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Reviewed: 05/02/03 | Updated: 05/02/03

Playing the game?! I thought I was watching the movie!


Well here it is, any fanatics of any of the 3 movies will not be disappointed. Yes this game has 3 games rolled up in 1. These games are Die Hard, Die Hard 2:Die Harder and Die Hard With A Vengeance. You will get your fair share of excitement with all 3 of these. One more explosive then the next simulating the 3 movies pretty well putting you right in John McClanes shoes. While the game keeps it pretty much arcade style, that really doesn't ruin the fun for people who don't like the arcades but hey, who said keeping score wasn't any fun?


You start out with the luxury to pick any of the 3 games you wish to play. My personal favorite is Die Hard. There should also be a warning label on this game for the fact that it is highly addictive. Let's talk about Die Hard now. The gameplay is incredibly smooth with no slowing down whatsoever and you will become instantly hooked from level 1. If you ever watched the movie you can make a lot of comparisons in your mind. The game and the movie are similar, but not 100% the same. Don't be disappointed if you were looking for something that followed the movie in every way. You will understand what I mean by playing it. You can pick up loads of weapons and goodies and unleash them on your unsuspecting enemies. You must always stay on the move in Die Hard so you will never become a sitting target. The game is fast paced and works your fingers so it stays fun and enjoyable. Now lets talk about Die Hard 2:Die Harder. This is the first person shooter game. You are looking directly out of the eyes of John McClane. You must always watch your surroundings and be sharp. There are also weapon pick ups and other goodies as you progress in this game The gameplay is also very smooth and there is no slowing down due to the amount of things that happen on your screen at once. If you are a fan of First Person Shooters then you should be in your glory with this game. This is also another fast paced and enjoyable ride. Now for Die Hard With A Vengeance. You are in a car racing against the clock and the gameplay gets really challenging and intense. With all 3 of these games you will always have a score keeper and the amount of blood and gore will never fail to let you down. For people who dislike all the blood there is a nifty option that allows you to tone it down or turn it off. Any of the 3 games are insanely fun and challenging. The controls are very easy to get used to just get ready to pop this game in and have some fun!


Like I said previous to this, the story follows the movie a bit so if you have seen any of the movies you will have a pretty good idea. You play as detective John McClane, you must due away with the terrorists and save the hostages before it's to late. With a story you have heard in most movies, it's pretty good for this game because it's a story that keeps you going before it really is to late.


The graphics in this game are really impressive for a game having 3 games in 1. I really liked the graphics in Die Hard the best because the amount of detail in each level was done very nicely and almost anything can be destroyed. I can almost assure you will envy this game for it's graphics. Everything is eye popping and crystal clear. The sounds are another thing that is quite enjoyable. The music is up-beat and entertaining. The sound effects such as explosions and gunfire and the little saying enemies throw at you never fail to amaze me.


Playing 1 game at a time alone will make you happy. The game does tend to get really challenging at some points in the game which makes it that much more enjoyable. Re-playability purposes would be to see if you can beat your score or maybe just play it over again for the fun of it. Even playing it with a friend to see who can get the better score can liven it up. I would say the re-playability for this game is high.

:Final Word:

Lets see now, 3 games in 1, terrific gameplay, easy controls, great graphics, loads of fun, and a sense of being at the arcades!! This game is a must buy. If you feel you should rent it, I can understand why you would feel cheated not having a wonderful game like this in your collection. The possibilities are endless and the fun keeps going and will never let you down. YIPPI-KI-YAY!

I hope you found my review useful and thank you for reading.

-Happy Gaming!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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