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Immigrant Town FAQ by Sanctus Evanidus

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 04/29/2002

Dragon Warrior VII Immigrant Town Guide/FAQ Version 1.6
by Michaƫl Tousignant (Sanctus Evanidus)

Section 0: Revisions History
Section 1: The Immigrant Town (General Information)
Section 2: Immigrant spawn spots
                -> Immigrant spawn spots
                -> Permanent immigrants spots
Section 3: Town Phases
Section 4: Town Management
Section 5: Possible Final Forms
                -> Farm
                -> Slum
                -> Bazaar
                -> Cathedral
                -> Normal Town
Section 6: Tips for getting final forms
Section 7: FAQ
Section 8: Credits
Section 9: Copyright + Contact information

Section 0: Revisions History

04/29/02 - Version 1.6 - Added permanant immigrants names and did a few minor 
corrections/additions. Added rumors about another permanant immigrant spot and 
about save/resets. Also did some sorting in the immigrants spots list to make 
reading easier.

01/29/02 - Version 1.5 - New immigrant spot added (Thanks to 
IHateYourScreenName/Dennis/Sky Render), also added a 'Credits' section and did 
various other small changes and additions (too long to list)

01/19/02 - Version 1.4 - New immigrant spot added (Thanks to CronoLV99), also 
did some minor corrections.

01/12/02 - Version 1.3 - New immigrant spot added (Thanks to rmilan again), a 
few small mistakes were corrected and a question was added to the FAQ.

01/11/02 - Version 1.2 - A new immigrant spot was added (Thanks to rmilan)

01/07/02 - Version 1.1 - New immigrant spot added (Thanks to vertigoRI) and 
another one that was forgotten by me. Pointed out which immigrant spots were 
the bests for forcing an immigrant spawn. Also added two questions to the FAQ 
and a few extra notes in answer to questions seen after the initial release.

01/06/02 - Version 1.0 - Initial Release

Section 1: The Immigrant Town (General Information)

Early in the game, you'll meet an old man named Sim on an island southeast of 
Fishbel in the present. He will request your help to find people who could 
join him in his dream which is to build a town.

These people, that we'll call "immigrants", can be found at many different 
locations in the world. When you first meet Sim, there won't be much of these, 
but this will increase at you advance in the game.

Section 2: Immigrant spawn spots

At the following locations, you'll be able to meet immigrants to which you'll 
be able to tell about Sim's town. These immigrants appear randomly, sometimes 
you'll see one, sometimes you won't. To force them to appear simply keep 
entering/exiting the room.

Once you 'see' an immigrant at a spot, no matter what you do (e.g. even if you 
recruit him or don't talk to him at all), no more immigrants will spawn at 
this specific spot until you save/reset the game. (However, I heard rumors that 
its actualy possible to see them again at a spot without save/reset, but havn't 
tested it yet due to lack of time. To do so, you'd need to see an immigrant 
somewhere else and/or rest at a inn)

Note: Immigrants only appear in the present

Estard: 2nd floor of the Inn/Pub
Rexwood: Inn*
Engow: Inn
  - Inn*
  - Item shop*
  - Inn
  - Church*
Mentare: Old house on the path leading to the monastery*
Verdham Ruins: In the west part of the area
Inn/Pub near Dharma: In the basement/pub* (not the well)
Mezar: Inn*
Dune Village: Inn**
Krage: Inn*
  - Inn*
  - Church*
  - Inn
  - Pub
Sphinx: Second floor, past the ladder*
  - Armor shop*
  - Inn*
Loomin: Inn* (Room with beds, not in front of the table)
Loomin Ruins: Western part of the town? (unchecked)
  - Inn
  - Church*
  - 2nd floor of the NW tower in the castle* (Right under the guest room which 
    is where the parents of the king used to be in the past)
Great Fane (south of Mardra): Underground* (Upon entering Mardra, enter the 
    door on the other side of the stairs (rotate the camera). The immigrant 
    will appear in the room right after going down the stairs)
Gorges: Inn*
Labress: Inn
  - 2nd floor of the inn*
  - 2nd floor of the church*
  - basement of the armor shop*
The tunnel in the mountains connecting the "Archeological Dig side" and the 
one with the Lake Altar: At the eastern entrance*

Total known normal spawn spots: 32

* You can see the immigrant upon entering the room or from stairs in this same 
room with the 'right camera angle'. (Good spots when doing in/out to force an 
immigrant spawn)

** Worse spots for doing in/out, avoid them.

(Note: Others require only a little walking and still can be good)

 - Permanent immigrants spots -

There are (as far as I know) five 'special' immigrant spots where you'll meet 
only one immigrant who will have a specific profession and name. They'll 
always be present, no matter if you leave the room, they'll wait until you 
tell them about the town. Once you do, they will stay permanently in your 
town, you'll never be able to get rid of them even if you want to. The best is 
to recruit them only at the end when it become really hard to find immigrants. 
(Keep reading to learn more)

Dharma: Second Floor (Nurar the Trader)
Mezar: Between the Inn and the Church (Elena the Dancer)
Church near Hamelia: Inside (Sara the Sister)
Loomin: Inn, sitting at the table (Bean the Farmer)
Lefa/Wind Fane (North of Gorges): Back room near the barrels (Jissa the Priest)

Total known permanant spots: 5

Rumor: I've received e-mails mentioning a spot with another permanant immigrant
appearing somewhere in Mt. Flame. It is suposed to be only avaible at a certain
point in the game. (I've checked carefully at the end of disc 1 and end of disc
2 and didn't find it. If he is avaible, it should be at some specific point in
disc 2) Note: It is suposed to be a Warrior (which is not useful for any of 
the special final forms)

Section 3: Town phases

As you progress in the game, you'll be able to find more and more immigrants. 
In disk 1, you'll be able to find up to 27 immigrants and near the end of 
disk 2, up to 40. (The final forms of the town give you some of the best items 
in the game so it's normal)

1-4 immigrants: Nothing special but Sim will comment on the last immigrant.
5-9: Sim will ask you to name the town. He'll first suggest three names based 
on the Hero's name and if you refuse for each, he'll let you find a name. Sim 
will then move to his house outside town.
10-14: Start to have some buildings
15-19: A store, selling useless stuff, comes in.
20-24: An inn is added and you are now able to "manage" the town (keep reading 
for more information)
25-29: Church added, more shops comes in. (also selling useless stuff)
30-34: Bank added and shops start selling better stuff (still not great)
35-40: Final form (the final form will change based on which immigrants you 
recruited, keep reading for more info)

Important note: Be sure to carefully search each forms of the town that are 
before 20 immigrants because you'll never be able to these forms back. (Some 
have TinyMedals) For those after 20, you can always kick immigrants out (see 
Town Management below) to get them back at any time.

Section 4: Town Management

When your town reach 20+ immigrants, when you talk to Sim in his house you'll 
get a few options:

 1. "Residents"
        Will show a list of immigrants currently living in your town with 
their name, origin and type/profession

 2. "Exchange"
        Allow you to trade immigrants with a friend's Dw7 save. All you need 
is to put the memory card with your current adventure journal in your first 
card slot and the one with your friend in your second. You'll then have to 
choose which immigrants you want to swap.

         - You can't trade immigrants with your own saves, you'll need to start 
           a new (different) game if you want to do it.
         - You can't trade back immigrants you received by trading until you 
           save/reset the game.
         - You can have duplicate immigrants by doing this and it "shouldn't" 
           cause any problems (e.g immigrants with same name)
         - You can't trade permanent immigrants (see permanent immigrants 
           spots list above)

 3. "Asks to move"
        This allow you to kick an immigrant out of town. When selected, you'll 
get a small list of three immigrants to chose from (if you want to keep these 
three, hit cancel and select 'Asks to move' again to get a new list).

         - Sim warn you that if you kick an immigrant out, it will never come 
           back. Well that's not true, you may see it again at any immigrant 
           spawn spots one day.
         - You can't kick immigrants you just received from trading (exchange) 
           you'll need to save/reset the game first.
         - You can't kick permanent immigrants. (see permanent immigrants 
           spots list above)
         - You can't kick anyone if you only have 24 immigrants or less in 
           your town. Sim will tell you that no one wants to leave.

Section 5: Possible Final Forms

When you get over 35 immigrants, your town will get its final form which can 
vary based on what kind of immigrants are in your town. For example, if your 
town have at least 21 merchants/traders and a total of 35+ people, it will 
become a bazaar where you'll be able to buy a lot of things. (Note: After 
reaching a final form, if you wish to get a different one, you can kick 
everyone out and try to replace the immigrants to match the requirements of 
another final form. It is possible to get each of them in a same game but 
it is hard (see the tips section below for help))

Below you'll see a list of the five possible final forms of the town, their 
requirements and what they can give you. I added a description to important 
items among with a list of who can equip them for equipments. (A=Aira, H=Hero, 
G=Gabo, Mb=Maribel, Mv=Melvin):

Note: When a requirement ask for X of this kind/this one/and this one, you 
always need at least one of each a total of X. (Ex: 6 sailors/prisoners mean 
you need at least 1 sailor and 1 prisoner and in total (prisoner+sailor) you 
need 6.

 - Farm -

Requirements: 13 farmers, 10 halflings/bulls/horses/pigs (cats aren't needed)

Treasures: Boxer, Leather Boxer, Dung, LifeAcorn, TinyMedal, Rib

General Store:
 - Sickle Sword, 1700 G
 - Hacksaw Sword, 8800 G
 - Monster Fangs, 17000 G
 - Oricon's Fangs, 30000 G (135 ATK, 37 APR (G))
 - Boxer, 100 G
 - Leather Boxer, 310 G
 - LifeRock, 800 G

Sim's diary: "Page 210 - The once promising 'town name' has gradually turned 
into a farming collective. It's surprising, but could this be a sign of the 
times? Life on a plantation is no life at all. Regardless, there's nothing I 
can do about it."

 - Slum -

Requirements: 10 bunny(girls)/mixers/dancers, 8 bullies, 6 sailors/prisoners

Treasures: STRseed, DEFseed x 2, LifeAccorn, Dung, Bunny Ears, TinyMedal x 2 
160, 16 and 7 Gold.

Armor shop:
 - Viking Armor, 7000 G
 - Dance Armor, 6300 G (37 DEF, 38 APR, Often dodge attacks (A,Mb))
 - Silk Coat, 7800 G
 - Spangle Dress, 11500 G
 - Garter, 3300 G
 - Tights, 2200 G
 - Bunny Ears, 750 G

Weapon shop:
 - Power Claws, 7100 G
 - Shears Axe, 6000 G
 - Dragon Whip, 7500 G
 - Flame Boomerang, 13000 G
 - Seduce Sword, 9800 G
 - Devil Sword, 45000 G (110 ATK, Not cursed but user may lose turns (A,H))

Casino prizes:
 - Trendy Mail, 2000 Coins
 - Starry Ring, 15000 Coins (5 APR, Double user AGL (All))
 - MetlKing Armor, 30000 Coins (115 DEF, 47 APR, Abate flame and cold (A,H,Mv))
 - RainHawk Spirit, 100000 Coins
 - Wreck whip, 300000 Coins (125 ATK, 26 APR, Attack all Enemies (A,H,G))
 - Dream Camisole, 500000 Coins (73 DEF, 88 APR, Sometimes make enemies lose 
turns like for the TeenIdol Class and change Maribel's look (Mb))

 - ...and various lucky panel prizes: You mostly get the same things as in 
Coastarl's casino but rare things appear more frequently. There is only a 
"few" new treasures that "for most" you can easily buy at the disk 2 shops or 
the slum's casino normal prizes. The main use of this lucky panel is probably 
to get "kind of" rare monster spirits (like Andreal) with more ease than in 

Sim's diary: "Page 350 - The casinos in this town are highly attractive, as 
are the women that they have drawn. I've grown addicted to both. But despite 
the robust local economy, crime has begun to run rampant throughout 
'town name'. Unsavory characters are everywhere, and I dread leaving home."

 - Bazaar -

Requirements: 21 merchants/traders

Treasures: TinyMedal, MysticNut, Wyvern Spirit, Life Ring (5 DEF, 8 APR, 
Heal HP while walking (All)), 160 Gold

Monsters: MadPot x 2

Weapon shop:
 - Dragon Whip, 7500 G
 - Flame Claws, 7700 G
 - Platinum Sword, 3000 G
 - Tempt Sword, 7300 G
 - Bow Gun, 37000 G (110 ATK, 25 APR (A,H))
 - MetlKing Sword, 37000 G (130 ATK, 40 APR (A,H,Mv,Mb))

Armor shop:
 - Party Dress, 11800 G
 - Silk Tuxedo, 3500 G
 - Trendy Mail, 13200 G
 - Turban, 410 G
 - Silk hat, 1200 G
 - Tights, 2200 G
 - Bow Tie, 2400 G 

Item shop:
 - Herb, 8 G
 - Antidote, 10 G
 - MoonHerb, 30 G
 - SpiderWeb, 35 G
 - Star Ort, 500 G
 - LifeRock, 800 G
 - Speed Ring, 3100 G

Item shop #2:
 - Slime Ring, 850 G
 - Slime Clothes, 1200 G
 - Slime Armor, 15000 G
 - MetlKing Shield, 10000 G (70 ATK, 40 APR, Reduce various damage (A,H,G,Mv))
 - SeaShell Hat, 250 G

Special Shop (with waiting lines, can only keep one copy of the item)
 - Rib, 694 G

Sim's diary: "Page 275 - Today, I was able to purchase a wonderful item from a 
new store. Now that business is flourishing, 'town name' will grow bigger than 
ever. But it saddens me that a better balance between commerce and habitation 
could not be found. The town is so full of shops that there is no room for 
houses anymore."

 - Cathedral -

Requirements: 20 priests/sisters

Treasures: None

General store:
 - Herb, 8 G
 - Antidote, 10 G
 - Repellent, 20 G
 - Potion, 200 G
 - LifeRock, 800 G
 - Wizard Ring, 3000 G
 - Vivify Cane, 45000 G (66 ATK, 38 APR, Cast Vivify if used in battle (Mv,Mb))

General store #2:
 - Wind Cane, 1000 G
 - Holy Spear, 3300 G
 - Sage Cane, 15000 G
 - Lune Fan, 7700 G
 - Sun Fan, 22000 G (110 ATK, 49 APR, Attack a group (A,Mb))
 - Spirit Armor, 12000 G
 - Water Clothes, 16800 G

Sim's Diary: "Page 250 - The city has grown bloated with clergy. The women 
that have been drawn to this town are so cold and demure. I went to the temple 
again this morning. It's become a part of my daily ritual. Every day, I pray 
for God to annihilate the religious zealots that now choke the roads of 
'town name'. I pray that they all die suffering."

 - Normal Town -

Requirements: Anything else (Before getting any other town, there is good 
chances that you'll first see that one, easiest final town to get)

Treasures: Traveler's Clothes, TinyMedal, King's Armor (105 DEF, 60 APR (A)), 
? Shard.

Monsters: DorasBox (Be careful about this one)

Weapon shop:
 - Destruct Sword, 5400 G
 - Dragon Whip, 7500 G
 - Flame Claws, 7700 G
 - Lune Fan, 7700 G
 - War Hammer, 12000 G
 - Hero's Staff, 18500 G (103 ATK, 60 APR, Cast Barrier if used in battle (Mv))

Armor shop:
 - Steel Armor, 5000 G
 - Wizard Robe, 4200 G
 - Magic Armor, 11000 G
 - Mirror Armor, 38000 G (95 DEF, 50 APR, Sometimes reflect magics (A,H))
 - Dragon Shield, 7100 G
 - Platinum Helm, 6100 G
 - Great Helm, 30000 G (45 DEF, 30 APR (A,H))

Item shop:
 - Herb, 8 G
 - Antidote, 10 G
 - MoonHerb, 30 G
 - SpiderWeb, 35 G
 - WarpWing, 25 G
 - Repellent, 20 G

Sim's diary: "Page 100 - The road has been long, but my dream has finally come 
true. 'Town name' is now a great city. Melancholy has begun to set in. As the 
days pass, it seems the city slips further and further from my hands."

Section 6: Tips for getting final forms

The "normal" form is easy to get but for the other "specific" ones, it can 
really be a pain because the more immigrants you get, the harder they get to 
find and the more immigrants you get of the same type, the rarer this type 

For example, if you have like 19 merchants/traders and a total of 37 immigrants 
and are hoping to get your 2 last merchants/traders, you're wasting your time! 

Read these tips:

1. The less immigrants you have in your town, the easier it will be to get 
them to spawn. Kick all the people you don't need out of your town until you 
meet the requirements of the final form you want.

2. Don't recruit immigrants you don't need (you'll just end up kicking them 
out) ignore them and wait to see the right ones.

3. Based on #1 and #2, you must not keep immigrants for multiple final towns 
at the same time. For example: Don't get all the traders/merchants and 
priests/sisters you find in order to first get a Bazaar, destroy it, and then 
get more priests/sisters to get a Cathedral. Having more immigrants will lower 
chances for new ones to spawn and it will become very hard to get the last 3-4 
immigrants you need to finish meeting the requirement of a specific town.

4. Keep permanent immigrants for last (see Permanent Immigrants Spots), these 
immigrants will always be waiting for you. So if you are missing 
1 merchant/trader, instead of taking 3 hours trying to find the one you need 
by doing multiple in/outs in various locations to get the right immigrant to 
spawn (e.g. at the point where it is the hardest). Just go get the permanent 
trader who should be waiting at Dharma.

5. If you wish to get many of the final forms and are on your second game, 
use your old game save to put your extra immigrants. (Ex: If you want a Bazaar 
and a Cathedral, keep all the merchants/traders you find and exchange your 
sister/priest for useless immigrants or merchants/traders from your old save. 
(kick the useless one) This way, once you get your Bazaar, you'll then be able 
to trade your merchants/traders for your sisters and priest and go for your 

6. If you wish to "cheat" and have two different game save. Simply do a backup 
save of one of your game, with your different one get immigrants from it and 
then trade them with the original. (You can do another and another backup 
after which can make you end up with 40 copies of the same immigrant) I 
strongly suggest you don't do this (it may even end up causing bugs) play 
fair :)

Section 7: FAQ

Q: All this immigrant town stuff look hard and time consuming, do I need to 
put work in this to finish the game?

A: No, but you'll need to at least the "normal" final immigrant town (which is 
very easy to get) to be able to access to the second bonus dongeon (? shard).
However, I strongly recommend you do get at least one of the special town 
since most of these give some of the best equipements in the game as well as 
extra TinyMedals that you 'might' need if you missed many.

Q: I only want to get two of the final forms for the town. The normal one
because it is easy to get and another one... which one should I get?

A: Well, this is hard to say... You should check the item list each town offer
and make your own choice. Here is some pointer for the most important items...

   If you don't get the Bazaar, you won't be able to get multiple MetlKing 
shields for all your characters (excluding Maribel). This shield is very useful 
since it reduce all kind of damages and it also have the best DEF for shields. 
Also, you won't be able to get the MetlKing Sword which is a good (better 
exists however) weapon for everyone except Gabo.

   If you don't get the Slum, you won't get any Starry ring (double AGL, it can
easily help you to become faster than metal/fast monsters with 255+ AGL) or 
the MetlKing Armor (one of the best armor in the game but I personally prefer 
the Sacred Armor). Note: You can also get a Wreck Whip in the Slum which is, 
I think, the best weapon for Gabo after the Oricon's Fangs. (You'd need to get 
the Farm to obtain the Oricon's Fang which don't worth the trouble)

   Anyway, if you really want only one of the four special town, I'd suggest
you get the Bazaar, the MetlKing Shields really worth it.

Q: I'm before the last dungeons, have 33 immigrants in my town and I can't 
find more!

A: After 33 it becomes really hard to see new immigrants. Just go at a 
immigrant spawn spot where you can easily see the exact spot from the entrance 
and keep doing in/out until you see one. (These spots are marked by an 
asterisk in the Immigrant spawn spots list)

Q: I'm in disk 1, I have 27 immigrants and I can't find more!

A: The immigrants limit in disk 1 is 27, you'll need to wait until near the 
end of disk 2 to get more.

Q: I'm trying to get a Bazaar, I have 19 merchants/traders and I'm not seeing 
any more of them!

A: Keep searching, there is sadly not much more to say. (You may also want to 
have a look at the tips section to make searching faster.)

Q: At which location does "this kind" of immigrant appear the most?

A: It's totaly random, this spot or this one... It doesn't matter.

Q: I've been exchanging a lot of immigrants between my different games saves 
and for some reasons I can't trade anymore! They just stopped being listed in 
the Exchange window, I can't even kick anyone!. I've tried reseting the game 
multiple times but nothing happen... Bug? *sniff*

A: I don't think it is a bug but to solve the problem, load each of these 
games, enter and exit their Immigrants Town and save/reset. (All the immigrants 
should appear on the list now) - If it don't work, try to rest at the inn too.

Q: Some of the immigrants I recruited just don't want to leave my town! 
I don't need them anymore but the game won't let me kick or exchange them.

A: It may be because you recruited some of the permanent immigrants (see 
permanent immigrants list), you can't do anything about it. It may also be 
because you are trying to kick or exchange again immigrants you just 
exchanged, in this case, just save/reset the game and try again.

Q: I started a new game. If I name my hero and the town the same as I did in 
my previous game, will I still be able to exchange immigrants between the two?

A: Yes.

Q: Is there any other special town I can get? For example if I get a town with 
a lot of warriors/swordmans/soldiers, will I get something like battle arena?

A: If there was any other towns, after all the time the japanese version of the 
game was released, someone would have discovered them. So no.

Q: So are people like, warrior, scholar, cats etc... Totaly useless?

A: Yes, they arn't needed to reach any special town. Yet you might want to use 
them to reach a total of 35 immigrants after you meet the requirement of the
special town you want or to simply quickly get the normal final town.

Q: I discovered a new town!!!! I found a medal, a curselamp heart and more! 
And it is not listed in your FAQ!

A: It is not a 'final' town. You have 30-34 immigrant which mean you have one 
of the intermediate town (see Town Phases section). Get 35+ immigrants. I did 
not find it useful to list the treasures of intermediate towns since you don't 
have to "choose" if you want these towns or not because you'll get them while 
reaching the final form.

Q: I got the normal final town but I didn't find the King's Armor, the ? shard 
etc... Instead I found a Curselamp heart and some other stuff. What's wrong?

A: See the question above.

Q: Hey dude, can you send me Dex drive saves with "this and these" immigrants? 
Please! I'd really appreciate it!

A: No! (I don't even have a dex drive anyway)

Q: Do you know any GameShark codes to get specific immigrants?

A: No! (I don't even have a GameShark anyway)

Section 8: Credits

I must thanks VertigoRI for telling me about the spawn point in the Sphinx, 
CronoLV99 for the spawn point in the inn of Probina, rmilan for the one in the 
tunnel east of Lk. Altar and the non-permanant spot in Loomin's Inn, and 
finaly, IHateYourScreenName, Dennis and Sky Render for telling about the one 
at the Great Fane. Thanks.

I'd also like to thanks my cat for supporting me while writting this small FAQ.

Section 9: Copyright + Contact information

This Guide/FAQ is Copyright (C) 2002 Sanctus Evanidus, if you wish to use it 
for your site, please contact me first. Do not use it for anything else and do 
not change its content. Moreover, do not use it anything giving any sort of 

If you have any problem, requests or wish to contribute (you'll be credited of 
course), feel free to email me at evanidus@videotron.ca


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