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Enemy Guide by SSGokuEX

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 03/26/2001

Duke Nukem Time to Kill Enemy Guide.

version 1.0

Written by SSGokuEX aka SuperSaiyanGokuEX aka SSGEX

Copyright SSGokuEX (c)2001

Special Thanks to nobody. Why? Because nobody helped me. Well, the Duke Nukem
Time to Kill manual helped me for the boss descriptions. So, credit goes to GT
Interactive, 3D Realms, and N Space for making such a awesome game.

Sorry if it seems like it's small, but this FAQ is most likely far from

My Email and AIM SN will be at the end of the FAQ.

Under the descriptions of each enemy/boss, I placed a list of how many hits
from each weapon it'll take to kill them. And I did NOT include the Mighty Boot
as a weapon since it's for Duke players that have NO usuable weapons. And
please note, the weapons list is NOT always the same. You'll probably have to
look to see what weapon you're using against a boss. And sometimes there just
won't be a guide, but there WILL be a strategy.

The Enemies

1) Pig Cops.

You'll fight these guys the most in DNTTK. They carry a Combat Shotgun like the
one Duke uses.

About 3 or so Throwing Knives. Depends on distance and aiming accuracy.

See above for Throwing Axe.

5 to 10 bullets from Desert Eagle and/or Super Eagle.

1 Combat Shotgun blast(If you aim at the head) or 3 blasts to kill. Same for
the Super Shotgun.

3 Crossbow attacks. Maybe 4. They aren't THAT tough.

About 4 or so Buffalo Rifle attacks. Maybe 3. I'm not really sure about this
one though.

About 20 Gatling Gun bullets. Less with the Laser Gatling Gun.

One shot from the RPG. Same for Incenidary(sp) RPG.

A few seconds with either Flame Thrower.

See above for Energy Weapon.

1 shot from the Freezer to freeze then shoot again to kill them. Easy kill. The
Freezer trick applies to all enemies except for bosses of course.

1 Pipe Bomb if you get it close to them. There's a chance you can force blast
kill them too. Good luck.

See Pipe Bombs for Dynamite.

See above for Holy Hand Grenades.

2) Drak

These guys are like Pig Cops. They're everywhere, but they carry Pistols
instead of Combat Shotguns.

See Pig Cops for Desert Eagle and Super Eagle.

3 or so Axes and they'll fall.

Like with Axes, 3 Knives'll be all you need unless you miss alot.

One Shotgun blast will work if you don't miss. Super Shotgun is a faster
weapon, so you'll use about 4 blast then the Drak'll die.

Buffalo Rifle takes about 3 or so shots.

One RPG blast will work. From either one mind you.

Gatling Gun takes about 20 or so bullets. Laser Gatling Gun'll use about 10 to
15 to kill the Drak.

A few seconds with either Flame Thrower will work. High Temp burns faster

See above for Energy Weapon.

See Pig Cops for Freezer.

Use 1 Pipe Bomb to kill the Drak. Easy, huh?

See above for Dynamite.

See above for Holy Hand Grenade, but remember, the HHG HOMES in on the enemy.
Even if you are next to the sucker. >_<

3)Heavy Drak.

These guys are annoying as hell. They carry Gatling Guns like Duke's except
they're called Gatling Rifles. As for a weapon ammo list for these guys, just
treat them as a stronger Drak. Which they are.


4) Bats and Hellwings

Note: I put these together since they are pretty much the same. Hellwings are
more annoying though. See the Heavy Drak section for the reason why there's no
weapons list.

Your best chance is to forget about using weapons and just try to hit them with
the Energy Weapon if you have it. If you don't have it, just go for Shotgun


5) Necro

These guys are the same as flying brains. No kidding.

You can easily kill the S.O.B.s with Freezer shots. One blast and they're gone.


6) Larval Necro

Think of these guys as the Mini-Me version of Necroes.

Pain in the butt. Use your Energy Weapon if you have it. Only chance you have.

While annoying, they aren't that bad. If you can find a safe place, you can
literally blast them to hell and back with weapons.

7) Robots.

Unlike the manual, the robots I ever saw were ones with cannons. No mines or
missile launchers.

Just go buck wild with availible weapons. Easy, no?


8) Reaper - Old West Era

>From the manual, "This boss is a mechanized terror that has led the first
Alien force into the Old West. While it rumbles around on its massive , it will
shower any unlucky souls in range with a hail of cannon shells from its weapon
arm. Loaded with terrifying weapons and armored in layered in Durasteel, the
Reaper is a fearsome enemy." While quite strong, he's about as smart as George
W. Bush. Hit him with RPGs and he's a goner. If you've run out of RPG ammo,
grab the Jetpack from the starting point and haul ass to the chimney like
structure. Bomb him with Pipe Bombs. Easy.


9) Dragon - Medieval Era

>From the manual again, "With a massive wingspan and fiery breath, this ancient
creature was the perfect choice for crushing all that would oppose alien
domination in the medieval era." And he WILL use that fire breath. It's
annoying though, but he CAN be beaten. Hit him with RPG shots then go in the
water where he can't hit you with fire breath. Then smash him with crossbow
shots. Easy again.


10) Moloch - Roman Era

One last time from the manual, "The greatest of all Drak warriors, Moloch is a
massive dinosaru-like foe bent on subjugating the Roman era of Earth. Towering
a incredible eighteen feet high, with advanced machines and weapons meelded to
its rippling, scaly muscle, Moloch rules the Draks with a iron fist." Hit this
guy with EVERYTHING you have left to toast him.

Places that CAN use my FAQ
As of Monday, March 26th at 7:22 AM Central Standard Time, the places listed
below can use my FAQ.

Please, ask my permission first before putting my FAQ(s) on your respective

GameFAQs at http://www.gamefaqs.com

Places that can NOT use my FAQ

Everywhere else. Including megagames.com.

Contact information

I can be reached at supersaiyangokuex@yahoo.com and on AIM at SSGEX85. Please
put "Question on your [insert game here] FAQ" as the subject of Emails and
please mention that you have a question about a FAQ if you are going to contact
me on AIM.

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