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Cloud Guide by S.Aoshi

Version: 2.0 | Updated: 04/18/1998

Ehrgeiz - Cloud FAQ v2.0
last updated 4/18/98
by Shinomori Aoshi - willcbua@ktb.net

Note: this FAQ is _far_ from finished, and is probably full of mistakes.
Also, I'm trying to write down these moves from memory, so if anyone knows
the true way to do these moves, please contact me.

"God Bless the Ring!"  
(Amen to that, brother! Can I get a witness up in heah?  ^_~)

How to get Cloud

There are no codes to get Cloud. Period.

Like Tekken, Ehrgeiz is on a Time-Release system, which means that the
machine will release new characters after a certain amount of time.

Time Release schedule (needs to be confirmed):

30 days: Cloud
60 days: Tifa
90 days: Django (who looks a lot like Red13, BTW)
120 days?: Armored Django?



g = tap guard
G = hold guard
l = tap low
L = hold low
h = tap high
H = hold high
s = tap special
S = hold special

Move List


h,h,h       = straight left, right punch, high kick
l,l         = low sweep, low sweep
l,l,h       = low sweep 2x, high round house
h,h,l       = straight left, right punch, left elbow
h,l,l       = straight left, right punch, low sweep
s+h,h,h     = straight left, right hook, left uppercut (float)
h+l         = jumping knee
h+l+s,h+l+s = straight left, spinning back kick (push-away)
g+l+h       = grab
	     (h,h,h = face punch 3x + stun)
	     (l,l,l = hold kick 3x + stun)
g+l+s       = flip kick
G,h,h       = Shaolin kick
G,l	    = low sweep
s           = wield Materia Blade
S (5 sec)   = Meteorain
g+s*,s      = Braver (*hold down longer for higher jump)
360, g+l+h  = Omnislash

Wielding Materia Blade

h,h   = mid level swing 2x
l,l,l = diagonal slash up, diagonal slash down, downwards stab
g     = sheathe Materia Blade

Running (just hold joystick in any direction)

l     = slide kick
h     = flying double kick
l+h   = elbow drop
g+l+h = double leg takedown
	(from takedown, hit l or h repeatedly to pound opponent's face
	 & a roll throw)

Near Walls

l = triangle slide kick
h = elbow drop off the wall


h+l,l,l,h     = knee (float), low sweep 2x, high roundhouse
s+h,h,h,run+l = straight left, right hook, left uppercut (float), slide kick


Hold G while moving around with the joystick, and you'll move while facing
your opponent; akin to Quake's strafing. While this might not be news to
veteran Ehrgeiz players, there are some cool things you can do while 

a) Rope-A-Dope: Muhammad Ali, eat your heart out. One of the great things
about the Rope-A-Dope is that it allows you evade and retaliate without
running out of control and possibly forcing you to miss. 
b) More Control, Less Running: Another great thing about the Rope-A-Dope is
that the computer still thinks you're running. Try this: Rope-a-Dope your
opponent, and when you see an opening, move towards your opponent, release
Guard and press g+l+h. Instant takedown without running like a chicken
without it's head cut off. Lots of fun for the Gracie Jujutsu family. :P

Use the Sword
Okay, this may sound stupid, but use Cloud's Materia Blade whenever possible.
The great thing about the Blade is that it has great reach and lots of power.
Also, if you have your opponent in the corner, your opponent would have to be
Jackie Chan to get out of there... :P Also, doing a high jump Braver is great 
when trying to retreat.

Version Notes

v0.5 The creation of the FAQ

v1.0 More goodies, plus stuff on how to get Cloud

v2.0 More moves, addition of a combo list, and a thanks section

Stuff that needs to be checked (help, pls!)

A forward sweep, spinning uppercut 2x combo. Rumored to be g+l,h+s,h+s.

fireball motion+h = roundhouse kick (knockdown)

The 360 throw. Omnislash?

Upcoming Stuff

More moves, hopefully.

Possibly a Tifa FAQ (I have to wait another 30 days? *sigh*).


kianli <kianli@singnet.com.sg>
David Tseng <kusanagi@ucla.edu>


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