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Reviewed: 09/03/00 | Updated: 09/03/00

Ive been waiting all my life for a game like this...


Is this the best racing game for Playstation? Yeah! It blows all the other racing games miles high. Except this isn't your average racing game... actually its not even a racing game, but like its a name, its a driving game. Enough of this crap, lets goto the review.

Gameplay: 10

This game is really fun, and should keep you playing for a few days. There’s 3 (or 4?) cities to; speed in, cruise through, ram cars in, destroy stuff in, or even get some air in. At the main menu there’s plenty of choices, but the main thing is the ''Undercover'' section. Go in there and you'll be in some interview area. This is where a lot of people get thrown off and automatically criticize the game. The interview part is hard. I recommend actually going to the ''training'' section in the main menu and it will teach you all the different moves. If your having trouble finding stuff in the main menu, try pressing ''left'' or ''right'' :D. After the interview you get blasted away with coolness. The first mission is simply to get to one destination to the other without wrecking your car. Sounds simple but its not, because cops are everywhere. In some missions where you don’t have a timer, you can trick the cops by slowing down and following the laws when they get near, then start speeding again when they leave... idiots, lol. Once you get past the interview however, you appear in your motel room (rundown...) and you presented with a few options. The most important one is the awnsering machine. You get new missions by listening to it and accepting them. Watch out for lunatics that like to waste the tape on it though.

Graphics, music, and sound: 10
Graphics are so real looking, and that can be important for games like this. Its the kinda graphics that pull you in and wont let you escape. Not much music in the game. The only sections that play music is the main menu and the missions. The music rocks though. It fits the missions well. Good beats that don’t stick to your head and annoy you the whole day. The sound effects also pull you in, lock the door, and swallow the key. One time I actually thought I was driving and got scared. Only for a half second though.

Control: 10
I see nothing wrong the controls. Much better than some racing games I know *coughrush2cough*. Instead of the tedious stereotype ''whenever you get to a corner slowdown to 10 mph so you don’t go barreling into the wall'', this game improves that drastically into a ''whenever you get to a corner, skid as fast as you can across the corner and watch your tires burn''. The controls are real easy to maneuver. In one second you can be going down the road at a 100 mph and the next few seconds you can be going in reverse. So experienced controller users will find themselves escaping the cops frequently.

Story: 10
This story is just like the rest of the game, it rules. The story fits with the rest of the game very well. Your an undercover cop named ''Tanner'' trying to bust the criminals. So you work for them. And that’s the reasons for the missions. Obviously the other cops don’t realize your working undercover. Either that or their just stupid. The story unfolds into surprises and twists to keep you interested.

Fun: 10
Another 10? Yeah! Fun is what makes a game. If a game has awesome graphics, cool sound, great music, rockin storyline, best control ever, but its no fun, then it sucks. This game defines fun. Go ahead, look in the dictionary and look up ''fun''. It should mention something about this game. The missions are challenging, but not impossible and not too frustrating. Also, if your having trouble with a mission, usually there’s multiple missions, so just go on with the next one. Best of all, is a great feature that really makes this game fun. After you've completed a mission, you might think to yourself, ''Man that rocked! So many cool crashes and stuff! If only I replay that...'' Well, not only can you do that, you can save it to your memory card! That’s not all! The best part of it all, is that it has a ''film editor''. So you can create your own chase scenes! You can have an ''Americas Dangerous Police Chases'' right on your own memory card!! The way this works is simple once you get used to it. Your presented with a replay of your mission. Then there are several options. The most important ones are ''Advance Frame'' and ''Add Camera''. You can add so many different cameras... A tripod (one that sits there) A zoom tripod (one that sits in one place, but follows the car) a chase camera (one that follows the car at any angle) and an inside view camera (you can have the inside view of your own car, or one of a car chasing you). Combine these to form the ultimate chase scene!

Replay value: 10
Yet another 10! Replay value is one of the hardest sections for a game. After you beat this game, you'll find yourself coming back, starting a new game, making more chase scenes, ramming into some punks car, running from the police, and much more!

Overall: 10 (not an average)
A perfect score. This is... a perfect game! PERFECT!! Perfection shines throughout this masterpiece!!

Buy, rent, or ignore?
BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY BUY!!!!! If all the above wont satisfy you then read it again! Seriously, don’t rent, don’t ignore, buy. Buy it, now. Quit reading this review and buy it.

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Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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