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Naseem Guide by MAllen

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 05/15/1999


Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Mike Allen


This is as an "easy reference" guide for Naseem (Doza) users. The 
strategies are from my Expert FAQ Version 1.38.

Send any questions/comments to:  Mallen1@csulb.edu 









H: high
M: middle (input H+L)
L: low
G: guard
J: jump
S: special button
Basic: standard attack (not moving or using the directional pad)
Step: Step move (tap the directional pad while holding G)
Ducking: a fully-ducked position (hold G)
Rising: "while rising" position (after certain low attacks or ducking)
Walking: direction pad while holding G
Running: direction pad without holding G
j(attack): just-frame attack (exp. "jH" is a just-frame attack with H)


jab = Basic H
combo = if the first hit lands, the rest will connect
mid = an attack that hits middle
low = an attack that hits low
counter = counter-hit
delay = pushing the buttons at a slower speed to alter the timing 
lifter = move that sets up an air combo 
wake-up attack = a move while on the ground after being knocked down
down attack = a move used to hit opponents lying on the ground
sleeper = an opponent who sits on the ground after being knocked down
turtle = an opponent who plays defensively


NASEEM => He has some HUGE links and extensions. Watch out for 
========    interrupts.   
Note: Naseem's name was changed to "Doza" for the U.S. version. In 
England, there really is a kickboxer named Prince Naseem, and Square 
went with a name change to avoid possible copyright infringement. 

Naseem is an odd character. Some players might like his "ducking" 
maneuvers at close-range, but it gets in my way. His special tracks 
well enough and his throws are alright, but we all know that Naseem's 
strength lies in his HUGE variety of 2-choice extensions and links. 

These extensions have some major problems. When your opponent isn't 
backed into a corner, blocked techniques push your opponent away. 
Sometimes opponents will escape by walking backwards or jumping, and 
they will PUNISH you after you stop hitting air with your 10-hit Indora 
chain. Many of Naseem's links can be stopped in the middle with a jab.

I suppose Naseem and Han share a common flaw. Naseem's links and Han's 
Motion Shift were meant to be unique strengths that could separate 
these two from the other characters. Unfortunately, both of these 
"strengths" aren't as strong as they should be. 

To play Naseem you'll need to use his extensions to the best of your 
ability. Even though these links are flawed, they are all Naseem has to 
play with. His basic moves suffer from a lack of quality 2-choice 
attacks (easy to read) and cannot be delayed (easy to interrupt). To 
win, you might have to be a little "cheesy."    

Close-Range Fighting

You'll need to fight at close-range to win. Your ultimate goal here is 
to set up the Extension and finish off with your favorite link.

Extension Set-Up 


These 3 techniques are your life and blood at close-range. To insure 
your links connect, you need to set up your opponent not to block the 
L. If the L hits, the jH and following moves will have a much easier 
time connecting with your opponent. If the L is blocked, your opponent 
will be pushed farther away and you'll have problems. 

To insure the L connects, you'll need to rely on the following 2-choice 

2-Choice Set-Up for Extension

1. L and G+H (extend the L to LjH)
2. HL and H, G+H (extend the HL to HLjH)
3. HHH and HHL (extend HHH to HHHH or HHHL; extend the HHL to HHLjH)

Note: If the opening L is a counter, the following jH often will often 
      combo and make it easier to complete the link. Unless your 
      opponent is trapped in a corner, don't use big links if your 
      opponent blocks the opening jab or low.

I've been debating whether or not to list my personal links for the 
Extension, Indora, and Gattling Combinations. I've decided not to 
provide this information because I feel this will limit your dedication 
to learning ALL of Naseem's links. 

If your opponent runs out of white meter and can't interrupt, pound 
them down with blue flare streaming from your body the whole time. 

If your opponent likes to interrupt a specific link in you attack 
combos, and you want REVENGE, don't give up the link. Simply start it 
up again, and at the point where your opponent is going to try and 
interrupt the link, stop and input the Basic S or throw. Say something 
afterwards if you want to rub it in ("Interrupt THAT, bitch").

You wouldn't play Naseem if your primary interest is winning. No, 
Naseem players like this guy because it's a hell of a lot of fun to 
pound people into the corner and 2-choice the mids and lows again and 
again and AGAIN. 

Just Say No

One of the most important strategies is learning when to STOP your 
links and switch over to a throw, a fireball, or a new link.

For example, do the HHjH followed by a HUGE Indora chain. Next time do 
the HHjH, throw. It works so well you'll be labeled EXCESSIVELY CHEAP, 
so be careful. Naseem has two front throw variations and the 360-degree 
can be extended twice.

Try the HHHHL. Next time do only the HHH or HHHH and throw out a 
fireball. Poof! Variety is key here. Don't be predictable.

Side-story: For Naseem fans ONLY!

The most satisfying experience I've had playing this game occurred a 
few months ago in a match against my homeboy Dave. He was playing 
Yuffie and I was Naseem. Yuffie stuck me with the jumping H a few times 
and I was almost dead. Dave got cocky and tried to finish me off with 
the stun balls followed by his patented Step LH air combo. He got off 
three stun balls and missed each time. 

After the last one missed his white meter was empty. Dave didn't 
realize this until I started to chuckle. He looked at the meter and 
mumbled, "shit." I said, "No interrupt, huh?," and went to work. 

Dave knew I wanted to do the Extension. Of course, I knew this too and 
went with the H, G+H to open things up. He was expecting the HLjH, so 
it landed clean. I followed with the G+H, and again I scored because he 
was looking for the LjH. I added a final G+H to REALLY piss him off, 
and finally he decided to stand up and take it like a bitch.

HLjHH, G+H, G+H, HLM...damn, that felt good.    

Other Close-Range Attacks

G+H is your best close-range mid. Only use the basic M against jumping 

If the Step LH hits, follow with a G+L, a G+H, a Step LL, or another 
Step LH. 

Medium-Range Fighting

Bad idea. Stay close, pound your opponent into a corner, and get to 

Countering Opponent's Mistakes

After blocking regular attacks: 

1. Basic S
2. Throw (2 front and 360-degree)
3. Extension Set-Up

Use the rising H after low blocks. Follow with HHHL, G+L.

Against Airborne Opponents

The basic M works great here. Don't miss. 

Wake-Up Games

The Step LL is a quality down-attack.

Use the S (hold), L against sleepers. 

The J+L goes over most wake-up attacks, but if you miss life sucks. 

For opponents who like to ground recover, you can pop the regular 
special or throw.


Use the fireballs to mix-up your attack links.

The jumping S works well against rushing opponents and turtles.


H, G+H, H
90-degree (either direction), H
360-degree, HHHHH
Walking H
Running HHHH
Running L
Running M
Projectile-Evasion, H
Ducking HHH
Step LH
Step LL
Rising H
Rising H (hold)
Rising G+H
Left-sway, G+H, H
Right-sway, G+H, H

Note: For the following moves, you need to start with the opener and 
      link the commands together.


LjH to Extension
HLjH to Extension or Gattling
HHLjH to Extension or Gattling
HHjH to Gattling
Right-sway, G+H, G+H to Indora or Gattling


H to Gattling
HH to Indora or Gattling
H, G+H, H
H, G+H, G+H to Indora or Gattling
H, G+H to Indora or Gattling
H, G+H, H

H -> H -> L -> H or M or L 
H -> M or L -> H or M or L


L -> H or jH or L


front, hold (H or L)
360-degree, G, G


S (hold)
S (hold), L
S (white meter empty)


His links aren't scary if you know the timing and can interrupt the 
initial jH.

If he foolishly misses with a basic M, punish him while he's coming 



1.0- used Expert FAQ Version 1.3 
1.1- used Expert FAQ Version 1.33
1.2- used Expert FAQ Version 1.38

I won't update this FAQ again. New Naseem strategies will appear in my 
Expert FAQ first.

Send any questions/comments to:  Mallen1@csulb.edu

Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 Mike Allen

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