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Move List and Guide by AMcKeever

Version: 2.5 | Updated: 01/25/1999

Date: Mon, 25 Jan 1999 23:45:29 EST

EHRGEIZ FAQ Version 2.5
Author: Aaron McKeever (KingSeph@Aol.com)
Copyright: This document is Copyright Aaron McKeever 1999.  If you would like to 
use parts of this FAQ (word for word or rewritten...it's doesn't matter to me), 
post this FAQ on your webpage, or if you would like to distribute it please e-
mail me.

	Responsible for the acclaimed PlayStation fighting games Tobal No. 1 and 
Tobal 2, Dream Factory made its first entry into the arcade market last year 
with the oddly-titled Ehrgeiz, one of the first truly prominent displays of 
full-3D, multi-level combat the genre had seen. Now the home conversion of the 
game (just recently released in Japan) has landed itself a position on Square 
Electronic Arts' release schedule for later this year.

	Ehrgeiz's roster is comprised of 16 characters, including several from 
Final Fantasy VIII. Familiar faces such as Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, Yufie, and 
Sephiroth join original characters, which range from the muscle-bound Godhand to 
the yo-yo wielding Yoko. Each character has their own special ability, and many 
utilize weapons in battle. Since the fighting takes place in true 3D 
environments, the characters can use higher ground to their advantage, spring 
onto opponents below, and launch projectile attacks at varying angles. 

	New to the home version are a variety of mini-games, which, as in the 
PlayStation conversion of Tekken 3, are intended to extend the game's lasting 
appeal. Various endurance events comprise a majority of the additions we can 
expect. A whole array of new CG movies, including individual character endings 
and introduction, are on the slate. Even more prominent, however, is a fully-
fledge "RPG" mode wherein players can take on the persona of either a female or 
male adventurer and explore randomly-generated dungeons. More than an 
afterthought, this mode has its own array of monsters, moves, and special items 
it's truly a game within a game.

	Ehrgeiz is certainly a different approach to the fighting genre whether 
it's one that will truly take hold remains to be seen. The game enjoyed a good 
deal of success in Japanese arcades, and its home-only additions should only 
increase its appeal stateside. We'll provide continuing coverage as its May 
release nears.

	Randy Nelson

I. Story
II. Menu Translations (How to save/load a game)
III. Characters
IV. Basic Fighting Techniques
V. Move List
VI. Secrets
VII. GameShark Codes
VIII. Character Endings (SPOILERS)
IX. Notes
X. Credits

Ehergeiz[e:r gaits](m) A great exploit, Ambition	
	50 years ago, the weapon with a mysterious MATERIA was found in a German 
castle ruin.  The blade of weapon was broken, and a mysterious stone was set in 
its grip.  The weapon was named EHRGEIZ, later became it the name and the symbol 
of a fighting tournament that is to decide the world strongest, and became the 
trophy for the champion.
	On the other hand, secret excavation of a ruin in the Middle East desert, 
which was said to contain the secret of immortality, was made under the order of 
one unknown organization.  The organization was called "Red Scorpion," 
officially an international organization for defending treasures and ruins of 
ancient time in the world, but its true purpose was to develop bio-weapons 
utilizing the technolo f hyper ancient cultures.  "Red Scorpion" has finally 
found the location of a hyper ancient ruin of a legend and they reached the door 
of the ruin, but they could not find the key of the locked door.  
	In these situations, one hypothesis was born that the key was a mysterious 
stone set in EHRGEIZ.  Since the day when the door of the ruin was knocked, the 
stone has been shinning mysteriously, and anyone who takes it in their hand 
feels that someone calls them, their heart was caught in strong desire to answer 
the call.
	Koji Masuda, who has been a champion of the EHRGEIZ tournament last three 
times and has kept EHRGEIZ in his hand, ws uided to the Middle East by the light 
of the stone.  There he found the secret excavation of the ruin.  Though the 
stone still called him, he had to leave the place due to the hard attack of "Red 
Scorpion" guardians.  Since then Koji has been chased by "Red Scorpion" who 
wanted to kill him to keep the secret.  He could not come back to the ruin 
	The next EHRGEIZ tournament was about to begin.  Koji returned EHRGEIZ to 
the commission of the tournament, but he had to have given up participating in 
the tournament due to the risk of life.  Therefore he wrote a letter to his 
daughter, Yoko living in distance, asking her to success his will and to get 
EHRGEIZ again.

	After all the fighting of EHRGEIZ started from passed the frame in the 
tournament.  The new champion in the final match (stage 1) started to run as 
soon as he got EHRGEIZ in his hand as if guided by the light of the stone.  
However his way stood mystery seekers urged by the ambition to get the ancient 
secret aiming to capture EHRGEIZ.
	On the other hand, in the game center playing, the communicational waging 
war, challenger will make an entry into the fight stage that can aim to prevent 
the enemy in his way for getting the EHRGEIZ back.  You will find that all of 
the playing system in this game is new, and can play a lot of fighting scene in 
your pleasure.  If you hope to keep on winning of the game, you might be 
absorbed in to be an ambitious fighter. 

MENU TRANSLATIONS (How to save/load)
Because many people have asked me how do I save or load my game I have decided 
to put this section in in.

At the Main Menu (this is where you select what whether you want to play Arcade, 
Quest, or MiniGame mode) select the memory card option.  You will then see a 
screen that has three options:


When you select load two options will appear asking you if you are sure:

No (highlighted as default)

When you select save you will be asked you if you are sure or if you want to 
overwrite a previous saved game:  


Age: 17
Nationality: Japan
Sex: Female
Occupation: ICPO Agent 
Weapon(Special attack): YO-YO

Yoko's father is an adventurer and a martial artist who investigated 
archaeology.  Her mother is a transmission of the kishibojin Ju-jutsu (Kung Fu 
played with hands).  Her parents divorced each other when she was 10, so her 
mother brought her up.  Though she is a high school student, she is invited by 
ICPO to participate in study team for short-range antipersonnel strategy because 
of her talent in Ju-jutsu.  One day she was entrusted to get a legendary weapon 
EHRGEIZ at this time she received a letter from her missing father.  Furthermore 
she was order to participate in the EHRGEIZ tournament to research the 
threatening atmosphere concerning EHRGEIZ.
Age: 26
Nationality: Japan
Sex: Male
Occupation: Now CEO of Mishima Construction Co.,but ex-mercenary 
Weapon (Special Attack) Armgun, Land mine, Hand bomb

He used to be mercenary soldier and put himself in the "Red-Scorpion."  Later he 
gained the information of organization so-called hyper ancient ruins that hidden 
mystery of perennial youth and immortality, which he thought of doing the 
business with the information.  And he cut his right arm by himself for retiring 
the organization.  Then he sold the information to one of the most wealthy and 
famous syndicates in the world, and got their support of establishing company.  
As getting a new right arm, Ken got a hypothesis that the stone set into the 
EHRGEIZ was the key of ruins by setting up research team in his company.  His 
ambition is getting larger. 

Age: 47 at the moment
Nationality: China
Occupation: Chinese murder martial artist 
Weapon (Special attack): long spear

Having been called a murderer martial artist; his art could kill a person by one 
hit.  He, the founder of Lee Si Hakyoku Ken, and the man called the God of 
spear, was said to be administered poison to death.  But he revived by the power 
of legendary "oil" which "Red-Scorpion" that was found in the Qin Imperial 
Mausoleum.  Furthermore he has been keeping on restoration of youth time by 
time.  Eventually he would become over restoration of youth, but if keeping it 
he would banished at least.  Therefor he began to seek the secret of the 
legendary hyper ancient ruins in order to get medicine of perfect immortality. 

Age: 23
Nationality: Korea
Sex: Male
Occupation: Action movie star
weapon(Special attack): missile

Han is famous as a young action movie star that is a Tekondo master and acts 
without a stunt man, but only few people knew that his right leg is artificial.  
One year ago while he was making a film in the Middle East, his right leg was 
drawn in smoke-like darkness suddenly appeared.  And later mysteriously, his 
sense of the right leg still remains.  As he researched this unexplainable 
phenomenon, he found that there were similar accidents once in a few decades 
around the legendary hyper-ancient ruin.  And he himself began to be drawn in 
the mystery of the ruin.

Age: 29
Nationality: UK
Sex: Male
Occupation: Kick boxer
Weapon(Special attack): Rocket punch

Naseem said he would beat whomever in his way.  It was his article of faith and 
he is seeking stronger opponent everyday.  But there was no opponent to match 
him in kick boxing world.  And he became unsatisfied with unarmed battles.  One 
day he knew about the EHRGEIZ tournament, in which fighters can use weapons, 
fire arms and even ESP, and decided to test himself in the new stage.  He is 
neither interested in EHRGEIZ nor ancient mystery, but he is full of fight 
because he found unexpected powerful opponents in the tournament over his 
Age: Unknown
Nationality: Japan(?)
Sex: Male
Occupation: Future ninja
Weapon (Special attack): Shuri-ken, Katana, Enmaku, Makibishi

Though sasuke's appearance is like ninja, he is totally a mysterious person.  He 
is employed by "Red Scorpion" as an underground activist at the moment; in fact 
he lost his past memory and does not know his true name.  However when he faced 
Koji Masuda, the adventurer whom he chased to assassinate by order, he saw 
mysterious light of the stone set in the broken-blade weapon in Koji's hand and 
felt like he reminded a piece of his lost memory.  Sasuke aimed to get EHRGEIZ 
the legend weapon, believing that when he gets the stone he can remind who he 

Age: 38
Nationality: Japan
Sex: Male
Occupation: Professional wrestler
Weapon(Special attack): Professional wrestling

Inoba is student of the HERGEIZ's founder-Karl Schneider and man of influence in 
the professional wrestling world.  And he is a member of the commission of the 
tournament, too.  Recently when Schneider passed away, he found a note in the 
teacher's articles and knew that Schneider surmised the relation between the 
stone in EHRGEIZ and the hyper-ancient ruin.  Inoba himself has felt the passion 
when he sometimes saw the mysterious light of the stone.  To solve his teacher's 
mystery and to confirm the destination of his passion, he seeks the legendary 

Age: 18
Nationality: None(German, authorized dead)
Sex: Female
Occupation: Prisoner
Weapon (Special attack): Transformation 

In the accident that a plane crashed in the basin of Amazon, only a baby 
survived with a wound on the head, but miraculously she was saved from death.  
Then a wild wolf rescued her.  As raised as an animal, she acquired three times 
stronger physical power than usual human.  After her mother of wolf was dead, 
she often made attacks to the neighboring villagers near jungle and was feared 
as a "wolf maiden."  So she was captured to put into prison, but she went 
berserk there that jailers could not stop her, until "Red-Scorpion" heard about 
her and employed.  Then she was named Jo, and sent to the EHRGEIZ tournament not 
knowing the reason.  

Age: 21
Nationality: Nibelheim
Sex: Male
Occupation: Former Soilder
Weapon(Special Attack): Buster Sword

Age: 20
Nationality: Nibelheim
Sex: Female
Occupation: Bar Girl at Seventh Heaven, Member of Avalanche
Weapon(Special Attack): Zangan Style Martial Arts

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Sex: Male
Occupation: Legendary Soilder
Weapon(Special Attack): Masamune Blade

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Sex: Male
Occupation: Former Turk
Weapon(Special Attack): Short Barrel

Age: 16
Nationality: Utai
Sex: Female
Occupation: Ninja Undergraduate
Weapon (Special Attack): Cross Shuriken

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Gongaga
Sex: Male
Occupation: Solider 1st
Weapon (Special Attack): Buster Sword

Age: Unknown
Nationality: Unknown
Sex: Unknown
Occupation: Unknown
Weapon (Special Attack): Megaflare

Age: 39
Nationality: Japanese
Sex: Male
Job: Martial Artist, Student of Archaeology

He is the father of Yoko but had divorced his wife. As his daughter was left 
under custody of his wife, he could concentrate on his excavation and 
exploration work, and became the three-time EHRGEIZ tournament champion. This 
time, having been led to the secret excavation site of Red Scorpion, his life 
has been threatened.

Age: 20
Nationality: UK
Sex: Female
Job: Student of Archaeology

She is Masuda's assistant and studies ancient exploration. Since the age of 12, 
Clair has been a world-class champion at both golf and net ball. Later, she 
became the student of a martial arts expert. She is good at high speed 
barehanded fighting as well as using military weapons.

Unlike the "dash" function of other popular fighting games, in Ehrgeiz you 
actually run! Your character can run in eight different directions; just hold 
the joystick in the direction you wish to run. This comes in handy for
many techniques and for safety reasons; you can hide behind boxes and various 
objects on the screen, or you can use the run to initiate an offensive attack. 
Also, you can run away from your opponent.

Blocking in Ehrgeiz can be tricky. The basic technique is similar to that of 
Tekken, in which your character blocks automatically when the joystick is in a 
neutral position facing your opponent (blocks high and mid attacks).You can also 
hold G while moving (not crouching) and your character canblock high and mid 
attacks. To block low, just hold Guard while standing in one place to Fully 
Crouch then you can block low attacks while moving. You cannot block Special 

Blocking Sword Attacks:
You cannot block sword attacks with your hands. Thus you got to catch the sword 
by pressing the Guard button the split second before contact. Just like for the 
throws, you got to look and estimate. Practice makes perfect.

Fully Crouch:
Unlike other fighting games, crouching is done in a different manner. To fully 
crouch, you must hold G until you crouch. This can be used to do some offensive 
attacks or to block low attacks. After you have crouched and you
want to stand up again, just release G.

Tap joystick twice in direction you wish to jump or hold G and push S (hold G+S 
to jump higher). Use jumps to surprise your opponent and/or set up an offensive 

Once fully crouched, tap the direction you wish to step.

The argument will continue for generations - for all of the fighting-game 
players who think that throws are "cheap," there's an equal number of game 
designers who continue to include throwing as an integral element of their 
games. Throwing is generally best used when your opponent is "turtling;" i.e. 
standing around and waiting for you to attack so he or she can counter. Simply 
press G+H+L to toss 'em into the action. There are different variations of 
throws; each person has quite a few. To perform your character's Special Throw, 
rotate the joystick 360 degrees and press G+H+L. To do a Special Throw a pretty 
easy way, hold G and rotate the joystick Counter clockwise 360 degrees then push 
H+L while still holding G. When you are being grabbed/thrown and you want to 
break out of it, push G while your character is blinking white and you will 
break out. To prevent being tackled (grabbed), push G just before the tackle 
hits your character.

When on ground, just push direction you wish to roll. Or when standing, hold G 
and push the direction you would like to roll twice. Use the roll to avoid 
obvious ground attacks and Special projectiles.

Special Attacks:
Performing Special Attacks are easier than ever in Ehrgeiz; just press the 
Special button! Unfortunately, you have a limited Special Gauge that only allows 
you to use a certain number of attacks or for a certain period of time. When 
your gauge is completely empty, there is a Special Attack for each character 
that does something. These are unblockable. Some people
just don't understand that there is a limited Special Gauge and when you use it 
all, there is no more. Then there is another Special that can be done when your 
Special Gauge is empty for everyone.

Push S right upon impact of hit. (G with Sasuke).

Getting Up Attacks:
When on ground, H; L; or H+L and your character will do a Get-Up Attack.

Tech. Hit:
Use this to your advantage. As with some other fighting games such as some 
Street Fighter games, you can land safely when you are knocked into the air. 
Before you fall to the ground, push G twice while airborne. Use this to surprise 
your opponent and get in a quick hit before they can react.

Fade Away (Dodge):
When running, push G twice and your character will turn sorta' translucent and a 
kind of lightning beam will surge through them and spin around. This can also be 
done in the air (when you fall off a high place or jump); it can be used to 
advance your capabilities of movement in the air. Use this to dodge projectiles 
that are coming towards you.

360 Degrees.
In EHRGEIZ the axis is removed, which combine with both characters in former 
fighting games.  Not be restricted in an opponent's movements, you can change 
any link course.  Eventually a full range of 360 degree movement is now 
possible.  Transverse direction's moving, or shift any courses what you like and 
avoid an attack so on.  The action cannot be found in general 3D fighting game 
before.  Furthermore you can enjoy your offense and defense from a running 
opponent's flank or rear attack.   
Stage Fighting Element Stage
The stage about EHRGEIZ is not only stage that produced fighting, but also it's 
formed four phases of undulation that can be used to make an attack enemy from 
high place.  Inversely you can use it for defense.  Of course if you don't use 
the difference in grade, the skill which not drawn out is prepared for you.  The 
box in the stage is not only can be used to ride on but also can be used to run 
against your enemy.  In the painted background you'll find limitless ways of 

H-High Attack button 
L-Low Attack Button 
G-Guard Button 
S-Special Attack button
UH: Unblockable High  
UM: Unblockable Middle  
UL: Unblockable Low
DT: Death Trap
* or J: Just Frame Point
QCF: Quarter Circle Forward: Down, Down-Right, Right
QCB: Quarter Circle Back: Down, Down-Left, Left
/: Or
+: Simultaneously
DB: Deathblow (Jumping Slash)
FC: Fully Crouched
( ): Hold 
(<-) = Hold back during move to go back to turned position
(<-/-> =Hold left or right during move to cancel SideStep

Basic Attacks: 
Quick Jab  					      H 
Cat Scratch  					H,H,H 
Cat's Tail  					H,H,L 
Sleeping Cat  					H,L 
Slap Dragon  					H,S 
Breaking Up  					H,S,H,H,H,H 
Full Moon  					      H+L 
Snap Dragon  					H+S 
Low Kick  				        	L 
High Tide  					      L,L,H 
Low Tide  					      L,L,L 
Spinning Orchid  			 	      L,L,S 
Welcome Home 					S+L 
Dinner Maker  					S+L,H 
Can't Touch This  				S+L,H+L 
Half Moon  					      H+G 
Shadow Moon  					L+G 
Jacob's Ladder 					L+G,H,H,H,H 
Hop Kick  					      H+S+G 
Inverted Moon  					S+L+G 
Executed Attacks:
MoonSault  					      H+L (When on Higher level) 
Jack Knife  					While getting up H 
Reincarnation  					While getting up H+S 
Highway To Heaven  				While getting up (H+S )
Nose Gunner  					While getting up H+g 
Tail Gunner  					Walk+H,H,H,H,H,H 
Double Round-a-bout  				Run+H,L 
Triple Cyclone  				      Run+H,H,H 
Sliding  					      Run+L 
Running Dive  					Run+H+L 
Half Moon  					      Run+H+G 
Reflection Moon  				      Analog in any direction,G,H 
Hungry Hawk  					FC+H 
Shadow Moon  					FC+L 
Crescent Moon  					Step+H 
Heel Hook  					      Step+L,H 
Whip Kick  					      Step+L,L 
Neck Slicer Left  				Step+L,H,L 
Neck Slicer  					Step+L,H+L 
Neck Slicer Right  				Step+L,L,H 
Altima Fall  					H,H*,L,H,H*,H,H,H,H,H*,L,L 
Flip Dislocator (Front)  			H+L+G
Side Dislocator (Front)  			H+L+G,L
Bash Closeline (Right)  			H+L+G
Flip Toss (Left)  				H+L+G
Neck Drop (Left)  				H+L+G,L or H
Evil Wheel (Back)  				H+L+G
Slapping Neck Cracker  				Full circle with stick, H+L+g
Attack Reversal  				      H+S+L
Special Attacks:
Yo-yo catch  					S
Crazy Marbles  					S (In the air)
Advanced Walk The Dog  				While holding S, press and Hold L
Yo-yo Trap  					S
Slap Dragon  					S (White meter is empty)

Basic Attacks: 
Jab                                       H 
1-2 Kick                                  H,H,H 
Up Down Combo                             H,H,L,H   
Speed Punch                               H,L,Hx9   
Raising Upper                             H+L
Metro Breath                              (H+L)  
Orge Crush                                H+L+S   
Double Upper                              H+S,H     
Low Kick                                  L   
Hell Spin                                 L+S
Break Knuckle                             L+S,U 
Homing Slide                              L+S,L
Boomerang Hook Left                       L+S,U,D 
Boomerang Hook Right                      L+S,D,U  
Stomach Crush                             L+S,H+L
Heal Soul ???                             G+U
Turning Low Kick                          G+L
Turning Low High Kick                     G+L,U    
Mirage Spin Kick                          G+H+S,L 
Shower Kick                               G+L+S    
Franking Upper                            90 degree's,H
Executed Attacks:
??????????????????                        When Above Oppenent H+L   
Divide Tile                               Step,H
Divide Knuckle                            Step,H,H
Divide Spin Kick                          Step,H,L
Wind God Hand                             Step,L,H
Lighting God Hand                         Step,L,H+L
Abyss Spin                                Step,L,L,L
Triple Black Hawk                         While Runing,H,H,H
Slide Kick                                While Runing,L
Air Raid Kick                             While Runing,G+H
Shoulder Tackle                           While Runing,H+L
Turning Back Kick                         While Runing,G,H
Just Frame Attacks:
??????????????????                        H,H,J H,H,H,H,H,J H,H,H,G
??????????????????                        L+S,J H
??????????????????                        L+S,L,J H
??????????????????                        Step H,L,J H
Strecth Throw                             From Front
Tower Bridge                              (H)
Neck Crush                                From Left
Moon Dive                                 From Right
Power Arm Throw                           From Behind
Spinning Pile Drive                       360
Special Attacks:
Arm Gun                                   S
Double Arm Gun                            S,S
Triple Arm Gun                            (S)
Place Mine                                Hold any direction + S
Gernade Throw                             Jump,S
Suicide Gernade                           360,S
Arm Hammer                                When special gauge is empty, S

Basic Attacks:
Straight Knuckle  				H 
Hellstorm  					      H,H,H,H 
ACL Breaker  					H,L 
ACL To Uppercut  				      H,L,H 
ACL To Dagger Punch  				H,L,L 
Cold Shoulder  					H+L 
Falling Dragon  				      H+S+L 
Dragon Cannon  					H+S+L 
Tiger Palm Punch  				H+S 
Tiger's Fake  					H+S, then hold left or right 
Tiger's Rush  					H+S,H,H
Earth Sweep 					L 
Tiger's Rage  					L,H 
Earth Sweep  					S+L 
Falling Leaf  					L,L 
Shadowless Fist  				      (H+G), quickly release G,then H 
Heel Spin Kick  				      L+G 
Hop Kick  					      H+S+G 
Executed Attacks:
Moonsault  					      H+L (when on higher level) 
Tiger's Roar  					Step+L,H 
Tiger's Claw  					Step+L,L 
Sweep To Tiger's Elbow  			Step+L,L,H 
Tiger Elbow  					Step+L,H+L 
Guard Breaker  					Step+L,S,H 
Tiger's Tail  					While Getting Up L 
Tiger's Elbow Rush  				While Getting Up H+L 
Palm Uppercut  					While Getting Up H 
Wild Tiger  					Walk+H,H 
Wild Tiger Strike  				Walk+H,H,H 
Wild Tiger Crush  				Walk+H,H,G,H 
Double Heave Kick  				Run+H,H 
Sweep Spin  					Run+L 
Tiger Death Fist  				Run+H+L 
Reverse Could Shoulder  			Stick in any direction+G,H 
Just Frame Attacks:
Stonewall  					      H+L,L or R *, H 
Tiger's Slaughter  				Walk+H,H,L or R *,H 
Tiger Cannon  					FC,L*,H 
East Meets West  				      Step+L,S, Stick L or r*,H 
Mountain Breaker (Front) 			H+L+G
Surprise Exchange (Front)  			H+L+G,H
Dragon Shoulder (Left)  			H+L+G
Stonewall Shatter (Right)  			H+L+G
Dragon's Rage (Back)  				H+L+G
Thunder Mountain Breaker  			Full circle H+L+G
Divine Spear  					S
Twin Divine Spear  				S,S
Heaven Spear  					While holding S, press and hold H
Earth Spear  					While holding S, press and hold L
Meteor Fall Spear  				S+L+G
Judgement  					      S
Stun Palm   					S (White bar is empty)
Palm Rush  					      S,H (White bar is empty)

Basic Attacks:
Killing Jab                               H
Killing BlaLe                             H,H,L
???? Combination                          H,H,H,H,H
???? Combination                          H,H,H,L,H
Heel Slice                                H+S
???? Kick                                 L
Ring Kick                                 L+S
Ringing Scarecrow                         L+S,H
Swalds Last                               L+H,H
Eagle Heel                                G+H
Spear Kick                                G+L
Javelin Combination                       G+L,H,H
???? Flail                                G+L,L,L,L
Ultima Heel                               H+L+S
Freeza Kick                               G+H+S
Landing BirL                              G+L+S
Reverse Heel                              L-pad,G,H
Turn Heel                                 L-pad 90 Degrees,H
Lesperate Attack                          When above opponent,H+L
Flail Kick                                Step,L
Reppa Kick                                Step,H
Thor Axe                                  H while crouching
Axe Heel                                  While crouching,H,H
Turn Lance Kick                           While standing,H,H
Lance Heel                                While standing,H,H,H
Halberd Kick                              While walking,H,H,H
Hunting Tomahawk                          While running,H,H,H
Landing Crow                              H while running
Nose Live Picking                         While running,H,G+H,Hx4
Ground Chakram                            L while running
Sling Kick                                L+H while running
Sling ????                                While running,L+H,L 
Ground ????                               G+L while running
Motion Change
Right Scarecrow                           Hold G+H
Left Scarecrow                            S when guage is empty
Motion Change Moves:
Crow Peck                                 H
Crow Peck Combination                     ???? H,H,H,H
????                                      H,L,H,H,H,H
Switch Kick                               L or Hold L
Switching Combination                     L,H,H,H,H
Triple Winger                             G+H,H,H
Triple Flighter                           G+H,L,H
Just Frame Moves:
Injury Flail                              L,L,J L,H
Lying Flail                               L,L,J L,L
Combo ????                                H,H,H,J H
Combo Blood Hound                         G+L,L,J H
Combo Patriot                             While running,H,H,J H,Hx4
Hold Partisan Kick                        From front
Reverse EinhanLer                         From left
Kick Brush                                From right
Brush ????                                G During Kick Brush
Inferno                                   From Back
Arm GaiLen                                L-pad 360 Legrees
Apocalypse                                G During Arm Gaiden
Special Moves:
Korea No. 1                               S
Korea No. 10                              Hold S
Left Scarecrow                            S when guage is empty

Basic Atttacks:
Jab                                       H
Double Jab                                H,H
Scissor Crush Combination                 H,H,L,H
Scissor Combination                       H,H,L,L
Bone Crush Combination                    H,H,H,L,H
Body Break Crush                          H,H,H,H,L,H
Break Combination                         H,L,H
Crush Combination                         H,L,L
Half Killing                              H,G+H,H
Jumping Knee                              H+L
Hurricane Straight                        H+L+S
Hammer Knuckle                            H+S
Scissor Kick                              L,H
Double Low Kick                           L,L
Break Straight                            G+H
Hurrican Low Kick                         G+L
Spanish ????                              G+L+S
Sky Kick                                  G+H+S
Left Sock Crab                            90 degrees clockwise,H
Right Sock Crab                           90 degrees anticlockwise,H
High Spin Kick                            D-pad 360 degrees,H
Hurricane Spin Kick                       D-pad 360 degrees,Hx5
Flying Body Attack                        When above opponent,H+L
Left Beam Run Hook                        Crouch facing opponent,D-pad left,G+H
Left Beam Run Hper                        Crouch facing opponent,D-pad 
Right Beam Run Hook                       Crouch facing opponent,D-pad right,G+H
Little Wing                               Crouch facing opponent,D-pad 
Crush Beam Run                            Crouch facing opponent,D-pad right,G+H
Crush Hook                                Step,L,H
Low Beam Run Hook                         Step,L,L
Knee Attack                               H while crouching
Triple Knee Attack                        While crouching,H,H,H
Rocket Hper                               While stnding H,H
Finish Hper                               While standing H,hold H
Drill Kick                                While standing H,G+H
High Kick Shoot                           H while walking
???? Hammer ????                          H while running
Triple ???? Hammer                        While running,H,H,H,H
Sliding                                   L while running
Cross Attack                              H + L while running
Back Turn Kick                            While running,G,G+H
Just Frame Moves:
Hurricane Combination                     H,H, J H
Snake Cry                                 H,H, J H,H,L
Eagle Combination                         H,H, J H,H,G+H
???? Fang                                 H,H, J H,H,H,H
???? Claw                                 H,H, J H,H,H,H
Prize ????                                H,H, J H,H,H,H,L,H,H,H,H
Side Winder Combination                   L,J H
Swallow Combination                       L,J H,H
Phoenix Combination                       L,J H,H,H
Tomahawk Pin Point                        L,J H,H,G+H,H
Tomahawk Combination                      L,J H,H,G+H,G+H
Knee Break                                From front
Arm Lock Hold                             From front, hold H or L
Arm Lock Elbow Crush                      From right
Arm Lock Scissor Break                    From right
Back Rolling Crush                        From back
Knee Break One                            D-pad 360 degrees
Knee Break Three                          After Knee Break One, G
???? High                                 After Knee Break Three, G
Special Moves:
???? Fire                                 S
Desperate Fire                            Hold on S
????                                      S when guage is empty
Thyson ????:

????                                      H,H,L,H
G Ring ????                               L,H
                                          L,J H

Basic Attacks:
Ninja Jab  					      H
One-Two Slash  					H,H,H 
Ninja Rush 					      H,H,L 
Ninja Sword Rush  				H,H,H,L,H 
Backflip  					      H+L 
Double Backflip To Slash  			H+L,H+L,H 
Overhead Slash  				      H+S 
Cutting Rage  					H+S,H 
Shin Cutter  					L 
Somersault Rush  				      L,H,H 
Bamboo Burial  					S+L 
Slash Kick  					H+G 
Tsunami Kick  					L+G 
Hop Kick  					      H+S+G 
Flip Slash  					S+L+G 
Renmenzan  					      Run+H,H,H 
??????????  					L+G,H 
Executed Attacks:
Kamikaze (when on higher level)  		H+L
Shinobi Cannon  				      Step,L,H 
Shinobi Sweep  					Step,L,L 
Ninja Deception  				      Step,L,L,H 
Shadow Moon  					Walk+H 
Low Thrust Kick  				      Walk+L 
Spinning Demon  				      Walk+L,L 
Sliding  					      Run+L 
Sunrise  					      Run+H+L 
Sunset  					      Analog in any direction,G,H
??????????? 					Full Circle, H or L 
Just Frame Attacks:
Sweeping Earth Slash  				H+S,(before contact) *L 
Kagehisa  					      H,H,H,*H 
Ninja Juggle  					H,* H,H,H,H,* L 
???????????  					L+G,*H 
Doormat (Front)  				      H+L+G
Flip Back Drop (Front)  			H+L+G, hold H or L
Double back Drop  				G (After Flip Back Drop)
Assassination  					G (After Double Back Drop)
Blood Dance (Left Side)  			H+L+G Leg Stretch (Right Side) 
Meteor Toss (Back)  				H+L+G
Lightning Drop  				      Full Circle, H+L+G
Shooting Star  					S Ninja Mines 
Heaven Star  					S,H Super Star 
Ninja Bomb  					Jump+S 
Katashiki  					      H+S+L (When white meter is full)
Nap  						      H+S+L (When white meter isempty) 
Quick Slash  					S (When white meter is empty)
Basic Attacks:
Chop                                      H
Triple Chop                               H,H,H
Burning Vigour Chop                       Hold H
Rolling Hper                              H+L
Knuckle Part                              H+S
Low Kick                                  L
Soul Heart Low Kick                       Hold L,L
Turn Low Kick                             L+S
???? Bamboo Cut                           G+H
???? Bamboo Cut                           (G)+H
Hell ????                                 Guard+H, J release Guard
????                                      S after doing Hell ????
???? Low Kick                             Guard+L
???? Kick                                 Guard+L+S
Right ???? Slash                          90 degrees clockwise, H
Left ???? Slash                           90 degrees clockwise, H
Slide Right Ali Kick                      90 degrees aniclockwise, L
Slide Left Ali Kick                       90 degrees clockwise, L
Flying Elbow Drop                         When above opponent, H+L
???? Kick                                 Step, H
????                                      Step, L,H
Victory Stomping                          Step, L,L
Front Kick                                H while crouching
Bombing Double Kick                       While crouching, H,H
Brutal Front Kick                         Hold H while crouching
Explosive Double Kick                     While crouching, hold H,H
Dah Hper                                  While standing H,H
Knuckle Bomber                            H while walking
Dasher Lariat                             H while running
Drop Kick                                 While running, H+L
Ali Kick                                  While running, L,L,L
Dash ????                                 While running, G+H
Back Turn Kick                            While running, G,G+H
Homing Body Press                         When descending in air, S
Just Frame Moves:
Strong Knuckle Part                       H+S,J H,J H
Head Butt                                 From front
Head Butt 2                               Guard after Head Butt
Head Butt 3                               Guard after Head Butt 2
DSD (Dasher Screw Driver)                 From front, then hold H
Neck Scissors ????                        From front, then hold L
????                                      From left
Tiger Leg Lock                            From right
Indian's Lock                             Guard after doing Tiger Leg Lock
Indian's Lock 2                           Guard after doing Indian's Lock
????                                      Guard after doing Indian's Lock 2
Dragon SHlex                              From back
????                                      From back, then H, or L
Captured                                  L+H+S
Dasher Buster                             D-pad 360 degrees
Power Bomb                                Guard after doing counter
During Down Position Throws:
Sniper Hold                               ????opponent head, 360 degrees throw
Scorion's Lock                            ????opponent legs, 360 degrees throw
???? Lock                                 ????opponent right, 360 degrees throw
???? Lock                                 ????opponent left, 360 degrees throw
Indian's Lock                             (????)opponent head, 360 degrees throw
Camel Crutch                              (????)opponent legs, 360 degrees throw
Strangle Hold                             (????)opponent right, 360 degrees 
Bow And Arrow                             (????)opponent left, 360 degrees throw
Dragon SHlex                              ????opponent head, S
Giant Swing                               ????opponent legs, S
???? Driver                               ????opponent right, S
???? SHlex                                ????opponent left, S
Double Arm SHlex                          (????)opponent head, S
???? Back Drop                            (????)opponent legs, S
Tiger Driver                              (????)opponent right, S
Tiger Driver                              (????)opponent left, S
Special Moves:
Dasher Bomb                               S
Final Dasher                              Hold on S
Dasher Head Butt                          S,H+L when running
Soul Fighting Stance                      S,H
Dasher Scissors                           S when guage is empty

Basic Attacks:
Slash Knee 					      H 
Prisoner Kicks 					H,H,H (<-)  
Tornado Sweeper 				      H,H,L 
DeatH Sentence 					H,H,L,H(<-) 
Hunting Wolf High 				H,L,H 
Hunting Wolf Low 				      H,L,L(<-) 
Lightning SomerSault 				H+L 
Fang Kick 					      H+S 
Illusion Fang 					H+S,H,H 
Fang To Beast Barrage 				H+S,L,L(<-),H,H(<-),H(<-) 
Fang To Beast RusH 				H+S,L,L(<-),H,H+L,L(<-) 
Rage Ball 					      H+S+L 
Gone Postal  					Press H+S+L rapidly 
Wolf Claw 					      L 
Jail Combo 					      L(<-/->),H(<-),H,H,H 
Arrest Kicks 					L(<-/->),H(<-),H,L 
Detain Kicks 					L(<-/->),H(<-),L 
Beast Barrage 					L(<-/->),L,H,H(<-),H(<-) 
Wolf Claw To Beast Rush 			L(<-/->),L,H,H+L,H+L 
Wolf Claw To Beast Tail 			L(<-/->),L,H,H+L,L(<-/->) 
Wolf Pack 			 		      L(<-/->),L,L,(<-),H(<-) 
Wolf Sickle  					S+L 
Beast Toss  					S+L,H 
Cyclone Kicks  					H+G(<-),H(<-),H 
Tornado Kicks 					H+G(<-),L(<-),H 
Iron Cutter  					H+G(<-),H+L(<-) 
Steel Cutter  					H+G(<-),H+G(<-),H+L(<-) 
Devil Scythe  					H+G(<-),H+G(<-),H+G(<-) 
Death Cutter  					H+G(<-),H+G(<-),H+G,(<-)H+L(<-) 
Spin Fang  					      L+G(<-),H(<-) 
Hop Kick  					      H+S+G 
Falling Scissors 				      S+L+G
Executed Attacks:
MoonSault  					      H+L (when on higher level) 
Wild Bow Kick  					Step,L(with G held),H 
Wild Brand  					Step,L(with G released),H 
Anger Ball  					Step,L,L 
Wolf Trail  					FC+H,H 
Break Beats  					FC+L(<- or <-/->),L,H 
Claw To Beast Barrage  	                  FC+L(<-or<-/->),L,H,L(<-/->),H(<-
Claw To Beast Trail  	                  FC+L(<- or<-/->),L,H,L(<-/->),H,(<-
Claw To Beast Slicer  				FC+L(<- or <-/->),L,H,L(<-/->),H(<-),L 
Claw To Beast Rage  	                  FC+L(<-or<-/->),L,H,L(<-/->),L,H,H(<-
Claw To Beast Rush  	                  FC+L(<- or <-/->),L,H,L(<-/-
Claw To Beast Fall  				FC+L(<- or <-/->),L,H,L(<-/->),L,H,L,L 
Claw To Beast Grind  	                  FC+L(<- or <-/->),L,H,L(<-/->),L,L(<-
Arrow Kick  					While getting Up H 
Kick Away Hop  					While getting Up H,H+L 
Rage Pounce  					Walk+H(<-),H 
Crossbow Kick 					Run+H 
Sliding  					      Run+L 
Lunatic Spin  					Run+H+L 
Lunatic Scissors  				Run+H+L,H 
Lunatic Dance  					Run+H+L+L 
Escape Kick  					Joy in any direction+G,H 
Mad Kick  					      Back Turned H+L 
Dirty Roll  					Back Turned L 
Just Frame Attacks:
Dread Combo  					H+S,L,L(<-),H,H+L*,H 
SurpriSe Combo  				      L(<-/->),L,H,L,*H 
MonSoon  	                              H+G(<-),H+G(<-),H+G(<-
Revenge Combo 	                        FC+L(<- or <-/->),L,H,L(<-/-
Sonic Ball  					With back turned *H 
Fisheman's hook (front)  			H+L+G
Hound Rejection (front)  			H+L+G,H
Sliding Supplex (front) 			H+L+G,S
Stampede (Left)  				      H+L+G
MoonSault Knee Dive (Right) 			H+L+G
Beast Face Brand (Back)  			H+L+G
Beast Lift Cannon (Back)  			H+L+G,H
Ragnarock 					      Full Circle,H+L+G
Special Moves:
Beast Transformation  				S
Wolf Slash  					H (during BT)
Wolf Claw  					      L (during BT)
Wolf Rocket  					H+L (during BT)
Wolf Insult Kick 				      H+L (With back turned during BT)
Wolf Rush  					      H+L (While running during BT)
Lunatic Rush  					S (When white meter is empty)

Basic Attacks:
Soldier Jab                        		H                       
Soldier High Low                   		H,L                    
Soldier Chain                      		H,H,L                 
Soldier Smash                     		H,H,H                 
Shinra Chain Test Lab              		H,H,H,H              
Soldier Knee                       		H+L                     
Soldier Elbow                      		H+L+S                   
Test Lab Shot                      		H+L+S,H                
Soldier Hook                       		H+S                     
Shinra Chain Wheel                 		H+S,H,H               
Shinra Genesis Chain               		H+S,H,L               
Soldier Low Kick                   		L                       
Soldier Double Low                 		L,L                    
Soldier Original                   		L,L,H                 
Shinra Needle                      		L+S                     
Soldier High Kick                  		(G)+H                   
Soldier Double High Kick          		(G)+H,(G)+H            
Executed Attacks:
Soldier Feint Right                		QCF+H                   
Soldier Feint Left               		QCB+H                   
Moonsault                         		H+L (overhead position) 
Low Spin Kick                  		FC,L/G+L               
MaaKou Punch                       		Step,then L,H         
Zack's Kick                      		H (when getting up)     
Kaiten Ashibarai   				L (when getting up)     
Flip Up Attack                  		H+L (same as above)     
Windmill                      		H+L, H+L? (like above)  
Soldier Flip                      		G+L+S                   
Soldier Axe Kick              		G+H+S                  
Deathblow                        		Jump,S                 
Jumping Turn (Side) Kick          		Jump,H                 
Landing Low Spin Kick^             		Jump,L                 
Executed Running Attacks:
Escape Back Kick                  		G+H                     
Air Slash                          		H                       
Slide Buster                       		L                       
Soldier Tackle                   		H+L                     
Just Frame:
Cold Chain                        		H,L,*L                
Zack's Chain                     		H,H,L,*H,H          
Shinra Chain Alpha                 		H+S,H,L,*H,H        
Shinra Delta Chain                		(G)+H,H,*H            
Zack's Slash                      		FC,L/(G)+L,*H,H      
Shinra Front                      		L,*H                   
Cross Slash (Limit Level 1)        		H+L,H,H,*H           
Near Wall:
Soldier Elbow Drop                		H                       
Triangle Slide Buster             		L                       
Executed Throws:
Crescent Suplex                    		G+H+L (front)           
Crescent Dive                   		G+H+L, hold L/H (front) 
Waist Suplex                     		G+H+L (left side)       
Neck Fall                          		G+H+L (right side)      
Manhattan Suplex                   		G+H+L (behind)          
Soldier Grab                              G+H+L,then: GrabH,H,H:FacePunchx3,                                                          
Stun,L,L,L:Hold Kick x3,Stun
Soldier Takedown                          G+H+L,then: Tackle Grab H/L 
repeatedly, hits                                                 opponents face, 
then a Rolling Leg Toss 
Omnislash                         		Full Circle+G+H+L   
Special Attacks:
Sword Stance                       		S (Draws Sword)         
Sheath Sword                      		G                       
Braver (Limit Level 1)             		H+L,G+H                
Cross-Slash (Limit Level 1)        		(see Just Frame attacks)
Climhazzard (Limit Level 2)        		G+H,H (moving)          
Meteorain (Limit Level 3)        		S (3 seconds)            
Omnislash (Limit Level 4)          		(see Executed Throws)
Shinra Single Slash                		H                       
Buster Sword Slash                 		H,H,H                 
Shinra Low Slash                   		L                       
Skull Break                       		L,L,L                 
Sephiroth Combo                    		H+L,H,H,H            
Rune Blade Combo                 		H+L,L,L,L            
Beta Chain                        		G+H,H,H (moving)      
Climb Slash                       	 	G+H (moving)            
Climb Mirage                    		G+H,L (moving)         
? (Shinra Beta Cutter?)            		Full Circle+G+H+L   
Shinra Beta Cutter                 		S (Special gauge empty) 
Custom-Made Combos:
Soldier Combo                     		H+L,*L,L,H           
Shinra Chain Wheel(er)           		H+S,H,H,*run+L       
Shinra Chain KxK                  		L,*H,H,L             
Shinra Chain Kicks                		L,L,*L,L,H          
Shinra Smash                    		G+L,*H+S,H,H/L      
Custom-Made Special Attacks:
Cool Chain                        		H,*L,DB,L/G+L/DT    
Zax Chain                         		H,H,*L,DB,L/G+L    
Cool Shot                         		L,DB,L/G+L or DT     
God Chain Alpha                   		H+L,H,H,DB,L/G+L   
God Chain Blast                   		Climhazzard,DB,DT    
Zax Shot                       		L,L,DB,L/G+L/DT     

Basic Attacks:
Zangan Jab  					H 
Zangan One-Two  				      H,H 
Avalanche Combo  				      H,H,H 
Zangan Combination  				H,H,L,H 
Dragon Claw  					H+S,H 
Zangan jab To low  				H,L 
Mythril Claw  					H,L,H 
Kaihser Sault  					H+L,H 
Zangan Dragon Upper  				H+S+L 
Dolphin Blow (Limit Level 1) 			(H+S+L)
Zangan Low Kick  				      L 
Tiger Fang  					L,H 
Grand Glove Kick  				S+L 
Zangan Dragon Sault  				H+G,H 
Crystal Glove Kick  				H+G,L 
Hop Kick  					      H+S+G 
Water Kick (Limit Level 2) 			L+G 
Motor Drive  					L+G,H 
Falling Scissors  				S+L+G 
Executed Attacks:
MoonsauLt  					      H+L (When on a Higher Level) 
Zangan Arial Rave  				Run+H,H,H 
Avalanche Tackle  				H+L 
Zangan Sliding  				      Run+L 
Crescent Fang  					G,H 
Power Soul  					Run+L+G,H 
Shiva Slash Kick  				Walk+H,H 
Diamond Knuckle Kick  				FC+H 
7tH Heaven  					Step+H 
Over Drive  					Step+H,L 
Over Drive Alpha  				Step+H,L,H 
Zangan Reverse  				      Step+L,H 
Master FiSt  					Step+L,H,S 
God's Hand  					Step+L,S 
MetaL KnuckLe Spin Kick  			Step+L,L 
Just Frame Attacks:
Zangan Low Alpha  				L*,H 
Mythril Claw Slash  				H,L*,H 
Zangan Combination Alpha  			H,H,L*,H 
Meteodrive (Limit Level 2, Front) 		H+L+G 
SomerSauLt (Limit Level 1, Front) 		H+L+G,H
Beat RusH (Limit Level 1, Front) 		H+L+G,L
Moonsault Crescent (Left) 			H+L+G
Zangan Supplex (Right) 				H+L+G
Avalanche Drop (Back) 				H+L+g
Meteor Strike (Limit Level 3) 		Full circle,H+L+G
Special Attacks:
Final Heaven (Limit Level 4) 			S
Final Judgement  				      (S)
Death Force  					(S),L
Premium Heart  					S (LeveL in any direction)
Platinum Fist  					S (In the air)
Summon  	                              (S) (White meter is empty -> restore 

Basic Attacks:
Mystery Jab                               H
Mystery High                              H,L
Jenova Linkage BIRTH                      H,H,L  
Jenova Linkage SYNTHESIS            	H,H,H,H,H
Jenova Linkage DEATH                     	H,L,L,H
Mystery Knee                              H+L
Mystery Low                               L
Ancient Piece                             L,L,H
Mystery High                              G+H
Chin High                                 G+H,H
Mystery Slash                             G+H+S
Ground Beat                               G+L+S
Mystery Hook                              H+S
Sting Low                                 L+S
Mystery Elbow                             H+L+S
Fatal Trap                                H+L+S,H,H
Liberty's Kick Right                      Clockwise 90 degrees,H
Liberty's Kick Left                       Anticlockwise 90 degrees,H
Jenova Attack                             When above opponent H + L
Jenova Shoot                              Step,L,H 
Jenova Reppa                              Step,L,H+L
Tornado Kick                              L while Crouching or G 
DownAscend Spiral                         H while standing up
Back Turn Kick                            While running,G,G+H
Rage Doer                                 H while running 
Slide Charge                              L while running
Mystery Sting                             G+H while running
Mystery Tackle                            H+L while running
Just Frame Moves:
Jenova Linkage Life                       H,L,J H
Jenova Linkage Incomplete               	L,J H
Levitation Strike                         H+L,J H
Playing Reunion                           G+H,H,J H
Desperado Edge                            H+S,J H
Fatal Trap Complete                       H+L+S,H,H,J H
Jenova Rush                               Step,L,H,J H,H,H
Duo Fantasy                               Draw Sword Stance,H,J H
Sephiroth Combo (Special)                 Sword Stance,H,H,H,J H
Hanging Slay                              From Front
Front SHlex                               From Front,(L)/(H)
Neck Breaker                              From Left
Side SHlex                                From Right
Deadly SHlex                              From Back
Tragic End                                Full Cirlcle
Special Moves:
Draw Sword Stance                         S
Black Materia                             (S)
Hilt Attack                               Draw Sword Stance,H
Hell's Gate                               Draw Sword Stance,L
Flash                                     Draw Sword Stance,G+H
Sword Stance                              Draw Dword Stance,S
Sephiroth Combo Complete               	Sword Stance,H,H,H
Hell Quake Slash                          Sword Stance,L,L,L
Heaven's Dancing Spin                     Sword Stance,S,H,H
Sudden Strike                             Sword Stance,G+H
Fervent Blow                              Sword Stance,G+H while moving
Cruel Strike                              Sword Stance,G+H while moving right  
Sudden Cruelty                            Sword Stance,G+H while moving left
Return to Draw Sword Stance            	Sword Stance,H+L while moving
Flying Air Strike                        	S while jumping
Iron Smash                                S when guage is empty

Basic Attacks:
Turks Jab                                 H
Beast Combo                               H,H,H
Hell Masker Combo                         H,H,L,H
Splatter Combo                            H,L,H X 9
Rising Claw                               H+L
Turks Low                                 L
Medium Flat                               G+H
Feel Flat                                 G+H,H
Reverse Low                               G+L
Reverse Low High                          G+L,H
Illusion Spin Kick                        G+H+S,L,L
Clear Sentiment                           G+L+S
High Blow ST                              H+S,H,H
Spinning Flame                            L+S
Arm Blow                                  L+S,H
Claw Hook Left                            L+S,H,L
Reverse Shoot                             L+S,H+L
Spinning Slide                            L+S,L
Chaos Saber                               H+L+S
Claw Upper Left                           90 degrees clockwise, H
Claw Upper Right                          90 degrees anticlockwise, H
Giga Dive                                 When above opponent H+L
Chopping Arm                              Step,H
Chopping Claw                             Step,H,H
Chopping Crusher                          Step,H,L
Wind Kaiser Claw                          Step,L,H
Sniper CR                                 Step,L,H,H
Lightning Kaiser Claw                     Step,L,H+L
Spin Lightning                            Step,L,L,H
Spinning Fin                              Step,L,L,L
Spinning Justice                          Step,L,L,H+L
Beast Claw                                H while crouching
Chaos Claw                                (H) while crouching
Fall Kick                                 H+S while standing up
Double Flat                               H,H while walking/standing up
Hell's Stairway                           H,H,H while running
Sliding                                   L while running
Shoulder Charge                           H+L while running
????                                      G+H while running
Turn ????                                 G,G+H while running
Just Frame Moves:
Satan Impact                              H,H,J H X 11
Neo Satan Impact                          H,L,J H X 10, (H)
????                                      H,L,H,H,J L, J H, J H
Spinning Flame Elbow                      L+S, J H, J H
Claw Hook Right                           L+S,L, J H
Chopping Combination                      Step,H,L,J H, J H
Hide ????                                 From Front
Choke Bomber                              From Left
Hard Pressure                             From Right
Reverse ????                              From Back
Giga Dunk                                 Full Circle
Special Moves:
????                                      S
Double Revolver                           S,S
Trick Shoot                               Jump, S
????                                      (S)
Gun Break                                 S when guage is empty

Basic Attacks:
Wutai Style Straight Punch                H
Joint Mountain                            H,H,H
Loint Valley                              H,H,L
Dachao Dance                              H+L
Dachao Offering                           H+L,H+L
Leviathan's Tail                          L
Leviathan's Anger                         L,L,L
Leviathan's ???                           G+L
Four Sided Song                           G+L,H,H
Dachao's Wind                             G+H+S
Severing Blade                            G+L+S
Quick Messy Blade                         H+S
Unmatched through Time                    L+S
Unmatched on Earth                        L+S,H
Not be a thousand                         L+S,L
Mirror Water                              H+L+S
Eagle Wing Blow Left                      D-pad clockwise 90 degrees, H
Eagle Wing Blow Right                     D-pad anticlockwise 90 degrees, H
Tidal Wave                                H + L when above opponent
Swift Lightning                           Step,H
Vanishing Jump Kick                       Step,L,H
Vanishing Ground Kick                     Step,L,L
Vanishing Ground Jump Joint Kick          Step,L,L,H
Retreat Ground Jump Joint Kick            Step,L,L,H,H
????                                      H,H,H when crouching
Ground Kick                               L while crouching
Tearing Eagle                             H while standing H
Wutai Style ???                           H while walking
Wutai Style ???                           L while walking
Exploding Joy                             L,L while walking
Ill Wind Swift Lightning                  H,H,H, while running
Tidal Slide                               L while running
????                                      H+L,H while running
????                                      While running, G,G+H
Just Frame Moves:
Five SHreme Skills: Skill                 H,H,J L,H,H,J H,H
Five Subreme Skills: ???                  H+L,J H,H,H,H,H,J L
Five SHreme Skills: Magic                 H+L,H+L,J H,H
Five SHreme Skills: Speed                 G+H,J H x infinity
Five SHreme Skills: Power                 While standing H,H,J H
Blood Sacrifice                           While running, H,J H
The Alive Will Perish                     While running, H,H,J H
????                                      While running, H+L,H,J H,H
????                                      From Front
????                                      From Front, hold on H
????                                      From Front, hold on L
????                                      From Front, G
????                                      From Front, G, G
????                                      From Left
????                                      From Right
????                                      From Back
????                                      360 degrees
S Moves:
Wind Demon Shuriken                       S
Hawkeye                                   Hold on S,H
????                                      Hold on S,L
????                                      Hold on S
Cutting Wind                              S while running
????                                      Jump, S
Shyu Shyu Shyu                            S when guage is empty

Basic Attacks:
Fast Jab                                  H
Fast PK                                   H,L
EZ Combo Shot                             H,H,L
Zax Chain DistrHt                         H,H,H,H
Zax Chain K X K                           H,L,L,H
Fast Knee                                 H+L
Fast Elbow                                H+L+S
EZ Combo                                  H+L+S,H
Fast Hook                                 H+S
Zax Chain Wheel                           H+S,H,H
Zax Chain Genesis                         H+S,H,L
Fast Low Kick                             L
Fast Original                             L,L,H
Pike Low                                  L+S
Fast High Kick                            G+H
Fake Spin Right                           D-pad 90 degrees clockwise, H
Fake Spin Left                            D-pad 90 degrees anticlockwise, H
Gongaga Attack                            H+L when above opponent
Round Kick                                G+L or L wile crouching
Mako Straight                             Step, L,H
Lock Kick                                 H while standing H
Back Turn Kick                            While running, G,G+H
Air Anchor                                H, while running
Slide Buster                              L while running
Gongaga Low                               While running, G+H
Charging                                  While running, H+L
Deathblow                                 Jump, S
Just Frame Moves:
Lock Chain                                H,L,J H
True Zax Chain                            H,H,L,J H,H
Zax Chain Alhpa                           H+S,H,L,J H,H
Zax Chain Beta                            G+H,H,J H
True Zax Shot                             G+L,J H,H
Front SHlex                               From Front
Free Fall                                 From Front, Hold H or L
Meteow Drop                               From Left
Chin Crusher                              From Right
Gongaga ????                              From Back
Omnislash                                 D-pad 360 degrees
Special Attacks:
Sword Stance                              S
Keep Sword                                G
Meteo Shower                              Hold on S
Fast Stroke                               H
Mythril Saber Chain                       H,H,H
Second Stroke                             L
Ogre Nix                                  L,L, L
Zax Combo                                 H+L,H,H,H
Force Eater                               H+L,L,L,L
High Braver                               H+L,G+ H
True Crosslash                            H+L,H,H,J H 
Crystal Sword                             G+H,H,H
Clim Slash                                D-pad + G+H
Clim Hazard                               D-pad + G+H,H
Clim Mirage                               D-pad + G+H,L
Beta Slash                                S when guage is empty

Basic Attacks:
Seto Low Punch           			L
Seto Punch               			H
Seto Combo               			H,H,H
Titan Head               			L+H
Hades Bite               			L+H+S
Nanaki Kick              			H+S
Nanaki Combo             			H+S,S
Tail Leviathan           			Facing away, H
Chocobo Kick             			Facing away, L,L
Bahamut Kick             			G+H or H when getting up
Ifreet Bite              			G+H+S
Shiva Attack             			G+L+S
Straight Fang            			Crouch, H
Tupon Flash              			Crouch, L
Fang Brand               			Run, L+H
Phoenix Roll             			L/H when knocked down
Biting Bahamut Zero      			D,DF,F,G+L+H
Special Moves:
Mega Flare              			S
Giga Flare               			(S)
Nights of the Round Dive 			Jump,L/H/S

Basic Attacks:
Hooking Jab                               H
Hooking Straight Combo                    H,H,H
Combination Tackle A                      H,H,L,H
Combination Tackle B                      H,L,H
Boxer Hper                                H+L
Stopping                                  L
???? Black                                L,H
Hooking Straight                          G+H
Stopping High Low                         G+H,H
Combination Tackle C                      G+H,L,H
????                                      G+L or while crouching, L
Rising Sun Slam                           G+H+S
????                                      G+L+S
Swing Blow Left                           D-pad 90 degrees clockwise, H
Swing Blow Right                          D-pad 90 degrees anticlockwise, H
Godly Wind                                When above opponent, H+L
????                                      While standing H,L,L
????                                      H while crouching or Step, H
Step Knuckle                              H while running
Fly Take Off                              H+L while running
Full Burst                                While running, G,G+H
Leg Scissors                              G+L while running
Just Frame Move:
Stepping ????                             H+L,J H
When Opponent Down Moves:
Pride                                     H
When Self Down:
Guard Position                            H
Guard Position Moves:
Rising Kick                               H
Flying Arm Lock                           G+H
Run Bar                                   G+L
Side SHlex                                From Front
Flying Arm Lock                           From Front, H
Change                                    From Front, L
Mountain ????                             From Left
Elbow Spin Crash                          From Right
Reverse Back Throw                        From Back
Neck Reverse                              From Back, H
Piling                                    H+S or L+S
Wind God Drop                             D-pad 360 degrees
During L Position Throws:
Side Triangle Hold                        360 degrees near opponent's head
Arm Pit Arm Bar                           360 degrees near opponent's limbs
Choke Sniper Hold                         360 degrees near opponent's ????
Special Moves:
Mount Rush                                S
Mount Strike                              S,J G
7th Dope:                                 Hold S
 1. Cross Arm Lock
 2. Triangle Hold
 3. Side Rolling Cross
 4. Ankle Lock
 5. Neck Rolling
 6. Neck Rolling Lock
 7. ????
????                                      After Neck Rolling Lock, J G
Bull Charge                               S when guage empty
Sledge Hammer                             S when descending in air

Basic Attacks:
Lead Jab                                  H
Three Of The Kind                         H,H,H
Force ????                                H,H,H,(H)
Lead Jab Combo                            H,L,H,H,H,H,H
Holy Dragon                               H+L
Hook Kick                                 L
Reverse High                              L,H,H,H
Reverse Middle                            L,L,H
Counter Step Kick                         L,L,L
High Kick                                 G+H
Triple Spin High                          G+H,H,H
Foot Sweep                                G+L
Table Sweep                               G+L,H
Volcano                                   G+H+S
Leg Wheel                                 G+L+S
Triple Windmill                           H+S,H,H
???? Horizon                              L+S
????                                      L+S,H
Bloody Windmill                           H+L+S
Brilliant Heel                            D-pad 90 degrees, H
Bloody Heel                               D-pad 90 degrees, H,H
Diving Body Attack                        When above opponent,H+L
Leg Whip                                  Step, H
???? Cross                                Step, L,H
Rolling Middle                            Step, release G,H+L
Clockwise Sweep                           Step, L,L,H
Standing Middle                           H, while crouching
Triple High                               While walking, H,H,H
Low Sweep                                 While walking, L,L
Dragon Chaster                            H while running
Sliding                                   L while running
Tail Turn                                 While running, G,G+H
Wind Middle                               G+H while running
Just Frame Moves:
Leading Whip                              H,H,J H
Surface Ripper                            H,H,J L, H
Triple Sweep                              G+H,H,J L,H
???? Sweep                                G+L,J L,H
???? Dragon                               H+S,H,J H
Reverse Sweep                             Step,H,J L,H
Switch Kick                               While walking, H,J L
Double Pike                               While crouching, H,J H
???? Ballet                               L,L,L,J H,H,H
???? Combo                                L,L,L,J H,J H,J H
???? Cushion                              From Front
Butt Smash                                From Left
Sandwich Blow                             From Right
Football Kick                             From Back
Hard Landing                              D-pad 360 degrees
S Moves:
Hit Sword                                 S
Maximum Charge                            Hold S
Hit Sword Area                            Hold S,H
Hit Sword Ground                          Hold S,L
Hit Struck                                Jump,S
????                                      S when guage is empty


Hidden Characters
Play as Kouji Masuda: Beat arcade mode using any male character.
Play as Clair Andrews: Beat arcade mode using any female character.
Play as Yuffie Kisaragi: Beat arcade mode as Cloud.
Play as Vincent Valentine: Beat arcade mode as Tifa.
Play as Django: Beat arcade mode using the eight regular non-Final Fantasy 7 
Play as Zack: Beat arcade mode using all Final Fantasy 7 characters.
Alternate costumes: At the arcade mode character selection screen, hold Up while 
selecting a fighter.

Deafeating the Final Boss:
Because many people have asked me if I knew about this or if I knew how to kill 
the final boss here it is.
Jump on the two platforms, push the boxes off and break them (you do this by 
performing a thorw [G+H+L] on them).  Each time you break one of the boxes a 
sword will appear, take the sword and attack the boss. Do this with each sword.  
After the boss dissapears stars and other objects will fall, collect them all 
before the final credit roles and EHRGEIZ will fall from the sky into the 
ground.  Pick EHRGEIZ up and you have truly beat the game.

Hidden Outfits:
When you are selecting your character, you can pick his/her/its alternate outfit 
by holding on the D-pad up, as you press any button. 
You can also select a character's secret third outfit after you have satified 
certain conditions by holding on the D-pad down as you confirm your character.

Get 35000 points or higher in Beach Battle (very hard)
Get 2000 points and higher in Infinity Battle (very easy)
Beat the CPU in Battle Runner (very easy)
Do a 10 hit or higher combo in practice mode (hard)
Kill Red Scorpion and get EHRGEIZ (very easy)

Secret Mini Game
Death Panel  
To release it, score a 10 streak win in Battle Panel.

P1 Infinite Health                        8011E70E 00B8 
P1 75% Health                             D011E70E 00B8
                                          8011E70E 008A 
P1 50% Health                             D011E70E 00B8
                                          8011E70E 005C 
P1 25% Health                             D011E70E 00B8
                                          8011E70E 002E 
P1 One Hit Kill                           D011E70E 00B8
                                          8011E70E 0001 
P1 No Energy                              80122522 0000 
P2 Infinite Health                        80122522 00B8 
P2 75% Health                             D0122522 00B8
                                          80122522 008A 
P2 50% Health                             D0122522 00B8
                                          80122522 005C 
P2 25% Health D                           0122522 00B8
                                          80122522 002E 
P2 One Hit Kill                           D0122522 00B8
                                          80122522 0001 
P1 No Energy                              8011E70E 0000 
Infinite Time In Battle                   800F68C4 0930 
Infinite Time To Chose Fighter            800F661E 0EB2 
P1 Max Power Bar                          8011F406 00D0 
P1 No Power Bar                           8011F406 0000 
P2 Max Power Bar                          8012321A 00D0 
P2 No Power Bar                           8012321A 0000 
Box is Always On                          800F7C04 0001 
Box is Always Off                         800F7C04 0000 
Stage Modifer                             800F6964 00?? 
Time Is Always 0:00:00                    800F6860 0000 
Enable All Characters                     801F162C FFFF
                                          801F162E FFFF 
Enable All Endings                        801F1630 FFFF 
P1 Character Modifer                      800F662C 00?? 
P2 Character Modifer                      800F665C 00?? 
RPG Mode Codes 
Infinite Health                           801E7B90 0080 
Max Power Bar                             801F2CFE 0080 
Max Magic/Fireballs                       801F2E68 FFFF 
Infinite Money                            801F2E90 FFFF 
Max Bomb                                  801F2E68 270F 
Max HP                                    301F2D06 00FF
                                          301F2D14 00FF 
Max Status                                301F2D04 00FF
                                          301F2D1E 00FF
                                          301F2D06 00FF
                                          301F2D0C 00FF
                                          301F2D1E 00FF
                                          301F2D2C 00FF
                                          301F2D0E 00FF 
Use Special Character                     801F162C FFFF
                                          301F162E 00FF 
Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes 
01-Han Daehan
03-Lee Shuwen
04-Dasher Inoba
07-Prince Naseem
08-YoYo Yoko
0A-Cloud Strife
0B-Tifa Lockhart
0E-Koji Masuda
0F-Clair Andrews
10-Yuffie Kisaragi
11-Vincent Valentine
Quantity Digits to Accompany Stage Modifier Code 
03-Hong Kong

This Area Is Under Construction (I Already Have Every Character's Endings....I'm 
Just Too Tired To Go Back And View Them Right Now). 

I apoligize for the EXTREMELEY LATE update, I had a 10 page paper due and all my 
time was devoted to that...but now that's done with.  If time permitts (with 
school and all) I will try to get a Quest Mode and Mini-Game Mode section 


I would like to thank:
Dream Factory (www.drf.co.jp) for allowing me to use information from their 
GameShark Code Creators Club (www.gmsccc.com) for the G.S. codes.
I would also like to thank:
Ilja J. Sillman (sillmani@norssi.jyu.fi) for his move list on Sasuke, Jo, Lee, 
Yoko and Tifa.
Danny Duong  (sefirosulb@aol.com) for his move list on Cloud and his Basic Moves 
Cheow Enping (enpingy@yahoo.com) for many of his movelists and helping me with 
my miss-translations. :-) 
To all the people how have e-mailed me asking questions you give me ideas as to 
what to put in the updates of the FAQ.

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