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Reviewed: 03/11/00 | Updated: 03/11/00

A cool concept that has been executed pretty well

Driver is a great concept, which has been executed pretty well. You take on the role of Tanner, an undercover cop with a racing background. Your mission is to go undercover as a driver for illegal businesses and try and gain the trust of the mob boss. The game is mission based and the missions generally consist of getting from one place to another in a given time. Occasionally, there will be other missions where you have to ram another car, or escape from the cops.
The game starts out in Miami and then goes on to San Francisco, Los Angeles and New York. All the major landmarks from these cities are present and the maps are pretty huge. Before you start the single player game, you have to go through a driving test, where you audition your skills for the mob. If you manage to impress them enough, you will get the job. The test isn’t too hard, but it isn’t easy either. You will do the test a few times before you are successful.
Driver features a very cool director mode. In this mode, you can make short films of your driving. Make your own chase scene in LA. You have a lot of camera options and positionings to make the videos as cool as possible. The game also has other mini games to keep it fresh. These mini games involve racing, dodging cops, catching another car, etc. Some of them even have the option of saving high scores on the memory card.
The AI in the game is a bit weird. Cars seem to do odd things sometimes, and the cops are often more reckless than you. But, overall the game has been done nicely and is a lot of fun.

Graphics: 7.
The graphics aren’t too great. The cities are represented nicely, but it isn’t overly impressive. Car damage is cool, though. If you get rear ended, you will lose your taillights. Little things like this make it pretty cool.

Sound: 8.
The sound effects are pretty good and the background music gives it a true 70’s feel.

Gameplay: 8.
Driving isn’t too hard and is fun. Some missions get pretty hard, especially the last one. You might use the invincible code once in a while.

Replay Value: 8.
A lot of different modes and interesting gameplay keep the game fresh.

Overall: 8.
It is a really good game. Any playstation owner would want it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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