Review by Dr.Zan

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

An interesting game overshadowed by ugly graphics.

I'll review the most important aspects of an adventure game:

Graphics: The low point of the game. The levels while sometimes creep you out but they are sometimes plain and there is a overuse of brownish colors. But whathurts the game the most is the character design. Some of the enemies look goodbut the un-ghost character arebadly designed. They sometimes look scarier thanthe monsters because of their zombie-likeness.Total: 5/10

Sound: Very good!! The music is creepy but the very good voice-overs arewhat makes it shine. They sometimes creep you out when you hear a capturedsoul talking. Total: 9/10

Controls: You'll pick-up the controls right away, but then again its a puzzlelike game so clicking on stuff and checking your items is pretty much allyou'll do. Another great aspect.Total: 9/10

Story: Its very original to say the least. It might be quite confusing at start but it clears up a resourceful way as the game advances. It gives you the creepstoo, it won't freak out as much as in silent hill, but you'll be on theedge of your seat many times.Total: 9/10

Value: While finished a little bit too soon, the puzzles are among the best seenon Playstation. They are much better than in games where you must find unrelated objects to open doors(like in Silent Hill and RE2). They aren't very hard either, making you much less frustrated than in Riven.Total: 8/10

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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