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Basics FAQ by Dan GC

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/09/1999

EHRGEIZ "God Bless the Ring" - Basics FAQ Version 1.0
By Dan (not "Gadouken" Dan) GC <lbdangc@aol.com>
for the American PSX (and Arcade) version of Ehrgeiz

Last updated: 05/09/99 09:54 PM PT
First Edition: 04/06/99
Document Info: 32 K (32, 236 Bytes)
               Designed for at least IE 3 or NN 3 at 640x480
               Resolution and Courier New font enabled
               32, 236 characters (letters, numbers, symbols, etc.)

  Ehrgeiz was...
Created by: Dream Factory
Licensed by: Squaresoft
Published by: Square EA
Released: May 6, 1999

  If you can help me with anything: moves, techniques, etc., or if you
just have questions, comments, etc., E-mail them to <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
One more thing, don't E-mail with questions that are already in the FAQ
section, otherwise, I'll discard them or tell you to check the FAQ.
Table of Contents
1. Updates
2. What the use of this FAQ is
3. Legend
4. Basics (For Basic Moves, everyone can do those)
   - READ! There's something in the throwing section that's important
5. Frequently Asked Questions
6. Special Thanks
7. Author Information

  The Basics is just from my other FAQ(s) for Ehrgeiz, they'll appear in
there first, then here, if it is necessary.

Copyright Disclaimer:

Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

  This FAQ is for private and personal use only. If reproduced, it must
be my electronic means, and if placed on a Web Page or Site, may be
altered as long as this Disclaimer and the above Copyright Notice
fully appears. This FAQ is not to be used for profitable/promotional
purposes; this includes being used by publishers of magazines, guides,
books, etc. or being incorporated into magazines, etc. in ANY way
without FULL AUTHORIZATION from myself and any cohorts I may have.
  This FAQ was created and is owned by me, Dan GC <LB Dan GC@aol.com>
Any Copyrights and Trademarks not specifically mentioned in this FAQ are
acknowledged. Always give credit where it is due.
   Ehrgeiz, Squaresoft, and Dream Factory are Registered Trademarks and
Copyright (c) to Square Co., Ltd. Any other things are Copyright to
their rightful owners.
  Alright, EGM, GamePro, and any other Gaming Mags, you plaigarise, and
plaigarizers, many people know that, you may get sued. If I find out
anything from any of my FAQs in a Gaming Magazine, I'm suing. It
clearly states not to copy anything without my FULL AUTHORIZATION if
it's not on a Web Page with the above Copyright Disclaimer. To the
plaigarizers, if you plaigarizers and send in a FAQ to GameFAQs, I'll
tell CJayC and your FAQs will be thrown away.

  The only thing allowed would be to print this document for personal or
private usage. Okay, if you have WordPad, save this document somewhere,
open WordPad, go to Page Setup or something like that, then change the
margins to: Left: 1"; Right: 0.5"; Bottom: 0.3"; Top: 0.3". This will
prevent some paper usage, also, you should change the font, if you can
tolerate it, and make major changes. But if not, oh well. Oh yea, and
take out unnecessary things, like this section here, the disclaimer, the
beginning, Author Information, the section just below this place,
updates, etc. Just a few tips for you people.

This FAQ can be found at:
GameFAQs                              www.gamefaqs.com
Dan GC's Ehrgeiz Home Page            i.am/dan_gc
                 Available much later in the future
Part 1: Updates
5/07/99 Version 1.0:
  I just took a practice GSE (Golden State Exam), and boy, was it easy!
Well, it wasn't that easy, since there were more than five forms of the
test, but the one I got (Form D) was easy. Anyway, I corrected the
"unofficial" stuff. I also shot myself in the head with one of those
rubber darts that stick to glass-like objects

4/25/99 Version 0.95:
  Truly this should be the final version, if not, then shoot me in the
head; added Battle Mechanics (last section in Basics section)

4/23/99 Version 0.9:
  I found out something pretty important.

4/21/99 Version 0.8:
  Now, this IS the final version, unless I do find out something really
big or something. I reassorted the Version numbers, it's now in a more
orderly order.

4/20/99 Version 0.7:
  Final version, I won't update unless I find out something else that is

4/19/99 Version 0.6:
  Organized more stuff

4/15/99 Version 0.5:
  Organized some more stuff, corrected more stuff; almost to the final

4/14/99 Version 0.4:
  Organized everything and corrected some stuff; see for yourself

4/10/99 Version 0.3:
  Corrected the "Character Weight Classes" part in the Basic Stuff

4/09/99 Version 0.25:
  changed part of the "Throwing" section

4/08/99 Version 0.2:
  Added something VERY IMPORTANT in the throwing section of the Basic

4/07/99 Version 0.15:
  Corrected some mistakes and added some basic attacks

4/06/99 Version 0.1:
  First edition
Part 2: What the use of this FAQ is
  Ehrgeiz's battle system is very unique and intricate. There are many
move lists out already, so refer to them for moves. Also, Mike Allen's
Ehrgeiz Expert FAQ, which you should read because it shall have updates
weekly, contains tons of strategy and stuff. But for Basic Moves, which
are available to everyone, except Django, for some moves, you can refer
to this FAQ. Basic Moves are needed in order to understand Ehrgeiz more,
and help you with your style of play. Since many veteran Ehrgeiz players
already know most of this stuff, it doesn't apply to them, if they don't
want it to. This FAQ will particularly help beginners or intermediate
players. With this, you may learn things you didn't know, but you may
already have because of another FAQ, which is a character guide, has the
basic moves. Anyway, I'm done with my ranting.
Part 3: Legend

   UL  U  UR       Up-Left        Up           Up-Right 
     \ | /
  L -- N -- R      Left           Neutral      Right
     / | \
   DL  D  DR       Down-Left      Down         Down-Right

The Arcade Button Setup (if using a joystick):

   P1/P2                       Start

X  L  H  S                  Low    High    Special
G  X  X  X         Guard

(X means "not used")

+: simultaneously
G: Guard
L: Low
H: High
S: Special
°: degrees
Part 4: Basic Stuff (For Basic Moves, everyone can do those)
  Unlike the "dash" function of other popular fighting games, in Ehrgeiz
you actually run! Your character can run in eight different directions;
just hold in the direction you wish to run. This comes in handy for many
techniques and for safety reasons; you can hide behind boxes and various
objects on the screen, or you can use the run to initiate an offensive
attack. Also, you can run away from your opponent.

  Muhammad Ali, eat your heart out. One of the great things about
Walking is it allows you to evade and retaliate without running out of
control and possibly forcing you to miss. Also, you get more control
and less running. Another great thing about Walking is the CPU still
thinks you're running. Try this: Walk, when you see an opening, move
towards your opponent, Throw them. Instant takedown without running like
a chicken with it's head cut off. To Walk, hold G while moving and
you'll move while facing your opponent so you'll be able to block high
and mid attacks without staying in one place. There are some cool things
you can do while Walking. You can also initiate offensive attacks while

  Blocking in Ehrgeiz can be tricky. The basic technique is similar to
that of Tekken, in which your character blocks automatically when the
joystick is in a neutral position facing your opponent (blocks high and
mid attacks). You can also hold G while moving (not crouching) and your
character can block high and mid attacks. To block low, just hold Guard
while standing in one place to Crouch then you can block low attacks,
but you can't move. You cannot block Unblockable attacks.

Fully Crouch:
  Unlike other fighting games, crouching is done in a different manner.
To crouch, you must hold G until your character crouches. This can be
used to do some offensive attacks or to block low attacks. After you
have crouched and you want to stand up again, just release G.

  Tap joystick twice in direction you wish to jump or hold G and push S
(hold G+S to jump higher). Use jumps to surprise your opponent and/or
set up an offensive attack.

  The argument will continue for generations - for all of the fighting
game players who think throws are "cheap," there's an equal number of
game designers who continue to include throwing as an integral element
of their games. Throwing is generally best used when your opponent is
"turtling;" i.e. standing around and waiting for you to attack so he or
she can counter. Simply press G+H+L to toss 'em into the action. There
are different variations of throws; each person has quite a few. You can
always hold G then push H and L to do a throw. There are different types
of throws.

- Regular Throw: G+H+L (can hold buttons, push buttons, hold direction,
  do it from different body parts of opponent, etc.)
- Tackle: Running+G+H+L (push H/L for a max. of three hits, don't hold
  anything for a Leg Toss, hold H/L for a Rolling Leg Toss)
- Special Throw: rotate joystick 360 degrees+G+H+L

  To do a Special Throw a pretty easy way, hold G and rotate the
joystick 270° very quickly then push and hold H+L while still holding G.
There are two types of breakouts from throws:

- When being grabbed/thrown and you want to break out of it, push G
  while your character is blinking white and you will break out (harder
  than it sounds), you need the right timing to break out of it
- To prevent being tackled (running G+H+L), push G just before the
  tackle hits your character (similar to Blade Catch and Interrupt)

Special Attacks:
  Performing Special Attacks are easier than ever in Ehrgeiz; just press
the Special button! Unfortunately, you have a limited Special Gauge that
only allows you to use a certain number of attacks or for a certain
period of time. When your gauge is completely empty, there is a Special
Attack for each character that does something. These are usually
unblockable. All Specials SHOULD be unblockable. Some people just don't
understand there is a limited Special Gauge and when you use it all,
there is no more, unless you get a Special Item.

  You can use launchers to setup difficult juggles. As with one other
type of fighting game, the VS series, you can launch your opponent in
the air, but in Ehrgeiz, there's no such thing as an Infinite, and it's
much more difficult to do a good juggle. Anyway, each character has a
few launchers. Usually, the basic M is one of their launchers, but some
characters have their basic M in a Basic Attack. So, there are usually
only two launchers per character, but that might be proven differently.
The first launcher is the basic M, the other one, you will have to find
it for yourself. The other launcher is usually better because the
opponent is launched higher in the air.

  When on ground, just push direction you wish to roll. Or when
standing, hold G and push the direction twice in which you would like to
roll twice. Use the roll to avoid obvious ground attacks and Special
projectiles. Rolling also acts similar to a Rising attack, but it only
works for H and L for most characters if you push the button in the
middle of the roll. The character will do the attack as soon as they get
up. So, you can roll to set up an offensive attack.

  When running, tap G once and your character will turn become partially
transparent and a kind of lightning beam will surge through them and
spin around. This can also be done in the air (when you jump); it can be
used to advance your capabilities of movement in the air. Use this to
dodge projectiles coming towards you. You can tap G repeatedly to dodge
multiple projectiles. This can also be used to Evade any types of
Special attacks.

  Once fully crouched, tap the direction you wish to step. You can
setup offensive attacks with this, or take a quick small retreat from
your opponent.

Rising Stuff:
  The first four on the list are not attacks, the last four ones are
attacks, though. Here's the Rising Stuff I know of so far:

- G: Rise in position with limited invincibility
- Direction+tapping G: moving Fade-Away Dodge
- Direction: roll
- S: stand up Fade-Away Dodge (can't have empty Special Meter)
- G+S (when on back): Jump Rise
- G+S (when on stomach): reverse Jump Rise
- L: rising low attack; similar to G+L
- H: rising middle attack; similar to running G+H
- H+L (opponent away from head): Rotational Kick
- H+L (opponent away from feet): Head Spring
[See Recovery for something similar to Rising]

  Use this to your advantage. As with one other fighting game (SFA3),
you can land safely when you are knocked into the air. Before you fall
to the ground, push G while airborne. Use this to surprise your opponent
and get in a quick hit before they can react. It also reduces damage
(slammed into the ground gives extra damage) and the chances of being
juggled when knocked high into the air. There are two types of

- Before your character is slammed into the ground, push G: you will
  Recover with limited invincibility
- Anytime in mid-air, push G and hold a direction: your character will
  either Recover or roll in the direction you are holding, depending
  when you push G and hold the direction

Interrupt (Counter in US Arcade version):
  Push S right before impact of hit. You can only Interrupt physical
attacks. If you have an empty Special Gauge, you cannot do an Interrupt.
Interrupts take up some of your Special Gauge. Somehow, if you can
provoke your opponent into wasting their Special Gauge quickly, they
can't Interrupt and are forced to block your attacks if there is no
other way. Most ground attacks can be Interrupted, but airborne attacks
can't be Interrupted because, well, you can't hold someone's whole body
then attack them, unless you're very strong...but that's not how it is
in this game. You also can't Interrupt some very Low attacks.

Blade Catch:
  Right before impact of hit with a sword, push G. Your character will
grab the sword with two hands and throw the person to the side. To break
out of a Blade Catch done on you, just Recover (push G before character
falls to ground. To do a Blade Catch, push G right before a sword hits
your character. This won't work if you tap G repeatedly.

Just Frame Attacks:
  Just Frame attacks are attacks when you can push the button(s) at
certain frames of certain attacks to continue the combo. There's only
one time when you can push the button(s). And that's near the middle
frame of all of the frames of the attack (exp. L,*H, when the Low Kick
is all the way out, that's the middle frame because he still has to put
his leg back, then push H), push the button that goes along with the
Just Frame. Also, here's another way: when the attack hits your
opponent, after you hear the colliding sound from the hit, push the Just
Frame buttons. Just Frame Attacks don't require you to hit your
opponent: you can just wiff the attacks or push the button at the right
time, although, some Just Frame Attacks DO have to be done by wiffing or
hitting your opponent; you can tell if you have to hit your opponent if
the attack you have to do before you do the Just Frame button pushes is
blocked and your character is partially stunned, so you can't continue
the attack. These work for most characters. Despite what I believed,
Just Frame Attacks are Counterable, but it's very difficult to do so.

  Some taunts are attacks (if an opponent runs into you while Taunting),
it depends if your character's Taunt has something that could hit your
opponent; to Taunt, hold the joystick in a direction and push Start.
Characters may have more than one taunt. Some characters have funny,
cool, or just plain odd taunts.

Special Objects:
  Any advantage you are able to gain over your opponent - even a minor
one - can be magnified greatly in battle. Various stages in Ehrgeiz
contain power-ups that can advance your character's defense status and
attack status, refill some Energy and Special Gauge, give points, and
other various things; they can be found in the boxes that are scattered
throughout the game. Pushing the boxes at your opponent during the
course of a match can cause them to break and release objects that can
upgrade your fighting status. To break a box, simply use the Throw
command (G+H+L) when you are facing it. Your character will grab the box
and throw it at your opponent. Or you can hit it at your opponent with
an attack that hits low or middle. A box hit/thrown towards a character
is unblockable (must be thrown or hit; if you hit it, there must be
enough speed).

Special Weapons (Objects):
  By request from Enpingy <enpingy@yahoo.com>, I have included this
section that has to do with the Special Weapons you can pick up from
normal boxes. This may only seem as a little advantage when compared
with people's attacks. But, people may not notice it can be helpful if
used wisely. All of the Special Weapons are unblockable, use it wisely
to your advantage. As said earlier, "any advantage can be magnified
greatly in battle." You can pick up weapons, drop them, and throw them.
To pick up a Special Weapon, you must move into it. To drop the weapon,
push G. To throw them after you picked up a Weapon, push H or L. No
Special Techniques are known you can do with a Special Weapon. There are
a couple of weapons you can pick up; the current ones known are:

 Sword      It's a pretty strong weapon to throw.
 Axe        This may be a little stronger than the Sword. It's just an
            axe that you can throw.
 Dynamite   Now, this Dynamite is an odd Special Weapon. It has an
            unknown timer so you aren't really aware when it will blow
            up unless you focus on it and see it blinking. So you
            should use this with care. The timer is about as long as
            Godhand's Time Bomb or whatever it is, if Godhand doesn't
            push G.

Character Weight Classes:
  Mike Allen told me what characters are in what classes. Light
characters rise high and descend pretty slowly. Medium characters rise
pretty high and descend at an average speed. Heavy characters rise lower
and descend quickly. Here they are (for PSX version):
______     ________________     ______________     ______
Light:     Medium (female):     Medium (male):     Heavy:
¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯¯     ¯¯¯¯¯¯
Yoko       Claire               Cloud              Godhand
Jo         Yuffie               Han                Inoba
Tifa                            Koji               Django

Battle Mechanics:
  Okay, the battle mechanics of Ehrgeiz really isn't difficult to
understand. Each attack has its own damage, and everything from then on
is based on it. When an attack is used as a counter hit, you multiply
the original damage by one and one-fifth, and that's the new damage. You
also round up if there is no definite number for the damage. To know the
original damage of an attack that was used as a counter hit, you
multiply that damage by four-fifths. You also round down if there is no
definite number. If an attack is part of a combo, the second hit or
beyond that, you multiply the original damage of that attack by
four-fifths and that's the new damage. You also round down if there is
no definite number. To know the original damage of an attack that was
done in a combo, multiply the damage for that attack by one and
one-fourth. You also round up if there is no definitive number. To make
it easier to understand...

- counter hit: original damage multiplied by 1.2 (round up if not whole
- combo (2nd hit or beyond): original damage multiplied by 0.8 (round
  down if not whole number)
- original damage of attack used as a counter hit: new damage multiplied
  by 0.8 (round down if not whole number)
- original damage of attack used in a combo: new damage multiplied by
  1.25 (round up if not whole number)

  The same rules apply to attacks done on your opponent when they are
jumping or rolling (damage deduction).
  For some attacks, the damage reduction is one less than if it was
reduced for another attack. In other words, get the reduced damage, then
add one to that and you have the new damage.
  Also, if you do an attack as a counter hit, it stuns the opponent
longer, and if it's a launcher, it launches them higher, and you already
know about the damage.
Part 5: Frequently Asked Questions
 How do you do a Just Frame Attack?
  Okay, here goes, near the middle frame of all of the frames of the
attack (exp. L,*H, when the Low Kick is all the way out, that's the
middle frame because he still has to put his leg back, then push H),
push the button that goes along with the Just Frame. Also, here's
another way: when the attack hits your opponent, after you hear the
colliding sound from the hit, push the Just Frame buttons. These work
for most characters. Two of Sasuke's Just Frame attacks require you to
push the button before the attack is done.

 How do you do the Two-Hand Grab?
  Push G right before a sword hits your character. Sound easy?
I DON'T THINK SO! ¦P Well, actually it is easy, after some practice.

 How do you crouch?
  Hold G until you crouch.

 How do you pronounce "Ehrgeiz?"
  You pronounce it (e:r gaits), "air-gaits." It's a German word. And it
means ambition. Source: Dream Factory

 Where can I challenge you?
  Go to the Regency Family Fun Center at Pixie and Carson in Lakewood,
California. There's an Ehrgeiz there. Just E-mail me before you do and
set up a time with me. My initials are "DAN" for the hi-score list or
whatever. If you live in the area, check it out sometime.

 Are you going to make anymore FAQs for other characters?
  Yes, I will make Character Guides for other characters. I'll make
Guides for Vincent, Sephiroth, Koji, and possibly, just possibly Yuffie.
I might also make it on other non-original eight characters, but I'm not
sure. Expect to see it in a couple of weeks. First, Vincent, Sephiroth,
then Koji, and if I do make one on Yuffie, then that will be last. If I
make FAQs on other characters, then, well, just expect them to be made.

 Are there any endings for anyone?
  Yes, there is. To get it, you have to beat the game. Then fight that
red guy, "Red Scorpion" but some people call him "Armored Django", well
whatever the name is, you have to kill it. Just break those 2 boxes
containing the knives on those altar-like things, and throw them at him.
Then he will disappear and stars and coins will pop out of his now-gone
body, you must collect them all. Afterwards, the Ehrgeiz will fall down
into the center of the arena. There is no ending in the arcade version
for anyone, I think.

 What is "Just Frame"?
   I'm not sure, but I always thought "Just Frame" was in reference to
the detail that the "Just Frame Combos" had only a few frames where you
had to press the button to continue the combo.  Unlike the regular
combos where you could press the button in a relatively wide time
period, some of the "Just Frame" moves really were just a few frames.
Here's an example:
Zack's Chain: H, H, L, *H, H
  Do the H, H, L combo just by pushing it, then pause for a certain
amount of time, then push H, H which is after the *. You push the first
attack of whatever is after the * at the middle frame of the attack
before the *, in other words, if you hit your opponent, after the
hitting sound, push it, don't try to time it, just push it after you
hear the sound. But if you wiff the attacks, then push it at its middle
  You know if you did it correctly if there is blue sparkling stuff
coming out.

 What does "Just Frame" mean?
  Well, I don't know the exact answer, but see above. I guess you could
call it a "pause just for a certain period of time" or something like

  Have any questions or if you can help me answer any questions that need
confirmation, then E-mail them to lbdangc@aol.com
Part 6: Special Thanks
No one really...but...

My Cloud FAQ:
  This is the FAQ with the Basic Moves; also, see the Special Thanks in
that FAQ to see who I need to thank for this FAQ

Dream Factory:
  making this game

  owning Squaresoft and part of Dream Factory

Square EA:
  publishing Ehrgeiz

And any others who deserve it
Part 7: Author Information
Name:     Dan GC
E-mail:   LB Dan GC@aol.com
Web page: None
          still in the process of creation	
ICQ:      None

"You're funny. But keep it up and you'll just piss me off." ~ Xenogears'
Don't plagiarize! It's bad! And always give credit where it is due!

Some NEWS:
  Well, on Saturday, May 8, 1999, I played against Mike and his friend,
Dave. I stayed for over three hours. I used Cloud and Sasuke the most,
while they used everyone, except for Django. I got a few EXCELLENTs and
PERFECTs against the both of them, but they got some, too. But I got
more on them than they did on me. For most of the matches where I didn't
win and only won one or two rounds, I annihilated them, I truly mean it.
When I went up against Dave's Koji, I beat two rounds easily, then he
beat me the next three round, then I beat him the next round. For the
fourth round, we were at the end of our power, well, at least he was,
then he pushed S and got me in Koji's Special. I broke out after the
four punches (I had no power left!), then I killed him. For the last
three matches I had against Mike, he beat me in all of them. I beat him
one round for the last match (he had Tifa), I think I beat him one
round when he used Koji (second to last match), and for the third to
last match, he used Sephiroth, he also beat me in that one. But I
almost beat him.
  I never threw once when playing against Mike and Dave, I hardly used
wake-up (rising) attacks), and only used Sephiroth's sword once, the
same thing for Cloud. I just attacked and stuff, I tried to do a Special
Throw with Cloud, it came out both times when I did it, but it didn't
  Mike's a really nice person, he complimented me when I did something
good and whatever. Whenever I did do do something good on Dave and Mike
complimented me, Dave would say, "Commentary, Mike." And that means
commentary means "series of comments." So Dave was basically saying, in
my point of view, "You're making too many comments, Mike." Dave would
usually say that whenever I dizzied him with Sasuke's Smoke Bomb (Jump,
S) and Mike would say something. I used a lot of juggles with both Cloud
and Sasuke. I saw Dave try to do Cloud's H+L, LLH juggle a couple of
times on me since he saw me do it a few times and it always connected,
but when he did it, never connected.
  Mike also put pillows under my head when I first layed down on one of
the beds in the room. My back was hurting from sitting up (I was playing
against Dave the time it started to hurt), so I lay back to relieve some
of the pain, but I could barely see, so then he said, "A pillow, Dan?"
then he put a pillow under my head without me answering, but I would've
said yes anyway. Then a few seconds later, he put more pillows so I
could see better, and it helped.
  We played a lot of matches, like 31 or something, I don't really know
the true count, but that's basically it. That's all for now. If I ever
get to play against Mike (and his friends) sometime much later in the
future, I'll be ready and be much better than I was when I played him.
I need to throw and do rising attacks more, but I don't mind. I'll work
on those someday.

  I've been thinking of what should and should not be in Ehrgeiz 2. In
the Expert FAQ, there is already stuff they already don't and do want
in part two of Ehrgeiz. Well, I have some of their stuff, but I do have
extra stuff I'd like, too... I hope this stuff does appear in Ehrgeiz 2.
If Dream Factory reads the following stuff...then, it could be a good or
bad thing...

- No Counters
- No Partial Invincibility when getting up
- If there is a Quest Mode, make it like the real game, and everyone
  would have separate stories, they could use the DVD Disc to put all
  that info on one disc; also, some people could be partners, or even
  more than just one or two persons, they could make it just like Tobal
  No. 1 and 2 except make it even better
- More Mini-Games
- More Characters (keep everyone in part one but add more characters)
- If they had to have Counters, then make it something like this:
  it would depend on how much Special Gauge you and your opponent have,
  how much HP you and your opponent have, what attack(s) your opponent
  is doing, and other stuff. The more Special Gauge your opponent has,
  the less likely the Counter is to work against your opponent; the
  same would apply if you had a low Special Gauge. Also, depending on
  what attack(s), you may or may not be able to Counter it, but instead,
  you would have something that could Counter at times if a Counter
  could not be done even though it was done correctly, the replacement
  would be a Counter Block, in other words, just a normal blocking of
  the attack, but sometimes the Counter Block would also not work. Also,
  if the Counter or Counter Block wouldn't work, you would get hit by
  the attack(s), but damage would be reduced by half from that one
  attack. Call that the..."Half Damage" or something like that. So far,
  there would be a "Counter," "Counter Block," and "Half Damage." That's
  quite some good stuff. If you had low energy or your opponent had more
  energy, it would be less likely for the Counter to work. There would
  be many factors determining if a Counter, Counter Block, or Half
  Damage would occur. The above also applies to Two-Hand Grabs, except
  there is only Two-Hand Grab or Half Damage for that.
- And some other stuff; I really think the above is really good and
  would make Ehrgeiz 2 even better
Unpublished Work Copyright (c) 1999 Dan GC

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