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Reviewed: 09/12/00 | Updated: 09/12/00

Duke boys ain't got nothing on Tanner!!!

(We see a allyway filled with trash cans, ladder, boxes, etc. then suddenly a car come roaring down thee ally knocking over anything in it way. We then zoom in through the window and find that the driver is...)

Greettings, fellow gamers, just your friendly neighborhood reviewer, Funk Punk, outrunning some police. Hey look like I lost them. (a police car suddenly sideswipes the car sending the vechile him twirling down the street. Punk is able get it back under control). Darn cops, anyway am here do a review, wheater I am chase by the police or Helen Hunt. So let get to it.

Eye-candy/9: A sight to behold, the graphics in Driver rocks. Reflections (the creators) did wonders with the lighting effects and damaging when the cars get hits. My only complant is the cities which look flat but very life-like. Well done, guys.

Noise/10: Outstanding. The music blends in perfectly with the 70's mood and the chases you get into. If your a first timer, you love it as soon as you turn the system on.

(Punk canreen down the street almost losing his tail. But another cop is coming down the street in front of him. Punk quickly moves to left, then the right. Sending the cop crashing into the tail behind him.)

Skinny/9: Playing as Tanner, a ex-racer turn cop, your sent undercover to find a mysterious ''french man'' and stop whatever plans he creating. Since your a racing man, you must do driving missions for the crimanal underground. The story really keep the game going and pull you in big time.

Core/9: Excellent, just plan excellent all the way. The game start off with a ''interview'' where you have to pull off certain moves to get to the real game. It frusting for begaineers, but once they learns all the moves. It pays off big time. The game itself is too cool. The job you do really fell like your working for the mob. They range from pick up and deliver to ramming cars and buildings, even rescuing someone from a bullent to the head. You got play to see what am talking about.

(Suddenly, there a road block in front of Punk's car and things start to look grim. But Punk notice a beetle car and start to get smart. Using the back of the car as a ramp, Punk flys over the road block and down the street.)

All in all: Driver is a very cool car game and step forward for racing games. Let the N64 and Dreamcast have the bettles and taxi's. This is the real stuff right here. Well that all for now. This is Funk Punk saying ''Excuse me while I get my beautiful rear out of here.'' ( Punk drives up a hill and jumps in the air while the sun rises).

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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