Review by MBeddingfield

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Frustrating, Short, but It Pulls You In

A little bit too much hula is surrounding Driver, the game that pits you against the police and against a lot of different gangs and such like that. It is basically Grand Theft Auto (which I did not like because of the control and graphics and time limits) now of course they fixed the first two, the control is very realistic although it slides WAY too much and you get WAY too much air, well, maybe they didn't fix the control then....also, the graphics are drop-dead gorgeous, the FMV's can get very tiresome after you've seen them quite a few times cause sometimes they use the same FMV's but different sounds. The story is completly weak, it's set in the 70's, your like a ex-cop or something like that and your just trying to make a living. The ending is even more dissapointing, but it doesn't matter really. The gameplay is good enough for me. The directors mode was way too overated, it took too long to make it so I just usually said "quick replay" and that usually kinda sucked, I had too little time and tolerance for a petty little add on like that. I have more important things than making my own little movie. So just skip straight to the story mode. The story mode is full of frustration. That's what happens when you have time limits to games, your almost there and then time runs out, sometimes I found myself at .25 seconds when I am there. Also, the police make you mad, and it's like one hit to the back can send you wailing 180 degrees. The last level is the worst, since every car is faster than yours and they always bump you, I had to put on the invicibility cheat for that one level cause it was really making me mad. Oh yea, at the beginning training sucks also, just thought I'd include that for good measure. Also, all the little side games are kinda stupid also, there are a couple that are worth a little bit of your time. But there is something that draws you in and I'm not sure what it is. Overall this game could have been so much better, it was rushed out the door is all it was, they could have made it a million times better than it was, it has potential, but it lacks still. A good rent, don't buy it, you'll get tired fast.

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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