's 
secret excavation site, and thus his life was sought after by this dangerous 
organisation. When he returned to the Ehrgeiz tournament headquarters, his 
daughter told him that in a certain place, an unimaginably powerful source of 
energy is hidden, and that she wanted him to get it. Thus, Masuda and his 
assistant, Clair Andrews followed the source of information and arrived at a 
mysterious village. It is said that this village used to possess a huge source 
of mysterious energy, and thus angered god. God then sent this village to 
another dimension, and all its treasures were hidden in the dangerous and 
mysterious dungeon along with long forgotten memories of the past.

Koji Masuda

Age: 39
Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Male
Job: Martial Artist, Student of Archaeology

He is the father of Yoko but had divorced his wife. As his daughter was left 
under custody of his wife, he could concentrate on his excavation and 
exploration work, and became the three-time EHRGEIZ tournament champion. This 
time, having been led to the secret excavation site of Red Scorpion, his life 
has been threatened.

Clair Andrews

Age: 20
Nationality: English
Sex: Female
Job: Student of Archaeology

She is Masuda's assistant and studies ancient exploration. Since the age of 12, 
Clair has been a world-class champion at both golf and net ball. Later, she 
became the student of a martial arts expert. She is good at high speed 
barehanded fighting as well as using military weapons.

2. Controls


L2 and R2:    Select equipped item
Triangle:     Use equipped item
L1:           Jump
X:            Start a conversation, open doors, pick up things
Start:        Open menu
Select:       Pause

In the village:

Square:       Start a conversation, open doors, pick up things
Circle:       Start a conversation, open doors, pick up things

In the Dungeon:

Square:       Attack
Circle:       Cast Magic

3. Menu

In the menu, the statistics are:

Level                     Your level (it can easily exceed 99)
Experience Points         Your total experience points
Max Hp                    Your maximum hit points
Attack                    The damage dealt using physical attacks
Defense                   Reduces physical damage (Max Def : 255)
Magic attack              The damage done using magic attacks
Magic Defense             Reduces magical damage
Weapon Skill              Effectiveness of using special attacks
Speed                     The speed at which you can run and attack
Endurance                 Rate at which you use up your energy for Hp
Experience gaining rate   Rate at which you receive experience points

The numbers in yellow are your character's base statistics. Those in blue are 
the status after you equip your weapons and armour.

Your inventory is the big space on the left. It can hold up to 30 items (100gil 
= 1 item, 50 magic materia = 1 item).

When you select a weapon, armour, helmet or shield, there will be four options:


When you select potions, bombs or dragon wings, there will be yet another four 


When you select food, there will also be four options:


When you select the green magic materia, you will see two options:


When you select magic materia, there will be four options:

Equip as normal magic
Equip as super magic

The box below your inventory give you a quick look at what you are equipped with 
and the Hp of your weapon, armour, shield and helmet.

You can press select to bring up three options:

Save Game
End Game

When you open the nutrition balance menu, you see five status. Starting from the 
top and going in a clockwise direction, they are:


You can save your game anywhere, but you have to pay gil to save your game. The 
amount of gil paid is your highest level character's level multiplied by ten. 
Saving the game requires 2 memory blocks. They will first ask you if you want to 
pay the price, and you will see two options:


Select Yes and you get to save your game.

4. The Village

This village is not very big. There are a total of 5 places:

Hotel                 You can bank in your money and exchange
                      character. Exchanging characters is the
                      only way you can restore Hp and Mp for free.

Weapon Shop           You can buy and sell weapons, armour, etc...
                      The weapons sold are random but will be around
                      your level.

Grocery Stall         You can buy and sell food here

Blacksmith            You can repair weapons, etc..
                      You can also transfer Guardians here at the
                      cost of wine or beer.

Restaurant            You can play shares and find out info.
                      This is where you exchange recipe books for
                      beer. When playing shares, square is buy and
                      circle is sell. You will lose 5 gil per bottle
                      every few seconds.

Materia Shop          You can buy and sell green magic materia

There are 3 entrances to the dungeon here. The first is at the top of the hill 
and leads to level 1. The second is at the bottom of the hill and leads to level 
7. The next is at the bottom of the well and leads to level 13.

5. Food

When in the dungeon, your energy will slowly decrease and your Hp will be 
drained when you have no energy left. To replenish your energy, you have to eat 

Food also enhances the statistics gained when you level up. Here is how it 

Food                  Statistic Raised 

Meat*                 Attack
Vegetables            Magic attack
Fish                  Defense
Ki no ko (????)       Speed
Berries               Weapon skill
Proteins              Everything

*Bird meat raises defence though
You can check your nutrition balance in the menu.
Note that this system is a nutrition BALANCE, which means that if you keep on 
eating all kinds different food, you will not increase everything.

6. Weapons and Armour


Weapons in Ehrgeiz quest mode are not just excuses for adding attack power. They 
will decide how you fight.

There are many different kinds of weapons such as knives, spears, axes, gloves, 
swords, Japanese swords, magician rods, etc... Each weapon has its own specialty 
in terms of range, speed, special moves, etc... Many weapons are two-handed and 
require you to sacrifice a shield.

When you fight monsters, your weapons will get damaged and you will have to 
repair them at the blacksmith. The cost for repair is 5 gil per endurance.

Some weapons are specially reserved for use by certain characters. Masuda has 
access to the more offensive weapons such as special large swords Japanese 
swords. Clair is able to use magician rods or staffs, which are generally more 
defensive and magically inclined.


There are various kinds of defensive wear. Basically, you have body armour, 
helmets and shields.

These get damaged after you are hit many times. Repair them at the blacksmith. 
The cost for repair is 5 gil per endurance.

* Note: Some weapons which have above average statistics may be cursed and thus 
cause you to not be able to cast magic.

FF Weapon/Armour Lists

As a tribute to the Final Fantasy series, I have made a basic list of the Final 
Fantasy exclusive weapons and armour, excluding the usual Bronze, Gold, 
Platinum,  etc.... stuff.

+Tiger Fang+                 Location: 13-15 floor

Weapon Attack                65
Hit Points                   4/4

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 0
Magic Defense                0
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -2
Endurance                    -2
Experience gaining rate      +2

+Dragon Claw+                Location: 13-15 floor

Weapon Attack                67
Hit Points                   4/4

Max Hp                       0
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 0
Magic Defense                0
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        +5
Endurance                    -3
Experience gaining rate      0

+Buster Sword+               Location: 10-12 floor

Weapon Attack                57
Hit Points                   10/10

Max Hp                       0
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 00
Magic Defense                0
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        +2
Endurance                    -1
Experience gaining rate      0

+Ragnarok Sword+             Location: 16-18 floor

Weapon Attack                95
Hit Points                   10/10

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 +5
Magic Defense                +2
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -3
Endurance                    -2
Experience gaining rate      0

+Masamune+                   Location: 19-20 floor

Weapon Attack                98
Hit Points                   8/8

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 +7
Magic Defense                0
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -3
Endurance                    -2
Experience gaining rate      0

+Ultima Weapon+              Location: 19-20 floor

Weapon Attack                99
Hit Points                   10/10

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      +3
Magic attack                 0
Magic Defense                0
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -4
Endurance                    -2
Experience gaining rate      0

+Princess Guard+             Location: 19-20 floor

Weapon Attack                93
Hit Points                   9/9

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      +12
Magic attack                 +5
Magic Defense                +7
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -3
Endurance                    -3
Experience gaining rate      0

+Venus Gospel+               Location: 16-18 floor

Weapon Attack                95
Hit Points                   10/10

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 0
Magic Defense                10
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -5
Endurance                    -4
Experience gaining rate      0

+Premium Heart+              Location: 16-18 floor

Weapon Attack                87
Hit Points                   4/4

Max Hp                       0 %
Attack                       0
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 0
Magic Defense                +8
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -3
Endurance                    -3
Experience gaining rate      0

+Imperial Guard+             Location: 19-20 floor

Defense                      24
Hit Points                   16/16

Max Hp                       +10 %
Attack                       +2
Defense                      0
Magic attack                 0
Magic Defense                +10
Weapon Skill                 0
Speed                        -2
Endurance                    -2
Experience gaining rate      0

I think I might be able to update this Weapon/Armour list, if I manage to find 
the time.

7. Fighting

When you are fighting with enemies, you cannot access the menu, and thus will be 
unable to heal. So, you will have to equip items to aid you in battle.

You can actually do some special moves in the quest mode.

Characteristics of Weapons:

Glove: A weapon with slightly below average attack power. 
       Extremely quick, but lacks range and stamina. 
       Excellent for close combat.

Knife: A weapon with slightly below average attack power. 
       Quick, but lacks range and has slightly below average stamina. 
       Good for close combat.

Sword: A weapon with average attack power. 
       Of average speed, average range and good durability. 
       Well balanced.

Spear/Axe: A weapon of high attack power. 
           Slow but has extremely far range and high durability. 
           Good for keeping enemies at a distance.

This is a rough division of weapons and their moves. Different weapons do 
different things.

Special Moves
                Glove              Knife/Sword        Spear/Axe

S, S, S         Three Of The Kind  Kinen Slash        ???? (A) 
                                   Joint Front Slash
                                   Hell Quake Slash?

D-pad + S, S, S Triple Black Knock Joint Front Slash  ???? (A)
                                   Hell Quake Slash?  Kinen Slash
                                   ???? (B)

L1 + S          Flip Kick          Somersault Slash   Somersault Slash

Hold S, then    Maha Punch         Dancing Joy        Dancing Joy
release                            Swirling Slash       

Hold R1, L1     Rising Upper       Rising Upper       Rising Upper
(uses energy)

*S = Square


-Rising Upper

Originated from: Godhand

  This attack is good to be used when cornered. It uses some of your energy to 
do an uppercut that knocks your opponent off his feet. When you have no energy, 
you can still do this move. It does not do damage though.

Glove Attacks
-Three Of The Kind

 Originated from: Clair

A three hit fist combo that hits normally.

-Triple Black Knock

 Originated from: Godhand

A quick but powerful set of three kicks are dealt out in the air. This is very 
effective when dealing with many enemies. 

-Flip Kick

 Originated from: Anybody

A powerful flip attack is done.

-Maha Punch

 Originated from: Godhand

A set of 9 punches are dealt out rapidly at one enemy.

Sword, Spear and Axe Techniques
-Kinen Slash

 Originated from: Sasuke, Yuffie

A set of three slashes are dealt out. Most swords, spears, axes and knives will 
do this.

-Joint Front Slash

 Originated from: Sasuke

A quick set of three slashes are unleashed samurai style. This can be done with 
all Japanese swords.

-???? (A)

All spears and axes can do this attack.

-Hell Quake Slash???

 Originated from: Sephiroth

A three hit sword combo similar to the Kinen Slash. Most swords and knives do 

-???? (B)

A three hit sword combo similar to the Kinen Slash. Most swords and knives do 

-Somersault Slash

 Originated from: Sasuke, Yuffie

A slash is added to a somersault, doing massive damage. All non-glove weapons do 
this attack.

-Dancing Joy

 Originated from: Sasuke, Yuffie

Your character spins round with his sword and hits the enemies multiple times 
for lots of damage. Very effective when surrounded by lots of enemies. All 
spears, most axes and some swords  can do this while some other swords can do a 
very pathetic imitation of it.

-Swirling Slash

 Originated from: Cloud????

Your character raises the sword above his head and spins it, then brings the 
sword down in a powerful slash. Most Japanese swords and a few axes will do 


 Originated from: Cloud, Zax

You do Cloud's devastating limit break, and unleash a set of five strokes that 
do very massive damage. Few enemies can survive the full force of this move. 
Enemies might be able to interrupt between moves though. This technique may be 
done with all of Cloud's swords and a few Japanese swords.

8. Magic

To use magic, you must have green magic materia and magic materia equipped.

Most materia can be found every three floors (3, 6, 9, 12, ...) of the dungeon 
except for one which is not guarded and at the 16th floor.

Magic materia can be equipped as  normal magic or super magic.
To use normal magic, press circle
To use super magic, hold circle till you bend down, then release.

Normal magic uses 1 Mp
Super magic uses 3 Mp

                       Normal Magic        Super Magic

Fire                   A small fireball    Multiple fireballs
                       is dropped          are shot widespread
                       Burns enemies

Blizzard (Ice)         A blast of cold     Traps multiple enemies
                                           with ice

Thunder (Bolt)         Stream of lightning Large bolt of lightning
                       shears through      flies across and reflects
                       enemies             off walls

Flare (Extreme Fire)   A ring of fire      A body of fire encases you
                       surrounds you

Freeze (Extreme Ice)   Freezes the enemy   Freezes all enemies

Trine (Extreme Bolt)   A lightning         All enemies are hit by
                       trap is laid        lightning

Quake                  A shockwave is sent An earthquake is
                       through the ground  summoned

Meteor                 A little meteor is  Meteors rain down slowly

Ultima                 The enemy is sent   All enemies are sent into
                       into the X-zone     the X-zone

Holy                   Confuses an enemy   Confuses multiple enemies

9. The Dungeon

Basic Dungeon Structure

When you first enter a new floor of the dungeon, it will be randomly generated. 
As you progress, you will map the place. There are a total of 21 floors.

In the dungeon, you might find special rooms that have recipe books, altars, 
materia, or food.

The dungeon will look and sound different every 3 floors, and there will be a 
boss guarding a piece of materia every third floor. When the boss is defeated, 
it will either drop a recipe book or a piece of armour.

There are also secret rooms that will only be revealed when you bomb the walls. 
These walls are along those long and narrow passages BETWEEN two lights (walls 
which look transparent are just normal walls made transparent for your 
convenience, and cannot be destroyed). There is usually treasure and an above 
average monster inside.

There are many traps in the dungeon that will lock you up with monsters which 
will regenerate at alarming rates. You must finish off all the monsters before 
more appear. If successful, the trap doors will be opened and the trap cannot be 
activated again. If you fail to do so but manage to hang in there for some time, 
the trap on the floor will disappear and you will be freed when you defeat the 
remaining enemies. However, the trap can still be activated again.

You should not dwell in the same place for too long or monsters will appear.

If you should die in the dungeon, your other character will have to rescue you 
by picking up the medicine box that you drop when you die. Therefore, make sure 
you other character is not too pathetic to run all the way back down, and make 
sure you have what you need.

Survival Tips

-=Do not be too ambitious=-

Do not send a low level character into a deep dungeon. You need at least a 
weapon found on that same dungeon level to match up against the monsters. If you 
are of a sufficiently high level and have the right things, you can just cruise 
through the dungeon killing monsters, getting good stuff and training levels. 

-=Stock up your inventory=-

You should always make sure that you have extra food and can get a good supply 
of food from the monsters. It would be disastrous if you were to run out of food 
and not be able to stop your already low Hp from being drained. Also remember to 
carry more than one weapon, since the monsters would require you to hit them 
multiple times. If you are carrying too many weapons or pieces of armour, it 
would be wise to use a Dragon Wing to warp out, refill your Hp and energy as 
well as sell the things. Without much difficulty, you should be able to find 
another Dragon Wing when defeating monsters. Thus, feel free to use your Dragon 
Wing, and never leave it lying on the round, for it is a rule that you can only 
possess one Dragon Wing at any point in time.

-=Always be well prepared=-

As steady as you might think you are, you must beware of unfair circumstances, 
whereby the enemy surround you and bash you up, or those humanoid like monsters 
are very vicious at attacking and good at defending. These cases might surprise 
you because they can really reduce your character's Hp. Another thing you must 
not overlook is to equip materia. Some enemies can only e severely injured by 
magical attacks, and you would thus suffer greatly if you were locked up in a 
room full of these monsters. You probably will not be able to defeat them, and 
your weapon might even break if you manage to survive for quite some time. 
Therefore, always have materia equipped, carry enough potions and a Dragon Wing, 
and remember to EQUIP them.

10. Guardians

Some weapons or armour you find in the dungeon might have a bracket with a word 
after the name. That word means "Guarded". If you check the status of the 
weapon, on the right column, there will be a name multiplied by a number. That 
weapon will also have points added to or subtracted from its statistics.

That name, is actually the name of a guardian that guards your weapon. If you 
find recipe book 5, they will show you a list of the guardians and what they do. 
Here is a translation of the list:

Guardian           Add points to

Zeus               Max Hp, Defence
Poseidon           Attack, Weapon Skill
Hades              Magic Attack, Speed
Aries              Attack, Defence
Athena             Attack, Magic Attack
Apollo             Defence, Magic Defence
Arthemis           Magic Attack, Magic Defence
Hermes             Speed, Weapon Skill
Pa Ka Si (????)    Max Hp, Weapon Skill
Gaia               Everything except Max Hp
Satan*             Attack, Defence
Lucifer*           Magic Attack, Magic Defence
Mamon*             Max Hp, Endurance

* = Devil

All these Guardians will add statistics to your weapon or armour. However, those 
guardians who are marked Devils will deduct all the other statistics. The 
guardian Gaia will deduct your max Hp.

In  the dungeon, you might find rooms with altars (the rooms with something like 
a rectangular tombstone). Go and stand in front of the altar. There, if you open 
the menu and select an item, there will be 5 options instead of 4, and the 4th 
one means sacrifice. If you sacrifice an item to a guardian, it might work of 
fail. If it works, the effect of the guardian will be greatly increased. 
Sacrificing to devils will enhance their powers and they will also deduct more 
from the other statistics.

Whether your sacrifice works is completely dependent on luck. About 90 percent 
and above you will fail. Therefore, what you could do is go to the altar, use a 
dragon wing, dump all your things, load yourself with cheap food from the 
grocery stall and warp back to the altar. Then you can keep trying. It seems 
that it is very much easier to sacrifice to the devils, especially Satan.

The furthest a guardian can go is up to multiples of 6.

A tip on how you can make sacrifices efficiently is to make your way to an altar 
in a low level dungeon, use a Dragon Wing, dump as many things as you can, go to 
the grocery store and but food until your whole inventory is full then warp back 
and start sacrificing like crazy. When you run out of items, just go out and 
kill some enemies, find a Dragon Wing and repeat the process. Of course, you 
must at least have the money to be able to buy lots of food.

You can transfer the guardian of one weapon to another at the blacksmith.

If you manage to utilize the guardian system to your advantage, you can achieve 
dramatic results.

11. Completing the Quest

If you have not played through much of the game, then do not read this section.

Basically, to win the Quest mode, you have to be patient. Always choose your 
weapons wisely and spend time training levels. When you are of too low a level, 
it becomes very easy to die. So be patient and train. When I reached the deeper 
floors, I encountered great difficulty as the enemies were far more powerful and 
aggressive. However, once I attained a level of 100++, I had great difficulty 
getting killed!!!!

When you get to the 21st floor, you will notice that there will be no more 
monsters. As you should have realised, this is the final stage. Equip yourself 
with X-potions and get ready to fight a boss, which is some sort of dragon. Try 
moving to its right before you give it a series of attacks. It can do some sort 
of charge that can score multiple hits on you. So beware. It also a few more 
attacks such as a claw attack and a fireball attack. After defeating it, you get 
to fight yet another boss, which is a red dragon. 

Before you proceed, you can re-equip your things and check if your weapon is 
going to shatter. Proceed through the doorway when you are ready. The next boss 
is significantly weaker than the previous. It can do some sort of jumping tail 
attack, and breathe a wave of fireballs. Move away till it starts raising its 
head to breathe fire, then move in and hit it. Upon defeating it, the place will 
start exploding and your character will die (yes..). 

Now, you will be controlling the other character (You cannot access the menu 
until you exit the room (bug in the game?)). You got to go all the way down to 
where your other character died. Then, pick up whatever useful stuff you think 
you will need and proceed to fight the next boss. This boss is a phoenix, and it 
is the final boss. It can only do one monotonous attack, so either use a long 
ranged weapon, or stand back and keep casting lightning or meteor. When it dies, 
you get the legendary Phoenix Down (phew.. I never taught the Phoenix Downs in 
all the Final Fantasy series were so hard to find).

It is finally the time when you decide the conclusion of the game. On getting 
the Phoenix Down, go out and touch your dead character. You will be asked if you 
want to use the Phoenix Down or not. The first option says 'yes' and the other 
says 'no'. What you choose will bring about a different ending.

The endings, are all a great disappointment, especially for those who cannot 
read Japanese, for you will just be shown some text. So far, I know of 4 
different endings, which you get if:

1.Use Masuda to get Phoenix Down and use it on Clair.
2.Use Masuda to get Phoenix Down but do not use it.
3.Use Clair to get Phoenix Down and use it on Masuda.
4.Use Clair to get Phoenix Down but do not use it.

12. Tips

1. When you run out of space, you can drop your items anywhere on the ground*
2. You can use a Dragon Wing to escape from even the deepest dungeon or even 
from traps. Note that you can only get or possess one dragon wing at any time.
3. You should not depend on buying weapons to survive. You need the money for 
saving the game. Thus, you should save as much money and sell useless weapons.
4. The only way to refill your character's Hp and energy for free is to change 

*If you dump too many things, > 70 (????),  some of your items might be 
deleted!!!!! (I found that out the hard way)


I hope that my FAQ has been of some help to you.
I would appreciate it if you could tell me any secrets, etc that have not been 
mentioned or help me with the few translation problems.
Feel free to suggest things to be written in this faq by informing me.
Send all questions, information to <enpingy@yahoo.com>

1998 All Rights reserved Cheow Enping

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