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Vincent Guide by MAllen

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/15/1999


Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Mike Allen


This is as an "easy reference" guide for Vincent players. The 
strategies are from my Expert FAQ Version 1.38.

Send any tips/questions/comments to:  Mallen1@csulb.edu 









H: high
M: middle (input H+L)
L: low
G: guard
J: jump
S: special button
Basic: standard attack (not moving or using the directional pad)
Step: Step move (tap the directional pad while holding G)
Ducking: a fully-ducked position (hold G)
Rising: "while rising" position (after certain low attacks or ducking)
Walking: direction pad while holding G
Running: direction pad without holding G
j(attack): just-frame attack (exp. "jH" is a just-frame attack with H)


jab = Basic H
combo = if the first hit lands, the rest will connect
mid = an attack that hits middle
low = an attack that hits low
counter = counter-hit
delay = pushing the buttons at a slower speed to alter the timing 
lifter = move that sets up an air combo 
wake-up attack = a move while on the ground after being knocked down
down attack = a move used to hit opponents lying on the ground
sleeper = an opponent who sits on the ground after being knocked down
turtle = an opponent who plays defensively


VINCENT => Different than Godhand? Slightly. Better than Godhand? No. 

I hate Vincent. Almost every piece of strategy here is straight from my 
Godhand section. Vincent's a clone and nothing more. I rarely play him 
(Final Fantasy f**ks probably never play Godhand).

Close-Range Fighting

The jab mix-ups are the CORE of Vincent's close-range fighting. Be sure 
to switch between the H and HH when linking these attacks. The basic H, 
HH, and L mix-ups are listed below. 

Follow the Basic H and Basic HH with: 

1. H (against fast counters)
2. L (against high blocks; sets up L mix-ups) 
3. M (against low blocks)
4. H+S, H (against slow counters)
5. Throw (against turtles)
6. S (against turtles who can break throws)
7. 90-degree H (against most counters)
8. Step LH (against slow counters; input at maximum speed)
9. G+L (against high counters; can extend to G+L, H)


The HH will combo if the first hit connects.

2-choice the HHL and the HHjH. You can extend the HHL to HHLH, and 
lengthen the HHjH to HHjHHHHHHHHHHH for variety.

Hold the last H in H+S, HH on a successful hit to track your opponent.

Follow the Basic L with:

1. Rising H (against most counters; can extend to Rising HH)  
2. Rising H+S (strong against most counters; vulnerable to a jab)
3. Basic M (against low blocks; leaves you open if blocked)
4. Throw (against turtles)
5. S (against turtles who can break throws)
6. Ducking H (against slow counters; stuns on a counter)
7. Ducking H (hold) (another anti-turtle move)
8. Basic L (against high blocks; follow with another mix-up)
9. Step LH (against slow counters; input at maximum speed)
10. 90-degree H (against most counters)
11. G+L (against high counters; can extend to G+L, H)


To set up the Ducking H and Ducking H (hold) after a basic L, you need 
to hold G for a split-second after the L. 

You can follow a counter Ducking H with the Basic M or J+L for a combo.

Other Close-Range Tips:

The HHjHHHHHHHHHH and H (quick L) HHHHHHHH work great to push enemies 
into the corner. Hold down the button on the last hit of either to make 
it unblockable. If your opponent expects the entire chain, stop after 
the third or fourth hit and do a throw, basic S, basic L, or L+S, jH. 
If you expect a counter, pop the basic M. 

Vincent's 90-degree H comes out faster if you input counter-clockwise.

Only use the HHH for air-combos.

Medium-Range Fighting

Medium-Range Attacks:

1. Walking H
2. Step LH (follow with HHH)
3. Step LL (to Step LL links)
4. L+S, jHjH
5. Step H (to Step H links)
6. Running G+H
7. J+H (to J+H links)
8. Running HHH
9. G+H, H (unblockable high attack)

Follow the Walking H with:

1. H
2. H (delay)
3. G+H
4. Basic H (to Basic H and HH links)
5. Basic L (to Basic L links)
6. H+S, H
7. L+S, jHjH
8. S
9. Step LH (input Step LH at maximum speed; follow with HHH)

Follow the Step LL with: 

1. L
2. H
3. M
4. Basic M
5. Throw. 

Note: The Step LLL will combo if the first hit is a counter. 

Follow the Step H with:

1. L 
2. H (only if your opponent blocks the Step H)  
3. LjH (only if your opponent blocks the Step H) 

Follow the J+H with:

1. L (to J+H, L links)
2. Basic M
3. Throw

Follow the J+H, L with:

1. L
2. Basic M
3. Throw


The G+H, H is an unblockable attack that hits high. To secretly do the 
G+H, H, stop walking and immediately do the G+H, H. It look like the 
walking H, and opponents will block high for the second hit.

Wake-up Games

The Step LH is your best counter against missed wake-up attacks. Follow 
with HHH.

M+S (hold) works great against "turtles," but is much more effective 
against opponents who consistently ground recover. Knock them down and 
start the M+S (hold). When their invincibility wears off--POW! Mixed 
with the rolling step mine, you can have a LOT of fun.
You know how fantastic the L+S, jHjH is for normal fighting, but its 
superior range also makes it ideal for opponents pulling a ground 
recovery from a distance. Begin the move when they start to rise, and 
it will hit them after the invincibility wears off.

Vincent has no strong down attacks. The J+L is easy to avoid with the 
ground recover, and the G+L tends to miss.

Countering Opponent's Mistakes

Step LH is your best counter when opponents hits air. Follow with HHH 
for an air combo.

After blocking certain low attacks, stick with the rising H+S. If the 
rising H+S is too slow to counter, use the basic M. 

After blocking an attack that doesn't give you enough time for a major 
counter, try mixing in the L+S, quick H, quick L. This move goes around 
the side of your opponent and can hit as a back-attack if your opponent 
doesn't move. Best of all, if the attack hits, your opponent is 
stunned. Follow with J+L. The L+S, quick L, quick H is exactly the same 
move but goes around the other side. Go with whichever version you can 
input faster.


The Basic S:

Vincent's basic S is completely ineffective at long range if your 
opponent can projectile-evade. You can aim the bullet with the 
directional pad if you know which way your opponent will run or jump. 

Unless a perfect opportunity is available, save your white meter for 
interrupts and the rolling step mine.

Other Specials

The jumping S can be effective if used sparingly. If you want to make 
it part of your game, you'll need to jump a lot. If you shoot every 
time you jump, your opponent will prepare the projectile-evasion. Use 
the Practice Mode to work on the "low-height" and "quick jump" 

If your opponent is near-death and far away, charge the S. This move 
takes off a LOT of white meter, so stick with the basic S or rolling S 
under normal circumstances.


Vincent has no throw variations. Against opponents who know the "break" 
points, you'll need to keep throwing to a minimum.


H (quick L) HHjLjHjH
H (quick L) HHHHHHH
90-degree (either direction), H
H+S, H, H (hold the last H to track upward)
L+S, quick H
L+S, quick L
L+S, quick H, quick L
L+S, quick L, jH
L+S, M
L+S, jHjH
Walking HH
Running HHH
Running M
Running L
Running G+H
Projectile-Evasion, H
G+H, quick H
G+L, H
Ducking H
Ducking H (hold)
Step HH
Step HLjHjH
Step LHH
Step LM
Step LLL
Step LLH
Step LLM
Rising H+S


J, S
S (hold)
S (white meter empty)


Against "Vincent Extensions"

Watch out for "Vincent Extensions" of Godhand's moves: 

1. J+H, LL 
2. L+S, jHjH 
3. Step LLH  
4. H (quick L) HHjLjHjH
5. H+S, HH. 

Against Close-Range Fighting

The last hit on his HHjHHHHHHHHHHH is unblockable if they hold the 
button down, so hit him out of it if your opponent tries.

After an HHL (or G+L), don't be foolish or extra H (which hits MIDDLE) 
will nail you for big damage AND set you up as an airborne punching 
bag. Look for the lifter, and if it comes interrupt or block.

Vincent players will tack on the L after a successful Step H. You can 
ground recover after the Step H to pass through the L and counter. 

If Vincent jumps, be prepared to projectile-evade any jumping shots.



1.0- used Expert FAQ Version 1.3 
1.1- used Expert FAQ Version 1.33
1.2- used Expert FAQ Version 1.38

I won't update this FAQ again. New Vincent strategies will appear in my 
Expert FAQ first.

Send any questions/comments to:  Mallen1@csulb.edu

Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Mike Allen

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