Review by RDenson

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Big cities, cool cars and bad *ss cops sound like your kinda game??? Join the crowd!

Finally one of the most anticipated releases hits store shelves, and just in time too. Take everyones favourite racing games Gran Turismo+Destruction Derby+Grand Theft Auto and roll them into a tight little package called Driver.From the very first moment of playing, you are immersed in a huge city your choice of Miami or San Francisco and later Los Angeles and good old New York in a groovy slick 70's machine which really adds to the flava of this title. The car models are really slick and the damage system is the best in any driving game for psx i've ever seen. The best thing is the games many modes, really adding life to this title. With the main mode being undercover mode where you play Tanner a cop posing as a mob driver, you do jobs like in grand theft auto for credit rather than money. There are also several driving games like Pursuit, Getaway, Cross-town checkpoint, Trail Blazer, Survival, Dirt track, Practise and Time trial. Also there is a 'Take a ride' mode where you just drive around the city, looking for good hiding places etc. the cops still watch out for you though so be careful.If you loved G.T.A you'll love this game, cars roll, parts litter the ground, metal screeches and hubcaps fly in this near perfect game from Reflections(the team from Destruction Derby)TWO WORDS........BUY IT!!!!!

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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