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Illgoga Glitch Guide by MmMLzj

Updated: 01/16/2001

Started 1/9/01 Finished 1/?/01
By: MmMLzj
This is a Strategy on the character Illgoga on Ehrgeiz. YES HE'S THERE!!! I had
to say that so I don't get so much mail saying stupid stuff dealing with no
existence of Illgoga in Ehrgeiz, but I have the wrong game.

© Copyright 2001 by MmMLzj. All Rights Reserved.

Reader is given permission to use any of this information under one 
circumstance, to ask the permission from the Author, or in this case, me, keep
it unaltered, and no copy pastes. I want it as a separate link, cuz this info
is extremely rare. There may be consequences given, and any other rights reserved.

II.Seeing Illgoga
IV.Glitches w/ Illgoga
V.Obtaining Illgoga

I. Introduction

This information is Extremely rare! It is so rare, that there hasn't been one
other person besides me discovering this, well, that has ever recorded any of
this information, that's why my rules are strict if you wish to use this
        Okay, back to the good stuff... Illgoga is a common character found in
Dream Factory's two really famous games. One, is Tobal #1, the other, Tobal 2.
Illgoga is the character with two horns, a tail, and resembles an ape, and
walks upright. Well, most of you have never, ever, ever encountered Illgoga in
Ehrgeiz, and probably think this is a large rumor. Well, think again. Illgoga
is, in my theory, a character previously planned to be in the game of Ehrgeiz,
but the plan was aborted, and was thought to never be found in the game by
anyone, since it is a very rare glitch. Well, they were wrong. Illgoga is found
in only one way, unless you use extensive hacking! And when I found Illgoga, I
was amazed! This FAQ is going to explain Illgoga, and teach you how to find him
in your game. This goes for American and Japanese versions. So basically, all
you really need is a gameshark, and that's it, oh yeah, and of coarse Ehrgeiz
itself, duh! Please enjoy!

II.Seeing Illgoga

          I will put it all in steps for the more organized easy way.

1.First you need to go into the gameshark, and activate the code shown below.
You must play as Red Scorpion, a gameshark secret character to see Illgoga. I
have the Japanese codes included, in case you need those to see Illgoga...

American Version

P1 Character Modifier
Play as Red Scorpion

800F69FC 0005

P2 Character Modifier
Play as Red Scorpion

800F6A2C 0005

Japanese Version

P1 Character Modifier
Play as Red Scorpion 

800F662C 0005

P2 Character Modifier
Play As Red Scorpion

800F665C 0005

2.After you've gotten these codes down, Select any character, and hold up, on
the D-pad. You will play as Red Scorpion in his second outfit. A glitchy
version of him, but don't worry, none of these glitches will pause the game, or
effect anything.
3.Beat the opponent. Very easy, since Red Scorpion has Infinite health, even if
you have no gameshark code for that.
4.Your victory pose will appear as Illgoga in his second outfit that is found
as his second on Tobal 2. Every little detail is exact, even colors, except you
will notice his face isn't there.


          Pretty neat huh? The strange thing is, is that there is no second
guesses of him being anything else besides Illgoga! This is because he is
perfectly exact in shape, form, color, etc. Even his logo is shown on his
          Well, the reason for him looking like this is because when you
selected Red Scorpion in his second outfit, its like you just selected Illgoga,
except his form is covered up by Red Scorpion's form due to different codings
left out so that you have no certain way of obtaining him! And this was read by
the computer as Illgoga in his second outfit, and was shown in the victory pose
as the famous Tobal 2's Illgoga, in his second costume, a gym suit with his
tail poking out the back, and blue gloves on.
          I've examined the two Illgogas, the one in Tobal 2, and the one found
in Ehrgeiz, and they are almost exactly alike! The only exception is that the
Illgoga in Ehrgeiz has no real amazing face at all! The only time you can
really notice his face is during his first victory pose when the camera goes
extremely close, and it revealed Illgoga's "Eyes", they were just two slits,
and a slit-like mouth. This is quite odd for one reason. This is because I also
noticed that this Illgoga was very beta in the outlining as well. He was almost
exactly alike with his Tobal 2 version, except for the face, and his poor
outlining. He had no outline, it was just him, and he looked a little blurry.
I noticed that he was meant to be terminated rather than put on the game by
          Also, Illgoga's victory pose was alike with Django, Rio, and Red
Scorpion. This is because there is no special Illgoga victory because it was
never recorded in the coding. So he copies off of the dog characters because I
have realized that he and Red Scorpion share coding. So if you were to ever
select Illgoga playable, he would run on all fours, and use Django and Red
Scorpion's moves, in which the Illgoga commonly known is a fist fighter, and
walks on two legs.
          There is many other things I can tell you about this quite odd
character, but I want you to see for yourself. I guarantee that you will agree
with me that that strange character is Illgoga. If I had to give a percentage
on who/what it is, I'd say Illgoga for 99.9%. Its that obvious. Try it out,
its great!

IV.Glitches w/ Illgoga

          There are a few really interesting glitches found while Seeing
Illgoga. I will name a few of the known ones that I have seen.

1.One thing you can notice while watching the first victory pose is that in the
background you will se the audience all glitched up, and its quite funny to

2.This glitch applies to all characters, but this is still really cool. When
watching the victory pose after defeating Jo, a rope ladder from a helicopter
will be dropped. Hold R1 or R2, and when you start to run you will evade, and
grab onto the rope ladder backwards. It looks really funny, and it appears that
rather the character grabbing the ladder, they are actually holding onto
nothing at all.

3.There is a glitch to actually play as Illgoga. Don't expect to much out of
this, cuz it is only used while doing a victory pose. Refer down to the
Obtaining section of this FAQ for more details.

4.On the first stage's victory pose, it shows the usual, the character holding
a sword, and the camera zooms in. Well, usually, the sword can only fit into
Django's mouth when he rears up with it in his mouth. The others, the secret
characters, are larger, or smaller than Django, and are copying off of his
exact movements during the poses. It shows Red Scorpion with the sword going
through his head cuz he is way too big. It shows the sword balancing on Rio's
nose, cuz he is way too small. And as for Illgoga, it shows the sword being
balanced in air, as if he were using special mind powers. I guess his head is
not as narrow as Django's.

V.Obtaining Illgoga

          There is a WAY to obtain him!!! I am sure of it. The only problem is
how. My results would have to be extensive hacking, if I ever acquire him!
          But don't get too frustrated, he can be semi-playable in Ehrgeiz. I
have seen an extremely rare glitch that occurs with loading problems, and it
allows you to move your character around the room during the victory pose. It
is like a 2% chance, and I have only seen it once. My friend (you may know him
as Dan GC) has seen it twice, and he has played Ehrgeiz over 5,000 times!
(Statistics may not be accurate.) I guess I was really lucky! You can try this,
but I can only say that it may take many battles, but also, you may be lucky.
If so, cool.
             Also, If you are really desperate, just go buy Tobal 2! The bad
thing is, is that it is only a Japanese game, it hasn't been released in
America. But if you ever get it, just play as Illgoga in his second costume,
(hold up while selecting him.) Then you will really believe me that it is
Illgoga that we are seeing! 
             I will always be trying to obtain Illgoga, and probably never
will, but if I do, then I will be amazed then, and make a whole homepage about
this! Me and my Bro are still hacking, and hacking, but we haven't gotten him
yet! We must find him!


I thank cmgsccc.com for supplying me with the Red Scorpion Gameshark code.
Without it I would have never discovered Illgoga!

I also thank my Bro, Dylan Wright. This is because he has put in a lot of time
and effort in trying to find Illgoga with me, which is currently not going so

Thanks to me for writing this FAQ! Without my discovery, Most likely this
Illgoga stuff would never be found. ANYWHERE!!!

Or is it?

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