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    FAQ/Move List by Black Cat

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    EE         HH    HH  RR    RR  GG           III      EE               ZZ
    EE         HH    HH  RR    RR  GG           III      EE              ZZ
    EE         HH    HH  RR   RR   GG      GG   III      EE           ZZ
    EE         HH    HH  RR    RR  GG     GG    III      EE          ZZ
    EHRGEIZ FAQ v1.1
    Copyright holders:
    Square - Dream Factory
    A More Powerful Movelist, still imcomplete but heading in the
    right direction.   The main work is now authored by Black Cat,
    While I just got my name on it for starting it all.  Actually
    it's a great big mess with spelling mistakes galore.  I may want
    to re write this as it is a little confusing.
    We'll get there eventually.
    KEY for BUTTON combos
    g = guard "DODGE"
    G = hold guard
    d = low attack
    D = hold low attack
    u = high attack
    U = hold high attack
    s = USE POWER BAR "the bar coloured pink below your health bar"
    + = push these at the same time
    / = choose anyone
    360 = spin joystick one full circle
    90 = spin stick down, down/forward, forward
    09 = spin stick down, down/back, back
    180 = spin stick back, back/down, down, down/forward, forward
    g+u = strong high attack
    g+d strong low attack
    g+s = jump
    g+u+d = throw
    C = crouching down (hold G and push down)
    c = rising from crouching position (let go of G
    W = side step / walk  (G + any direction)
    R = running (push stick in any direction)
    () = this move can only be done when your at a higher platform than the
    F = move needs person to be facing enemy
    front throw                     strecth throw
    "holding U"                     tower bridge
    left side throw                 neck crush
    right side throw                moon dive
    back throw                      power arm throw
    360 throw                       spinning pile drive
    s                               arm gun
    s,s                             double arm gun
    S                               triple arm gun
    hold any direction + s          place mine
    ?? dodge, s                     rolling set mine
    during jumpimg, s               grenda throw
    360, s                          suicide grenda
    no power gage, s                arm hammer
    NORMAL MOVES                    NAME
    u                               jab
    u,u,u                           1-2 kick
    u,u,d,u                         up down comb
    u,d,u,u,u,u,u,u,u,u,u,          speed punch
    u+d                             raising upper
    (u+d)                           metro breath
    u+d+s                           orge crush
    u+s,u                           double upper
    d                               low kick
    d+s                             hell spin
    d+s,u                           break knuckle
    d+s,d                           homing slide
    d+s,u,d                         boomerang hook left
    d+s,d,u                         boomerang hook right
    d+s,u+d                         stomach crush
    g+u                             heal soul ???
    g+d                             turning low kick
    g+d,u                           turning low high kick
    g+u+s,d                         mirage spin kick
    g+d+p                           shower kick
    90                              franking upper
    In crouching postions
    c,u                             turning high kick
    c,u+s                           satilite kick
    c,d                             low kick
    C,u                             gun straight
    C,U                             bazooka straight
    during walking
    u,u                             hammer sword
    during running
    u,u,u                           triple black hawk
    d                               slide kick
    g+u                             air raid kick
    u+d                             shoulder tackle
    g,u                             turning back kick
    step moves
    u                               divide tile
    u,u                             divide knuckle
    u,d                             divide spin kick
    d,u                             wind god hand
    d, u+d                          lighting god hand
    d,d,d                           abyss spin
    front throw                     Mikiotoshi
           "holding D"              Aiki
    right hand side                 Hagan Karikubi
                                    (means breaking faces and cut neck)
    left hand side                  Kasumi
            "holding U/D"           Kenshin Karikubi
    back throw                      Udegatame Haitenraku
                                    (means head lock and --)
    180                             Hirate Kubiori
    u+d+s                           Ateminage
    s                               Kishi Bojinshiki Yo yo
    during jumping, s               Bee dama "drops metal balls"
    S                               Seibai
    S,D                             Kyo-ken no Sanpo
                                    (means walking of the crazy dog)
    90,S                            Sekai Issyu-
                                    (means round a world)
    no power gage, S                Hirate Uchi
                                    (means slapping)
    u                               Suitotsu
    u,u,u                           Rensui Tencyaku
    u,u,d                           Rensui Senbarai
    u,d                             Suisen
                                    ( means narcissus flower)
    u,s                             Hirate Uchi
    u,s,u,u,u,u                     Katsu Ire
    u+d                             Michi zuki (full moon)
    u+s                             Houya geri
    d                               Sune Geri  (kick leg)
    d,u                             Senten Rencyaku
    d,d,u                           Nisen Bontsui
    d,d,d                           Rensen Barai
    d+s                             Azakeri
    d+s,u                           Azakeri Hirate
    d+s,u+d                         Yoyuu
    g+u                             Hachibu zuki
    g+d                             Sen Barai
    g+d,u,u,u,u                     Chisen Hisyoucyaku
    g+u+s                           Yousyou  Geri
    d+g+s                           Karura Geri
    90,u                            Rasen Geri
    (u+d)                           Kamikaze
    In crouching position
    c,u                             Mikazuki
    c,u+s                           Rinne Syou
    c,U+S(holding)                  Rinne Yomotsu Hirasaka (hard to block)
    C,u                             Taka Otoshi
    C,d                             Sen Barai
    during walking
    u,u,u,u,u,u                     Kishi Bojin Geri
    during running
    u,d                             Tenchi Rencyaku
    u,u,u                           Tenku- sanrencyaku
    d                               Ryu-katsutai
    d+u                             Ishiyumitobi
    g,u                             Uramichizuki
    Step moves
    u                               Kubuzuki
    d,u                             Kenbutsusyu-
    d,d                             Kemari Uki
    d,u,d                           Urauchi you
    d,u+d                           Urauchi Hanyou
    d,u,u                           Urauchi In
    Front throw                     arm lock hold
    Left side                       arm lock elbow crash
    Right side                      arm lock knee break
    back                            back rolling crash
    f360                            knee break one
    after knee break one            knee break two
    after knee break two            finish knee break
    s                               DEATH FIRE
    S                               DESPERATE FIRE
    Now power gage                  DEEP
    u                               jab
    u,d,u                           break combination
    u,d,d                           crash combination
    u,u,d,u                         scissors crash combination
    u,u,d,d                         scissors combination
    u,u,u,d,u                       bone crash combination
    u,u,u,d,d                       bone break combination
    u,u,u,u,d,u                     body break crash
    u,u,u,u,d,d                     body break shot
    u,g+u,u                         half killing
    u+d                             jumping knee
    u+d+s                           hurricane straight
    u+s                             hammer knuckle
    d,d                             double low kick
    g+u                             break straight
    g+d                             step tackle low kick ???
    g+d+s                           sky kick
    g+u+s                           back turn kick
    90,u                            left soak crab ???
    09,u                            right soak crab ??
    360,u                           high spin kick
    (u+d)                           flying body attack
    In crouching position
    f,C,g+u                         left boomerang hook
    f,C,g+u,u                       left boomerang upper
    f,C,g+u                         right boomerang hook
    f,C,g+u,u                       right boomerang elbow
    f,C,g+u,g+u,u,u,d,u             crash boomerang
    f,C,g+u,g+u,u,u,d,u+d           crash boomerang knee
    f,C,g+u,g+u,u,u,d,d             crash boomerang low
    f,C,g+u,g+u,u,u,u,d,u           break boomerang
    f,C,g+u,g+u,u,u,u,d,u+d         break boomerang knee
    f,C,g+u,g+u,u,u,u,d,d           break boomerang low
    C,u                             knee attack
    C,u,u,u                         triple knee attack
    c,u                             rocket upper
    c,U                             finish upper "hard to block"
    Step moves
    d,p                             crash hook
    d,d                             low boomerang hook
    While walking
    u                               high kick shot
    While running
    u                               death hammer one
    u,u,u,u                         triple death hammer
    d                               slide
    u+d                             cross attack
    front throw                     touryuu rakushitu
    front throw ??????              haimen tori
    ???????? g                      zugai wari (break skull)
    2*360 ????? g                   messatsu no mai
    right side throw                sanretsu sya
    left side throw                 bikutoru nage
    back throw                      getsuei tou
    360                             mozu otoshi
    ??????? s+u+d                   utsusemino
    u+d+s ?????????                 neru (sleep, maybe sleeper)
    s                               syuriken *
    S                               rasendai syuriken
    s,u                             tsubame otoshi
    s,d                             makibishi (marbles/balls)
    hold any direction, s           syundou uchi
    during jump, s                  kemu ni maku (teleport)
    no power gage ,s                chigenzan
    u                               sword attack
    u,u,u                           rengeki zan
    u,u,d                           rengeki senkyaku
    u,u,u,d,u                       kokurengin
    u+d                             kotensyou "rising heaven"
    u+d,u+d                         soukogin
    u+d,u+d,u                       chigezan "ground stab"
    u+s                             gekizan touryu
    u+s,u                           fujin kyaku
    d                               fujin rakusyoutenkyaku
    d,u,u                           chisen
    d+s                             chisenzuki
    d+s,d                           edaori (break branch)
    g+u                             sajin (sand)
    g+d                             toukyaku
    g+u+s                           kabutowari (breaking mask)
    g+d+s                           kuuzankyaku
    ??????                          koma no mai
    90,u                            agitouchi left punch jaw
    09,u                            agitouchi right punch jaw
    (u+d)                           hitori izuna
    step moves
    d+u                             toucyou kyaku
    d+d                             tousou tai
    d,d,u                           suna kemuri (sand smoke)
    c,u                             touryu-zan
    In crouching position
    C,u                             kinenzan
    During walking
    u                               mizouch (hit centre of chest)
    d                               benkeiuchi (shin kick)
    d,d                             mizu gumo (water spider)
    during running
    u,u,u                           renmen zan
    d                               kassyu
    u+d                             rakusyou
    u                               cyuusui
    u,u,u,u                         tenshin dashou
    u,d                             kousui soutai
    u,d,u                           suitai syousui
    u,d,d                           suitaikishitu
    u+d                             tetsuzankou
    u+d+s                           kouryu
    U+D+S                           gekikouryu
    u+s                             mouko kouhazan
    ???????                         chinho
    u+s,u,u                         hazan tousui
    d or d+s                        chioutai
    d,u                             chiso tensui
    d,d                             chisoukishitu
    g+u                             koboku
    g+u,g????????                   ankei
    g+d                             zensoutai
    g+u+s                           tenkyaku
    90,p                            kenhousyou
    (u+d)                           taiatari
    In Crouching position
    c,u                             housui
    c,d                             honseitenshi
    c,u+d                           rimoncyoucyu
    During walking
    u,u                             fukko dakai
    u,u,u                           fiuko tougekidasyou
    u,u,g,u                         fiukko genkihekikou
    During running
    u                               satankyaku
    u,u                             renkantai
    d                               senshippo
    g,u                             tetsuzankou
    Step moves
    d,u                             senkyu-tai
    d,d                             hisyoukyaku
    d,d,u                           yakusou
    d,u+d                           yakucyou
    d,s                             taikuzushi
    d,s,u                           houshin dasyou
    BONUS :!  Old Version of this FAQ so you can get really confused!
    L : Low Attack
    H : High Attack
    S : Special Attack
    G : Guard
    360 ' : Spin joystick 360 degrees.
    F : Forward
    B : Back
    QCF: Quarter Circle Forward (Down, Down-Forward, Forward)
    QCB: Quarter Circle Back  (Down, Down-Back, Back)
    Universal Moves
    Tap G once: Guard High
    (from Guard up) Tap and Hold G: Guard Low
    Gx2+direction: Invicibility
    G+L+H : Throw
    360 ' G+L+H : Special Throw
    Hold G, F, F : Roll
    G+S or F, F : Jump
    H,H,H : One-Two Kick
    G+L,H : Low High Kick
    H+L+S : Rising Force
    run +S : Set Mine
    roll +S : Set Mine
    H,H,H : One-Two Slash
    While running; H,H,H : Victory Slash
    While getting up; H : Shadow Moon
    S+H,H : Cutting Rage
    G+L,H : Somersault Thunderbolt
    H,H,H,H : Hell Storm
    G+H : Heart Breaker
    (near opponent) G,L,S : Guard Breaker
    (whilst getting up) H : Palm Uppercut
    360 ' S : Brandish Spear
    Prince Naseem
    QCF+H : Sidestep Uppercut
    H,H,H,H : Body Brake Crash
    (whilst getting up) H : Rocket Uppercut
    (whilst running) H : Straight Dash
    360 ' H+L : Gate to Nightmare
    G+H, G+H, G+H : Art of Flamingo
    G+H. H : Rattlesnake Bites
    S+H : Piledriver Kick
    G+L, H : Double Spin Kick
    H,H,H,L : One-Two Reverse RoundKick
    H,H,L : Tornado Sweeper
    G+H. G+H. G+H : Devils Scythe
    (while holding G) L,L,H : Break Beats
    (whilst getting up) H, H+L : Kick away hop
    360 ' H : Spin a Top
    G+H : Hammer Chop
    H,H,H : Triple Chop
    (whilst running) H : Dashing Lariat
    (whilst running) L,L,L : Stagger Kick
    unofficial addition for Inoba
    (whilst running) H+L+G : Tackle
    (After Tackle) H,H,H : 3 Body Check
    (After 3 Body Check) L : Body Toss
    (After 3 Body Check) L, Hold L : Ankle Lock
    Hold B, S : Charge Super Power Bomb to Spinning Neck Breaker
    (After SPBSNB) S : Crush Sleeper
    Which Legend ie: MOvelist abbreviations do you prefer?
    Please hurry and tell us!
    What a mess.  Update soon.
    Where to find this FAQ:
    www.angelfire.com/co/Gunsmith (gets it 1st)

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