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    FAQ/Move List by Valkryie_X

    Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/15/99 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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    Version 1.2 on 7/15/99 Valsoft Studios
    Created By: Valkryie_X<valkryie@ignmail.com>
    Table of Contents
    @......Whats New!
    II.....Legal Items
    III....The Rules
    IV.....Getting Started
    V......Basic Controls
    VII....Characters+ Moves
      a)...Cloud Strife
      d)...Prince Doza
      e)...Dasher Inoba
      h)...Tifa Lockheart
      i)...Lee Shuwen
      j)...Han Daehan
      k)...Vincent Valentine
      l)...Yoko Kishibojin        
      m)...Yuffie Kisaragi
      n)...Koji Matsuda
      o)...Clair Andrews 
      p)...Wolf Girl Jo   
    X......Whats Coming?
    Section @- Whats New?
    v1.1 to v1.2
    1. Added Lee Shuwen Move list
    2. Added Wolf Girl Jo Move list.
    3. Added Rules Section
    4. Added a few more Basic Control tips.
    5. Added Minigame explanations.
    v1.0 to v1.1
    1. Added Dasher Inoba Move list
    2. Added Godhand Move list
    3. Added Han Daehan Move list
    4. Added Koji Matsuda Move list
    5. Added Whats New? Section
    6. Added character letters for easy searching.
    7. Rearranged Character Order, similiar characters are below each other.
    Section I- Introduction
    This is my Fifth Walkthrough for Gamefaqs.com and the other exclusive 
    sites. I will do my best to elaborate on any situation you are stuck on 
    and will try to make this a very detailed faq using my experience with 
    Ehrgeiz. Be sure to check out my other faqs if you have the games.
    Guilty Gear
    Legend of Legaia
    Evil Zone
    Section II- Legal Items
    Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in any 
    way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from using 
    this FAQ for any purpose. This FAQ may be freely distributed provided 
    that it is kept unmodified and in its entirity. If this Faq is used in 
    well established magazine, first get this Authors expressed permission 
    for its use. Ehrgeiz was made by(c) Squaresoft, DreamFactory, and Namco 
    1998. The use of any trademarks within this FAQ is not intended to 
    represent a challenge to their validity.
    Section III- The Rules
    The goal of each character is to fight and win battles against opponents 
    that continue to appear through successive stages of battle. Freely use 
    conventional fighting techniques and Special Attacks to weaken opponents 
    and win. The character who depletes the other's Physical Strength gauge 
    completely, or the character whose Pyysical Strength Guage remains 
    greater than the other when the timer reaches zero, will receive one set 
    point. The characters wins if he or she has 2 set points.
    Section IV- Getting Started
    When the game loads up your presented with 4 Options.
    1.)Arcade Mode-Play the game through, or have a 2player vs game(Needs    
    1Block of available Memory Space)
    2.)Quest Mode- An RPG of sorts, pretty addicting(Needs 2Blocks available    
    for saving data)
    3.)Memory Card-Load/Save information. When you beat the game, be sure to 
    save your data here, also when booting up if you have saved information 
    you have to load the game data if you want to use your secret characters 
    and such.
    4.)Minigames-You have 4 minigames
      a.)Infinity Battle(continue fighting non stop until your life bars a      
      b.)Beach Battle(Some track and field type of courses)
      c.)Battle Runner(race to see who is the better person)
      d.)Battle Panel(an Othello type game with Ehrgeiz characters).
    There is a fifth Hidden game which i will discuss later in this faq.
    Section V- Basic Controls
    D-pad = Run
    Triangle = High Attack
    Circle = Special 
    X = Low Attack
    Off The wall manuevers
    Press against wall, T
    Press against wall, X
    Press against wall, T + X
    Counter Moves
    When you are put into a hold situation and are about to be thrown or 
    dropped, you will flash White for a certain period. During this time 
    press the block button to escape or land from the throw without causing 
    any damage to yourself. As in Street Fighter 3 with the Advanced 
    Guard(Tapping forward at the right time) you have to press Block at the 
    precise moment. Practice it, since it will be crucial to winning.
    For characters weilding weapons for close combat(Swords, Shuriken) you 
    are able to weild the weapon before it strikes you. You use the same 
    technique described above to grab your opponents sword.
    Quick Recovery
    If your knocked to the floor quickly press Guard and you will spring 
    back up. Falling down after a blow causes additional damage to you, so 
    its in your best interest to use this technique often.
    You probably have seen Sasuke use this numerous times on you. Before 
    your opponents attack lands on you, press guard and it will give the 
    INTERUPT signal giving you a chance to counter attack.
    Rise Commands
    In order to avoid the opponents additional attacks after being knocked 
    down, try to rise up as quickly as possible. If the character remains in 
    the down position for a certain time, it will automatically rise.
    If your knocked down, these moves are possible to use
    Rise in Position.......Guard
    Jump Rise..............Guard + Jump
    Rise, Lower attack.....T
    Rise, Mid Attack.......X
    Head Spring............T + X when the opponent is near the characters 
    Rotational Kick........T + X when the opponent is near the characters 
    How to use Objects in the Ring against your opponent
    Depending on how you have your options set, you can play with or without 
    the boxes*I prefer the boxes, makes it just like the arcade.
    IF boxes are enabled you are able to throw them towards your 
    opponent(face the box, and press Guard + T + X)and if it hits the 
    opponent it will shatter. Sometimes it contains Weapons or Score items.
    If you get a weapon you will pick it up upon stepping by it. To use it 
    simply press an attack button.
    For the final battle against DJango, its better to smash the boxes since 
    they contain 2 swords which must be thrown at him to kill him. This is 
    the only time I recall that you will not get any other items.
    Section VI- Story
    50 years ago, a mysterious weapon constructed from an unkown material 
    was discovered in the remains of an ancient German Castle.
    The weapon came to be known as EHRGEIZ. It was presented to the winner 
    of a tournament that determined the world's greatest fighter. In time, 
    it became the name and symbol of the tournament itself.
    In the Middle East, under the command of a particular organization, an 
    excavation site was constructed to explore the ancent ruins believed to 
    hold the secret to immortality. However, the key to the final door of 
    the ruins could not be found. Now, a legend has surfaced among the 
    people, hinting that the mysterious stone embedded within EHRGEIZ may be 
    the key to this door.
    The ambitious, hoping to finally unveil the mystery of the ancent ruins, 
    are now set on obtaining EHRGEIZ in the Championship tournament.
    Anticipation rises as the aircraft informing the public about the 
    EHRGEIZ Championship Tournament flies around the world. The exhilaration 
    of the participants begins to pulse through the air.
    Section VII- Characters + Moves
    Authors Note: Move Names for the FF7 and Hidden Characters were taken 
    from Cheow Enping's<enpingy@yahoo.com> Faq. How he arrived at the names 
    I do not know, but they seem fitting for them.
    Key: T-Triangle = Weak High Attack
         X= Weak Low Attack
         C-Circle = Special Attack
         While Standing = while getting up from crouched position
    a) Cloud Strife                                            
    Age: 21                                            
    Birthplace: Nibelheim                            
    Sex: Male                                        
    Occupation: Former Soldier
    Weapon/Special Attack: Buster Sword            
    Height: 173 cm                               
    Blood Type: AB                              
    An Ex-Soldier of the Shinra Company who now works for freelance. The 
    large sword he carries has the destructive power to split anything in 
    Soldier Jab                              T
    Soldier High Low                         T, X
    Soldier Chain                            T, T, X
    Shinra Chain Disrupt                     T, T, T, T
    Shinra Chain K X K                       T, X, X, T
    Soldier Knee                             T + X
    Soldier Elbow                            T + X + C
    Disrupt Shoot                            T + X + C, T
    Soldier Hook                             T + C
    Soldier Chain Combo                      T + C, T, T
    Shinra Chain Genesis                     T + C, T, X
    Soldier Low Kick                         X
    Soldier Original                         X, X, T
    Needle Low                               X + C
    Soldier High Kick                        Guard + T
    Soldier Feint Right                      D-pad 90 degrees clockwise, T
    Soldier Feint Left                       D-pad 90 degrees Reverseclock,T                                  
    Chaos Attack                             T + X when above opponent
    Low Spin Kick                            Guard + X or X wile crouching                     
    Mako Punch                               Step, X, T
    Cool Kick                                T while standing up
    Back Turn Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T
    Air Buster                               T, while running
    Slide Buster                             X while running
    Soldier Needle                           While running, Guard + T
    Soldier Tackle                           While running, T + X
    Deathblow                                Jump, C
    Front Suplex                             From Front
    Hold Slash                               From Front, Hold T or X
    Side Throw                               From Left
    Fall Neck                                From Right
    Light Break Throw                        From Back
    Omnislash                                D-pad 360 degrees
    Sword Techniques-Press Circle to Use the sword
    Sword Stance                             C
    Keep Sword                               Guard
    Meteorain                                Hold on C
    Shinra First Slash                       T
    Buster Sword Chain                       T, T, T
    Shinra Second Slash                      X
    Hard Breaker                             X, X, X
    Sephiroth Combo Incomplete               T + X, T, T, T
    Rune Blade Chain                         T + X, X, X, X
    Braver                                   T + X, Guard + T
    Crosslash                                T + X, T, T, J Up 
    Butterfly Edge                           Guard + T, T, T
    Clim Slash                               D-pad + Guard + T
    Clim Hazard                              D-pad + Guard + T, T
    Clim Mirage                              D-pad + Guard + T, X
    Beta Slash                               C when gauge is empty
    b) Zack
    Age: Unknown
    Birthplace: Gongaga
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: First Class Shinra Soldier
    Weapon/Special Attack: Buster Sword
    He was a good friend of Sephiroth and Clouds. When Sephiroth went 
    ballistic Zack put his life on the line to stop him, but failed. 
    Fast Jab                                 T
    Fast PK                                  T, X
    EZ Combo Shot                            T, T, X
    Zack Chain Disrupt                       T, T, T, T
    Zack Chain K X K                         T, X, X, T
    Fast Knee                                T + X
    Fast Elbow                               T + X + C
    EZ Combo                                 T + X + C, T
    Fast Hook                                T + C
    Zack Chain Wheel                         T + C, T, T
    Zack Chain Genesis                       T + C, T, X
    Fast Low Kick                            X
    Fast Original                            X, X, T
    Pike Low                                 X + C
    Fast High Kick                           Guard + T
    Fake Spin Right                          D-pad 90 degrees clockwise, T
    Fake Spin Left                           D-pad reverse 90 degrees, T                                        
    Gongaga Attack                           T + X when above opponent
    Round Kick                               Guard + X 
    Mako Straight                            Step, X, T
    Lock Kick                                T while standing up
    Back Turn Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T
    Air Anchor                               T, while running
    Slide Buster                             X while running
    Gongaga Low                              While running, Guard + T
    Charging                                 While running, T + X
    Deathblow                                Jump, C
    Front Suplex                             From Front
    Free Fall                                From Front, Hold T or X
    Meteo Drop                               From Left
    Chin Crusher                             From Right
    Omnislash                                D-pad 360 degrees
    Sword Techniques
    Sword Stance                             C
    Keep Sword                               Guard
    Meteo Shower                             Hold down C
    Fast Stroke                              T
    Mythril Saber Chain                      T, T, T
    Second Stroke                            X
    Ogre Nix                                 X, X, X
    Zack Combo                               T + X, T, T, T
    Force Eater                              T + X, X, X, X
    High Braver                              T + X, Guard + T
    True Crosslash                           T + X, T, T, J T 
    Crystal Sword                            Guard + T, T, T
    Clim Slash                               D-pad + Guard + T
    Clim Hazard                              D-pad + Guard + T, T
    Clim Mirage                              D-pad + Guard + T, X
    Beta Slash                               C when gauge is empty
    c) Godhand
    Age: 26
    Nationality: Japanese
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: EX-Mercenary, President of Mishima Construction Co.
    Weapon/Special Attack: Arm Gun, Thunder, Grenades
    An Ex-Mercenary from the mysterious Red Scorpian organization. Upon 
    uncovering the true Significance of the ancient ruins in regard to 
    immortality, he severs his right arm as a means to leaving the Red 
    Scorpian, believing that his own plans for the ruins would make up for 
    the sacrifice. Sharing some of what he knows with a powerful 
    organization, he garners an ally that provides him with a new right arm 
    along with the means to establish his own company dedicated to 
    uncovering the secret of immoratality. At the same time that he acquires 
    a new right arm, he learns from his research teams that the EHRGEIZ 
    stone may be the key to the ruins and the secret they hold. His growing 
    ambition leads him to join the EHRGEIZ tournament in an attempt to gain 
    possession of the weapon.
    Army Jab                                 T
    Wrench Kick                              T, T, T
    UD Up Combination                        T, T, X, T
    Maha Punch                               T, X, T x 9
    Rising Upper                             T + X
    Ogre Crush                               T + X + C
    Double Upper                             T + C, T
    Low Kick                                 X
    Hell Spin                                X + C
    Break Knuckle                            X + C, T
    Homing Sliding                           X + C, X
    Beam Run Hook Left                       X + C, T, X
    Stomach Crush                            X + C, T + X
    Heel Sword                               Guard + T
    Turn Low Kick                            Guard + X
    Turn Low High Kick                       Guard + X, T
    Mirage Spin Kick                         Guard + T + C, X
    Shower Kick                              Guard + X + C
    Flunking Upper                           D-pad 90 degrees, T
    Meteo Press                              When above opponent, T + X
    Divide Tail                              Step, T
    Divide Knuckle                           Step, T, T
    Divide Spin Kick                         Step, T, X
    Wind Godhand                             Step, X, T
    Lightning Godhand                        Step, X, T + X
    Gun Straight                             T while crouching
    Bazooka Straight                         Hold down T while crouching
    Turn High Kick                           Press T while standing 
    Straight Kick                            While standing up press T + C
    Low Kick                                 While standing up press X
    Hammer Sword                             While walking press T, T
    Triple Black Hook                        While running press T, T, T
    Sliding Kick                             X while running
    Earlied Kick                             Guard + T while running
    Shoulder Tackle                          T + X while running
    Turn Back Kick                           While running, tap Guard,.T 
    Stretch Throw                            From front
    Neck Crush                               From left
    Moon Dive                                From right
    Power Arm Throw                          From back
    Spinning Pile                            D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    Arm Gun                                  C
    Double Arm Gun                           C, C
    Triple Arm Gun                           Hold down C
    Put Mine                                 C while running
    Rolling Set Mine                         Roll forward, C
    Thrown Grenade                           Jump, C
    Suicide Grenades                         D-pad 90 degrees, C
    Arm Hammer                               C when gauge is empty
    d) Prince Doza
    Age: 29
    Nationality: English
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Kick Boxer
    Weapon/Special Attack: Rocket Punch
    His motto is "I'll destroy anyone who stands in my path!". Each day, 
    Doza seeks a more powerful opponent. However, in the world of 
    kickboxing, he is already without equal. Able to defeat his opponents 
    with his bare fists. Doza has become bored and is in need of a 
    challenge. In the midst of his unrest, he receives word of the EHRGEIZ 
    tournament where weapons, psychic powers, and projectile weapons are 
    permitted. Here, he is determined to test his skills. Although he has no 
    interest in the secret that EHRGEIZ holds, his fighting spirit is fueled 
    by the appearance of opponents that are more powerful than he has ever 
    Jab                                      T
    Double Jab                               T, T
    Scissor Crush Combination                T, T, X, T
    Scissor Combination                      T, T, X, X
    Bone Crush Combination                   T, T, T, X, T
    Body Break Crush                         T, T, T, T, X, T
    Break Combination                        T, X, T
    Crush Combination                        T, X, X
    Half Killing                             T, Guard + T, T
    Jumping Knee                             T + X
    Hurricane Straight                       T + X + C
    Hammer Knuckle                           T + C
    Scissor Kick                             X, T
    Double Low Kick                          X, X
    Break Straight                           Guard + T
    Hurricane Low Kick                       Guard + X
    Sky Kick                                 Guard + T + C
    Left Sock Crab                           90 degrees clockwise, T
    Right Sock Crab                          90 degrees anticlockwise, T
    High Spin Kick                           D-pad 360 degrees, T
    Hurricane Spin Kick                      D-pad 360 degrees, T X 5
    Flying Body Attack                       When above opponent, T + X
    Left Beam Run Hook                       Crouch facing opponent,
                                             D-pad left, Guard + T
    Left Beam Run Upper                      Crouch facing opponent,
                                             D-pad left, Guard + T, T
    Right Beam Run Hook                      Crouch facing opponent,
                                             D-pad right, Guard + T
    Little Wing                              Crouch facing opponent, 
                                             D-pad right, Guard + T, T
    Crush Beam Run                           Crouch facing opponent, 
                                             D-pad right, Guard + T
    Crush Hook                               Step, X, T
    Low Beam Run Hook                        Step, X, X
    Knee Attack                              T while crouching
    Triple Knee Attack                       While crouching, T, T, T
    Rocket Upper                             While standing, T
    Finish Upper                             While standing, hold T
    Drill Kick                               While standing, Guard + T
    High Kick Shoot                          T while walking
    Des Hammer One                           T while running
    Triple Des Hammer                        While running, T, T, T, T
    Sliding                                  X while running
    Cross Attack                             T + X while running
    Back Turn Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T
    Knee Break                               From front
    Arm Lock Hold                            From front, hold T or X
    Arm Lock Elbow Crush                     From right
    Arm Lock Scissor Break                   From right
    Back Rolling Crush                       From back
    Knee Break One                           D-pad 360 degrees
    Knee Break Three                         After Knee Break One, Guard
    Too High                                 After Knee Break Three, Guard
    Special Moves
    Des Fire                                 C
    Desperate Fire                           Hold on C
    Lose Bounty                              C when gauge is empty
    e) Dasher Inoba
    Age: 38
    Nationality: Japanese
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Pro Wrestler
    Weapon/Special Attack: Wrestling Techniques
    Inoba is a prominent wrestler and a disciple of Karl Schneider, the 
    founder of the EHRGEIZ Championship Tournament. He is also a member of 
    the EHRGEIZ supervising committee. With the recent death of his master, 
    Inoba discovers a note left behind by the late Schneider which suggests 
    that Schneider had been investigating the connection between the stone 
    embedded within EHRGEIZ and the ancient ruins. Ever since laying eyes 
    upon the mystical stone, Inoba has been fascinated by its presence.
    Compounded by his urge to obtain the stone and to uncover the mystery 
    behind his master's investigation, he is determined to get his hands on 
    the legendary weapon.
    Chop                                     T
    Triple Chop                              T, T, 
    Burning Vigour Chop                      Hold T
    Rolling Upper                            T + X
    Knuckle Part                             T + C
    Low Kick                                 X
    Soul Heart Low Kick                      Hold X, X
    Turn Low Kick                            X + C
    Hell Strike                              Guard + T, J release Guard
    Right Upper Slash                        90 degrees anticlockwise, T
    Left Upper Slash                         90 degrees clockwise, T
    Slide Right Ali Kick                     90 degrees anticlockwise, X
    Slide Left Ali Kick                      90 degrees clockwise, X
    Flying Elbow Drop                        When above opponent, T + X
    Victory Stomping                         Step, X, X
    Front Kick                               T while crouching
    Bombing Double Kick                      While crouching, T, T
    Brutal Front Kick                        Hold T while crouching
    Explosive Double Kick                    While crouching, hold T, T
    Dah Upper                                While standing up, T
    Knuckle Bomber                           T while walking
    Dasher Lariat                            T while running
    Drop Kick                                While running, T + X
    Ali Kick                                 While running, X, X, X
    Dash Hit                                 While running, Guard + T
    Back Turn Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T                                  
    Homing Body Press                        When descending in air, Special
    Head Butt                                From front
    Head Butt 2                              Guard after Head Butt
    Head Butt 3                              Guard after Head Butt 2
    Dash Screw Driver                        From front, then hold Up
    Tiger Leg Lock                           From right
    Indian's Lock                            Guard after doing Tiger Leg 
    Indian's Lock 2                          Guard after doing Indian's Lock
    Dragon Suplex                            From back
    Captured                                 X + T + C
    Dasher Buster                            D-pad 360 degrees
    Power Bomb                               Guard after doing counter
    Special Moves
    Dasher Bomb                              C
    Final Dasher                             Hold down C
    Dasher Head Butt                         C, T + X when running
    Soul Fighting Stance                     C, T
    Dasher Scissors                          C when gauge is empty
    f) Sasuke
    Age: Unknown
    Nationality: Japanese?
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Future Ninja
    Weapon/Special Attack: Shuriken, Katana
    Although it is evident by his appearance that he is a Ninja, Sasuke's 
    true identity remains unknown. Presently , he works as an agent for Red 
    Scorpian, but since he has a mild case of amnesia, he cannot remember 
    his true name. However, during a mission in which he was to assassinate 
    the adventurer, Koji Masuda, he notices a mysterious stone embedded 
    within a broken sword help by Koji. Believing that this precious stone 
    will enable him to recover his long lost memories, Sasuke aims to 
    acquire the legendary weapons EHRGEIZ.
    Punch                                    T
    Joint Slash                              T, T, T
    Joint Spin Kick                          T, T, X
    Cruel Joint Blade                        T, T, T, X, T
    Spin Upper                               T + X
    Double Upper                             T + X, T + X
    Double Slash                             T + X, T + X, T
    Earth Slash                              T + C
    Slash Dragon Step                        T + C, T
    Axe Blade Kick                           X
    Axe Blade Drop Spin Kick                 X, T, T
    Earth Flash                              X + C
    Earth Flash Strike                       X + C, X
    Branch Snap                              Guard + T
    Double Blow                              Guard + X, T
    Step Kick                                Guard + T + C
    Dancing Joy                              D-pad 360 degrees, T 
    Reverse Jump Kick                        Step, X, T
    Reverse Sweep Kick                       Step, X, X
    Kinen Slash                              While crouching, T, T, T
    Earth Slash Kick                         X while crouching
    Step Dragon Slash                        While standing, T
    Full Hit                                 T while walking
    Water Spider                             While walking, X, X
    Joint Front Slash                        While walking, T, T, T
    Slide Kick                               X while running
    Air Slash Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T
    Back Grab                                From front, hold down T or X
    Skull Cut                                After Back Grab, Guard
    Obliterate Kill Dance                    After Skull Cut, Guard
    Fierce Kick                              From left
    Nine Headed Fire Dragon Throw            From right
    Moon Image Throw                         From back
    Teleport Skill                           After CPU attack, T + X + C                                                                              
    Play Dead                                T + X + C
    Special Moves
    Shuriken                                 C
    Big Spinning Shuriken                    Hold down, C
    Swallow Drop                             C, T
    Makibishi                                C, X
    Flash Move Hit                           C while running
    Smoke Curtain                            Jump, C
    Earth Slash                              C when gauge is empty
    g) Sephiroth                           
    Age: Unknown                          
    Birthplace: Unknown                    
    Sex: Male                               
    Occupation: Legendary Soldier            
    Weapon/Special Attack: Masamune            
    The Legendary SOLDIER that Cloud has always dreamed of emulating. After 
    learning the secret of his past, he is filled with so much hatred that 
    he heads towards self-destruction. His weapon is the powerful sword, 
    Mystery Jab                              T
    Mystery High                             T, X
    Jenova Linkage BIRTH                     T, T, X  
    Jenova Linkage SYNTHESIS                 T, T, T, T, T
    Jenova Linkage DEATH                     T, X, X, T
    Mystery Knee                             T + X
    Mystery Low                              X
    Ancient Piece                            X, X, T
    Mystery High                             Guard + T
    Chin High                                Guard + T, T
    Mystery Slash                            Guard + T + C
    Ground Beat                              Guard + X + C
    Mystery Hook                             T + C
    Sting Low                                X + C
    Mystery Elbow                            T + X + C
    Fatal Trap                               T + X + C, T, T
    Liberty's Kick Right                     D-pad clockwise 90 degrees, T
    Liberty's Kick Left                      D-pad reverse 90 degrees, T                                                                                  
    Jenova Attack                            When above opponent T + X
    Jenova Shoot                             Step, X, T 
    Jenova Reppa                             Step, X, T + X
    Tornado Kick                             X while Crouching 
    Ascend Spiral                            T while standing up
    Back Turn Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T
    Rage Doer                                T while running 
    Slide Charge                             X while running
    Mystery Sting                            Guard + T while running
    Mystery Tackle                           T + X while running
    Hanging Slay                             From Front
    Front Suplex                             From Front, hold down X or T
    Neck Breaker                             From Left
    Side Suplex                              From Right
    Deadly Suplex                            From Back
    Tragic End                               D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    Draw Sword Stance                        C
    Cast Meteor                              Hold on C
    Hilt Attack                              Draw Sword Stance, T
    Hell's Gate                              Draw Sword Stance, X
    Flash                                    Draw Sword Stance, Guard + T
    Sword Stance                             Draw Dword Stance, C
    Sephiroth Combo Complete                 Sword Stance, T, T, T
    Hell Quake Slash                         Sword Stance, X, X, X
    Heaven's Dancing Spin                    Sword Stance, C, T, T
    Sudden Strike                            Sword Stance, Guard + T
    Fervent Blow                             Sword Stance, step, Guard + T
    Cruel Strike                             Sword Stance, Guard + T D-pad/R                                                                                
    Sudden Cruelty                           Sword Stance, Guard + T D-pad/L                                                                                                                            
    Return to Draw Sword Stance              Sword Stance, Step T + X                                                                                    
    Flying Air Strike                        C while jumping
    Iron Smash                               C when gauge is empty
    h) Tifa Lockheart
    Age: 20
    Birthplace: Nibelheim
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: Member of Avalanche
    Weapon/Special Attack: Zangan Style Martial Arts
    Height: 165 cm
    Blood Type: B
    A childhood friend of Cloud's, and a member of Avalanche, an anti-Shinra 
    revolutionary group. In addition to being the poster girl at a pub in 
    the slums, she is adept in the Zangan Ryu Martial arts practice. Thus, 
    her fists and legs are quite destructive.
    Zangan Style Jab                         T
    Spin Back Punch                          T, T
    Double Punch Side Kick                   T, T, T
    Zangan Combination                       T, T, X, T
    Dragon Claw                              T + C, T
    Punch Low Kick                           T, X
    Mythril Claw Combo                       T, X, T
    Double Somersault                        T + X, T
    Dolphin Blow                             T + X + C
    Dolphin Blow Real                        T + X + C hold it down
    Zangan Style Low Kick                    X
    Tiger Claw                               X, T
    Ground Drop Kick                         X + C
    Zangan Style Middle Kick                 Guard + T hold it down
    Middle Somer                             Guard + T hold it down, T
    Step Somer                               Guard + T, T
    Crystal Glove Kick                       Guard + T, X
    Zangan Style Jump Kick                   Guard + T + C
    Water Kick                               Guard + X
    Motor Drive                              Guard + X, T
    Circle Kick                              D-pad 90 degrees, T
    Shoot Kick                               D-pad 90 degrees, X
    Flying Body Press                        When above opponent, T + X
    Zangan Style Area Somer                  While running, T, T, T
    Avalanche Tackle                         T + X while running
    Zangan Style Sliding                     X while running
    Side Fan Kick                            While running, tap Guard, T
    Over Swirl                               While running, Guard + X, T
    Dire Knuckle Kick                        T while crouching
    Seventh Heaven                           Step, T
    Over Drive                               Step, T, X
    Over Drive Plus                          Step, T, X, T
    Reverse Sault                            Step, X, T
    Master Fist                              Step, X, T, C
    Godhand                                  Step, X, C
    Metal Knuckle Spin Kick                  Step, X, X
    Meteor Drive                             From Front
    Somersault  Kick                         From Front, hold T
    Beat Rush                                From Front, hold X
    Moonsault Press                          From Left
    Arm Breaker                              From Left, hold T or X
    Head Lock Slam                           From Right
    Avalanche Drop                           From Back
    Meteor Strike                            D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    Final Heaven                             C
    Hell And Heaven                          Hold C
    Final Swirl                              Hold C, T
    Final Hell                               Hold C, X
    Premium Heart                            C while running
    Platinum Fist                            Jump, C
    Cure                                     C when gauge is empty
    i) Lee Shuwen
    Age: About 47(For Now)
    Nationality: Chinese
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Self Defense Assassin
    Special Move: Nagayari
    Known as the master of lethal Kempo, Lee holds the power and technique
    that can kill a man in a single strike. It has been said that Lee, 
    founder of the Hakkyoku Ken, was killed some time ago through lethal 
    poisoning. However, through the power of a legendary elixir found in the 
    tomb of the first emperor, Lee has miraculously been brought back to 
    life. Not only did this elixir bring him back to life, it is also making 
    him younger as time proceeds. At this rate, he will ultimately become 
    younger and eventually return to the void. In an attempt to avoid such a 
    fate, he embarks on a mission to acquire the true key to immortality. 
    Thus, he begins his journey to uncover the mystery behind the legendary 
    ancient ruins.
    Charge Pummel                            T
    Body Palm                                T, T, T, T
    Pummel Sweep Kick                        T, X
    Pound Kick Rising Pummel                 T, X, T
    Steel Mountain Lean                      T + X
    Descending Dragon                        T + X + C
    Intense Descending Dragon                Hold down T + X + C
    Fierce Tiger Climbs Mountain             T + C
    Mountain Climb Descend Pummel            T + C, T
    Ground Sweep Kick                        X + C
    Ground Sweep Sky Pummel                  X, T
    Ground Sweep                             X, X
    Front Sweep Kick                         Guard + X
    Sky Kick                                 Guard + T + C
    Spin Palm                                D-pad 90 degrees, T
    Bow Kick                                 Step, X, T
    Double low                               Step, X, X
    Sweep                                    Step, X, X, T
    Strong Palm                              Step, X, C, T
    Hidden Tiger Open                        While walking, T, T
    Hidden Tiger Reverse Hit Palm            While walking, T, T, T
    Hidden Tiger Hit Wall Lean               While walking, T, T, Guard, T
    Left Side Kick                           While running press T
    Rapid Kick                               While running, T, T
    Slide Sweep Kick                         While running press X
    Penetrate Mid Step                       T + X while running
    Big Pummel                               From front
    Backward Drop                            From front, hold down T
    Intense Mountain Lean                    From back
    Stick Mountain Lean                      D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    God Spear                                C
    God Spear 2nd                            C, C
    Sky God Hit Spear                        Hold down C, T
    Earth God Hit Spear                      Hold down C, X
    Life Break God Spear                     Hold down C
    Descending Spear                         Jump, C
    Whirlwind Spear                          D-pad 360 degrees, C
    Open                                     C when gauge is empty
    Open Palm                                When gauge is empty, C, T
    j) Han Daehan
    Nationality: Korean
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Action Movie Star
    Weapon/Special Attack: Missile
    A master of Tae Kwon Do and a young action star without need of a 
    stuntman, Han is a popular lad amongst the public. What the public does 
    not know is that his right leg is actually artificial. During a movie 
    shoot a year ago in the Middle East, Daehan's leg was engulfed by a 
    mysterious cloud of black smoke. Peculiarly although his leg has 
    disappeared, he continues to retain a sensation of its existence. As he 
    continues to seek an explanation for this particular phenomenon, he 
    stumbles upon information that similar incidents occur every several
    decades in the area containing the ancient ruins. Daehan is another who 
    becomes drawn to the mysterious surroundings of the ancient ruins.
    Killing Jab                              T
    Killing Blade                            T, T, X
    Crowpick Combination                     T, T, T, T, T
    Heel Slice                               T + C
    Bleed Kick                               X
    Ring Kick                                X + C
    Ringing Scarecrow                        X + C, T
    Swallows Last                            X + T, T
    Eagle Heel                               Guard + T
    Spear Kick                               Guard + X
    Javelin Combination                      Guard + X, T, T
    Des Flail                                Guard + X, X, X, X
    Ultima Heel                              T + X + C
    Freeza Kick                              Guard + T + C
    Landing Bird                             Guard + X + C
    Reverse Heel                             D-pad, tap Guard, T
    Turn Heel                                D-pad 90 degrees, T
    Desperate Attack                         When above opponent, T + X
    Flail Kick                               Step, X
    Reppa Kick                               Step, T
    Thor Axe                                 T while crouching
    Axe Heel                                 While crouching, T, T
    Turn Lance Kick                          While standing up, T
    Lance Heel                               While standing up, T, T
    Halberd Kick                             While walking, T, T, T
    Hunting Tomahawk                         While running, T, T, T
    Landing Crow                             T while running
    Nose Dive Picking                        While running, T,Guard + T, Tx4
    Ground Chakram                           X while running
    Sling Kick                               X + T while running
    Sling Shackle                            X + T, X While running  
    Ground Shackle                           Guard + X while running
    Hold Partisan Kick                       From front
    Reverse One-hand Throw                   From left
    Kick Brush                               From right
    Inferno                                  From Back
    Arm Gaiden                               D-pad 360 degrees
    Apocalypse                               Guard during Arm Gaiden
    Special Moves
    Korea No. 1                              C
    Korea No. 10                             Hold C
    Left Scarecrow                           C when gauge is empty
    k) Vincent Valentine
    Age: 27
    Birthplace: Unknown
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Former Turk
    Weapon/Special Attack: Shot Barrel
    Height: 184 cm
    Blood Type: A
    An Ex-gunman for Shinra Intelligence Sector(The Turks) who has had a 
    dark past and was put to sleep in the Shinra Mansion. After being killed 
    by someone within the Shinra Mansion, Vincent underwent anatomic 
    reconstruction, and was brought back to life. He now possesses new and 
    improved abilities beyond those of normal men.
    Turks Jab                                T
    Beast Combo                              T, T, T
    Hell Masker Combo                        T, T, X, T
    Splatter Combo                           T, X, T X 9
    Rising Claw                              T + X
    Turks Low                                X
    Medium Flat                              Guard + T
    Feel Flat                                Guard + T, T
    Reverse Low                              Guard + X
    Reverse Low High                         Guard + X, T
    Illusion Spin Kick                       Guard + T + C, X, X                                
    Clear Sentiment                          Guard + X + C
    High Blow ST                             T + C, T, T
    Spinning Flame                           X + C
    Arm Blow                                 X + C, T
    Claw Hook Left                           X + C, T, X
    Reverse Shoot                            X + C, T + X
    Spinning Slide                           X + C, X
    Chaos Saber                              T + X + C
    Claw Upper Left                          90 degrees clockwise, T
    Claw Upper Right                         90 degrees anticlockwise, T
    Giga Dive                                When above opponent T + X
    Chopping Arm                             Step, T
    Chopping Claw                            Step, T, T
    Chopping Crusher                         Step, T, X
    Wind Kaiser Claw                         Step, X, T
    Sniper CR                                Step, X, T, T
    Lightning Kaiser Claw                    Step, X, T + X
    Spin Lightning                           Step, X, X, T
    Spinning Fin                             Step, X, X, X
    Spinning Justice                         Step, X, X, T + X
    Beast Claw                               T while crouching
    Chaos Claw                               Hold down T while crouching
    Fall Kick                                T + C while standing up
    Double Flat                              T, T while walking
    Hell's Stairway                          T, T, T while running
    Sliding                                  X while running
    Shoulder Charge                          T + X while running
    Turn Retreat                             While running, tap Guard, T
    Hide Throw                               From Front
    Choke Bomber                             From Left
    Hard Pressure                            From Right
    Reverse Throw                            From Back
    Giga Dunk                                D-pad 360  degrees
    Special Moves
    Double Revolver                          C, C
    Trick Shoot                              Jump, C
    Hetero Slug                              Hold down C
    Gun Break                                C
    l) Yoko Kishibojin   
    Age: 17
    Nationality: Japanese
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: ICPO (INTERPOL)
    Weapon/Special Attack: Yo-yo
    Yoko's father is an explorer who studies archaeology, and her mother is 
    an expert in Kishiboujin ryu Jyujutsu. At age 10, her parents divorced, 
    leaving her to be raised solely by her mother. Although still in high 
    school, her talents in Jyujutsu have been acknowledged by the 
    ICPO(Interpol) which enables her to participate in their hand to hand 
    combat research team. One day, she received a letter from her estranged 
    father, entrusting her to carry out the duties necessary to acquire 
    EHRGEIZ. In addition to this, she has been ordered by the ICPO to enter 
    the tournament to investigate suspicious activities surrounding EHRGEIZ.
    Pummel                                   T
    Joint Pummel Sky Kick                    T, T, T
    Water Fairy                              T, X
    Straight Hit Punch                       T, C
    Full Moon                                T + X
    Spin Sky Joint Kick                      X, T
    Duo Spin Spirit                          X, X, C
    Call                                     X + C
    Call Straight Punch                      X + C, T
    8 Point Moon                             Guard + T
    Ground Spin Rising Fly Kick              Guard + X, T, T, T, T
    Sun Rising Kick                          Guard + T + C
    God Wind                                 When above opponent, T + X
    3 Day Moon                               While standing up, T
    Return Palm                              While standing up, T + C
    Wheel Kick                               While standing up, Guard + T
    Yo Yo Kick                               While walking, T X 6
    Sky Earth Joint Kick                     While running, T, X
    Sky Air Triple Joint Kick                While running, T, T, T
    Slide Kick                               X while running
    Stone Bow Jump                           T + X while running
    Disease Wind Moon                        Guard + T while running
    Inner Full Moon                          While running, tap Guard, T                                         
    Eagle Drop                               T while crouching
    Spin Attack                              X while crouching
    9 Point Moon                             Step, T
    Inner Hit Sun                            Step, X, T, X
    Inner Hit Half Sun                       Step, X, T + X
    Inner Hit Dark                           Step, X, X, T
    Execute Drop                             From front
    Inner Strength                           From front, hold down X
    Back Drop                                From back
    Straight Snap                            D-pad 360 degrees
    Slide Ride Throw                         Perform throw when CPU                                         
    uses left hand attack
    Wind Ride Throw                          Perform throw when opponent                                          
    uses right hand attack
    Waste Snap                               Perform throw when opponent                                          
    uses left leg attack
    Special Moves
    Yoko style Yoyo                          C
    Bee Jade                                 Jump, C
    Win Lose                                 Hold down C
    Mad Dog Walk                             Hold down C, Hold down X
    Round The World                          D-pad 90 degrees, C
    Straight Hit Punch                       C when gauge empty
    m) Yuffie Kisaragi
    Age: 16
    Birthplace: Wutai
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: Ninja undergraduate
    Weapon/Special Attack: Cross Shuriken
    Height: 160 cmType: A
    A descendant of noble Ninjas. She refers to herself as "Materia Hunter", 
    as she collects Materia from all over the world. Although slightly sly 
    and selfish, her giant shuriken and adept Ninja skills make her a 
    valuable ally in this world.
    Wutai Style Straight Punch               T
    Joint Mountain                           T, T, T
    Joint Valley                             T, T, X
    Dachao Dance                             T + X
    Dachao Offering                          T + X, T + X
    Leviathan's Tail                         X
    Leviathan's Anger                        X, X, X
    Leviathan's ???                          Guard + X
    Four Sided Song                          Guard + X, T, T
    Dachao's Wind                            Guard + T + C
    Severing Blade                           Guard + X + C
    Quick Messy Blade                        T + C
    Unmatched Through Time                   X + C
    Unmatched On Earth                       X + C, T
    Not Be A Thousand                        X + C, X
    Mirror Water                             T + X + C
    Eagle Wing Blow Left                     D-pad clockwise 90 degrees, T
    Eagle Wing Blow Right                    D-pad reverse 90 degrees, T                              
    Tidal Wave                               T + X when above opponent
    Swift Lightning                          Step, T
    Vanishing Jump Kick                      Step, X, T
    Vanishing Ground Kick                    Step, X, X
    Vanishing Ground Jump Joint Kick         Step, X, X, T
    Retreat Ground Jump Joint Kick           Step, X, X, T, T
    Ground Straight Kick                     X while crouching
    Tearing Eagle                            T while standing up
    Wutai Style 1                            T while walking
    Wutai Style 2                            X while walking
    Exploding Joy                            X, X, while walking
    Ill Wind Swift Lightning                 T, T, T, while running
    Tidal Slide                              X while running
    Utter Defeat                             From Front
    Great Strength                           From Front, hold down T
    Whip Style Break                         From Left
    Messy Hundred Flowers                    From Right
    Mega Phoenix Dance                       From Back
    Special Moves
    Wind Demon Shuriken                      C
    Hawkeye                                  Hold down C, T
    Makibishi                                Hold down C, X
    Cutting Wind                             C while running
    Smoke Bomb                               Jump, C
    Shyu Shyu Shyu                           C when gauge is empty
    n) Koji Masuda
    Age: 39
    Nationality: Japanese
    Sex: Male
    Occupation: Martial Artist, Student of archaeology
    Weapon/Special Attack: Slams
    He is the father of Yoko but had divorced his wife. As his daughter was 
    left under the custody of his wife, he could now concentrate on the 
    excavation. He was also a 3 Time EHRGEIZ champion.
    Hooking Jab                              T
    Hooking Straight Combo                   T, T, T
    Combination Tackle A                     T, T, X, T
    Combination Tackle B                     T, X, T
    Boxer Upper                              T + X
    Stopping                                 X
    Hooking Straight                         Guard + T 
    Stopping High Low                        Guard + T, T
    Combination Tackle C                     Guard + T, X, T
    Rising Sun Slam                          Guard + T + C
    Turn Kick                                Guard + X + C
    Swing Blow Left                          D-pad 90 degrees clockwise, T
    Swing Blow Right                         D-pad 90 degrees anticlockwise, 
    Godly Wind                               When above opponent, T + X
    Joint Spin                               While standing up, X, X
    Spinning Wheel Kick                      T while crouching 
    Step Knuckle                             T while running
    Fly Take Off                             T + X while running
    Full Burst                               While running, tap Guard, T                                         
    Leg Scissors                             Guard + X while running
    Side Suplex                              From Front
    Flying Arm Lock                          From Front, T
    Change                                   From Front, X
    Mountain Peak                            From Left
    Elbow Spin Crash                         From Right
    Reverse Back Throw                       From Back
    Neck Reverse                             From Back, T
    Piling                                   T + C 
    Wind God Drop                            D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    Mount Rush                               C
    Mount Strike                             C, J Guard
    7th Dope:                                Hold C
     1. Cross Arm Lock
     2. Triangle Hold
     3. Side Rolling Cross
     4. Ankle Lock
     5. Neck Rolling
     6. Neck Rolling Lock
     7. Double Lock
    Pro Whisper                              After Neck Rolling Lock, J 
    Bull Charge                              C when gauge empty
    Sledge Hammer                            C when descending in air
    o) Clair Andrews
    Age: 20
    Nationality: English
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: Student Of Archaeology
    Weapon/Special Attack: Hit Sword
    An assistant to Koji Masada, who helps him in his Archaelogical digs..
    Lead Jab                                 T
    Three Of The Kind                        T, T, T
    Lead Jab Combo                           T, X, T, T, T, T, T
    Holy Dragon                              T + X
    Hook Kick                                X
    Reverse High                             X, T, T, T
    Reverse Middle                           X, X, T
    Counter Step Kick                        X, X, X
    High Kick                                Guard + T
    Triple Spin High                         Guard + T, T, T
    Foot Sweep                               Guard + X
    Table Sweep                              Guard + X, T
    Volcano                                  Guard + T + C
    Leg Wheel                                Guard + X + C
    Triple Windmill                          T + C, T, T
    Wipe Horizon                             X + C
    Wipe Out                                 X + C, T
    Bloody Windmill                          T + X + C
    Brilliant Heel                           D-pad 90 degrees, T
    Bloody Heel                              D-pad 90 degrees, T, T
    Diving Body Attack                       When above opponent, T + X
    Leg Whip                                 Step, T
    Rolling Middle                           Step, release Guard, T + X
    Clockwise Sweep                          Step, X, X, T
    Standing Middle                          T, while crouching
    Triple High                              While walking, T, T, T
    Low Sweep                                While walking, X, X
    Dragon Chaster                           T while running
    Sliding                                  X while running
    Tail Turn                                While running, tap Guard, T
    Wind Middle                              Guard + T while running
    Malfunction                              From Front
    Butt Smash                               From Left
    Sandwich Blow                            From Right
    Football Kick                            From Back
    Hard Landing                             D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    Hit Sword                                C
    Maximum Charge                           Hold C
    Hit Sword Area                           Hold C, T
    Hit Sword Ground                         Hold C, X
    Hit Struck                               Jump, C
    Right Somersault                         C when gauge is empty
    p) Wolf Girl Jo
    Age: 18
    Nationality: German, but since she is considered dead, she has no 
    Sex: Female
    Occupation: Prisoner
    Special Attack: Transformation
    As an infant, Jo survived an airplane crash in the Amazon, sustaining 
    only minor injuries to her head. Raised by wolves, she gains physical 
    strength which exceeds and surpasses normal human capabilities by as 
    much as three times. Following the death of her "wolf" mother, Jo 
    becomes known as a "man eating wolf girl" and is eventually captured and 
    imprisoned. There, she exhibits uncontrollable hostility towards her 
    supervising officers. Having heard about this girl through various 
    rumors, Red Scorpion scouts her and gives her the name Jo. She is given 
    direct orders by Red Scorpian to seek EHRGEIZ without knowing or 
    understanding the reason why.
    Nature Knee                              T
    Prisoner Kick                            T, T, T
    Double High Low Kick                     T, T, X
    Desert Kick                              T, T, X, T
    Playing High                             T, X, T
    Playing Low                              T, X, X
    Tail Strike                              T + X
    Wing Kick                                T + C
    Illusion Hang                            T + C, T, T
    Wheeled Sonic                            T + X + C
    Sonic Demon                              T + X + C, C
    Nature Low                               X
    Jail Combination                         X, T, T, T, T
    Arrest Kick                              X, T, T, X
    Detain Kick                              X, T, X
    Capture Kick                             X, X, T, T, T
    Amazing Combination                      X, X, T, T + X, T + X
    Hallucination Kicks                      X, X, T, T + X, X
    Danger Ankle                             X + C
    Danger Dance                             X +  C, T
    Leap Spin Count                          Guard + T, T, T
    Leap Spin Number                         Guard + T, X, T
    Claw Leap Count                          Guard + T, T + X
    Mega Leap Count                          Guard + T, Guard + T, T + X
    Giga Leap Count                          Guard + T, Guard + T, Guard + 
    T, T + X
    Spinning Hang                            Guard + X, T
    Talon Kick                               Guard + T + C
    Grudge Faint                             D-pad 90 degrees, T
    Destruction Spin                         D-pad 360 degrees, T
    Reckless Attack                          When above opponent, T + X
    Whirlpool Kick                           Step, X, hold Guard, T
    Whirl Blood                              Step, X, release Guard, T
    Rolling Biting                           Step, X, X
    Hunting Chin                             While crouching, T, T
    Double Low and One Hand Kick             While crouching, X, X, T
    Arrow Kick                               While standing up, T
    Beast Arrow                              While standing up, T, T + X
    Blame Play                               While walking, T, T 
    Crossbow Arrow                           While runnning, T
    Grind Kick                               While running, X
    Crazy Scissor                            While running, T + X, T
    Lunatic Dance                            While running, T + X, X
    Turn Back Kick                           While running, tap Guard, T
    Neck Hooking Throw                       From front
    Bound Reject                             From front, hold down T
    Arm Hooking Throw                        From front, hold down X
    Face Smash Violence                      From left
    Moonsault Knee Dive                      From right
    Face Stamp                               From back
    Ragnarok                                 D-pad 360 degrees
    Special Moves
    Change Form                              C
    Wolven Kick                              Change Form, T
    Wolven Nail                              Change Form, X
    Hard Assault                             Change Form, T + X
    Insult Kick                              Change Form, back face 
    opponent, T
    GA On Attack                             Change Form, T + X while 
    Lunatic High                             C when gauge is empty
    Section VIII- Secrets
    This section will reveal how to obtain everyones alternate outfits, 
    secret characters and Movies.
    Secret Characters
    To get        Do this
    ******        *******
    Yuffie........Beat the Game with Cloud
    Vincent.......Beat the Game with Tifa
    Zack..........Beat the Game with all the FF7 characters
    Koji Masuda...Beat the Game with one of the Original Male characters
    Clair Andrews.Beat the Game with one of the Original Female characters
    DJango........Beat the game with the Original Cast of characters(Not the 
    secret ones).
    Every character has multiple outfits, in order to recieve them you must 
    do certain things in the game. Here is a list of what to do in order to 
    get their outfits.
    Character    What you need to do in order to get it           
    ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   
    Cloud        Beat the game with Yuffie                     
    Godhand      Beat Evil Panel's CPU                         
    Han          Get Ehrgeiz                                   
    Inoba        Get at least 35,000 Points in Beach Battle without using              
    any continues                 
    Doza         Get at least 2000 Ability Points in Infinity Battle                             
    Tifa         Beat the game with Vincent                    
    Yoko         Beat Battle Runner's CPU                      
    Character    Must have movies for Godhand, Sasuke, Inoba, Han, Shuwen             
    ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Jo           Beat game on Normal difficulty or higher without using any              
    Sasuke       Do a 10-hit combo or more in Practice Mode    
    Character    All movies must be unlocked
    ^^^^^^^^^    ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
    Shuwen       Get Extra Opening Movie
    Third Outfit Release List
    For the original eight characters, the third outfits are released in
    a certain order, even if you do the requirements for the third outfit
    for other characters, you won't get them until you get the third outfits
    for the characters before the ones you did the requirements for. 
    Number     Character
    ^^^^^^     ^^^^^^^^^
    One        Yoko----Beat the CPU in Battle Runner
    Two        Han-----Kill Last boss and obtain the Ehrgeiz
    Three      Doza----Get Perfects for every round of every fight
    Four       Inoba---Beat Beach Battle
    Five       Sasuke--use Shuwen against Django, push X, T against Django
    Six        Jo------Beat the game without Continues
    Seven      Shuwen--Get Extra Movie
    Eight      Godhand-Beat 10 opponents in Battle Panel and Beat Evil Panel
    Nine       Cloud---Beat the game with Yuffie
    Ten        Tifa----Beat the game with Vincent
    Eleven     Vincent-Press UP on the character before Vincent and he will            
    have a Turks outfit on, but he will not be dressed in it                       
    during the fights.
    *Third Outfits for Cloud and Tifa are able to be unlocked at anytime.
    Fight against Cloud and Tifa in Arcade Mode
    If you are playing with the 2 Round Option you must get up to and beat 
    Sasuke under 6' 40" 00
    If you are playing with the 1 Round Option you must get up to and beat 
    Sasuke under 3' 20" 00
    Releasing the Second Opening Movie
    Beat the game a few times through with different characters, if the game 
    reboots with the words Squaresoft (like when u just turn it on) dont 
    touch anything, and the movie will play. Save all your data after the 
    movie ends.
    Section IX- Minigames
    There are 4 Minigames included within Ehrgeiz
    Infinity Battle
    This particular game is geared toward the individual player, and 
    involves defeating all opponents that appear in the character's path. 
    When the character's life bar is depleted, the game is over. When an 
    opponent is defeated, the characters Physical Strength is replenished 
    (Depends on how fast you defeat the opponent). If an opponent is 
    defeated without the character receiving any damage, the number of 
    hearts increases(Maximum of 8). Aim for the highest score by defeating 
    as many opponents as possible.
    Battle Runner
    This is a mini game which consists of running around a circuit type 
    field, In order to win, the player must run around the regulation course 
    faster than their opponent. After selecting a character, the player must 
    select their course. (When playing against the CPU, there is no Course 
    Select option). The Life Bar for each character will increase and 
    decrease according to the amount of damage inflicted or recieved. If an 
    oppenant reveives damage from the character's attack, the characters 
    life bar will increase, as well as their running speed. Attacking an 
    opponent is one method of disrupting their course. In addition there are 
    items that enable the character who collects them to take th eupper hand 
    throughout the course. Strategic use of thses items is the key to 
    Red        RVS            Course changes direction
    Blue       HPEXC          Physical Strength gauges interchange
    Yellow     SP UP          The Special Attack gauge recovers.
    Battle Panel
    The battle panel mini game consists of two teams,(RED AND BLUE), 
    competing to occupy the 8X8 field with panels of their respective color.
    After selecting a character, select the field and being the game. The 
    player will be able to change the color of an opponents panel to their 
    color by bracketing them between blocks of the players own color. The 
    game is over when neither team can place any more panels. At thsi point 
    the party with the most penels representing their color is the winner. 
    Throughout the game, neutral panels will appear from time to time. Thses 
    neutral panels can also be bracketed and converted to a teams color.
    D-Pad..........Move Character
    X Button.......Place Panel
    Square.........Tackle Opponent
    Beach Battle
    Set on a beach in mid summer, these battles consist of rapid button 
    pressing. First, there is the "battle dash" which consists of running 
    through a short course and competing to see who can reach the goal the 
    fastest. Another type of race, "Battle Flag" is a competition involving 
    dashing and sliding along sand hills with the hopes of obtaining the 
    flag. Lastly, "Battle Hurdle" consists of dodging obstacles while trying 
    to finish in first place. Compete to receive a higher score than the 
    opponent in all three events. The gauge displayed at the top of the 
    screen shows running speed. Hit the Run buttons repeatedly. Press the 
    action buttons in a timely manner and aim for the best record.
    X and Circle Buttons...........RUN
    Square and Triangle............Action
                                   Battle Dash...Finish
                                   Battle Flag...Slide, Rise(when you fall)
                                   Battle Hurdle.Jump, Lean(before the goal)
    Section X- Whats Coming Next?
    DJango's move list will be added soon, dont expect a walkthrough for the 
    Quest mode as there are some really great ones on Gamefaqs.com.
    If you have any Question/Comments please feel free to email me at:
    I will reply to as many emails as possible.

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