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Guide and Walkthrough by SPaul

Version: 0.99 | Updated: 05/29/2002

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill FAQ and Walkthrough
Version 0.99
c1998 Seth Paul (V0.4-0.7 c1999, 0.75 c2000, 0.9 Onwards c2002)                

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game was played on a U.S. version of Duke Nukem set at 
'Death Wish' difficulty, non-Greatest Hits edition.  Slight differences in 
game features and enemy placement may vary on your particular difficulty
and version.

Duke Nukem: TIME TO KILL is c1998 3D Realms Entertainment.  All rights 
reserved.  Developed by n-Space.  Published and distributed by GT Interactive  
Software Corp.  All other trademarks are the properties of their respective 
Unless otherwise noted due to the help of many fine people (listed in the
credits below), the following walkthrough is based on my own experience with
the game.  You may save it, read it, pass it out to friends and what not, even
post it on your game-related website.  The only thing I ask is that you do not
change the guide in any way without consulting me first.  Don't be afraid to
ask, either...I won't bite your head off.  I'm just hoping somewhere out there
somebody isn't taking my years of work and claiming it as his or her own.
You gotta have standards, you know?


It's over.  After nearly years of hard work, I have finally completed this 
walkthrough as much as I'd like to.  Why not version 1.0, then?  Because this  
guide is not FINISHED finished, as in all secrets found or all codes 
discovered.  I have my pride, you know, and I could never call a walkthrough
the final version if there was still more to do.  However, if you do have more 
codes, more jokes, or more two-player level secrets (or wish to make 
corrections to the secrets I have, for that matter), you may still e-mail me 
at greypatch3@wideopenwest.com. <--New

*The most recent versions of this FAQ can be found at:                *
*http://www.gamefaqs.com                                              *
Also, because he asked me nicely, Dave from http://www.cheatcc.com asked me
to post his site on my FAQ, so I am.  I've been there and it's a neat little 
site.  Might want to check it out.  However, I am a bit upset that he did 
change my walkthrough a bit.  Just to note: I'm not going to be a jerk about 
it, though.  The site's perfectly fine.  Just ask first is all I'm asking for. 

I originally posted DukeWorld as one of the sites this FAQ can be found, but
unfortunately they are no longer at the address I originally listed them.
I don't whether they moved or went under.  If they did disappear, it's a
real shame...it was a pretty good resource for Duke-related stuff.

Another site that might warrant a visit is http://www.gamewinners.com.
It's got loads of stuff on games there as well.  Still, the most recent 
versions can still be found at the site above.

My FAQ is also available to view on http://www.redcoupe.co.uk.  I have never
visited this site, but the owner is respectable enough.  

There is also http://www.absoluteplaystation.com.  It's a decent site as 
well, especially with the Thank You note feature.  Sometimes it's nice to 
get feedback.

Very soon I hope to have my own website, where I will post this FAQ once
it's up and running.  Once it is, I will post the address here.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As far as I know, these are the only sites that have my 
FAQ on them.  If you see it anywhere else, let me know!  This isn't a 
warning or anything, I just want to make sure various sites that have my      
FAQ (reputable ones, that is) have the latest versions.

I. Credits
II. Current and Earlier Versions
III. Duke's Enemies 
IV. Duke's Arsenal 
V. The Levels (Done!)
VI. The Secrets in Each Level (Done?)
VII. The Challenge Levels
VIII. Cheat Codes (Most likely complete)
IX. Jokes and Fun Stuff (More, maybe?)
X. Final Words

I. Credits

  I'd like to give thanks to:

  3D Realms: For making such a great series of games (and such a cool
             character to have star in them).

  n-Space: The real creative edge behind Time to Kill.  Great job with
           the Duke license, guys!

  GT Interactive: The company that manages to put Duke Nukem and other
                  fine products on the shelves.  Thanks for bringing
                  the work to the public!

  J Young                            : Provided me with the last secret      
                                       to level 1 and was the first to
                                       send me info on the current
                                       state of the FAQ.  Thanks!
  Rodrigo Silva                      : Not only gave me the last secret
                                       I hadn't found for level 2, but
                                       gave me all 6 secrets for level
  The following, unfortunately, weren't the first to provide me with 
  the last secret to level 1 (of course, no one really knew I already 
  found it!), but they were nice enough to send the information along to me,
  and I'm really very grateful for that:

  Simon Tompkins
  Greg Foltz

  Thanks to Phil Robbins, who sent me corrections on the mistakes I         
  made in the Jokes section. 

  Thanks to "Lorrie" who sent in some jokes about the Mighty Foot and
  strip bar.

  Thanks also to "Phunkyjoey" for the movie reference about Arch 
  Stanton's grave.

  Many of you might be thankful to J. Bruce Cook, who may have found a
  way to deal with that pesky arena problem.

  Thanks to Cheetah596, who sent me in information regarding two-player

  Thanks to Tom B., who sent me the information about Family Jewels that     
  will probably make a lot of people sleep easier at night!!
  Thanks to the following people, who sent in cheat codes:

  Marcus Kaesemann
  Skyler Sutton
  David Flesch (also provided me with the descriptions of the Super
  Randy L. Jack (who also sent me some Gameshark Codes; Thanks!)

  Unfortunately, I cannot remember who sent me the e-mail that talked about
  the actual status of the Adult Code.  I would still like to thank that 
  individual, since I don't have a European copy of the game I would have 
  never found it out.

  Thanks to Aaron Gillott and Joe, who both sent in about Lara Croft's suit
  in level 1.

  Thanks to Bill McDonald, who gave information on the mysterious 
  Supershield item.  I'll get around to testing it someday!  

  Thanks to Bjorn Buecker, for joke #19.
  Thanks also to Valerie Byrnes, who helped me find the last Challenge Icon  
  and proved to me that I need to get my eyes checked...I still can't
  believe I didn't see that gigantic hole in the ceiling.
  Speaking of the above secret, well, it's been a (very) long time since 
  I began this guide, and unfortunately many sent in the information on this 
  secret long after I found out about it.  Sorry I never wrote to you guys,
  I was very busy and never really got around to completing this guide on the
  schedule I wanted (I originally wanted this thing done a week after the 
  last version, not 10 months or so).  But, I never want anyone to feel 
  cheated if they contributed to this guide and didn't get the mention they
  deserved.  So without further ado, here are the list of people who gave me
  the secret, starting from March (wow, has it been that long?  Eesh.):

   Kevin Griffin
   Alan (Totally Knutz)
   Nathaniel Morgan
   MRKLANG186 (Assume name is Mark Lang, please correct me if I am 
   Joe M. Pace

  If I have missed anybody, please let me know.                              

  Finally, I would like to thank Mister Aaron Percival, who refuted my claim
  that no one owns this game anymore, in a short e-mail that got me motivated

II. Current Version and Earlier Versions
   Version 0.99
    -Corrected secret information for Let the Games Begin
    -Did secrets and walkthrough for Blood Baths
    -Completed strategy for beating Moloch
    -Added section "Final Words"
    -The End?
   Version 0.9
    -Completed secrets to the best of my knowledge on Pig Factory
    -Added more jokes
    -Completed walkthrough for Hog Heaven
    -Completed walkthrough for Pig Factory
    -Completed walkthrough for Let the Games Begin
    -Completed secrets for Hog Heaven and Let the Games Begin
    -Made note that cheat codes area is most likely completed
   Version 0.8
    -Not "officially" released; number in corner of FAQ was incorrect,       
     as most recent was 0.75.
   Version 0.75
    -Added more to the jokes section
    -Added info on strange, untested item in level 4 secrets.
    -Added Pig Factory secrets (4 of 5)
   Version 0.7
    -Corrected Family Jewels secrets (4 out of [4]!)
    -Added Holy Terror Level and secrets
    -Completed Arsenal Section (yay!)
   Version 0.6
    -Added Family Jewels level and secrets (only 4 out of 5)
    -Added Resistance is Feudal with all secrets
    -Added some long-awaited Gameshark Codes!
    -Added some new jokes and fun stuff
    -Added more information to the "Let the Games Begin" problem.
   Version 0.5
    -Not released; 0.6 would have been 0.5, but I've added too much for
     this to only be a single number increase.
   Version 0.4
    -Completed Enemies section (yay!)
    -Completed Challenge Levels
    -Nearly completed Duke's Arsenal section (if you have info on the
     Freezer weapon, please e-mail me!)
    -Added blurb on possible solution to Arena problem in Let the Games      
     Begin level (See the Levels section if this is where you're stuck.
    -Also added Wing'ed Death walkthrough
    -This FAQ was posted April 30, 1999.
   Version 0.3
    -Added some more cheat codes
    -Added three more levels (Gold and Guns, The Reaper, & Obey or Die)
    -Added secrets for the two levels that have secrets
    -Began work on monster section.
    -Added another new section: Jokes and Fun Stuff!
   Version 0.25
    -Added cheat codes
    -Added apologies and more credits
    -Made a correction for Challenge Stage 1: 18 enemies, not 20!
    -This version was posted December 17, 1998.
   Version 0.2
    -Clarified and completed entire Level 1 Section
    -Began work on Duke's Arsenal
    -Added new section: Challenge Levels
    -Added secrets for Level 2 and 3
    -Added walkthroughs for Levels 2 and 3
    -This FAQ should be available December 1, 1998.
   Version 0.1
    -Finished the level 1 walkthrough
    -Found 6 of 7 secret areas of level 1
    -That's about it.  Pretty crappy to start, isn't it?
    -This FAQ was posted November 25, 1998.

   If you have any information on secret areas, please e-mail me at          
   greypatch3@wideopenwest.com.  Anyone submitting information WILL be
   included in the credits, as I probably would not have found them
   without you.

III. Duke's Enemies
    NOTE: The bosses of each area have their own separate levels.
    Therefore, their strengths and weaknesses and battle strategies 
    are discussed in the level walkthrough below.

    1. DRAK - The lesser, weaker grunts of the invading alien forces.  Not 
       particularly bright, but persistent.  They are armed with small 
       sidearms, and tend to drop pistol clips when killed.  They sometimes 
       drop small health packages.
       STRENGTHS  - Numbers.  When you see one Drak, most likely there at 
                    least few more around.  If they decide to join their 
                    comrade, you could be easily outnumbered.
       WEAKNESSES - Can be easily killed with pretty much any weapon.
                    Even a few quick shots from your Desert Eagle should be  
                    enough to put them down.
    2. PIG COP - For some reason, aliens species like taking L.A.'s police 
       forces and mutating them into single-minded, loyal followers.  
       They are armed with shotguns rather than small guns, and can do some 
       pretty heavy damage to the unwary Duke.  Sometimes they drop shotgun 
       shells, shotguns, or somewhat used armor.
       STRENGTHS  - Again, pig cops have numbers on their side.  They also 
                    can be found in a multitude of forms.  For example, in 
                    the Old West, they disguise themselves as cowboys.  Some 
                    even go so far as to strap bombs to their chests and run
                    at Duke, hoping to blow him up (and they usually 
                    succeed).  Their weapons do more damage than Draks.
       WEAKNESSES - Using their own weapon against them (i.e. the shotguns) 
                    is probably the weakest non-super weapon you should use  
                    on them.  Anything above it should mow them down.  
                    Strafing while shooting helps, too.
    3. NECROS - A Necro is similar to the Octobrain found in an earlier
       Duke Nukem encounter.  They float around and shoot fast-moving
       mental blasts at Duke. 
       STRENGTHS  - Necros tend to move pretty quickly when spooked.  The 
                    mental blasts they shoot take a considerable chunk out
                    of Duke's health.  The fact that they can fly makes them
                    harder to hit.  Don't go at them with anything less than
                    the Gatling Gun.
       WEAKNESSES - Unlike bullets, you can see the blasts early enough to 
                    dodge out of their way.  Necros are really at a 
                    disadvantage underwater, though.  Not only is their 
                    maneuverability reduced, their mental blasts travel 
                    slower than a molasses covered turtle.  They also don't  
                    appear in really large groups most of the time.
    4. BATS - A bat is, well, a bat.  Just your basic flying rodent that
       flies around and generally makes a nuisance of itself.
       STRENGTHS  - Small, but other than that they're pushovers.
       WEAKNESSES - Go down in a few hits.
    5. HELLWINGS - Larger, more dangerous bats.  These suckers shoot flaming
       balls at you and make an annoying screeching sound as they do so.
       STRENGTHS  - Hard to hit, even when standing still.  Fast-firing 
                    weapons work best.
       WEAKNESSES - Tend to be loners, can't withstand much damage, and they 
                    can't hit you if you're underwater.
    6. HEAVY DRAKS - You'll know them when you see them.  They're purple, 
       bigger than their green cousins, and carry Gatling Guns.
       STRENGTHS  - Definitely the gun.  It's far more powerful than the guns
                    the regular Draks carry.  This creates the added tendency 
                    to avoid more than one at a time.
       WEAKNESSES - Guns aside, these are Draks you're dealing with. Some 
                    well-placed shots should take them down easily.
    7. ROBOTS - Pretty nasty.  Tank guns roam around and fire at you with a 
       high-speed gun.  Tripod guns don't move, but they have long range.
       STRENGTHS  - Rapid-fire weapons means constant wear on your armor and 
                    health.  Stay out of their gunfire if you can.
       WEAKNESSES - Sniping at a distance with your Desert Eagle is great for 
                    tripod guns.  A well-placed RPG blast does well with
                    everything else.  Also, they might not see you sneak up 
                    behind them...
    8. LARVAL NECRO - THE most annoying enemy in the entire game.  From
       far away they're not so bad, but if they see you, they will jump
       on you and suck your life away.  Evil, evil, evil!
       STRENGTHS  - There are lots of them, and they won't let go once 
                    they find a nice hovering spot around you.
       WEAKNESSES - Use the limited seeking capabilities of the Energy
                    Weapon to deal with these monstrosities.  Not much else 
                    works well enough (or fast enough).

IV. Duke's Arsenal
    Weapons are provided in the order that you are most likely to find       
    them in the course of the game.  This includes weapons found in
    secret areas.
   1. Mighty Foot
      Not much of a weapon, really.  Duke basically sticks his foot out
      and hopes it hits something.  Mainly useful if you want to break open
      boxes or weak grates without wasting important ammo.
      AMMO USAGE: None (It's Duke's foot, all right?)
      AMMO CAPACITY: N/A (Duke has as many feet as needs.)
   2. Desert Eagle
      Duke's trusty sidearm.  A good, reliable piece when no other
      weapon is available.  It's high accuracy, high rate of fire,
      and very little loss of damage over distance makes this a good
      sniping weapon.
      AMMO USAGE: Pistol clips.
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke picks up 20 bullets per clip up to a maximum
      of 200 bullets.
      SUPER VERSION: The Super Eagle (Same as Desert Eagle, but fires
      even faster than the normal version).
   3. Combat Shotgun
      A powerful gun (it can blow limbs off!) that has an acceptable
      rate of fire. However, the bullets spread out, so the further
      away the target is, the less damage it will take.  This gun is
      probably the commonly chosen for wandering around the levels.
      AMMO USAGE: Shotgun shells.
      AMMO CAPACITY: Boxes of shells give Duke 10 rounds up to a 
      maximum of 50.  Used shotguns give Duke 24 shells.
      SUPER VERSION: The Super Shotgun (Can fire four quick blasts in a 
      row before reloading).
   4. Gatling Gun
      Another good gun to roam levels with.  Has an EXTREMELY high 
      firing rate, but has low accuracy, especially at far distances.
      It also consumes ammo quite rapidly, but Duke can hold enough
      ammo for this gun that this really isn't a drawback.
      AMMO USAGE: Boxes of bullets.
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can hold a maximum of 400 bullets, with boxes
      adding 100 bullets to his arsenal.  Picking up Gatling Guns adds
      150 to the total amount.
      SUPER VERSION: The Laser Gatling Gun (Fires lasers instead of
      bullets which are more accurate and do more damage than before.  
      Unfortunately, it only holds 250 rounds instead of 400.)
   5. Pipe Bomb
      One of Duke's more useful indirect weapons.  Duke can throw one
      a fair distance, depending on how long you hold down the action
      button.  Duke can then either pull out another one (useful for
      setting up big explosions or multiple small explosions at once) 
      or detonate them with a remote switch.  There is no time limit, 
      so Duke can wait until he's good and ready to set them off.  Good for 
      setting traps for the unwary.  Be careful of the explosion, though.
      If you're too close Duke can get hurt or even blow himself up.
      AMMO USAGE: Pipe Bombs
      AMMO CAPACITY: Picking up Pipe Bombs gives you 5 bombs to toss, 
      up to a maximum of 15.
   6. RPG (Rocket Propelled Grenade)
      One of the most powerful weapons Duke can use.  Basically, it's          
      a rocket launcher.  One shot can reduce most enemies to mere
      piles of steaming meat.  Unfortunately, Duke can only hold a
      very limited amount of ammo.
      AMMO USAGE: Box of grenades
      AMMO CAPACITY: A box of grenades gives 4 rounds, up to a total
      of 8.  Picking up an RPG also gives you 4 rounds.
      SUPER VERSION: The Incendiary RPG (How this weapon can be more
      powerful surprises me, but apparently it is.  It also catches
      enemies on fire.)
   7. Dynamite
      A weapon similar to the pipe bomb, but lights immediately and         
      should be thrown quickly.  Be careful you don't bounce it back
      into yourself!
      AMMO USAGE: Dynamite sticks
      AMMO CAPACITY: Comes in packages of 10, and Duke can hold 20
   8. Throwing Knife
      A weak looking weapon, but a well thrown knife can take out an
      enemy in one or two hits.  But, Duke can't find many of them at 
      once, can't hold too many, and they don't have fantastic range.
      AMMO USAGE: Throwing Knives
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can only grab one knife on a pickup, but can         
      hold a total of 10. 
   9. Buffalo Rifle
      A gun found in the Old West, this baby can do some fairly good
      damage for long range firing.  Reload time on it is pretty bad.
      AMMO USAGE: Buffalo Shot
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can pick up a rifle for 8 bullets, but 
      picking up shot gives him 10.  The maximum he can hold is 20.
  10. Flame Thrower
      At short range, this weapon can roast any adversary, but pig cops
      are probably the most susceptible.  It has two problems: You have to
      hold the weapon for a fairly long time on the target or they won't 
      heat, and it burns ammo very quickly.
      AMMO USAGE: Bottle of fuel
      AMMO CAPACITY: A Flame thrower offers 60 bursts of flame, but a
      bottle completely refills your ammo at 200.
      SUPER WEAPON: The Hi-Temp Flame Thrower (Cooks enemies faster
      than normal.  Has a blue flame.)

  11. Throwing Axe
      This weapon can be fairly powerful in the right hands.  Don't
      rely on them too much, though, because the amount you can hold
      is painfully small.
      AMMO USAGE: Axes
      AMMO CAPACITY: They come in groups of 2, but Duke can manage to
      grab one at a time.  The most axes Duke can hold are 5.
  12. Crossbow
      A long range firing weapon, this is basically the medieval           
      version of the Buffalo Rifle.  I find that it works much
      better, though.  It has a wider range due to its ability to
      fire three bolts at a time (only consuming one unit of ammo,
      AMMO USAGE: Crossbow bolts
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can pick up crossbows with 6 bolts in them.
      The most he can hold is 200.

  13. Holy Hand Grenade
      1, 2, 5! (Three, sir!) 3!  Straight out of Monty Python and the
      Holy Grail, these explosives are far more useful than dynamite
      and pipe bombs for one good reason: the grenade will 'seek' out
      the nearest enemy and explode.  If there's no enemies around,
      though, the grenade will bounce aimlessly and explode after 
      awhile on its own.  That's when you should watch out.
      AMMO USAGE: Holy Hand Grenades
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke finds these in bundles of three, and can hold 
      10 of them at one time.
  14. Energy Weapon
      A pretty neat addition to Duke's arsenal.  This weapon fires a 
      short range 'claw' which can 'seek' out a nearby enemy, latch on,
      and holds them until they burn up.  Great for Larval Necros.
      AMMO USAGE: Energy Cells
      AMMO CAPACITY: Duke can pick up the weapon and get 50 seconds of
      firing power.  An energy cell gives 200 seconds.  Duke's maximum
      is 200.
      SUPER WEAPON: The Super Zapper (Shoots a much longer beam and has    
      better seeking abilities. Eats ammo very quickly, though.)

  15. Freezer
      Works exactly like the Freezethrower from Duke 3D.  Point it at
      an enemy and shoot them until they turn into a frozen block.
      Shoot again (or run up to them if you want to save ammo) and they
      shatter.  Best used for crowd control, where you can freeze some
      enemies, kill others with other weapons, then shatter the ice
      cubes.  WARNING: Enemies will thaw after a few seconds.  Also,
      beware of hitting yourself!  Duke can also be frozen by his own
      AMMO USAGE: Freezer Crystals
      AMMO CAPACITY: Freezers come pre-packaged with 50 shots, but can
      hold a total of 200.
   1. Medkits - Duke can run into these items and heal himself for some   
      minor damage.  Most medkits repair for 10 points of damage.
   2. Ammo - Each weapon has various ammo types.  The amount and types 
      of ammo can be found above in the Weapons section.
   3. Steroids - Picking these up allows Duke to speed up immensely for
      a short time.  Duke goes back to normal after they run out.
   4. Double Duke - Duke will turn red and transparent with this
      powerup.  While it is active, Duke will deal out 2x the amount of
      damage he normally does.  It will eventually run out and Duke         
      will return to normal.
   5. Invisibility - Duke goes transparent upon pickup.  Duke will be
      invisible to enemies until the powerup wears off.  Shooting at
      enemies, though, draws their attention to Duke.
   6. Invincibility - Duke turns a bright white and cannot be hurt 
      until the effects wear off.  Get as many kills in as you can 
      before it does!
   7. Atomic Health - This boosts Duke's health 50%.  Unlike medkits, 
      Atomic Health can push Duke's health over 100%(Up to 200).
   8. Armor - Upon pickup, armor reduces damage done to Duke until it
      wears out(indicated by a number scale next to the ammo 
      indicator). It is sometimes dropped by dead Pigcops.
   Inventory is any pickup that you can start and stop the use of at
   anytime.  All of these items start with 100 points that go down with  
   time (except for the Portable Medkit; see it for details).
   1. NVG (Night Vision Goggles) - These will allow you to see dark
      areas of levels (with a green tint) until you remove them or
      they run out.
   2. Jetpack - Probably the most useful item in the entire game.  The
      jetpack allows Duke to fly to places he could not reach merely by
      jumping (or it can just be a useful shortcut device).  As a 
      bonus, the flame underneath can cook your opponents (if you hang 
      there long enough)!  Just don't run out while high in the air.
   3. Bio Mask - Been breathing noxious fumes lately?  This item 
      filters out nasty chemicals in the air that do Duke some serious 
      harm. When you see clouds of gas, be prepared to put this item on 
   4. Portable Medkit - This item is probably the second most useful in
      the game.  Like a medkit, this will restore Duke's health.  
      Unlike a regular medkit, the unused portion is stored for later 
      use.  It starts with 100 points that go down with usage, not time 
      of usage(ex. Duke has 53 health and a full Portable Medkit.  
      Using the kit brings Duke's health back to 100, while the medkit 
      now has 53 points for later use).  If Duke tries to restore more 
      than the amount left in the medkit, it will only restore the 
      medkit's max(Duke has 23, his medkit has 53, the highest he can 
      go is 76 before the medkit is used up and is gone).
   5. Keys/Crystals/Jewels/etc. - During levels, Duke will pick up
      various items that will help him solve puzzles in the level.
      They will stay with Duke until he decides to use them somewhere.
      The biggest examples of this are the crystals that Duke uses to   
      go through time.
V. The Levels
  A. Level 1 - Time to Kill   
     Above Ground
     You start out in a small park.  Shoot however many pig cops show
     up unexpectedly.  Run towards the wrecked police car (NOT the
     regular gray car) and turn left.  Shoot some more pig cops and run
     into the subway.  One pig should drop a blue ID card.  If you
     don't find one, then run to the locked door at the end of the
     end of the subway hall.  Shoot the cop standing in front of it and
     take the keycard.  Swipe it in the slot and the door will open.
     The Subway
     You are now in the subway station.  Run onto the tracks and turn
     into the opening not blocked by the train.  Kill some enemies and
     climb up to the doorway.  Kick the door open and prepare to face
     some pig cops.  Disposing of them, run to the farthest wall of the
     room from the door.  There will be a switch there that activates 
     the subway's power.  Run back to the station and into the ticket
     booth, where a Pig Cop is waiting.  Kill him and, if you want to,
     take a peek with the security cameras.  A console will be just
     under the window of the booth.  Activate the switch and the train
     will start.  Don't get on it, though.  It will crash shortly after 
     you start it up.  But, the way behind it is now clear.  Kill the
     pig cops and shoot the explosive canisters as you head down the
     now clear tunnel.  Jump up into the cavern created by the
     explosion and kill some Draks.  One Drak in this passageway will
     drop an ID card for the locked room in this hallway.  Open the
     door and you will find the time machine that started this whole
     business.  It doesn't work yet, though.  You will need three
     crystals scattered through this level.

     Crystal #1
     Turn around and head through the hallway directly across from the
     transporter room.  As you move through this tunnel you should see
     a tunnel branching off to the right (it has purple lighting).  Go
     down this new pathway and you will reach a set of platforms 
     suspended from chains.  You will also hit a couple of Draks.  Kill
     them, then jump off of the nearest platform and into the water
     below.  There should be only one platform you can reach from here.
     (Well, there are more, but it's the only one with chains)  Climb        
     up onto the platform and grab one of the chains holding it up.  
     Climb up the chain, making sure to turn Duke enough so he can grab 
     onto the ledge above.  Turn and jump up into the inset of the 
     wall.  Here you should see a large gray statue-looking thing.  In 
     it is a crystal.  Take it.  Duke will comment and you can leave 
     this room with a small series of jumps.  Return to the original 
     hallway that you entered this area from.

     Crystal #2
     Follow the green hallway until you reach a large room with a
     broken bridge.  Making sure no one can hurt you, run across the
     first half of the bridge and jump to the second.  Follow the rest
     of the corridor (careful, there's an area where the water bogs you
     down considerably.  A robot is seated on the ceiling at the
     other end.  Try taking it out with the handgun as soon as it comes 
     into your view (You can see it, but it can't see you unless you
     get too close).  The crystal is just a swim across an empty pool.

     Crystal #3
     Return to the area just outside the transporter room.  Facing the
     room, turn right and head up the passage.  It will open up into a
     large chamber holding a bunch of boxes and enemies.  Jump down,
     taking out everyone necessary.  Take the only (clear) exit out of
     the room and go until you come to the very end of the road.  There
     should be a platform with a robot and valve in the middle of a
     pool of water.  Shoot the robot and jump onto the platform.  Turn
     the valve.  The water should drain out.  Backtrack to another
     room with a valve and turn it.  The room will fill up with water.
     Jump into the water and swim down halfway to an underwater tunnel.
     Swim into the tunnel and follow it (taking a breath at a midway        
     point if you need to).  At the end, surface.  Kill any Draks and
     get out of the water.  Move in and take the crystal.

     Now, with all three crystals, go to the transporter room.  Place
     the three crystals and watch as the time warp opens.  Jump in and  
     get ready to go to the Old West!

  B. Level 2 - Duke Hill
     Duke now wonders what the aliens are up to in the Old West.  But,
     to find out, he needs to get inside the bank vault.  Then, once he
     knows, he can grab a key and storm the nearby garrison, where a
     mine shaft has been excavated.  That shaft brings him to level 3.
     The important thing now, though, is to find the three pieces of
     paper scattered through the level that hold the combination to the
     bank vault.

     Note #1
     Duke begins by an old church and a hangman.  Further along is a
     street.  Run down the street, dodging and shooting at Western pig
     cops.  On your left as you run down the street is a building with
     the sign BANK above it.  Kick in the door and shoot some pigs.
     Run behind the counter.  Right in front of the vault door is a
     piece of paper.  This is the first number of the combination.

     Note #2
     Leave the Bank and proceed around the street corner, opening up
     upon a dusty walk with a saloon and pig cops.  Shoot the pig cops
     and run down the street, turning LEFT when you reach the end.
     There should be a well here.  Climb down the inside of the well
     and go into the water.  Be very careful of the Necros down here!  
     Swim around, making sure to stay to the left.  Eventually you'll
     arrive at a surfacing point.  Jump out to collect some ammo and
     the second combination note.

     Note #3
     Exit the well the same way you came.  The final note is around the
     corner, in a cell in the garrison.  Problem is, two sentry guns
     block any access to the garrison.  The easiest way to deal with
     them is to pull out the RPG (if you have it, but if you don't
     check The Secrets to find one in this level!) and blast them from
     a nice, safe distance.  A cellar door will open.  Proceed with
     caution until a pig cop or two jumps out.  Deal with them and go
     in the cellar.  You will come to a seemingly dead end.  A wall in
     the back is movable, though (it's VERY differently colored than
     the other ones), so just push it.  Grab the NVGs if you don't have
     them already and enter.  The dark corridor leads to a ladder (and
     a box of grenades hidden in the dark).  Climb the ladder and enter
     the cell.  If a pig gives you trouble, shoot him.  The note should
     be right in plain sight.

     The Bank
     You can now put the combination in at the bank.  Run all the way  
     back there and open the safe.  Duke will find that bars of gold
     have been mysteriously changed to lead.  What are the aliens up
     to?  Anyway, grab the skeleton key from the back wall and be
     ready for a nasty surprise!  Get safely out of the bank.

     The Garrison
     Now you can finally go in the front door of the garrison.  Run all
     the way back (thankfully Duke's in pretty good shape!) and use the
     key in the door.  Waste some enemies and run to the left.  You
     will come to some stairs. Go up them and run straight through to 
     the next room.  Turn and run past the cells with the Necros.  Turn
     right again, and follow the corridor to the end.  Turn left and
     you will come to a mine shaft elevator.  Pull the switch and you
     descend into Level 3, Miner 69er! (NOTE: There is a lot of stuff
     you can collect here, but for the sake of those who want to blaze
     through I have not mentioned them.  A few tips, though: Next to a 
     cell on the second floor is a gray switch with four settings.  Put
     it on the fourth setting to collect some good stuff.  The other
     settings open up cells with Necros inside!  Also, should you go in
     the cell with the atomic health, the door will shut behind you.
     Don't worry: the wall on one side can be blown open.  Just don't
     stand too close!)

  C. Level 3 - Miner 69er
     The Key: Long Way
     When you start this level, there are two ways of going through:
     one quick, obvious way and another, more cautious, but longer
     road.  The long one involves going to the pool of water down the
     path behind Duke's starting location.  A ledge with a pig cop on  
     it holds a switch.  Push it and go back to where you began the
     level.  Go left and kill the opposing Draks.  Turn left and kill
     more Draks.  You will be in a room with another switch.  Push it,
     then return down to Duke's starting point.  Go into the new
     opening and kill some pigs.  At the end of this route is a key and
     another switch.  DON'T PUSH THE SWITCH! Take the key and run back
     to the Drak area.  Run up the other pathway and take a right.
     You'll be in a room with a few levels of grating floors.  If you
     want to, grab some ammo and items, then unlock the big door. 

     The Key: Short Way
     Run straight ahead into the room with the weird gas and the
     Necros.  Before going into the pit, though, make a right and
     snag the bio mask off the wall.  Kill any Necros you can see,
     put on the mask, and run into the fumes.  Kill more Necros on
     your way to the area with the grating floors.  When safely out
     of the gas, take off your mask to conserve it.  Go into the
     only other available pathway, killing Draks.  Make a right at 
     the dead end and push the switch.  The dead end will open, 
     letting you go through a path with pig cops in it.  Kill them 
     and grab the key.  DON'T PUSH THE SWITCH!  If you do, you'll 
     have to run through the gas again.  Instead, backtrack back to 
     the grating room and unlock the big door.

     The Drill
     Both paths converge from now on.  Follow the hallway until you get
     to a room with Necros and pillars sticking out of water.  Kill the
     Necros and get ready to jump.  The best path across goes around to
     the left.  You can safely ignore the ledge with the bullets on it;
     it's really not worth the hassle in case you miss and fall in the
     water.  Jump into the next tunnel and be cautious of pig cops and
     pig bombers.  There are two ways to go here, but they don't really
     branch off, so pick one and you'll eventually get to a room with
     a mine cart and a ramp going down a ways.  Kill any Draks that are
     here, and go down the ramp.  There will be some more Draks here
     too, so kill them and follow the path until you reach a place with
     a pretty nasty looking device with several drilling heads on it.
     DON'T JUMP IN!  Instead, jump up to the underside of the grating. 
     To do this, press the jump button and hold the action button while
     standing directly underneath it.  Duke will hold on and you can 
     swing him safely past the drill.  On the other side is a hole 
     that the drills periodically sweep over.  Wait for a safe time and 
     fall into it while hanging directly over it.  The drop won't hurt 
     Duke, and you'll be safely past this obstacle.

     The Chasm and Exiting the Level
     At the other end of this tunnel is a large chasm.  Most of the
     bottom is consumed by an underground stream, but most areas are
     rock that can hurt if you fall too far.  There are far too many
     jumps here for Duke it navigate it easily, but there is a jetpack
     up in the far right corner (as seen from Duke's POV when entering
     this area) that will make life much easier.  To get there, jump to
     a ledge across from the entrance where a Drak is found.  If you
     haven't already, shoot him.  To Duke's left is another ledge.
     Jump up here.  This ledge should allow Duke to jump and reach a
     bridge-like rock structure.  Run along this bridge and turn left.
     There is a small hole in the wall.  Do a run jump into it.  Turn
     around and you should see a ledge with a jetpack on it. Run jump
     (and, if necessary, grab) to this ledge and take the jetpack.
     Turn it on and face across the length of the chasm.  Fly across
     (be careful of any enemies that might show up!) and a tunnel
     should appear.  Land and run through it.  DO NOT UNEQUIP THE
     JETPACK!  Some parts of this tunnel will collapse under you
     unexpectedly.  If they do, immediately jetpack out of the hole,
     land on safer ground, and keep moving.  Unless you're low on
     health, ignore the atomic health at the end of this tunnel; it
     calls three pig cops in to take you out.  Fall down the hole at
     the end and you'll end up on a railroad track.  Follow the track
     all the way to the end.  You will be in a room with a door in it.
     Push the button to the left of the door and prepare for the next
  D. Level 4 - Gold and Guns
     Gun #1
     Duke starts out in a tunnel facing a broken version of the guns 
     you will have to take out during the course of the level.  Follow 
     the tunnel to an area with an elevator, 2 hallways (one blocked 
     by rock) and some pig cops.  Kill the pig cops and pull out any
     explosive weapon you have and blow up the rock blocking the one
     hallway.  Follow this hallway (be careful in the room with the 
     pool of water; those bats can be hard to hit) until you can just 
     see the gun ahead of you.  Duck and roll behind the mine cart.          
     Then, turn Duke and start rolling around the gun in a circle.  
     The idea is to keep the gun turning so it can't sight in on you 
     (you don't want to get hit.  Trust me.).  When the gun is facing 
     the other direction and still turning to sight you, stand up.  
     If you have a gun out, put it away.  On the wall behind the gun 
     is a green switch with a gun symbol next to it.  Quickly push 
     the switch.  The gun will turn off.  One down, two to go.

     Gun #2
     From the gun switch, turn right and run down the hallway.  At the
     end will be a large grate with a switch next to it.  Push the
     switch and the grate will open.  You will be in a room with two
     ledges on either side of a lava pool running down the middle.  
     Run down the ledge you are on until you reach a wooden bridge, 
     and be cautious of several Draks in the area.  Cross the bridge 
     and make a left.  There will be two hallways leading off of this
     ledge.  Go to the second one and jump over the pool of water.  
     The room you should be in now is a large cavern with a rocky 
     ledge on the left side of the room, a doorway across the cavern
     from where you are, some more water on the right side at the 
     bottom, and a conveyor device above you.  After picking off the 
     enemies in here, get across the cavern via the conveyor device 
     or the jetpack.  To use the strange device, have Duke jump up 
     and grab the underside of it.  Then, pull out your Desert Eagle 
     and aim for a rectangular panel next to the doorway on the other
     side.  Shoot it, and the conveyor will carry you across.  Follow
     the hallway until you reach a chamber with pig cops inside.  Be 
     cautious - Gun #2 is in here and can see you if you stand in the 
     doorway.  But, to the left is a series of columns that you can 
     hide behind.  Do the duck & roll maneuver to get the gun 
     swerving.  On the column closest to Gun #2 (on the gun's side 
     of the column) is the switch to turn it off.

     Gun #3
     Return across the cavern and dive into the small pool of water you
     jumped over earlier.  There will be two branches leading off in
     opposite directions in the water; if you come to a room with pig
     cops and crates, you went the wrong way, but you can still pick up
     some useful ammo here.  If you went the right way, a more open 
     room with a Drak and barrels awaits you. Shoot him, collect some 
     stuff, and take the only other exit out of the room.  You should 
     come to an area with two exits: take the leftmost exit into a 
     small chamber with plenty of columns and plenty of Draks.  In one 
     wall is a hole where you can jump up and collect an Atomic Health.  
     Leave via the other exit in this room and enter a maze-like (but 
     easily navigable) system of hallways.  They will eventually all 
     lead up to a room full of lava, pig cops, and ledges.  Make sure 
     you have a jetpack; if you don't, one is available up at the top 
     of the screen to your right when you enter.  Jet up to the highest 
     ledge in the middle of the room.  From up here, you can see Gun #3 
     (and most likely he can see you).  Wait until it faces you, then 
     jet over it, landing right behind it.  You should be right in 
     front of the switch.  That will take care of the last gun in this 

     The Exit
     Return to the beginning of the level any way you'd like.  There 
     are numerous shortcuts you can take to get there.  When you get to
     the room with the sunlight streaming down from the ceiling and the
     elevator, walk up to the elevator button and push it.  Go in and
     move the lever to leave the level.  Congratulations!  You only
     need to take out the boss of this world before you go back to 
  E. Level 5 - The Reaper 
     The Reaper is rather easily beaten.  In fact, you never even have
     to enter the main arena (you can, if you want to collect stuff, 
     but it's not recommended)!  At each entrance to the main arena is 
     a series of nine barrels: 5 along the outer wall, 2 on your side 
     of the entrance, and 2 on the Reaper's side of the entrance.  
     First, destroy the 7 barrels on your side of the wall.  Then, 
     stand behind the wall on either side of the entrance and wait for 
     the Reaper to stop near your entrance.  Carefully peek out, aim 
     for one of the two barrels on his side, and fire.  The blast 
     should take out about 1/8 of his health!  Quickly run to the other     
     side of the entrance, peek out, aim for the other barrel, and 
     fire.  The Reaper will have lost at least 25% of his health!  
     Repeat this procedure at the other three entrances and the Reaper 
     should be a scrap heap in no time!
  F. Level 6 - Obey or Die
     Welcome back, Duke.  Unfortunately, instead of a hero's welcome,
     things are even worse than when you left.  Like level 1, the
     idea here to collect the crystals and warp back to another time.
     Unlike level 1, this time you enter an area you never saw 
     before: the warehouse.
     Getting into the warehouse
     First off, watch out for the robots patrolling the area.  
     Looking around, notice that the subway tunnel has been 
     pulverized and submerged, so there's no going back (you can 
     swim down there and retrieve an atomic health, though).  Go 
     down the alley and climb into the apartment.  Inside is a 
     cabinet, which opens to reveal the warehouse key.  Jump out 
     of the apartment and head for the warehouse (if you don't 
     know where it is, go out near the area that started level 1; 
     it's the building with the partially opened door and key slot 
     next to it).  Insert the keycard and be ready to take on some 
     Draks on the other side.
     The Green Crystal
     The easiest crystal to find in the whole level.  Take a left 
     from the entrance to the warehouse to find a hallway with        
     employee break rooms and offices.  In the room at the far end  
     on the right is the crystal.

     The Red Crystal
     Go back into the large entrance room.  Follow the red hallway.   
     You will come to a room with a stopped conveyor belt and a 
     panel next to it.  Above you are some ledges.  Jetpack up to 
     them (if you don't have a jetpack, follow the conveyor the 
     other direction.  You will get to the same place).  On two 
     sides of the wall, near the ceiling, are exits into other 
     areas.  One leads to a secret (see "The Secrets" for details),
     the other leads to a deep pit.  Being cautious of Draks, 
     slowly descend to reach the red crystal at the bottom.  
     A jetpack down here will help you get back up.

     The Blue Crystal
     Return to the conveyor belt.  Walk up to the panel and use it.
     Duke will put the red crystal into it.  Don't worry; he'll get 
     it back later.  Enter the newly opened door.  In the room with
     the large water tanks, turn left and head for the other 
     conveyor belt across the way.  Follow it until you reach three 
     holes in the floor.  Consider each hole numbered, from left to 
     right, 1, 2, and 3. Go in 1 to continue the level (2 takes you 
     nowhere, but dropping into 3, then dropping into the hole with
     the blue hue will allow you to collect the challenge icon for 
     this level).  In 1, take the red-hued drop-off and follow it 
     to a pool of water.  The hall will continue further on past 
     the pool, so follow it to a ladder.  Climb the ladder, then 
     climb the crates in the next room so you end up outside.  While 
     outside, check along the wall of the warehouse for a green 
     dumpster.  Push the dumpster (using the action button) and a 
     hole will be revealed.  Go into the hole and down to retrieve 
     the blue crystal.

     Getting The Red Crystal Back
     Climb back out into the junkyard.  Turn right upon exiting and 
     go to the hole located alongside the warehouse.  Fall in onto 
     a conveyor belt.  Follow the belt until you are over a pool of
     water with a large door across it.  Jetpack over to the door 
     and push the switch right next to it.  The door will open, 
     revealing a path and several Draks.  Shoot enemies and follow 
     this new path until you return to the room with the large water 
     tanks.  Turn left and face the now dormant conveyor belt.  
     Get on it, and follow it out until you get to the panel the red
     crystal is in.  Since there's no power anymore, you can take 
     the crystal without the door shutting.

     Going Back In Time
     Go back to the conveyor belt over the water.  Carefully 
     navigate through the flames shooting across the tunnel and 
     you'll be in the time warp chamber.  Insert the crystals, jump
     in the middle, and you'll be sent to the Middle Ages!
  G. Level 7 - The Family Jewels
     Getting into the Castle (and Jewel #1)
     Duke starts this level standing across a moat from a castle 
     owned by his long-gone relative Baron Von Nukem.  Turn around
     and jetpack up a gravelly hill and pick up a Double Duke icon.  
     Go back and blow away the Necros hanging around the front of 
     the moat.  Jump into the moat and swim to the right.  The moat
     will turn left. Follow it and destroy as many Necros as you 
     can before your Double Duke wears off.  Continue on through 
     the moat and dive under the water when you reach the castle 
     wall.  The moat continues on under the castle, so swim until 
     you reach a large room with a bridge over the water (if you 
     need air before this, a small air pocket is located under the 
     castle on the way here).  Shoot the pig knights and climb out 
     on the left side.  Cross the bridge and pull the switch.  You
     will hear Duke talk and something being lowered.  That's the
     drawbridge, so Duke can now enter the castle.  Before you do, 
     however, you can get the first Family Jewel.  Turn around 
     from the switch, jump into the moat, and swim to the right.  
     The moat will turn left and take you down a long tunnel where   
     some Necros are hanging out.  Shoot them and get air as 
     necessary.  The tunnel will eventually turn left again and 
     come out into another large room.  Shoot the pigs here and 
     climb out to the left.  You should be on the side that has a 
     few ledges to climb up on (the other side has a wraparound 
     corridor that leads to a portable medkit).  Go into the 
     doorway that exits straight across from the moat.  You'll end 
     up in a room with a few boats stacked in it.  To Duke's left 
     is a skeleton key.  Take it and go into the other corridor.  
     Go up the staircase and kill a few pigs.  You will now be in a 
     room with Holy Hand Grenades.  Grab those and turn right. 
     Across the room should be a niche with a hole in the floor.  On 
     the other side of the hole is the first Family Jewel.  Kill the 
     pig near it, jump, and grab the jewel.  Fall into the hole and 
     you will return to the moat.

     Family Jewel #2 (and opening the second door)
     Swim around in the moat until you get back to the front of the
     castle.  If you pulled the switch earlier, the drawbridge 
     should now be lowered.  Climb up to the bridge and run inside
     the castle.  You will now be in a small courtyard with pigs in  
     front of you.  Kill them and look up.  On either side of the 
     Duke Crest (aka the Atomic Symbol) are small ledges.  Jump up
     onto either one and jump up to the ledge that goes behind the 
     crest.  Kill the pig and take the second jewel that's hidden
     here.  Jump back down and walk up to the lock next to the 
     locked wooden door.  Use the key you got in the moat to open 
     the door and go inside.  (NOTE: If you want to get some other   
     goodies, or you managed to get in through a secret entrance, 
     explore the wider courtyards just inside the castle walls.  
     There are quite a few Draks, so be careful.)

     Family Jewel #3
     Once inside the castle itself, take out the pigs standing guard 
     just inside the doorway (this castle just can't stop with     
     doorways, does it?).  You'll eventually reach a wooden door that 
     cannot be opened.  When you do, turn left and head down towards 
     a fireplace flanked by two busts.  Turn left again and look up.  
     You'll see a high tower with ledges and gratings to hang from, 
     and you'll need to climb almost all the way to the top to 
     continue.  Run up the first steps and jump to reach the first 
     ledge.  Climb the chain here to reach another ledge.  Jump 
     and grab the monkey bars to swing your way to a room to the 
     right (from looking towards the center of the tower).  In here
     is Von Nukem's bedroom, complete with..er, chambermaid.  
     Sitting on the bed is the third and final jewel.  Take it.

     Escape from the Castle
     Run out from the bedroom.  Straight across from it is another  
     ledge with a chain on it.  Take a running jump and grab the 
     chain.  Pull yourself up to the next ledge and face right.  
     There will be a sizeable room with boxes in it, with yet 
     another chain ledge in front of it.  Jump to the ledge (and 
     if you'd like, get the items out of the boxes) and climb this
     chain all the way to the top.  This will lead you out of the
     tower.  If you have a jetpack, you can jet across to a small
     niche that has a portable medkit a little ways up from here
     (of course, if you have a jetpack, you don't need to do all 
     the jumping around I just talked about).  Head out of the 
     chamber and you'll enter a room with some chairs.  In one
     corner is a hole that leads down into the throne room.
     Before jumping down, though, pull out a Holy Hand Grenade and
     toss it down the hole.  It should connect with a pig waiting
     just below you.  Carefully make your way down (it's a fairly
     long drop!) to the wooden beam.  Shoot any pig cops that give
     you trouble and make your way to the other end of the beam.  
     There is another set of beams below you, but before you go 
     down, throw a few grenades (if you run out, try to aim your 
     pipe bombs into the room below) and they'll destroy the five 
     or so pig cops below you.  Hop down to the next set of beams 
     where it's safe to jump down.  Underneath the large middle
     one you were just on are some chains.  Take these down to the 
     throne room.
     You're almost there now!  In the center of the room is a
     wheel in the shape of the atomic symbol.  Place the 
     family jewels on the wheel and a door to the right will open. 
     You'll end up in a library.  Turn left and head for the 
     closed door.  Next to the door is an open book.  Use the 
     book and the door will open up.  Go in and down the stairs
     to Resistance is Feudal!

  H. Level 8 - Resistance is Feudal
     Into (and out of) the Gas Tunnel
     At the beginning, turn Duke around and pick up the Double Duke.
     Run down the tunnel and kill the pigs in the larger room ahead.
     Make your way across the small lava pit (via either jetpack or by
     a simple running jump) and follow the tunnel until you reach a
     junction.  The door to the left leads to a room filled with ammo,
     weapons, and armor.  If you decide to enter this room, though,
     shoot all the green cans surrounding the boxes before you go in.
     They are explosive and highly dangerous.  After this detour,
     continue down the tunnel until you reach two much larger lava pits
     separated by stone ledges and a pool of water.  You can also see a
     doorway across the pits that continue the tunnel.  You can go
     either way; both lead you to the same place.  To go via the pool 
     of water, jump straight up and grab the grating that's on the 
     ceiling.  Swing over until you're above the water and release.  Go 
     through the water until you surface.  Be cautious, as you will be 
     coming up right into some noxious gas.  As for the other exit, 
     simply grab the grating and swing across until you reach the other 
     side of the lava pits.  Drop, kill some pigs, and ready your 
     biomask.  Continue down the path until you see the gas.  Put on 
     your mask and run into the big room where the huge pipe is.  This 
     is also where the water tunnel ended, so both paths recombine.  Go 
     over to the valve in the pipe and turn it.  The gas will drain out 
     of the room and the blocked passage will open up.  Quickly go     
     through the tunnel, BUT WATCH OUT FOR HEAVY DRAKS!  Their guns 
     will tear through you faster than Duke goes through women ?!  You 
     have to hurry, though, because eventually the gas will fill the 
     tunnel back up again.  At the end, turn left and jump, grabbing 
     the ladder that's hanging just barely in reach.  Climb up and out 
     to escape the tunnel.

     The Jail and another Drawbridge
     There's only one way to go for awhile after you escape the gas,     
     and it shouldn't be much of a problem until you reach a locked 
     door with a four-way switch to its right side.  Push the switch 
     until Duke says, "You're all free!..."  Carefully move in and shoot 
     the Heavy Draks that are patrolling or are locked in the prison.  
     Keep blazing through and eventually you will be in a large chamber 
     with a narrow walkway spanning a lava pool.  About halfway across, 
     Heavy Draks will materialize on both sides of the bridge.  Shoot 
     the ones in front first, then turn and shoot the ones behind you.  
     After this, continue along and your progress will be halted by a 
     raised drawbridge (why there's so many closed drawbridges, I don't 
     know).  First, shoot any Hellwings that are flying around, as this 
     will make your next task a little easier.  Look to the left and 
     right.  On both sides are switches.  When both switches are 
     pushed, the drawbridge will lower.  You can easily jetpack over to 
     either switch, but if you don't have one or are low on gas, you'll 
     have to rely on jumping from platform to platform over the lava.  
     None of the jumps are particularly difficult, but be careful of 
     where you land.  When you have both switches pulled, the bridge 
     will lower and you can enter the next area.

     Draining the Toxin
     After crossing yet another bridge and weaving through a tunnel, 
     you will come to the base of a very large pumping system.  Clear 
     the floor of pigs and walk over to one of the support pillars.  
     You can climb up these, so have Duke grab on and start climbing.  
     Watch out for pigs, because there's more up above and Duke climbs 
     slowly.  Kill more pigs when you get up the first pillar and climb 
     another one.  You should now be on a ledge with two ladders 
     hanging on either side of a door requiring a keycard.  Forget 
     about the door and keep climbing and killing.  At the top, one pig 
     will drop a keycard (He's at the very, very highest ledge).  Get 
     it and carefully worm your way back down to the locked door.  Open 
     it and follow the new tunnel until you reach an area with a 
     walkway above a large supply of dead bodies (there's gas down 
     below and a valve to permanently get rid of it, but there's not 
     much down there save for a Portable Medkit).  Kill the pigs 
     patrolling the ledge and one will drop a keycard.  Take this 
     keycard and exit this area.  Run from the doorway to the large 
     pumping system.  There will be a keycard slot (and possibly a 
     jetpack).  Use the keycard to open the drainage tanks.  The valve 
     that appears should be turned.  The toxin is now drained.

     Exiting the Level
     Above the tanks a door will open.  Jet or climb up to the door and
     take the tunnel.  Some pigs will get in your way, but they should
     be easily dealt with at this point.  You'll eventually reach a 
     circular room with some statues in it and Duke will comment.  Take
     the stairs to the next level, Holy Terror!

  I. Level 9 - Holy Terror
     The Library and Sewers
     This level is actually very short if you don't go searching for 
     secrets.  Run up into the chapel and begin taking out pig cops.  
     Go either left or right (it doesn't matter unless you want one secret 
     in particular) and follow the paths until they join together at the 
     back.  At this point, run to the middle of the connecting hallway and
     you'll see a library with some pigs waiting inside.  Finish them off 
     and begin searching the bookcases on the bottom floor closely.  On one
     side you'll see a strange bookcase with a candle sticking out of it.  
     Push the candle and the case will slide over, revealing a secret passage!
     Run down, greet some Draks with open fire, and commence swimming.  
     Follow the passage (making sure you stop at the breathing point, as you
     WILL need it) until it emerges into a sewer system.  Kill the Draks 
     hanging around and take a left.  Follow the sewer line until it opens up
     into a room with a pool in it (there are actually two rooms like this; 
     the one you want has a walkway completely encircling it and a switch 
     above it).  Ignore the switch and dive in, eventually emerging into a 
     small area below the church.  Aim up and shoot the grating with 
     whatever weapon is at hand and climb.  After exiting, shoot the 
     patrolling pigs and face the interior of the church.  There is a thin
     ledge between two columns (right next to the grating after exiting).
     Jump onto the ledge and find the nearby ladder.  Climb up it into 
     the bell tower.

     The Church and Exiting the Level
     Go along the rooftop and shoot at any pigs lying in wait.  You'll
     eventually reach a stained-glass window.  Shoot it and you'll have
     access to a chamber with purple light streaming in through the
     windows.  Follow along one side of this chamber to another large
     stained-glass window.  Pig cops will blow it open.  Kill them all,
     then jump into the time portal and be prepared to deal with the
     second boss of the game and the end of the medieval period!

  J. Level 10 - Wing'ed Death
     You begin this level in a large arena, with ammo strewn around, 
     two pools of water, and ladders up to a walkway above the ground 
     floor. If you don't have enough ammo or health, I suggest getting 
     it now. Otherwise, drop into one of the two pools on either side 
     of the arena.  Dragon will attempt to dive bomb and shoot flames 
     at you, but in the water you're completely safe!  In fact, he'll 
     be nice enough to hover right over the pool, leaving him 
     completely vulnerable!  Use any weapons that work underwater to 
     soften him up a bit, until he flies away.  Jump out, run to the 
     other pool to get his attention, and repeat.  This process should 
     eventually destroy him.  However, should he decide not to fly over 
     the pools anymore, or you run out of ammo, whip out your most 
     powerful explosives.  Jump out, dodge his flames and hit him with 
     all you've got!

  K. Level 11 - Pig Factory
     Still Not Quite Right
     As always upon return to the present, you are in the small park
     right outside the bar (now called Danglers).  Obviously things 
     are still not right, and you must go and fix it.  Firstly, be 
     extremely cautious, as two missile launching robots are patrolling
     the streets.  They are both guarding the one final warehouse you 
     have not visited yet, on the opposite side of the map from where you 
     begin.  Take them and the various pig cops out, then run in the open 
     door.  Weave through the hallways until you come to a wide open area
     filled with boxes and relics from the Roman era (a clue to where you
     will be going shortly) as well as some resistance in the form of 
     Heavy Draks.  Take them out and go down the darkened hallway which 
     will lead to a large, "really, really, really deep room."
     Repairing the Time Device: Re-orienting the Beam
     Although you cannot see it from here, the time portal has a few 
     problems...the crystals are in the machine and ready to go, but a 
     piece above the device is not oriented properly and the area is 
     flooded.  From where you entered, get safely down to the next level 
     below (either via the ladder situated at the edge or by careful 
     jetpacking).  On this level you will see a small room with ledges 
     and a robot gun.  Take out the gun and enter the room, being careful
     not to fall into the room below.  (You may notice a valve here.  
     I managed to beat the level without using this valve at all, so 
     I have no idea what it does).  Instead, head for the flooded chamber 
     to your left and dive in.  Go to the far right corner of the room 
     and grab the keycard.  Swim back out and re-enter the main room again.  
     Run around the edge until you reach a locked door with a keycard 
     reader.  Open the door and be prepared to deal with some Draks lurking
     inside.  You'll see a bunch of pig cops being formed inside giant 
     tanks.  Turn around and by the door that you came in is a small 
     switch.  Click the switch and the beam will fix itself.

     Repairing the Time Device: Draining the Floor
     Go back into the main chamber and carefully make your way down to 
     the very bottom.  You will eventually arrive at the time travel 
     machine.  Take the red crystal and climb all the way to the top once 
     more.  Across from where you entered this place initially is an 
     extremely dark room containing some cameras and a few pig cops.  
     Dispatch them quickly.  To your left as you enter you should see a 
     small red circle on the wall.  Go over and click on it and Duke will 
     insert the red crystal.  A small panel will open, revealing another 
     card key.  Take it, then remove the red crystal.  Go down one floor 
     and enter the one tunnel there you have not yet taken.  Dispose of 
     the pig cops, then turn left and enter the sewer tunnels.  Take out 
     a robot turret in a small tunnel to your right before turning left 
     and following the tunnel that way.  You should come to a large door.
     Insert your new keycard in it and the door will open, revealing a 
     shallow pool and a valve.  Go to the valve and turn it.  This spells
     some trouble for you, though, since the room will suddenly begin to 
     flood.  At the top of the room, which you will reach as the water 
     fills it up, are several gratings which can be broken.  One contains
     an atomic health, the other leads into a twisty tunnel that will allow
     you to escape.  Be quick about it, as the tunnel is fairly long and yet
     another grating must be broken before you surface back in the room full
     of Roman artifacts.
     Going Back in Time
     Carefully make your way back down to the time portal.  Reinsert the 
     red crystal and jump in.  That's it.  Now it's time to cleanse the 
     Roman era of the Draks and their fiddling around.

  L. Level 12 - Hog Heaven
     Getting the Key
     Duke is now sporting a toga as he enters the Roman Era.  He starts 
     out in a small hallway overlooking a Roman bath holding some very fine
     looking Roman women (or perhaps not so fine, if you have Duke introduce
     himself to them).  Leave the bathhouse by its only exit and prepare to 
     do battle with some rather unpleasantly dressed Pig Cops and some Draks.
     Head forward and make a left around the structure in front of you until
     you hit a marketplace.  Follow it to your left until you come to another
     bathhouse.  Enter and follow it until you can either go forward or make
     a right.  Continue forward, killing enemies, until you reach a segment
     full of shooting flames.  Wait until the one right in front of you 
     disappears, then step forward.  This continues for a bit down a twisty
     corridor until you reach a room with a big lava pit.  To your right 
     across the room is a skeleton key.  Grab it and return, avoiding 
     the flames.
     Taking a Few Baths
     Back at the junction, take the way you didn't before.  You'll arrive in
     a room with some enemies, two baths, and a few women.  Go behind the 
     pool to your left (as you enter) and you should find a keyhole in the 
     back wall.  Use it, and a grate in the bath will open.  Swim down and 
     around until you find an exit.  Shoot the Draks and exit the water.  
     Turn left and you'll find yourself on a bridge with heads on either side
     breathing flame.  Just run on the side of the bridge that the flames 
     are not shooting from at that moment and you'll be perfectly safe.  
     Grab the key on the other side and backtrack.  Use the keyhole on the 
     side with the other bath this time and go through that grating.  Swim 
     down and make a right turn, going straight until you resurface.  Jump
     into the deep pool below and climb out.  A maze of sorts is coming 
     up, but nothing where you can get too lost.  I suggest exploring it 
     for the stuff you can find, but the fastest route is as follows (turns 
     indicate where choices can be made, as in going left or right; simple
     turns require no choices):
     Left or Right: Go right
     Right or Straight: Straight
     Left or Right: Left
     Left or Right: Right
     At this point, you should be able to easily see a long hallway in 
     front of you.  Follow this hallway to exit the maze.  Hopefully the 
     Draks in here won't give you too much trouble.  At the end, climb up
     the ladder and take care of any baddies you see.

     Exiting the Level
     Run and vault up onto the ledge leading into the next area.  You'll fall
     into a pool of water.  Swim forward and then turn right.  There will be
     a passage under the water leading right, so follow it into a room.  Go
     to the other side of the room and surface, pulling yourself onto the 
     only ledge you can reach.  Take out the Draks here, then pull yourself 
     onto the ledge with the red door.  Use it to have Duke kick it open, run
     forward, and finish the level.  Now onto the arena!

  M. Level 13 - Let the Games Begin
     Prepping for the Big Battle
     You start out in a corridor which leads to a small courtyard.  Run
     through this courtyard (and if wanted, get the ammo in the alcoves
     on either side) and emerge into another courtyard.  Destroy the 
     two Hellwings and head for the big locked gate.  You'll see a 
     passageway to the left, leading to an ancient Roman bar.  Go behind
     the bar to the right and take the skeleton key from the corner.  Go
     back and use this key to unlock the gate.  Head up the stairs until
     you reach a hallway to the right.  Take it, and prepare to enter 
     the arena.

     Let the Games Begin
     Quite possibly one of the most dangerous (and problematic) areas of
     the game.  First off, right off the bat: KILL EVERYTHING.  Every 
     last Hellwing and Heavy Drak must die before you can continue.  If 
     even one is left alive, the gates to the next area will not open.  
     That said, in order to survive the arena, here's the best course of
     action: Find a Heavy Drak and kill it.  Run into the empty holding
     pen it was in.  Run to the very back of this pen and wait for the 
     enemies to show up.  Since your weaponry is more versatile (and 
     probably more accurate) than the Draks' firepower, you will not be
     overwhelmed as they appear one at a time in front of you.  The 
     Hellwings are no problem after the Draks are gone, especially if 
     you use the Energy Weapon.
     It has been brought to my attention that there may be a bug in the
     game which keeps the gates from opening even after everything is 
     dead.  If this should happen, I really have no answer for you.  
     I have never had this problem myself, and it is probably something
     for GT Interactive to handle, not me.  As it is, your best bet is
     to make sure you've killed every last Hellwing, since they are 
     extremely hard to hit on occasion and fly too quickly to be 
     noticed sometimes.

     After the Arena: The "Maze" and the Palace
     Once the arena doors open, head in and be extremely wary of many
     Heavy Draks...the corridors are small and hard to hide from them
     in.  This "maze" isn't too difficult to get through, as 
     eventually every path leads to the exit, so take the time to 
     explore around and pick up some useful items.  At the end, 
     you'll find something very nice: a supply of jetpack fuel that 
     never runs out!  Problem is, you'll need that fuel to help you get
     through the next section.  Looking out from here, you'll see a wide ring
     of lava surrounding a palace with a raised drawbridge.  With the 
     jetpack, fly under the arch to the left, killing any Draks you find.
     Continue under another arch to the right and look left.  You should be 
     directly to the left of the palace, and should see a switch on a ledge. 
     Fly up to this switch and pull it.  Fly back to the jetpacks and get 
     more fuel.  Jet again, but this time go to the right. There will be 
     another switch, in the same place as the other one except on this side.
     IGNORE THIS ONE.  Continue flying until you reach the back-right corner
     of the palace.  You'll see a switch on the upper wall of the palace, near
     a ledge.  Kill the Drak on this ledge and pull the switch.  Fly back 
     and get more jetpack fuel (you never know when you'll need it), and head
     into the palace.  From here, the path is fairly straight-forward: kill 
     the Heavy Draks within and move up and to the left.  You'll find some 
     nasty looking evidence of alien activity, all surrounding a teleporter.
     Jump in the teleporter and prepare to enter Blood Baths!
  N. Level 14 - Blood Baths
     Marking the Way
     First thing you should notice is that this is a very unconventional 
     level for Duke Nukem.  Not only is it completely non-linear, but the 
     level's design does not fit the almost real-world settings of the other
     levels.  It is instead an extremely weird and oddly designed level that
     has nothing to do with Romans save for the architecture.  Around each 
     of the teleports you'll notice an urn.  Before you jump into any portal,
     shoot the pot directly next to it.  When you return from that given 
     area, you'll know which ones you've been in (pots destroyed) and which
     ones you haven't (pots intact).  You'll need to enter all four to exit
     Blood Baths.  But since your chances of following my walkthrough 
     exactly are 25%, just find the Warp you are looking for below via the
     handy dandy titles and descriptions.
     Warp #1: Larval Necros and the Fall of Death
     This warp begins with you falling down a deep shaft, beset by Larval
     Necros (about time they showed up, huh?  Next to last board, and all)
     and headed straight down into a pit of lava.  Hopefully during your
     fall you grabbed a jetpack, or otherwise have one.  If not, Duke's 
     future is relatively short in this area.  Come back when you have 
     one.  Otherwise, fly around and gather the powerups, if you need 
     them, then return to the hallway nearest to the top.  Go around 
     through it and destroy the enemies, then burn away the alien 
     debris.  Some will fall away and reveal a small indentation high up 
     in the wall.  Jump up onto here, then turn and climb up some more
     until you reach a new area.  Once you're completely up, it's just 
     another quick run down a hallway and a fall onto the teleporter far 
     below to be done with this area for good.

     Warp #2: Small Room and Spiral Descent
     You start in a small room with one exit.  Before you exit, take care
     of the Necros in the pit below.  Drop down into the room.  Now, you 
     have a choice: you can carefully make your way down the spiral 
     staircase at the end of the room, or if you have a jetpack you can 
     lower yourself into the hole in the middle of the room to the 
     very bottom, where a slew of pig cops and Necros await (as well as 
     an invisibility icon.)  No matter which way you'll go, you'll end up
     at the bottom.  There, you'll see a small hallway which leads to a 
     platform suspended over lava.  If you look down, you'll see a small 
     ledge hidden underneath the one you are standing on.  Jet pack down
     (I don't think it's safe to fall here; Duke probably won't be able 
     to grab the ledge properly) and you'll find the teleporter.  Step on
     it and exit the warp area.

     Warp #3: The Waterway
     You begin this warp falling a short distance into a pool of water.
     Swim down and into a water-filled chamber filled with Necros.  Deal
     with them, but make sure that you head to the right from where you 
     entered to find a small entryway into a smaller pool area.  Don't 
     worry about the glass covering the top of the pool; merely shoot it
     and swim up to breathe.  Get out of the water and grab the flame 
     thrower and ammo.  Go to the other side of the room and burn down 
     the weird alien stuff to uncover a passage and some Necros.  Take out
     the Necros and enter.  You'll reach a dead end...or is it?  Look up 
     high on the wall to see a suspicious bit of alien crud which is large
     enough to hide a small doorway.  Burn it off and climb up into the 
     room above.  The next area is tricky, but easy if you're cautious.
     Follow the pathway taking out the pig cops and Necros, but be wary;
     some areas are not pathways at all but mirrors that might throw 
     you off.  Don't be fooled and keep going (also, while you're at it,
     try to destroy as much alien stuff as you can with the flame thrower
     or Incendiary RPG; some will release power up goodies or reveal 
     rooms.  One hides a small chamber with RPG ammo and health.)
     At the end, you'll find the teleporter which will allow you to exit.

     Warp #4: The Most Annoying Portion of the Entire Game
     I do not exaggerate the title of this one.  You begin by landing 
     in a tank full of water...which is surrounded by a few (but enough) 
     Larval Necros.  Climb up onto the small platform, pick up the 
     convenient Energy Weapon (or, hopefully, whip out your Super 
     Zapper) and take the little buggers out.  Go into the tunnel 
     heading out of the room until you reach an area full of alien 
     sludge.  Turn right and look around the wall for a yellow atomic
     block.  Push it to enter a duplicate room with a water tank, complete
     with duplicate Larval Necros.  Take them out, then head to the other
     side of the room.  On the right side of the wall opposite where 
     you came in there will be a second atomic block.  Push it to reveal
     the teleporter and exit this horrible, horrible warp.

     Warp #5: The Blood Pool and Necro Paradise
     You won't have much choice entering this area, as you will be forced to
     after completing the other four warps.  Duke will find himself situated
     on a small platform overlooking a rather distasteful red pool (the heads
     on spikes don't help either).  Dive in, grab the atomic health (you'll
     need it), and find the passageway underwater leading to the next room.
     When you do, climb out onto the new walkway and head cautiously down 
     the winding path.  Be ready with a good weapon, as a platoon of 
     Necros awaits in a cavernous chamber.  Deal with them, then dive into 
     the pool and collect the atomic health from the bottom.  Climb out, 
     and burn away the alien sludge on the wall to the right of where you 
     entered.  You'll reveal another chamber with pig cops and Necros 
     running around.  Do away with them, then run through the teleporter.
     You've done it!  You've destroyed the last of the alien forces!

     Or have you?

  O. Level 15 - Moloch the Gatekeeper
     Looks like your trip home was diverted, Duke.  Now it's time to put down
     the meanest, toughest, ugliest alien the game has to offer.  This 
     lumbering behemoth is the only thing standing between you and victory,
     so get ready to teach him why you should never, ever mess with the Duke!
     Now, the best way to beat Moloch is not to face him on even ground.  His
     twin gatling gun lasers will mow you down in a second.  Although unlike 
     the other two there is no 'set strategy' way of beating Moloch, there 
     are some things you can do to keep Moloch from doing too much harm.  
     The only thing that works consistently and will help you beat Moloch 
     every time is to take cover.  Never stand in the open for too long or 
     Moloch will destroy you.

     Detonate the eggs
     If you have a few low-level or short-range weapons at hand (the Desert 
     or Super Eagle or flame thrower), try to shoot eggs around Moloch feet
     whenever safe to do so.  They'll pack more punch than a few bullets will.

     Teleport often
     Moloch hangs out in the general area where you are standing.  In the 
     center 'ring' of the arena are many teleport squares that you can use
     to confuse Moloch for a few seconds and shoot him in the back.  This 
     technique is tough to use, but it keeps you in the action.  Mostly 
     use this for planting a few RPG rounds into him.

     The bomb chute
     One of the small passages in the chamber leads up an egg-laden ramp and a
     lookout post over Moloch.  Taking his Duke-seeking abilities into account,
     as long as you don't stand right at the edge Moloch will stop short but 
     not shoot at you.  Use this opportunity to fling a few pipe bombs, 
     dynamite sticks, and Holy Hand Grenades at him.  This is quite likely the
     most effective method, as it takes down a lot of health from him per blast,
     but be wary: the eggs are highly explosive and a dangerous place to stand,
     and once Moloch's been hit once, he'll reposition slightly...maybe just 
     enough to put you in his line of sight.

     Duck and cover
     For when you want to pump him full of shotgun pellets or Gatling gun 
     rounds.  Maneuver Duke into one of the small alcoves in the room and 
     move behind a corner.  Moloch will come close, but never quite enter 
     the room.  In fact, he'll probably stay well outside the boundary.
     Quickly strafe out, fire, then strafe back behind the wall.  You can 
     even be strafe-walking for this to work.  It's slow, but it does 
     eventually wear him down.

     If you use a combination of all these techniques, Moloch will finally 
     fall.  Congratulations!  You beat the game!  Enjoy the ending...
     at least, what ending there is.  Watch the credits for lots of Dukeisms.
VI. The Secrets
   A. Level 1 - Time to Kill (7 secrets)                                       
     1. Go into the Club Bootylicious and walk around the bar.  Under the cash
        register is a switch.  Pushing it opens a secret area behind the stage.
        Go in to register the secret with the game.  
        FINDS: Atomic Health (in the closet)
     2. In the alley close to the Subway entrance, climb the ladder touching
        the ground.  A doorway to your left holds a woman and a few pig cops.
        clear, talk to her.  She'll move out of the way of a light switch.  
        Turn it off and the bed will slide forward.  
        FINDS: Pipe Bombs (under the bed: it has to slide up first), 
        Portable Medkit(in the closet)
     3. There's a rather large, green dumpster in the alley.  Duke can push 
        it by walking up to it and holding the action button.  Then you can 
        push it forward by moving forward.  Anyway, the secret is a small 
        niche that can only be gotten to by pushing the dumpster.
        FINDS: Gatling Gun
     4. Outside, over by the gray car, a sidewalk grating should be a   
        different color than the rest of the sidewalk.  Throw a pipe bomb on
        it and step back.  Detonate the pipe bomb to reveal a new exit into 
        the ground.  Go in and run down the hall a bit so the game knows you
        found the secret.  Shoot the exploding barrels at the end to get out.  
        FINDS: Night Vision Goggles (in a small rack just at the bend in
        the corridor)
     5. On the way to Crystal #2, you will enter a room with a lot of air 
        vents and a pool of water below.  There is also two halves of a 
        bridge that extend straight across the room.  Near one half is an 
        air vent with four outlets sticking out of the bottom of it.  Walk
       (not run) up to this structure, jump straight up, and grab on.  Turn
        slightly right and jump onto the next outlet.   Jump from the end 
        of the 2nd outlet to an air vent straight across from it.  Turn right
        and jump straight up again to grab a thin platform above the second 
        half of the bridge.  Walk straight across the platform and do a 
        standing forward jump to another air vent.  Turn right and you will 
        see a small chamber with yet another air vent right next to it.  
        Do a running jump- and-grab to this next piece of vent.  From here 
        you can easily reach the small room, which is the secret area.  The
        process may sound confusing here, but does make sense when standing
        in the room.
        FINDS: An RPG, Pipe Bombs, and a Portable Medkit.
     6. On the way back from Crystal #2, a passageway will open and release 
        some pig cops.  This passageway leads to a small area with a couple 
        of good powerups.  However, many of the areas are dark.  If you have
        Night Vision Goggles with you, put them on.  On one side in the 
        darkened area, you should find a ladder on the wall.  Climb it
        and remove your NVGs.  Another quick lift onto a ledge will lead you
        to the secret area.  
        FINDS: RPG ammo, Challenge Icon(leads to Challenge Stage 1; It
        can be found by breaking open the discolored grating on the 
        ledge just before the secret area.)
     7. In the room that almost completely fills with water (the one with 
        the valve that leads to Crystal #3), swim down to the bottom.  Under
        the ledge with the ladder is a small room.  
        FINDS: Atomic Health.

   B. Level 2 - Duke Hill (7 secrets)
     1. Inside the church at the beginning of the level is a ladder that
        leads to a secret area.  To reach it, stand Duke near the side 
        of the table to the right of the cross.  Jump straight up and 
        grab. You will reach the ladder.
        FINDS: Pistol clips, Dynamite, and a Medkit
     2. Next to the church is a gallows with a guy hanging from it.
        Shoot the guy with any weapon and he'll fall through the trap
        door, allowing you to drop into a secret area.
        FINDS: Gatling Gun
     3. One of the shelves in the general store is movable.  Try  
        pressing against the discolored shelves behind the counter.  
        Another exit from this secret is found by pushing a lantern in 
        the room.
        FINDS: Buffalo Gun, Throwing Knife
     4. In the large mansion, there is a grating in the center of the
        ceiling in the foyer.  Shoot it and a ladder will be revealed.
        Climb to find another secret.
        FINDS: Shotgun shells, a Double Duke powerup
     5. The third stall in the livery stable is empty save for a lantern
        on the wall.  Push the lantern and you'll descend into the 
        secret area.  There's a ladder down the hallway leading to 
        goodies, but watch out for the Necro!
        FINDS: Flame Thrower, Bottle of Fuel
     6. There is an outhouse located somewhere in the level.  Shoot from 
        a safe distance to blow it up.  Fall in and land softly 
        on..well, let's move on, shall we?  Move out into the water and 
        swim forward.  The secret area is a cave close to this point.
        FINDS: Box of grenades, Pistol clips, Buffalo shot, Boxes of
        bullets, throwing knife
     7. The final secret is near the well where you can enter and exit 
        the underwater area.  In the corner of this area is a covered
        wagon and a green box.  Like in Level 1, push the green box
        against the wall.  You can climb on the box and jump to reach
        the ledge the pig cops were running around on.  In the corner
        is an inset containing the secret.
        FINDS: RPG

   C. Level 3 - Miner 69er (6 secrets)
     1. As soon as you start, turn around and run for the pool of water
        with the pig cop waiting on top of the ledge.  Dive into the 
        pool and look to the left. A niche holds the secret.
        FINDS: Atomic Health
     2. After you unlock the first door(near the noxious gas area), run
        down the hall a bit.  One part of the hallway has a hole in the
        ceiling.  Jump up, grab the ladder, and find the secret.  (If 
        Duke says something looks interesting, you passed it by a few
        steps.  Run back and look up.)
        FINDS: Bottle of fuel, pistol ammo
     3. When you enter the room with the mine car and the ramp that goes
        down a ways, run all the way to the bottom.  Straight across 
        from the bottom of the ramp is a large rope ladder.  Climb it to 
        get to the secret.
        FINDS: Box of bullets
     4. When you fall into the hole under the drill, go until you end up
        in darkness.  Behind you in the dark is the secret.  NVGs make
        this secret much easier to find.
        FINDS: Jetpack
     5. In the large chasm area just beyond the drill, jump into the
        water at the bottom.  Swim along until you reach a place to get
        out.  This place is the secret.
        FINDS: Medkit
     6. The chasm area ends at what a tunnel with a path leading on to
        the end of the level.  Stand right in front of this tunnel and
        jetpack straight up.  There will be a small room right above     
        this point.
        FINDS: Challenge Icon (Challenge Stage 2)

   D. Level 4 - Gold and Guns (3 secrets)
     1. Go to the room where the exit of the level is located.  If you
        haven't already, blow open the tunnel sealed by rock with any
        explosive weapon.  Run down the exposed walkway until you reach 
        a room with a huge pool.  Jump off the side.  When in the 
        water, you can see two pathways in each side of the wall; one 
        is a small niche with a small health, the other leads to a 
        small chamber containing the secret.
        FINDS: Atomic Health
     2. After disabling Gun #1 (see above), turn to your right.  A path
        leads down a hallway to a shut gate.  On the wall next to it is
        the switch to open it.  Pull it.  A very obvious room on your
        right is just past it.  This room is the secret.
        FINDS: Buffalo Shot, Buffalo Rifle, Gun box, and Pistol Clips.
     3. From secret #2, run into the lava pool room and across one of 
        the two bridges.  Turn right after crossing and head down to 
        another hallway.  You'll know it by the wood walls and the fact 
        that it drops down a short ways.  Jump down and follow the 
        hallway.  It will open up into a small room with a Suicide 
        Bomber pig.  There will be a door with a key symbol next to it.  
        If the door is closed, go back through the level and disable 
        all the guns.  The door will open when every gun is turned off.  
        Inside this door is the secret.  Be careful of another bomber!
        FINDS: Large health, crates with various ammo.
        ADDITIONAL FIND: Supershield?  It has come to my attention 
        that there is a very strange bug or item hidden in the game.  
        To access it, Duke must have lots of health and barely any armor
        (Say about Health>150 and Armor<30).  Across the entrance from 
        the start is an explosive barrel.  Have Duke run up and kick it.
        If it works, Duke's health will go down to about ten, but his 
        armor will skyrocket to over 250!  I have not tested this 
        particular feature, but if anyone is willing to confirm it, 
        e-mail me!
   E. Level 5 - The Reaper (0 secrets)
   F. Level 6 - Obey or Die (3 secrets)
     1. To the left of the warehouse is an alley with a green dumpster.
        Climb on the dumpster.  Above Duke is a grating.  Shoot it, and
        jump into the hole to get to the secret.  (It's also an 
        alternate way to enter the factory!  I don't recommend entering 
        the factory this way, though, as you WILL need a jetpack to 
        leave in case you want to collect things back in the earlier 
        part of the level.)
        FINDS: Pipe Bombs
     2. On your way to the room with the red crystal, you will reach an
        ascending bridge chained to the ceiling.  In the walls on two
        sides of the room are openings, one leading to the area with 
        the red crystal and the other leading to the secret.  You will 
        need a jetpack to reach it. (It can also be reached via the 
        catwalks above the large water tanks just past the red crystal 
        conveyor belt.)
        FINDS: None.  One of the most useless secrets to find, as it
        really doesn't help you with the red crystal puzzle.
     3. In the water tank closest to secret #2 is a tunnel.  Swim down
        into it to the very end to reach the last secret in this level.
        FINDS: Atomic Health
   G. Level 7 - Family Jewels (4 secrets...or is it 5?)
     1. On the right side of the castle, before the moat enters
        underneath the wall, there's a ledge right alongside the castle
        wall.  Jetpack onto this ledge and you'll see a wall with an
        atomic symbol on it.  Push this wall to enter a secret.
        FINDS: Various power ups and ammo
     2. There's another atomic wall you can push on the other side of 
        the castle.  Jetpack to the ledge it is on and push it to enter
        another secret.  (You can also reach this secret by pushing on
        the right bust in the fireplace once you're inside the castle.)
        FINDS: Various power ups and ammo
     3. On the way to jewel #1, you will come to a staircase.  At the 
        foot of the staircase is another atomic wall.  Push this wall
        to enter secret number 3.
        FINDS: Steroids
     4. At the very end of the level, just after the door that opens via
        the book, look up.  Just above the doorway is a ledge.  Climb up
        this ledge and you should see a small room off to one side.  Go
        in this room and you'll find the secret.
        FINDS: Holy Hand Grenades, Medkits
     5. 5th Secret?  WHAT 5th secret?  Searched this level time and 
        again and never found that last, elusive secret for the perfect 
        5 of 5? Those hours were wasted, I'm afraid.  In what seems like 
        a programming goof, there are only 4 secrets, and the 5 at the
        end screen is merely a typo.  Sorry.
        FINDS: Nothing!  Absolutely nothing!  Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!
        (Actually, after finishing the game, I'm not so sure about this 
        anymore.  If you look closely during the credits, you might happen
        to see a gigantic chessboard with Duke standing on it, across from
        somebody in a white shirt.  Either this secret was cut out of the 
        game, or it is eluding me.  Whichever it is, I don't know for 
   H. Level 8 - Resistance is Feudal (3 secrets)
     1. After you turn the first valve and open the gate, go down the
        tunnel that opens.  It will first turn right, then left.  When
        a second left comes up, stop and look up to the right.  There's
        a room above the gas tunnel.  Jump up and climb into it for the
        first secret.
        FINDS: RPG, Bio Mask 
     2. In the jail area, check the second cell on the right from where
        you enter.  A pushable atomic wall can be found here.  Push it
        to reveal the secret.
        FINDS: Invulnerability
     3. After you lower the drawbridge, you'll enter a room where a
        bridge crosses a lava pit and there are a lot of pipes on the
        ceiling.  At the far end of the bridge, underneath, is a ledge
        that leads directly to the secret.
        FINDS: Challenge Icon

   I. Level 9 - Holy Terror (4 secrets)
     1. At the beginning of the level, take the path to the right around
        the monastery.  In the hallway of stained glass, shoot the third
        glass window on the right.  It will reveal a passage down into
        the secret.
        FINDS: Holy Hand Grenades
     2. Before you descend down the water tunnel to the grate under the
        church, pull the switch on the ledge above the water.  Go back
        into the sewer tunnels and make a left down the tunnel with the
        blue light.  You'll come back to the locked gate you may have
        seen earlier.  Open it via the nearby switch and follow the
        corridor left.  You'll come to a now open door to your left (at
        the end of the tunnel) that opens into the secret.
        FINDS: Atomic Health, Crossbow Bolts, Throwing Axes
     3. In the foyer of the church, run down to the atomic symbol on the
        floor.  To the left and right sides there are doors that lead
        off to rooms with stained-glass windows.  Go into the one on the
        right and break the large blue one.  It reveals a secret room.
        FINDS: A very unholy nun! Also, some ammo.
     4. In the room of secret #3 and the one across from it are large
        crosses with kneelers next to them.  Press the action button at
        each kneeler and the crosses will turn.  Run back into the
        foyer.  The atomic symbol has been lowered and reveals a secret
        room under the church.
        FINDS: The Freezer! (Yes!)
   J. Level 10 - Wing'ed Death (0 secrets)
   K. Level 11 - Pig Factory (5 secrets...or is it 4?)
     1. As in the earlier L.A. levels, there is a room that can be 
        accessed from behind the bar.  Simply push the button under 
        the cash register at 'Danglers' and you'll see the secret 
        room open.
        FINDS: Ammo, and a large robot gun.  Careful!
     2. Go into the subway tunnel.  After the bend where you can see
        the doors closing off further entrance, turn right and face the 
        wall.  One should be slightly discolored.  Shoot it to reveal
        the secret.
        FINDS: Medkit, ?
     3. In 'The Really, Really Deep Room,' look up and shoot the middle 
        of the ceiling.  This reveals another secret.
        FINDS: Challenge Icon, Other stuff
     4. In an early room of the complex is a room with large filing 
        cabinets and an Energy Weapon.  One of the filing cabinets
        is pullable and when removed reveals a secret.
        FINDS: Atomic Health
     5. As of right now, this secret is being considered kaput, just
        like the Family Jewels level.  If I'm wrong, e-mail me immediately.

   L. Level 12 - Hog Heaven (3 secrets)
     1. Upon entering the marketplace, turn right and head into the 
        large red building.  You should be facing a large statue.  Shoot 
        a tile right at the base of the statue, revealing a switch.  Pull
        it.  A secret compartment will open behind the statue, but be 
        careful...some Draks are lurking inside.
        FINDS: Double Duke, Throwing Axes, Energy Weapon, Freezer
     2. In the room just before the one with the two baths, turn right.  
        You should see a yellow atomic block.  Pull it to reveal another
        FINDS: Invincibility, Steroids
     3. After diving into the second bath and surfacing, don't jump into
        the giant pool of water.  Instead, jet across (you DO have a 
        jetpack, don't you?) and pull the switch.  Jet back across the 
        pool below, and backtrack a bit.  You will find another grate has
        opened.  Climb out of the water for the secret.
        FINDS: Throwing Axes, Energy Ammo, RPG Ammo, Steroids, Shotgun Ammo

   M. Level 13 - Let the Games Begin (4 secrets)
     1. Go into the club Booty Maximus (doesn't that name ring a bell?).  
        Here, jet or jump and climb to reach a secret ledge hidden above the bar.
        FINDS: Invulnerability, Jetpack, Energy Ammo
     2. The easiest secret to find in the game.  Instead of making the turn on 
        the stairs to enter the arena, head forward on up the stairs to the end.
        You'll enter a room that contains the secret.  To find what's HIDDEN in
        the secret, you'll need a jetpack, where you'll find what you want.
        (Hint: Look up.)
        FINDS: Freezer and Portable Medkit (Middle Level) and Challenge Point
        (Top Level; it's in a corner and hard to see)
     3. If you're feeling lucky, fly around to the back of the palace 
        surrounded by the lava.  You'll find a secret area set into the wall
        behind it (it's hard to miss: a big ledge stretches across the area
        leading into it).
        FINDS: Jetpack, Energy Ammo
     4. On the right side of the palace, across from the switch, is a secret
        area high up in the wall.
        FINDS: Jetpack, Atomic Health

   N. Level 14 - Blood Baths (4 secrets)
     1. Upon exiting the water tank in Warp #4, look for a yellow atomic 
        block against the wall right near the exit of the room.  Push the
        block to enter the secret room.
        FINDS: Portable Medkit
     2. At the end of the tunnel in Warp #4 (the room full of alien crap),
        burn down the stuff at the far end of the room.  You'll reveal a 
        room beyond.
        FINDS: RPG Ammo
     3. And again in Warp #4, in the same wall as the teleporter-hiding 
        yellow block is yet another yellow block.  Push this one to reveal
        yet another secret.
        FINDS: Energy cell, flame thrower fuel
     4. In Warp #5, in the first Necro chamber, burn away the crud on the 
        wall opposite where you entered (note there are two hidden objects
        found when stuff is burned away, a medkit and a room.  The room 
        is the secret.)
        FINDS: RPG Ammo, flame thrower fuel

   O. Level 15 - Moloch the Gatekeeper (0 secrets) 
VII. Challenge Stages (and Two-Player Secrets!)
     These areas are found by gaining challenge icons located throughout
     various levels; I mention their locations in The Secrets(above, save
     for Challenge #3: see the walkthrough for Obey or Die for its
     location).  Challenge stages are arguably more difficult than the 
     regular stages of the game.  Of course, if they were too easy, 
     everybody would get the reward each one offers: a super version
     of a weapon in the game!  If you earn the super version, you can
     keep it for the rest of the game.  To beat the level and keep the
     gun, you must kill all the enemies and escape before time runs 
     out.  A good note, though, is that all the Challenge Stages are 
     the two-player deathmatch levels.  If you have problems beating 
     the stage, get a good look at it by going in by yourself in the
     two-player mode (just don't move the other guy).

     Two-Player Secrets!
     I personally do not play the two-player game very much, and as such
     do not know about the secrets imbedded in each one.  I know some 
     players have sent them in previously, but with all the e-mail 
     address swapping I have unfortunately lost track of them :(.  
     If you have located some of the secret places, please be sure to 
     e-mail me!
  A. Challenge Stage 1 (Level 1 - Time to Kill)
     STAGE: The Warehouse
     TIME: 2:30
     ENEMIES: 18
     EXIT: In the basement, right in the middle.
     WEAPON: The Super Eagle.
  B. Challenge Stage 2 (Level 3 - Miner 69er)
     STAGE: The Mesa
     TIME: 2:30
     ENEMIES: 22
     EXIT: All the way across the stage from where Duke begins.  It's
     in a room, located in plain sight.
     WEAPON: The Super Shotgun.
  C. Challenge Stage 3 (Level 6 - Obey or Die)
     STAGE: The Castle
     TIME: 3:30
     ENEMIES: 20
     EXIT: The second level, far to the left (Left being the direction
     to Duke's left when the level begins).  It's in a small niche in
     between where the stairs go up and down.
     WEAPON: Laser Gatling Gun.
  D. Challenge Stage 4 (Level 9 - Resistance is Feudal)
     STAGE: The Dungeon
     TIME: 2:45
     ENEMIES: 24
     EXIT: All the way across the dungeon, directly across from Duke's
     WEAPON: Incendiary RPG.
  E. Challenge Stage 5 (Level 11 - Pig Factory)
     STAGE: The Factory
     TIME: 4:00
     ENEMIES: 52 (But they're nothing but chickens!  Literally!)
     EXIT: From the first room, go to the second floor and next room.
     From there, jump through the only entry on the second floor NOT
     connected to the stairs.  Fall to the floor inside the entryway,
     run across to a box underneath the ledge, and pull yourself onto
     that ledge.  Turn right and run to the exit.
     WEAPON: Hi-Temp Flame Thrower.
  F. Challenge Stage 6 (Level 13 - Let the Games Begin)
     STAGE: The Coliseum
     TIME: 2:15
     ENEMIES: 17
     EXIT: Yet again, in the area of the stage straight across from
     Duke's starting point.
     WEAPON: Super Zapper.

VIII. Cheat Codes
      As I haven't gotten any new codes in quite some time, I'm 
      guessing that these are all that Duke Nukem has to offer.  It's 
      almost sad, in a way, that this is finally finishing up...
      Most codes are entered when the game is paused.  Press the buttons 
      at a fairly medium pace.  If you go too fast, it will not 
      register.  A sound will let you know a code is entered properly.

      ROGUE TRIP DEMO - Hold R1, R2, L1, L2 at the same time when the GT
      logo appears.  Hold all four buttons until the logo fades out (it
      also works if you press Start while holding down the buttons).
      A decently long FMV promoting another game from GT.   Pretty fun 
      to watch!  I don't know about all versions, but I was able to find 
      this code in the left corner on the back page of the Duke Nukem 
      manual I own.  It may not be there on all releases.

      INTRO MOVIE - Press SELECT, Up 9 times, SELECT, L1.  Then quit the
      current game.  If you missed it the first time (or if you just 
      can't get enough of it), this code replays the game's beginning 

      ENDGAME MOVIE - Press SELECT, Up 9 times, SELECT, L2.  Quit to the
      title screen.  Plays the game's ending movie.
      CREDITS - Press SELECT, Up 9 times, SELECT, R1.  Quit to the title
      screen.  Shows the game's credits.

      DUKE WALLACE MOVIE - Press SELECT, Up 9 times, SELECT, R2.  Quit 
      to the title screen.  In the tradition of Braveheart, Duke does 
      his best William Wallace impersonation in this short FMV.

      ADULT MODE - (Non-US) Press Up 9 times, Down 7 times, Triangle,
      Circle, Square, R1, R2.  From what I've been told, this code only 
	exists in European versions of the game (The U.S. version is
	already Adult).  It unlocks the blood, women, and general naughty
	things that aren't normally available in these versions of the
      INVINCIBILTY - Press L2, R1, L1, R2, Up, Down, Up, Down, SELECT,
      SELECT.  This makes Duke impossible to kill for the rest of the 
      game.  Kind of takes the challenge out of the game, but useful if 
      you want to search a level for secrets without fear of dying.

      99 CONTINUES - Press Left, Right, Up, Left, Right, Down, Left, 
      Right, L1, R1.  This code gives you 99 chances to continue from 
      the last checkpoint (or start a Challenge level over again).

      TEMPORARY INVINCIBILITY - Press R1, L2, L1, L2, R1, L1, R1, L2, 
      L1, L2. Duke fades out and is invincible for a short period of 
      time, much like the invincibility powerup.

      LEVEL SELECT - Press Down 9 times, then Up.  Quit the current game  
      and enter the main menu.  A new menu option will appear.  It 
      displays the name of the level currently selected. Highlight the 
      option and press left or right (but NOT X until you found the 
      level you want) until the level you want appears.  Press X to 
      warp.  The nice thing about this code is it lets you go to ANY 
      level, including bosses and challenge stages!

      INVISIBLITY - Press L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1, L1, R1.  Duke
      will be temporarily invisible to enemy troops.

      DOUBLE DUKE - Press L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2, L2, R2.  Duke
      will temporarily inflict greater damage against enemy troops.

      ALL WEAPONS - Press L1, L2, Up, L1, L2, Down, R1, Right, R1, Left.
      Duke will get every weapon in the game.
      SUPER WEAPONS - Press R1, R2, L2, L1, R2, L2, L1, SELECT, SELECT.  
      This code will give you the Super Weapon versions of the guns
      normally earned on Challenge Stages.
      ALL ITEMS - Press R1, R1, R1, R1, R1, L2, L2, L2, L2, L2.  Duke 
      will get all the special items in the game.

      ALL KEYS - Press Up, Right, Up, Left, Down, Up, Right, Left, 
      Right, Down.  Unlock any door with this code.

      UNLIMITED AMMUNITION - Press Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT, 
      Left, Right, Left, Right, SELECT.  No matter how much ammo you 
      use, you will never run out.  If you also have items, they have 
      unlimited usage, too.
      BIG HEAD DUKE - Press R1 9 times, then Up.  Ever thought of Duke 
      as an airhead?  Here's your chance to literally give Duke a head 
      the size of his ego.  (Inputting this code on Small Head Duke 
      changes Duke's head back to regular size.)

      SMALL HEAD DUKE - Press R1 9 times, then Down. Maybe some of you
      think Duke is a pinhead.  Again, this will change Duke's head 
      size, this time to truly miniscule proportions. (Inputting this       
      code on Big Head Duke changes Duke's head back to regular size.)

      BIG HEAD OPPONENTS - Press R1 9 times, then Left.  The enemies' 
      heads get bigger, probably because they're confident Duke won't 
      stop them.  This should make them all the more fun to kill.
      SMALL HEAD OPPONENTS - Press R1 9 times, then Right.  The enemies'
      heads will shrink.
      I don't have a GameShark myself, so I can't test these codes.  Use them at your own risk!

These will give you the various weapons and reusable items found 
in the game.
    CROSSBOW       - 800d74680001
    DESERT EAGLE   - 800d746c0001
    SHOTGUN        - 800d74700001
    BUFFALO RIFLE  - 800d74740001
    GATLING GUN    - 800d74780001
    RPG            - 800d747c0001
    FLAME THROWER  - 800d74800001
    ENERGY WEAPON  - 800d74840001
    FREEZER        - 800d74880001
    SUPER EAGLE    - 800d746c0009
    SUPER SHOTGUN  - 800d74700009
    LASER GATLING  - 800d74780009
    INCENDIARY RPG - 800d747c0009
    HI-TEMP FLAME  - 800d74800009
    SUPER ZAPPER   - 800d74880009
    JETPACK        - d00d74f00000
    BIOMASK        - 800d74f00001
    NIGHT GOGGLES  - 800d74f80001
Except for the knives, axes, and various bombs, these codes assume
you already have the item in question.  If you don't, put in one of
the codes above to give the item to Duke.  Then put in one of the
   INFINITE HEALTH             - 800d71ca4e20
   INFINITE ARMOR              - 800d73cc4e20
   INFINITE KNIVES             - 800d74600001
   INFINITE AXES               - 800d74640001
   INFINITE ARROWS             - 800d746a03e7
   INFINITE SHOTGUN AMMO       - 800d747203e7
   INFINITE RIFLE AMMO         - 800d747603e7
   INFINITE GATLING AMMO       - 800d747a03e7
   INFINITE RPG AMMO           - 800d747e03e7
   INFINITE FLAME FUEL         - 800d748203e7
   INFINITE ENERGY AMMO        - 800d748603e7
   INFINITE FREEZER            - 800d748a03e7
   INFINITE PIPE BOMBS         - 800d748c0001
   INFINITE DYNAMITE           - 800d74940001
   INFINITE INCENDIARY RPG     - 800d74d203e7
   INFINITE JETPACK            - 800d74f26000
   INFINITE BIOMASK            - 800d74f66000
   INFINITE NIGHT GOGGLES      - 800d74fa6000

IX. Jokes and Fun Stuff
    One of the great things about the Duke series is the barrage of
    inside jokes, pop culture references, and things that most people
    don't take the time to notice.  Some are actually helpful to Duke
    (like the toilets and vending machines), but most are just there
    for a good chuckle.  The following are put in no particular order.
    NOTE: Younger readers may want to skip this section because of some
    content that may not be appropriate.
1.  Try one of the working phone booths around New L.A. in the first
    level.  Most of the time you will get a busy signal, but sometimes
    you will hear a woman on the other end obviously enjoying
    _something_ immensely.  Duke responds by saying, "Ooo, Lara, is
    that you?" Duke's use of the name Lara is in jest to Lara Croft,
    the heroine of Tomb Raider.  The reference is most likely because of
    many similarities between Tomb Raider and Time to Kill.
2.  Upon pulling out a weapon, Duke occasionally has some kind of quip
    to go along with it.  The following is a list of some things Duke
    may be heard to say.
    The Mighty Foot: I'll kick you in the nuts!
    Shotgun:         Suck my boomstick!
    Buffalo Rifle:   (Singing) Happy Trails to you!
                     Have gun, will travel.
    RPG:             It's ass-kickin' time!
    Flame Thrower:   Time to turn up the heat!
                     I like mine well done!
    Jet Pack:        Time to jet.
3.  If Duke looks in a mirror, he fixes his hair and says something.  
    My personal favorite: "I'm God's gift to women!"
4.  In the first level, use the toilet in the bondage woman's
    apartment by walking up to it and pressing the action button.
    Duke will relieve himself, and you'll earn back 5 points of life
    just for doing it!
5.  Using the vending machines in L.A. will give Duke 1 life point for
    each time you grab something out of it.  However, taking smokes
    will cost you a life point per use. Duke also comments.
    Soft drink machine: Gimme a Jack and Coke anyday!
    Snack machine: This will bring on that visit to the dentist!
6.  At the beginning of level 2, there's a gravestone near Duke's
    starting point with the name Arch Stanton on it.  This the
    grave that Clint Eastwood, Eli Wallach, and Lee Van Cleef are
    looking for in "The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly." 
7.  Shoot the outhouse in level 2.  Dropping down, Duke may say,
    "So much for the new boots.  Anyone seen Mister Hanky?"  This
    is an obvious reference to the show South Park.
8.  In secret #3 of level 4 is a strangely familiar time machine.
    Anyone who's seen the 1985 movie Back to the Future and its
    sequels knows what this is from.
9.  In level 6, step into the Club Bootylicious.  The strippers are
    now pigs!  Duke remarks on how he doesn't like this.  Try
    tipping them for more of Duke's disgust.
10. In level 7, search around the area just inside the castle's outer
    walls.  You should see two sheep doing something rather obvious.
    Duke's reaction: "Eewww, that ain't gonna be VIRGIN wool."
11. Also in level 7 is a movie reference.  Go into von Nukem's bedroom
    and Duke will notice a woman rubbing up against the bedpost.
    Duke's line, "It's good to be the king!" is a quote straight out
    of Mel Brooks' "History of the World Part 1." (And, just for those
    of you who haven't noticed it yet, 75% of anything Duke ever says
    is from Sam Raimi's horror/comedy "Army of Darkness.")
12. When Duke uses the book in the basement of Level 7, he says
    "Klaatu, Barada, Nikto!"  Due to the nature of the level, this is
    most likely a movie reference to Army of Darkness (where the main
    character flubs the line and causes the dead to rise), but the 
    quote originally came from the famed sci-fi movie "The Day the 
    Earth Stood Still."
13. In level 1, when Duke opens up the closet, he sees a bikini in it
    and replies, "Ewwwww!  Skanky outfit!"  Another 3D personality has
    worn this outfit...yes, it's another reference to Tomb Raider.
14. In "Pig Factory" the bar is now called Danglers, and is a male 
    strip club.  If Duke runs up and tries to interact with them, 
    he says, "Not in this lifetime."
15. Also in Pig Factory, in the room full of pigs, Duke will sometimes 
    say, "Looks like Hog Heaven!"  Oddly enough, that's the name of 
    the next level.
16. In "Let the Games Begin," there's evidence that a franchise has 
    been around for a long time...the Bootyius Maximus club is very 
    similar to another club of nearly the same name in the present.
17. In level 14's description, viewable when pressing Start, you'll
    notice it says that even Caligula would find this place disgusting.
    Caligula was an ancient Roman emperor most noted for electing his
    favorite horse from the Senate, committing random acts of murder,
    and being generally insane until one of his own commanders killed him.
    He is also notable for Malcolm McDowell portraying him in a really 
    horrible, X-rated movie some time ago.  If you don't believe me that 
    it's horrible, by no means actually rent this movie and find out.  
    You are much better off being in the dark, believe me.
18. Not really a joke, but I thought it was worth putting here.  When 
    exiting the water tank room in Warp #4 on level 14, Duke says, 
    "Annoying little bastards!"  I agree.
19. Duke's entrance to the bell tower in Holy Terror is accompanied by 
    him saying, "Sanctuary!"  This line is from Logan's Run (On an 
    additional note, I always thought it was from the Hunchback of Notre 
    Dame, but I'm not one to say...I never saw either movie, unfortunately.)

X. Final Words
  So, here it is, folks.  What will hopefully be the last version of the Duke Nukem TTK FAQ.  
  What now?  Well, I do have an Actraiser 2 FAQ I started quite briefly and never finished.
  But for now, I'm taking a break from the FAQ world (but didn't I do that for months at a 
  time already?) and doing what these FAQs are meant to do: Have fun playing games.  I'm 
  still taking e-mails about things I haven't covered, especially corrections, but in time 
  I'll probably start winding things down and just leaving the guide as-is.

Hope you enjoyed this guide as much (and hopefully more) than I did writing it.

Seth Paul, 2002

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