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Reviewed: 01/27/00 | Updated: 01/27/00

Entertaining, but overrated.


As any review will tell you, the graphics in this game are gorgeous. They really push the Playstation's 32-bit hardware to it's limits. If you aren't used to a Dreamcast, you'll be impressed.

The only complaint in this area is the minor slowdown. And yes, I said minor slowdown. EGM really exagerrated in their review, claiming the game had ''really bad slowdown.'' Either their Playstations are old and worn, or they just needed a flaw to exploit. I don't know, but it's not a huge issue.


SOUND 7/10

The game's music is nothing special, but it's easily tolerable. Where Driver really scores in the ''Sound'' category is the sound effects. They are exciting, realistic, and help build on the 70's car-chase movie atmosphere.

Personally, I play the game with music all the way down and effects all the way up, accompanied by my own CDs.



For the most part, control is dead on. It's not too realistic, and you won't oversteer like in Gran Turismo. Your car sometimes flips over, instead. The physics are kind of wacky, however, and don't even try playing in the hidden ''Stilts'' mode. Woah!

The game includes analog and vibration support. There's nothing to complain about in this area.



Well... oftentimes this game is really fun, so I can't give it any less than a 6 out of 10. But in my opinion there are a few flaws in the gameplay.

1.) The game is too difficult for beginners. Not that this is a flaw, but I should probably warn most casual gamers to stay away. This is evident in the first training mission! However, driving-game fans and avid gamers looking for a challenge will find a lot of depth.

2.) I don't know what it is about the game, but it just gets old after awhile. It's great playing with friends, although there is no two player mode, and the mini games (especially ''Pursuit'') are great fun. Nevertheless, I found that I completely disagree with PSM's claim that this game ''has infinite replay value.'' Some of the missions are really cool and unique, such as the one where you must destroy five restaurants, but many of the rest seem too similar.

And one final note: I've heard many complaints about memory card problems with this game, although I've never experienced any myself.



I personally am not a huge fan of Driver. It was cool when I was with my friend, because we could sit down and pass the controller back and forth beating mission after mission in no time at all. And, my brother and I liked competing for the coolest wrecks in Pursuit mode.

In a nutshell, Driver is a difficult game that will keep you entertained for awhile. If the idea of making your own 70's car chase films, dealing with gangsters, and running from the cops appeals to you, then you'll find a lot to enjoy in Driver.

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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