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Reviewed: 09/10/01 | Updated: 09/10/01

Take part in your own Hollywood car chases!

Your steaming down the wrong side of the road, with three police cars hot on your tail - another pack of cars have created a road block up ahead, no sweat. You swerve left through the concealed alley and leave your pursuers to ram straight in to their buddies in the road block, welcome to driver...

And there lies the beauty of the game, flying around major US cities as an undercover cop performing varying tasks and missions for all sorts of dodgy characters.

The game is set in the 70's, which works excellently making you feel like you're in a Shaft movie, from the music to the lingo - and ,of course, the 'fros.

A decent car chase game has been required for a long time so it's good to know that the game is a success for its format. At first the cars feel a little heavy and slippery, but you quickly get the feel for the hulking pieces of metal and soon are gliding round the city with the grace of a swan or a ballet dancing chicken - something graceful anyway.

After you complete the initial training phase you get jobs by people leaving you messages on your answer machine, a neat little touch and innovative interface, but it can get a little irritating if you're low on patience. Once you choose your mission, a quick cut scene and then it's out to the car and on with the job. Navigating the cities can prove a bit of a challenge, but the map system is very effective once you get the hang of it.

Why, then, does the game only get 8 out of 10 - well there are flaws with the game. The main problem is a total lack of balance. Some missions can take hours of play to complete while others can be done in a matter of seconds. Another problem is the AI of the other road users. The cops go on a kamikaze mission if they clock you speeding by a couple of mph and will kill themselves if you are on the other side of a wall from them. The other road users are just infuriating and just seem to weave from lane to lane with absolutely no cause or purpose and don't seem to know the highway code most of the time.

The main purpose of the game though is to take part in all the hollywood car chases you've always dreamed of being in and you can have a great time in doing it.

Gameplay - 8/10
Has great gameplay and is very addictive, but can also be very frustrating which can be a very dangerous combination.

Graphics 7/10
Not the prettiest looking racer out there. Suffers from slowdown occasionally when things get a bit busy and the pop up is a bit painful, but does the job fine.

Sound 9/10
The music is excellent, the sound effects are top notch but there are no screeching tyre sounds for some reason. The voice actors are quite good too.

Lifespan 8/10
It doesn't take too long to complete the main story mode, but there are a lot of driving games, training modes and there is an excellent film director mode so that you can view your wild exploits in the true hollywood style

So there you have it Driver is a great game and is well worth the money, as it is available on budget price. If you're loaded Driver2 is probably a better buy, but you definitely need one of these games in your collection.

So get out there and buy it licketty-split pussycat!


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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