Review by DJ Fusion

Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

Awesome yank-tank-petrol-guzzlin`-line-lockin`-cop-rammin`mayhem!!

Have you ever looked at Grand Theft Auto and loved the concept but wished it was implemented better on a graphical level? Or have you ever looked at Gran Turismo and thought - these graphics rock, but wheres the attitude? Dream no more : just when I thought programmers had sqeezed every drop of the PSX`s processing power out of it, along comes another game that manages to push its genre just that little bit further. After the usual great PSX FMV intro,the first thing you will notice about Driver is the graphics. The graphics in Driver are drop-dead gorgeous - car reflections, tail-light trails at night, even the detail in your hubcap as you see it roll past you as you slide sideways around a corner are all very complex, and the car-handling, once mastered, is suberb. The soft, jelly-like suspension of these huge yank tanks has been captured perfectly as your car weight transfers smoothly from one side to another as you cross the median strip yet again to `dust that cop tail` and the inclusion of a `burn-out` button allows for lots of wheel smokin` starts, and cornerin`!. In a nutshell,this game has it all for me; mature content, a criminal element, big fat v8 cars, DAMN funky atmospheric music, cops, a cheat menu ( see my cheats in the cheat section) and lots of features to inspire a second play such as pursuit mode (chase a car) getaway mode (lose a tail)a very powerful `movie editor` to create your own replays with and many other modes. Usually you will play story mode - playing the role of an undercover cop doing jobs for the crim`s to infiltrate their gangs - with some great plot twists along the way. The cities are HUGE, you can just keep driving and exploring, the cars rock, the music rocks, the graphics and car damage looks incredible, the cars handle exactly as you think a huge 6 litre V8 yank mobile would, and the cops are really, really aggressive. The cops in NFS: Hot Pursuit look like grannies compared to the ticked off bad boys in this game. I highly recommend any game player to purchase this game, and the only reason it didn`t score 10 out of 10 is because of some clipping in the carpark areas that does NOT affect gameplay at all. " Just play it loud OK !?"

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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