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Reviewed: 01/05/00 | Updated: 01/05/00

A spin on Racing Games!

Driver is a very different type of racing game. No opponents, flags, or pitstops. This driving is on the streets! And trust me, its a lot funnerto go wherever you want than just turn left for 20 laps.

Story: Basically, you're an undercover cop that has to go deep within the mobto infiltrate the most dangerous organization, the Castaldi family. It's also the 70s. You're name is Tanner, and you're about to go on a bumpy ride. 10

Graphics: This game has got pretty good graphics. The car you own takeson damage, as well as putting it on other cars. The lighting affects aregreat, with night and daytime driving. And, there's nice little touches.Take a corner too fast, and you're hubcaps roll off. The buildings are kind of grainy, and there's a lot of pop-up. Also, the CG segments areterrible. 7

Modes: There's a ton of modes. You can play in the main mode, where you're undercover cop and you have to do missions. And these missions are really fun, like taking mobsters to snipe another gangster, ortaking a cat to the hospital. And, you can choose which mission you want to do to complete whichever mission you want to do. There's also mini-games. You can try to get away from the cops, chase another car, or have a barrage of veteran cops on you, hell-bent on taking you out. You can also just drive around in your car, to get the controls down. There are 4 HUGE cities to go in with any of these modes. L.A, San Fransisco, Miami, and New York. Night or day! 10

Gameplay: This is where the game shines. The control is simply incredible.You can do anything with your car that would be possible in real life.360s, reverse 180s, slalom, and much more are perfectly recreated in Driver.It's also REALLY fun to bash through police roadblocks, see cops slam infront of you at an intersection, and watch the pedestrians jump out of the way! Get a few friends, and play survival in San Fransisco. Cops are flyingover you on hills, flippin over, hitting your car so you spin 20 times in the air, it's CRAZY! 10

Sound: The sound matches the 70s theme, and the voice acting is, well, crappy. The sound effects are great, however, and it's great to heara cop slam you hard. 7

Replay Value: You'll be playing this game for a long time. You'll want to play the undercover mode many times to complete all the missions. 40+ missions in all! The replay system is great. You can actually put cameras virtually anywhere you want them! Go inside a cop car or make a nice angle from above. You'll watch these replays over and over to perfect them, andthen show them to your friends.You can also watch a nicely done replay done by the computer if you're lazy. 9

Buy/Rent: Buy this game, renting it won't give you enough time to play it ALL!


Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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