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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

A Great fun, but short game

Driver is probally one of the best games of the summer. It takes the classic racing style game and adds gangters and missions making it an all around fun game to play. The story line in the game is great, and you can even pick different missions to do. The only complaint is that the game seems to short. This might be just because it is so much fun to play the the time goes so fast.

Graphics: The graphics are one of the best things in Driver. The cars look real for the 70's, and the damage that appears on them also looks real. The cities of NY, LA, Miami, and Sf, are beautiful, they look great and real. The graphics also look even better when playing at night, or during thunderstorms. The lighting effect in the game are awesome, from the flashers on the police cars, to brake lights, and even the street lights shine realisticly throughout the game making it real so real while playing. The graphics are great.

Sound: The sound is probally the worst part of the game, and it is pretty good. The screeching of tires, seriens, and the sound of metal crunching is great but sometimes a little off cue. The music in the background represents the 70's and is fun to listen to while playing. The sound is clear and loud, and the best sounds come when hitting another car, making it feel real while nailing a cop car.

Control: The control is also great. The control very from when driving in rain, and when its not. The control is also very reponsive making it fairly easy to outrun the cops or swrive out of the way of on coming traffic.

Bottom Line: Buy the game it is a lot of fun to play, Undercover, or even the other modes of Hot Pursuit, Loose The Tail, and about 3 other bonus games to help you sharpen your skills, which are all part of the undercover mode. The undercover mode will keep you occupied for a while created a thrilling experience outrunning the cops. This is one of the hottest games of the summer.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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