Review by wolverinefan

Reviewed: 10/12/07

What a terrible game

Your father's house has burned down and you can't find him anywhere. You get to his house and find a key to a clock and use it and it takes you back in time and you have to solve a big mystery. The story sounds good but most of the time you do little side quests until you get to the end. Maybe if there was more of a story the game would have been half way decent. I give story a 2/10

The control is dreadfully slow. It really brings the game play itself down a notch, even though this is a point and click title. The controls are easy to learn though. I give control a 7/10

Voice Acting, Sound Effects and Music
It's so very bad. It's actually beyond bad. The actors are very dull and have no emotion at all. The sound effects are boring and don't add anything to the game at all. There isn't any music except every now and then so you’re stuck listening to those horrible sound effects. I give voice acting, sound effects and music a 1/10

Game play
Go around helping ghosts by giving them items and solving puzzles. It's very boring because the puzzles just suck. You can actually die in this point and click game but it's no worry, you get enough healing potions to bring everyone on the ship back to life. You get orbs for helping the ghosts and you can trade them for items but you don't need them. All the puzzles are easy and aren't challenging at all. The control makes the game feel so very slow and makes it so boring. There just isn't anything new or worth while here. I give game play a 2/10

Replay Value
Well there are three endings but as long as you do one thing before the last part of the game you can get all three without starting all over. The game is about three hours long which is way to short for a point and click game. The problem with getting all the endings is that they all suck. There is no reason to play the game after beating it and that is if you do beat the game cause it's so horrible. I give replay value a 1/10

The game also has a sequel but I never bothered with it because this game was so bad. The sequel also came to the states which is also a surprise.

Final Score
I give Echo Night a 1/10

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

Product Release: Echo Night (US, 07/31/99)

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