PlayStation DexDrive Save (North America)

Save Game File03/02/02YoD131K
Disc 2, Level 39, Bazaar, Ready to battle the Demon Lord, items already obtained from Grand Slum.
Save Game File03/02/02YoD131K
Disc 2, Level 39, Grand Slum, Ready to battle the Demon Lord
Save Game File11/11/01wdg8131K
Disk One is about half finished. The Dharma Temple has been finished. Level 17.
Save Game File11/29/01arcaneja19K
End of Disc 2. Fair levels/Job levels and the Immigrant Town is in final form as the Grand Temple
Save Game File12/01/01wdg8131K
End of Disk Two. Just beat the Dragon Lord. Level 42.
Save Game File01/06/04Exdeath19K
End of the game, high levels, have Melvin, best weapons/items/classes mastered, most secrets done
Save Game File01/22/11kanato128K
Just freed Dharma, level 15, all human classes mastered.
Save Game File12/18/01MRoozenboom19K
Just got done with Loomin. Have around 27 immigrants.
Save Game File06/29/03darkentity131K
Main character lv 9 Saved in Orph present, ready to go to the Falrod region. (walkthru used so nothing missing up to this point)
Save Game File11/25/01wdg8131K
Near the end of Disk One. Coastal is finished. Level 27.
Save Game File03/08/03Lee1131K
Saved before final boss. Shard at end of game gotten. Lv 70ish for all characters (Save Marbiel). Both bonus dungeons not beaten yet.
Save Game File11/25/01wdg8131K
Start on Disk Two. Level 35.
Save Game File12/28/01warlordace131K
The character's level's are 99, all human classes mastered, all monsters found, the sim city is city is a Grand Farm(with God in the town), Orgodemir and God have been beaten, found 110 tiny medals.

PlayStation PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save (ZIP) (North America)

Save Game File10/31/10ItchyD3K
Immigrant town as Casino form, saved at first bonus dungeon right before God, strong party
Save Game File10/31/10ItchyD3K
Immigrant town in Bazaar form
Save Game File01/29/09blade391942K
Main Hero {Ryu} at earliest save with max money

PlayStation DexDrive Save (Japan)

Save Game File08/16/17DeliciousBurger131K
Saved in Dharma Arena. Level 13, have lots of items.

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