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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99


Here is my review for Driver by GT Interactive. Driver is truly a great game. You are Undercover cop Tanner, who goes Underground and becomes the wheelman for the criminals. Drive through Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and San Francisco. Over 40 missions. A lot of options, this is a huge game. It just has a few problems. Some of the missions are VERY hard. I’m doing this review just a few days after I started the Undercover mode, and some missions are hard. I’ve only beaten about the game though. I was stuck on the one where you have to catch Jesse. That was real hard. But, I found a way to do it. The other modes are pretty cool too. The cheats are okay. After you beat the game is when you get them. There’s invincibility, immunity, rear wheels, and other stuff. My favorite thing to do so far is to put Infinite damage on and play the Survival mode. It’s very cool. The Survival mode puts you up against TOUGH cops, and you have to see how long you can survive. My record without codes is 0:48:68 seconds and record with codes is 4:23:68 minutes. It’s real hard. The Pursuit mode is pretty cool. But, the only one I like is San Francisco 2. This mode you have to follow the car and ram him to take away all his damage. Getaway is a very easy mode. You just have to get away from the cops as fast as you can. It’s simple. All the other modes could bowdown, they suck! Training is fun, and it’s a good way to practice for the Job Interview (first part of Undercover Mode). It’s always fun to just take a ride around. It says you can notice many landmarks in the cities. I haven’t seen any yet. I’ve played all the levels already. You have to keep playing the Undercover mode to get to them. I hate LA, because I can’t stand playing night missions. New York’s probably the best out of all of them. One bad thing about the game is the FMV’s. They look real good, but they’re all stupid. The only good one I seen so far is when,,, never mind. . But I’ve also seen some better ones too. Other than that they are horrible. The way you get the missions is pretty cool. You have this motel room where there’s an answering machine. Before I get to that here’s what’s in the room: A answering machine to get your jobs and stuff, a VCR to save, Keys to go take a ride, A door to go to the title screen, and Options menu. On the answering machine you get missions, you could accept which ones you want. Pretty cool. What’s with that stupid FMV in the beginning, it sucked! Tanner doesn’t talk too much, so he’ll never go down as a great character. Which I think is a bad idea to not build up the main guy. I hope to beat this game and am hoping for a good ending. The storyline was kinda slow when the game started, but it’s getting better, nothing shocking really happens. I’m happy I actually beat the game. I was very close to getting killed on the President’s Run, on the try where I beat it, I flipped over and somehow got back up. That is a very hard mission. But it’s not impossible. It’s in New York and it’s raining and the weather turns really dark, so you can’t even see. And there’s TONS of cars going after you. And not just the police cars. One time I was really close but I got knocked on top of a roof and the game locked up on the roof. It’s the last level. The control can really make you mad sometimes. Sound comes in good, and the graphics are pretty descent. The Film Director was nothing of what I though it would be like. I though you’d be able to create the whole chase. But what you do is after you play a chase or mission or anything you could take it to the film director. All you can do there is change camera angles and stuff like that. It’s still pretty cool, but it could of been better. Plus, it takes two blocks on the memory card! Good thing I have Virtual Memory! It’s still innovative and there ain’t nothing wrong with that. The ending was not worth playing the game. Very bad ending. I don’t want to spoil it, though like there’s anything to spoil. I WOULD GIVE IT AN OVERALL RATING OF 9.3 OUT OF 10. YOU ARE THE WHEELMAN.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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