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Now this is what I call an extremely good game!!!


There's a pretty weird yet funny story that involves me and Driver so please bear with me. Around December last year I decided that I wanted 2 games for Christmas, Suikoden 2 and Driver. Well, I asked some friends of mine how it was. Some people said it's decent, but one friend of mine told me it;s the worst game ever. I got a little worried and I knew that my parents had already purchased it. So, I did the smart thing. On Christmas day, I opened all my presents and there was Driver. I didn't want to open it because of what my friend said so I decided to rent it three days later. I did and I was blown away by it, but not at first. First when I played the training thing I got so pissed that I was glad that I never opened it. I was wrong because later that night I got past that training level and actually got into the game. I loved it and when I told my friend this he replied with a very dumb answer. ''How did you beat that training level? It's nearly impossible.'' So, basically my friend told me to not buy this game because he only viewed the first stage which I may add sucks bad. Well, within the 5 day rental I played constantly and beat the game on the 5th day at 8 at night. Boy was I lucky because I didn't even have to open it, so I waltzed back to Wal - Mart and got back my $40. That may not be really funny, but ..... you had to be there. Anyway Driver is a great game that falls into the category of action and racing. Driver was released in late June 1999 by GT Interactive. The commercial for Driver is just too sweeeeeet and everything about this game is just too sweet!

STORY: (10/10)

The story for Driver is not just awesome, it's excellent! Possibly the best damn storyline I've ever seen. It's just like a movie and I wish it just was that. Here's the story. You are agent Tanner so keep that in mind. In the depth of a police building a chief is seen talking with one of his boys. The chief is telling agent Tanner to go undercover and be a criminal and to catch the real bad guys. Tanner obviously is the best driver in town if not everywhere. So after their little discussion, Tanner makes a call and talks with some guy named Rufus. This guy is a big time criminal and he's interested in Tanners offer. So he hires Tanner, but there's a catch. Tanner has to prove himself how good he is so in a parking lot he has to do a bunch of crazy stuff that canprove himself the best driver. OK so that may have not sounded great, but the storyline develops greatly throughout the game and it can change too. The scenario for changing the story is in your motel rom where you hear the messages and choose a mission. So it's up you how the story goes, but each and every story come down into the final ending. Overall, I love the story in Driver!

GAMEPLAY: (10/10)

Thank you GT Interactive! Thank you for making a game with such great gameplay that it is nearly impossible to beat. I love everything about the game, but most of all the gameplay is the greatest aspect of Driver. First you have to drive in a parking lot to prove yourself worthy of being a driver which I have to admit is one of the hardest things to do in a game. After that parking lot crap thing is over, the real fun begins. There are over 30 levels and you choose one from the answering machine when you get to your motel. The scenarios are in three different places, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, and New York. The missions you have to accept are really hard. There's rarely an easy mission in this game. Basically, your a ciminal driver so through each level you help take stuff to a destination or you do some dirty work yourself, or pick up the guys who did the dirty work. There is a time limit in some missions so if you have to get somewhere you got to get there fast. Sometimes you have to get on the otherside of San Fransisco and they give you 2 minutes only. Also, while your driving there's cops everywhere and if you break the speed limit (most likely you will have to to beat the level) then a million cops are after you. They constantly ram into you and sometimes they'll ram into so much that you'll die. That's basically everything you do in Driver, but that's in the main game. There are other things to do as well. You can either just rome around the city, do training, take on survival mode which is very hard. It has a million cops coming at you (well, not a million but a lot) and you have to see how long you can survive without getting killed. It's so hard. Another hard thing about the regular story mode is that they might have missions at night for you to do and that is the really hard ones as is the day missions. You can do time trial and see how quickly you can do something. Another somewhat pointless thing you can do in the normal game is watch yourself do the last mission performed. Well that's pretty much everything I can think about for Driver. It's a very fun game that'll keep you on your feet. Overall, great gameplay

CONTROLS: (9/10)

The controls for Driver are great as well. There are some bad things though that almost every vehicle combat/ action/ racing game suffer from. That my friends is steering, yes steering. Every time I would turn a sharp corner trying to get away from the bosses I'd usually tip over, make a 360 turn and then get beat by the cops. This is definitely not cool and that's why I gave this a 9. Luckily, there is a handbrake. The controls are pretty hard to learn, but you can learn most if not all controls in the training mode. O is to burnout, X is to drive, Triangle is to handbrake and Square is to brake and reverse. All the top buttons are used, but only for two things. To steer easier (doesn't help) or to change the camera view which is very good. As in most racing games, the buttons are the same for moving which is the same here. Drivers only drawback for controls is the sterring in my opinion. Overall, other than the steering the controls are very good.


Not much music to Driver, but they had some. The greatest part about this games music is that it's like Shaft. If you haven't seen nor heard of Shaft then all I have to say is you're missing out because it has some sweet beats and that's some of the music that Driver contains. I personally like the theme when the cops are chasing you. The beats and the rhythm to it is just awesome to listen to. Even though there wasn't much music, the music available is still great. The sounds for that matter are excellent. I love them! The sounds of the cars and the cops sirens are loud clear and very realistic. Also, the voiceacting is great. It sounds really good and very adult like. Good thing too, because I can't imagine Driver with Tanner having a girly voice. All of the audio is very clear and sounds very well. The cars especially sound very real with the cars engine getting louder everytime you burnout. Overall, the audio in Driver is not only clear, but it has excellent themes which are great to listen to while getting chased by cops.

GRAPHICS: (10/10)

Great looking graphics for a great game. The graphics aren't very detailed to the point where I can go in depth about it, but it still is very good graphics in my opinion. I personally like how the car shines during a night mission and how the lights flicker off and give a true feeling that you ARE the wheelman. You can change the lights and turn them on whenever you feel so basically that quote is true. You are the wheelman. The cities look accurate enough to how it really is, but the housing and building isn't the same on how it is for Los Angeles. The cars look great and so do the cops. Now I'm gonna tell you about the FMV not only in the beginning of the game but throughout the game as well. The FMVs look beautiful and it's like watching a cop movie. It's so sweet to because it's like you're associating with gangsters and the bad guys alook good and very evilish gangster type. Mainly, the backgrounds and the cars are the thing that makes the graphics good. The pedestrians on the street may not be so detailed, but you can atleast tell apart if they are boy and a girl and the civilians aren't all repetitive with different colors. Same goes towards the cars that are jsut there, like when you are driving. The greatness of the graphics in Driver is that you actually fell like you driving because it's like everyday life on the streets put into a CD. Excellent job GT Interactive! Overall, excellent graphics. This game should be made into a movie.

CHALLENGE: (10/10)

Well all games that are fun can't be easy right? Same thing applies towards Driver. This game is so hard that it isn't even funny. I will consider you good even if you pass the first stage, the training thingy (*laughs at his friend*). The levels are very hard because you have to get somewhere far in very little time with cops chasing after you. There's even road blocks made by the cop cars even when you're getting chased by cop cars. It's insane and once you see the last level oh my God you will go insane yourself! I think that the last level in the game is probably the hardest level in history of gaming. I had to beat the last level with cheats (I know most of you did too) and I can't see it being beaten without them. I think that Driver will keep you very busy and it's a long game with many difficult levels so you can be playing the game for more than a month. Overall, extreme difficulty for Driver.

REPLAY: (10/10)

Great! This game just keeps getting better huh? Well it is and another great thing that makes Driver a great game is the fact that it has a high replay value. You can go do time trial and go out and just drive around. Survival mode is very fun whenever your bored or you can challenge a friend and see who can last longer. Driver can be replayable during the normal story mode part of the game because you can choose different missions to accept and you can change the story until the ending. I think they are all the same. One maybe bad thing about Driver is that since it's so long you might not want to beat the whole game. Other than that there is nothing that is seemingly wrong with the replay value. Overall, the replay value is very high.

OVERALL: (10/10)

Driver is probably one of the funnest games on Playstation and guess what? You're in luck because the game is cheaper now and instead of $40, you could buy this for $30 or less. This is a definite must buy game, but if your like me (points to intro) then you could rent this and save yourself the trouble. Or you could wait for the sequel to Driver. Sequel? Yes, sequel. It will be called Driver 2 and I'm not sure if it will be out for either Playstation 2 or Playstation, but I know it will be on one of those. I just hope the sequel will be longer with more levels and more gangsters. Trust me this game is great and if its sequel goes down the drain then you could always turn to this one. Even though I have never heard of GT Interactive I like them because they made this. Driver is a great game and is a must buy so go out and buy this game now! Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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