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FAQ/Walkthrough by Shdwwrym

Version: 4.0 | Updated: 03/06/2002

by Mike Mawhinney (Shdwwrym@uymail.com)

The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at GameFAQs.com!

1. Updates
2. Disk 1 Walkthrough
   A. A Beginning in Fishbel
   B. The City of Estard
   C. Fanes and Shards
   D. When Are We?
   E. The God of Flame
   F. Solid When Wet
   G. The White Wolf of Orph
   H. Eri the MechSoldier
   I. Love's Labors, Lost and Found
   J. A Guardian's Decision
   K. Classes Are In Session
   L. The Sphinx, the Demon Lord, and the Dark Contact Lenses
   M. The Sacred Tree of Krage
   N. Time Repeats Time Repeats
   O. Cold Flood, HotStone
   P. The Priest and the Goddess Statue
   Q. The Many Trials of Loomin
   R. The Ultimate Magic
   S. Spirit Statues and BlissRocks
   T. The Truth About Lies
   U. The Great Lighthouse of Coastal
   V. God Verses the Demon Lord
3. Disk 2 Walkthrough
   A. God's Revival *NEW*
   B. The Sealing of Fishbel *NEW*
   C. The Flame Spirit *NEW*
   D. The Terra Spirit *NEW*
   E. The Wind Spirit *NEW*
   F. The Aqua Spirit and the Fall of the Demon Lord *NEW*
   G. Wrath of God: The First Bonus Dungeon *INCOMPLETE*
4. Lists
   A. Weapons *UPDATED*
   B. Armor *UPDATED*
   C. Shields *UPDATED*
   D. Helmets *UPDATED*
   E. Accessories *UPDATED*
   F. Items *UPDATED*
   G. Shops *UPDATED*
   H. Monsters *UPDATED*
   I. Experience Tables *UPDATED*
   J. Human Classes *UPDATED*
   K. Monster Classes *UPDATED*
5. Extras
   A. Shards *UPDATED*
   B. TinyMedals *UPDATED*
   C. Casinos
   D. Immigrant Town *UPDATED*
   E. Monster Park *UPDATED*
6. Credits *UPDATED*
7. Contact Information
8. Copyright Information

1. Updates
4.0 - 3/6/2002.   Birthday update! Beaten the game, and left the guide at the
                  end of the first bonus dungeon. More revisions in several
                  areas, as well as updating nearly every part of the guide.
3.0 - 1/23/2002.  Completed the guide up to the start of disk 2. Lots more
                  revisions, and I added sections on Human and Monster Classes,
                  as well as a Monster Park section, and a Credits section.
2.0 - 11/16/2001. Completed the guide up to heading for the present Dharma.
                  Lots of general revision work, added a TinyMedal section,
                  added a Casino section, added a section for the Immigrant
                  Town, and updated all other areas.
1.0 - 11/4/2001.  Started this guide! Completed up to the northwest Red
                  Pedestal being successfully put together.

2. Disk 1 Walkthrough

2A. A Beginning in Fishbel
Items: 1G, 2G x 2, 3G x 2, 4G, 5G, 10G x 2, 110G, AmitDonut, AmitSnack x 2,
       Antidote, Cloth, DEFseed, Fish Sub, FishPaste, HairBand, Herb x 6,
       Leather Hat.

"Phew... Let's call it a day and head back to the castle. Where's that exit...?
Oh, here it is. Push up on your side. Remember, this is our secret! My father
mustn't find out!" As the game starts out, and after the opening scene, you
will find the character you have just named, on the beach with a girl named
Maribel. She'll bug you to tell her where you've been sneaking off, and already
you'll hit the game's first Yes/No prompt. Pretty fast for a Dragon Warrior
game. ^^; She can't stay long, so either answer is okay. As she goes, she will
remind you about tomorrow's Amitt Harvest, and that you should head back home.
The two of you snuck out, after all, and you just might get in trouble for it.

First though, let's explore the town of Fishbel as much as we can at night!
While you can, and are infact encouraged to rotate your camera in this game, to
see all around you, any directions given will be from the camera's initial
position, which you can restore by pressing the Start button. Let's test this
o  quick, so that we aren't getting all confused when we need to go from
one part to another. Head west, from where you start, and you should walk right
into a boat, with a house above you. This's your house, but we don't want to go
inside it yet! Head to the southwest, then northeast around the mountains in
your way, and you should then see a cave to your east! See, that wasn't so hard,
and you can hit Start anytime to recenter your camera.

We can't go in this cave yet, so let's explore behind our house instead! You'll
see three barrels, which you can pick up and throw with the Triangle button.
The contents are fixed, and once you get them, you can't get them again, so
bear that in mind. You'll find 3G, but nothing else just yet. East of the net
behind your house, you'll see some steps going up. Move up both of them, then
go west, to find some stairs leading up to a dirt path. This's the village's
exit, and we can't go this way just yet. Head back outside and east afterwards,
and behind the Temple, you'll see two vases, which you can also throw. They're
empty, but it's still good practice. Head up the ladder on the eastern wall of
the Temple, then walk along the platform to the west of the bell, before
searching the ground for 10G. Every little bit helps!

Now, go back down all the stairs, and walk inside of the Temple, which's still
open at this hour. If you talk to the Priest inside, you'll hear an odd story;
this island, that your village is on, is the only village in the entire world!
That just doesn't seem right somehow, that there could be lots of ocean and
just one island in it... Back outside, head east, and go through the barrels
outside the house here, to find an Herb. Lastly, go southeast to the dock, and
go behind the large building that is to the east, and toss some barrels around
to find 5G. We're all set, so let's head back home! Inside, check the hanging
sacks on the wall for another Herb, then check the dresser for 10G. Your
parents, Mollie and Borkano, are here sleeping, as you should be too! Go to
the ladder in the northwest of the house, and go up, to reach your room. Grab
a Leather Hat from your dresser, and 110G from the treasure chest, then go to
bed. Don't forget to equip your Leather Hat!

The next morning, you'll be woken up to discover you've overslept. Your mom
will ask you to bring your father a Fish Sub for lunch, and tells you to hurry
to the harbor! Rather than do that, let's explore a bit. Return to the cave we
saw last night, and walk inside to find many barrels and vases. Toss around the
barrels to find 2G and an Herb, then break all the vases to find 1G. There's a
heavy stone lid here, but we just can't open it alone. Go back outside, then go
to the house that we found to the east of ours. While we do see a treasure
chest, it's locked, so we just can't get inside. Walk over to the harbor, and
enter the large building you'll find here. You can meet Maribel's mother here,
and find out that she has run off. The kitchen on the first floor has a barrel
with an Herb inside, and the eastern room has a dresser with 2G inside.
Upstairs, you can check the eastern room for a HairBand inside the cabinets,
and you can also examine the mirror for some funny text each time. ^^

Back outside, talk to the man in green, and he'll try to sell you an AmitDonut,
and an AmitSnack. Try to, and he'll just hand them over for free. Great! ^^
Walk onto the boat, and talk to Amitt, to hear about the plans that're being
made for this voyage. You'll give your dad his Fish Sub, and be asked to head
down to clean out the cabin while they finish up. If you don't talk to Amitt or
your dad, you can keep the Fish Sub, but your poor dad'll be hungry on his
trip! ^^; Down below, you can break some barrels for 4G, then check the
dressers out in the center room for an Herb and an Antidote. Continue
downstairs, and you'll find some barrels and... Maribel? After you speak to
her, the Head Cook'll discover that she's trying to stow away again, and will
chase her off, but not before she threatens to get us in trouble for the place
we go to explore. Great... x.x

Toss around the vases in the kitchen for an AmitSnack, then talk to the Head
Cook, who'll save us from the drudgery of potato-peeling. Head back up to the
top of the ship, to see that this cruise's finally going to get underway! We
can't go along on this one, so just wave bye to your dad as the boat sails off.
Time to go home to another boring day... or so you would think. Before we even
leave the harbor, we're intercepted by a soldier, who tells us the King of
Estard wants to speak to us. To make matters worse, Maribel wants to tag along
with us! Tell her yes, and she'll join the party. Hurry to your house, and talk
to Mollie to get some advice about your manners, and a package of FishPaste.
Head to the exit out of Fishbel, but go south first, and enter the building
there. Go downstairs, and open the chest for a DEFseed, which's a good item to
have. ^^ Now go back out and leave the village, to make your first appearance
on the World Map.

World Maps don't rotate, so the directions're easier to follow. Head west,
following the dirt path as it moves a little southwest, to find a Woodsman's
House. Enter, and search the cabinets for some Cloth. There're some stairs in
the southeast corner of the room, going downstairs, where you can find 3G in
the vases, and an Herb inside the barrels. You'll also find another locked
chest. Back outside, check the barrels for 3G, and you can also check the well
to go inside, even though nothing seems to be inside. Behind the house, you'll
find an odd woodsman, who seems like he can communicate with and understand
animals! He warns you about someone named Hondara, and how he is causing
trouble around here. He also suggests you should return time to time, so that
you can hear the latest news. Leave, and head north of this cottage on the
World Map, and before you know it, you'll arrive at the city of Estard.

2B. The City of Estard
Items: 1G, 2G x 3, 5G, 6G, AmitDonut, Antidote, Dung, Herb, INTseed, Spectacle,

As you arrive, Maribel runs off so that she can check out some dresses, and she
leaves us to explore the city on our own. To the east as we walk into Estard,
is an Inn, where we find that Hondara, which the game reminds us is our uncle,
has a big tab, and likes causing trouble. ^^; You'll also see the game's first
bunny-girl, wai! ^^ Upstairs, check the dresser in the western room for a
Stick, which can be used as a weapon. Outside the Inn, and to the north of it,
you'll find a Shop where you can buy some better equipment to protect yourself
if you choose. Upstairs, you can talk to Orka and Maribel, who denies that the
two're dating, like the rumors going around Estard suggest. Go back outside,
and go into the shop from the back door, then check out the chests to the
sides of the merchant. Locked! Go upstairs now, and break the barrels for 2G.

To the northeast of the Shop, you'll find a very cluttered room, which's being
rented out to Hondara. He's still there, actually, though he's in deep sleep.
Behind this house, you'll find a barrel with Dung, which isn't the greatest
treat you could find. ^^; There is also some stairs leading underground, with a
locked door in the way. Head north instead, down these stairs, and follow the
tunnel until it comes outside, on a cliff with a house. Take out the barrels to
find an INTseed, and go inside the house to break a vase with 2G inside. If you
go down the stairs inside the house, you will find the Crazy Old Man on the
Cliff! Nothing is really happening here, so retrace your steps back to outside
of Hondara's house.

Help yourself to the 1G from the vase behind the Temple, and the 6G from a vase
behind the house north of the Temple, then walk north past the soldier to
Estard Castle. Walk north across the bridge, and note both the Item Shop, and
the Bank, which'll hold money in increments of 1000G for you. Walk up the
stairs, and you'll immediately hear King Burns trying to find the Prince,
Kiefer, who isn't known for his good behavior. You'll be lead upstairs, and
King Burns will sit you down on his throne, and try to talk to you about his
son. Prince Kiefer has taken a ring that the deceased Queen used to have, with
a SunStone mounted on it. He asks that you take care of Kiefer, and keep him
safe. Back down on the second floor, ransack the dressers in the western room
for 5G, then return to the first floor. Pass through the dining room, and west
into the kitchen, then break the vases to find an AmitDonut. Talk to the cooks
here, and hand the FishPaste over, so that Kiefer'll get his favorite meal
tonight. ^^ Head north finally, and down the stairs, to find a room with vases
and barrels. The vases have an Antidote, Herb, and the Spectacle inside.
Return the Spectacle to the old man in the room, and he'll tell you about how
God and the Demon Lord once fought a large battle, before God finally won.

With that all done, it's time to leave the Castle. Head back to Fisbel, noting
the Shop that's now open in town, and visit the harbor, to find a person with a
note for you from Prince Kiefer. The note says that he'll be waiting for us at
the usual place... but where's that? Judging from Kiefer's actions lately, and
from the game's opening scene, could the usual place be the old Estard Ruins,
located to the northeast of Fishbel? It's a forbidden area, but Kiefer isn't
exactly the most sensible person. Let's head towards there, and see if we can
find him. Follow the path east and north, west, and northeast through the hills
and forests, until you arrive at the Estard Ruins.

2C. Fanes and Shards
Items: 10G, Ancient Key, Ancient Scroll, HotStone, LandShard x 3, LifeAcorn,
       Pearl Orb, Saint's Armor, Saint's Helmet, Saint's Shield, Saint's Sword,
       World Map.

As we enter, thankfully, we can see Prince Kiefer towards the west of us. Make
your way over to him, then talk to him. He'll hand over the Ancient Scroll, and
asks us to read it. Inside, there's a picture of a wizard, which Kiefer thinks
matches the statue nearby. He places the Sunstone Ring ontop of the wizard's
staff, but nothing happens! Dejectedly, Kiefer will head back to the Castle,
and tells us to let him know if we come up with any ideas. He also lets us hold
onto the Ancient Scroll. Head back to Fishbel, then go inside the big house by
the harbor, to talk to Maribel. Show her the Scroll, and she'll recommend
bringing it to the man at the town's Item Shop. He shouldn't be hard to find!

When we do find him, he's of no actual help to us. ^^; He just doesn't know how
to appraise old books stolen from castle treasuries. At least he's honest. ^^;
He does recommend the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff, though! You knew he had to be
there for a reason, and he is good with books, as all his bookcases show.
Return to Estard, and make your way to see this Crazy Old Man, then show him the
book, after explaining that you're not trying to sell it to him. He asks to
examine it for a while, so head outside and back to the Inn in Estard.

Look, there's Hondara, and he's hitting on the bunny-girl! He'll wander off,
once his attempt to convince the girl to date him because of his HotStone
fails, and you should follow him back to his house. Talk to him, and then pick
up the HotStone once it falls from his pocket. Yay! Now, go to the well behind
the Inn, and talk to the old woman north of it. She'll comment on the sun, and
then you'll see a sparkle down in the well. Examine the well to climb inside,
then search the ground on the sparkly spot to get a Pearl Orb! Now, go back to
the Estard Ruins, and use the HotStone on the statue, to do... nothing. x.x You
will find a note from Kiefer, though, which asks that you go back to Estard
Castle and talk to him. If you use the Pearl Orb instead, the same thing
happens. I've just listed both of them, for the perfectionists out there. ^^
Hurry back to the second floor of Estard Castle, and talk to Kiefer, who will
then join the party! If you want, you can bring him to the chef you gave the
FishPaste to, to get some compliments on your mom's cooking. ^^

Once you've returned to the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff, he'll have deciphered
the text in the Scroll. We don't need Sunstones or HeatStones, to enter the
Estard Ruins, but the passion and good-heartedness of the Chosen One. This
Chosen One just needs to stand infront of the statue and wish for the doors to
open, more or less. ^^; Head back through the tunnels, and before you can leave
for the Estard Ruins, you'll be intercepted by two Soldiers. They'll beg,
plead, and whimper for the Prince to go with them to see King Burns, and he
finally agrees. He tells you to head home, and that he'll be by when he can.
The lackey insult was a bit harsh, though. ^^;

Early the next morning, Kiefer will wake you up. The two of you should head to
the Estard Ruins now, and walk over to the strange statue. As you and Kiefer
pray, the statue starts to glow with a purple light, and it rotates on its
base, before firing a beam at the locked door ahead of it. Now open, you can
head inside to explore the fane! Kiefer will mention some odd writing by a
ladder, that you can't read, before you're able to climb down to the next
floor. Follow the snaking tunnel as it heads south, then move down the stairs.
Head northwest in the big cavern you reach, to find more stairs leading
downward. Go south, east, and south, to walk outside of the Ruins onto a cliff.
Cross over the bridge, and examine the odd tablet you find here. You will
suddenly gain the understanding to read it, to hear a cryptic message about
fire and a helmet of some sort. Kiefer throws a small fit, but the two of you
will continue on into the door above the tablet.

Head north in this room, too, then you will find four statues with cauldrons of
fire in their hand, plus a central torch. Whenever you put the torch out, the
statue across from you will move to relight it. Extinguish the fire from the
west, and notice the odd tile where the eastern statue was. Run over to it,
and step on it, to open a small door. On the other side, you'll find the
Saint's Helmet! Go back out to the torch room, then exit to the north. The next
room has a large waterfall, and four statues of Saints, as well as a locked
door. Head down the stairs you'll see here, then move west and north to some
more stairs leading down.

You'll see an odd scale in this room, to the west. Ignore it for now, and go
down the stairs to the south, then move west, and north up the other stairs
you'll see, to find a staircase going down. Move down, then down again, to find
a room with a tablet on a pedestal, which details the Legends of the Four
Saints. Each Saint seems to have its own element, and each seems to also have
an item that'll restrain it. We have the Saint's Helmet, which seems to be used
with the Third Saint, which represents Fire. Now, go back to the scale room,
and move so that you're next to the scale itself, in the northeast. Step on it,
and you'll be lowered into a smaller room. First, go inside the door here and
get the chest with 10G inside, then go back out. Move the gray box onto the
purple tile, and one of the doors will remain open! Next, move the box in the
corridor to the west, to cover another purple tile. Walk inside this second
door, and push the first box two spaces west, then south until it's to the east
of the box out in the corridor. Move that box to the west, until it covers a
purple tile, then go back and move the other gray box onto the second purple
tile. Now, enter the small western room, and move the box so that it covers the
purple tile here. Move east, and back up the stairs so you can reach the scale
again, then stand on it. Run west and into the room there, to get through the
gate that the scale raised for us. Thanks! ^^

Here, you'll find a locked door, and another path with stairs going up. Move
up, then inside the door here, to find yet more stairs. Just how many floors
do these old ruins have, anyways? Once you've gone up, head west and then
follow the torches north to a statue of a lion's head, with an open mouth. Do
you dare place your hand inside? Well, you have to! Do so, and you'll get the
Ancient Key! Move back down the stairs to the room with the locked door, and
walk inside. You will see a smaller tablet here, with a story about how trees
must sprout their leaves towards the sun. The mural in the center of the room
shows some trees. What does this mean? Look carefully at the mural, and you
will see four leaf-like shapes, one on each tree. The order is west, east, west,
and west. Go north into the next room, and you'll reach a fork. Follow the path
that the mural showed us, and as you come to each fork, pick the appropriate
path: first west, then east, then west, and west again. If you do this, you'll
reach the end of the maze! Climb up the little stairs here, to reach the door,
and go inside.

Will this place ever end? Head north, and east across the bridge, before going
south along the upper platform until you reach a chest, with a LifeAcorn
inside. Now, go back north, and inside the door here, before going up a ladder
in the next room. Move west, then north and up the stairs, passing by a crystal
as we go east over a bridge, to read a tablet here. It mentions the very
crystal we just passed, so go back over to it, pick it up, and place it on the
stand south of the tablet. The dragons that were blocking the water on each
side now change positions, so the lower floors must be flooded now! Head down
the stairs, west, and then back down the ladder to the lower room. Hop on the
raft, then move south to the nearby staircase leading down.

Move down the stairs to the west, and then go north to yet another staircase.
The tablet here mentions placing the images in the proper places, to reveal a
path. Go down another floor, and you'll be in a room with four pyramid-like
switches. Whenever you step on a pyramid, two pillars will appear, and you can
look through each of the colored pillars, to see a monster. Remember them, and
head back out, sailing your raft to the platform, then go east across the
nearby bridge, then south down the stairs and north to a room. You'll see three
statues of monsters on each side of the room, and two colored switches. This
isn't a hard puzzle; each tile clicks when it's covered by the right statue,
and you saw pictures of each in the previous room! If you're still confused,
then number the statues in each room, from north to south, one, two, and three.
In the west room, put statue 2 on the yellow tile. Put statue three on the
green tile. In the eastern room, put statue three on the red tile, and statue
one on the blue tile. The doors will open, and you'll get the Saint's Armor,
which involves the First Saint, of Earth.

Leave this room, and get back on the raft. Sail south to a door, to reach a
room with a staircase, and a chest! Open the chest to get the Saint's Sword,
which involves the Fourth Saint, of Water. Now, sail over to the stairs, and go
up. Sail south, east, and south some more, until you reach another staircase
going up. After moving up, sail further south, to reach a chest with the
Saint's Shield, which involves the Second Saint, of Air. Sail to the southern
platform, and go upstairs to be back in the room with the four Saints statues!
Face each statue, and place the appropriate item on them. The proper order to
the items is, from west to east, Saint's Armor, Saint's Shield, Saint's Helmet,
and Saint's Sword. Once all four're placed, the door north of you will open.

Continue north in the next room, and you will find an Adventure Journal ahead
of you, on an altar. This's like a save point, so make use of it if you want!
Further north, in the next room, you'll find a blue and red torch, as well as
many empty braizers, and two large statues north of you. The one to the west
has a red jewel infront, which means you need to use the red torch to light its
brazier; the eastern statue, with the blue jewel infront, needs the blue torch
to light its brazier. With each statue you light, they will show you which of
the nine braziers in the lower room need to be lit, and with what color fire.
The easy solution, if the braziers are in the same order as a touch-tone phone,
is that one, three, and eight need to be lit with red fire. Five, seven, and
nine must be lit with blue fire. That leaves two, four, and six unlit. Once you
do this, and return the torches to their spots, the door ahead will open for
you. Past this door is the Ancient Fane!

Straight ahead in the next room, this tablet will tell you an amazing fact: the
world was split into four pieces! No wonder the island seems like the entire
world, all the other lands have been sealed and removed! Right next to that
very tablet, you will find a LandShard! Are these the artifacts that the tablet
mentioned? In any case, move west, and you'll find a room of greenish
pedestals. North, is a room of red ones, and east of here, you'll find a room
with four odd doorways, which're sealed, and a locked door to the north. Oddly,
the southwest door here doesn't look green to me, except maybe from the back...
Here in the Fane Dome, pick up the World Map on the floor, and move east.
This's a room of yellow pedestals, and you'll see another LandShard here! Pick
it up, and examine the northwestern pedestal. Place the first LandShard you got
in the northeast corner of the pedestal, then rotate the second piece so that
it can be placed into the southwest corner.

Observant Kiefer will mention that we're still missing a piece, so head out of
the Ancient Fane, and once you're outside, you'll find it's daylight. Kiefer
will return to the castle, to do some research on the Shards, and he asks for
you to find whatever information you can, as well. He'll run off, and you
should run on home. Back in Fishbel, the Amitt Harvest is concluded. Go over to
the docks, and talk to the sailor wandering around on the dock. He'll mention
how your father's brought back lots of fish on his new fishing route. He also
mentions that your dad found something unusual. Go home, and chat with your
dad, to hear some interesting details about yourself. You're not quite an
average kid, as you were born in just five short months! Among all the fish,
Borkano also found an odd slab... it's a LandShard! Leave your house, and head
back to Estard Castle. If you picked up the HotStone earlier, your drunk uncle
Hondara will take it back now.

Head up to the second floor of the Estard Castle, and talk to Kiefer, to
mention the LandShard you picked up from your dad. He'll join you, and the two
of you should head over to the Ancient Fane. Once you have, start inside, only
to be stopped by Maribel! She's followed you, and if you don't let her go with
you, she's tattling! Agree to let her go with you, and she'll join your party.
Next stop, the Yellow Pedestal Room! Return to the northwest pedestal, and
place your LandShard in the southeast corner. Light will begin to billow up
from the pedestal, and after some odd blue light swirls around, you will awaken
with the others in an unfamiliar clearing.

2D. When Are We?
Items: 5G, 12G, 13G, 20G, 40G, 80G, AGLseed x 2, Antidote x 2, Bronze Knife,
       Cloth Suit, DEFseed, FireShard x 3, Green Orb, Herb x 3, HolyWater,
       Leather Hat, Leather Shield, MysticNut, STRseed, WindShard x 2, Wood

While you and your party-members don't recognize where you are, you all agree
that you must be somewhere on the island you've just not seen before. Maribel,
a little annoyed by this "adventure," starts off for home, only to be
interrupted by... monsters! Wherever you are, now, there're monsters here, and
three jiggling blue Slimes attack! After fending them off, and after Kiefer
gets over his battle-adrenaline, Maribel demands to be escorted home safely.
The only way we can find home, is if we leave this area, and see what lies
outside it. Head north off the next screen, then follow this path until you
find someone!

After introductions are exchanged, you'll meet Matilda. She is here to visit
the graves, and can only place weeds over them, since there're no flowers here.
Maribel will hand over some flower seeds she has, and Matilda will plant them.
She offers to escort you to a place nearby where you can rest, though she
avoids answering why she feels we can't return to Escard and Fishbel right now.
Move north and out of the Odd Forest, before going east to an unfamiliar

The moment you arrive, Matilda will have left. ^^; She did escort us here, but
that didn't mean she stayed very long afterwards. The only thing we can do
right now, is explore this village. Rexwood, as the citizens call it, seems
like an odd place. The citizens're willingly destroying their houses! Monsters
have appeared recently, and they kidnapped the children and wives of the people
living here, telling them to take down their village, or their loved ones would
die. That's why all these people're destroying their only shelter... On the
center island is an Inn, where you can heal up if you took damage from the
Slimes earlier. If you go through the eastern door of the Inn, you can get a
Cloth Suit from the dressers. Northeast of the Inn, you'll find a man who's
borrowing this house from someone named Hank. This man also owns a Weapon Shop,
and you can browse his wares for any items that may help. We're going up
against monsters, afterall, so offense and defense're important. You can get
12G from the vase in this house, as well.

You'll notice a small building in the woods north of the Shop. Maneuver your
way over to there, and go inside. A small boy, named Patrick, is trying to help
his father, Hank, get well. He knows that a green colorstone, from the Mine
southeast of the village, is just what is needed to heal him. He wishes to ask
Matilda, who helps protect their village from monsters, to go and find this
colorstone for him. He asks us to let her know if we see her, and goes back to
nursing Hank's wounds.

Leave Rexwood, and head to the southeast, where you'll see a cave. This's the
Colorstone Mine that Patrick mentioned. Inside, smash the barrels south of the
building to find an Herb, then head inside the mine itself. There are random
enemies in here, just like out on the World Map, but the fights here are a
little more difficult. Be careful! Take the path west at the fork, and follow
the tunnel north to find Matilda. She's here to check on the local monsters.
After being told about Patrick's problem, though, she says that her concerns
can't rest on just one person, and she leaves. Your party's determined to help
Patrick now that Matilda isn't. Continue along the tunnel, and go west again,
breaking the barrels for a STRseed, and 40G, before heading east and taking
these stairs down.

Head west, then south as you reach the large room. The path will split, with
one part going west, and the other part going east. You want to go east, where
you'll see two red crystals, and stairs going down. If you push the two red
crystals together, they'll shatter. This's a clue for the puzzle on the next
floor. ^^ There'll be a path of red crystals going west, and a lower path of
yellow crystals leading in the same direction. Walk west against the yellow
crystals, and they'll shatter. Now, just go north and push the two blue
crystals together, and you can reach the stairs going down to the next floor.
Head north, and follow this tunnel to the next set of stairs heading down. You
can ignore the yellow and blue crystals here.

On this floor, avoid touching the red crystals, and stand to the east of the
blue crystal. Walk west, so the blue crystals shatter, then look at the red
crystal east of you. Walk around to the eastern side of it, pushing it west
until it is lined up under another red crystal, causing them to shatter. Walk
over to the eastern yellow crystal, and push it west until it shatters. Now, go
east to the red crystal there, and push it west until it breaks. More stairs!

This floor has a more complicated-looking puzzle, but it's actually rather
easy. Push the blue crystal that's by the stairs, west, until it shatters.
Next, move the center red crystal, to the west, so that it shatters also. Move
the northern red crystal a space to the east, then walk east, north, west, and
south, so you can push the yellow crystal south. It should be touching the red
crystal we haven't touched yet, in the middle. Circle back around to the east
of this yellow crystal, and push it west until it breaks. Easy! ^^ Head
downstairs after this.

Move around to the eastern side of the room, then go down the stairs, and walk
over to the green, glowing crystal. This's what we were looking for! But we
can't just drag it out of the place with us. Luckily, Matilda will show up, and
aid us in getting a piece of the colorstone! She will also give us a Wood Doll,
which was given to her by her big brother many years ago. Bring the Green Orb
with you out of the Colorstone Mine, and head back to Rexwood.

At Patrick's, he'll use the Green Orb to try to heal his father. He'll mention
how Hank went to try to rescue the women who were taken to the tower, and that
it was because of Matilda that Hank was still alive now. He'll ask that you get
some rest at the Inn, prepayed of course. ^^ This means that there'll be a
scene, as it always does in games. Maribel will try to talk to you about how
scared she is that you might not get back to Fishbel, but then she'll try to
cover it up with making fun of your hat. ^^ After this, you'll see a flashback.
You'll see Matilda's brother heading off to attack monsters, so that the
villagers can back him up. Wait, isn't that the village's legend, about how
Rex tried to fend off the monsters, but the cowardly villagers didn't help?
This means that Rex must have been Matilda's brother!

The next morning, visit Patrick, and you'll find out that Hank's all better
now! You'll explain everything that's happened, including how you're trapped
here, and the stronger-than-a-Golem Hank decides to come with us, to try to
take on the monsters at the Eastern Tower again. Hank isn't an actual character
you can control, but a Non-Player Character, or NPC. He'll tag along, and get
his own blows in during battles, along with a few Sap and Heal spells. ^^ When
you're set, head out for the tower, and walk inside the main enterance. Take
the western path, and climb up the stairs when you reach them. Throw the pot
here for 20G, then go back downstairs, taking the eastern path this time. Up
the stairs here, you'll get an Herb. Now, head back outside.

Climb up either of the staircases that're outside the Tower, then walk over to
the ladder in the center, and climb up to a Golem standing guard over a door.
The Golem recognizes Hank, and vows to kill him, and us too! Golem isn't very
hard, as he can only physically attack, but he can take some damage. Have
Maribel cat a Sap spell or two if she has it, then have her switch to Blaze.
Your hero and Kiefer should attack, with a Heal spell thrown in when necessary.
Not very long after it's started, the battle will end, and Golem will drop a
WindShard! Now we just need to get back to the Ancient Fane... ^^;

You may wish to return to Rexwood, to heal and save. Golem will be gone
permanently, so don't worry about that. Return, and walk inside the unguarded
door. Move north, and go down the stairs, then go south and down the next set.
On this floor, you guessed it, move north. You'll see two treasure chests here,
though. The one to the east has a Bronze Knife, and the one on the right has a
FireShard! Head up the stairs to the east, and then go up the stairs again. In
this room, smash the vase for 5G, and open the chest to get a Leather Shield!
There's lots more items in here than there were in the Colorstone Mine! Go back
down to where we found the two chests, and take the stairs west of them. Head
upstairs again, and then again.

Move south, and go upstairs here. On this floor, you'll see there's no outer
wall around the edge of the Tower. You can jump off, without being hurt, incase
you need to leave quickly for healing or saving. ^^ Walk south, and east,
before going down the stairs here. Then go up the northern stairs, and you'll
be back on the previous floor. Follow the path west, then south, before going
up some more stairs. Take the north path, then go east and south when you see
the pillars. You'll see some stairs going down, to a room with two chests north
of you. Help yourself to the DEFseed and 80G, then move south to another

Infront of you, a crab-like monster lies in wait. Calling you a coward for
attacking when the leader isn't here, the Clawser starts a battle. He's faster
than your party, so try to be careful. Have Maribel use Sap, and then Blaze.
Kiefer should attack, as should your hero, but make sure to use a Heal spell on
whoever the Clawser hurt last round. When the Clawser says he's ready to take
an attack, any successful attacks or spells will hardly do any damage. He can't
attack during that round, though, so it's just delaying the inevitible.
Eventually, you'll win!

After the fight, Matilda will appear, and slay the Clawser, after he says she's
the boss. It was Matilda all along who was in control of the monsters here, all
because of her hate for the cowardly villagers for allowing her brother Rex to
die all those years ago. Patrick reminded her of her human emotions, and so she
didn't want anyone else to die. Hank doesn't want to kill her, either, but if
he doesn't, the villagers cannot return. A fight scene'll occur, and you'll
have a descision to make. Should you kill Matilda? If you attack, she'll only
defend herself, and not attack you. You can complete the battle for some EXP
and Gold, or just run away. In either case, you will have to decide if you
should stop Hank from killing Matilda. Whichever choice you make, Matilda will
fade away, but not before telling you that you should return to the clearing
you met her at.

Outside, the sky's darkness lifts, and the sun shines down again. Back at the
village, you'll find Matilda was telling the truth, as all of the people have
been returned! Hank will tell Patrick that he thanked Matilda for her help
before, but he won't tell him about Matilda being the boss of the tower. After
commenting on the trophy he was given, Patrick wanders off, and Hank will give
you some encouraging words inside the house. It looks like your adventure's
earned you a friend for life. ^^

Return to the Odd Forest, and you'll see Patrick by the graves. The flowers
Matilda planted have all blossomed, too! Patrick wants to show them to Matilda,
but he doesn't know that he'll never be able to. You can give Patrick the Wood
Doll Matilda gave you, though, which'll make him happy. Continue back to the
screen where you woke up here, and you'll see a swirling portal of blue energy.
Enter it, and you'll be back at the fane! You'll all decide to return to your
homes, then Kiefer will leave for Estard, which leaves you and Maribel. You may
want to fit the WindShard and the FireShard that you've collected onto their
pedestals now, before you leave. If so, the WindShard fits on the northwest
pedestal in the Green Pedestal Room, in the northwest corner. The FireShard
fits on the northwest pedestal in the Red Pedestal Room, as well, on the
western edge.

Return home to Fishbel, and Maribel will head her seperate way. Go talk to your
mom, to find that Amitt and your father're talking to King Burns about a new
island being discovered near yours. There's something else out there! Hurry to
Estard, and try to enter the castle. You'll see that the drawbridge's up,
which's extremely unusual for the King to order. Speak to the guard to the
east, and you'll find that Prince Kiefer has left, to visit his grandfather.
Who could he mean? Perhaps it's the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff? Indeed, Kiefer
is sitting there, waiting for us to show up. He mentions how everyone's already
left to visit the island, everyone but him of course. This makes Kiefer decide
that you and him should use your Secret Weapon! Walk back to Fishbel, and go to
the dark cave with all the barrels and vases, to meet up with Maribel and
Kiefer. Together, you move the stone lid, and descend the stairs.

It seems that you and Kiefer have a ship! Don't you just love finding out
something new? ^^ It's actually the boat Maribel's family used to own, but they
took it out of service because it was too old and untrustworthy. I hope Kiefer
is a good ship-repairer... Luckily, the ship sails without a hitch, and you
should try to go north of Estard. It's not long before you'll spot an island, a
very familiar one at that. Get off of your boat, and walk into the village, to
find a very very familiar village, Rexwood!

The citizens seem to think that they've always been here, even though your dad
sailed right through where this island is, during the Amitt Festival. Let's
explore the town a bit, to see what's going on here. Straight ahead of you is
the Inn, where you can rest and heal up. The man in the turban west of the Inn
is actually a Weapon Shop, and you can buy some things that're even better than
those from the other Rexwood we were at. The barrels east of the Inn contain an
AGLseed, so don't pass it up. Further east, you'll find the Church, which has
an Herb inside one of the breakible vases. Patrick's house doesn't seem to be
here, but there are some fields here instead, and a small shack further west,
that will give you 25G.

South of the shack, you'll find a house. Inside, the people will mention that
they have no idea why the village's named Rexwood. This's rather strange...
Stranger still, is the Shard that's sitting on a table! The woman here lets us
have it for free, which's a rather sweet deal. Pocket the WindShard, then cross
the bridge to the town's central area, and talk to the old man standing by some
rocks. He mentions that if we like our stone, that we should check the
colorstone mine, as that's where he found his. We know our next destination,
once we're done with the town that is.

Enter the large building where the Inn was in the other Rexwood, and climb the
stairs up to the third floor. Break a vase for an Antidote, then head up to the
top of the building, to speak to the man here. Hey, he's talking about Hank!
But how could that've happened a long long time ago? We just participated in
it! As we ponder this over, wander over to where the Weapon Shop was in the
other Rexwood, and search the dressers here for a Leather Hat.

Lead your confused party to the Colorstone Mine, and break the barrels outside
of the house here for 13G. The barrel west of the house has an Antidote inside.
After that, talk to the man infront of the mine, and since you found the
WindShard in Rexwood, he'll let you by. The layout of the Mine is identical to
how the other colorstone mine was. Maybe you really did go to the past somehow.
In any event, head west at the split, then move north, passing the room you met
Matilda in, so long ago. Literally, if we really did go to the past. ^^; Turn
west at the branch, then break the barrels for a MysticNut. Head back east, and
go down the stairs here.

Move south through this large room, turning east when you can and walking down
the stairs. This's where the layout gets to be a little different, as the
puzzles are back, though different than before. First, move the red crystal all
the way to the west, so it breaks, then go south and move the blue crystal west
until it breaks, too. Push the yellow crystal all the way north so that it
shatters, then circle around and push the east blue crystal, all the way west.
Now you can safely go down the stairs! On the next floor, push the red crystal
that's above you, a space to the east, then five spaces north, so it's on the
corner. Now, push it east, and it should shatter along with another red
crystal. Push the blue crystal a space east, then a space south, before push it
all the way east so that it breaks. Now you can run over to the stairs leading
further down.

When you're in the narrow passage, move the blue crystal a space to the west,
then take a step north and walk to the west, pushing the yellow crystals as you
come to them, and breaking them as well. Go downstairs, then head south, moving
west so that you're at the southwest corner of the room, and below a red
crystal. Push this crystal north until it shatters, then circle back around the
outside of the room so that you're above the red crystal in the northwest
corner. Push it south five spaces, then push it all the way east, so that it
breaks and frees a blue crystal. Circle around again, and push this blue
crystal all the way to the west, then go downstairs.

There are some monsters on this floor, so don't lower your guard. Walk around
the edge of the room, then walk down the stairs to the east, so you can reach
the center of the room. There is no green colorstone here, but there is a
staircase tht we haven't seen before, which you should move down. You'll be in
a fourway intersection, with only one blue crystal to push. You want to push
the blue crystal north, so that it shatters, and then push the yellow crystals
out of your way. At the end of this room, you'll find a FireShard on the
ground! Kiefer suggests that you should go back to the castle now, but first
you need to leave the Mine. 

Return to Estard Castle, and talk to the western guard, to lower the drawbridge
again. Go up to the second floor, then enter the door next to Prince Kiefer's
room, and take the stairs there leading up. Head east, and move south at the
swordsman, entering the door you'll see to the east. Move downstairs, and then
downstairs again, to find the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff, by the jail. He wants
to go down to see his friend, but the guard isn't allowing visitors. Talk to
him, and Kiefer will order him to open the door, so that the Crazy Old Man on
the Cliff can go downstairs, and so can you. ^^ Downstairs, the Old Man will
talk to his friend vaguely about "it," and how he needs to find it again.
You'll tell him about the events in the Ancient Fain and at Rexwood, and he'll
allow you to search for "it" as well. Talk to the captain to make him move,
then hop on the raft and sail out into the moat.

Sail south, west beneath the drawbridge, and north, to dock your raft and
explore this area of Estard Castle. Move to the southwest corner of the Castle,
and walk inside. The guard will mention that they've had maps showing the new
land, and others too, in the treasury, but they couldn't believe them until
now. Leave, and walk around behind the Castle, to the door beneath Princess
Leesa's balcony. Move east, down the stairs, then down the next flight of
stairs. Smash the vases in this room for an AGLseed, then search the bookshelf.
Move it aside when you're given the option, and open the chest for a FireShard!

Back at the Old Man, he'll encourage you to try this Shard out in the Ancient
Fane, to see if a new land will infact emerge. It seems that he used to have
this Shard himself, but a previous King confiscated it. He says he'll cover for
you, and to run off to the Ancient Fain! On the way out, though, talk to
Hondara at his house. He says that he'll give you some HolyWater, if you can
answer his question. While Hondara normally causes problems, that HotStone of
his did help us find Kiefer's note earlier, if nothing else. When he asks if
your father and Amitt were invited to the Castle, tell him yes, and he'll hand
over the HolyWater. Now, make tracks to that Ancient Fane!

Rather than go directly to the Red Pedestal Room, make a detour to the Fane
Dome, where we found the World Map. Walk inside the blue door with the flame
above it, then walk inside the blue swirling energy here. I wonder if these're
Traveler's Gates? ^^ You'll emerge in a completely different room, and you can
exit through the southern door. You'll be underground, in a room with vines
overhead and water infront of you. While we don't need to be here yet, this
does open the door permanently, so you can use this route as a shortcut back
into the Ancient Fane. If you leave the room to the southwest, and follow the
tunnels, you'll emerge outside the stone lid you might have seen around the
Estard Ruins. In any case, walk back into the energy swirl, then walk into the
Red Pedestal Room, and set your FireShard in its place on the northwest
pedestal, to the east. Here we go again!

2E. The God of Flame
Items: 6G, 7G, 10G, 60G, 80G, 350G, Antidote x 5, AquaShard x 2, Boxer Shorts,
       Button, Cloth, Cloth Suit, DEFseed, Herb x 2, Horned Hat, Knife,
       LifeAcorn, Potion, RainbwDew, STRseed, TinyMedal, WindShard.

As you party travels through the Gate, you will see a vision involving two
people throwing a torch inside a volcano. They flee, as the lava rushes up and
causes a volcanic eruption. You will appear outside of a small fane, with the
blue swirl of a Gate already there. Unlike the first world, you just need to
walk back here to hop between the past and the present, incase you've
forgotten something, or incase you want equipment you can't get here. In any
event, walk east, ignoring the path south of you for now, then following the
mountains south when you reach the coastline. Eventually, you will see a
village, which you should enter of course. ^^;

This's Engow, a rather sandy place. Directly infront of us is the Inn, which I
am sure you need after the long walk here. Back outside, east of the Inn,
you'll find a lone vase with 10G inside. There's 6G in another vase, if you
enter the little house north of you. The house above this one has a mother
faking an illness, so that her son will not leave Engow and get hurt. A woman
named Pamela is supposedly a fortune-teller of sorts for this village. Her son
will run off to get some medicine after you talk to him. Nab the Cloth Suit,
then go back outside. The next house to the northwest is actually a Church.
Behind it, you'll find a little boy who found something after having asked
Pamela where to look. Maybe she really is a fortune-teller.

West of the Church, is the Village Elder's house. Break the barrel by the stove
for an Antidote, then move upstairs. You can pick up a Horned Hat from a
dresser, and one of the books on the bookshelf, "The Analects of Granaly,"
which says that hiding behind a shield does not make you a coward. That's nice
to know. ^^ Talk to the Elder, and an earthquake will occur. You'll tell him
about your vision, but he doesn't believe that their God of Flame would kill
them all like this. He invites you to stay at the Inn until the Festival
starts, which we should do once we've explored the rest of Engow.

Break the vase west of the Elder's house, and pocket the LifeAcorn you find.
There's never enough stat-boosting seeds! ^^ South of there, you'll find the
local Shop, as well as Pamela. She seems rather preoccupied right now, and
scolds us for bothering her. Nab the Antidote from the vase south of the shop,
and go back to the Inn for a rest when you're ready. I wonder what all the
noise outside is about?

Pamela's seen the same vision we have, about Mt. Flame erupting at the very end
of the Festival. The townspeople refuse to believe her, their beliefs about the
God of Flame are much stronger than their belief in her predictions. The Mayor
and Pamela walk off to talk privately, with a small cutscene describing how the
citizens just refuse to believe. Afterwards, you'll be inside the Elder's
house. Go upstairs, and listen in to the conversation that's going on. The
Elder doesn't seem like he believes Pamela, either, or perhaps he's following
the book on his desk, about the villagers' livelihood being more important than
anything else. Whatever the reason, the Elder's going to start the Festival
tonight, and Pamela's in a panic. She asks for you to visit her at her room the
first moment you can, so that you can do the heroic thing and save Engow. ^^v

Standing by her crystal ball, Pamela says that her predicitions always come
true if nothing is done. The future can be shaped and changed, since it hasn't
happened yet, and that your party may be the ones who can help change this one.
The plan is to sneak into Mt. Flame at night, when the Festival's going on, to
see if some being has taken control of the mountain, to try to make it erupt.
Spend some time at the Inn, but only when you're ready to start the Festival.
You might want to save beforehand, just incase!

Walk around the village, talking to the people and the Elder, taking in the
sights. The turbaned man west of the Inn is a dealer, and he's selling a
Leather Dress that would look nice on Maribel, as well as some Scale Shields.
^^ Visit Pamela when you're ready to save the day, and after you go outside,
everyone will be holding torches. Walk to the northwest part of the village,
and speak to the Elder, to get your torches. Tell him you're ready, and the
Procession of Flame will start. After the opening ritual, the citizens will
start to walk towards Mt. Flame, as should you. Go a little northwest of the
village, then move north until you arrive.

Wander up the trail, talking to people as you go, until you reach the man
standing at the front of the line. The Elder will come out, to announce the
Procession of Fire, and then he'll allow us to be first afterall. ^^ He will
lead you to the top of Mt. Flame, and toss your torches into the volcano.
Rather than leave, circle south around the crater, to find Pamela by a door.
She asks us to hurry and go inside, to see what the problem is, and tells us to
talk to her for any healing or saving needs. Let's get to work!

Head downstairs, and then move east, to reach another staircase going down.
Follow the tunnel as it goes northeast to some stairs, then north and west to
another staircase. After you go down, a scene will play, showing another
villager throwing his torch into the volcano. If all the torches get thrown in,
the volcano will erupt! If that does happen, don't worry, the game allows it to
be a 'bad dream' and you'll just start the Festival over again. If you take too
long going down or up each floor, another torch will be thrown in, until they
all have been eventually. This isn't a large problem, though. Head east and
down the stairs, then move south to descend the final staircase. Grab the
STRseed from the chest, then run back up all the stairs and go west past the
stairs we originally came down. Move north, then down the stairs here. The next
staircase you want is to the north again.

Follow the tunnel southwest and south, walking east when the path turns, and
going down the stairs. Take the northwest path here, following it until you
reach a chest with a DEFseed in it. Run back the way you came, and head
northeast, opening the chest you see for an Herb. Head west, down the next
staircase, then move south and east to some more stairs. On this floor, exit
the room from the southern door, to be on a cliff with a chest, and a Knife.
You can also see just how many villagers are left in line before the volcano
will explode. ^^; Run back inside, and up the stairs, before going up another

One more set of stairs going up, and there's nowhere to go but down anymore.
Literally. Head south, and when you see the fiery crater, jump into it! You
won't get burnt, but just land on a lower floor. Jump down again, then walk
into the green pillar of light to the northeast, to get all of your HP and MP
restored to full. Wai! In the southwest corner of the room, you'll find two
chests, with 110G and an Antidote inside them. Once you have them, jump into
the crater twice, to land on the bottom floor.

Some weird red face is down here, with a large jar of darkish fire. Because
he's oblivious to us and talking in the traditional villain way of revealing
his entire plan for no real reason, we learn that he's trying to awaken the
Flame of Darkness, which's what will cause an eruption if it's not stopped!
He'll turn around suddenly, and attack! Being a creature of fire, FireGiant is
thus immune to Kiefer's FireSlash, and Maribel's Blaze spell, so this'll be
more of a physical slug match. Have Maribel use a Sap spell, then have everyone
attack with their weapons, having your hero Heal when people are starting to
take some damage. FireGiant has three attacks to torment your party with. He
has a move where he can breathe flames, to damage everyone in your party at
once. Another one of his moves also hits the entire party, though it's a
physical attack rather than a fire-based one. His most frequent attack, other
than a normal physical blow, is when he uses up a turn to ChargeUp. You should
have your party Parry for that round, as his blows will do extra damage, and
the Parry will reduce it. All in all, it's not a difficult battle, just keep
your HP up. ^^ He'll drop an AquaShard once he's defeated.

With the FireGiant's passing, the large jar will vanish, but the Flame of
Darkness will rise. Run past where the jar was, and drop down the hole you'll
find back here, to retrace your steps to where you found the STRseed earlier.
Make your way back up, and outside to the crater. The Flame of Darkness has
grown huge already, hovering and getting ready to cause unknowible destruction.
Speak to Pamela, and tell her everything that you found inside the volcano.
Even with death and destruction posed infront of her, Pamela cracks a rather
bad joke at the Elder's expense, and uses her fortune-telling powers to
determine that the answer to this problem, lies in a really messy room with a
drunkard inside. That has to be Hondara! A liquid in a jar he has can fix this
problem. Aren't you glad we already found the HolyWater? Stand between Pamela
and the Elder, face the Flame of Darkness, and use your HolyWater. The day is
saved! In celebration, in words the Elder can sum up better than I can, you all
return to the village to celebrate.

The next morning, return to Pamela's house, and talk to her. She'll reward your
help with an AquaShard! It seems your hard work here has payed off, and another
land is safe. Make your way back to the Gate we came here from, and step
through, to reach the Ancient Fane. Eager to see if a new land has indeed
appeared here, Kiefer suggests that you should go to Estard Castle to find out.
Sure enough, the King and everyone else, it seems, are waiting for you to
report. The King, while happy that you've restored another land, suddenly
forbids that Prince Kiefer should participate in this. Amitt, Maribel's dad,
feels the same way, and drags her off. Your father seems a bit more sensible,
and just brings you home for a private talk. Tell him that you wish to
continue, even without your friends if need be, and your parents will give
their permission, and send you off to bed to rest before you go exploring
anywhere else.

Right outside of your house, Maribel's waiting for you! She's managed to
convince her dad to let her go! Maribel knows that Kiefer has his princely
duties, wheither or not he likes to admit it, so she says that you and her
should go off to see the new volcanic island that was discovered. Return to the
cave, and try to lift the stone lid to get to your boat, but you just can't
manage it with two people alone. Leave the cave, and thankfully, there's
Kiefer! He slipped away from the castle, yet again, and now the three of you
can head to the new island, which's north of Rexwood.

Your first stop is the vase east of the Inn, where you can pick up an Antidote.
The house north of here also has an Antidote inside a vase. The next house to
the north has a small tavern, but there's not much to do there other than watch
the dancer. You'll see a little boy outside the tavern, who's looking for his
button. He's considering asking Auntie Pamela to find it, but that costs money.
If the Engow we were in, was in the past, how can Pamela still be alive? She
was pretty old then, afterall. ^^; Not much's going on in the Chief's house,
either, though he asks you to tell people about the village. The barrel down in
the kitchen has 7G, while an upstairs dresser has a Cloth you can put in your

Get a Potion from the vase west of the Chief's house, then head south to the
shop. Meet Pamela, or at least this generation's Pamela. It seems that ever
since Pamela originally helped to save this village at Mt. Flame, along with
the servant of the God of Flame (that's you ^^;), every fortune-teller in that
family was given the name of Pamela. She'll tell you to look around a sign
infront of the Inn, and then she'll take her 5G fee from you. ^^; Go to the
sign, and examine it, to find a Button! Return it to the boy who lost it, to be
rewarded with a TinyMedal! You'll definitely want to hold onto this.

Walk over to the village's well, and talk to the people around it. It seems
that it is now a natural hot-spring. Climb down, and raid the dressers for a
pair of Boxer Shorts. Once you're done with this, you can leave the village,
and head to our next stop, Mt. Flame. Walk up the trail leading inside the
mountain, and enter the crater area. People don't respect the God of Flame
anymore, and just come here for treasure-hunting. Ignore the Gate that's here
for now, and walk through the southern door leading inside the volcano.

Move downstairs, then head east and down the stairs, just like we did in the
past. Go northeast, down the stairs, then north and west to some more stairs.
Go east and down those stairs, then south and down a final flight of stairs.
Open the chest here to get a WindShard! Head back up to the stairs we came down
from originally, then go west and north to stairs leading down. Move north, and
down the stairs, then travel south and east to another staircase. Take the
northwest path here, to a chest with 80G, then go back to the stairs and move
northeast to get to a chest with an Herb. Walk northwest and west, down the
stairs, then south and east to some stairs leading up. Move south and outside
to the cliff, pillage the chest for 350G, then go back inside and up the next
three flights of stairs. Walking west and south will get you to the central
crater area again. Hop down twice, then deprive the chests in the southwest
corner of an Antidote and 60G. Touch the pillar of light to the northeast if
you need to heal your HP and MP, then jump into the crater twice more. Walk
north and jump into the hole in the ground, to arrive at the WindShard chest
again. You should be able to get out of here now. ^^

Back out at the crater, use that Gate we left alone until now. When you arrive,
you'll find that you've arrived back at the Ancient Fane, in the Fane Dome.
Before rushing off to place your Shards, take a detour to the blue door with
the flame above it, in the Fane Dome. When you arrive, leave the room by the
southern door, then go east. Face the water of the Rainbow Cove, and fill your
empty Bottle with some RainbwDew! ^^ This might come in handy later. Now, go
back to the Green Pedestal Room, and place your WindShard on the northwest
pedestal, on the eastern part. Now, go to the Blue Pedestal Room, and place
your second AquaShard on the northeast pedestal, on the southern part. One
Shard to go! Walk over to the northwest pedestal, and place your last remaining
AquaShard on the east side. This pedestal's completed, and it's time to explore
another land!

2F. Solid When Wet
Items: 5G, 7G, 10G, AngelTear, Cloth Suit, Herb, LandShard, Leather Hat,

After arriving in the past, if you can't find the nearest village, you should
give your game away. ^^; It's the only other object on this tiny, tiny bit of
land in the middle of the ocean. Walk inside, and you'll soon see that the
entire village of Dialac is dead silent, and that the only things you can see,
are stone statues. After examining a few, Maribel realizes that these must be
real people that've turned to stone! How horrible! Let's look for clues as to
why this happened...

Both the Church and Inn are deserted, but you can save and heal for free. You
can find a Leather Hat inside a dresser, which's in a house north of the
Church. North of the Inn, you'll see a gigantic block of stone, and north of
there is a house. Help yourself to the Cloth Suit which's inside the dressers
here. West of the Inn, you can walk up some stairs to get to the upper ledge.
The first house to the north has 7G inside, hidden within a barrel. A little
further north, you'll find 10G inside a vase, and you'll see a statue standing
infront of a house, so that we can't enter. You'll also see an Old Man! He's
not a statue, so walk over to him and say hello.

The Old Man is very upset about Dialac's condition, and is sitting here,
waiting for the end. He says there's no way to cure the citizens back to their
previous state, and he advises us to leave. When you try to, he'll stop you,
and give you a bottle containing AngelTear, which can cure people that've been
turned to stone. AngelTear can't help the citizens here, though, because their
bodies have been weathered too long, and they can't be restored to healthy,
living human beings again. Looking as if he is suffering from paranoid thoughts
of the citizens of the village, he tells you not to venture out of any
buildings at night, but he won't say why. Well, we need to find out, don't we?

Rest at the Inn, and in the middle of the night, your hero'll hear a mournful
cry, which wakes him up. Maribel and Kiefer are still asleep, so walk out of
the Inn, to see all of the statues glowing white. Inspect the statue of the
young lady, that's by the Water God statue, to see a vision of the woman's last
few moments. Dialac hasn't had rain in a long time, and their village will die
out soon if they don't get any. A warrior named Claymore heads off for some
supplies, and hopes to be back intime for the rain prayers.

Next, talk to the farmer that's northeast of the woman. He worries about his
crops, but after a young boy bumps into him, he can smile, and knows that the
next generation will have a happy, bright future. Unfortunately, it looks like
he was wrong, as even the young girl east of him is a statue as well. Rena, the
little girl, sneaks up on Joseph to find out he's been writing on walls, for
guide markers, and even found a secret base of sorts. They make plans to visit
it after the rain prayers... whatever happened, must have happened before or a
short time after those prayers.

Examine the priest, and you'll receive a vision of a young woman, Millie,
praying that Clayman will return safely from his supply journey. However, it
seems a jealous young man doesn't want Clayman to return intime for his
wedding, so that he can marry Millie instead. Could he have caused this statue
problem? The next statue to examine, is the one of a woman by the stairs north
of the Church. This's Millie, and the scene that appears is from before Clayman
goes off to get supplies for the village. The monsters outside are a problem,
and it seems Clayman is the only warrior in Dialac. The two kiss, and make
plans to be married once Clayman returns, before the vision ends.

The old woman infront of the large stone is praying to the Boulder God. The
priest walks up to her, and asks why she is praying to the Boulder God, rather
than the Water God. It's much harder for Boulder Gods to get water than it is
for Water Gods, afterall. ^^; The old woman gives the priest a quick lesson on
why she believes as she does, and the priest can't help but see her side of the
issue. The woman west of the old woman, seems to be Joseph's mother, and she
wants him to stick around and get ready for the water prayer. He's wandered
off, but Rena seems reluctant to mention where he went to. Hmm...

North of Joseph's mom, is the man who's tying to marry Millie for himself. He's
shown examining the statue of the Water God, hoping that it'll rain a lot this
year finally. Head west of the inn, up the stairs, and talk to the middle-aged
man's statue. It's the local barkeeper, and you can listen in on a conversation
between Joseph and his dad, Keene. This town used to be a battlefield, and was
later rebuilt. Maybe that's why there's so little crops growing, because of the
blood that was spilled here. Further north, talk to the statue that's infront
of the house, to see Keene's talk with the barkeeper. He'll walk out of the
house, and towards his own, commenting on the oddity of prayers creating rain.
But suddenly, it does begin to rain! A muddy rain, which is turning people into
stone! He tries to go inside his house to warn his family, but never makes it
through the door...

After the vision, Keene's statue will crumble away, leaving nothing in his
place. Inside his house, on the western bookcase, you can find a note in
Joseph's handwriting, just like in the vision. He mentions one base is near a
pointed tree, where he made markings on a cliff, and that a second base is
beneath the bar. Walk north of Millie's house, now, and speak to the Old Man.
He saw the gray rain fifty years ago, but he didn't get turned to stone because
he was not inside the village. This must be Clayman! He feels as if this's his
fault, and that being alive is why the statues glow, because they hate him.

While we've seen almost everyone here, we have not seen where Joseph's statue
is. None of the visions we saw happened to show where he went, but from Rena's
shyness in telling Joseph's mom, and from the note we found, perhaps he's in
his secret base? If you go over towards the bar, you'll see white writing on
the wall. This's Joseph's guide marker, so the pointed tree must be the one
nearby? Search the ground a little north of the tree, and you'll hear that
there's a hollow sound. We can't go in at night, though, so go back to the Inn
and rest until morning.

Now that it's morning (how can you tell? ^^;), go back outside and search the
hollow-sounding ground to find a staircase! Enter, then walk down the stairs
here, to find a small room that could have been used for sleep-overs or the
like. Move down the next flight of stairs, then go east. After going
downstairs, you'll see a note on the wall, saying that this's the second secret
base. Take the Herb and 5G from the vases here, then go up a flight of stairs,
before heading south, east and north to a rope. We'll be ontop of the Boulder
God once we climb up to the top. Use the AngelTear here, and daylight will
return to Dialac. You'll also see a staircase open, and Joseph will walk out!
Hurry outside and talk to him!

To Joseph, a few seconds have passed since he was moving around, but to the
real world, fifty long years have passed. He doesn't believe us at first, but
asks that we help him find out what happened, and he tags along with us. Walk
over to the well to talk to Clayman, and he'll recognize Joseph's voice, even
if he can't see him so well. The two will realize that they're all that's left,
and that they should take care of each other. The next morning, Joseph and
Clayman decide to warn other places of this gray rain, and to try to find a
cure for the rest of the people, even though they may not find it. Where does
our party go from here, though? Well, there is one barrel we've not looked at
yet, in Joseph's first secret base. Sure enough, we've found a LandShard! Let's
return to our time first, so we can plan our next move.

At the Ancient Fane, go to the Yellow Pedestal Room, and set your LandShard on
the central pedestal, on the southern part. Now, walk outside, and get in your
boat. Sail south of Fishbel, until you can't see any land, then sail east, and
you should arrive at the island where Dialac was in the past. Enter the
temple-like area, and you'll find yourself at an empty field, with a large
boulder, an Old Man, and... a WindShard!

This man is Sim, and he wanted to live by the Boulder God's stone, but when he
came here, Dialac had long since been gone. He asks that you send people here
if they're interested in finding a new place to live! This'll be like creating
our own town. This'll all be covered in its own section, so just return to the
Ancient Fane, and the Green Pedestal Room, then set your WindShard on the
northwest pedestal, in the northern part. Next stop... who knows? ^^;

2G. The White Wolf of Orph
Items: 5G x 3, 15G x 2, 30G, 120G x 2, DEFseed, Antidote, AquaShard x 3, Bone
       Knife, Bunny Tiara, Copper Sword, DEFseed, Dung, Herb x 2, LifeAcorn,
       Monster Book, MysticNut, Stone Claw, STRseed, TinyMedal x 2, WindShard.

Once you arrive in the past, head directly north, to find a new village. This
village is hardly a normal one, though: it seems there're tons of animals here!
The few people that're here do not seem like they can speak, either. While we
probably can't get many clues from living creatures here, we can search the
town, to see what we dig up. First, go west, and enter the Item Shop. Despite
the owner being a chicken, you can buy and sell items normally here. Walk
around to the back of the Shop, and search the hanging sacks on the wall for a
DEFseed. Break the vases for an Herb, then get a HairBand from the dresser
upstairs. Don't forget the chest in the southeast corner, with a LifeAcorn

East of the Item Shop, enter the house and raid the dresser for 5G. Directly
north of this house, past the Church, you can find a Weapon Shop, with another
chicken as the merchant. In the back of the shop, you can get a chest with a
Copper Sword, as well. West of the Church, is the Inn, where you can stay for
free. Don't forget to check the dressers here for a TinyMedal! Break the
barrels outside of the Inn for some Dung, then go north to another house. A
vase here contains a Bone Knife, which none of your party-members can use.
That's definitely odd... East of this house, you'll find two more, in their own
walled area. The westernmost of the two houses has vases you can break for 5G,
and an Antidote, while the eastern shed has... a kid chained to a wall??

The collar's too tight for us to free, so we're going to have to find some
help. The cow here seems panic-striken, mooing loudly. Kiefer mentions that the
cow probably knows the entire story, as does the rest of the animals in town.
Wasn't there a person in a House west of Fishbel, that could talk to animals?
Yup! Return to the Ancient Fane, and visit the Woodsman's House. The place is
slightly different, as the woodsman isn't by the bonfire he has in his
backyard. There is a squirrel, though, which offers you a MysticNut. Accept! ^^
Inside the house, the woodsman will be trying to help a cat get confidence in
asking a female cat out. While he thinks you're joking about a town full of
animals, the woodsman will be convinced to join your party by the cat. ^^;

Back in the village, the woodsman won't be able to talk to any of the animals.
Is he a fraud afterall? This has never happened to him, he says. Wander inside
the Item Shop, and go to the second floor, to talk to the woman here. The
woodsman will be surprised suddenly. This isn't a person; it's a cat trapped in
a human body! You'll be able to get the story now. There was a monster that
tried to cause problems in this village. The white wolves were the defenders of
the village, and they tried to stop the monster. But one by one, they were
getting killed off.

Enter the house east of the Shop, and talk to the old man, I mean horse, in the
backyard to hear more of the tale. The wolves lured the monster away inside a
cave, which was in Mt. Ceide. The monster was sealed, and one female wolf
lived, who happened to be pregnant. Now talk to the man, or dog, behind the
Church. Recently, a monster came by to cause problems, and all the animals were
turned into people, and people were turned into animals. Back in the shed, the
woodsman helps you free the boy who's been chained to the wall. Rather than
stay, the boy quickly runs off! Maybe to go back home? Now that he's rescued,
we can find the last animal-turned-human, in the house west of the shed, who'll
tell us that the monster that did this came from the Mountain of God, Mt.
Ceide. That's where the white wolves sealed a monster up before, too. The
woodsman will offer to summarize the entire story, incase you've forgotten. ^^;

Leave the village, then head west and northwest, until you arrive at Mt. Ceide.
Very shortly, you'll find a wolf. Follow it up the trail, and into the cave it
enters. Once inside, head north, taking the first path east that you reach, to
get to a chest with 120G inside. Go back went, and further north, until the
path splits again. Take the path that leads east, then follow it south to a
staircase leading up. This next area is like a maze. Move south, then west,
ignoring the cave enterance here before moving south, east, south and west to
another cave. Note this one, but don't go inside of it yet. Head south, east,
and south to a chest with a STRseed, then go back to the other cave.

To the northwest in this room, you can find a chest with an AquaShard inside.
Every little Shard helps! ^^ Exit this room to the south, then head north along
the path. Go upstairs, and walk north, following the tunnel east and south.
When the tunnel forks, follow it southwest and up the stairs. On this floor,
walk south and east, then exit out the southern door, onto a cliff outside.
Walk clockwise around the mountain, over the bridge, and to a cave enterance,
which looks like it was uncovered recently. Instead of going in, continue up
the cliff, until you reach another doorway. Inside, you'll find a chest with an
AquaShard inside!

Go back down the mountain, and stop outside the unsealed cave. Magic will not
work inside here, so you should use all your MP to heal yourself up now, and
stockpile lots of Herbs in your inventory for each character. When you think
you're ready, walk inside. Avoid the poisonous areas, and go upstairs, to find
the wolf you met earlier. As you walk towards it, the boy from earlier will
knock you aside, to stand by the wolf, looking around carefully and warily. The
woodsman will feel a monster's presence, and as you walk by the huge coffin, a
monster'll drop from the ceiling! The boy'll suddenly rush and attack the
monster, Deathpal, and you'll hurry over to defend him!

This is one of the harder fights you've had so far in the game. Deathpal can
use two actions a turn, and all of your magic's sealed as well. Skills still
work, though, as do items. The woodsman will help you in this fight, and while
he's weak in physical attacks, he'll use his Herbs to help cure you. Don't
depend on them, and heal anyone who's HP are starting to get low. When she's
not healing, you may want Maribel to use Retaliate, to copy any moves that
she's hit with. Deathpal's special attacks are WindBeast, which can do a decent
amount of damage both to one of your party-members, and to Deathpal himself if
it's Retaliated, and Flash, which lowers your hit percentage. Since this's an
all-physical fight, that's bad! Of course, if Deathpal's hit with it, his
physical attacks can be penalized too. The most important advice, is just to
keep HP up above all else, and to kill him before you run out of Herbs.

After the fight, Deathpal starts to turn you into animals as well, before the
boy lunges forward and bites him! Slowly, Deathpal's body loses control, and he
is forcibly flown above his coffin. Deathpal realizes suddenly that a white
wolf can do that, and this boy must've been in the village when he switched
animals into people. With a last curse to seal the boy in a human body, he
falls inside the coffin, and with the woodsman's help, you can close the lid.
This restores daylight outside, and turns the people back into animals, or
animals back into people, depending on which they originally are. All except
for the boy, that is.

The woodsman explains that the boy, Gabo,  must be the last white wolf cub, and
this other wolf helped to raise him before the curse hit. With questions about
who could have released Deathpal, your party returns to the village. Gabo and
the wolf will run off, while we're left to talk to the citizens. Now that
they're human again, we can finally learn the name of their village: Orph!
Enter the house west of the shed, and talk to the Mayor, to learn that
Deathpal's cave couldn't have been unsealed from the inside. Someone must've
unsealed it on purpose, someone bad. Walk inside the shed, and talk to the
farmer here, to learn all about why Gabo was in there in the first place. When
you leave, Gabo and the wolf'll be there waiting for you.

The woodsman decides that both Gabo and the wolf need a home, now, and he
offers his own to them. Gabo accepts, and the three of them leave town ahead of
you. Follow them outside, and back to the Ancient Fane. It's here that Gabo,
with the help of the wolf, explains his feelings: he wants to help stop whoever
unsealed Deathpal! The woodsman will agree, and you'll gain a new party-member!
^^ Gabo starts off at Level 1, so you may want to beat up some monsters to help
build up his stats, and to afford to buy him some equipment. Before leaving,
don't forget to visit the Blue Pedestal Room, and set your two AquaShards on
the northeast pedestal, to the north and southwest.

Sail west of the Woodsman's Cottage, and you'll arrive at the new land. The
village of Orph is right where it was before, so you shouldn't have trouble
finding it. In the village square, you'll see a lot of animals going in a
circle. Did Deathpal come back and curse everyone? Hurry to the Elder's house,
and you'll quickly learn why many people like bunny-girls. >"< You'll also hear
an explanation for all the animals. Put on the offered costumes, and you can
take part in the festival! ^^ We should also start exploring houses, so let's
start with this one. Break the vases in this house for a DEFseed, then go to
the shed, and get 30G from a barrel in there. The house west of the Elder's
house has 5G in a vase, and the barrels outside the inn south of there has 15G
in a barrel. In the back room of the Weapon Shop, raid the treasure chest for a
WindShard! ^^ Last but not least, go into the Item Shop's backroom, and search
the hanging sacks on the wall for an Herb. Grab a Cloth Suit from the upstairs
dresser, then have fun opening the empty treasure chest.

At the square, a game of sorts seems to be underway. Talk to the man here, and
agree to give it a try! You need to figure out which three of the people
dressed as animals are women. Of course, since you're reading this guide, it
won't be so hard to win. ^^ The horse, dog, and one of the cows are the women.
You should pick the cow first, as once you've picked the right one, you won't
accidently pick the wrong one. When you get all three correct, the Elder will
come out with Mimi, and award you with the Monster Book! When you're outside,
you can now see what monsters you've beaten, how many, what items they drop as
random treasures, and just how much EXP and Gold you've won from them. Plus,
you can press the X Button to see the monster animations. You can see one at
first, then a second one for every twenty monsters of that kind that you kill,
until you can see all the animations. ^^ This's a great prize! 

Northwest of Orph, you'll see something new, a place for boats to sail back and
forth from someone's mansion. Walk inside the nearby house, and break a barrel
for 15G, then try to talk to the soldier here. He just doesn't know who lives
inside that mansion. That's rather odd... We can't sail over and investigate
this spot just yet, but maybe we can later. Walk over to Mt. Ceide, and go up
the trail inside the mountain. Head north, east and north to a chest with the
Stone Claw inside. Move back south, west, and then north, until the tunnel
splits. Head east and south to some stairs, then go up them. Wander south,
west, south, east, south, west, south, east, and south to a chest, which
contains 120G. Move north and west to a cave opening, and go through, opening
the chest northwest of you for a TinyMedal. Walk south, outside the opening,
and then move north to more stairs. Move north, east, then south, taking the
southwest tunnel to a staircase when you're given the chance. Travel south,
then east, before moving out the cave exit and onto the outer cliff.

Walk across the bridge and continue to follow the trail in a clockwise manner,
moving past the sealed cave, until you reach the end of the trail. Walk inside,
and search the chest for a Bunny Tiara, then go back outside to the sealed
cave. The stone infront of the enterance will move as you touch it, and you can
walk inside and up the stairs. Approach the coffin, and despite the many
prompts trying to scare you off, awaken Deathpal from his sleep, and remove the
lid from ontop. After his years of imprisonment, Deathpal's turned human! He's
sorry for the trouble he caused, and tries to cure Gabo's curse. He botches it,
though, and rather than a cure, he's enabled Gabo to talk in Human! Don't
forget to pocket the AquaShard he offers to you! I bet you know where to go
now. Return to the Ancient Fane, and the Blue Pedestal Room, then set your
AquaShard on the northeast pedestal, in the southeast part.

2H. Eri the MechSoldier
Items: 2G x 2, 3G x 2, 5G x 2, 8G, 10G, 15G, 21G, 100G, 250G, 1200G, Bone
       Knife, Bronze Knife, Bug Knife, DEFseed, FireShard x 4, HairBand, Herb x
       2, Iron Claw, Iron Shield, Leather Armor, Leather Shield, MechParts,
       Noble Robe, Scale Armor x 2, SeaShell Hat, STRseed x 3, Tights,
       TinyMedal x 6, WindShard, Wooden Hat.

When you appear in the past, start walking east, and note that oddly, the
island isn't shrouded in darkness. You will soon reach a broken bridge, which
you cannot cross. Start to walk southwest, now, and you'll see an unusual area,
like a small cliff, on the map. Walk into it, and you'll be infront of a cave
leading underground, guarded by swarms of what look like robots. Walk around to
the northeast side, and try to climb down, to get stopped by a guard, who'll
pull you aside to tell you the story. These creatures are MechSoldiers, and
this is the MechSoldier Base. The soldier mentions a place called Falrish, west
of here, that you should go to first.

Sure enough, you'll find the village of Falrish to the west. This city has
certainly seen better days, with soldiers in the streets and deactivated
MechSoldiers all around. You'll probably need to use the Inn, especially if
you've been in fights with the local Clockmech enemies. Go over to the guard
building in the southeast corner of the city, and go inside. The man with a
turban here is a small Item Shop, and the barrels near him hide a TinyMedal! On
the roof, the guard will mention Falrod Castle, to the southwest, and how it
feels like forever since he's been here defending Falrish. North of this
building, is the Weapon Shop, which's selling some pretty good weapons and

Enter the door northwest of the Shop, to see a little boy crying over the
MechSoldier that killed his father. You can find some Leather Armor in the
chest here, and 10G in a vase. Next, go west of the Inn, and there should be a
little doorway hidden by the stairs leading ontop of the fortification. You can
gain 15G from the barrels, an Herb and a STRseed from the vases, and a
FireShard from the chest! Go back outside, and up the stairs, to find a guarded
Church. If you go downstairs, which you should, you'll stumble on a meeting of
the city's guards, who are discussing strategy about what to do while the
Captain returns to Falrod Castle for a report. Hopefully they'll be ready if
there's an attack! You can exit from the southern door in this area, to smash a
barrel with 3G inside.

Directly southwest of Falrish is Falrod Castle, where you'll see some of the
local guards sparring. Enter the building to the west, and speak to the guards
here. One of them, named Hanes, says that he hasn't seen the Captain come back
yet, and he's getting worried. In the eastern building, search the dressers for
a Leather Shield, then talk to the guard here and sign up as mercenaries! We
want to help, anyways, and maybe we can take out a MechSoldier or two. Agree to
a demonstration, and you'll be lead outside to battle a Falroider. This isn't a
difficult battle, really, and is a good test of your abilities at this point.
If you had trouble with the Falroider, then you should try to gain a level or
two, as well as upgrade your equipment. After the battle, you'll be told that
there's no current emergency occuring, so you should go inside the castle to
visit the King. Let's do that, shall we?

Enter the castle, and head upstairs to the second floor. Search the King's room
to the east, and get the Scale Armor from the dresser. Then, walk up to the
King's throne and speak to him. After the introductions, Captain Trad will
arrive, to tell the King about the battle in Falrish, and then will ask you to
report to the guardhouse. Let's do a little exploration first! Exit through the
door to the south of the stairs, noting the behavior of the cleaning-mech that
is attacking a pillar. They do malfunction sometimes, the local people say.

Head east, and down the stairs here, to arrive outside the Royal Family's
bunker. You can use the lever to open the door, and go down the stairs. Raid
the room at the end of the tunnel, to find 5G in a vase, and a DEFseed from the
chest. Head back upstairs, and move west through the door, then north through
another door, to have a chat with the Princess. After that, go back inside the
castle, walking west, then north over the bridge to two vases. One has a
TinyMedal, so don't miss it! Check out the southeast guard tower, to find a
vase with a STRseed inside, then go over to the southwest guard tower. Drop
down the hole here, and we can get this tactics meeting started.

Captain Trad is trying to find some strategy that'll work, but nobody's sure
exactly what to do. You can't starve them, and they're stronger physically than
most people, plus they have sheer numbers. One soldier will mention Zebbot, a
mechanical engineer, who lives west of the castle. Talk to Hanes, and tell him
you'll go visit Zebbot and ask him, as your first mercenary mission. It's
directly west of the castle, a white house with a blue roof, so start walking!

Head around to the back of Zebbot's house, and break the barrels here for 2G.
If you enter the shed, you'll find a chest with a Bronze Knife inside. You'll
also see one of the many cleaning robots you've seen in Falrish and Falrod, the
Zebbot III. There's a note on this one, though, saying that they're defective
and undergoing remodeling. Why're so many still in use, then? Go inside the
house, and inside the west room, searching this dresser for a SeaShell Hat. Now
head east, and talk to Zebbot here. He doesn't seem to care at all, not about
Captain Trad, and not about Falrish or Falrod! He asks us to leave, but don't
leave yet. Smash the vase in his room for a Bone Knife, then inspect the robot
he's working on. He tells you to get your hands off of Eri. Examine the
southern bookcase to find a note. Trad and Zebbot're brothers, and it seems
that something happened to a girl named Eri. Is Zebbot trying to honor her
memory by naming his newest creation after her?

Return to Falrod Castle, and talk to Hanes in the western guardhouse. Tell him
that Zebbot won't cooperate, and Trad will walk into the room, agreeing. You'll
be assigned to the guard towers, so climb up to the top of the southwest tower.
The moment you do, an injured guard, from Falrish, will collapse outside. Run
downstairs, and jump down the hole, to find out that Falrish has been
partially-overrun by the MechSoldiers! While the other mercenaries assemble,
Trad decides on a desperate plan, and joins your group. Your mission is to
return to Zebbot's house and get some last-second information to save Falrish!
When you get there, Zebbot will have partially finished his Eri robot, which
can stand and wave its arms around. ^^; Trad will try to talk sense into
Zebbot, but he still doesn't care about anything, sine the original Eri's
passing. Deciding the castle should be protected if nothing else, your party
should start back for the castle.

Outside, a singular MechSoldier waits for you. Before it can attack, though, it
breaks down from the damage that has been inflicted to it. Zebbot comes outside
to yell at you, but notices the MechSoldier, and is a little fascinated by it.
Trad decides to help him bring it inside the house, so Zebbot can study it, and
asks you to return to the castle without him. When you return to Falrod Castle,
it'll be under attack! Run to the west, and you'll see a singular MechSoldier
running around. Talk to it, and it'll start a battle with a Clockmech. Defeat
it, then head towards the castle gates, defeating the Clockmech running around
there too. Run inside the castle, talk to the guard defending the stairs, then
run back outside to see two of the guards driven back! The enemy will attack
you, so defeat these two Clockmechs before they can do any more damage.

A next wave of three MechSoldiers will run at you, but a sudden loud noise
causes them to walk around erraticly, their artificial intelligence scrambled.
Zebbot and Trad have come to the rescue! The captured MechSoldier has been
reprogrammed to emit a signal that jams the one controling the MechSoldiers at
the castle. A strategy session is planned for the next morning, which gives you
a chance to get your HP and MP restored. Walk down to the southeast guardhouse,
which has been slightly remodeled. Trad and Zebbot are here, working on a
MechSoldier. Zebbot feels an evil power must've made these, and Trad asks you
to tell Hanes to get a strategy session going. Don't forget to look in the
dresser here for a Wooden Hat first!

Talk to Hanes, then Captain Trad, then go to the southwest guardhouse to start
the strategy session. The plan is for a small group, composed of your party,
Trad, and the reprogrammed MechSoldier, to attack the main MechSoldier base!
When you're ready to go, walk to the southeast guardhouse, and tell Trad,
who'll leave with Zebbot. Zebbot just can't let this MechSoldier, who he's
taken to calling Eri, go off by itself. Outside, talk to Trad, and his group
will depart ahead of you to Falrish.

Falrish hardly exists anymore. The main buildings stand, but many people do
not. Many more MechSoldiers are deactivated around the town, but that can't
make up for all the lives lost. Walk into the Church, saving if you need to,
then walk downstairs to find Trad reassuring another soldier. Talk to Trad, and
we'll finally leave for the main MechSoldier encampment we saw so long ago.
Return to the northeast side of the surrounding cliff, and the guard stationed
here will mention how many more MechSoldiers lie in wait below. Trad, Zebbot
and Eri will arrive, and we're set to begin the final assault. Eri will start
the disruption noise, which allows you to walk down into the cave without being
challenged. We can't be sure if anything inside is hearing this noise,

Follow the metallic grey path on the floor as it goes to the northeast, and
step on the little platform to discover it is an elevator leading down a floor.
Follow the grey path here as well, to the southwest, where it stops at another
elevator. Don't use this one, though, and go northwest, getting on this
elevator to go back up a floor. The chest to the west has 250G inside, but the
chest to the east is a Cannibox! These guys can be tricky, so if you do plan on
fighting it, make sure to heal your party up first. After you kill or avoid the
Cannibox, head back down the elevator, moving southeast until you get to the
elevator we avoided. Avoid it again, and move south, to another elevator. After
moving down, open the two chests here, to get a STRseed and an Iron Shield.
Talk to the MechSoldier standing here to reactivate the elevator, and go back
upstairs. Now you can go back to the elevator we were avoiding, and take it

Follow the grey path to the northeast, where two MechSoldiers/Clockmechs are
standing guard. Why didn't they just call them one or the other? ;_; Defeat
them, like you have all the other ones so far in this land, and in the next
room, ahead of you, you'll see a giant MechSoldier waiting for you. Ignore him
for now, and walk around the east edge of this area, breaking a vase for 100G,
and opening a chest to find a FireShard! Now, approach the central MechSoldier.
He'll send a group of three Clockmechs to attack you. Due to the disruption
outside, though, they'll often stand still and unsure of what to do during
their turn. Their boss, Machinoid, is not so confused, and he'll attack you
immediately after the Clockmechs're taken care of. This battle isn't very hard,
other than Machinoid's ability to call for Clockmechs to help. Either focus
your attacks on Machinoid, then deal with the Clockmechs afterwards, or use
Gabo's Bark to distract Machinoid, then take out the Clockmechs and the big guy

Once you win, Machinoid will rant about the Dark World, and how the Demon Lord
told him to spread chaos through this world. Now that he's damaged beyond
repair, Machinoid doesn't care, and calls for his biggest MechSoldier,
EvilMech, to appear and take care of you. It's another boss-fight! And a real
one at that, compared to the last two battles we've had. EvilMech, who looks
surprisingly like Esterk from Dragon Warrior 4, has a variety of attacks.
Besides breathing fire, and using Flash on us, he also uses 2EdgeHit often,
which damages you, but causes 1/4th of that damage to hurt him as well. He
literally cares more about killing you than he does about surviving. Add to
all this the fact that he can act twice a turn, and has high defense, plus your
HP are probably below maximum from the last two fights, this's going to be a
great fight! ^^ A good idea would be for Maribel to hit EvilMech with Sap, so
you can actually deal good damage physically, and then have your hero use Upper
on each party-member. PsycheUp, then attacking with Kiefer is a good idea too,
as you'll do slightly more damage than if you made two seperate attacks. And if
you manage a critical hit, you'll be wracking up the damage! Gabo can get his
hits in, and use Herbs on party-members when necessary.

Yes, eventually, you will survive this fight, and come out victorious. Trad and
Zebbot appear immediately after the fight, coincidently too slow to help us, to
find that we've defeated the leaders of the MechSoldiers. Falrish and Falrod
Castle should be safe now! Use Outside to escape the base, if you have MP left
for it, because even while the leaders have been defeated, there're still
random battles here. Return to Falrish, and talk to the happy citizens. As you
do, Zebbot and Eri will appear, only to be driven off by the citizens. They're
scared, rightfully so, about any MechSoldiers, and about Zebbot's tendancy to
have less than perfect experiments. Hopefully one day, the citizens will be
able to relax again, and put this pain behind them.

Back at Falrod Castle, Hanes decides to discharge you of your mercenary duties,
and asks that you return to see him after visiting the King. The citizens of
Falrod are gathered up infront of the castle, and eager to see you as you walk
inside. Up in the throne room, you are rewarded a Bug Knife for your victory,
but Zebbot is upset, and walks out, followed by the Princess. If you go
downstairs to where the Princess sits to look at the flowers, you'll here her
talking to Zebbot, about Eri, both the real and the fake one. Zebbot and Eri
walk away, leaving the Princess to wonder if MechSoldiers really could have
souls. Visit Hanes now, and he'll reward you 1200G for your hard work! ^^

Back in our world, sail southeast of Fishbel, and a little east of Your City.
This's where the new land is, and this'll put you around where Zebbot's house
was. Follow the coastline south until you can land, then walk northwest to the
house. Behind the house, you'll see the cleaning robot's rusted solid, never to
run again. Get a TinyMedal from a barrel here, then look in the shed. Get the
FireShard from this chest, then walk inside the house. In the western room, you
will find a horrific scene: Zebbot, the man obsessed with letting his lost love
live forever, has achieved that in naming his MechSoldier Eri. Eri is still
running, while Zebbot has long since turned to bones, having decomposed on his
very bed. Eri has spent unnamed years checking on him daily, and trying to cook
him soup to make him feel better... Take the HairBand from the dresser here,
and quietly part the house.

At Falrod Castle, it seems that scientists are trying to use technology to make
robots too. They've improved on Zebbot's old cleaning robots, but not much
else. They feel that robots may be a faraway dream, and don't seem to know that
their country almost lost to that very dream before. Don't forget the Scale
Armor from the dresser in here. Upstairs, the King will be speaking to his
scientists, having tried to get research advanced on robots. They won't have
any real progress, but it's not long before someone runs in to report that to
the west, they've found a legendary MechSoldier. That must be Eri! The King
will ready an expedition and rush off, but don't forget to get the Noble Robe
from the King's dresser first.

Downstairs, Armand, an advisor for the King, pleads with him not to go, but he
is ignored. He asks us to go and stop the King for him, and we will, once we've
explored a bit more. Back up on the second floor, exit through the southern
door, then go down the stairs to the east. Open the gate by using the lever,
and take a tour of the castle's former bunker, now a dungeon without any
prisoners. One vase here has 5G inside, one barrel has an Herb, and the only
chest here has a WindShard. Go back upstairs, and move west to the castle's
kitchen, smashing the barrel here for a TinyMedal. Back upstairs, explore the
southeastern guardtower, and break a vase in here for 8G. The southwest tower
has 2G inside a barrel.

Walk to Zebbot's house, and then walk outside, to see that the King has
arrived. They careflly drag Eri off with them, as she tries to continue making
soup for Zebbot. At the castle, they try to remove a balancing device from Eri,
which makes her fall down. Armand seems to know Eri's name, and the King calls
for the guards on grounds of suspicion. Eri lies on the ground, sadly looking
at you, while Armand is brought to the unlocked dungeon. Visit him there, and
you'll learn that he saw Eri at the cabin before, and just like the writer of
the FAQ you're reading now, felt that Eri should be left alone. He asks that
you go to Falrish, and find his granddaughter, who should have parts that'll
work on Eri, so she can return to the cabin. Of course we will! We were going
to go there anyways. ^^

Falrish's still a little bit to the northeast, just like it used to be. Inside
the Inn, check the dresser in the eastern room for some Tights. West of the
Inn, in the little door hidden on the wall, you'll find 21G in one of the
vases. The southwest vase is an EvilPot, and it'll attack you when you throw
it! You can fight it or avoid it, your choice, but the chest here has a
TinyMedal inside, that you should pick up. East of the Inn is the old
guardtower, and inside it is a little girl. This's Armand's granddaughter, and
she says that the parts are underground, by the barrel near the water. In this
room, though, is a barrel with 3G. What is with all the small amounts of money
in barrels and vases, anyways? ^^;

Make your way to the Church, and go down the stairs, then exit out the southern
door. Throw the barrel here, and search the ground under it to find the
MechParts! Bring these back to Armand, who is speaking to his son, the Captain
of the guards here at the castle. After an assisted escape, walk to where the
southeast guardhouse used to be, which is now a laboratory. For a scientist,
the one working here is rather stupid, and just leaves us alone to carry out
our plan. Once repaired, Eri will confuse Armand for Zebbot, and will try to
bring him home. The guards will come in, and thinking that Eri's gone berserk,
they'll attack. The King sees this, and yells for them to stop. He realizes the
error of his ways, and agrees that Eri should be returned. Repaired, and
cooking again, everyone will leave. Before you go, say goodbye to Eri, and
she'll tell you that she's happy here, thanks to you. ^^

Visit Armand's house in Falrish, and he'll thank you again for helping Eri.
Talk to his granddaughter, and she'll hand over a FireShard to us. ^^ Now, we
are not quite ready for the next area yet, as we still have some things to wrap
up. Head east of Falrish, and return to the MechSoldier Base. You'll see a
fortune-teller here, who can tell you where to find Shards that you may have
missed, or haven't received yet. She's good to talk to if you're lost. Walk
inside the base, following the grey path to the northeast and going down the
elevator. Follow the next path southwest to another elevator, but ignore it,
and walk to the northwest instead. Take this elevator up, and help yourself to
the STRseed in the western chest. The eastern chest is a Cannibox! Return to
the elevator we ignored, and ignore it again, moving south and using this
elevator. The north chest is empty, but the south one contains a TinyMedal.
Go back up the elevator, and go down the elevator we kept ignoring. Follow the
path north to the next room, and walk around the water's eastern edge. The vase
is an EvilPot, while the chest has an Iron Claw.

Leave the Base behind, and move east over the now-fixed bridge. You'll see a
place by the water, Coral Lake, which you should enter. The information you
find here is about God, and that while he is gone, he is gone only physically.
The rebirth of the world that was mentioned must be what we're doing with the
lands. If we come back later perhaps, we'll be able to do something of
importance here? For now, though, we have a new world to explore. Return to the
Ancient Fane, and the Green Pedestal Room. Set the one WindShard you have on
the southwest pedestal, in the southwest area. With that done, walk to the Red
Pedestal Room, and the southeast pedestal, setting FireShard pieces on the
southwest, east, north, and southeast areas. What sort of situation will we be
in the middle of this time?

2I. Love's Labors, Lost and Found
Items: 3G, 5G, 25G, 50G, 100G, 250G, Bunny Tiara, DEFseed, Dung, Fur Hat,
       Garter, Glam Robe, Horned Hat, LandShard, Mila Drug, Slime Earrings,
       TinyMedal x 4, Traveler Suit, WindShard x 3, Wooden Hat.

When you appear in the darkened past, start to walk to the northeast, and
you'll see a village. This village, Verdham according to the sign, is rather
empty right now. If you enter any of the buildings, you'll see why: the people
here have been turned into stone! This happened very recently, though, so
perhaps whatever is causing it is still here. Head directly north of the
enterance, then walk west of the sign. You'll se a house with stairs going up
to a door. You can't go inside that door, or the ones beneath it, but you will
see a monster on the roof. Is that what's causing all this? Enter the third
door here, and walk inside, taking the stairs up to the second floor.

Rather than go up the next stairs, head west first, entering the first room you
come to. A dresser in here has a Glam Robe, but the chest is locked. Now you
can go up two flights of stairs, and fight the Rainmaker here. This isn't a
difficult fight, as Rainmaker often just attacks physically. He can go twice a
round, though, and the SickLicks attack he uses also lowers your defense. Cast
Upper on individuals that lose a turn from this move, and keep your HP up. The
only other attack he uses can blow frigid breath over everyone in your party.
Take him out fast enough, and he won't have a chance to use HealMore, let alone
kill anyone in your party. ^^

With the Rainmaker's death, the town still stands as statues. However, you
still have the AngelTear from Dialac, and you are at a high elevation. Use the
potion that Clayman gave you, and daylight will return, and the people of the
town will be restored to their normal selves! Walk downstairs, to see someone
named Iwan looking through a window. He thinks that Pepe has attacked a girl he
likes, named Linda, and is laying right ontop of her! He rushes off, and you
can head down the stairs. Make a little detour south for the kitchen, and break
a barrel here for 25G. When you go outside, you'll hear that there's trouble in
the herb garden, but there're too many people in the way to walk over and
check. Go around the west side of the house, to the back door, to see Iwan. It
seems Iwan and Linda're engaged to be married. When you go over to the three of
them in the herb garden, you'll hear the story. Pepe didn't attack Linda, but
covered her so he'd get hit by more of the rain than she did. That must be why
he's still stiff now, even though he's not stone.

After a scene with Iwan and Linda, walk downstairs to get a Wooden Hat from the
dresser. Behind the bed where Pepe is, you can search the bookcase for a love
letter that Porta, Pepe's brother, was writing, but it's not finished. Back in
the mansion, Borlock will chew Iwan out for caring more about the marriage than
about Linda's feelings. Upstairs, you'll find a maid, Kaya, talking to Iwan
about Linda. Kaya seems like she likes Iwan, and she says that Linda's so upset
about Pepe, because she'd want to kiss him as well! Let's explore the town,
while we figure out what to do. The house west of Borlock's has a vase with 3G
inside. South of that house, you can go upstairs to find a Bunny Tiara in the
dresser. A little east of there, is the Item Shop, where you'll find that Iwan
just got yelled at. ^^

Upstairs is Linda's room, where a man tries to help her out by giving her money
towards the debt her parents owed. She refuses it, but once he hears about the
wedding, the man leaves it as a wedding gift. Linda just feels so confused and
unsure of herself. If you read the diary on the table, though, it seems like
she may be talking about Pepe. The moment you leave the house, Linda will go
rushing off! Before going anywhere, enter the east side door of the Item Shop,
and help yourself to a TinyMedal from the chest. East of here is the Inn, where
there is a priest availible for any priestly duties other than saving. There's
an Adventure Journal on the table, though, so it's not something to worry
about. Upstairs, you can get a Traveler Suit from the dresser. Don't complain,
you can always sell it if you don't have a use for it. ^^; Make sure to check
out the local Weapon Shop while you're there!

Walk to Pepe's shed in the herb garden, and you'll see Linda talking to Pepe's
dad. They'll talk about a secret potion, that can cure ailments like this,
somewhere east  of here. From all the clues the townspeople say, from Mt. Flame
and fortune-tellers who aren't good with medicine, you can figure out that you
need to return to Engow, the past one, to talk to Pamela. She's at the Elder's
house, and if you tell her about Pepe, she'll run back to her place to get some
medicine. Go there, and she'll hand you the Mila Drug. Run back to Verdham, and
Pepe's dad will meet you there. He runs off to tell Linda, and you should
return to the shed. The Mila Drug works wonders on Pepe, and he's healed within
seconds. Iwan decides they should throw a party tonight in honor of Pepe, and
you're invited!

Later that night, the party will start. While many people are attending,
including two people that sound like they're Nara and Mara from Dragon Warrior
4, Pepe doesn't seem to be here. Talk to Borlock, who tells us that he'll make
an announcement shortly, then head out of the herb garden, and west, towards a
tree stump in the northwest of the town. Pepe and Kaya are here, and Pepe
doesn't seem happy. Kaya's trying to make him elope with Linda, and just ignore
his family here. Kaya definitely seems to be the scheming sort, doesn't she?
Pepe walks away angrily, while Kaya stays there, and even makes a poison joke
to you! Not the best person. ^^;

Pepe will be outside Borlock's house, saying he doesn't feel good, so go back
to the garden and talk to Borlock. Before he can announce the wedding, it
starts to rain. Someone shouts that it's gray rain, and they all panic! It's
normal rain, though, so ignore it, and go back to the tree stump to hear Linda
and Pepe. Pepe refuses to marry Linda, because he feels it'll hurt a lot of
people. Linda wants him to think about himself, and not everyone else, but he
won't listen. He walks off, as Linda yells at him. When you reach the exit to
the town, though, Pepe will be waiting for you. He's decided to leave everyone
here, and just to go out by himself. He realizes that Linda and him could have
payed the debt off together, since Borlock's not a cruel man, but it's much too
late for that...

The next morning, the town's a bit shaken by Pepe's leaving. Some citizens do
mention a merchant, however, who collected Shards. We are here to collect those
things, afterall, so this's a good clue. The merchant was going after a
treasure that supposedly is in a cave to the west, so get your things together
and start walking! The Swamp Cave is north of Verdham, then west after you pass
through the mountains. It's surrounded by swamp, appropriately enough, so it's
hard to miss. Inside, do not head north, as the floor up ahead is weak, and
you'll fall. Move east instead, then north, northwest, northeast, and west,
then go down the stairs you'll see.

Walk east, then south when you reach the room with the rocks sticking out of
the floor. Head downstairs, then move to the southeast when you can, until the
path splits to the northeast and to the south. Move northeast, walking
southeast when you can, then north to stairs going down. Travel south, then
west, moving northwest when you reach the pit to find some stairs leading down.
Tred over the swamps and north up the stairs, then walk clockwise around the
corner and up another flight of stairs. The chest here contains a WindShard! Go
back down two flights of stairs, and back up one, to reach the room we were at
originally. Move south and east, then walk down the stairs that you'll find

West of you, you'll find two chests, one of which is empty. The unopened chest
is a Cannibox, so be prepared! Back at the stairs, move north, and you'll be in
a room with a waterfall. Climb up the ramps, and enter the room past the
waterfall. Head east, then heal up before moving down the ramp. It seems the
rumors of treasure were just that, rumors. Cavemon and two JewelBags were
luring people here, then killing them for fun. Let's teach them a lesson! These
guys attack as a team. If you have weapons that'll attack multiple enemies,
like boomerangs or whips, then you've got it made. Focus any single-target
weapons against Cavemon, as his Firebane spell can hit you rather hard. The
JewelBags are more of an annoyance than anything else, so you can ignore them
until Cavemon's gone down.

After the fight, heal up, and open the western chest for 50G. Watch out for the
chests east of here! While the one that's a little bit lower and to the west is
safe, with a TinyMedal inside, the other chest has a Cannibox ready to eat you.
Head southwest, and out the door here, to find a WindShard on the ground, next
to some skeletons. This must be what happened to that merchant who came in
here. It's safe to go outside now, and return to the Ancient Fane. It wouldn't
hurt to place your Shards now while we're here, either. Both go on the
southwest pedestal in the Green Pedestal Room, with one piece fitting in the
northwest part, and the other fitting in the northeast part.

Return to Engow, and start walking north, between the mountains, then west
towards where the Gate in the past used to be. Head south when you see a break
in the mountains, then west through the hills until you reach a village where
none was in the past. The sign here says this is the Mentare Herb Garden, and
that the town west of here used to be famous for its herbs, but it's just a
ruin now. Could that have been Verdham? Before running off to check, let's
explore the town. If you talk to the turban-wearing man north of the house to
your west, you'll find he's a merchant, and he's selling a diverse amount of
items. Also, enter the house south of the merchant, to break a vase for 3G. The
big house to the northeast is where the current boss of Mentare lives, so walk
inside the first floor. Go inside the storage area, and pillage the chests for
a pair of Slime Earrings, and 250G. Go up to the second floor, and search the
dresser in the room with a mirror for a Garter. Up on the third floor, break
the vases for 5G, then open the chests here to find a LandShard!

Walk out of Mentare to the north, following the path towards the Geionne
Monastery. You'll have to pass through some cliffs to get there, and you'll see
an old, fallen-down house. Could this be where Pepe lived? Poor guy... he left
a TinyMedal in a vase for us, so be sure not to miss it. Continue climbing the
path, and move north to the next screen. Here, pass northwest under the bridge,
and walk clockwise around the pond, to find a chest with 100G inside. Move back
south, and climb the trail here to cross over the bridge. Walk around to the
northeast side of the lake, to find a locked chest, then move to the southeast
edge, descending the ladder here and walking inside the cave. Inside, you will
find a very strange herb, with glowing petals, as well as a dresser with a
Horned Hat inside. You can get some Dung from the vases, if you really want to.

Leave the cave, and exit the screen to the north again, to reach the Monastary.
This's mainly a small little place, without much going on, but you can save and
heal for free here. Up on the second floor, you can break a vase for a DEFseed,
and get a Fur Hat from a dresser here. Before starting back to Mentare, examine
the two tombstones in the northeast, by the cliff. One of them has the name
Linda on it, and the other, Pepe. Perhaps in the end, they found each other at
last. Start walking west of Mentare, now, and you'll come across where what's
left of Verdham is. The only thing that's really still here, is Pepe's old herb
garden, the rest is lost. Pick up the WindShard from the ground here, and put
it in your pocket.

Our last goal is to go north of the ruins of Verdham, and then west, towards
where the cave we fought Cavemon in, used to be. In its place, you'll find a
rather expensive Inn. Downstairs, though, you'll find an old man who mentions
Orgodemir, the Demon Lord, and how he caused the world to be split up like this
during his war with God. So, if we restore all the lands, then we'll have wiped
out the terrible deeds of the Demon Lord! ^^ Great! Get the TinyMedal from the
barrels here, then return to the Ancient Fane, placing the LandShard on the
center pedestal in the Yellow Pedestal Room, to the southwest. Enter the Green
Pedestal Room, and place your WindShard on the southwest pedestal, in the
empty southeast position, to begin the next step of our quest to restore the

2J. A Guardian's Decision
Items: 3G, 5G x 2, 13G, 15G x 2, 17G, 20G x 2, AGLseed x 2, AquaShard x 3, Bug
       Knife, DEFseed x 2, Fur Robe, Herb, INTseed, Kiefer's Letter, LandShard,
       Leather Hat, MysticNut, Potion, TinyMedal x 4, Viva Grape, Wizard Ring.

On the other side of the Gate, head west, until you hit a mountain range, then
start to walk to the southwest. You'll find a tent here, where some travelers
must be camping. Enter their little settlement, and talk to the man infront of
the big tent you come to. This's the Deja Tribe, and they travel around
nomadicly. Right now they're having a ceremony, so he asks that we talk to him
later. Break the vases west of here for 13G, then enter the nearby tent. You
can find 20G and a TinyMedal inside the baskets here, which look remarkibly
like chests. ^^; The tent to the east has a basket with a Leather Hat inside.
The girl here mentions that the festival is for their tribal dancer, Layla, and
that she has something called a Terra Spirit in her.

The tent to the east has a little boy in it, who says that someone named Jann
is going to marry Layla. The large tent directly southwest of that one has a
basket with an important AquaShard inside! The people here will talk about the
Terra Spirit, and how it's one of four others, that God released when he was
sealed. Wait, sealed? Everyone else we've talked to said God was dead, not
locked up. The tent northwest of here has people mentioning the Deja Tribe's
quest: try to ressurrect the sealed God, with the help of the Terra Spirit.
Back at the main tent, the ceremony will complete itself, and you'll see Layla
and Jann, as well as meet the Chief and his wife, Beretta. The Chief functions
as the Tribe's priest, in that you can save and such with him. Don't forget the
baskets here, so help yourself to 5G and a DEFseed. The other two baskets're
locked up tight, so curious adventurers can't get to them. ^^;

Outside the tent, everyone will split off to explore, so you'll be left all
alone. Go inside Layla's tent, and talk to her, to find that she's in deep
thought over her new responsibilities. Leave the tent, and go to the southeast
part of the encampment, after talking with Kiefer, to get a bottle of Viva
Grape, the tribe's wine. Bring it back to Kiefer, and he'll talk to Layla
inside her tent about his responsibilities and avoiding them. Jann will walk
in, misinterpreting the scene, and nearly attacks Kiefer before you can help to
put a stop to it. You'll drink heavily, and nod off later that evening.

You'll be awoken by the sounds of a struggle, and when you leave the tent,
you'll see Kiefer trying to defend Layla from a ManEater monster. He drives it
away, then explains to you what happened. Beretta will cure Datz, Layla's
father, but he's going to need some bedrest still. Tomorrow's the big day for
the Deja Tribe, though, because they're going to ressurrect God. A plan's made
and agreed upon: Kiefer will stay here to protect Layla and Datz, while
Maribel, Gabo, and you go off to help the Tribe reach their destination, the
Temple of God, to the west.

Leave the camp by the southwest exit, then move west and north, passing east
across a bridge. The monsters aren't tough, thankfully, and many of them are
familiar. We're one party-member short, though, so you're going to be killing
the monsters off slower than normal. Head north after crossing the bridge, and
you'll see a lone Church. This isn't the one we want, but you can go inside to
save and all that, plus talking to the cat here will restore all your HP and
MP! Nice kitty. ^^ Southwest of the Church is the bridge we want to cross,
leading inside a cave. The layout's rather simple: move north, west, and north
to the stairs on the first floor, then west, north, northeast, and a bit north
and west to some more stairs. Northwest and west will bring us to a door out of
the cave, where the Deja Tribe is already waiting.

Smash the vases northwest of the campfire for an AGLseed, then talk to the
people here. Jann loves Layla, but they can't marry, because they both have
divine marks on them. That's against a tribal custom, it seems. Enter the
western tent and talk to the woman here to rest for the night. By the time you
wake back up, the Deja Tribe's all packed up, and they've headed south to a
spot by their sunked Temple. Here, at the Lake Altar, you'll find that the
Chief was wrong; the two relics needed to get into the Temple, are within the
Temple itself. So how do you get in to get the relics that're needed to go
inside? ^^; Beretta says that this will take a bit, so after talking to all the
people on the carpet, enter the tent north of you and have a nap.

Outside, Jann decides to join the party, since he has a TerraBell that may help
drain the water here. Move north and enter the cave that's in the grassy hill,
the Lake Altar Cave, then walk northwest and start climbing the steps. Move
west, and when you find steps leading down, take them, moving west and
southwest to find an empty chest. Jann'll be mad, both at the monsters being
here and the empty chest, wondering if the contents have been stolen, and how
monsters could be here so close to God. Go back up the steps, and walk west and
south, down the last few steps, and south to the next room of the cave.

This room looks partially flooded, and there are some steps and chests you just
can't access right now. There's also an odd stone door to the southwest, that
won't open either. There are stairs going down a floor, though, so move down
those steps and to the next floor. Move east of the stairs here, through the
wall, and north to exit by the eastern torches, opening the chests here for a
TinyMedal and a Bug Knife. Go back to the stairs, then move west, between the
two torches there, and through the opening in the wall. Move north, being
careful not to fall into the pits just yet, and open the two chests here to
find that they're empty too. Now fall down a pit, and move north to find a
tablet. Jann will translate it for you: "May the brave one be guided by the
flame of God. The Flame of Bravery to the East, Flame of Wisdom to the West."
Speaking of east, walk east and open the chest here for a Fur Robe. Now, go
back towards the steps south of the tablet, and walk west through the wall to
find a hidden chest with an AGLseed! This one took me a while to find, so don't
feel bad if you missed it. ^^; Go back east and south to the room you fell
into, and go up the stairs here.

Back north, you'll reach the room with the pit. Head east, and through the
opening in the wall between the two torches. Maneuver your way over to the
torches east and north of you, then head north and west until you find a room
south of you with a staircase. Go down two flights,  and Jann will happily read
the tablet you'll find there: "Ascenticism may lead you to the path of God."
Your mysterious ability to read ancient writing will kick in as well, to Jann's
surprise. Move north, east, and south to the next room, then south to a chest
with 5G. If you exit to the south, you'll find yourself in the same room, even
down to the opened chest. Odd... Move east and south instead, and you'll reach
another room, with two chests to the east, with 15G and 20G inside.

Exit to the southwest, and move west, to open the chests with an Herb, 3G, and
an INTseed. Head west, to grab a Potion, then go back east, past the chests.
Move south, then west, taking the northwest path to reach a chest with a
MysticNut. Go back around, and take the southwest path, moving west to find
some stairs and, a Healer? Talk to it, and it'll tell you that it's a friend of
the Dejans, and the TerraBell will help to drain the lake. Downstairs, move
west and read the tablet here: "You possess both wisdom and bravery. Prove
yourself to be a child of God, and let him show you the way." Jann will ring
the TerraBell, and a shimmering platform will appear! You can cross it to the
other side, then move north and east to the next platform. You should move
north next, then west, and south to find another platform, with a chest on the
other side containing a Wizard Ring.

Walk back north, and west across the platform here, then down the stairs. Walk
north, and Jann will ring the TerraBell, which does infact drain the water
here. Exit through the southern door, and climb north up the stairs, opening
the chest you come to for a LandShard. Climb further up and out the door, to
find yourself back at the stone door that wouldn't open before. Walk around to
where the lake was, and walk down the steps, getting the chests here for a
DEFseed, 15G, and a TinyMedal. Exit to the south, and we'll reach the Temple!

Layla isn't here yet, nor her father or Kiefer, but everyone else is waiting.
Talk to Beretta to have her move out of the way, then read the plaque on the
wall: "When the ancient TerraTula shines like a golden fire, the dawning of a
new age is nigh!" The stairs will move aside, and Jann will hurry inside. He
feels that once this's accomplished, his mission will be over, and he'll be
free to marry Layla. He'll take the TerraTula and the Sacred Gown that're here,
then Kiefer and Layla will arrive! She's sprained her ankle on the way here,
but should be okay for the dancing.

Outside, an incensed Jann will demand that they revive God now, even though the
TerraTula isn't shining. Layla slowly follows him, and after a scene, nothing
will have happened. He'll reveal to the citizens that he does have a divine
mark, like Layla, and that he's been deceiving them all this time. Handing the
TerraTula back, he'll run off, saying that he's leaving the tribe. The Chief
decrees that the lake should be resealed, and Datz will go with you to do that.
Kiefer seems a little sweet on Layla, too. ^^ Head off inside the cave, and one
cutscene later, the lake is refilled, and you're back at the main Deja Tribe
camp. You'll have a feast, which's unfortunately not shown, and Kiefer will
speak to you in the middle of the night, even though you're asleep. You'll
learn about your birthmark, which for some odd reason, never came up into
conversation before now. ^^; Kiefer will also mention how he wants to do
something special, like he knows you will, and being a Prince or King just
isn't one of those things.

The next morning, Maribel, Gabo, and you will wake up, walking outside the tent
to find Kiefer and Datz fighting! It seems that Kiefer wants to remain here as
the Deja's Guardian, so that he can be with Layla, and also do something that
he feels he can accomplish. Kiefer will win, and gain his title, before he
escorts you to the Gate leading back to the Ancient Fane. He asks that you tell
his father his descision, that he's found his dream, and he suddenly pushes you
back through the Gate so you can't stop him. On the other side, you'll find a
bag with his belongings, and a letter. Before leaving, set the AquaShard on the
southwest pedestal in the Blue Pedestal Room, to the northwest, then set the
LandShard in the Yellow Pedestal Room, in the northeast part.

The new continent is fused with the one where Orph is. The exact area we want
to revisit is southwest of Engow, where we will find a dusty cliff area in the
middle of the hills east of where the Deja Tribe's camp used to be. There's
no trace of their camp, actually, nor the region where the Temple of God was.
Perhaps we'll only restore them after assembling more of the Shards? In any
case, enter the cliff area, and you'll hear someone trying to attract people to
see a horned creature from the prehistoric past. Walk over to the man infront
of the tent, and agree to pay 5G to get in. He'll let us in ahead of the crowd,
too. Inside, break the barrels to find 17G. We've already made up for the fee
to get inside! ^^ Exit the tent to the west, and climb down into the well. You
can find an AquaShard and a TinyMedal in the dressers here.

We can't avoid this any longer... return to Estard Castle, and tell King Burns
about Kiefer. The King is upset, of course, and needs some time alone,
especially since he was about to let Kiefer know that he was going to allow him
to go on this journey. He hands you an AquaShard, and asks that you go. Return
to the Ancient Fane, and the Blue Pedestal Room, placing your AquaShards in the
southeast and northeast positions. We're going to need something to make up for
Kiefer leading the party, or eventually these stronger monsters we've been
facing will overpower us for sure.

2K. Classes Are In Session
Items: 3G x 3, 5G x 2, 6G, 7G x 2, 15G, 20G, 30G, 35G, 50G x 3, 100G, 130G,
       200G, 210G, 350G, 500G, AGLseed x 2, Antidote x 5, Bandit Key, Bone
       Knife, BunnyTail, Carpet, Cloth Suit, DEFseed x 3, Dharma Key, Dung x 5,
       Healer Heart, Herb x 9, Horned Hat x 2, Iron Shield x 3, Iron Spear,
       IronMask, Kitten Shield, LandShard x 5, Leather Armor, Leather Hat,
       LifeAcorn x 2, LifeRock, MysticNut x 3, Pirate Suit, Potion, Repellent,
       Scale Armor, Sickle, SilkRobe, STRseed x 4, TinyMedal x 11, Traveler
       Suit, WizardRing, WondeRock, WorldLeaf x 3.

Northeast of the Gate, you'll find the Last Inn, the last stop between here and
Dharma Temple, from what the people here say. Lots of people go to Dharma
Temple to change their classes, and to gain more abilities and spells. This
place is certainly stocked for a pitstop, with both Weapon and Item Shops, as
well as renting out rooms for healing, and a priest onhand for saving. Break
the vases by the Item Shop for 3G, and you can get an AGLseed in the vase
behind the Innkeeper's desk. Be careful examining the bookcases in the Inn's
room, as the southernmost bookcase is hiding an EvilBook! Down in the basement,
you'll hear that fewer and fewer people go to Dharma anymore, and that the ones
who do, almost never seem to visit the Last Inn on the way back. Out back, the
purple-toned Warrior here will mention his dream of becoming a Hero, and he'll
wander off. There's just one more thing to do here before leaving, and that is
to go down the well, to visit the Last Inn's Casino! ^^

As much as the allure of a new class or two probably has on you, you'll want to
spend some time down here! You can pay Gold to get Tokens, which're used to
play the games here, as well as redeeming them for prizes. There's Poker, which
is pretty faithful to the actual game. You'll get a payoff for something
involving Slimes in your hand, though, which's new compared to the original
game. Jokers are wild, and when you do win a hand, you can choose to double-up
your winnings. If you do, you'll have to decide if a card is higher or lower
than the one that's already shown. Each time you win, you'll get double your
tokens, which can be a good thing, but losing costs you all of the ones you've
won so far! It's best to know when to take your winnings and leave.

The slot machines here take either 1 or 5 Tokens at a time, and you can bet up
to five times that per pull of the lever. It is all about luck, though, so
you'll either win big, or lose horribly. ^^; When you get the first two slots
to match, two bunny-girls will be at the bottom of the screen, with a "Good
Luck!" message for you. Sometimes when this occurs, Hondara will walk across
the bottom of the screen after them. I've noticed that if he trips, the third
slot will get advanced one spot, which can either help or hinder you. ^^; I've
also seen a King with some soldiers appear, looking happy, and the third slot
started glowing, which gives you a better chance of getting the third slime to
match. ^^ Other possibilities include a Queen appearing, and kissing the slots
to make the first two 7's, as well as a Warrior who appears and slices the
third slot repeatedly to make it change.

The game I love most, though, has to be Lucky Panel. You can win various items
from it, some you can't get up to this point in the game! You flip over six
cards to begin, trying to find matching pairs. After the first six flips, the
cards turn back over, and you have three turns to find everything. The card
with the pointing finger is good, as it'll give you an extra turn! The hand
card is terrible, because it'll shuffle all the cards around, and it's really
hard to win that way. If you see the hand card during the initial six cards,
remember where it is, and don't flip it! You don't have to, to finish the game
anyways. Some scrap paper and something to write with really helps in
"remembering" card locations. ^^

One strategy for gaining Gold, rather than Tokens, was suggested to me by a
nice reader, named Joe. His suggestion is to step up to the five Token Slot
Machine, with about 200 Tokens in your pocket, and keep playing until you
manage to get a lot of Tokens, or three 7's, whichever occurs first. Save some
of these for your future gaming, but buy a lot of Tights from the prize
counter, and turn around and sell them for 1100G each. For their price, they
give you the most Gold back with each sale, and over some time, youy can get
very rich indeed! Another good strategy is to play Lucky Panel, and just sell
the items you get that you don't need. Some of the items you do find'll be
better than any of the things you could buy, so make sure not to ditch the
wrong items!

Once you're richer, in both Gold and Tokens, and you're carrying some better
equipment, head to the northwest, west, then south, and enter the temple you'll
see. This's Dharma Temple! There isn't much activity going on here, oddly
enough. To the northeast, you'll find a person who functions as a priest, and
north of him, stairs leading down. Enter the room east of you after you
descend, and open the southern chest for 130G. The north chest is securely
locked, so you can't open it yet. Move down the steps, and then go west and
inside the door you'll see there, next to the steps. Pick up the STRseed here,
then go up the steps, and inside the next room. You can get 50G from one of the
vases here.

Back upstairs, talk to the High Priest, and you'll be able to pick a new class!
Which should you be? At this point, it actually doesn't matter, so pick one,
and the High Priest will ask you to bath in the waters behind him. But it's a
trap! When you do that, you'll actually have your spells and skills sealed, and
you'll be thrown down into an area that's unfamiliar to us, the village of
Penal. It seems we're not the only people who fell for this, as this entire
town is full of similarly-sealed people. Break the vases nearby for a Bone
Knife and some lovely Dung, then enter the house west of us, and break a vase
for an Herb. North of us're the weapon and armor shops, which you should buy
from if you see anything that's stronger than what you have. You don't even
have Heal spells here, so you'll need to be able to dish out and take more

North of the Weapon Shop is a house, where Suifu lives. He's the current boss
of this town, and he sounds strong, so maybe he can help us escape? Break the
vases in here, and you can get an Antidote. Also, nab a rare WorldLeaf from the
treasure chest. This'll revive someone who's died, but only once, so hold onto
it! Up on the second floor, break a barrel for a LifeAcorn, then get a Horned
Hat from the dressers. Back outside, to the southwest, you'll see a guard of
some sort trying to mug someone. If you try to interfere, you'll have to fight
off an EvilArmor. It's not the most complex fight, since all you can do is
attack or use items. Watch out when he BackFlips, as that can hit everyone in
your group at once. The cleric you rescue will thank you, appoligizing for
being so weak. Normally, Clerics would be a great asset to have, but in a place
where their healing magics are all blocked, their value does decrease.

Get an Herb from the barrels west of you, then move down the stairs to visit an
Inn. Chances are, you'll need it! The guard north of you mentions something
called the SoulSword, and mentions that the local boss, Suifu, made using this
sword the only real rule here that cannot be broken. Suifu doesn't want the
weaker people being soul-shattered, afterall. Maybe he's not such a bad guy
afterall. The Item Shop nearby is rather important, as you can buy a Thief Key
here! This'll help you get into many locked doors and chests that we couldn't
get to so far in the game, so make sure to buy it while you're here! Walk
around behind the bar, breaking a barrel for 3G, then go down the stairs here.
Break the barrels again, to get an Antidote, then nab 5G from a vase.

Visit the Temple if you need to, then walk along the wall behind it, and break
the barrels here. One of them contains a TinyMedal to add to your pocket. Enter
the house west of the well, and you'll find the World Bank, to store your money
in if you've found yourself with a few thousand in your pocket. Further east,
you'll find the pink Warrior from back at the Last Inn. He's stuck here too,
the poor guy. Break the vases, and collect an Herb, and 20G, then continue
south to see a man, Kasim, speaking to someone named Flower. Flower was
mentioned before as the best person in town to buy unusual items from, at a
good price of course. Flower seems to want to be a Guard at Dharma, but he
can't achieve that staying here, of course. Break the vases for an Herb, and
the barrel for some more Dung, then say hello to Flower. Downstairs is a bar,
with someone who claims to be a Priest from Dharma, but nobody believes him.
Break the vase behind the bar, and you can gain another TinyMedal.

Leave the alley, and you'll see three monsters appear, daring people to take up
the SoulSword. Anyone who kills five people with the SoulSword gets their
abilities back, but the local people refuse to let soul-shatterers, as they've
come to be called, get away with this alive. The monsters will mention Lord
Antolia, who seems to be in charge here. After appearing to drive the monsters
off, Suifu will decide it's time to pummel you. And pummel you he will, he's
not the boss here for no reason. While you might be able to defeat him alone,
he has two friends with him, and in your state, relying only on Herbs, it
doesn't seem like a fight you can win. I couldn't, at least. ^^; After coming
to, you'll meet Neris, who rescued you, and Zaji, her brother. Kasim will
arrive, and give Neris the potion he bought earlier, which happens to be
WorldDew. Break the vase here for 30G, and talk to Neris, who'll go lie down.

Outside, Flower will try again to ask Kasim to be a Temple-guard, but will be
told that there's no way to become one until the High Priestess Fosse is
rescued. Flower will ask that you accompany him to the western cave, and defeat
the monsters there. To seal the deal, he'll have over the WondeRock, which
works like a once-a-turn Heal spell, whenever you use it. This's great! ^^
Flower'll do some damage in battles, and also pass around Herbs when you need
them. Now, leave the town, and head west, to the nearby West Cave. Enter it,
and start going north, then north again when the path splits west and north.
Head east, and north across the poisonous swamp, then northwest to some stairs
leading up.

Head up the ramp to the west of you, then walk east, and north, maneuvering up
the ramps as you come to them. Follow the tunnel northwest, then up the stairs.
Walk northeast on the next floor, then north to the little pond. Move west and
north through the swamp, and walk down the stairs here. Move northeast, and up
the next set of stairs you'll see, then head west and up another flight. Walk
north, moving west to where two monsters are standing guard. Flower will try to
distract them, but it won't succeed, and they'll both attack your party
anyways! Again, this doesn't seem like a battle you can actually win. I've
managed to deal lots of damage to these guys without perishing, but eventually
they use strong attacks, like Hurricane and Infermore, and they take me out.
That's okay, though, because you'll wake up in Neris's house after this
happens. Zaji and Neris will go outside to talk, about Kasim, and they'll go
running off.

It's night-time, and people seem to be worried and tense, especially the pink
Warrior we met earlier. Neris is by the well, and asks that you go down the
alley to find her brother for her. Zaji is down in the bar, chewing Kasim out.
Seems like this's turning out to be a rather bad night... Head back west of the
well, and you'll suddenly hear a loud piercing scream. The townspeople say that
anyone who gets soul-shattered always screams like that! Run down by the shops,
and you'll see that the pink Warrior has gone crazy and soul-shattered the guy
we stopped from robbing the Cleric earlier! He goes running away as Suifu
appears, and two more people fall before we can catch up to them. A fourth goes
down, which means there's just one more needed before he completes his grim
task. Suifu and Kasim rush the Warrior, and after he's driven back, he tries to
take Neris's soul. Zaji gets in the way, though, and is partially cut.

After the monster's escape with the Warrior and the five fallen people, Neris
and Kasim decide to rescue Zaji from the monsters. Their plan is to meet us in
the western cave, back where Inopp and Gonz defeated us before, so return to
the West Cave and make your way to that floor. Head north past where the two
monsters were guarding, and move east, to catch up with Kasim and Neris. Kasim
will give her a hair ornament, and suddenly get defensive when he finds we're
there. Inopp and Gonz weren't defeated, they just happened to not be guarding
this floor. Continue south to the next screen, to reach a village full of
Dharma priests and soul-shattered people, known as Mountain Hut. It seems that
once soul-shattering happens to a person, they can be directly controlled by
the monsters. The priests here can't harm people, but the monster-controlled
people can and have killed the priests before. Move west, and pay your respects
to the departed here, at the graveyard. While you're there, search the back of
the tombstone that's the furthest to the west, and you'll find a TinyMedal!
Inside the blue house to the east, break a vase for an Herb, and talk to the
woman here to buy some items if you want.

Up ahead, you'll see that Flower's made it here, but he can't rescue the High
Priestess by himself. Head to the east, and you'll find another house, and a
well. There's a WellLure in the well, so be careful! After defeating it,
though, you can search a dresser down in the well to gain a TinyMedal. The
house here has a priest to help you save your game, and you can get a Horned
Hat from the dressers. There's 35G in a vase, and you can also have a free rest
in this house to restore your HP and MP, not that your MP is any help right
now. ^^; Now, go back and chat with Flower, who'll run off after admiting he
abandoned us. Walk inside the house, and you'll find out that the High
Priestess isn't in this place. You'll be forced to help Kasim out wheither or
not you want to, so nab the Leather Armor from the dresser, and head outside.
Don't forget to check out the room below this house, to get an Antidote from a

Follow Flower and Kasim east, and you'll have to walk into the Cave to Prison
harming or waking up the guards here. A soul-shattered Cleric will run off,
possibly to spread the alarm about us, so we need to move fast! Inside, move
north and then take the northwest path, following it until it splits again,
then move northwest again, towards where the cave merges with the Temple. Move
west and down the ladder to the stairs, then go west to the next set of stairs.
Move north and, when you're lined up a little below the chests east of you,
walk through the wall, opening them for a DEFseed and a Sickle. Go back out to
the passage and walk north, going up the stairs, then heading east. Descend the
stairs, then move south, and when you're halfway down the wall, walk east and
through a passage here, to reach stairs going up. Move south, down the stairs,
then west past the next set, to find a chest with a TinyMedal inside.

Head back east and up the stairs, then move north, east, south, and west to
some stairs going down. Head northeast, and down another flight of stairs, to
reach some prison cells. The northwest room has some Dung in a vase, while the
northeast one has a STRseed. There's a MysticNut in the southwest room's vase.
Move east, and go all the way south when you can, then east to a chest with an
Iron Shield inside. Walk back north, then east, hopping off the edge here. It's
faster than walking around. ^^; Fall down the next pit, from the south, and
walk south and west to a chest with a WorldLeaf inside. Go back east and north,
then west, smashing the vase along the way for 50G, then move north. Circle
around the wall and continue north, following the path until you reach another
jail cell. Break the vase here for a TinyMedal, then continue east, until you
can leave the cells and move north to another screen.

Here, you'll find High Priestess Fosse! There's a magical barrier trapping her,
so let's go down the stairs behind her to try to find a way to destroy it.
You'll see three blocks here, and crystals down below that're helping to keep
Fosse contained. If we push the blocks off the ledge, surely we can rescue her!
Push the eastern block seven spaces south, and then circle around so that you
can push it three spaces east. Next, push the block four spaces north, and then
one space west. There goes one of the generators! Now, go to the western block,
and push it seven spaces south. Move the block three spaces west, one space
north, then one space east, and both generators will be gone! Upstairs, High
Priestess Fosse will be safe, but Inopp and Goz will show up to try to change
that! Fosse will remove their stolen power, and restore your HP, before the
fight begins.

This fight is much easier than before, especially with Kasim here to soak up
some damage for you. Use the WondeRock each round to heal whoever's the most
damaged, and keep focusing your attacks on Inopp, since his attacks are
stronger. It won't be long before you've taken them out once and for all! Kasim
and Flower run back to the village, and it's your duty to escort Fosse out of
this place. So, go south to the previous screen, and walk west, snaking through
the cells, then following the path south, west, and south some more. Circle
around the wall, then walk south, until you jump off the ledge and up the
stairs. Run east, north, west, and north, then go east and north, to find the
stairs leading back up to the west. Walk southwest and west, then upstairs,
before hurrying east, north, west, and north, until you're back on the floor
with the large wall around the stairs. Walk west and north to go up the stairs,
then travel west, south, and east, taking these stairs up. Now all you have to
do is go up the ladder, move east, then just run south and out of the cave.

After you regain control of your party, go heal up and save! Then return to the
Head Priest's house, where we left Neris. Zaji has suddenly appeared here, it
seems, and Neris doesn't have her hair ornament. She also says she feels fine,
which is wrong, because Neris has been sick from childhood... Talk to Fosse, to
receive the Dharma Key, then your party will split up again. Return to the
cave, and move northwest, then northeast to another room. Inside, you'll find
Neris, Kasim, Zaji, and Flower waiting for you. Neris will ask for your key,
even though there's no reason she'd need it right now. Tell her no, and Kasim
will support your descision. Sure enough, Neris's really a monster! The monster
will have Zaji distract Kasim by trying to use the SoulSword on him, while you
get to fend the monster off. The Maneater isn't hard, especially if you got a
Magic Robe or two from the Last Inn's Casino. Just dish out the damage, heal
once or twice, and the Maneater'll die. Afterwards, You'll see Zaji and Kasim
dueling still. After being disarmed, Kasim will take away Zaji's SoulSword, and
impale him with it. People who've been soul-shattered can be healed, it seems,
by being hit with the SoulSword! 

Run back off to save and heal if you want, then open the doors into Dharma,
following the path east and going up the steps you'll see here. Enter the door
when you reach the top, then go upstairs. Move west, south, and west when you
can, being careful of the center vase as it contains an EvilPot. The west vase
has an Antidote, though, and the east vase has an Herb. Go back to the center
tile before we first went west, and go east instead, moving south and breaking
the barrels here for 15G. Go back to the center area, then go north, taking the
path east when you can for chests with a DEFseed and TinyMedal inside. Go back
west, then north, before going west and south to some stairs leading up. On
this floor, follow the path, then go up the steps and stand beneath the giant
glowing ball of energy, to regain your sealed abilities! Fosse will tell you
to go west now, and through the door. Follow the corridor, then go up another
flight of stairs.

In this room, move west and through the door here. Head west, and north through
another door, then north into the room with lots of vases. Break them all to
get two more bags of Dung, a STRseed, and 100G. The vase one space west and
north of the southeast corner is an EvilPot. Move east, and north through the
next door, then go east and south through another. Go south again, and you'll
be back at the stairs, which you can go down to reset the puzzle. Back
upstairs, go west and north through the door, then west and south through
another one. Follow the corridor north, then north through the door, to get a
WorldLeaf. Move east through a door, then south, then go east through another
door and north to the stairs. On this floor, move counter-clockwise around the
platform, moving up the ladder to get an AGLseed and a Kitten Shield, then go
straight west and through the wall. Go north, then west to leave the wall,
following the path until you go up the steps.

Head east, through the opening in the wall, then go west to climb up the steps.
Move up the ladder, and north through the trees to reach a chest with 350G,
before moving west and down the steps. Move north and east once you're under
the floor to find a chest with 200G, then go back west and follow the path to a
staircase going up. The monster you'll see here says that this's the Arena, and
the man inside the shop sells equipment. To the north, is a much-needed Inn,
with an Herb in the vase beside her. Now, enter the Arena, and talk to the nun
you see here to save your game. You can get 50G and an Antidote from the vases
here. Move north, then west, entering the door by the bunny-girl here. Grab yet
another Herb from the vases here, then open the dresser for some Scale Armor.
You'll find that Neris is determined to avenge her brother's soul, and wants to
kill the pink Warrior with her SoulSword. But she's already in pain, and we
can't be sure how long she'll last if she keeps fighting like this.

Head out the door, and back east, to see a frusterated Zaji run off. Talk to
him, and he'll join you in entering the tournament. He'll be a good helper,
with a decent physical attack, along with Upper, HealMore, and Bang as spells.
Talk to the monsters to join the competition, and walk out onto the arena floor
for your first match, Nepro and three DrakSlimes. The only challenge this fight
has, is Nepro's occasional PanicAll spells, which actually only panic one. ^^;
You can hit a confused person to snap them out of it, or just continue the
fight and leave them as they are. The next match is Garcia, and three BoltRats.
Garcia fights like the EvilArmor we beat up a little while ago, with a HealMore
spell at his disposal. The BoltRats are mostly an annoyance with their Blinding
Light. If you think Garcia's about to fall, have Gabo use Bark to distract him,
and you won't have to worry about him healing.

The following fight is Thompson and three Goopis. This battle is easier than
the other two, in my opinion, because the Goopis couldn't even lay their clay
hands on me. ^^; Focus your attacks on Thompson, if you don't have
multiple-hitting weapons like a Blade Boomerang, because the worst thing the
Goopis can do is call for another Goopi, and they're wimps to begin with. After
you win, and have probably taken the time to WondeRock yourself to full HP, you
will have to fight Naputo, and his three Smoochers. Take out the Smoochers
first, because their SleepAir can put your party to sleep. Naputo gets two
turns, and his Roundhous attack can hit your entire party. As long as you're
not asleep on your feet, you should win without a problem. The fifth and final
qualifying battle, is DonJose, and his three BeakRats. DonJose has SleepHit at
his disposal, as well as a SandStorm, while the BeakRats can call for help too.
Boomerangs and Whips do come in handy here, but you should be able to manage
without them. Again, focus your attacks on the human opponent, as the monsters
are easily dispatched once you're done. You should try to be at full HP and MP
by the final blow.

The last fight, to escape the Arena, is against Neris and three SlimeNites. I
would personally recommend that you take out the three SlimeNites first, as
their Heal spells can prolonge the fight, and Neris's hard enough as it is!
She's hardly a weak girl at all, attacking twice a turn, and using a variety of
ice-based attacks. Keep your HP high, and be thankful that Zaji is there for
emergency healing, as well as taking a lot of Neris's blows without complaint.
When you manage to win, Zaji will grab the SoulSword, slashing Neris with it,
and hopefully healing her. We're not sure just yet, because the monsters force
us away from the Arena, and towards the stairs leading up to the next floor.
Zaji will thank you, then suddenly run back towards the Arena, the guarding
monsters in pursuit. If you head back, you'll find many people attacking the
monsters, trying to defeat them so they can escape too. You can grab 7G from a
barrel before you reenter the main Arena area itself, south of the door. You
can defeat two Mantipions, two SlimeNites, two PigDemons, an Armorpion, a
MagJaguar, and an ApeBat if you go towards the Arena area, and talk to the
monsters you see. This's optional, though, so don't kill yourself doing this.
You'll find that Kasim started this riot, and that he's guarding Neris from the

You can rest up, and save too, before going on to liberate Dharma Temple, and I
would recommend it. Try to go up the stairs, and Fosse will appear, joining the
party for the fight against the imposter High Priest. You'll find yourself in
Dharma Temple's basement, just a floor down from where we had our powers
sealed. If you bought the Thief Key, and you should've, we can now go inside
the locked doors and chests here. Head north, and go west inside the door
you'll see, then exit out of the door in that room. Cross the damaging tiles,
and you can get a MysticNut and a TinyMedal from the chests here. Go back out
to the central room, and move east, entering the door here, and exiting the
room from the other door. The chests here have a LandShard, and a LifeAcorn!
Back out in the central room, move up the eastern steps, and open the chest
with your Thief Key to get a Wizard Ring.

Upstairs, you'll notice the second floor stairs are no longer blocked, but we
should save Dharma before exploring more, since we're almost done! Up on the
dais, we'll find the fake High Priest destroying one of the tournament winners.
The monsters won't let anyone out, even the ones who did win six fights. This
has got to stop! Challenge Antoria, and the battle will start. Antoria's
attacks are mostly spells, though his physical attacks aren't pathetic either.
His strongest attack is when he fires two energy balls at your party.
Basically, if they hit the same person, say goodbye to them, because they won't
live through it. Fosse's attack spells will help you out, and you should work
on slashing away non-stop, pausing only to heal. Once Antoria goes down, Dharma
will be saved!

You'll wake up a few days later, with your energy restored and any deceased
party-members revived for free. Rummage through the local dressers for a
Leather Hat, then leave the room. Flower will decide not to become a guard, and
will wander off. Zaji's here, too, and he's changed his class to Warrior, so
that he can protect his sister better. Follow him down the stairs, then north,
and you'll see that Zaji will get in an arguement with Neris, over trying to
protect her. Neris doesn't like being a burden, and doesn't want Zaji hurt.
Zaji isn't going to buy a sword, though, but go on an adventure to try to clear
his mind, and let Neris and Kasim get together if that's what they choose. Now,
hurry over to Fosse, and choose a class! You won't get tricked this time, and
class-changing can only help you, never hinder. Once you've changed, talk to
the person who looks like Pamela, in the northeast area of this floor, and
you'll learn how many battles you need to do, at a level comparible to yours,
to advance in your class.

In any case, it's time to start back, and see what Dharma's like in the
present. First, make a quick stop in Penal, and go to the building where the
World Bank was. You can open the chests that've been abandoned, to find a
STRseed and a LandShard! Now walk to the Last Inn, and open the locked chest
next to the Item Shop for a BunnyTail, and open the chest next to the Weapon
Shop for an Iron Shield. Enter the Gate, and return to the Ancient Fane,
walking to the Yellow Pedestal Room and setting the two LandShards we have into
place, one on the southwest pedestal, in the northeast spot, and the other on
the southeast pedestal, in the southwest spot. Now's the time when we should
retrace our steps, and go back to find any locked chests we weren't able to
open until now. If you go to the Woodsman's House, west of Fishbel, and go down
to the basement, you can unlock a chest here for a MysticNut. Head back to
Falrish, and you can enter the room northwest of the Weapon Shop, to find a
chest with 210G. Return to Mentare, and start on the path to Geionne Monastary.
On the screen right before the Monastary, walk around to the northeast side of
the lake, and you can get a LifeAcorn from the chest here. Finally, back in the
past at Verdham, go to the second floor of Borlock's Mansion, and open the
chest there for 500G.

Dharma in the present, is located southwest of Fishbel. People here speak about
bandits preying on people that venture south, though there's more people
worrying over it than any real mentioned attacks. Up on the second floor, you
can find a SilkRobe in a dresser by the Inn, and down in the basement, you can
find a priest who offers to change the names of your party-members. In the room
east of that priest, you can get 5G from a vase, and a LandShard from the
chest! In the western room, you can break a vase to find a TinyMedal. Now leave
Dharma, and head south to where Penal used to be. Now, all you see are some
ruins, and a priest laying on the ground. After talking to him a few times,
you'll quickly see that this isn't a priest, but a bandit ambush!

It seems these enemies have learned a skill or two themselves, from living so
close to Dharma, but they're nothing compared to you! Go for all-enemy attacks,
especially spells, and you'll whittle these guys down to nothing rather
quickly. If you found yourself getting beaten up, you may want to level a bit,
around Dharma in the past, and gain some class abilities at the same time. It
couldn't hurt! ^^ Exit the ruins south, and pursue the fleeing bandit to the
local cave, which is now the Bandit Lair. And I mean pursue, don't lollygag and
take your time. If you take too long following the bandit, then you'll be in
some light trouble. At the enterance, if you got there fast enough, you'll see
the bandit speaking the password to the guards. If you took too long, you won't
see it, and you'll have to go back to the ruins of Penal to talk to the bandit
and make him run again. Repeat what the bandit said, and you'll be admitted
inside the Bandit Lair. Remember, it's the third option! Once inside, note the
gate blocking some treasure chests, and walk east, to find a Cloth Suit inside
a dresser. Head west, north past Epong, and then east past a magic-user. Move
north, smashing the barrels for a helping of Dung, then move inside the room.
You can get the Bandit Key from the dresser here, and you will also meet the
slightly-short leader of the local Bandits, BanditWig.

This guy's physical blows will surprise you, as will his Boom spells if you
don't keep your HP up. He may try to throw in an Ultrahit, but he doesn't have
enough MP for it, so don't worry. Afterwards, he'll give you a LandShard, and
warn you about the dangers of the Demon Lord. After this, go to the locked
center room, and open it with your Bandit Key. Get the TinyMedal from one of
the vases, then help yourself to an Iron Shield and an Iron Spear, if you have
a Thief Key with you. You're all set to go onto the next world if you so
choose, but there're still things to do in the present first! For instance, the
Last Inn is still in business, and after you walk inside, you can get a Potion
from the locked chest near the Item Shop. North of the resident priest, you can
gain an IronMask from the locked chest here. Don't forget the DEFseed in a vase
behind the Innkeeper's desk! Down in the bar, a broken barrel can help you gain

Far west, or east, of Dharma Temple, across the sea, you'll find the village of
Mezar, where a person is rumored to hang out magical flying carpets. Enter the
bar just north of town, and you'll see Nicola talking to someone, about the
Great Hero. Nicola will run off when his beliefs are thrashed, as the townsfolk
are content to just let the Great Hero rest. West of the bar, you'll find a
well, with an EvilWell inside. After defeating it, descend into the well, and
wade west through the water, to find a LandShard! Infront of the well is a
house, and inside a barrel in that house, is 6G. Upstairs, a vase contains 7G.
North of this house is the Inn, with a Pirate Suit inside a dresser there.
There's just one more spot in town to check, and that's the building west of
the Inn. Inside the house is Nicola, who asks you to follow him. First, take a
Traveler Suit from the dresser inside the house, then walk outside.

Walk to the western edge of the city, then follow Nicola through the trees to a
hidden staircase. You'll be inside the well, and Nicola will open the door
here. Follow him up the rope ladder, then up the stairs, to talk to Nicola in
his storeroom. Right before he hands you a Magic Carpet, though, he's
interrupted by a maid, which makes us question just how intelligent this man
is. None the less, you will be handed the Carpet, and will be left to pillage
the storeroom. Take out the vases for some Repellent, then break the barrels for
an Herb. Lastly, open the chests to find a TinyMedal, a LifeRock, two empty
chests, and a Healer Heart, which you can use at Dharma to become a Healer!

Try as you might outside, the Carpet will not fly. Return to Nicola's house,
and tell him so, then he'll take it back from you, and walk off to the Treasury
to mope. The maid appoligizes, saying that this has happened before, and that
Nicola's not a bad guy. In the Treasury, you'll see why Nicola won't leave the
village himself: he promised his father that he'd never leave, and he can't
break his word. Talk to the maid again, and she'll explain what's going on: she
switched the carpets, and the real one is tucked away. She'll give it to us if
we ever find and show her the Merm Moon. We don't happen to have that in our
pockets, so don't worry about it for now.

Boy, that was a long adventure! But this one is finished, and a new one can
begin. Return to the Ancient Fane, and enter the Yellow Pedestal Room. Place a
LandShard on the southeast pedestal, in the east part, then approach the center
pedestal. Set a LandShard in the northwest section, then one in the north area,
and we're off to the next land!

2L. The Sphinx, the Demon Lord, and the Dark Contact Lenses
Items: 7G, 15G, 210G, 350G, AmitSnack, Antidote, Black Key, Dancer Suit,
       DEFseed x 2, DuneCharm, Dung, FireShard, Fossil, Golden Ring, Graceherb,
       Herb x 2, LandShard x 3, Leather Whip, LifeAcorn, MysticNut, Noble Robe,
       Silk Corset, SilkRobe x 2, Silver Plate, Silver Tiara, Speed Ring,
       STRseed, TinyMedal x 5, TyranBone.

When you arrive, set off east across the desert sands, and you'll soon find a
village. If you try to enter it, though, you'll be quickly tossed out. The
people seem to be scared of monsters and travelers both. Walk back west towards
your Gate, then walk north of it to find a castle. This is the Palace of Dune,
and it looks pretty run down. The monsters wandering around aren't helping,
either. While the western door is locked, there's a door to the east we can
enter. Inside, other than fallen pillars, the only things of note are the black
dog-like statues guarding stairs that lead downwards, which you should follow.
There's blood everywhere, and more destruction, as well as more stairs. Leave
them alone for now, to go west and north inside one of the rooms, to get a
SilkRobe from the dresser. 

Downstairs, enter the southern room, and read the monument here to hear a
lengthy inscription: "Those who live must be strong. Those who are strong
should also be kind. Live long, kind souls. Those who live long should obtain
knowledge. Those who use their knowledge wisely will follow the correct path.
Eventually, death shall overcome all who live. Follow the correct path to
gracefully rest in peace when the time comes." What could this mean? Leave the
room, and move west, north, and east, so that you can enter the central room.
There's seemingly nothing here but skulls and bones... A passerby tells us not
to stay here, and that we should go to a nearby village. Could that be the one
we were thrown out of already? He says to tell the doorman that Hadeed said you
could pass, and mentions that the dead here're because of the Queen. What's
going on here?

Back at the village, you'll see someone limping away, before we're allowed in.
This is the village of Dune, and it certainly doesn't seem like a good place to
live! Walk by the house to the west, and break the vases here for a DEFseed. To
the north, you'll find a house with 7G inside another vase. Inside the house
east of the enterance, you can find a TinyMedal inside yet another vase! The
man infront of the large jar in the center of Dune functions as a priest. Now,
walk inside the northern house, and talk to the Chief, who seems to be as ill
as everyone else here. He'll let us spend the night for free, though, so get
the Antidote from a vase, and speak to the person infront of the ladder to have
them move. Ignore the bed, and go inside the next room to find that Hadeed is
the Chief's son, then go ahead and take the offered bed. Free healing is good!

The next morning, the Chief will explain that their efforts to make a statue of
a Sphinx was stopped, and the monsters are making a Demon Lord statue instead.
They've also taken the Queen as a sacrifice, and they've destroyed the Palace.
He tells you not to go and enter the Palace, but we're going to anyways. ^^
Back on the floor where we found all the skulls, a monster will be lurking
about. If you talk to it, it'll get ready to attack us, but Hadeed will appear.
Happy about another victim, the monster will attack! He is not a very hard
monster, even though Hadeed seems to stay in the back and watch, occasionally
tossing in a FalconCut or two. This boss's attacks are physical, so some
defensive abilities can help if you're struggling. After the fight, Hadeed will
find a necklace that the BoneRider was wearing, which was the Queen's. He'll
offer you an escort back to Dune, even though we don't really need it.

Upstairs, though, you'll find that a sandstorm is preventing you from leaving.
You'll all go back downstairs, and proceed to bury the dead who were left here.
The storm will pass, and you can go to Dune with Hadeem. It seems he was on a
mission to find an ancient dragon named Tyrannos. Follow Hadeem inside the
Chief's house, and you'll hear that Hadeed hasn't found him yet. They'll find a
piece of paper inside the necklace, from Queen Fedel, telling about how she's
trying to find a way to destroy the Evil Statue so the people'll be safe.
Hadeed decides to look harder for Tyrannos, and he leaves. Speak to the Chief,
and he'll thank you for the help you've given, as well as hand you the
DuneCharm. This means you're a friend of the people here, and that they'll help
you further. Speak to the citizens, showing them the DuneCharm, and learning
more information, such as Tyrannos having a large golden horn. You can also
talk to the old man guarding one of the houses, and descend downstairs to get
an Herb from inside a vase.

West and a little north of the Palace of Dune, you'll see Hadeed entering the
Nila River area. It seems all the fish're gone, with not even a dragon in
sight. Hadeed will wander off in search again, asking if you know anything
about where he could find the missing Tyrannos. We've seen a skull with a
golden horn before, at the Excavation Site, haven't we? Return there, and we
can even get in for free this time. ^^ Talk to the Scholar, and mention all
that's happened in Dune, to be told that you must be lying. Try to speak to him
again, and show him the DuneCharm, to make him believe you. Agree to take him
with you to Dune, and he'll shrink the Fossil down into a simple space in your
inventory. What a clever guy that Scholar is! You'll return automatically to
the past once you leave the Excavation Site, so just head north to the Palace
of Dune.

After a small fit of happiness, the Scholar will happily remain at the Palace,
trying to study its various features, and he'll let us keep the Fossil. Back at
Dune, it seems the Chief has fallen ill, and Hadeed is nowhere to be found.
Visit him up in his room, then as you leave the building, Hadeed will return.
Follow him upstairs, to find him talking to his father, who'll awaken shortly
after. Show them the Fossil, and the Chief will pass his position over to
Hadeed, and ask that both him and the TyranBone are returned to the Nila River.
After you leave as you've been asked, Hadeed will come and tell you that his
father, Zarathustra, has passed away. The next morning, the village will travel
to the Nila River with you, to hold the deceased Chief's funeral. 

After the ceremony, place the TyranBone into the water, to make Tyrannos revive
infront of you. He'll bring you to where the Sphinx was turned into the Evil
Statue, so that we can rescue Queen Febel! Hadeed will temporarily relinquish
his duties so that he can accompany you on this trip. Leave the opposite shore
of the Nila, and hurry northwest to the Evil Statue. Outside, you'll see one of
the captured women trying to make an escape, who reports that the Queen's in
danger, from refusing to pray to the Demon Lord. Hadeed runs off, and two
Pigmons appear, with the intent of killing you. Take these wimps out, and the
thankful girl will manage to restore your HP. Enter the Evil Statue, walking
north so you can read the monument here: "If you desire to meet with the great
Spirit of the Earth, you must first prove your worthiness before him. Show
yourself to be a friend to his people, and follow the same righteous path that
they follow. Place the statues on their respective pedestals, and you may pass.
Give the correct answer, and the path will open wide." This may sound
difficult, but from the clue we saw inside the Palace of Dune, and after
talking to the citizens of Dune, we know exactly what to do.

To prove you're a friend of the people of Dune, use the DuneCharm on the
monument. This'll make a door open inside of the room. Now, we need to place
these statues properly. We know that these people feel a living thing should be
strong, which's represented by the Lion Statue, the one in the northeast. They
also feel that those who're strong and kind will live a long time, which's
represented by the southwest Turtle Statue. Once a person does die, they meet
the Phoenix, which's the statue in the northwest, before being reincarnated
into a new body, like a Snake shedding its skin. So, grab the Lion Statue,
setting it on the pedestal in the southwest room on this floor. The Turtle
Statue fits on a pedestal in the northeast, and the Phoenix Statue should be
placed on the pedestal in the southeast room. This leaves the Snake Statue,
which goes on the pedestal in a room to the northwest.

Before rushing upstairs, descend the stairs that are by the enterance to the
Evil Statue, to find a small jail area. The only real thing of note here is the
vase in the room where a helmeted man is laying on the floor, which has an
EvilPot inside. Now you can go back upstairs, and enter the northern room which
was previously locked, getting the STRseed and DEFseed from the vases before
walking up the stairs. Here, you'll see three Pigmons talking about Lord Seto,
and how he's responsible for this development. Follow them west, then north and
a bit east to a staircase going up, which you should take. Move south and
downstairs, hitting the switch on the floor to take out the spiked floors here.
Walk around to where the stairs are, and head up a floor. It's here that we'll
find Queen Fedel, safe it seems, and be given the Black Key, which'll help us
get through some doors here. You'll also get your HP back! Walk south, then
east, to find a snake-like path of damage tiles. There're lots of pitfalls
here, so the safest route is actually over the damage tiles. The chest near the
end is a Cannibox, so avoid it or kill it, depending on what you normally do.

Upstairs on 5F, you'll see a treasure room, with four chests just sitting
there. The south chest has a Speed Ring, the west chest has 350G, and the east
chest has a TinyMedal. The north chest is a hungry, hungry Cannibox. On the
next floor, you'll see two of the women stalling, as they try to avoid praying
to the Demon Lord's statue. Straight to the east of where you come up the
stairs, is a vase with an EvilPot inside. Move south, avoiding the steps for
now, then walk west and open the chest here for a Silver Plate. Now, go back
east and then south, under the bridge, and out the door. Follow the platform
around to the western door, and enter, to start dispatching the lone Pigmon.
Hurry upstairs, then follow the curling corridor until you can go upstairs
again, making sure to heal up before exiting the room to the south. Here,
you'll see Hadeed losing terribly to Seto, who boasts about how his powers're
so much stronger now thanks to the energy the Demon Lord's gained. That sort of
talk won't work with us, though, so attack! Despite his boasts about his
magical abilities, he mainly slashes your party repeatedly, so use an ability
that raises your defense if you're taking too much damage. Use your strongest
abilities on him, and don't feel bad if you take him out in just a few turns.

After the fight, Queen Fedel will appear, and ask for your help in tugging the
Dark Rubies from the Statue's eyes. Once both're pulled free, the Statue will
start to rumble and break, and send us for a swim down the Nila River. A few
spells later, and we're as good as new! Hadeed, though, didn't make it. Fedel
will pray to the Terra Spirit, and in an earth-colored pulse of magic, Hadeed
will be revived. You'll be treated to another cut-scene party, then awaken
inside the spare room at Dune's Chief's house. Out on the landing, the Queen
promises to one day repay you for all you've done, but not until things are
back to normal. Downstairs, Hadeed says you can take whatever you'd like from
the village's storehouse, and he mentions how he plans on rebuilding the Palace
sometime soon. An Item Shop opens in town, inside the house west of the
enterance, and it carries LifeRocks! In the storehouse, you can find a Leather
Whip inside one of the chests, and a LandShard in the other.

Stop by the Palace of Dune, and talk to the Scholar there, to get a Package. He
wants to remain back here, and study the ruins further. Let's do that, then see
what Dune's future amounts to. ^^ Back at the Ancient Fane, set your LandShard
on the southwest pedestal, in the west position, then go back to the Excavation
Site. Not only is the fee up to 10G to enter, but they have a fake Tyrannos
Skull inside, too. ^^; Ignore the man inside the tent, and give the Package to
the man guarding the ladder outside. Explore the area down here, to find a
TinyMedal in the vase, and a LandShard from the chest. We're all set here now!
The continent where Dune is, is northeast of Rexwood. If you follow the coast
around Dune as it moves east, you'll find a cave, with a waterfall nearby.
Inside the cave at the top of the waterfall, you'll find an odd ship, inside a
lot of frozen ice! This's a very odd thing, but there's nothing we can do right
now, so we should come back later. Leave, and continue to follow the coast
until you can land, walking southwest to the village of Dune.

Dune seems more prosperous now, as well as more sand-covered! Inside the house
west of the enterance, you can get an Herb from a barrel, as well as find a
Dancer Suit upstairs in a dresser. Outside of the Inn, you can get some Dung
from the barrels. The large northern house is the Chief's, of course, so break
the vases outside of it for 15G, then enter the front door, and help yourself
to the MysticNut inside of the vases here. There's an AmitSnack inside of the
vase in the kitchen, too, strangely enough. If you try to talk to the fourth of
the Chief's sons, in his house in the back of the Chief's, you'll be swiftly
driven away. The eastern house, with the three doors, has a LifeAcorn inside
the center room. The last building to check, is the one with an Item Shop
outside. If you go behind it, you can find a TinyMedal inside of a barrel. The
giant jar in the center of town is something you'll want to climb into, to see
a man sandfishing, but more importantly, you'll also see another LandShard.

West of Dune, is a small, almost entirely-empty Oasis. There is a lone Gate
here, though, which leads back to the Fane Dome. You should go through it at
least once, to open this shortcut up incase you ever need to use it again
later. Northwest of the Oasis, you'll find the Palace of Dune, where you'll be
greeted by a warm reception. It seems that they've told tales of your party,
and how you saved the desert, for many ages, all in an effort to keep their old
promise of one day repaying you for your help. While Queen Nepthys only speaks
through her interpreters, that won't prevent us from having a grand, though
cut-scened, banquet. We'll appear downstairs in the Palace of Dune after this,
so that we can talk to the people. In the room west of the throne room, raid
the dressers to find a Silver Tiara, a Noble Robe, and a Silk Corset. Don't
forget to look at the Weapon and Item Shops, either! Down the stairs, you'll
see that the graves you once helped dig, have been turned into a large and
fancy graveyard, to honor all of the dead. Down the new flight of stairs,
you'll find a lot of water inside of their Temple. It's for praying to the
Terra Spirit and to God, as well as where their treasury is kept. Not that
we're going to be allowed to rummage through it, Great Saviors or not.

Back in your boat, continue to follow the coast north and west, until you reach
the reef-blocked mouth of the Nila. Park your boat on the western shore, and
enter the house you'll see. This's Rose's House, and we can find a Graceherb
inside of a barrel on the first floor, plus a SilkRobe on the second floor, in
a dresser. There isn't much left to do here at Rose's, or in the present for
that matter. Head back to the Ancient Fane, and before going anywhere else,
return to past Dune. Head towards the Nila River, and you'll find Hadeed on a
raft. When he asks, go with him on his raft to the ruined Sphinx. The Sphinx,
which hardly has anything left, is to the northwest like before. Talk to Hadeed
here, and he'll run off. He hasn't gone far, though, as he seems to be arguing
and fighting with the Scholar we brought to this time! Hadeed has been looking
for the DuneCharm all this time, and the Scholar found it. Explain to him what
is going on, and he'll grudgingly hand it over. A black scene later, Hadeed
will return the necklace to the Queen, in a gesture of appoligy. The Queen will
thank him, and your hard work, as well as hand over a Dark Ruby, from the Evil
Statue. She asks that you protect it, and never allow monsters to get a hold of
them again! She'll keep the second one, so that they remain seperated
permanently. Head inside the Palace, and down the stairs to B1. Walk north into
the Queen's bedroom, and exit from the northern room, moving east to push the
dog-like statue aside to find a hidden staircase! Walk west, south, and east,
before you search the chests for a Golden Ring, a TinyMedal, a FireShard, and
210G. Yay! ^^

Now, walk back to the Ancient Fane, and place the FireShard on the northeast
pedestal in the Red Pedestal Room, in the eastern part. Then, place one of your
LandShards on the southeast pedestal in the Yellow Pedestal Room, in the
western position. Go over to the southwest pedestal, and place your remaining
LandShard in its proper position in the south. Let's hope this next world's a
little less sandy than Dune!

2M. The Sacred Tree of Krage
Items: 3G, 5G, 13G, AmitDonut, Bless Wand, Cloth Suit, Elven Jar, FireShard x
       3, HolyDew, INTseed, INTSpecs, Leather Hat, Silk Hat, TinyMedal x 3,
       Traveler Suit.

On the other side of the Gate, you'll immediately see a building to the
southwest. This's a quaint little Inn you can rest at. It seems that the people
in nearby Krage, though, are having troubles of some sort. There's mention of a
nearby Sacred Tree, that's rumored to be cursed. Leave the Inn, and start
walking west, so we can investigate these rumors. It won't be long before you
can see the village of Krage, which you should enter. What happened here? The
entire town has a weird mist overhead, and people are acting strangely...

Inside the first house you come to, you can get 3G from a nearby barrel, and a
Cloth Suit from the house east of the well. Speaking of the well, if you
investigate it, you'll find that there's a purple cloud of smoke down there.
Everyone's mentioning drinking, and how they can feel themselves turning evil.
Could the well be poisoned? A man in a black cloak, north of the well, is
certainly acting more rationally than the local people are, but not by much.
He's trying to persuade them that chopping down the Sacred Tree would help them
prove their Demon Lord powers. If you go west, and enter the house here, you'll
find Krage's Mayor, laying in bed. Break the vases inside for a TinyMedal, and
ransack the dresser for a Leather Hat, before speaking to the hair-conscious
Mayor. He'll try to tell you to leave, so that you won't be harmed by the
poison here in town, but as you go, he'll ask that you tell the girl by the
Sacred Tree about the village's condition. Agree, and set off north of Krage,
for the very short walk to the Sacred Tree. 

Climb up the ladder to the little house here, and you'll find a girl, deep
asleep. You can't quite wake her up, even with the noise of Gabo and Maribel
insulting each other, so your party decides to go to Krage to ask the Mayor.
Things are never that easy, though, and you'll see the black cloaked man
leading the three citizens off to chop down the Sacred Tree. Hurry back there,
and you'll see the girl from before now awake, and cruelly knocked aside. Talk
to the man in red, and challenge his omnipotent Demon Lord powers, as the three
townspeople unleash all sorts of damaging spells at you! Of course, their
spells are as fake as their Demon Lord abilities, so nothing happens. The
cloaked man decides to attack you next, which's an actual battle. He's not a
difficult or interesting foe, just throwing lamps at you and hitting you a few
times. You probably won't even need to heal during this fight, so don't worry.

Afterwards, the "Demon Lords" will run off to spare your lives, and you can
carry the girl inside of her house. She mentions that the local water supply is
poisoned, and that without the Sacred Tree being here, both the forest and
herself would have died by now. The next morning, she asks that you take the
nearby Elven Jar, and collect some HolyDew from the Sacred Tree. Just stand
under the blue drips outside by the tree, and then use the Elven Jar to fill
it. Bring the HolyDew inside, and use it on the purple-haired girl to heal her.
She'll thank you, and suggest using the HolyDew to cure the people of Krage,
which would be easy if the HolyDew could be put into the water. Walk back to
Krage, and first use the HolyDew on the Mayor. He'll be healed almost
instantly, and mention how the only water people in Krage drink, is from the
well. Try to pour the HolyDew in the well, though, and we'll be stopped by the
black-cloaked man. Now what?

The Mayor mentions an underground water vein, that the well gets its water
from. Didn't the girl near the Sacred Tree mention that the Tree was connected
to that water vein? Sure enough, if you ask her, she'll reveal a path through
some of the roots of the Sacred Tree, that'll lead right to the well. Enter the
path that was revealed to you, then go down the ladder and south to the next
room. We'll have to navigate over and through the roots to get to the end!
Continue south, ignoring the turns west and east, then heading southeast at the
fork. Walk south, and down the ladder, to be inside the root. Move north, then
west at the split, following that by taking the north passage. Scale the ladder
so that you are back ontop of the root, then follow the west path. Continue
past the thorny, spiked area, then go down the ladder you'll soon see. Travel
northeast, then southeast, climbing down the ladder to reach a purple-misted
area beneath the Tree. Head south, taking the east path when possible, then
the southeast one. Move south when you can, then take the southeast and south
branches to a ladder.

Walk north along the inside of the root, then go up the next ladder you see.
Head along the top of the root until you see a spot where it looks scraped and
white, facing east. Jump down from here, then move east, taking the southeast
path to, you guessed it, a ladder. We seem to be in a cave now, and out of the
tree. Hurry south, up the next ladder, and then walk over to the side of the
water you'll find here. There're lots of monsters around the well, with some
evil creature inside the well itself! Climb up the nearby ladder, then jump
down the pit to get the drop on these guys. While the EvilWell you need to
fight looks like, and is named the same as, the EvilWell we found in Mezar,
this one is a lot tougher. Try to keep your HP up throughout the fight, and
conserve your MP, because after this guy's toast, we'll need to fight another
battle soon after. Once you're healed, add the HolyDew to the well's water
supply. In a light-colored swirl, we've saved the citizens! It also seems like
we've really harmed the black-cloaked man. We soon find he's not a man at all,
but a blood-thirsty WolfDevil! Use all of your strongest-hitting attacks,
because he can't really take the punishment. Try not to let him use TwinHits
and QuadHits!

With the day saved, go to the Mayor's for some free beds for the night. The
Mayor will tell us that the girl by the Sacred Tree wants to talk to us. First,
talk to the farmer who's farming in the field near the well. He'll offer you an
odd-looking rock, which's a FireShard! Now, go visit the girl by the Sacred
Tree. She'll explain about the curse-rumors, and that this Sacred Tree will one
day become a World Tree. She'll also give us the Bless Wand, which works like a
free HealMore spell in battle. Thank her, then return to the present. Krage is
located east of where Dune is, so hop on your boat and check it out! The city's
grown since we were here last. Inside the Inn, take the Traveler Suit from the
dresser, then help yourself to a TinyMedal from the second floor's dresser.
East of the Inn is a Weapon Shop, and east of there, is a shop specializing in
WorldDew! You can only buy one if you have none in your possession, and they're
1000G each, but they're still a good bargain. 

Enter the house two houses north of the WorldDew Shop, and you can walk inside
to find 13G in a barrel. From there, head west to the well that's outside of
the Church, and climb down inside of it, to get a TinyMedal from the dresser.
The house north of the Church is the Mayor's house, and you can find that this
generation's Mayor is just as bald as his ancestors. The western bookcase has
an EvilBook inside of it, just waiting to attack you, and there's a Fur Hat
inside the dresser in the room south of you. The last house in Krage is a
vacation home, owned by a man named Brugeo. Maybe he owns the big fancy mansion
near Orph? In either case, nobody's ever seen him here, and the house itself is
locked. This won't prevent you from trying the unlocked back door, though.

As you enter, descend the staircase next to you, to reach the basement. The
maid here asks if we can clean the place up, but instead, we want to clean it
out! The eastern chest has a FireShard inside, while the two western chests
need the Thief Key, and contain INTSpecs, and an INTseed. On the ground floor
of Brugeo's vacation home, you'll find an AmitDonut in a barrel in the kitchen.
If you talk to the maid by the stairs, she'll give you 50G for your services in
cleaning up the basement, even though we just threw some jars around. ^^; Check
the dresser in the northeast room on the second floor for a Silk Hat, then
examine the dresser in the northwest room for 5G. This hardly seems like a rich
man's pocket money...

Our last stop before we go to another sealed land, is to check out the World
Tree. The Sacred Tree's successfully grown into a World Tree, and from what the
people here say, there's a bluebird that lives in it. Maybe this's the elven
girl from back in the past? She's left us a present, so be sure to pick up the
FireShard from infront of the World Tree's trunk. If you ever find that you are
completely out of WorldLeafs, you can return here, and a little blue bird will
give you a WorldLeaf! ^^ But only if you do not have any. Now, when you're
ready, return to the Ancient Fane, and the Red Pedestal Room, placing your
FireShards on the center pedestal, in the west, south, and east positions. This
part should be familiar to you by now. ^^

2N. Time Repeats Time Repeats
Items: 2G, 3G, 5G x 2, 6G, 15G x 2, 50G, 350G, 500G, AGLseed, Bow Tie,
       Clock Key, Cloth Suit, Dark Ruby, DEFseed x 3, DragonEye, Emily's
       Letter, Glam Robe, GlassShoe, Graceherb x 3, Herb x 5, Horned Hat x 2,
       INTseed x 3, INTSpecs, LandShard x 2, Leather Hat, LifeRock, MysticNut,
       Potion, PurpleJar, Repellent x 2, Rose's Letter, Scarf, SeaShell Hat,
       Silk Hat, SilkRobe x 2, SilkTux Robe, Silver Tiara, Speed Ring, STR
       Ring, STRseed, Tights, Time Sand, TinyMedal x 9, Traveler Suit, Turban,
       WarpWing, WindShard x 2.

To the north, you'll soon find Litorud, a village where a famous architect
named Baloch has made a clock tower. A Church is to the west as you enter the
town, and to the north is the Item Shop. Further north, you'll find the Inn. A
dresser in the northeast room has a Traveler Suit in it, while in the bar, you
can break a barrel for 15G. Down in the basement, a dresser has a Horned Hat
inside, for you to take and keep or sell, depending on what you normally do.
West of the Inn, you'll find some vases outside of the Weapon and Armor Shop,
one of which has an Herb inside. Don't forget to break the barrels ontop of the
Weapon and Armor Shop, since there's a TinyMedal inside one of them!

The house south of the Shop is where a doctor by the name of Creyney works.
He's currently treating Aimy, who is a clumsy maid that works at the Inn. There
is a Turban in the dresser, as well as some Repellent in the vases by the
stairs, that you can add to your collection. Downstairs, you can fight an
EvilBook that's hiding in the southern bookcase, and see an odd-feeling picture
of the clock tower on the wall. There're two Herbs in the vases here, and the
chest has a LifeRock. Northwest of this building, you'll find a little girl,
who's lost her money. You can find it by the northern wall of the nearby house,
though, and hand her back her 10G. ^^ The Mayor's house is north of here, and
you can find a free Silk Hat in a dresser on the second floor. The nearby clock
tower certainly looks odd. If you go inside, from the back door, you'll find a
locked door where the machinery would be, and a guy who's missing his date.
He'll then hurry outside to get yelled at. ^^ East of there, you'll find a man
fiddling with a weird sculpture, before he ends up breaking it. Don't forget to
go through the back door of the bar, and get a MysticNut from a barrel back

Listen to Gabo and Maribel's suggestions, and take a nap at the Inn. You'll
wake up the next morning by the front counter, in time to see Aimy fall down
the stairs. Luckily, we catch her, so she doesn't break her ankle again. But
wasn't she supposed to stay at Creyney's for a few days? If you talk to the
people in town, you'll hear the same things you did the day before. You'll see
them, too, such as the man in the clock tower missing his date, and the man
breaking one of Baloch's sculptures. The only thing different seems to be
Creyney, who hasn't heard that Aimy was injured at all, and he doesn't
recognize us. Just what's going on here? If you leave town, and head to the
northwest to the bridge, you'll find that it isn't open today like it should
be. The opening is tomorrow, just like everyone said yesterday. While we're
here, we might as well explore. If you try and do that, explore the well I
mean, you'll need to fend off a WellLure. Inside, a mage will mention Time
Sand, and its ability to reset time back a few moments whenever it's used.
There's also another oft-found Leather Hat inside the dresser. Can you remember
back when these things were useful, and you didn't have all the ones you
needed? It's sure been a long time, hasn't it?

The house by the well is a workshop, where people have been working on the
bridge's plans for a while. There's a SeaShell Hat in the dresser for you, and
a man who's sleeping in bed will mumble something about the ceremony never
happening, and he'll mention the clock tower. Is this a clue? The man on the
red carpet outside is selling items, and there is 6G in a vase next to him.
After you have talked to everyone, especially the guard blocking the bridge,
you can leave. We need to go find this Baloch guy, and get to the bottom of
this puzzle. You'll find his house east of Litorud, tucked away by the
mountains. Enter the building, and climb up to the second floor, breaking the
lone vase for an INTseed. Baloch doesn't seem to like to talk, so he won't
even listen to us. Nothing else to do but return to Litorud, and have a night's

Wake up, catch Aimy, and Maribel'll notice something's odd. Run back to the
bridge, and the guard will deny anything being different, and that he didn't
say yesterday that the bridge would open tomorrow. He asks rhetorically if you
are saying that the same day's repeating over and over, and you should tell him
yes. He'll pause for a moment, and mention that Baloch has said odd things
about time before. Return to his house, and talk to the self-proclaimed genius.
He'll say that he was starting to suspect the same thing, and he'll give you
the Clock Key, so we can explore the insides of the clock tower and see for
ourselves. Once you get through the door, go upstairs, and pull the lever to
stop the clock, before heading outside.

Everyone's frozen in time! Hurry to Creyney's house, and to his basement, to
find him frozen with a letter in his hand. Read it, then inspect the picture of
the clock tower, to find it's got a glowing purple vortex of energy around it,
just like a Gate. Enter it, and you'll be transported to the Time Vortex, a
strange region with floating objects. Start off west, getting a Speed Ring from
the east vase, noting the EvilPot in the west one. Move back east, to the start
of this area, and go south. Walk west, taking the path further west to a
Cannibox if you like fighting these things. Move south when you're ready,
following the path until you reach a ramp leading up to a glowing circle. Step
on this, then take the path on the next screen west, north, and east to a chest
with a TinyMedal inside. How'd that get here? ^^; Go back west, south and east,
to return to the previous screen via the circle.

Walk west, then jump off the bridge, walking north to the chest for an AGLseed.
Start walking south, and step on the glowing circle you'll see here, to reach
an area full of these circles. Nooo! Luckily, I've done all the hard work for
you. Move north, and take the east circle, to arrive on a platform with three
similar circles. Take the circle directly east of you, and you'll arrive at a
four-way intersection, with a healing point in the center. Heal, then take the
east circle, before moving east and south to yet another circle. Grab the chest
here for 350G, then go back into the circle, now moving north, east, and south
to a new circle. Move west and south, and on the next platform, take the
southern circle, to arrive by a circle on a platform of some sort. Walk inside
the circle, and now we're in an entirely different area!

Here, read the monolith for a clue: "When time runs backwards, a new path will
appear." The outer ring of platforms resembles a clock, even down to the roman
numerals on the ground, at three, six, nine, and twelve. There's a chest with a
Cannibox, where one would be on a clock, and a chest with a Potion inside at
seven. Now, return to the central area, and walk north to where twelve is,
before walking counterclockwise around the outer edge, passing the nine, the
six, the three, and reaching the twelve again. When you do, a circle will
appear on the twelve, which brings us to the end of this Vortex. You'll see a
large monster, with two henchmen, gloating over an hourglass they've rigged up
to cause this time-problem. I bet you know what we need to do now, right? The
Makimakis are just there to try to distract you, and sprinkle Time Sand to
start the fight over from the start, so don't let them! Focus your attacks on
them, then the TimeSage, unless you have multiple-target attacks. TimeSage
doesn't take much damage from spells, especially after using MagicWall, so
this'll end up being a physical fight. It's not too difficult, though, and
you'll surely win in time. ^^ When you win, you'll gain a LandShard.

After the battle, thanks to the TimeSage's idiocy, you'll know to break the
hourglass to save the people of Litorud. You'll get the Time Sand for doing so,
and be teleported outside of the Time Vortex permanently. It's safe to heal up
at the Inn now, even though Aimy almost gives us a scare. ^^; Save if you
haven't recently, or if you want to, then head towards the bridge. Talk your
way to the front of the line to get the ceremony started, then walk west to
find Baloch and Creyney talking. It seems that Aimy is Baloch's daughter, who
Creyney promised to look over, since Emily didn't want to tell Aimy. Another
party follows, and you'll wake up inside the workshop, with the bridge able to
be crossed. Across the bridge, to the north, you'll soon come across...

It seems that this past Verdham is a few years beyond when we visited last. The
Weapon Shop has some new items in stock, and lots of gossip is over Linda,
Pepe, Iwan, and Kaya. First check out the well behind the Weapon Shop, and get
the TinyMedal from a dresser inside. Enter the side door of the Item Shop, and
get the chest with 50G inside, then enter the next house to the west, and get
the Cloth Suit from the second floor's dressers. The next house to the north
has 3G inside a vase. Now, enter the herb garden, and talk to Porta, who
recognizes you, but doesn't think you're the same heros that saved Pepe. You'll
see Iwan toiling in the garden, and his son by Linda, Eppe, making sure he
doesn't slack off. As you leave, Iwan will throw a fit, and go back to his
house. Enter the little door under the stairs, to see another scene, where
Cherri runs off to feed Kopan, a dog, the leftover food Mistress Kaya made,
because it doesn't taste exactly right. How'd Kaya get to own this place?

Break the nearby barrels for a TinyMedal, then go up to the second floor. Open
the chest here with your Thief Key to get 500G, then get a SilkRobe from the
dresser. It seems that Kaya married Kasadol, after Iwan lost ownership of the
house. He doesn't seem in good shape, though. Nab the Tights from the nearby
room, and go outside, to where Pepe used to live. You'll hear from Pepe's niece
that he's rather successful now, and lives in a large mansion. Downstairs, you
can find a DEFseed in the dresser, and a letter on the desk you can read. If
you go to the house south of the Church, you'll find Iwan at home, talking to
Kaya! She seems like she's got something in mind, that Iwan just doesn't want
to go along with. She'll walk out in anger afterwards.

Back in the herb garden, Cherri will be trying to call Kopan over, but he'll
suddenly collapse. Cherri'll be frightened and scared, so help Porta carry the
dog to his house. It seems that Kaya's joke about poison, way back when, wasn't
so off the mark. She's slowly poisoning her husband, to kill him! Cherri runs
off to the mansion to see if she can find out if this's true or not. Follow
after her, to hear Cherri accusing Kaya, who tries to deny it. After being sent
away, you can find Cherri on the third floor, trying to figure out how to get
evidence, when Kaya's so suspicious of her now. Leave the mansion, and then try
to go back inside the main door, to bump into Kaya. She'll walk off towards
Iwan's house again, after dropping a bottle. Take the PurpleJar back inside,
and show it to Cherri, who'll run downstairs to check on it. Kasadol's up and
out of bed, though, and heading downstairs too. Kaya's noticed her missing
bottle, and she's getting ready to serve dinner...

Cherri is talking to Porta, who confirms the contents of the PurpleJar are
infact poison. Run back inside the mansion, put aside your beter judgement, and
agree on having dinner with Kasadol. Kaya tries to stop him, but he refuses.
Cherri'll come to your aid and mention the poison, which Kaya again denies.
Kasadol suggests that, if it's not poison, then Kaya wouldn't mind drinking it
all down at once. She slowly starts towards Cherri, before Iwan appears, saying
he poisoned Kasadol under Kaya's orders. The two of them are ordered to leave
and not return, as the scene fades away. In the garden, Kopan and Cherri're all
set, before the other maid drags Cherri back into the kitchen to make up for
all the work she's missed, at least. In Iwan's house, you'll see he's left a
letter for Eppe, and you'll be shown a flashback, to see Eppe's feelings for
his father.

That's that, again, for Verdham. The Swamp Cave hasn't changed at all since the
last time we cleared it out in the past, so we don't have to return there.
Let's go east now, to Mentare. When you enter, you'll hear someone calling to
Linda not to run way. This isn't the Linda we know, but the name of a young
girl, chasing after her pet RedSlime, Bicki. You'll find out this man is Pepe,
and this's thirty years after the last time we visited the area. Mentare's
doing rather well! Walk around, admire the flowers, and tell Bicki no, to hear
Bicki's opinion on blue slimes. If you enter the house west of the enterance,
you can get an AGLseed from a vase. Inside Pepe's Mansion, you'll hear about
how Linda showed up one day, and the old woman here will offer you a place to
sleep for the night. A vase on this floor has 2G, and you can get a TinyMedal
and Silver Tiara from the chests here. Up on the third floor, you can open some
chests for a DEFseed and a STRseed. Out on the third floor balcony, you can buy
from a small Item Shop, which's selling AGL Scarfs, as well as Herbs and

Start walking towards Geionne Monastery, passing the Abandoned Shack Pepe used
to live in, and continuing to the next screen. Move north, then northwest,
circling around the pond here to reach a chest with a TinyMedal inside. Walk
back south, up the ledge, and across the bridge, continuing to the northeast
side of the pond to open a locked chest, with a STR Ring inside. Now head
south, down the ladder, and inside the cave. Take 15G from the vase here, and
talk to the Sister, who mentions Sister Bessia. This glowing herb is her work,
and from her diary in the dresser, she must have been Linda.

North of here is Geionne Monastery, where we can discover the answer to the
question we had last time we were here: Linda is buried on the edge of the
cliff, because she could see the old Herb Garden from there. The Sisters
confirm this if you talk to them inside, saying how they wish they could tell
her family, but they weren't sure where they were. Upstairs, you can take 5G
from the vase, and find a SilkRobe in the dresser. Walk back to Mentare, then
tell Pepe about Linda. He'll ask that you walk him back up to her grave, and
he'll join your party. Start back up towards Geionne Monastery, stopping by the
Abandoned House first. He'll explain Mentare's beginnings, before you continue
the trek up to the Monastery. At first, a Sister will be mad at Pepe, and he'll
be in denial, but he'll finally see just how much Linda loved him, and how much
he loved Linda.

Start the long walk back to the Ancient Fane, and place the LandShard you got
from TimeSage on the southeast pedestal in the Yellow Pedestal Room, in the
northwest position. Then, Return to Mentare, and walk west, turning south at
the ruins of Verdham, to reach the Baloch Bridge, which's still here. The
barrels outside the Herbal Tea Shop, on the south bank, have a TinyMedal
inside. You can also get a Graceherb from a vase inside the Herbal Tea Shop
itself. Don't forget to check the well, as you can find another TinyMedal and
some INTSpecs inside the dressers there.  The building to the west has a shop
where only people in the Style Rankings can shop. What're those? We'll have to
go and check out Litorud to find out.

Litorud's not much different than it was last time we were here, with an
exception or two. One of these is behind the Church, where the World Ranking
Federation has its headquarters. You can win prizes and become famous by being
at the top of the charts in Power, Style, or Intelligence. It can't hurt, and
it can even be benefitial, such as being able to shop at the shop by Baloch
Bridge. Just be sure to re-register if you've raised yourself up high in a
particular stat, and equip items that'll benefit the categories you want! On
the roof of the Weapon and Armor Shop, you can find a WarpWing inside a barrel,
and behind Creyney's old house, you'll find 5G inside another barrel. Inside
Creyney's old house itself, you can get a Horned Hat from the dresser, and meet
a scholar who's studying Aimy. If you go downstairs, and check the bookcases,
you'll find Emily's Letter, which you can give to the scholar for a quick
INTseed. Don't forget the two Herbs and the Repellent from the vases
downstairs, and the WindShard from the chest, while we're here.

At the Inn, raid a dresser for a Graceherb, then grab the Scarf from the
dresser in the basement. If you go around to the back of the Inn, and enter the
door that leads behind the bar, you can find another Graceherb from inside a
barrel. The boards by the fountain are the World Ranking Federation charts,
where you can see if you're on them. The house where the Mayor used to live, in
the northwest corner of town, is another one of Brugeo's vacation homes. He's
not home, but you can get a Glam Robe from a dresser up on the second floor.
Now, make sure your party's all set, because we need to explore the Baloch
Tower next, which is full of monsters and traps. You'll find it east of
Litorud, right where Baloch's house used to be.

When you arrive, walk right inside, heading west, then north over the damage
tiles. Help yourself to the Bow Tie from the chest, then move back south, and
walk east onto the purple floor tile. This will make the door open. When you
walk off the second purple tile, it makes the door close, just like a pressure
plate. To the north, push the statue westward, onto the purple tile, then walk
further west, moving the statue you see here, east onto the tile. The door to
the second floor will remain opened now, so head on upstairs. On the second
floor, move east, then walk south against the conveyor belt, until you reach
two vases. One of them has a DEFseed for you to add to your pocket. Now go back
to the stairs, and go west this time. Moving carefully south as the conveyor
belt tugs you down. Don't fall into the pit up ahead, but go across the small
bridge-like section of floor, then turn west and north. The second row of
pillars will tilt down, and try to kill you! You should be able to handle them
okay, especially since you know they're going to attack in advance. The first
pillars you reach on the other side, as the corridor heads south, will attack
in the same fashion, before you're able to go outside, take the western door,
and jump down the pit.

You will land on a metal turtle, which has a blue switch on its back. Hit the
switch, then you'll ascend to the third floor. Walk past the dragon, and read
the monolith here, to learn that if the dragons don't have an eye, then they
breathe fire on everyone. Pluck out the DragonEye from the nearby dragon, to
see that it does indeed make flames appear. Head east, place the DragonEye in
the empty socket, and move north, to find a chest with a SilkTux Robe, and a
rock. Push the rock one space east, then south past the dragon, taking back the
DragonEye. Push the rock west, past the dragon by the turtle, then north, until
you find a purple pressure plate. Leave the rock ontop, and walk past it,
heading east to place the DragonEye in another dragon, or just walk through the
flames without it, and leave it in your pocket. ^^ Move west, south, and west,
to reach an outside staircase leading up to another floor. This floor's all
spinny! You should be able to get out of here easily enough, but if you're
stuck, just follow the western wall as you enter the room, and eventually it'll
lead you to the exit.

Back outside, move up the stairs, and pull the lever at the top of the tower.
There's a hole you can drop down from, in the southeast corner of the now-empty
pod, so go ahead and jump. You'll land in some water, which's okay. Head west,
through the opening on the wall, and step on the blue switch inside here to
make a statue in the previous room vanish. Move back out there, then up the
steps to reach a monolith. It says that you need to step on four signs, to make
the treasure room accessible. We've stepped on one, and another switch's right
behind the monolith itself. Walk over to the east side of the floor, and you'll
see some damage tiles, with two vases and a switch on the other side. The vases
are empty, but you'll want to stand on the switch, which makes a third statue
vanish. There is a gold switch under the third statue, so hurry over and step
on it! Inside of the treasure room, Baloch will ask that you not take his
paintings, but just his treasure. There is a LandShard and a WindShard in the
chests, as well as a TinyMedal and an INTseed. You can examine the paintings,
but you can't take them with you, since you're good kind-hearted adventurers.

Now, before going anywhere else, head back to the WRF, and talk to Modina, the
WRF Style Judge. She'll mention how the top of the charts hasn't changed in her
category for decades, and that she's curious what the champion has been doing
lately. If you check the boards, you'll see that Rose, who lives near Dune, is
still at the top. Go back to her house to pay her a visit, and when she hears
she is still in first place, she'll give you Rose's Letter, to bring back to
the WRF. Talk to the register, and he'll bring Modina the letter, and Rose'll
be taken off the list. Now, you can finally have a shot at winning it! ^^ If
you go back to tell Rose that she's off the list, she'll give you a GlassShoe
as a reward, too.

Back at the Ancient Fane, head to the Green Pedestal Room, and place your two
WindShards on the northeast pedestal, in the east and southwest positions, then
go back to the Yellow Pedestal Room. Approach the southeast pedestal when
you're ready, and place the LandShard on the southeast part of the pedestal, to
see what the Demon Lord is going to try throwing at us next.

2O. Cold Flood, HotStone
Items: 5G, 20G, 30G, 50G, 120G, 370G, AGL Scarf, AmitDonut, AquaShard, Berserkr
       Heart, BluePrint, Bounce Sword, Bow Tie, Carpet, Dung x 2, FireShard x
       5, GuardRuby, Herb, Hork Heart, HotStone, INTseed, Iron Spear,
       LandShard, Leather Hat, LifeAcorn x 4, Lore Hat, Magic Key, Merm Moon,
       MoonHerb x 2, MysticNut x 2, Pirate Suit, Shell Suit, Slime Heart,
       SpiderWeb, STRseed, TinyMedal x 11, WindShard x 3, Wizard Ring,
       WorldLeaf, ? Shard.

On the other side of the Gate, move south to the village of Avon. The citizens
here all talk about a musician who was here just the other day, who played the
most wonderful music they have ever heard. He's already moved on, though. Walk
over to the first northern house you see, breaking the barrels outside it for
20G, before moving south to the bonfire, and breaking the vase by the well for
an Herb. Northeast of the bonfire, you'll find the Chieftain's house, where
she'll invite you to stay the night if you're done exploring the town. When you
do accept, you'll hear strange music during the night, and you'll awaken
upstairs. Get the TinyMedal from the dresser, then go outside, to find that the
the entire town is empty of people and animals!

Nobody's here, so maybe they've gone inside of the nearby now-unguarded tunnel?
Walk down the stairs, ignoring the two chests here for now, and descend further
under the ground. Move south, then east, and north into a small room with two
vases and a chest. There's a MoonHerb in the vase, and another TinyMedal inside
the chest! Now head south, and up the stairs you'll reach, to be on the other
side of the mountain range. You'll see the Shrine Temple to the southeast of
you, where you can save and do all the other usual Church activities in, but
nothing else of real note. South of the Church, on the other side of the
mountains and by the water, is the village of Huzu. Other than having an
excellent Weapon and Armor Shop, Huzu is also where the elderly musician who
visited Avon was last seen. If you inquire at the Inn, you'll hear that he's
already headed to Hamelia, in the northeast. Downstairs in the bar, you can
find a TinyMedal in the barrels, as well.

South of the Inn, you'll find a house with some barrels outside it, one of
which contains an Antidote. A dresser in the house has a Leather Hat inside,
and the boathouse east of here, once you go back outside that is, has a
LifeAcorn in the barrels. Once you've nabbed these, feel free to go back to the
Inn and rest for the night. Much like in Avon, the entire village has
disappeared. Is it that musician's fault, or did the monsters cause it? The
only way we can find out, is to head northeast to the village of Hamelia. As
you enter, the Church is to the east, and an Item Shop is west of you. North of
the Item Shop is the Weapon and Armor Shop, which has a vase with 30G outside
of it. More importantly, in the center of town, you'll find the musician
everyone's been talking about. After he plays his song, he'll try to leave the
village, mentioning that he has something else he needs to do. You can block
his route as long as you'd like, but you have to let him walk out of town

There's a locked chest in the back of the Weapon and Armor Shop that we can
reach now, which has an Iron Spear inside. North of the Weapon and Armor Shop,
you'll find a large tower belonging to Hamelia's Mayor. Once inside, move down
to the basement, and help yourself to the STRseed inside one of the barrels. Up
on the second floor, we'll learn about someone named Gracos, and how he
condemned an entire city to rest under the ocean. Nobody's sure where the Sea
Demon went to after that, though, so he very well may still exist. Now head
east of here to the Inn, where we can stay for half of the normal price. Will
everyone be gone when we wake up again? Take a nap, and we'll see for

It seems like the bard has, for some reason, been luring people into a Gate,
and taking them away. When you follow him through the Gate, you'll arrive on
the first floor of the Mountain Tower. It's rather damaged from lack of use, so
not all the pathways're easy to navigate. Head south out of the room with the
gate, then move west and south to the next room. Along the northwest corner,
you'll find a small doorway to the outer ring of the Tower. Follow it north and
east, to find a chest with a MysticNut inside, and then hurry back to the Gate
room. Rather than enter the room, though, continue east, moving north through
the broken wall there, then walking west to a staircase leading up. Walk east,
continuing past the broken wall, then start south, making sure not to fall into
the side pit here. Start west, then go through the break in the wall here, and
over to the lever, which you should move. This'll open the door so you can have
a shortcut to the Gate room whenever you need it. Walk through the wall
southwest of the lever, and drop down into the pit here. Downstairs, you'll
find a cute little Slime, hiding inside a vase when it sees you're here. It'll
mention that a lot of people're suddenly up in a locked room on the third
floor. Go back upstairs, then exit the Tower and walk back inside, moving west
and then northeast to the Gate room.

Back upstairs, move through the break in the wall southwest of the lever, then
go west and up the stairs here. The door is indeed locked, but the lever nearby
can fix that! All the people from the towns are here, and they seem safe, with
food and provisions too. What's going on? Directly north of the enterance, you
can find 5G inside some barrels, as well as a SpiderWeb. East of you, you can
find an area for healing and saving, as well as find some Dung inside one of
the vases here. South of here, on the other side of the central room, you'll
find a traveling merchant, who sells some basic items, as well as a Pixy Sword.
East of the area you can heal in, you'll find a boy, who'll go through a hole
in the wall and open the gate up to the fourth floor for you. On this floor,
move west, then south, taking the east path south. Next, move east, then north,
and pull the lever here to open the gate. Move west, then south, and take the
stairs up to the fifth floor.

We've found the bard! Hurry over to him, to find the reason why he kidnapped
everyone: he knew that the continent would suddenly flood, and this was the
only safe place to take them! All the water has reached the second floor of the
tower, which leaves us to wonder what became of that poor little Slime. Oh, and
who could've caused this too, of course. ^^; It surely must be Gracos's doing!
The bard can't help us defeat him, but he will tell us about the raft he
stashed on the first floor of the tower, so that we can sail the new ocean with
it. If you piece the clues together, you'll also recall who the bard is: Jann,
the former tula player for the Dejan Tribe that Kiefer stayed with! He'll also
give us a WindShard, for good luck, and for plot-advancement. ^^

Back on the second floor, we'll find that the Slime's safe and sound. If you
remember, there's a hole on the eastern side of this floor, which the water has
risen up to. Walk over to there, and you'll find the raft waiting for you. They
float, afterall, or they'd be a useless invention. ^^; Hop on the raft, and
sail out of the tower, and head to Hamelia. The people who fled to here seem
okay, but they mention the people who returned to Huzu, and how they're not
sure if they're okay or not. Sail on your merry way southwest to Huzu, to find
out. The people here seem to be okay, and one of them mentions where we need to
go next: the Sunken City. Sail west of Huzu, and when you hit the reefs, move
south. You'll see the Sunken City, and a Gate outside of it, to help us enter
once your hero's birthmark mysteriously helps.

Head east first, entering the building here, and talk to the ghostly spirit you
see, to make him fade away. There's a TinyMedal inside the chest behind him.
Next, go north to another building, and circle around behind it. You'll find a
chest back here, which contains a TinyMedal. Move back south to the previous
building, then walk west, where you'll find another small building, with a
hanging sack on the wall you can examine, to fight a JewelBag. This isn't the
same as the cute cuddly JewelBags that were with Cavemon a long time ago; this
JewelBag is a lot meaner! Avoid it or kill it, your choice, but then proceed to
the room north of this building. Head east, and up the stairs, before going
west, north, and west along the rooftop, and south down the steps. Enter the
nearby door if you would like to fight the Mimic hiding here, or just continue
north, to where another doorway is. The ghost here mentions that you should
examine the center monument, in the initial area near the Gate outside. Move
back to it, and push it aside, to find a hidden staircase leading down.

Walk west, north, then head back east to the second jail cell we see, and cross
the floor here. The vase on the other side contains a Hork Heart! Head back
west, and north, to find some stairs that lead outside. Even though it's hard
to see, move north and over the narrow stone bridge, to the collection of
vases. The southeast and southwest vases are MadPots, while the north center
vase is a TinyMedal. Now, move east, and north to the first doorway you see, to
recover a MoonHerb from the vases here. Go back outside, and continue east to
another doorway, entering it. Walk west over the swampy floor, then south and
out the door, before heading east and up the steps to a new door. Inside, move
to the northwest, and press the switch to make a bridge appear to the nearby
lever. Move it, and the water will drain away. Go back across the bridge, and
follow the red carpet to the large statue of some sea monster, possibly Glacos
himself. Climb down the ladder here, and walk east, climbing up the next ladder
before going down the stairs.

On this floor, grab one of the vases, and walk west, throwing it north at the
switch to raise the bridge. Grab another vase, then walk west, throwing the
vase at the western switch. Cross over, grab a vase, then move south, throwing
it at the eastern switch. Grab another vase before you cross, and throw it east
to hit another switch. Move the lever here to lower the water, then move east,
nabbing another vase along the way as you move south and east to another
switch. Cross the bridge, then move south and west, before nailing the switch
north of you with a vase. Pick up a vase, cross over the bridge, and hit a
switch west of you to raise another bridge. Cross it, make sure not to hit the
north switch, then throw a vase west to hit another switch. Move west, up the
stairs, and then outside, to find a chest with the Bounce Sword inside.

Walk back inside, and walk east for two bridges, then move south over another.
Grab a vase, then move north and west over the bridge, making sure to throw
your vase east to lower the bridge you just crossed. Move west, north, and
east, lowering the bridge here, and then climbing down the ladder. Follow the
path west, south, east, south over the lowered bridge, then west over another
lowered bridge, continuing west until we can climb a ladder and move
downstairs. On this floor, move north, east past a bridge area, then move the
switch further east to lower the water. Move back west, and down the ladder,
climbing the ladder that's a little south of you. On this platform, hit the
east switch, get the WorldLeaf from the chest across the east bridge, then go
down the ladder and move east, moving south over a lowered bridge, then up the
ladder nearby. Hit the switch, then go east, north, and back west, descending
the ladder and climbing up the nearby one to hit the north switch. Cross the
north bridge and move east to raise the water level, then go back west, south
over two bridges, and hit the switch to continue right to find a LifeAcorn in
a chest. Return to the water switch, and cross the bridge below it, walking
south over a final bridge, and down the stairs.

Straight ahead, on his throne, awaits the Sea Demon Gracos. He chuckles over
your attempts to confront him, and summons the spirits of the departed citizens
of this city. He uses his powers to transform them into monsters, and sends
them to kill you! These SeaGrudges are not very strong, thankfully, so feel
free to use up all your MP in defeating them, as we'll have it restored
shortly. A round or two of strong attacks, and they'll move on to the next
life. Afterwards, Gracos will taunt you, since he can sit back and send more
spirits after you constantly. Maribel refuses to fight them, feeling that it's
cruel, but before the next wave hits, Jann will rush in. He'll use his tula to
let the deceased people pass on finally, and he'll restore your party's HP and
MP to full. Now energized for the upcoming fight, it's time to take on the Sea
Demon! This won't be the easiest battle. Make sure to take advantage of any
Blaze, Bang, or Infernos-type attacks you may have, and stay away from attacks
with an ice or water element to them. Set up Barrier or WoolGuard, if you have
them, to reduce the damage that his cold air and Tsunami will do to you, and
using Upper or Increase if you have them, to reduce the damage of his physical
attacks. He takes advantage of being able to hit hard twice a round, so when in
doubt, heal!

Eventually, you will win, and Gracos will set off an explosion so that you
can't escape from the Sunken City alive. After pretending to be scared, Jann
will just make a temporary Gate from the Sunken City to the Mountain Tower, and
you'll escape to safety as the flood waters receed. This experience has shown
the old bard that he's not young enough to do this anymore, and that he should
train a successor to take up his quest. He'll ask that you go off and return to
the towns, which should be safe now, though they'll probably be tasting a bit
salty for a while. ^^ A guard will run off after seeing you're okay on the
third floor, so continue downstairs, attempt to walk through the gate, and say
your goodbyes to Jann one last time. He'll toss you a Wizard Ring before you
pass through the gate, which closes behind you.

The people of Hamelia are feeling... well, soggy. Enter the tower, and talk to
the Mayor on the second floor balcony, and he'll give you permission to take
the town's treasures. Behind the tower, you'll find a raft, which you can use
to sail west and south over the water, and inside a room under the bar. Talk to
the guard here to make him move aside, then open the chests for a WindShard and
the Merm Moon! Now we can show the maid in Mezar this, to get the real Carpet!
There's nothing else to do in Hamelia right now, so leave the city, and walk
southwest to Huzu if you like. The people here're happy, and also a bit
soggy, though they're okay. Head back through the tunnel to Avon, and the guard
will move aside so you can pass. Walk to the Chieftan's house, and talk to her,
to be granted permission to take the chests in their storeroom. You'll find two
chests there, with a Berserkr Heart and a Pirate Suit.

Back in the present, Return to Mezar, and show the maid in Nicola's house the
Merm Moon. Meet her behind the Church in town, and she'll say how she's not
sure where she buried the Carpet, since it's been so long. Search the ground
about three steps north of the Church, in the center, and you'll find the
stairs. Down below, open the chest, and you'll receive the real Carpet!
Finally! Nicola will stumble upon the scene, and he'll be told about what
happened all these years. Rather than be mad, he'll be happy that his father
worried about him so much. What an odd fellow. ^^; Walk outside of Mezar, and
test your carpet out! It'll fly now, so sail east, and enter the Great Hero's
Shrine. A spirit here will tell you what God said, about the Great Hero Melvin,
though it's not really any sort of clue that we can use right now. A hot stone?
Maybe it's the HotStone that Hondara has! Make sure to get the LifeAcorn and
WindShard from here before you leave.

Before going insearch of Melvin, there's some other places we need to visit,
and items to collect. ^^ If you Return to Dune, and hop on your Carpet, you can
fly west to the Sphinx. It took many hundreds of years, but the Sphinx was
repaired after the incident with the Evil Statue. It's changed a lot since we
were here in the past, so enter the main doors, and walk down the steps to the
lower level, going up the stairs here. Climb up the ladder, and exit the room
through the southern door. Walk clockwise around the landing, and enter the
Sphinx again through the western door. You'll meet a Scholar here, probably a
descendant of the Scholar we brought to Dune's past before, who's found a
remarkible fossil. Even better, there's an AquaShard on the ground here, to add
to our collection. There's nothing else here to interest us right now, so make
your way outside, and Return to Krage.

Sail partially southeast of Krage, and move down the river until you find a
region of trees and hills to the west. Land here, and west of you, you'll find
a castle. This's the Medal King's Castle, where you bring all those TinyMedals
you have been collecting for a while now, and redeem them for prizes. Inside
the small Castle, you'll see the Medal King himself, who'll take all the
TinyMedals you've been holding so far. If you don't have enough for some
prizes, then come back later when you do. Down in the basement is a small
library, with some important information. One book mentions that a tower west
of this Castle reaches up to the heavens. Is this the tall tower that was
mentioned by the ghost? Rather than find out right now, get back on your boat,
and sail south, anchoring the boat as you reach land, to find Hamelia.

Cross the bridge to reach the central part of town, and enter the house south
of the well. Help yourself to the INTseed inside the vase, then move west and
inside the Weapon and Armor Shop, to find an empty chest. North of the town
square, you'll find Dr. Azmov, who's currently on the WRF boards as the most
intelligent person, talking to a man named Beck. They're fishing, and manage to
retrieve a Shard from the water! If you ask for it, Azmov will request that you
visit his house a little later. Azmov lives in the house where we picked up an
INTseed not too long ago. Talk to the famous thinker, and agree to his
challenge: get rid of the monsters in the nearby tower, so that Azmov can
research what the tower has to do with the Great Flood. You know what to do,
heal up and save if need be, then hoof it north and across the bridge, to enter
the Mountain Tower.

From the enterance, move west, moving south through the break in the wall,
before continuing west and down the stairs. Here, you'll find a KingSlime
laying in wait for you! This isn't an ordinary KingSlime of course, but another
monster that's a tweaked member of its species. All of its attacks are
physical, so don't waste time with magic prevention, and use DEF-raising skills
to reduce the damage you will take. When you win, the KingSlime will drop a
BluePrint. After the battle, the KingSlime will split into four smaller slimes.
One of them, Slachi, offers to help lead the way up to where the monster who's
taken over their tower lives. Accept, and he'll join the party! You can break
the east vase here to fight a MadPot, if you're in the mood to. Walk back
upstairs, east, north through the wall, and then west, taking the small doorway
to the outer edge of the Tower. Walk north, then east, and you'll find a chest
with a FireShard inside! Yay!

The easiest thing to do now, is walk north so you exit the Tower, then walk
back inside. Slachi'll rejoin the party, and you can walk north. Turn west when
you can, continuing until you see the stairs leading up to the second floor.
Upstairs, move east, and south through the break in the wall. Walk west, then
south, before moving the nearby lever to open the door for us. Move southwest,
and up the stairs you'll find here, to reach the third floor. Directly north of
the door here, you'll find a room full of barrels, which contain 50G and some
Dung. To the east, you can retrieve a TinyMedal from the vases. Head east, and
when you try to go through the door, Slachi will open the way for you. On the
next floor, move west, then south, taking the east path south. Rather than move
east, walk south through the break in the wall, and then move east and north.
Push the lever here, then break the west vase for a Slime Heart. The east vase
is a MadPot. Move west, then south, and go up the stairs.

Wander over to the southern half of this floor, and Slachi will make fun of the
missing monster. It won't take him long to run and hide behind you once the
monster appears, though! GigaMute loves using cold attacks, so WoolGuard or
Barrier can really help. Try to hit GigaMute with strong, physical attacks,
preferibly ones that hit hard or multiple times. A good old Stampede never
hurts! A happy Slachi will hop off the edge of the tower once you win, and
you've collected your victory FireShard. Slimes're okay falling from heights,
don't worry. Start on the way back to Hamelia, and let Azmov know that you've
gotten rid of the monsters. Azmov and Beck will run off to check the Tower
themselves, but they've not yet given us the Shard. Follow them, to see Slachi
having some fun with the humans. ^^ When Azmov and Beck run off, walk up to the
third floor and talk to Azmov. He'll give you permission to loot his storeroom,
which's located where the Merm Moon was in the past. Run back to Hamelia, get
on the raft, and sail to the storeroom, where you'll find a LifeAcorn and
another FireShard.

Now, let's start the quest for Melvin! Head to Estard, and the Inn, where we'll
find Hondara. He's still trying to hit on that bunny-girl... he doesn't have
the HotStone, though, as he's sold it to Brugeo, the world's richest man. We
need to find him, and convince him to give it to us! Return to Orph, and using
your carpet, cross the water and visit the mansion on the other side. Sure
enough, this's Brugeo's main mansion, where he normally lives day to day. You
can examine the well to fight an EvilWell, but there's no treasure inside. Once
you enter the main mansion, to the east, go down the stairs in the kitchen, to
the basement. You can get 120G from a barrel, as well as a Shell Suit and a
LandShard. Go back upstairs, then climb the stairs to the second floor. Take
the Bow Tie from the dresser here, then open the chests with your Thief Key to
find a TinyMedal and the Magic Key! Great! ^^ You can also take a Silk Hat from
a dresser upstairs.

Brugeo isn't here, though. So, cast Return, and visit his Mansion in Litorud.
While you can visit the mansions in other orders, this's the order I'm covering
them. The man inside will mention how Brugeo was here, but that he's already
left, and might be in Krage now. Go to Krage using your favorite means of
transportation, but whichever one you pick, isn't fast enough: Brugeo's left
already! Return to Orph, and sail over to Brugeo's Mansion, in the hopes that
he's there now. Sure enough, up on the second floor, Brugeo'll be admiring his
latest addition to his collection, the HotStone. He's no fool, though, he knows
all about the legend involving this HotStone. Try as you might, he'll refuse to
hand it over. When you're leaving, though, he'll run out of his Mansion, and
ask to accompany you to this tower. He's curious if the legends're true, and if
so, he'll gladly hand the HotStone over. Accept, and we can finally be on our

Return to the Medal King's Castle, and walk southwest of it, where you'll find
some water. Hop on your Carpet, and sail west across it, to find a tower
nearby. This's the World's Tallest Tower, which does sound rather high. As you
walk towards the door, the HotStone'll shine brightly, and unsealing the front
door. Guess the HotStone's authentic, hmm Brugeo? Once inside, move north until
you can't move any further, then east, taking the stairs you'll find here up to
the second floor. Move south, east, north, and west, then south, west and
north, to find a chest with an AGL Scarf inside. Go back downstairs, then move
back west and south, towards the enterance. Move east, and follow the snaking
path as it leads north, then moving west down the steps. Head north up the
other steps, then go upstairs to the second floor. Walk south, west, south,
then east, walking up the stairs. On this floor, head east, making your way
counter-clockwise around the floor, then up some more stairs.

Walk east and between the pillars, helping yourself to 370G from the chest.
Start your ascent up the steps, until you finally reach a staircase at the top.
This next floor is a maze! It's made to look trickier than it is, though. All
you have to do, is walk around the outer edge of the maze, until you're by the
southeast corner. There's an opening in the wall here, so enter it, and move
west, north, west all the way, then south to the stairs. ^^ Climb up the long
steps to the next staircase, and you'll find yourself in another maze. Move
south, then east, before going north and east again. Move south and east, then
north, east, south and west, to get a TinyMedal. Start back east, north, west,
south, west, then north all the way. All you need to do now is walk east,
south, east, north, east, and all the way south, to reach the stairs.

Rather than steps, this floor has ladders. The east center ladder leads up to
an empty chest, while the west center ladder leads right up to the stairs. You
will reach another maze, which also requires that we use the outer edge of the
tower for a bit. Don't fall, you wouldn't want to repeat this all again, would
you? ^^; Move east, then south, walking west through the break in the wall.
Head all the way south, then west and north, moving west, south, then west and
north all the way. Finally, travel west, south, west, north, and east to the
stairs. We're at the top! Brugeo'll give you the HotStone, which you should
take to the top of the dais before using it. In a glow of light, the HotStone
opens, and a figure, as well as a FireShard, appear. Pick up the FireShard, and
talk to the man, who'll identify himself as Melvin! He's unsure what's happened
to this world and God, and asks to join the party. Don't turn him down, accept!
Talk to Brugeo, to have him rejoin the party, then walk down to the previous
floor, and jump off the edge! On your way out, Brugeo says farewell, a little
disappointed at not having a beautiful woman hero to hire as a servant. ^^;

If you head to Mezar, to show Nicola Melvin, you'll find that the townspeople
seem to already know. They even seem to think the Great Hero's already at
Nicola's house. When you go there to investigate, you'll see someone named
Ragley impersonating Melvin, who is doing a rather bad job of it. Agree not to
blow his cover, so you won't hurt Nicola's feelings. It seems the only benefit
for reviving Melvin, other than a Shard, was to get him in our party. I'm not
complaining. ^^ Now, head back to Hamelia, and pay Azmov a visit, making sure
you've registered for the Intelligence Rankings in Litorud first. He should be
back from his visit to the Mountain Tower by now, right? You'll see that Beck's
really worried about something when you arrive. It seems Azmov's Lore Hat is
missing, stolen by some unknown individual. Beck's really concerned, so talk to
him about it, and follow him outside when he runs off. He'll mention how
important he feels it is that Azmov's given credit for being intelligent, and
bemoans the fact that Azmov's ranking on the World Ranking Federation boards is
now lower. Since this's our only clue, go to Litorud and look at the
Intelligence Board. Someone named Epong seems to be at the top now. Epong? The
zombie-bandit Epong?

If you return to the Bandit Lair, all the bandits will mention how Epong's
changed recently, and gotten smarter. One bandit will even mention Epong's new,
sophisticated hat. If you go to BanditWig's room, sure enough, you'll find the
culprit who stole the Lore Hat. BanditWig orders Epong to give the Lore Hat
back to you, since the only rule of his bandit group is that you cannot steal
for personal gain. Epong's sorry he did this, and willingly returns the Lore
Hat, as well as leaving for Litorud to take his name down from the WRF boards.
Return to Hamelia, and try to give the Lore Hat back to Azmov. He's realized
that he likes to try to achieve greater heights of intelligence without it,
though, and to try to rely on his own mental powers. He'll tell us that we can
keep it, and use it however we see fit. Yay! ^^

There's just one last thing to do before we bring the large number of Shards
we've collected to the Ancient Fane, and that is revisiting the Sunken City. If
you fly southwest of Hamelia on your Carpet, you'll see where the Sunken City
is, but you'll need to sail to it on your boat to actually enter it. The Sunken
City seems to be in good shape for being submerged all this time since we last
visited, and there're even intelligent monsters walking around. First, head
east and inside the building there, opening the chest to find a FireShard. 
Next, head north, and go around behind the back of the building here to find a
chest with a TinyMedal inside. Go back towards the enterance, then head
northwest, entering the door here and moving east to go upstairs. Walk west,
north, west, and south down the stairs, before entering the door here to find a
GuardRuby. Walk back to the enterance of the Sunken City, and examine the
center statue. Just like before, this'll reveal a set of stairs going down.

Walk west, then north, before entering the first room you'll find to the east.
Break the vase here for an AmitDonut, then go back west and north, before
moving a little east to some stairs. You'll be by the water, so walk north and
across the stone bridge to six vases. The southwest vase has a MysticNut, but
the north center vase and the southeast vases both contain MadPots, and they're
only too happy to attack the party. Now, head all the way easy across the stone
bridges, and then north to a door. Walk west through the swamp, then exit to
the south, and climb up the eastern steps to a door. Here, you'll find that
Gracos V, or Gracos the Fifth, is the Sea Demon in charge here. They mention a
strange-looking rock of some sort, which's probably a Shard, that was recovered
from the bottom of the sea and given to him. If you walk west and out the south
door here, you'll find a ledge with a chest, and a TinyMedal inside. Back
inside the room, descend the stairs to arrive at Gracos V's throneroom.

The Gracos family line seems to have grown up hating humans, ever since a
not-so-random party of adventurers killed the first Gracos. He's determined to
avenge his family line, and he'll quickly start a battle. This is not going to
be an easy fight. Melvin'll be good help, both as an extra attacker, and with
Guardian and HealMore. You'll need to be able to boost your defense, as well as
reduce the damage you'll take when he spews cold air, or casts SnowStorm.
Gracos V can't use Tsunami like his ancestor could, but he can use PoisonFog,
so it helps to have Antidote ready to use or cast. Hopefully, you should be
able to defeat him. If not, come back later, after you've gained some
experience, as far as levels and classes go. When you do manage to win, he'll
surrender, as he's not willing to die like his ancestor did. He won't harbor
resentment towards humans anymore, and compliments your race. He'll also open
one of his chests and reward you with the ? Shard, an odd Shard that doesn't
seem to go with any of the pedestals we've yet encountered in the Ancient Fane.
Are there other pedestals, somewhere else?

We're all set to move onto the next world now. At the Ancient Fane, head to the
Blue Pedestal Room and set the AquaShard on the southeast pedestal, in the
southeast position. Next, go to the Yellow Pedestal Room, and set the LandShard
on the northwest pedestal, in the west position. In the Green Pedestal Room,
set a WindShard on the southeast pedestal, in the east position, and then place
two more WindShards on the northeast pedestal, in the center and northwest
positions. In the Red Pedestal Room, set two FireShards on the northeast
pedestal, in the south and west positions, then place the remaining three
FireShards on the southwest pedestal, in the west, southeast, and northeast
positions. As you're doing all this, you'll notice that you've unsealed not
just one land, but three of them! While you can do these in any order, the
order I am going to do them in this guide is the following: the northeast
pedestal in the Green Pedestal Room, the northeast pedestal in the Red Pedestal
Room, and the southwest pedestal in the Red Pedestal Room. We can't use the ?
Shard right now, so just put it in the Bag and hold onto it. Pick the pedestal
of your choice, and see you in the next land!

2P. The Priest and the Goddess Statue
Items: 37G, 340G, 530G, Boxer Shorts, Cloth Suit, Dung, Florajay Heart,
       GoddesPic, Herb x 2, IronMask, LandShard, Leather Armor, Legs,
       LifeAcorn, Lipsy Heart, MoonHerb, Platinum Sword, Potion, Priest Key,
       Repellent, Steel Sword, TinyMedal x 3, Torso, WindShard.

Once you've passed through the northeast green pedestal, you'll find yourself
in the past again. To the east is a bridge, which we'll want to cross. On the
other side, you'll find a man in hiding, and a sign that mentions Probina, a
nearby city. Continue east, past a small forest and the northern mountains,
before heading north to Probina. The moment you enter, people will ask if
you're with some group named Raguraz. You'll find it's a country in the south,
which is an uncivilized place of barbarians. Something is definitely unusual
here, as we're being asked to leave the moment our business here is concluded.

First, head north to the Weapon Shop, where you can get a Potion and a Steel
Sword from the locked chests. You can also get an Herb from the hanging sack on
the wall. To the south of the Weapon Shop is the Inn, where you can rest up if
you need to. Southeast of the Inn, you'll find a house, with a TinyMedal inside
of a barrel. Northeast of this house is the Armor Shop, for all your protection
needs. Upstairs, help yourself to some Leather Armor from the dresser, then go
outside and north to Elder Ordeux's house. A woman outside the stable here
tells about a letter Ordeux was reading, and how it mentions that King Raguraz
wants to take the town's protective Goddess Statue away, or he'll burn the town
down to have it! Ordeux isn't home, though, as he's left with his son Razuel to
visit the temple where the Goddess Statue is kept. Help yourself to the 37G
inside the vase here, then leave the house and walk north to the next screen.

Head north, and inside the cave. Walk north, though not up the steps, and
follow the path west to a chest with a Florajay Heart inside. Now walk back
outside the cave, and move west up the hill, to find a second cave enterance.
Enter, and head north up the steps, then east and north to the stairs here.
Upstairs, move north, east, north at the split, then west and south to the
stairs. Next, move north, then follow the west tunnel until you find a chest
with 530G inside. Walk back northeast, then east, before going slightly south
and further east down a tunnel. The chest you'll find further south in this
tunnel contains a Cannibox. Move back north, then west, south, west and south,
before traveling east and up the stairs. Walk to the northwest, around the
center of the room to find some more stairs, then exit to the southwest. We've
made it up Mt. Prob! You can talk to the farmer here to hear about the local
priest, or you can just walk inside the Temple.

Once inside, enter the east door, and you'll find some Sisters who can save
your game. There's free healing on the bed, and a treasure chest we can't open
now. We can grab some Repellent from a vase, though. Back out in the main room
of the Temple, you'll see Elder Ordeux talking with Razuel about the Goddess
Statue. Suddenly, a citizen will appear, announcing that Raguraz's army has
amassed at the bridge leading to Probina. Razuel will quickly grab the Goddess
Statue and run off to surrender it, leaving the priest and Ordeux unsure of
what to do. Hurry back down the mountain, all the way back to Probina, and
start to head out of the town's west exit. You'll see a dog walk off to the
Weapon Shop, which you should do as well. Talk to the merchant here, and tell
him you plan on fighting, to be rewarded with a Platinum Sword, which's a nice
weapon indeed. Now it's time to go to the bridge, and see if we can stop

Razuel would rather be killed by monsters, than kill another human, and thinks
breaking the Goddess Statue will make Raguraz's army go away. However, we
quickly find that the army is actually composed of monsters, and they're more
than happy to start slaughtering all the humans they can find. They'll fly over
the bridge, and rush off to attack Probina! Once you arrive, you'll see that
battles're springing up all over the place. Our friend in the Weapon Shop fends
one monster off, but is knocked unconscious in the process. All around town,
people are doing their best to fend the monsters off, but they're having a
rough time. Razuel takes two of them out, but his legs're paralysed in the
attempt. He asks us to hurry to the Temple and tell the priest about what's
going on, and that he should hide. Cows're being slaughtered, and humans are
having their souls shattered, we need to stop this!

Run through the Mt. Prob Cave, and talk to Ordeux on the second floor. He
encourages us to help the priest, too. At the Mt. Prob Temple, tell the priest
all that's happened, and he'll rush outside to see it himself. His memory will
come back, at least partially, to remember that he's had problems with monsters
before. He asks Razuel, who limps up the mountain, to walk into the cellar and
retrieve something, then asks that we help. Enter the cellar, and break the
barrels for a MoonHerb, before opening the chest for a LifeAcorn. Try to help
Razuel, and you'll suddenly be locked in the basement! The priest doesn't want
us to be hurt because of him, and thinks he may be able to help. By the time we
make it back outside, the entire Temple has been destroyed. By the enterance to
the Mt. Prob Cave, you'll see a soul-shattered Sister, who's still holding an
Adventure Journal for us...

Razuel is distraught back at Probina, where even the animals have had their
souls shattered. He walks off dejectedly, dropping the chest that the priest
used to own back at the Temple. Open it, to find the Priest Key and GoddesPic,
which shows a wounded Goddess healing herself at a spring. Show this to Razeul
by the western exit, and he'll regain a bit of hope: maybe we can repair the
Statue, and save the people? Exit town, and walk back to the bridge, where you
will find the Legs and Torso of the Goddess Statue laying on the bridge. But
where's the head? Maybe, if the spring works, we won't need it! Show the parts
to Razuel, then climb the mountain, making sure to save before entering the
spring. Inside, DragonMan waits to ambush us, and prevent us from fixing the
Statue. DragonMan is fierce, and his attacks can deal out a lot of damage,
while ours seem to do little. We don't need to win this fight, but survive it:
after a few rounds, it'll end, and Razuel will rush in the room. He'll throw
the Goddess Statue into the water, which will weaken DragonMan and restore your
party's HP and MP. Now we can fight for real! DragonMan's a shallow version of
his previous self, and should now be nothing that your party can't handle. ^^

DragonMan is dead, but the statue is destroyed. Razuel starts to get depressed,
before Melvin tries to shock him out of his senses. Outside, we'll see that the
souls of the citizens of Probina are returning to their bodies! Now, they just
need to repair their homes, and life will be safer and better than ever. Walk
around town, talk to the people, and when you're set, make your way over the
bridge. Razuel will appear to say his goodbyes, before we return to the Ancient
Fane and the present. Probina in the present is southwest of Orph, so float on
over there with your Carpet. ^^ Let's start at the Weapon Shop. Open the chests
with your Thief Key to get an IronMask and 340G, then enter the nearby well.
Search the water at the bottom of the well for a hidden TinyMedal! There's also
a Cloth Suit in the back room of the Inn, inside the dresser.

The house south of the Inn has a barrel outside with an Herb. There's also a
man who can talk to cows, probably because of the two misplaced souls we saw in
the past. The house east of here has a vase inside with a LifeAcorn. The former
Elder's house is now a home for the elderly, with some Dung inside a vase, and
a pair of Boxer Shorts in a dresser. Head north to the next screen, and go
straight ahead inside the cave, circling counter-clockwise around the room to
find a chest with a Lipsy Heart! Walk back outside, and use the west enterance,
climbing up the steps inside and going upstairs. Move north, east, north, west,
and south to the stairs leading up to the third floor. On this floor, move
north, then west, opening the chest at the end of this path for a LandShard!
Walk back northeast, then move east and a little bit south before going east
again, to find a chest with a Cannibox inside, if you want to fight it. Now,
just travel back west, then south, west, south, and east to reach the stairs to
the fourth floor.

Be a kind hero, and offer to help the old man here walk to the top of the
mountain. Take the upper path west, then go up the stairs, and out the south
door, to find yourself at the mountain top. Walk inside the Temple, and you'll
find the old man was infact the resident priest. ^^; Enter the east door, and
use the Priest Key you received in the past to finally open the priest's chest.
Inside, you'll pick up a WindShard! While you're in the area, don't forget to
check out the Temple's cellar, where you'll find a TinyMedal inside a chest.
We're all set to go back to the Ancient Fane now, so cast Return, and place the
LandShard you have on the northeast pedestal in the Yellow Pedestal Room, in
the southern spot, before heading to the Green Pedestal Room. Toss the
WindShard on the southeast pedestal, in the southeast spot, then walk inside
the Red Pedestal Room. For the purposes of this guide, the next completed
pedestal I want to explore will be the northeastern one. If you've already done
it, or want to complete another pedestal first, go ahead, and I'll see you in a
little bit. ^^

2Q. The Many Trials of Loomin
Items: 120G, 280G, 550G, 630G, BeefJerky, Copper Sword, DEFseed, Devil Armor,
       HairBand, Herb, Horned Hat, Iron Axe, IronMask, LandShard, Leather
       Dress, Lipsy Heart, Potion, Repellent x 2, SilkTux Robe, Slime Suit,
       Steel Sword, Tempt Sword, Tights, TinyMedal x 3, Tower Key, Traveler
       Suit, WindShard.

It seems like the more lands we free, the smaller the remaining ones are. Start
walking west, and enter the small cliff-like area you'll see as you go. This is
the East Hill, which seems to be mainly an open area. You'll find a LandShard
if you look around, as well as what seems like the remains of a rotted plant.
Back on the world map, walk further west, and you'll soon come to the village
of Loomin. The moment you try to enter, two Babygoyles stop you, and happily
talk about killing you so that Borunga will give them a reward or two. Of
course, you're not going to let them get away with that, HP-boosted Babygoyles
or not. Fight them off, then start to explore the town, which's known as

The house east of town has a vase inside, with an Herb inside. To the north of
this house, you'll find a Church, but you can't actually save there, as there
isn't a priest there. West of the Church, you can find a HairBand in the
dresser, and you'll find the Weapon Shop west of there. The man can't sell you
anything because of the monsters, but if you enter the house from the back
enterance, you can fight the PinkOrc that's watching him. He has more HP than
normal PinkOrcs, but he shouldn't be a problem for you. The two chests here are
locked, but you can use your Thief Key to open them and receive an IronMask,
and an Iron Axe. Upstairs, a Babygoyle has a Mini-Mini Shop, but the items are
not good at all. South of the Weapon Shop, you'll find the Inn, where you can
find a Horned Hat in a dresser.

There's a Bombcrag guarding the enterance to the central building, but you can
go behind it and continue west to an old woman by a well. Down in the well, you
can save if you need to, and find Repellent and a DEFseed inside the dressers.
You'll also hear about DarkDraco, and how he's caused the problems here. His
home's the western tower, but you need to save Loomin before you can chase
after him. Now that you've found this out, the Bombcrag isn't infront of
Loomin's central mansion, and you can go inside. The vase in the northwest
corner has a TinyMedal! The old man here is a disguised PinkOrc, of the
stronger variety, which you can avoid or fight. Upstairs, you'll find Borunga,
who isn't happy to see humans during his bathtime. Despite his cold, he'll
happily threaten you, and the fight will start. He's entirely a physical
attacker, so Defense-raising spells and skills will help your party keep their
HP up. Afterwards, raid the northwest dresser, and you'll find the Tower Key.

The townspeople're happy that the monsters have been fended off, but DarkDraco
makes his presence known by roaring, and everyone's still scared of what may
happen to them. Head west, and enter DarkDraco's Tower, moving up the steps and
inside. A PinkOrc'll try to fend you off inside, but he won't win, right? ^^
Move straight ahead, and up the stairs, then move outside. Move west, then step
on the trigger, and move north down the stairs. The chest here contains a
TinyMedal! Back upstairs, move east, and step on this trigger, then move south
and down the stairs. Step on the switch on the ground, to cause a door to open.
Go north through it, then west, before exiting out the northern door. Outside,
head east, then open the chest here for 120G. Go back inside, and up the stairs
to the second floor, before moving west, and going up the stairs you'll find
here. Head east, and north following the damage tiles, before moving east and
up the stairs. Here, move south, then west over the bridge, before going south
and east until you can move north. Travel west, down the stairs, and open the
chest to find the Tempt Sword.

Back upstairs, move east, and south, before going east and up the stairs. The
chest in the northwest part of this room has a Potion inside. Go up the
northeast stairs, then move south and step on the switch. Go back north, then
west, and step on the switch here. Move south through the now-open door, and
step on this switch as well, before moving back north, east, and south to a new
switch. Walk north, east, then south two rooms, before moving west and up the
stairs. You'll find DarkDraco here, who does not seem happy. If you're in dire
straits, you can go south and jump off the Tower to land on the ground floor.
Otherwise, advance forward, and fend off the two strong Babygoyles. Keep your
HP up, because immediately after you defeat them, you'll have to face
DarkDraco. He infrequently uses Scorching, which can hit everyone for a lot of
fire-based damage, but he generally attacks one party-member at a time
physically. It isn't too hard a battle, and afterwards, you'll see the land
restored to its light state.

The people of Loomin are all happy and amazed at the light now, and almost all
the monsters are gone from the city. The Bombcrag is still peacefully living
inside the mansion, but the evil priest from the church is now in the well.
He's plotting on taking over the town, so attack! Other than a Beat spell, he
doesn't have anything amazing to throw at you. After that, you're all set with
the past, and you can go to the present. Place the LandShard you found on the
northeast pedestal in the Yellow Pedestal Room, in the east position, then go
find Loomin. Loomin's present location is northeast of Engow, and there's quite
a lot on this small island. Let's start with Loomin itself. The moment you
enter, you'll notice that something's wrong. The entire town's destroyed, and
it looks like it has been for years. The party suggests that you should go back
to the past, to see what may've happened to Loomin once you left. Before going,
head to the well in town, and search the dresser for a TinyMedal.

Before going to the past again, though, let's check the surrounding areas.
Directly north of Loomin, you'll find the Monster Park. The man inside the
house here, Mr. Monster, gives your party some BeefJerky, and ask that you try
to befriend monsters to stay here. This's an optional part of the game, like
the Immigrant Town, but it is fun. ^^ Search the dressers here to get a Slime
Suit, then leave and come back when you've caught a monster. After that, you
can return, and the assistant will be by the Monster House. You can also hand
over your BluePrints, and new areas will be added onto the park bit by bit. ^^

Now, let's explore DarkDraco's Tower in the present. Walk up and through the
front door, then up the stairs to the second floor. Exit through the southern
door, then move west and press the switch, before going north and down the
stairs. Take the TinyMedal from the chest here, then go back upstairs and
walking east to another switch. Step on it, then go down the stairs, and hit
the switch to the north. Walk north, west, and out the door here, before
getting the Lipsy Heart from the chest to the east. Back inside, go up the
stairs, then travel west and south, before going up the stairs to 3F. Walk
south, follow the damage tiles north, then move up the stairs to the east. Move
south, west over a bridge, south, and east, before walking north and west to
the stairs. Grab 280G from the chest there, then go back upstairs, east, south,
and east up the stairs. The northwest chest on this floor is a Mimic, so be
careful! Walk up the stairs east of the Mimic, then move south and step on the
switch here. Head back north, then west to another switch, before going south
and stepping on another one. Go north, east, south to another switch, then back
north. Walk east one room, south two rooms, then west to the stairs, to arrive
at the top floor. On the dais where DarkDraco was in the past, you'll find a ?
Shard! Better hold onto it!

Now, return to Loomin in the past, and you'll see... a big plant infestation!
It seems that with the light returning to this world, the HellVine has revived,
and it's picking back where it started here in town. To save the villagers,
you'll have to attack each lone vine before it can attack anyone else. There're
so many though! I'll try to cover them all in my particular order, so you won't
miss any. Start by trying to attack the one which is holding a bard, only to
see him pulled underground. Vent your frusteration out on the VineRoot south of
him, and the one south of the eastern house. Inside the house, you'll find two
of them, which you should also dispatch. Attack the VineRoots that're to the
east and west of the old woman outside the Church, then take out the one that's
inside of the Church. After you fend it off, the priest here can do his normal
duties, like saving your game! ^^

Attack the VineRoot on the path towards the Inn, and the two that're behind it.
There is a lone VineRoot inside the Inn itself, and the thankful innkeeper
mentions that we need to kill the HellVine itself, not its roots, to stop it
permanently. Take out two VineRoots by the old man north of the Inn, then run
around to the back of the Weapon Shop, and go inside, to save the owner from
two more evil plants. Back outside, take out the three VineRoots that're south
of the house east of the Shop, and then go inside to find you are a little too
late to save an elderly woman. Clear out the four VineRoots by the center of
town, then head towards the mansion, taking out two VineRoots on the way to the
front door. Weed the western VineRoot, then the three to the east, before
entering the mansion and taking out the eight VineRoots that're here. Could
this be the place where the HellVine is lurking?

Run upstairs, and you'll find the mansion's owner and Rocky, the Bombcrag from
before. Three more VineRoots try to attack, but Rocky valiantly explodes to
take them out. The man mentions that the HellVine used to be at the East Hill,
but it's moved since then, and is trying to take the town out from underground.
Where's the lowest spot in this village? The well! Sure enough, the moment you
head down the well, four more VineRoots will appear, to try to stop you from
entering the suspicious cave enterance here. Fight them off, and run inside,
moving north and east, to see a VineRoot wiggle back in from a cave it's poking
out of. Walk inside after it, and examine the sword you find on the ground
here, to get a Steel Sword. Attack the VineRoot, and enter the new cave you
find there. Move north, east down a ramp, then south and down a ramp, to see a
VineRoot retreating inside a cave. Inside, you'll see a ramp leading down to a
new floor below the earth, and another VineRoot sticking out of a cave. Move
north instead at first, taking 630G from the chest here, then pursue the
twisted vegetable further inside the caves.

Walk north, then a little east and north, opening the chest here to find a suit
of Devil Armor. It's cursed, so don't put it on! Move south, then east, and
you'll find a VineRoot guarding a ramp leading up. Move south and out the door,
then down the ramps, entering the room that's decorated with human bones.
Guarded by eight more VineRoots, is the HellVine itself! With a roar, it
attacks, with two VineRoots helping to defend it. The HellVine can be really
cheap, using various status-attacks, which all add up after a while. Take out
the two VineRoots with multiple target attacks, so they won't add even more
damage onto your party. When you win, you'll find a WindShard! Make your way
out of the well, by walking or an Outside spell, and talk to the happy thankful
people again. It seems like the man inside the mansion has gained a new pet, a
small bug he found stuck on one of the VineRoots, and so he's decided to call
it Chibi. ^^ Chibi can sure hop!

Head back to the Ancient Fane, and place the WindShard on the southeast
pedestal in the Green Pedestal Room, in the northwest position. Then, return to
Loomin, to find... that it's still in ruins! What is wrong with this town,
seriously? Hurry back to Loomin in the past, to see what is causing the problem
this time. It seems the townspeople are complaining about Chibi, and how
quickly he seems to be growing. Visit Sieble, and you'll see that Chibi's doing
well, and Sieble can't understand why people don't trust Chibi. Start outside,
and a few villagers will appear to talk to Sieble. The talk will come to blows,
and Chibi will try to defend his master, only to frighten everyone away. The
people outside feel that Chibi should be killed, and you have the option of
doing the task for them. The man gives you three chances to back away from it,
which is a large hint that killing Chibi isn't a good idea. The choice is
yours, though.

If you accept, you'll rest until nightfall. After the encouragement of the
townspeople, you can leave, and head to Sieble's house. Chibi is walking
around, and seems to know that you're here to murder him. Chibi puts up a good
battle, with pretty high defense, as well as SleepAir and sticky threads he'll
spew at you to prevent you from acting. But it's not long before Chibi dies at
your hands, to the immense sadness of Sieble. You've killed his pet, and even
if you've done as the citizens asked, it's still cruel. 

If you decline, then you should hurry to Sieble's house, and tell him of the
plot to kill Chibi. He'll decide that he should set Chibi free, so he won't
get murdered. He'll wait until nightfall, and head to the East Hill. Follow
him there, then he'll bid Chibi goodbye, with the same sadness that we all
feel when we abandoned a beloved pet. Afterwards, you will return to Sieble's
house, with the deed done.

No matter the option you chose, by now you'll hear a scream from outside the
house. Immediately, a HellWorm will attack your group. This creature uses 
sticky threads to make you stuck in place, and a blast of PoisonGas as well.
It's not really difficult, as long as you treat it as a potential threat.
Afterwards, you'll find that there're several HellWorms in town, making a mess
of things. One of them is attacking an old man behind the Weapon Shop, one
attacking a Sister outside of the Church, one attacking a man in the center of
town, and one attacking Torii by the Inn. There's also one by the enterance,
though it's not attacking anyone. After defeating those five, your party
suggests checking on Sieble, who should still be in his mansion. There're two
more HellWorms, by the graveyard, if you want to kill them for the EXP.

Inside the mansion, Sieble's being attacked by another HellWorm! Kill it, and
Sieble ponders wheither Chibi caused this. He refuses to believe that, though,
as four more HellWorms run into the room. A small platoon of HellWorms await
outside to take you out! If you spared Chibi's life, he'll rush onto the scene,
and try to scare off the HellWorms. When that doesn't work, he'll try to kill
them himself, slaughtering three of them before the rest run off and out of the
city. He'll die doing this, but the city will be saved. Sieble asks that you
visit Chibi's grave before you leave Loomin, as he would've wanted it that way.
What happens if you did not save Chibi? Sieble and your party will flee from
the HellWorms, and hide in the well. The next morning, you'll find that Loomin
is destroyed, permanently, and that it was your own actions that brought about
this town's downfall.

Loomin finally exists in the present! ^^ If you spared Chibi, that is.
Otherwise, it won't exist at all. In the Inn, help yourself to a Traveler Suit
from one of the dressers, then go in the back of the Weapon Shop, and take a
Copper Sword and 550G from the locked chests. The house nearby has a Leather
Dress in a dresser, appropriately enough, that you can pocket. The house east
of the enterance has some Tights in a dresser on the second floor. The
mansion's second floor has a MadBook in the bookcase, and a SilkTux Robe in the
dresser. Last, but not least, you can pick up a Repellent from a dresser in the
well. That's all there is to Loomin, finally, so move back to the Ancient Fane,
and take the southwest pedestal in the Red Pedestal Room. We're almost done
freeing all the lands, just four more to go!

2R. The Ultimate Magic
Items: 5G, 6G, 13G, 60G, 250G, 310G, Bolt Wand, Bow Tie, DEFseef, Empress's
       Letter, Evade Suit, Horned Hat, LifeAcorn x 2, LightAqua, Magic Shield,
       MysticNut x 3, Party Dress, Potion x 2, Priest's Letter, Rib, SeaShell
       Hat, StarShard, STRseed, TerraTula, TinyMedal x 6, WindShard x 2.

As you appear in the past, move east, and you'll come across several things on
this small-seeming island. There's two castles, for instance, one with a town
south of it. Enter the castle without a town first, to find Raguraz Castle. The
country seems to have lost a war a year ago, and they're still recovering. Walk
up the steps, and inside the castle, before going upstairs again to the roof.
There're small Item and Armor Shops here, just incase you're missing some
equipment. Back downstairs, move north and down another set of stairs. You'll
find a Battle Arena here, which isn't in use, and the King of Raguraz. He
mentions how Mardra and Raguraz had a minor battle years ago, and Mardra
eventually came to beat them last year. He wishes he could've seen the young
King without any actual fighting happening, as he's rather skilled.

Make your way out of the castle, and head towards the other castle with a
village infront of it, known as Mardra. Inside, you'll find an Inn to the east,
which you can use for all the healing you need. There's a vase outside of the
Inn, with 5G inside, for you to help yourself to. Inside the Church, you'll
hear all about how the King has been increasing the size of his army, and that
he's even dismissed his childhood friend, Dino, from helping as an advisor.
There's even talk of demons! The next shop to the east is the Weapon Shop, and
you can find a chest here that needs the Magic Key to open it, which contains
a Magic Shield. The shop owner's wife is down in the basement, and mentions
something called Ultimate Magic. Something bad seems to be happening, in this

Back near Mardra's enterance, you'll find the Royal Magic Research Institute,
which is being guarded. We're not authorized to get in here, so we're not able
to sneak in. While there is a northern enterance, that one is also guarded on
the inside, so it won't help us very much. The building east of the Royal Magic
Research Institute is an Item Shop, with some pretty basic items for sale. To
the northeast, you'll find another house, which has a Horned Hat on the second
floor, inside a dresser. Search the nearby well, and you can get a MysticNut
and a Bow Tie from the dressers. MysticNuts are always fun to get! ^^ The house
to the west has two barrels outside, and one of them has a Potion inside. If
you like fighting hidden enemies, you can examine the bookshelves inside this
house, to take on a MadBook.

If you continue north, you'll reach Mardra Bridge. On the other side, you'll
find Mardra Castle. Speak to the western guard, and tell him you're the
messenger, to be allowed in to snoop around. ^^ Enter, then move east, and use
your Magic Key to open the two chests to get 310G and an Evade Suit. Go
upstairs, and you'll see a chest sitting in the middle of four doors. The man
here gives you a clue as to how to unlock the chest: "Through the statue and
cross the T." See the statue in this room? All you have to do, is enter the
little chest room from the western door, and go right out the eastern door. Go
around to the northern door, then out the southern one. There should be a
click, and the chest will open, giving you a LightAqua. The man in the room
runs over, and asks that you hand it over to him. He'll thank you, and ask that
you see him later on in Fire Tower later. Yay! ^^

Head through the northern door, and across the castle walls to the northeast
tower. Continue out the west door, past the floating tower, and inside the
northwest tower. Walk downstairs, and a man here will explain that each tower
has a name; the southeast tower is the Water Spire, the northeast tower is the
Earth Spire, the northwest tower is the Wind Spire, and the southwest tower is
the Fire Spire. If you use your Magic Key on the locked chest in this room,
you'll find another MysticNut to add to your collection. Back upstairs, go up
another floor, and you'll find the current King's father. He's worried about
his son, as is the former Empress. She says that her son has severed all ties
to the Great Fane, in the south. She asks that you deliver a letter there,
which you should say yes to. Hold onto the Empress's Letter for now, and go
back downstairs, to see that the floating tower has settled, and a guard has
hurried inside. Are we going to get caught for fibbing now? ^^;

Walk further south, and enter the Fire Spire. Take 13G from one of the vases
here, then move downstairs, and raid the two chests here for a STRseed and
250G. The man here thanks you for your help earlier, and asks that you come
back later, since he can't reward you now. Walk east, and talk to the guard who
is guarding the door, to see a small scene where you're tossed out of the
castle. We know where we're going now, though, so let's head out of Mardra
anyways! West of Mardra, you'll find the Checkpoint, where the road to the
Great Fane has been blocked. Speak to the eastern guard, and show him the
Empress's Letter, to be allowed through the Checkpoint. It's not a far walk
south to the Great Fane from here. ^^

Once at the Great Fane, speak to the merchant here if you want some items, then
head through the central doors and inside. Walk west along the outer corridors
of the Great Fane, then head north, and west through the door by the wizard
statue. Continue east, then out the east door, before walking north and west
around the outer corridors, passing through the northern door, and exiting
through the southern one. This's just like the puzzle at Mardra Castle! If you
do it correctly, a platform will appear, so that you can go down the stairs in
the center of the room. Downstairs, open the chests for a Potion and a
MysticNut, then walk through the southern door. This room seems to be a burial
area for deceased priests of the Great Fane. Take the TinyMedal from the vases
here, then continue south, and through the door. Break the vases here for 6G,
then go up the stairs here to find yourself right outside the Great Fane. Run
back in, then go upstairs to the second floor. ^^

To the south, you can save your game if need be, and the woman outside the
eastern room will allow you to rest for free. Enter the western room, and talk
to the High Priest, to find out he's trying to devise a new spell. He asks if
you can find a StarShard, in the cave northwest of the Great Fane, so that he
can complete his research. That shouldn't be too hard for your party of
adventurers. ^^ This cave is the Basin Cave, and you should first move north
between the rocks. Walk west, then north, and you should find a bridge over the
water. Go up the ramp to the east, then down the ramps further east, before
moving south and west to a cave enterance. Inside, walk north and northeast,
before moving further northwest around the center of the room, and north
through another door.

Go down the stairs in this room, then travel east to a small pond. Walk south,
then follow the path west and north, ignoring the stairs to the east, then move
north and east to a new set of stairs leading up. Cross the bridge to the west,
then walk through the door, to find yourself outside. Walk up the ramps to your
east, then cross the bridge and walk north past the fishing line. There's a
fish in the bucket up here, so someone must've been here recently. Further
north, you'll find a house built into the mountainside, and to the west, a
waterfall you cannot cross. Help yourself to the Herb in the vase, inside the
house, then speak to the people here to find out about the StarShard. There's a
very small margin of time where you can grab it, but they're willing to let you
spend the night to try. Agree, and run outside and past the waterfall. You'll
barely make it, so that means you should hurry inside, and try to scale the
mountain before the StarShard vanishes.

Walk north, and up the stairs, then move up the next set of stairs. Move up two
more sets, and you'll reach the top of the mountain. Walk south, and across the
bridge, staying on the path as it leads north and west, to where a sparkling
spot is by some flowers. Examine it, and you'll get the StarShard! ^^v Walk
back down the stairs leading back inside the mountain, then cast Outside, and
you'll be free of the Basin Cave. Return to the Great Fane, and talk to the
High Priest, to learn about the Ultimate Magic, a spell that can help take out
continents easily. He's almost ready with a counterspell, though. He gives you
the Priest's Letter, which will help you past the Checkpoint, and asks you to
slow the King down any way you can. Return to Mardra, and show the guard
outside of the Magic Research Institute the Priest's Letter. He'll let you in,
even though he may get in trouble.

Oogle at the floating ball, and talk to the people here, to get a few more bits
of information about the Ultimate Magic. Make sure you speak to the director,
on the roof, if nothing else. ^^ Walk out of the Magic Research Institute, and
start towards the Castle. Mikwa, a young girl who hopes to someday be a mage,
loses control of a Blaze spell accidently, and hits a black-cloaked man. He
isn't happy, and fires off a Blazemost spell in retort, which Dino thankfully
blocks. The man continues onto towards Mardra Castle, while your party goes to
the Church with Dino. A flashback later, you'll hear all about King Zeppel's
past, and a girl named Lucia. It'll also show why Zeppel was obsessed with
beating Raguraz, and why he only killed the enemy Captain. Dino begs for you to
stop King Zeppel from unlocking the Ultimate Magic, before it's too late.

Continue on back to Mardra Castle, using the Priest's Letter to get inside.
Continue past the inner doors, and up to the guard blocking the way to the
King's throneroom. You'll see the black-cloaked man talking to Zeppel, and
handing him something that does not sound good. The man will leave, and King
Zeppel will deny any wrong doing. Go down the nearby stairs, and take the
TinyMedal from the dressers you'll find there. There's nothing else to do here,
so walk out of the Castle, and back to Mardra. A messanger from the Great Fane
will be waiting for you, and tells you to hurry back to the High Priest. Once
there, he'll try out the counterspell, only to find he's goofed. x.x Now, go
back to Mardra Castle, to see what King Zeppel is up to.

You won't get that far, though, without the black-cloaked man stopping you, to
tell you what the Ultimate Magic really does. He feels you should know because
you'll soon die anyways, but let's prove him wrong! The ZoeMage uses lots of
spells, so any protection you can get against magic will help you immensely.
The damaging spells he throws around are Blazemore and Infermost, so most of
the time, you'll only have to worry about one person hurt at a time. It's the
Infermosts that can catch you off guard, so be careful, and take him out!
Afterwards, run inside the Magic Research Institute, and you'll see Dino trying
to get inside. He barges his way past, and unlocks a door here, which is where
we should go next. Enter, then move downstairs, and you'll find King Zeppel
above a massive pot, and Dino trying to talk some sense into him. When that
fails, and the spell starts, even Dino's spell-casting doesn't seem to work.
Zeppel rushes off, and your party should pursue him to Mardra Bridge.

You're too late to stop the spell from working, and the God of Destruction has
returned. You can't defeat Zeppel yourself, but you can have fun seeing how
long you can survive his powerful attacks. ^^; The High Priest will come along
to revive you, though, so you can hurry inside the Castle, after a scene, and
move east to another room. Go upstairs, then exit through the western door, to
find the High Priest readying his Majustis spell. The spell works, but not all
the way, which leaves your group the task of finishing him off for good! He is
much weaker than he was before, though he still retains the Blazemost spell.
There's no worry about Explodet spells, and his breath attacks have been toned
down extremely. It'll still be a tough battle, but if you've gotten this far,
then you should know exactly where your party is weakest, and be able to make
up a strategy of your own. ^^

After the fight, it seems things will be going back to normal. King Zeppel
understands where he went wrong, and promises you nothing but peace for his
kingdom from now on. On your way out, stop by the Fire Spire, and talk to the
Staff Maker's assistant, to get the Bolt Wand. A good deed's rewarded with
another. ^^ Walk back to the Great Fane, and talk to the High Priest, who
mentions that he wishes to teach you Majustis, but he still has some work that
needs to be done with it, before it'd be useful to us. He asks that we come
back later, and he should have the spell done then. Now, head back towards the
Ancient Fane, but don't return to there yet. If you have completed the events
in Probina, Loomin, and Mardra, then make sure that you take any items that you
may want, out of Maribel's inventory. This may be some equipment you like, or
even something good like a few TinyMedals. In either case, don't go back to the
present until you're all set! If you left out one of those pedestals, then go
to that section of the guide, and just wait until you've completed everything
there before doing this step.

Once you've stepped back into the present, Maribel will mention how tired she
is. The rest of the group agrees they've earned some rest, and you'll be forced
out of the Ancient Fane, to see someone from Fishbel nearby. He quickly informs
you that Amitt, Maribel's father, isn't feeling good, and she runs back to
town. Now you know why you took things out of her inventory first, since you
didn't get a chance here. ^^; Head to Maribel's house by the dock, and you'll
see her whole family on the second floor. Maribel needs to stay here, and
comfort her father, so there'll be no more adventuring with her, at least for
now. Head back to your house, and speak to your dad, Borkano. He mentions that,
to the northwest, he found a party of nomadic people, who were in tents. This
sounds a lot like the Dejan Tribe! Sail southwest of Engow, and you'll reach
the continent which has the Excavation Site. To the west, just like it existed
in the past, you'll find the camp of the Deja Tribe.

Right as you enter, you'll see that a man is blocking the main tent, because a
sacred ritual is underway. This seems just like it was in the past, too, when
your party first met this clan of people. You still can't enter the main tent,
so break the vases by the house southwest of it, to find a LifeAcorn. Inside
the house, you can find two empty chests. To the east, you'll find another
tent, which also has an empty chest inside. Move two tents south, and break the
vases here to find a TinyMedal! Enter the southernmost, larger tent, and get
the Rib from the vase. Yet again, the treasure chest here is empty. Once you've
talked to everyone in the camp, speak to the man guarding the main tent again.
The ritual will be finished, and you'll see Aira, who definitely doesn't
resemble the kind of dancers we've seen in this tribe. ^^; Enter the main tent,
and open the chests you'll find inside, for 60G, another LifeAcorn, and two
more locked chests, that you shouldn't worry about.

Walk to the southern end of the camp, and leave, then move west and north on
the world map. You should see a cliff-like area, known as the West Shore, that
you should enter. Here, you'll find Aira, looking at a gravestone. Tell her
that you're there to check on her, because the Chief asked, and she repeats
that she just doesn't want to be the Deja Tribe's dancer. She wanders off,
leaving you to check the gravestone, and find that it's the grave of the Holy
Dancer and Holy Guardian.

Back at the Deja Tribe's Camp, and the Chief's tent, Aira is saying her
goodbyes, determined to leave the Tribe until she can find a tula player that's
good enough to help them. The Chief will hand over the TerraTula, for her to
guard, before she joins your party officially. Afterwards, she walks out of the
Deja Tribe Camp quietly, and makes a stop at the West Shore, She takes up the
sword of the Guardians before her, and you all fall asleep watching the stars.
^^ The next morning, one party-member, one Deja Sword, and one WindShard
richer, we're all set to leave and continue our journey. Aira is an experienced
Dancer, as well as a decent Warrior, so she's far from unexperienced.

Back at your house in Fishbel, your dad mentions that he's decided to pay off
Hondara's debts, to try to convince him to change. Mom doesn't think this is a
good idea, though. Amitt seems to be doing better, and Maribel thinks she'll be
able to go with us on our adventures again really soon. In Estard's Inn, it
seems Hondara is already thinking of a new scheme to get rich. He plans on
trying to find and salvage the frozen ship in the cave near Dune, and is
already begging people for cash. Not the kindest man, that Hondara. If you
visit the castle, Aira seems to recognize it, even though she's sure she's
never been here. The King seems to faintly recognize her, as do some of the
guards and Princess Leesa. I'll let you draw your own conclusions from all
this. ^^

Now, we need to see how Mardra's doing in the present. If you sail or fly west
of Loomin, you should reach the island soon enough. Once there, land by Mardra,
and check out the city. You'll quickly find that, after the events with the
Ultimate Magic, they gave up magic and wars, and became a peaceful nation of
music-lovers. This's just what Aira wanted to find. ^^ Inside the Inn, you can
find a SilkRobe, and you can hear about Johann, who some people seem to love or
hate, in the Church. North of the Inn, you can join the Princess Michaele
Fanclub, to learn exciting things about omelettes, and other obscure facts.
Some people are just obsessed with celebrites. ^^ To the north, an EvilWell
guards the well that leads down to the Washroom. If you go down there, and
search the dressers, you can pocket a new TinyMedal, so it's worth the fight.

In the house east of the well, you'll find a SeaShell Hat in a dresser on the
second floor. You'll also find Johann, who seems like he wants to abandon the
tula, since he played the wrong song at the funeral. There's some mention of a
contest, as well. Outside of the house to the west, you can find another
TinyMedal inside of a barrel. This's also the house of Johann's teacher, who
mentions that Johann needs to shape up, or he won't teach him anything else
about the tula. The old Royal Magic Research Institute is now the Night Club,
and has the normal Weapon, Armor, and Item Shops you've come to expect in towns
by now. 

Next, head across Mardra Bridge, and enter Mardra Castle. Go inside the door
straight ahead of you, and continue inside to Princess Michaela's throneroom.
When you talk to her, she'll figure out how you can find the legendary tula
player for the Deja Tribe: a music contest! It'll take a while for it to start,
though, so this means we should continue our journey, with Aira's help, until
it can begin. First, we need to finish checking out the rest of the Castle! Go
back towards the front of Mardra Castle, then head west to a room full of
musical research. Upstairs, head north and across the top of the wall to the
northwest tower, then move downstairs to find a DEFseed inside of a chest.

Back upstairs, move east to the northeast tower, then south to the southeast
tower. This room should look familiar to you, as does its solution: move from
the west door inside the smaller room, and out the east door, before moving
from the north door back out the south door. The chest'll open, and you can get
a Party Dress. Downstairs, open the western chest to find nother, and a hungry
Mimic in the east chest. That's all Mardra has to offer us, so let's go south
to the Great Fane next. They're getting ready to host the contest here, so the
only real thing we have to do, is get to the central staircase in the center of
the Great Fane. As before, walk from the west door to the east door, then from
the north door to the south door, and a platform to the stairs will appear.
Downstairs, you'll find two chests, with a TinyMedal and a WindShard inside!

In the southern room, check the vases for a MysticNut, then examine the large
tombstone you'll find here. It seems the High Priest was as good as his word,
since your hero will learn Majustis! It gets better, though. Return to the
Great Fane in the past, and show the High Priest his own spell. At first, he
won't believe you, but after a practical demonstration, he'll find that you
were telling the truth, and somehow surpassed his spell research already. He
will thank you, and try to make his spell even better now. If you return to his
grave in the present, you'll find that your demonstration helped: rather than
Majustis, the spell that's inscribed there is improved, and called Gigastis.
You'll learn it just like Majustis, and be that much more prepared for the rest
of your adventure. ^^ Now, go back to the Ancient Fane, and the Green Pedestal
Room, placing your two WindShards on the southeast pedestal, in the west and
northwest positions. This's the last green pedestal, so let's save the day

2S. Spirit Statues and BlissRocks
Items: 3G, 10G, 20G, 210G, 320G, 350G, 540G, AGL Scarf, AquaShard, BlissRock,
       BluePrint x 2, Bolt Wand, Boomerang, DEFseed x 2, Glam Robe, Innocent
       Dress, LandShard, LifeAcorn x 3, Pot Lid Shield, Rib x 2, TinyMedal x 5,
       Tray Shield, Wizard Ring, WorldLeaf, Wyvern Heart, ? Shard.

From the Gate, head northwest, and north between the mountain range. Enter the
town here, which is known as Gorges, and follow the path to some stairs leading
down. Move down the ramps, and exit to the south, to reach the actual town. The
people here have wings, as they're members of the Lefa Tribe. Move west, past
the church, and up the ramp to a house. Break the barrels to the east of the
house, to find a BluePrint for your Monster Park. Inside the house, you'll hear
someone named Pendragon mentioning a BlissRock, and how it's important to the
Lefa Tribe. After the person he's speaking to leaves, talk to him, and agree to
help him out. There's a fane to the north where the BlissRock is stored, but
monsters from a grey cloud came and took it over. Sound familiar? Maybe we can
finally stop that cloud! Don't forget to check the dressers for a TinyMedal!

Enter the nearby Inn, and use your Magic Key on the locked chest to get 210G.
Head back outside, then east, before starting across the bridge. On the other
side, you'll see three children talking together, about why Firia can't fly.
Scare the kids off when they start teasing her, and she'll start the walk back
home to Pendragon's house. Enter the nearby door, then go up the stairs inside,
then head south and enter the Armor Shop. Open the chests here to find a Pot
Lid Shield, nothing, and 20G inside. The room to the west is a Weapon Shop, and
you can get a Boomerang from the chest there. To the north of the stairs,
you'll find three vases, one of which has 3G inside, and a chest with a Rib
inside. Walk up the steps, then move further west and north to some stairs
leading up. Head up another flight of stairs, then walk north to the World Map.

Walk north and northeas over the hills between the mountain ranges, until you
find a town to the north, called the Guardian Village. Straight ahead in the
well, you'll find an EvilWell. Once it's gone, down inside the well you can
find a DEFseed from a dresser. As you approach the central building, a woman
will fly down, and walk inside to report. Follow her in, and you'll hear that
the fane is still covered by the cloud. While there's some talk of an area we
can't get into without a member of the Lefa Tribe with us, the BlissRock itself
should be before that door. So, walk out of the Guardian Village, and north to
the cave, known as the Dark Cloud Maze. 

Walk inside, and climb up the ladder, to get a Potion from the chest. Climb
back down, then head west, north, east, north, and west to a chest with a
TinyMedal inside. Walk east, north, and east up the steps, before moving north
and west, to find a door to the north leading further inside the maze. Move
west, then west again, going north and down the stairs. The western chest is a
Mimic, but the eastern chest is a Bolt Wand. Go back south, and east, then go
north, east and north, then hop down inside one of the holes. Move south, then
east and open the chest for a WorldLeaf, before going back upstairs. Head
north, and you'll see the door to the next part of the maze infront of you. ^^

Walk up to the statue in this room, and examine it so it faces west, then walk
to the east and another statue. Examine it to make it face south, then travel
north to another statue. Examine this one, and it'll spin around to face the
southeast. Walk northwest to a new statue, examine it, then walk south once it
faces north. Examine the statue so it faces east, then walk west. You should
know what to do by now, so examine the statue, make it face south, then hurry
north to a new statue. When it faces southwest, walk northeast, then make the
next statue face west before you start to walk east. Make this last statue face
south, then walk north and through the doorway. Heal up, then walk up the
stairs, and you'll fight the HellGenie! While he's immune to wind-based
attacks, like Infernos, WindBeast and Vacuum, he's quite easily smacked around
with swords, whips, whatever you're currently equipped with. ^^ He has a few
attacks that can hit the entire party, but just keep your HP up, and you'll win
the battle eventually.

Once he's defeated, the door behind him opens, and you can exit the Dark Cloud
Maze to reach the Wind Fane. To the east of the enterance, you can find an
empty chest. Gee, they shouldn't have... ^^; Walk inside the Wind Fane, and
circle around the outside of the room, then exit through the northern door.
Move up the corridor, and enter the eastern door, to reach a room with many
barrels inside. You can get a LifeAcorn and a TinyMedal inside them, so break
them all! ^^ The room to the south has three chests, with 350G, a Mimic in the
center chest, and a Wyvern Heart in the last one.

Go back out to the central room, then take the east stairs up to the next
floor. Move north all the way, then west all the way, before moving south and
east to some stairs leading further up. Walk south, east, and north to a door
that leads west. Examine the switch and press it, then continue west and south,
taking a quick detour east to a chest with a DEFseed inside. Go back west and
north, and go up the first steps you find. Go through the east door, then exit
to the south, and walk down the steps as you head east, up more steps, and
through the door. You'll notice that wind seems to be blowing in here, too.
Walk north, west, and north through the door, to find awind circling the
BlissRock. Take it, and the wind will die out. Start back out of the Wind Fane,
and head towards Pendragon's house in Gorges. Firia and her grandmother're
discussing matters about when the wind stops, and it seems like she's worried
about the other Lefa Tribe members if that ever happens. They'll finish their
talk, so talk to the grandmother, and Pendragon'll return. Hand over the
BlissRock, and it's festival time! ^^v

The next morning, start back to Pendragon's place, to see him arguing with his
mother. It seems Firia was given the BlissRock and told to throw it in the
river, but she'd never do that, would she? Talk to Pendragon, and he'll hand
over an AGL Scarf. A reward's a reward, I guess, so it's better than nothing.
Cross over the river, and enter the door on the other side, to hear that the
wind is fading. Suddenly, all the members of the Lefa Tribe will collapse,
unable to move without the wind. Climb up to the top of the area, and you'll
see Firia, who's trying to not plummet to her doom from the cliff. Walk east,
and jump down to the building's roof, only to find you're too late to save her.
Rather than fall, she floats to a safe landing. Talk to her, and she'll mention
how the BlissRock saved her from falling to her doom. She'll run back to
Pendragon's house to check on her family, and you should too. 

Once there, the grandmother will ask you to help them out. She's known all
along that the valley's problem is not with the BlissRock, but the Spirit
Statue, and how the black cloud is still engulfing it. She says to take Lifia
to the Wind Fane to open the locked door for you, because she's not an orphan
at all, but Pendragon's actual wingless daughter! Despite the years of lies,
Firia puts them aside for now, and agrees to help you save the village, and her
people. She joins the party, and hands the BlissRock back to you, so you can
start off for the Wind Fane together. Once you're back at the Wind Fane, make
your way to the chamber where you found the BlissRock, and place it back on its
stand, before trying the locked door. Firia manages to open it, and you can now
progress past it and down the stairs.

Move south, then east, ignoring the first staircase, and going up the second
one. Walk back inside the Wind Fane, and hit the first switch you see to the
north. What we need to do, is move the walls so that the wind from the
BlissRock goes outside to the Spirit Statue. To do this, hit the switch to the
west of the walls, right outside the BlissRock room. Press the switch to the
west of that twice, then move down and press the switch here once. The switch
to the south of that, by the southwest corner of the room, you should push
twice. Lastly, hit the switch east of here twice, and you should see the wind
from the BlissRock getting rid of the dark cloud. Looks like there's someone
out there now, though! Firia runs off to get the BlissRock, so when you're
healed and ready, hit the switch you're standing on once, and go out the
southern door to see who's causing this problem.

HellCloud is waiting for you, and if you drag the fight out, he will beat you.
Because of what he is, wind-based attacks won't work, so put aside your Vacuums
and Infernos spells, and use different attacks. HellCloud loves calling for
help, so that BabyClouds can appear to aid him. He gets two turns, so that
means he could get a lot of reinforcements if he wanted. If they're bogging you
down, use abilities that can cause sleep, and they'll sleep soundly as you bash
HellCloud up. He's the important target, so only kill the BabyClouds if it's
convienient, such as if you're using a spell that hits everything on the
screen, or if you're throwing around Boomerangs or similar weapons. Once he's
been defeated, the light will return to this world, and you can grab a Wizard
Ring if you examine the Spirit Statue before starting back outside to the
Guardian Village.

Once there, talk to the people, and they'll realize that the Wind Fane is safe
again. They'll vacate the village, and leave you to hoof it back to Gorges
by yourselves. When you arrive, start hopping down the cliff, and you'll see
the two boys who always pick on Firia, and one of them deciding not to tease
her anymore. At Pendragon's house, Firia has learned that she's happy with her
family, and after going outside to try flying again, she's also learned that
she's happy just the way she is. She'll give you the BlissRock, just incase it
can help you on your journey, and asks you to come back and say hello again
sometime. ^^

Now in the present, return to Dharma, and start to head to the west. You should
see a tower on a finger of land here, which is known as the Wind Tower. We
can't go inside, and the people here think that this tower has always existed.
We know for a fact that it hasn't. ^^; To the far northwest, right where it was
in the past, you'll find Gorges. The citizens no longer have wings, but there
is a Pendragon still. She seems to be in her house, and ill, because nobody has
seen her in a while. In the Inn, you can use your Magic Key to get 540G from a
chest. Across the bridge, you'll find two boys who're goofing off, just like in
the past, but they aren't causing the girl near them any problems. Inside the
building, you can find a merchant who's selling some minor items. Upstairs,
move south and check out the Armor Shop, as well as the three locked chests,
which contain a Glam Robe, Tray Shield, and 320G. The chest in the Weapon Shop
has 10G, and the chest by the stairs has a LifeAcorn.

Make your way out of Gorges, and head to the Wind Fane, now known as the Lefa
Fane. The chest outside has a TinyMedal for you to add to your collection, so
pick it up before going inside. Inside the room to the north, you'll hear all
sorts of things about the BlissRock, floating castles, and a Robe of Wind. The
northwestern bookcase in the southwest room has a MadBook, as does the south
central bookcase, incase you want to fight them. The barrels in the northeast
room contain a Rib, and the chests south of them contain an AquaShard, a
LifeAcorn, and a TinyMedal. Go back out to the main corridor, then go up the
stairs to enter a room with a small pond, and some stairs leading up. The floor
here should be familiar now, so move south, east, north, and west through the
door, before hitting the switch and continuing west through another door. Walk
north and up the stairs, then east inside the building. Just walk a little
east, and a little south, and you'll be back outside.

Move down the steps to the east, then up another set of steps before walking
inside the building. Follow the corridor north, west and north, then walk
inside the room that once held the BlissRock. In its place, you'll find a
LandShard on the ground. Talk to the Sister here to have her open the door for
you, then go down the stairs, and east to the first set of stairs you find.
Climb up the ladder, then pass between the columns to find a room with a Gate.
Guess where this leads to? You got it, the Fane Dome! Walk through the Gate, so
that you can use it as a shortcut back here if necessary, then return to the
Lefa Fane. You should have all four of these Gates opened now, so if you don't,
go open the others! Go back down the stairs, then head east to another
staircase, and walk up them and west inside the building. All you need to do
here, is hit the switch to the north of you, then walk all the way south and
out the door to see Firia, the Spirit Statue of the Lefa Tribe.

Do you remember Coral Lake, the place east of Falrish, and north of Mezar? If
you go back there now, and go up to the second floor, you can show the guard
the BlissRock. Go back downstairs, and through the door, before moving across
the lilypads and onto the large flower you'll find there. It'll transport you
underwater, to Coral Cave B2, where you can breathe normally. Walk east, then
north and west, before going southwest, then south, to find a chest with a
BluePrint inside. Continue north, then go up the stairs, then north again, to
reach the Seaside Meadow. Walk off the screen, and you'll find yourself in the
area near Hamelia, where you could not get to before. Walk north, between the
mountains, until you reach the second Seaside Meadow, then go downstairs and
into the water once more. Follow the path north, down the stairs, before moving
east and south. Walk east, then talk to the monster here, to find out he wants
to be changed into a different form by the Undersea King. Agree to help him,
and remember where he is.

Continue south, then go down the stairs, and open the chest here for a ? Shard.
Back upstairs, move north and west, then down the stairs. Walk south, through
the arches, then go up the stairs you find. Advance up the next set of stairs,
then walk south and up another set of stairs. You'll appear at the Lost Ruins.
Walk south, and step on the BlissRock symbol on the ground, before using it. A
platform will descend from the sky, and when you step on it, you'll be taken
up to the Sky Fane. Inside, you will hear about the fallen fanes, and that
there is a Pedestal of Ressurrection that we need to complete. Walk downstairs
if you need to heal, then go upstairs, where a dancer will give you the
Innocent Dress. It's an important dress, the same kind of dress that Layla used
to try to revive God long ago. Walk back outside, and step on the platform that
brought you here, then move north. You'll be taken to one of the other floating
fanes, where the Revival Pedestal is.

Step on the central tile, then walk forward, and place the ? Shard you've been
carrying around since DarkDraco's Tower in Loomin, in the southeast. The ?
Shards we received from Gracos V, and from the Coral Cave, don't seem to match
this pedestal. We don't have enough Shards to resurrect God yet, but we're
getting close. We are also very close to freeing all the other lands, so return
to the Ancient Fane, to place the AquaShard on the southeast pedestal, in the
north position. When you're ready to liberate the land past the last yellow
pedestal, walk into the Yellow Pedestal Room, and place your LandShard on the
northeast pedestal, in the north position.

2T. The Truth About Lies
Items: BluePrint, Bunny Tiara, DEFseed, Monolith, MysticNut x 2, Rib x 2,
       STRseed, TinyMedal x 7.

As you appear in the darkened past, move north to the town of Labres. There is
all sorts of fog all over the place, and the villagers are starting to lose
hope. A man by the town's enterance says that his brother wandered off into the
fog to the south, and he asks that you try to help him come back safe and
sound. Before that, though, let's explore the rest of the town. To the east of
the enterance, you'll find the Inn, and to the north you'll find some steps
leading down to the central square. The people all mention a monster who's
taken over the village's Temple, and that while he hasn't done anything wrong
himself, that he has to be causing the problems around here. The Prefect of the
village lives in the northeast corner of Labres, so maybe we should pay him a

Once there, you'll find that the Prefect's too busy to talk to us. People're
unsure exactly what to do next, as the monster in the temple seems to have
beaten their best warriors already. Search the barrels in the northeast room
for a TinyMedal, then go upstairs and talk to the Sisters if you need to save.
If you enter the central house that's north of the pond, you'll find something
you might recognize: a golden Goddess Statue! It's not driving any monsters
away from here, though. To the north of this house, you'll find the Temple, but
the monster inside has the doors to his room locked. We'll just have to come
back later, after rescuing the villager's brother.

Exit Labres, and move south to the Forest Path. You'll see a man lost here, who
claims the fog here will keep returning you to this enterance if you try to
pass through it. As you're talking to him, three monsters will appear. You can
read the sign for a belated monster-warning, and talk to the monsters to learn
that the monster priest doesn't want any humans hurt, for some odd reason. The
monsters, really two HP-boosted TreeGuards, will attack anyways, but they
shouldn't hurt you much by this point in the game. The man will walk back
towards Labres, confident he can tell the Prefect that you'll cure their
monster problem. Back at the Prefect's House, talk to him and he'll get the
whole story from you. He'll ask that you help defeat the monster, after
everyone's gathered together tonight.

It seems a pretty simple request, and one we've done before in various ways,
but what if this's another Loomin? Chibi wasn't bad, but people thought he was.
Head towards the cemetary by the Temple, and you'll find Lukas, who is praying
for his deceased parents. You'll see the monster priest walk out, and after
yelling bravely at him, Lukas runs away. The monster goes back inside his room,
and you can follow him to get a MysticNut. The monster does not attack you, but
he does look sad, and doesn't say much. Next, go back to the central house
where you found the Goddess Statue, to find Lukas in his house. He's wondering
if the monster priest is really a bad guy or not, and he's counting on the
Goddess Statue to protect the village. All the trouble here seems to revolve
around Mt. Tor, relatively to the northeast, as that's where the fog and this
priest came from. But the path to it is locked up tight, and we can't get in.

Talk to every villager in the town, then return to the Prefect's House, to have
the meeting start. Lukas will ask that you talk to him privately, and he'll
voice his doubts over the monster being evil. The meeting will end, with the
general opinion that the monster should be horribly slaughtered before he can
do any real harm. When you're ready to continue, let the Prefect know, and give
him your opinion. If you refuse to kill the monster, you'll be knocked out and
locked in the nearby shed, at least until you promise to behave. ^^ After that,
you should go with Lukas to the Temple, for a slightly different, but still
similar scene. If you agreed to kill the monster, you can just leave the house
and head towards the Temple. The monster just looks sad while the villagers
cheer you on, but each time you examine him, he just looks too sad to fight.
The villagers will push you aside, where you can now talk to Lukas, who isn't
participating. He asks that you help stop the villagers from fighting the
monster, but they all decide you must be in league with him, and they quickly
knock you out. This would've happened if you had just said no to begin with,
too. ^^; Don't worry about a bunch of farmers with hoes taking out your very
powerful and experienced party, plot points always happen like this. ^^;

You'll wake up inside the Path To Mt. Tor, the locked area where the monsters
and fog originated from. The door behind you is locked, so the only option is
to continue on. Walk north, then climb up the nearby ladder and open the chest
to the west if you want to fight a Mimic. Walk inside the cave, moving north
before turning east, south, and west to a chest with a STRseed inside. Travel
back east, north, west, north, and east, so you can walk south out of the
caves. You will want to walk east, then north up two ladders, before heading
west towards another cave. Enter it, then walk east and south out of the cave,
to find a chest with a BluePrint inside. ^^ Your monsters will thank you for

Leave the cave, then climb the nearby ladder, before walking east and climbing
down and up the next ladders you reach. Climb the western ladder, climbing up
the next ladder and entering the cave you find here. Walk west, north and east,
and grab the TinyMedal from the chest. Walk all the way back west, then south,
east and south to a new cave exit. Climb down the southern ladder, enter the
cave, and walk east, passing the first bridge you come to, and taking the
second bridge north. Cross the next bridge to the north, then walk west and
south over a bridge to reach a chest containing a Rib. Walk back north over the
bridge, then move a little west before going south to the exit.

Outside, you guessed it, climb the nearby ladder and enter a new cave. Move
north, then north again, before going east to a chest with 650G inside. Walk
back west and south, then east, south, east, and north to a set of stairs
leading up. Finally, something new! ^^ On the next floor, simply walk south and
out of the cave, before walking east, up another ladder, then make your way
west, going down two ladders on the way. You'll reach a long ladder which leads
to the Top of Mt. Tor, which is a welcome sight indeed. Once there, you'll see
six monsters spinning around inside of a foggy spiral, which is causing the fog
that's covering the land. You'll find the Priest from the village here, though
it seems that this's really Botok, a monster who switched forms with Labres's
real priest. If the villagers kill him off, then Botok's free to attack them!

Let's put a stop to this Botok now, since he doesn't plan on letting us leave
alive anyways. Botok always takes advantage of his two turns to get in some
damage, either using PoisonFog to cause consistant damage to your group, or
slapping on StopSpell to hinder your healing and reviving efforts. This's why
there are a large number of skills which can do what many of the game's spells
can, and you should take advantage of them to heal, reduce the damage you're
taking in battle, and dish out some pain to Botok before he can use HealMore to
try to get it back. Your party is probably a strong one by now, as you've
learned to use the game's classes efficiently, so just do what you've been
doing all along, bosses should be a fun challenge for you by now. ^^ When Botok
dies, the fog-producing monsters leave, and you as well as Lukas should start
back towards Labres, before the real priest is killed.

As you reach Labres, the townspeople will be about to crucify the real priest,
and set him on fire. Lukas stops them, just intime for the spell on the priest
to vanish, and reveal who he really is. The townspeople will help Lukas take
him to the Temple, and Lukas will try to get the golden Goddess Statue to help
save him. The priest is still badly hurt, so let's leave him to rest as we
return to the Prefect's House. Explain to the slow Prefect what happened, and
he'll ask that you visit Lukas, since he's too ashamed to do it himself. As you
walk back to the Temple, you'll find the priest is back on his feet, and wants
your help in leaving the town. He knows the townspeople will continue to blaim
themselves, and that'll just end up hurting them in the long run. As he starts
out of the village, Lukas comes by, and after talking to him, hands over the
gold Goddess Statue. Could this be the priest we met on Mt. Prob, a few
pedestals ago? It sure seems like it, and his amnesia explains why he did not
recognize us.

The next morning, the citizens have started work on a monument so that nobody
will forget what happened here, and as an example of the way the priest lived
his life, with goodwill to all, and no wish for violence. Many of the villagers
blaim themselves for what happened, but they're determined to make the best of
things, and to be ready incase the priest ever does return. With the fog clear,
you can pass through the Forest Path to reach the Palace of Dune! They're still
undergoing renovations, and because of our earlier visit, we actually have no
reason to come back and visit. The opportunity's there just incase, though. ^^

Labres in the present, is still north of the Palace of Dune. When you walk into
the village, you find that a child named Leif is being teased by the other
children, who are calling him a liar. The house to the west of us has a
MysticNut outside of it, in a barrel, and if you look in the central square,
you'll see a large monument. If you examine it, though, you'll find that over
the course of the years, someone has decided to cover up that the villagers
were the ones who almost killed the priest, not some mysterious traveler. It's
a cover-up!

Go talk to the village's Prefect, to hear that he's as misguided as everyone
else. Swipe a Bunny Tiara from the dresser here, then talk to the kids outside,
who are guarding the way to the village's junk pile. They won't let us in, so
just leave them where they are, and enter the house southwest of the false
monument, to get a Rib. Also, don't forget to check the Item Shop, as there is
a chest there which contains an AquaShard, the last one we need actually. ^^
To the north, you'll find the house where Leif lives. If you talk to him there,
you'll find that his version of the story is the true one, and that everyone
here disbelieves it. Promise you'll come back and talk to him more, then go to
the Temple, and break a vase there for a DEFseed. Before going anywhere else,
search the western tombstone in the graveyard, to find the grave of Colin the
Adventurer, who you may have read about in some books. He really wanted to
visit the Medal King, but died before he could find him. If you search his
grave twice, you'll find a stockpile of TinyMedals, five to be exact. If I
hadn't searched the grave a second time to make sure I spelled his name right,
then I probably would have totally missed this! Very tricky, Enix. ^^

Go back to the Prefect, and try to convince him that your true version of what
happened is, well, the truth. He refuses to believe it possible, so leave, and
talk to the kid blocking the door. We can go in, if we let Sazamu boss us
around. ^^; Agree, and walk inside, to be put to hard labor. You want to
examine the hole in the ground, and try to dig up up the Monolith hidden
inside. It'll come out easily enough, and Sazamu and the other children will
realize that Leif's been telling the truth, and it's been the adults who have
lied. When you try to show the Prefect this, he shows off his axe-skills to
devastating effect, chopping the Monolith into pieces.

The children in the Junk Pile are all recounting the problems they've gone
through from their parents not believing them. They finally understand what
Leif feels like, and while they can't change anything today, they know that
they can keep trying, and if nothing else, teach their own children the real
truth about what happened here. With the day patched up, rather than completely
saved, leave Labres and walk to the east, where the enterance to Mt. Tor was.
In its place, you'll find the Mountain Store, where you can make some simple
purchases. You'll also find someone who says the four elemental spirits made a
set of equipment, but he's not sure where to get it. In any case, return to the
Ancient Fane, and the southeast pedestal in the Blue Pedestal Room, and place
your last remaining AquaShard in the center of the pedestal. There's just this,
then the Revival Pedestal, and it seems like we're done with the entire
adventure! ^^

2U. The Great Lighthouse of Coastal
Items: 16G, 30G, 50G, 120G, AmitDonut, AmitSnack, Antidote, Aquagon Sword,
       BluePrint, Captain Hat, Coastal Letter, Devil Armor, Dung, EvlTurtl
       Heart, Glim Moss, Herb x 2, ID Card, LifeAcorn x 2, MysticNut,
       PinkPearl, PilotFire, Pirate Suit, Potion x 2, Rib x 2, Scarf, Sea Roar
       Wand, STRseed x 2, TinyMedal x 5, Trendy Robe, Viking Helmet, WorldDew x
       2, ? Shard x 4.

We arrive at another sealed world, already in blackness. Start walking north of
the Gate, and you'll soon come to a castle on a penninsula. This is Coastal
Castle, which has a pretty neat design. Enter, and walk inside the main
building, then walk west and up the stairs. Walk to the east, past the Temple,
and outside, to find yourself on a dock-like path around the city. The
black-cloaked man you'll find seems to work for the monsters, but he'll vanish
without a fight. Back inside the Temple, move downstairs, then go east and
north through the doorway. The center of the city seems pretty deserted, but
the Inn is unlocked. Downstairs in the bar, you'll hear about the Marle de
Dragonne, Captain Sharkeye, and how he and his ship were imprisoned in ice.
Could this be the ship we found in the cave near Dune?

Upstairs in the Inn, help yourself to a Pirate Suit, then walk east of the Inn,
moving south and then breaking the barrels around this house for a TinyMedal.
Walk back north, west, and north, and enter the main Castle. Wander over to the
east, and you'll see the Minister talking to the King. You'll get the
brush-off, so continue east, down the stairs, then follow the passage clockwise
until you go through the one way door. Continue west, up the stairs, and talk
to the woman at the Temple to find the innkeeper. We can't stay here unless the
King says so, so walk back to see His Majesty. The Minister will try to ditch
you, but the King feels that you may be what's needed to free the land. Duh! ^^

Once the King's permission is granted, the Innkeeper will let you sleep on the
second floor, free of charge. She warns you not to go out at night, and you'll
soon learn why, as you're awoken then to the sond of screaming, and evil roars.
Outside, you'll find that Sierra's baby has turned into a monster, and that
this's a common occurance here! No wonder everyone was so upset and worried
about the full moon. Walk to the castle, and go up the stairs in the
throne room, and walk outside the southern door and speak to the bard. You'll
find lots of information about Sharkeye in a flashback sequence, and have a
better understanding of Coastal's legendary pirate. Grab the Captain Hat from
the dresser, then try to go upstairs. Anise is still here, after all these
years, and she seems to have confused you with her husband.

The only other thing of note for now is the Lighthouse, and the mention of the
PilotFire in the Great Lighthouse, which was borrowed from Engow. That's where
the God of Fire is, after all, so that light may very well be part of what's
needed to save things here. Return to the Inn, and you'll wake up to a soldier
telling you that you have an audience with the King. The Weapon Shop is open,
if you want to visit it, but you can also go to the house east of the Inn, and
inspect the bookcase there. Push it aside, and you can go outside and open a
chest, to add a ? Shard to our collection.

Go and talk to the King of Coastal, to find your mission. You need the Glim
Moss from the cave of Halflings nearby, so that you can follow the children
who're turned into monsters, to the Great Lighthouse. Pack up your things, head
out of Coastal Castle, then walk a little east before following the mountain
range north, east past the Great Lighthouse, then south to eventually find the
Halfling's Cave. Walk north from the enterance, then move east, north down a
ramp, northwest, then west. Move south, then east, and down the ladder you'll
find there. On the next floor, move south, east, and north through the cave
opening to the other side. To the east and south, you'll find a chest with a
TinyMedal, which you'll no doubt want to get. Walk back west and south through
the cave opening, then go back west, and move south to another tunnel. Move
east, then north to a ladder leading down to the next floor.

The route you want to take on this floor, is east, south, east, and down the
stairs to B3. You'll find a small room, where a monster has seemingly killed
some people. Tell him you have a problem with him, and he'll fade without a
fight. There's a WorldDew in the vases, and you can use your Magic Key to open
the chests and get a BluePrint, and a Viking Helmet. Back upstairs, move south
and west, past the water, then south and west to another set of stairs going
down a floor. We've reached the Halflings' Village! However, they don't seem to
like humans at all. Enter the room north of the bonfire, and the Grand Halfling
will allow you in to see him. It seems the King's wife was a halfling! >"<

Leave the room, climb up the steps in the east, then move north to the halfling
who is blocking your way. He moves aside, so you can start down further into
the caves. Start walking all the way west, and you'll find a chest with a
STRseed inside. Walk a bit east, then south, moving west and south to go down
the ladder to B5 of the Halfling's Cave. Walk south, then you can move either
west or east, because the Glim Moss is in the center, guarded by three
monsters. They'll decide to feast on you instead of the Glim Moss, just this
once. This fight can be tough if you're not expecting it. The Seahorser behaves
like a normal monster of its name, but has more HP for this fight. The
SeaDragon is a lot harder, and besides a HealMore spell, can use Scorching, a
very powerful kind of fire-breath. Add to this the fact that Gamadius can
poison you, as well as cast Revive to bring his friends back to life, it can be
a long drawn-out fight. You know your abilities better than I do, so just try
your hardest!

When the battle's won, scrape some Glim Moss off the wall, and head back to
Coastal Castle. The halflings don't exactly love humans, but they're
appreciative of your help. ^^ When you arrive at Coastal, head towards the
castle, and you'll see Sierra's baby is back. Use the Glim Moss on it, and then
after a short nap, you'll be all set to go to the Great Lighthouse. There is
mention of a Dark Flame, and how you will need RainbwDew to extinguish it. If
you've been following this guide, then you have already been carrying RainbwDew
for a great deal of the game. ^^ For those of you just reading now, go back to
the Ancient Fane, and to the Rainbow Cove there, and fill your empty Bottle
with RainbwDew, then return here. The Great Lighthouse is north of Coastal
Castle, and we passed it on the way to the Halfling's Cave.

Once you've entered the Great Lighthouse, follow the glowing path north, west,
north, east, and north again. Walk east and off the path, into a room with a
skeleton, and get the TinyMedal from the dresser here. Walk back west, then
north into another room, where you can get a Potion from the barrel to the
east. One of the vases has a MadPot too, so be careful. ^^ Move west, south,
and west again, to get back on the glowing footprint path, then move west,
north, and west up the stairs to the second floor. On this floor, follow the
path east, south, west, south, west, south, east, south, and east. It's a
twisty path! ^^; Walk north, a little east, then north to the stairs again.

On the third floor, you'll want to move south, west, and then north through a
door. To the east, you'll find a whole set of moving platforms, which aren't as
tricky as they may look. Step on the first platform when it floats near you,
then step north onto the second platform as it passes you. Wait for the third
platform, and instead of heading east, let it float to the west, where a chest
of Devil Armor waits for you. Grab it, then float to the east, and up the
stairs. On this floor, walk south, west, north, west, south, west, and south
again, staying on the footprint trail the entire time. Move east, then start
south, off of the trail, and west to a chest with a Mimic, but only if you like
killing them. Travel east, north to get back on the path, then east, south,
east, and north to go up the stairs to 5F.

Head south, west, and north inside of the room. There are two chests to the
north, with the southern one containing a Scarf, and the northern one
containing another Mimic. Move back south, through the door and then go west,
north, east, south, and north to go up yet another staircase. Walk to the
southwest corner of the room, and up the stairs again, to find more floating
platforms. Walk to the east, at the edge of the glowing trail, then step onto
the nearest platform, waiting for it to float over to the nearby chest to the
east, to find... nothing. Get back on the platform, then wait for the nearest
platform to touch yours, and step across. Wait for the third platform, step on
it, then walk over to the chest to get a LifeAcorn. Get back on your platform,
and you'll reach the northern side of the room, where you can move east, and up
the final staircase.

Walk up to the Dark Flame, and sprinkle the RainbwDew on it. The flame will go
out, but not before a Gate swirls into existance, and sends us to a Mysterious
World. There doesn't seem to be enemies in this room, but the footprints are
still here, so walk north and through the door you'll find here. Walk north up
the chain here, and you'll find BeliMawr, who seems to be the Demon Lord's
helper in this land. How he got this position is a mystery to me, as I honestly
had a harder time beating Gamadius than this guy. Other than a stomp which can
damage your entire party, he only hits once, and it's always a physical attack.
He's a wimp, so pay him back for making you climb up the dumb Great Lighthouse!
When he dies, he'll drop a ? Shard, which at least makes the battle worthwhile.
The nearby monsters will slowly fade away, back into their former baby forms,
and vanish. The Mysterious World vanishes, too, and you'll be back ontop of the
Great Lighthouse.

Make your way back to Coastal Castle, and you'll find the people seem a lot
happier and more hopeful. Talk to the King, to find that Anise has disappeared,
and that you need to go to Engow and get a PilotFire, to use for their
Lighthouse. You'll be given the Coastal Letter, which explains the problem in
more detail, and be asked to give this to the Chief of Engow. Now, despite it
making no sense, you can visit present Engow just as easily as the past Engow,
and talk to the Chief for the PilotFire. Shouldn't the Chief suspect a letter
from an ancient King to be a fake one? Ah well... Talk to the Chief when you
get there, hand over the Coastal Letter, and go back downstairs to get a bottle
of PilotFire. Head back to past Coastal, return to the top of the Great
Lighthouse, and let the PilotFire burn away the black sky.

You'll be lead back to Coastal Castle, and given a torch with the Holy Flame on
it, to light up the Lighthouse here. The King and the other people are
extremely happy, and you're given Sharkeye's old sword, the Aquagon Sword, as a
reward for saving their land. After that, a small interruption occurs, about
the old man being the Undersea King, the servant of the Aqua Spirit. After a
cryptic comment about Anise's child possibly having a spiritual marking on it,
and being given to a later time, the Undersea King vanishes. The next morning,
after the King has thanked you for visiting, and saving the day, as well as
befriending the Halflings, he asks that you visit him anytime, and also says
that you should talk to the Halflings before you leave.

Down in the home of the Grand Halfling, he says their treasure is worth a lot
more to us on our journey than some sword, and allows us to raid the treasure
room. Inside, you'll find a Rib among the vases, and a Sea Roar Wand, ? Shard,
and EvlTurtl Heart from the treasure chests. Thank you, Grand Halfling! ^^ The
only thing left to do now, is tour Coastal Castle in the present, and make sure
we're all set before the next task ahead of us. Coastal Castle's location is
directly south of the Immigrant Town, so let's explore it! ^^ Walk inside, and
right through the doors leading to the center of town. The Weapon and Armor
shops are just like they were before, and there's still the Item Shop in the
Inn. The house east of the Inn has a treasure chest outside, and you get to it
the same way: entering the house, tossing the vases aside, and pushing the
bookcase. Get the TinyMedal from the chest, then go back in the house, outside,
and walk south to break the barrels outside this house, for an AmitSnack.

Where the castle used to be, is now a huge casino! They have several different
kinds of slot machines, one poker table, and two Lucky Panel tables, as well as
some very good prizes to redeem your tokens for. There's a BluePrint, and even
a ? Shard! It can't hurt to spend some time here, even if you just get those
items. ^^ Before you're done and ready to leave, talk to the casino-bunny near
the Exchange Booth, and she'll mention how one of the casino's regulars just
left with one of the top prizes. Go up two flights of stairs, and talk to the
old man by the Lucky Panel game, and you'll hear a Shard being mentioned. Run
back downstairs, and down the stairs near the casino-bunny who you talked to a
moment ago, and speak with the man you'll find here. He'll mention that he sold
the Shard to the Armorer in town. If you talk to his wife, you'll find out that
he went to the Great Lighthouse.

The Great Lighthouse is still north of Coastal Castle. Enter, then walk north
to the wall, before moving west, north, east, north, east, and north through a
door. To the east, you can find an Antidote and an Herb from the barrels. Head
back west, south, west, north, and west to the stairs leading up. On the second
floor, walk east, then move south, east, south, west, south, west, south, and
east to a warrior. I bet you wish those glowing footprints were still here,
don't you? ^^; He'll mention the Aqua Spirit Statue, before you should head
north and up the stairs.

Travel south, then west, before going out the southern doors. We can visit the
Aqua Spirit here, but that's not why we've come here, either. Walk back inside,
then move west, north, east, and make your way across the floating platforms as
you did before, getting the WorldDew from the chest before going up to the next
floor. Start off walking a little south, before going west, north, west, south,
west, south, then walking around the southern wall so you can get the LifeAcorn
from the chest. Move back north through the door, east, and south through
another door, before going east and up the stairs. Don't worry, we're almost
done. ^^

On the fifth floor, walk south and west, moving north inside the room to find a
chest with a TinyMedal, and an Herb. Go back south, then head west, north, and
east, before going a little south, east, and north to the stairs. Head to the
southwest corner of this floor, move up some more stairs, then walk east and
maneuver yourself across the platforms, getting a Potion and a MysticNut for
your trouble. Move to the northern side of the room, walk east and up the
stairs, and you'll reach the Great Lighthouse Altar. You'll meet the husband of
the lady who runs the Armor Shop up here. He mentions that the priest in town
has the Shard now, and that you should be able to get it from him.

Back in Coastal Castle, enter the casino, then walk west and down the stairs
here. Talk to the priest, and he'll nervously run away when you ask him about
the Shard. Follow him back to the Temple, then go up the stairs, and you'll see
him in bed, complaining that he can't remember anything. The Sister in the room
mentions how he's been acting oddly, and always rummaging around under his
desk. Walk back downstairs, and examine the table the Sister is by, to find a ?

Now, let's visit the Halfling's Cave, where the King of Coastal has relocated
himself to. Walk inside, going north, east, north, northwest, west, south,
east, and down the ladder to B1. Move south, but go east and north through the
wall first, getting 30G from the nearby chest. Move back through the wall, then
west and south through the next wall, before heading east and north to a ladder
leading down. Move east, south, east, and down the stairs, making sure to get a
Rib from the vases, as well as 120G and a TinyMedal from the chests. Go back up
the stairs, then walk south, west until you reach the other side of the water,
then walk south to find the stairs to the Halflings' Village.

Other than the humans and halflings living together in harmony, not much is
different here. Enter the room near the western steps, and break the vases for
an AmitDonut. These things get around, don't they? ^^ North of the bonfire in
the middle of the town, you'll find the Grand Halfling's House, which has some
new treasure. They're not as good as in the past, though, as you'll find 16G
and some Dung in the vases, and 50G, a STRseed, and a PinkPearl from the
chests. Up the eastern steps, you'll find a new room along the eastern wall,
where you can find a Trendy Robe from a dresser, and the King of Coastal
himself. If you talk to him, you'll get an ID Card, for a special membership at
the casino. 

To the north of the King's room, you'll find some Weapon and Armor Shops, and a
scholar who's still trying to figure out why Sharkeye's ship hasn't unfrozen
yet, if the Demon Lord was successfully killed. Before leaving the cave, go
down the ladder, and move south before walking all the way west to a chest with
a MysticNut inside. You can try your ID Card out at the Coastal Castle Casino
now if you like, on the second floor balcony. All that happens, is you're given
a PuffPuff (if you don't know what it is, I'm not going to tell you here! ^^;),
which supposedly improves your odds of winning here. Couldn't hurt to try, at
least. ^^

Once you've gotten everything you think you will need, Return to the Sky Fane,
and to the Revival Pedestal. Place the ? Shard you got from the chest in
Coastal Castle, in the northwest corner of the pedestal, then put the ? Shard
you found in the chest in the Grand Halfling's House in the northeast position.
The completed pedestal will take us into the past, so we can find out what we
are supposed to be doing now that we've freed the world.

2V. God Verses the Demon Lord
Items: TinyMedal x 2, ? Shard.

The area you appear in, seems to be across the bridge east of Falrish, but in
the past. The enemies around here're just as weak as if we had made a trip back
to Falrish, so ignore them and start walking to the northeast, before moving
north to Coral Lake. Upstairs, talk to the old man here, and you'll find that
you just may be able to restore things to their intended state! Walk back
downstairs, then out the door and onto the large flower here, to be taken to
the Coral Cave. The path we want to take is east, north, west, and north to the
stairs, before moving up the next flight of stairs. Leave the Seaside Meadow,
walking north to the other Seaside Meadow, and down the stairs.

To the north, you'll find another set of stairs leading down. Start heading
east, then south, walking west when you can and going down the stairs you find
here. In this area, as you move south, you'll find two ghosts running around
one of the arches, begging you to return the world to peace. Remember where
they are, and continue south, up three flights of stairs, until you reach the
Altar. Stand on the BlissRock symbol, and use the BlissRock, to cause two of
the old fanes to rise back into the sky once more. Fight your way back through
the Coral Cave, to where the Gate back to the present is, and step through.

Things seem normal, as you return to the present, but they're changed. Step on
the floating rock, and step west to float over to a new area. Here, you can do
some shopping if you feel you need to. They have some good stuff, so if you can
afford them, and they're improvements to what you have, there's no reason not
to buy them. ^^ Go back on the platform, and step south, to float to another
new area, where you'll find two doors leading inside. Walk in, up the stairs,
then talk to the Elder Priest. A small scene will occur, and you can now go
outside and step on the Sky Stone. It's now possible to go anywhere in the
world! So, where should we go? There's the Unknown Shrine, north of Hamelia,
enclosed in the mountains, that we could not reach until now. The Sky Stone can
just float over them, so let's go there. ^^

When you arrive, walk east, and you'll see two rows of tombstones. Search the
southern row, right infront of the center tombstone, and you'll get a
TinyMedal. Move inside of the Unknown Shrine, and a man there will tell you
that your journey was no meer coincidence, but that it was meant to happen. He
will give you a ? Shard, and tell you that the place to bring the Shards to, to
see what happened between God and the Demon Lord, is in the Excavation Site.
Make sure you have anything you may need, and walk, sail, or fly to the
Excavation Site.

Once there, walk through the tent to the north, and move down the ladder.
You'll see a staircase leading underground, right by the vase that once had a
TinyMedal inside of it, so descend into the Excavated Cave. Climb down another
staircase, or jump into the pit, then move north and fall down into the large
hole here. Walk south, climbing down the rope until it finally reaches a
staircase leading further down. Walk south, then east and south, climbing down
the wall you come to, and open the chest you come to, to get a TinyMedal. Don't
step in the Gate unless you want a shortcut back to the first floor, instead
climbing back up the wall, and walking west until you can go south again. At
the bottom of this wall, you'll be able to walk west and down the stairs.

Walk north, and you'll find another pedestal, which I'll call the Excavated
Pedestal, which has one piece in the northwest corner. Place the ? Shard you
found in the Coral Cave, in the southeast position, then place the ? Shard you
received from the BeliMawr, in the northeast position. Finally, take the ?
Shard you were given in the Unknown Shrine, and place it in the southwest
position. The pedestal will be complete, and you'll be brought to the time when
God and the Demon Lord fought each other. You'll see Melvin get sealed, and
God's apparent death, before you find yourself standing infront of the Demon
Lord's Lair.

Walk inside, then move east, north, and west, until you can move south inside
the center room. Don't walk down the stairs, but move south to where the
torches are, and maneuver yourself south, west, south, east, north, east, and
south over the flashing bridge. Walk up the stairs, then move north and go up
the stairs you'll find here. Head south, and up another staircase, before
moving north, west, north, west, and north to some stairs leading up. Fall in
the pit, then climb up the stairs, before moving east and south, then east to a
chest with a Mimic inside. Continue south, then east, south, east, south and up
the stairs. Walk west, up another flight of stairs, then go east, north, west
all of the way, then south, west, south, west, and down the stairs. Just walk
north, up another staircase, then north and up the final set of stairs.

Travel north across the bridge, then west, north, and east across three more.
Run north, west, and north across the final bridges, then if you're all healed
and ready, talk to the resting Demon Lord, Orgodemir. He has a lot of attacks,
and sometimes can use three of them a turn, so being healthy is one of the most
important things to do. Summons, SageRocks, and Hustle can help your group out,
and don't hold back any of your strong attacks. You'll know you're doing well
when Orgodemir changes forms, since the fight's half over then. It'll be a
longer boss fight than you've had recently, so just get in hits when you can,
and keep everyone alive! Eventually, thankfully, you'll defeat Orgodemir, and
he'll vanish, saying that as long as his soul lives, he cannot be defeated.
Make your way across the bridges, to the Gate where the stairs are, and you'll
hear the following: "Even though I die, may the next god of this world rain his
blessings upon these humans." With these words in your ears, a familiar place
will be restored, and it's finally time to move on to disk 2. Congratulations!

3. Disk 2 Walkthrough

3A. God's Revival
Items: Herb, TerraBell, ? Shard.

Once you've saved, and switched disks finally, you'll find yourself in the Sky
Fane. The Elder Priest will thank you for your long, world-saving quest, and
for defeating the Demon Lord. We're not done yet, though, as you may've guessed
from there being two disks. Our new task is to revive God, with the help of the
Deja Tribe. Move downstairs, and step into the waiting Gate, to find yourself
back at the Estard Ruins. Aira's mission to find the legendary tula player now
makes sense, but the contest isn't quite ready yet, so let's go on a bit of a
trip. Return to the Sky Fane, and the Revivial Pedestal, and go to the past.
Make your way through Coral Cave, until you reach B3, and talk to the two ghost
children you met before. With the Demon Lord being defeated, they can both rest
in peace now, and you'll be given a ? Shard. ^^ Now, go back to the present,
and Return to Estard Castle.

On the first floor of the Castle, talk to the maid who's infront of the dining
room doors, and you'll have an audience with King Burns. He asks about your
adventures, wheither or not they're completed, and he says that the country in
the northeast is known for its musical expertise. This seems to be a typo,
though, since Mardra and its Great Fane're directly to the northwest via Sky
Stone. ^^; Once at the Great Fane, walk up the steps and talk to Princess
Michaela, to have the Great Tula Contest begin. You'll hand over the TerraTula,
and various musicians will compete on it. Everyone feels Johann will win, but
he surprisingly does just as bad as everyone else! After a cut scene, it seems
that everyone has failed. Princess Michaela is very ticked off, and even orders
the TerraTula's destruction! However, Johann's teacher speaks up, and asks him
to try again. He offers to lose his life if Johann fails, and the Princess's
temper cools enough to let him have a try. He succeeds perfectly, and it seems
like we can finally revive God!

Back in Mardra Castle, Johann picks his reward. He just wants his master to be
okay financially from now on. The Princess wishes you all luck, and Johann asks
to see his master as you start to leave. Do so, and they'll talk about the
funeral incident, as well as how he can expand his talents. Now, leave Mardra,
and start to fly to the south. You'll see the lake where the Altar of God is 
submerged, and you should land here. You don't have to go in the nearby cave,
but you can fight monsters in there, such as Goldmen and MadPots. At the Lake
Altar, you'll be brought over to the Chief of the Deja Tribe. You'll be asked
to take a nap in the nearby tent, which you should do. This part seems very
familiar: we need to drain the lake, so that we can get to the Altar of God.
And to do that, we'll need the TerraBell, which we'll receive. Walk back
inside of the Lake Altar Cave, moving northwest and up the steps. Walk up the
steps to the north, then move west, south, down the two series of steps, and
south to the next room. Here, travel west down the steps, past a submerged set
of steps, then south and down the steps to the stairs.

On the next floor, walk west through the wall, then north to the pit room.
Don't fall down any of them, but move east instead, and through the wall. Keep
going east, then south, east, and north to reach the next room. Walk west down
the steps, up the next set of steps, and then move south through the wall when
you can to find more stairs. Walk down the next flight, then move north, east,
and south to the chest maze we navigated before. Walk east, south to the next
room, then south, west a bit, and south again. In the last room, just walk
south, southeast, south, west, then take the northwest path to reach a chest
with a Cannibox inside. Beat it up, then go back and take the western path, and
go down the stairs there.

This's the floor that had those invisible bridges to walk over. You can't see
them this time, but it's pretty obvious where they are still. Walk west, over
the bridge, then move north, east, northeast, and north over another bridge.
Move a lil west, then north, and west to another bridge. You'll have to walk
west, south, and and west to get over it, but then you'll be by the last set of
stairs. Set the TerraBell on the northern wall, and the water'll lower once
more. Walk south and out of the room, then move north up all the steps, and
enter the next room. Here, go down the submerged steps, grab an Herb from the
chest here, and then talk to the person to the south, to get to the Temple of

Talk to the Chief, and you can start the Revival Ceremony, hopefully for the
last time. He'll try to give you the Innocent Robe, but you already have yours
from the Sky Fane. ^^ The secret behind the TerraTula, and when to play it, is
mentioned, so let the dancing begin! At first, nothing happens, and then the
crystal in the center of the Temple shatters, as a large immaterial image
appears. It looks like God's back! He's ready to start getting rid of the evil
that's left in the world, as well, and asks that you all go home and enjoy the
end of your journey. This includes Aira, who the Chief says is a part of our
group already. ^^ He'll send you off to the Estard Ruins, along with Johann,
who takes his leave. Now, walk to Estard, as our Return spell seems to not be
working. Odd...

The guard here mentions that surely it was you who revived God, and he tells
you not to worry, and to head to Fishbel for a celebration. He tells you that
he'll let us know if anything goes on, so don't worry. Go back home, and talk
to your very happy parents, as well as some of the villagers to see what they
say. Even Maribel's proud of you! When you're ready to have the festival start,
go on the boat in the harbor, and speak to the Head Chef. Outside, we'll be
able to attend a party that's not cut-scened for once! ^^ Walk around, talk to
the people, and when you're ready to go on, talk to the old man that's by the
exit to Fishbel. Johann will appear, and tell you that he was sent to give you
a message from King Burns, asking you to come to Estard Castle.

Estard seems pretty deserted, and there is a person who says they are a
Messenger of God. They're recruiting people to help build God a palace, and a
fancy one at that. ^^ Talk to King Burns, and you'll receive his thanks, as
well as see the people of the world celebrating God's return. Gabo will go off
to visit his mother at the woodsman's house, Melvin will go back to God's side,
and Aira will stay at Estard Castle to help out. And your hero'll return to
Fishbel to live his life as a fisherman. It seems everything's back in order!

3B. The Sealing of Fishbel
Items: Berserkr Helmet, Final Key, Fish Sub, Kings Sword, LifeAcorn x 2,
       MysticNut, Platinum Shield, Repellent, Silk Corset, STRseed x 2,
       TinyMedal x 2.

A few months later, you'll wake up late, just like at the game's beginning.
You'll be asked to take a Fish Sub to your father, which you can avoid doing by
heading inside the boat and talking to the Head Chef if you want. It's not an
important item, but you will want to talk to the Head Chef eventually. ^^ Even
Johann's hitching a ride! When you go back outside, a sailor will report that
Messengers of God have sailed onto the beach, and wish to talk to everyone.
Your father will sail on, after he asks you to speak to them yourself. Maribel
runs by to go with you to see the boat the Messengers of God came in, but
they've already left for Estard, as Amitt will tell you. Next stop, Estard!

The townspeople're in a buzz over the news, and the Castle's guards have been
called out to make the place look important. King Burns is speaking to the
Messengers in the dining room, but you can't get in unless you get permission
from someone important. But aren't we importance since we brought God back to
life? ^^; The Princess isn't important enough to talk to for this, but the
Minister is. Talk to him in the throne room, and while he can't sneak us in,
he'll be given a message saying we should go to see the King immediately.
That's convienient! Take a seat next to the King, and one of the Messengers,
Nebira, will allow you and Aira to go with King Burns to the Crystal Palace.
This's God's new home, and while there's not enough boats to bring everyone in,
we can use the Sky Stone. ^^ Gabo will follow, too! ^^ 

The Sky Stone follows the ship to a new island, where the Crystal Palace has
been built. It's very big, and looks impressive enough. But isn't it a bit
materialistic? Nebira will lead the group inside, through the Palace, and
eventually to a set of stairs we're not allowed to pass. King Burns can,
though, and we'll be left to explore freely. Walk downstairs, then down the
steps past the two guards, before walking south two screens and outside of the
Palace. You can get free Repellents from talking to the Sister to the northeast
of the enterance, and find another door inside the Palace if you enter from the
rear doors. This's just a resting room for the holy warriors of God, though, so
go back inside, into the large central room, and go through the northeast door.

Upstairs, take the northwest door out onto a landing, and walk across to the
next door. Go down the stairs in this room, then down another set of stairs.
Here, you'll find a room shaped like a six-pointed star, with a guard guarding
the treasure room in the north. Walk right by him and through the doors, then
take the treasure in the chests for the Final Key, and a Berserkr Helmet. Now
you can open jail doors! ^^ Open the one to the east, and break the vase for a
MysticNut, then open the door to the south of that and get a STRseed from the
vase. There's a LifeAcorn in the southernmost room, too.

Walk back upstairs, then take the southern door out to the landing, entering
the center room this time. You'll find Beck talking to Ike here, about the
Intelligence Rankings. Don't they care about anything else? ^^; Raid the
dresser for a Silk Corset, then go back outside, and through the other door.
We'll find Pamela here, who still remembers us, and we can walk past her to
reach another landing, with another center door leading to the kitchen area.
Take the TinyMedal and LifeAcorn from the vases here, then go back to the room
where Beck and Ike were, and take a nap in one of the beds.

When you wake up, go back up to the stairs we can't pass, and talk to the
guards. Melvin will appear, and lead the guards outside, to attend to some
matter. He talks pleasantly to us for a bit, but he rushes off as soon as he
can, asking us to guard the stairs. Surely we won't get in trouble if we sneak
a peek, will we? ^^ The guards on this next floor're much nicer, and if you
tell them who you are, they'll let you pass. There're leaders from all over the
place here, and many many familiar faces. When you're ready to meet God, talk
to King Burns, then try to leave, and the deity of the world will appear. He
seems a bit preoccupied, even ignoring a false Great Hero to give his decree:
dispose of all weapons, and keep all life precious, even that of monsters. God
will take the Dark Ruby away from you, due to its evil nature. He also says to
worship only him among all gods. But isn't God just that, the only god?

Walk back towards the exit of the Crystal Palace, and you'll meet up with King
Burns. On the way out, you'll see Melvin trying to keep Hondara calm. It looks
like he was just here for another scheme, as always. The guy's total scum, his
only use is on the casino game. ^^ Nebira leads Melvin off for a private talk
with God, as your party leaves to go home. Suddenly, we see Melvin being
persued by guards, and even jumping from the side of the Crystal Palace, to
escape the charge of treason that's been placed on his head! This's crazy! We
can't help him, though, as we're heading back to Estard on the Sky Stone
already. A large storm hits, and you can see blackness welling all over the
island, just like all those other lands we've saved. What's going on?

After an abrupt landing, and Aira chewing Gabo out, we find that the King seems
to be injured. He'll be taken to the throne room, which we should go to as
well. The King is still unconscious, and the Minister tells us to go to Fishbel
to check on our home. First, go to the first floor of the Castle, and go around
behind the stairs to find some leading down to Estard Castle's treasure room.
Now that we have the Final Key, we can open the door and raid the chests, to
get a TinyMedal, STRseed, Kings Sword, and Platinum Shield. Now, continue out
of Estard. We can't even make it outside before finding there are monsters
reported around the town. Infact, the whole of the island outside is covered in
monsters now, something that's never happened here before. When you reach
Fishbel, you'll find a calamity has happened: Bornako was thrown off the boat,
and lost at sea! The ship made it back, but he hasn't. Your mom at the harbor
feels that he'll come back safe and sound, but many others are giving him up
for gone. If you go to Maribel's room, she'll be worried about the seal as
well, and, finally, rejoin the party. As you start out of town, she'll mention
that maybe you should investigate the Estard Ruins for a clue.

When you arrive at the Ruins, you'll hear someone calling your name. Head
towards the statue, and examine it, to find that Melvin is talking to you!
Looks like the old guy has a few tricks he hasn't used yet, like MindSpeak. It
seems God started to seal continents he thought were full of evil, and Estard
was among them. Melvin asked why, and was labeled a traitor, forcing him to
flee to Coastal. He mentions the Elemental Spirits, which you might have
recalled seeing fighting with God against the Demon Lord, and that the lands
that were sealed seem to have these Spirits living there. He has to run, but
he'll try to help us out. What a nice guy! ^^

Enter the Ruins, and make your way inside to the Fane Dome. You'll see the map
of the world on the floor just shows Estard again, and that the elemental
flames on the shrines for the Traveler's Gates are all out. Does that mean the
Spirits're trapped or the like? Before doing anything, walk north, and through
the locked door, before going downstairs. It seems there's another pedestal
here, as well on the floor below it, but the pedestals aren't working right
now. Don't worry, just remember where they are. ^^ Now, go back upstairs, and
enter any of the Traveler's Gate Shrines, and try to walk into them despite the
lack of an energy swirl. As your party discusses what to do, Melvin starts to
talk again. He thinks he can help get the flame working again, since the
PilotFire from the Great Lighthouse in Coastal did come from Engow and the God
of Flame, which might be an Elemental Spirit. You'll soon be controlling Melvin
by himself, in an effort to help your group out. ^^

Walk over to the Great Lighthouse, and talk to the guard infront of it. Melvin
won't be allowed in until we get permission from the King of Coastal, who is in
the Halflings' Cave still. There are monsters in there, but not many, as the
game has taken into account that you're just a party of one right now. As
this's your third visit, you should know where you're going. ^^ Speak to the
King, and tell him that you're not there on behalf of God, and he'll tell you
how worried he really is, and grant permission for you to enter the Great
Lighthouse. It's your third visit there, too, so speak to the guard to enter,
and make your way to the top. Examine the PilotFire, and Melvin will talk to
your party back at the Ancient Fane. He's managed to send the PilotFire,
somehow, to light the red shrine. Now we can go to Engow, and find out how to
fix the world's new problem.

3C. The Flame Spirit
Items: Flame Key, FlameAqua, FlameChrm, Lava Wand, STRseed, TinyMedal,

Mt. Flame seems pretty dark for a volcano. The magma is faded, and the guards
here are very worried. Make your way outside, and across the monster-infested
land to Engow. When you arrive, walk west, and talk to the person by the
extinguished torch. Something's happening to the fire around here, and possibly
to the God of Flame. Suddenly, two MageImps swoop down to do battle! They're
normal MageImps, thankfully, so they shouldn't be hard to take out. Talk to the
man by the northwest torch, and more monsters will attack, this time two
WhiteFugas and a LizardMan. The southeast torch will also be attacked by
monsters, a LizardMan, MageImp, and WhiteFuga. Once you've beaten back the
three attacks, hurry to the Chief's house, talking to the old man so he'll move
aside to let you upstairs.

You'll find that Pamela's talking to the Chief, trying to find a reason as to
what is going on. The Chief is having trouble keeping hope alive, though. Tell
Pamela about the monster attacks, and the vanishing lava from Mt. Flame, and
she'll ask you to take her there personally. On the way out, she'll ask you to
go to her assistant, Ilma, who is in her fortune-telling shop. Pamela will
crypticly tell Ilma to start looking for something, and that it's important.
^^; Why can't she just tell us? Hurry out of the village, and back to Mt.
Flame, and the crater. Pamela comments that she can just barely see some fire
still in the crater. Talk to the guard, and enter the volcano, moving down the
stairs. Walk west, north, and down the stairs, then walk north and northeast to
go downstairs again. On this floor, you'll want to travel west, southwest,
south, east, and down the stairs.

We're almost done, don't worry. ^^; Move northeast, then north, west, north,
west, and down another set of stairs. Travel south, then east, and up the
stairs here. Go up the stairs in this room, then up the next set of stairs.
Walk north and up yet another flight of stairs, then go west, south to the
crater area, and hop in. Jump in a second time, moving east to touch the HP/MP
restoring light pillar if necessary, then jump down twice more. This's where we
fought the FireGiant in Engow's past, but there's no fire here anymore! Walk
north through a now-open passage, to have Pamela warn you about something
beyond. Walk past the villager who's here (no, this isn't the force Pamela
felt! ^^;), and down the stairs, to reach a small lake. Odd... Go down the
stairs here, then walk south, turning east at the magma, and descend the

Now it gets interesting, as there're jets of flames shooting out of the ground.
They can cause damage if you're standing next to them when they flare up, so
carefully walk southeast and open the chest for a Lava Wand. Make your way
south, either by maneuvering safely through the flames, or just running through
without worry. Start west, then head north and west, opening the flame-proof
chest for a TinyMedal. It's not like you can really redeem them right now, but
maybe we can later. ^^ Walk back east, south, then west to another one of those
nifty light pillars. Wai! When you're all set, go back east, then south and
down the latest flight of stairs. Travel west, then south, getting the STRseed
from the chest before going back north. Follow the parth west, then south, east
under the bridge, then south under another bridge, grabbing the WorldDew from
the chest. Walk back north, passing under two bridges, then going up a ramp,
moving west past a lava waterfall, then north and inside of a cave.

Down a corridor surrounded by flames, you'll find a big door that's sealed
tight. Pamela says the power-source is through this door, and that she might
have a way to pass way through it. She'll fill you in on the story behind the
God of Flame, if you want her to. When God lost the battle against the Demon
Lord, he created and sent away the four Elemental Spirits, known as the Terra,
Wind, Flame, and Aqua Spirits. Ilma will appear then, with a guard, having
brought the Flame Key and FlameAqua with her. She hands them to you, so you can
progress to the next room, which's why you came here in the first place. ^^;

Walk right up to the finger of land facing the lava in this room, and you'll
hear the God of Flame. He's feeling very weak, from the damage dealt to him
from the land's sealing, and Pamela recommends tossing in the FlameAqua. A
molten mound of lava will emerge, flaring into existance before revealing the
Flame Spirit. However, he's a rash Spirit, just as tempermental and hot-headed
as his element, and refuses to lift the darkness here unless we can prove our
worth. Time to fight! The Flame Spirit uses almost nothing but fire-based
attacks, with a rare WarCry thrown in for good effect, so be sure to use
Barrier if you have it, or fire-reducing equipment. Ice attacks're great, of
course, and it'd be unwise to use fire attacks against this Elemental Spirit.
When you win, the Flame Spirit will congratulate you, and try to fight back the
darkness with a large flaming blast. He says his power is ineffective, though,
and he seems to know instinctively who's behind everything. He mentions that
the other three Elemental Spirits need to help, or this darkness just will not
lift. He vanishes in a gout of flame, to stay at an abandoned fane until the
other three're free. He does leave behind a FlameChrm, though, which may be of
use later.

Make your way out of Mt. Flame, and return to Engow. While the darkness isn't
lifted, it is lighter. Pamela wishes you well, and tells you to do your best,
since the world's relying on you! Go back to the Traveler's Gate, and return to
the Ancient Fane, before making your way towards Fishbel. The darkness's
cracking, at least, so maybe once the other Spirits are found, we can find out
from God just what is going on.

3D. The Terra Spirit
Items: 20G, AmitSnack, BluePrint, Captain Hat, Heart Gem, King's Key, Mimic
       Heart, Nose Gem, PierceGem, Pirate Suit x 2, Potion, Rouge Gem,
       Seer'sGem, STRseed, TerraChrm, TinyMedal x 2, Turban, Wizard Ring.

Once you arrive at Fishbel, you'll find that a large boat seems to be near,
observing the town. Talk to your mom at the harbor, to hear her hopes that
Borkano might have been rescued by them, then speak to Amitt to go with him to
check the ship out. Follow Amitt below deck, and when you're set to go, tell
him, to make the boat start sail. You'll follow the Flame Spirit's trail of
fire to a huge boat. It looks oddly familiar, too. Your boarding attempt won't
succeed, at least at first. This's Sharkeye's ship, the ship of the Marle de
Dragonne! You'll see part of the flashback the bard in past Coastal showed us,
with Sharkeye's descision to leave. You'll also see scenes of what happened
after that, especially mention of the Aqua Spirit, and Sharkeye's birthmark of
part of the Water Crest.

You'll wake up inside of Sharkeye's ship afterward, and be asked to an audience
to see him. He'll have heard the entire story so far, and ask to see the
Aquagon Sword you have. Show it to him, and he'll ask to speak to you
privately. Outside, he'll wonder just what to do, and ask to see the sword
again. He'll notice your own birthmark, and identify it as the other part of
the Water Crest. Between your crests and the Aquagon Sword, a blue light will
appear, relighting two of the shrines for the Traveler's Gates in the Ancient
Fane, before starting to speak to you. It's the Aqua Spirit! It tells you that
to awaken it, you must first find the Terra and Wind Spirits, then go to the
Rainbow Cove with the Aquagon Sword. This's the last step to restoring the
world from darkness, it says. The light'll fade, and you'll get your sword
back, though Sharkeye's now lost his marking, which is now on your arm.
Sharkeye's sure that you should follow the flame path to the next area, and
tells you to get some rest.

The next morning, you'll hear Sharkeye has put the support of the entire Marle
de Dragonne behind your cause! Before going anywhere, examine the cabins you're
in, collecting a Captain Hat and a Pirate Suit from the dressers. Walk up the
southern stairs, then go through the door you'll find nearby on deck. Here,
you'll find several Weapon, Armor, and Item Shops, and the dresser in the
northwest room has another Pirate Suit. Don't forget the TinyMedal in the vases
in the northeast room! Walk out the northern doors, then go down the stairs to
the east, getting a Turban from the dresser in the prisoner's cell, as well as
20G from the vases south of the vegetable garden. You can get a BluePrint from
the chest here, though we can't really use it yet. To the south, break the
barrels for a STRseed, then talk to the cat. When you get a yes/no prompt, say
yes, and the cat will hand, or paw really, you a TinyMedal!

Walk upstairs, and talk to the man to the east to be let off the boat, first
going up the stairs to break some barrels and get an AmitSnack. You'll find
that you're near Dharma Temple, which is to the southeast. Class changes again!
^^ If you walk downstairs to the basement, you'll see the Head Priest talking
to a couple who wish to go back to their homes. It seems everyone's starting to
lose patience here, too. The Flame Spirit is here, intangibly though, trying to
protect the people here and make them feel safe. Nothing else is going on
around here, so go back to Sharkeye's boat, and talk to him in his cabin. The
man standing to the east of Sharkeye mentions that Caddell will sail the ship
if you want him to. He's by the wheel, so tell him to sail back to Fishbel.

Once on land, walk towards the Estard Ruins, and the Fane Dome far below the
surface. Two of the Traveler's Gate shrines are lit up, letting us have a
choice of what to do next. For this guide, I've picked the northeast shrine,
which leads to Dune and the Terra Spirit, since you originally visit here
before you visit Gorges. ^^ It's your choice, though, so feel free to skip
ahead if you want. If you're playing along with me, then go through the Gate to
arrive at the Oasis, walking northwest to the Palace of Dune, and entering.
When you arrive, you'll find that there're many guards patroling here, and that
once they recognize who you are, that you're allowed to enter. 

Walk into the Queen's throne room, and speak to her attendants. She seems
worried enough that she actually wants to speak physically to you, alone,
rather than through her interpreters! She mentions a dream where God talked to
her in an evil-sounding voice, and that monsters then attacked and stole the
Dark Ruby from the treasury. She seems to know that ours was taken as well, and
says that the Terra Spirit might be the only one who can help right now. The
Queen says the Shaman in Dune knows how to wake him, so start to head to Dune.
She stops you, and asks that you take one of the four sons of the Chief of
Dune, with you to help you out. Not these guys... ^^;

In the Chief's house, you quickly find that the lazy brothers are competing
again, this time to come up with excuses so that they don't have to help you
out. ^^; Speak to the Chief, and while three of the brothers don't want to
worry about helping, the youngest brother, Saide, will eagerly volunteer to
help you. He lives in the small house behind the Chief's house, so be sure to
talk to him there so he can join the party. Now, to find the Shaman! While
there is one who can help us save our game and such, by the large pot in the
center of town, the Shaman we want is inside the pot, fishing. Ignore the Gate
for now, and talk to him. Despite trying to catch fish from the desert sand, he
knows all about the Terra Spirit, and offers to summon him for you. Follow him
out of Dune, and to the Oasis, where he'll begin the summoning ritual.

Umm... well, that didn't work so well. The Shaman's unsure how to finish the
rest of the ritual. ^^; He needs help of some sort to help him recall how to
finish the picture, so the Terra Spirit can save the desert! Leave him here,
and go back to the Palace of Dune to speak to the Queen. She understands the
situation, and says that we should look for clues down below in the Dune Palace
Fane, but to be careful of the monsters. Walk downstairs, then south, talking
to the guards to make them pass, then moving downstairs again. There's a
commotion down here, as Saide's brothers have managed to bribe their way down
here before us, and have found an important object. The brothers start to brag
loudly about their accomplishment, so loudly that they attract three monsters!
Serves them right, but guess who has to kill them? ^^;

After you've beaten up the monsters one by one, the brothers offer you the
treasure they've found, on a condition: Saide has to forfeit his chance of
becoming the village Chief. Saide never wanted to be Chief, though, so things
work out for the best. Now that you have the King's Key, go to the Queen and
show it to her, to find that it's used to get to a room in the Sphinx. It also
seems that Hadeed became King! ^^ Now, hurry back to Dune, and the large pot in
the center of town, entering the Gate you find there to be transported near the
Sphinx. Go ahead and enter! ^^

Walk down the steps, continuing north, and speak to the woman guarding the way
to a door in the northern part of the floor. When she sees the King's Key, she
will move aside, and let you enter. On the other side, you'll find four tiles
with different clues written down on them, so be sure to examine each one.
Saide will even hint that you should write them down, but I'll do that here for
you! ^^ "The eyes shine brightly through the deep darkness." "The lips are
closed tightly. Only time may part them." "The ears are born of a broken
heart." And, finally, "The nose is in the lowest place, and in the highest." As
always, I'm here to help you through the puzzles even if you don't understand
the clues just yet. So, move forward, and descend the stairs, before moving
east and down another set of stairs.

You'll notice a river and a raft here, so board the raft, and float east,
pausing to get a Mimic Heart from the chest. Sail into the nearby tunnel,
sailing north and east until you find a ledge you can dock at, with the nearby
water blocked. Walk north to the next screen, then across the bridge to the
inverted pyramid, entering it carefully. From this point on, we need to worry
about monster attacks, so be careful. Now, move west, north, east, south, west,
south, east, north, east, south, east, north, west, north, and east to the
stairs leading up. ^^ On this floor, walk west, then south into a room with six
caskets, with six torches inside of each. Remember the first clue? Simply close
the caskets, so that the room starts to dim more and more, until all six are
closed. Once you've done that, you'll see that some gems have appeared on the
floor. It's the Seer'sGem!

Move through the southern door, then walk east, north, east, north, east again,
and down the stairs. Here, walk south, and down another set of stairs, to find
yourself on a floor with many doors. Walk west through the first door, then
north through two more, then moving one door west. Move north, all the way
west, then all the way south, before moving one last space east and down the
stairs. Start going north on this floor, then east, and you'll find a monster's
face carved on the wall. After examining it, just sit and wait. Eventually, the
mouth will open, just like the clue said, and let you get the Rouge Gem behind
it. ^^ That's two! Walk back south, then east and south again, taking these
stairs down a floor.

This floor's pretty easy, just travel west, north, east, and south to a set of
stairs. Go down them, then move north through the door, walking west and down
the stairs. On the next floor, walk east and south, moving downstairs, then
examining the triangle here to get the Nose Gem! Walk back upstairs, hurrying
north, west, south, east, and up the stairs here, before moving the short
distance west to find the Heart Gem. But, we need gems to help the Shaman
remember the face of the Terra Spirit, not its heart. If you remember the clue
about ears being born from a broken heart, then you know you should use the
Heart Gem, and break it into two. You'll get the PierceGem, and we can leave!
^^v One Outside later, walk back into the Gate, and climb out of the pot in
Dune, and head to the Oasis.

The Shaman will take your gems, and use them to complete the ritual to summon
the Terra Spirit. After you fill him in on what has been going on, the Terra
Spirit will help you without a battle, causing a large earthquake to rock the
desert, before announcing that the citizens are no longer in danger. He'll
repeat what the other Spirits have, that it'll take all four to save the sealed
lands totally, and he'll give you the TerraChrm to use if you need him. He
vanishes, heading to Dharma Temple, as Saide leads the Shaman back to Dune. At
the Palace of Dune, the Queen is very thankful that you helped her people
again, and she wishes you luck on your journey. Before going, walk back down to
the Dune Palace Fane, and search the sparkling spots in the east and northwest
areas of the floor to get a Potion and a Wizard Ring!

We've awakened two of the Spirits now. All we need to do, is to awaken the Wind
Spirit, then go to Rainbow Cove to get the Aqua Spirit's help. That doesn't
sound too hard! ^^ So, go back to the Oasis, and use the Gate to return to the
Fane Dome. Enter the southwest shrine, and use the Traveler's Gate to reach the
Lefa Fane, and the next chapter. ^^

3E. The Wind Spirit
Items: 7G, 1200G, AGL Scarf, AGLseed x 2, Blade Boomerang, DEFseed, Halo Orb,
       Light Dress, Seal Key, Silver Tiara, Speed Ring, TinyMedal x 3, Wind
       Hat, Wind Robe, WindCharm.

You either picked to awaken the Terra Spirit, and then came here afterwards, or
you came straight here. Either way, our goal is to awaken the Wind Spirit, so
that we can help save the world! ^^ On the other side of the southwest shrine
in the Fane Dome, we'll arrive at Lefa Fane. Leave the Gate chamber, then speak
to the people standing on the balcony, to find that a stray SnowBat has decided
to try to kill the people here. Fend off this stronger version of the normal
monster, then climb down the ladder and down the stairs. Go up the stairs to
the southeast, then walk inside, and hit the nearby switch so that you can get
to the statue of Firia. The Sister here mentions that restoring what's missing
to the Spirit Statue will make the Spirit awaken. But, she doesn't know how.

Back inside, hit the switch to the northwest of you, so that you can exit to
the west. Go downstairs, then all the way south, to get the WorldDew from the
eastern chest. Walk back north, east into the center room, then hit the switch
in the middle so you can go down the center stairs. Leave this room to the
south, then enter the central door here, to either the east or west, depending
if you took the west or east steps. Enter the first room to the west, and
you'll find some scholars that believe the cure to the problems here is
somewhere in the Wind Tower, at the Altar of Wind. Of course, they can't just
ask anyone to visit the Wind Tower, and they need to tell the Pendragon at
Gorges. Start to leave the Lefa Fane, talking to the maid as you walk outside.
It seems that monsters're everywhere here, too, but then we already knew that.

Walk south to Gorges, cross the bridge in town, and walk over to the crowd
infront of the Pendragon's house. She's going to give a public announcement to
everyone, and in a few moments you see why she was hiding. She has wings, like
the old Lefans! She introduces herself as Sefana, and asks the villagers to
stay inside. She also asks that any warriors talk to her after everyone's left,
and of course, that means us. Inside her house, she goes into much more detail,
saying she plans on exploring the Wind Tower in the southeast. Agree to guard
her passage there, and to departing now, but make sure to get the Silver Tiara
from the dresser, and 7G from the vases in the kitchen before trying to leave
town. After reassuring a citizen, Sefana will tell you to lead the way to the
Wind Tower, which you should. ^^

You remember where the Wind Tower is, right? If not, you want to start walking
south, between the hills, before walking east, continuing to follow the
mountains. When the mountains end, continue walking to the southeast, where you
will find the Wind Tower. Stroll right inside, moving east and up the steps
here, before going a bit north and then west over three more steps. Walk north,
east up the steps, then north and west to more steps leading to a chest with a
TinyMedal inside. Walk back up the steps, going north of the chest to reach a
pair of steps going east, taking the first one. Walk all the way east, then
south, before going up the steps and north to the stairs. ^^

On this floor, walk south, west, then north through an opening in the wall to
reach a chest with a Miracle Sword inside. Continue all the way west, then
north to the stairs in the northwest corner of this floor, and ascend them. On
the next floor, walk east, south, east, and south, going upstairs and moving
out the door onto a ledge outside the Wind Tower. Take the Blade Boomerang from
the vase here, then go back inside and downstairs, moving north, east, and
north to take the stairs here. Walk south on the next floor, then west,
climbing up the steps before scaling the ladder to the fifth floor. Move west,
south, all the way east, all the way north, and up the latest staircase. It's
just a short trek east, south, and west of here to the next staircase. 

From the stairs, you first want to go east, and open the chest here for an AGL
Scarf. If you go back west to the stairs, and continue past it, you'll reach a
vase with a MadPot hiding inside! Move a little east, then north, west, north,
east, north, and all the way east, to find two chests. The eastern chest is a
Mimic, but the west one has 1200G inside! Once you've set, walk back west, and
jump down the hole in the middle of the floor. Raid the chests for a DEFseed
and an AGLseed, then climb up two sets of stairs to F8. Travel west, north and
up the ladder here, being careful not to fall off the ledge until you want to.
^^ Move all the way east, falling down, then climbing up the middle ladder.
Walk east, climb the ladder to the top, then carefully fall off the east edge
of the ledge so that you fall on the low ledge in the east. Then just climb
this ladder, skip the nearby stairs, and climb the stairs to the west.

We're almost at the top! Travel south, through the door to the outside ledge of
the Tower, then go through the east door. Enter the middle room, walking past
the winged statue and going up another flight of stairs, before walking south
and up one more flight, to the top of the Wind Tower, and the Altar of Wind.
There's a hole in the center of the altar, and a powerful wind suddenly springs
up from it. It's soon found that the voice Sefana has been hearing, is no one
else but Firia! She says that her ungrown wings were the last wings the Lefa
Tribe was to get, and thus she's saved them for Sefana, to save the world now.
The Wind Robe should awaken the Wind Spirit, and its location is right up in
the air! ^^

You'll be in a very odd place here, SkyTown, a square of land which flips
around as you walk on it. You won't fall off, but it can be a bit confusing!
It's best to pick a direction or two to move in, so we can explore everything.
Start west, and enter the building you'll see, to find the Inn. The barrel here
hides a TinyMedal, and one of the citizens mentions that a monster took the
Wind Robe a long time ago. To the west of the Inn, you'll find a mysterious
locked building, which we can't enter now. To the north of there, you'll find a
house with lots of litter, and an AGLseed in a vase. The man in this building
refuses to listen to us, since his house is so messy, and he hints heavily that
help would be appreciated. Toss all the trash in the waste basket, then talk to
the man to find out he's the local Pendragon! For your help, he gives you the
Seal Key to the locked door we passed just a moment ago, so we can try to get
the Wind Robe back. We'll also receive the Halo Orb as we're leaving, so we can
go to the lower world and back if need be.

Before going to the locked door, we have one last place to go. From the front
doors of the Pendragon's house, cross the bridge and move two screens south, to
a Temple with a bell outside. You can save here if you need to, which may be a
really good idea. ^^; To the south of the Temple, you'll find the locked
Shrine, which we can now enter, stepping on the symbol on the ground to enter
the Wind Maze Area 1. This place can be just as confusing as SkyTown! ^^; While
you can start walking in different directions, it's best to keep it simple.
Because of this, and due to Start not recentering things exactly the same each
time, due to the last few flips you might've made determining what's north and
so on, I will give all directions as they will look on that particular screen,
with north still remaining towards the top of your screen.

Ready? Walk north two screens, then step on the symbol on the ground, to be
taken to Area 2. Walk east, down the step-like block to make the screen flip,
then walk south. Move north along the blocks until the screen flips, then walk
east for another flip, before walking west along the blocks until the screen
flips again. Now, walk south, then position yourself against the northern step
before walking east for the flip, then north for another flip, west for another
flip, then all the way east, but don't flip the screen yet! See the two blocks
sticking out to the north? Walk onto the western block, then walk west, falling
through the hole once the screen flips, moving north and stepping on the symbol
to reach Wind Maze Area 3.

Walk east, and open the chest for a TinyMedal, before walking three flips west,
continuing west on the path, but moving north for a screen flip. Move all the
way north, then east for a flip, followed by moving north again for a flip, so
we can go west and open the chest here for a Light Dress. Walk all the way
east, north for a flip, then a little east, south, west, and south along the
platforms. At the end, walk south for a flip, opening the chest for a Speed
Ring, then walk east a little, so you're near the hole, but don't jump in.
Instead, walk south for two flips, then fall down the hole. After falling, walk
east for a flip, then follow the platform north and west, until you find two
small platforms pointing west. Walk north of the southern platform, so the
screen flips, then jump down the hole here. Follow the top of the platform a
bit north, all the way west, north, west, and south to the wall. All you need
to do now, is go east for a screen flip, south for another screen flip, then
walk west before walking north for the last flip, and the symbol leading to
Wind Maze Area 4.

We're just about done here. ^^ So, walk south for four screen flips, to find a
chest infront of a statue. Open the chest, only to find that it is empty. It
does cause a monster to appear suddenly, though, named Nengal. He has the Wind
Robe, and he won't let us go without a fight, so let's kill him and get out of
this scary maze! Nengal is, well, a wimp. He will either charge a character, or
use SwordDanc. Since it's a random-target attack, chances are it won't hit a
character enough times to kill them, and you can always use your SageRock to
heal, or any other spells you might have. Set up a spell or skill to raise your
DEF, and you shouldn't have a problem ripping through him by this point of the
game! ^^ You'll get the Wind Robe when you win, and the statue will turn into a
symbol on the ground, to allow you to return to SkyTown safely.

Make your way to the Pendragon's house, and speak to him. His house's trashed
again, and he needs it clean before he can reward you for all you've done. Toss
the trash in the garbage, then speak to the Pendragon to get the Wind Hat!
We're all set to return to the world below, so step outside and use the Halo
Orb to return to the Wind Tower, walking back to Gorges, then crossing over the
river and entering the Lefa Fane. Make your way to the Spirit Statue, and place
the Wind Robe on it, to awaken the Wind Spirit.

The Wind Spirit is... well, an air-head, it seems. ^^; After hearing her
request for five years' worth of cute guys, and explaining to her what's going
on, she gives you the WindCharm, and after hitting on Gabo, heads off to Dharma
Temple. Start back towards the Traveler's Gate to the Fane Dome, and you'll
find that Sefana wishes to stay behind, to pray for her people. She'll wish you
well on your quest, though. Now, go back to the Traveler's Gate, and Dharma's
Temple, so we can complete the last bit of our quest.

3F. The Aqua Spirit and the Fall of the Demon Lord
Items: 1250G, AmitDonut, AquaCharm, BluePrint, Demon Spear, FishSub x 2, Fuego
       Helmet, Gaiala Armor, LarMirror, Life Ring, LostShard, Oceano Sword,
       Sorrow Shield, TinyMedal x 4, Tornado Shield, WorldLeaf, ? Shard x 2.

Now, we've awakened three of the four Elemental Spirits, as we were asked to
do by the Aqua Spirit. We're almost done! Walk out of the Ancient Fane, and
board Sharkeye's Ship. We're quickly greeted, and brought to Sharkeye. It seems
he other three Spirits are waiting for us, and use their powers to help the
Aquagon Sword point the way to the Aqua Spirit. The Aqua Spirit has been in
Rainbow Cove all this time! The Aquagon Sword falls into the water, awakening
the Aqua Spirit and breaking the seals on all the lands in the world. ^^ She
gives you the AquaCharm, before all four Spirits head to the Crystal Palace, to
ask God themselves what is really going on. 

Wow. >"< The four Spirits have successfully unmasked the false God, and
revealed him to be the Demon Lord, but they've been defeated and driven back
after using all their power to do so. The Crystal Palace is transformed to its
true state, and we're reunited with Melvin now, who says to go to Estard Castle
to get the Sky Stone. King Burns is okay now, too, and asks that you kill the
Demon Lord once and for all! Maribel will run back to Fishbel (that traitor!),
since you can only have four characters in your party at any one time. However,
you can go to her house in Fishbel to change your party around, so feel free to
pick a final party! ^^ If you go home, you should find that your dad was
rescued from the sea by Sharkeye, and he'll be okay. Yay!

Don't forget to turn in your TinyMedals, tend to the Immigrant Town and the
Monster Park, and update your WRF rankings. ^^ There is a lot we can do right
now, we have the entire world to visit, past or present again. It's best to
clear up the loose ends first, though, before progressing. Get on Sharkeye's
Boat, and sail it to the Sunken City, so we can talk to Gracos V. He's troubled
about the Demon Lord, and doesn't want to force his people to do any
conquesting. He doesn't think you can kill the Demon Lord, but offers you some
treasure. If you didn't beat him in Disk 1, you can open both chests, though
your Monster Book won't be complete. If you did beat him in Disk 1, you can
finally open this chest to get a Demon Spear. ^^

Now, north of the Immigrant Town, and a bit southeast of Fishbel, you'll find a
Gate. If you sail into it, and walk north, you will find the Undersea King,
assistant to the Aqua Spirit and guardian of the sea's creatures. He mentions
Anise, and seems to remember you from past Coastal still. Talk to him a second
time, and mention the monster you found in the Coral Cave. He'll be more than
happy to help, and tells you to tell the monster this. Go back to the Coral
Cave, and the monster there, to pass on the news, and get our reward: a ?

Now, go back to the Ancient Fane, and the jail door in the Fane Dome. Move
downstairs and examining the pedestal here, which is now active. Place the ?
Shard you received from Gracos V in the southwest corner of the pedestal, the ?
Shard from the ghosts in the Coral Cave in the northeast position, and the ?
Shard from the Medal King, if you've gotten it, in the northwest position.
Continue downstairs to the second pedestal, placing the ? Shard from under the
altar in Coastal Castle in the north position, then placing the ? Shard from
the Coastal Castle Casino in the southwest position. Lastly, place the ? Shard
you received from the monster in the Coral Cave in the center position. While
we can't complete these pedestals right now, the ? Shards are out of the
inventory at least. ^^

All set for the last bout with the Demon Lord? Hop on the Sky Stone, and start
flying to the Crystal Palace, now the Dark Palace. Fly over it, and you'll end
up on the top of the Palace, by a hole in the floor. Don't jump down the hole,
but instead walk north and over the side of the tower, walking west and through
the doorway. Here, go down the stairs, then the next flight of stairs, heading
to the basement where we picked the Final Key up earlier. In the center of the
floor, though, we'll find a large hole, and we can fight three MadPots here,
past the jail doors in the south, southeast, and northeast corners of the room.
Fight them or avoid them (though you have no real reason to avoid them, this
late in the game), then jump down the hole in the floor to descend into
unexplored territory.

Walk down the steps of the platform you land on, and enter one of the nearby
doors, moving down the stairs you find inside. Travel to the north, grabbing
the chest here and the LarMirror inside, before going back south and down the
ladder. Wade north through the swamp, down the stairs, then go southeast and
south to the steps. Descend them, and head towards the center door, avoiding
the glowing circle on the floor as you do. Walk west, south, and east in a
counter-clockwise way, continuing north past the stairs to reach a chest with a
TinyMedal inside, then go back and down the stairs. On the next floor, walk
around to the west side of the throne room, and descend the steps to reach the

Rather than walk down the ramp into the hole to the east, walk southeast to a
set of stairs. Open the chest down here only if you want a good fight, as this
is a DorasBox, a stronger form of the Cannibox and Mimic. Much harder than a
MadPot! ^^ Walk back upstairs, down the ramp, then walk to the northeast,
moving east to a chest with another TinyMedal inside. Head back west, then move
south past the ramp, then west a bit more to another set of stairs leading
down. This floor is... creepy. Walk west, down the stairs, then take a moment
to look at the spiky object to the south. This object is alive, and if you get
close enough, it will swallow you, spitting you out in another area of the
dungeon. Avoid the mouth to the south by walking further west, until you're
lined up with the last of the pulsating columns, then walk south to another

From here, walk all the way east, then all the way south, just avoiding the
nearby mouth. Walk west now, letting the mouth swallow you, then open this
chest for the Life Ring. Go west, all the way south, then up the stairs. Moving
north will get us eaten, so walk west instead, going north to reach a chest
with 1250G inside. Step east to get eaten, then open the chest in the northeast
for a WorldLeaf. Enter the cave, escaping this creepy floor momentarily, then
descending two flights of stairs. This area has plant-like chambers we can
enter, much like a normal room. The room to the east has a Sorrow Shield in the
purple swamp, but don't equip this cursed item! Leave the chamber, walking
northwest to another chamber, where we'll find a weird egg-like object. These
contain a single monster each, of the kinds you'd fight in this castle, so
never examine one without being ready for a fight! Leave, moving east to
another chamber, but don't enter, moving north to the next one. Enter here and
walk east if you want to break more eggs, otherwise do not enter and continue
north to another lone chamber. Move north, and you'll soon find many eggs. The
only ones you need to break are to the east, where they're blocking off a door.

Move through the door, and continue north, to reach another one. Walk all the
way easy before starting north, entering the cave inbetween the glowing moving
paths. About three steps north, and two steps east, of the skull in this room,
you can find a TinyMedal on the ground. Back outside, walk on the glowing path
to the west, walking west once we reach the top of the wall, and taking the
westernmost path of the three to the south. Climb down the wall here, then open
the chest for a BluePrint, then go back up the wall and east using the glowing
path again. Walk all the way east, then go north to the path, letting it take
you north and west. When you stop moving, continue west, using the rocks on the
wall to climb south, then move west to another glowing path. Move a few steps
east, taking the eastern of the two north glowing paths to the top of the
ledge, then take the path to the east, south. From here, just walk west, climb
down the wall, then enter the door here.

It seems like we're stuck at first. There're a few paths we could enter, but
not without help. Walk up the steps, onto the dais here. This's where we use
the Charms we've gotten from the Spirits, but we need to choose which one to
use, as we only need to make use of one. To get all the good treasure, though,
we'll want to go through each one, using Outside after we've cleared it, then
come back inside and use a different one. I'll cover each charm in turn,
starting with the FlameChrm. The plant in the east will explode, and we'll be
swept right into the chamber there. From where we end up, start walking east,
until we hit a large rock, then walk south to a chest with a Fuego Helmet
inside. Move back north and west to where we started, then walk northwest,
west, southwest, all the way north, all the way east, southeast a bit, then all
the way south, and east to a set of stairs. Walk west across the burning
bridge, down the ramps, and then down the stairs for two floors. Walk down the
steps, then move south out of the room, across the bridge, then stop before
touching the purple energy swirl. If you wanted to go back out of the Dark
Palace, you should do so now, as touching the energy swirl will bring you to
the final boss, and you can't Outside there.

Upon using the TerraChrm, the stone picture infront of you shatters, revealing
a path that you will be transported to. Start towards the northwest, moving
further north and down the stairs you find here. Move east, and when you see
the small room to the north, that you seemingly can't get into, press against
the center of the wall. The wall will break, letting you inside. Move north
through three more walls, then east through one wall, and get the chests here
for the Gaiala Armor, and a TinyMedal. Retrace your steps back to the stairs,
going up them, then going directly north and through the wall. Walk through the
eastern wall all the way to the north, then walk north and east through another
wall, going all the way east before moving south through the wall. Move south
to the southern wall, east and south through another wall, and go down the
stairs here. On this next floor, walk east, then north to the wall, moving
through either the west or east wall, your choice, before walking through the
center of the northern wall. Cast Outside if you need to, or step on the purple
energy swirl to proceed.

Once you raise the WindCharm, a tornado will appear above the water, and sweep
your party to the door. You will soon find yourself in another one of those odd
gravity mazes! No! ;_; As before, all directions will be from that perspective
onscreen, not those given by pressing the Start button as normal. From the
start, walk south inside of the square so the screen flips, but do this from
the southern side. Walk all the way north, west so the screen flips, then make
your way east and north along the platform. When you hit the northern wall,
walk west so the screen flips, then move north for another flip. Walk a little
north, then walk east for two screen flips, and open the chest for the Tornado
Shield. ^^ Move back two screens west, for two flips, then walk south for
another flip. After making the screen flip as you walk west, move further west
along the platform until you see a hole. Move north for a screen flip, jump
down the hole, then move west and fall down this next hole, to land inside of a
building. Travel to the northern part of this building, through the air lock,
and you'll land in another maze. It's much smaller, thankfully. So, move north,
let the screen flip, then walk off the west side of the plus-shaped platforms,
for another screen flip, then take a step south for another flip. Move all the
way west along the platforms, and flip the screen south. Maneuver yourself
south, west, south, and south for a screen flip, then walk west to the center
of the large platform, and just move north for two flips to reach the purple
energy swirl. Remember, if you want to leave with your Tornado Shield, you need
to use Outside before touching the purple energy.

This's the path for the AquaCharm. When you use it, the water receeds beneath
you, and you're brought into a pond of shallow water. Start to walk to the
northwest, out of the rock circle you're in, then head north as you reach the
next rock. Maneuver through the few rocks in your way, and go straight north
through the door. In this next room, walk west, then move to the west of the
nearby steps and continue north until you see a set of stairs to the west that
we can't reach yet. Move east, up the steps to the north, then go southeast,
west, and down the stairs. Head west, up the next set of stairs, then walk
south to the chest, which contains a ? Shard. Neat! Retrace your steps back
north, down the stairs, and east through the small underground area, before
going south to another set of stairs. Move downstairs again on the next floor,
but don't step on the purple energy swirl. Walk instead to the north of it, and
you will spot a door underneath the waterfall. There's a chest in this room,
where you can find the Oceano Sword. Wai! ^^ Now, remember, if you want to save
these items, you need to Outside now, before stepping on the energy swirl. 

Here we are, the final room of the Dark Palace. Keep walking north, stepping on
the switches to raise the floor, then step on the final block to be brought up
to Orgodemir's throne. After telling you of the futility of challenging him,
and telling about what he'll do to your corpses, combat will begin! Orgodemir
will be in his monster form at first, using his tail to smack you, and spitting
cold and fire breath attacks. Barrier would help, as will your stronger
attacks. After enough damage, Orgodemir will be in his winged humanoid form,
and combat will resume. His attacks pick up in variety and strength, the Demon
Lord certainly not being hesitant to slay any party-members will low HP, so try
to stay healed above all else. As the battle continues, Orgodemir's body will
twist and rot, ending up in a combination of his two prior forms. This form can
use ConfuHit, which can be a royal pain if you can't cure it. Also beware of
his terrifying cry, which hits everyone for a good amount of damage. This isn't
Orgodemir's final form, though, he has a fourth one as well, which is like a
melted monster form. He can hurl pieces of his flesh, which is a fancy term for
calling a Bulbose or a Dagorlach to help him, and surprise you with a blast of
MegaMagic! Just do your best, and you'll triumph! Just don't use Time Sand,
unless you want to start over from the first form. ^^;

Orgodemir is finally dead, and the Dark Palace has crumbled. Yay, good for you!
^^ You will ride the floating platform all of the way up to the Sky Fane,
convieniently enough, and have an audience with the Great Priest. After the
thanks, walk downstairs, and talk to the soldier here before going outside.
Climb on the floating platform, and Melvin will take his leave, if he's with
you. This's where he belongs, he feels, and hopes you understand. The Sky Stone
will fly to Dharma Temple next, where everyone's overjoyed over the news. Even
Brugeo's here, planning on trying to buy the Dark Palace. ^^; Once you're done
talking to the happy people, head outside and visit Gorges. Across the bridge
and inside the mountain on the other side, you'll find a wingless Sefana
waiting for you. Her wings returned to Firia now that the Demon Lord has been
defeated, and the people here feel blessed to have both you and the Wind Spirit
watching over them.

The next Sky Stone stop is Mezar, where many citizens wonder why Ragley isn't
with you. Talk to Nicola in his house, and sure enough, Ragley will wander in
wounded, mentioning how he is back from killing the Demon Lord. He asks that
you fib a bit and say he was with you, and if you do, he will at least credit
you with giving the Demon Lord the death blow. ^^ After this, fly to the Palace
of Dune, and you'll find that Saide is all ready to start his own adventure,
thanks to us. The local Priest is going to be a disciple of a cat, it seems,
since the Shaman has told him to be, and the three egotistical sons of the Dune
Chief are ready to try to seduce the Queen. She's very happy that you've proven
your worth, both as Saviors of the Desert, and of the world, and she promises
that her people will never forget you.

In Engow, the Chief will realize that he's focused too much on making the city
bigger, and too little on the Flame Spirit. There will be a Fire Festival that
night, and you'll be invited to throw your torches in first. Maybe now people
will make sure the Flame Spirit will never weaken so much again. ^^ The next
stop is Mardra, where Princess Michaela greets you happily. She even invites
you down to her bedroom, to sneak a kiss and the offer to be her boyfriend.
Ooo! ^^ The Halflings' Village is the next stop, where you'll get a marriage
offer from a female warrior, and the King will try to hit on all your female
party-members. Poor Queen! ^^; The Sky Stone floats over to Sharkeye's Ship
once you are done here, with Bolonga leading you to Sharkeye. You'll be given a
job offer, and among the flash of fireworks, you'll be on the way to your
triumphant return to Estard.

Instead of talking to the people in the Castle, turn around and walk out,
heading to the well where we found the Pearl Orb before. At the bottom of the
well, you'll find the LostShard, which definitely seems misplaced. Walk down
the stairs in Estard that leads to the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff, but instead
of going towards his house, pass through the jail doors, and down the southern
path. Move south, east, south, east, and south to reach a ledge outside with a
lone chest. The chest's empty, but we can put something inside if we want.
Place the LostShard we found in the chest, and let the game save to your Memory
Card. Why? You'll see later. ^^ Return to the Castle, where your spare
party-member will rejoin, and King Burns will thank you all, including Kiefer,
marveling at how such a simple event as taking the Queen's ring resulted in
unsealing the world and slaying the Demon Lord. The entire world celebrates
with parties and festivals, and soon it's time for sleep.

It's time for the Amitt Harvest again! Your mother says you are now accepted as
a man in this village, and that you're allowed to sail with your dad finally.
Take the two Fish Subs, and head to the harbor, getting a free AmitDonut from
merchant there. Wave to Gabo, and speak to your father, who seems to feel that
your slaying of the Demon Lord isn't as hard as sailing on a boat, before
sending you below deck. Guess who's stowing away again? That's right, Maribel!
Before she gets thrown off, though, Borkano makes an exception and lets her
accompany the crew. When you're ready to see the ending, walk up to the deck,
and the boat will set sail for the high seas, and more adventures! And, one
last message after the credits...

3G. Wrath of God: The First Bonus Dungeon
Items: Life Ring, Magic Hat, SageRock, Slime Suit, STRseed x 2, TinyMedal x 3,
       ? Shard.

Well, you've done it. The game's beaten, and you've got the Demon Lord to kick
around whenever you feel like it. But is there more to the game? Yes, there's
still two pedestals to complete, that we could not do until now. ^^ Remember
that chest we put the LostShard in? Go back there using the file you saved to,
and rather than a LostShard, you will get a ? Shard. Take this to the Ancient
Fane, and the first pedestal underneath the Fane Dome, and place the ? Shard in
the southeast position. If you have gotten the ? Shard from beating Gracos V,
received the ? Shard from the ghost children in the past Coral Cave, and
redeemed 100 TinyMedals for another ? Shard, this pedestal should be complete.
While you're here, you may as well place the ? Shard from the Aqua Cave, if you
found it, on the second pedestal under the Fane Dome, in the southeast

On the other side of the first bonus pedestal, you will find a large island
with a cave at its center. This's our destination, so walk inside, and start
moving north, continuing north when the path splits, then going east to a chest
with a STRseed inside. Walk back west, south, then east, south, east, and north
to some stairs leading up. Next, go southeast, then up another flight of
stairs, before moving west to a pool of water. Move north of it, northeast,
north, and west to another flight of stairs. Incase you've not noticed yet,
many of the rooms in this cave are replications of previous dungeons. with this
latest floor one of the mazes from the World's Tallest Tower. Fortunately, it's
the easy maze, so move a bit north, all the way east, all the way south, then
go into the break in the wall to the west. Walk west, north, all the way west,
south, west, south, and west to go up the stairs again.

Now it looks like the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff's house! The eastern bookcase
has a MadBook in it, and the vase to the east has a TinyMedal. Outside, break
the barrels to the east for another STRseed, then enter the nearby cave. It's
much like the Hobbit's Cave, so move north, east, north, northwest, west,
south, east, north and down the ladder, to reach a different cave. Go all the
way to the south, then west all of the way, before walking north and east to
some stairs leading back down. On this next floor, which is a level from Mt.
Flame, walk south to the lava pool, then east to a set of stairs going down.
Now, walk west, north under the bridge, then west down the stairs, to arrive
at a place very similar to the Coral Cave.

The hard monsters we've been fighting have been replaced by weak StarFish and
similar water monsters, so feel free to Slumber to recover anything you might
have used up getting here as you head east. Move north when you can, then west,
going up the stairs to find an area reminiscent of the Time Vortex. Take the
path west, dropping down from the ledge before going north, and getting the
Life Ring from the chest. Walk all the way south, step on the circle on the
floor to be teleported, then go west along the path, north to some empty vases,
then east until you find a door. Remember it, but don't go in yet, instead
taking the southern path, well, south, and walking all the way west along the
snaking path to reach a chest with a SageRock! ^^ Now you may go back to the
door, and go through it.

In this newest cave, walk north, northeast, east, north and through the door,
continuing north between the rocks. Start moving west, north and then east over
a bridge, going up a ramp and down two others, before walking south and west
inside the doorway. Here, you'll want to walk north, northwest under the
bridge, then circle clockwise around the pond and open the chest here to find
nothing. ^^; Go back under the bridge to the southeast, then walk south and
west so you can scale the ramps here, and cross northeast over the bridge. When
you reach the water, open the chest in the northeast corner for a Magic Hat,
then go to the southern edge of the lake and climb down the ladder here, and
enter the cave. Walk north, east, and north to find a chest with a TinyMedal
inside. Yay! Go back south and west, then south out the door, climbing up the
ladder and leaving the screen to the north.

In this small little room, go northwest, up the ramp, then east and through the
door behind the waterfall. This dungeon now looks like the Mountain Hut where
the priests of Dharma were being held at one time. Walk east past the first
building, then climb up the steps and in the door. Here, you'll find a monster
who is acting as a priest, and can even save your game. That's service! ^^ Back
out the door, walk down and up the steps to the east, and examine the well to
fight a WellGhost if you want to. Inside the nearby house, you can get a Slime
Suit from the dresser, and a TinyMedal from the barrel. The two pots contain
MadPots, too, if you want to kill another one. Now, go back outside, enter the
cave, and cross the bridge to the east, so we can go inside of the next door we

than God. Not a fake one, this time, but the actual God. He explains that at
the end of the battle with the Demon Lord, he made it so that humans could
repair and reshape the world again, and thus no longer need his help. He makes
an offer to allow you to fight him, though, to test your abilities. Accept,
because that's why we came here! He kindly heals you up to full, before getting
ready to release the Wrath of God on you. ^^ Don't let his features, which
remind me of a cross between Noah and Ziggy, fool you, as he's a very tough
fight, and he'll quickly dispatch you if you don't treat him as one. For now, I
am going to let you formulate your own strategies against him, but you'll want
to have a speedy victory. ^^ Good luck!


4A. Weapons
Weapons're what help you destroy all the monsters! Your character has natural
strength, STR, which is added to the weapon's ATK power, to get your final ATK
stat. Certain people can only equip certain weapons. Here're the abbreviations:
H = Hero, K = Kiefer, M = Maribel, G = Gabo, E = Melvin, A = Aira. If there's
an O, that person can use the weapon. If there's an X, that person can't use
the weapon. Note, Gabo will actually lose ATK for using some weapons, even
though he can equip them.

Name            | Buy    | Sell   | Stats            | HKMGEA | Notes
2Edged Sword    | N/A    | 2500G  | +117 ATK,        | OXXXXO | Part of the
                |        |        | +13 APR          |        | damage dealt
                |        |        |                  |        | hits the user.
                |        |        |                  |        | Cursed.
Aquagon Sword   | N/A    | N/A    | +125 ATK,        | OXXXXX | Uses Tsunami
                |        |        | +52 APR          |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Bastard Sword   | 31000G | 15500G | +109 ATK,        | OXXXXO | None
                |        |        | +32 APR          |        |
Battle Axe      | 6500G  | 3250G  | +49 ATK, +15 APR | OXXXXO | None
Blade Boomerang | 2300G  | 1150G  | +26 ATK, +19 APR | OXXOXX | Attacks all
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Bless Wand      | N/A    | 315G   | +15 ATK, +16 APR | XXOXOX | Casts HealMore
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Bone Knife      | 110G   | 55G    | +6 ATK, +3 APR   | XXXOXX | None
Bolt Wand       | N/A    | 1650G  | +28 ATK, +24 APR | XXOXOX | Casts Firebane
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Boomerang       | 650G   | 325G   | +15 ATK, +5 APR  | OXXOXX | Attacks all
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Bounce Sword    | 6200G  | 3100G  | +55 ATK, +35 APR | OXXXXO | Casts Bounce
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Bronze Knife    | N/A    | 75G    | +9 ATK, +8 APR   | XXOOOO | None
Bug Knife       | N/A    | 475G   | +23 ATK, +13 APR | XXOXOX | Paralyzes
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Chain Whip      | 2500G  | 1250G  | +33 ATK, +18 APR | XXOXOO | Attacks an
                |        |        |                  |        | enemy group.
Club            | 110G   | 55G    | +8 ATK, +5 APR   | OOXOOO | None
Copper Sword    | 220G   | 110G   | +11 ATK, +9 APR  | OOXOOO | None
Dagger          | 1500G  | 750G   | +30 ATK, +11 APR | XXOXXX | Randomly kills
                |        |        |                  |        | in one hit.
Deja Sword      | N/A    | N/A    | +90 ATK, +45 APR | OXXXOO | Randomly causes
                |        |        |                  |        | LureDance.
Demon Hammer    | N/A    | 7500G  | +115 ATK,        | OXXXXO | Criticals each
                |        |        | +33 APR          |        | hit, but misses
                |        |        |                  |        | often. Cursed.
Demon Spear     | N/A    | 12500G | +99 ATK, +19 APR | XXOXOO | Randomly kills
                |        |        |                  |        | in one hit.
Destruct Sword  | 5400G  | 2700G  | +42 ATK, +23 APR | OXXXOO | Casts Firebal
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Devil Claw      | 35000G | 17500G | +90 ATK, +29 APR | XXXOXX | Badly poisons
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Dragon Claw     | 21000G | 10500G | +85 ATK, +35 APR | XXXOXX | None
Dragon Sword    | 20000G | 10000G | +83 ATK, +35 APR | OXXXXO | Deals more
                |        |        |                  |        | damage to
                |        |        |                  |        | Dragons.
Dragon Whip     | 7500G  | 3750G  | +52 ATK, +33 APR | OXXXOO | Attacks an
                |        |        |                  |        | enemy group.
Falcon Sword    | 10000T | 12500G | +67 ATK, +32 APR | OXXXOO | Attacks twice a
                |        |        |                  |        | turn.
Flame Boomerang | 13000G | 6500G  | +65 ATK, +25 APR | OXXOXX | Attacks all
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Flame Claw      | 7700G  | 3850G  | +53 ATK, +21 APR | XXXOXX | Hits with a
                |        |        |                  |        | secondary
                |        |        |                  |        | attack that
                |        |        |                  |        | looks like a
                |        |        |                  |        | non-magical
                |        |        |                  |        | Blaze. Casts
                |        |        |                  |        | Blazemore when
                |        |        |                  |        | used in battle.
Flame Sword     | 22500G | 11250G | +87 ATK, +33 APR | OXXXXO | Hits with a
                |        |        |                  |        | secondary
                |        |        |                  |        | attack that
                |        |        |                  |        | looks like a
                |        |        |                  |        | non-magical
                |        |        |                  |        | Blaze. Casts
                |        |        |                  |        | Bang when used
                |        |        |                  |        | in battle.
Godeus Sword    | 23000G | 11500G | +97 ATK, +45 APR | OXXXXO | Casts Defense
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Hacksaw Sword   | 8800G  | 4400G  | +54 ATK, -2 APR  | OXXXXO | None
Hammer          | 2100G  | 1050G  | +31 ATK, +6 APR  | XXXXXO | None
Hero Wand       | 18500G | 9250G  | +103 ATK,        | XXXXOX | Casts Barrier
                |        |        | +60 APR          |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Holy Spear      | 3300G  | 1650G  | +36 ATK, +17 APR | OXXXOO | None
Ice Claw        | 9000G  | 4500G  | +62 ATK, +31 APR | XXXOXX | Hits with a
                |        |        |                  |        | secondary
                |        |        |                  |        | attack that
                |        |        |                  |        | looks like a
                |        |        |                  |        | non-magical
                |        |        |                  |        | IceBolt. Casts
                |        |        |                  |        | SnowStorm when
                |        |        |                  |        | used in battle.
Iron Axe        | 4000G  | 2000G  | +38 ATK, +6 APR  | OOXOXO | None
Iron Claw       | 920G   | 460G   | +21 ATK, +15 APR | XXXOXX | None
Iron Spear      | 1000G  | 500G   | +23 ATK, +8 APR  | OOXOOO | None
Judge Wand      | N/A    | ?G     | +? ATK, +? APR   | ?X???? | Casts Infernos
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Kings Sword     | N/A    | 22500G | +120 ATK,        | OXXXXO | None
                |        |        | +55 APR          |        |
Knife           | 200G   | 100G   | +14 ATK, +7 APR  | OOOOOO | None
Lava Wand       | N/A    | 4750G  | +63 ATK, +30 APR | XXOXOO | Uses Magma when
                |        |        |                  |        | used in battle.
Leather Whip    | 1300G  | 650G   | +25 ATK, +13 APR | XXOXXO | Attacks an
                |        |        |                  |        | enemy group.
Lune Fan        | 7700G  | 3850G  | +60 ATK, +30 APR | XXOXXO | None
Mace            | 5500G  | 2750G  | +43 ATK, +14 APR | XXOXOO | Attacks an
                |        |        |                  |        | enemy group.
Mallet          | 410G   | 205G   | +14 ATK, -5 APR  | XOXXXO | None
Miracle Sword   | N/A    | 1000G  | +100 ATK,        | OXXXOO | Restores some
                |        |        | +38 APR          |        | HP when you
                |        |        |                  |        | physically
                |        |        |                  |        | attack.
Mist Wand       | 6800G  | 3400G  | +40 ATK, +18 APR | XXOXOX | Casts StopSpell
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Monster Claw    | 17000G | 8500G  | +73 ATK, +25 APR | XXXOXX | Paralyses
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Needle          | 11000G | 5500G  | +45 ATK, +32 APR | XXOXXO | Attacks twice a
                |        |        |                  |        | turn.
Oceano Sword    | N/A    | N/A    | +140 ATK,        | OXXXOO | Hits with a
                |        |        | +60 APR          |        | secondary
                |        |        |                  |        | attack that
                |        |        |                  |        | looks like a
                |        |        |                  |        | non-magical ?.
                |        |        |                  |        | Casts TwinHits
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Pixy Sword      | 8500G  | 4250G  | +58 ATK, +30 APR | OXXXOO | Casts Upper
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Platinum Sword  | N/A    | 1500G  | +60 ATK, +45 APR | OXXXOO | None
Poison Dagger   | N/A    | 1450G  | +1 ATK, +15 APR  | XXOOOX | Randomly kills
                |        |        |                  |        | in one hit.
Pole            | 50G    | 25G    | +5 ATK, +1 APR   | OOOOOO | None
Power Claw      | 7100G  | 3550G  | +40 ATK, +20 APR | OXXOXO | None
Rock Axe        | 810G   | 405G   | +19 ATK, +4 APR  | XOXOXO | None
Rosevine Whip   | 770G   | 385G   | +18 ATK, +7 APR  | XXOXXO | Attacks an
                |        |        |                  |        | enemy group.
Sage Wand       | 15000G | 7500G  | +50 ATK, +12 APR | XXOXOX | Casts HealMore
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Sea Roar Wand   | 14000G | 7000G  | +74 ATK, +42 APR | OXOXOX | Uses Tsunami
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Seduce Sword    | 9800G  | 4900G  | +70 ATK, +51 APR | XXOXXO | Confuses
                |        |        |                  |        | enemies.
Shears          | 6000G  | 3000G  | +47 ATK, -1 APR  | XXXXXO | None
Sickle          | 1700G  | 850G   | +27 ATK, +13 APR | XXXOOO | None
Sleep Wand      | 4200G  | 2100G  | +32 ATK, +15 APR | XXOXOX | Casts Sleep
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Steel Claw      | 4200G  | 2100G  | +35 ATK, +8 APR  | XXXOXX | None
Steel Sword     | 2800G  | 1400G  | +33 ATK, +16 APR | OXXOOO | None
Steel Whip      | 9500G  | 4750G  | +65 ATK, +22 APR | XXOXXO | Attacks an
                |        |        |                  |        | enemy group.
Stick           | 10G    | 5G     | +2 ATK           | OOOOOO | None
Stone Claw      | 340G   | 170G   | +12 ATK, +3 APR  | XXXOXX | None
Tempt Sword     | 7300G  | 3650G  | +65 ATK, +28 APR | OXXXOO | Randomly causes
                |        |        |                  |        | Sleep.
Thunder Sword   | 24000G | 12000G | +95 ATK, +40 APR | OXXXOO | Casts Zap when
                |        |        |                  |        | used in battle.
Ultimate Whip   | N/A    | 5000G  | +145 ATK,        | OXOXOO | Attacks an
                |        |        | +57 APR          |        | enemy group.
War Hammer      | 12000G | 6000G  | +64 ATK, +19 APR | OXXXXO | None
Wind Wand       | N/A    | 500G   | +35 ATK, +20 APR | XXOXOX | Casts Infermore
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Wizard Wand     | 1500G  | 750G   | +15 ATK, +11 APR | XXOXOX | Casts Blaze
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Zombie Sword    | 15000G | 7500G  | +75 ATK, +5 APR  | OXXXOO | Deals more
                |        |        |                  |        | damage to
                |        |        |                  |        | Zombies.

4B. Armor
Armor's what helps you block all the hits those monsters will dish out. Armor
adds to your final DEF stat. Certain people can only equip certain armor.
Here're the abbreviations: H = Hero, K = Kiefer, M = Maribel, G = Gabo, E =
Melvin, A = Aira. If there's an O, that person can use the armor. If there's an
X, that person can't use the armor.

Name           | Buy    | Sell   | Stats            | HKMGEA | Notes
Angel Bikini   | N/A    | 10500G | +93 DEF, +72 APR | XXOXXO | Reduces the
               |        |        |                  |        | chance of a
               |        |        |                  |        | successful
               |        |        |                  |        | instant death
               |        |        |                  |        | attack.
Angel Robe     | 11000G | 5500G  | +55 DEF, +55 APR | XXOXOO | Reduces the
               |        |        |                  |        | chance of a
               |        |        |                  |        | successful
               |        |        |                  |        | instant death
               |        |        |                  |        | attack.
Blade Armor    | 6500G  | 3250G  | +55 DEF, +15 APR | OXXXXO | Reflects some of
               |        |        |                  |        | the damage
               |        |        |                  |        | received in
               |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Bolero Robe    | N/A    | 5000G  | +40 DEF, -50 APR | OXOOOO | ???
Boxer Shorts   | 100G   | 50G    | +8 DEF, -100 APR | OOXOOX | None
Bronze Armor   | 1350G  | 675G   | +23 DEF, +12 APR | OOXXXO | None
Bunny Dress    | 3300G  | 1650G  | +17 DEF, +38 APR | XXOXXO | None
Chain Armor    | 1050G  | 525G   | +20 DEF, +23 APR | OOXXOO | None
Cloth          | 25G    | 12G    | +3 DEF           | XXOOXX | None
Cloth Suit     | 30G    | 15G    | +4 DEF, +2 APR   | OOOOOO | None
Dancer Suit    | 1500G  | 750G   | +20 DEF, +25 APR | XXOXXO | None
Demon Armor    | N/A    | 4500G  | +85 DEF, +12 APR | OXXXXO | Cursed.
Devil Armor    | N/A    | 3500G  | +65 DEF, +15 APR | OXXXXO | Paralyses the
               |        |        |                  |        | wearer in
               |        |        |                  |        | battle. Cursed.
Dragon Armor   | 15000G | 7500G  | +60 DEF, +37 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from fire.
Dragon Robe    | 40000G | 20000G | +95 DEF, +60 APR | OXOXOX | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from many
               |        |        |                  |        | sources.
Evade Suit     | 3000G  | 1500G  | +28 DEF, +11 APR | XXOOOX | Dodge attacks
               |        |        |                  |        | more often.
Flame Armor    | 21000G | 10500G | +70 DEF, +33 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from cold and
               |        |        |                  |        | magic attacks.
Fur Robe       | 900G   | 450G   | +18 DEF, +18 APR | XXOOXO | None
Gaiala Armor   | N/A    | N/A    | +125 DEF,        | OXXXOX | Reduces damage
               |        |        | +55 APR          |        | from fire and
               |        |        |                  |        | magic attacks.
Gigant Armor   | 35000G | 17500G | +92 DEF, +15 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from fire and
               |        |        |                  |        | cold.
Glam Robe      | 2500G  | 1250G  | +28 DEF, +35 APR | OOXOOX | None
Heavy Armor    | 9500G  | 4750G  | +50 DEF, -30 APR | OXXOOO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from fire and
               |        |        |                  |        | cold attacks.
Innocent Dress | N/A    | N/A    | +30 DEF, +45 APR | XXXXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.
Iron Plate     | 2000G  | 1000G  | +26 DEF, +4 APR  | OXXXOO | None
Iron Armor     | 3300G  | 1650G  | +30 DEF, +19 APR | OXXXXO | None
King's Dress   | N/A    | 14000G | +105 DEF,        | XXXXXO | None
               |        |        | +60 APR          |        |
Leather Armor  | 180G   | 90G    | +11 DEF, +15 APR | OOXXOO | None
Leather Dress  | 680G   | 340G   | +17 DEF, +15 APR | XXOXXO | None
Leather Pants  | 310G   | 155G   | +11 DEF, -20 APR | XOXOOX | None
Light Dress    | N/A    | 4400G  | +75 DEF, +61 APR | XXOXXO | Will sometimes
               |        |        |                  |        | Bounce spells
               |        |        |                  |        | while worn.
Magic Armor    | 11000G | 5500G  | +47 DEF, +38 APR | OXXXOO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.
Magic Robe     | 4000G  | 2000G  | +30 DEF, +20 APR | XXOOOX | Reduces damage
               | 1000T  |        |                  |        | from spells.
Mirror Armor   | 38000G | 19000G | +95 DEF, +50 APR | OXXXXO | Will sometimes
               |        |        |                  |        | Bounce spells
               |        |        |                  |        | while worn.
Noble Robe     | N/A    | 600G   | +21 DEF, +28 APR | XOXXOO | None
Party Dress    | N/A    | 5900G  | +40 DEF, +48 APR | XXOXXO | None
Pirate Suit    | 4200G  | 2100G  | +32 DEF, +30 APR | OXXXOX | None
Princess Dress | 20000G | 10000G | +85 DEF, +72 APR | XXOXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.
Sacred Armor   | 20000T | 5000G  | +75 DEF, +55 APR | OXOXOO | Restores some HP
               |        |        |                  |        | after every
               |        |        |                  |        | turn.
Scale Armor    | 450G   | 225G   | +15 DEF, +9 APR  | OOXXOO | None
Shell Armor    | 880G   | 440G   | +18 DEF, -25 APR | OOXXOO | None
Shell Suit     | 3800G  | 1900G  | +33 DEF, -15 APR | XXXOXX | None
Silk Corset    | 7800G  | 3900G  | +38 DEF, +45 APR | XXOXXO | None
SilkRobe       | 600G   | 300G   | +13 DEF, +28 APR | XXOXOO | None
SilkTux Robe   | N/A    | 1750G  | +10 DEF, +40 APR | OXXXOX | None
Silver Armor   | 9100G  | 4550G  | +43 DEF, +40 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.
Silver Plate   | 6000G  | 3000G  | +36 DEF, +30 APR | OXXXXO | None
Skirt          | 8700G  | 4350G  | +45 DEF, +35 APR | XXOXXO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.
Slime Armor    | 15000G | 7500G  | +67 DEF, +30 APR | OXXOOX | None
Slime Suit     | 1200G  | 600G   | +20 DEF, 13 APR  | OXXOXX | None
Spangle Dress  | N/A    | 5750G  | +50 DEF, +52 APR | XXOXXO | None
Spirit Armor   | 12000G | 6000G  | +55 DEF, +35 APR | OXXXOO | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.
Steel Armor    | 5000G  | 2500G  | +34 DEF, +27 APR | OXXXXO | None
Traveler Suit  | 70G    | 35G    | +7 DEF, +6 APR   | OOOOOO | None
Trendy Robe    | N/A    | 6600G  | +40 DEF, +47 APR | OXXXOX | None
Viking Armor   | 7000G  | 3500G  | +38 DEF, +20 APR | OXXXXO | None
Water Robe     | 16800G | 8400G  | +65 DEF, +42 APR | XXOOOX | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from fire and
               |        |        |                  |        | magic attacks.
Wind Robe      | N/A    | N/A    | +38 DEF, +48 APR | XXOOOX | None
Wizard Robe    | 4200G  | 2100G  | +37 DEF, +10 APR | XXOXOX | Reduces damage
               |        |        |                  |        | from spells.

4C. Shields
Shields work just like armor, with points added to your DEF stat. They let you
get a higher DEF than you could with just Levels and your armor. Certain people
can only equip certain shields. Here're the abbreviations: H = Hero, K =
Kiefer, M = Maribel, G = Gabo, E = Melvin, A = Aira. If there's an O, that
person can use the shield. If there's an X, that person can't use the shield.

Name            | Buy    | Sell   | Stats            | HKMGEA | Notes
Bronze Shield   | 470G   | 235G   | +11 DEF, +7 APR  | OOXXOO | None
Dolphin Shield  | 5000T  | 600G   | +28 DEF, +28 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from water
                |        |        |                  |        | attacks.
Dragon Shield   | 7100G  | 3550G  | +26 DEF, +25 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from fire and
                |        |        |                  |        | cold attacks.
Expel Shield    | 11000G | 5500G  | +32 DEF, +18 APR | OXXXXO | Casts Expel
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Flame Shield    | 17000G | 8500G  | +36 DEF, +22 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from cold and
                |        |        |                  |        | magic attacks.
Heal Shield     | 25000G | 12500G | +40 DEF, +33 APR | OXOOXO | Casts HealMore
                |        |        |                  |        | when used in
                |        |        |                  |        | battle.
Ice Shield      | 3800G  | 1900G  | +24 DEF, +17 APR | OXXOXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from fire and
                |        |        |                  |        | magic attacks.
Iron Shield     | 920G   | 460G   | +13 DEF, +12 APR | OOXXXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from fire and
                |        |        |                  |        | cold attacks.
Kitten Shield   | 310G   | 155G   | +9 DEF, +8 APR   | XXOOXX | None
Leather Shield  | 70G    | 35G    | +4 DEF, +2 APR   | OOXXXO | None
Magic Shield    | 5000G  | 2500G  | +18 DEF, +21 APR | OXOXOO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from magic
                |        |        |                  |        | attacks.
MetlKing Shield | N/A    | 5000G  | +70 DEF, +40 APR | OXXOOO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from many
                |        |        |                  |        | sources.
Platinum Shield | 3500G  | 1750G  | +25 DEF, +40 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from spells and
                |        |        |                  |        | fire.
Pot Lid Shield  | 40G    | 20G    | +2 DEF, -20 APR  | OXOOOX | None
Scale Shield    | 180G   | 90G    | +7 DEF, +4 APR.  | OOXXOO | None
Silver Shield   | 33000G | 16500G | +50 DEF, +38 APR | OXOOOO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from spells and
                |        |        |                  |        | fire.
Sorrow Shield   | N/A    | 90G    | +42 DEF, -5 APR  | OXXXXO | Half the damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from physical
                |        |        |                  |        | attacks hit a
                |        |        |                  |        | party-member.
                |        |        |                  |        | Cursed.
Tornado Shield  | N/A    | N/A    | +60 DEF, +30 APR | OXXXOO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from cold and
                |        |        |                  |        | magic attacks.
Tray Shield     | 1000G  | 500G   | +15 DEF, +23 APR | XXOXXO | None
White Shield    | 2000G  | 1000G  | +16 DEF, +15 APR | OXOXOO | None

4D. Helmets
Helmets works just like armor, with points added to your DEF stat. They let you
get a higher DEF than you could with just Levels and your armor. Many helmets
also have bonus uses. Certain people can only use certain helmets. Here're the
abbreviations: H = Hero, K = Kiefer, M = Maribel, G = Gabo, E = Melvin, A =
Aira. If there's an O, that person can use the helmet. If there's an X, that
person can't use the helmet.

Name            | Buy    | Sell   | Stats            | HKMGEA | Notes
Berserkr Helmet | N/A    | 900G   | +42 DEF, +8 APR  | XXXOXO | Confuses the
                |        |        |                  |        | wearer. Cursed.
Bunny Tiara     | 750G   | 375G   | +15 DEF, +15 APR | XXOXXO | None
Captain Hat     | 2800G  | 1400G  | +19 DEF, +21 APR | OXXOOX | None
Dugon Helmet    | 26500G | 13250G | +40 DEF, +26 APR | OXXOXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from magic.
Fuego Helmet    | N/A    | N/A    | +53 DEF, +33 APR | OXXXXO | Reduces damage
                |        |        |                  |        | from magic.
Fur Hat         | 500G   | 250G   | +11 DEF, +13 APR | XXOOXO | None
Great Helmet    | 30000G | 15000G | +45 DEF, +30 APR | OXXXXO | None
HairBand        | 100G   | 50G    | +4 DEF, +10 APR  | XXOXXO | None
Horned Hat      | 70G    | 35G    | +5 DEF, -2 APR   | OOXOXX | None
Intelli Helmet  | N/A    | 10500G | +37 DEF, +21 APR | OXXXOO | +15 to
                |        |        |                  |        | Intelligence.
Iron Helmet     | 1100G  | 550G   | +16 DEF, +15 APR | OOXXOO | None
IronMask        | 3500G  | 1750G  | +22 DEF, +15 APR | OXXXXO | None
Joy Hat         | N/A    | 10000G | +37 DEF, -17 APR | OXOOOX | Restores MP
                |        |        |                  |        | every few
                |        |        |                  |        | steps.
Leather Hat     | 65G    | 32G    | +3 DEF, +2 APR   | OOOOOO | None
Lore Hat        | N/A    | N/A    | +0 DEF, +33 APR  | OXOOOO | +30 to
                |        |        |                  |        | Intelligence.
Magic Hat       | N/A    | 4G     | +8 DEF, +5 APR   | OXOOOO | Lowers the MP
                |        |        |                  |        | costs for
                |        |        |                  |        | Spells and
                |        |        |                  |        | Skills.
MetlKing Helmet | 50000T | 10000G | +60 DEF, +38 APR | OXXOOO | Reduces the
                |        |        |                  |        | chances of a
                |        |        |                  |        | successful
                |        |        |                  |        | negative status
                |        |        |                  |        | spell.
Mythril Helmet  | 10000G | 5000G  | +32 DEF, +17 APR | OXOXOO | None
Platinum Helmet | 6100G  | 3050G  | +28 DEF, +42 APR | OXXXXO | None
SeaShell Hat    | N/A    | 125G   | +8 DEF, +3 APR   | OOOOXX | None
Silk Hat        | 1200G  | 600G   | +17 DEF, +15 APR | OXXXOX | None
Silver Tiara    | 450G   | 225G   | +14 DEF, +25 APR | XXOXXO | None
Tiara           | N/A    | 8500G  | +43 DEF, +50 APR | XXOXXO | Reduces the
                |        |        |                  |        | chances of a
                |        |        |                  |        | successful
                |        |        |                  |        | negative status
                |        |        |                  |        | spell.
Turban          | 410G   | 205G   | +12 DEF, +2 APR  | OOXOOO | None
Viking Helmet   | 4500G  | 2250G  | +25 DEF, +15 APR | OXXOXO | None
Wind Hat        | N/A    | 2500G  | +24 DEF, +8 APR  | OXOOOX | Casts Return
                |        |        |                  |        | when used.
Wooden Hat      | 120G   | 60G    | +6 DEF, -15 APR  | OOXXOO | None

4E. Accessories
Accessories're optional items you can equip, that often have different and
unusual effects. Many of them improve stats, while others also have special
effects. Certain people can only equip certain accessories. Here're the
abbreviations: H = Hero, K = Kiefer, M = Maribel, G = Gabo, E = Melvin, A =
Aira. If there's an O, that person can use the accessory. If there's an X, that
person can't use the accessory.

Name           | Buy   | Sell  | Stats            | HKMGEA | Notes
AGL Scarf      | 970G  | 485G  | +30 AGL, +10 APR | OXOOOO | None
AquaCharm      | N/A   | N/A   | +30 DEF, +20 APR | OXOOOO | Casts Sleep when
               |       |       |                  |        | used in battle.
               |       |       |                  |        | Also used to speak
               |       |       |                  |        | to the Aqua
               |       |       |                  |        | Spirit.
Bow Tie        | N/A   | 1200G | +2 DEF, +15 APR  | OXXOOX | None
BunnyTail      | 270G  | 135G  | +2 APR           | OOOOOO | None
Garter         | N/A   | 1650G | +3 DEF, +15 APR  | XXOXXO | None
FlameChrm      | N/A   | N/A   | +25 ATK, +10 APR | OXOOOO | Casts Blazemore
               |       |       |                  |        | when used in
               |       |       |                  |        | battle. Also used
               |       |       |                  |        | to speak to the
               |       |       |                  |        | Flame Spirit.
GlassShoe      | N/A   | 400G  | +30 APR          | XXOXXO | None
Golden Ring    | 2000G | 1000G | +5 DEF, +15 APR  | OXOXOO | None
GuardRuby      | 3500G | 1750G | +10 DEF, +5 APR  | OXOOOO | None
INTSpecs       | N/A   | 850G  | +15 INT          | OXOXOO | None
Life Ring      | N/A   | 1200G | +5 DEF, +8 APR   | OXOOOO | Restores HP every
               |       |       |                  |        | few steps.
Merm Moon      | N/A   | N/A   | +5 APR           | OXOOOO | Cures confusion
               |       |       |                  |        | when used in
               |       |       |                  |        | battle.
PinkPearl      | 1500G | 750G  | +7 APR           | XXOXXO | None
Sacrific Ring  | N/A   | 5000G | +10 DEF, +7 APR  | OXOOOO | Casts Sacrifice in
               |       |       |                  |        | battle if the
               |       |       |                  |        | wearer dies,
               |       |       |                  |        | before breaking.
Scarf          | 100T  | 250G  | +5 DEF, +17 APR  | OXOOOO | None
Slime Earrings | 850G  | 425G  | +1 ATK, +8 APR   | OOOOOO | None
Spectacle      | N/A   | N/A   | None             | OO???? | Give this to the
               |       |       |                  |        | old man in Estard
               |       |       |                  |        | Castle to be told
               |       |       |                  |        | a myth.
Speed Ring     | N/A   | 1550G | +15 AGL, +15 APR | OXOOOO | None
Star Ort       | 500G  | 250G  | +10 APR          | XXOXXO | Casts PanicAll
               |       |       |                  |        | when used in
               |       |       |                  |        | battle.
STR Ring       | N/A   | 1250G | +7 ATK, +3 APR   | OXOOOO | None
TerraChrm      | N/A   | N/A   | +20 DEF, +10 APR | OXOOOO | Uses ? when used
               |       |       |                  |        | in battle. Also
               |       |       |                  |        | used to speak to
               |       |       |                  |        | the Terra Spirit.
Tights         | 400T  | 1100G | +5 DEF, +10 APR  | XXOXXO | None
Valiant Ring   | N/A   | 2250G | +15 ATK, +10 APR | OXXOOO | None
WindCharm      | N/A   | N/A   | +50 AGL, +15 APR | OXOOOO | Casts Infermore
               |       |       |                  |        | when used in
               |       |       |                  |        | battle. Also used
               |       |       |                  |        | to speak to the
               |       |       |                  |        | Wind Spirit.
Wizard Ring    | 3000T | 1500G | +5 DEF, +3 APR   | OXOOOO | Use this to
               |       |       |                  |        | restore MP. Has a
               |       |       |                  |        | chance of
               |       |       |                  |        | breaking.

4F. Items
Items are welcome parts of your inventory. Some can be used in battle, and
others outside of it. Always try to stock up on some for a rainy day! ^^

Name             | Buy   | Sell | Effect
AGLseed          | N/A   | 12G  | Raises one party-member's Agility,
                 |       |      | permanently.
AmitDonut        | N/A   | N/A  | Restores some HP when used.
AmitSnack        | N/A   | N/A  | Restores some HP when used.
Ancient Key      | N/A   | N/A  | Opens locked doors in the Estard Ruins.
Ancient Scroll   | N/A   | N/A  | An old book written in an old language. Bring
                 |       |      | this to the Crazy Old Man on the Cliff in
                 |       |      | Estard.
AngelTear        | N/A   | N/A  | A potion said to be able to cure people who
                 |       |      | have been turned to stone.
Antidote         | 10G   | 5G   | Cures poison from one party-member.
APR Award        | N/A   | N/A  | This proves you are the best on the World
                 |       |      | Ranking Federation's Style Ranking!
AquaShard        | N/A   | N/A  | A fragment of a part of the sealed lands in
                 |       |      | your world. Bring these to the blue pedestals
                 |       |      | in the Ancient Fane.
Bandit Key       | N/A   | N/A  | Opens a locked door in the Bandit Lair.
BeefJerky        | N/A   | N/A  | Once you have this, monsters can start going
                 |       |      | to the Monster Park.
Berserkr Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | Berserker monster class.
Black Key        | N/A   | N/A  | Opens locked doors in the Evil Statue.
BlissRock        | N/A   | N/A  | A rock said to be capable of helping people
                 |       |      | fly, and creating wind. It is stored inside
                 |       |      | of the Wind Fane, and can help you reach the
                 |       |      | Sky Fane.
BluePrint        | N/A   | N/A  | A memo on monster habitats. Bring this to the
                 |       |      | Monster Guru!
Bombcrag Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | Bombcrag monster class.
Bottle           | N/A   | N/A  | An empty bottle. Use this to get some rainbow
                 |       |      | water from the Rainbow Cove at the Ancient
                 |       |      | Fane.
BugPowder        | 310G  | 155G | Use this on an enemy to make them lose a
                 |       |      | turn.
Button           | N/A   | N/A  | A round button found in present Engow, after
                 |       |      | you ask Pamela for some help.
Carpet           | N/A   | N/A  | A flying carpet? At first, it proves to be a
                 |       |      | fake, but the real Carpet can fly over water,
                 |       |      | desert, and grass.
Clock Key        | N/A   | N/A  | Opens the locked door of the Clock Tower.
Coastal Letter   | N/A   | N/A  | A letter from the past King of Coastal, to
                 |       |      | the past Chief of Engow, asking for the
                 |       |      | PilotFire.
CursLamp Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | CurseLamp monster class.
Dark Ruby        | N/A   | N/A  | One of the two gems used to convert the
                 |       |      | Sphinx into the Evil Statue.
DEFseed          | N/A   | 15G  | Raises one party-member's Guard, permanently.
Dharma Key       | N/A   | N/A  | Opens locked doors in Dharma Temple.
DragonEye        | N/A   | N/A  | This gem can make stone dragons stop
                 |       |      | breathing fire.
DrakSlim Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | DrakSlime monster class.
DuneCharm        | N/A   | N/A  | This charm shows you're a friend of the people
                 |       |      | of Dune.
Dung             | N/A   | 1G   | No effect.
Elven Jar        | N/A   | N/A  | This's a jar in the possession of the
                 |       |      | purple-haired girl near Krage's Sacred Tree.
Emily's Letter   | N/A   | N/A  | A letter from Emily to Creyney, about Aimy.
Empress's Letter | N/A   | N/A  | A letter from the former Empress of Mardra,
                 |       |      | to the High Priest of the Great Fane.
EvilWell Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | EvilWell monster class.
EvlTurtl Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | EvlTurtle monster class.
Final Key        | N/A   | N/A  | This key will open any jail doors you find.
FireShard        | N/A   | N/A  | A fragment of a part of the sealed lands in
                 |       |      | your world. Bring these to the red pedestals
                 |       |      | in the Ancient Fane.
Fish Sub         | N/A   | N/A  | Yum, anchovies! Bring this to your father in
                 |       |      | Fishbel harbor.
FishPaste        | N/A   | N/A  | Anchovy paste! Creamy and pastey, this's
                 |       |      | Prince Kiefer's favorite food.
Flame Key        | N/A   | N/A  | Given to you by Pamela, this'll let you open
                 |       |      | the door in Mt. Flame leading to the Flame
                 |       |      | Spirit.
FlameAqua        | N/A   | N/A  | Also given to you by Pamela, using this will
                 |       |      | help the Flame Spirit regain his strength.
Florajay Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | Florajay monster class.
Fossil           | N/A   | N/A  | This's a fossil found at the Excavation Site.
Glim Moss        | N/A   | N/A  | Harvested from the Halfling's Cave, this can
                 |       |      | help you see in the Great Lighthouse.
GoddesPic        | N/A   | N/A  | A picture of a wounded Goddess, healing
                 |       |      | herself inside a sacred spring.
Graceherb        | N/A   | 25G  | Raises one party-member's Appearance,
                 |       |      | permanently.
Green Orb        | N/A   | N/A  | Found deep in the Colorstone Mine. Give this
                 |       |      | to Patrick so he can heal Hank.
Halo Orb         | N/A   | N/A  | Given to you by the Pendragon of SkyTown,
                 |       |      | this item lets you go back and forth between
                 |       |      | the lower land and SkyTown.
Healer Heart     | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | Healer monster class.
Heart Gem        | N/A   | N/A  | A gem recovered from the Sphinx. Will it help
                 |       |      | awaken the Terra Spirit? Unlike the others,
                 |       |      | it's cracked.
Herb             | 8G    | 4G   | Restores some HP when used.
HolyDew          | N/A   | N/A  | Filled with dew from the Sacred Tree, it can
                 |       |      | cure many ailments.
HolyWater        | N/A   | N/A  | A gift from Hondara. Use this to put out the
                 |       |      | Flame of Darkness.
Hork Heart       | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the Hork
                 |       |      | monster class.
HotStone         | N/A   | N/A  | A stone Hondara found. Use it on the statue
                 |       |      | in the Estard Ruins. Later, you'll find it's
                 |       |      | used to free the Great Hero Melvin.
ID Card          | N/A   | N/A  | A gift from the present King of Coastal, and
                 |       |      | good for PuffPuffs at his casino. Do they
                 |       |      | improve your odds of winning? They don't feel
                 |       |      | bad at least. ^^
INT Award        | N/A   | N/A  | This proves you are the best on the World
                 |       |      | Ranking Federation's Intelligence Ranking!
INTseed          | N/A   | 10G  | Raises one party-member's Intelligence,
                 |       |      | permanently.
Kiefer's Letter  | N/A   | N/A  | A letter from your dear friend, Prince
                 |       |      | Kiefer.
King's Key       | N/A   | N/A  | Handed down in the Royal Family of Dune, this
                 |       |      | will let you open the locked door in the
                 |       |      | Sphinx.
LandShard        | N/A   | N/A  | A fragment of a part of the sealed lands in
                 |       |      | your world. Bring these to the yellow
                 |       |      | pedestals in the Ancient Fane.
LarMirror        | N/A   | N/A  | A very special mirror. Using this will cancel
                 |       |      | a monster's Transformed status.
Legs             | N/A   | N/A  | The lower third of the gold Goddess Statue.
LifeAcorn        | N/A   | 17G  | Raises one party-member's Max HP,
                 |       |      | permanently.
LifeRock         | 800G  | 400G | This will save you from one successful
                 |       |      | instant death attack.
LightAqua        | N/A   | N/A  | Found inside a magically locked chest in
                 |       |      | Mardra Castle, give this to the Staff Maker's
                 |       |      | assistant to get rewarded later.
Lipsy Heart      | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the Lipsy
                 |       |      | monster class.
LizrdMan Heart   | N/A   | ?G   | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | LizardMan monster class.
LostShard        | N/A   | N/A  | A very special Shard. Put this in the chest
                 |       |      | under Estard, then come back after a reset to
                 |       |      | see what's happened.
Magic Key        | N/A   | N/A  | This will open some chests that the Thief Key
                 |       |      | couldn't open.
MechParts        | N/A   | N/A  | Some old parts to a MechSoldier. Use these to
                 |       |      | help repair Eri.
Mila Drug        | N/A   | N/A  | Pamela's strongest potion. You can use this
                 |       |      | to save Pepe.
Mimic Heart      | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the Mimic
                 |       |      | monster class.
Monolith         | N/A   | N/A  | Found buried in a junk pile, this tells the
                 |       |      | true story of Labres.
MoonHerb         | 30G   | 15G  | Cures paralysis from one party-member.
MysticNut        | N/A   | 20G  | Raises one party-member's Max MP,
                 |       |      | permanently.
Nose Gem         | N/A   | N/A  | A gem recovered from the Sphinx. Will it help
                 |       |      | awaken the Terra Spirit?
Package          | N/A   | N/A  | A gift from the Scholar, to the man at the
                 |       |      | Excavation Site.
Pearl Orb        | N/A   | N/A  | A pearl retrieved from a well. Use it on the
                 |       |      | statue in the Estard Ruins.
PierceGem        | N/A   | N/A  | A pair of broken gems that resemble ears.
                 |       |      | Will it help awaken the Terra Spirit?
PilotFire        | N/A   | N/A  | A gift from the God of Fire to the people of
                 |       |      | Engow, this sacred flame can do great things.
PlatKing Heart   | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | PlatKing monster class.
Potion           | 200T  | 100G | Restores some MP when it is used.
Priest Key       | N/A   | N/A  | Opens a locked chest and door in Mt. Prob
                 |       |      | Temple, in the present.
Priest's Letter  | N/A   | N/A  | A letter from the High Priest, allowing you
                 |       |      | into the Magic Research Institute in Mardra,
                 |       |      | in the past, among other locations.
PurpleJar        | N/A   | N/A  | Show this to Cherri as proof of Kaya's
                 |       |      | poisonings.
RainbwDew        | N/A   | N/A  | A Bottle full of rainbow water from the
                 |       |      | Rainbow Cove at the Ancient Fane.
Repellent        | 20G   | 10G  | Keeps weak enemies at bay.
Rib              | N/A   | 347G | Use this to help tame monsters for the
                 |       |      | Monster Park.
Rogue Gem        | N/A   | N/A  | A gem recovered from the Sphinx. Will it help
                 |       |      | awaken the Terra Spirit?
Rose's Letter    | N/A   | N/A  | A letter from Rose, the WRF Style Champion,
                 |       |      | to Modina, the WRF Style Judge.
SageRock         | N/A   | N/A  | Use this in battle for a free HealUs spell,
                 |       |      | whenever you want it.
Saint's Armor    | N/A   | N/A  | Some molded armor. Give this to the First
                 |       |      | Saint statue in the Saint's Room.
Saint's Helmet   | N/A   | N/A  | A molded helmet. Give this to the Third Saint
                 |       |      | statue in the Saint's Room.
Saint's Shield   | N/A   | N/A  | A molded shield. Give this to the Second
                 |       |      | Saint statue in the Saint's Room.
Saint's Sword    | N/A   | N/A  | A molded sword. Give this to the Fourth Saint
                 |       |      | statue in the Saint's Room.
Seal Key         | N/A   | N/A  | Given to you by the Pendragon of SkyTown,
                 |       |      | this lets you enter the Wind Maze.
Seer'sGem        | N/A   | N/A  | A gem recovered from the Sphinx. Will it help
                 |       |      | awaken the Terra Spirit?
Slime Heart      | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the Slime
                 |       |      | monster class.
SpiderWeb        | 35G   | 17G  | Use this on an enemy to confuse them.
StarShard        | N/A   | N/A  | An ingrediant necessary to create Majustis,
                 |       |      | the counterspell to the Ultimate Magic.
STR Award        | N/A   | N/A  | This proves you are the best on the World
                 |       |      | Ranking Federation's Power Ranking!
STRseed          | N/A   | 15G  | Raises one party-member's Strength,
                 |       |      | permanently.
TerraTula        | N/A   | N/A  | A musical instrument that's thought to help
                 |       |      | revive God.
Thief Key        | 470G  | N/A  | This will open some chests that you couldn't
                 |       |      | open before.
Time Sand        | N/A   | N/A  | Use this to start any battle from the
                 |       |      | beginning again, as often as you want.
TinyMedal        | N/A   | N/A  | Rare little medals. Throw them at friends for
                 |       |      | fun! Trade them for prizes! Collect them all!
Torso            | N/A   | N/A  | The middle third of the gold Goddess Statue.
Tower Key        | N/A   | N/A  | Opens the front door of DarkDraco's Tower.
TyranBone        | N/A   | N/A  | The skeletal head of the deceased Tyrannos.
Viva Grape       | N/A   | N/A  | The Deja Tribe's special wine.
WarpWing         | 25G   | 12G  | This will allow you to Return to other towns,
                 |       |      | one time only.
WindShard        | N/A   | N/A  | A fragment of part of the sealed lands in
                 |       |      | your world. Bring these to the green
                 |       |      | pedestals in the Ancient Fane.
WondeRock        | N/A   | N/A  | Use this in battle for a free Heal spell,
                 |       |      | whenever you want it.
Wood Doll        | N/A   | 1G   | A gift from Matilda, which she got from her
                 |       |      | big brother. You can give this to Patrick at
                 |       |      | the Odd Forest once Rexwood is rescued.
WorldLeaf        | N/A   | N/A  | Use this once to revive a party-member.
World Map        | N/A   | N/A  | You'll find this useful item in the Fane
                 |       |      | Dome. Use this out on the World Map, to see a
                 |       |      | map of the world!
WorldDew         | 1000G | N/A  | Use this to restore everyone's HP to full.
Wyvern Heart     | N/A   | 200G | Bring this to Dharma Temple to join the
                 |       |      | Wyvern monster class.
? Shard          | N/A   | N/A  | A mysterious Shard. What pedestal does this
                 |       |      | go on?

4G. Shops
This's a list of the towns in the game, as well as other locations, and what
each carries. Any Accessories being sold are listed with the Items. The prices
listed for the Inns are per party-member, so a party of four in Estard will
cost 40G, not 10G.

Name            | Inn  | Weapons           | Armor           | Items
Avon            | None | None              | None            | Antidote, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   |                 | Repellent.
Baloch Bridge   | None | None              | None            | Antidote,
(Past)          |      |                   |                 | BugPowder, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   |                 | SpiderWeb.
Baloch Bridge   | None | Blade Boomerang,  | Boxer Shorts,   | Golden Ring.
(Present)       |      | Dagger.           | Bunny Dress,    |
                |      |                   | Bunny Tiara,    |
                |      |                   | Dancer Suit,    |
                |      |                   | SilkRobe,       |
                |      |                   | Silver Tiara,   |
                |      |                   | Tray Shield.    |
Coastal Castle  | 60G  | Bounce Sword,     | Captain Hat,    | Antidote, Herb,
(Past)          |      | Dragon Sword,     | Dragon Armor,   | MoonHerb,
                |      | Lune Fan, Monster | Expel Shield,   | Repellent.
                |      | Claw, Steel Whip, | Ice Shield,     |
                |      | Tempt Sword.      | Viking Helmet,  |
                |      |                   | Water Robe.     |
Coastal Castle* | 60G  | Bounce Sword,     | Captain Hat,    | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Dragon Sword,     | Dragon Armor,   | MoonHerb,
                |      | Flame Boomerang,  | Expel Shield,   | Repellent.
                |      | Lune Fan, Monster | Ice Shield,     |
                |      | Fan, Seduce       | Viking Armor,   |
                |      | Sword.            | Viking Helmet,  |
                |      |                   | Water Robe.     |
Dharma Arena    | 2G   | Chain Whip, Steel | Captain Hat,    | None
                |      | Claw, Steel       | Evade Suit,     |
                |      | Sword.            | Iron Armor,     |
                |      |                   | Tray Shield.    |
Dharma Temple*  | 10G  | Blade Boomerang,  | Bronze Armor,   | Antidote,
(Past)          |      | Iron Spear,       | Chain Armor,    | BugPowder, Herb,
                |      | Mallet, Sickle,   | Iron Helmet,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Wizard Wand.      | Iron Plate,     | SpiderWeb.
                |      |                   | Iron Shield.    |
Dharma Temple*  | 2G   | Blade Boomerang,  | Evade Suit,     | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Chain Whip, Iron  | Iron Armor,     | MoonHerb,
                |      | Axe, Mist Wand,   | Magic Robe,     | Repellent.
                |      | Sleep Wand, Steel | Steel Armor,    |
                |      | Claw, Steel       | White Shield.   |
                |      | Sword.            |                 |
Dialac          | Free | None              | None            | None
Dune (Past)     | Free | None              | None            | Antidote,
                |      |                   |                 | BunnyTail, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | LifeRock,
                |      |                   |                 | Repellent, Star
                |      |                   |                 | Ort.
Dune (Present)  | 25G  | None              | None            | Antidote,
                |      |                   |                 | BunnyTail, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | LifeRock,
                |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   |                 | Repellent.
Dune (Disk 2)   | 30G  | Devil Claw.       | Heal Shield,    | Antidote, Herb,
                |      |                   | Mythril Helmet. | Repellent.
Engow           | 5G   | Copper Sword,     | Horned Hat,     | Herb.
(Past)          |      | Mallet, Rosevine  | Leather Shield, |
                |      | Whip.             | Traveler Suit.  |
Engow           | None | Mallet, Rosevine  | Leather Dress,  | Antidote, Herb.
(Fire Festival) |      | Whip.             | Scale Shield,   |
                |      |                   | Traveler Suit.  |
Engow           | 7G   | Mallet, Rosevine  | Leather Dress,  | None
(Present)       |      | Whip.             | Leather Shield, |
                |      |                   | Scale Armor,    |
                |      |                   | Scale Shield,   |
                |      |                   | Wooden Hat.     |
Estard          | 10G  | None              | Cloth Suit,     | Herb.
                |      |                   | HairBand,       |
                |      |                   | Leather Hat,    |
                |      |                   | Pot Lid Shield, |
                |      |                   | Traveler Suit.  |
Estard Castle*  | None | Pole, Stick.      | Leather Shield, | Antidote.
                |      |                   | Traveler Suit.  |
Falrish         | 10G  | Boomerang, Iron   | Bronze Shield,  | Antidote, Herb,
(Past)          |      | Spear, Mallet,    | Iron Helmet,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Rock Axe, Stone   | Kitten Shield,  | Repellent.
                |      | Claw.             | Leather Dress,  |
                |      |                   | Scale Armor,    |
                |      |                   | Shell Armor,    |
                |      |                   | Silver Tiara.   |
Falrish         | 10G  | Boomerang, Copper | Bronze Shield,  | None
(Present)       |      | Sword, Iron       | Chain Armor,    |
                |      | Spear, Mallet,    | Iron Helmet,    |
                |      | Rock Axe,         | Iron Shield,    |
                |      | Rosevine Whip,    | Leather Dress,  |
                |      | Stone Claw.       | Scale Armor,    |
                |      |                   | Shell Armor.    |
Fishbel         | None | Stick.            | Cloth Suit,     | Antidote, Herb.
                |      |                   | Pot Lid Shield. |
Gorges (Past}   | 50G  | Dragon Whip,      | Angel Robe,     | None
                |      | Flame Boomerang,  | Expel Shield,   |
                |      | Flame Claw, Pixy  | Magic Armor,    |
                |      | Sword, War        | Magic Shield,   |
                |      | Hammer.           | Skirt, Spirit   |
                |      |                   | Armor, White    |
                |      |                   | Shield.         |
Gorges          | 50G  | Dragon Whip,      | Angel Robe,     | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Flame Boomerang,  | Expel Shield,   | Repellent,
                |      | Flame Claw, Pixy  | Magic Armor,    | WarpWing.
                |      | Sword, War        | Magic Shield,   |
                |      | Hammer.           | Skirt, Spirit   |
                |      |                   | Armor, White    |
                |      |                   | Shield.         |
Great Fane      | Free | None              | None            | Antidote,
(Past)          |      |                   |                 | BunnyTail,
                |      |                   |                 | GuardRuby, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   |                 | Repellent,
                |      |                   |                 | SpiderWeb.
Halflings'      | None | Dragon Sword,     | Flame Shield,   | None
Village         |      | Flame Sword, Sea  | Platinum        |
(Present)       |      | Roar Wand.        | Helmet, Slime   |
                |      |                   | Armor.          |
Hamelia (Past)  | 15G  | Battle Axe,       | Captain Hat,    | Antidote, Herb,
                |      | Destruct Sword,   | Platinum        | MoonHerb,
                |      | Dragon Whip,      | Shield, Skirt,  | PinkPearl,
                |      | Flame Claw, Mace, | Viking Armor,   | Repellent.
                |      | Shears.           | Viking Helmet.  |
Hamelia         | 15G  | Battle Axe,       | Captain Hat,    | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Dragon Whip,      | Pirate Suit,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Flame Claw,       | Platinum        | PinkPearl,
                |      | Hacksaw Sword,    | Shield, Silver  | WarpWing.
                |      | Lune Fan, Mace,   | Armor, Skirt,   |
                |      | Shears.           | Viking Armor,   |
                |      |                   | Viking Helmet.  |
Huzu            | 15G  | Battle Axe, Mace, | Captain Hat,    | None
                |      | Mist Wand, Power  | Magic Shield,   |
                |      | Claw, Shears.     | Platinum        |
                |      |                   | Shield, Silk    |
                |      |                   | Corset, Viking  |
                |      |                   | Armor, Viking   |
                |      |                   | Helmet, Wizard  |
                |      |                   | Robe.           |
Krage (Past)    | None | None              | None            | None
Krage (Present) | 15G  | Blade Boomerang,  | Glam Robe,      | WorldDew.
                |      | Dagger, Steel     | Shell Suit,     |
                |      | Claw, Steel       | Silk Hat.       |
                |      | Sword.            |                 |
Labres (Past)   | 40G  | Flame Boomerang,  | White Shield.   | Antidote, Herb.
                |      | Seduce Sword, War |                 |
                |      | Hammer.           |                 |
Labres          | 40G  | Flame Boomerang,  | Dragon Armor,   | Antidote, Herb.
(Present)       |      | Seduce Sword,     | Expel Shield.   |
                |      | War Hammer.       |                 |
Last Inn (Past) | 10G  | Blade Boomerang,  | Chain Armor,    | Antidote,
                |      | Iron Spear,       | Fur Robe, Slime | BunnyTail, Herb,
                |      | Leather Whip,     | Suit.           | Repellent, Slime
                |      | Sickle.           |                 | Earrings.
Last Inn        | 10G  | None              | Bunny Dress,    | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      |                   | Bunny Tiara.    | Slime Earrings.
Litorud (Past)  | 15G  | Chain Whip,       | Iron Armor,     | Antidote, Herb,
                |      | Hammer, Holy      | IronMask,       | MoonHerb,
                |      | Spear, Iron Axe,  | Magic Robe,     | Repellent.
                |      | Steel Claw, Steel | Magic Shield,   |
                |      | Sword.            | Shell Suit,     |
                |      |                   | Steel Armor,    |
                |      |                   | White Shield.   |
Litorud         | 20G  | Chain Whip,       | Captain Hat,    | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Destruct Sword,   | Evade Suit,     | MoonHerb,
                |      | Hammer, Iron Axe, | IronMask        | Repellent.
                |      | Power Claw, Steel | Helmet, Magic   |
                |      | Claw, Steel       | Shield,         |
                |      | Sword.            | Platinum        |
                |      |                   | Shield, Silver  |
                |      |                   | Plate, Wizard   |
                |      |                   | Robe.           |
Loomin (Past,   | 25G  | None              | Pot Lid Shield. | Antidote, Herb.
Borunga In      |      |                   |                 |
Town)           |      |                   |                 |
Loomin (Past,   | Free | Flame Claw,       | Dragon Shield,  | None
After HellWorms |      | Hacksaw Sword,    | Heavy Armor,    |
Attack)         |      | Ice Claw, War     | IronMask,       |
                |      | Hammer.           | Silver Armor,   |
                |      |                   | Wizard Robe.    |
Loomin          | 25G  | Flame Claw,       | Dragon Shield,  | None
(Present)       |      | Hacksaw Sword,    | Expel Shield,   |
                |      | Ice Claw, War     | Heavy Armor,    |
                |      | Hammer.           | IronMask,       |
                |      |                   | Silver Armor,   |
                |      |                   | Wizard Robe.    |
Mardra (Past)   | 30G  | Ice Claw, Lune    | Magic Armor,    | Antidote,
                |      | Fan, Pixy Sword.  | Magic Shield,   | BunnyTail, Herb,
                |      |                   | Silver Tiara,   | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   | Skirt.          | Repellent,
                |      |                   |                 | SpiderWeb.
Mardra          | 40G  | Destruct Sword,   | Dragon Shield,  | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Ice Claw, Lune    | Magic Armor,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Fan, Pixy Sword,  | Magic Shield,   | Repellent,
                |      | Steel Whip, Tempt | Silver Armor,   | SpiderWeb.
                |      | Sword.            | Silver Tiara,   |
                |      |                   | Skirt, Spirit   |
                |      |                   | Armor.          |
Mentare (Past)  | Free | None              | None            | AGL Scarf,
                |      |                   |                 | Antidote, Herb.
Mentare         | None | None              | None            | Antidote,
(Present)       |      |                   |                 | BugPowder,
                |      |                   |                 | Bunnytail, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   |                 | Repellent,
                |      |                   |                 | SpiderWeb.
Mezar           | 20G  | Chain Whip,       | Iron Armor,     | None
                |      | Dagger.           | IronMask        |
                |      |                   | Helmet, Magic   |
                |      |                   | Shield, Shell   |
                |      |                   | Suit, White     |
                |      |                   | Shield.         |
Mountain Hut    | Free | None              | None            | Antidote, Herb,
                |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb, Star
                |      |                   |                 | Ort.
Mountain Store  | None | Flame Claw, Ice   | Angel Robe,     | None
                |      | Claw, Lune Fan,   | Magic Armor,    |
                |      | Pixy Sword.       | Magic Shield,   |
                |      |                   | Skirt, White    |
                |      |                   | Shield.         |
Mountain Tower  | Free | Pixy Sword.       | None            | Antidote, Herb,
(Past, Before   |      |                   |                 | MoonHerb,
Flood)          |      |                   |                 | PinkPearl.
Orph            | 8G   | Bone Knife,       | Cloth, Kitten   | Antidote, Herb, 
(Past)          |      | Mallet, Rosevine  | Shield, Leather | MoonHerb,
                |      | Whip.             | Pants, Scale    | Repellent.
                |      |                   | Armor, Wooden   |
                |      |                   | Hat.            |
Orph            | 8G   | Knife, Rosevine   | Cloth, Fur Hat, | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Whip, Stone Claw. | Kitten Shield,  | MoonHerb,
                |      |                   | Leather Pants,  | Repellent.
                |      |                   | Turban.         |
Palace of Dune  | None | Blade Boomerang,  | IronMask        | Antidote, Herb,
(Present)       |      | Chain Whip, Steel | Helmet, Magic   | Repellent,
                |      | Claw.             | Shield, Shell   | WarpWing.
                |      |                   | Suit, Steel     |
                |      |                   | Armor.          |
Palace of Dune  | None | Dragon Whip, Ice  | None            | Antidote, Herb,
(Disk 2)        |      | Claw, Lune Fan,   |                 | Repellent,
                |      | Sage Wand, War    |                 | WarpWing.
                |      | Hammer.           |                 |
Penal*          | 12G  | Hammer, Iron      | Bunny Tiara,    | Antidote, Herb,
                |      | Claw, Sickle,     | Dancer Suit,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Sleep Wand, Steel | Evade Suit, Fur | Repellent, Thief
                |      | Sword.            | Robe, Iron      | Key.
                |      |                   | Plate, Iron     |
                |      |                   | Shield, Tray    |
                |      |                   | Shield.         |
Probina (Past)  | 20G  | Dragon Whip,      | Dragon Shield,  | Antidote, Herb.
                |      | Flame Claw,       | Heavy Armor,    |
                |      | Hacksaw Sword,    | IronMask        |
                |      | Ice Claw, Mace.   | Helmet,         |
                |      |                   | Platinum        |
                |      |                   | Shield, Silver  |
                |      |                   | Armor, Skirt,   |
                |      |                   | Wizard Robe.    |
Probina         | 20G  | Dragon Whip,      | Dragon Shield,  | None
(Present)       |      | Fire Claw,        | IronMask        |
                |      | Hacksaw Sword,    | Helmet, Magic   |
                |      | Ice Claw, Mace,   | Armor, Silver   |
                |      | Sage Wand.        | Armor, Skirt,   |
                |      |                   | Viking Helmet,  |
                |      |                   | Wizard Robe.    |
Raguraz Castle  | 30G  | None              | Heavy Armor,    | Antidote, Herb,
                |      |                   | Iron Helmet,    | MoonHerb.
                |      |                   | IronMask, Iron  |
                |      |                   | Shield, Silver  |
                |      |                   | Plate, Steel    |
                |      |                   | Armor, White    |
                |      |                   | Shield.         |
Rexwood         | 3G   | Club, Copper      | Horned Hat,     | Herb.
(Past)          |      | Sword, Pole.      | Leather Armor,  |
                |      |                   | Leather Shield. |
Rexwood         | 3G   | Copper Sword,     | Horned Hat,     | Antidote.
(Present)       |      | Mallet.           | Leather Armor,  |
                |      |                   | Leather Shield, |
                |      |                   | Traveler Suit.  |
Sharkeye's Ship | Free | Bastard Sword,    | Captain Hat,    | Antidote, Herb,
                |      | Dagger, Devil     | Dragon Robe,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Claw, Dragon      | Dugon Helmet,   | SpiderWeb.
                |      | Sword, Godeus     | Flame Armor,    |
                |      | Sword, Needle,    | Gigant Armor,   |
                |      | Power Claw, Sea   | Heal Shield,    |
                |      | Roar Wand,        | Mythril Helmet, |
                |      | Thunder Sword,    | Silver Shield,  |
                |      | Zombie Sword.     | Viking Armor,   |
                |      |                   | Viking Helmet,  |
                |      |                   | Water Robe.     |
Sky Fane        | None | Dragon Claw,      | Expel Shield,   | Antidote, Herb,
                |      | Thunder Sword,    | Flame Armor,    | Repellent,
                |      | Zombie Sword.     | Heal Shield,    | WarpWing.
                |      |                   | Mythril Helmet, |
                |      |                   | Princess Dress, |
                |      |                   | Water Robe.     |
SkyTown         | 20G  | None              | None            | None
Verdham (Past)  | 10G  | Blade Boomerang,  | Bronze Armor,   | Antidote, Herb,
                |      | Boomerang, Iron   | Iron Helmet,    | MoonHerb,
                |      | Spear, Leather    | Iron Shield.    | Repellent.
                |      | Whip.             |                 |
Verdham (Past,  | 15G  | Chain Whip,       | IronMask        | Antidote, Herb,
Revisited)      |      | Destruct Sword,   | Helmet, Silver  | MoonHerb,
                |      | Holy Spear, Power | Plate, Wizard   | Repellent.
                |      | Claw.             | Robe.           |
Immigrant Town  | None | Club.             | Leather Hat,    | Antidote, Herb.
(15-19 People)  |      |                   | Traveler Suit.  |
                |      |                   |                 |
Immigrant Town  | 10G  | Club, Stick,      | None            | Antidote, Herb.
(20-24 People)  |      | Mallet.           |                 |
Immigrant Town  | 20G  | Hammer, Sickle,   | Chain Armor,    | Antidote, Herb,
(25-29 People)  |      | Leather Whip.     | Leather Pants,  | Repellent.
                |      |                   | Shell Armor.    |
Immigrant Town* | 30G  | Battle Axe, Pixy  | Blade Armor,    | Antidote, Herb,
(30-34 People)  |      | Sword, Sage Wand, | Ice Shield,     | MoonHerb,
                |      | Steel Sword.      | Iron Armor,     | Repellent,
                |      |                   | IronMask,       | SpiderWeb.
                |      |                   | Silver Armor,   |
                |      |                   | White Shield.   |
Immigrant Town* | 40G  | Destruct Sword,   | Dragon Shield,  | Antidote, Herb,
(35-?? People,) |      | Dragon Whip,      | Great Helmet,   | MoonHerb,
Final Town)     |      | Flame Claw, Hero  | Magic Armor,    | Repellent,
                |      | Wand, Lune Fan,   | Mirror Armor,   | SpiderWeb,
                |      | War Hammer.       | Platinum        | WarpWing.
                |      |                   | Helmet, Steel   |
                |      |                   | Armor, Wizard   |
                |      |                   | Robe.           |
*: This means that location has a World Bank for you to store Gold in.

4H. Monsters
This section shows the monsters that're attacking the reviving world! I've
listed their name, HP as accurately as I could get it, the Experience Points
you get from slaying them, and the Gold you'll pick up. I've included the
special attacks or spells these monsters can dish out as well, along with any
notes; physical attacks don't count here. They might have some attacks I
haven't seen, so be careful!

Name      | HP   | EXP   | Gold  | Attacks/Spells/Skills/Notes
Andreal   | 336  | 190   | 119G  | Calls for Healer, Cold air, Spews fire,
          |      |       |       | Scorching
AnkHorn   | 256  | 140   | 104G  | Spews fire, Flash
Antoria   | 702  | 687   | 743G  | Energy balls, Two turns, Bang, Firebane,
          |      |       |       | FireSlash, MagicWall
ApeBat    | 74   | 28    | 14G   | QuadHits
Armorgon  | 124  | 46    | 20G   | Calls for IronTurt, BlazeAir
Armorpion | 41   | 24    | 9G    | Brutal hit
Babble    | 24   | 7     | 4G    | Poison hit, Carries Antidote
Babbleoon | 80   | 23    | 10G   | Spaces out, Infernos
BabyCloud | 181  | 105   | 65G   | Infermore, Sleep, Carries Leather Hat
BabyDevil | 118  | 48    | 34G   | Firebane, Carries Pot Lid Shield
Babydrak  | 81   | 62    | 32G   | FrigidAir
Babygoyle | 47   | 19    | 7G    | IceBolt, Carries MysticNuts
Babygoyle2| 253  | 130   | 110G  | None. These are the Babygoyles you fight in
          |      |       |       | Loomin and DarkDraco's Tower, in the past.
Bandit    | 190  | 772   | 30G   | Uses BugPowder, CragThrow. EXP and Gold
          |      |       |       | listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Brigand, ShrubMage, Bandit, and Epong, in
          |      |       |       | the ruins of Penal.
BanditWig | 507  | 731   | 637G  | Slashes violently, Two turns, Boom, Ultrahit
Banegaroo | 83   | 40    | 25G   | Jump attack, FalconCut, Sap
Barbarian | 327  | 280   | 92G   | Brutal hit
Baskervil | 389  | 385   | 132G  | Bites violently, Two turns
BeakRat   | 43   | 22    | 9G    | Calls for help, SickLicks
Behemoth  | 353  | 295   | 110G  | Spews cold air, HealUs
BeliMawr  | 1599 | 2750  | 724G  | Stomps everyone, Carries ? Shard
Berserker | 166  | 72    | 32G   | Swings furiously
Boarenger | 231  | 58    | 39G   | PsycheUp, SandStorm
Blaster   | 561  | 418   | 87G   | Two turns, BoltSlash, SwordDanc
Bludbeast | 513  | 360   | 82G   | Stomps
BoltDevil | 236  | 180   | 95G   | Lightning
BoltRat   | 75   | 31    | 20G   | Flash, Carries Horned Hat
BoltWorm  | 148  | 96    | 37G   | Spews thread, PoisonFog
Bombcrag  | 182  | 80    | 50G   | Sacrifice
BoneFish  | 1514 | 350   | 0G    | Blizzard, Tsunami
BoneRider | 291  | 155   | 93G   | Calls for Healer, Spews cold air, SnowStorm
BoneRider2| 532  | 100   | 270G  | Smiles oddly, Two turns, Defense. This is
          |      |       |       | the BoneRider you fight in the Palace of
          |      |       |       | Dune, in the past.
Borunga   | 1002 | 280   | 1240G | Stomps
Botok     | 2516 | 2150  | 200G  | Two turns, HealMore, PoisonFog, StopSpell
Brigand   | 203  | 772   | 30G   | ChargeUp, FireSlash, Flash, ThiefHit. EXP
          |      |       |       | and Gold listed are the total for the fight
          |      |       |       | with Brigand, ShrubMage, Bandit, and Epong,
          |      |       |       | in the ruins of Penal.
Broadaxer | 78   | 43    | 25G   | Brutal hit, JockDance
Budoo     | 592  | 510   | 310G  | Charges party, Wicked smile, Infermost
BudooLamp | 464  | 380   | 210G  | Calls for Budoo, Retaliate, TwinHits
Bugbear   | 86   | 42    | 18G   | Watches, Bang, Heal
Bulbose   | 589  | 0     | 0G    | Defense, LushLicks, Upper
ButchMan  | 161  | 83    | 57G   | IceBolt, Flash
CactiBall | 13   | 4     | 5G    | Carries Herb
CancerMan | 24   | 14    | 6G    | None
Cannibox  | 106  | 65    | 100G  | Brutal hit, Firebal, SleepAir, Carries
          |      |       |       | STRseed
CatMage   | 15   | 8     | 7G    | Blaze, Carries Stick
Cavemon   | 458  | 652   | 823G  | Two turns, Firebal, Firebane, Flash. EXP and
          |      |       |       | Gold listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Cavemon and two JewelBag2s, inside the Swamp
          |      |       |       | Cave.
Centbeast | 8    | 3     | 3G    | Carries Herb
Cerabus   | 289  | 218   | 111G  | Bites violently, Sharp fangs
Chargon   | 94   | 38    | 15G   | FrigidAir, KnockDown
Chibi     | 1319 | 375   | 0G    | Spews thread, Two turns, SleepAir
ClawBeast | 104  | 57    | 18G   | Spews cold air, Carries Iron Claw
ClawBeast2| 1874 | 480   | 0G    | Paralyse hit, Smiles oddly, PoisonGas. This
          |      |       |       | is the ClawBeast you fight in the Dune
          |      |       |       | Palace Fane.
Clawser   | 135  | 81    | 45G   | Calls for help, ParryPass
Clawser2  | 312  | 80    | 90G   | Blaze, StrongD, Carries DEFseed. This's the
          |      |       |       | Clawser you fight in the Eastern Tower.
ClayNite  | 281  | 182   | 120G  | Defense, TwinHits, VacuSlash
Clockmech | 52   | 62    | 20G   | Two turns, RainSlash, Carries Iron Axe
CloudKing | 377  | 170   | 120G  | Calls for BabyCloud
ColumnMan | 82   | 41    | 31G   | Blaze
ColumnMan2| 184  | 150   | 51G   | Blaze. This is the ColumnMan found in
          |      |       |       | Baloch's Tower.
Confupeng | 87   | 70    | 42G   | Calls for help, PanicAll
CosmoBog  | 298  | 147   | 107G  | Blazemore, Flash
Crestpent | 31   | 17    | 7G    | Coils, Sap
Curer     | 84   | 40    | 23G   | Calls for help, Watches, HealAll
CureSlime | 263  | 120   | 85G   | Charges, Smother, HealUsAll
Dagorlach | 664  | 0     | 0G    | Spews fire
DarkArmor | 200  | 130   | 92G   | BackFlip, StopSpell, Carries Steel Armor
DarkDraco | 1390 | 1330  | 950G  | Scorching
DarkDwarf | 47   | 20    | 8G    | StopSpell
Darksanta | 301  | 200   | 125G  | Steals Gold, Throws object
DarkSnail | 176  | 125   | 83G   | Charges, StopSpell
DarkThief | 137  | 40    | 18G   | Steals Gold
DeadNoble | 355  | 205   | 72G   | Spews cold air, SnowStorm
DeathCrab | 93   | 73    | 56G   | Calls for help, Calls for IronTurt, Watches
DeathGron | 267  | 230   | 70G   | Watches, Beat, Chance, SickLick
Deathpal  | 521  | 200   | 250G  | Two turns, Flash, WindBeast
DemonToad | 221  | 160   | 90G   | LushLicks, PoisonGas
Demranger | 304  | 235   | 132G  | Swings furiously, SnowStorm, StopSpell
Devilash  | 657  | 515   | 190G  | Brutal hit, Increase, Meditate
Devilite  | 116  | 70    | 48G   | Bang, StopSpell
Disguiser | 265  | 268   | 92G   | Brutal hit, Transform
DonJose   | 336  | 300   | 80G   | Sleep hit, SandStorm
DorasBox  | 913  | 630   | 280G  | Brutal hit, Two turns, Defeat, RobMagic,
          |      |       |       | SleepAir
Dragon    | 184  | 50    | 32G   | Calls for Healer, IceAir
Dragoner  | 428  | 227   | 103G  | Claw seize, Spews fire, Stomps violently,
          |      |       |       | Carries Needle
DragonKid | 176  | 124   | 73G   | Spews cold air
DragonMan | 79   | 50    | 32G   | Calls for help, Slashes violently
DragonMan2| 1265 | 850   | 1500G | None. This is the DragonMan you fight on the
          |      |       |       | top of Mt. Prob, in the past.
DrakMetal | 84   | 2500  | 50G   | Spews cold, Spews fire
Drakorpse | 445  | 280   | 73G   | Spews cold air
DrakSlime | 50   | 22    | 9G    | FireAir, Carries Cloth Suit
Druinlord | 454  | 410   | 150G  | Scorching, WhiteFire, Explodet, Revive
DumbiKing | 177  | 74    | 62G   | TwinHits
Dumbira   | 104  | 42    | 22G   | Charges, TwinHits, Carries Copper Sword
Earwinger | 13   | 5     | 5G    | None
Eggeron   | 136  | 30    | 28G   | Hatches in four rounds
Eggplaton | 8    | 2     | 2G    | LureDance, Carries Herb
Enchanter | 91   | 40    | 12G   | Firebal, StopSpell
Epong     | 261  | 772   | 30G   | CragThrow, PoisonGas, RobDance. EXP and Gold
          |      |       |       | listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Brigand, ShrubMage, Bandit, and Epong, in
          |      |       |       | the ruins of Penal.
EvilArmor | 111  | 68    | 52G   | BackFlip
EvilBeast | 258  | 222   | 122G  | Spews cold air, Flash, K.O.Dance
EvilBook  | 86   | 58    | 40G   | Beat, RobMagic
EvilClown | 153  | 110   | 110G  | Blazemore, Firebane, Vivify
EvilClown2| 431  | 100   | 120G  | Beat. This is the EvilClown you fight in
          |      |       |       | Loomin's well, in the past.
EvilDiver | 238  | 105   | 93G   | BlazeAir, SnowStorm, Carries Angel Bikini
EvilMech  | 393  | 300   | 200G  | Two turns, 2EdgeHit, FireAir, Flash,
          |      |       |       | MagicWall
EvilPot   | 102  | 120   | 180G  | Wicked Smile, Firebal, IceBolt, Sleep
EvilViper | 124  | 94    | 65G   | Coils, PoisonGas
EvilWell  | 224  | 250   | 67G   | Blazemore, CragThrow, HealMore, SleepAll,
          |      |       |       | WarCry
EvilWell2 | 614  | 370   | 40G   | CragThrow, IceBolt, Sleep. This's the
          |      |       |       | EvilWell you fight inside of Krage's well,
          |      |       |       | in the past.
EvlAnchor | 80   | 77    | 61G   | SnowStorm
EvlMantis | 55   | 33    | 17G   | Sharp claws, Carries MoonHerb
EvlStatue | 238  | 138   | 72G   | Jump attack, Spews cold air, Two turns,
          |      |       |       | JockDance, Upper, Carries Dagger
EvlTurtle | 92   | 90    | 53G   | BackFlip, Carries EvlTurtle Heart
EvlVulgar | 291  | 248   | 124G  | Defense
FairyRat  | 33   | 17    | 8G    | Sleep hit, Carries Herb
Falroider | 377  | 160   | 100G  | Slashes violently, Heal
FireGiant | 313  | 120   | 150G  | Charges party, ChargeUp, FireAir, Carries
          |      |       |       | AquaShard
Flame     | 5031 | 3700  | 800G  | Blazemore, Blazemost, FireTower, Magma,
Spirit    |      |       |       | Scorching, WarCry
FlameToad | 177  | 85    | 42G   | Spews fire
Flamzard  | 70   | 30    | 20G   | Spews fire, Blaze, Carries Herb
FloatTree | 81   | 30    | 18G   | PanicAll
Florajay  | 18   | 9     | 4G    | Carries Florajay Heart
FoFighter | 159  | 70    | 22G   | None
FoggyPot  | 70   | 30    | 20G   | SandStorm, Sleep
FooHero   | 146  | 72    | 50G   | Heal, UltraHit
FooMage   | 136  | 68    | 40G   | Bang, Firebal
FooPriest | 131  | 75    | 33G   | HealMore, HealUsAll
Forester  | 24   | 11    | 5G    | SandStorm
FrogKing  | 384  | 210   | 110G  | Spews cold air, Firebolt, Whirlpool
Fuga      | 40   | 20    | 7G    | Sharp claws
Gamadius  | 1306 | 1410  | 850G  | Spews cold air, PoisonFog, Revive. EXP and
          |      |       |       | Gold listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Seahorser2, Gamadius, and SeaDragon, at the
          |      |       |       | bottom of the Halfling's Cave.
Garcia    | 365  | 250   | 50G   | BackFlip, HealMore
General   | 319  | 188   | 108G  | Brutal hit, Firebane, Meditate, StopSpell
Gerion    | 377  | 210   | 102G  | Brutal hit, Infermore
GigaDraco | 480  | 330   | 130G  | Stomps violently, WhiteFire, Infermost,
          |      |       |       | Carries Demon Armor
Gigagoner | 542  | 450   | 165G  | Claw seize, Stomps violently, WhiteFire
GigaMute  | 393  | 240   | 125G  | Spews cold air
GigaMute2 | 1059 | 1230  | 125G  | Two turns, FrigidAir, IceAir, Carries
          |      |       |       | FireShard. This is the GigaMute you fight in
          |      |       |       | the Mountain Tower, in the present.
GnuDevil  | 309  | 233   | 121G  | Stomps, Boom, Infermore
GoldKid   | 225  | 155   | 210G  | Spews fire
Goldman   | 225  | 80    | 650G  | Brutal hit, Stomps, ChargeUp
GoldSlime | 327  | 350   | 3000G | Charges party, HealMore
Golem     | 282  | 60    | 70G   | Carries WindShard
Golemuga  | 515  | 345   | 175G  | Brutal hit, Stomps, ChargeUp
Gonz      | 424  | 572   | 630   | Sharp claws, Tail whip. EXP and Gold listed
          |      |       |       | are the total for the fight with Inopp and
          |      |       |       | Gonz, after you rescue High Priestess Fosse.
Goopi     | 45   | 11    | 5G    | Calls for help
Gracos    | 1405 | 1320  | 720G  | Beat down, Two turns, IceAir, Tsunami
Gracos V  | 1519 | 1950  | 940G  | Beat down, Two turns, IceAir, PoisonFog,
          |      |       |       | SnowStorm
Gragoopi  | 191  | 141   | 50G   | Calls for help, Calls for WellGhost,
          |      |       |       | IceBolt
GreatMerm | 564  | 215   | 130G  | Spews cold air, Swings furiously, Blizzard,
          |      |       |       | PoisonFog
Gron      | 137  | 71    | 25G   | Defense, SickLick
GuardDog  | 342  | 195   | 95G   | Bites violently
HangedApe | 90   | 28    | 20G   | CragThrow
Healer    | 35   | 15    | 8G    | Calls for help, Heal
HelKaiser | 445  | 340   | 118G  | EerieLite
Hellbane  | 327  | 141   | 93G   | Charges, Spews fire
HellCloud | 3079 | 2160  | 604G  | Calls for BabyCloud, Two turns, Vacuum,
          |      |       |       | WindBeast
HellClown | 177  | 88    | 66G   | Blazemore
HellGenie | 2575 | 1760  | 575G  | Charges party, Smiles oddly, Two turns,
          |      |       |       | Wicked smile, WindBeast
HellGiant | 373  | 300   | 175G  | EerieLite, Blazemore, Explodet, Scorching,
          |      |       |       | Carries Judge Wand
HellGuard | 184  | 110   | 80G   | Throws lamp
HellHawk  | 741  | 1250  | 185G  | HellFlame, PanicAll, WhiteFire
HellVine  | 1304 | 1650  | 2100G | Two turns, Flash, PoisonFog, SleepAir,
          |      |       |       | StopSpell. Carries WindShard.
HellWorm  | 500  | 223   | 123G  | Spews thread, Two turns, PoisonGas
Hork      | 69   | 18    | 5G    | Poison hit, Carries Antidote
HornBeast | 279  | 242   | 150G  | Brutal hit, Stomps, Blazemore, Zap
HornRush  | 90   | 27    | 12G   | ChargeUp, KnockDown
HornSnail | 26   | 12    | 8G    | Charges, IceBolt
Horseman  | 82   | 33    | 26G   | Charges
Hulkagon  | 381  | 220   | 150G  | Claw seize, Stomps violently
Hunter    | 49   | 21    | 10    | Swings furiously
Imp       | 26   | 12    | 6G    | Heal, Carries Herb
Inopp     | 444  | 572   | 630   | Swings furiously. EXP and Gold listed are
          |      |       |       | the total for the fight with Inopp and Gonz,
          |      |       |       | after you rescue High Priestess Fosse.
IronKid   | 250  | 142   | 82G   | Calls for help, Frigid breath
IronTurt  | 85   | 36    | 15G   | Charges, Scapegoat, StrongD
JellyMan  | 284  | 105   | 100G  | Transform
JewelBag  | 206  | 90    | 350G  | Calls for Healer, Odd smile, Beat, LureDance
JewelBag2 | 110  | 652   | 823G  | Defense, LureDance, OddDance. EXP and Gold
          |      |       |       | listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Cavemon and two JewelBag2s, inside the Swamp
          |      |       |       | Cave.
JunkMech  | 117  | 60    | 25G   | Brutal hit
KilStar   | 110  | 51    | 47G   | Explodes, Bounce
KingSlime | 128  | 120   | 77G   | Smother, HealUs
KingSlime2| 680  | 120   | 77G   | Charges, Smother, Two turns, HealMore,
          |      |       |       | Carries BluePrint. This is the KingSlime you
          |      |       |       | fight inside of the Mountain Tower, in the
          |      |       |       | present.
LampGenie | 322  | 200   | 117G  | FairWind, Smothers, Wicked smile, WindBeast
Lipsy     | 12   | 2     | 4G    | LushLicks, Carries Herb, Carries Lipsy Heart
Lithohead | 681  | 650   | 90G   | Charges party, EerieLite, RockThrow
LizardMan | 170  | 128   | 90G   | Defense, Carries Steel Sword, Carries
          |      |       |       | LizrdMan Heart
LizrdBird | 85   | 47    | 23G   | Sharp claws, PaniDance
Machinoid | 255  | 180   | 70G   | Calls for Clockmech, Swings furiously, Sap
MadBook   | 278  | 163   | 43G   | Beat, BlazeAir, IceAir, SleepAll
MadFalcon | 252  | 170   | 110G  | Spews fire, PanicAll
MadPot    | 255  | 250   | 110G  | Two turns, Infermore, Sleep
MageImp   | 197  | 120   | 60G   | HealMore, SnowStorm
MageLipsy | 105  | 60    | 20G   | LushLicks, SleepAir
MagicPost | 191  | 123   | 95G   | Increase, OddDance
MagJaguar | 37   | 23    | 12G   | Blaze, Surround
Magmaron  | 309  | 125   | 82G   | Calls for help, Boom
MagWyvern | 91   | 65    | 51G   | Carries WarpWing
Makainite | 435  | 360   | 123G  | Slashes violently, Defense
Makimaki  | 235  | 904   | 362G  | Uses Time Sand. EXP and Gold listed are the
          |      |       |       | total for the fight with TimeSage and two
          |      |       |       | Makimakis, in the Time Vortex.
Maneater  | 409  | 419   | ?G    | Bang, Firebane
Mantipion | 47   | 23    | 11G   | Sharp claws
Matilda   | 255  | 20    | 30G   | Won't attack, StrongD
Meranza   | 35   | 19    | 8G    | Calls for Eggplaton, LureDance
Metabble  | 4    | 10500 | 20G   | Flees frequently, Firebal
MetalKing | 18   | 33000 | 100G  | Charges, Flees frequently, Infermore
Metaly    | 3    | 1000  | 65G   | Flees frequently, Blaze
MetalyS   | 29   | 1050  | 120G  | Calls for lots of help, 8 MetalySs merge
          |      |       |       | into a MetalKing
MetlRider | 98   | 230   | 40G   | Brutal hit, Jump attack, Heal, Carries
          |      |       |       | Copper Sword
Mimic     | 275  | 210   | 130G  | Two turns, Beat, OddDance, SleepAir
Moai      | 380  | 230   | 140G  | Charges party, Flash, RockThrow
Moosedon  | 257  | 92    | 70G   | Brutal hit, Stomps, ChargeUp
MudDoll   | 44   | 22    | 4G    | OddDance, Carries Cloth Suit
MuddyMan  | 137  | 35    | 15G   | Giggles strangely, Spaces out, Increase,
          |      |       |       | Carries Dung
MultiEyes | 163  | 81    | 45G   | Suspicious glint, Defense
NailMan   | 63   | 31    | 15G   | Carries Dagger
Naputo    | 282  | 280   | 70G   | Two turns, Punch, Roundhous
Necrobal  | 416  | 310   | 142G  | Brutal hit, TwinHits, Zap, Carries Sorrow
          |      |       |       | Shield
Needlon   | 63   | 30    | 18G   | Berserker, LureDance, Carries Poison Dagger
Nengal    | 4664 | 3690  | 1009G | Charges, SwordDanc
Nepro     | 326  | 200   | 50G   | Firebal, IceBolt, PanicAll, StopSpell,
          |      |       |       | Surround
Neris     | 466  | 267   | 0G    | Two turns, IceBolt, IceSlash, MagicBack,
          |      |       |       | SnowStorm
Niterich  | 342  | 400   | 140G  | Brutal hit, Deep breath, Freezing blizzard
NumbSlime | 222  | 160   | 58G   | Calls for help, Paralyse hit, PalsyAir
Octogon   | 367  | 180   | 98G   | Charges party, Dubious mist, Hustle
OgreKing  | 315  | 270   | 200G  | Spews cold air, Suspicious glint, StrongD
Ogreling  | 211  | 82    | 50G   | Brutal hit
OrcDevil  | 190  | 88    | 66G   | SandStorm
Orgodemir | 3014 | 0     | 0G    | Suspicious glint, Three turns, Blazemost,
          |      |       |       | DeMagic, Explodet, Lightning, Magma,
          |      |       |       | WindBeast. This is Orgodemir's first form,
          |      |       |       | at the end of disk 1.
Orgodemir2| 4203 | 0     | 0G    | Charges, Spews cold air, Two turns, DeMagic,
          |      |       |       | Scorching, Vacuum. This is Orgodemir's
          |      |       |       | second form, at the end of disk 1.
Orgodemir3| 3585 | 0     | 0G    | Freezing blizzard, Tail whip, WhiteFire.
          |      |       |       | This is Orgodemir's first form, at the end
          |      |       |       | of disk 2.
Orgodemir4| 3304 | 0     | 0G    | Energy balls, Hurled intense flames,
          |      |       |       | Suspicious glint, Three turns, Blazemost,
          |      |       |       | DeMagic, Explodet, Punch, WindBeast. This is
          |      |       |       | Orgodemir's second form, at the end of disk
          |      |       |       | 2.
Orgodemir5| 3074 | 0     | 0G    | Claw grasp, Terrifying cry, Two turns,
          |      |       |       | ConfuHit, Magma, PoisonFog. This is
          |      |       |       | Orgodemir's third form, at the end of disk
          |      |       |       | 2.
Orgodemir6| 5052 | 0     | 0G    | Charges party, Coils, Evil force, Freezing
          |      |       |       | cold, Hurls pieces of flesh, Paralyse hit,
          |      |       |       | DeMagic, Meditate, MegaMagic, Sleep,
          |      |       |       | WhiteFire. This is Orgodemir's fourth form,
          |      |       |       | at the end of disk 2.
Panickle  | 314  | 180   | 70G   | Sharp claws, PanicAll
Panther   | 178  | 130   | 83G   | Surround
Parasnail | 127  | 73    | 30G   | Charges, Paralysis hit, StopSpell
Pigady    | 159  | 75    | 61G   | Spews cold air
PigDemon  | 72   | 24    | 13G   | Defense, FrigidAir, Carries Leather Armor
Pigmon    | 201  | 108   | 58G   | Spews cold air, PalsyAir, Carries Leather
          |      |       |       | Pants
Pigmon2   | 423  | 100   | 50G   | Giggles strangely, FireAir, Heal. These are
          |      |       |       | the Pigmons you fight in the Evil Statue.
PinkOrc   | 75   | 45    | 31G   | FrigidAir
PinkOrc2  | 304  | 145   | 110G  | BlazeAir. These are the PinkOrcs you fight
          |      |       |       | in Loomin and DarkDraco's Tower, in the
          |      |       |       | past.
Piranhan  | 94   | 65    | 61G   | Charges, Bang
Plesiodon | 185  | 115   | 80G   | Spews cold air, Spews fire, Defense, Carries
          |      |       |       | Leather Whip
PodFightr | 41   | 24    | 9G    | None
PodHero   | 50   | 25    | 25G   | Thordain, Upper
PodMage   | 30   | 23    | 18G   | Blaze, Carries SpiderWeb
PodPriest | 32   | 22    | 12G   | Heal, HealUsAll, Carries Repellent
PomPomBom | 380  | 285   | 135G  | LifeDance, PaniDance
Poucher   | 134  | 79    | 35G   | HealMore, LifeDance, Carries Silver Plate
ProtoMech | 203  | 95    | 58G   | Brutal hit
Pummeler  | 65   | 25    | 16G   | Explodes
PuppetMan | 106  | 65    | 32G   | Increase, SideStep, RobDance, Carries Wooden
          |      |       |       | Hat
Putrbeast | 568  | 420   | 50G   | Scorching, WhiteFire
PutreFish | 70   | 60    | 52G   | BackFlip
PutreMan  | 96   | 43    | 11G   | Paralyse hit, Slashes violently
Quixotron | 89   | 61    | 48G   | ChargeUp
RainHawk  | 482  | 300   | 155G  | Scorching, Firebolt
Rainmaker | 454  | 350   | 310G  | FrigidAir, SickLicks, Two turns, HealMore
Red Sting | 100  | 53    | 23G   | Brutal hit, Tail whip. Carries Iron Helmet
RedGrunt  | 364  | 175   | 95G   | Boom, Flash
RedSlime  | 22   | 10    | 4G    | Carries Herb
Revirock  | 352  | 262   | 107G  | Wicked smile, ChargeUp, Farewell
RhinoKing | 74   | 49    | 42G   | Charges
RockGolem | 115  | 45    | 35G   | Brutal hit, Stomps, ChargeUp, Carries
          |      |       |       | LifeRock
Rosevine  | 320  | 160   | 101G  | PoisonFog, Sleep
Runger    | 332  | 297   | 160G  | Two turns, BackFlip, Bounce
RushFish  | 18   | 8     | 5G    | Charges, Sap
Satanmail | 374  | 420   | 140G  | Brutal hit, Starts Bounced, Two turns,
          |      |       |       | BackFlip, DrakSlash, FireSlash, VacuSlash
Savagemon | 339  | 250   | 142G  | Boom, Giggle, SleepAll
SeaGrudge | 157  | 95    | 0G    | None
Seahorser | 80   | 72    | 70G   | FrigidAir, Heal, SleepAir
Seahorser2| 270  | 1410  | 850G  | Spews cold air, SleepAir. EXP and Gold
          |      |       |       | listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Seahorser2, Gamadius, and SeaDragon, at the
          |      |       |       | bottom of the Halfling's Cave.
SeaDragon | 293  | 173   | 105G  | HealMore, PalsyAir, Scorching
SeaDragon2| 323  | 1410  | 850G  | HealMore, PalsyAir, Scorching. EXP and Gold
          |      |       |       | listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | Seahorser2, Gamadius, and SeaDragon, at the
          |      |       |       | bottom of the Halfling's Cave.
SeaLipsy  | 33   | 10    | 4G    | FrigidAir, Carries Antidote
Seto      | 920  | 650   | 250G  | Swings furiously, Two turns, ChargeUp, Sap
ShadeNite | 72   | 47    | 22G   | Slashes violently
SheepBird | 96   | 40    | 23G   | None
SheepDuck | 206  | 90    | 77G   | Reverse kick
Shelgator | 153  | 145   | 77G   | Tsunami
ShieldOgr | 276  | 180   | 120G  | Spews cold air, Guardian, StrongD
ShrubMage | 153  | 772   | 30G   | ThiefHit. EXP and Gold listed are the total
          |      |       |       | for the fight with Brigand, ShrubMage,
          |      |       |       | Bandit, and Epong, in the ruins of Penal.
SkulBlade | 204  | 138   | 62G   | SwordDanc
SkyDevil  | 357  | 175   | 105G  | BackFlip, Blazemore
SkyFrog   | 81   | 35    | 14G   | LushLicks
SkyHunter | 34   | 13    | 9G    | None
Slemperor | 310  | 410   | 300G  | Charges party, MagicBack, Vivify
Slime     | 6    | 1     | 1G    | Carries Slime Heart
SlimeLv8  | 120  | 150   | 50G   | Calls for lots of help, 8 SlimeLv8s merge
          |      |       |       | into a KingSlime
SlimeNite | 83   | 25    | 15G   | Jump Attack, Heal, Carries Copper Sword
SlimeWing | 147  | 64    | 50G   | Spews fire
SmileRock | 110  | 34    | 18G   | ChargeUp, Watches, Wicked Smile
Smoocher  | 48   | 22    | 8G    | SleepAir
SnowBat   | 139  | 66    | 31G   | IceBolt, SnowStorm
SnowBat2  | 831  | 320   | 108G  | Blizzard, SnowStorm. This is the SnowBat you
          |      |       |       | fight at the Lefa Fane.
Stalker   | 94   | 42    | 10G   | None
Starfish  | 21   | 9     | 6G    | Blaze, OddDance
Starfish2 | 1312 | 320   | 0G    | Bounce, Upper. This is the Starfish you
          |      |       |       | fight in the Dune Palace Fane.
StelDemon | 299  | 290   | 155G  | Brutal hit, Spews fire, Upper
Swordaroo | 24   | 10    | 6G    | Jump Attack
Swordbane | 264  | 266   | 133G  | Paralyse hit, SwordDanc, Carries 2Edged
          |      |       |       | Sword
TailApe   | 41   | 18    | 9G    | None
Thompson  | 292  | 260   | 60G   | Swings furiously, Infermore
Thornmole | 22   | 8     | 7G    | None
Thunderat | 69   | 45    | 21G   | Lightning
TigerMage | 150  | 78    | 28G   | PanicAll, Surround
TimeSage  | 791  | 904   | 362G  | BlazeMore, Flash, MagicWall. EXP and Gold
          |      |       |       | listed are the total for the fight with
          |      |       |       | TimeSage and two Makimakis, in the Time
          |      |       |       | Vortex.
TongueRat | 18   | 6     | 3G    | LushLicks, Carries Repellent
TreeGuard | 104  | 55    | 32G   | Draw bow, Shoots arrows
TreeGuard2| 631  | 205   | 70G   | Draw bow, Shoots arrows. These are the
          |      |       |       | TreeGuards you fight in the Forest Path
          |      |       |       | south of Labres, in the past.
TrickBag  | 57   | 50    | 50G   | Calls for FloatTree, Giggles strangely,
          |      |       |       | Blaze, OddDance
Tyranodon | 209  | 90    | 80G   | Charges
Varanus   | 382  | 240   | 150G  | Spews cold air
VenomBird | 39   | 26    | 8G    | Poison hit, Upper
VenomHork | 114  | 45    | 10G   | Paralyse hit, Poison hit, PoisonGas
Venomworm | 40   | 17    | 6G    | Carries Antidote
VineRoot  | 200  | 80    | 20G   | None
Vulgarian | 98   | 59    | 35G   | Flash
WarBoar   | 361  | 173   | 104G  | Spews fire, ChargeUp, SandStorm
WarTiger  | 76   | 32    | 26G   | FireAir, Heal
WeirdGuy  | 379  | 72    | 75G   | Throws lamps, Two turns
WellGhost | 484  | 510   | 162G  | Two turns, ChargeUp, CragThrow, Surround,
          |      |       |       | WarCry
WellLure  | 127  | 150   | 100G  | CragThrow, Flash, WarCry, Carries STRseed
WhiteFuga | 211  | 125   | 88G   | Sharp claws, Lightning, PaniDance
WingDraco | 287  | 158   | 98G   | Spews fire, MagicBack
WingTiger | 168  | 80    | 40G   | Bounce, Infermore
WoeBottle | 205  | 135   | 103G  | Calls for EvlStatue, Two turns, Beat,
          |      |       |       | PoisonFog, Carries INTseed
WoePriest | 339  | 257   | 148G  | Infermore, Lightning
WolfDevil | 128  | 86    | 60G   | QuadHits
WolfDevil2| 652  | 400   | 210G  | QuadHits, TwinHits. This is the WolfDevil
          |      |       |       | you fight in Krage, in the past.
WonderEgg | 151  | 62    | 28G   | Hatches, Ironize, Upper
WoodyEye  | 144  | 84    | 45G   | SleepAll
WreckMan  | 314  | 180   | 80G   | Brutal hit, Swings furiously
Wyvern    | 51   | 29    | 18G   | FireAir
Zeppel    | 2203 | 2260  | 710G  | Two turns, Blazemost, IceAir
ZoeMage   | 1421 | 740   | 920G  | Two turns, Blazemore, Bounce, Infermost,
          |      |       |       | SleepAll, StopSpell
ZombieEye | 48   | 20    | 6G    | LushLicks, Carries Graceherb
Zombie    | 287  | 173   | 93G   | Claw seize, PoisonGas
Zombier   | 355  | 163   | 72G   | Defense

4I. Experience Tables
This area will show the Experience total you need to get, to achieve each
level, arranged per person. Spells and skills that're gained per level are also
noted. ^^

Level | EXP     | Spells/Skills
1     | 0       | None
2     | 15      | None
3     | 47      | Heal
4     | 117     | None
5     | 270     | None
6     | 499     | Upper
7     | 842     | None
8     | 1356    | Return
9     | 2127    | None
10    | 3283    | None
11    | 4800    | None
12    | 6791    | HealMore
13    | 9404    | None
14    | 12833   | None
15    | 17333   | None
16    | 22254   | None
17    | 27636   | None
18    | 33522   | None
19    | 39959   | None
20    | 46999   | None
21    | 54919   | None
22    | 63829   | None
23    | 73852   | None
24    | 85127   | None
25    | 97811   | None
26    | 112080  | None
27    | 128132  | None
28    | 146190  | Outside
29    | 166505  | None
30    | 189359  | None
31    | 215069  | None
32    | 243992  | None
33    | 276530  | None
34    | 313135  | None
35    | 354315  | None
36    | 400642  | None
37    | 452759  | None
38    | 511390  | None
39    | 577149  | None
40    | 651552  | None
41    | 735030  | None
42    | 828942  | None
43    | 934593  | None
44    | 1053450 | ?

Level | EXP   | Spells/Skills
1     | 0     | None
2     | 20    | None
3     | 53    | None
4     | 107   | None
5     | 196   | FireSlash
6     | 340   | None
7     | 574   | None
8     | 954   | None
9     | 1571  | ParryPass
10    | 2573  | None
11    | 3919  | None
12    | 5727  | PsycheUp
13    | 8156  | None
14    | 11416 | None
15    | 15803 | ZombieCut
16    | 20598 | ?

Level | EXP    | Spells/Skills
1     | 0      | None
2     | 25     | None
3     | 66     | Blaze
4     | 133    | Sap
5     | 243    | Retaliate
6     | 414    | None
7     | 681    | Sleep
8     | 1098   | None
9     | 1749   | Outside
10    | 2766   | Heal
11    | 4132   | Surround
12    | 5967   | None
13    | 8432   | None
14    | 11744  | None
15    | 16194  | None
16    | 21061  | None
17    | 26384  | None
18    | 32206  | None
19    | 38573  | None
20    | 45536  | None
21    | 53369  | None
22    | 62181  | None
23    | 72094  | None
24    | 83246  | None
25    | 95792  | None
26    | 109906 | None
27    | 125784 | None
28    | 143646 | None
29    | 163740 | None
30    | 186345 | None
31    | 211775 | None
32    | 240383 | None
33    | 272567 | None
34    | 308774 | None
35    | 349506 | ?

Level | EXP     | Spells/Skills
1     | 0       | None
2     | 5       | Bark
3     | 45      | None
4     | 370     | Bite
5     | 3010    | None
6     | 4990    | Tackle
7     | 6475    | None
8     | 7588    | Rip
9     | 8422    | None
10    | 9047    | None
11    | 9906    | None
12    | 11087   | None
13    | 12710   | Howl
14    | 14941   | None
15    | 18008   | None
16    | 21937   | None
17    | 26971   | None
18    | 33420   | None
19    | 41682   | None
20    | 52267   | None
21    | 63844   | None
22    | 76506   | None
23    | 90355   | None
24    | 105502  | None
25    | 122069  | None
26    | 140189  | None
27    | 160007  | None
28    | 181682  | None
29    | 205389  | None
30    | 231318  | None
31    | 260488  | None
32    | 293304  | None
33    | 330222  | None
34    | 371754  | None
35    | 418477  | None
36    | 471040  | None
37    | 530173  | None
38    | 596697  | None
39    | 671536  | None
40    | 755729  | None
41    | 850446  | None
42    | 957002  | None
43    | 1076877 | ?

Level | EXP    | Spells/Skills
19    | 43439  | Bang, BoxerDanc, Expel,
      |        | Guardian, HealMore,
      |        | Infermore, Outside, Return
20    | 51881  | Vivify
21    | 61378  | None
22    | 72062  | None
23    | 84081  | None
24    | 97602  | None
25    | 112813 | None
26    | 129925 | None
27    | 149176 | None
28    | 170833 | None
29    | 195197 | None
30    | 222606 | None
31    | 253441 | None
32    | 288130 | None
33    | 327155 | None
34    | 371058 | None
35    | 420448 | None
36    | 476011 | None
37    | 538519 | None
38    | 608840 | None
39    | 687951 | None
40    | 776950 | None
41    | 877073 | ?

Level | EXP    | Spells/Skills
21    | 51912  | DanceShut, Firebal,
      |        | FireSlash, K.O.Dance,
      |        | LureDance, OddDance,
      |        | PaniDance, ParryPass,
      |        | PsycheUp, RobDance,
      |        | SideStep. Aira starts off
      |        | as a Soldier Warrior, and
      |        | a TruTalent Dancer.
22    | 62020  | None
23    | 73391  | LifeSong
24    | 86183  | None
25    | 100574 | None
26    | 116763 | None
27    | 134975 | None
28    | 155463 | None
29    | 178512 | None
30    | 204442 | None
31    | 233613 | None
32    | 266430 | None
33    | 303349 | None
34    | 344882 | None
35    | 391606 | None
36    | 444170 | None
37    | 503304 | None
38    | 569829 | None
39    | 644669 | None
40    | 728864 | None
41    | 823583 | ?

4J. Human Classes
While your characters have their own natural abilities, strengths, and choices
in equipment, sometimes you just need something more to help drive back the
Demon Lord's forces. Once you have freed Dharma Temple, you'll find out exactly
what you've been missing: classes! Besides the initial class each person has,
there are twenty human classes you can train under. You only have ten to choose
from as you start, and upon mastering different combinations of classes, you'll
gain the option to try out the other ten. Each of the classes have eight Skill
Levels, represented by stars in your Info screen. To go up a Skill Level, you
need to get in fights with monsters that're around your party's levels. For
instance, for a Warrior to go from a Beginner to a Novice, you need to fight
ten battles. Then, to go from Novice to Soldier, you need to fight ten more
battles. Any spells or skills you learn, are permanent, and you can use them no
matter the class you're in. Classes also do not have equipment restrictions,
other than the ones your characters already have.

Some classes have bonuses you only enjoy while you are a member of that class,
such as the Sage's ability to reduce the MP cost of spells and skills. You
can't turn into a Shepherd afterwards, and expect to enjoy the same benefits.
Also, the later classes often have Mastery Bonuses, which are a stat increase
as long as you are a member of the class. ^^ Lastly, there are Combination
Skills, which are skills you learn from learning one class until your character
is maturing in it (this happens at the fifth Skill Level), or better, then
switching to the second class until that class is also matured. Don't forget,
you have to do them in order! If you have worked on these classes in a
different order, all you need to do is switch back to one of the classes for
thirty fights, until you see a notice that your character is making up the
class. These fights could be against Slimes if you wanted, they don't have to
be against enemies around your level. Then just switch to the second class, and
you're all set! ^^

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
10      | Novice      | PsycheUp
10      | Soldier     | None
15      | Guardsman   | SquallHit
20      | Veteran     | None
20      | Warmonger   | DrakSlash
30      | Elite       | None
25      | General     | EvilSlash
Mastery Bonus: None

Fighter: (Increased critical hit rate)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
16      | Novice      | LegSweep
16      | Grappler    | JumpKick
18      | BlackBelt   | Roundhous
20      | Assassin    | Suplex
35      | Ninja       | WarCry
25      | Sensei      | Punch
30      | Master      | WindBeast
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | Firebal
13      | Novice      | Sleep
15      | Dabbler     | Return
15      | Magician    | Sap, Outside
27      | Sorcerer    | Blazemore
35      | Wizard      | Surround, Boom
30      | Warlock     | Firebane
35      | ArchMage    | SnowStorm
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | Heal, Expel
19      | Novice      | Infernos
18      | Acolyte     | Upper
13      | Prelate     | StopSpell
30      | Clergyman   | HealMore
20      | Priest      | Infermore
30      | Bishop      | HealAll
50      | HiPriest    | Vivify
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Novice      | None
5       | Apprentce   | LureDance
13      | ToeTapper   | ParryPass
20      | Dervish     | OddDance
15      | Amateur     | SideStep
29      | Prancer     | DanceShut
15      | Bounder     | PaniDance
23      | TruTalent   | K.O.Dance
Mastery Bonus: None

Thief: (Randomly steals)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
8       | Novice      | SandStorm
9       | CutPurse    | KnockDown
13      | Pilferer    | CragThrow
18      | Brigand     | ChargeUp
22      | Rogue       | Location
40      | Scoundrel   | Tiptoe
30      | Big Boss    | Smell
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
13      | Novice      | EagleEye
14      | Poet        | X-Ray
13      | Lyricist    | SleepSong
15      | Warbler     | Repel
20      | Crooner     | WakeSong
35      | Songster    | MistSong
30      | Minstrel    | AngelSong
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
14      | Novice      | FishNet
11      | DeckHand    | Ramming
18      | Seafarer    | BirdEye
17      | Navigator   | None
15      | Helmsman    | NumbOff
20      | Captain     | Infermore
40      | Admiral     | Tsunami
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
8       | Novice      | Antidote
9       | FarmHand    | Heal
16      | SlopFeed    | Slumber
19      | Swain       | Whistle
18      | Fleecer     | None
20      | Herder      | WoolGuard
45      | SheepLord   | Stampede
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Beginner    | None
7       | Novice      | PuffPuff
8       | Goof Off    | Silliness
15      | Buffoon     | PointOut
28      | Stand Up    | QuickJoke
22      | Comedian    | LushLicks
20      | Joker       | SickLick
33      | Fool        | Tickle
Mastery Bonus:  None

Dragoon (Warrior + Fighter):
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Gladiator   | None
15      | Fencer      | VacuSlash
20      | Swordsman   | ZombieCut
25      | Ronin       | 2EdgeHit
30      | Mercenary   | Massacre
30      | Duelist     | FalconCut
30      | Champion    | None
50      | Avenger     | QuadHits
Mastery Bonus: +15 STR as a Dragoon

Ranger (Warrior + Mage):
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Bouncer     | Bounce
12      | Wanderer    | FireSlash
12      | Scout       | BoltSlash
26      | Battler     | TwinHits
30      | Enchanter   | IceSlash
50      | BladeMage   | Disperse
40      | Conqueror   | Firebolt
50      | Faust       | Blazemost
Mastery Bonus: +20 MP as a Ranger

Sage (Mage + Cleric): (MP costs lower as Skill Level increases)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Student     | Defeat
15      | Counsel     | Barrier
23      | Arbiter     | Blizzard
27      | Seer        | MagicWall
45      | Oracle      | HealUs
40      | Wise One    | Revive
50      | Elder       | Summon
50      | Prophet     | Explodet
Mastery Bonus: +20 INT as a Sage

TeenIdol (Dancer + Bard + Jester): (Randomly distracts an enemy)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Fan         | None
10      | Groupie     | Flash
15      | Rebel       | Ironize
15      | Performer   | EerieLite
25      | Star        | Hustle
35      | Artist      | BackFlip
40      | Sellout     | FireTower
40      | Icon        | LifeSong
Mastery Bonus: +20 APR as a TeenIdol

Tamer (Shepherd + Thief): (Increases odds of taming monsters)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | PetOwner    | Tamer, PoisonGas
18      | Groomer     | None
15      | RanchHand   | SleepAir
25      | Tracker     | FrigidAir
19      | Hunter      | PalsyAir
16      | Handler     | BlazeAir
32      | Trainer     | PoisonFog
40      | BeastLord   | BeDragon
Mastery Bonus: +15 GRD as a Tamer

Pirate (Thief + Mariner): (Randomly steals)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | ShipWreck   | None
20      | Barnacle    | FairWind
30      | Swab        | Hurricane
30      | Cutthroat   | StepGuard
30      | Buccaneer   | MapMagic
30      | Smuggler    | StrongD
30      | Marauder    | CoralRain
30      | Sea Dog     | Whirlpool
Mastery Bonus: +15 AGL as a Pirate

Paladin (Fighter + Cleric): (Randomly kills in one hit)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Page        | Scapegoat
25      | Squire      | Vacuum
25      | Knight      | Berserker
30      | Zealot      | Infermost
35      | Crusader    | MagicWall
30      | Templar     | Guardian
45      | HolyKnght   | Farewell
50      | Martyr      | MultiCut
Mastery Bonus: +20 HP as a Paladin

Godhand (Dragoon + Paladin):
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Saint       | None
20      | Angel       | MetalCut
20      | Archangel   | HealUs
40      | Throne      | RockThrow
40      | Cherubin    | Sacrifice
30      | Seraphim    | GigaSlash
30      | Celestial   | Revive
60      | Demigod     | UltraHit
Mastery Bonus: +25 STR as a GodHand

Summoner (Sage + TeenIdol): (MP costs lower as Skill Level increases)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Theurgist   | Meditate
30      | Conjuror    | DefeatMax
30      | Geomancer   | Magma
30      | Elemental   | Tremor
30      | Maelstrom   | HellFlame
30      | Tempest     | DeMagic
50      | Fury        | Hellblast
50      | Ragnarok    | Summoner
Mastery Bonus: +30 MP as a Summoner

Hero (Master any three non-initial human classes): (Some HP restored each turn)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Archetype   | None
8       | Defender    | Ironize
12      | Paragon     | Revive
30      | Savior      | Zap
30      | Guardian    | DeMagic
30      | Avatar      | Thordain
40      | Legend      | GigaSlash
50      | ChosenOne   | Alldain
Mastery Bonus: +31 MP as a Hero

4K. Monster Classes
Monster Classes are almost identical to the Human Classes. You still train in
them the same way, and sometimes a combination of Monster Classes let you reach
a new, stronger Class. But, there doesn't seem to be any Combination Skills,
and you can't start out as any of the Monster Classes. To become one, you need
to find a Monster Heart, from a chest, a game of Lucky Panel, or having a
monster of that type drop one. Once you have an appropriate Heart, and want to
start a Monster Class, just put the Heart in that person's inventory, and talk
to the High Priest at Dharma Temple. ^^ Please note, I haven't tried out all
the Monster Classes yet, and there might've been some spells/skills overlapping
from the Human Classes, so I'll try to improve and correct these as soon as

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Globule     | None
7       | Moist       | None
8       | Wiggly      | SideStep
18      | Jiggly      | None
17      | Slurry      | ConfuHit
22      | SlimeNite   | None
18      | SlimeHero   | None
30      | KingSlime   | Retaliate
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Rotten      | None
9       | Rancid      | None
7       | Carcass     | None
18      | DeadFlesh   | PoisonGas
18      | WormFood    | None
23      | Maggoty     | CurseSong
24      | Undead      | None
31      | EvilDead    | K.O.Dance
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | SlowPoke    | None
10      | SoftShell   | None
?       | Snapper     | None
22      | HardShell   | Increase
20      | ShellHead   | None
25      | DarkTurtl   | None
15      | ShellShoc   | None
?       | HellShell   | BackFlip
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | SeedWing    | None
11      | WingRoot    | Heal
11      | SproutWng   | None
12      | WingStem    | None
21      | PlantWing   | SleepAir
25      | FlyTrap     | None
40      | BloomWing   | None
20      | WitherWng   | HealSong
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Hatchling   | None
13      | Fledgling   | Blaze
17      | Scavenger   | None
15      | Ravenous    | FireAir
17      | DiveBomb    | None
28      | BeakDuel    | Blazemore
35      | HiWyvern    | None
25      | WyverNite   | BlazeAir
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | KindHeart   | None
8       | PickMeUp    | Heal
20      | Altruist    | None
14      | Curer       | HealMore
28      | HealAll     | None
22      | GoldenOne   | HealAll
41      | Truehart    | None
27      | Phoenix     | HealUs
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Slitherer   | None
14      | LizardKid   | None
25      | Reptilian   | None
11      | ScalyHero   | Defense
18      | Draconian   | None
25      | ScalyLord   | None
34      | ScalyKing   | None
18      | ColdBlood   | RainSlash
Mastery Bonus: None

Bombcrag: (Randomly frightens an enemy)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Pebble      | None
16      | Shrapnel    | None
16      | Boulder     | Giggle
16      | Bombadier   | None
27      | ShortFuse   | None
24      | GreatRock   | None
24      | BigBlast    | None
29      | Armagedon   | Meditate
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Chapped     | None
13      | Moist       | LushLicks
17      | Pouty       | None
11      | Wet         | SickLick
22      | Sweet       | None
25      | Jiggly      | SleepAir
27      | Sultry      | None
17      | Sexy        | OddDance
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | TrashCan    | None
18      | Hamper      | SleepAir
18      | Container   | None
14      | ItemBox     | SandStorm
30      | Coffer      | None
25      | MagicBox    | Beat
32      | Dopplgang   | None
42      | Pandora     | Defeat
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Crusher     | None
15      | Smasher     | SquallHit
19      | Rampager    | None
18      | Destroyer   | FireSlash
20      | Juggernot   | None
28      | Gilgamash   | RainSlash
35      | Titan       | None
15      | Marcolara   | Massacre
Mastery Bonus: None

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

CurseLamp (Hork + Mimic):
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Oilpot      | StopSpell
15      | LampRust    | None
20      | BrassLamp   | PaniDance
25      | CopporPot   | None
20      | CurLamp     | SnowStorm
40      | DamnLamp    | None
25      | LampChamp   | None
45      | SoulEater   | None
Mastery Bonus: +15 AGL as a CurseLamp

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

DrakSlime (Slime + LizardMan):
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | DrakSpit    | None
10      | Drakling    | FireAir
13      | MoistDrak   | FrigidAir
17      | HornyBlob   | Ironize
30      | HornSlime   | None
30      | SoarSlime   | BlazeAir
30      | Slagoneer   | IceAir
20      | Drakon      | BeDragon
Mastery Bonus: +10 AGL as a DrakSlime

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

EvilWell: (Randomly surprises enemies)
Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | WellDreck   | None
19      | HoleDig     | None
22      | WaterHole   | BoxerDanc
22      | WellLure    | ParryPass
30      | WishWell    | None
30      | StenchPit   | None
27      | HellWell    | None
25      | WellDone    | Magma
Mastery Bonus: +10 GRD as an EvilWell

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
0       | Slug        | Ironize
28      | Nugget      | HealUs
20      | Ingot       | Ramming
35      | GoldRush    | Revive
42      | SlimeMite   | HealUsAll
45      | EvilAlloy   | None
80      | GoldBlob    | Change
100     | SlimeIdol   | BigBang
Mastery Bonus: +255 GRD as a PlatKing

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

Battles | Skill Level | Spells/Skills
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
?       | ?           | ?
Mastery Bonus: ?

5. Extras

5A. Shards
An important part of Dragon Warrior 7, Shards are fragments of the sealed lands
in your world. When you can complete the Shards on their pedestals in the fane,
you'll revive one of those sealed worlds. This's a quick little list of which
Shards you can get, in order, their color, the pedestal they go on, and where
on each pedestal they fit.

#  | Color  | Pedestal  | Position  | Details
1  | Yellow | Northwest | Northeast | This is the first LandShard you find,
   |        |           |           | east of the tablet that mentions the
   |        |           |           | sealed lands in the Ancient Fane.
2  | Yellow | Northwest | Southwest | This is the LandShard you find in the
   |        |           |           | Ancient Fane, inside the Yellow Pedestal
   |        |           |           | Room itself.
3  | Yellow | Northwest | Southeast | This is the LandShard that your father,
   |        |           |           | Borkano gives you after the Amitt
   |        |           |           | Festival in Fishbel.
4  | Green  | Northwest | Northwest | This is the first WindShard you find,
   |        |           |           | after slaying the Golem guarding the
   |        |           |           | Eastern Tower in the past.
5  | Red    | Northwest | West      | This is the first FireShard you find,
   |        |           |           | from a chest on F1 of the Eastern Tower.
6  | Green  | Northwest | Southwest | This is the WindShard you find in the
   |        |           |           | present Rexwood, on a table in the
   |        |           |           | southwest house.
7  | Red    | Northwest | South     | This is the FireShard you find in the
   |        |           |           | present Colorstone Mine on B7.
8  | Red    | Northwest | East      | This is the FireShard you recover from B2
   |        |           |           | of Escard Castle, after you get the raft.
9  | Blue   | Northeast | South     | This is the first AquaShard you find,
   |        |           |           | after slaying the FireGiant in Mt. Flame,
   |        |           |           | in the past.
10 | Blue   | Northwest | East      | This is the AquaShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | Pamela, the day after the events at Mt.
   |        |           |           | Flame, also in the past.
11 | Green  | Northwest | East      | This is the WindShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | on B1 of Mt. Flame, in the present.
12 | Yellow | Center    | South     | This is the LandShard you find in a
   |        |           |           | barrel inside Joseph's first secret base,
   |        |           |           | in the village of Dialac.
13 | Green  | Northwest | North     | This is the WindShard you find next to
   |        |           |           | Sim and the Boulder God stone at Your
   |        |           |           | Town.
14 | Blue   | Northeast | North     | This is the AquaShard you find inside
   |        |           |           | past Mt. Ceide, from a chest in the room
   |        |           |           | beyond the maze on 2F, with some water
   |        |           |           | inside.
15 | Blue   | Northeast | Southwest | This is the AquaShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest, on 5F, at the very top of past Mt.
   |        |           |           | Ceide.
16 | Green  | Southwest | North     | This is the WindShard you find in the
   |        |           |           | back room of present Orph's Weapon Shop,
   |        |           |           | in a chest.
17 | Blue   | Northeast | Southeast | This is the AquaShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | Deathpal, after visiting him at present
   |        |           |           | Mt. Ceide.
18 | Red    | Southeast | Southwest | This is the FireShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | a chest in past Falrish, inside a door in
   |        |           |           | the wall west of the Inn.
19 | Red    | Southeast | East      | This is the FireShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | inside the MechSoldier Base, on B2, in
   |        |           |           | Machinoid's room in the past.
20 | Red    | Southeast | North     | This is the FireShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | in Zebbot's shed, in the present.
21 | Green  | Southwest | Southwest | This is the WindShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | in Falrod Castle's former bunker, in the
   |        |           |           | present.
22 | Red    | Southeast | Southeast | This is the FireShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | Armand's granddaughter, after helping to
   |        |           |           | rescue and repair Eri in the present.
23 | Green  | Southwest | Northwest | This is the WindShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | inside the Swamp Cave, on B2, in the
   |        |           |           | past.
24 | Green  | Southwest | Northeast | This is the WindShard you find after
   |        |           |           | defeating Cavemon and the two JewelBags
   |        |           |           | inside the Swamp Cave, in the past.
25 | Yellow | Center    | Southwest | This is the LandShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | inside the mansion in Mentare in the
   |        |           |           | present, on the third floor.
26 | Green  | Southwest | Southeast | This is the WindShard you find at the
   |        |           |           | ruins of Verdham, in the present.
27 | Blue   | Southwest | Northwest | This is the AquaShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | tent at the Deja Tribe's camp.
28 | Yellow | Center    | Northeast | This is the LandShard you find in the
   |        |           |           | Lake Altar Cave B1, in the past, after
   |        |           |           | draining the lake.
29 | Blue   | Southwest | Southeast | This is the AquaShard you find in a
   |        |           |           | dresser in the well of the Excavation
   |        |           |           | Site, southwest of Engow, in the present.
30 | Blue   | Southwest | Northeast | This is the AquaShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | King Burns, after telling him of the
   |        |           |           | events with the Deja Tribe.
31 | Yellow | Southwest | Northeast | This is the LandShard you find in Dharma
   |        |           |           | Temple B1, in the past. Enter the eastern
   |        |           |           | room, walk east, then exit through the
   |        |           |           | southern door. Cross the damage tiles and
   |        |           |           | open the chests there.
32 | Yellow | Southeast | Southwest | This is the LandShard you can find in the
   |        |           |           | town of Penal's former World Bank, in a
   |        |           |           | chest, after Dhama Temple is liberated.
33 | Yellow | Center    | Northwest | This is the LandShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest in Dharma Temple B1, in the
   |        |           |           | present.
34 | Yellow | Center    | North     | This is the LandShard you get from
   |        |           |           | defeating the bandit leader, BanditWig,
   |        |           |           | inside the Bandit Lair.
35 | Yellow | Southeast | East      | This is the LandShard you find inside
   |        |           |           | Mezar's well, after defeating an
   |        |           |           | EvilWell.
36 | Yellow | Southwest | West      | This is the LandShard you find inside
   |        |           |           | Dune's storehouse in the past, after
   |        |           |           | destroying the Evil Statue.
37 | Yellow | Southeast | West      | This is the LandShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest at the Excavation Site, after you
   |        |           |           | give the man guarding the ladder the
   |        |           |           | Scholar's Package.
38 | Yellow | Southwest | South     | This is the LandShard you find inside the
   |        |           |           | giant jar in the center of Dune, in the
   |        |           |           | present.
39 | Red    | Northeast | East      | This is the FireShard you find on B2 of
   |        |           |           | the Palace of Dune in the past, after
   |        |           |           | Hadeed returns the DuneCharm to the
   |        |           |           | Queen, and you receive the Dark Ruby. You
   |        |           |           | will have to use the hidden stairs on B1
   |        |           |           | to get to this Shard.
40 | Red    | Center    | West      | This is the FireShard you can get from a
   |        |           |           | farmer near Krage's well in the past,
   |        |           |           | after you've saved the town.
41 | Red    | Center    | South     | This is the FireShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest in the basement of Brugeo's
   |        |           |           | vacation home, in present Krage.
42 | Red    | Center    | East      | This is the FireShard you find on the
   |        |           |           | ground next to the World Tree, north of
   |        |           |           | Krage in the present.
43 | Yellow | Southeast | Northwest | This is the LandShard you receive after
   |        |           |           | defeating TimeMage in the Time Vortex.
44 | Green  | Northeast | East      | This is the WindShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest in the basement of Creyney's old
   |        |           |           | house in Litorud, in the present.
45 | Yellow | Southeast | Southeast | This is the LandShard you find inside the
   |        |           |           | treasure room on 5F of Baloch's Tower.
46 | Green  | Northeast | Southwest | This is the WindShard you find inside the
   |        |           |           | treasure room on 5F of Baloch's Tower.
47 | Green  | Northeast | Center    | This is the WindShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | the old bard, Jann, ontop of the Mountain
   |        |           |           | Tower in the past, after the flood.
48 | Green  | Northeast | Northwest | This is the WindShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest in Hamelia's treasure room, right
   |        |           |           | next to the Merm Moon.
49 | Green  | Southeast | East      | This is the WindShard you find inside the
   |        |           |           | Great Hero Shrine east of Mezar, once you
   |        |           |           | have the real Carpet.
50 | Blue   | Southeast | Southeast | This is the AquaShard you find inside the
   |        |           |           | Sphinx in the present, on 5F, where the
   |        |           |           | Scholar is showing off his fossil.
51 | Red    | Southwest | West      | This is the FireShard you find on 1F of
   |        |           |           | the Mountain Tower, in the present, after
   |        |           |           | circling around the Tower's base.
52 | Red    | Northeast | South     | This is the FireShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | defeating GigaMute on 5F of the Mountain
   |        |           |           | Tower, in the present.
53 | Red    | Northeast | West      | This is the FireShard you find in the
   |        |           |           | storeroom in Hamelia during the present,
   |        |           |           | once Azmov says you can open the chests.
54 | Yellow | Northeast | West      | This is the LandShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | in Brugeo's Mansion B1.
55 | Red    | Southwest | Southeast | This is the FireShard you receive once
   |        |           |           | you free Melvin from the HotStone, on the
   |        |           |           | top floor of the World's Tallest Tower.
56 | Red    | Southwest | Northeast | This is the FireShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | inside the room east of the enterance to
   |        |           |           | the Sunken City, in the present.
57 | ?      | First     | Southwest | This is the ? Shard you receive after
   |        | Bonus     |           | defeating Gracos V, in the Sunken City
   |        | Dungeon   |           | during the present. If you go there in
   |        | Pedestal  |           | disk 2, you can get it without a fight,
   |        |           |           | but you'll miss a Monster Book entry.
58 | Yellow | Northeast | South     | This is the LandShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | on Mt. Prob 3F, in the present. From the
   |        |           |           | stairs leading up to this floor, move
   |        |           |           | north, then west, and open the chest at
   |        |           |           | the end of this path.
59 | Green  | Southeast | Southeast | This is the WindShard you find inside the
   |        |           |           | locked chest in the Temple ontop of Mt.
   |        |           |           | Prob, in the present, after you use the
   |        |           |           | Priest Key to unlock it.
60 | Yellow | Northeast | East      | This is the LandShard you find laying on
   |        |           |           | the ground at the East Hill, near Loomin
   |        |           |           | in the past.
61 | ?      | Revival   | Southeast | This is the ? Shard you find on the dais
   |        | Pedestal  |           | on the Top of DarkDraco's Tower, in the
   |        |           |           | present.
62 | Green  | Southeast | Northwest | This is the WindShard you receive after
   |        |           |           | defeating the HellVine.
63 | Green  | Southeast | West      | This is the WindShard you receive from
   |        |           |           | Aira at the West Shore, after she joins
   |        |           |           | the party.
64 | Green  | Southeast | Northeast | This is the WindShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest inside the Hidden Storage of the
   |        |           |           | Great Fane, in the present.
65 | Blue   | Southeast | North     | This is the AquaShard you find inside a
   |        |           |           | chest, in the back room of the Lefa Fane.
66 | Yellow | Northeast | North     | This is the LandShard you find laying on
   |        |           |           | 4F of the Lefa Fane, in the room where
   |        |           |           | the BlissRock was in the past.
67 | ?      | Excavated | Southeast | This is the ? Shard you find in a chest
   |        | Pedestal  |           | in B3 of the Coral Cave, in either the
   |        |           |           | past or present. You'll be able to find
   |        |           |           | it in the present sooner, though.
68 | Blue   | Southeast | Center    | This is the AquaShard you find in a chest
   |        |           |           | in the Item Shop of Labres, in the
   |        |           |           | present.
69 | ?      | Revival   | Northwest | This is the ? Shard you find in Coastal
   |        | Pedestal  |           | Castle, in the past. You need to enter
   |        |           |           | the house east of the Inn, and push the
   |        |           |           | bookcase, to reach the chest that's
   |        |           |           | outside.
70 | ?      | Excavated | Northeast | This is the ? Shard you receive from
   |        | Pedestal  |           | defeating BeliMawr, in the Mysterious
   |        |           |           | World accessed from the top of the Great
   |        |           |           | Lighthouse in the past.
71 | ?      | Revival   | Northeast | This is the ? Shard you find inside a
   |        | Pedestal  |           | chest, inside the Grand Halfling's
   |        |           |           | treasure room in the past.
72 | ?      | Second    | North     | This is the ? Shard you find under the
   |        | Bonus     |           | table in the Temple in Coastal Castle, in
   |        | Dungeon   |           | the present. You'll have to first hear
   |        | Pedestal  |           | about it in the Casino, then from the man
   |        |           |           | who sold it to the Armorer, then hear
   |        |           |           | about how the Armorer gave it to the
   |        |           |           | priest. Finally, you'll have to confront
   |        |           |           | the priest, then talk to the Sister who
   |        |           |           | tells you to look under the table. ^^;
73 | ?      | Second    | Southwest | This is the ? Shard you can purchase for
   |        | Bonus     |           | 2000T at Coastal Castle's casino, which
   |        | Dungeon   |           | exists in the present. It's not that hard
   |        | Pedestal  |           | to get, so just keep trying! ^^
74 | ?      | Excavated | Southwest | This is the ? Shard given to you by the
   |        | Pedestal  |           | man in the Unknown Shrine, which you can
   |        |           |           | reach with the Sky Stone.
75 | ?      | First     | Northeast | This is the ? Shard given to you by the
   |        | Bonus     |           | ghost children in Coral Cave B3, in the
   |        | Dungeon   |           | past. Once you're on Disk 2, come back
   |        | Pedestal  |           | and talk to the both of them.
76 | ?      | First     | Northwest | This is the ? Shard given to you by the
   |        | Bonus     |           | Medal King after you manage to find 100
   |        | Dungeon   |           | TinyMedals. There's more than enough
   |        | Pedestal  |           | TinyMedals in the game, so you'll get it
   |        |           |           | eventually.
77 | ?      | Second    | Center    | This is the ? Shard given to you by the
   |        | Bonus     |           | monster in Coral Cave B2, in the present.
   |        | Dungeon   |           | Agree to help him, then talk to the
   |        | Pedestal  |           | Undersea King near the end of Disk 2. Go
   |        |           |           | back to the monster afterwards for your
   |        |           |           | reward.
78 | ?      | Second    | Southeast | This is the ? Shard you find in the
   |        | Bonus     |           | second room of the Aqua Cave 1F. You will
   |        | Dungeon   |           | have to go down the stairs to the east,
   |        | Pedestal  |           | west through an underground area, up
   |        |           |           | another set of stairs, and then south to
   |        |           |           | the chest.
79 | ?      | First     | Southeast | This is the ? Shard you get after the
   |        | Bonus     |           | game's ending sequence. After the death
   |        | Dungeon   |           | of the Demon Lord, go through the various
   |        | Pedestal  |           | towns until you reach Estard Castle.
   |        |           |           | Immediately head back to town, and go
   |        |           |           | down the well where you found the Pearl
   |        |           |           | Orb before, to get the LostShard. Place
   |        |           |           | this in the chest past the jail door on
   |        |           |           | the way to the Crazy Old Man on the
   |        |           |           | Cliff, and save the game. Then, reload
   |        |           |           | your save, and get the ? Shard from the
   |        |           |           | chest!
80 | ?      | Second    | Northeast | This is the ? Shard you get from the
   |        | Bonus     |           | Immigrant Town, after you have 35 or more
   |        | Dungeon   |           | people, and the town is in the Final Town
   |        | Pedestal  |           | form. Climb up the tower in the northeast
   |        |           |           | of the town, then jump jump down from the
   |        |           |           | roof. Walk west behind the buildings,
   |        |           |           | then go down the stairs you find, and use
   |        |           |           | your Final Key to enter the room with
   |        |           |           | three chests. The ? Shard is in the
   |        |           |           | northeast chest.

5B. TinyMedals
These items are often hard to find, scattered around the world both past and
present. If you can collect enough of them, you can redeem these for some
pretty rare prizes! You'd have to search pretty hard to get them all normally,
but I've done that work for you! ^^ I've listed the prizes you can get for
redeeming your TinyMedals at the Medal King's Castle, and I've also listed all
the TinyMedals I've found up to the current point in my guide.

#   | Prizes
45  | Poison Dagger
50  | Wind Wand
58  | Sacrific Ring
65  | Miracle Sword
75  | BluePrint
83  | SageRock
90  | MetlKing Shield
95  | Bolero Robe
100 | ? Shard
105 | Ultimate Whip
110 | PlatKing Heart

#   | Location         | Details
001 | Engow            | Talk to a boy outside of Engow's tavern, and he'll
    | (Present)        | mention his missing Button. Pay Pamela 5G for some
    |                  | information, then search the sign infront of the Inn.
    |                  | Return the Button to the little boy, to be given this
    |                  | TinyMedal.
002 | Orph (Past)      | Check the dressers in the Inn for this TinyMedal.
003 | Mt. Ceide 2F     | You can find this TinyMedal in the second room of this
    | (Present)        | floor. There will be some water in here, and the chest
    |                  | itself is in the northwest part of the room.
004 | Falrish          | This TinyMedal is in a barrel inside the southeast
    | (Past)           | guardhouse, on the first floor.
005 | Falrod Castle 1F | You can find a TinyMedal in a vase north of the
    | (Past)           | Castle's kitchen.
006 | Zebbot's House   | Break the barrels behind Zebbot's house to find this
    | (Present)        | TinyMedal.
007 | Falrod Castle 1F | Break a barrel in the Castle's kitchen for another
    | (Present)        | TinyMedal.
008 | Falrish          | West of the Inn, you'll find a door on the wall.
    | (Present)        | Inside, open the chest to add another TinyMedal to
    |                  | your inventory.
009 | MechSoldier Base | On B1, ignore the elevator in the center, and go south
    | B2 (Present)     | to another elevator. Take it down into a room on B2,
    |                  | with two chests. The southern chest has a TinyMedal
    |                  | for you.
010 | Verdham (Past)   | Enter the eastern side door of the Item Shop, and open
    |                  | the chest here for your TinyMedal.
011 | Swamp Cave B4    | After defeating Cavemon and the two JewelBags, walk
    | (Past)           | over to the two chests to the east. The western chest,
    |                  | which's a little lower than the other one, has a
    |                  | TinyMedal inside.
012 | Mentare          | Walk towards the Geionne Monastary, and stop in the
    | (Present)        | Abandoned Shack on the way. Break one of the vases
    |                  | here to receive a TinyMedal.
013 | Inn West of      | Go downstairs to the bar, and break the barrels here
    | Verdham B1       | for another TinyMedal.
    | (Present)        |
014 | Deja Tribe Camp  | Enter the northwest tent, and open the baskets to find
    | (Past)           | a TinyMedal.
015 | Lake Altar Cave  | As you move down to this floor, move east and through
    | B1 (Past)        | through the wall, maneuvering yourself north and east
    |                  | to a room with two chests. Open them to find a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
016 | Lake Altar Cave  | After draining the lake, return to the room with the
    | 1F (Past)        | large stone door and the previously-flooded stairs.
    |                  | There are three chests on a ledge here, one of them
    |                  | containing a TinyMedal.
017 | Excavation Site  | After paying the admission price of 5G, exit the tent
    |                  | to the west, and climb down the well. Search the
    |                  | dressers here to get a TinyMedal.
018 | Penal            | Behind the Temple in this town, and west of it, you'll
    |                  | find three barrels. The center barrel contains a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
019 | Penal            | Go past the alley and down into the bar. Break the
    |                  | vase behind the bar for a TinyMedal.
020 | Mountain Hut     | Walk west to the tombstones, and search the back of
    |                  | the tombstone furthest west, to find this TinyMedal.
021 | Mountain Hut     | After defeating the WellLure in the well here, climb
    |                  | down and search the dresser for a TinyMedal.
022 | Cave to Prison   | After walking through the large wall on B2 to reach
    | B2 (Past)        | stairs leading up to B1, move south and take these
    |                  | stairs down, then move west past the staircase here.
    |                  | The chest here has a TinyMedal for you.
023 | Cave to Prison   | This's the floor with the destroyed cells and water.
    | B4 (Past)        | Right before you reach the room where High Priestess
    |                  | Fosse is, break one of the vases along the way for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
024 | Under Dharma B4  | On the floor you enter after climbing up the spiral
    | (Past)           | staircase, move north past the center tile, then go
    |                  | east to find two chests. One of them has the
    |                  | TinyMedal.
025 | Dharma Temple B1 | Enter the western room, walk west, then exit south
    | (Past)           | through the door here. Cross the damage tiles, then
    |                  | open a chest to get this TinyMedal.
026 | Dharma Temple B1 | Climb the western steps, and enter the small room of
    | (Present)        | vases and barrels. One of these barrels has a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
027 | Bandit Lair      | After getting the Bandit Key from inside BanditWig's
    |                  | dresser, open the locked door inside the Bandit Lair,
    |                  | then smash a vase for this TinyMedal.
028 | Mezar Treasury   | After Nicola leads you to his treasury, open the
    |                  | chests here to find a TinyMedal.
029 | Dune (Past)      | As you enter the village, move east, and enter the
    |                  | house here. One of the vases has a TinyMedal.
030 | Evil Statue 5F   | This is the floor where you'll find four treasure
    |                  | chests inside of a room. The east chest has this
    |                  | TinyMedal inside.
031 | Excavation Site  | After handing the man by the ladder the Package, he
    |                  | will move aside. Break the vase in this new area for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
032 | Dune (Present)   | Look behind the house to the east of the village's
    |                  | enterance, and break the barrels here for a TinyMedal.
033 | Palace of Dune   | After revisiting the ruined Sphinx, and after Hadeed
    | B2 (Past)        | returns the DuneCharm to Queen Fedel, enter the
    |                  | Queen's bedroom on B1. Walk north out of the room, and
    |                  | push aside the eastern dog statue to find some stairs.
    |                  | Go down, and pocket this TinyMedal after opening a
    |                  | chest.
034 | Krage (Past)     | If you enter the Mayor's house, break the vases inside
    |                  | and you'll gain a TinyMedal.
035 | Krage (Present)  | On the second floor of the Inn, check the dresser for
    |                  | this TinyMedal.
036 | Krage (Present)  | Climb down the well infront of the Church, then look
    |                  | inside the dresser to receive a TinyMedal.
037 | Litorud (Past)   | Ontop of the Weapon and Armor Shop, you'll find two
    |                  | barrels. Inside one of them is a TinyMedal.
038 | Time Vortex      | From the start of this area, move south, then west,
    |                  | moving south again when given a chance, until you go
    |                  | up a ramp to a glowing circle on the ground. Step on
    |                  | this, then open the chest in the middle of this area
    |                  | for a TinyMedal.
039 | Verdham          | When you revisit past Verdham, after crossing the
    | (Revisited)      | Baloch Bridge, climb down the well behind the Weapon
    |                  | Shop to get this TinyMedal from a dresser.
040 | Verdham          | Again while you're revisiting past Verdham, enter
    | (Revisited)      | Kasadol's Mansion, and break the barrels on the first
    |                  | floor for a TinyMedal.
041 | Mentare (Past)   | Inside of Pepe's Mansion, open the chests on the first
    |                  | floor. One of them has a TinyMedal inside of it.
042 | Mentare (Past)   | On the route to Geionne Monastery, you'll come to a
    |                  | pond on the other side of a bridge. Circle around to
    |                  | the northeast corner of the pond, and open the chest
    |                  | there for a TinyMedal.
043 | Baloch Bridge    | Break the barrels outside of the Herbal Tea Shop for
    | (Present)        | another TinyMedal to add to your collection.
044 | Baloch Bridge    | Right outside of the Herbal Tea Shop, you'll find a
    | (Present)        | well. Climb down inside, and raid the dressers here
    |                  | for a TinyMedal.
045 | Baloch Tower 5F  | Inside the treasure room, open one of the chests for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
046 | Avon             | On the second floor of the Chieftain's house, search
    |                  | the dressers for a TinyMedal.
047 | Avon Tunnel B2   | When you first reach this floor, move south, east, and
    |                  | then north, to find a room with a chest inside it. The
    |                  | chest's holding on to your newest TinyMedal for you.
048 | Huzu             | If you go inside the Inn, and downstairs to the bar,
    |                  | you can get a TinyMedal from one of the barrels.
049 | Sunken City      | From the enterance, enter the east building, and open
    | (Past)           | the chest here for a TinyMedal.
050 | Sunken City      | Move north of the building where we found the last
    | (Past)           | TinyMedal, and go behind the building you'll find
    |                  | there, to find a lone chest with another one of these
    |                  | shiny little trinkets inside.
051 | Sunken City      | Examine the center statue in the enterance area, and
    | (Past)           | go down the stairs. Move west, north, and up the
    |                  | stairs here, then go north and over the water to six
    |                  | vases. The north center vase has a TinyMedal.
052 | Mountain Tower   | If you walk east of the barrel room on this floor,
    | 3F (Present)     | you'll find two vases. One of them has your TinyMedal.
053 | Brugeo's Mansion | This's the mansion that's north of Orph, which you
    | 2F               | reach by using the Carpet. Open the chests here with
    |                  | the Thief Key to collect this TinyMedal.
054 | World's Tallest  | From the stairs leading up to this floor, move south,
    | Tower 7F         | east, north, east, south, east, north, east, south,
    |                  | and west, to reach the chest with the TinyMedal.
055 | Sunken City      | From the enterance, walk northeast to a building. Go
    | (Present)        | behind it, and you'll find a path to a chest with a
    |                  | TinyMedal inside.
056 | Sunken City      | In the room before Gracos V's throneroom, exit by the
    | (Present)        | southwest door to find a ledge with a chest on it.
    |                  | There's a TinyMedal on that chest, too.
057 | Probina (Past)   | There's a house southeast of the Inn in this town,
    |                  | where you can find a TinyMedal inside of a barrel.
058 | Probina          | East of the Weapon Shop, you'll find a well. At the
    | (Present)        | bottom of the well, search the water for a TinyMedal.
059 | Mt. Prob         | At the very top of the mountain, look behind the
    | (Present)        | Temple to find an enterance to the cellar. Open the
    |                  | chest here for a TinyMedal.
060 | Loomin (Past)    | Inside the first floor of Loomin's mansion, you can
    |                  | find a TinyMedal inside the northwest vase.
061 | DarkDraco's      | Move up to the second floor of the tower, then exit to
    | Tower 1F (Past)  | the south. Move west, and hit the switch here, then go
    |                  | down the nearby stairs and you'll find a chest with a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
062 | Loomin (Present) | Enter the well in town, and search the dresser for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
063 | DarkDraco's      | This TinyMedal's in the exact same spot as the one in
    | Tower 1F         | the past. Go up to the second floor, exit through the
    | (Present)        | southern door, then hit the trigger to reach the
    |                  | stairs leading down to the proper chest.
064 | Great Fane       | Enter the Great Fane, and walk through the west, east,
    | (Past)           | north, and south doors of the central area, to allow
    |                  | yourself to walk downstairs. Move south through the
    |                  | door, then break the vases by the graves for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
065 | Mardra Castle    | In Mardra Castle, walk down the stairs in the throne
    | (Past)           | room, to reach King Zeppel's Room. Search the dressers
    |                  | you'll find here to get another TinyMedal.
066 | Deja Tribe Camp  | In the southeast part of camp, you'll find a colored
    | (Present)        | carpet, along with many colored jars and few vases.
    |                  | Break the vases to get a TinyMedal.
067 | Mardra (Present) | Defeat the EvilWell guarding the well in Mardra, then
    |                  | go inside and search the dressers you'll find there
    |                  | for this TinyMedal.
068 | Mardra (Present) | Outside the house of Johann's tula teacher, you'll
    |                  | find a TinyMedal inside a barrel.
069 | Great Fane       | Inside the Hidden Storage room, which's down the
    | (Present)        | central stairs inside the Great Fane, you'll find a
    |                  | chest with a TinyMedal inside.
070 | Gorges (Past)    | Enter Pendragon's house, north of the Inn, and check
    |                  | the dressers for a TinyMedal.
071 | Dark Cloud Maze  | From the enterance, walk west, then north, east,
    |                  | north, and open the chest to the west for a TinyMedal.
072 | Wind Fane        | Enter the Wind Fane, and walk around the outside of
    |                  | the room and through the central door. Enter the
    |                  | eastern door, and break the barrels here for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
073 | Lefa Fane        | The chest to the east of the enterance to the Lefa
    |                  | Fane contains a TinyMedal you can cash in.
074 | Lefa Fane 1F     | Inside the back room of the Lefa Fane, open the
    |                  | chest to the east in the room with three chests, to
    |                  | get this TinyMedal.
075 | Lebras (Past)    | In the Prefect's House, break the barrels in the
    |                  | northeast room on the first floor to get a TinyMedal.
076 | Mt. Tor 7F       | As you're climbing through the caves of Mt. Tor,
    |                  | you'll find an area where there are two ladders in
    |                  | opposite directions. Take the western ladder, and
    |                  | enter the cave up the next ladder to find a chest with
    |                  | this TinyMedal.
077 | Lebras (Present) | To the west of the Temple in town, you can search the
 to |                  | grave all the way to the west, to find Colin the
081 |                  | Adventurer's burial place. If you search the spot
    |                  | twice, then you'll find a very sneakily-hidden horde
    |                  | of TinyMedals, five to be exact.
082 | Coastal Castle   | East and south of the Inn, you'll find a house with
    | (Past)           | barrels outside of it. Break these barrels for another
    |                  | TinyMedal.
083 | Halfling's Cave  | As you climb down the ladder to this floor, move
    | B1 (Past)        | south, east, and north through the cave opening. Walk
    |                  | east and south, and that is the chest with your
    |                  | TinyMedal.
084 | Great Lighthouse | From the enterance, follow the glowing trail of
    | 1F (Past)        | footprints north, west, north, east, and north, before
    |                  | walking east off the path into another room with a
    |                  | skeleton. The TinyMedal's in a dresser here.
085 | Coastal Castle   | Enter the house east of the Inn, and push the bookcase
    | (Present)        | aside to find a door. Walk through the door, and open
    |                  | the chest for a TinyMedal.
086 | Great Lighthouse | As you reach this floor, walk south, west, and north
    | 5F (Present)     | inside a room with two chests. The southern chest has
    |                  | this TinyMedal.
087 | Halfling's Cave  | Open the southern chest you find on this small floor,
    | B3 (Present)     | and pocket another TinyMedal.
088 | Unknown Shrine   | To the east as you enter, you'll find some tombstones.
    |                  | Search the center tombstone in the southern row to get
    |                  | this TinyMedal.
089 | Excavated Cave   | From the start of this floor, walk south, east, south
    | B5               | down a wall, and open the chest you find near the Gate
    |                  | to get a TinyMedal.
090 | Crystal Palace   | While you're visiting the Crystal Palace with King
    |                  | Burns, be sure to explore the kitchen, where you can
    |                  | get a TinyMedal from one of the vases.
091 | Estard Treasury  | After you go behind the stairs on the first floor of
    |                  | Estard Castle, you'll find the stairs down to the
    |                  | Treasury. Open the door with the Final Key, then open
    |                  | the northwest chest for your TinyMedal.
092 | Mt. Flame B4     | This's the floor in Mt. Flame right after the flame
    |                  | jets. From the stairs, walk west, north, then west,
    |                  | and open the chest here for this TinyMedal.
093 | Sharkeye's Ship  | In the central cabin area, with all the shops, visit
    |                  | the northeast room, and break the vases here for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
094 | Sharkeye's Ship  | Below deck, in the area where you find a vegetable
    |                  | garden, and get a BluePrint from a chest, you can
    |                  | speak to a cat. When you see the yes/no prompt, say
    |                  | yes, and the cat will give you a TinyMedal!
095 | Wind Tower 1F    | Right inside the first room of the Wind Tower, in the
    |                  | lone chest, you'll find another TinyMedal. ^^
096 | SkyTown          | Inside the Inn, which's directly west of where you
    |                  | enter SkyTown, you can break a barrel on the first
    |                  | floor for a TinyMedal.
097 | Wind Maze Area 3 | Right from the start of this area, walk east, and open
    |                  | the chest for a TinyMedal.
098 | Dark Palace 2F   | After passing the room with the glowing magic circle
    |                  | on the floor, walk counter-clockwise until you reach
    |                  | some stairs leading down. Move a bit further north and
    |                  | open the chest here for a TinyMedal.
099 | Dark Palace B2   | Walk down the ramp in B1, and then move to the
    |                  | northeast, traveling east to the chest with this
    |                  | TinyMedal.
100 | Dark Palace B6   | Once you've reached the area where there are the white
    |                  | glowing paths that move you around, walk all the way
    |                  | east and enter the cave here. There is a TinyMedal
    |                  | hidden on the ground in this room, about three steps
    |                  | north and two steps east of the skull.
101 | Terra Cave B1    | This is the area you reach after using the TerraChrm.
    |                  | From the start, move northwest and north, down the
    |                  | stairs, then east before breaking through the northern
    |                  | wall. Break through three more, then break the wall to
    |                  | the east, to find a chest with a TinyMedal inside.
102 | First Bonus      | The TinyMedal is in the vase inside the replica of the
    | Dungeon House    | Crazy Old Man on the Cliff's house in the First Bonus
    |                  | Dungeon.
103 | First Bonus      | This TinyMedal's in the area that looks like part of
    | Dungeon Cave     | Mt. Ceide, right after climbing down the rope ladder
    |                  | in the part of the cave that resembles to path to
    |                  | Geionne Monastary.
104 | First Bonus      | This section looks like the Mountain Hut from Dharma
    | Dungeon Strange  | Temple's past. Inside of the house by the well, you
    | Town             | can break the lone barrel for another TinyMedal.
105 | Immigrant Town   | After 5-9 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, enter
    |                  | the tent here and break the vase inside for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
106 | Sim's House      | After 5-9 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, visit
    |                  | it so that Sim will make his house nearby. Look inside
    |                  | the well there, and defeat the WellLure guarding it.
    |                  | Search the water at the bottom of the well, and you'll
    |                  | get a TinyMedal.
107 | Immigrant Town   | After 15-19 people migrate to the Immigrant Town,
    |                  | break the vase by the Item Shop to get this TinyMedal.
108 | Immigrant Town   | After 20-24 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, open
    |                  | the chest inside the white house for a TinyMedal.
109 | Immigrant Town   | After 25-29 people migrate to the Immigrant Town,
    |                  | enter the Weapon and Armor Shop, and break the vase in
    |                  | the northwest corner for a TinyMedal.
110 | Immigrant Town   | After 30-34 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, go
    |                  | to the jail area, and using your Final Key, open the
    |                  | west door, breaking the vase here for a TinyMedal.
111 | Immigrant Town   | After 30-34 people migrate to the Immigrant Town, go
    |                  | in the large area of rooms inside the door north of
    |                  | the large rock in the center of town. Cross the bridge
    |                  | to the east, and break the southernmost vase for a
    |                  | TinyMedal.
112 | Immigrant Town   | After 35-?? people migrate to the Immigrant Town, and
    |                  | it's in the Final Town form, you can go up the steps
    |                  | north of the large rock in the center of town, then go
    |                  | in the door to the east. Walk down the stairs you find
    |                  | here, then break the nearby barrels for a TinyMedal.

5C. Casinos
There're a few Casinos in the Dragon Warrior 7 world, and all of them pretty
addicting! You can play the Slot Machines, Poker, or some of the prize-awarding
Lucky Panel. I've only been to two Casinos so far in this guide, so I'll list
the prizes you can win there! ^^

Last Inn Casino Prizes:
Scarf: 100T
Potion: 200T
Tights: 400T
Magic Robe: 1000T
Wizard Ring: 3000T
Dolphin Shield: 5000T

Coastal Castle Casino Prizes:
WorldLeaf: 1000T
? Shard: 2000T (Only one in stock)
BluePrint: 5000T (Only one in stock)
Falcon Sword: 10000T
Sacred Armor: 20000T
MetlKing Helmet: 50000T

5D. Immigrant Town
When you sail to where Dialac was in the past, all you will find is an empty
field, and a man named Sim. This humble plot of land will one day be a thriving
city, your thriving city! ^^ After talking to Sim, you can start to send some
people who're in search of a place to stay, to the Immigrant Town, and before
long it'll grow and prosper. It doesn't cost you a thing, and you can get some
great rewards, as well as fun, from doing this. ^^ I haven't learned all there
is to learn about the town yet, so I'm just going to list what I do know, and
I'll fix it up as I find out how it works. I appoligize for the sloppy look.

There're various people you can invite to the Immigrant Town, but you need to
know where to find them first! Here's a list of places where I have seen people
so far, and all of them are only in the present. Note, that while you can enter
and leave that area to make more people appear if you accept them, if you
reject them, you'll need to turn the game off and back on before they'll appear
at that location again. You can only gain so many people per point that you've
reached in the game. So, if nobody's appearing, come back later and try again.

Places to find citizens:
Estard: Inn, Second Floor
Rexwood: Inn
Engow: Inn
Orph: Inn
Orph: Item Shop
Falrish: Inn
Falrish: Church
Mentare: Abandoned Shack
Verdham Ruins: West of the fountain
Dharma Temple: Second Floor
Last Inn: Bar
Mezar: North of the bar
Krage: Inn
Litorud: Inn
Litorud: Church
Hamelia: Bar

There are several different types of people, to boot, so you're not forced to
just pick from common townspeople repeatedly. While my own town is way too
small to notice an actual difference between each kind of person, I do know that
they all have their own random names, and they'll remember the town you found
them from originally. Here're just the ones I've found so far, I doubt that the
town is limited to them.

Kinds of citizens:

Lastly, there are events that happen when you hit a certain number of people.
I've listed the ones I've seen below here, and I'm sure there are many more to

1-4 People: Nothing happens, really. The people hang around the empty field,
talking about how they're already happy here, and ready to start their new

5-9 People: Once you hit this level and return to the village, Sim will be
estatic, and offer to help name your village. They're not the most creative
names, mearly vile, burg, and gard added onto your hero's name, but if you
refuse all three, then you can pick your own. ^^ Sim'll then leave the village,
and make his own house nearby. First, though, break the barrel that's outside
of the tent, to get 3G, then go inside the house itself to get a TinyMedal from
a vase. At Sim's House, search his well to fight a WellLure, then search the
bottom of the well for another TinyMedal. Inside the house itself, you can get
6G from a vase, and the dresser here has a pair of Slime Earrings.

10-14 People: At this time, the tent becomes a house, and another house's being
built. If you look inside the new well, you'll find some dressers, one of which
has Leather Pants inside. If you search the house, you can find a Leather Hat
inside a dresser here.

15-19 People: Your town expands again, and you gain an Item Shop. You can enter
the new door of the first house, and receive 23G from a barrel there. The vase
south of the chests has an EvilPot inside! One chest here is empty, and the
other requires the Thief Key to open. Inside of the locked chest is a Speed
Ring. North of the house, break the barrels for 7G, then go to the Item Shop,
and break the vase there for a TinyMedal. Inside the new well, search the
dressers for a Fur Hat, then break the barrels outside of the new house to get
a LifeAcorn. Lastly, go inside the new house, and use the Thief Key to open the
chest and pocket a Glam Robe.

20-24 People: Your town gets much bigger, with many residents. An Inn is built,
too. In the back room of your original house, you can break the vases to fight
an EvilPot, and you can get a LifeAcorn from a locked chest. You can find a
TinyMedal inside the white house to the north, and a STRseed in a barrel next
to the incomplete Temple. Break the barrels to the west for 6G, then go inside
the house to find a SeaShell Hat in the dresser. Lastly, you can find a Bow Tie
in the dresser inside the Inn. At Sim's house, you can talk to him to look at
your residents, exchange them with another Dragon Warrior 7 Save File, or help
choose from people who want to move away.

25-29 People: Your town gets some water, and an enterance bridge too! You can
find some Tights inside a dresser in the white house east of the enterance, and
there is now a Weapon and Armor Shop in the building northwest of here. The
goods are not that great yet, but you can find a TinyMedal inside the vase in
the northwest corner of the shop. The vase south of it has a MadPot inside.
Last, but not least, your town now has a Temple, which handles everything but
saving. Note, this is the last form of the town you can get by the end of the
second disk.

30-34 People: The town's got a lot changes! In the house north of the
enterance, you can find a chest that requires the Magic Key, with INTSpecs
inside. The house to the east has an AmitSnack in the vase, and if you cross
the bridge northeast of here, and go down the stairs, you'll find a jail. If
you have the Final Key, open the west jail door and break the vase here for a
TinyMedal, then open the east door and break the west vase if you want to fight
a MadPot. The east vase has a STRseed, the west chest has a CursLamp Heart, and
the east chest has a STR Ring. Back above ground, the door to the west leads to
a locked chest that needs a Magic Key, with 2570G inside. To the west, in the
door above the large rock in the center of town, you can find all sorts of
people, including the Weapon and Armor Shops. In the southeast corner of the
area, you can get a Leather Dress from the dresser, and there is a TinyMedal in
the southern vase. A MadPot is predictibly in the other vase. In the Item Shop,
break the barrel behind the counter for an Antidote, the west vase for a
MadPot, and the east vase for a Rib. Lastly, in the Church in the northwest of
town, you can get a MysticNut from the vase here.

35-?? People: Final Town. Ahh, at last! Your Immigrant Town is completed.
However, depending on the residents you've invited here, the town will be very
different. If you've just been going after random people, then chances are this
is the town you'll have, as it's the easiest to get. Full of large buildings
and pretty waterways, it's worth the effort you put into it. Enter the tower in
the northeast corner of town, climbing up to the third floor before jumping off
the northern edge. Walk west around the back of the building, down the stairs
you see here, then use your Final Key to get through the jail door in the east,
opening the chests for King's Armor, a ? Shard, and if you open the southern
chest, a fight with a DorasBox. Go back upstairs, and walk out of town, before
coming right back in. ^^ Upstairs in the Inn, west of the enterance, you can
get a Traveler Suit from one of the dressers. Go up the steps north of the
large rock in the center of town, through the door to the east, then down the
stairs, and break the barrels here for a TinyMedal. Move back upstairs,
outside, and through the door to the west if you want to find the World Bank.
Lastly, out the west door is the Temple, though there's still no saving here.

5E. Monster Park
Found north of Loomin in the present, the Monster Park is a fun place to go in
your spare time. ^^ Once you've received the BeefJerky, you can tame monsters
to live here, and see them in various environments. You'll get one Monster
House to begin with, and a Meadow. The more monsters you find, the more Monster
Houses you'll get. To get new environments, you'll have to find BluePrints to
redeem. Once you have a BluePrint turned in, and have caught some monsters that
would live there, then that habitat'll be constructed. ^^ Here is a small list
of monsters, habitats, and BluePrints. It's not a complete list, and I plan on
later mentioning where each monster was found, but for now, this's better than


PARK GRAVEYARD: (First BluePrint, from KingSlime2)

PARK MOUNTAIN: (Second BluePrint, from Gorges Past)
Red Sting

PARK TOWER: (Third BluePrint, from Medal King)

PARK SEA: (Fourth BluePrint, from Coral Cave B2)

PARK PLATEAU: (Fifth BluePrint, from Mt. Tor)

PARK FOREST: (Sixth BluePrint, from Halfling's Cave B3)

PARK DESERT: (Seventh BluePrint, from Coastal Castle's casino)

PARK SWAMP: (Eighth BluePrint, from Sharkeye's Ship)

PARK CAVE ENTERANCE: (Ninth BluePrint, from Dark Palace B6)

PARK CAVE 1F: (Part of the Ninth BluePrint)

PARK CAVE 2F: (Part of the Ninth BluePrint)

6. Credits
Again, thanks go to Adrian for putting up with me during my writing, for being
a good friend, and for all the town-based hardships I've put him through. ^^
Thank you for everything you've done!

Another friend, Ruto, has helped me get one of those annoying ClockMechs to
drop an Iron Axe, and confirmed that Kiefer can use it. ^^

Joe Gere (Vandal092@hotmail.com) suggested that selling Tights from the Last
Inn's casino would be a quick way of getting Gold, since they give the most
profit in Gold out of the other items to sell. Just be sure to win those
Tokens, don't spend all your Gold buying more Tokens, or you might lose out.

Kumada3@aol.com helped me figure out what Babygoyles, CatMages, Plesiodens,
PodMages, TongueRats, and VenomWorms carry. I didn't exactly ask for the
information, but it is right, so why not? ^^

Sylvie Delgado (cuquid@hotmail.com) also found out that you definitely need
to be registered in the Intelligence Contest in Litorud before you can try
to get the Lore Hat. ^^; Oops! Makes sense, though.

7. Contact Information
If you would like to contribute to this FAQ, comment, help me with a correction
(as always, you'll get credited,) compliment me on my work, or ask me for
permission to use this FAQ on your website, you can email me! Feel free to
email me at Shdwwrym@uymail.com, but please put a relevant subject line on the
email, for instance, "Dragon Warrior 7", as well as telling me what version of
the guide you were reading, and where you found it! Thanks!
*PLEASE NOTE*: I do not want any emails currently about any information or
areas I might not have in the guide yet. If it is not in the guide, I've not
gotten to there yet, so it's not such a good idea. ^^; If I happen to miss
something in an area I have mentioned, or that information is a little off,
definitely tell me! ^^

8. Copyright Information
Copyright: (c) Copyright 2002 Shdwwrym. If you want to use this FAQ on your
site, please contact me via email. Please do not change, steal, sell my FAQ for
profit, or use it in any way, shape, or form other than its primary purpose,
without receiving express written permission from myself. Please try to
remember that plagiarism sucks, is against the law, and only demeans yourself.
If you would like to contribute to this FAQ (you will receive credit, as
always,) ask permission to use it in one of the above stated ways, or if you
have any questions, corrections, or nice comments, feel free to email me at the
address above. 

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