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Sephiroth Guide by CEnping

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 01/02/1999

Ehrgeiz (Japanese) for Playstation 
Sephiroth Movelist Translation Version 1.0
By Cheow Enping <enpingy@yahoo.com>
Last updated: 2-1-98

Ehrgeiz is a game produced by Squaresoft and Dreamfactory, that has been brought 
over from the arcade to the Playstation.
The Playstation edition includes five new characters, four mini games, and an 
RPG mode.
All new characters except for Sephiroth will only be enabled one at a time when 
you win the game with certain characters..

The Playstation version of Ehrgeiz was released on the 17th of December.
This movelist is a translation of the Sephiroth movelist at www.drf.co.jp.

Squaresoft, Dream Factory and Ehrgeiz are registered trademarks of their 
respective companies. All rights reserved.


Mystery Jab                                  Up
Mystery High                                 Up, Down
Jenova Linkage BIRTH                         Up, Up, Down  
Jenova Linkage SYNTHESIS                     Up, Up, Up, Up, Up
Jenova Linkage DEATH                         Up, Down, Down, Up
Mystery Knee                                 Up + Down
Mystery Low                                  Down
Ancient Piece                                Down, Down, Up
Mystery High                                 Guard + Up
Chin High                                    Guard + Up, Up
Mystery Slash                                Guard + Up + Special
Ground Beat                                  Guard + Down + Special
Mystery Hook                                 Up + Special
Sting Low                                    Down + Special
Mystery Elbow                                Up + Down + Special
Fatal Trap                                   Up + Down + Special, Up, Up
Liberty's Kick Right                         Clockwise 90 degrees, Up
Liberty's Kick Left                          Anticlockwise 90 degrees, Up
Jenova Attack                                When above opponent Up + Down
Jenova Shoot                                 Step, Down, Up 
Jenova Reppa                                 Step, Down, Up + Down
Tornado Kick                                 Down while Crouching or Guard + 
Ascend Spiral                                Up while standing up
Back Turn Kick                               While running, Guard, Guard + Up
Rage Doer                                    Up while running 
Slide Charge                                 Down while running
Mystery Sting                                Guard + Up while running
Mystery Tackle                               Up + Down while running
Just Frame Moves

Jenova Linkage Life                          Up, Down, J Up
Jenova Linkage Incomplete                    Down, J Up
Levitation Strike                            Up + Down, J Up
Playing Reunion                              Guard + Up, Up, J Up
Desperado Edge                               Up + Special, J Up
Fatal Trap Complete                          Up + Down + Special, Up, Up, J Up
Jenova Rush                                  Step, Down, Up, J Up, Up, Up
Duo Fantasy                                  Draw Sword Stance, Up, J Up
Sephiroth Combo (Special)                    Sword Stance, Up, Up, Up, J Up

Hanging Slay                                 From Front
Front Suplex                                 From Front, Hold Down or Up
Neck Breaker                                 From Left
Side Suplex                                  From Right
Deadly Suplex                                From Back
Tragic End                                   360 degrees
Special Moves

Draw Sword Stance                            Special
Black Materia                                Hold on Special
Hilt Attack                                  Draw Sword Stance, Up
Hell's Gate                                  Draw Sword Stance, Down
Flash                                        Draw Sword Stance, Guard + Up
Sword Stance                                 Draw Dword Stance, Special
Sephiroth Combo Complete                     Sword Stance, Up, Up, Up
Hell Quake Slash                             Sword Stance, Down, Down, Down
Heaven's Dancing Spin                        Sword Stance, Special, Up, Up
Sudden Strike                                Sword Stance, Guard + Up
Fervent Blow                                 Sword Stance, Guard + Up while 
Cruel Strike                                 Sword Stance, Guard + Up while 
moving right
Sudden Cruelty                               Sword Stance, Guard + Up while 
moving left
Return to Draw Sword Stance                  Sword Stance, Up + Down while 
Flying Air Strike                            Special while jumping
Iron Smash                                   Special when guage is empty

Sephiroth Laugh                              D-pad up / down + select
Brandish Sword                               D-pad left / right + select

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