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Clair Guide by MAllen

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/15/1999


Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Mike Allen


This is as an "easy reference" guide for Clair players. The strategies 
are from my Expert FAQ Version 1.38.

Send any questions/comments to:  Mallen1@csulb.edu 









H: high
M: middle (input H+L)
L: low
G: guard
J: jump
S: special button
Basic: standard attack (not moving or using the directional pad)
Step: Step move (tap the directional pad while holding G)
Ducking: a fully-ducked position (hold G)
Rising: "while rising" position (after certain low attacks or ducking)
Walking: direction pad while holding G
Running: direction pad without holding G
j(attack): just-frame attack (exp. "jH" is a just-frame attack with H)


jab = Basic H
combo = if the first hit lands, the rest will connect
mid = an attack that hits middle
low = an attack that hits low
counter = counter-hit
delay = pushing the buttons at a slower speed to alter the timing 
lifter = move that sets up an air combo 
wake-up attack = a move while on the ground after being knocked down
down attack = a move used to hit opponents lying on the ground
sleeper = an opponent who sits on the ground after being knocked down
turtle = an opponent who plays defensively


CLAIR => Everybody was Kung-Fu Fighting...

Clair relies on brute force, strong but simple attack patterns, and a 
skillfully placed Basic S. She's my fourth favorite character.  

Close-Range Fighting

Follow the Jab with: 

1. H (to Basic HH links)                     
2. Basic L (to Basic L links)
3. G+L (to G+L links)
4. Basic M
5. Running M
6. Throw
7. Basic S (can be delayed)
8. S (hold), H (can be delayed)                     
9. S (hold), L (can be delayed)
10. Basic H (restart Jab links)
11. S (white meter empty)


The LH will combo and is a PRIMARY move at close-range. If the L hits 
as a counter, your opponent will be pushed away and the H will miss 
(unless your opponent is against a wall). 

The Running M cannot be interrupted and leaves you less exposed than 
the basic M when blocked. 

If your white meter runs out, S can be used to perform a summersault. 
This is your best close-range mid, and provides extra incentive to 
POUND the opposition with Clair's special attacks.

Follow the Basic HH with:

1. H 
2. H (hold)
3. G+L
4. Basic L (to Basic L links)
5. Basic M
6. Running M
7. Throw
7. Basic H (restart Jab links)
8. S (white meter empty)


2-choice the HHH and HHH (hold). If they try to counter the unblockable 
and you dish out the regular HHH, it will get them EVERY time. 

Follow the Basic L with:

1. H
2. Basic M
3. Throw
4. Basic S
5. S (hold), H
6. S (hold), L
7. S (white meter empty)

Note: Don't use the LL (it comes out too slow to mix-up).

Follow a Normal G+L with:

1. Basic M
1. jH (cannot use if G+L is blocked)
2. Ducking H (hold G after G+L to set-up)
3. G+L (input easily by holding G after G+L and tapping L)

Follow a Counter G+L with:

1. H (against light opponents)
2. Basic HHH (against heavy and normal opponents)


You don't have to input H right away, so only stick it on if you see 
your opponent go flying into the air. 

The timing on the Basic HHH is easier against heavy opponents. If your 
timing is bad, air combo with the H.

Medium-Range Fighting

Clair works best at close-range.

Medium-Range Attacks:

1. Running M 
2. G+L
3. Step LH
4. Step (release G), M
5. 90-degree H


If the Step LH hits, follow with G+L for a 2-hit combo. If your 
opponent doesn't ground recover, tack on the jL for extra damage. 

The Step (release G) M has nice range, leaves you protected when 
blocked, and pops out quickly.  

The 90-degree H is a bit slow, but against opponents who like walking 
around defensively at medium-range, this unblockable does good damage 
and makes a nice addition to your attack patterns.


Basic S

Use the basic S after blocking attacks or at random from a medium 
distance. Most players will jump up, so charge the S and pop them when 
they come back down. If they jump towards you, hit H (while charging S) 
to do an uppercut slice. If they jump out of range, hit G to cancel. 

If opponents consistently jump out of range when you try the S, charge 
S and hit G immediately to cancel. Run after them when they jump and 
try to nail them when they come down.

Don't use a basic S when you opponent is in the corner or against a 
wall. Even if you connect their wake-up attack will nail you. This 
doesn't apply if the S will finish the round.

S (hold), H

If you hit an opponent with the S (hold), H at close-range, follow with 
the Walking H or LH for an air combo.

S (hold), L

The S (hold), L can be mixed with the Basic S at close-range. If 
opponents try and counter the Basic S with a high attack, switch over 
to the S (hold) L to duck their attack and cut them down. 

Jumping S

Try mixing in the Jumping S. This unblockable cannot be sword-grabbed 
or interrupted, but it has a short range and leaves you open if missed. 

Note: Clair is best played using a COMBINATION of basics and specials.  
      Make sure you never finish a round with a full meter, and if it's 
      always empty you're probably relying on the specials too much.

Wake-Up Games

Against missed wake-up attacks, you can counter with the Basic S, the 
Running M, or the S (hold), H. 

If you are right next to your opponent, do the G+L. If they get up with 
G to pass through the G+L, add the jL to nail them. If you counter a 
wake-up attack with G+L, follow with an air combo.

If your opponent is down and you charge the S just outside of their 
wake-up attack range, they'll normally freeze. If they try and roll 
away, released the S for an easy hit. Smart opponents won't move, and 
you can hit L (while holding S) for a low-knife sweep. Unfortunately, 
good players will get up invincibly through the knives with G, so be 
careful. You can always hit G to cancel the special, and stick in the 

The M+S isn't as quick as Godhand's M+S, but you can use it in a 
similar fashion. If your opponent will ground recover, start the M+S a 
bit early. When they recover from their invincibility--BAM. I like to 
mix this one in after landing the Basic M. The M+S does sweet damage 
and cannot be interrupted. 


HHH (hold last H)
H (quick L) HHHHH (can insert an L between the second and sixth hits)
90-degree (either direction), HH
H+S, jH
H+S, HjH
L+S, H
Walking HHH
Walking HjL
Walking LL
Running H
Running M
Running L
Running G+H
Projectile-Evasion, H
G+L, H
G+L, jLH
Step HjLH
Step (release G), M
Step LH
Step LLH
Ducking HjH


S (hold)
S (hold), L
S (hold), H
J, S
S (white meter empty)


Against the Special

Against her special, you'll normally jump. When you do be sure to jump 
AWAY from your opponent. If you're not careful, she will simply charge 
the S longer and pop you when you come down. 

You cannot sword-grab or interrupt her jumping S. Either walk to the 
side, jump back, roll, or uppercut before she comes down.

Counter the Basic M and Running M

If you block the Basic M, counter with a throw, an unblockable, or set 
up a 2-choice. You won't have as much time to counter the Running M.

Against the Sweep

If you feel the sweep coming, block low and don't get countered. 

Against The L

Her LLL and LLH have a 2-choice at the third hit, so block low on the 
second and counter with a quick H or M to save the hassle.



1.0- used Expert FAQ Version 1.3 
1.1- used Expert FAQ Version 1.33
1.2- used Expert FAQ Version 1.38

I won't update this FAQ again. New Clair strategies will appear in my 
Expert FAQ first.

Send any questions/comments to:  Mallen1@csulb.edu

Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Mike Allen

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