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Django Guide by CGrey

Version: 2.00 | Updated: 06/05/1999

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EHRGEIZ Django Guide (Arcade)
Version  2.00
Original 11/19/1998
Updated  06/05/1999
By       Charles Grey

1.00(11/19/1998): First version, with a few missing moves.

2.00(06/05/1999): Guide completed, all errors fixed
* Removed "dive attack"
* Added high fireball
* Added low fireball
* Added fake fireball
* Added super jump
* Added side dash
* Corrected move descriptions
* Added secrets (yeah, these are kind of old)

1) Intro               2) Legend
3) Universal Commands  4) Special Moves
5) Combos              6) Secrets
7) Credits


Rant from version 1.00
"Newer fighting games are getting really, really scarce where I live.
The one in Marley went out of business in October '97, leaving a big black
empty hole in the far corner of the mall. (no 2nd Impact!!! - growl growl)
Annapolis Mall has two arcades, though their current state is not as good as it
once was.

Anyway, with Ehrgeiz being one of the relatively few '98 titles I've been
able to find around here, here is a guide for the final secret character/boss.
The moves are from Namco's webpage, with my notes and combos added. I also 
made it since there was no FAQs/guides that covered Django."

I finally finished up this guide using the U.S. PSX version of the game. Still
the only Django guide on the 'net! Kind of makes up for having terrible 
arcades in my area.


UB U UF   G: Guard  S: Special
B  *  F   L: Low    H: High
DB D DF   ( ): Hold


NOTE: Django does not have many of the universal moves the other fighters have.

He does not have:
Running tackle
Running slide
Running dodge
Basic throw
Standard jumping H and L attacks
Normal step/walk
Body dive/press (the "higher level" attack)

Super Jump                : 2x direction(hold) or (G+S)
You can steer while jumping, hold direction or button longer for full jump.

Taunt                     : direction+Start
Four different taunts, by holding either right,left,up,or down.

Push Crate                : direction+G+L+H
If it hits opponent, three random objects will fly out.

Throw Weapon              : L/H/S while holding weapon
He carries it in his mouth. Weapon include an axe, a knife, and two types of 


"Django Step"             : (G),direction
Unlike other characters, he will not always face his opponent.

(side dash)               : (G),direction adjacent to opponent
This move wasn't listed anywhere. It's his substitution for a universal roll. 
He will dash quickly to the side.

"Seto Low Punch"          : L
Low-level claw swipe, hits grounded opponents.

"Seto Punch"              : H
Stands on his legs and throws a jab.

"Seto Combo"              : H,H,H
He stands up and jabs repeatedly. He is left wide open if he misses or
faces the wrong way, though. Use mainly for juggling.

"Titan Head"              : L+H
This is a juggle starter, follow this up with the Seto jabs for a nasty juggle.
Will not work if opponent is on lower level.

"Hades Bite"              : L+H+S
A short dash into a bite at the knee level

"Nanaki Kick"             : H+S
"Nanaki Combo"            : H+S,S
The first kick is a spinning side kick. Hitting S again follows it up with the
Bahamut Kick(that mule kick). Juggling possible afterwards.

"Tail Leviathan"          : Facing away, H
This is of his hind kick attacks, use to poke when approached from behind.

"Chocobo Kick"            : Facing away, L,L
Kicks with one hind leg and then the other. These will juggle.

"Bahamut Kick"            : G+H or H when getting up
Mule kick! Sends them high and can start a juggle.

"Ifreet Bite"             : G+H+S
A jumping high-level bite.

"Shiva Attack"            : G+L+S
This is the forward tail somersault.

"Straight Fang"           : Crouch, H
Mid-level head butt.

"Tupon Flash"             : Crouch, L
Low claw swipe that knocks down.

"Fang Brand"              : Run, L+H
I think this is his forward flip move that the CPU Django likes to do.

"Phoenix Roll"            : L/H when knocked down
This will his 3-4 times if it connects. Make them think twice about
attacking when you're down.

"Biting Bahamut Zero"     : D,DF,F,G+L+H
Django flips up and lands on them and bites them a few times. This is his only

"Mega Flare"              : S
He turns and faces his opponent and breathes out a fireball. You can use
this move to cheese the CPU while it keeps running into them! No kidding!
This works beat on flat stages, although the CPU Django will often run
around the fireball, just depends on if he's feeling stupid or not.
Be careful, use of this is limited each round, use with discretion or if
you're way behind.
When the special meter is empty, Django will do absolutely nothing with S.

(low fireball)            : (L),S or (S),L
Mega Flare arcs downward.

(high fireball)           : (H),S or (S),H
Goes up at a 45" angle and eventually arcs down at 75".

(fake fireball)           : (S),G

"Giga Flare"              : (S)
Two fireballs fly to each adjacent side and zero in on his opponent. It takes 
about 5 seconds to charge this move, however.

"Nights of the Round Dive": Jump, S
This is a mid-air downward roll that zeroes in on them, and also his only
air attack.


(3) Hit out of air with H,H,H
(3) Facing away H+S,S,then H
(4) L+H, follow in 1 step, H,H,H
(6) (opponent back to wall) L+H then H,H,H,H,H
The game stops the juggling after five slaps.


Highlight Django and hold Up and press Guard. His 2nd outfit is red and black.

On Sasukes' stage, notice there are two exit doors. If when beating Sasuke, 
your time is under 5'00"00, you will go in the extra door to fight Cloud on the
elevator, and Tifa before reaching Django. Otherwise, you go into the main 
door to fight the your evil twin.

After beating Django, you will fight a grotesque version of him. There are two
glass cubes on pedestals containing daggers. Push them off the pedestal first,
then push cube at the monster, this frees the dagger. You can combo and attack
him normally, but only the two daggers can defeat the monster. If you do that,
a sheath and several gold coins and stars will drop down on the floor. Pick 
these up before the credits finish rolling and "Ehrgeiz" will drop down and 
you will get a "YOU GOT EHRGEIZ!" ending. You have a normal lifebar (unseen). 
Take too many hits and you just stay down until all the credits roll.

Although this is hard to do, it will not affect your final score or time.


Adventure World (1998) and Fun Quarters in Hunt Valley Mall, MD: they had an 

http://www.namco.com/arcade/titles/ehrgeiz (Namco's website)
I adapted the movelist and original move names from their page, otherwise
this guide would be inaccurate, and also added a couple unlisted moves.

My high score is 84,340 / 7:11:81 with Django (October 13, 1998 at Fun 

No rounds lost, secret characters.

EHRGEIZ (c)1997-1999 SQUARE

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