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Yoko Move List Guide by DChan

Updated: 03/28/1998

From: Donny Chan <crs1219@inforamp.net>

[Ehrgeiz] Yoko Move List + alpha

Updated: 28 March 1998
Created: 24 March 1998

Disclaimer: Crude combination of Yoko's moves from four move lists. 8(
Correct me if I'm wrong.

[BTW, Ehrgeiz means "ambition" in German. Konnen Sie mir Geld leihen?]


G			Guard button
L			Low button
H			High button
S			Special button
90			down, down-forward, forward
180			back, down-back, down, down-forward, forward
(from crouch)		hold G, release G
(step)			hold G, tap stick, neutral
(while crouching)	hold G
(while higher)		Yoko is higher than her enemy

Common Moves

neutral		high block (Note guard effect.)
hold G		low block (Note guard effect.)

H			high attack; or throw axe/knife
H+L			middle attack
L			low attack; or get axe/knife; or drop
G+H			strong high attack
G+L			strong low attack
G+L+H		throw (Thrown boxes are Unblockable.)
S			special attack (Unblockable.)
stick+Start	taunt

[For 90, 180, and 360 throws, I *guess* the player can: while holding G,
roll stick, then add L+H.]

walk			while holding G, hold stick (any direction)
run			hold stick
jump			tap stick, then tap or hold stick; or G+S;
			how long Yoko stays in the air depends on how
			long the player holds the stick or buttons
throw escape	tap G just as throw hits, when Yoko is
			blinking white
tackle		while running, G+L+H (Unblockable.)
tackle escape	tap G just as tackle hits
dodge missile	hold stick + tap G repeatedly
parry sword	tap G just before sword hits
break fall	tap G after Yoko is knocked down but before
			she lands
rise			after Yoko lands, tap G
roll and rise	after Yoko lands, tap G and hold stick

Normal Moves

H			Suitotsu
H,H,H		Rensui Tenkyaku
H,H,L		Rensui Senbarai
H,L			Suisen
H,S			Hirate Uchi
H,S,H,H,H,H	Katsu Ire (Slaps.)
H+L			Michizuki
H+S			Houya Geri
L			Sune Geri
L,H			Senten Renkyaku ("Low-High Round Kick."
			Sweep, high kick.)
L,L,H		Nisen Bontsui (Sweeps, somersault kick.)
L,L,L		Rensen Barai (Sweeps.)
L,L,S		Nisen Kankon
L+S			Azakeri (Taunt. Hits?)
L+S,H		Azakeri Hirate (Taunt, slap.)
L+S,L+H		Yoyuu (Taunt.)
G+H			Hachibutsuki
G+L			Sen Barai
G+L,H,H,H,H	Chisen Hishoukyaku ("Jacob's Ladder."
G+H+S		Youshou Geri (Jump kick.)
G+L+S		Karura Geri (Not a down attack.)
90,H			Rasen Geri

(while crouching) H
			Taka Otoshi
(while crouching) L
			Sen Barai

(from crouch) H
			Mikazuki ("Jack Knife"?)
(from crouch) H+S
			Rinne Shou
(from crouch) G+H
			Riban Geri
(from crouch) hold G+S
			Rinne Yomatsu Hirasaka (Unblockable.)

(while higher) L+H

(while walking) H,H,H,H,H,H
			Kishi Bojin Geri

(while running) H,L
			Tenchi Renkyaku
(while running) H,H,H
			Tenkuu Sanrenkyaku ("Triple Cyclon.")
(while running) L
			Ryuukatsutai (Sliding.)
(while running) L+H
(while running) G,H
			Ura Michizuki
(while running) G+H

(step) H		Kubuzuki
(step) H,L	Kenbutsushuu
(step) L,L	Kemari Uki
(step) L,H,L	Urauchi You
(step) L,L+H	Urauchi Hanyou
(step) L,H,H	Urauchi In


G+L+H		Mikiotoshi (Front.)
G+L+H+DOWN	Aiki (Front. Crouch.)
G+L+H		Kasumi (Left.)
G+L+H		Hagan Karikubi (Right.)
G+L+H+DOWN	Kenshin Karibuki (Left or right. Crouch.)
G+L+H		Udegatame Haitenraku (Back.)
180+G+L+H		Hirate Kubiori

[No, I don't know which one is her "fan service" throw.]

Reversals ("Interrupts")

L+H+S		Kassha Nage (Left hand.)
L+H+S		Fuusha Nage (Right hand.)
L+H+S		Youtsuiori (Left foot.)
L+H+S		? (Right foot.)

Special Moves (Unblockables)

S				Kishi Bojinshiki Yo-Yo (Scorpion?)
(while jumping) S	Bii Dama
hold S			Seibai (To cancel, while holding S, tap
(while holding S) hold L
				Kyouken no Sanpo ("Advanced Walk the
90,S				Sekai Isshuu
(while power gauge empty) S
				Hirate Uchi

Just Combo


Abnormal Moves (Taunts)

forward+Start			Azakeri
(left or right)+Start	Yoyuu
back+Start			Oshiri Puri Puri

Strategies and Tactics

[To be added.]

Profile/Nutrition Information

Name: Yo-Yo Youko
Sex: Female
Age: 17
Nationality: Japan
Job: ICPO (agency of Interpol)
Weapon: Yo-yo

Story: [Zzz.]


	Choose 2P costume. When choosing character, hold up (stick).
	(Confirmed. Yoko's 2P costume is a sailor fuku. (Sukeban Deka? After all,
Minamino *Youko* played one of the Sukeban Deka heroines.))

	Dasher Inoba becomes angry. In two-player games, have a win streak of 20+

	Eye movement. During a victory pose, move the stick to move the
character's eyes.

	Hidden bosses. In an one-player game, if the player clears the first 8
stages and reaches the 9th stage in less than 6'40", the player fights Tifa
and Cloud of FF7.
	If the player clears the rest of the game in less than 10', the player
fights a third hidden boss.
	(Only Cloud and Tifa confirmed by other Netters. Cloud is renamed
Guardian, and Tifa is renamed Summoner. (BattleTech?))

	Sasuke's smoke bombs. When Sasuke jumps and throws smoke bombs, they hit
high only, and his enemy can crouch under them.

	Time-release characters. After 30 days, Cloud is playable. After 60 days,
Tifa is playable. After 90 days, Django is playable. (Who's Django?) After
120 days, Heihachi is playable.
	(Cloud confirmed by other Netters.)

	Namco fighting game characters I used. (Motto: "Speed is life.")
	Tekken 3: Julia.
	Tekken 2: Roger, Jun, Lei.
	Soul Edge Ver.II: Sophitia, Taki, Hwang, Voldo, Li Long.


[To be categorised.]

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[Found a few more Ehrgeiz homepages, but I list only the useful ones.]


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