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Reviewed: 11/15/99 | Updated: 11/15/99

Not as good as it could be, but still fun

This is not a bad game at all, it can be frusterating, but its still a good game. Lets take a look at what made this game an 8.........


The first level of the game will bring you to a garage where you have to do tricks, it can be tough, but keep at it, watch the training mode if your stuck. The reason im saying this is because its the only boring and stupid part of the game. The rest is all action. It would have been cool if you could hit the people though(they run out of the way whenever you get close).

Graphics: 8/10

Nothing special about the graphics in this game, so I gave it an average score of 8/10.The people look like stick figures, which held the score back a little. The cut scenes are cool and they have good graphics so that kept it from a score of 7.

Sound: 7/10

Very chopy during the cut scenes, you can hardly understand what the're saying, but the gameplay sound effects make up for it.

Control: 8/10

Not hardat all to control the car once you have the buttons and steering right. Trying to outrun the cops is realy cool, but it can be hard to manuever with cops raming you.

Overall Gameplay: 8/10

Overall its not a bad game,The last level is realy cool, but i wont give it away. The plot unfolds nicely, moving from city to city. I just wish you could ride in all four citys on free play.

And now the answer to the age oold question: BUY OR RENT???????I would rent it first, its a little short, and it only took me 4 days to beat. I dont know how long it will take you, but i still wouldn't rush into buying it.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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